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Czammau)VAXWrorestry. Forestry and'Forest Cultivation. J-3 Abs Jour: Referat Zh.-Biol., No 6, 1957, 22595 Author Bednarzh Inst 0 Title The Problem of Reforestation of Old.lPorest Clearings. Orig Pub: Imsh. prace) 1956, 35, Ito71 310-314 Abitract: In Karlov (ftechoslovaida)-forestry an experinent was conductea of protecting young seedling on old forest clearings from damage by weeds and grassy vegetation.. The ground surface around the seedlings vas covered by a layer of basalt or glass cotton 2.5 cm thick. Me layer of glass cotton prevents the access of light and warmth necessary for weed development, pro- tects the upper soil layers and the nicroorgLuisms in them from direct action of =14 , prevents crust formation, thickening of the upper soil layer, excessive evaporation; supports soil mellowness,, prevents turfing and formation of an above-ground Card 1/2 -31- US,SR/Diseases of Farm Aniiialso Diseases Caused by R-1 Viruses, and Rickettsias. Abs Jour Ref Zhur-Biol., No- 1 19581 2735 Author Bogach I., Re4narth B., Vlaznichka F, .Inst : Not given Title : Nonbacteria14nfectious Diseases which Comp- rise.the Complex of the so-called "Grippell in Hogs.. Orig Pub Za sots. s-lzh nauku,.1956, A5. No 4, 385-396 Abstract Piglet dise4bes,which are clinically manifested by retarded developments- exhaustion, and infec- tion of thebrgans,of respiration and blood cir- culation were studied. Occasionally there was an affection of the -nervous-.system atypical ep~leptiform attacks. Greatest morbitity was observed in piglets-during the weaning period Card 1/3 ii ',-BZDAR~~KI~Yw Improve the qualityof now type vesselo. Rech. transp. 20 no. 3s/4.5-46 mr 161. (MIRA. 14:5) I Zamestitell nachallnika Bobrovskoy remontno-okopluatatsionnoy ~;zy po tekhnicheskoy akepluatatoii.flota, (Shipa-Maintenanoo and repair) -...BEDWZHEVSM,,S.- .. 11, - Increase the drive against defective material in the fleet. Rech. transp,, 0 163. (WRA 16r12) 1. Sekretarl partiynogo bVuro Bobrovskoy remontno-oksplua- tatsionnoy bazy. GIYQU, L.; FIRT, P.; SHTIM. 0. [9terba, 0.]; BEDNAUHIK, T. Beduaqrk, TJ Vascular anastomosts without anglorrhaphy. "Ahir. 4 no.2:24-30 Mr-Ap '59. (I(ru 12:5) 1. U-Inatituta klinicheekoy I eksperinental'no7 khtrurgil v 'Prage (dir. B.Shpachak) t Instituta gematologii i transfazli v 'Orage (dir. - doktor zed.nauk prof, I.Garzheyehi). (BLOM VISSIM. surg. anastomosis with fibrin ring & without suturing in animals (Rug)) CYBUISKI, L9ch.;HMRU=OWA, Hama.; ZALUROWICZ, Krystyna. *A40".VAA`.WOA -40f* , 0 Disorders of fat metabolism in burn disease. Polskl tygod. lak. 1Z no.27:1026-1028 1 July 57, 1. Z III Chirurgioznaj, A.M, w Jerzy Jaslenskl. Adres. Mrakov (LIPIDS, in blood, in burns (Pbl)) (BUM, blood in, lipids, (Pol)) ftakowie; kierownik: prof. dr. mad. Al. Slowackiego 58/8. CYBULSKI, Lech; JAi10SZ, ZdSiolav; SZPAK, Mmnd; BEDNARZOWA, Hama Effect of surgical tmuma, on the alectrophoretic picture of blood our= proteins. Polski tygod. lek. 16 no.50:1928-1932 11 D 161. 1. Z III K1'n1kJ Chirurgicznej A.H.-v Krakowie; kierownik: prof. dr Jerzy Jasionskis (SMGERY OPER&TIVE blood) (BLOOD PROTEINS) (EMTROPHORESIS) AGMNOYA. V.A.; BOGRUMA, I.I.; VITICS. V.G.; GBMHKM , N.M.; DYAnWA, O.A. -, YMMOVA. 2.A. Speotrum analysis of high-selting metals:'tungeten and molybdeums 71s'esbore no*4:44-51 158a I(MIRL 12:5) (Tungsteu--S~ectra) (Holybdemm--Spectra) YE, fj.., master mod Sci-(ctico) "Ttio progms and outoone of inl:i.LtratinO :forms ol* limg tuborCulOsiS iU Cbi.LdrOn-" oevc;a., 1956, u pp.(Ouessa State mod Inst im. N. I. Pirogov~)j 100 copios. kKLP No 40, j-v57j, p. 95) MNAYA. Ye.G..,'1"1.`-- The course and outcome of infiltrative forms of pulmonary tuberculosis in children LwIth summary In French]. Probl.tub, 36 no.2:21-25 158 (MIRA 11:5) 1. Is otdeleniya detey i podrogtkov I organizatsionno-matodicheakogo sektora Odeaskogo nauchno-isoledovntallskogo ingtitutA tuberkulesa (dir. - H.A* Bruenikin, say. orgmetodeektorom - S.I. ?Sesnrskaya). (TUBERCULOSIS, PMONARY, In inf.nnd child course & outcome (Rue)) Respiration In Infiltrative forms of pdmonary tuberculools In obildren, P&t,*klIu,I terap.tub. no.8t281-284 158. (MIRA 13t7) 1. Is k1lulko-fislologicheakoy laboratorli (rukovoditall - starsbiy naucbnyy notruduik L.B. Akeellrod) Odesskogo nauebuo- iseledavatellskogo instituta tubarkulesa. (TU SIS) tHASPIWION) All, UMI.P.01mrmacology ancl Toxicology. Chomotherapeutic Preparations V-7 Antitubercular Drugs Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 15, 1958, No 71307 Author Bodnazh K. .st --mm -7 r as Z-- I Title Syzthesis and Biological Properties of Some Now 7hiosemi- curbazides Orig Pub Byul. Pollskov AN, 1956, Otd. 2, 4, No 3.1., 413-416 Abstract No abstract Card t`BJDRMW,Or-1x,, starshiy master It allbegan with a spinning wheel. Isobr.i rate. no.10:19-20 0960* (MIRL 13slO) 1. Pyarausekiy rybokonserwnyy koubluat, g. Djarnu, Istonskaya, SSR. (Pgrnu-Canning Industry-Technological Innovations) ~04 11 1 1 -"-,AL -Al-S OV 0o A Ilk" ~ so 0 -00 o0 A -00 01) *00 0# 1 o0 -00 6 fee ' %kin kml% 00 to vAlAA% xes w I'l of bak in 11-13 dya, falk.1 hy furnaukin ofm j 00 hnra " I& 4h" w Which l ff And is f I b t q o M ( y flarm y P" Y 06,3 coo MOMMM" to Owsw pm$doc JAWA W. fliss". oow MA J 531-410147 M SW 0 W W L d 0 . . o . . . ufts ). . see Soo see goo fee us 0 too Ito., O.W 0 YX a a v of 0 a 4 a I u a 40 , I a 0 0 0 1 I e-0-0 L* - asses a a e a a a a 0 ~S-l - BFDNEN'KCJ, P. F. 33612 0 Zashchitnom Vliyanii Organicheskogo Zhira Lanolina V Otnoshenii Kozhi. Vchen. Zapiski (Chernovits Gos,.Mod. In-t), T. 1p 1949, 0,112-16 SO: Letopislnykh Statey, Vol. 45, Yoskva, 1949 BEVIENYC, P. F. 33611 Ucrotravma Kozhi Kak Odin Izz Vedushchlkh Faktorav V Patogeneze Zabolevaniy Dopmatomikozami. Vchen. Zaplaki (Chernovits. Gos. Yed. ~t-t), T. 1, 1949, C. 117-19.-Bibliog.