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:3/19.3/60/000/00'1/0 10/0 12 A005/AOOI AUTHORi TITLE: Mechanical ErN;ineering in China in 1959 PFJUODICAL: )3yulbten' tekhniko-ekonomicheskoy informatsii, 1960, No. 7, pp. 73-75 TEXT: The gross output of engineering industry, of the Chinese Peoplets Republic amounted in 1959 --o 33.0 billion yunns and Increased since 1958 by 49.5%; the yearly plan was exceedoid by more than 10%, - The number of laborers and employees of the engineering industry amounted to 4.2 million at the beginning of 1959 in comparlson with 0.1i million in 1949. - In 1959, more than 300 new kinds of products of engineering were manufactured. The development ofs output of the main production kinds is presented in the tablot Kind of production -1949 1952 1957- 12~8 195 Metal cutting machines, in 1,000 pieces 1.6 13.7 28.0 50.0 70.0 Automobiles, in 1,000 pieces 7.5 16.o i9.4 Locomotives, In pieces P-0- 167 3550 ... Card 1/6 93/60/(X)O/(V,'/O 10/0 1 L, Mechanical EngoinnerIng in China in 1959 Ao()5/Ao,,) I mills of the total product!.vity of more than 2 million t per year, a rolling mill for seamless pipes with 16,000 t output per year. - The following rolling mills were produced in 1959: mill 800/6.50 with I million t rolled steel per year, the medium-grade mill 650 with 200,000 t rolled steel per yeox, the medium-sheet mill 2,300 with 150,000 t per year. - More than 60 sets of eqljipment for blast furnaces were produced, Including 11 sets for medium- and big funiace with the total produo.tivity of more than h million t per year. - The p:,~oductlon of blast engines for blast furnaces with a capacity of 3,250 m3 of air pe;~ minute was organized. 23 so-ts of equipment for ecke batteries were produced wi*,,h thl yearly produotivity of 3W,000 to 450,000 t of coke. Tho equipment for a 1,513 m blast furnace with a yearly output of 860,000 t was produced, moreover, the equipment for a Martin- furnaoe. with the daily outpat of 500 t. The construction of a blooming mill with the roller diameter 1,150 mn with the 3.2 million t per year output Is being completed, The production )f hydraulic forging presses of 2,500-t force and 16,000 t forged pieces per :tear was organized. - The technical level of the electrical engineering was Improved. in particular, the first big d-c electro- motor of 2,800 kw was produt!ed, moreover, a hydroturbine of 72,500 kw for the "inlan.ltszyanskaya rX (GES) (Singsianghsien hydro-electrie power station), a 50,000 kw steam-turbine gentirator with hydrogen cooling, a transformer of 60,000 Card 3/6 ;3/193/60/000/007/010/012 Mechanical Engineering in China in 1959 AOO5/AOOl kva for 220,000 v voltage, a high pressure steam turbine with a double steam extraction of 25,000 kw, a 280 t per hour steam boiler for 39 kg/cm2 steam pressure. provided for a steam-turbine generator of 50,000 kw. - J~he transport mechwil engIneering plants initiated in the test stage the produotion of several kinds of diesel.