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1"6 7 2 0 3/056/61/041/005/035/038 B109/BiO2 AUTHORS: Baldin, A. M.. Lebedev, A. 1. TITM A peculiarity of the photoproduotion of threshold x0-mesone PERIODICAL: Zhurnal skeperimentallnoy J teorttitheskoy fisiki, Y, 41, no. 501), 1961, 1688-1689 TEXT: Experimental data on the photoproduotion of x0-mesons are not fully consistent with the values expected from theory. This Is due mainly to the uncertain evaluation of the dispersion integral. The authors studied the region of angles near 0 a 00, where the discrepancy between experiments and theory becomes particularly obvious. In this region the differential ,to photoproduation arose section is highly sensitive to changes of the dispersion integrals. The photoproduation cross section is given by (9t. 0 - 0.) - F2 W 0 and the empirical amplitude equation Card 1/4 26720 3/056/61/041/005/035/038 A peculiarity of the photoproduation... B109/B102 [)fk-w (- 0,3 + 0,7q) + 12,41 -(a~ - aj x (2 is written down, a a 0.245- q and k, respectively, denote the bA I - 3 moment& of meson and photon in the o.m.s.f P 1 and F2 are the invariant amplitudes of photoproductiont q+ is the mo*intum of the J-mesons, p-o-l. Sq. (2) shown that for q 2s-0.18, the quantity 0 Re(Fi -F 2)0. 00 4anishee$ so that the cross section is determined entirily by the small imaginary part of the amplitude which is connected with the scatt rin of charged mesons. Conclusions: (1) The function (do/dQ)0.00 a ;(EY5 has a clear minimum. This is consistent with the results of 0. X. Ustinova (EhICTF, 41t 5839 1961). (2) The position of this minimum is highly sensitive to changes of !be dispersion Integral. Therefore, the influence of %x interaction. on meson photoproduotion is rather strong. When, for instance, the contribution of meson-meenn Card 2/4 26720 3/056/61/04 1/005/0 35/038 A peculiarity Of the photoproduction... B109/B102 interaction amounts to A/9 2j Re(F I -F2)0.00 will vanish at 0 2 q'00-05 (+) and at q 4VO.30 (-). This explains the discrepancies Moreover, this effect has a considerable 1< between experiments and theory. influence upon the ratio (do dd/dS1)/(do/dQ) at 0 - 0', where do dd/d'Q in the cross section of the process y +d --�,.d . In momentum approximation do dd / d a ] 0.00~ _ V 12 1 2 (3) __d7 M 3 V + 8 is valid. V and S are the isovectorial and isoscalar parts of the photoproductlon amplitude, respectively. 1 2 *01 is the deuteron form factor. When qq-fq 0, dodd/dS? will depend: on S to a considerable extent. This may be helpful in understanding some phenomena in Rx interaotiou which is connected with a two-meson intermediate state which contributes to 3 only. There are i figire and 5 references: 2 Soviet and 3 non- Soviet. The three references to English-languago publications read as follows: A. Logunov, A. Tavkhelidze, L. Solovyov. Nucl. Phya A., 427, Card 3/4 26720 S/056/61/041/005/055/038 A peculiarity of the photopro4uotion... B109/BiO2 195TI G. F. Chew, M. L. Goldberger, F. E, Lou, Y. Nambu, Phys. R Val 'i-0-61 1345, 19571 J. Hamilton, W. S. Wooloock, Phys. Rev., 118, 291, 1;60f J. S. Balls Phys, Rev. Lett,, 5, 73, 1960. ASSOCIATION: Fillcheskiy institut im. P. N. Lebedeva. Akademii nauk CSSR (Institute of Physics imeni P. N. Lebedev of the Academy of Sciences USSR) SUBMITTED: July 20, 1961 Card 4/4 BALDIN~ A.M.; 1 0 --- Fqpercharge and degeneracy in re;'pect to isotopic spin. Dubna# ObRedinemVi in-t iaderrqkh iesledovaniiv 1962. 4 p. 1. Lebedev Pbyeical Institute, Moecow (for Komar), (No oubjeot heading) MDINp A. M.1 NGUY121-VAN-HIEU "On a Possibility of Dbtem1nation of the ftnetic Mownts or the Unstable Vector Particles" report presented at the Intl. Conference on High Energy Physics, Geneva, 4-11 July 1962 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Laboratory of Theoretical Physics it. Eq. --- I __ "IC -Meson Photoproduction near Threshold" report presented at the Intl. Conference on 1ftgh Energy Physics, Geneva) 4-11 July 1962 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research~ Laboratory of Theoretical Physics BALDM A- 14 -; 1AMEM, -A- -I- V- --- --- -- - - -- -- -- - -- ---- --- - - - - "Photoproduction of CT' -Mesons near Threshold" report presented at the Intl. Conference on High Energy Physics, Geneva, 4-11 july 1962 L300 B/056/62/042/003/042/049 BTO8/B102 AUTHORS: BaldiE, At It., Nguyen-Van-Khlyou TITLE: One possibility of determining the maGnetic moments of unstable vectorial particles PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v. 42, no- 3, 1962, 905-906 TEXT: The vectorial nature of come unstable particles and thoir abnormal magnetic moments may be established by separating the off-tenter part ox~ the amplitude of photoproduction of these particles. Photoproduction of spin-1 KI-partioles (Kn-resonance) and of bipions (nn-resonance) is discussed. The cross section of photoproduction of K'+ on a proton is dd e 2 f2 a (P g2 + F 3/E2(x + m2 )2) + B. The term B implies ra - Ta 17 k 1 219 + F C the amplitude of head-on collision and an interference terml f in the KINY interaction constant, g - gyromagnetic ratio, q - momentum of meson, k o2entum of photon# x 0 - 10) 2 - (kc' - q0)2, E - total energy in the Ca;dmi 2 SAW62/042/003/042/049 One possibility of determining ... B108/B102 c.m.s., m - mass of meson. The function,i F2 and F3be~ome zero for neutral particles. Measurement of the phLtoproduction cross section of unstable partiolea at small angles is neceeszry to estimate the quantity f and the product f2g2. Professor M. A. Markov is thanked for hie interest. There are 3 figures and 4 references; 2 Soviet and 2 non-Soviet. The reference to the English-lanGuage publication :%-eads as follows: M. Alston et al. Phya. Rev. Lett., 6, 300, 1961; W. R. 1-razer, I. R. Fulco. Phys. Rev. Lett.,.Z, 365, 1959; P. Cziffra et al. Phys. Rev., LiA, 880, 1959- ASSOCIATION: Ob"yedinennyy institut yadern kh iseledovaniy (Joint Institute of Nuclear Researoh~ SUUIITT)~D. December 9, 1961 91 Card 2/2 BAT-D'm- A-M.; KOMAR, A.A. Symetry of strongly interacting systaim with I*Tercharge Y u 0. Dubna, 0bredinennyi in-t iaderrWkh issladovaniip 1962. 5 pe (No 8ubject heading) 3/903~62/000/000/028/044 B102/B234 A W% HOR a Baldint A. -U. TITUS; Robview of papaya on the theory of photonualear resotiow SonCE1 Yadernyyt reaktoil pri malykh i *,,rednikh energiyakhl trudy VtoToy Vatsoyuznoy konterentaii, iyull 96-0 S. Ed. by A. 1. Dav7doy and other&. koeoov, lad-vo AN !G,62,408-418 TEXTi The review covers the period between two conferences, 1957-19604. The &%in theoretical problems are briefly disousned ouch as e.g. the electrical polarizability of nuclei, the total stoorption cross asotion In oonnoction with the optical anisotropy of nucleit the problefas of -Optical Anle O'Cropy - and-elax tic- FhqAQn- want t 6"ras i'r-tv"Is (Pu) r4acti-pu Card 1/i BAIDINj A.