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RYUPIN't 7.1l.; BMMIN, V.Z,. .Automtic)u rif the n=afac'lurn of tractcr-enginee crankshafts. :Biul. ~--kji.-akon. inform. 1;n-3:93-96 158. (MIRE 11:6) O-ut om3-t I ~ -) (Cranka F.n.:l cr-.,ik,3haflvq) RMIN, V.N.; BIDIKIN, V.A. Automation of tho mrrifacluro of ca=haV',Ei for automobile and trantor engines in t1b5 U,;;.A, Biul. tek-h,,-ekon. inforc. no,4: 93-96 158. (MIRA 11 tO (United States- -Automat ion) Waited State 9-Aut on)bileu-*,.-,in9 a) (%it.)d State a-Trac-bors-kgines) V.11.: 13"ITIN, V.A. Automation of the production of trnctor-in,~1710 7alvev. Rlul. I- 1J.: 7) tekh.-ekon.iz,-fo:rm. nc).5:~0-92 '5,Q. (~!J%'. (Ali to mit I c n) ( Valvos ) I ., RTUMIN, V.H., kand.tekhn.nauk: BWKIN, T-A-, insb. Automatic control In the production of automobile and tractor engine crankshafts. Trakt. I sellkhossashe 8:37-40 Ag 158, (Milu, 11: 8) (Tractors-2ngines) (Automobiles--ZrAines) (Automs.tic control) BEVEN, T,A., inzh. Automation of the machining of cranakhaf tit and lay shafts on litthen arid drilling machinev. MoU.1 avtom. pr,)..zv. 15 no.6:4-8 Je 161. (MIRA l4:6) (Metoil I (Automation,' BBNI:lBR. B. L. (Omsk) -'---"inie'ia Michailovna Panteleava. Ned.sestra 16 no.7:32 Jl '57. (PAM"LREVA, AIIISIU. MIKHAILOYNA) (MIRA 10:11) 56. Compremeor Intake Nossle Dosign OtDesign of the Intake Fozzle of a Comprecoor With Considers- tion of Air Compressibility," by-V. S. Ber,knev, Sb. staley Mosk. ynsh. Tekhn. uch-sbcha, 1955, 39, 11P-1;-3-54 (frotl--re- feratL= Zhurnal -- Hekh;,nika, No 4, Am' 57, Abstracl, No U-37, by V. D. Sokolov) "This article gives a repatt on a method (:,f approxination for the calculzition of the velocity ranges in axisymmrttrical canals during tbo steady flow of a compressible ideal fluid. Calculation for in incou- pressible fluid is given in the first approximation. A correction for compreusibility is obtained thrix the use of eqi,Lationa of coasumptions, vblcb take into account the radial equilibrilas and the depenlence at th* viscosity of the liquid on 'the -relocity of the flow. Experisental re- sults tire given for verifiestio-2 of the method. The bibliography cac,- tains four sources." (U) 7 Excerpta Medics, See IS Camer Vol,,2/1 Jan 54 39. KO A., KOLTAY M. an I GABOR P. Iyw. kir path. Arat. & Pathohittol. U11d Univ. Szeged. Vb(!r die Femwirkt;ng karzinogener Stoffe mft 6twn derer-BerOcksichtigung der Leberverinderungen 19mnote effect of carcinogenic mb- stances with special re/erence to changes in the nver Arch. Ceschwulj;tforsch. 1933, 5/1 (47-58) Tables I Illus. 5 The treatment of white mice with v2rious carcinogenic substance!i (henzpylvfte. di- ben7anthracene diethylstilboestrol, female sex hoirione) in various manners (Latra- peritoneally and painting) resulted chiefly in degenerative lesions of various coripms. The most severe and constant alterations occurred in the liver. It is :cuggested that the changes of the internal organs, especially those of :he liver may play a r6lo in the development of an 'internal cancerogenic diRmsition.' Romhinyi - No EXCERPTI YEDICA 3'ec 16 Vol 'fl/9 Cancer Sort 59 3814. Clinical and morbl"natonsical studies an irtticuloset, both "Po'*- laneous and due to macromolecular storage Klinich-pathologische Stlidien Mxr die durch makromolckulire Speicherung entsichenden urd spontanen Reti- 1,11105M. BENKij A. 1. Med. Klin. der Univ. Sirged Z. gri. inn. Ated. 1958, 131'9- to (294-3017-Mr-a-pTis-2 Tables I Illus. 7 The devP'o ment of patholoocal changes (blnod picture, pathnfogical otetn!;, 0~ . ;r ath ogic-afreactions) in clinical and expt-rmvntal reticulosis isdiscu%srd ersonal p experiments with a macmmolecular carboli4drate polymer ka,i to the, following concimsions: In the first stage of rctictilo%is '. c causative Facton (viruses intoxica- d aliv n 'h Anth~ sc~on,~ a e e ra 0 ro"Cr e re~c'io 0 e 'io ) 'v r 'c to g ne 'iv 0 p ly d In he hird , a result 0, ..'a c os 'Cnome 1 4'Y onser""n ~e r - ' ' th RFpRipr 0 C a h hr W e a_rogl'bulh n T g Y, t 'I p t0 (m , C~ lbulim, e m ~ nese h c' Prot, i~ h i n giv rix t7the next a r Pat 0 'c' t' t. ~ re m 11 int Cr r 3 pto., u h ha m a is, v tar I s c a e onh g, 'liathe, Mu ",on. etc. Horst Pmniii EXCERPTA YFD10A Sec 5 Vol 12/8 General Path. kal, 59 21!)1. 