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11 f-U T . I `- - V "Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics" 1955 Textbook for technictuns and hamdbook for the jwiior technical personnel of the Air Fbree. Ppecial attention In given to the method of study of thermo- dyianic processes. Jet engine are diacussed 1). 203-213-3. .A!.;MMNTS,w t __ 0 - - ,.Y.T. rodalctor; ZURAXIII, 1.11. takhnichookty "R . __ ; CAHTXIN [Principles of technical thermodynamic*] Osnovy tokhnichaskol termodinamtki, Iloskval Goe.izd-vo oboronnoi prorWablennostill955. 271 p. (Therriodynamics) (HLRA 8:8) BA WMXTA, V. W. Agrotoqr Dissertation: OWnamice of Chlorine in Clayey and Sandy Bod- Podsolle Soils in the Case of the Introduction of Fertilizers Containing Calcium Chlorlds.0 Cand Agr Scl, Sci Inat for Fertilizers and Insectofungtoldes iment Prof,TA. T. Samoylov, 11 Mar 54. (Techerayaya. Hoskya. Moscow; 2 Mar 54) SO: SUR 213, 20 Sept 1954 BALAXHORTSEVAp. V.N.; POLTININA, R.M. Quantitative determination of polyat3mic alcohols by the chromatogram elution method,, NIIGs ns73-76 163, (MIRA 16sl2) S/133/6Z/000/004/OV/008 A054/A127 AUTHORS: Gol'dshtcyn, Ye.Ye-, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Balakhcv!LM., M.B., Engineer TITLE: Tho properties of the high-strength 35X2FCBA (35Kh2.GSVA) grade steel PERIODICAL: Stal', no. 4, 1962, 339 - 343 TEXT., The Chelyablainkiy natichno-issledovatel'skiy Institut metallurgil (Chelyabink Scientific Research Institute of Metallurgy), in coopt~ration with the Chelyabiiiskly metallurgicheskiy zavod (Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant), the Zla- toustovskiy metallurgichuskiy zavod (Zlatoust Matallurgical Plant) and the Cho- lyabinskly traktornyy zavod (Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant) have developed a new me- dium-carbon, nickel-free steel grade to replace the expensive, high-strength nickel. - containing grades such as 30X2.'42 (30Kh2GN2), 30X-H3A OOKM3A), 45YHM (115191NMFO, ate. The new 39(h2GSVA grade contains (in %): 0.32 0.38 C; 1.4 1.8 Cr; 0.9 - 1.2 Kn; 0.6 - 1.0 SI; 0.7 - 1.1 W; 4 0.35 NI; O-J25 3; and ii;~M25 P; its optimum hardening temperature amounts to 8800C. It is fairly re- sistant to overheating up to 1,0000C. After hent treatment, the mechanical prop- Card 1/5 S/133/62/000/004/007/008 The properties of the high-strongth .... A0510127 ertios or the now grade are higher than ntirulate(i with the exception of the strength values efc-or low annealing (the data obtained in Chelyabkw( are given in the numerator.-those obtained in Zlatoust In the denominator): 'n ' o ure XPIA'N' n e % . % lm .0C 193,0 -IN3.0 M1,4-If'r"11 9,0-- 12,0 39.n-45,0 6.4-9,0 2.7-2.6 2M 200,0 1W,O V91. 41) 501 - 2.7 148A-156,0 135,0-142.0 [0.n-12.0 39.0-50,() 4,3-5.7 2.9-3,0 460 W.-O T3j-.6--F47,;~) --9,0-10.5 42.0-47,0 4,0-5,& 2.9-3,0 105,0_117.0 M'o-105,0 14j)-16'o 57,0_60,0 10,0-.14,0 3.4-3,5 6M 108.0 ()5.0 -WO -1 1.~- 3v3~3.45 A high preserved during annealing up to 4000c; beyond this the strength In lowered to a certain oxtent,but it ia'above 100 kg/r=2 even after tempering at 6500C. The almultaneous profsence nf iminganesu, allicon and tung- sten gives the new grado excellent hardening properties and this, in turn, ensures a homogeneous structure of -'arge-diamater produc;s made of this steel grade. . The LY Card 2/5 S/133/6Z/000/004/007/008 The properties of the high-strength .... A054/A127 cold shortness of the now steel was tested rin longltu.-Pnal specimens taken from four Chelyabinsk Industrial hoats arid three Zlatoust h.,ats, tempered at various temperatures. The new grade has a sufficient notch to.--ghness at -1000C, thus it is In this respect equivalent to the 45KhN,AFA and YINVA grades. A difference In the properties o.' longitudinal and transver6e specimeus caused by the presence of manganese and silicon, being maintained by some authors, could not be observed In the 35Kh2GSVA grade. Its cold shortnens temperature t.1reshold is also practi- cally the same for- longitudinal arid transverse specimens. Tests were carried out to nompare the temper brittleness of two h1g)1-nickel grades and the new steel with specimens, hardened and annealed to the same degree of hardness (correspond- Ing to a 3.5 mi, diameter impression according to the Brinell scale). The new grade was less resistalit to temper brittleness than the 3010-J43A grade. When hav- ing a lower hardr.ess, however (Inpression diameters of* 3~7 - 3.8 mm) the new grade is mre resistant to temper brittleness than thu steels containing nickel, although as to absolute values, the notch toughness of the new grade is lower. The 35Kh,"GSVA grade can be given a high hardness by case hardening with high-f~e- quency cu,-xvnt heating, This method was tected on circular specimens, 16 and 32 mm in diameter, after oil-hardening at 6800C and tempering at 6500C. In the tests a tube generator (50 kw, with a 32-mm dimeter double-coil inductor) " a Card 3/5 The properties of the high-strength .... S/133/62/000/004/007/008 A054/Ain machine generator (10,000 cps frequency, single-coll inductor, 110 mn, In diameter wid, 15 vo high)- were used. The data of the high-frequency current treatment are given in a table. Cooling under various condItions, after the high.-frequency hardening gave the following Re-values: Water jet cooling ...................................... 59.0 - 60.5 After heating an interv&1 or 3 see, followed by water cooling for 15 see ............................... 58.0 - 6o.5 Idem, interval of 7 see, followed by sel&'-tempering .... 51.5 - 53-5 After heating an interval of 5 see followed by water cooling for 10 see ............................... 56.5 - 58.0 Interval of 2.sec, oil-cooling ......................... 