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C.- (Af EI(ACCINA. NO. 4, 1951), 4V: 7"0R T -.It Is ox- edient to sow ~-F,,rG an(i R iinder R Covell of two-row barlay, Ue duration Of t~-e parlod of use for seed IF; not above -7) yebra. Tite wettlnF of D~; P,.-)d 114 seed,~t before sowint; hasteno the ~ipppurrtnce of npronto by 3 to r-~ dotys, b,it dtica not yJ,eld a gair to thA t,.arveat. No9t sowinc- with 60 x (0 cm a;,aning i?,Ave a cron. practl,~.njly close to ti,.e row nowine- 60 am npacing, hetwee~n rows and cannot ,be recornmended bpc;tijpo of ti.e h1tther net cot;t of need prodtictlon. -- V.V. Drantshnikov CIA D 2/2 80 [%,L fI ~'i o I?- MOLOGIYA. NO. 4. 1959, 110. 15599 A11MOR Nalfinolu, Ale t OIL. 19,58, 1-10,, ~'5-29 oi. 7, i I.V12 14 11.1 71" C~. The r,-,, hic ;--,(,th(d if I c ndJne, sh I I'--, "sJ"T thc 11111 V c I tl,,e nr t "](,,,-d- a rd the vclumetric cal'acity. p. 96 (Rev-, rtn Transi:( rtii ri I or. VvI- 3, no. 3, ttir. 11.1!.6. tluc~irv.,.J.I: , flonthly Inlex of Lost Europenn hecesslirns (LUI) U. Vol. 7, rc. -, F'cbru,-,r.y 29,1V Cvnc(,ntrzAi(,n (-f , rc-luct-ve forcer, for lvadlrj- cn r v- 3,`2 (Revi'sts Tn-innywrturilcr. Vol. L, nc. t. 'Ll !;7. --,-jcAircrti, hur-Innia) Lonthly livlcx cf En,-,t Eurcprrn ivces,;icns (,~*F.,'!.) 1C. M. 7) 2) Februnry Y-5'," I ---- 1~4,1;.Fcov, !..N. eJect of rwxntain climatc on 'Ot-LO . Ak&d. nauk '.zLf-d. 4'5,-t, N,). IL, p. 23-21, Jie:~,zne in Lzz.,O, - ; . . ~l 11, Ltems FO: L-32(19 10 Airil 51, ~Ieto-isl 1-mial 12, 1910 AMMSION NM- AP3000077 z/0009/63/000/005/0241/0244 AurHM: Dadak, Vojtech; Smejkal., Karel; ~asovaL_VIT_ T=: Wproducts of aromt1c nitration 3. Hydroxylation of arora- tic com-pounda by nmans of nItr1c acid. sOURCE: Chemicky prunwal, no. 5, 1963, 241-244 TOPIC TAGS: nitration of )Wleneso toluenes, chlorob!nzene; ratio of nitro and hydrwW derivatives; uses as herbi- and fungicides ABSTRACT: Literature references covering nitration byproducts did not cover data on hydroVlation of m- and p-xylene. The present work waa carried out to complete the available Information. qualitative and quan- titative date on hydroxylations of m- and p-xylenes, chlorobenzene, nitro- benzene, and 0-., m-, and p-nitrotuelene exe listed. Results show clear- ly the electrophilic character of the hydroxylation reactions. The se- paration of the Individual products was made by elution from alwninum Card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP30DD077 oxide columns and identification by paper chromatography. From iden- tified substances 2, 3-dinitro-p-cresol and 2, 5-dAnItro-p-cresol and 2-6-6dinitro-p-cresol are active as herbicides againal. grassy weeds. Non-nelective herbicide activity Is shown by 4, 6-dinitro-p-cresol, 2, 3- and 2, 5-dinitrophenole, and 2, 4, b-trinitrophenol. ~', 0-d1ni. tro-4-chlarophenol and 2, 4-dinitro-6-chlorophenol setn promising as fungicides. The relationship between the yields of nAroderivatives and hydroxyderivatives of the various aromtic hydroctxbons tbqted are shown in Table I., of the Enclosure. "The authors wish to express their thanks to the following: J. Hcjlikp for the spectra.1 analysce; J. Have- 1ka, for the titanometric determination of the nitro groups; and Z. Forak, for checking the purity of the initial materials, by means of gas chromatography." Or1g, art. hav 7 tables. As=IATION: VCHZ Synthesia, n.p.; Vy%kuimW ustav prwtWslove chemie (Research Institute of Industrial Chemistry) Semtin suDerm: i&TuI61 UM AMI 17jun63 MCL: 01 SUB CCDE: 00 NH M SOV! 003 OTIM, 013 Cord 2/3 -9 NR I ACFSSTC AP )M771 Table V11 ENCII,~ISVRF* ~ 1 Ratio of nitro. and