'HIE INFIXENCE, OF' DENFAII/M ION ON ( AptCINO(;E,1;I~S!S IN HAT SKIN. AND ON TIIF (jI(OW-I-II OF' GjjE:I(I% *1 pXjOUljS - Dq-r Eii,MIN." (i!,r Deriervat ion aur dif. ltautcarcinoi~vnq- me (it r Ratten und dam kli.ichstunx i.~s (;ut4rtn 'rumors - fie nk A A. ,rid T it, z a i A. 1. Med. K,i it.. Untv . Szeged - ARCH. G'EW1fW-aLSTF-0t(SCII. i9jo. t3/3 (239-2511) Graph, I Tables -1 Ilium. It In experimental animals denervation wam achtei-ed by excising bran:hes (if the tito- hypopstric, MoInguinal, femoral, obturator. and scialicrierveii. ~n sections j)f 0.5 cm. each, under ether anaeathesia. 'the retulling tulal paral.)sis of the left extrtmity lasted about 3 months. In one series of experiments, ife development of turnours after painting with a 0.5% solution of ):Io-dimethyl-1,2-b.:~ntanthracen.~ was Mudied. It was found that the turnourii. develrjlx-d earlier and grew bigger in the paralysed extremities than the turiours of the non-deriervaleti cvm%rols. In 3 additional series of experiments, the development and growth of U01-in i arc inomas after denervation were examined. Tuinours implanted under the skir% of dent-i-vated extremities were found to develop sooner and grow faster than turnours in non- denervated cont:-ols. It Is concluded Clat develo3ment and growth of these tumours are f3voured by denervation because of the reduced resistance of th-~ mesenchyma which provideii the defence mechanism. Juhilsit Bodapest (V, 15) 4t J.1XV130M. Antal. dr.; MlY. Sander, dr.; BIWKV. kkon. dr.; TOROK, Ianzlo, dr. Clinical observationn on actrauterine preirnancy. Kapy.noorv. I%p. 21 no-106-60 Ju '60. 1. A Szogedi Orvoatiulomun,71 I?Vetem Szulv~zetj tie 'ior_,,)r , mfitatl. klinilaijamk kozlejaenyi) (11jazimto: BatirfvIvy Janoii dr. eaciteril tanar) . (PANGIUNCY ICCTOPIC) KIROCZI, Jozaef, dr.; 1LENKQ,,-AjAqar, dr.; RETHI~, Lajos, dr.; KEL&MEN, G,3za, dr.; PACSA, Sandorp dr. Immunological exanLinationg of infents eimultazn~3ously vaccinated by oral poliovaccine and smaLlpox vaccine. Orv. netil. 104 no-3:1.041-112 20 A 163. 1. Human Oltoanyagtornelo es Kutato Intemet, Budapest, Pecsi )rvostudcp- rmanyi Egyetem, Mikrobioloi,71ai Intezet, R!tranya mog7ei KozegesZ3~11;- 03 Jarvanyug7i Allomas, Viruislaboratorium. (FOLIOVACCINE, ORkL) (SMALLPOX VAG~1111E) (ANTIDODI~;S) C.3130, Ile-,er, Dr.; BENKO, Albert, Jr. I.- , Screenin!; examination of newborn irifant:i In the intere3t of the enrly therapy of hip dinlocntionc. (~rv. hetil. 99 no.:?6:8~12-894 29 June 58. 1. Borg od-Abnuj-'"'empton Ik,ryei :;emmelweii Korhaz Intvnn dr. Nleseti co Orthopuedini Oqztc.lyr-nnk (foor,ros: Coato Peter dr.)kr,zlemenye. (HIP, diRloc. screenitV; of newborn Inf. for early detection (RLin)) I-..~: 4 ,r i , -, .- ", i! ~~ r" -! - , 1 t,F? , ~ '! " -- w -;.., ;,. -, ,-:, - , I - . " I , -, , ~! :r I - ~,() ~, , : , " ; , 1, . T (;A", ~y "iii1ra I,," :,i,,t tu* (, or V., cc i rl'! Pro- Lr. (luction an(l Rt!.,;r!-irch ((-,ir,?ctor: VERR'~, Gabor, Dr) (AUXAN C:, KUtato IritQ7,Ct). 11 D(!crca:;v iri the of th'! 7,1ccin'. at DJ ferent Tomperaturn,,;. 11 B11'Jap-st, Crvo.--,i fivtilap, Vol 108, No 9, 26 Feb 67, p;kvlei~ Alj:~, trac t: [Authors' 10inj:-,arian runmaryj The p-,c~ count of th,! )-.1yc-r1n-1b;-,,~o -illpox va,;cinc kept above GO~ decrearc:-, a!-, a rerult, of the d-imij-iri, -ct of i-lycerin on the vaccinia virions. The extent of the decreas4i is C~,L!pendent on temperature, time poriod as well as on the quantity and quality of the .1lycerin. In order to increarn the stability of the effectivent~ss, the snallpox vaccine is now produced with a .50 pf.,r cent glycerin concentration ('.-ess than earlier) and with a somewhat hirher virus conCEntration, 1-5 x 107 pock counts. 3 Hungarian, 6 Western references. &,"NK(l , Andor Descripticn of welding wq)criments by divit cui*ion ca:7ried out in the Galati 'Ihipyard. Jarmu mezo 1pip 5 nc..4:1.20 je 15F. 6"E( ) ;'. , I., it,:;. ~"n Lilf! 'Itudy jou.