-: 16 Nazv SO; Letopislnykh Statay, Vol. 45, Moakva, 1949 MOMMO, F.Y. fr 'Rwt.W4~~ ,KCwjrACvr TRW " ^ Theory of norvism in dermatology; certain consideration on the machaniam of cutaneous reactions in the pathogenesis of skin diseases* Test. venero no.20-10 Mar-Apr 1951, (OLML 200) 1. Docent. ~ 2. Of the Department of Dermato-Venereolog (Head- -Prof. Z.N. Grzhebin), Chernovitsy Medical Institute (Acting Director-Docent M*X.Zotin)*' w BIDZWOV P.P. Cutaneous pathology in psychics.1 and neural diseases. Test, vener., Hoskra no. 3:19-23 May-June 1952. (CLHL 220) 1.Docent. 2. Of the Ukrainian Scientific-Research Skin-Venersological Institute (Director -- Prof. As N, Xricbevskly) 1. BEDNEN-KO, P. F. 21 USSR (600) 4. Penicillin - Therapeutic Use 7. Penicillin cure of erythema nodosum resulting from sulfanilamid therapy of sepsis. Vest. ven. I derm., no. 6, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accesaibns, Library of Congress, March 1953. 1 Unclassified. MOM, P.F., dotsent. 4thogenesis and treatment cf toxicoderme, caused by salTarsan, Test.ven, I darn. no.2:59-60 Mr-Ap 153. (XLR& 6:5) 1. losbW& kliniks, Chernovitskogo meditsinskogo instituta. . (SalTarsan) (Toxins and antitoxins ) MEMO. Pr.. dotsent. Role of the central nervous system In the formation and course of vascular reactions of the akin. Vest.van.1 dorm. no.2:3-7 Mr-Ap 154. (MM 7:4) 1. ls Ukrainskogo nauchno-Issledovateltzkogo kashno-yonerologichookogo inatituta,(direktor - professor A.M.Krichavskly) I lUkrainskago nauchno- iseledovateliskogo poikhonevrologichaskogo Instituta (direktor - kandidat maditsiaskikh mank P.I.Kovalasko). (Nervous system) (Skin) (Blood vessels) 235. BEDNENKO P. F. Unkrainian Dermato- Venereol. Inst.. 4arkov, USSR. *The rol the CNS In the course of inflammatory skin reactions (Russian text) VESTMVENEILDERINI. 1955. 6(~-S) The author set himself to the exploration of the de-p6ndence_ of an allergic'reaction to dinitrochlorbenzol on the functional state of the cerebral cortex. In 'vestliations were conducted on 100 patients affected by different forms of schlzc~ihrenia. The thresholdof the skin sensitivity toAinitrochlorbenzol (in acetone) was first establish- ed. The chemical was applied to 5 different skin, patcl~es In concentrations of 1-2-3-4-5%. On this occasion It was found that the skin of schizophrenics was coh- siderably less sensitive than that of normal people. According to the investiga- tions of Schapiro, undertaken for the purpose of professional selection, 841, of the subjects Investigated reacted to a 5% solution of dinitro~;Iorbcnzol, In contrast. only 160,~ of the schizophrenics reacted. Later on dinitrochlorbenzoi w s a applied in the threshold dosage every 3-7 days - in all 5-7 times. Eight to 10 days after the last application weak solutions (1:100-1:1.000jOOD) were applied to the other forearm to determine the grade of an allergic reaction. 47% of the patients did not show any reaction to any of the dilutions mentioned, which proved a consider- able lowering of the process of sensibilization. It was further observed that out of 49 patients suffering from a grave psychic disturbance 34 (G9%) did not show any reaction, whereas out of 51 patients who were Improving after treatment only 13 (25%) did not react to solutions of 1% and less. The author explains the weakening of the allergic reaction in schizophrenics as being due to a diffuse inhibitory act- ton of the cerebral cortex. The return of the sensibilization ability during the peri- od of Improvement In the psychic state is accordingly explained by a relative less- ening of the inhibitory activity of the cerebral cortex and subcortical ganglia. Psychiatrists are beginning to make use of skin -reactions for the purpose of eva- lusting the state of the patient and also for prognosis. Kazhernikov - Leningrad (XIU,2) 35 EXCERPTA YMCA-See -8 V61-0/8 Netwology Aug 56 3s4lipNY,FKq~.F. *The reactfon of the skin to nicotinic acid as a test foi the examination of some categories of psychically ill persons (Russian text) Z.NEVROPAT.PSIKHIAT. (Mosk.) 195% 55/11 (819-821) Tw nicowk test was made I(% the following way: 3 ml. of nicotinic acid in a IS solu- tim of water was administered Intramuscularly. Ile nicotin skin vascular reac- tin was extremely weak in patients In catatonic stupor and became more pro- oowjcvd after successful medical treatment. The nicotin test may be suitably .1 mployed for the investigation at On functional condition of the higher parts of tM costral nervous system WW also as an Indicator of some therapeutic effect. Itadlik Brno BEDNENTO., P.F., Doc Med Sci -- (diss) "Data for studying the effect of the central nervous 3ys tem ~~n reactivity of skin." Kharlko5 1958,9 19 pp. (A-Is of Health UkSSR. Khartkov Med Inst) 230 copies.IW,,,-of'author's works at end of text (10 titles) (KL2 32-58, no) 51 - BBMIMIKOp F.F. (YA the 10th s=iversaT of the jobt asovion of tho Acadwy of Soiences of the U*S*B,Ro and the lcadW of Medical Solmoas of the U*$oS*Ro Yestdomi van, 34 na,813-5 1600 (Km 13a1) lo Iz kafedry kosbnvkh X venft-ichookikh bolesney lbarlkovokogo maditainakogo stmatologichookogo iwtituta (dir. - dotsent G.S. Vbromyanokiy). (SK33--MSFMES) BEDNENKOP P. F., prof. ----Hmdradtb anniversary of the Kbarkov Medical Society and the 60tb anniversary of the Dermatovenereological Society. Vent. dorm. i van. no.10:60-65 161. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Iz kafedry kozhnykb i venerichookikh bolesney Kharlkovakogo moditsinskogo stomatologichookogo instituts, (dir. - dotsent 0. S. Voronyanskiy) I MEDICAL SOCIETIES) NUTOVENEREOLOGICAL, SOCIETIR-5) 0 1, Zaboyshchitsicays. brigade, kommunistich,391cogo trade, shakhty 01alinovskRya-Vostodbuayag Stalinskago sownarkhoza, (for Netrobakiy). 2, Shakhts, 'Abashevskays. - 20 kombinate, Musbaseugoll (for Rednenko) (Coal mines and mining--41anagement) 1, BEDRIKOV, P. P. 2. LSSR (600) 49 Ivanovp B. V. 7. "Petrography of technical stone." D. S. Beliankint B. V. Ivanov, V. V. Lapin. . Reviewed by P. P. Budnikov* Zhurepriklekhime 25 Not 10, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, January . 1953. Unclassifled. BEDNIYS S. N.9 GUSEVA; A. A.0 AND GUSEVI: V. M. w&ological Groups of Birds and Their Role In the Life of Ticks and Fleas.