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/10000~ J~J,F . .-~,A) I .1 1411 -%, wo~,'I 41% -F --------- -- ~ 755, ite -I. 4:r i-B j BALLED(AWYA, V. 1. %-*N--04Ar^ Now data on the pelsoypo& faum of Trudy VNIGRI no."sl?1-205 153. the Plalsoasne of Pargana. (MM ?:?) Possil) (ImollibraubUts, Posell-Parpm) 15-57-7-10037 Translation from: Referatl.vnyy zhurnall, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 7, P 191 0155R) AUTHOF45: B.alakhmatova, V. T., Lipman$ R. Kh. TITLE: Stratigraphic Subdivision of the Devonian, Upper Jurassic, Cretaceous and-Tertiary Rocks, on the Basis of Microfauna hudy, in the Barabinsk Exploratory Drill Hole 1- (Stratigraficheskoye raschleneniye devonskikh, verkhneyurskikh, melovykh i treti.-.hnykh otlozhe--iiy po Barabinskoy opornoy' skvazhine 1-R na osonovanii izucheniya mikrofauny) PERIODICAL: Materialy Vaes. no-is geol. in-ta, 1955, Nr 9, pp 70-87 ABSTRACT: ThA Mesozoic and Tertiary deposits in the Barabinsk ex.loratory drill hole 1;R, occurring in the interval 2408.5 m to 37 m, have b en divided into three forma- Card 115 tions and seven zones on the basis of study of the 15-57-7-10037 Stratigraphic Subdivision of the Devonian (Cont.) microfauna. The lower formation (at a depth of 2408.5 m to 2269 m) contains a group of radiolarians of Devonian age. -Above this formation occurs a Middle Jurassic coal-bearing sequence, about 130 M thick, which is overlain by fine-oolitic argillaceous lime- stones of Calloviarr aget containing Cristellaria boplites Wisn., C. folium Wisn., Frondicularia nodulosa Furss, d the ammonites I Of IT7T m abundant foraminifers 14-nitedticeras sp. At a depth - of the Lower Volga series were encountered. These correspond to the Ammodiscus tenuissimus of other drill holes and make it -if possibTe to d ferentiFt.e a charact6ristic microfossil zone. A second zone is differentiated only in the described dtill hole, in the interval 1845 m to 1693 M I in Meocomian rocks, containing fresh-water ostracods and oogini, (?) characeous seaweed character- istic of Wealdian rocks. Hicrofaunas are not present in the deposits of the up er part of the Lower Cretaceous and of the lower part of the Uper.Cretaceous (at depths of 1323.5 m to 785 m). The age of these rocks (Aptian-Albian, Albian-Cenomanian, and Card 2/5 Stratigraphic Subdivision of the Devonian (Cont.) 15-57-7-10037 Turonian) is determined by flora, spore-pollen groups and Inoceramus. Dark gray mudstones with fish remains anA belemnite and aim=mon te (Rasenia sp.1 fragments represent the-Oxfordian and Kimeridgian sra-ges. The Gaudryana filiformis zone, until recently considered to be Albian was recognized at d* ths of-754 m to 732 m. Now data, discoveries of Baculites romanovsk Arkh., demand that this layer be referred to EFFTuronrin. TiZ Lrd charadter.~' istic zone of the Barabinsk exploratory drill hole that has regional significance for the Weetorn Siberian lowland. The fourth zone ia found in the interval 728.5 m to 724 m and-contains small discorbids and anomalinids: Discorbis sibd~ Dain., Valvulineria wastsibirlm Dain. and Anomalina s=rica Dain. 'Of Santonian age. Abundant radioiarians and arenaceous foraminifers are found in the interval 594,6 m to 542.4 m and they define a characteristic radiolarian- formation. Above this formation, at depths from 541 M to 537 m, a transitional zone is distinguished, characterized by calcareous and arenaceous varieties of foraminifers. The rocks of this zone Card 3/5 Stratigraphic Subdivision of the Devon~tin (Cont.) 15-57-7-10037 are referred to the Santonian, inasmuch as Pteria tenuicostata (Roem.) is found at a depth of 539.5 m. A zone of Campanian- Maestrichtian foraminifers, having regional distribution, is recognized in the interval 537 m to 4 9 m. The rocks at depths of 469 m are provisionally referred to the Arxnobaculites incultus Ehr. zone of Danian age. They mark the seventh z TeFE14 deposits appear at a depth of 461 m. The deposits between 461 m and 431 m are tentatively considered Paleocene. Between 431 m and 383.5 m an upper radiolarian formation is distinguished. It contains a massive accumulation of radiolarian8, diatom3, spcmge spicules and remains of fish skeletons of Eocene age. This Tertiary formation and its microfaunal content have a wide regional distri- bution. The rocks in the interval of 377 m to 285 m are distin- uished as the supra-radiolarian formation of Oligocene age. A f ormation at depths of 285 m to 37 m is subdivided into six horizons on the basis of spore-pollen studies and is Miocene in a e. The authors provide it summary outline of the distribution Urd'4/5 15-57-7-10037 Stratigraphic Subdivis..on of the Devonian (Cont.) of exploratory drill holes and a bibliography with 67 references. Card 5/5 G. V. Fomina I BYXDVA, N.K.; BALAXHXATIDVA, Y.T.; VASILROD, V.P.; VOIDSHBOVA, N.A.; 17.41107A. L.T.; KUZINA, V.I.; KUZNNTSOVA, Z.V.; MZTWA. T.7.; NDROZOVA. T.G.; )CATLYM. Te.T.; SUBBOTINA, N.N. Now gonem an4 spectes of Iroraminifera. Trudy MORI no 115: 106 158. (14IRA ilijOi- (Poraminifera, lrossil) BALOHMATOVA, V,T. Now repreventativen of the Paleogens Tortulnrildae of the northern Twkmanin. Trudy VSPOEI 93t2l-27 164. (MlhA 1837) 1-1 oinui=A, A.Ts.; 'OVA, V.I..* !j. LIPMAN, R.Kho; ROKA?( XH01=VA. I.A.; YASffURZKINMTA, A.R., [Oretaosoas stratigraphy and fauna of the West Siberian Plain] Stratlgrafila I fauna welovykh otloshanil Zapadno-Sibirskoi nismaymostle Leningrad, 1960. 346 p. (Leningrad. Vessoiusayi goologicheskii institul, Trudy, vol629) (MIRA 13:6) (West Siberian Plain--Geolo&7, Stratigraphic) Nov and typical species of Paleogene.. ?jt-tmingera fram northerm Turimenias Infomeabor,VSMEI no*47;3-22 161. (HIRA 15:4) (Turkmenistan.