-ney to the Gcrmzn Dcmoczratic -~---IU'bl ic. ~7(, 10 377-378 i1 161. I,. j."Y.- N.JZIL [-'c~aiicku, Bra-~Islava (for V-mkc). .1. V:-.~ - " ':l-7 urtzlv Ixatislava for :31a3kovi.- . 7ITNANSKY, 14. , inz., ADAHKA, J. , inz.,, BENKO, 1:1. , inz. Welding in making sculpturen. Terh praca 15 ','Io. 12: 993-995 D 163. 1. Slovenaka vyijoka skola tachnicka, Fratisla-va. BUKO, Bernard, inz.; ZITNAVSKY, Marce1j, inz. Efficiency value of electrodes. Zvaranie 12 no-3:6346 Rr 163. 1. Slovenalca vysoka skola technicka, Bratislava. ENO, Bernard; 'ZITNAMY, Marcol; 00M, Jcjzt,%," Weldlng in sculpture. Zvrk.-anicl 13 no.8:231-231, -* g 164. 1. S'.ovak Higher School o,.' Toohnology, HratLnlnva. .13ENKO, Bohuslav, -ins. Vater system of some varifities of apple trees. Rostllii vyroba 9 no.2:157-172 F 163. 1. Vyakiumy ustay rastdiriiej vyroby, Plmatvmy. 0 (UBIY. Ljohijana, vuwOALvIr~'a4 a. 'M 14 17 S. Phlqll~HXN in 70 xj~ E110 wwj added wM tk*ig to 4.9 g. UAIH# In 300 art. 14'O'larwis 2 bts, at 6'. Un Inixt, Stu red 0.6 bwr.. 20 Mi. Hto ;added, that o4. layer sepat., e3td. with foar Wad i prw"ka.1 Et ykW 4Ag. pfixilme N)trl the onto. ds*4 wW t1st.l. tr bAtt Via' NI-ICHiCiliNfl."t (11), 141 12&-33*; di-Ac d"iv. c4 I is. 118'. witli koifisg WfahYdfriuron In pL,icv of Ittgo the yield Wei 58, 31/.Iaodl'J.3'YH InsAme tmuner %be to'lowinj RNHU .2ro fedwed 'in brAling I(W(JR. % ykW tat RN11114e, 7% )iehi of KNUCHICIll. N119 H b.p.1mm. of III, fwniula of the deriv. from III asid Mks aed Its wv.'~Otu' i,-M#Cjf.. r, .5. 20.1 M-7'/15, ckiHIONPS' 119 o4i~t!A. 30, 18.7. 1&2-" , is. C14111INts. 1131, ow-MC(Olf" IWI.4. 10.1, Iffi-W/13, 109,; CjIu, ICS 1114 95-4'/12 152*; PIsClig, 3.5. 4Z 4".,(; ('4/~p 3ENFO, I'votft Vacuum in semiconductor technics. Novi prozv 13 no.1:81-33 '62. ]EIRO) . From the activity Of the losla-Crade,t P:-oulezre occii 16 no.12t116-121 D 163. 1. Director al GospcdariLlor AgTiccl- d-i 090S. Gi2ela, dr.; BARST, Qyula, dx.; MkGOS# Laiislo, dr. TMM), Deneensi KOVACS, Oyorgy. dr. Arterial changes accoaqwVing trauma. Il,, 'rho frequenc), of the ccnditioa and capillary, microscopic atudias among steel.-cast workers. Orv. hatil. 95 no.48:1317-1321 28 NOT 54, 1. AZ IBtT&n Korhas I. Beloortalyanak (focrTos: Bugar-Hestaros Kuroly dz-.) es az Orsxagos Munkasgeszeegugyl Intezatenek (igargato: Tilwr Miklos d-r.) koxlemenys. (]L&TNAUDIS DISIASE Occup.) (OCCUPATIONAL DISIASIS PAYnaud's dig.) ox :00 *or Z . too, J1 n 0,11 11, .41(11111-id ."411 . r IRS, oft wq I to 0. vy"*11 00 OADK "it 'OK og6t - It orcA 00. 0111MEOU 90. see 00- 3 00 0 .00 0 w- W IF lo '00 "&j to 4.0 4. 160#14 dook a.0 *to --q- r-j- ir- a ..w a a c 0 w 6 is 2; L 0 a 0 a OR AV 'it No :Zirt -1-- -1 a IMINSWWONT'D SMAVIDIUI "M4101"& IN fit IPSV 3c"IF0, F. FiDLWAIII Ir,)ZLONY. BU11"FIN OF THE 41PGARIAN GTOLMICU s(r,,IFTY. (MaUar Foldtarit T-irsullit) Budapest. or Soviet geology. P. 359 Vol. 88, No. 3, July/Sept. 1.958 1 - 3, March 1959 Monthly List of Fa5t Furopf,an Acemilons (FFAI), U:, Vol. 3, No Tj nc. Li -s s . WHO For *66AEUMM'I The inereaoing role of geological reaearch in the raw raterial prospecting. Foldt, kozl 93 no.1.120-124 -Ta44r 163, BE%'170, -il- .Ii:, : ,!~ ! -.-. , lt-t - . - .. I !. - ; . - :' . :-, -.1 ~ ! , - t - --- t- vjarch in 1, 1 t "j, ~- 1. ~ - ; ; I, IL". I .- , F. : i "! I . , . , ': -, ", . *. t I 'r. '. , . . .1 . .- , " B 11KO, F.. 113hapinp lipht metaIs." (p.198) YOHASZJITI IAPO~ (Yag7ar "anyriszati es Yoha:tzah. ,-inv-~ulet) 9udap~st. Vol. 4, no. 9, 3cpt. 11)52. SO! FA7 T,~urope,in Accesniona Lint, Val. '), No 8, Aujv. l';#54. HINKO, Forena ChromatograpI7. OVogyaterest 9 no.7:125-12;1.-. contd. 