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BAIAN )-. -A 0 "Competent Planning as a Means to Fuller Utilization oil All Possibilities for the Developnent, of Cotton Orawingo" Khlopkovodstvo, No.1, 1952 BALAN, A. 2. UM (600) 4. Cotton Manufacture 7. Main problems in planning the utilization of productive means of cotton mills. Xhlopkoyodstvo no. 7. 1952. 9. Monthly List of,Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, jAclm= 1953. Unclassified. a" I A, Construction of sheds for the manufacture hall of a furniture factor7 with the use of sliding framing3l the execution. P. 326, RVISTa CCNSTRLCTInM M A HAMMELCR DE CONSTRUCM. (Asociatia StUntif ica a Inginerilor at Tehnicionilor din Rorrinia at Kinistorul, ConstructUlor at al Haterialoor do Con3tructii) Bucurestl# Rumania. Vol. 11, no. 79 July 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EW) LC Vol. 90 no, 2,, Feb. 196o. Uncle EMBSCU.A.,Prof.; -RALO.As SplensctovW in Idiopathic thrombopenic purpura. Ramanian K. Jbv. 4 no.1:52-55 Ja-kr 060. 1. Clinic of Pmedlatrice of the Medleopharmacautical Institute. Duchareste (PI]MU,THROKBOPIXIC surg, ) (GPLUN surg. ) -RUSESCU, A*P prof#;-BALAN, Angola, dr.; BALABAN, I., dr. Considerations on,7 cases of Cooley's anemia. Mod. intern. 13 no-101 1409-1419 0 161. 1. Lucrare ofectuata in clinica do pediatrie wrailia Irzal, Ducuresti. (AMIAt MMTHROBLASTIC case reports) IBALANO Alax.v Ing.j corespondent Inareased enthusiasm. Constr Buo 14 no.67W 24 N '62. BAIAN, Alexandrus inge - - I. - - " - For the next plan of measures, Constr Buc 14 no, 674: 3 8 December 3.962# 1. Soful serviciului tohnic din Dirootla do sistsmatizars, arhitectura si proisetaro a constructMor, Maramures, BAI"p A*# Ing*, corsepond&Dt ~~Wsft .10 Obligations according to the plan level. Copetr. Bic 14 ro.676al 22 D162, BUAN, Alexandru Projects for 1965. Constr Due 16 no.77511 14 N 164. 1. Head of Resistance-Roads Workshop, Office of Systematizationt Architecture and Construction Projects, Maramuree, BALANp A., Ing., corespondent Increased productivity. Constr Buc 16 no.7761l 21 N 164. - I- . I I I ey ~ , - 0 .5 -~, ::;,l_,-.:,-riI~ .., , . .. f , , .~ I . , ?.(, ! , . . . I im 1 14 11 ~ ~ : -"1.,I i ti bn 1 t, 1~51 ro. . ; 4 , I , 0 ~f~ " I . I i j 6 " , "t , 1 I.A. 'I I . , T , . BALAN, Alexandrul Ing., corespondent; GFAU5, Mircea, corespondent Technical and organisational measures for achievement of the 1965 tasks. Constr Ru2 17 no.783:1 9 J& 165. BALAN, Ana, Ing. Art of concreting. Constr ;'~ic 17 no.711,70 6 F 165. 1. Institutn of Buildint- i0r-irk-h and Construction Fcono:*dcs. BAI,.U;?A.G. 9 C,,ind Agr Sci (dics) 11 ~nriurl crop- rind V eir 0 ---ws M "I M, cadol .,- Ir oil to. otow 711 Kiev, 1959- 21 PP inc! cOv('r 0, -&4"aeh-lant of k'odtlcr in V.R. Villytxim). 150 copicn (1:1,39-59, 106) BALAN, A.G., kand. 3allskokhos. nauk Cultivated hayfields in Polasys, Zemledelis 27 no.2t49-51 F 165. (MIRA 18t4) 1. Ukrainskiy institut inkhonerov vodnogo khozyaystva. --- BA LAN--- -B-. 0--.- --- I - ~j ~, Diurnal displacement and the ephem~rip of PerseiJal radiant. Ii, Mul. Inst. astrofts. AN Tadth. SSR nc-33:27-37 162. (MIRA 17:11) RAIAN, B,O. Investigating the trail of the meteor of July 30, 1937o Biulw Inat.astroftseAR Tadsh.SSR no*26s2l-P-4 159. (KIRA 13:5) (Hateore-July) CiL (A'., S. 7 d C (Ul I IW I I V I I ilNl,~ JL~`" RLF ZJJUR - 1310LOGIYA, NO. 4. 