-Foraminifera., Foaaii) BAUWICM~ Yu.S., t*klinik Inoreaso in the operational valvis of 46GH steam pumps* 1 reliability or the accumulator Energetik n nolOtIO 0 163* (HIRA 16:11) YMBRA, L.T.; BALAKHNICHNIA, T., red.; KANINMIBAUM, M., takhz%,.red, [trade of the Moldavian S.S.R. in the seven-year plan] Torgoylia Moldayakol SSR v asolletke. Xishinevo Ooa.isd-vo "Kartia Moldo- venlaske 0 a 1959, " P, (KIRA 13:7) (Holdivia-Retall trade) IMEMPLYARSKATA# V*Pt; CMOTARI# A.M.; CHAYKO, G.G., red.; BALAKWICMITA# XAPITSA, Y,,, (PIdblic health In Moldavia; a statieticallranuall Edravookhri- nonia v Moldavakol WRI-atatistlohookii spravochnik. Kishinev, Goo,isd-vo Noldsvii, 1958, 79 P. (KIRA l2t3) 1. Moldavian 80. Nimisterstvo adrayookhrenonlys. (NOLDAYlk--PUBLIC KRALTH-STATISTICS) (miamm , us ye a . dotsent, saslushannyy vrach Moldevskoy SM; BALAKWICKWA, T., red.: XAXWj'2AUX,. 94, takhnerede ----'~A- _ [The 21st Congress of the Oommist Party of the Soviet Union and prospects for the development of the publio health systers In the Moldavian S.S.R.] I= Osad V= I perspektivy rasvitiia sdravo- okhrenonlia v Moldavskol SM. Kishinev. Gos.isd-vo "Karta Moldo- ventaske," 1959& 37 P. (min 13:5) (MMTIA-POLIC KUM) KCROTIN, A.Ac;_BALMMICHSTA, T., red.1 KANMMIBAUX, M., takhnered6 (Differential diagnosis of influent*] DifferentsialInsia diagnostike grippe. Kishinev, Gos.Isd-vo "Kartia HoldoveniamIcags 1939, 135 pe (xIRA 141l) (nwmwu) MURAM9 3.1.9 prof.j RAAk W1 AWA,,.Tl, red.1 PMITATA, To., to antputhoso Itological disorders -Enssays on. the ollnioal sooo rp of the retioular formation of the oentral nervous system] Oahorki kliniki I ?atomorfologichookikh norushenii satevidnoi formstall tsentral n-ol nervaoi slateaq, Illehinev, Gos.isd-vo 9rartla Moldovenlasks.0 1959, 58 p, (NMA 14tO MA "ISIAM) OZEEMITUt LN&I SIROTAj A.U.1 BiLAMMICHEVAg T.p red.; ERWIVAp T.p* (Achievements of Moldavian Isatbar-industry vorkers]. Trorcheskii trud koshevnikoy Moldavii; literatiumsis, zL4AsI X.V.Kitsisa. , lishincyt Goxeisd-vo "Iartiwiz6ldoTsnisAs9' 1960, 48 ThRA 1,06) (Moldavia-leather industry) SMICYT, I.G.; &UAMO)ICHEVA, T., red.; WITSAp V.# tekhn. red. [Experizental measles; its pathomorphology and pathogenesis] EksperimentalInaia kor'; patomorfologiia i patogones, Ki- shinev, ~os, itd-vo "Kartia moldoveniaske." 1961 134 P; (HiRA 15:3 (MEASIM) GANSTSKIY,, M.G.1_4~AXWCOVA. T.,, red.; BKWUSOVAO L.j takhn. red. (over t~reo continents )Chores tri kontinenta. Kishinev, Kartia sioldoveniankep 1961. 125 p, (M RA 16:3) (Sb4stakov, Semen Ileksandrovich, 1898-1943) . I Some dat& on intraspecific differences of trout blood and the technique of their determination. L)okl. AN SSSR 141 no.2000- 501 N 161. (VIRA 141l1) 1. Predstavl~-!no akedemikom Ye.N.Pavlovskim. (Trout) (Serum 4IAgnO$i3) N BAIAKHNIN, I.A. Special chamber for carrying out the precipitation in gel reaction, Sud.-med.ekspert, 5 no.3:53-54 J1-S 162. (MM 1519) 1. VeesoyusWy L%uohno-issledovatelfskiy institut morskogo z7bnogo khosysystva i okeanografii. (ANTIGENS AND ANTIBODIES-ANALYSIS) UTAKHNIN. IsA* Phaj,,ocytlo capacity of erythrooytes. Pat. fitiol, i skepe terape 5 no-5s83-84 t61 (MlM 1714) :3/151160/ 0; C' U, ~ 0' 6 bOl 5/ bul AUTHORt Balakhfiff'n 0; 4 .~ 0, TITLEs A Signaling-P ttve Relay System for the Vacuum Bar Extruding Press. PERIUDICAM Ogneupory, 1960, No- 5, pp. 214-216 TEXTt To eliminate the production waste resulting from the abnormal op- eration of the preen, the author worked out the above jystem at the Lacora- toriya avto atiki (Laboratory of Automation of the Vostochnyy neuporov (Zetern Institute of Ref-ractoriZ. If the vacuum drop-s belcw tll-~ prescribed value, the luminous and aco*stic signaling system is releacc 'I automatically. The system (Fig. 1) includes the rec~~rding vacuouieter VS-'~10, the connecting :pliy EP41L",~Otransformer 220/127/6 v of the Lype T-74. An electronic trme relay and a contact vacuum primary element wort? worx-d out for this circuit under &-o-parti,cipation of B. S. Krotov and 11, A. Pi~h- ail tueova. The electronic time'r6lay (Pig, 2) inclu&.-s a 6D1P tube, a sm ;,.- size TG1B thyratron, semiconductor diodes of types DGT9-24, DITs- 1.3, an(! Card 1/2 �4paling-LProtecti-ve. ReJay System for the S/131/6U/OOqiO5/'05'/O!6 Vacuum Bar-Extrudiml Preau B015/BOtl XTa-27, as well as electromagnetic relays of types MRTs-I and MHU-03. Tho signaling-protectivo relay system was tested at the Bogdanovichok-'Ij pornyy zavod (Bogdanovichi Works of Refractorips) under operaticnEl ditions and gave a perfect performance in the timn from 40 seconis .1.5 minutes, which is said to be suffioient for the practice.. Thc-c 2 figure3o ASSOCIATIONt Vostochnyy Anstitut ogneuporrv (Eastern lnetit-lt-- Refractories) Card 2/2 -1-1dw-d-.t-ekhn-.-naukj MURIN-IHM.-inzh. rVAWV, . S Porous aggreptes isde from the ashes of a heat-and aleotric power plant* Na stroi. Ron. no,5:26 My 161. (MIRA 34:7) Novosibirsk-4ggregatee (Building materials)) Rehes (T,!~rhnology)) Usl" twig nettings In protooting slopes* Transpostroto U n0,,3:15-16 Mr 160, (min 13 16) L, $Jl&vW inshener. SM-299, peregon MoOstrar SMbXyk:ino Omalmy dorogle BALAKKNIN, M.P. The cost of building secend tracks haA been lowered. Transp. strol. 12 no.06 Ap 162. (KRA 150) 1. GlavW inzh. stroitellnogo uchastka No.14 treat& Omaktran3stroy. (Railroada-Construction) AV RxTeriment In Greeting a foundolon ror wi tpurt-vient houset on a 9 2ile foundation. Transpostroie 13 no.9:37-38 S 163. (KIRA 16112) 1. Glavnyy inzhe strottellnogo uchuatka No.14 tresta Omsktranastxoy. 0 __ RALAUNINIMS - __ I Cand Tech Sci - (dies) "Clay-ash agloporite made from several ashes of Kuzbass coals-" Novosibirsk, 1961. 18 pp; (Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialist Education RSFSRj Novosibirsk Construction Engineering Inst imeni V. V. Kuybyshev); 240 copies; price not given; (KL, 10-61 sup, 213) BAIAKMINS M.V. . Newly designed labomtory sintering unit. Stroi. mat. 7 no.4t 35-36 Ap"610 (KERA 3,415) (Sintering) BAIAKKNINI N.V.