1 July 54. (ClUtOKATOGRAPHT) -,BlNM,lPFqDA c, -- Chromatography. Oyogyazereas 9 no.8:145-147; concl. I Aiw 5~, (CMIOKATOGRAPHT paper) YUC'rOSIAVTA/(,'hemi Cal Technology, Cellulose and its D~rivatives. H Abe Jour: Ref. Zhur-Kbimiya, NO 12, 3.958, 41916. Author L-Denko. Inst NoT-91:7vr.' Title Cloth in a Paper-Making %ahine. Ori g Pub: Tekstil, 1957, 6, no 6, 509-523- Abstract: The requirements set on Cloth (C), the iml;ortance of C in paper industry, and the production process of C, starting with waving, are e.escribed. The utilization, mEAntenance, wear and tear of C are discucsed, as well as the replacement of wool. by some other filament, par';i- cularly nylon, the additior, of 15-25~ of it to the wrap increasing the durability of C for 4o-6o~- 1) Card 1/1 C.S. il,'*,~."I~:,) , ;'erenc, figy6teml 1 1; , Te&ching goology in liunpetry and ft our loniverolty. Dorsod szonle 7 no.3-15-123 '("I. ULGY,Itndre.dr.; 3INK0.0abor,dr. Gourse of the developmeat of resistance in comzon pathogeaic bacterial genera as sho,vn by our olinLal test mterial. Orv. hetil. 101 no,24:840-841 12 Je 160. 1. Ssgodi Orvostudomnyl Egyetom. Mikrobiologial Into9zet. (LNTIBIOTICS -.3harmcol. ) (BAGMIL pharmcol. ) Cr.DIW", Ril, dr.; DAVMCH, Bela, d-r.; BMO, Gabor, dr.; NURI, Istvan, d:r. 7hrombobic thrombocytopentt purpura (thrombotic micro&%gioMtbV). Qrv. hatil. 103 no.16:7"-'14t 22 Ap 162. L Hodmezovasarbelyl- L)rhais. (PURPURA IMIROMNIC in adolescence) vc Pl: F,,muty IZZ _jjr., ~;ZW11CUW, Evz, Dr.; Fospit~al of t;ie C!"CY Cournoil cl' Ho.imozina,;arhely, Demrtamt of Intenval Modicine ~lv, "mtcp~y f"ocvd Varocii ~vnac-s eeir a ,yoi;y es Budapest. OviorA HwAl-~.2, 101, No 4t1, J1. 1",%c Abstraott [Aulhors' s-nmai.-y], Tle authors rt)pe:r*~ of I partu., no-T.11 Caused In" pw-t m pitult2vy necrasl-~ ar:4 pap. hgo- pituitrirlnm. In connection vi!.th the case the3 strev, th:~t P~,,t~,Glogical loss c' welght, in not alwzys pre-lent Ln pll~,ait-anj inlufftcvic-ncv, Fil, Hupi:al"An IIENKO, Gabor, dr. 1. polycyntic ki&oy of unusual size. On'. heltil~ 104 no.2:7.1-7,5 13 Ja 163. L Hodmozovanarhol.,li Varosi T&nacs K(lr~Aza, Proq,ctumt. (KIWITY, FOLYGYSTIC) B~~IIIIYO, Gabor, dr. Cprobellar angiorri caiminj- frital , -, , :, . r., ~ t ` 1 . I ~,, ~ no.33:156F-1570 16 Air 1(~L. I . f "., iv ~i:-, a r h ~ ~ I y A Va rc, r I Ta wi- - K ~ T-h 112 '1 , F rn.~; ( - *~, I r ~i ( -,'c r, rvc q; ( , ii ; 1 ,1r. ) . HUNGARY .I)ENKO, Gabor, Dr, WINTER, Miklos, Dr-, City Council of Hodmezovaaarhely, Hospital, Autopsy and Medical Ward (Hodmetovik5arhely Varosi Tanacs I:crhaza,, Prosecturs as Belosztal:r). "Multiple, Lymphold Polyposis of the Intestinal Tract." Budapest, Orvosi-Hetila2, Vol 10,', No 17, 24 Apr 66, pages 795-796 Abstract: (Authors' Hungarian suiisaryj The clinical data of & female ;atient 'Zre described who ouffered from a maligmant lymphoma for two years. At autopsy, multiple lymphoid polypoa13 cf the small Intestines was discovered. The change iv conaldered to be a part of the features of lymphoma, at a rare locallrAtion, A Btand to taken against the treatment of similar cases as a disease of independent character, as dcne in the literature. All 4 references are Wentern. 1/1 11 L-Ali A Iq I'_ Al- 19, ZI T I 1"JILL-LU -A-& 1"0 .7 ~ .:. 7 ; _Vq e :14 ;J 0 Ai , I" W.A got-, 00 u9i's"s .491446. &NA thoo 604961.01,1" 4*14 00 11ttel DOM *'A It r. A' 42 C If . - . I"k 1. 117-10109 00 es 09 00 so 00 0 00 1200 *0 too 00 a 00 soo 80 00 9 too* At. %L& WALLtR&KAL uVIO.Nat CLAOINFOCA1100 of I- "'r. I.L.7 U90 We* 'Two 1.) 114 tl it 11 a & -W 0 0 1 114 Ise *IS 00 410 *see 0 4111 0 4 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 70:0*00*:0*000,900000000400 Ole q 04.0 00*004-40000*000// ANSI I %"' 1M'KO, Gyorgy, dr., ; SZAKACS, Dauso, dr. Awly diagnosis of gaalric hemorrhage. On,. hetil. 96 IIC-37: 1024-1028 11 SePt 55. 1. A Pecei Orvostudommiyi I&eteu I. as. Felklinkajand: (igasgato: Argyan Janos dr. egyet. turar) kozl. OTMACH, hemorrham , diag., early) (ifimaRRHAGM, stomach, ditg., early) BIVKO, Gyora, Dr. Roentgenogram of the circular forms of iftirp-contaured. L.1ceroms gastria cnncer. Magy. radiol. 9 no.4:193-205 Doe 57. 1. A Peosi Orvostudomanyi .!,aetem 1. oz. !3elklinikajanak (Igazi, to: Anp_vnt Janos Dr. IMet. tv_ar) kozlemenys. (STOMACH NNOPIASKS. diag. x-ray of cir,:ular sharp-contourad ulcerous tumoro (Ibin)) KINKO, Gyorgy, Br.; SZAKACS. Dezso, Dr. Signif icance of early gaet r-oscopy in hemorrWes of the upper gas- trointestinal system. Orv. hetil. 99 no.Z.~i:850-853 ZZ June 58, 1. A Pecsi Orvostudomaqvi Aegetem 1. Bz. ::ielklinikajawkk (ijaziatcl: Angynn JnTLOe dr. east. tanar) kozlemenys. ((LUTROINT3STIIUL S'fSTD4, hemorrh. early gastroscopy in hemorrh. of upper tra.