-locomotives and electric locomotives. In the Tsiyanghsien shipyard (Shanchal) the coast ship "4ir-5811 was subjected to trial. trips; its tonnage is 9,400 t at 5,000 t load capacity, In Shanghai the coast freighter "Mir-60" with 3,000 t load capacity and 4,700 t tonnage was launched, its length is 99 m and draught is r,.5 m. The first Chanchun'skiy avtomobiltnyy zavod (Chanchuen auto- mobile Works)began in 1959 'the series production of the six-seater motor cars of the "Khuntsi' make with eight-cylinder engine of 200 hp and maximum speed of 185 krrVhr, having ventilation, radloset, and sound- and heat insulation. - The machine-tool industry increttsed the production output and quality and organized the production of new metal-cutting machines. In particular, the production of a 16-spindle vertical drilline machine, a 18-spindle horizontal boring machine, and the 4.5-m-vertical lathe, the bigges%, in China, was orgimized. - The agricultural engineering works manufactured drainage and irrigation engines (their productivity increased*by more than 80% In comparison with 1958), plown for mechanical traction, cultivators, spray pumps, coTbines, mechanical threshers, and mowing machines. By the end of 1959, the agriculture was provided with 55,000 tractors, 100,000 trailer% Card 4/6 3/19-3/60/000/007/010/012 Mechanical Engineering in China In 1959 A005/AOOI 4,500 grain harvester combdInes, Irrigation and drainage engines with the total power of 2.8 million hp. 1he "hanchuen tractor work delLvered the first lot of the "'renyu" -tractor representing a universal tractor of 40 hp with rubber wheels. - The watchmaker industry delivnred the total amount of 5.7 million pieces of wrist watches, automobile watches, nautical chronometers etc. The productivity of the bicycle industry increased by about 30% In comparison wilh 1958 and delivered 1.5 million pieces. - The cap&,,.-Ity in the capital construct'.on increased conalderably; by the end of August, lit big plants of the mechanical engineering were put into operation: the Peking stean turbine work delivering yeavly the equipment br 600,0(* kw, the Ukhanskly b:)Iler plant, the Chzhenchzhow. abrasive-wheel work built with the help of the Oeman Democratic Republic, tt.e Loyang tractor plant. Moreover, more than 100 big and more then 1,000 small works of the mechanical industry were built up. Thti construction of the Taiyuan and Shanghai works of the heavy mechanical industry w;ts continued, the Sht?n-yang work of heavy mechanical industry was expanded as we'.1 as the Kharbin electroenginsering work. In October, the construction of the Pek:,ng ball bearing work was started, representing one of the biggest Chinese works htiving the yearly prcxluctivity :)f 10 million sets. The Peking-, Nanking-, and Guanchzhou watchmaker works were constructed, and the existent watchmaker works ir Shanghai and Tyan'tszin were expanded. - In conse- Card 5/16 AVSZNXV ~_ Tx;,P!. ~ Machinery indnetry in China in inform. no*7:73-73 160, (China-PAchinery 1959, Diul.telch.-Own. (KIRL 13:7) indis try) V -05 47 &0 GD _Z47 Im ACC NKi Nfli% 2704 SOURcr, CODY.': AUTHOR-. Avseyenko, V. V.; hiedvedev, G. A.; Ravodin, 0. M. ORG: none TITLE: continuous extromal systems SOURCE: Moscow. Institut avtonatiki I telomekhaniki. Somoobuchoyushchlyeaya ovtornoti- cheskiye sisterny (Se-11--instructing automatic systems). moscow, 1zd-vo, Nouka, 1966, 408-419 TOPIC TAGS: automatic control theory, circuit design, random noise signal 1 14 ABSTRACT: This article gives a general description and structure of a continuous extremal system In which information is extracted from realization of the output quantity of tile object on a sliding time Ficale of fixed longth which is limited at the top and at the bottom. The do- sign features and technical chars cteristics of an experimental madel ore given schematically and the function of each component Is elucidated. The system hav the following technical characteristics: passband width 0. 