* Tenth Conference on Parasitological Problems and Diseases vith Natural Reservoirs,q 22-29 Ootober 1959,, Vol. II, Publishing House of Academy of Sciences$ USSR, Mosew-Leningrad,.1959o Anti-Plague Institute of Caucasia and Transcaucasia,, Stavropol' MVW. A. 1. Bednov, A. I. "The Problem of ~bchanization of Narrow-Row Sowing." Author's abstract of a dissertation presented at the Omsk Agricultural Inst imeni S. X. KIrov. Omsk, 1955. (Dissertations for the Degree of Candidate in Technical Sciences). SO: Knizhnaya Letopis', No 27, 2 July 3.955 0" 'A 1-& kandidat tathnicheskikh nauk; BARANOV, A.A., ksndid&t tikhni0baskikh nauk. Harvesting grain imseparate staged In the southeast. Z~mj*d~jj* 5 no-5:66-?4 MY '57. (KM 20:7) (Volga Valley-4rain-Harresting) 4=00M.I.: KAPUSTIN. V.A. Electrification index and power consumption conditions in agri cultural regions. 1xv. Xasan. fil. AN SSSR. Ser. anerg. i vod. khote nool;3-27 1578. (NIRA 11:10) electrification) (Rural BXDROV N I - KAPUSTIN, V.A.; MBILITSYN, Tu.V. -zz;;iW 0 1 /11 Methods for determining the prospective power consw~ptlon and :, rated load In agricultural regionqe Izve Ka$An. fil. All-SSSIt. , Ser. energ. I vod. kbox. no.1:29-42 15?. (WRA li:10) (Rural electrification) SIOBILIMM. Yu.I., prof.: KMSTIN, T.A,, jn~h,e, BIDODY, N-Is, Inshe; OLISHIVSK4YA, V.T. Simplified method of determining principal factors of electric supply Wore drawing up a final plan. Makh.1 slak.oots. sallkhos. 17 no,5:29 159. (KM 12:12) 1, Kaxanskly filial AN SSSR. (Rural electrification) BEDNOV., N.I,,- KAMTINv V.A. Electric power consumption and operational indices of the electrification of agricultural districts of the Tatar A.S.S.R. Trudy Kazan.filAN SSSR.Sersenergoi vodkhos, no*2:49-38 161. (Tatar A.S.S.R.-Electrification) - (MIRA 15:3) BEDNOV, N*PO Improving the transportation of patrols= produots. Trudy TASHIIT no.1807-60 161o (MIRA 18:3) ERDNOV, V.M.; SUKHORUKOVA, Ye.A.; NOVIKOV, V.N. Determination of pbpnanthrene in mixtures of aromatic hydrocarbons. 2av.lab. 29 no.7y8% 163. (&RA l6s8) 1.,Vostochnyy nauchno-issledov 'ateVskly uglekhimicheskly 14stitut. (Phenanthrone) (Hydrocarbons) BEDNOVY V.M..; SUKHORUKOVA, Ye.A.; NOVIKOV, V.N. Seminicroanalytical aeth~ for determining phenanthrene., Koks i khin. no.2,:39-43 164. (MRA 17:4) I.,Vostochnyy uglekhimichaskiy-inatitut, L1MhR11 T.F.; UVAROVI,, K.A.; BULACIEVAs, A.F.; SGYVlj7BM, A.S.; FnTHMOVA-2 MAKOVSKAYA I.; DOLMATOVP Yu.D.; U. J* E.B.; sOLOMEINA, G.'. P Ya.; KOGAN, F.I.- KOVALENKO, P.N.; IVANOVAp Z.I-; FOKIN, A-V-; KOMAROV, V.A.; S&ROCHKIN, I.N.- rAVYOOVA, S.M.; RAVDFLI, A.A.1 GORELIK, G.N.; DAUKSP-~Sf V.K. jDauksas, V.); PIKUNAYTEP L.A. [Pikunaite, L.); SHARIPOVI A.Kh.; SHABALIN, I.J.; STFPNOVA, G.M.; SHMIDT, Ye.V.; DUBOV, S.S.; STRUKOV, O.G. Scientific research papers f the members of the All.-UniQn Mendeleev Chemical Society (trief information). Zhur. VHKO 10 no.3:350-360 165. (MIRA 1W) 1. ronetskiy filial Vsesoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta. kbimicheskW* reaktivov I osobo chistykh khimicheskikh veshchestv (for U-rfo Uravn-rA. P-,'Ilcheva). 2. Urallsk.Ly nauchno- issiedovatelrlst,17 khimich6 ,ikiy institut (for Shubin,, Bednova, Makovskaya, Solomeina). 3. Chelyabinskly filial Gosudarstvennogo nauchno-Ja-sle8watel'skogo i proyektnogo Inatituta minerallnykh pigmentov (Dolzatov, Bobyrenko). 4. Rostovskiy-na-Donu univer- sitet (for Kogan, Kovalenko, Ivanova). 5. Leningradskiy tekhnolo- gicheskiy institut imeni Lensoveta i Institut minerallnykh pigmentov (for Ravdell, Gorelik). 6. Villnyusskly gosudarstvennyv universitet imeni Kpsukasa (for Dauksbas, Pikunayte). Nauchno- issledovatel'skiy institi'. neftekhimicheskikh proizvodst;v (for Sharpipv I Shabalin). 8. Tomskiy politekhnicheskiy institut imeni Kirova (for Stepnova, Shmidt). USSR/4.'adicine Relapsing Favor Mar 53 "Faperizents, on the Specific Therapy of Caucasian Tick-Transmitted Relapsing Fever," R. R. Gelltser, 0. P. Krylova, V. N. Bednova, Chair of ~Iicrobiology, Stavropol' M'ed Inst "Zhur takrobiol, Epide--dol, i Imunobiol" No 3j P 79 Showed in experiments on guinea pigs that neither white streptocide, quinine, nor methylene blue have a therapeutic effect on Caucasian tick--transmitted relapsing fever. Sulfidine has a therapeutic effect only in toxic (lethal) dooes. Penicillin also has a therapeutic effect only in toxic dosas, but the toxicity could be leiminated by acbr-inisterin, glucose to the ad,aals. Introduction of penicil:An together with agents which iripede its resorption (a. g., fish liver oil) rodaces the therapeutic, &f.feet of this antihiotic. PA 244T50 BEDNOVA, V. N. Cand Med Sol -- (dlos) "The Significance of--Ww Granules of Treponema pallidum Culturep~~ Orowth --px-rwmmp Timpimmm." Friasnodar, 1957. 11 pp 20 cm. (Min of Health RSFSR, Kuban State Medical Inst im Krasnaya XmIffm Armiya), 200 copies (KL, 25-57, 117) USSR/Microj)i6lo(Zr MicrobioloGy llath3_cnic to Hu=a and F-4 Animals. .t'Lbs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 12, 1958, 52867 Author Bednova, V,11, Inst Title SiGuificance of SeedGranules in Development of Cultural Treponama Pallidum. Orig Pub : Vestne dermatole i vencrol.) 1957, No 1) 23-26. Abstract : The effect on cultures of pallidum spirochaetes of di:No- rent chcnical substances) antibiotics, im=c sorrum, as wall as refrigeration to - 10 - 1V and heating to 45 - 600 was to produce a spoody formation of granules anOl disappearance of spiral forms. The same happened whea the culture of pallidum, spirochactes vas introduced into t2he abdominal cavity of laboratory w*dmals. Materials contai- ning -ranules when inoculated onto fresh nutrient media produced a growth of typical spiral forms. Card 1/2 - 48 RMOVA. ~OVAJ, lxperlments In producing large cultures of Treponema pallidum on n s I th~eeurface of dense culture media. Zhur.mikrobiol.epid. I immun., supplement for 1956:36 157 (MIRA 11:3) 1. Is kafedry mikrobiologii StAvropollskogo gosuderstvennogo maditainakpgo Instituta. (TRAPONEKA PALLIDUM) (BA IOLOGT--GULTURSS AND CUIRM MEDIA) iRTIMIYET, S.A.; TMUNOVA. Te.N.;_.BZMVA, V.N* Terraxqcin in the therapy of gonorrhea. 