-t (Ifun)) (GAsTROGGCPT, in various die. hemorrh. of q)l)er gastrointestinal system, uignificaace of early gastruncopy (HIM)) BJCIKO,Gyorg.v,cli-. kymphogranulow too is of the stomach. Ilaeyoradiol. 12 no.2: 71-78 ~* l6o. 1. A Pacei Oryostudomaji lastom I. or.. Belklintimjanal, (Igazgato: Anaan,Janoe,dr. egyat. taukr) kozlemervc. (UMUNIS DUMSI radiol.) (STOKACH VIWIASNS radiol. ) - BOX0. Gyorj7, dr. Pathological evaluottion. of gastric ulcer by means of gastroscopy. Orv.heti:L. 101 no.29:1026-1030 17 J'L 16o 1. Pacel, Orvostudomanyl. Igyatem, I* es Bslklinika (PEPTIC ULCIR diag) (GAST'AOSC()Py) WIMP G-rorgy, Jv,; BURGER, Tibor, dr. Treatment of chronic liwkania by mains of Osgood's totil-bocLy irr&dia- t,-on. Orv. hetil. 102 no.15:697-701 9 Ap 161. Peest Crvostudomwtyl Elryetem, I oz. Belklinika. (IY,IJ?M4::A radiother) BFMOf (17org3r, &r. Cn otiology and treatment of pneumonia in newborn infents. Orv. hetil. 202 no.51:2401-24D6 17 D 161. 3. Pecsi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, I oz. Belklinika. (FRUMORA in ia & child) (INFANT NEWBCIFM diseases) FJENKO, G. Dr. Gyula Somogy-i. MaI7 reidiol. 14 no.l:(3-64 Ja 162. 'I (MITUARIES) A ~ t Y -7 XR, 1 :',Avf,r, P,!c :j , I ic ~:.I. (-,I i'l ic P~C' ~; i 0 1-,, o:; 0 vioma f 1y I I ~L rl~." (c j.- PARTA, ialre, Dr, p~-off!.,:-,or~. o1, V".1-i 1. 4"' :.'o Aji, A'u., t. ra ~, t: [ A i i t -1r) r.,;' ~,~n - i;,i rm i r'v mc), i 1 f i,.-I! rav t i't ui ei i t ivon to ~)'17 v\'i 1A,,n t,: u I f i I, ~ 11'. t' viwl 6) 1.01) 1 col i, 1 :111;.0 If, IV radiatioi~ acconlirw, to C:,"cCX1, ill Chronic c ;atisfactory resulto. The ,3o called optinal t-1to coul.-I oft-c-n to maintainpi -.,;ith I.-irre Aos,~,s only arvl the zlllthor~~' 'W""; that it may precipit-,ite thc myedolbla5tic -.inal 3uiz-,,,. Wholf~ bo'iy ~rradi;ition is more usc~ful in the :3fcoriri 11 of mvelo3i" !,ince it has an influence on the patholol.-ical nyeloi(i "-InatoRDie~Ai in lt~; '~lltiret . Ill ca3es of chronic 1oo-mp~-.a(it,no5i.-,, r;~diati,.)n tre;iument of Y the whole body is recommended, supplemf--nted with local treablent if riecP-55dri. 4 Hungarian, 24 'de!;tirn rofercncj~;. BENK0, Gyorgy; TENYI, Jeno, dr, The development of the regional relatims of the Medical School of Pecs, Hunjmrr. NepegeoZsepugy 44 no.?.-197..201 I . J1 t63. 1. Kozlemsny a Nes.1 (h-vostudomany-i Frretemrol. (MEDICAL SCHWLS) (INFANT NORTALITr) (INFANT, ?10biTURE) (INDUS'TRIAL WDICIN.Q (RURAL HEAL111) (HOSPITALS) 0l' 7 -4 ad 0 L14 7~1 S Ol co -I.D., DIBICR, Zollu-an, ;-:.D., BUiZZ'A, Tiuo~', 1F;,-1'1A:,, 10 .,!.D., IDWOS, Tibor, M.D., CZU1'1~0, Ge-za, 1-1.D., TOTH, Art4ra:;, Zt.,nior 1-fledical Student, and Fero.-.c, Senior %'.0- ,u ~ plex BriCade at the :.',-2dic 1 of the Corra a (0,-.ro5t,Lijom,,.nyi EZ;yete,-,i Kor,:ploxbri~,udja) in Pecs. (D-Irector: 3yo,--C,y, :-~.D.)- F:1jiJir1ra of the Scrt~cning Tests on the i:1 th-~! P::o- &-i~;Ivica Collec-tives In Juras SF11ya - laterna-1. lVedicine r-nd Suroical -~ 'r - -0- 'T 7 tilap, Vol 3.04, No 19, 12 I:ay 1963, pp. "~~3-872. ida-,,Iov) Ovr~vv- Le C; z Ab5tr~.cpt: Tlac Licidence and e;:L.,;tribation of various intcrnal and sxr- 6-ical disecscs was described. Goiters,, ulcari;, hernia, hypertonia, z;c-lerof,1L of the artericc, pulnonar e-z-ohyze=i, and motor distarbances w-~aze discussed in more detail. Seven referen(Las, incladin~:, 3 Hariga- rl= :-,-d 4 Wocluern. B,,PNKO, Qyora, . - - _ _.Rr . Dr. Bola !)zasz. Magr,rcdlol. 15 no*lz64 A 163. . (CIRTUARIES) SIM01f, S. , prc;f. , dr, , Karilirlt tocfniol~h,jr, ;; Gy. (Mrs) . Sulphur cxidation durIng, i;ho blowing of ',rcn with cKV;-,F?n. Acta t-,~-,Iin flung 1.1, nl)~3111",,:34,7-30'3 '63. :.. Technise"n-, fix dio Oichwer'.ndustrio, fur Fiwirl)Ot, nwojian, j"j ' ~(-l .4 . , Gyorgy, Ar. "atm to dIffE-rer-An! M-!gnon-ls rif FvmL:-..c ulrvr iden-rativs gastric. Orv. hc-til. 105 nn.47,, 2"(K). 2:14 Z2 11 1. Pecsi Orvostadomnnyi Vgyetem, Rontgeriklinik-i Benko Cyorgy dr.). d W. on VIIT bak *h I " in lxmmplL.