5 cps-. range of voltage change at the output of the sum- motors and integrators + 100 v; sanplitude of the search disturbances 4.5 v; duration of the search disturbances 0. Tsec; off-duty faetor 1/2; delay time 0. 1 aeo; a duration of 100 seb of IIASSIN, Villi lyanoyloh, doktor tekhnichemkikh nauk; AVSRUOX,A.P., redaktor; AUDOFA.Ys.l., takhnicheshy rsdAktor (Coal flotation) Plotatelia uglei. Moskva, UgletakhizdAt, 1955. 25 p. (MLRA 9; 1) (Coal preparation) BRYLIN. Hiron Israilevich, dote., kand.tak1m.n9uk;A'S37ENOf A.Yes otvetstvennyy red.; RYKOV. N.A., red.izd-va,-1~-'1f= 't'.Ta'. , tokhn.rod. [Dewatoring products In coal beneficiation] Obezvozhivanie produktov obogeshcheniia uglia. 11oakva, Ugletekhizdat, 1958, 173 P. (Coal preparation) (MIRA 11:6) BOGATIKOV. Anatoliy SImOnovich; SUKHORUCHRNKO, Ivan.Alokseyevich; AVSZPR(jj!~,,,A otv.reds; TSUKHRKAH, S.Ta,,, rod,izd-vo; Oy V -Irff 0 .0 (Gf&n.redo 0 [Automatic regulators for jigging machines.] Avtomatichaskis reguliatory otandochnykh mashin. Moskva. Ugletekhisdat. 1959. 20 p. (MIRA 12:9) (Coal preparation--j"Aquipment and suppl~ps) (Ore dressing-SquIpment I AVSEMOK, A.F.;,,STAIS', L.A.. red.; BYKOITA. Zh,A.9 reds; TOKKRv " - I M., tekhn.-ed. (Brief guide for the organization, equipment, and work of training centers in mining engineering; miming industry] Kratkoe ruiovoistvo po organizatvii. oboruitovaniiu I rabote uchobnogo katinsta gornogo, del& (gornonidmkia promyshlennost'). Koalcva, Vsse.uchbno-psdagog.izd-vo Trudrasorvisdat, 1939. 31 p. (HERA 12%8) (Kining angineoring-Study and tean-hing) OORWY, Ivan Panteleyovich; AVSZMOK, A.Y.,; TSULZEKAN, S.Ta., red.ixd-va; LOMILINA, L.N.,; SINUAR, S.Ts., [Coal preparktion in the Polish People's Elspublic] Obogashchenie uglei v Pollikol Marodnol Reep"like. Kookva, Ugletakhixdat. 1959. 47 P. (MIU 12:6) M)land-Coal preparation) BOGUSLAUXIT, Aleksondr Ri-vitiovich; ANDRIMW, Lev Sergeyevich; SHAPOSHNIKOV, Bergey Stakheyevic:h-,,,AVS3TJIHOX, A.Y..,; SINTAGINA, Z.A., redlzd-va; SAIIITOV, A., (Scraper opentorl Kashinist skrepernoi ustanovki, Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po gornoofti delu. 1959. 201 p. (MIIU 13: (Scrapers) ZABOLYWY, Ivan ProkDflyevich; POLONSKIT, Mikhail Inaakovich; PMOV. K.T., kand.takhnonauk, retsentent; LYAKHOY, G.H., knnd.takhn.nauk, rotsenzent; YERMALMIX06 Holes gorn:ry inth., rotsenzent; SOSMDOT, 0.0.. gornyy 1uxhener;__ATP~TM1OKo,jA.F.j ot,t,,red.; SIPTAGINA, Z.A., red.ixd-ve; ISLMITITY.YA,, PROZ91OVSKATA, tekhn.rod. [Mininp, ongineering; for minors of undergroitnd integrated brigaded Gornorudnoo delo; dlia gornorabochikh podse!mykh komplekanykh brigade Moa)n,a. Goa.nsizchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po gornonu delu, 1960. 384 p. (MIRA 13:3) (Xining engineering) POLIKINO Stepan IvanovLoh, prof., doktor tokhn.nauk; ZYGELES, N.A., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk, rotseuxont; TROITSKIY. A.T., Insh.. reteensentl AFSOMINOK1 4' F.