~L; KOH&Rq A.A. DegerAration vith respect to isotopic spin, and the bMrcWge, Dokl, AN SSSR 146 no,3074-576 S 162e (MA 15tiO) 1e FisicheekLy Institut ime P.N.Lebodeva AN SSSR. Predetayleno akademikom 1.1o.Tammon. (Nuclear spin) (Isotopes) ACCESSION URt: AT3012927 S/2504/63/019/000/0003/qO36 AUTHORs Daldin, A* TITLE& Photoproduction of pions near threshold SOURCEt AN SSSR. riziebaskiy institut. Trudy*, v. 19, .1963, 3-36 TOPIC TAGSs pion, Pi meson, photoproduction, charged meson photo- production, neutral meson photoproduction, photoproduction near threshold, dispersion relations, pion photoproduction dispersion re- lations ABSTRACT: A review article intended primarily for experimental physicists and aimed at updating an earlier report by the author and V. Mikhaylov (UFN, v. 44, 200, 1951). The old results which have not lost their validity &nd which, play a definite, role in, meson physics are highlighted. In addition, tho experimbnter's attention is called to the effects that, in the author's opinion, are moat aig- nificant. The results discussed in greatest detail have either not been published at all, or are in foreign journals and in conference materials. The topics treated are: qualitative features of photo- Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AT3012927 production of pions on nucleons naar threshold, dispersion relations' for pion photoproduction, analysis of experimental data on the basis of dispersion relations, photoproduction of neutral and charged mesons on deuterium, estimates of the role of the interaction be- tween the mesons and nucleons in the final state, and a brief' dis- cussion of the experimental data. Orig. art. has: 12 figures, 63 formulas and 2 tables. ASSOCIATSON: Pizicheskiy institut im. P. N. Lebedeva AN SSSR (Physics institute, AN SSSR) SUBMITTEDs 00 DATE ACQ: 05Sep63 ENCLi 00 SUB CODEt PH NO REP SOVt 020 OTHERt 03~ Card 2/2 V7EDM,'SKIY, B.A., glav. red.; VUL, D.M., glav. red.; SIITLY*=, R.Yasp zair., frlave. r&-4.; jWpi$ AJI.p red.; VO]4.',GV17KIY, S.V., red.; GkWlll;, M.D., red.; ZF.-L',OV, D.V.,, red.; ISIILINSKIY, A.Yu.p red.; KA. 'ITSA, P.L.p red.; KAFTSOV, N.A.# red.; KOZODAYEV, M.S., red.; LEVICII, V.G., red.; t,OYTSYANMIY, L.G., red.; LUKIYANOV, S.Yu., red.; VALYSHEN, V.I.9 red.; MIGULIN, V.V.,, red.; REBINDEA, P.A.) red.; WKINp Ya.K.p red.; TARG, S.M., red.; TYABLIKOV, S.V., red.j FEYNBERG, Ye.L.j, red.; KWKINI S.E.p red.; SHUBNIKOV, A.V., red. (Encyclopedic plWaics dictionary] Fizicherkii entsJklope- ditheskii clovarl. Pbskvap Sovetskaia EntBiklopodiia. Vol.4. 1965. 592 p. (HIRA 18:1) ul-- 2 -14 "1 .4 1 nAl, S~SR. 122. '16 1 0 v f P v= i n I fig F I _,i t f T i-fT%A t A q C~ TfNN MR - A D A tude on protons kn the future. This could that) e I illin& te the discrepancies founa in the article. Ortit. art. bAsi 9 formulai. SUBINIMID! -zU--j U I RU Crilm-s W W! R~w bov: 1-1,1 ~. -;~i 4JR x" L 2742--66 E'-'l (m)/E PF ( O)AN P ( t )A-',VP(b' I)IAAP/IJP(c JD ACEESSIOR NRt AP5024329 IM/0367/65/002/002/0211/02141 AMORt Baldin, A. II. 4 # "Nirages" in the He% Excited level nucleus. TITLX: 0 SOURCE: Yadernoys flaikel v. 2, no. 2, 1965, 211-214 IJOPIC TAGS: atomic theory, nuclear-structure uclear physics, alpha particle + -- iven-for t a par ABSTRACT# A theoretical. interpretation is h ameters of the:0 exciti. 9 ed state in the He4 nucleus with quantum tiumbers which coincide with those of the ground state - and - an energy - of 0*20 "ev. - I t - is - shown - that - a simple generali zat I on-ofi the effective radius approximation can be used for explaining the existence of this.' state, its quantum numbers, position and width, and for predicting similar levels in other nuclei. These levels are a reflection or Image of the ground state and have many of its pr*pertles# therefore they aro called "mirages". Levels of this type are predicted in the nuclei of H3 and He3 In the 2-2.5 Nev region with a spin of 1/2, positive parity and Isotopic spin of 1/2 . The use of the "mirage" concept in Illustrated by analyzing the properties of systems with a small nur4er of nu- cleons. The calculations show that all the experimental data on the 0 excited Card 1/2 L 2742-56 ACCESSION MR: APS024329 level In the HO nucleus(including the quantum numbers)can be completely explained:, without the introduction of model representations. The theory contains two pare- meters: Po and p. one of these, pl, is of little Importance for Intetpretation of the available experimental data; experimental accuracy must be improved for do- term4ning this parameter. The second parameter p0 Is determined by two independent methods to an accuracy of better than 5%. This parameter has a clear physical mead_ Ing anda reasonable value. "The author-is deeply grateful to A. I.- Lebedev for stimulating discussion and to 1. Ya.,Barit, V. A. SeEgeyev, D. A. Zaikin and-1. _5 --aftu-bas: 7~-l figure-i--10--_- -ff._rrvm"or-di*cussInjj-th9-r* --t a 9W Orit, rou as ASSOCIATIONt Ob"yo-din-esmyy institut yadernykh issledovaikly (Joint institute of Nuj clear Ressamb) L21572-66 Ace n I AIP6=468 SOURCE Coll U1VOW166100310oT1026510268- ~A old: Joint 1134 AMPeleareh (Ob"yedIwAu*7 institut yad*Mkh Isalo- doyanii TITIS: Ilectraw4ptatic Interactions in the quark model '~4' x Me-b-b-M _f c rf Vz no V re'data no PrIlOth6ftiYet T- 3P no- To 0 00-268 TOPIC TAGSs quantum electrodynamiesp mesonp baryono photoproduction, electro- a tic Interaction, Go" interactiono proton Interactionp neutron Interaction jrne J* 4 AWTRACT: 1b Igoe"' &*t%rS=Ins and discusses several relations that do not follow from SU(6) synatry, but have a sufficiently general chiaracter, and make it poo- sible, by using representations concerning the quark structure of particles,, to obtain for the evarrent operator a more concrete form than is deducible from sij(6) rjuwtry. Use Is made of only that 1ALrt of the lAgranglan for the Interaction be- tveen mosons and quark* which to due to paeudoscalar mesons. The-mesorAs-are-re- a large quark mass. --The electrow4jactic Interaction Is Introduced by starting ftots the gauge Invarlame requirement, 7be comes. swoon pbotoreproduction cross section Is expressed in t3de Cord 1/2 7.