# inshe Obtaining agloporite vith fixed pwoperties fro& ashes: of bituminous coal from the Kuznetsk Basin. Sbor.trud.VilIneM noAM43 162. (MM l5ol2) 1, Novosibirskiy inshonerno-stroitollnyy institut Imad V.V. Kuybyshev&, (Kuznetsk Basin-Ash (Technology)) JUghtweight concrete) A -RAIAMNIN--M V kand. tekhn. nauk; KROTOi' A.I.; inzh.* Producing clay-ash aggregates In Western Siberia, Stroi. mat* 10 no,1003-34 0 164, (MIRA 18t2) 4pair of ths MAZ-200 transmission synchronizer. Avt, tranar: 38 r-,i. 503-34 MY 160o (MIRA 14:2 (Autombilea-Tranardegiou devices) 1. WIALSV, S. A.. Ing..* 3VAJOINI , 111. V. 2. USSR (600) 4. Sewer One ?. Use of newer gas as tuol automoUles, Gor, khoz* Moak., 26o No. 11, 1952. 0 9. Monthly List oflussian Accessions, Library of Congress, February 1953. Unclassified. TRAKWOVj G,A,j telchniki A4 ~, p tekhnik Improved operation of sliver traps. Energetik 12 no*5tl9-20 MY '64- (MIRA 17t6) ACC NRI AP6034T58 (A /0 60DE: UII/00~:,)/66/170/o05/,j AUTHOR: Dalakhnin.Y, P.; Kondratlyev' V. X. I 1T/1120 (Ac%demician)l Nalbandysul Aa Be (Acadeal; an AN ArmSSR)j ~e _90'h~-ens"on, Yu.-M., ORO: Institute*of Chemical Physics. Academy of Sclences/.P!L~B (Institut khlm~ah skoy % i Akademli nauk SSSR) TI"ILEi Quantitative study of the hydrogen combustion Mechanism in the vicinity, of the lower limit of ignition SOURCE: AN SSSR, Doklady, v. TOPIC TAGS: hydrogen, bVAimqp*n mechanism q%:A4ZD-'- I 170, no. 5, 1266, 11IT-112v 10~~ combustionv reaction kinetics, reaction 4 Li.-L ABSTRAM A calculation has been made-of the rate constants of-certain elementary reactions in the mechanism of hydrogen combustion at, 900-1052K using absolute concentrations of autive centers measured by EPR spectroscopy as a functiorr of flow velocity. The amount of vater formed was determined by freezing in a calibrated trap, The concentra- tion of molecular oxygen was determined lay direct EPR spectroscopic measurement at the exit of the reaction zone. The following rato con- stants were calculated at several temperatures in the range 900-1052Ks - 4 IACC N14 AP6034756 kj~g k1p k39 and kyall for the reactionas 0. 111+ 08- 110 + 11 Homogeneous Chain. ' initi&tL6 ;111:;' 0~ III+ O s-2011 11,0 + n 1. 011+111 . Chain prop -11+o.ZOII+6 2. gation.and . .!L.. z branding . r 0 + IlI oil Otable moleades H*terogeueftt chain, Vall O-Gtabl*-,'Ao3*oAe& The optimum; values of these and some other constants vere selected by varying then and comparing the results of an electronic-computer solu- tion of the appropriate system of equations vitbL the experimentally measured maximum satlys-center concentrations and doogrees of combustion ACC NR& Ap6o34758 It vas shown that the maxit~um active-center coneentration (in the A ec e region of greatest Intensity of tile combustion zone) are not aff t d by longitudinal ditfusion. A similar result was obtained on varyin g the initiation rate aoa3tant, From the value of the induction period 'in beat agreement vith the experinental value of contact time, reaction (00) was selected as Zhe most optimum process and its constant was k0 3.012.4 e-39000/RT cm3. mol-1.sec-1. Variation of values of the rate constants of reactions which are the reverse of chain branching and chnin propagation (1, 20 and 3) showed that the best agreeaent of calculation and experiment Is obtained when all three reVers*-reactions are taken into account. althoudh H + 02 *- OH + 0 has the greatest affect on maximum concentrations. The maximum concen- trations of X, 0, ON and the concentrations Of 02. and H20 obtained by solving the system of equations were cempared with experimental values, Ll FACC NR, AP6034758 The beet agreement was obtained for the following values of rate con- ffitaotst 3 1 .1 k, M - 2. 10-10. #-"Rr aMCI' -sec kj ~ 2,7..10-'*' e`""."ro, 3mol'I see-X;' '3 mol-1 soe'l, -s.k# m 010. It was shown that variation of the values of the rate constant of reaction (1 wall) has no effect on, the results of %be solutiong there. ,foret its rate cottatnnt Qannot be determined by this method. The optimum values of probabilitioa of heterogeneous destruction of 8 and 0 &tons were (2,4 :t. 0A - i IVA-68] (8,0:t 4.8) BUB CODEs 91, 07/ SUBM DATZ: OSApr66/ ORXG REFt 0111 ..OTH RM 06 AX HPA AP603hf5_8(Q) SOURCE COM UR/0020/66/170/00/1117/1120 AUTHORt j&lA1Sbtj,jjj#_Y9 Pol Kondratlyev; V, Nw~(Acsdoaician)j Nalbandyan At Be (Aci'Aiilcian Al-kr-488A); Gershenson, Yu. Me f ORGt institute*o? Chemical Physicaq Aeademy of OcIencesISSOR (Inatitut kh1alabaskay f1sixi Akadeall nauk SSGR) TITLXj Quantitative study of the hydrogen combustion mechanism in the vicAnIty of the lower limit of Ignition i3OURM. All 888R. Doklisayo ve 170# no# 5. 2.2600 1117-1120 **&A&- TOM TAM hy6rol;cn, lbp6nellem combustionv, reaction kinetiest reaction machaftleal 1441:6-t. CL".a ABSTRAM A calculation has been made-of the rate constants of-certain elementAry reactlons In the mechanism of hydrogen combustion at. 930-1052K using absolute concentrations of active,centers measured by EPR spnetroscopy an a functiotf of flov velocity* The amount of water fort-lelo was determined by freezing In a calibrated trap. The coucentra- tion of molecular oxygen was determined by direct SPR spectroscopic measurement at the exit of the reaction %one# The following ruts ton- ste!it& were ealculated at several temperatures In the range 900-105M care I / 4 k X AM~~ ACC h4U AP60347 58 klo kl., kSt "d k1all for the r*aetlons, Homogeneous a; Initiation 014 Its+ 08 -0 2011 I. oil + 111 11.0 + if. Chain P~rop be s' is' It + (h" Oil + 0gation and branding 0+11, wall Ot4~ble 001salles % Heterogendols chain iWas. Mingo' a breakiii The optimun val"** of theme and soma other constants vere selected by Yarying thom 9nd comparicko the results of an electronic-computer solu- tion of Vas apprapilate Systawor equations With the experimentally measured m(w1mnA and degrees of combustion ACC NRi AP603h"i58 it vas shovn that tho sax1mum actlye-center concentration (in the region of greatest intensity ef the combustion zone) are not affected by longitudinal diffusion, A similar result vas obtained on 7arying the initiation rate constant, ?rom the value or the induction period 'In beat agreement vith the experimental value of contact time# reaotlon (01) vas seleetod &3 the most optimum process acl Its constant vas ke as 101.2 a 4S- 39000/RT 0u30 Sol-, I 2IM0,10 Varlation of values of $be rate constants of reactions vhIch are the reverse of chain branching and chain propagation (1# 2t and 3) shoved that the best SgrOoment of Calcul%tion, anA experiment in obtained, vbea all three revIerswreaotions are taken Into accounts although H + D? *- OX + 0 has the greatest effect on maximum cancentrationes The maximum concen- trations of HO Op ON and the concentrations of 01 and HIO obtained by solving %be system of equations were tompared.with experimental values. ACC NIt, AP6034758 The best agreement was obtained for the following value* Of rate go*- stantst kim 2,j0_w.8-ownr,.3 A -ksaw0,Q-10-0-c'"WRre%'S Sol-, see., It was shown that variation or the values of the rate constant of reactiou (I wall) has no effect on the resuits or tho sciutiont thereo ,for*, Its rate constant cannot be determined by this method* The optimum value* of probabilities of heterogeneous destruction of R and 0 atone were (2.4 th 0.8) - 104 e-w1Wr# -Tor BUD CODIts 219 OT/ BUDW DAM 05Apr66/ OHIO RRY1 oil/ oil Rat 066 k aWHENZON, Yu,M,; KONMATIM, V.N., akademik; .BALAW NALBANVIANp A.D. Electron paramagnetic resonance method for wasuring the concentration of atomic oxygen and )qdrogen in a rarefied bydrogen f]Am*,, Dokl., AN SSSR 154 no-4:883-W5 F 164. (MIRA 170) 1. Institut khimichookoy fisiki AN SSSR. BALAKHNIN, V.P.; GERSHENZON, Yu.M.; KONDRATIM, V.N., ekademik; HALBANDYAH, ,~- -.-A- *Be Detection or free hydroxyl in a rarefic d hydrogpn flam tv the method of' electron paramagnetic resonan6e. DokI6 AN SSSR 154 no.5tll42-1144 F'64.. (MIRA 17t2) 1. Institut khWcheskoy f1siki AN SSSR. ACCESSION NR: AP016511 S/0020/64/154/005/1142/1144 AUTHORSt Gershenzon., Yu. M.j Kondratlyev,, V.N. albardyan, A.B. cademician TITLE: Discovering a free hydroxyl in a rarefied hydrogen flame by the electron paramagnetic resonance method SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady'4, v. 154, no. 5, 1964, 1142-1144 TOPIC TAGS: hydrogen flame, rarefied flame, microwave spectrum, hydroxyl, free hydroxyl, dipole, dipole transition, hydroxyl absorp- tion, resonator, linear velocity, OH spectrum, OH absorptionp atomic- oxygen* molecular oxygen -0STRACTs Studies made by Dousmnnis, Radford and other researchers revealed that the miorLwave spectrum of OH absorption is dependent on electric dipole transitions, the intensity of which is consider- ably greater than that of the ordinary electron paramagnetio reson- anoe 'Lines brought about by the magnetic dipole transitions. It I ;Card ACCESSTON NRI APOA51i. follows that when the pressure in the flame of H is low,. it, a with 0 is possible to auteot the signals of paramagne absorp?ion of a I free hydroxyl; the discovery of OR is possible only when the part-i- *lea are placed in the loop or an ultra-high frequency electric field. The reactor made for investigation purposes (from quartz) was designed In such a way that the absorbing cell filled the entire, resonator and tble made It possible to obsorve the spectrum deter- mined by the electric and magnetic dipole transitions. It vas found that the OH sign gradually rises with the increasing F12 content and reaches: a maxi=m when the latter amounts to 60,116, while the X sign shows a sharper increase and reaches itc =ximum value at 70% H2. xo signal or atomio oxygen was observed in our experiment as it was completely suppressed by the signal of moleaular oxygen, the ar,,ipl1- tude of which nt a low temperature of the absorbing cells is consid- erably greater -than the 0 signal. However, the 0 concentrations previously oboarved in H.-poor mixtures have been conBiderably greater (60-80 times) thIn the concentrations of atomic' hydrogen. Card 2/3 ACCESSION NRt AP016511 Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 3 formulas. ASSOCIATION, Institut kh1micheskoy fiziki Akademil nauk SSSR (Institute ;f Chemical physical Acadeaq of Sclences.S=) SUBMITTED: 050ot63 DATE ACQ.- 12Mr64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: PH NO REP SOV: 003 OTHER: 004 STEPUKROVICH, A.D.; ELITFJOW, L,I,; BAIAKENIN, V,P, Initiated cracking of propane-butane jtixtures, Nef%itiftile, 3 no.4t531-540 JI-Ag 163. (MIRA 1611l) 1. Saratovskly gosudaretvemVy univeraitet imeni N.O. Chernyahevskogo, kafedre, IthimicheakcT fiziki. ACCESSION NRt AP40129T2 S/0020/64/154/004/0883/0885 AUTHORSt Balakhnin V.P.; 09rehenzonp Yu. M.; Kondratlyevs V.N. ~ - - ( XdU~ ft)) Nalbandyan# A.Z. TITLE: Maasuring the concentrations of atomic oxygen and hydrogen in a rarefied hydrogen flame by the method of electron para- magnotio SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady*, v.. 154, no. 4, 1964, 883-e85 TOPIC TAGSt elementary reactions successive reaction, stoiohlo- metrys stoichlometric mixtures resonator, atom concentration, atomic oxygenp atomic hydrogens rarefied flames magnetic moment ABSTRACT: This project relates to the finding of &tomic oxygen and the measurements of the concentration of 0 and H atoms in a rarefied! hydrogen flame by the spectra of the electron paramagnetic resonance.: The Jet-type reactor used in the experiment was placed inside the vesonator which made it possible to determine the 0 and,H atom con- centrations in the combustion area. The project began with a study Card ACCESSION NR: AP4012972' of a rarefied flame of a mixture containing 5% H and 95% 02- Large quantities of atomic oxygen (up to 6 x 10W, particles) were recorded in the flame of that mixture. 