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A ACC NR, AR60339~37 SOTJRCr CODE: UR/0271/66/000/008/BO35/DD','#-D AUTHOR: Zhukov, G. P. - B-aril-ko Sh. 1. Zabiyakin, G. 1. Kim Gen' Chu'; Li Min Ven'; Tishin, V. G. ; �ih TITLE: Magnetic tape analyzer SOURCE: Ref. zh. Avtoinatika, telemekhanika i vychislitcl1naya tekimika, Abs. I 9BIN 5 I RZEF SOURCE: Tr, 6-y Nauchno-tekhn. konferentsii po yadern. radioelectron. d t* -207 T. 3, Ch. 1. AM, , Atomiz 9 5, 1197 TOPIC TAGS: macrnctic analyzer, marmctic recordino(T tape, coniputer niemory, stor;),o-e dovice Ar3STT-',.FkCT: Tholbloc,~-di~,gram of a multidirnensional magnetic analyzer with 111,1glietic rccordiwr is irivcsti~,,ated. llilmr~, codcs thc investigated C:vCnt arc Simultaneously recorded in the, recordler on 20 trac1is of an evcrily mo%-ing magoctic tape. The recorder contains in in;ermcciiate memory computer, a recording and readout device, a controllim, storacTe device v.,ith Z~Lll osei'llographic indicator and a device for selecting information during readout. 1 Ca,,i 1/ 2 UDC: 681. 142:621. 374. 32 ACC N~`- A 1, 6 0 3 3 9~", I ji,~jforiji~kltinn is d(Aiver(.6 to flj(~, jnpit of the interaic,jialO., m,:i:~,jr -rl tri", c o d c. Thc controlling storage device is dk2-si-ncd to Control t,hc regularity of the analyzer's operation. It possesses a recording cycle o-1 12/,/-sec Over 512 rccordlilw C. 11,111 110.1s, In order to realize a time-amplitudo analysis with a lar"'c 1111111ber of chalinels, the recorder ha"; its own anlplitudQ and time codin" units. Three illustraLions. Bibliography of 3 titles. [Translation of abstract) SUB CODE: 09/ 2/2 . -BARI.LL,-Abrp.~a.-Voniazinovial~;-- IMSHCHERYAKOV, Vasiliy Aleksandrovich; BUDIKO, V.A., red.; PROKOFIYEVAI L.P., tekhn. red, (Using paired reapers in harvesting by stat-,es] Opyt razdellnui uborki sparenr*mi zhatkami. Mloslcva, Goa. i-A-vo sellkhoz. lit-U, 1960. 84 P. (14MA L/4,:9) (Grain-Harvesting) BARILL, A.V.; MESHCHERYAKOV, V.A.; CHICHEVA, L.I., red.; BELOVA, . N.N.. tekhn. red. [1-lide-range reaping units] Shimkozakhvatnye zhatvennye agre- gaty. Moskva, Sellkhozizdat, 1963. 190 p. (~9RA 16:9) (Grain--Harvesting) (~JOW4ng machines) LISITSA, G.P., aosiotert; .-,lARID), G.V. L'se of tissue therapy in diseases of the fe.-.ialc- renit"dia under COTiditions of a l1romen's health ceiltGr. Akush. i ,-in. no.t'zl36-137163. (1~:TRA 16:10) 1. Iz kafedry alTasherstva i Jinekologii (7av. - prof. A-V. Anishnov) Stanislairshogo meditsinskogo irstituica. I (GEEMATIVE ORMI-S, MMAjE - DISEASES) (ORWd,,OTF:ERAPY) V". AUTHORS: S-vishchcva S.3~. ai:d 13ai,; lr~. -'s. En.~- TITLE Lcv-tempe-rature jI i,calds fo:, Die Casting ~Nizzkotuemperaturyioy~- d1ya pod da,.-leniym) PERICDICAL: Vestnik -mash ino stroy eniya., USSR) ABSTRACT: RecQmmended prc~edures for i~hc p:,cesE~ure dle- castirtg moulds Jri cl-ircmium L au ~3ten tcc- stee'L, as;t.-;-aed 4Lr. a RuSs~ar. en,----. ~neerinS plar-t, a-re :;'a+,-ed The, cyaniding bath :~clnsLsts c~ 7U.0' Eauli and 30,~o K Li This Is said -to bc- c--Iieap, and highly flu4~d. Trie most -ina -d, -~' nE,' tak e. s place when the bs.+-h acmuiulate3 30- c'~Y-10` CN O 74. -Mi For this purposed the '0ath ii~ heaued tc. -C for 8-12 hours withc)u~ --rciners-'Ing -the Lc-.~.Ld. Tide bat-1-1 --Is rerieT,Jed by fresh ,,hemicals in the .-ouT' s e c, ut 0 r- The cyaJding talces hu-L~rs fc 4- by in hot water, nE1-~tra'-.*L,-;JInL ir -a f nit-rate and ir, n-:3-, of -E, 6as ar-d 6 0 d rc.~ u'-,roduced, Cardl/2 at a t~empe):,a'.u-,e. of :zhovs J. "12 Lov-temper a turp, ~,,yari-J-dii-,L-, of Tou -~ds rr the z'-,----chardi:ess th de -,~ 4-1. b e 1 - V., s a liard.--.- a dc,) th - H e a t i -a C, , zz Lca inz~ i a r ;L r! g a s =G p s u I :-educ c~n ceb,-~:e.7 a?, T I., e r e 'a n iT Card 212 TRIFUNOVA, Z.V.; BARILO, T.M. Additional sterilization of equipment in the production of biomycin at the Petrovskiy Distillery. Sbor. nauch. trud. Ivan. sellkhoz. Inst. no.19:120-123 162. - MRA 17t1) 1. Petrovskly spirtovoy zavod. GOLIDDERG, K.M.; GELIFAIMBEYN, N.M.; h-inimali uchastiye:- BARILIOTI, A.S.~ KAPUSTINA, A.!.; LIIJKOVA, L.M.; STRUKOVA, V.A.; SEI-YOVA, L.V.; FROKINA, TS.Yo. Anticorrosive allWd GF-020 priming. Lakokras.mat.i ikh prim. no.2:71-74 162. (14YU 15:15) 1. ldiaxlkovskly lak-okrasocbnyy zavod "Krasn~y khimik-". (,~~rotective coatings) ",Cq, arc DYURGEROV, N.G., inzh.; ISHCHENKO, Yu.Lj, inzh.; ZOLOTYYH, V.T., kand. tekhn.nauk; SAPOV, P.M., inzh.;'*GRIGOR'YEV, G.G., inzh.; ZHIDYOV, A.I., inzh. -.BARILqy,9,A, inzh. Multip~p-operator automatic welding under flux without ballast rheostats. Svar. Droizv. no-4:40 Ap 163. (MIRA 16-5) 1. Rostovskiy-na-Donu institut sellskokhozyaystvennogo raashinostroyeniya (for Dyurgerov, Ishchenko). 