- lonw Waal in the form do 31161(D)l' Uq/k (q and k are the three-dimensional momenta of the meson and photon respectivelyp 11- wA & the total energy of the baryon before and after the collisiono W - k + E, Is: the total energyj, and (4) is obtained with the aid of the well-known fully- symmetrical r zed In a table together with the experimental data by otbert, The tab e-shows-___ _-Abat- the - agreammt -v1tbF-e)qmr1j ent--I-- --,b- better than expected. inpartlcular,, -a wad the - mcdel explains the experimentalXY -.tserved sharp-differences between-the-anp- ic a&Y-AUStribut 4t + -roe ofthe V + V a `the-vAtrfti_e1_ewvrUe 6f the son pbotoproduction reae- element tions and the ratio of the probabilities of the vector.pafticle decays., which can serve as a check an the model, agres, well with experiment, but the predictlow of the model contradict the predictions or the naive dipole model of mecon photopro- duction. The autber thanU 64 Bt QjMelwy As B. Gworkov, and A. A. Kom&r for useful discussions. Origo w4s has 1 4 ?N_",5 am le Miss* mm cm: 2o/ mm Dast i6r*W/ omn mrs oW o7H Rzy: oc4 Card 2/9. j 1 0 HALDIN, A.V., inth. Now equivalent materials for modeling o-e recovery by blasting. Hauch. soob. IGD 17s58-63 162. (MIRA 1-60) (Blasting-M4dels~' BALDIN 0 A.V, Mothod of laboratory Investigation of the of ores transportation by the force of explosion. Nauch.soob. lGD 22:108-116 163. (MIRA 17:5) AtC Nil - APIOM588 ~ At IV.~ SOURCE COD98 MVOW/66/000/023/OOM/0082 DNEIMOMI~ Konotop,, Ve Aq__~~,_Eo Go 0iiGs. Wne TrUs Device for deterainiud the heat content of a plana jets Class 42, Ifoo 199160 SOURCEs Isobrotonlyap proWshlenrM obraxtsyg tov&rW* snaki, no. 23, 1966# 91432 TOPIC TAM s *nthallWg# plasm jet ADSTFJWTs This -Author -Certificate presents a device for determining the heat content of a pla=n jots It oontaina tubing# a oalorimotor, and devices for measuring the twn)orature, presswep and flow rate of the cooled gae, To broaden the range of MOADurwaonts a to valve for doned food of the plasma jet is mounted at the input of the calorl"XI ~seo rig, 1). The calorimeter Is made oC metal with high thermal conductivity in the forsk of a compartment with platea mounted in it and oriented along the flow and with a detachable cone in the forward part. Several thermocouples are mounted In the calorimeter, and the gap between the tubing and the calorimeter is a vaounme U'DO 1 536.61621.317.7.082.6 ACC MRs' AP7002588 Pig, 1, 1 - tubingj 2 - calorimeterl 3 - device for wasuring tompera- turs and pressure; .4 - device for wasuring flov rate; 5 - stop valve; 6 - cons; 7 - theramupiles; 8 - vaomm gap Orig. art, bass I diagrano, SUB MEs 20/ 8M)M DATEs IlAugO card 2/2 "The Itirievi,tor", (raciOnlat A. horol)kc- , Tyla, I f, rot - Y Book 1, p. 110-26. No. 2)1, So-, U-);,711, 1,, Scyt. (LotopAs 171ourmil lryMi Stiite~ -- - BALDIV.- G"rgly- (Pstrovskly-Zavod-Chita~Xuenga) i---- - - --- -- In Tranobalkalls. Put' i put,kho.s. no.9:21-23 5 157. (MIRA 10:10) (Transbaikalla-Description) -~- BALDIN, G.A. (stmntslya Pereyesdnays) wmwmxmmm~ I.I.Voroshiloy was born here. Put' I put.khos, no.11:39 N 157. (Kin 10111) (Voroshilov, Kliment Ifremovich, 1881- ) BALDIN. aiorgly (Xishinov) . ii: a sketch. Put' t put. khoz.. no. 8t)9-41 Ag 'Ir'. (Railroads--1hployeem) %,.tHA 11:8) (Railroads--Track) B,UDIIJ. Goorgly -,~- --- - ~ ~ I- Thoughtful foramen. Put' put.khoz. m0s20-21 S '59- (14IR& 12:12) (Tranoballmlia--Railroado--Maintenanco ard repuir) BALDIN. Goorgly. (g.Darnaul) Zinatula Zagldulln. Put' i putokhoze no.10:20-21 0 159* (HIPth 13t2) (Rallroads-Malatenance and repair) BAIDINq Gborgiy (Perm,' ) KF%n with a profession keeping him constAntly on the olarto Put' i puteldioze nosID22-23 N 159o (HIRA 13~4) (Parm-Railroads) ~A 1- BALDIN, (lit4nteiya Bordichev, YuZo-Zapadnoy dorogi). On a now track# fttl i put.khos. 4 no.6:40-41 Jo 160. I (HIU 13:7) (Ra4lroade--Track) BALDIN., Georgiy; SOSKOV, Pavel Petr Voronkov; story, Put' i put. khoz. 8 no.1145-46 164. (MIRA 17t2) BALDIF, G.A., red.1 USIIIKO, L.A.0 tekhn. red. cw (Struggling for a sound t-wk]V borlbe za zdorovyi put'. Fosk,rap Tranatheldorizdat 1962, 70 p. (MIRA 15:12) (Itailroads--Track), bocialist, competition) Title t A Color Television Set (Lit.0 "A Television Set for Reception of Colored Television") Periodical i Radio. 5# 33 - 35P May 1954 Abstract The article first explains the basic principle of color tele-visione.--- It then gives a det&AW description of the set, in generalf and its individual partsp in particular, namelys the radio block; the scanning screens; the feedback; the operation of the iraEv channel and the sound track; the incoming, the intermediate, and the tormina-1 states; the Intermediate and the low-frequency amplification; the sitnal detectionp and other details. A block diagram of the tele- vi3icn set, and three other illustrations, showing a front and back view of the rbassis and the teneral view of the set, are also given, In5t1tv.tion Subadtt#d t J Elootronics Color television roceivero QWd 1/2 Pub. 89 -'20/31 Autho" I Semenov, V., and Baldin, L. 44W 71tio I Television set "RadMall (Rainbow) ForiWi"X 4 Radio U, 32-36, Nov 1954 Abstract I Tts color telovision set "Radugall was desipned for reception of telecasts transmitted by the Moscow Experimental Color-Television Station (IMSTIST). The picture-channel and audio seniitivity of thm set P." 350 and 2W miiro- voltsp reopectively. The pwsband through the picture-channel Is no less than 8.3 n*gacycles. T1* aualo Parameters conform ts GOST Standards (USM Pureau of Standards) for radio receivers Class I rtnd T1. The Hkadui~all tele- v1sial iset a-erates on 23 miniature t-obea and one cathode-ray Woo-18MID (18405 ). The fo_llo~winog -individual imits are described in detail: 1) amplification of audio & nictwe-siqni-l c1nnnels; 2) nelector-stage and mmehron'tzinj niJse-sendinj eircitits; 3) .3cannin- iy3tei and ~i,?h-volta,7e rectifier, and 4) c(ilor nystem. Care in hineilin-. nd. t~min- the color Card 2/2 Pub. 89 - 20/31 Radio 11, 32-360 Nov 1954 (Additional CaM) Abstract i television receiver is discussed. Data on coils and tynes of windinp ,9 gre given in a special table, (One general circuit djAgram); table; drawbige. Iratitution t ... Submitted t usmWItctronics - Tclovioion rceolvora cwrd 1/1 1 Pub. 89 - 18/26 Authom I Scmor&v., D.,j mcl Pvadbit L. TUP! s AdJuatinc tho I'Radug~" tolovAsion rccoi)rr p"jodiwa l Radio 12,, 37-40, Dee 1954- -Abstract l The- method of adjusting-the color-tolovision recoivor And tho -tudlig ~k ^0 Istl=ents owrilbodi ---Dztz:JLl-udAnu-~.--ucUuns - Gra~iis aro prosentcAl on the froomcney chl-ractoristics of tho wx1olls sta,'03 Of U10 vld0O !AM0. a] ll?li fiCI-3, nnd the rxdio-?'lIv-A-,,-nciv3 of tho receiver, au mll %.j o7ic-Alogrum of the Volt.nipa ii-.rm7c~scd on thu pl--Lo~ cAllo"lo, zLitt', 0~id of el-ch of the 2c tubes of tho tolovision oct are, C,-,vcn in a sl)cci,-d tl-blo. tablo, N h-11-ni " 54A,,: ic oc' !n4; I nLf,,(, 'u , r, r, !