52.5 - 53.5 The tendency to cracking uf the new grade was tested on 16 x 16 x 60 mm specimens with sharp edges. After heating with the tube generator (50 kw, anode-current 3.5 - 4.0 amp, voltage 7.8 kv) in 7 see t'C 8700C the first cracks on the edges appeared only after the sixtl-i or r~eventh handenlog of the same specimen, which shows the hig1i crack resistance Lf the new grade during hardening. According to the test results It Is ~~osaible to replace the convontional nickel steels by the new steel grade, or which products iith varying degrees %.f strength and notch Card 4/5 The properties of the high-sti-engtly .... S/'133/6Z/000/004/007/008 AO 54/A I Lyr toughness can be. made with the following relations between the characteristic valuos: dB, kg/ frrm2 0.00 + 10 150 � 5 110 -+ 5 aki, kgi-VCM2 (min) 5 4 10 There are 9 figures. ASSOCIATION: Chelyabinskiy nauchno-issledovatel'skly inatitut (Chelyabinsk Sci- entifio Research Institute) Card !/5 BA:LAKHOVMUYA. X.I. (Hooky,s) Determination of blood logo in subtotal resection of the thyroid gland In thyrotoxicomise Probloandok, L gore, 2 no,6:6)-65 V-D 156, (MIRA 10:2) 1. Is khirurgicheskogo otdoloniya (sav. - prof* O.Y.Nikoloyev) klinUd Teesoyusnogo institute eksperimuntalluoy andokrinologit (dir, - prof. Ye.A.Tasyukova ) (HYPIRTHYROIDISM, surgery I subtotal resect., deters. of blood lose (Rue)) (BlOOD Town, detern. of blood lose in thyroidectomy in hyperthyroidiss (Rua)) BALAXHMIZATA, N.I.; LTUNKATA,I.I. (Moskva) dond ition of the thyroid gland in the population of Pospelikha sad Chore ,istriots of Altai Territory. Probleandok. i gores 3 no,l: 80-82 Ja-F #5?. WRA 10:6) 1. Is Teesoyusnago Institute ekeparlwntallnoy andokrinologit (dir. - prof. To.A.Tsayukove) (001M, spidontology, andemialty in Russia (Rus)) BALAKHOVS U, X.I., IONISTANTS V.P. (Xoscow) Zndsmic goiter among the populmtIou of Gunib and Lakskiy Districts of the DAgestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Prob. andoke I gorm. 4 no.2192-95 Mr-Ap '58 (KIRA 1115) 1. Is Vaesoyanogo inatitutn skepericentnIlnoy andokrinologii (dlr. - profe Te*A. Vasyukova) (GOITER, stAtistice endealety In Dagestan A.S.S.R. (Rus)) BALAXHOVSXATA, M., s&-Djy-%hw-n"y-vrAch-MFSR---- - I-- JF Goiter of the radk linguae. Probloandok.. I gom. 4 no.1tJ07-108 my-je 158 (WRA 11s8) 1, Is Tanboyakor oblestnoy bollniter (glavnyy vrach - lasluthenn" vrach RSPSR Tu. 0. Kelikhov). (0011M, oase reports radix linguae (Rua)) BALAIMOVSXAYA. M.I. (Moskva) Use of vitamin B12 in the treatment of thyrotoxicoels, Probl, sudok, I Corm. 4 no,6:100-101 N-D 158. (HrRA 12:2) lo Tz poliklinichookogo otdola (say, - prof. I.B. lbayin) Vessoyus- nogo instituta eksperimentallnoy endokrinologli (dir. - prof. Te.A. Vasyukova). (RYMTMOEDISX, ther* vitamin B12 (Rua)) (VITAMIN B12, ther, us, hyperthyroldies (Rua)) BAIAICHOVSKAXA M. ~1.. Use of nasal r6flex therapy in headaches of various origin. Vop. kur., fisioter. i loch. fiz. kul't. 26 no.41354-355 JI-Ag 161; (MIRA 1511) 1. Is fizioterapevtiohoBkogo otdoloniyn 4-y Rishokoy gorodskoy polikliniki (glavnyy vrach I.Ye.Dilldarov). (HEADACHE) (ELECTROTHFAWBUTiCS) SAMOKHVALOVA, ',1.A.; BAIAIUIOVSKAYA, M.I.; rXJBOVTSEVA, YL..I.; POPOVA, G.G.; ZAVIYALOVA, A.I. Endemic goiter in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Probl. endok. i gorm. 11 no.lil3-15 J&-F 165. (MIRA 180) 1. Vaesoyuznyv nauchro-iseledovatellskiy institut eksperimentallnoy endokrinologii (dir. - prof. Ye.A. Vasyukova) i Krasnoyarskiy krayevoy protivozobnyy diapanser (glavnyy vrach Yu.1. Dubovtoova). -'TAU ACC NR, AP6031224 (A) SOURCE CODL: UR/0133/66/000/009/0837/o84l AUTHOR: Golldshter Ya. Ye. (Candidate of technical sciences); BaMi,ovshaa, M (Engineer); KApell itskiy, V. G. (Engineer); Keys, N.-- . (Engin ~R sk Institute of Mejall Mr. (Chelyabinskiy n.-i. institut metallurgii); kLyRV9PM1DeT.&L.Lurgica.i r.LanT, %unp- nskly rwtallurgichesMy zavod) TITLE: Structure and properties of variously melted structural steel SOURCE-. Stal', no, 9, 1966, 837-841 TOPIC TACS! structural steel, ta"Cotil'al-h"teel meltiif~, structural steel property, electroslag melting, vacuum are melting, vacuur-, inductirAi melting/lNWAVA structural steel, 4OKhNMA structural steel, 35Kh2GGMA structural steel ABSTRACT: A comparative study has been conducted of the structure and properties of I&fh2N4VA (A), hO MA B), and 35Kh2GSMA (r,) structural steels melted by the fol-lowi I$roce-sses (4%ght of Ggots in A( is shown in brackets): electroslag [500 and 1000], vacuum arc'1800], vacuum indudtion [500.1,, electro.131ag + vacuum arc [4501, and vacuum induction + vacuum are (4501. It was found that although none of the melting processes used affected significantly the strength of steels, all of them more or less improved the notch toughness at room temperature, reduced the ouscepti- bility to temper br-Ittleness (see Fig. 1), and lowered the temperature of transition to brittle behavior. For instance, the latter temperature of A, B and C steels mdted- by one of the combined processes dropped from 30-35, 90 and 30C (conventionol ACC NRt AP6031224 to 91 Aj 0 Fig. 1. Notch toughness of l8Kh2N4VA steel versus tempering temperature I - Conventional arc; 2 - electroslag; 3 elec- troslag + vacuum arc; 4 - vacuum arc-, 5 vacuum induction-, vacuum induction + vacuum are. 1 lot M 4M.. 5W.559MOOPr Card- 2/3 -i. 04Y82-67 ACC 10i APW3 arc melting) to TO-75, 115-120 and 6o-7oc, retspectively. 7he combined i~eM;~_[" processes also reduce the anisatropy of mechanical properties. However, the degree of effect depends on the final heaL treatment and the carbon content of the steels. Orig. art.*has% 6 figures and 2 tables. (TDI SUB COIZ: 11, 13/ SUBM DATE: none Klact.roslog -melting SOV/137- 59-1-1199 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Metallurgiya. 