2. Rostovskiy zavod sellskokhozyaystvennogo mashinostroyeniya (for Sapov, Barilov, Grigorlyev, Zhidkov). (Electric welding--Equipment and supplies) BUMIK, 11.1,% , kand. teklin. nauk; S17LVCI,'-, D, YU ~`~ GC ~rzh.; B' 1-, 7 1 f,7 I l.econdition-Ing shafts by build-up weldinf, %,,ith a s ort are. Trakt. i sel,'khomash. no.9:43 S 164. I P ~'. 17: 11 1. 7~ostovskiv_na-Ponu insLitut sel 'sko'.cho-z,,w-Stje-rC70 -~S~-nC_ stroyenlya ("Or Dyurgerov). "'. Rostcvskiv on' vennogo mashincstroyeniya (for 1*.ahh-_*-rnovJIch). r !,)-T a (1)/FXrP(v) ,7=997--AP6030273 SOURCE CODE: U]k_/_U25/6_6_/oOo/o6_87/____ (N) 0050/0053 AUTIIiGq~: Gufan, R. M.; Zolotykh, V. T.; Budnik, N. M.; Martinovich, V. V.; Gurlyen_:~_i K. S.; Sapov, P. M.; Barilov, 0. A.; FelldmanTT-.Z. 'URG: LGufan, Zolotykh, Budnik, Martinovichl Rostov-na-Donu Institute of Agricultura.1 M url Machine Building (Rostovskiy-na-Donu institut sellkhozmashinostroyeniya); G yev] __Ta,3anroS Electrical Equipment Plant (Taganrogskiy zavod elektrotekhnicheskogo h") oborudovaniy~a; [Sapov, Barilov, Felldman] "Rostsel'mash" Plant (Zavod "Rostsellmas ITITLE: The ISO universal welding oscillator !SOURCE: Avtomaticheskaya svarka, no. 8, 1966, 50-53 TO?IC TAGS: welding, hf oscillator, spark ignition, &utomatic welding , c;_)a_0,Aj C, ABSTRACT: The authors describe the new ISO spark welding-oscillator developed on the .basis of an experimental investigation of the operation of various types of oscilla- tors. This is a general-purpose unit, i. e. it may be used both as a series and as a :parallel oscillator. The unit should be connected in series for welding currents 'which do not exceed the value given in the specifications and in parallel for higher ,currents. The hot side of the power line is fused and the unit has a line filter, .step-up power transformer with limiting resistors, spark oscillator circuit, high-fre, quency output transformer and outpu capacitor. A schematic diagram and photographs Card 1/2 UDC: 621-791.03:621.3.072 L 0742,047 '-ACC'NR, fij~6630273 ,olf the unit are given and the operating principle is described. The unit requires a :220 vac power supply at 50 cps. The oscillator consumes less than 75 w with a power itransformer secondary voltage of 2300 v. The minimum hf open-circuit voltage is 5 ky :and the maximum continuous welding current with series connection is 350 a. The over- !all dimensions of the instrument are 3lOx28Oxl65 mm and the entire unit weighs less 'than 15 kg. A comparison with the OSTsN-2M oscillator shows that the ISO unit gene- rates much less radio interference. Orig. art. has: 3 figures, Z tables. SUB CODE: 13, 091 SUBM DATE: 22Mar66/ ORIG REF: 001 2 ,BARILOVICHI-31I., kand.tekhn.nauk; YASEVICH, A.I., inzh.; TA.PJSCV, G.F., mh. Manufacture of products out of "gliezhbeton" containing little 1 0 or no cement. Transp. stroi. 12 n0.9:36-38 S 162. (MIRA 16:2) (Li&htweight concrete) MY- t-~ I . . . . . 11 1 T (", , A R I Lov 1 ('; If , :3, 1 , - Yl, " i E V 1, ., i 1 , : I .;.-, I., , ~, .4 ~~ ; P, I t,n ht--nt. o~ re *I"-, . "hill. ..2, ri , ~ . 1, - ", I i I . ( '0.,." ;- ~ -117 , .. I " i k'ktrhl.~ ~,N 1 1. ~/799/6-1/000/002/0041011 AUTHORS: Bari 5kiy.,V. L., Vagner, E. N., Galukhov, Y4. N., Datsko, A. V., Stupin, E. F. -rent key With baclk coupling th TITLE: Potential static trigger having a cu. rough logical diode networks'. ..SOURCE: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut elaktronnykh upravlyayushchil-,h mi,i:--,hin. Tsifrovaya tekhnika i vychislitel1nyye ustroystva. no. 2. 1962, 36~ 43. TEXT: The paper presents a potential static trigger network. utilizing a ci~rrent key which serves for the making of systems of elements that are fairly fast-ac~ina and are free, to a significant extent, of the shortcomings of other ci:,.rrent-s,,~--ifch1ng schemes which require the use of a large number of semiconductor triodes ,~!hich must be fairly uniform in some of their parameters, such as the voltage between the emitter and the base of the open triode, the base current of the closed triode, and must have fairly elevated values of the current-amplification coefficient, -also the unavoidable limitations to the scatter in the values of the resistances and of the sta- bility of the power supply. A circuit diagram of the trigger is shown. The outstand- ina characteristic of this current key (Author's Certificate no. 130Z40, entitled "Shape r -inverter") consists in the fact that the collector circuits of its triodes in- clude fairly high ohmic resistors and diodes which on the collectors of the triodes Card 112 Potential static trigger having a current key . . . . S/799/62/0001002/003/0-11 of the key affords fixed voltage drops of the order of 5-10 v, which are then ampli- fied by the emitter- repeaters, which em'ploy triodes. These magnitudes of the volt- acye differences at the trigger output permit one to employ logical diode networks in the construction of computers, an arrangement which reduces significantly the num- ber of transistors employed. A circuit diagram of a logical diode scheme is shown. The frequency characteristics of the network and the design problems of a system of elements are discussed, and the basic requirements for the portions and design elements of the circuitry are set forth. The potential static trigger described in the paper Ls fairly fast-operating. All.of the triodes of the trigger operate a nonsatu- rated regime. The fairly large voltage differences afforded by the current key per- mit the use of the trigger in conjunction with diode circuits. The starting of the trigger and the feedback in it are performed through logical diode nemorks. There are no reactive elements, since all connections are by DC. A large scatter in the parameters of the transistors and diodes is permissible. The requirements rela- tive to the resistances and the stability of the power supply become *rnore stringent as a result thereof. However, theyare readily fulfilled. There are 2 figures'and 9 references (8 Russian-language Soviet and I English- language: R. K. Richar~s, Arithmetical operational on digital computing machines, in Russian-language translation, Moscow. Foreign Literature Publishing House, 1957). Card Z/Z ;-"L TA 'C-- efl't-Ct of orw; i I ~o!r; embriologii a n enJn` ol u,,7ii In-ti ~11tn '!Iov BARILYAK, R.A. 37662 dost:Lzheniya v borlse s letal'nostiyu pri sklerome. vestni-k ot-)orin olaringologli 1949 No. 6 , s. 27-30.- bibliogr; 9 nazv, SO: Letopis' Zhurnaltkvk-h Statey vol, 37, 1949 eqG~.Y 114 The QYtaboical Dievaels of ScW=& xOrMOCK" 14112 OM= QMPOxhl) It. A. SMULYAK. Beammm OT1O-pMHO-AaP1* IVOM 0104~aolj 11, No. 3, 53-57, M 1949. 6 rigs., 8 refL ets of World I-Wicine Vol 7 195U Abvtra AltbOnh Burak found the bacillus of Frisch- V*Bwvitrh in 6P/. and Gonxrvosky in 750% of caws of wleroma, them are considerable difficulties in identifying the baciUm The separation of non-encapsulated strains and extensive laboratwY facilities am required for sero. k*cal wOrL MOM Ls the diaxnosuc method most Often uml, and i3 based on the finding of plasm xlL% kM rOuDd Cells with foamy protoplasm-Mikulicz COUS--similar to those found in dental toot granulomata and resembling lipom cell% and homogeneous cosino. PbU hYaUM COrPusClM which am also found in non- VOCIfic grar-UlatiOnS, kPrOSY, and actinmycosLs- In WYY early Cases Of sckroma the plasma cells am Pmakat; in later cases M&ulkz Cells am commoner. IU pxwm of Frisch bacilli within the Mikulicz cells is 44gnostic. The stage of the d4eaw has consideirable 4.0 dkwvery of thew elements, which am The author invvstiSated film made by pressing rmwy cut piecesi of infiltrate on to glass slidos, and was able to $quo= ft cells out of the firm cartilaginous-like infiltrate. The film wm dried in air for a few minutes, and sUkW with PappenScim's stain. 7be foWwing three types of ceH were fiDund: (1) Very small cells resembling small lymphocytes or histiocytess, with a narrow rmrgin of slightly basophil protoplasm and dirk. ftqwtly pyknotic, nuclei. (2) Pla--ma cclL% clearly deftod when sWood with Pappenheim-Unna, the proto- plasm being stained crimson-red and the nuclei green. (3) In Sioups of two to four, or singly, large round clear cdb with round or oval pyknotic nuclei wid one or two bW vacuoles sometimes containing short stout Gram- negative bacilli enclosod in a clear zone (? capsule). In other cells the vacuoles are numerous, and give rise to a loamy appearance. Russell's corpuscles were seen in sty" havinatoxylin-cosin preparations, but were scamely reeWizable with Pappcnhcim staining. Thirty-two ca were investigated, two to four films beingmadeinexchcase. All the findings were controlled by a study of histological sections. In 28 the cellular elements of sclerom were found. In the remaining 4 patients, of whom one had a nasal fibroma and the 00V thm Md tubermlous infiltration of the nose, the c1muterhtic cells were absent, mul biopsy examination vas necessm for diannosis. _'S MIELAYLOVSKIY, S.Y.;HUZTKA, M.M.;RARTLYAK, R.A. GUBlU, K.M. Treatment of scleroma respiratorium with antibodies. Vest -otorinolar. , Moskva 14 no.2:59-62 Mar-Apr 1952. (CLML 22:1) 1. Honored Worker in Science Bashkir ASSR, Professor for Mikhaylovsk-iy; Docent for *zyka and Barilyak; Assistant for Gubina. 2. Of the Department for Diseases of the Ear. Throat, and Nose (Head -- Prof. S. V. Yikhaylov- skiy) and of the Department of HicrobiologL.(Head -- Docent H. Y. Nuzyka), L'vov Medical Institute. MIR91AILOVSKIY, S.V.; CHFMUYA, L.A.; RLRILYAK, R.A.: PSTRUS. V.S. Possible utilization of cutaneous reactions in diagnosiR of scleroma of the respiratory tract. Vest. otorinolar., Moskva 14 no. 4: 87 July-Ai4g. 1952. (CIML 22:5) 1. Professor for klikhaylovskiy and Chernaya; Doce-A for Barilyak; Assistant for Petrus. 