~ -A welbod was '04 0 .01 to 0401%1 3 IN" (Ior- 1p. was, raised during obwg to- a *"Mdg too obw%A. Par tko qwttc. inm. Awk. am I for xmftwq~- IMA, 71wiv maw; IN UK Am cd Sm ieksbivasdwmt%~ M-MIX04W tno Cold" The *OWN$ 1016 WIN top" 4.-C. in a - OL 14 16 ago p, diva tat C dWtVWI 4 UM.. (ALVI. 4# bare 4 "~ dqih of boomi uw.;mmw* al. dwu 11fams- [Asim. I WNK96 ,w 4" SPIN bv. Ole Mot ftmodli;W 0%. Ivskatkot lowe cwdw $ad an itio boda of .04 rado, 61 batowly W41M Go arw U. "hluw BENFO, Imro, tudomanyos munkata r3 Breaking 9mall inductive mrrents. Elek-,rotechniKa 53 no.2/3: Iv-10) 1. Villanos Energetikal Katitto Intozet; MOTERV osztdilyveze- toje. -A" k I MINWYJ ,An&lytical Chemistry - Aualysis of Maorg&al,i E-2 Abs Jcw.*: Reforat Zhur-XhWya, No 5, ).958, 14227 Author Ben)w'I'0~ Sza&r,-zlq- KcrVIOSS G#z& Inst Title SpeAral DeteraimtIm or Tnizes of XL--=w;Aij L-1 C-~&l Aah. (-,r i g No Magyar kez. fo3,voirstp 395T9 63, No 2-3, 78.-84. Abstrict: A spectral method ban been develop" for v,.ui.-Tiautitattre dsterxiin&tian df tm-"g of Ag, Be, Be, Cd, C:), Cr, Cu, G&, Ge, Iny Hns Kos Nis Pby Sr, TI, V, W, Zr, In &&. Det4wnLua- ti(m of all Vbe elesmto in =do from a siziala eliect-ragrka, pb4ographed aloagaide vith spectra of stw4a.-rds im an ISP.-22 qmLrtz speetrogrsp%. The siuWles are plAoid it ewbou oilec- trodes. For the pur 11 pose o1' att&inLvg grml~tx emixitirity use vas movie- of ths nalbol of cathodtlaTix (H&A-yff R., Cl. Peters, Z. Fbin-, 1931, 70, WA)- JP= se~-Ies wnalynem Ibis 1/2 BETIO, Iatvan; UJHIDYNE FAPMAS, Klara Spectrut analysis of' solutions with the aid of a rotary gra;h!.te d1dc. I. Magy kem folyoir 66 ro.12001-503 D 160. 1. YeazInlem Vegyipari Eg7etem Analitikal Kemiai Tanszeks. KUILSIX, Miklov; -BM,10, Istran Investigations in detcmLaing baron by mears of spe.-trum amlysals. Magy kem folyoir(16 no.123~,08-510 D 160. 1. Yehezvogyiparl. KutsLtO Intezetp Vearprem. BENKO, Imra, egyetemi tsmarneged Mview of' &rticle!3 publis'-iod in "Promyshlonnaya nos.1-12, 1962, nos.].-7, 1963. lpari ene-gia 5 no.2:40-47 F 164. 1. Chair of Power E, cinomy, Budapest Technical University. 111~11KO, Im:ro, egyatemi timarseged Now aspects of introducing the inteMational measuring systems in heat engineering. Fnergria be At(il 17 i-.o.lD489-500 N 164. 1. Chair of Power Economy, Budapest Teebn:Lcal University. MI-IME-01 lira-t3, tij::yotarii t%n-r3,,jj,,3d I ri,)w -iopoc tq of thp 'Lnt;-(),I,lc t; .ri of th,~ - r,' L!.r.,d rt-a.glin-ment syrf-,orzi Ln hwit erq-lref~rir~.-,, Ft.-.. e.,3 -it,)ai 17 TIO.12:53'7-545 li 1("1t. 1. G!I-Al. )., 1"-vor E:-ollol-v 0~ *I;.- ~t Te ': : -,L !jnivtir.-iv. P-:mo, 1. Vocational training for utomic tc:~hnicians, p. 6, 'Ij~`:~'AKI !IETI (M,uszaki es Tcmeszpttudn-n.Lnyc,-- E7,yesulletek -'--2,OVetre.-e) Pudancst, Vol. 11., No. 13, July 19~~6 r, I z ~) 11 " 2, :East .1uropear Acc(!ssJ.cns List Library of Con.-,Ircss,, Vol. :,~, No. 11, Ikivernter 1956 9-111"(0) 1. First at uc reactor -.Ln ',,zFch:)slov,--?Ida, -p. 8, ~-= (".uszald e,~; Tcrnes?,ettudomanyos E,,7esuU?tek -'zovetse.,e) Fludapest, Vol. Up No. 13, 11,A3, 1956 50U-2^v:~: East European Ucessionv List (-.,.EkL) Library of Con.r:refrs, Val., 5, llo. 11, Novemnr 3956 B1210, Ti3tvan "pectrographic date rm Lnu".-".on of bauxite trace elemunt;3. Veszrrem iregyip e8y kOZ1 4 n),2tl,'P-139 160 I.. Veszpreml Vvgyipari Nryetem kialitikal Kemial Taiisaek. , 'Al Istvan; Miklov -11KO ~ Study on the determination of arsenic by a 'zectru:~ analysis. Vag-~ kem folyoir 65 no. 12:460-463 '59- 1. Nehezvegylparl Kutato Intezet, Veszr,z-e:n. HENKOP Istvan; UJI11DYNE FARKAS, Klara Exaninat.-'on of spectrum analysin of solu'lions ining rotary graphite disc. Pt.2. Magy kem folyoir "C', no.12:520-5~(, D 164. 1. Chair of hadlochemlst,,-i of the Gentra~. Inthin',ri Un-.-,r*,.rsity, ltpszl)rem. BEHOO J. Yugoslavia (430) TebbLaology Now apparatus for preparing milk: in the municipal "mleko" at Ljubljana. p. 230, Nova Proizvodnjap Vol. 2, no. 2/1,, Augast 1951. 'East European Accessions List, LibrarY of Congress Vol. 2, No. 3, March 1953. UNCLASSIFIED rt (-LAJT-iL L-") Vol. 1,52. 1 .7 :-i t h'-, Li o f &ir-)j e-An Acce!