1959, Nr 1, p 164 (USSR) AUTHORS: Gol'dshteyn, Ya. Ye., Balakhovskaya, T. B. TITLE: Means of In-iproving the Quality of Piston Rings (Puti povysheniya kachestva porshnt-.vykh kolets) PERIODICAL: Tr. Ural'skogo politekhn. in-ta, 1958, Nr 68, pp 117-131 ABSTRACT: The investigations performed dealt with the following aspec's of manufacture of piston rings (PR)-. The effect of the chemical compo- sition of the cast iron on the microstructure of PR!s; the effect of inoculants. inoculation procedures, and temperature schedules of smelting and pouring on the structure of the PR's; the effect of mold risers on the microstructure of cylinders. The mechanical and wear-resistance properties of PR's were examined, together with manufacturing processes of PRIs made of high-strength cast iron. It was established that heat-resistance properties of PR's made of unalloyed high-strength cast iron (after a soaking period of 50 hre at a temperature of 4000C) are identical to those of high- quality PR's cast individually froirs stock-type high-alloyed cast Card 1/2 i:ron, despite the fact that the gap in the latter was somewhat Means of Improving that QuaLity of Piston Rings SOV/137-59-1-1199 smaller prior to the beginning of the test3. The possibility of reducing the initial dimension of the joint in PR's made of fligh-strength cast iron and, consequently, the possibility of reducing their stresqed staie offers in additional means of in- creasing the heat-resistance propertiCS Of the PIUS Under operating conditions. Alloying of the PR's enhances their heat- .-cii~;tance 2,roperties. A. S. Card 2 /Z A0%W -4kil S. ffff 1) and Wt. I jrbrp,jej" -1 4~ 1) ~1, I I I k ~., I-/ Y%,A ar%l 0. 1 ~ 4,~ s 8 R 1v- if %JAMIOVSKIT. I. S. . ,Safety In chemical laboratory work." H.P. 84livanov. Reviewed by I.S. Balakhovokly. Lab,delo no,3:31 NY-Je '55. (KLRA 8:8) neasureit) (Chemical laboratories--Safety (Solivanov, M.P.) I I i -f. - . -I'N'. It- Ii i BALLKHOTKITj I.S. AM Photometric determination of the .degree of 0 gen saturation of the blood, TopemsdAhim. 2 no.4016-318 JI-Ag 1370 (KUU 9: 10) (MINOOLOBIN, ozygen saturation$ photometrio determ. (Bus)) --- - --1W. L"~Rvltsl u 441- . 0-1 , I --- - - RALUMOMIT, I.S.1 SHISTAMT, S.T. Nobless of blocheulstr7 in the vorik of the Ninth Oongress of the All-Dalon Soolety of PbYllologlets, Blicbsolsts, and Pharmsoologists. Top.agd.khts. 6 no.ItIO5-100 U-7 160.. (KM 1315) (B.IOCHMIMST--WNGRNSUB) 30385 S/58 61/000/005/012/1012 q, ~lo D222YD306 AUTHOR: Balakhovokiyj_ I,. S._, (Moscow) TITLE; On -the possibility of modelling the simplest belheivioral acts by a discrete homogeneous medium SOURGEt Problemy kibernetikit no. 5s Moscow, 1961, 271-277 TEXT: In this brief preliminary communication the author qualita- tively explores the possibilities inherent in media constructed out of identical elements and interconnected in a uniform way. Be- havioral acts are variable reactions to changing stimuli and it is assumed that they can be described in terms of functions of logical algebra. The purpose of this proposal is to counteract the preva- lent tendency to construct behavioral models out of diverse ele- ments, interconnected according to some complex plan. The author states that the possibility of using homogeneous media for this purpose has been shown for the first time by 1. 11. Gellfand and M. L. Tsetlin (Ref. 1i Dokl. AN SSSR 131, vyp. 6, 1960). In this pa- per the connections between the units (nerve cells) are all iden- Card 1/2 30385 B/582/61/000/00-/012/012 On the possibility of modelling D222/D306 tical, and it unit will fire if it receives impulses at least from two neignboring units, Tt in observed that if several units are ex- cited from outside an excitation wave will propagate along the me- diuw. The properties of theae waves make It pousible to realize oome simple functions of logical algebra ("and", llorll,etc.) by ex- citing suitably arranged groups of cells. It is also suggested that with some arrangements continued reverberations will occur. The author concludes that further investigatione into the properties of these media are necessary. There are 8 figures and 1 Soviet- blue reference. SUBMITTEDt April 14, 1960 Card 212 AUTHORS, Bzalaldiov ',ciy "I __ - - --S , 1.~- Karpnva, L.I.. Simptira, S.F. Th t, pr7avizuion of tic) rr, -Atlh food and wntcr during Space flight conjitioyl,-~ SOURCE: Problomy lcosmic!,.e,1\oj ldolo,,ii, v.1. Ed. by N.N.Sisakynn. !zti--vo AN SSSR, 1962, 315-358 T;~;AT: The auti'iors 1mve, (.tAer i w(l I.he ai.ioujit of fooe, and water re(itlived Uy do.-s durin-, -.pace flioit c-,*nditions. In a -i nf~_r. it I j - n f onn ir r,,Lt, i - vn L-m 1-lin oxy a c-_n ice, isi, - A-Ann of from 0.60A-to-1-4-1,00 litre/h/Aig, and thou 24-bour encray expeadittire frota 66 to 107.91 'Ag/body weight. Thewo fi,4~ures did not chmiL,,o essentially vhon the animals were c,cmfined -I-n--u uiTmlatvd rpaco TiTrluiu dpS3 lzept under aimilim- -co-nditions for 20 days remnined well atid lost no welght on a daily diet of 50 to 100 g of ,ollot-s coxitainin~c me-ril, ssufrar and fat to a total caloric valLIC of 50C. kc-al-1100 g. The average -----dZVk1-YL -in-1 1-e -o'' water- wri-s- 120 ml -an` the average rate of loss of Van 1. - ILIL V water in the breath was 0.3 g/kg/h. The construction of an Card 1/21 The provision of dogs s/865/62/ool/000/022/033 r, o,.) 8 / r. 4 8 5 nutomati c f ecdint-, a p paratus Is clesc ri be rl an d a 1 so the reginle us Od 1. or f tlic do gs Lay 1w , Hu 1 ka Ot i, St re I I(a (It. rinL the I r Hpace f I i I t 5 Tiierc tire Z figurc5 and i tables. Card 2/2 JSK14r-L3.j GAZENKO, O.G.; GYURDZHIAN A A ; GENINp A.M.- --- - -- .