2. Of the Clinic for Diseases of the Bar, Throat, and Nose (Director -- Honored Worker in Science Bashkir ASSR Prof. S. V. !Ukhaylovskiy) and of the Department of Microbiology (Head -- Docent ~f. M. Muzyka), Llvov 'ledical Institute. BARILYAK, R.A. Prevention of asphyxia in respiratory scleroma. Vest. otorinolar., Moskva 15 no.2:92-93 Rar-Apr 1953. (C1,ML 24:3) 1. Docent. 2. Of the Department of Diseases of the Ear, Th-roat, and Nooe (Head -- Honored Worker in Science Bashkir ASSR Prof. S. V. Mikhaylovskiy), Llvov Medical Institute. MIKHAYWVSKIY, S.V.;MUZYKA, M.M.;BARILYAK, R.A.;GUBINA, K.R. Streptomycin as an effective medium in the treatment of respiratory scleroma. Sovet mad. 17 no.5:20-22 gay 1953. (CLML 24:5) 1. Professor. Honored Worker in Science Bashkir ASSR for Mikhaylovskiy. 2. Of the-Clinic for Diseases of the Bar, Throat, and Nose (Head -- Honored Worker in Science Bashkir ASSR Prof. S. V. Mikhaylovskiy) and of the Dapartment of Microbiology (Head -- M. M. Rnzyka) of LIvov Madiezil Institute (Director -- Prof. D. I. Panchenko). 11 -1 -- .- -1 1 : ~ ;, .!-. 1, ~., - i -~ , ,I ; , ~ ; ". , 0:. "', "ll ~(' i "'! i ~;[;, I i : . .. 4~; ~I.. I . ~ 1 11 . I . I - I i i I - ~, I . i4f"t, '!- i il.-~,, " -,. ~ - 7., .:;) I , ,I I ~ ~, , I ~ I'p 1 1 , . I . I rn! ~ " - . , ',:,A, ; dot~3cliit - I - 4 t, 5T.': - ~~ -~ --' atinr, aller~-,ic rhim I .. - .. -, - ,, i 1 ~ v ~ e w c f I I Ou--r- e q) e r i i c; e n t ' 11 t r o zhur" nos, ; I~orl. bol. 19 3 ~ 0 : "0 1 (!-;L:,,~~ l."'. ~j) (SEHM., TE-1-UPY) (NCSl---D1,SEAS-'S) BARILYAK, R.A., dotsent Aller.ric diseases of the nose and its accessory sinuses (as revea-led by Polish and Czech otoi-hinolaryngological periodicals from, 1956 to 1959. Zhur. ush. nos. i gorl. bol. 21 no.2:SP-c?O Mr-Ap 161. 1~,: 6) (ALLERGY) (NOSE-DISEPSIS) IjAidLL'Ui, -t.A. Value of direct hypopharyn-os copy in pharyn-cal txaors Pceskoslov otolar."I No.6, 19601. Zhur. ush. nos. i -o.-l. bol. 21 no-,*:S"-S4 1 3 A JI-Ag 161. (PHAIVIIDL-TUPIORS) 15:1) -bAiULYAK, R.A. My method for restoring the sound-conductintg system I)." tiL;---uc- in the region of the fenestra ovalis, and our experience wltl--, stapedectomy in otosclerosis ["Ceskoslov. otolar..." No.1, 1961). Zhur. i gorl. bol. 21 no./,:SZ, Jl-Ag 161. 15:1) ~!~Ali--6U!7Z~IIY) (OTOSGLL,.-v.C6IS) BARILYAKI R.A. Effect of fluorine compounds on the upper respiratory tract ["Ceskoslov. otolar.~" No.1, 19611. Zhur. ush. nos. i gorl. bol. 21. no.4:84 Jl-Ag 161. -'CT) (!'IIiiA 15: 1) (FLUOlUla-PID~10LOGIGAL EF2--, (RLSPL~ATOAY ORGANS) BAi-,ILYAK, i~.A. Bell's palsy ["Otolar. polska, " No.3, 19601. Zhur. USI;,.. nos. _i C,*c)rl. bol. 21 no.4:85 JI-Ag(161. -1q:1) PAiaLy6i6l I VAGiAL) BAAILYAK' ;L.A. State of the ears and the upper respiratory tract in tuberculosis of the lungs 1110tolar. polska," 1110.3, 19601. Zhur. ush. nos, i gorl. bol. 21 no.Z:95 Jl-Ag 161s (MIAA 15:1) (TUBLAGULOSI~) (LAR) (1"P~RATOAY ORGAIIS) BARILYAK, lt.A.-- - Case of surgical treatment of paraly~iis of the facial nerve- 1110tolar. polska," No-3, 1960). Reviowed by R.A.Darihak. 1. Zhur. ush. nos. i gorl. bol. 21 no.1+z85 J1-Ag 161. ('dU 15:1) (NLHVzS, FACIAL-SURGERY) (MLUYSiS, FACIAL) BARILYAK., xi.A. Local treatment oP chronic su ative otitis wi'uh ant-ibiotics ft Tur ["Otolar. polska.u No.3, 196 . Zhur. ush. nos. i gorl. bol. 21 1 no.4:86 JI-Ag 161. (I-II:A 15: 1) (EAR--DlSi~~Es) (ANTIj[IUTiCj) i3A,-,ILYAK, -,6.A. Pimcture of the antrum ["Otolar. polska," '10.3, 10""". Zhur. ush. , C)" j nos. i g-lorl. bol. 21(na.4:86 JI-AL, 161. - 15:1) AND`XM--DISI~~.rS) bAl,.ILYAK, R.A. Our procedure in chemical burns and subsequent csophageal atenosis in children 1110tolat. polska," No.3, 19601. Zhur,'ush. nos. i gorl. bol. 21 no./..:86 JI-A ( AA (fU 16.1. 1'a -15:1) &1S AND 6GALM) (ESUPHAGUS-viOUNDS A:,-,D INMUES) Diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties in caseo of -u--,'Ui-,Ie abacE~----~C-z of the cerebellum (Ces-l-oolov. otolar., 11 No,-2, 19603. Zhu,, ush, nos, i gor'-. bol. 21 n0-4:87 Jl-Ag 161~ 011--'~k 25:1) (Gl~ ~,LLLLPI-~--ABSGL66) B&IILYAI~, A.A. Hearing disorders following basilar meningitis in childxen ["Ceskoslov. otolar.3,11 No.2,, 1960J. Zhur. ush. nos. i rorl. bol. 21 no.4:87 JI-Ag 161. ~1-1111-,A .15-1) 1 (I-L,111NUMS, Gi~iaBhOSHNAL) (D,'~Ai BARILYAK, R. A. (Llvov) Morphology and origin of Mihailicz9s cells. Vrkh. ~,at. no.!-1:41-47 'IRA 15 7) '62. T,.-, 1,,afedry 1-.-alezney Li-kha, goria inoss. (~sav. - zaslu:~henmyry devateal nauld prof. S. V. 14"khaylovskiy) i imfedry patologi- cheskov anatomii (zav. - prof. Ye. I. Pal'chevshiy) L1vovs,-,-m7o me6itsinskogo instituta. (RHI'I,OSCLETZR',A) BARILYAK, R.A. Review of Polish and Czech literatwe on acute tonsillitis. Zh-m% I U ush., nos. i gorl.bol. 22 no.1:93-94 Ja-F 162. (MI i~A 15: 5) (TONSILS-DISEASI-S) BAIiILY-AUK, R.A. , dotsent Review of "Allergic symptomms in the middle car". Zh-.:--. ush., ncs. i gorl. bol. 19 no.5:84 S-0 159. 