1959, No. 1561!) AUTHO R ~Lt Balmiu, A#; Apo3tol Th.;,&_InA, '11' _ I.; Lrd-cTit- BerOnghf Th. 7L. ; Popq , , , Tf erennial GrapaeL3 or "'Pti,ods of Growing 0 PIG. rt' P An. Tnut. oerootarl ni,,ron., '4957, 24, Xo.5, 179-194 ;J,"1'TWXT 1n the agricultural research Institute of Ru mania durine, 1950 to 19r1h at sIx experimentni atationso the hloiest seed crops of dew grass (DG), meadow fescue (VF), tl:-,otl)y grass (TG pasture ryeerass (PH) and tall oatprasr ~- were obtained Iti broad-row sowiner (To to 60 cin between rowR) with seedIng r ,uota of 15 to P0 kel)i for DG,R.F and PR, 7 to 8 hpjji for TG and -7-5 to 9.5 ks/h for TO, In n number of reirlonr I 0,',, RD: 1/2 (70 80 HICZ33CEM, M.D.; POPS=-OTUAWVSCUj, A&IULANp Ce Nothod. for studying the acmtingent variations of the need of nitrogen. ftludia Uniy B.-B a Chm 8 no.1006 163 -1 Ao Inotitute of Medlaine, and Phamaelp Bucharest* BALAN, C.1POPAP 0. Contribution to the study of the )roluction of' n-rennial plants sowed In pure cultures. P.,401. COWVICAR172. Ducurenti. Vol. 9, no. 5, May le,15P. Monthly Lint of East European Accessions (EKAI) W, Vol. 9, no. 1, January 1960. Uncl. POPESCU-STEFANMSCUs Aq IrMPC,-;SCU, II.D. Comparative research on isome methods for liver xanthinoxidaoic activity determination, Studii care biochimie 6 no.4.-529-537 163. 1. Catedra. do chimie biologica I. Institutul medico-farmacoutic, Ducuresti. Country : MW,,Nl:, CatQGory: Soil Scicac,.; jl~mml Fcrtiliz(.re Abe Jour: No Ps, .1950, n,) 63074 Author Savinovf%, 1,*4.; Dak-n D.; BL-maru, V. - - - :Z4 Inat Runmian Title Minoral NutriVo;i of &m.-dlinCo in Fuu(It;r Vots Oric rub: cf~raui- :-C,--(1 Mr,',, 1957, 1, NO 7, 669-674 abstract Abstract: No ca mi : 1/1 WAN, D. "Increase of tomato yield by treatment of adeds with stimulants" P. 1053 (Comunicar--kle) Vol. 7., No. 12, Dec. 1957, Bucharest., Rumania) Monthly Indea of East European Accessions (FLAI) LG, Vol. 81 No. lp Jan 58. Country s RMIANIA Category i CultiVated Plants* potatoes* Vegetables$ Melons6 Abs Jour : RZhBiol6l No 64 1959, No 24895 Author t ,B4aqj - __A,, gerban, No Inst iAcademy of k4t. Title iincreasing the Harvest of Tomatoes by Tr9ating the Seeds with Orowth-Stimulating.-Ap ntse , e Orig Pub iComun, Aoado UR, 1957) 7, No& 12 951-1958 Abstract iThe treatment of tomato seeds (prior to sowing) by 3 pezoent potassium bromide for 3 hours'and by a 2 percent soluti= of hydroxinono aasisted in increa3ing the harvest by 9--10 percent, the size of the fruits and the ascorbic acid content by 13-48 percent., Treatment of the seeds by potas- sium permangate reduced the harvest by 8.8 per- cent. Card IIA CONSTANTINESCU, C.; KICOIAIDEv L.; BAW, E- Gerawdum photodiodan, Automatic& electronica 6 no.3tll2-117 )V-Je 162. BAIAN) l" 0 ing. Struoture of cont prico and Investmonts in viderurgy. Motalurgia conatr moo 15 no.8016-52! AI; 163 viderurgy. 1. InstltuttLl do prciactari dG tizint% E;i Inotalatit. mtn-lurrico. FOPAI N.9 ing*l, Cowt Be# inge~ BALk!l-!-P' ing. Economic and teoWoal indicators; some of verification of Industrial investment efficacy, Problene econ 16 no-3sl56-160 Mr 163, 1. Director,, Inatituftl de proleatari in constructil si materiale do oonstruotii ei do carcetari pentru materiale do oonstruotii 4(for Pop&). 