- L;' "-r, ill. 11 1 n, - .1 , , ~ :;!, f~ , I ; r I - I. - , . ! .. 1~ , ~ '. ~, o IAACJY 'gzvcA',,' v SI'Arl, 'ki-,,ok, 1.:~ p~-,. 1, I ~ . I SRILKCN,A.P.; BALDIH,14.H. Diagram for multiple station electric welding. RAte.i lsobr.predl. v 154. (XLRA 8:10) (Blectric welding) BALMN , P. 0. Tomatoes Vegetative hybridization of tomktoeu. Agroblologila No. 4, 1952. Ilonthl lj.M it %921 &qjj2jLW. Library of Congreen. November 1952. UnclAssifted. , , I T, I ,II r~mf-aa. X-U. Vysokie urothai jomidorov n& priusadobnom uchpttke (Hith yields of torntOOP on A yerional plot). Morkya, S~l'kho%j;I%, 1954. 69 p. SOs Monthly List of RusalAn Accossions, Vol 7. No. 8, Nov. 1954 . --- --I - - ---- --- -S--A--.- GA" * . .0 ---- - --- Scintillations in high-pressure helium induced by alpha psrticlovs. Atow.energ. 3 no-10:331-334 0 '57. (MIRA 10,10) (Scintillation counters) AUTHORt Baldint B.A., Gavrilovskiy, V.V,,Chuk2Wevp F-Ye. WIO-13/36 TITISi 6C -Fartic Induced Scintillations in High-Pressure Helium (Stsintillratbil v gelil, pe, vysokikh dayleniyakh pod deystv)-em tt -chastits) PERIODICAL: Atoma~a lnergi$ap 1957P Vol 3, Nr ii, PP 331-3A. (USSR) ABSTRAM The scintillations were in"stigatcl beoeuse the attaVt wu made to fina'a sufficiently effootive method of establishing the polar- ization degree of a neutron beam of 2 - 20 MeV. This method is based upon the registration of the coincidences between the soattered neutrons and the recoil nuclei in the scintillation oha,.brr filled with pa which is filled with pure helium of some 10 at pressure. The d"ndenoo of the counting velooity upon pressure of the various gas mixtures (pure He# He + Xe, He + Ar, He + 02, He + NO was measured and the corresponding ourves are shown. There are 7 figures. SUMITTEDS February 5, 1957 AVAILADM Library of Congress Cara i/1 210) AUTHORS: Daldinp Be Aop Manlko# V. 1. 307/56-36-6-r,5/66 TITLE: Polarisation of Protons In Scattering on C 12 (Polyarizateiya protonov pri rassayanii na C 12) PIRIODICAL: Zhurnal okep*rimental noy I t"orstichookoy fisikit 19159, Vol 36, Nr 6p P '1937 ~USSR) ABSTRACT; An analysis of the elastic scattering of protons makei, it possible to determine the position and characteristica of the nuclear levels. Reich at al (Ref 1) carried out such Inrosti- gational they Investigated the elastic scattering of protons on C 12_nuolei In the interval of 1.5-5.5 Key and carried out the complete phase analysis, They Identified the following lev *10 o hs N 13-nucleus: 1.698(1/2'), 1-748(5444), 4-8080P-4), and 5-3T 3/2 * The authors of the present "Letter to, the Editor" ( Y made use of of the phase analysis of reference I for the purpose of calculating the dependence of the polarization of protons and the cross sections upon the energy in the (P-C 12 ) scattering (energy Interval 2-5-4-5 Mev) at scattering Card 1/2 angles of 0-1800 in thooms. The most important results are )Aarization of Protons In Scattering on C 12 BOV/56-36-6-50/66 shown by a diagram. The curves show the energy dependence of polarization for some angles between 30 and 1500. The Indivi- dual curves differ considerably both with respect to position and shapel polarization Is.found to be highly sensitive to D-phase values. thus, a variation of the D 2/3 -phase at 4,5 ley by 50 varies the amount of polarization by the 2-3-fold- this shows that investigationsof polarization may render very exact phase analyses possible. There are I figure and I referearo. SUBMITTED: February 27s 1959 Card 2/2 3/120/60/000/01/048/051 AUTHORSt Baldin, S.A. and,Gavrilgve 407A~f?35 TITLE: _Hixh-yres1jLr_e Low-temnemtuaglermetic Seal PERIODICAL: Pribory i tekhnika ekaperimenta, 1960, Nr 1, p 144 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A gas-tight seal between a gas container and a plexiglas cover, leak-resistant at any pressure betwee vacuum and 100 atm, at temperatures between 0 and -200 9C, can be achieved by an arrangement as shown in the illustration, p 144. A plexiglas cover 1 is pressed against the tircular projection on the flange of the container 2 by means of stainless-steel bolts 5 , two loose flanges 4 and 6 and Kovar braces 3 . The length. of the stainless- steel bolts is selected, for obtaining the same total contraction or expansion (with changing temperature) as occurs in the plexiglas cover, and Kovar braces. There are I figure and I Soviet reference. SUBMITTEDt December 22, 1958. Card 1/1 *L]?~X nd MATVEYEV V. V. ._L S. A. a, 0 "Gaseous Scintillation Ccounter for Neutron Fluxes Spectrometry V'IlICd with HE -3, report submitted for the IAEA conf. on Nuclear Elvetronica, Belgrs%Ae, Yugoslavia 15-20 Yhy 1961 ACCESSION NR: A.93004879 S/0120/63/00010041000510013 !AUTHOR: Ealdin, S. A. i Matvayev, V. V. s'3 TITLE: Gas scintillation carul6rPre -view) JR SOURCE: Pribory*~ takhnika eksporimesita. no. 4. 1963. SoIS TOPIC TAGS: counter, viuclei~r radiation counter, gas counter, scintill4tion counter ABSTRACT: A review to presented that gr-neralizes the dLta on the development and use of 11a8 scintillation countersh)ublished in periodicals (mostly American'% from 1952 throuch 1?62. Physical phe-nom-na accortspanyWg scintWatWu in gases are considered,_ $tructural-cornponents--and -schemes cd-ga,; counters tire- dose,-ibed. The fundAmental physical 0utracteristics of tho counters are liven. Tht more imporfant applications listed are: alpha-particle detector. fisnion- fragment detector, and neutron spectrometer. In the conclusion, the role of the ~gas scintillation cuunt-ar anong 00er iarticle-detecting devices in indicated, ~Cord :f) I Fie rxilvT ug~ -All -IL r1a. ln:tcu, f6und fLat Oxe p jr incEpal mothoe. of- reducing bark acatteTing by crymW uffunting structures in tv maire the ,1~ magnesium-oxiddi layer and containior walls thinner (0. 2-0. 3 mm). Materials Compoo!"i-one -mad- With, it it a low opoeffit tra-M7 (m=h A Cord I i 2 P. a; '16: r tees 1. t -..! t'- : :!-~- -, t'~- ~ I I I r , I . of mate rial ajid the b - z v 'I Lhe s tvi c~d a r E! n vt e r in I r cd 1-y lk pv -I I~ 0 r 11. (1 It 10 -, 6 r1c". - .V I- r in a?-y raqa it -N- Irani in mincl thAt thia bark s atteri,if deereaten I -D SMEYLTR, V.Ye.0 kand, ekon. nauk, doLe.1 TUROVSKIY, 1.G., prof.; ZAK, M.A., kand. ekon. nauk; DOGUSIAVSKIY, A.Lp inzh.- ekon.j SUKISKIY, D.1.# kand. ekon. nauk, dots.; ASTAWSM, L.Yu., kand. takhn. nsukj GUSEN S.G., In2h.- ekon.1 GORSKOV, V.A., inzh.-ekon.[deceasedi; ILOIN, S.I.,. inzli.-okori.;Iik=,_S_.A_,,,,,inzh.-okoti.; NAMOVA, L.H., kand. okon. nauk (F,cowmics, organization and planning for the building materials Industry) Ekonordkaj, organizatstia I planirovanie pronVshlennosti stroitellnykh matorialov. Mook-ya, Stroi- Izdat, 1965. 