23 no.lOtl28-130 0 159. (KMA 13:2) 1. Iz otdola gouorel (savedv7usbobly - prof, I'X Porudominsidy) i otdola m1kroblologil (savadvVusbohly - prof, NsM* Orebinultov) T89u-- trallnogo nauebuo-tooledovatellskogo toshno-venerologichoolcogo insti- tuta (direktor N.M. Turanor) Ministerstva zdravookhrananiya RS7SR. (GONOMUMA tber.) (OXrfRMCTCLnM ther, or%,Hnqmov" I.May prof.1 LURIT3, SeSap starobjy riauabnyy sotrudnik; SMOVA, VJ#p mlaftbiy tauobMy sotrudm* b=oflumacent motbod in aerological diagnosio of ovnbilist, Veot.demoi v*3%o imoonskv-32 161, VIMM 3-40.1) (SVHILIS.-DIMOSIS). (AIMOM AND ARTIDOMM) (SMIUM DIAGNOSIB) OVCHINNIKOV, N.M.; LURIXE, S.S.; BEDNOVA, V.N. Idatificattwof gonocoaci and their L-forms using fluoreocout antib6dies. lab. delo 7 no.12:30-34,D 161. (KRA 3.4; 3-1) 1. Otdal'mikrobiologii (zav. -,prof.IN.H.Ovohimikov) TSentrallnogo naudMo-iesledovatellskogo 'kosbno-vanarologicheekoko instituta Ministerstva zdravookhranoniya RSFSRp Moskva. I (ANTIGEM AND ANTIBODIES) (NEISSERIA GONORFOiOEAE) OVCHINNIKOV, N.M.; LURIYE, S.S.; SAZONOVAp L.V.; BEDNOVAt V.N. Fluorescent serological, method in the diagnosis of syphilis. Lab. delo 10;no.5:302-306 164. (MMA 17:5) 1. Mikrobiologicheakiy otdel (zaveduyushchiy - prof.H.M.Ovchinni- kov) 7Sentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo kozhno-venerologi- cheskogo instituta. kdirektor - N.M,,Tar&nov) Minis- terstva, zdravookhraneniya RSFSR, Moskva. i OVCIIIIKOVI NI.M.; IJJRIE, S.S.; SAZONOVA, L,V.; BEDNOVA, V.N. Fluorescent method in the diagnosis of syphilis. Cesk. dem. 39 no*5;297-303 S 164. 1. Mikrobiologicke oddeleni (vedoucl prof. N.M. Ovcinikov) Ustredniho vedeckovyzkumieho ustavu pro dormato-venerologii ministerstva zdravotnictvi SSSR (reditel kand. ved. N.M. Turanov). BIDMTA. Te.B., kand.okon.nauk Distribution of various farming brancbes and administrative centers. no,12:76-80 D 1.58. (141RA 1l.-12) -7~iate farms) ITOYA WjAjLjOQfjgWxz&+ 1132NETSOV. Georgiy A-laksandrovich; EEMAC~ 2 DOLIJ18XIr, U.N., red.: YRDDTOYA, A,7.,; ZMILINA, Z.P., takhaerede [Perennial pastures], Dolgoletnie kallturnye pastbishcha. Hofjkva, Goo. izd-vo sallkhoz. lit-rY# 1957- 110 P- (MIRA 11:4) (Pastures and meadows) __P~~~eneral-mayor Important results and ivatructive conclusions. Kcw,.Vooruzb.Sil 3 no.20:26-31 0162. (MIRA 15:10) 1* Chlen Voyennogo soveta - nachallaik politichookogo upraylaniya - Odesskogo voyannogo okrugae (Russia-Army-Political activity) ND6.A&"oneral-mayor Mastery is forgsd in the field* Voonovesto 1+3 no,7*.56-59 J3., 163. (MIU 16:11) 1. Chlen Voyannogo soveta., nachallaik politioheakogo upravlaniya Odeaskogo voyannogo okrugas ALIMMY, Y*A9, inshol MXDNUGIN, A.N., inshe; 13TSTo ~*Vv, Insho ......... Combustion of milled peat In fv3%"** vith. shaft-type Impact mills equipped with bumers developed ty the Mosoow Poirer Anginearing Institute and Mosoov Regional Povqr System Administration* llek~ sta. 30 no.2.-24-16 1 159. (NMA 12-3): .(Purnaces) (Peat) BIPMOIN. Y.L. kfmd. "I'stokhozyaystvaunykb nank. Using household vood ashes instead of Improted mineral foods, Zhj votnovodstvo Ap 158* (KMA 1113) (Feeding and feeding stuffs) (Ash (Technology)) )mmd. sells BUMYA, H.V.; Icokhoxy&ystr*mVkh nauk; WEXHINg S~A* Iffect of the natritive ralue of corn,, protein,, and other feedo on milk production, DokI, Jkad, sellkhos, 23 D0,705-38 1589 (KM 110) :*'; - 1; Xmxnod=nkiy nauohno-Imeledovatellskiy Justitut sellskogo khozynystva, (Dairy cattle-hading and feedirs *Wfo) BEDNYAGIN,.F. V. Bednyagin, F. V. - "Systems of Differential Equations Containing Small Factors in Their Derivatives." Min Higher Education USSR. Moscow Order of Lenin Aviation Inst imeni Sergo Ord?,honikidze. Moscow., 1956. (Disseration for the Degree of Candidate in Phyaicomathematical Sciences). So: Knizhnaya Let-opis', no. 11, 1956, pp lo3-M '"O e ! 7 T 9 0 U 9 IS M is u N , VI a. 1-L- P'. 4 a.. 1J. I r- 00 j 00 c Sysillitimbol wyleso from asidirses". I.W.Pomew- - at ra'~ JXIPP. Chew, (U.S.S.R.m ne trealvil Willi C1110 &W MI I 90 a . (d. Gef, WOW. C. A. ^ 734) Ogg- e d . . cj,. dirklO~A#dW4w"f" MI M. w ' I 00 Z 11ji (de- gram Saiiiiiiii 2153-41 W of Mi% gave 65%1 cocapim.). lasidiardsilithCrOpleM isat m.=*. mad with inalwiranhydt6ilme MW aylemansilda. prodw-i.m.:00". I it.' g.) with 43 a. MA11muskilik turf *0 maabo"lar 4 his.. allardins 3 j 0 M. 171 - ThJ% AMPOP111. With f ;;: 0 : NaOlf in Ad. ak. and t1monpil.. with 110. gave lign o the Am dJ. in. M W. Ilecaum III Ibr twitic only.. It 4111411 W04 tir Inuffoed I IW th-l-I 4 If, a.) brale4f at 70* owl 1140 int". III* I a "un. owl thr lowil di~mvlvm in III iml derotapd. with Ito Pro lb IkV% pja. a ave vm III k It 24V t ) i i M . . min c a a ropt , us. g p 0 , Trmilax3g- uimpbNCha"addn.prOdWt.m.a*41 at the acid with It mi. "Mis is 2 MI. Fla0and 1-2 drwso( ' qOC16 i l d 4 o it 011 em ist 0 S CJIIIN no 411~lm t hr. and IV~ at A) i. Milk a be 'u.-AY&W, troulted it a URI m1k mV sm'st, m il a Oto -A-" A M." -00 4UP0.0 oil, 1119 7W. It is easily 41"Vnitid. I-V fr"rvn how cilicli and other swvrats. [hr ling Climate wa. tilected bY heating 3 g. of I be clikirmahydrode drriv. to 40 mel. C.111M. with A"st 110 61% After the 4rAvailm, of The ~ion rwmtwl with IICI and expulsion W the "Went 2*0 with %trant. the trrem-brawn ppi. was mvystd. frina C., =00 111I.N. offailling nrallY IIM% 147% bm~t na anilimmomm? 4111). in. 3441'. 14 . zoo iscaoilyrnotaird.givinsinC.1111 N with ArMhrdww,Lwr- zoo late dtiiv.. in. 2)44 #A0, III iseasilv mkIiiPM with Cri), in a l4sk-h-vivolro pitroyne-like lotimims, wbish to twins its. 1:410410 W*6601"I. III it 'I G.W "t~l with &1 2 /n .1-1 go- jase 41" AnItioc'net PWW,*,. in 25ti IW. It was i"u Ilml 4-veg Aid, 1. in CJI. by rtr%rAur 1,4 the light at& Its quafts lainp ict. Sttkst. Ciptilim Xhoo.C h 3* i$-17 i 6 (IiQB)) k i i W 4- v s rn, ns me.m.2 . It .K %pcry tical with the product-oWaimed (ram biamplithyl by the, Zincke awtW as numdAed by Sharvift aim] Thirtyrd""Ires. I - on -40 ago" .89 04V 089 4111#1 ca Q., 11. Joe 4F ~ 0 a, 1100 4f 09 0090000 0000 9 6 0 0 !1- 0 0 4 00000 0 0 0 0 000 : 11: 1 q es lp 00 08C 004 *04 0*0 904 a a ape see see No* ZOO IM 0" ft me *A ~ftliww ~r= & ZY ib, wam a awn IDU ,,,on. 00000 SIAAII Out Q-w &$I 00 1w IN Q at ad a to 9 9 k u .4, 1111110311 kU PS04WIl JO h UA A 00 A IF 0001:16"S &.0.P06*06t, at! 000 T1W 0 of pwftinm. I. Vail ctq - - Of am '"U. A. 1111thaflows. Pokkdy 00 Add. .3j.R 44 403-6(1940---nicitthene of c tam sm ".6's * 51 "".at - itc v -8 -wt. .1 00 11 m Gn WI dwift dl I This 11110,11 00 mc of twit, I on. to eltracrialn. 