hydroxydorivatives during aromatic nitration , 4% Original Positions of WNitroderivatlvea Aydroxydorivatives chemical aubstituents one uteriski balance to 100% by substances not identified % % Whose, I wt to's Is 011 1,W) )toil oil's 06 1 ' I Its) ' ? : $7.041) 63.0 It I go as too Soo I;I two asterlskvi' tic ratio of Isomers was not detemined in by products of dini- tration of nitrobenzene. AU spots on paper chromtography vere identified. C11rd 313 RA1ASSA, Andreas (Chile) The T,al,le,y- -ok lost cities. Elet tud 19 no. 7s 291-294 14 F 1649 SOMDGYI, Miklos; MAROSAN, ryorgy; B".';A, Bela; SARKOZI, Ferenc; PASZTOR, Jozeef; SZABADKAI, Gyula; TOTH, Erno, vajar; SZERENCSI, Janos; BDSKOVOTS, Istvann*; KOMLODI, Sandorne The 3d Conference of Trade-Union Stewards. Munk& 8 no.9il-8 S 158. 1, Saakszervezetek Orazagos Tansesa elnoke (for Samogyi), 2, Dombovari Vasutig"agatosag (for Balassa). 3. Lang Gappar azaks-ervezeti bizotteaga e1n6ke (for Sarkozi), 4. Budapesti Tuzalloanyaggyar Igaigatoja (for fta- badkai), 5. Petofl-banya. 6. OzdI Kohaizati Uzamak (for Szorenani). 7. Istvan-korhaz (for Boskovits)* S. Otina Cipogyar azakazervezati bizott- saga e1noke (for Komlodi). 9. Padagogiai Tovabbicopzo Inteset igazgatoja (for Pasztor). !: " , " '. A . i!, - " r"'I "I".- --- 11 . -, ' (- r I'( I on Too]-. :'~, li-on and S)to-il n!). I 113 J,t 161;. , G,vi!.Irg ~oild it the Fwlrl-lolea. Kch lap IM n,, 16 BAUb--A, GY. (Xtr forest econorW on the road of socialist development. p. 7,11. AZ DW . (Orezagoa Erdesseti Ef7esulet) Budappstj HungaY7. Vol. 11, no. % ~ 1959. Monthly List of Laz;t Luropean Accessions (EFAI) LC, Vol* no* 1959. BALASSA, Gy-ula, dr. The National Main Directorate of forestry ia ton yeara old. Erdo 13 no.lOt433-437 0 164. 1. EditorJal board member, I'Az Erdo." BALASSA, The situation of our silviculture ard the tasks of its devel"nt. Magy tud 67 n0.1119-25 Ja 160. (= 91?) 1e Orazagoe Erdeszetl Foigazgatosag vezatoje. (Hmpry-Foreats and forestry) BAIASSA, Gyula, dr. 7be stote and future of Hungary's silviculture. Erdo 11 no.12:529.- 537 D 162. 1. Miniazterhelyetteal as Orazagoe Erdeazeti Foigazgatosag vezetojes Budapeets so "Az Erdo" exerkento bitotteagi tagja, 2!A.!!A ~pla L dre State of Hungarlan silvimature and the trend of its develop- ment. Irdo 13 noolil-5 Ja'64- lo Hinlesterbelyetteal Orazagoe Erdeaseti Itoigazgatosag, vezetoje; *As Irdo* sterkeosto, bizotteagi tagja* BALASSA, Imrs Some problma relatlug to the orgailzation of design work in precision machanica. Finommachaniks, 1 no,129353-355 D'62, BAIASSAI, Jarwe An attempt for the determination of the level of chenical engineering work. Magy ken lap 15 no-W57-161 Ap 160. 1. Mehezipari Miniesterium, Budapest. . 0 a% 1"~ ~' -, . , i .. "A sc!icntif ic ;wf-'in kl 3 :ica I I on lnuiri Iii - c)'k I n..i or,-a:141 za flonal mumsure:7, n! !':-o 1,)n of tlicir ell 7p "A.'"o Ok Apr'l List of 1~ho En5t Europcaii .',cc ~-oions, BALASSA, T. "Routin,r, Accordinf- to the Disratcl,er Sys"er In I'(,, Iarar,0.7.Prt. of Socialist `:'n`iirtr1a1 Fnt.errrisestlp r. Vol. e, Vo. 2, Feb. 7-H-irnst., !~,.;nrary) 0 SCI l'on'thly List of East &i-orm Accessions, (E"Al), LC, "'ol. ,,, Fo. 3, Jan. 1955, Uncl. FAIA=~ J. "T.,unj;arlan interTreta4lon or Icusaten Ten-o in fl-lp. of (rc-anization ! 11 Soc In 110" rt tx! R I Lnt (,I-Ir t sto s" , r. .3 Y~ . (X, *_'.: T77, .! 1 U-S, V ol .,I Vo. I., Ai,ri 1 11 U., lhidnrentj Hunpry) SCt 1'.onflly List of FAst Fmi-ol min Acees-t-ins, IC, Vol. 4, !7o. 1, Jnn. ll.~-55, Ulml. 1.11AIASSA, Ja 111:urrarlan Interpretntion of ri,sslan Tor -i In t!ip- Firld of Trocluction ir Snpleltst Triustrisl Fnterl-rines", T. 35. 