1."+..1o) (EAR-DISEASES) (ALLEELY) BAHILYAK,__:-',.A... dotsent - i 1~ D7 A-.r~- "eview of "Treatment of allerElc na.-al catarr. *'. .. -,: ":,z zhur. nos . orl. 'bol. 19 no.5:F4 S-C t5l?. (1:1 .* -~ l-, : :. C-'~ W-2 I i 011,, ) ~~ (NOSE-D -LSEASES) BARMAN, ?,.A.,, dotsent Review of "FathoLenesis and clinical sipnilfic~-ince of alleri-J.c miucous membrane of tho noge". ZhiL-. u,-"-.., nos i g,-rl. bol. 19 no.5:84-85 3-0 159. Ua,;~A 14: 1.0) (ALLERGY) (NOSE-DISWES) BARIM, B.A.; CHERNOV, P.S. Fast coincidence circuits. Nauch.-takh.sbor.Gos.l'zd-va lit. v obl. atom. nauki i tekh. no.4:99-108 162. (MIRI-k 16:10) sp ,f, 3 Y B i i V ~~ ar n.. . I ox -ilk 5014eft afqs~, -Owprising.V54 InIA. t or 88-0670 me InAmedft vmd er zod &-12 Gm_IaZ. .-M. HcmiL__~ ~ SUBJECT% USSR/Steei smei~in'g AUTHOR: Darin, S,Ya.,-Senior Foren-an of Uralvagonzavo~ TITLE: Thousands of Smeltings without ReconditioninF the Furnace (Tysyachl Plavok bez Remonta Pechi) PERIODICAL: Nauka i Zhlznw, April 10,571, 4s pp 25-28 (U3SR) ABSTRACTi The author of this article has introduced a new method of making steel smelting furnaces last longer by furnishinC them with special fireresistant linings, Normally a steel smelting furnace with an electric arc heater has a lining of firere- sistant bricks, This lining is easily dRmaged by the heat and has to be cooled off and thoroughly reconditioned after '~C-5C smeltings, not to mention the current small repairs after each cast, Mr. Barin has figured out that to keep one furnace in good shape luring the period of one year, 50 tons of magnesite bricks arp needed plus 13~ tons of marnesite powder for fillinp. joints, the expenses being -950,000 rubles for firfre-sistant material plus 20,000 rubles for labor, A more efficient lining material had to be found, First the cylinder shape of the fur;. nace jacket wa6 changed by widening it to a cone, then the Card 1/2 TITLEt Thousands of Smeltings without Reconditioning the eurnace 47~ysyachl Plavok bez Remonta Pechi) brick lining was repiaced by a lining material composed of 85-94 percent waste of ground magne8ita bricks and 6-15 :;~~ fire- resistant clay or other similar compositions, After hundreds of tests and failures the fully efficient smelting furnace was devised, which has been in operation for tht~ lasi, five vears without a single major repair after ca. 12,4CC' omeltinrs. The quanzity of magne6ite bricks for prepnrin,'- the new lining for furnaces wi-ch electric arc hPater h,-E; -one down from 31 kg to O~082 kg per ton of liquid metal, not to mention the additional quantities of steel that couid be cast by this time- and money saving devica, This article contains 7 illustrations- ASSOCIATION! Uralvagonzavo~l ('orai li" ''qr "111110 PRESENTED BY: SUBMITTED: AVAILABLE: At the Library of Congress, Card 2/2 DUBROV, N.F., kand. taldm. n~~-,kf MllaL-~YWV, O.A., tek'h" rar~k; 7 F31'DmAN, I.A.; a-1211LO", SC-,RC-:-'l'l, ?.Ya., na--lk' -L,.-l-ik.- ":~ULU~'07, D.K., k-and. takhn. starshi" ra7a~:hnzl aDt- -1 - dots.; SOMR, V,M.-, I.ATAS11-1, Yu.V., mladshiy rau--hn,7,, sotru.Jn-Lk; ZAMOTA)3V, S.P~; BETMIMAN, A~, I.; SAFKO, A~L; PA-=.OV, G.K., Imnd. tekhn. nauk-; Y29111T~"HllAL, F.P., Icivad, bkhn-, nauk, dc'js.,, LAPOTYSITH11, NX,,, lati. t6k-L-". na-ur-b-avy sotruinik-, ROZIN, R.H.; NOVI'K, I.M., ~el&in. nauk, star~hjy nauchnyy sotrudrik; lAVR3LT'YEV, B.A.; S-HILYAYX7, B.A~; SHUTKIN, N.I.; GIRJGINV, S.A., nank, 'itarshiy --auclinyy sotrudnik; L'YUDWAN. K.F., dol6L--o~--irzl,., p-,)~.; GRUZIN, V.G., Imnd. takhn. nauk;,BARIN, S.Ya.; POLYAKOVv A.Yu~, laind,,tok1h,-. nauk; YlmCH3NKO, A.I.; AGAM, P.Ya., prcf., S~RARIN, A.M.; 13OKSHITSKIY, Ya.11., kand. nxak: GAlUnK, G.A., kand. mE~akq MARKARYA14TS, A-A KRA)4AROV, A.D., prof., doktor tek;-in. T"nilq TLEDER, L.I.-, ILUTILOV, P.M. Discussions. Kul. TENTICHM 11:4) 1. Direl,".or Urallskc-r.~- (fcr Dabrov). 2. Direktor TS,:;r6-ral'noro iz:stltu'l--a lnform-at-,31U s.qel.-nC)y metallar- gii (for Kildiayla-..). Na,-thallzAk sko-o otdala osobo.-o braro tresta "Alak-t rope ch (for Fellaman). 4. llachaltr-,-U: la-beratoril Zlalv oust ovskogo metuallurgichaskogo za:vc-da (fv DaLilv-, A.M. )~ 5. Iaboratllozly-a protsessov stals,?-arenlya L---5tli;u4:,- iw-'-'allurgil Urallsk.-,'go filiala AN SSSR (for SorclkiL). Co -z in ue 0 o n n P Y-- f, nn. r (I DUBROV, N.F.--(continued) Oa-~,-!. 2. 6. Ural I ski y pol'-, teld-zA. -:heY ~t ( f z 7. wct.:-~r.~,A7 inr.henar Bryan skc&) Taa -, !.- rt -,-,c i t. a 1L~-, ~-,: z -v o z1a (f C, -~t, SOyf er ). 8. Institut elekt:!oo-w-w-k! Im. Ratona AN URRS (for Iatash). 