-2LLLW I MTOVSKAYA? A.R.; SFRYAPIN, A.D.; YAZ6~kiy, V.I. Results of investigations in an artificial satellite. Problo. kosm.biol. 1059-370 162. (KMA 15M) '(SPACE FLIGHTFMIOLOGICAL EFFECT) BALJUCHOVSKIX,,--.T.S.,o MANSUROVO A.R.; TMOVSKIY, V.I. Effect of pure ox7pn reepiration on the lungo and heart of white rats* Biul. sksp, biols I med. 53 nooP:43-47 F 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Predatavlena daystvitellnym chlencm AM SM V.V. Parinys. (RESPUIATION) MART) (LUNGS): (CKYGEN-MMIOLOGICAL EFFECT) ACCESSION 4Rt AT4042652 8/0000/63/000/000/0054/0056 AUTHORS Balakhovakiyj 1. Sol Dlueskala, 1. 0. TITLE-. Corticosteroid excretion as a flight atreas inA'--.kqr SOURCE: Konferentoiya po, aviataicinnoy i kotmichookoy maditaine, 103o Aviatoionwya i kotnichonkaya maditainA (Aviation and space medicine)l saterialY konferentaiii, Moscow, 1963, 54-56 TOPIC TAGS: corticosteraid, spaceflight stress, stress indicator, ketost*roido excrotion ABSTRACT: For moot Mott factora who&* mcch^ni&m of action on the organism is known, apecific and aenaitiYe indiceo exiat for evaluating their etfe-.,t on the organiam. In the case of flight fAtigue, emcitionnl tennion, prolongrl oolations and other factorn produc&n5 dioturbancea whooe )xithological riature I . &-it yet clear, the astabliahment of indicatore which, though not specificaVy catracter- iiotic of any one factor, would yet indicate any deyiation in the geaert.1 state of health, would aid greatly in the solution of aW. problems# Soviet Inveatigatio a have shown that flight in sodern aircraft is accompmded by a 2- or 3-fold incroaae ACCESSION NR: AT4042652 in the urinary excretion of adrenal cortex hormonea and corticonteroides The present study in not concerned with the possible adaptive function of this glandq~ but simply with establishing the different kinds of factors evoking its heightened activity. Corticooteroid apd kotonteroid excretion in the urine of humans during.; simu7ation of various aircs-aft-flight conditions served as an index of the functional state of the adrenal cortex, while corticosteroid blood levels were taken in studying the dynamics of the endocriDe reaction of rato to auditory stimulation and physical stress (swimming). In all experiments, Increased functionnI activity of the-adrenal cortex wan observed. In the cLse of rate, even simple handling and the moot careful methods of immobilization caused a sharp 100% to 110%) increase in endocrine activity. The reaction to auditory atimu- lation and physical exertion (swimming) was even more pronounced (>150% increaae)~ and Inoted an long no the stimulation (15 to 30 min) and for 1.5 hr afterwards. Repetition of the.3timulatiort within the day increased the duration of the reac- tion but not the maximum lqvel earlier attained. In daily experiments on the Uwe animols for a month, the intensity emd duration of the reaction to swimming and auditory stimulation changed but slightly* Analysis of pressure chamber data showed that a "prelauroh" reactiont consisting of an increase in hormone excretion .2/3 1* ACCESSION MR., AT401#2652 of 100% to 150% over days when to tests took placo. often occurred just prior io the extioriment. Innome cases, peak excretion occurred after rnther thrin during the trial. E)uimination of flight crewo after brief and prolonged flights under various conditions showed that corticosteroid excretion was 30% to 400% higher I on particularly complicated flights than on ordinary onen. Exam,'InAtion of Para- chutiste showed that corticosteroid excretion was higher during the jump than on ,control days or days with no flights. The observation of increased corticoateroid 'excretion during the night following the jump waa moat Indicative. It in concluded ithat the nonspecific reaction of the adrenal cortex can In fact be evoked by a !wide Y'Ariety of factor3. It is a complex reaction. triggered by a very sensitive nervoua. mechanism. it may last 24 hours or loan, &ad does not exceed ths liait ivalues obtaining under nonsal circumstances. ASSOCIATIONa none 'CUBHITTEDi 27S*p63 EWL a 00 NO REF SM. 000 OT t 000 3/3 M CODE: V, ACCESSION Nit: AP4017134 S/0239/64/050/00~/0236/0240'--'I I AUTHOR: Balakovski BaWhovskiv. 1. So I ,, 1. S - P Moscow); Dolgo-Saburov, V. B. (Mos;ow]T--MRDVS TMos0ow); Tcherniakovp 1. No (Chornyakovp Io No# Mosoow) TITLE: Use of a flow oxyhomometor under aoute experimental conditions SOURCE: Fiziologichoskiy zh~rnal SSSH, v, 50p no*-20 1964s 236-240 ,TOPIC TAGS: oxyhomometor# flow oxyhomometer PO-1jblood. oxygenation ;change, rarified atmospherej, homoglobin spectral propertyp hemoglobin ,roflootodlight, excessive oxygen prossurop external body :counterpressure ABSTRACT: The oxyhomomotrio rwthod basod on dotormination of hemoglobin spectral properties enables an oxporimentor to invostigato .the dynamics of blood oxygenation at a distanoe, This is especially :L-nportn-nt in rarified atmosphoro tests with a prosouro obarabor. Flow ~oxyhomomotor 130-1 rwasuros oxygen saturation of the blood an it .passes through.a. glass ouvotte by the amount or light the hemoglobin roflocts, rather than by the amount of light passing through as in Cor !ACCESSION NR: AP4017134 other oxyhomomotors. The PO-1 consists of an Illuminati , lightp rig focusing devicep filter, ouvottet photoolomonts~ and a recorder* Light wavolongths of loss than 800 mnk (rod rays) should be used bocauso hemoglobin absorbs moro light in this apootral region than. oxyhemoglob:bi. Light wavelengths of moro than 800 mnk (closo to infrarod rays) should be used for oxyhomoglobin,, Those two spectral .rogio;ns are well defined by the special photoolomonts so tliat depon- donee of total light flow on degree of blood oxygenation can be found,', This typo of ox-yhomomotor has boon successfully used in Gxporimonts with gas mixture and oxygen respiration under normal and simulated i ,altitudo conditions. EKGj pnoumograml and EW of respiratory muscles can be recorded at the name time an the oxyhomogram, Experimental oxyho-nogram data indicate that excessive oxygen (or gas mixture) pro3suro in the lungs when combined vith an effective external counterpressure on the body does not cause any significant basic. jystom disorder in the animal organi=, Orig, art, has: 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: Nonee SUBMITTED: 15Fob63 DATE ACQ: 18Mar64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: KH REF SOV: 002 OTHER: OW Card 2/2 SrMONGV, Ye.Ye.; BALAKHOVSKiL I.S. mmoopwoollm- No" ~ Cytophotometer. lab. dolo no.3084-186 165. (MIRA 18t3) /EWr !] )&S(yWtEEC(k).1o6EVM(4 =APAM S!)URCE CODE: UR/0293/65/003/006/0935/0939 AUTHOR: NatochJn. u. V. v JL.A~ ; 1~~stl I eXa. V. F Wakhovskiy. 