#.Qtv.r*d*; UMLBOTSKIT, V.A., red.; YXWKOTA, Jr.Z.-"d.Ixd-V&-t PROZOROTSKATAy T.L..; BJaWLATSKAYA, L.Sh., [Flotation of rare metal and tin ores] Yloltatsiia rud rodkikh metallov I olova. Moskva, Gon.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po gornow dalu, 1260. 637 P- (NEU 13:2) (flotation) (Vonforrous metals) AVUTIV, Ye. ; VAYNSIMM, inshenor. Practical computation of pieces of fabrles. led,.prox. 14 no.6.- 54-55 Js 154. (KLIRA 7 9 8) 1. lachallnik proAnyodstv. tekhn. otdols vinnitskoy shveynoy fabriki in. Volodarskogo (for Ave9yev). (Clothing industry) w "A Ilk -in a agg -4F#,-0-7 - 7 'CM430,60*3 0 to a UL 00 t too 0* t6$ 00 .00 00, d so al OL L cbf Ob . ~-- w 0( t oss OWe Wi f ee 104 -04 umatit - -- 1 - 0 3, 0 w U, V~J~ a al; "B -0 mais T, 0-0-0-00 **so of****** 00 fkV~EfE,4104, TV, re". p A. KNIVU UndnfZ Oppi. fodedmitafor 116P. AM ITITS"s- on so" it. M. UIPM 1111141 CLAWK110111 low* 11W.40&.4 at 4.v 0 u Ali 9 a IA a I I ow 0 a a I Ir of 9 a 4 IF it a a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 041000000 6 0 9 0 4 ro* 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 00 o IIIIIS AVSEYEVICH, G.P., G.P. "Positive electrodes of lithitm glasses," Report 1p Uchen, sapiski. (LeninRr. f,,os. un-t im. Zhdaiova)j Chemical sciences series, Issue 8, 190, p. 3-16 SOI U-3566,, 15 Marchs 53, (LAopis 'Zhurnal Inykh Statey, No. Ili, 1949). AYSITIVIC , VO-Edecamsed] I Glass slectrodeB made from lithium glasses* Vch.sapeLenoun. no.108:3- 16 149. (NIaA 10:3) (Illootrodes, Glass) v zi E TA "UtION 6", and lithlurn Salm. Fekwo j"awo NT. W41 Kkis". Niel TR wrv whkh %b4 Ila" n*, am 46Mtol digets from that of the If tW trotle. we gly" IA-Da Us$ tltcuWcs (1). avA Li-NIC f, (jA it, d ctm4n For the Mr, Mrolaritiol anti tho re. COAN, PK &IOU met 0,~, 12,4; 0.3. IIA,, 0.7, D. 10.4; 8; 10.0. Tbecu.,ttsnndlrigLittitilatities vabies an 0 3 It 6, O.S. I ; 0.7. 10.1; Lb, 0 9 4 M 10*3 it: O~ 1, 11.'); 0.3 .f. i,i; 16, 9.1'. 8.O. 8.7. and the Li series is: 0; 0.3. lop; O.T. 9.0; IA 8.2i 3.0, 8.0. 1 ikfe Lrly vacetilible to difficulties resulting froo pout chirmM itics orighating In the fabr"W~ proce- k overcoming thio difficulty km ditemsed. C. 11. ruch onfta- j YUDYLEVICH, I.G.; SHEITAKOVA, I.H.; Prinimili uchartkyo: W5N0VO'K)tYi', FHAMIDbLINA, F.K. Spectrographic determination of inlium, thallium, and telluriun in soluti3na di-rine their recovery from by_p:~oducts of the lead- zinc industry. Zhur.anal.khim. 17 no.2:1711-1?9 Mr-Ap '62. (MIRA 1,1;:4) 1. All-Union Scientific Research Institute o.r Non-ierrous, Metals, Ust-Kamenol7orsV. (Indium__Sp(!ctra) (Thallium--Spectra) (,rellurium--.5pectra) YUDELEVICH, I.G.; SILF.UJ,KOVA, I.R.; 4YSEYKOI Yn.M. Spectrographic determination of selenium in the product-s of alime processizig. Zhur. anal. Mimi. 18 no.5t634-638 My'63, (MIRA DO) 1. Vaesovuznyy nauohno-issIedovate-.'ukiy gonomotallurgicheakAy Institut tsvetrykh metallov, Ust'--Kamenogorsk. L 34882-66 ACC NR, AT was used for determining tr.