7016 -,1 ?:0. ('s Jilne 10-l-,4p -Dul-'layest-, 1-unf-riir) SOI "onthly List of FAqt F-m-ol-ran Accessions, (FFAL), lCt I:CI. 4t No. 1, Jan. Uncl., PA IA S St.$ J, . "I'lunuarian Inte-,retnUon of' R-tmsian Ton a In tl,.e Field Of LaIntmance in Socialist Tr.ehs,,r!t:l Fnteri-rlne,s", Y* 34. luly Ndaj,ost, !:V,,,!-nry) to) 30: I'onthly List of Eest Rirolmn Accesilors, (ML) LC !'o. Jan. Uncl. ti 'T IIA"SAI "Funi:vritm Interri-nintion ol" "usslan In 1"l-ld I)f 1(-wclr 1) -P '%-I -L I-r Economy In Socinllqt Twb)qtrinl S So A!'T, Ic"'.,4, SCI: !'onthly I,i,-t of Enst E~iroj,ean Acceisioms, (FaQ, 1C, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan. Uncl. 1JAIA,~;,iAs j . "Hungarian Interprota,.ion of Russian Id6rd3 and Fxpres-siorm," . . 37 (TOWM.'EL~;. i'ol. U.. No. 9p Sept. 1q,5)jj* Judapert) laui-ary.) Soi 11.1onthly List of East Euro,,,can Accossionss (EFAL), W,, Vol. 4. Noe h., April 1955., Uncl., "0:1'.0 and .,). :'alint'r, vallalat.1 terveves #s thn Ghemic-il 11(fust, - a 'I w)h 1',.,Vi(w, re 37, '110 ~,'r,,,.;~tzation of "'lamtq in I Z~ flar. 195' III -wes" Vol. 9, no. .i), z, 3C: Idst Of Accc.;3j.O-.-,, L(;j Vol. 4) -l;(-,. 10f uct. 1955; I-AM37A, J. Brigades to decreine prime cost (co:7plex) for tecIm!cqtl dev-'110-~nent. p. 6. Vol 9, tio. 10, Oct. 1".55. 7~,,dapest, "ungary. SO: EtLtern 'Naropean Accei3ion. Vol 5, no. 4, April 11156 BALATE, Jaronlav, ins. AutorAtio oatch of olootria food pumps, Enargetika cs n no.12t602-603 D 161, KU!10S, Richard, egyatemi tanar; F13CUR, Imre; IIAR)ANYI, Istv&n, dr., docens, kozgazdnaRgi tudomanyok kandidatusa; UNGYFL, Karoly, dr., tudomanyos munkatars; ~ALASSA, Laszlo, . foeloado; KOZYM, Pal, dr., fokonyvelo; KASPER, Egon*l' dr.; MACSKAS-v, Pal; LUKAGS, Laszlo, okleveles elaktromernok; SAIJTA, Balilt, dr. Scientific conference on retraining instrument ineustry personnel. Pores automat 13 no.2/3i66 165. 1. Secret%ry General, Council on Science and Higher Edncation, Budapest (for Kolos). 2. Head, Directorate of Instrument Industry of the Ministry of Metallurgy and Machine Industry, Budapest (for Fischer). 3. Instrument Industry Research Institute, Budapest (for Lengyel). 4. National Price Office, Budapest (for BalRasa) 5. Inqf-ument and Businens Machine Trading Organization, Budapest (for Kowa). 6. Group Hand, Ministry or Finance, Budapest (for Kasper). 7. Directorate of Instrument Industry of the Ministry of Metallurgy and Machine Industry, Budapest (for Santa). ~U 11 A 3Wpastl Tudomanyogyatem 11me as Idogkortani Klinikajar6l. Adatok as ackerci vogstativ kotpontok slettanahos Contributions to the phyqiology of the cortical vegetative reaclel Orvosl Xetilap 19W. 89/481-495 (490-493) Graph& 7 The vegotativa nervous system was examined In five cases before and after profrontal leucotoiW. The blood cuW levels wero below nornal (54,36.6o,76 mg. por 100 ml.). and remained low for 1-2 months. It is sugaostod that prefrontal centres play a part in regulating sugar metabolism, and that emotional factors act throtwfi such centres. Sympathomimetic drugs, such as adrenaline, amphetamine, and metrazol, h&ve a much-reduced effect on blood pressure and on the pulse, following leucotomy. The action of acetyl- oholine, morphine and scopolamine remains unchanged, however. Iseskuts - Judapest Sol lhcerpta Modica, Vol. II, No. 10plut. II, Oct. 1949 HUNGOY / Human and Animal Physiology (Normal and Patho- T logical). Internal Secretions. Pancreas Abs Jour: Hof Zhur-Biologiya, No 21, 19585 97759 Author Fiala, Ervin and Balassal Maria - --------- Inst Not given Title t First Experiments with a Now Internally Intro- ducible Antidiabetic Preparation Invenole Orig Pub; Orv. hetilap, 1957, 98, No 21, 554-555 Abstracti No abstract Card 1/1 --BAIAS,SA-,- Karl&, dr.; POLIC2ZR, Kiklos, dr.