1. S. ORG: none TITLE: Investigation of the kidney function of the Voskhod-l crew WURCE: Koamicheakiye Issledovaniya, v. :1, no. 6, 1965, 935-939 TOKC TAGS: human physiology, manned spa,.,e flight, kidney function, water excre- tion, Voakhod 1, Komarov, leoktistov, Yegorov \."r, ABSTRACT: The kidney function of the Vookhod-I crew was analyzed quantitatively and chemically. Ther subjects underwent tests in which they fasted between 1900 hr mid OTOO hr. Urine samples were collected for this period. At 0700 they drank boiled watcr, constituting 2 percent of thitir body weight, for a period of' 30 min. Urine was then collected at 30-min intervals for 2 hr. Chemical analyses consisted of: 1) the photometric determination (SF-hA apparatus) or creatinine in the Urine and blood serum (glomerular filtration); 2) the flame photometric determination of blood and urine Na and K concentration; 3) the cryoscopic determination of liquid osmcnolar concentration; 4) the Silber-Porter determination of 17-21 hydroxy-20- ketonteroids. The Smith method (H. Smil.h. Principles of Renal Physiology. N. Y., 1956) was used to quanUtstively evaluate the oemoregulatory futiction of the kidneys. The results of these tests are given In Tables 1 and 2. It was concluded that the Pqr4 1/4 ~ L 1029:3-66 ~C_CNR, AP6000310 Wei;--- 2. Osmotic Uri" toneentrationfulaams, 3. UrIn# *oOlva con- trudim. ra eouly/I Water 4at4,r load load 5. Maxim= diuresis after Ic 7. Minimum uric* sodium con- yntrallcm- U *011VII 8. cpl~ at the height of 61 altwo t kidney function test* of the Vookhod.l. erw. Control days if days Control I dvs -,I 5.IX 5.IX 4. q Owtrol 3.11 23% 1:13 135 131 129 ilk 100 no M5 3.8 3.3 3.9 2.8 1.65 2.5 1.9 250 189 183 193 202 120 M 150 0 21 43 8~ 1,2 n 14.0 0..'6 2.7 0.93 15.9 0.19 12.7 0.16 11.2 0.46 15 0417 12.2 0.26 14.8 - 0.25 1!; 30 5.9 T.8 L2 6,9 M 5.7 1o.% 0.19 12.9 lo.h, 6.05 U-3 9.0 9.0 Cwd 2/4, L 1-0293-66 ACC OvV3210- pbtmvl~. mad sadim estrwilto wvaskm" #r#" I'ditwo t-I U tLt.%t tilmhu 1.11 -JAL !j JA La 1.1 JU- Aj- la- J4. c LtL- _zA Lj- Id 133 133 Aj- 3.1 _Q.ty, LOA-l 0. 'A o.u a-,n a.; M-21 ACC NR& APC-000310 water excretion by the Voakhcd-I crew was altered 2 days after the flight, based on the fact that their ability to eliminate water wits decreased. This functional shift normalized after 13 days. It is hypothesized that, under the effect of space- flight stresses and especially during weightlessnesn, the water regulatory system adjusts to what seems to be elevated water and salt levels which increases the rate of water elimination. Upon return to terrestrial conditions the reverse is true, and water elimination progresses more slowly. Orig. art. has: 2 tablen. (OD] SUB CODE: 06/ SUBM DATE: IOSep65/ ORIG REF: 006/ qM PXF: 002/ ATD PPMS: 6(12~ Cmd h/4 RAIAKIIOVSKIY, I.S. Some condWons of the excitation movement In an ideal stivuhted Ussue, Blofizlka 10 no.6slO63-1067 065. (MIFA 19a) 1. Submitted July 3, 1965. BALAKROVISKIYO I.S.; 1-11USSKAYA, I.G.1 ORLOVA, T.A. Fluorometric stixty of the corticostArono content In the blood of rats and Its syntlisols IV the surviving tissue of the adrenal gland. Vop.mod.khim. 11 no.50~2 S-0 165. (YJRA 19&1) 1. Sulvdtted April 24, 1964. F F Acc t4pl AP601141 I SOURCE COUEi IIR/0216/66/000/002/0212/0220 AUTHORt Balakhovskiy, 1, S.; 2 R 0 v ORGs none TITLEt Results of a physiological and biochemical examination of the Vookhod--I,. crew Yr SOURM AN SSSR, Izveottya, Sartya b1ologichaskayso no. 2. 19660 212-220 TOPIC TAM manned spaceflight, human physiology / Voskhod-1 ABSTRACTt Some detailed physiological and biochemical results (in- c -d-i - d ki nX some ra--un4wnf-d a-W-o V tbe-Vo A kho d-w 1-- f I I Sit t- are -6 L-ven-Lu- t he-- following fiRureel -Card.- 1/ 7 A%:C NRt AP6011411 Fig. Is Comparative data on pulse variations for all cosmonauts above normal) at various flight stages. The sequence of bar* in each frame corresponds tot Gagarin, Titov, Nikolayev, Popovich, Bykovsklyg Toreshkova, Komerovs Feoktistovt legorove I - 4 hr before launchl 2 - 5 min before launchl 3 - I =in before lounchl 4 - I uta after launchl 5 - greatest 0 forcal 6 - lot orbitj 7 - U4 orbttt 8 - 4th arbLtj 9 - 6th orbitj 10 - last orbit# 2 I M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ACC NR A06011411 T4ble 1. Changes in some EKO indexes during the Voskhod-1 flight! PQO QRS, Q-T, R-R intervals in etc spike amplitudes of P, R. T in re stiv unitol systolic Index (S1) In 1; A 11 mean-data Pre- Orbits 000monauts Indexes 11-ounch., Wb - - 1 1 is 7 V, ti, p , O.S8 3.2 2.9 Komarov R INA 49.3 30A T 2.7 14.2 14.5 p 11,10 0.11 0111 QR 0,00 0,07 0,07 Q7T 0,34 0,37 0,.M R It 0,1111 0.78 0.76 S1 M.7 48,7 50, 7 KO P P 0,A1 - 2.4 Fooktistov R Ifl'i - 18,7 T 3A - 13,2 p W 0,14 - 0,14 S Q PAS - 0, or. 1 - T 0136 - 0.42 R 0.69 0,96 S1 52.9 - 43,3 1) 0,37 2.4 1,0 Yegorov R 0.9 .12.0 39,2 T 1.1 5.7 10,8 1 I 0.12 0.12 0,16 S Q 0,00 (1.06 0,01 T 0,34 0,31 0.39 R 0159 0,73 098 ~arj ,S I 58-I's -. 