2. Directort Institutul do proieot&ri al ftistArului Industrlei Usoare (for Conan), 3. Institutal do proiectari do usine al tnetalatii z-atalurgice (for Bolan). BALANO E.0 Iq. considerations on the scrap iron problem. Hatalurgis. Rius 17 no.2t 95-103 F 165., 1, Institute for the Planning and Designing of )%tallurgic Plants and Inatallations, Buohirest. A L 15920-66 XWAkh)'/PFP(0)ZW(D--,JD ACC NAt AP6008373 SOURCE CODEI RU/0017/65/00()/002/0095/0103 AUTHORY BAlan. Ew (ringin"r) ORGil Resear ch Instit ute for )btanursdoal Works wd instanations (ustitutoA 1~9 proiectari de- Uz1x* -8 aht44 gio-SY TITW Considerations on 8Qft1DjJM4__6 SOURCEs )btalurgias no* 2# 1963, 95403 TOPIC TAGSs iron, steel ABSTUCTt The author discusses the importame of sorap 1"n in the produation of iron and steel, giving some data on the primipal sour-cea of scrap iron in Rummda at the prevent time ArAjn Puture plans* Origo'arte bast 4 figurest 4 forxul"# &W I tablei ring suB cow s , n / SVEN DAM nons FISEL, S.; FRANCHEVICIg Hq BAWt Gh* -- Quantitative determination of tin by the chromatographic method on the paper and the cellulose column. Studii chin Iasi 11 no-1:7-13 160" (ERAI 100) 1. Academia R.P#R*9 Filial& Iasi, Institutl do chimi "Petru Pods" (Chrenatography) (Tin) (Cellulose) (Copper) ---- -- --- -- - TISIL; S.1 FRANCIMnCIO Ho; BALAN# Gh. Quantitative dotoruination of tin by paper-chrowtographic method and with the aid of culluloss column. Roy chisdo 6 no.W75-180 161. BALAN, Gh.; GRIBU, Costin - r - System of electronic thermostating with thermistors. Studii fix tahn Iasi 14 no,lt235-236 163. BAUN, Gh.p ing. Contribution of the enterprise for Blectric Power Rationallsation and Modernization in raising the technical level of running and saintenance of electric power plants. Energetica Run 9 Ro.51 179-182 ' Vq 061. HAI"2 Gh., ing, Contribution of the Enterprioe for Klootric Power Rationalization and Modornization in the application of now toohniqueo in the electric power oactora Enoraetica Rum n no.7:353-359 n 163a MMAMI, T.T.: TIATAX, 0.1& loonoMv md b1ologIcal charectertattes of am pluted at an varly and late seamne law. AN Usakh. M. Ser. bdol. nauk 3 no.6s23-M RZ 165. (MU IBM) 7i- -- - - RUBTIOV, StU,31ng.; FLORWCU, I.I., Ing.; COSTEA, A.. ing.; RAW, I.; CA ELA * St. Contributions to the stody or microclimato in the mountainous forest nurseries. Meteorologla hidml gosp 8 no.4tl77-180 164 RUKINIA/Cultivated Plants - Comaorcial, Oil-Beariig. Su(pr- m Deari:.g. Abs Jo,,!r Rof Zhur Biol., No 18, 1953, 82422 Llot Arricultural Research Institcte Title an the Detemai;.ntion. of' aa Optinw NLmber of Cultivatioas 1:1 cotto;.~ 0,*14-., Pab A'b~i- List. curcatari aZro;,., L957, 24, No 5, 121-134 Abstract Results of field taste co..di%cte& 11. 