425 P, (MIJA 18t10) AOC-NL----A3W OR= COM UR/0058/651000101.11001T/001T AAW AW4160,1. Jklamis So Ao.1 Wt'ft,"1vq Ts T.J !!!J!"0 A. ILI Bokol*VV_A,, Do -UM1"91*dGPWW% of Onwatm fW the la"Stlastics of kto-temperature plem by MM, ot poOdUs ndlatice obt Fialkas Abe* UM33 W"MORM!, 1 Me &$-I, 14-t6 tre WPO Is 19"s 182-06 "OX%c I Plam disocaticas high' temperature please, x radiation,. neutron imietimag gloom mottle field 9 "OMr,#OAI COV#J'rt*-*# RA&4r.#o4 %1AECr*O#n8r#,# TN AWIMmOntal Problema are considered to connection with the d*"Iopmft jPC OUV ."MIC-PbOles appmtua for the 6111~261*v 1w mistratlom and spectrometry or the bu,,d x-rer 6 neutron re"Ot-lose. 6 Imposed an the appantug NA eloo the testing of the appamus an 1~19WWA an %W Usle of the operating conditions or tomida installations ~'Plth Am$ 11 Is field. (Treme"tiom of atetr"t) ACC NRI AR60172i4 SOU13CS CODE- UP/0050/65/0W/01U`/AO59/AO59 AUTHORS: Baldin, S. A.; tLyeev, 1. P. TITEX: An optimal geometry of measurement or small gawin. activities by vierns of ft. scintilIntion counter SOUPCE: Ref. th. Fizika, Abe.. 12A511 PUF SOURCF: Tr. Coyuzn. n.-I. In-ta priborostr., Yyp. 2, 1965, 21j-27 TOPIC TAGS: nodium compound, Iodide, scintillation detector, Rams, 4ptector, Rcti- vated crystiLl A11MtAC`T- The authors present calculationn of optimal reIntiqns be wrf.n file Mamie- tern of the "well" and the crystal for different dimensions oe NO(M crystals at certnin valueq of the y-quantum ettergy. The fomulao obtained during the course of the investigation can be used also for other typen of scintillating materinle. TO simplify the calculations, they vere carried out for the ease when the radiactive so- lution Is in the form of a sphere of radius r and is surrounded by a spht!rlcal shell made up of a acintillator of radius R. For lov energies (up to 100 keV) the optimal ratio r/R is close to unity; for energies larger tnan 1 key the optimum r/H approachel O-T6. N. Zeyina (Translation of abstract]. BUD CODE::19)20/ __ACC-NR4---AR60131535________ SOURCE COM UR/0058/651000/010/VO31/VO31 AUTHORt Baldin, S. A. TITLE: Back scattering of y-rays in scintillation counters SOURCE: Ref. zh. riatka, Abe. 1OV255 REr SOURCE: Tr. Soyuzn. n.-i. in-ta pribarostr., vyp. 1, 11964, 28-35 TOPIC TAM . scintillation counter, gamma scattering, gamma particle detectcr.,, ", k..V44U_,:_ Irr- a -/ s Itzal. *-_v4tZZ SLATIOP: An extensive study was'made of the degree to which back scattering of = y-rays is aftiction of the thickness and type of scattering material (in contact with the scatterer and detector) and the dimensions of the protective screen. The results are reported. The relative amounts of back scatter with respect to the several fac- tors was studied with a specially designed y-detector. The pick-up was a standard NaJ(TI) crystal, 40 x 40 imn in an: FEU-13 photomultiplier. A pulse from the photomul- tiplier went through a cathode repeater directly to a recorder. Special "thin" sourc- es of C8137 were used in the measuroments. Back scatter was measured from carbon. magnesium, aluminum, titanium, irono nickel, copper, zJrv, cadmium, and lead. 30-mm discs of various thicknesses were prepared from these materiala. Graphs of the back scatter as a function of atomic number Z and specific gravity of toe material were constructed from thadata. Le Sokolov, SUB CODE: 20 Card 1/1 P ~T n-K 1,j' .k Baldin, V.A. and Dorntrush, Yo.Yo,, "Slatted belts", Stroit. prom-at, 1949, No. 5, p. 18-21 SOt U-4393t 19 August 53, (Woplc 'Zhurnal Isykh Statey'. No. 22, 1949), f ,p tv)-if wr p n rv I t,. i- aJ P-t I f im vc r w pri 0h)*1 toftt~KXNOP fw~p )for iv irtzes for jk1q, CI? j, 'i Avy Strolotakiyp U.S. Genl,yev., A.H. Baldins V.A. Dolenyas, Ye. No Lessigs Ye, N. 71bin,O S.H. "Stool Construction" Moscow Construction Eng;neoring (textbooks 2M edition) Inatitut6imeni V.V, Xpybyahev -vW-- j4- 2. u:;sq k6oo) 4. Electric Welding 7. Manual. arc welding of the jointo of concrete reinrorce-K-nts with elcC~-'-010 sets, V.A. Baldin, A.Ta. Bmdskiyj Avtog.delo 24 no. 4, 1953. 9. !jonjLly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 1953, Uncl. STIULNUKlY. X.S., professor, doktor takhalcheskikh rAuk; ULDTSH, T*N,,, professor, doktor tekhatcheskikh nauk; OVOZW, A.A., professor, laureat Stalinskoy preall, doktor tokhnicbiskikh nauk; ONISHCH11, L.I.. professor, doktor tekhnichaskikh cauk; OOL*DMLAT. 1.I., doktor tekh- nichaskikh nauk; KARTASROV. X.N., kan4idat tekhatchaskith naukj BALDIN. V.A.. kandidat tekhatchaskikh ~.ftv*; MI, KA., kandidat tokib-, *t"MW"MvWauk. Discussion of th3 probl" of building calculations using the method of limiting states. Slirol.prom. 32 no.4:41-42 Ap 134. (KLRA 7:5) 1. Chlea-korrespondent Akademil nauk, daystvitollnyy chlen Akadeall arkh1tektury (for Streletakly). 2, Vitae-president Akadeall afthito'k- tury (for WdYah). 3. Chlon-korrespondent Akadevit arkhAtektary (for Ovosdev). 4. Chlon-korrespondent Akadeall, arkhitoktury (for Oalshchik). (Building-4ables, calculations, etcj (PAinforced concrete constmotion) SOVII Z4-57-3- 3721 Translation frorn: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 3, p. 153 (USSR) AUTHOR: Baldin, V.A. TITLE: Tht Resistance of I ow.-carbon Steel to Plastic Detormation (Sopro- tivl,eniye malougl-i . -.Als toy stall V.,lasticheskim deformatstyam) PERIODICAL: V ob.: Issledovanlye prochnosti, plastichnoati I polzuchestl strolt. materialov. Moscow, 1955, pp 57-66 Ab~TRACT: The paper analyzes In a general way the strength properties of low- carbon steel the structure whereof consists of ferrite and pearlite grains. Some observational results on the changes in the micro- structure under the effect of a small plastic deformation are adduced, and it !.a shown that these resnItt.. are in better agreement with the third theory of strength (of the maximum shearing stresses) than with the theory of the constancy of the potential energy of a change of shape. P. 0. Pashkov Card 1/1 ~JALDIN T.A.6 imadidat Vokhnichaskikh nauir. rodaktor; ZILYATROV, Y.N., rodalctor [StvAifs on st*91 struotareal lasladovantis po stallnys koustruktaltax. Pod V". Y.A.Baldins. Noskvg, 006. isd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkht- tok:turo,1956, 210 p, Mu 9:11) 1. Xosoow. TS*tktralluyy nauohno-loolodovatellskiy institut pro- myshlonnykh sooruahont)r.-. (st'sal, straotunl) KUKHANOTj XonstantIn Konstanticovioh. IcandidAt tokhniabookikh uaukj_UjP.IV# ~T.A.g kandidat tekhalcheakikh nanks retsensent; TUBIN. B.Ks# kenafftt, t"021tcheekikh nauk, nauch"y redaktor; XOTIZ, B.A., redaktor isdatelletya; TOM, A.M., tekhaicheakiy rodaktor (The planning of steel stmatural elements] Prooktiroyants stsllnykh konstruktsii. Moskva, Go&, tid-vo lit-ry po strolt, I arkhttekture# 1956. 