-. YIAIA, Ervin, dr.; MIKE, lffiiiila', dr.; TARI# 'lasslo;.VASVARI, Gabor , .0 RRdlotodine thyroid,fanotion test with the aid of the orgoinic phosphorus scintinator and GH tube. Magb radlol. 12 no.4:240- 244 N l6o. lo A losponti, Allaul lorhas as a NTA LDsp. lemlai lutato Intesetensk kme kosl"MODYS, (TMOID GIAND phisiol) (IODINE redloaWye) (RADIONWRY) FIALA, Irvin, dr,; POLICM, Miklos, dro; M113, Teresta, dr.; BATA SA, Karl&, dr. ,- Con W ative biological evaluation of function tests of the thyroid glande Kagyebslorv.arch. 13 no-3:78-84 il 160. L A Kospontl Allami Kothat (rutvolgyi ut 4.) (Igaegato-foorvoo: Fenyweel Jossof dr.) I* szobelnestalyanak (Foorvost Policter Miklos dre as orvostudomanyok kandidatusa) koslemenys, (THYRO13) GLAND pbrs t o1) MlXR.'Teresial. dr.-, POLICZER. Miklos . dr. : YWA,*vin.dr.; RATAS1-A,MsriA,,42'. ftrold function tests In )Wportension and peptic ulcer. Orv. hatil. 101 no.141482-W4 3 AP 160. 1. Xosponti Allami, Korhas 1. Belosstaly. (THTHDID OLM physiol.) (HTPXRTMION physiol. (PAPTIC UICIR Physiol.) o $a oo***Oo $000*600 07- o " At t I t I AA W 10 6 to a It tt 41 4,c 0 ' es, 9 vitual lou"F.MK 00 HYDRAULIC PROCESDIN(M ! Vol. 32 1950 0*4 No. 1-2 .00 see see See .CtSIVOICATION its-lei 1. ~ V-~ - 4V I U a Sta It Of Mla It% 6 0 000 0- 4-S gooon ol: 41 0 a so e: At-9-9 1900 be* too ji aW i W-n m i I * Ow a I IPA 4, *[,,*0e e 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0 9-1-0 0-0 0 * 0 0 ~ 0 0 0 0*0 41 M 0 4M 0-04 1*- '0 * * 6 - lis 0 A,:' A N 14 A m 0 * 0 0 * 00 f A g 0 , 00 1 tf 0 7 luwnwmwtl Lusal CVIL M~IhO REVUM .64 VOL 1 1951 Go :00 00 Ilow ............ 00 * ow Zee 1 l 640 01 . woo too b 0 0 0 0 0 Vol :;C)'WcO: "Onthly List or E~-j A~~ccssjo:js, vol. BAIA ]:;A, ". "I'lul(Inrinn Nn,'103 for Clur lLichine Tool.s". p. (., .,*1',,1 l7w, 'I'm Vol. 1, n". ,/0, Aul'./Sent, . I I)I;j , I~.rj.-jj-,CS4 , - - - -, t, I .~ y) . ~,lurce: !o:itl,!-:, List of E,-s" E~wo!ann AccessIO113, Tr, Vol I ", r '15,41 Uncl. ~l - . , -~. - p ..7 1 1 mwu , - .T- - YelMitestudomnyt Szemle - Vol- 5, no. 4/5, Apr./Vay 1955, Yachanization of earthwork. p. 223. SOi Ponth3,v list of East European Accessions, (EUL), LC. Vol. 4. No. 9, Sept. 3955 Uncl. fAli-A, "'. t-ALAOSSA, '~fol.nnimiticn cf work In covoritir e"1!nr~-r,,-,,nts of t!,c Vclg,--Loii Canal. ~ - 361. Vol. ~f No. 81 hur. )W". 1UY.'-P1'i:Z7Jj~'A!;Y1 T FC- i M I OC. Y ludepent, !A1nrr-ry So: '-pst A,cessi('11, Vol. ,, ;10. !" Y-y Problens of ex3et excnv%tin!j or croSS sictions of canals. Vol 5, no. 11, Dec. 1-55, So: FAstorn -uropean Accession. Vol 5, no. 4, April 1956 BA IA *, ; I , I,. Tile F-153 h.1fdraulic excavatnr wittl thn "Ilmic White RtLqnlan engine. p. 13. No. 20, Oct. 1955, "U,;7,AKI 7' MET. Budapeatt Hungary. SO: Fastern Furopenn Accession. Vol 5, no. 4, April 1956 RALAISA !% New &M nodern methods of orlen pit cnal mininp. P. 471 (BwVas7ati Lapoke Vol.12, nol 9. 19579 Budapest, lhinfnry) Monthly Index of East Diropean Accessions (FrAl) LO. Vnl. 7, no. 2, February 1958 ULMA R. Transformation mechantens of Rhisobla. 1-111. Act& slorob. hW. 2 nool-201-78 1954.- I e, .~t t, "'l. A,, I. Oenstle0w Abts+luWd*s Agrobiologischen Institutes der Ungarlsoben Akademle, der Wissenschaften. (RHMODIUM transform* types, mechanism) 4 ----BALASSAN Desoxyribonucloic acid Induced changes In Rhisobla. Act& microb. hung. 4 no.1:77-84 1957. 