7be concentration of atomic hydrogen in this oq�e lie3 within the sensitivity range of the in- strument (1-2 x 1OL4 particles). The area of preferential forma- tion of atomic hydrogen is found in mixtures containing 15% and less hydrogen. The area of preferential formpf-ion of atomic hydrogen lies in the mixtures containing over 70% molecular hydrogen. It' should be pointed out that in the determination or the absolute con-: eentration of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, the dl^'ference in their magnetic momenta was not taken into account, and the resulting con- centrations of atomic oxygen were therefore 4.5 times as large. Orig. art. has 2 figures and 1 formula. SSOCIATION: Institut khimicheekoy fiziki Akademii nauk SSSR netitute of Uhemical Physioss, Academy of ScienoesSM) V C,0,1~ 2/% 2- 4 1 'T 1.- 7 '- TW 1 1, - AI- M"r r Wrv ACC NA. ii3 AP6019532 SOURCE CODE: UR/0020/66/168/004i68iii AU1110R: Gerahenzon.- Yu. M.,, Clebova._..O. N.; Azatyan, V. V.; Balakhning V. P.; NalbandyA.-A.-B. (Academician AN ArmSSR) ORG,- jw-""r. of ChSmirzaj PhypiceaAcedemy of Sciences SSSR (Institut khimicheskoy fizlki Akademii nauk SSSR) TITLE: Detection of the Oil by the EPR method in the rarefied flame of carbon monoxide in the presence of small amounts of hydrogen SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady. v. 168, no. 4, 1966, 851-853 TOPIC TAGS: carbon monoxide combustion, carbon monoxide flame, hydrogen donor, hydroxyl radical, EPR method 3 ABSTRACT: The basic processes of the propagation and branching of combustion of 00 in the presence of a small amount of H2 are the following; 'CO + Oil COS + III It +02 Oil + 0. 0 +118 Oil +11. 34CI4 Z-bb AP6019532 -7 t For small amounts of 11 reaction (111) is rnte determining. Earlier, the EPR method was applied to Ltect noticeable concentrations of oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the rarified CO flamu In the presence of hydrogen donors such as H2, CH4, C2H4, H20, Gtc- For direct detection and determination of all three Active species.. 1,66., hydrogen and oxygen atoms and the Oil radical, the absorption cell was specially made to fit completely into the space in the resonator and was placed in close proximity to the reaction furnace. Measurement of the absolute concentrations of Oil radicals was made with respect to molecular oxygen according to the formula: No. ~ No, Q011 -0 -0. 114L where N is the concentration; Q is the numerical coefficient varying with the absorp- tion bands, e.g., ranging firom 40 to 200 for oxygen; and f+ and 1+ are the space factors for Lhe magnetic and the electric fields, respectively,, The results of the measurements are given in the form of two graphs which ipdicate the dependenze of the concentrations of acti,e centers on tk ke time of contact and the amount of added H2' Card 2/4 ACC ""RI AP6019532 .;'Pa'rtic1eS/cm3 Particles/cm b (0) A4 04 urPM ......... _1 do 414 4M q's 4w W cot 4W 401 ot 4wX t -&- Vt_ I Fig. 1. Dependence of concient-intion of ai-itive centers on the contact time (T - 923 K, P 3 mm Hg, H2 a 62) a - Calculated; b - experimental. riaYticles/cmho 19) F$gure 2. Dependence of the maxi- mum concentration of active cen- ters on the addition of h d eni (T " 923 K, P - 3 mm IIg2_ W w 36-to 40 CM3/min. Figure 2 4,ndicates that the oxygen concentration passes through a maximum, contrary tqI the monotonically Increasing concentration of 11 and OIL This is explained by the as- I sumption that In the case of small amounts of adued It , reaction (111) is the rate 2 determining step, and in the case of high H2 concentration, reaction (11) is, the rate Card _ jJ4 AX NRi AP6019532 determining step. The OH concentration is the smallest because-the rate constant of reaction (1) is.the largest. Orig. art. has: 2 figures.,. JBNJ SUB CODE: 21, 07 SUBM DATEt 30Aug65/ ORIG REF: 009/ OTH REF: 008/ ATD PRESS:,6"I/q IL_,C~xd__ 44 _we BALAIRNINA, A.F. lk-- - Cytological diagnosis In certain tumors of the f seals genitalia* Sov.ued- 23 no-1:80-83 JA 159. (MVU 12:2) 1. Is kaf edry akusherstva, i ginskologii 10.1 (save - prof o NeYes 81dorov) lasanskogoinatituta usovershonstvovaniya vrachey iment V.I. Lenin&. (UTEM NEOPIASKS. diag. cytodiag. (Run)) -S-0-u- R- 6--E-r'--0-6-F-- -I- ACC NRi AP6016181 AUTHORt Dulygin, 1. A.; Balakhnina,_E. I. 0110i Labwrato2g of General P siolog& Institute of I si 10 AN DS r~-z it oxiogii AN BSSR Minsk ~E-at5ialio'FiTA 69-F Rey LR TIT""': Chain nourohatoral interoceptive reflex reactions SOURCE: Fiziologichookiy shurnall v. 51, no. 6p 1965t 762-767 TOPIC TAGSs reflex uctivityp hormonej blood pressure, biologic respirati-ov, dog, animal physiology PSWACTs Distension of the small intestine, stomaohl"or urinaril -bladder of*dogs Irritated tho Interocoptors of the organs involved and te-d the respiration and blood pressure of the animals. StImula- tion, Inhibition, or a phasic chan$c of respiration wa6 observed 1w1th equal frequonoy, while the effcot on the blood presstire In the carotid artary waa nither of the depressor or phasic change typf,. By aro~%;inG the blood circulation of a donor dog In which one of the Internal or6tins vas divbetided with that of rec..'A.?Ient doc in ruch a ;-.,Annor th--it. the ar#. te~rlal or venwas blood of the donor dof,-. ~Irnll-lated throuj~h the zono of the rocipi- I-Cord UDG% 612.833+612,821t8 - - ---------- 4it d6g, the same effqo'is 6n the respiratl.on and blood pressure aware produced In the roolpient dog* These efNets were also pro- ifiioed 'by Iniecting the blood of donor doC;s In'to, the sinocarotid -:zone of-reelpient dogs. -The donor-blood was-effeotive for a iperiod up to 20 min after distension of the Internal organ. Vur- ;~n~ the period oV Its notivltjt the donor blood has a rAlsed con-, ;tont of