374 p. (HUIA 10:1) (Steel, Structural) SOV/1 24- 57 -9 -11080 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika. 1957, N'r 9, p 166 (USSR) AUTHORS: Baldin, 'Vi.A,_,_qernmerlihg. A. V., Trotimov, V TITLE: Experimental Investigation of the Elastic-plastic Working of Low- carbon Steel St0 .-ject to Simple and Compound Loads (Eksperimen - tal'noyr issledovaniye uprugo-plast-icheakoy raboty trialouglerodistoy staii pri prostom i slozhnom, nagruzheniyakh) PERIODICAL: V sb.: Issledovaniya po stallnyrn konstruktsiyam, Moscow. 1956, pp 33-58 ABSTRACT; Experimental investigations are made of the stress-strain rel'ation- ship (initial strain of up to 20/6) of mark St.0 and St, 3 soft steel sub- jected to a plane stress condk'lion (simple and compound loads), A spe cial test installation is used for btaxial compression and biaxial com- pres5ion-tension. Compression loads were applied by means of a flex.- ible rack that. minimized the effects of friction on the process of strain development. Strain wits applied by means of a 100-ton jack along one axis and by means of a 100-ton universal load-testing machine along the (Aher axis. Biaxial compression specimens consisted of plates C3rd 1/1 measuring fron-i 82x8Z mm up to 81.5x8l.5 mm with a thickness of from SOV/124-57-9-11080 Experimental Investigation of the Elastic-plastic Working of Low-carbon (cont,) 14. 5 to 16 mm. Tens ion- compression tests were performed on strips measuring 800 mm with a 16x40 mm cross section. The authors came to the conclusion that. for stmple biaxial toads the yield point occurs between the conditions of Saint Venant and those of Hencky-Huber-Mises, but nearer to that of Saint Venant. It is noted that the possibility of constructing generalized stress-strain curves is qualitatively substantiated. P. 0. Pashkov Card Z/2 J%WAAj,T,tA,, kiuAidat tokhnichookikh &auk; OOISM, 0.0., kandidat takWohe- WOWNNM W Aauk: FISCRIJUDY, T.O., kandidat tokhmichaskikh nank, Beat-shapod steel for constructioa work. Strol. prow. 34 so-302-36 Mr 156, (steel, atmatural) (MM gi 6) r 'T 7- F-T 214-58-3-20/38 AUTHORG:Baldin, V.A. and Tr,)f1mov, V.I. (Moscow) TITILTS: Experimental Invest itr:~.ition cf the Conditions of Flow of Engineering Stoels on Flat Spooirnena (Eksporimentallnoye issledovaniye usloviya tekuche.-,t1J. otroitellnoy stali na ploskikh obraztsakh) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Otdeleniye Tekhnicheakikh Nauk,, 1958, Nr 3, pp 126-129 (USISR) ABSTRACT: The change over from tho elastic te the plaatic state is do'-ermined on the basis of th,~- well-knovin thcory of constant elastic onerry for changing, the shape (Hankey Huber and Von Mioses). According to earlier woik of Oding and Ivano- va (Refs.5, 6) and Trofimov (Ref.?), a characteristic fea- ture of ductile steel is that th(~ transition into the plastic state does not take place simultareouuly t*arough the entire volome of the matorial. At first,the plastic deformation ,V ~, t - material between develops in relatl.VG1.7 narrow Geo+ion.- --hc these remaining elastic or only slightly affected by plaetic deformations. The local. nature of the plastici deformations and the development of these deformations mainly along the planes of the maximum tangential stresees justifies the Card 1/4 'N_58-3-20/38 C_ Experimental !.,.vest igation of the Conditions of F1011-- of EngirOez,ing Steele oil Flat Specimens. assumption that the beginning cf plastic de-format-ion6 for engincoring stoolts sholAd 1te in b-,tter zt�re-2~ment with the theory of tho inaximun tanE:Qntial s0zoss ~St. Venalit). Torsion and tensile tests oil cyIIndricnI hollow apcriimene made of some metals with a culbi-.- lat-tilee (including -4uctiic steel) by Kish-', 'in mid RF..lkner (Reft.S, 9), biaxial tensile tests on large oteel tubes by -1. P. 'Petrcv (Ref.10) and also biaxia.L compression, tension and corabined com-pression-tension tests by Baldin e,., alil (Ref.11) confirm the here-expressed assumption. 1n this paper experimen.ts are briefly described which Y,2~re carried out on "his subjcclj in TsIIIIIIIS. A ChLara,-,- foature of co-:Aain stoel z0;.ruCt1U,QCs is th3t thay are made up of sheets or slight-ly twist-~~d --_--lements. In moot case3 the.-r are !7ubjcctcal t.(, ~;Iuv; I-laJing involving only insignificant plasti3 defoi-.iations. The aim of the oxberiments was to eimulate flar a2 th-:! real non- diti-~iii, if operation ;:;f a i;tecl structi)-re and thcrefora-, instead of tub,-ilar specir-cr,5, fla'; o:rrcimnns used. The loading opeod was very low (0.01 - 0.02 kg/rim oec). The transition of the steel from tho. olaoti,~ plastic state Carl 2/4 was determined from the graph a,,~,,ordinjf to th,3 point. of ftperimental Investigation of Uie. Con:litvionu of 'Flow of Encineering Steele on Flat Specimens. transition from tile curviltnuar sootion into the horizontal rectilinear one. A continuatiou of a lin,,, dra-~rn tbrou2;h this point parallel to the graph of th'? work inter- sected on the abocinsa a resid-jal deformali.,~n of about 0.05%. A total of 34 experimentu wero .-,-de which ar,;- described In detail. ln Fig.4 the r-pulto rre :.-ompared with ~ hi I - ~ ` theoretical data wlicrcOv t~"UA"-tec' li:x I r,-)presents the conditions of flow 3LCCOrdinr; tr~ St. Vi1nar-, vihilrt the.dotted line curve II showe the flow condit4ion& a,;nordi-11: If-=key, Huber and Von Miesee. Tho average. Vcal'A'10 Of (main strose/yield point) foz all the -xpc~,ivments arE represented by a cont-inuoun lino cuinto of thic, graph. ThO Graph show13 that the maximum value, or, at which the ratorJal 4arts to V flow accordinC, tr the nv~-rnge exc,~ed 4.4% of the yi~!!d polat detor!3ined It: thc, cu~-. or uniuxlal tension. Two corabined compr~izslca/tvnsion te-l-'s (crI- -or2) bave shown that the f1cw of 1.he raato-.Ia~. :3tart-J. for a ci_/a, ratio of Card 3/4 .ol Experimental Investigation of the Conditions of Flow of En,3incerinG Steels on Flat Specimens. 0.5 and 0.535. It is concluded that for low carbon engin- eering steels with a clearly pronounced yield point area, the change over of the material from the elastic into the plastic state in the case of a 2-dimensional stress state and slow loading is batter described by the theory of naximum, tangential stress (3t. Venant) than by the theory of the constant elastic enor6y of shape-changing (Hankey, Huber and Von Mieses). There are 4 f JL'--ures, 2 of which are graphs, and 11 references. Of these, 9 are Soviet, 1 Ger.,ian and 1 English. SUBM111TED: July 3, 1957. 10,ar,l 4/11 1. r)t061--YlP.'