04 1 at VA it ON !!k*I!i! Ed---t'kmvi*M HAI di.. I- 11111low""At. a 00 1 '-06 The sm costashm reinmiti, -00 by oxtq!% blinamm. 7% kAW and milldle no lain dutrialgid with pm. l(ber end benme, too 060 'PlImemwYlegr-41111- after dktg. off the e0 a graphic It , flia" Co thellebromsta. z=TV a pas. ten for 1. 110wirm a pm tat w" after d a ist Oew ft=p. 1250 to jM01 tj; 'no sm ow I MS. diet x4b*tIng Ihm to 11termal dec-pa, It seeing, f; r0 o abable w1rim "-go Vcttdmm distfllfttcs wall Immed by 'wr (Wall. to Mille VO AALI 4=po. of tauspies S4wtjj;:m s. Ver. distrial is "her ait millm Ed owd. tbm into 2 hae. z"o o It ass beaft, Ws t other frartim. didt6migh dW not Omm 1. rhe petrokum em. XOO Its I on boalliss may have been towilm of w I%* pbYrIAS Vkh Hiis In Ship COurw Of t1im.- Cf. C.A. 30. 4AMS. 1. W. per,, tdo 0 LIFT111611101 CLASWOCATION 40100a it *.a set V* o 411191" ad C." tit u if to n1i; rd 0 a tv I is IN a a 4 ;pv In Do 111141, 0 100000000000000000000ooo*::::i::Oooo 000909-60009969990 000090*00 lee -to 67-*90olio 0*0 *000 of 0 *004040000000 0 301 U A 31 0 W I c a Of a of a A 0- ft _!t_% I w J_L_ ~U 4 0 it 06 AT AL_ A.. % 0:1 -10149111111 IT3114011119i TVv--1 910 - ~ 00 a: j it 00 00 Poe 00 00 ~M~ -U" AlIt.10fib I 4Jjq% 10 ASVWP V 19 �"UUWq AJV ' * 11 4 A41 P1,11"11-11 "IN bab-I 1111-09 III pus 11 %liqI Sjt:.~ -0 -k- 1MAIM10 AdA "IIW N M&W 00 1 . 4 I "1 do, 41111 14-tol %1U) ir 00 , 00 INV. IIK%jw till 4jor"olsoputum-gPog &Iwqvfl 41) "I~jt ~A on - ',%--I *-AW II %oP>wmiuju 4 A 00 00 - 1a W P j I l I .3koij ..I Ir 0 00 . slosvil"S" P" .4pselps *#4#W-VPB 10 %vo:u l isAw iw~ o s 0 v a l v 3 "t vqj I* 0 ., ~ i Ir 09 C 1 - ~"3_ twigodgeo NOW IsIts)GOM olao 661 4w* 4or .- - 'A W 00 - 0 .1-14 .5 - - r T Yw I V . --------------------- 0 00 0#00 000900#4po; 0 40 ow a W a a 10a IDID so X. P. 1w. tt-T-T-r- R:FZQ7ipr.30.lW. Adds. to V.S.I&R.64.732 (C.A. 0: latter in added diSculty, thlorimt"k ort. baw2L. c-g '00 pyvidise. This M&. stabilim the alkyl vinyWes M icaum the to promd usootbly AW atvv increased yields of dictiornethyl alk e%. 90 0. Alpo too jL7_~t~&-!LA 24TALUS"AL Lfft*&VWE CLAUPKistaft sob"* at* 0.. 51 uit at 10 at; 6 aT I V aLL Aft A1 9 W00 0 jot 0so 0"0*see a 0 a 0 0 00 see 0 0 00 0 0so o000 0 0000 0000000 00 0 eOO 0 00000 Osseo OoO.O.O.600006 9001 'ham ,h I v k I . a istu" i1 (tw nd. .4iii- J. (AF4. C". go C (IM).-TUe efiret of re*Am4w* in the "amilmW .00 put of the mol. On the lautodwisin in The thia4de eddy - d In the i- l n of f da Wi t l f h NH .00 e was avet a m mmen o t ri e j P God p in The former by an eledronce. substitapat auk as vo wwb Im-ourch " It win attract ekdromm f o th m -00 064 !l . r m e, , licamene &S and Indwe a pto. tharp as lk Pam C alom,. -00 must kintlet venvianve Wwm the Wh group and the lip mW thus dinilave The toutanverbas r"4. in Ike t= -audems. Methylation of sultathiaosile (1) by the morebod 4 Shopberid. d W. (C.A. $7, 6191). gave W170 AN-me =00 twirmir ow 437, flux-Me 6omer M obtained a 70:3t) ratio) Sims" metivylation of The #-No. analog gave jor.*. Nooll. pvr me c"minit &I g. age 04 . % yrlkm n-1;_. 4 hanging at 1065* ul the anhyd. corulirl., ultich tat hestiag in ins that I coatains& raw horproportiiiatillb.1mano than Its XO~ snake mA iletrionstraflos the AW of Yvlkm without I- of wt. Treat- Fee be lautoinerk t %m1. 1 12.33 1J.1 was treated Vith IM * t of the tribydrate with AcOll savc 11w aimAjid. drm.. 2WW' (from AcOll) Ths. (1 in inctli ilmni 4i g ) ge -0 RttO *do. of Cll..% e (about b-fuld excess). alter 3 lin. ' h l k C . . . . . j with a 3-fuld r%cm ul CHIN, as atany, by vrep". Cif Stir umvA vo irk-A $40. was rr at 13,20 e s t 2W I br. and mail the lumil. portion wa%W with 2 X %1&011 to filtervil MgO filtruce yield-I D.P ir. MM I r-G%*-dtA)J.#1-md,.- * . give 32% To t" saU~ma-dAlAsawAr (11), in. 114 15 ([ro;u Sit" - t 0 10 4 i 5 r roe JW7* (from IArv FtOll). The alk. washings ;;id;U Ili - .. %) J-Md .1 ito U, c. ( ito 1). m Y * see C. aruvoined 1. The Et&O motbix liquor after mpa. and i1fmamid*)-:,1-dskY*a1Aiazak (111), in. =-3 ((for" ' ' - h k h 0o mmd"s with a little RW yki&d 27% N1-wAAyf-2-ssJ- . mrs- rol 1 t ins pre 0.3a (2MIuvire. , 131010 cld ial n h d ;~ t t i h 110 tl If i ~ g 1 fandamidolkiawk. m. 110-11' (from W% Stoll). 2- . a on w &r n ina rr rogenat t , s ~ y in P1011 pre Ortan &00 Aminotbiart4ir (40 9.) in 100 cc. thy CjIjN treated &I 2540 with IM g. pA*%C#H.SDCl. then MIQ 3 brl. MOII). while III gave on similar "ralment the rinA 24,V-7' (I o n bir RtOll) G K M ts*e 31 at M-00. 4ild. with 2LID cc. 11.0. filte". visdivil with r r . . . , , I tife on" 117"llsof ---------------- 4. - C U"" 161443 to Pis Got as imis sliall S14 C40E a to n a %1 0 a 0 1 IF of 9 A 4 11 1. IF Is We 0 0 00 0 0 6 00 0 4 1 0 00 00000 a so 000 66006 00 Is 0,000 0 so 000 *so 0 o--0--0 a 0 0 -0 0 0 * 0 000 009 00000 4 OOAN. Olp PIDOCSIMS A-WD P*DPFNTlgt AubbobtS. CTa. Pmtov" wid N. V. St&yaginc hi Kki=. to. 3-28(1947.---Crit. mvkw' cf- "emi 2 .1k an pwidDW. Vmmkidis. amp-mycin. Ado. 71 rd-. 