adrenaline and n8radrenalina. Anesthesia of the synoca- rotid zone of recipients prevented the action.,of donor blood on :recipient dogs, Correlation of dRta obtained In reaearoh by the I ,authorv on tha subject of chain nourohumoral intoroceptive reflex, ,reactions of the type observed in thic Investigation Indicates Ithat one should distinguish between three groups of reactions of ithis typet 1) multlohaln reactions: 2) multilevel reactions; * 13) mult1ohain-multilevel reactions, Orig. art. hast 5 figares._Zif-4 SUBCODE: 06/ SU13HDATFj OjAug62/ ORIGilFt 008 C.,d 2/2 a- U "OVSKIYP M.PM bULYGIN -I A LALAMNLRA -1 IVAN Ganglionie mediation and its role in forming viscero-vischral reflexes. Fiziol, zhur. 47 no.9tlC96-3-104 S 161. (MIRA 14*9) 1. From the Institute of Phyeiolojor, B.S.S.R. Aeademy of Soiencen, Minsk. BALAKIININAl T.A. "The clinical evalliation of penicillin in suppurative surgical conditions." Blol2glchesklYe Ant136ptikij, rp 177-182t 1950. Translatio*41-850 19 Jan 19,55. M11WOV, A.V.,prof., sasbahannyy doyatel' nauki; BAlArMINA. T.A. -- Cholelithiasto In voung women. Xhlrurglia 35 no.3:23-26 Kr 159. (HIM 12:8) 1. Is gospitalluoy khtrurgichookoy kliniki Loningradekogo sanitarno-gigVenichookogo moditainskogo Institute. (CROLILITIMSIS. surg. in young women (Rue)) SHIMOV, A.Y., -prof.; - KLIBUG, O.A., doktor mod,nawk; 1~11110111M 'r.A.,-_ - - - ---- - - - - HlSiMXk, V.I.; GRUBIMA, S.A. jL ..... Alekearvir ITanovich Rrmolenko; obituary. Veet.Wr. 82 no.4:359 Ap ,59. (MIRA 12:6) (IPXDLHM, AIMXSAM IYANOVICH, 1891-1958) .a~! iu. Y)1 ':W;v Ki:% it"J" In tho lmj.~ at t I on cf B a tr 10. ( ur I nt e a f, i ria In cbstruction f~f in trILhOptif i 0 1 r, dnv~t.v . "'r I J.1 11136M, I 74 136 171 t t2. (MI16h 17.10) SOS-111N. A-To.; WMkMI-HAg,-R-V-- Incroasing benzene solvent action* Gidrolis. I Is 8okhImsprom, 12 no.1:20-21 159. (H M& 12 '12) I* Arkhad I'skly lesotekhnicheskiy Instituto r8ongens) (Otme mid resins) IAVRETOYEV, V.I. Prinimall uehastlyet POLISHINSKIY, V*V*.. starahiy nauchnyy notrudn ft; AKOPMp A*I.p otarshiy nauobnyy aotrudnike SHAYKHUTDINOVAO L.K.; inth.; SHAGMVA, L&A.; insb.; TUKANOVA.. A.M., preparator; STAROSTINt ?.A.., motorist; ARTEMIYNVj. V.0., motorist. Using the heavy residual fraotiono of Tatar sow, crude an a fuel for gas turbines, Nefreper. i neftekh1m. no.4227-34 163 (MIRA 1717): 1. Tatarskiy neftyanoy nauohno-Isaledovatel'skiy institut, IJALAKJIOIIC;V~ A.S.; SWGIN, Yu.S.t otv, red, [Collection of inventions for geological prospecting] Sbornik izobratenli po geologorazvedochnym rabotam. Ve- skvnj Nedra, Ft.1. 190. 309 P. (MITU 18ts) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.H.) GovudarstvenW geologichaskiy komitot. -0 4 a a S e a 0 P f 9 V 9 V V . ~ * * - 4 'j, 'L -9 - 1 t 4 ( . . . . . . . -*000 #0 to to 0 0000 s, 106 0 felt 0 " * " 61-11-161-L, CC j ff L &- JA AA A A A r rt Ir? PY" ~- t - - 00 A 60 , RALAUJUSUILir, W, 0 NPOMM I x wpm tia"S 96aftL ('Me. 00 t causk.0 t 615-W 114 Vi 34 t d I I k I b j 66 . 1a mi v AD . , . o WOrAs f . pi " 0 ' , : Im. o: !,1 1 The author atates thm WAsdom and i 64wa esperia"44 00 j 00 beve sliown that the blaer ta~U (n4untly det*4M in apples i . oo as. we larseW with sjAd#rvV*4 mdomxt tPAy*m1oqwnj rplam c .1 preceding abstracts) Is exelasively due to secondary inf*edm with Moo 00 rritholAariam. Y%wu m, which 6 usually found in apsociation with goo Go Amari"m ImInf"Pie. Even, a Itinall 11iot of r. nmu m is moo so wallicient tn lml%art a d6tinet, quicibo-like lAttenwas to die whole 040 #0 W doosyed timme. wWlo pum Infic4imo with It eplomiat. A pairr. 40 fdri*,40. Peakivieft Owumm, or Mopoilio jademisid) Ir"OPOOM a QFO never develop a bitter ta" goo *o MOO oo g boo %00 4 MMIL~ft %1"110%001 ttkiteecaloo VOID 0 0 00 " 4 * T*71 1 woo 0 0 M : I : go o ; q o 0; 0 ** 0 00009009 * '90606600090066 0000 a, 0 a 0 et 0 at 0 a 0 is at L -A. la V-4,01 j A- , )A Aomori, W. L~ 0 m6ram nma nattAtieux At me :,00 00 0619tomm a town * Tymmamm. IN ote on the 00 797 filgrnfom 11 ("tit Ir" I-loomm"s on fhe Week Sea fillorat in vonnoxion with fogs 1-HUM XorqA (NOWAtal.1" Mani Pnot. *4 ^a, IJKTO. 6-7. pit. ItIV-112, IM I RftvhtNl 90 June. 101.1 Preliminary fichl observations III I9*-V Anti MIA) woulti I'viliftl4l that lite severe killiltir of fruit trivo blotimolum In-Tv jarlie"Iftily .00 timomp tif the olone fruits) whk-h Is every )-par on tho .00 Usumian filtoral it( I:w Week Sm stel, Is munionly altriloutiml Up 00 the deleterious setka of the early sitting we fogm Ill In "Wily 00 eauset! toy the acUvity of" MomitAs fivierotimial riew. i WA "Cowlary attack* tit aref-mijorium A"Iram, both of which wrrv invariably ftm=ml troamt In itwory dowl or dying blommom exaloinval. 11W fogm am lertJ to be ottly a prolislaming factor which. by 00 weakening the temler tissues of the blossoms, renders thrin ver T 00 Ago"ptil4o to attacks loy such a wmk facultative parattile as C. A"Aoram, while the Pathogenicity of A ripwiso to fruit 14000m" is well ktmwn. The vrputeml reimistawv of lionimemou fruits to the "on of the togs I* utilly =at% and is. qlu* to the fact that so 0 -, OS %boo spocies ummily flowrr the Uao when the w& fop are, least 490 preveleviL. since in IWIAII.,zhon ths f volnekiol with the be 0 vilommoming of the jitmw frvi Ow otter Putleml ax mwls m the mv~ sumevi-tible Mon* Ituis trwo, The author's contention is further ouppuned by the olm-evation of lo~,*I growers th&& an 0 ILI 011"to IV pp"D opray-ing of the tet with I jWr cent. Ilortleaux 114- Pir 1;41604 Mr -- --- -- Ups thili- r 11'"W-NU11thur faistar'li kVfttly 'ninlintigits OW k'llkng of. the Iskmanno during lite fogs. VA a W , % NO 0 BAUK111 '.-0V, P. I. BA,TAa.UNOV, P. 1. "Blossom Wilt of Fruit TreeB at thtw Black See Littoral Zone in Consection with Foes.* Zeshchits Wstenij-oA Vreditelll, vol. 7, so. 1;--6. 