-tiGitY 21. 36 -Ste4l-l lasticity 4. Stool-4eformation Grooved bolts, Strol, prom. 27 to.5:18-21 Pq 1% OaRA 13:2) IsTSentrallan nauohno-InalodovaWl'skir inatitut provVehlennogo stroitalletva. (Bolts and nuts) Bji":'.')IN, V.A. (Moskva); 7ROYDIOV, V.I. (Moskva) Blastic-plawtIc performance of stool slasonts oubjoctad to composite loads. Strol.uakh.1 raseh.noor. I no.6slq-23 159. (KMA 1314) (Build11%, Iron and stool) (8trains and stresses) GVOXJXV, A.A., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk; DHVRIYNV, S.A., kand.tekbn. nauk:MMIN. N.H.. kand.tekhn.naukL MOM, V.A., kand.takhn. nauk-, MRODSKIT. A.Ta., kand.tskhn.~-aU-;-vMM=1T' Polo$ kand.tekhn.nauk; IMUWN, A.K., aladshiy nauclmyy sotrudaik, Printmal uchastiya KADATTM. S.A., aledshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik. ILIKOVA, G.D., red.lid-vat, HAUMOVA. G.D., (Instructions for using hot-rolled ribbed 30KhQ2S steel re- inforcements in maidng prestrassed reinforood-conerets con- struction elowntal Ukazanile po primeneniiu gorlacbsiotanoi armatury perlodicheakogo profills is stali wrki 3OXhG2S v pred- varitellno nap:!1ashennykh sholosobstontqkh konstruktatiakhe Moskyag Goa.lsd-vo lit-ry po stroit.. arkhtt. I strott.materialame 1960. 21 p. (KIRA 14.61) 1, Akademiya stroitalletys I arkhitaktury SSSR* Inatitut betona I shelesobatona, Perovo. 2. Nauchno-iseledovatellakly inatitut betona I zhelesobatons (for Ovosdev, Dmitriyev# Mulln), 3, Dqyetvi- tellnyy chlen Akadoall stroitellotya i arkhitaktury SM (for Gvosdev), 4. Laboratorlys metallichookikh konstruktaly TBantrallnogo nouchno-iseledovatellskogo Inatituta stroitelinykh konstruktaiy (for Baldin, Brodakiy, Sokolovakly. Irridman). 5. Chlon-korrespondent Akademli stroitalletva I arkhitaktury SSSR (for Baldin). 6. Mauchno- iseledovatellskiy inatitut organizatail, moldianizataii i takhni- cheskoy pomoshchi stroitel'stvu. (for Kadaty,n)e (Prestressed conorete) (Reinforcing bars) JWOV, M.N.* Lash. Prinimall whastiye: ANMTXV. V.V., insh.; RAB02MOV, S.A.. Lush.; FXDMT. L.Ye., lush., nauchn" redo tea asent I BR=IT, A.Ta., kand,takhn,,neuke rttsenzentj SiTAWY, I.G., kand.takhn.nauk. rateensentl LITI. 8.B., kend.tokhn.nouk. retsensentl SMOLOV, ToSeg kendetakhns nauk, rettensantl LXBIMT, Yu.L. reteanxent; RAZUKOVA. 2.D.. lnth,, reteencent; DOLGIKH9 V.G., insh., reteanxent; KAIGINOVO K,G*, radelad-val PMIIIU, Te.A., tekhn.rod. Eftov~siorwl instructions on using gomm rays in controlling weld6d joint@ of reinforcements in reinforced-conorets con- struction elements] Vremennals instruktolls po kontrellu ovarnykh soadinsuil armatury shelesobstonnykh konstruktall prosyschivenlem go=&-luohavd, Leningrsdg Oos.isd-vo lit,-ry po strolt., arkhIt. 1, stroit.materialso, 1960, 46 p. (KIRA 14:2) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Kinisteretvo stroitallstvo elektro- stantely, Takhaioheskoye upravlanlys, 2, TSentralln" usuchno- Issledovatellaidy Inatitut strottel'Aykh konstruktoly (for Baldin, Brodekly). 3. Ohleh-korrespondent Akodemii stroitellitys i arkht" toktury SM (for Baldin).4. VNIICNS (for SBT810T, LOVI). 3. T%At- ralinsys nsuabno-lesladowatel'alrays, laborstoriya Goegortekhnedsors (for Sokolov). 6. SoneatitelIglaynogo sanitarnogo Inspektors.,8ani- tarnsys Inspektslys SM (for 14bedev). 7. UNIP kinisterstvastroi- talletva elektrostantaiy(for Rasumova). a. Trust Sevzopenargo- montesh (for Dolglkh). (Gomm rays-- Industrial applications) (Reinforcing baro--Wel4ing) V.I.; TARANMR.U p $.Vol profq doktor tekhn.nauk; KHOXMIND A Mol kand,tekhnnauk; BROUMt B,Mop doktor tekbnonauk; C a IKIN, G.M.9 kand.tekbz.n&ukj GURARls M.D.j inzb. [decaaaedl; LOKSHIN9 Yeelop kand,takhn.nauki KOVALICHUKp M.Fop inzhsp redo) STRASHNYXHt V.P.p red.izd-val RTAZANOVt P.Ye., v ,Technical specifications SN 133-60 for designing elements made of aluminum a3loys] Takhaicheskis usloviia prook-tirovaniia konstruktaii is alivainivVkh splavov:, SN 113-60a Moakvap Goes izd-vo lit-ry po stroltol arkhito i otroitemateriatamt 1960s 86 p. (MIRI 24s6) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R,) Goaudarst"mW komiUt po, delam stroitelletvas 2o TSentrallwy nauebno-isoledovaivIlskiy institut OtroitelIzWkh konstruktsiy Akidemii stroitel'stys. i arkhitektr-ry SSSR (for Taranovakiyj Kholdwring Broudeq Chavikin)o 3o Chlsn~-korrespondent Akadsaii stroitel'stya i arkhitaktury SSSR (for Baldin). 4. Gosu- darstvenrqy proyekt.Vy botitut Proyektatallkonotruktaiya Glavatroy- proyekta 1..7i Gosotroye SSSR (for Ourarit Lokshin). (Aluriom ancys) RaCKOY, T.B., BNLYAYI[T, B. TARA OVSK"Y' S.Y., XIORMIN, A-Kh. Pbesibilities of using aluminum wA alluminum alloys in construc- tion* Prom. strol. j8 no.8:36-39-160. (MIU 13:8) (Alluminum alloys) (Aluminum. Structural) %~-BAWLM, I.A.'; UWQVSKff, S.T., doirtor takhn.naulc Aluminum la construction slementse Isve AGiA no. 3:64-68 160~ (NDA 13:12) 1. Oblea-korrespondent Acadesit strottelstva t arkhttaktuz7 BSSR (for Baldin)o (Aluminum, Struatuml) STREMSM, Nikolay Stanislavovich,, prof,, doktor tekhn. nauklmnsvp A.N.g prof.1 BELEXYAj Ye.Lt doktor takhn. naukt prof.; BALDI"I 116op keM. tokbno nauk# dotsentj LMIG, Ye.N.v kard. tekbm. n-a-U-jcT6VO--htj rJBN# S.Hop k"o takhne naukp nauchvyy red.j GORYACHEVAI, T.Vvlp red* izd-va; GILENSCHp P.G.j tekbn. red. (Ketal construotion) Metallicheskie konstruktaii, Koskvas Goo. isd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit. materialarp 1961, 776 p, (KMA 240) 1. Chlon-korrespondent AN SSSR i Deystvitellnyy chlon Akademii stroltell- atya i arkhitektury SSSR (for Streletakiy). (Buildingg Iron and steel) - -7 - - , PHASE I DOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5854 Streletskly), Nikolay Stanislavovichp Corresponding Member, Academy of Sciewes USSR, Prcfestor, Member of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSRO A. It. Geniyevp Professor* I , Ye. 1. Belenya, Doctor of Technical SclenceRt Professor' V A. B-aldan., Candidate of Technical Sciencea,, Docent; and Ye. N. Lesiig, C a~o iFjchnical Sciences.. Docent Metall.icheskiye lwnstruktaii (Metallic Structures) 3rd ed., rev. Moscov, Goestroylzdat, 1SQ. 776 p, Errata slip inserted. 