1942-1945 and 1950- 1954 in Bi!charcst Proyi;icc ,,,.der arid cliimtic miditions for the pvxposa of dctertiiain~,, an optima i-Amber, depth aad methods of Litcrcroppiii,~ in cotton plantin s. It was deternined that the optiLi n iwaber of caltivations .Aer Cie cmditiona of a severely arid dlimte is 3-4, Card 1/2 IRMJUA/C~iltivatcd Pla'ats .. CormlCre0l. Oil-Bearin(;. SuLmr- m Abs Jotr Rof Mur Biol., No 16, 1958, 82422 a..d -.nder Cie co;.ditiois of a less arid clizate - 4-5. A lar~~o niziber of c Itivatia;-,s is , nprofitable alt'ioq;i Licreases, Li the yield are obtaiiied before the 8th c..lti- vation. To obtaii mxiLi m yield, it is sufficia-it to carry out all cultivatims, to the snme avernLo depth of 8-10 mitimeters. Tho -most effective ryAliod of c-Ativat- is mcliaAzed cultivati'.,G Of the spaces betwcei~ rows vit.',. hwnd weedL;3 iii the rows. However, a complete re- plecomenit of necht%Azed c-Itivatioii with Land weedlinr, d1d :.ot lower the yield which Gives basis t0 MACI.IplatC the feasibility of replaci:ia intorcroppinS oy weed trentme;it with specific herbicides. -- D.B. Vnkl,-.Ldstrov Cnrd 2/2 - 78 - ---- -- --- --- - -- ---- -- - -- --- BAUM I Z, Zarial faatory diring forty yasrs of the Soviet rogima "Novais I Knel,-zhlr, prom, 23 no,l?:I~-6 157, (MIRA 1112) (Perfume) RALAN, I.Z., Insh. Machaniza..tion of the transportation of perfune containers. Hael.-zhir.pron. 26 no.2t4O-44 Y 160. (HIRA 130) 1. Mookoyakaya parfyumerwra fabrIksk "Novara rurya." (Perfumes) (Gontalnere-Transportation) lush. Autowatic smoke-sipaling device. Mel.-zhiroprom. 26 no. IiO6 D l6o. (MMA 13t12) 1, Moskovskaya fabrika INovaya sarra." (Smoke prevention) BAlmr I. Z.P inth. Achievements of the "Novaia, Zarial factory from the 2lot to the 22d Congress of the CPSU. Mael.-shir. prom. 27 no.2,0114-16 0 161. (MIRA 14tll) (Moscow-PerrumeB) BALAN., J. "Induction and dielectric hirh-frequency heating." p. 69. IECHNICKA PbACA. (Rada vedeckych technickych spolocnosti pri Slovenskej akadeviii vied). Bratislava, Czechoslovakia j. Vol. 7p No, 2p 1955. Monthly list of East European Accessions (MAI),, LC, Vol, 6,, No, 6., August, 1959.. Uncla. P-alanp J* . Betina. Ve A nev method of the quantitative determination of antibiotics. 1). 11:13. B10MCIA, Pratislava, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 21, no. 7t 1959. Fonthly List of East European Accessions (FEAI) LC, Vol. 8p no* 10# Oct# 1959 17hole BALAN, J.1 DROBUICA, L.-- Cancorostatic action of beta-naphtylisothiocynnate on skin carcindma of mice (Ofeliminary report). Neoplasm 8 no.2:127-129 161. 1. Department of Technical Hicrobiologyp Biological Institute or the Slovak Academy of Sciences; Faculty of Chemistry; Slovak Polytechnical University, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. (THIGGYANATES pharmacol) OW11TILAWL.S pharmacol) (AKIN NEOPLASM exTer) 4A -NEMEC-- Pavel; p _A~W--Jlozef; NBRINGER r; SATURA# Desider The-vao-of-termnted grain extract an a source of vitamin ft for biological enrichment of broad, Biolo Is 16 no.2t97-102 161. w 10:8) 1. Blologicky ustav Slovonsk*j akademle vied Oddolenie technickej mikrobiologiop Bratislavap a latedra fysiologis raatling Oddelento mikrobiologle Pr1rodovedeekej fakulty University Nomenskobop Bratislava, (DRW) (MAKIN BI) (GRAIN) BYTINA, Vladimir, inz., C.Sc., promovany biolog.; I(EM Pavel,; BALAW, Jozef, inz.; KOVAG, Stefan# Arep inz,p C.So. Identificatio'n of the antibtotic 8-82. Chem zvasti 15 ro.11/22: 843-847 W-D 161. 1. Katedra te4hnickej mikrohiologie a biochemie a Katedra. organickej chemie Slovenskoj vysokej skoly technickejs Bratislava a Caskoslovenska akademle vedl Oddelenle tachnickej mikrobiologle Diologickpbo ustavu Slovenskej akademle viedo Bmtia3ava. 2e,GUn karespondent,41ovenskaj akedeide vied (for Jkmec). Authors' address:' Bratislava, Kollarovo namesti 2p cheinicky pavilon.' 