0o O*v oil ':;I till r-. -S-6 S L A m4TALtWGKAL t"tMATU119 CL&;WK&Tlft V, u a Av 0 All; 4, dr K --4c a a K KRw & a 40 a a a & 9 a e 0 t1% a e 0 0 -0 0 0 "66 -00 ago! too are Me* see Meg be$ Uo* Igoe I mr ft 9 A 0 z 1 7 0 0 0 0 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 vm/chesistrr PbOM-Maceuticals lfir/Apr *Utural Guanidine Compounds," I. Ya. Postovskiy, P. Bednyagina, Sverdlovsk -Uspekh KhAe Vol. XX, No 2) pp 141-160 Reviews largely non-USM work on chem, and physiol a, reactions or many guanidine comp" occurring in nature which. have free guanidine group. Mention is zade of al Ir-I oids sphercTbyzine and amirnovfne: Pomer lovers blood pressure and has been used clinically to produce contraction of uterus, Gen- eralizations: Simple guanidinit comp&s a-re very 192T28 UM/Chem'stry - Pharmaceuticals Mar/Apr 51 (Contd) t;q31c-Y' cause convulsions, f1brillary muscle tvitching, act on peripheral motor nerve endings; .compds (i.e., streptomycin) act on peri- 'Complex pheral nervous system; coqAs not contg carboxyl group lower blood sugar content. I l a BEDIIYAGINA, N.P. PA 190TL, 2 U113113066 vtrYI:- - Peiroicuil: %ebaology, Oct 51 Synthesis of 3-Met4Yl-4-ztbYl Thiophene," X Ya. Postovskiy) N. P. Beduming, V.:*F. Kuzuetsovr. "Zhur Prik Xhim" Vol XXIV,, No 16, Pp 1071-1073 Tropertlev*~of allq~ated tbiophenes are little known., a fact which makes their identification difficult Aen they are sepd-from -petroleum dis- tillates. By'n'tb'j6sized.3-m6thYl-4-etbYl',thiophemo by coudeusing.-p6itanedione:-2., 3 with thiodiglycol ethers: vhich-,yielded, a d'icarbouylic, acid. This was thea-decarboxylized to-the final product 'i3le pr ub 6d t%i "gives-itidophenine reaction and- -form- VML rary acaut Alt 7- :-.!: ~r- 1, 1 (.~ ~ , " ~ . c I PANOV, LV. l BEDNYAGDIA, X.P. Structure and pharmaco2oglca2 activity of 2-hydraxine ba2zaso2es ,glishli, Pars. i to)m. 20 no,6:25-27 N-D 157 [with ou=arjr In En (MIRA 11%6) 2, Xafedra farmakologii (save - profit A,X* Sangaylo) Sverdlovskogo gosudhratvennogo maditainakogo instituta i kafedra orgAnichaskoy khlmll (save - prof. I.Ya. Postovskly) Urallskogo politakhnichaskogo instituta Iment S.M. Xirova; (HYDRAZINS9 ral. apda. 2-hydrasine benzazoles, structure & pharmneol (RUBD (HIMOCYCLIC COUMPOUM same) T5Y7-/v__Y q A;A - /v 75-2-2c/',64 AUTHORS: Bedr.,.agina, N. F. , Panfilov, G4 It. , Postovsk iy, 1. Ya. TITLEs On thu Chemistry of Naphthacene (K khivii naftatscna) VII. The Ifitratinr- of Naphthacene (VII. Vitrovani,7c naftat,-ena) PERIODICALt Zburnal . Obshchey h"himii, 1958, Vol- 20, Vr 2, Ply. 365 3.53 (USSR) ABSTRACT3 This information was publi3hed in Zburnal 0bshc'hcj Xhinii, 20,1711, 0' ''50). Due to the hard accessibility of the naphtliacenic hydro- carbon its cheni.-try ba3 been little investigated. Tbuo C.-' its nitratinZ; has not yet baen described in publica-tior-3. The investi- ,-,-,tion carried out by the authors --hows thut Ti._e,AX.:z-_cene in nitrat- inf; behaves analoffous to anthracene. llaphthaccne for-is unstable hydronitro products at the expense of the addition of nitric acid at the para-P031tions of one of the central rint;e. At the second central rin,,', no addition takes place any nore, probably because the addition at the first ring splits the molecule in t-wo isolated aro- matic systemst into the benzene- zxd naphthulene sy3ten which do not posseso any active rieta-positionv. 'A%e obt~-ined bydronitro de- rivatives of naphthacene, like the correspondin-, p.roducto of the anthracene series, represent little stable compounds. On heating in or,,anic solvents, in attempts to recrystallize them, they are Card 1/3 readily and corapletely converted to pure p-naphthacene quinone. 79-2-20/64 On the Chemistry of flaphthacene. VII. The Hitrating of Naphthacene Anaquinone or other products viere not found in tbia connection. 'Phis indicates that the addition during nitrating only takes place at para-positions. To conclude irom the constants and th,; values of the analyses dihydronitro, derivates, even without adeitional purification, represent comparatively pure individual compounds. 'ilhe uost stable 9-nitro-10-ticetaxydilil,,droziaplitliacene a--n be0 re- crystallized from glacial acetic acid it'hich was heated to 50 C. The production and the investigation of O.-nitronaphthacene are render- Cd difficult due to its extraordinary uristability. It is ouch lenj st%'ula than 9-nit roan thracene and on heatin4 in various or- ~;anic uolvents or durinC stora,-,re at low temperatures and especially in li-Int it rapidly decomposes and is converted to p-naphthacene quinone. q.,-nitronapbtliacene can be recrystallized by putting in boilinC- water and rapidly cooling the solution after filtration. In a dry, crystalline state it is stable and can be stored. In contrast to the yellow 9-nitroanthracene, 9-nitronaphthacene is red. Su,:i:aarys 1) It was found that on nitratinj of naphtbacene an addition produet - 9-nitro-10-oxydihydronaphtbaceiie (II) forms. By the influence of acetic acid it is converted to 9-nitro-10-acetoxy- dibydronaphthacene (III), and by the influence of concentrated bwdrochlorio acid in 9-nitro-10-chlorodihydronal)lithacL-no (7). Card 2/3 2) 'ne authors produced 9-nitronaphthacene (V) by the influence of 79-2-20/64 On the Chemi3try of Haphthacene. VII. Ao Nitratirr of Raphthacene 30 5 NaOR upon 9-nitro-10-ablorodibydronaphthacene (IV)i,3) It was found that the dihydronitro derivatives of naphthaccne I-IV) and 0.-nitronaphthacene are still more unstable than the corresponding compounds of the anthracene series. On heating with solvents or without solvents they are cauily converted to p-naplithacene qui- none. There are 5 references, I of which is Slavic. ASSOCIMON: Urals Polytechnical. InstituteI (Urallskiy politekhnicheskiy institut) SMITMIDs JanuarY 7, 1957 AVAILABLEs Library of Congress Card 3/3 71(12) SOV1156-59-2-30148 1_ edn a n4 N. P., Postovokiyj I. Ya* gl j 7ME: The Synthesis and the Hydrolytic Separation of the Alkyl- and Benzyl-sulphones of Benzimidazole (Sintez i gidroliti- cheskoye raoshchoplaniye alkil- i benzilsullfonov benzimida- " a) oA. z PERIODICAL: Nauchnyye doklady vysshey shkoly. Khimiya i khimichookaya tekhnologiyap, 1959P lir 21 PP 333-337 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Benzimidazole deriyatives, which are substituted on the silphone group or on nitrogen of the cycle by radicalaq were investigated with respect to their stability to hydrolysis. Tables I and 2 show the syn1hesized oorpounds (alkyl- and aryl-aubstituted mercapto bentimidazoles, benzimidazolyl