70)300 copies printed, Scientific Ed.: S. M. Tubin, Candidate of Technical Sciences; E4. of PabliuTaing House: T. V. Goryacheva; Tech. Ed,: P. 0, Gilenson, PURPOSE: This book was approved by the ~iinlatry of Rigber and Secondary Specia- lized Education W&R. as a textrvk for civil engineering schools of higher education; it mal also be used as a ummal by engineers and aspirants. COVERAGE: The. folloving basic problem in designing metallic structures are disc-,issedz tht load-carrying ability of the material and joints; calculation Card 114 Metallic Structures methods; arrangement of constructional elements and complexes of Industrial anO civil buildIngs with metal frames; large-span buildings; sheet and plate stm-ctures; pipellnes; and electric-powerline supports. Also discussed are fundamentals of the rconomics of steel structures and of the use of struc- tu~al aluminum. Moderu types of prestressed constructions (metallic, steel- ,-einforced concreteo steel-rope,. etc.) are also considered. The limit-state mrithods used are in accordance with SNIP; substantiation for new engineerirg design specifications Is given. The look was vritten as follows: N. S. StrN-letakty.. the Introduction and Chs. T, II., III, T.. VI, and XM; A. N. Gentyev, Ch. XI thn*jugh XVII; V, A. Baldin., Ch. VTII; Ye. I. Belenya, Cho. IV2 IX., X,, and XVIII, and Te. N. Lessig., Cho. VU and XIK through XXV. There am no referenre3. TAWX OF COWLM8: [Abridged) Foreword Introduction card 2/ 6 ,PAPIN, V.1., kand.tokhn.nauk; TROFIWV,, V.1.v kand.takhn.nauk Investigation of tho elastic-plastic properties of structural steel In plans streseed condition. Trudy TSKIISK no,4:,rp- 34 161, (MIRA 15:2) Ste4j, Structural-Testi:ng) Straine and stresses) i RELYAYEV., B.I.; RALDIV, V.A.; SOKOLOVSKIY, P.I. JUgh-strength lw-anoy steel for building elements. Prom. stroie 39 110.5:26-29 161o (MIRA 14:7) (Steel, Structural) ksM.tdkhn.n&ukj TROYMOV, V.I., k&W.takhn.rauk Study of the devolopwnt of,plastio deformations in structural steel in a plaw stressed state under complex types of,loading. Trudy TSNIISK no.13:5-37 162. (MDU 15111) (Steel, Structure-Testing) MUKHANOV, Konstantin Konstantinovich, kand. takhn, nauk; IN V.A. retsent-rtt TUBIN, S.H.- kapd. takhn. pa A LUAL.- 2.P - , #~MTKRVA nauohn" iid.-; BEGAK, B.A., red.isd va; tekhn, red. (Metal structures; fundamoutals of desip) Metallicheskis konstruktalil oanovy prosUirovanila, Moskva Goastroi- isdatt 1963. 404 p. IMIRA 16:7) 1. Chlon-korrespondent Akademii atroitalletva i arkhitaktury SSSR (for Baldin). (Building, Iron and steel) BRODSKIY, A.Ya.v kand. takhn, naukI PALDP, V,A.j kand. takhn, nauki SMASM4YKH, V.P.v red.izd-va; SHCHEVCHENKOp T.N..j tekhn, rede (Argon-aro welding of aluminum alloys for bruilding elemonts; technological recomendations] Agrono-dugovaia avarka aliuminievykh splavov dlia stro~tellroFkh konstruktaii; tokhnologichookie rekomendataii. Moskva, Gosstroiizdat, 1963. 179 P. (KIRA 17:1) lo Moscow. TSentral'My nauabno-issladovatellskiy institut stroitelInykh konstruktaly. 2. Rukovoditell sektora avarki, TSentrallnoy laboratorii metallokonstruktsly TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo institute. stroitel'rWkh kon- struktoiy (for Brodskiy). 3. Rukovoditell TSentrallnoy la- boratoril retallokonstruktaiy TSentrallnogo nauchno- isaledovatellskogo instituta stroitel'rWkh konstruktsiy (for Baldin). JZUD.qIY, A.Ya., karid. teklm. nuuki V.A.# h-and. tekhr.. naukj Prinimal uehastlye BAItY:;ITV,--TF.-j, Inih. LArgon-arc welding of aluminum alloys for building struct%kres; ir--ntrial rocomemintions) Argon-dugovola svarkn alituninievykh splavov d1in stroitollnykh kon- strukt.-Ii; tokhroologichockle rokmendutAl. Xoskva Gosstroiizdat, 1963. 179 p. (~~Iru 17:101 1, Voocow, nauctmo-Issledovatel'okiy Institut stroitelInykh kon.,;truktsII. 2. Rukovoditell sektora svarki TSentrallnoy laboratorii r-3tallokonntruktsiy T.Itentrallnogo nauchno-Irsledovatellskogo institutti Atroitel.lnykh kcn- struktqiy (for Brc4tskiy). 3. HukovWite) TSentrallnoy la- boratorii metal.lokonstruktsiy T.Sentrallnogo nauchno- issledovatel'skop instituta --troitollnvkh konstruktsiy (for Baldin). iokto v tvkr~-.. 1 a,, kkt p Cf., red. " VA11, IN , 'I%.*...* YwA ekhn, rowk p red. ; . X. -. , red . (Frotitrezood strol and cable stnicturo8l otallrVe f--rod- varitel'i -nuyrinzl~oruVo trosovye kon-.;trukAs11. Yoskva, -lat. 19 (.4 ."17 111.9) OtruilL & I I 1. Moscow. T'sontrallrvy -niichro-Isslodovatel'skiy imititut strolollirj~h kniintruktOys BELYAYLV, B,I,; 'Z-OKOWVSKIY# V.I.; SHEYN.VEL'O, N.H.; AMNEP B.G. Steals of Increased and h1gh strength for structural elements. Prom, -'rol, 41 no.lt17-21 Ja 164. (MIRA 17t6) KOVALICIIUK, M.F.j. inzh., rcda[decensedl; V.A., red.; TUbIII, S.M.,, kande tekhn. naw~, i:&I-4-LAUT', M.Ya*, Inz'11, reJ.; IARIO,'.'OV, A.A.y bjzh.# rod.; BALIK111n, M.I., red.; WGUSHEVICH, Ye.N., inzh., red.; PAVLOV, S.M., inzh., red.; SHIRIN., P.K., kaivi. tokhn. naukp ivd. (Construction specifications and regulations) Stroitoll- nye nornW i pravila. Moskva, Gosstrolizdat. Ft.Z. Sec.V. Ch-3.; Pt-3. See. A. Ch-5-6. (MIRA 18a1) l. Rupsia (1923- U.S.S.R,) Gosudarat'vennyy komitet po delam stroitellatya. 2. Gosstroy SSSR '~for Kovallchuk, I"ionov., Bogushevich). 3. Chlen-korrespondent Akederdi stroltnlletva i arkhitektury SSSR (for Baldin). 4. TSen- t-!t'.%I~-y aguebw-looled9vatellskiy institut stroitellzwkL konstruktsiy Akademil stroitelfstva i aLrkhitektury SSSR Uvr Tubin). 5. Gosudarstvenn~y institut po proyektirova- n1yup issladovaniyu i isp.%taniyu stalInykh k*onstruktsiy i moutov (for Laut). 6. Pezhduvedomstvennaya komisslya po peresmotru Stroitellnykh nom i pravil(for balikhin, Favlov). 7' Nauchno-issledovatel'skly institut organizatelip mekhani- zatsil i tekhnichoskoy pomoshchi stroitellstyu Akacmii stroitel*st%,a i arkhitektury SSSK (for Shirin). BAIDIUP V,A., doktor tek~-n.nauk; KOGIrERGOVA, Ts.Ye., Batum mde of tvo sorts of steel, Prom.mtroi. 1.2 no.11120-23 N 164. (VITRA 180) w I T- at i~)n ot iuct~ it to acture sti.%pe wtx-, -s~i ~-n JL.: f'r-mnl' no t, cl" geomo t:-v Sc dL,-' ~i t '65 --t d u,.3 t. o un-Lf o r-m v ar ia t i o nof aticti-lity aml firr,qity n~ I~hp rracturk- -urra-p'~ f4 n r f) Fj '9 1 D r 0 q I ' Y L \v jut, uno u-Lijuj-rv%Tion occlirrou k.T. rugn rGeriperatures) L 1% win n rla r. h 1) it jc g -.m a 1 -7. K.c i.,;s i,)N v i) iAP50-12 4rt VjVVIdL-.g X4;jj Cn ~~'vn !-xuzk ju a. hast 2 tablos. ABA 7- 5-t nrc tvt- 0 to SUBMIrTED 00 LIO 56M CODEJ M BALDINq V.A., doktor tokhn.nauk; SHEYlIfUlD, N.Flop kand.tokhn.nauk Roof trusses from stoool pipes- Prom.stroi. 43 no.12:27-29 165. (MIRA 18M) ,~., d,,k-.or tn~hn. nxtj~K-, N.M., kanI. tooki .r- nat,'x bkjjLIA,__j. Using thin-valled closed proelles in inetal structures. Prom. stro". 42. no.102-34 165. MIA 18.-,30, WDIN, V.A.1 01"ll-lKYN, L.[.; M!"iLlFli, V.Ya.; SIIA,OV, A. N. Causps of the breakdown of a convqyox gallery. Prcr-.. strol. 43 no, 1.1s.U-17 165s NMA 18f12) * AXN&4J-"l I T a f% 0 % Deslpninp riveted metal elements according to limiting states. Stroi. mekh. i rasch. soor. 3 no.3t23-26 '61. (MIRA 14t10) (Elastic plates and ShO113) 0+ a f, I /, 0 ~4 .LA W/I . 4itV7yW& 7f/ 9 1~ 7v- 7 3 ~!f