%ces of germanium of' the order of 1 part in 100,000 in Slagg: and mattes. The sensitivit,.r of germanium determination vith respect to the Ge 303.!)0 mp line is 10-4% in this casse with a relative error of about 15%. Commercial soluti.oni are analyzed by electrode saturation. The relative mean square error is 9% with this method. Indium, thallium, 1,,allium, and germani-am are simultaneously determined by pouring the solutions to bu analyzed into a socket in a special copper electrode and, then drying the electrode so that the solution tAheres to the surface. The advantage of this method over the saturation of carbon e2ectrodes lies in the possibility of using the sensitive long-waNe lines located in the region of cyanogen bands: In h10.1 mu, Ga 417.2 mp and TI 377.57 mp. This method gives a re:Lative error of 9%. Methodq are discussed for determination of rare elements in zinc and lead ores with a sensitl- Ivity of at least 10-4% using spectrographic analysie with a buffer solution of sodilma Ifluoride. Orig. art. has: .1 figure. CODE:/1,201 SUBM DATE! o6ju1651 oRia, mw: 005/ OTH REF.- 000 CWd USSR/Cultivated Plants - Groins m Abs Jour : Ref thur Biol., No 12) 1.958) 53586t .Iuth,)r : AV9111111U.1jvj 0.1. Inst rar~eotmn A6ricultural Listitute Title The Vater Balance of a Rice Field In PeriAical Irri,:;ation Orij, Pub Tr. InGestansk. s-kh. ill-ta, 1956, 9) 179-183 Abstract This article describes the vater balance and the rice yield under coi,aitions of periodic Irri(Ation and conti- imus floodino. The expenditure of water for periodic lrri~ation was 1/3 ,)f the water imded. f~)r cantinu3mi floAing. In the periodic irriGation it is sufficient ti introeuce into the soil 7037.0 r-13/ha of water as ac-pinst 21.500 m3/ha in continuaus The yield of ri-!e Dn the plot with periMic irriGation was hitfier thin :)n the pl3t with continpous flooding. Card 1/2 AVSIIALUMDVA, A.D. Determination of the freshness degree of meat by paper chromatography. Vop.y)it. 21 no.3:22-28 M~,-Je 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Iz kafedry veterinarno-sanitarnoy eksportizy (zav. - prof. G.V.Kolobolotskly) Moskovskoy veterinarnoy akademii. (MEAT INSPECTION) (AMINO LCIDS) ''ACC NR, AP6027260 SOURCE CODE: UR/0072/GG/000/006/0006/000ii AUTHOR: Tatevosyan, K. M. (Enj;ineer); Manvelyan, M. G. (Academician AN An.%SSR); Avsharova, S. N. (Engineer) IORG: Yerevan Scientific Reseai!ch Institute of Chem~stry (Yerevanskiy nauchno-issle- institut khimii) YITEX: Volatization of boric onhydride during the founding of glasses !SOURCE: Steklo i keramika. no. 60 1966, 6-9 TOPIC TAGS: berate glass, glass property, nonstructural mi-fteral product 'ABSTRACT: Volatization of bovic. anhydride from alkali-free glass "E" 01203 introduc- ,ed either as alumina calcined at 12000C or as clay) and from alkaline glass type ZS-5Na 'was studied in 0-14000C and 0-.45 hr of heat treatment. All glass samples contained i,p-: 'proximately 10 wt % B203. Tho samples were heated to the desired temperature at 50PI/ 1min. The results are graphed and tabulated. It was foun4. that volatiziition of B20.1 'from alkali-free glasses is ct)mpleted at 5000C for samples prepared with calcined alit- Imina and is completed at 9000,1 for samples pinpared with clay. It was also found that,!