sul- phones, N-substituted bon2imida2olyl-alkyl(aryl)-sulphones and K-substituted benzimidazolones). The difference is point- ed out existing between the highly acid sulphones and the sulphides produced for the first time in this investigation (meroapto compounds) without acid reaction, which are not alkylated when heated in alcohol with alkyl halides. Both the radical bound to the nitrogen and that bound to the Card 1/2 eulphone group exercise an effect upon the stability to SOV/156-59-2-30/48 .The Synthesis and the Hydrolytic Separation of the Alkyl- and Benzyl- ~ulphones of Benzimida2ole, hydrolysis, i. e. in the order CH3 /' C4R9'~ CH2C6R5* Candidate of Medical Sciences, R. I. Chertkova, investigated the sul- phone- and mercapto compounds at the Sverdlovskiy tuberkuleznyy institut (Sverdlov-sk Institute of Tuberculosis) with respect to their effect to tubercle baoilli. Activity is very low. I. V. Panov,Docent at the Kafedra farmakologii Sverdlovskogo meditsinskogo instituta (Chair of Pharmacology Sverdlovsk Institute of Medicine) investigated the benzyl- and methyl- substituted sulpAones with;respect to their affect upon blood pressure. A special report will be given on the positive results of this test. There are 2 tables and 6 references, 4 of which are Soviet. PRESEMD BY: Kafedra organicheskoy khimii Ural'skogo politekhnicheskogo instituta im. S. U. Kirova (Chair of Organic Chemistry, Ural Polytechnic Institute imeni S. M. Kirov) SUBMITTn-. July 22, 1958 Card 2/2 5(3),17(12) AUTHORS: Bednyagina, X. P,9 Sokolovo S. V. SOV/156-59-2-31/48 TITLE: The Synthesis and the Hydrolytic Splitting of the Alkyl- sulfones of the 4-Phenylphtalazine (Sintez i gidrolitiches- koye raoshchepleniye alkiloullfonov 4-fen.ilftalazina) PERIODICAL: Nauchnyye doklady vysshey shkoly. Xhimiya i khimicheakaya tekhnologiya, 1959, Nr 21 PP 338-340 (USSR) ABSTRACT: I. A. Aleksayeva and 1. Ya. Postovskiy (Ref 1) found that for the alkyl-sulfones of the 6-nitrobenzothiazols the relative speed of the hydrolytic splitting drops when the carbon- chain of the alkyl-radicals is extended* This was tested by the,authora on oompounds whieh contain the sulfoazomethingroup -Y==C-SOj-. The compounds mentioned in the title were obtained I from the o-benzoyl-banzoic acid. Synthesized were the compomde H 0 H 6 5 5 N and (R - CH H 9 ~fC2 5'n-C4H Card 1/2 so -R sulphide sulihone (Mercaptocompounds) The Synthesis and the Hydrolytic Splitting of the Alkyl- SOV/i56-59-9-31/48 sulfouse of the 4-Phonylphtalasine The compounds obtained are not yet described in publications. Their physical data are listed in a table. In contrast with the stable aulphides, the sulphones hydralize easily with diluted acids or alkalis. The capability of hydrolyzing decreases with the extension of the carbon-chain of the alkyl- radicals. The hydrolysis develops in accordance with the same diagram described in reference 1. The examination of the com- pounds as to their influence on tuberculosis bacilli (oarried out by E. 1. Chertkova~ Candidate of Medical Sciences at the Sverdlovsk Institute for Tuberculosis (Sverdlovskiy tuberku- leznyy institut) showed only slight activity. The authors express their gratitude to Professor I. Yas Postovakly for the advice obtained. There are 1 table and 5 references, 2 of which are Soviet. FRESUMD, BY: Xafedra organicheskoy khimii Urallskogo politekhnicheskogo instituta im. S. M. Kirova (Chair of Organic Chemistry Ural Polytechnic Institute imeni So M. Kirov) SUBMITTED: July 220 1958 Card 2/2 - MIIUGIN&, N.P.; POSMVSKIT. I.Ta. Bouxasoles. 2-Hydrazino- and 2-azidobanximidazoles, Zhur.ob. khIms, 30 no,5tl431-1437 My 160o (WRL 13,05) 1. Urallskiv politekhnicbeak institut. (Bousluldazolml JBWNYAGIn, M.P.; POSTOVSKIY,, 1.16. . .... 1~ Hydrolytic cleavage of some heterocyclic milfones. Part 61 Synthesis and 1*opertieo of /~:,_-nitrophenylmdf;:-.ql-N-mothylbenzimidazolyl- metbane and nitrophonylaulfonyllx,,.nz,)tblazolylmetWme. Zbur.obokbim. P -no*10:3193-3196 01 161. (HIHA 14:4) I* Ural'skiy politekbnicbeakiy institut, (Sulfoue) I . . M SHEYNKF.R,, Yu.N.; POSMVSI(IY, I.Ya.-, BEDNYAGINA, U.F.-, SENYAVINA, L.B.; LIPAWVA, L.F. ------- Equilibrium between the totrazole and aside forms in benzothiazole- tetrazole. Dokl. 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Computing aquIpment In tbo national 9conomys M no.?tll-12 jr 159, (KM 32t12) 1, Glavuyy spetsiallet po vycbialitallnoy takhnike Gosudaretyan- nogo nauchno-tekbnlchaokogo koniteta Boyout Xinistrov SSSR. (Calculating mebines) U lear-Physics- --Cosmi_c_Rays____ FD-3346 IV j7$V ~ /I N o 1"i , i - A ~) /1' Y d Card 1/1 Pub, 146-18/28 Author : Abrosimov A. T., Bednyakov A. A., Zatsepin V. I., Nechin Yu. A., Bolov'Yeva V. I., Khristians . -B. and Chikin P. S. Title : Study of structure of broad atmospheric showers at sea level (Latter to the editor) Periodical : Zhur. Eksp. i Teor. Fiz., 29, No 51 693-696, 1955 Abstract : A detailed study vas carried out in Moscow during the suiner of 1953 of the spacial distribution of various components of broad atmos- pheric showers at short d1stances from the shover axis by using the method of correlated hodoscopes. The preliminary results of these studies are presented in graphs. Indebted to 0. T. Zatsepin and N. A. Dobrotin for discussions and to G. V. Bogoslavskiy, B. V. Subbotin and M. S. Tulyankina for assistance in measurements. Five references. Institution : -- -Submitted : May 3) 1955 M 'T,lectromechanical Differential Analyzer" a paper presented at the Conference on Methods of Development of Soviet Mathematical Machine-Building and Instrument- Building, 12-17 March 1956. Translation No. 596, 8 Oct 56 S10301601000101210041018 B004/BO56 AUTHORa Bednyakov, A. A., Chief Specialist for Computer Engineering TITLEi Some Trends in the Development of the Means of Computer Engineering PERIODICALt Vestnik Akademii nauk SSSR, 1960, No. 12, pp. 27 - 31 TEM The plan of mechanizing the calculat4oon, projection and engineering provides for an increased use of computers in economy. By 1965 computers corresponding to 