9. Xa- challnik Went:7altz-,), za-~odslcy labora~:orIi `-Uraima~ihzavoda" (for Zamotayev). 10. Dnepropctrovikly znc,~,qliuxgl~~Iiesk~y institut (for Sapko). 11. Mosko-i-skly 'ali (f,--r Yedneral). 12. TSenti-all- nyy nauchnc-issiadovatollskly chorr.-,y metallurcii (for Gnuchev, IzLpotyshl.'ar.). ~`). St;;o,3hiy Ler-ijVradakogo --tvo _, zz da im. Kirava lir, B~qko---a AN SSSR (for Novik, Ga---I*,k). Nachai'z~.',k tekhricheskogo otdola zavoda "Bollsl;evik" (fc-. lav:-Ontlyev). 1,~, Starshiy inzhe- ner tekbnlcheskoga c-lao:ila Gla-,-spBtiestali Mir---' st arstva :~herncy metallurgii (fo:c Shilyayc-). 1,7. Zames-litall ra-.--hailnika tel:hn4-- chaskogo otdela 2-avcJzL (f-- 18. Frey- 'bergskaya gornaya alaUemlya, G;-:rmarlsk--.~~a Demolkxatl-,heskaya Respublika (for lorLidemw.,). "L.?. laboratcriyey stall- nogo litIvEL Nentmil-,.c-o instituta Uc-2 Graz' 'r,). 20. S;v-arshiy master elektrostalep1a,criIIr,,,,Pj-. pecil T orzavo-la 'fc-.- Barin). 21. Zamestite!3 nachal'Laka tsekha zavoda "Sibelektrost-al" (fcr Fadc-henkc). 24". Zavedupishchiy ka-feclroy metallurgii stali. ,horrzykii mt-allov Ienin- gradskogo politeId,.ffcheck-,-~,-,c- L:,zAitw~e- (",-r Ag5ya-,). 23. Zam-e- stitell direktcra. In-,ti-.uta metallurgii II.m. Bayko-ra AN SSSR, chleii- korrespondent All SSSH (fcr (continued on nelc~.- cald') DUBROV, IT.F.-(continued) C-a-d 24. Nichallnik laborcatcl-li instituta cliernoy mot,,illurgii (fc,:r Bok-shitsIdy). 25- Za-irtdW-ushchiy kafedroy elektrometall-urgli Sibirskogn, met-allurgichesko-o insti- tuta (for Kramaro-), 21~ llla(~haVnik olelctrostaleplavillnogo tseldm Ku--netskogo met alhLre, I -,~he zlg-o kcml;..-~zita (for TE,-t).-). '~",7. -I ClIal I- nik olektrom-i'~aljurt;iclit)c~V-.,-.y Gkogo kombinatas (for P.M.). 1,,nfx~i a wifli sp~l --a! ma trrials o ha st en E L 5 13 ax~ L P 17 10 D I I Prcm5~3d~nwv- 9 PP "2-- T 'I L d ~j il~ d 2 "d p i,: ~1,11 The (.ILI I;iclh,id of 1~nxm, -s .1 of wag;n2sit~: or Oirurjo - steel r- 17T ',v t ks r!a ql_~ Sj~ j- jjaS C !~,4 a t OY 11_1~~ tllC- OLINT IaS1 ~ d f Or al')011' iu- 1 :3 c u 6 J a -o Y k u I. v i~ j:onc il,.,.s the r-se of war~-.T,.al- wag ~,w,f-s-d aud eoz.~: alrerat-lu-ne 1.*sre 1.'a;I( r -t.~ 0", nu - - -oy n:.: la-~ i ov 3 a: E h., 1,1 j:L7:c-_1 f% d f h 1.vd~3 u f 13 it ~ r~,, ria r ~, a 1. ~3 ia -It o f wh - - h - on ~: i .) ts v f . nla*al I,, 1c i s Ill Sor"L I 1,_;st,~--ls of f-Tc: 1-y v.-: -'I 31Yt',_r ~_ 9 0 11 171.~l I- ? IVA -I;- um,- a!~ c. rou.-d up and tLs-d, 1..3 t r u + on s i 1 (4 P~VV_11 s!7 of h ;-. I)d -,jI)zd l!, C%cs I ILI:"! j ti, Jul, 11 3 e f or f 1~e Y a C --d I a, jjj; -1 771 d 10 t.'J.-w Ti i i lui s _i:,: I.: zi a 5 11 V) 2;.1 15-2200 Pcar.~n, S.Ya, W W h, R l)60, Nc, S. In ~~:tri: furnaces, ra, z* 3't" v Ur al%T -ajZ a r'132~jr r~--ra- -y in raw -S anJ h*-~,r z -.,rg- li in E,-~w,e c-!,4 M,7'ss 1z a Tpjx,,)r~- ronzzi~,.Ing --,f 8R--q4,Z powder an,-, fine~sr::;,Jn- -,xc-.d wl'i.l wt--- glasz- G-Dwid :b ref-ra, tcry --'---Y, 4~ m 3r :~.j -T -,re reject- mrsy re Instead of rnagn-?~,- PC, rx-, lr,~n ~Wp~ i-. ~~ca-le i,,i,iy ~.c id-i -c!, -C.: C~ --a maz z I A f r 11 c- h e a r ~4 ~,:~Tlj masonry !~~en -cmr2eted, an I~ad -ve-- "ne ap=rtlirem wh--h z--erves is t'- wall f oxn, i on c- 2 rp--n r A w i -c rr, jF, 4.,-j 1 7, 9 h-R.r V~- 3-, 4-u- e -1 0 f an a w a 1 o er%r(.-.z 4 up t w a -~:Q 0 - m -n lay e z ~~I~ i T r: 400 -3- n j w n, e v P T_ :t ~c, mako ~Iie 7: IA D.,l r 'n P r l, a - _~l ! -.1 1 -_,-i n 0- Z nade f 9,:~ - C.) J q u, r a!),, xr r, E, L - f t z w D r~ I I N") 1 7 1~00 -1 b _7 0(-,C: 000 Me L z -rh - viaz or-qn;:r r, _-e a ia : 1,., eiv~ BA-ARI, Stepan )~akovlevich; KAYBICITEVA, inzh,., retsenzent; DOVGOFOL, V.I., inzh., red., DUGINA, N,A., tekh~., red. (Advice to the steelrrakeri Sovety stale plavil I shc hilfu. Moskva, Mashgiz, 1961. 37 p. ~.Biblioteka raoochego-n-shinostroitelia. Seriia: Peredovaia tekhnika -- osnova kormunisticheskogo truda, n0.4) (MNU. 15: 6) (Steel-Electrometallura) (Smelting furraces) BARIIII S.Ya., Linl n,,,, electri c rtccl i..,?It'n- sub,,,tancos, 0,-iimipory no.1 ur 1. Urallskly vagnostroitelln-y yt)lcnt- ill,~tdtllt ocn~llr,orov (ror !:n , i I (:7etallurgical furr",- (-efractcri. C) L. DOR I K L: t", I-raDroved safi~+:- rallirv:s 7%n brickwor',-, freestone, ~~nd m-nel buill-i--'-,,~s. n. (Fo7e!,.l.nJ, Vol. T' 7~")Iltlilv List 3f iA" V BARINA, F. "Safety measures at the construction sites of assembled panel dwellings." p. 315 POZE2,21I STAVBY. Praha, C7.echoslovakia, Vol. 7. No. t. March, 1959 111onthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 9, Septeniber, 1959 Unclas BARINA, Josef Macl-vinization problems from the viewpoint of investment pol-ic.-,. Inz staul~y 11 no.7:10/'--1cP, I r',3. 1. fnvosticni odbor ministerstva vystavby. BARIHAP Karel '. 