15lovenska vysoka skola technicka, J.; NMC, P.; BETINA-1 V. BAIJUS-4 - Chromatographic study of antibiotics from 9oll fungi. Folia. microbiol. 7 no.4t243-246 162. 1. Department of To hnical Microbiology,, Institute of Biology, Slovak Academy of S Lances, and Department of Technical Microbiology a~d Bioohomistryp Ficulty of Chemistry, Slovak Polytechnical University, Bratislaya, WIL - ~orobiology) (ANTIBIOTICS - chemiatry) (FUNGI - chemistry) (CHROMATOGRAPHY) BETINA, Vladimir$ inug promovany biolog* CSc.; KIMC, Pavel, prof. dro, promovany farmacout; KUTKOVA, YArta, promovany biolog; ULAN, Jozef, ins., GSc.;KOVAG, Stefan, docs, dre, inz. CSc. Citrinin Isolation from Penic.4111um notatum WestlInge Chem zvosti 18 no.2sl28-139 164. 1. Dapartment of Technical M-icrobiblogy and Biochemistry, Slovak Higher School of Technology, Bratislava,, Kollarovo namesti 2 (for Bes.1na, Nemec,, Kutkova). 2. Biological lastltute# Slovak Academy or Sciencesp Department of Technical Microbiology, Bratialavap Dubravska cenu (for Balan). 3, Dopartment of Organic Chomistry, Slovak Higher School or Tech- nologyp Bratislavaj, Kollarovo namesti 2 (for Kovao). 4. Corresponding member of the Slovak Academy of Sciences tfor Nemec). BAIXI, Konstantin Petrovich) avinar; IlLYAMNA, I., red.; BILOUS, 1., tekhn. f66. (Fattening 2000 swine in a year) 2000 evinei vidhodovuiu. z& rik. Odessa,, Odealke knishkove vyd-vos 1960# 2-4 pe (MVU 14,H)i 1. Sovkhoz "Andrayevskiy" Odesakoy oblauti (for Balan). (Svine-Feeding and foods) BALANt L.M, Bird collection at the Museum of Nature of the Ac&dsm7 of Sciences of the Usbok S.S.R. Usbo biol. shur. no. 6:48-52 160, (HIRk 14: 2) 1. Mussy prirody AN U)aSSR. (TASHKSNT-BMDS-CATALM and COLLECTIONS) - ---- - SALAY Nikolal Alskesevich Zarudovil on the 40th anniverearr of his death. Usb, biol, shur. no.205-77 159. (MIRA 12:7) (Zaruduril Nikolat Alskasevicho 1859-1919) BAIAN, M. - Ships %ith underwater wings. p. 464. REVISTR 7RANSPCRVMIIM, (Asociatia StUndfica a Irq:L=ilor A Tehniolenilor din Romina A Miniaterul T~ranaportuftlor Rutiere, Navale Bi Aeriene) Bucaresti, Rumania. Vol. 6, noe 3.10 Wov, 1959. Monthly list of East D=pean Acce331ons (EEAI) LC Vol. 9, no. 2, Feb. ig6o Unol. BALANO Mai, ing.; ZAM, Aurelp tehnician Use of D-35 engines as auxiliary motors an river tugboats. Rev transport 10 no*331196-121 Mr 163, =7 I ~Zn 1938 AMICh Sco.9 Vol. 2401. CLINICAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE STUDY OV CRYPTORCHIDISM - Contributiielinicelastudiulcriptorhismului- DascA1u-A;gian R.. VItAlyo A.. BAIan M Diaconescu 01. and Rosan L.M. Clin. End:crinol CLUJ ~DCRINOLOGIA (Bucurepti) 1957. 2/1 (47-52) Based on the study of 32 cases cryptorchidism is considered to be a symptom within the eneral pattern of various growth dystrophies. Clinical polymorphism and the g t pe of metabolic troubles displayed both by the patients and their ancestors are Xe expression of an unbalanced diencephalo-hypophyseal complex. Endemic thyreopathic dystrophy may have played a r6le in the genesis of this dysfunction, as E. T. D. Is met with in a proportion of 51fe among the patients and can be found to exist In the ancestors as well. Therapeutic lines are critically discussedi and the need for early hormonal treatment which is compulsorily to precede surgical intervention, is emphasized. BAIAN, Y. --- -... ....