40% of the personnel empl oyed are intended to be used in State Administration. Problems of developing computer engineering have been dealt with in the following scientific conferences in 1960. April 4 - 8, conference of the Akademiya nauk SSSR (Academy of Sciences, USSR) on the application of mathematical methods in investiga- tions in the field of economy,and planning. June 20 - 25, joint conference of the Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-tekhnicheskiy komitet Soveta Ministrov SSSR (State Scientifie Technical Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR)O of the Vsesoyuznyy sovet nauchno-tekhnicheskikh obshchestv (All- Union Council of Scientific Technical Societies), of the Gosudarstvennyy Card 1/3 Some Trends in the Development of the Means S/030Y60/000/012/004/018 of Computer Engineering B004 B056 komitat Soveta Ministrov SSSR po avtomatizatsii i mashinostroyeniyu (State Committee of Automation and Machine Building of the Council of Ministers of the USSR) and of the Teentrallnoye statisticheskoye . upravleniye SSSR (Central Statistical Administration of the USSR) on problems of mechanizing the work performed by engineers and of administra- tion. In this connection, a practical demonstration took place at the Vystavka dostizheniy narodnogo khozyaystva (Exposition of the Achievements of Economy). From June 27 to July 2 an International Congress of Automatic Control took place at Moscow. The tasks to be performed in the future development are mentioned. Replacement of tubes by semieonductoral further development of programing and of algorithmic calculation; increase of universality, and of the logical possibilities, increase of the capaciv of storage elements, increase of liability accompanied by a decrease of volume of energy consumption, production of computers, simulating biological and-physiological, geophysical, geological and hydrological processes, production of computers for the automatic abstracting of scientific workt automatic translation and automatic construction of formulas of organic ohemistryl further development of automatic- control for the optimum utilization of means of communication, information, Card 2/3 Some Trendo in the Dayelopment of the kii'4ns 8/03V60/000/012/004/018 of Computer Engineering B004/B056- weather forecasts, and-planningi the constructior. of cybernetic apparatus as protheses of injured human organs. The author refrets the fact that work in the field of computer technique is frequfntly carried out purely experimentally without scientific and-technical oasis. The leading part played by the Academy of Soisnoes USSR in th is pointed out, especially of the various vyehislitelinyy1sentr (.Cmputation Center), the Institut tochnoy mekhaniki i vychislitellnoy tekliniki (Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering),-the InBtitut elektronnykh upravlyayushchlkh mashin (Institute of Electronic Control Machines),. which. as yet has made itself felt to a small extent.only. ASSOCUTIONs GNTK Soveta Ministrov SSSR (State Scientific and Technical Committee of the Council of Ministers ofthe USSR) Card 3/3 t-66 L 143L 50. i ACCESSION VR:' AP5021151~ %J~t, UR/63116/6VO62/001/bO48/00 f 4qf 00 4f, AUTHOR. Tulinoy~ A~ G.; Fuzanovp A..A.; Bedqjakovp A6 As, TIE i--new--method-of--investigat -~he-propertiea-of-singl -cry _77 iAg ~.b _stela - SOME: Zhurnal'-eksperimentallnov i teoreticheskoy fizikis" Pistin V, redo'k+ft IY& niye, Y. 2,9 not 1965.. ~8 1prilozhe 1" ~Op~ and -bottom half of Ansert A at rear of ~j journal TOPIC TAM t proton' scatterin gj, nuclear: reaction.,-. crystal, Itttice structum, 'ABSTRACT: Themethod makes use'o f an-effecti observed-by q2q-of.the authors ear-,1_ lier (Tulinovp DoU. AN 6SSR.vo A2 6 iA ogers), wherein+the angular no.. 3j, 19 5 w 1distribution of the ebarged-mclear reaction productiP, 6m 4ingle-grystals lei ~b ;distorted-by additi6nal scattering of.the pr5Fuct particiea~by the-nue 0kited in chains corresponding to,definite cr c st+"th6 ryst4j,-",'-':,,,:,-~,,-,~--'. ..Ystallographi "e a C 1 according3y be'observed near-these di~rections-'~ Since~ earli experiments on this effect, were restricted to a single matallographic. wdsp Aj~e authors irecorded' tbe.. effect produced siamltaneous4 by a whole set of axesp to groduce a proton plot of the crystal information,concerning4ts properties. The experiment was carried out with a,bea-qj of 300-Xtv protons from the casi:ade gengrator of N=87 'mu (Nuclear Physics Instituteof the Moscow State University), The prot ons were AM23251' ACCESSION, IM: on the -suilvace 'of, a,-Aaickj'~~ _sitgle~ vr incident. ystal.. The crystaa beams, ~ The 7 -:.oUth6 _axix ju~ dik ion Inoid nt beam, meterdid not exceed 0.3 =a. Thd~, elastically, edittered'olotons.'were. registered [vith a photographic plate mounted perpendicular to, the [JCO]-axis~. 'The image ob- J -tained -in -this - mann r displayed-the--lin6a--vhere--the tryateilographic-planer,--inter- sected the emulsion.surface. These agreed-well with the tbeoretical scheme of such, lines for a body-centered Uttice in the case when the CICO) axis is directed per- nt; pendicular to the plane of the figure-.- Analogous measurezientsj, made with differe crystals at varying incident-particle energiesand-at v&vying thicknesses of the absorbers in front of the emulsion show that there are grcat possibilities for vary-". Ing the "degree. of density" of the piotan patterny ii e.,, of incIuding ~ or excluding tracks'connected with tbe-planes of relatively high indices. Since the proton wave-. length'is small$ 'so that the wave properties of the beam tlxeA":, little influ=06 on the structure of the Unesp their study can yield in many cases more useful Info tion.on. the - character of mortion of 7 the, nuclet, in the cryntal lattice than method which essentially use the wave properties of -the radiation. Origo art. bast 2 figures. [02 ASSOCIATION: Nax.-.bno-issledovo;tellskiy.inatitut,yadernor!'fitikiNoskovskogogoxu- -.7darstvennog6 universitet&. :b, Institute, -Moscow- State -Univer- 6 ity) du or