1. Oonotisches Institut der UWrischen Akadeals der Wleskinschafton, Sudapost, (RHIZODIUM, off. of dru4p on desoxyribonuclete acid Inducing variations (Ger)) (DISOITRIODMICLIZO ACID, off. on Rhisoblum species, Induction of variations (Ger)) BALASSA. R. Conditions of the development of low stroptoorcin resistance In Rhisobta induced by desoxyribonucloic acid. Act& microb. hung, 4 no.1t85-95 1957. L Ganotisches Institut der Ungarischen Akademis der Wissenschaften, Budapest. (RHIZOBIUN, off. of drugs on dooo)qrlbonuclele acid Inducing low streptomycin resist., cond. of Induction (Gar)) (DISOXYRIDONUOLNIC ACID, off. an Rhisobium species, induction of streptoiWein resist. & cond. of induction (Gar)) (STRAMMYCIN, off. on RhIsoblum species. induction of resist. by desoxyribonucialc acid (Gar)) BkUSSA, Rnzsi; GADOH, Magda Transfomation of ' ~'Arlt On,-Yl- In ~fLrt- r - -' - - - - " -4 - 4, , -4- 11-4, UTranisfomation of streptoWein-dependenee. Alota microbiol. acad. scie Hmg. 11 no.4029-339 164-165 1. Institute or Genetics (Direotor: B. G~-jrffy)) Itangarlan Academy of Sciences, Budapest. SAVRLY.Caenar,dr; PAI"SAt6andor6dr,; WHBGZ,hLs%1o,dr.-, WAGNIM,Xsrta,dr. Clinical and soorimuts.1. observations on the trpatment of obesity with gracidin. Orve.hetil. 101 no.20:699-701 15 IV 160a 1. Budapest III. 1mr. Tanacs Margit korhaza. Belosstaly. (PMUMTPAZINN %her. ) (ODASITY ther.) BALASSA, Sandorp dr.; WAGM9 Marta,. dr.; WRINCZp lasslo, dr. SubwAooardial infarotion. Orr. hotil. 102 no.5Ot2362-2366 10 D 161. 1. Budapest III ker. Tames Margit-korhas, Belosstaly. ()MOCARDM INFARCT) DALAU~SA k;SAKANY* Gyurty, dr.; Ti 1-3VA.-It At W dr.,- -,L_3WAQr, dr.; 4 WAGNEap I-Lil'ta, dr. Coaretation of the deacon-,Ung aorta. Orv. hetil. 103 no.21-.969-980 27 My 162. 1. Orstagos Kardioloelti Jntozat es aPovarosi Margit korhat, be1gyogyasatl Ontalys (AORTIC COARCTWrION caue reports) h pw 1b 11. 9"7* L.. &.,.. ... .4j,. flue "allostift st 114,W Wilk obrutq&ue A..t"6 Aot,., - 4 too,,. 4*' *Pie&. A-1. @*I. b'-' lb 0, 074W0 b0lik" WVWUR &t~lv- 64,410.1, -stmis tr- or. am: as%$ 6su"to %rL 0,4&L,,4 'Lem., 1. ow, " bvl 410U1.1014 watr v th 9,6. 11, "o-a be gull 'ft -WUt.A f"m ot 'tru" qw4w trc ot a "& 'ha *W%Mn WRI&I 3 ",h~7a~wm 64 "1.. -6 10 am m VIIA ow of Im how% IUNSW Vft um6 -A &-Vw %ft C# jr "a," of Ue ftu fto waafts. BAIASSI Am-JjWq-prAj, dr.1 IXBS(lt Gyargyne www~ - Should free shelves be established in trade-union librariest Remarka. Pin" 32 noe.8t24-25 Ag #62o 1, Koho- as Gapiparl HWasterium asakeserveseti kotyrtarosa. (for DmIsmay)e 2* Pro&- es, Kmosoltarugyar asakeserveseti korqvtarosa, (for Lubeck), -ATA". - Taroqlav A -_71-jr, -ijT Konzervovanie ovocia, Leleniny a masa v domacnosti. (Preservation of Fruit, Vegetables and Meat in the Household. illus., tables) Bratislava, Slov. vyd. rodohosp. lit.t 1957. 285 P. Vol.65 or the series Rastlinna vyroba (Plant production). A detailed work on the rreservation of fruit, vegetables, mushroomsp meat and eggs. It describes individual methods of proservation. It is offered to households &n.1 nreservation classes. BibliograXickly katalog, CSR, Slovenake Kn1hy. Vol.VIII. 1957. No.9. p.280. MAJFMKY, Rudolf; BAIASTIK, Jaroslav In,formation from the trip to Hungary. Prum potravin 14 no.208-81 F 163. 1. Sdruzeni 11havaru a kontorveren, Bratislava (for Hajersky)* 2. Slovacko Iihovary a konzervarny, n.p., Uherake Hradiste (for B&Iastik). % aroslav, ins,; HYSEK, Milan Introducing nev sorts of sterilized canned vegetables. Prum potravin 14 no.W78-182 Ap 163. 1. Slovacke konservarny a lihovary, n.p., Uharske Rradiste. NT.HEC, Emil, inz.; bALASTIK, JAroslav, 4riz. Modern technoloV and wthods In the CAnning industry. Prum potravin 16 no.2:53-56 F 165. 