- ,as a result of thermal treatment of alkali-f-ree glasses, the B203 transform-s into cal- ,cium and magnesium borates wh1ch are nonvolatile above 1000-12000C. The 'greater volatility of-B203 in the alkaline glasses is explained in terms of formatiaa UDC: 66(i.1.031.13:66.046.594 1 ., ~, . A. "Bell ttellof0turryAr iche-okoya lzuchcrilye rilijerallno.,; nickotoryki. udia,-tkov skelet-n choloveka.11 report submitted for 7th Intl Cong , Anthropological & Ethnological Sciences, MOC-cow, 3-10 Aiig 614. FALIMIN., V., kand. kiim. nauk; TETERNIK, D., prof.; AVS11YUKEVICH, V.; ZELIMANOV, 1. ".- _'. Effect of Vie adrenalin treatment of animials on the course of some biochenical processes. Was. Ind. SSSR U ho.403-54 163. ; (MIRA 16tlO) 1. Moskovskiy tekhnologicheaki3t institut vomonoy I molochnoy promyshlennosti (for all except Zellmano,r). 2. Moskovskiy ordena Ian3ra rqasno:r kombinat (for Zellinanov). IULISHCHUK) A.G.; "S5REYKH, A.S., inzh. - ---- - ------- ------- -- Compact loadirg of machinery and mechanisms on flat cars. Zhol.dor.transp. 4/+ no.6:76-78 Je 162. OURA 15:8) 1. Glavnyy in2h. stantaii Brest-Montrallnyy Belorusskoy dorogi (for Kalishchvk). 2. Stantsiya Brest-Tsent:rallnyj Belorusakoy dorogi (for A%stre~kh). (Railroads-Freight) (Loading savi unloading) !3HILK3N, P.M.; ZLIIVYANSKIY, Ya.A.; SIDAROV, Yu.G.; KUSTOV, V.M.; TSYKINAN. A.I.; KIJVSHIIIOVI M.I.; 'EVIPAREN, Tu.A.; TIllialOt G.A.; A~IIPUHp-L.D.t-W-ANOV, N.N.; XHIVIOV, P.A., tekhn. red. [safety engineering regulations for operating the contact netuorke of do. electrified railroads]Pravila tokhniki bez- opasnosti pri okspluntatsii kontak-tnoi seti pootoiannogo to- ka elAtrifittIrovannykh zheleznyl:h domr. Moskva, 1962. 128 pe (MIRA 15t7) 1. Ruesia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Glavncrje upravl,aniye elektrifi- katsii i energoticheakogo khozyaystva. 2. Zamestitell na- challnika taklmicheakogo otdela TsH I-linisterstva putuy soobshcheniya (for Shilkin). 3. Technicheskly otdol TsE Mi- nisterstva pu-,ey noobahcheniya (for Zellvynnakiy). 4. TSen- tral'rWy koiri-Let profooyuza raboobikh zhelemodorozImogo transporta (f)r Sibarov). 5. Vaudmo-tekhnicheskly sovet Mi- nisterntva ptxtey soobahcheniya (for Kustov). 6. Slu-.hba oloktrIfikataLi i onergetichaskogo khozyaystva Odeaskoy zho- loznoy dorogi (for TSyklman). 7. ECh Yuzhno-Urallakoy zoloznoy dorogi (for Kivshinov). C. ECh Yoskovskoy zholeznoy dorogi (for Segala Shiparev, Tyurnin). 9. EChK Oktyabrtskoy zheloz- noy dorogi tfor Avatreykh). EChK Mookovskoy zheleznoy dorogi (for Bakanov), (Electric railroads-Safoty regulations) RYLISKIY, D.Ya.; MALYSHEV, F.D.; AVSTREYKH, L,D. Letters to tho editor. Elek. i tepl. tialfa 7 no.9t46 S 163, (MIM 161lO) 1. Nhehallnik distantsil. kontaktnoy seti iluzhno-Urallskoy dorogi (for Ryllskiy). 2. Nachallnik Mandeleyevskoy distantsii kontaktnoy seti Sverdlovskoy dorogi (for Malyshev). 3. Naeballnik distantaii kontaktnoy seti Mosliovakogo uchaetka energotinabzheniya Oktyabr'skoy dorogi (for Avstreykh). v TSMIANSYNY. Yu.A.; AV3)TTlInVSXIY, Yu.A. We are buil4ing our own houses. Put' i Dut.khov.noAl? Ag (MLRA lo: 9) I. ZAmmatitell nAchallnikm Taletskoy dietqntaii (for TSekhnnekiy). Inzheaer Yeltitskoy dietnntsii (for Arstriy9vokly). (Railroads-Rmplopies) 1 ACCOSSION NR- AT4042301. 