~,-~) '-wS, 2, j xl-us,'-, lj~),, Uri,:I. astalft Sipa, 6. Af*Rrm, Kiwiei Foly4hr*c VOL 61, ISM, IW-248, 2 W*. Aite' perfodle system is Iwised upon the petk4k atom, Ne -I " Ift al thy-eliamt- 5*194019"t NANF&n ,~ ~:;! ;.'rhaictleac demouts of tic sulphur cMP. Was beft Acusitles. balling pekits. melting polite. MUSNe With theft atoWk 111jilt. SIMil- phftMtUa G "ed'da al medei 4 Awwflank and aMoilic i,,104. 'he""tvi"M phy"d constants Cho" IPW poct ully with their uk~alsr vreight, The WW ng F tcluatlaii rqwtotots the McArAw between m0wilar "6110. !jw). the number of sterns he molec-ale Ahe billing point of the mmpxmd lu'deVece Kelan A ttitical prestiure (t): M, the detsIty (d) s; j~~i* Ausl4ificallon of thist kittatons aiwthtv for6da ecal validity was oWined: Pvvdc4xSMx1-7#)W flag 0 0111ple relilklon W-urta the aftical prevosto on tnall be andisclivular valause (1').'A dMilar equati dgilatO for the welling IM34"19, If the rado de"Dift- timig otanile wekht (S) sad the ration dtvwtcs %he atatide YtAmine (T) the folloving equailon Is obtak%4~ (Mau wituttion I I~y Itim F(~Ony g thow vxpr4 ..shms, I- Pi CONIM111 1010. r1wiL. Fdal 4,11A Aunt III k. *11,; tt 'tit wv 4hire milikkots ma) lpq Tvgu4II-%I m' volun JeWrialued by I he atowk- Arkwinivit and, mok, eclat aussetive fotiio. 17 BZKKO. Jeno (Dudapest) law corrolations among the physical cone,tants of organic compolinxin. Act& chimica Hung. 21 no.4::15'L-)61 159. (xui 9:6) 1. Yorgelegt Yon S.Nuller. (Organic compounis) B:-~-IXO, J.; CAJKOVA, E. !tare ataphylococa-al disewo of the nerv:)uc cyallfim ii childrea. (Diusominnted cerebral abBcouses and a nabdural nbscoss). Cos'c. pedit. 15 no.1:17-21; Ja 160. 1. 11. detska klinika lek.fak. UK v Bratinlave, pradnonta doc. 14LJDr. J. Michalickova. (BRAIN ABSCESS in inf.& child.) (STAPHLOCOCCAL IffECTIODS in inf.& chile..) 1.:-, 4 1 n 0, - 2 t"4 V, V. Ft t 1: Car': ro -,*. i:!'D--. .'. ~-:~c~.,..i,*,.7k~va . EENKO, Jozsef Banic principles of financial incentive. Elelm Ipar 13 nc.1.2i 385-392 D '59. 1. Elelmezesugyi Minisz"rium. IMMIJ 40no (badspeoty T* 7 jxwimunv a. 21) Calaul&Uon of pby*IA&I *Amstanto of empaunds on the ground og the v"s and atcatio xonabars of their atoms, Acta -,himica Bung 33 no.4t447-463 16.1. BENKC, Jono (Budapest V,, Alkotawy u.21) Specific gravity an a funotion of nucleon number. Act& chialca HLmg 29 no.2;11,9-156 161. (Specifir KrIlArity) (Nucleolls) PEKIROVICPE.; P~WxorT. Congenita:L ispinal oord tumoro amd d7oftphla. Rozh.chir,.42 no.12t8714N5 D'63. 1. Klinika chirurgie detokeho veku Lakarelcod fakulty U r Eratialave (prednostat pror. dr. M.Kmtochytl, DrSc.) a IT. detwkd klinika Inkar kaj fakulty UK v Bratislava (la-ed- nostka prof.dr.J.Micha-Mkova). JOZ.3ef Theoretical aspects of Jl-,co:.,!,iV(! ala-.uJ':.. :.1,1~1:! ipar 13 no.12:385-392 P ll~'). 1. Flehiezestigyi m,NYC), J,zaef, dr. WY,y is the weight of ikirmt-il 1-ittern Limited? Yua7. r-.L,.3t ;10 no,8:6 22 Ap 165. I, Division Head, DepUrtmotnt No.4 of Postal Affairn of the Rintstry of TransportlitiOrL and Postal Affairs, Budapfi:st. KOhARS 0.; D'i-~NCXERY s.j.;B.~AM, _j,; K,,,D!,EC, A.; No-arolo-',i_-'il Clinic ak ed. Fac. Palrkclcy Univ. ' 1~oaF61.-Klin. Lak. F . PJ), C, Head (Frodnosba) Prof Dr J. Hli3ia:; Neurc;l. Clin. -:3d. Fac. Lund Univ., Head P.rof Dr R. DILLEi /70rig. versio.-. not --Lvan 7; c o -1 Dept. Pediatric Hos-)it'all Ofeur~_ol. Odd. Detske ?alc. Nerno,-nice), Bratislava, Head (Vedouci) Dr J. BE11KO; l,,icrcbiolo,-ical !:.-ist. ::ed. F'ac. Palacky Vniv. ('LAII~robi:)l. Ustav Fak. PU), Olo~7,o-.ic, Head 1,Prt-.dn,:).qta) D-:)c(.!nt Dr E. MRSALDC. "ProblDm3 of Immunolor~ically Active Pr,-),;oin3 in tt-.:) Corebro::ninrll !,'luid in Pati~)nts with Suba-.ute 1!2ncenhalitis Dawson-Pette-Doring- .-Van Bogaert. Prague, Cos;..-o:;1.oven31:n Vol :9, iNlo .?p 2,50-i-:~"5 Abstract CAuthors' English fill-ary modified]s The active fraction in ob- %ained from the 7S fraction of gamma globulins. Gamma-l-M-globujill is not increased. Administration of antigen from tha brain of a patient dead from the disease resulted in correlation of the complement-fixing antibodies irith increase in the ga-A globulin fraction. These antibodies are specific for this disease. In subacute cases serum immuaoglobulins should be examined. 