1. Sdru2enl 'Lihov&ru a konstrvaren, BrAtislava, (for Nemec). Z, Re3eirch Institute of Distillation and CannLng In&u4try, BrAtislava (for SalKstlk). Submitted Octobor .0, 1964. BALASXg A.9 dr .................... ---- Pablio health in Bledlissoss, 3drowis pub,, Varss. No.4025-332 July-Aug 54. 1, Lek"s vlejaki s Siedliescs, pow. Chelm, woj. lubelskie. (MLIC MUIRRO in Poland, In rural aress) (RURAL CMITIONSO pub. health in Poland) BALASH, A. [Balaaw, A. ]I KLIMEK, R, Oxytocin dynamic test for the determination of the time of delivery* Akush, i gbis. 39 no*3%99-101 My-J9163 (MIRA 17s2) 1 Ix 1-y kliniki akusherstra i ginekologii ( zav,, - prof, dr* I I S: Shyarts) Meditainskoy akedemil, Krakov, JK:QkUSS-'4'AK-l, 17-unina; BAIASZ, Behavlor or ute iron level tmforn labor In yslonl,~ olcon rinj after I.Abor In blovi. flat. Pol, 15 no.3:33',7-346 JI- S 104. 1, Z ZtLkladu Fatologli Ogobicj i Doawludezalrej Akadf.,-,-,it Ilodyc,-,noj w Krakowie (KI-rownik: ),rof. dr. med. B. Giedou".) i z 1 Kliniki Foloznictwa i chorob Koblecych Akademil ',.Icdycznej w Nrakoqie (h leiow- n1k: proPL. dr. med, S. Schwarz). IJAIJIS7, Aleksandur; PLlItTA, Wrift; X-ARC,,*YTI6zKI, YuzimirjT'7 Case of ovarian abaceas with fistula followliig along thts Inguinal canal. Pol. tyg6 lek. 20 no.39:1460,..1470 27 S 165. 1. Z Kliniki Polo".nictwu i Chorob KoWecych AM w Krakowle (Kierownik: yrof. dr. Stefan Schwarz). c! if & 'T! Balikitz, Andres Tio 93-10') Blol. 9 f, V) i, D iya, No. I I 'vllh JK Log n 1; 3 - BA1ASZp Fol KISS$ To Production of heat-treated alloyed aluxinux wires for conductors. Act& techn Hung 28 no.1/2:121-131 160. (EUI 9:7) 1. Mceperimentall otdal zavoda tsvetrjykh mistalloy Chapel'. (Al My wdnum) (Electric wire) (Electric conductors) GOSCRY0 B., KaLnd4d&t der toohn. Wlasenschaf ten; RAIAL der tentm. Wissenachaften KandIdal- Data on the effect of bond on the tensile strength of prestressed ooncrets bears. kota teohn Hung 49 no.3/4t453-462 164. BALASZ, Karoly, dr. Preservation of steri3lty and the prevention of rapid blood coagulation In swines in case of waso blood tests. Magy allatorv lap 17 no.7t274-275 J1 162. I* Ag,ozakallatoryoo,Sairak. BALASZ, Ladislaug sconomist principal Savings of 975,000 lei. Constr Die 15 no.7221l 9 N 163. BALASZ, Laisslo, Participation of the at the 65th National 450-451 164. State Bureau of Geodetics and Cart,)grapkiy Agricultural Fair. Good kart 16 no.6t HUM= a Ilie # ing. I BL= I Hatho; 14. Metrological activity in fun Wogg'6ao at tho &UctropiUft W*rjW. lbtralosla apl 6 nod,200-84 lp-Jo It f59. BALAS7, R. 1951 (Biocilem. Inst. U. of Budapest) "Shock and ATP11 Acta Physiol (Budnpest), 1951, 2A suppl (26) No sibst. In Exc. Hed. rediatrics Jun, 1703. CLINICAL EXPERIENCES IN THE TREATMENT OF DIP11THERLA WITH IIYALURONIDASE - Klinickd akdeenosti s oplikAciou hyaluroniddsy blogena pri difterit - 13 de, . and Calkora A. Infeken, Odd. O10NZ v Rlmavsktj j7140_1Vr'&.OBZ. 1159. 6/4 (226-230~ Tables I Good results ere claimed In 22 patients with pharyngeal, nasal and laryngeal diph- theria, for the adjuvant action of hysluron1daso in the clearing of the membrane. Lnrbor - Sheffield (L, 7) ,AT AT, F. "The Bird Louse (Actornithophilus Ferris, 1916), a Parasite of the Plover." p. 93. (Zoolo-icke A lhtemoloptickg UatZ. Val. 2, no. 2, June 1953. Praha). East lkropean 1, 3, No. 6 4 SOs Month?Z List 19 -OflWI#A Aacessions p /Library of Congreasp JUAq 51p Uncl. BARDOSp To; BAUTO re I MIZINA, R.; DWY. 2.1 KRALIXOTA, Do; LIBIKOVA, R.; XACIGRAt ve-rWICOVA, 1.1 soon# J.1 ROSICIrT, B.; SDMOVAO A, SOMODUA. To S EACMj Do Survey of the natural foci of infoctions, in one district of Slovakia* Bratiale Iske lIstY 34 n0,10-1111195-1237 Oct-Noy 54. 