1~ ;~a Utilization of caming and distillation waste in the Konzervarny a lihovary National Enterprise in Vizovice. Prim potravin 14 no.5:231-232 My 163. 1. Konzetvarny a lihovary, nopog Vizovice. V - RAJIINBERG, A.D., inzhanar. "Ways of economizing on electricity in construction" by A..B.Topo- lianskil. Reviewed by A.D.BarInberg. Mokh.stroi-13 no-11:3 of cover, N 156. (MLU 9:12) (Electric engineering) (Topolianak-ii, A.B.) BARINBXRG, A.D., inzhener. I . - - -1 11 Current limiters used during idle running of welding machines. Bezop. truda v prom. I no.2:29 7 '57. (MLRA 10:4) (Electric welding--Safaty measures) BAR~~, A.D.,-.inzh. Nev me:ra-ary relays. Vest.olektroprom. 33 no.1:66-67 Ja 162. (L!IIRJ, 14:12) (Electric relays) D., 1-1-"-.-, i -1,3hRG , q * -1. - i --;- i nz h,, 1.1- ::~- ercury re-layo. r -; - -~lr, Jl *,~ 13 r c, 3 - ~' -3 "c,,: m :~.% '71. ~ i . - ~-. -0 .~ - . BARINBERG, A.D., inzh. Mercury electric currerA relays with electromagnetic pumps. Vest. elektroprom. 33 no.10:72-74 0 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Electric relays) BARINBERG. A ~~~ 2 Mercury commutator with an electromagnetic pump. Priborostroenie, no.22:19-20 D 162. (KIRA 16:1) (Commutation(Electricitv)) .10 SETILIMAN, Ye., kand.tekhn.nauk; L&S11CHII;6KIYj P-4, starshiy nauchnyy sotrudaLic, kand.tehhn.nauk; inzil. Waterproofing the roadway of a bridge with divinylacetylene lacquer. Prom. stroi. i inzh. t3oor. 1, nt),1:41~45 Ja-Y 163. (MIRA 16-3) 1. Nachallnik otdela iskusotvennykh sooruzheniy Ukrainskogo dorozhrio- 'Uransportnogo nauchno-issledovateliskogo instituta ifor Shtiltman). 2. Ukrainskiy dorozluic~-t7.-L~.,i-i-,(-)rtnyy nauchno-issledovatel~'Skiy institut (for Leshchirqkiy). 3. Naclidtnik dorozlino-stroiteliskovo upravleniya 110.3 tresta "Ma-dorati-oy" (for haringollts). (.Bridges,, Gnnc-~~te) 614terproofing) KOZACqU., V.M., inzh. ;_BARI NOQL.'T.S.-- A. Z., Inzh. Precast monolithic roinforcod ronr,roto fibileo bridger, Avt.dor. 21 no.11:13-14 11 'S8. (1411U~ 11:1?) (TIrldl7no, Concretf,) (Sluicos) SHTILIMAN, Ye.l., kand.telchn.nauk; BKRINGOLITS, A.Z., in-zh.; RUSAKOV, G.I., inzh. Bight-sr,an bridge built of rrestrassed comioBita beams. Avt. dor. 23 no.2:11-12 F 160. (MIRA 13:5) (Kiev Province--Bridges, Concroto) BARINGOLITS, A.Z.; KORUIISKIY, V.S.; SHTILIMAN, Ye. I. Using wire-reinforced concrete in makln,~, bridge spans. Avt. dor. 23 no-5:11-14 11,tr 160. (MIRA 13; 10) (Bridges, Concrete) ye.I.) - BARINGOLITS, A.Z.; BMZETSKIYj V.I. SHTILIMM, kand.tekhn.nauk,,-------,--------- --- - ---- - The role of transverse beams in bridge design* Av-t.dor. 2.4 no.6:23-2-4 Je 161. (MIRA 14:7) (Bridges., Concrete) (Precast concrete construction) 'BARINGOLIMS, E. Competition amcng members of city fire department. Pozh.delo 6 no.6:125 Je 160. 0!M 13M 1. Nachallnik gorodskoy pozllarnoy komandy. Pruzhany. Brestsllmya, oblast'. (Pruzhany--Fire departments) BARINGOLITS, Z. Hero of Brest Aleksel Zasim. Pozh. delo 4 no.5:15 MY 158. (MIRA 1:1 :5) 1. Nacha:.Llnik Pi-azhanBkoy godorskoy pozharnoy okhrai~-. (Brest, Battle of, 1941) BARINGOL-TS, Z. Hit the mark! Pozh.delo 8 no.8:27 162. 0.11.RA 1. Nachallnik Pruzhanskoy gorodskoy pozharnoy okhr-,zil, brestskapa oblasL'. (Brest Province--Fire prevention) (Satire) BA:M;~A , 4 . D(!vvlcp,-,w,t in tlic do.-,jt-ii of det-ol-ator's p. I00. "d - 1~1 - - - Desilm of cotton twecc~ fabrcs for men's - enr. V. lC' . ( T ext. i 1 .Vol. 12, no. -1., Mar. 1957. Praha, CzechoslovLI'la') SO: Mont"-"y List of East Furope~~n Accessions ( 7,1,L) LC, Vol. t") nt-,. 10., ctcb-~r 1?57. Uncl. TIA III I IM, , I(i d. '1'regh injurien of the nose !nd their her,.,ny. Acta chir. ortho-.,. trmin. cech. 26 i,o.4:344-350 Aut, 59. 1. Klinilca plnsticke chirurgie v l3rne. T)rednostl doc. dr. V,,Iclav 1'~arfik. (NOS3, wds. & inj.) BARLIKA, L. Campylodactylia (Preliminary report). Acta chi I. o2thoD. tra-xm. 'Cech. 28 no-4:279-286 Aa 161. 1. Klinika plasticke chirurgie v Brne, prodnosta prof. dr. V.Karfik. (FIN'Gi~iLS diseases) KUBACEK, V 41 1 . arl%, d:,-essin,- of free skin r-rafts. Acta chir. cr-,ho*.). t'ec:l. 28 no,4:32,2-31+() A'r-' 7~1. 1. Klinika plastiche chirurgie KUNZ Brno, prednosta prof. dr. Vacl-dv Kar 'Lik, (SKIN T.,~AliSPLA:iTATIO.".) BARD,KA, 1. Contribution to campyllodactylism. Acta chl-r. orthop.traum. cech. 30. no.6:450-457 Dlc)3. 1. Klinika plasticke chirurgie lekarske falailty Uj-EVP v zast. predrosty: doc.dr. V.Kubacel,, GSc. BARITKAI 4 Campylodactylia. A preliminary c ormnu, 3- cation. Acta chir. plast. 6 no.1:54-66 T64- 1. Clinic of Plastic Surger~, Facultv of Medicire, -hirhyre UniverSit-V I . - . .1 3rro (C7echoslovalkla). Dlrectf-rl dec. M.D. -t, LU-6 I I TA ,L. IT otes on ca:-~yrlodactyli a . II. Scc(~ d comiami c,-,t- cn. ", ~.a ch, r. - n - - - pla,stu. (Praha~ 0" no.2-154-161. 