1930. Pp- 34;-348. L21 D36 SO: $IRA, 51 90-53, 15 Dec. 1953 41 as tlk~,A 0 411111o go*** 0*9#6 eilispow-_ A 1`301 lot 0"_t.41 '161 to i-P "Ptilt zff;; rw AS 9 0 10 is 9 tb is 4 9 sit J14114 16111FROOM fee 660 0 jimm; "[file pritioloin tit crip1w grailin mil" tit 614irs V tilt fit hpplm 1,141"1 Pni(ek lism. Un RKMI. 'III* allilow Mat" 11110. kilo mvill mlopilign tit rovive the fruit 41zlioniiig in-luatry tit Ole (141twiliAllm lilts (I"Itight to light ill* highly unimatisfactory situation there go rephis tile gladillic of tile Imic as wo istueh ip left to tile rMWI&I (SCIAW 1111110lig the to hakIe Ito atriet rules to ing perstmorl. Irkwaim, Mrilkleru. w tit 617,411f. 11-pul, late fruit livelketiling slight. fm rdrial lesimr, 0 mmakil Peall, simis. h"letl jnw4 14ankeltrers. or I rght bruiama.014 ill 0 0 Img tmnwt, with 60 noult that a very considemijo liortion of like fruit arriveol unmarlietable at tho plaft of 41"natieft Thus 00 in 102" a [Alt shipmul Of le"VANNI, tillowing a slight, Alwk by (fratoria retri in Novaiumink. drvwhjvc!I Juring trousit a wvm 114 COUN41 by "HiCSIVINift .411064-0406. Willi a 111101 IVMAJAMV of alwat per ernt. Its 1929. a cunawy exallsinstion of A1111" laimml by kill :Ji low. 41-06.. 11"W3 040 Oftl Ott lkikii 40" -IF ir .0 A AID 111 -9 0 0 0 q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 ejjo 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 * 600 000 see goo 00 use 1100 '000 1100 00 ie 00 00 91111 00 00 *0 *0 *0 0* 1,"l rmlor ftw hqw diptaitm immkittort okipiumt tote 1-n-m-sK4. Ow latint tif 4hilluivist of a 4%mv-14mouts Iwrv*ut&gp eif limit rilt Imm"I by p4wV10% tit 3141W011144. 110#11. db$#w, all-I 'rrio-Al-lAft-i" m 1. Vrr~ "itiostily spivira *hW,lt at* spitarontly 4 oile 01"Jil-I "vil devi. ill whoun nAA when krin for a fow IL 141.0mlory. All thew farto Amw OW l1r4V-"1l)* Of 11111f) iflic OW fruit mowling arrvitv in the Cour"up. awl tit pulMahlog tirtintlo rulrelor the mmi,611ft of the Iwn"Iftel. In Ntwth 04umms ths chid vauwa tit liftri nit 411 111,11106 oft, ASSIM 14, is, r. r%wrosm, I II.A,M,. %, It, 321 1411ol A%smirimill. 11) j-*1rv- P.Weriss. XxIWOilibrulm %1111 M. (Menotsisioll fritdippetooi asui 11, '91'surmsta alitme-I that IRAII fungi 'bory. O"lly aitarl S1,144's. not I thrmigh tweleml insect wuun& sowl nolky 014144 6,11 dwir ""If or iew but oklatt through the stlaftntly vnitjured cuticle Inoill which the isatuml wofty etaling is ruhlqwl WE 00 00 00 00 00 00 00, so 00 00 00 00 *0 of 00 V . Fw, WE-36, ~,~ =-4 0 a v a will os~-, 06: Im _L n BALAK wepoey OOPAIROM p4somy mumus"OM woo WAS MMO XM?F"KQSUI 06 OP"*" H&*"" PU ! ' I - * f U *00 - W O -- it of MoAaid MCO C tm of tk* OSTMO do fruit tjv~w In 14orth ()4WWMj-Md1W" *w*m of 840" fruit c MyQ. semi PAyeplattA.. Lrulagred. viii. S. lip. MAIN, 1931. The author outes that the se"re killing of the blownpa of Mone- 00 fruit trm whieh replatly man *vory year in North Cameams **,a to reader fmit Irrowing unremunmil" if: %0 d~ alwast exelas ry"Ay"duo to the h*hly nwleelled condition of the gow local orcliards, in Which adorwimid tiwroa (KA.M.. x Ix M1 Is, Practically Owallp-ow L Tim dammeor do" by W inn em d 17 the vma weammns irsew t4)WNAS ft# gap. pr"i"m%~11 duaKT11 t6 qdag. *then the Matively wol Sol bamid Itiom &Tout to hizuria6k &*v*kjmw%1. Tho almm" '91 the fruit rot emamd by A riswm thts thaki rfullon 6 ozpwgx4l by the weather owditlow during the ktivir p&A of the omfton. Wall", $*"solve ago so* see ~416* soo me* see u** woo, woo I C.-.I -~-.- I . Aad: :,anl,,~r o" .-rdt Tv,es 1, 1 SO - SliA SI 'w-0-53, 15 Duceu,~)ur 1(,!53 1 _ -1 1 t'Ir Truct~ Sevaimogo Kavkavsko[,o Instituta Spetst%,jInykh i 1'e;Jinic.Iies) .. ... ) Vol. 1, no 3, 1~'32, ",P. 1~,5-lt '). 77.9 30F ISO- SLA SI '1:(,-53, 15 Daccriber 1953 ~.-, - - - r- - .Tr - . '. II ~ -a . . . - - -lack ~;anker :-,f ~'ru'LL 1'rees, Hiysalospora (Arn.) -- Spimurq, z; .~s :. -I on'--, I I k'ock. SDornik Vuesoiuznogo Instituia Za5hclhity Vol 5, no. 1, 1~,32, i,p 3-Y - 421 Ph2 so - si.-tA si it; D~!co ~ocll P-53 . BALAYMCNOV, P. I. Balakhonovs f. I.t "Deficit epptome of certain food elements in citrus rtuit", Byulleten' Vassoyus. nauch.-isoled. in-ta. chaya i subtrop. kulltur, 194-0. No. 4v po 165-699 SOt U-3042p 11 March 53t (Letopis ITWkh Stateyl No. 10p 1949). Aofti~ 1:1mhuOL&gw A'_ Al W I A/ 'I If USM/Cultivatal Plants Fodder. Abe Jour Ref Zhur - Diols) No It, 1958.- 15712 Author V.I. Shempelt, S.I. Dclaldionov Inst The Listitute ror Socia~liet AfGcriculture of the Acadany of Sciences, Dieloruesian SSR* Title Ilia Action of VarLous Forms of Potassium Fertilizers on the Corn Green Stuff Yields (Doystviye pazlichnyldi form laliynykh udobreniy na urothay zelenoy mesy kukuruzy), Orig Pub V eb.: Kukuruza v WM, Minsk, 0 BSSR, 1957, 16o-i63. Abstract At the "Ustye" Experimental Station of the Institute for Socialist ACriculture of the Acader.W of Sciences, Bialorussian SSR, in Vitebskaya Oblast' one studiod the effect of various forras of potassium fartiliycre on the corn green stuff yiold undor the conditions of strongly Card 1/2 .1jim/CuItivated Plants - Fodder* M. Abe Jour -. Paf Zhur - Diol6p No 4., 1958) 15712 podzolic acid soil and after early preceding crops. The addition to the yield vne 22.3% for Kx, 16% for potassium maGneeim, and 12.4% for kainite. Pina wood ash yieldo(I the luact results. %11 Card 2/2 --- ----EAIAMIW,,TOVj-S.1.; - - - ------ Amonium aulf4to obtained from peat-tar water and its use in the national coonomy. Trudy In3t. torf. All WSR 9t2n-215 160, (Peat) (A=onim sulfate) (MIFA 1412) V. I.; BAIANITUNOV 5.1i0and.vellskokhos.nAuk How various fertilizers affect winter rye yields on loamy turf Podsolic soils. Zemlsdolio 23 to.6137-42 Js 161. (MIRA 14$6) 1. Deyetvitelln" chlen Akadeiii nauk BSSR i Akademii Sellakokbo- syayotyennykh nauk BSSR. (Rre-Fortilisors and mangrep) SHEMPELI, V.I., akademik; Bh1AJ[HONOV, ..S. 1,,.