3 Figures, 3 Tables, 7 Western, 11 Czech references. (Us. rec. 6 Jul 64). 36 - TC,T ac .7 c c r, 0 A t-ir-F. of r I f-n&.1 1 ld;ii t. f 't I 7 S(;T 7"I:C'E F. '"T' I COD I C A L SAf P", ~i. Nar 31 3UPILE '101- ".3, No. 3, ".',a::-cn 11,~B of Sphere nuuspenlecl on clcc~: if it Stal-tS with a fall. p. 'I li~;t of Ea3t Eur(,pean accessions (EEAI) D,, Vol. 8, It'.o. 2 ~February 15~~qj Ujjcja!.,.q, :;ZILkGY1, T.; BMO,, K.; CS35WUNSZKY, H. Stud:- of electric irmulBeq In hyr)otherm,1A dUTjTjj7 1nriVi!!ti1 cr lwAnal -1 trentment. Actn )hyniol. li-inr. 14 no.l:q5-01 1958. 1. Pntho-Ovniolo.,19chen unrl PhyqjknljSCjjej3 Institut der Medizinis-:hen Unlverqitnt, Debrecen. (!rfPOTHIRMIA, arper. nrotectivs! off. Dgainst letbal electric Impulues In nice (Ger)) (011WHYROMA""INX, off. protection ngnbint lethal elpirtric inrpitlges in mico, (Ger)) (PHYMBAIMITAL, off. same) (ZijacTRICITT, In.j. eff. protection tigninst lethal electric impulfies by hypothermia, chlorpronazine & phonobarbit%l in mice (0er)) EFINK.), Faroly; TOTH, Lajos Dependence of the period of oscillatior of the pendulum on the gravitational acceleration. Fiz Blemle 7 no.2/:3:78-81 Ap-Te 157. 1. bebreceni Orvosi Fizikai Intezet. TCTI~) Lajoo' (dr,; _ .. _;r . Oscillatory mo ion of a :31)herfj svipundcd on a sl)1ral spring F,:-o- vided tIaLt its i:,otllozl st-irts with f,!l1ii~:. ItIlz 8, ml.~:(',Il- 'I"") Nr 158. I. Crvclsi. lnt--zcA, Debrrcen. VOROSMAR7!1Y, Dnniel, JMM, 4roly Ph.vriical A biological bntieii of solar coaiVilation. Szeneszet 95 no. 1: 1-5 Mar .5 B. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudorounyi &,,yetem Szw4clinikajanak (Igazgato: Kettesy Aladar ervetemi Lawir, az orvostudonvinyok doktDra) es nz Orvoil 7izIkai Intezetnel: ~:Ignzgato: Toth Injos etTeteui tnnar, ru orvoutudomnyok doktora) I-imlemenye. MI, aurg. solAr coagulal,'Lon for bloodl~!us lntrao(-ula:r operations, biol. & -phys. bases (Hun)) (SMILIGHT same) V~R~SV-AYIHT nnniel, BIM, Xaro%lr Solar Fmt i."amset !),', no.1:5-7 Par 'B. 1. A Aibreceni Orvostudouvirqi laetem Szecklinilrajanak (Ipsgate: Ketteny Aladar egyet. tanE.0 an nz Orvoui Yizikai Inteustenek (117isgato: Toth Injoa eastemi tanar, nz orvostudomr.yok doktora) koslemeE70. (AY11, surg. solar cautery (Hnn)) (SUNLIGHT solar mitery of eye (Hun)) IIAG)I, Zoltan; BENKO, Karoly; SkUM, Zoltan Optical and oleo tronmiercs copica.1 investigation of met-11 films prepared by means of vacijum vaporization. Magy fiz folyoir 10 no.5:339-345 162. 1. Debreconi Orvostudomanyi Egyotem Kozpc:,iti Kutato L3-boratorium& es a Magyar Tudomanyos kkadamia Kutato Intezete, Debrooen. 7 7 Z,, -y Andra- ~-O ()f PL jol, y C LC S (01-10:3tucionuanyi -yetc-. Elcttani intezete (,5 Debre(-C.I). on tne, 1,*I-.ysicoche:7,,ic;--2 1 Prop -t-'-e of St:7uctural Froteins !,brtracte,d '~rcn -irh Yu Scl~-. Labilitr, Enzyno- of ~i::i, olo Vol '11, 196-~-, 229-1~ "I r-ac',,: E, nLrlish article; Aidt'no.-5' sa=ary] Usinz: the rEthods de:;cribed for tho of a preparation a hic:"- se~dinaen-,,ation rate was m3de from 2"-Aetal muscle of Aniurus nebulo3us. '-Ii-a fish rayosin preparation zholinesteras~! activity of proteirdhour aiA an adCnoi.-.e 1 .~-.Iphosp',-Alase activ4-ty of G.'~ Plr,,, protain1hvIr. In re,3pon:3e -,o A-.,?, M,-,+1 and j)-CMB the n"! 'ive f-sh myo.-in --at . viscosity of thE! Dreparation dacreasec. narkedly. ,J-anin~; sho-.-t. trypsin dir_c,otion, tI.-,e rnyonin i~, decomr,03Ci ix,to L-.-.e:-o- 1,117C)SIn-like conponents havill~ ,i low coefficient. In the 1-4, 2 -.j ace 3-~-,A jC. I o , i va A c,-i -;:~ia e ",c ier, IL i i min '-.'un.: a -ic.-.(- , Vo I cc,-I-rzc, of ultracentrifu-,al- a of faL-.-s~:ttlinr7 a,,,, re -ate ca n c -,-~ oIc s c r-,t d only th- fir.;~ ten The frac- -hic' is procipitatod at ID,-. -",):,.ic s',-,ow,3 '-ot,. adenosine and cholin~!ste-?.~, activity. "yo5in prc~arod f ro.-,l nelbulosu5 is thouL:ht L:) h-.vp a molec-'-ar :;tructurc- different Lrrj,.7,, that of rabbilk, myosin. 6 14 references. 19/2 1= -1