164 1. Mimic of Plastic Surgory, Faculty of Nodicine, Par'-,~Tre I UnIvell'sity, a-,o (CZechoslovatlh-la); Director: Doc. ':. Ki,bzace',-, :'.D., C. Sc. T'i - i - I :" .. - I ... .;l SILIN9 B., distantsionnvy water; BARINOV, A., distantsionnyv m3ster. .Bfficient o-Deration of water drains. Zhil.-kom.khoz. 3 no.8:26-27 Ag 15,* (MIRA 6: 8) 1. Kontora ekspluatateii vodostokov tresta "GordorekB-pluatatsiya" Moskvy. (Moscow--Sewera-p) B,hRIRGV,__A.A.; BUhUDITSKAYA, R.I~L; BORISOVA, N.S.; WML-~N, B.P.; 14YASNYATIKINAY T.V.; TOKAREV., G.I. Sini -_:~-layer s4bV made of nonautoclaved air-entrained fl~-ash lmncrete. Stroi. mat. 9 no.2:22-23 F 163. (IERA 16:2) 1. Dor)ptskiy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut nadshAk~~ stroitell- stva Akademii stroitel's tva i arkhitektury UkrSSR (for 'Bartwv, Borodit- skaya, Borisova, Danilov). 2. Nachallnik otdela novykh stroitellnykh materialov Donetskzhilstroya (for 1-~yasnyankina). 3. Nachallnik Donetskogo domostroitellnogo kombinata No.1 (for Tokarev). (Goncrete slabs) (Air-entrained concrete) 1 . q A q? I ~~ ". Y ... 1. ~ I)- 1- 2. USSR (6w) 4. Technology 7. The organization of preparation of producticr, --)Y, the basis Df universal- assemb-ling apparatus. Moskva, Mlashgiz, 1951 9. ;,monthly List of Russian Accession3, Libr-,,ry of Congress, February 1'~53, UnclaS 3 -'f ied. c-, e r. - ---inf- c-o-sumnt inn -f f-lpctric nover by ~ -!:~ ~-'- 7. D7 '; 'I- .~,- Je ;57. 1 lo.ll*: Mennanical ) BARINOV, A.V., BERN'SHTEYN, H.S. Aj~-*,.iz-i,ji,~nt of fuel oil o,r-?ratr--d toilr-rF. Fn-rpeti~ 0 10-7:14-16 Ii I " .1 ~ (XIRt 14:9) (Boi I r!z) I L,* 6023 ACCESSION, NR i AP5019091,11 UR/0286/65/MO/032/01,11/oill AUTHORS i Bariny A4-V Belov, YU, P TITLES A'device fvr powering a lightIng-eystem. by the magneto Ignition eystaF of an internal'comiiation engines Class 46~ No. 172159 SOURCES Byulletent"i2obret varnykh znakov* no. 12.. 1961 ni en:17i to TOPIC TAGS: lightinji.system internal combustion engine, magneto, ignition s7stsm, semiconductor 44 ABSTRACT i This Author Certificate presents a device for powering a lighting ay-stem by the magneto Ignition system of an internal combustion engine (*see Figa 1 on the Enclosure). The lapps of the lighting system are connected into the of:th6 magneto,ignition. To eliminate the inter- circuit of the primary winding ference of.the lighting system with the ignition system, a semiconductor rectifier Is connected into the Ignitiou,circuit after and parallel to the lamps, Orig, art. hast. I schematic drawingc ASSOGIATION1 Konstruktorsko-eksperimentallnoye byuro ullyanovakog zavoda 0 malolitrathrqkh4vigateley (Construction and Expurimental Bureau of the Ul!yanov --7 Factory of SiallEngines rd B!,RINOV, B. Lifesavers at their posts. Voen. znan. 37 no. 1:30 Ja 161. (MIRA 14:1) 1. Starshiy inSDektor spastellnoy sluzhby Moskovskogo obkoma Dobrovollno.o-o obahchestva sodeystviya armli, aviatsii i flotu. (Moscow Province-Life-saving stations) MINN$ G.; GALRIOV, A. P~,actices in receiving and processing peas at the Chistopoll Flour and Groat Combine. Muk.-elev. prom, 29 no-4:11 Ar) 163. (MIRA 16.7') 1. Zamestitell direktora po kachastv-u Chistopollskogo Me!'k-ru- pokombinata (for Barinov). (Chistopoll-Peas-Storage) Country : USSR Catcgcry: Fnrcstry- Forest Cultares. ,,,s jour: Raricl., ',,Tc !?,, 1058, No 48770 ,,~ut:lor Fedcrov, W.I.; G.V. -7 Irist Saratov TitIc! Growth Charact,:~ristics of the Roots of 0-1.c-.Ycar Old Tree Seed-lj.n(~s. Crif- Pub: Tr. Scarzatovs, in-ta, 1957, 10, 24 -&,1 Justract: Observatiu.,-s .,rci-Q conducted on as,i, TrIL.17 ".11 ccizim %i~d Cl:i-ncsQ Llj-.i (ul..-xas -~r~rv. duriniZ at ' Inclustrial'nyy" Tr,--- 1hirscry ill tile Of .Ya Oblast The dynmiics of ract E;rowth in duj, h ai-.J lic, stort .,, L of 1--teml r-*t's in o'ne-year old K Card 1/", country : US'7R CatcGory: Forestry. F_-rcst Cultures. ,,~bs Jc.ur: R.Zh7iol., No 11, 1P,58, ro 46773 studied to ostablish a basis 11"or the i-.n_in~enance tuchniquc fc~r 'L"' o sc-mings nnd for,- the Crowinc 0 of stardard planitinu-, i.,,iterial with rect syst-ems G,.ct-',~ccls of observations nrc In all the s-joc~_L:s covored by the study, two :~~.xim=.s Were obscr%,,:!d ia the rate of Ermrth of t:ic root sy- stun: "aftor-s~)rcmtinc' detom'iilt~d to ,-. col'.sid'.:rable. clesme by thv rcsuT_-vcs of nutrieiits -n thu so,---ds, and the rlaxinum The lattor ,v~s ""ie higher rate and mi cciftrast with the adult ruos ;-, toc'!~ I,lace at t~iu Oa-,-.,.o tir.,.e as shoot- C-rowth. 7'ic article gives on the taChrliOU0 G-':, L~rcwi,-C, th-~ sE:e:ilir;C,s. -- I.:.. Dashkirov 'lard 2/2 I 7 11 7,-,1,7 ,-3. V., Cand of Fio Sc4 - (diss' ~',se of Yincral zis -:Dr-,7~~ocntl P a , Fce(iers for Plarits", lgl-'9, 1~; rp-) (Iin:Ailuite of ?!-,nt ;Iny-Jclrc) , in.. . - I I -- T iji-iity, ~ -, c v) ~-60, 22b)