- "Concerning Microcepk,Rlic Skulls." p. 2h3 (Izvestila, Vol. 2, 1957, Sofiia, DulgaLria) Fonthl~y Index: of East airopean Accession (FFAI) IPj Vol, 7, No, 11, Nov. 1958 T ,'.bs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., M, 20,1958, 9304. ,'.u' '..*vv :Cararc, 11'.0t : ".3 IlluviiR."L P.R. A.tlc - lhrnbiotic KwAfoottatitrna in Ro,-aIntiun Blocd Prescurc cwd Mspiintion with StiaxLaticni of Chonom.- ceptors of Misclus. iluch=isn c,f Ilicir Ori.,*in. OriC rub: Studii si corcctar!" stiint. :.cad. RPR Fil. Insi. Med., 1956, 7j 110 li ~9-7~- (.Z chw-wracely t Ora -,f per- fusud !-,uccle_-a of u.:tr,;-dticr, wit% a lo"', 1~~a solu- ~lx:,. Vienj (bsQrvcd an !.-.;zronz;v in ar- -.,urind procaurc )f t:ic ma,.,-~mtcry ;sz,vc- -cul-, mid 1,,%tvr was Z'~.c I-0. C r 1-1 1/2 anci; iL mys i., 1, 1. . a cCir t 'y ;(I cul% T i~bs T,ttr,. P-,f :2iur-Diul., ',4j 20, 1958, 93134. r-alationahips bAvQc-,-.- -~hlo iiit,~iisity of Vio Ivnction !LILI VIC injecteLl kl(.Gc Obr%~-Iccd Cmd P=ncdoxic pnasua), inverst,li of Vic ixaction, nmd cc~-,.plutc cc-suaticm (il-.- hibiticii phicu). Th ucvural vma fartier sti:.ul,,%tl(.m 1o;.1 t., rccatabliah;.4nt of excitability. Ifit:, a varia- ti,A', in the rwictio-al statc ~,f the con'tocra ((LoponinC, eA 1. clilf-ralosa ancatlicsia), tlc charactcr of Civ m,-c- ud. T.--a nut -,,.orz asmc, tict paYabi~-tie cl,nrGas ir. the i%.,,,mlntcry cui-.ters of cirmiLation and respiration wera connQctcd with Vie c-liange in rliytl,:a of tho activity of Vic chc;rrcc(-,ptcrs iriiCli worc sub- jcctc,,l to Fran, the authcr's abrtxnct. V--~r,l 2/2 47 --- - m ---- -- -- --- - --- - - - - --- ALUM, H., POBNIIMAO X; Three skeletono of the lat* Ramn time f dTd in the Pleven region* lay Inst morf US no,609-101 1 0 'I CAM av~ H.; BAW, M.1-STSFAN, L; GIURU, KlerA The action of the cerebellum and cerebral cortex on pressura-regulating and respiratory interooeptive responses; functional relation4hips. Rumanian M Rev. no.ItIO3-104 Ja-Hr 161. 1. lAboratory of Physiology, Director: Aoad. Prof. V. Rascanu. Institute of Medicinap Jassy. (GERSULUIM physiology) (CEREMLL CORTEX physiology (RESPIRMON physiology) (MOOD PRESSURE physiology~ STANCU# H.-, BALANO M.; PETFMCUO C, DRAGUMIRkSOUs Marla Data an the utilization of gluoose in.hMrthyroidism. Stud. cercet. endoor. 13 no.21283-290 162, (HYPEWHYROIDISH met&j*jj8m) (GLUCOSE metabolism) (OXYGEN metabolism) I ia, dr.1 p Nicon, dr.1 TSOD010SCU-PRINIOSU, Sands, dr. Considerations on a cue of basophille loWtemla. Med. inter., Ducur 13 no-3459,463 Rr 161. 1. Luerare efectuata in Spitalul din Turnu Magurele. (LEUKEHU case reports) (BASOPHIM) C~;,~Rp BAIAN~ 111.0 MD. Clinical HovPital !,'.T.Tc., Iasi (Spit4tLul Clinic Iasi) - (for all) Bucharoat, Vinta 14odicala, No 231, 1 Utc 63p pp IU7-1(~211 "Elect,routrdiograpi-dc Aupecto in Vonous Thronborsis of tho Rntina." (Papor prosented to Uic Union of Societiev of Modimd Scimcos, Iasi Affiliato, 19612.) NEGOESCU, I.; BALAN, M.; STANCU, H:; NIGOLESCU-CATARGI, Al.; PETPMCU, C. The value of metabolio, hormonal and funational tests in inoipient hMrthyroidism. Stud. cercet. endoer. 