50.7 ~0:1 0,11 0.78 t0.0 ioll 3.6 2,0 0110 0.10 0.07 0.08 0,38 0.34 0,89 0.75 45,0 45.3 O'CA 064 8,9 9:1 3,2 2,8 O'n 0,12 0.06 008 0,18 0:36 0.87 0.78 44,2 40.8 0 '1 0.51 3,9 8j 2 4 t 8 050 0:10 ON 0107 0.40 0.37 10 3 0,90 39:2 41.0 L *'3'_;A-!66__, - - -. - I ACC NR. - AP601141 I -"I-W#Tce-d r ing-tho-I I I Sit 'Table it Vat-It _U 1 - Loss of water with urine; 2 cosmonauts; 3 - linen chloride ~d a content, mXj 4 -- urine excretion, liters; 5 - water lost via Lmper "mp er- Ile_ ceptit~l* perspiration duyInA the flight, liters; 6 - total, calcu- u lated water loss through the skin during the flight, liter#; 7 - water or watT Ingested, includilag water in food, during the flight, liters; 1 8 - actual weight lost from 8110, 12/10 to 18%10, 13/100 1964, kgte -9-40-YoMe Xomarov$ Ke P, Fooktistov, Be B, Yegorov in that order, 2 5 7 . 3 4 314 0 1 4,4 1.6 1.9 324 24 to : 1 3 to 2.9 460 3.2 1.0 42 : 1:6 310 Card 417 Not I- ACC NRi AP6011411 Table 3, Biochemical and morphological content of the blood dtATing the flight compared with training data Comple%tc'k fte Flight A r training fli ht Indexes I I 12 fore or Idaysidays start V. it. Komarov Sugar, m 115 05 lot hlohne fag X 34 WS 38 2A 3.11 280 2Z 2r, 75 Leukocytle. 1000/003 5,4 C., 8 5'i l 4.5 4.0 Formulat Reds 5.5 3 3 ' 1 0 segment &1_ _Do, j 3 5 1 t,.;j,5 2 64 - 4o 26 1 5:5 2 5 13,1 Ly Mongeotyest" ' 4.5i 7,5 1 8 6 160 41 115 3 107 223 7,0 21 i'9 US f. 64 0 51 25 3'. 4 0 Cwrd 5 / 7 AC p4Q A P t, C 1 1 i W n T 11 A M Qfl f a v 13. B. YIG ACrov ra l r ti p lift, , l UTO-1 m !N7 s 4( v0 M'I 1 A I 4- A 37 t 47 I , mg yt I e 5 8 7 7 :5 1! wag rcted t h 4 t t h 0 1 F f A 1 41 r c - c n t i v a .s e 4, 1 r C :i t r 1 t I- r ! a v - n Ji 0 't Cord b 7 -L o-~; ndiv a alid~ their the ~costkoaiiot of trAlnus (CV) - SUB COVEt ~2.2 06/ SUDH DAM IOSep65/ ORIG REFs 010/ OTH REIN 004 ATn FRESSlj~-2"il UALAKHOVsKlY.0 Leon td . Moinyovich; MINKOV, Isay Abramovicb; 9MCHKOVP A.M.., red, (Vachanized continuous production line for the veneering of furniture panels] Potodmo-mekhanizirovnnnaia. linila fanerovanila mebelfrOh shchitov. Leningrnd~ 1965. 11 p. (10311A 18:7) --- BAIAKROVSKIT, H.S., itch. High-powered walking excavatore. Strol. 1 dor, mashinoitr. 4 no.11:5-8 N 159 (MIRA 13:3) (Exoavating cachinorY) BAIAKIIOVSKIY, D.A.; TSBYTLINO V.Z.; CHU711KOp R.K. Dilatometric method for evaluating the prefersntial orientation of grains in deformed metaln with a hexagonal lattice* Zav.lab. 28 no.10:IWI-1208 162. (MIRA 15tlO) 1. Institut fisichookoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR. (metal cryotale) %-.BAT,AKINt A.0 inzho; SHAMGIM, Yu,t inzh, ~111~11.4'1 .....,....... "Marochl* radio receiver. Radio no.805-26 Ag 163. (KIRA 1639) (Radio-Receivers and reception) BALAKINp AsAv.9 insho Using the VNS-M mwhine for outting rolled materials, Monte i spot*. rab. r stroie 25 no-3t25 Mr 163* (HIRL 16:2) 10 Treat V olgossatekbwntash* (Cutting machines) (Insulating materials) 4- BALUCINp A. I. Cand Tech Sci - (diaa) 8A new method Of t63ting btrong high-voltage disconnectinij devices on the commutation capacity," MOSCGW# 1960,, 23 Pps 150 Copp (An-Union Blectrotechnical Institute is V. 1. IAnin) (KL, 45-60j, 124-125) OIRSWOVICH, G.L. ,- nxh.; 7TDIMLY, TuA, Inth.; RAIAKIK. A.Ya.-9 -lush. - Automatic damping chambers to be used In laboratories. Bet, I shel, bet. no*9058-359 S 1586 (MIRA 11:10) (Girders) VIDINEYEV, Yu.D.; inzh.; KARAULOVA, N.P., tekhn. Wire, dynamometer for reinforcement wire. Bet. i zhel.-bet. 8 no-31126-127 Mr '62. (MIRA 150) Wynamometor) (Concrete reinforcement) DORISENCK, I.T.; GENEROZOV, N.N.; YEUl- MEV, F.V.; KAMISHKII, V.V.; KUZOVKOV, R.T.; IjOidSMOK, I.T.1 KULIKOVSKA-YA N V SAVIKOV, G.I., kand.fiz.-inat. nauk, dots, [decoacedi; PIROGOV, LZ.; Prinirall. uchustiye: BALAYEVA, #J~,;- BELYAYEVA, C-L.M.; BEISAKOV, V.I.; VMILSMSEYE, R.A.; ZURKOV, G.M.; KOHOLEVA, V.Ye.; LlTVIN-SEDOY, F..Z.,- POPOV, A.I.; TRIVALOV, V.A.; MUKAILIVA, L.M.; CHISTYAKOV, A.I.; SAVVIN, A.B., rod.; CHISTIYAKOVA, K.S., tekhn. red. (Laboratory work In theorotical and applied nechanical Labo- ratornyi praktitw. po obslichei i prikladnoi rekhanike. No- sk-va, Izd-vo mosk. univ. 1963. 233 p. WIRA 16:12) 1. Kafedra prikladnoy mekhaniki Floskovskogo Cosuclarstvennogo univoroitota (for Balayeva, Balakin, Bel~rayeva, Delyakov, Velershteyns Zharkovp Korolova, Litvin-ZWoy, Popovp Privalov, Stukalova, Chistyakov). Wochanics-Laboratory manuals) L :-.669-66 B;T(d)/FWT(I)/FWP(V)/rWP(if)/-"-,T(h)/,F-df-(l)/BiA (h) IJP(c) 8C A=SSION NJU AP5019916 0/0055/65/00100-4/0090/0093 62-50 t 621.3sOl9.35 AVMOR: borls*nok, 1. T.; 5"ing S. H. 55' -'___-_'_'___._ a~~! TITLX: A mechanism fov evitching a system to a reserve control channel 6 SOURM: Moscow. Universitst. Vostnik. Serlya 1. Hatematika. mekhanika, no. 4, 1965. 90-gs TOPIC TAM control a 0 control systen stability, ABSTRACTS A trol system having two operating doubling cont-rol devices is studied. With feedback cut off in one of thr, controls, the eyfitem remains stable and preserves control. If feedback in the second control is cut off, the systen becomes -matable and lo3a3 the oontrol function. The switching w*chanism is em- played to cut In the two previously non-opomtIng controls In order to preserve stability in case of feedback lose in both operating controls. This is accomplish- ed through the use of a searching procedure for a system that L*coves non-correct- Ing -to alloy switching to the reserve control to restore stability. Orig. art. hasi 4 forisulas. 7 f1sures. Card 1/2 L 1669-66 CCESSIM HR AP5019916 ASSOCIATIORt Otdol ftoratlehooltay I priklednoy makhaniki NIX eakhaniki IIGU (Department of tboo"tical amd lied mechanics* NIX of Hadbanicol, MW) SUBMIMD: IOSep64 ENC161 00 SUB CODEt NA, OP NO REF SOVI 002 OTHERs ODO cor4 2/2 x d J1 /I L,*vj AP6002144 SOURCE COD-i UR/0260/- 65/,0.001006/0019/0022 IAUTHOR. Borisenok, L T. (Moscow); Balakin, B. M. (Moscow) ORO: none TITLE.- Control system with cold- reserving SOURCE: ANSSSR. lavestiya. Tekhniche okay& kibe rnstika, no. 6. 