1e Z Virologickeho ustavu CSAY, riaditel &Wasik D.Blaskovio. Z Ustawn spidesiologle a mikrobiologle, v Bratislava. risditel dro JoKarolooke Z Nourologlakeho oddeloni nonoonice v No. primar doo. DeZachar. Z laskonsho oddelonla nomocnice v No. prinar dr. I.Xwdoova. E Biologioksho ustavu MAY v Prahe, rinditel "emik IsMalake Z Iaboratoria pro stavoyes OSAV v Bras, vaduci prof, loIrrMochvil, 2 Wgionicksho ustavu I= v Bratislava, prodnosta akademik V.Muoha. 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Uperiments on isolation of the virus and ve. logical examinations. Ceek, epidem. 11 no.218346 Hr 162. 1. Ustay spideadologis a mikrobiologie v Bratislare Laborator pro vyskum obratlovau MV v Bme. (VIRUSM transmission) (BrM) BA14T , Frantivek, dr. . C,SO, (Brno, Lidicka 79) --- - -- - -- - - -- ----- --- ------ Contribution to the knoVIedge of tho avifauna Of Bulgaria. Prace CSAV Brno 34 no.101445-A,92 162. 1. Laborator pro vyzkum obratlovou, Ceskoelovenska akademie vsdj Brno. BAIATE, Jaroslav.. ins. Cleaning the bottom of steam boiler furnaces by oxygen cutting with iron dust addition. Energetika CS 13 no-42198-199 Ap 163. 1. Teplarna Brno. U/009/61/000/001/001/005 D224/D302 AUTHORS: Butnaru, Constantin and BfilAtescu Tiberiu, Engin- eers TITLE: The behavior of silchrome steels in cast pieces PERIODICAL: Metalurgia 91 constructia de magini, no. 1, 1961, 10-13 TEXT: The article describes some heat treatment experiments con- ducted at the Combinatul metalurgic (Metallurgical Combine) in Reji~a to improve the mechanical characteristics of cast silchrome steel, used in manufacturing the supports of hot atove grates of a 700 cu-m blast furnace. The chemical composition of the silchrome steel used was: 0.40 - 0.50% G, 2.5 - 3.5% Si, maximum 0.70% Mn, maximum 0.035% P, maximum 0,035% S, and 8 - 10% Cr. The cast supp- orts were ori inally heat-treated as follows: The supports were heated and mattained for 14 hours at a temperature of 8800C then cooled down to 7000C, and finally cooled in air. The mechanical C ard 1/4 R/009/61/000/001/001/005 The behavior of silchrome... D224/D302 characteristics obtained were far below the required ones, estab- lished for forged silchrome steels. In order to improve these characteristics, various laboratory investigations were conducted on samples subjected to seven various types of heat treatment. On the basis of these experiments, it could be determined that a sili- con content of more than 2.5% in the cast pieces reduced the elonga- tion capacity of the material. The microstructure of the cast sil- chrome steel, whose elongation did not correspond to the require- ments, contained large chromium carbides, with a tendency to set in the lattice, whereas the for5ed steel showed a homogeneous struc- ture with fine and uniform carbides. In the case of cast steel having a silicon content below 2.5%, the applied heat treatment led to a structure similar to that of the forged steel. The charges with a high silicon content presented after the thermal treatment a free structural ferrite. In order to check the resistance to shocks, resilience tests with Messnager-type samples were carried out at a temperature of 3000C. The resilience values obtained at this temperature were satisfactory. Based on these experiments, Card 2/4 R/009/61/000/001/001/005 The behavior of silchrome... D224/D302 the authors recommended changing the chemical composition of the steel as follows: 0.35 - 0.40% C, 2 - 2.5% Si, 0.4 - 0.5% Hn, maxi- mum 0.035% P, maximum 0.035% S, and 8 - 9% Cr. 