8/0000/63/003/1)00/0263/0270 AUITIOR: Avetreykh, 0. A., M. V. Levin, I#Wres, M. 11., 11moteyev, V. V. TITLE: Electromagnetic DO pump for pumping metal in the isystem for cooling eloc M- lyzer elements SOURCE: So"shchaniye po, teereticheskoy I prikladnoy magnitnoy gidrodinamike, 3d, "Riga, 1962. Voprosy* magx4twy gidrodinarniki (Problems itt magnetic hydrodynamics); doklaidy* soveshchanlya, v. 3. Rip. lzd-vo AN IAMR, 1963, 263-270 TOPXC TAGS: direct currert pump, electromagnetic pump, liquid metal pump, refrigeration, cooling systan, electrolytor, conduction pump i ABSTRACT: 7he authors ncte that in the production and transport of light metals pumps with high-powor and high-efilciency are required, while in order to ensure accurate meavuroments it Is cosenUal that the pumps used have good adjustmentqualitics. Atdif- ferent stages of the productlDn process the conditions under which the pump is operated and the power supplies used to drive it may vary considerabty (in electrolysis plants high- power DC lines are availabl,n, in other shops single-phase or three-phase AC is prefar~"Q)., Diffetent, types of pumps aro therefore rotjuirod in the produotion of light metals. In the pres-tint arUclo, one of the coses in which an electromagnetic pump is used in light meml ; 1/3 :Card - ACCESSION Nit: AT40423W Iproduction Is considered. During the process of testing ono of the clocti-olyzet's It was discovored that there was it need to coal the rods to which We cathode was atUichod. Air cooRlng was found to be imlective, and water cooling was rejected for reasons of af -t' a I iThis led to the decision to -unploy the liquid metal as the coolant. A DC conduction pliniii with serf as -connected driving coil was selected as the beat pump for the particular task. In order to make use of the DC lines In the shop the pump waA connected in series with the itilectrolyzer. The advintages of this type of connection undcr the specific conditions encountered are discussed in the article. 7%o pump designiA for the test clactrelyzor wits rated to provide a flow of the heat-carrying agent (a outecUt, Pb-131. alloy) of 0. 5-0.7 M3/hour at a pressure of P = 1. 6 kg/cr~2. A 2000-2600-ampere power supply was usedto Idrive the pump. The pump was operated for 30 days In the i.,ooling system of the experi- mental cathode device of th a clectrelyzer. After this period, inspection of Via pump and the Inner part of the channel failed to reveal any damage whatsoovor. Ilia efficiency of the pump, calculated on the basis of Its pressure, productivity and power consumption when. operating with the exp3rimental electrolyzar, was only 2-3%. 71to autliors describo the various calculation metliods nornuilly used in the design of pumps witli opUmal struc- turml dimensions. Since tho pmp reported on in this articlo had non-optimal dimensions, a study was made of the M diambility cif these methods to sw:h pumps (that is, to pumps 2/3 Card ACCESSION NR.- AT4042303 whose structural dimensions am not optimal). 