1965, 19-22 TOPIC TAGS: automatic control, automatic con,,rol system, automatic control theoryl 1ABSTRACT11 A control system-'having both hot and cold reserve units and desCrIkussult, by linear or nonfi-near ififferential equations in considered. When a break occurs in I the feedba,!k loop of one of the hot-reserve elerntents, the system is brought into an !unstable uncontrollable stateo. It is susigested tht di storted- signal functions be used in such a case for determining the failure and for connecting cold-reserve units in order to restore normal operation of the system. A act of linear equations that can describe the above systerr, was studied on an analog computer; corresponding phase iportralts are presented. Orig. art. has. 10 figures and 3 formulae, SUB CODE! 13 / SUBM DA,rE! 22Dec64 / OJUG REIF: 003 Cor'd IrOSOMM, Ye.O.; NUMHKO, N.Ya., dorothnyy rasfo-r (stanteiya ZAchapilovka, Sthlinskoy dorcil); T=ROV, M.I., dorothnyy onster (stantelya Ukhovka, Stalinakoy dorogi); OVffAK A.M., insh.; ICORVI. P.T., putevoy ott-hodchik (Vil'Ayus); GRISHAIMOT, V.G., putevoy obkhodchik (VIlInvuv); XMSMMA. X.M., dezhurnaya PASYMIN, A.I.; po pareyesdu (VilInyus);'BALAKIY 0. CMDANTSICV, At Ye,, doro-215-ii'maeter (stantsiya Varkh-Neyvinsk, Sverdlovskoy dorogi); STROCHKOV, A.A., inzh. Lettars to t4e editor. Put' i pAt.khos. 4 no.2:40-42 7 160. (KERA 13:5) 1. Yekhanik puteismeritellnoy taleshki, stantsiya.Kovell, LIvovskoy dorogi (for Koshelyuk). 2. Eamestitall nachallnika distanteli puti, stantelya Galich, Severnoy dorogi (for Balakin). 3%'. Inshener distantsti, stantetya Sambor, L'yovskoy dorogi (for Pasechnik). (Railroads) waft/anginewing - Hydraulics,, Pipes Sep 51 " Observations on the Operation of Wooden Pipe- lines," D. M. Balakin, Engr "Oldrotekh Stroi" No 9, pp 14-18 Describes construction of wooden pressure pipe- line 8,600 m long and 3.25 m in diam, ereted over 15 yrs ago for hydroelec power station. It is made of larch staves 70 = thick, ends of which are interconneettd with tongues of 4-m boiler steel. Pipe is reinforced with exterior bands located at 8-20 cm Intervals. Discusses exploitation experience and gives suggestions for inproving structure of this type. 20IT92 ---- - - -- - -- 1 0 *, - 0 2. usm 600 he Pipej Wooden 7# On fare to face joints of staver In pipelinesj Oldre rtroij 21, No, 12s 19529 9o Monthly List of Russian Accessions# Library of Congreesj April 1953P Uncle AUT!!OR t Balakin, D.M. , Engineor ISOV-98-56-9-14/21 TITILE: Assembly a Wo3den Pipe-Line without Inserts (Sborka derevyannogo truboproveda bez yazychkov) PERIODICALi Gidrotekhnicheakoye stroitelletvo, 1958, Nr 9, pp 41 - 42 (USSR) ABSTRACTt The author was ahar2ly criticized for his article on the above-mentioned subject (Publinhed in lir 12 (1952) of this periodical) by G.A. Surnin and K.K. Paskevich (see Nr 9, 1953, of this periodical). Wooden pipe-lines are still in use in the country, and the author states that the wooden pipe lines assembled without metallic inserts in 1952 with- stood pr6asure as well as those assembled with metallic in- serts. There is 1 figure. 1. Pil*lines-Oonatruation 2. Wood--Applicatione Card 1/1 GARCHENKOP " T.; BALAX,I.N,T,N.; YEFIMDV, L.M.; POWRELYY, V.P.; GREKOV, Ye.A.; KORKOSIKO, N.M.; VORONOV, Yu.F.; POLTAVETS, Ye.I.; VOYTOV, A.O.; ":HTFYNBFRGj L,S* Production of steel In large-capacity open-hearth furnRCeB with blowing or oxygen through the bath. Stall 25 no.2:116-121 F 165. (MIRA 18:3) "?be rorimation of New Muscle 71bers During the, Pro- alitas of Muscle Regeneration Firm the Standpoint at 0. B.*Lepeshinskayals Theory," P. So Balakinp Sverdlovsk *Uspekh Sovrem Biol" Vol ",'Iro 1, PP 143-147 Rrptl results on formation of nev somatic muscle fibers confirm lepeshinskaya's theory of noncellu- Ur origin of cello. Mitotic or mitotic division of muscle fiber nuclei. occ=a only in a late sts4P of development of fibers; there is no division in the early stage. The mateTic-1 of degenerating 207WA QW/Kedicine - Regeneration'of XuscIxs'.-T4n/F*b 52 (Coutd) wascle fibers does not disappear, but form zon- cellular matter, from vhich nev n=lei and fresh tissue originate tmder favorable conditions. BALAIKIN, F.S. SM morphological djkta on sidifications of structure ef the somatic muscles in masmals under siTerimantaLl, conditions. Arkh. anat,gist. I enbr, 32 no*106-41 J&-Xr '55. (KUU 8:9) 1. Is imf*&7 gistologli, Sverdlovekogo moditatuakogo Inatitutas (NMCLICS, Physioloff, off. of various pbroical actions on voluntW muse.) RASHMMID, I.D.; RAJAM, Y-S-, dots. I ~ -,l- I ?issue regeneration after surgical treatment of cows with narrowed milking ducts* Yeterinarlia. 36 no,2:80-81 r 159. (MIRA 1292) 1. Glav*7 vaterinarm vrach Shalinskoy rayvetlechabnitay Sverdlov- sko.v oblasti (for Rashohanko). 2. S-verdlovskiy, gosudaretvanm medi- tsinskiy Institut (for Balakin). (Udder-Diseases) BAIAKIN, 1. Success of collective farm@ in our district. Sell,strol, 11 no.12:29 D 156, (KM 1012) 1. Nachallnik otdola po utroltelletyu, Y kolkhotakh Yu&rwV*h*koV rop4b Kurganskoy oblasti. (TurgstWsh District-hrm buildings) PAIAKIN, L,Aog Insh.; TNIAZHNIKOV, YS#1rqf insho sing a hydraulio Jack to straighten tubs plate for heat exchangers, Xnergomshinostroonle 4 no,300-41 W 158, (Hydraulic jacks) (Sheet-wtal work) (MIRA 110) TXSZHUIKOY# U.P.. insh.1 BALAKIV# L*A.6 insh. Machine for bending flanges from stripe ItnerSomashinostroonle 4 no, 6:40-4 Js 158. (MMA 11s8) Olor,ess) (Motalworkir,g machicary) BALAKiN, N. Post popular.*. Kryl. rod. 16 no.100-10 0 165. (MMA 18M) BAUICINN N. and his comrades. 