14 no. 3:313-325 163. (THYROID FUNCTION TESTS) (HrPERTHYROIDISM) (ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY) (THYROID HORMONES) NEGOESCUt I.; BALANS M.) STARCU, If.. Endomic crotinteMp ftif~ofetal fom of ondemic thyreopathic dys- trophy* Stud, cerests endocr. 14 no.4/5/6t6C9-617 163. BAIAII'l Mai I ing. Davelopmont of the Dwiube tugboats. Rev transport 10 no.1:33-35 A 163o BALAN, Mihaiv ing. Constniction or onviii ,wita. 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Vol, 6, '.0. 5. tLaY 1~51 BALA,N,, S.; RAUTUq S.j PETCU, V, Introduction of UM plastic mass in the etudy of constructions on small-scale models. p. 90-1. OCW.rICARM,, Bucureati,, Rumania. Vol. 80 no* 9# Sept* 1958 MentlAy list of European Accessions (MU) Lr,,, Vol. 8, no. 8. Aug, 1959 Uncl. RUM/8-59-1-9/24 AUTHORSt BIlan, St., RAutu, S., Aroan, M.., Petcu, V. TMEt Study of the Behavior or Constructions by Experimenting With Mockup3 From Matio Materials\'# PERIODICAL: Studii si Cercetiri de Mecanicl Aplicata', 1959, Nr 1, PP 151 - 172 (RUM) ABSTRACT: A now method of experimentation with reduced scale mockups has been developed for the studies and calculations of new construction types, The mockups can be made from the same material as the prototype or from some other material. The authors first pose the problem of similarity, Indicate with "m" the elements of the mockup and with "p" that of the prototype, and establish the following scales; i . -1 1 Wi scale of lengthest (M P scale of timet tin t (2) j p scale of unitary power: (Ym 1 . or (3) ; OL p 414", Card 1/11 scale of movel m p (4) ; RUK/8-59-1-9/24 Study of the Behavior of Constructions by Experimenting With Mockups From Plastle Materials scale of elasticity modules: E E (5). M r p Each mookup Is toade for a certain type of stress, and the problems, of similarity have to be examined only for the respective stress. The rq- lations thus become more simple and easier to be solved. The autbors then; study the cases of a mockup made from the same material rLs the prototype, where F. a Ep a E and I" m 1# a) Static stress in the elastic zone: If the mockup Is stressed only by external load, the relations between the mookup values and prototype values arei _i- U I . a 1 P p J4 EM IE I P ; g . -I- . 6 (6). pm - Ck p OL p m Z.7 p m o( & p If the stresses wh1oh provide from the proper weight are not neglectable, they have to-eespect the similarity relation- 0 - I G I thu a OL - ?L m -Kr - p This case is not advantageous since the displacements are very small and difficult to be measured. In case the proper weight has to be considered, the similarity, relations are: Pm ft I 1 1 . I . C Card 2/ 11 P j E m 'E p; Pm " -~-3 P ; Sm 2 k p k p P SCC 41t, RW8-59-1-9/24 Study of the Behavior of Constructions by Experimenting With Mockupa From Plastic Materials b) Static stresses at heavy axial loadet The deformation scale has to be the awe an the scale of the length: 1 1 (Th- - -,K- " 0( and the similarity relations become: Pm -, pp; E M - Ep; PM - 1 P ; S - I ~ (8) A 2 p m 7t p o) Static stresses in the elastic plaatioal zone: It Is necessary that 6 M - (Y , thus OL - 1. The similarity conditions are given in this case by the Alations (8). d) Dynamic 3tressest The Inertial powers interfere In this case with the external at sees. Accepting the time (2), the