-kand. eel I skokhosyeyatyennykh nauk Use of manure-soil. composts in White Russia. Agrobiologiia no.4095- 600 JI-Ag 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Inatitut semledell" , Minsk. 2. Akademlya nauk BSSR (for Shempell). (WHITE RUSSIA-WMPOST) . BALAMONOVO V.N., insh.1 SUKHANOV, B6V*# inzh* Telephone comunicatione during tho oinking of shafts excluding the reception and transmission of outside noises. Trudy RUSNII- shakhtontroia,)I-/,O 163. (KMA 17: 8) W~JMOVqV,,V-P.; BOCMp N-A.; GUTMWN, I.G.; ZAKHMV, V.W.; ZKffffs A.B.; KALHANOV, V.D.; X=KH, A.M.; MARGOLINp L.H.j "FALI I.D. ftrief newpo Meteoroi idrol no.2t6l-64 P 163. (MMA 16&2) fKateorology) FILATOYA, V.S.. BAIAKHOROVA, L.I.; ORONZRM, Yesith. (Gorlkiy) Hygienic aspects or vinyl chlorlds production. Gig. truds t prors sab. 2 no,lt6-9 Js-Y 158. (MIRA 1113) 1, INatitut gigiyany truda i profbolasmr. (PIASTIC INDUSTRY-HY012910 ASPWTS) 16 (JITRYUN-TOXICOLOGY) f;'; I r "t, 1, AI, F I LATCVA, V.S.; GR(NSBERG, Y1.52 01 . ; 1. '. sunItary and hyeiq%Ic charn' Of tha pro.Ju3tior. of bonzy! chloride and benzaldehyle. Tm4 MGT no.9s13-20 16.2. I OAMV 17s9) -1. -- - BALAKIICNOVAI- L.- H,- - --- - - - - - - - - - 2. UM (600) I.. Siberia-Carp 7, AcolimaUxatiou of the brow (Abrode bran) In Siberia. Ryb. khos. 28p Noe 9t 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Anuary 1953. Unclassified. BAIAMONOVAP L.M.,- BAIISUKOV, V.V. Run of the vhitefish CoregonuB =*sun Pallas in the Obf River and its distribution in the Obt River. Vopoikht. I no.2:262-274 61. (.MIRA 14s6) 1e Zoologiabookiy Institut AN SSSR, Lieningrade (Obf River-Whitefiahes) -BALAKNONOVA, L.M.; BARSUKOV, V.V. Downstream migration of the young of the sturgeon Acipenser baeri, Br. from the Irtyah River. Vop. ikht. 2 no.2009-315 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Zoologiche8kiy institut AN SSSR, Leningrad, (Irtysh River-Sturgeons) (Fishon-Migration) T ---ACCESSION NR: AT4037652 S/2981/64/000/003/0105/0119 AUTHOR: Rutman, H. ft.; S&vLn, F. I.; Balskhontsev._,G., A*#, Cherepok. Go Vow ZLnov'yev, V. K. TITLE., Propert:os of V92 alloy Lngots SOURCE: AlyumLnLyevy*yo splavy*, no, 3, 1964* Deformiruyemy*ye ap'.AVY* (?1*ll0hblQ Alloys), 105-119 TOPIC TAGS: aluminum magnesium zinc alloy, V92 alloy, continuous alloy casting, alloy heat treatment, alloy property ABSTRACT% A technique for productLon-scale mel;ing and continuous casting of V92, an aluminum-base alloy (3.75% Mg, 2.75% Zn, 0.8% Mn, 0.2*19' TO is described,, Round (225-1100 mm in diameter) and flat (250 x 1400 mm) ingots were cast. The high Mg content of the alloy roquLrod addition of about 0s001% Be. No difficulties were ancoun- tared in casting round ingots. The pouring rates used corresponded to the lower limit of those used for AMg76 alloys For LnRots less Cord 1~3';' 'ACCESSION M AT4037652 ,.than 500 mm in dismetaro a factor K - VD a 1.1 m2/hr (where V is pouring rate And D - input diameter) should be used. In casting flat ingoe3 special precautions had to be used to prevent formation of cracks, hot (at high pouring rates) or cold (at low pourinR rates). When proper condition3 Are maintained strictly, sound ingots with a clean surface are obtained. Flat 250 x 1400 mm ingots were cast at .a rate nf 53-58 mm/min at a natal temperature of 680-700C. Immediately after casting, the Ingots are homogenized to prevent crackinA. All inAots had comparatively homogeneous microstructure. .No appreciable segrigation of Mn, Si, and rn and no unusual segregation of.Zn And Mg was observed. The density of the metal varied from 2.72. .co 2.735 OcO. When homogenized at 415-435C for 24 hro, V92 alloy ,has a yield strength of 15-21 kg/mm2, a tensile strength of 23-29 kg/mm2, and an elongation of 3-6Z. When solution heat treated at 450 2 5C for 3 hre and naturally aged for 7 days the alloy has yield strength and tensile strength to 23-28 and 28-32 kg/mni I respectively, with only an Lmaignificant decrease in elongation, ,OrLg. art. has: 15 figures and I table. Card EIIT(d)/EWT(o)/EWP(N)/,EWP(Y)/rAVIP(t)/EVIP(k)/EIP(h),A4-!!P(b)/EIIP(1 JD :'ACCESSION MRt AP5022177 UR/0032/65CIO31/009/1138/1140 620.172.254t1.05 AUTHOR: balakbontsevi Yao L; Porsmzin yu, P'. t7V --__Rot ~Vo~ -SX--e-pid bi-e-aid-ne e no TIATLE: try machine it _~e of testopt- SOURCE: Zovodskays laboratorlys, v. 31, no. 9, 19659 1&-If'40 PPIC TAGSt test instrumentation, rupture strength I - - the c -of 'ABSTRACT: - Special equipment It- required to determine baracteristics Imateriale at high loading rates and short rarlods of losAction (10-4-10-2'sec). ,The present article describes a rotary machine which insures a constant strain rate 1,duving the rupture of test pieces. A sketch of the machine and a circuit diagram of the electronic part of the measuring apparatus are given. The machine is idesigned for studying the properties of materials under load& applied at rates from' 11100 to 2000 ssn/sec in one tongs and from 2000 to 16,000 w1sec. in *nother,, he arain rate in the course of the stress application remains practically non- stant. The maximum tenslon applied is 10~#ODO kg# the minimum is. 1000 kg,,. Orig, art. bast 2 figures and I formle, Ccwd 1/2 BALAKHONTSEV9 Ya.1, Devias for the miorosooplo study of fatigue otran . Uv. !&be 30 no.61752-753 064 MIRA 1718) , BALAXHONTODUt V.N.;-GELIFMNO N.I. Separation of a mixture of polyatoodo alcohols. Khim,prome no.2&86-88 P 162. (MIRA 15:2) (Alcohols) of gi.1-rcurc, !111111. khIm. 210 RALAHI,',"T~E`i A 'i-N.J.POLTIMINA, R.M. Ofitermination of j:lycois by gFis,-;~jutd chrormtogrnphy. Zhor. antkl.. khim. 19 1, Moskovskoye utdellonlye Vftli,~hno- Ia 9 1 (-dove te 11 s3coro Inatituta gldroll.-noy i BAIAKHUNTSEVp Ys*V- CARD TECH SCI Dissertations "Copparison of the Calculations of Plane and Space Lattices." 16 March 49 Military Air Engineering Acadwqr imeni N.Te. ZhW-.ovakiy. 0.0 veehflt~-aya Sum 71 MOSk"