14 no.7:9.11,) J1 '57 (HIAA 1:): 9) (Flight, crows) (Jet Diane*) SOV/85-58-9-15/33 AUTHOR: Balakin, N. (Saratov) TITLE: Enthusiasts (Entuziasty) PERIODICAL: Kryl'ya rodiny, 1958, Nr 9, pp 14-16 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes a day at the SaratovskLy oblaspnoy aeroklub (Saratov Oblast Aeroclub) located at 22 Rabochaya M . in the city of Saratov. The personalities mentioned include Sergey Getmanov, 1957 champion of the aeroclub in parachute jumping; instructors Ivan Grigoriyevich Yefremov and Vasiliy Grigorlyevich Makaranko, Masters of Sports; flying instructor A. Kokorin; navigator of the aeroclub F. Litvinov; M. Orekhov, 1955 champion of the club; B. Lobyzov, former military pilot, now plant engineer and technologist; 0. Karmanov, plant engineer and tech- nologiat, graduate of the,aeroclub, and A. Velikanov, sportsman let rank, 1951, 1956 and 1957 champion of the Card 1/1 aeroclO. There are 9 photographs. kfJAM. If. Public instructor if 159. in the factory. Xryl.rod. 10 no*2:25 (MM 12S5) (Parachuting) BiLkKIN N._ (geSerpikhor, Xoskovskoy oblasti)-, LxmiNsnr, m. (gserpukhov, mvekoy oblasti) H ooF -.'Ao~iylvtv~ Xrylorod, 11 no*6:3-4 A 160, (XIRA 13t7) iHoscow Province-Aaronautios) - - -- - -- - - - - -- ---- --- --- ---- -- :i: ---- - ---- - - - --- ---- - -- - ---- -- -- -- - --- - - -- - - BALAKIN. N.; ZHAKUSKIT, B., matter sporta If One plus twelve. Kryl.rod. 11 no.9:5 S 160. (MIRA 13:9) 1. GLavayy sudlya sorevnovaniy lstchikoy vtoroy tsentralinoy tony RUSR. (Winin-Airplanes-PilotinC) BALAKINg No %------------------ Tu-114 on the line. Kryl.rodo 12 no-70 JI 161. (MM l4s6): (Jet transports) IRALA INs W, Mw Ikov) The Olonich stators. Kryl.rod 13 no.8t4 Ag 062. (MM 250) (Kharkoy-Faraahuting) --BAT-lKrN.- N,j OBUKHOTj V,p kapitan At the Budaors Airport* &71. rod. 13 n0-10323-14 0 '62 (MMA' 1510 (Budaora-Aaronautico-Ccopetitions) -B&IAKj!A_At._, Sportsmen ofe, plant. Kryl,rod. 13 n0.12924 D 162, (Kharkov-4erial sports) (MIPA 16t2) BALAKIN, N. ........... Use of r&cUL-. in ship heridling. Rech, transp. 21 no.lt42 -.7s, 162# (KMA 16sg) 1. Napitan teplokhoda *Sovetokaya Sibirl' Teniseyokogo parckhodetvao (Radar in navigation) BAIAXINq N.1 METIAKIM, Mq TaMiGVj M,, kapitan I ranga zapasa Iractal events, people. Kryl.rod. 14 no.9:26-27 3 163, (MIRA l7t9) '%Aaronautica) MAXIM M- to.7117 panda boundnriefl. Kryl,rodo 14 v The Mj_l helicopter ex (HIRA 160) ii v63. (HeUcopter -,%-piloting) HAIAKIN, N. , ~~ I'lus the chamisation. K"Lrods 15 no. 4tlO-ll Ap 164. (MIRA 17:5) MAKIN, - N. Yj7l, rode 15 no.7;9 Ja 164. A hiilj.copt*r subjugatat distoallcos~ (MIRA 18V1) PAIAKiIN, f.,. ;,fftJrs nnd liceda of amateur clubs. Kryl. rol. 15 no.2:14-15 (,41RA 18:7) F 16". . BALAKINP N.; 1GHAT'YEV, S. Masters of the air business. Kryl. rod. 16 no.6:2-3 Je 165. (MIRA 18110) -BALA K1r%1,,.,S- USSR/ffw= and Animal Physiology - Nervous System. V-IR Abe Jour Ref Zhur - Biolop No lp 1958) 4397 Author so So Balakin Inst, Kishinev State Medical Institute* Title Electrical Properties of the Spinal Cord in 'Bechenov Inhibition* Ori(; Pub Trs Kishinevsk. goso mode in-tap 1956, 5p 161-166, Abstract When a crystal of NaCl or a pieca of filter paper mco- rated in a 1:1000 solution of adrenalin vas placed on the optical "eh ill L17of the fro electropositi- Ortor vity developed in the spinal cord(sc~: Stinulation of the optical "ohertogill after a preliminary action on the SC by mono-iodo-acatic acid led to olectronegativity, An analoGous change took place on the 30-th minute of the parabiotitation of the SC by a 3% solution of docain, Card 1/2 6753 Alteration of conditioned reflexess a method .of remdering the IM " processes mare labile levests AMC Namk. U.S.S.R. (biel.) 1950t 1 (98-106) Graphs 4, Tables 3 An example of the alteration. of conditioned reflexes Is the r*. Placement of the coaditional. stimulus (astronme at 170 beats per, aim.) -which Is always followed by the unconditioned reflex (f"dimg)- tr a bobditional stimulus with a xotronme at 70 beats per min,, given without fmAl when those two types of etima'stion are alternated it Is found after a series of repetitions that the excit4lon amid Inhibition processes In the cerebral cortex bomm such Mae labile. In this way the aedifloation of the omoditiobed, reflexes can be affect- ed with increasing rapUitys Ton Cate - Amsterdam SOs ExcerptA MAIcag Sao. 11, VoL 40 No* 22 -L- --1L t*--y -- -- -- 0 JUM , .- - --- ::--- - - -- - ---- - - - -- - - - - - - - -- -- -- -- --- - - - - - -- - - --- - --7- 20 USSR (600) 4, Yaroslavl' Province - Iiandecaps Gardening 7o Improving villaget of Yaroslavl,- Province. Sell.strol., 2, no. 4, 1947. 9-- XOntb1 AW -d Rusel Acagnsign , 'library of Congress, K&rch 1953,. Unclassified. 1. BAWIN,, V. 2-. WSR (600) 4- Kazan' - Mathematics - Competitiom 7, Munielpal mathetatics conttst for Kazan' pupilso Kate v shkole No, 5p 1952* 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, January .1953. Unclassified. lyan ll'i*bo Geroy SotsialistichealK090 Truds; BAIA red.1 BELOVAt N-# takhn. red. s organization Of gwine raisingl OPYt Orga- [Practices in th, stva. Moskva, sellkhosisdatt 1963. 53 P. nisatsil svinov*d (m?A 160) 1. Direktor sovthOja imeni Kuybyshemk Lubenskogo PrOisvod- stvennogo iipravlenlya Poltavskoy oblasti(for Marchenko). (Swine) OVSYAMNIKOV, A.I., prof.p red,; WAIN) V.p red. (methods of swine breading) Fetody raivedeniia svinel. Fod red. A.I.Ovaiannikova. Moskva, Kalos 1965. 303 p. WRA 1911) 1. Vsesovu=a7a akademlya sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk imoni. V.I.Lenina, 2. Chlon-korrespondent Voesoyuznoy akademii o9l'skokhozy&ystyennykh nauk Imeni V.I.Lenina (for Ovoyannikov). BA!4KN4, VIA. t_ _ Mechanization is the most important reserve In the increase of labor productivity& Transpostroi. 13 no-9t44-45 S 163, 1, Starshiy inzh, otdeloniya okonomiki stroitellstva Vseso7Uznogo, nauchno-isaledovatellakogo instituta transportnogo Btroitel'stva Ministerstva tr&nsportnogo stroitol'stva. SAL-AKIN A. V.A-. ?- inshe Make greater uas of the means to improve the level of usahanisation, Transpo stroi,-14 n0,504-35 Vq 1646 (Mrth 18111)