acceleration ratio ist P (9) (7-- ap m and the Inertial power ratio Is; I m - am T 2 m M 70 = ;-- . . n4 Since all forces which act on the system have to be In ratio with I Card 3/11 the scale of time Isi T - 7k. (Nr 10). If there are concentrated masses RUW8-59-1-9/24 Study of the Behavior of Constructions by Experimenting With Mookups From Plastic Materials (Mm, Mp) on the construction, it is necessary that MM 1 1 (11). Mp 2 . ?L A, -3 The authors then proceed to the examination of mockup3 made from some! other material than the prototype. A good material has to be homogeneous and Isotropic, to be easily proce3sable, to have a relatively small elasticity module In order to supply easily measurable deformations. a) Static stress in the plastic zone: Using the scale of lengthes (1) and unitary power (3), results for the scales of forces, extension and displacementi P - I P r F- p M p m Ot- k2 p m - -Z o( - k The value of Ot Is% 0( - P - X (Hr 13) . b) Static load at heavy aLxial stressest 7b9 similarity can be guaranteed If the Influence of the proper weight can be neglected or Is replaced by an external stress. By posing the condItIoni m Im I Card 4/ 11 p p ~04.,A RUM/8-59-1-9/24 Study of*the Behavior of.Constructions by Experimenting With Mockups From Plastic Materials one obtains the supplementary relationt OL and the relationst I P 0 1 . P I Cm = C I Pm p (14). p M T. %2 p p p o) Static stress in the elastio-plastical. zonet To obtain a similarity between the bahavior of the mockup and the prototype In the elastic- plastical zone, there is a relation necessary between the elasticity modules of the materials used for the construction of the mockup and prototype (Figure I)i CS m Cr ;: m) E Qr (15) p p p By knowing., the values Ot and the relations between the other par&- motors aret Em a r V Pm - o(.1X2 P m - ot ?L (16) ok p P. p d) Dynamie stresses: Knowing the coefficients 0k and the acceleration ratio let 7.2 Card. 5/ 11 an the time scalet il 4~0 4 RUM/8-59-1-9/24 Study of the Behavior of Construotions by Experimenting With Mookups From Plastic Materials (17) P Experiments with plastic mockups are being carried out In many foretgn laboratories. The new plastics allow the observation of the plast1fied zone by a decoloration of the material. This method has been called "Chromoplastloity". Plastics used for the construction of mockups are poljX1nYl-chlQr1je varieties, developed at the Inatitutul de cercetIrl chimice "ICECHIM" (Chemical Research Institute) by a team led by Stdt4 Prize Winner N Ooldenber . Three plastio vaFleties have bepen used: 1) "SDE", 2) ASDP-l-, and 3) -SDP-2 "I "SDP-3" and ",;DP-4". SDE: perfect elastic behavior for (F-4- elasticity module at bendings E ~- 36,000 kg,/sq cm, proportional.4; limit; a - 550- kg/sq cm, flow limits 6a - 600 kg/sq cm. "SDP-1."t becomes wRite if the tensional flow limit has been reached. Elasticity module at bendingi 30,000 - 36,000 kg/sq cm, flow limits at tension: 550 700 k&/sq cm, at com- pression:600 - 800 kg/eq cm, at bending: 550 750 k&/sq cm. The flow limit values within this Interval, depend from the thermal treatr*nt of the material.. "SDP-2 11 # "SDP-3" and "SDP-4"-. elastiolty module at card 6/i1 bending: 20,000 - 35,000 kg./sq cm, flow limit.- at tensson: 450 - 500 kg/aq cm,