7be stand on which the pump testing was per- formed is described in detall Is, the article. It is noted that Me same alloy used in the cool- Ing system was employed aa the working liquid. The processilng of the experimental results of this test Is described (the metIM of least squares was specifically used In the approxima- tion of these data). Ito fund unental mathematical expression, on the basis of which the calculated characteristics of the pump were obtained, is analyzed. The authors note that tie. determination of the causes of the divergence between calculated and experlmenUtl p - QQ) characteristics, when the static characteristics show good agreement. is ossential to the design of a pump to be used ki an Industrial cooling system asimciated with an olectrolyzor cathode unit, since It Is to a I" degree on the nature of theme cauace that the feasibility "of employing the convenuoml mettiods of calculating high-powor pumps with non-optimal ~Amensions depends. Orig. art. has: 2 formulas and 4 figures. ASSOCTATIONs. None summTED; 04Dec63 ENM-00 BUD CODE: IE NO REI, SOV: 006 OTHERi 0" 3/3 'Card' V Pt AVSTREYKH, L.L., allrahiy inzh. Use of sulfite callulaue extmct tor the oftling of worsted fiber blends. Tokst.prom. 21 m).9t43-" 8 161. (MnA 14:10) 1, Nauchno-isiledovatellskaya laWratoriya Kraunodarskogo kamvollno-sub)=ogo kovibinata, Wtoolen and worsted matufa.-ture) MIKULINICH, Nikolay Il Ich Mikulinichp M.I.); AWTANNIKOVA, S.G. [Ausyannikava, :S.H.~) kand. ekon=. naiN-.-"r-eR*,--,--TAMUTIX,-7I., red.; SHARSITIL SM) L(SharBhultski# LIP tekhn. red. [Practice in monetary wages and Intrafarm accounting on a col- lective farn~'I Vopyt hrashovai aplaty pratsy i unutrybaspadar- chaha razlilat u kalhase. Pod red, S.G.Ausiannikava. Minsk, Dziarzh.vyd-ira BSSR. Red. sellskiLbaspadarchai lit-ry, 1961. 41 p. (MIRA 15:1) (Co:.Ieotive fame-Incone distribation) AVSYUK.s A.I. The SUOP-10 oolf-propened deep hole boring =it used in spectil Diulstekho-ekontinforms no,80-7 161. rHOIRA 14Z8 0 (Boring ;u"iery) I=", '0001111 4F pf - tAlf, 14 L - MA- 941it ti;~l-kolowliq for"MW Oki 4 1 dtkvwAw4 by Ikk ; lked me I lbe Now ILV ow" dul* m NA"oh tu=Arwa. Met I FI&M d It not OR btakel dam 04*imd from tie TUN SUN ewim obakat Ike d -A, --tak slodeM th I rob 0i I%* 6W*Mhr* %WIVOO. FlVillk .1 frows dinfew" io vim av. lootow 6m AW the wellatka ed almkw. omt'vv ed OVA (8c4,,0 4w enwAstift tk wmft actim 41 NWAUIM twooldowaL 36& ~,a tho4ko.. GWOM ~ Two taw/Coophysics - 2664MWch Stations Sop/Oct 51 "Tien-Shan High-Altitude Physicogeographical sta- tion of the Institute of Geography, Academy of Sci- ences USSR," G. A. Avayuk "1z Ak Nauk SSSR, Ser Geog" No 5, pp, 94-101 Chao-Kzyl-Su River Valley op the north face of Terskey Ala-Tait in Tien-Sban (Issyk Oblast of Kjrgiz-SSR) was chosen in 1945 by Acad Zci IFM for location of thestation'. Consta-action began in iQ46 ana in i Terz_%_ 947, 4MA %~" van begun. The purpose of research is rational exploitation of natural sources - Results of research 205T60 /Geophysics Resewch Stations SOP/Oct 5.1 - (can") On control of ice melting and regulation of jh&pOd '4aters could be applied in water control of ftu- CASus and Middle Asia. 14 AV'-'YUKy G. A. I'Three Composite Glaciological Works of Foreign Autnorv," Problemy Fizicheskoy Geofrafii (Problems of Physical Geography), Vol. 16, Symposium, Moscow, 1951. U-1483p 25 Sept 51 U-1574 - :/Cc; I ) ( I - kV3MJK, G. A. Studges of glaciers at Tita'ahanskaia Station. Vop. geog. 26, 1951. SO: MW. April 1952. k~fcy(05 6-0 ~i i ~ T, 11 ' AVSYtiKt G. A. Some data about glaCiatior, and orography of the Ak-Shlyryak niountain mass, Trudy Inst. geog. AN SSSRO .49, 1952. SO; MLRA. November 1952. 'S') - 71(-..~%j 3~~rttAo, 6,ot,