'Me supports cast from this steel were: then subjected to the following heat treatment: normalizing at 950 - 9800C, keeping the pieces for 10 hours in the furnace, cooling in air, tempering at 750 - 7600C, keeping the pieces for 16 hours in the furnace, cooling in air. The recorded mechanical.characteristica after the traction tests corresponded to the requirements and are compiled in tabulated form. Gonclu- sions: The forged silchrome steel, due to its high mechanical characteristics, can be used for producing supports. The cast sil- chrome steel with an Si content if lower than 2.5% has, after the corresponding heat treatment, mechanical characteristics similar to those oZ the forged steel. Charges with a Si content of higher than 2.5% do not attain the required elongation. If the cast oil- chrome pieces cannot be hardened, it is recommended subjecting them to a heat treatment consisting of nomalizing at 950 - 9800CP followed by tempering at 7-500C. It is also necessary to undertake Card 3/4 R/009/61/000/001/001/005 The behavior of silchrome,.. D224/D302 fast cooling in air after the normalizing and tempering operations. There are 5 tables, 4 Eigures and 2 Soviet-bloc references. Card 4/4 BAIATKAp B.; NOVOTNYp J. Terraces of the Radbuza &M Uhlava rivers. p. 181. 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"The lateral river niche in the valiey of the Jizera River In the vicinity of Knichovo liradi5te, 11.10 (Czechoslovak Georgraphical Society) Vol. 63p no.1) 1958 1'ranal Czechoslovakia SC: Monthly Index of Last European Accession (EFA1) LCI Vol. 7, no. 5, May 1958 SUIIW-13, Given Names Countryt ,zaclionlov,kia f Academic Degre931 Cnot ;iven] Affiliations Lnot givonj Source: .Prague, ,41,ornik Geskosloven.,;ka Snolecnosti Lomar)isno, Vol 66, No 4, 61, ?P 360-365- Data# l'onusis of the 5hort 'alleys on Uio L3ft bank of Uio Iovor uhro River." Authorsf iikL-%TFj., Be I Goo 1616%) .BAJATUt-BrstislAv;-SLMZK, Jaroolay The terrace system of VItava, and Elbe Rivera betwoon Kralupy and Wake Stradohoris Rospravy mat CSAV 72 no.llt3-62 162. BALATKA, Bretislav; SLUNK, Jaroslav ProbIwAs of the terraos system of Bohemian rivers. Sbor sem 68 67-71 163. 4 RUATU, B.; SLADEN, J. Preliminary report on examination of river terraces and gravels in the basins of the Asers, River and the Orlioe -fttwst, Sbor son 68 noo2sM-177 163. LO BAIATKA, B.; SLLDEX, J. Methods of research on river terraces, 180-181 163, Sbor sem 68 noo2i BAIATKAI BratiBlav, CSe.; LOUCKOVA, Jaroslav&, CSc-; SLIDEK, J&roelavv dr.0 CSO. Draft of the concept and key of a detailed goomorphological map 1 s 50,000 ( I t 25,000). Sbor sem 68 no.3:229-238 163. 1. Geogr&ficky ustav Caskoslovenske akademie vpd, pobocka Praha 3,, Laubova 10. BAJATKA, Bratislav, CSc.; LOUCKOVA, Jaroslava, CSc.; SLADEK, Jaroslav, dr., Report on the goomorphological survey of the southern part of Polomens hory and Uatooka tabule. Sbor sea 68 no.3t259-264 163. 1. Geograficky ustav Ceskoslovenske akademle ved, pobocka Praha 3, lAubova 10. BUATKA, B.; SIADEK, J.1, Problem of terrace rove and terrace complexes. Sbor zem 68 noo4t337-338 163. lVdATKA I B; SLADEK f J* Rewrks on the torrnfn ~-~ i - , - central aection of thp Elbe Sbc,r sell: 0' ro-'134'~:-)" t63. L~ I I B)JATXA, Stanislav. ins. Xatutenance of trolley line in Usti nad Labem sector. Zel 4op tech 10 no.2:57 1621 BAIATONI, F. Contribution to the characterization possibility of the part W differential equations of the second order through calculus of vatiations. Hat kut kotl KTA 5 n0-1/21'29-2)3 460. (MI 10:1) (Differential equations) (Harmonic functions) (Calculus of variations)