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'All IKIY, L.I.; KAZANSKAYA, M.Te, low-OWMIN - Colorimetric analyuls of stable diaso salts and solutions. Tokatill.Prom. 12, No.11, 37 152. (KLRA 5:11) (CA 47 no.22:12131 153) BELENIKIY2 L. I. USSRI Chemistry - Bromination Sep 52 "Bromination. With Bioxane-Dibromide. -1. Bromination of Phenols.," L. A. YanovskayA A. p. Terentlyev, Belentkiy, Moscow State U "Zhur ObBhch Khim" Vol 22, No 9., pp 1594-1598 Authors propose a convenient new rethod Tor brorainating phenole, naphthols, and oxyanthraquinones in wh-11ch the addn product of bromine to dioxane, i.e., dioxand-dibromide, is used. 232T24 BEWNIKIY, L.I. Spectrophotometricr'investigation of colloidal solutions of dyes. Isv. AN SSSR Ser.fiz. 17 no.6:756 H-ID 153. (MA 7:3) (Dyes and dyeing) (Golloids) (Spectrophotometer) 414W, W INAI J:J~-, ~4.. Ito- too Is -01iI t is ID Am W. Mal.' prim Tul 4, _4p th vOl ,t ------- - -- OW W177TOR 3 P) $A and U.4 til .1c1 and 5 rZa., diasame, hiter 1,15, 6m. WiW'lqa4oi and ddcd rich c If, a 6.1 k.~ mixed ckl lhenobi from Wzh o0ate ra". or ' thl ft 1 10 6 Naux: i ud b f l ~ I , e. onts , a mct M vas Pn Q3 y . with Cop salICY114. sicid (1-8 0 In G tgl. 410 With 2.1 - dqriv ig. ICI in 3 mI.Aloxano save stIter A hro '12% -2 'ilfuAho'iti t nt It vrith 14;1 It, It* pmellea ' fk - 1 03 . 11, 6 1,2 ta ' ' tn 6 val d!oxane-wid 10 hil;'; In .23 ml .'. 11t,10 %OW2. A 9. ICI StO m~o. after.l. hv~ 1.3 X. 2;1 .144% 120' 'Nal 6 t d vt ith 2 l l i ~~ 4 - ~w v lv no s, . ra r $ 14 rAl '1410 siv'wly: ;~; Mp 4.111 yieldcd S' tnl. giyrWqa' tro3tcd with- 1~~"caai;uo vvith-t?Al- c.-I N, * ` ear the 3-wo 4 . qdti;t On 12AY ljay~ 1W. MMOVA, Nina Imel"YanoTna; KHOWSICIT, NIkoIw OskaroTich; 2XIMIKIT, L.I. kandidat takhnicheskikh nauk, rodaktor;GUMA.Ye.M.. iiffd.-tor; KONCPWA.A.I., rateentsent; NIMUSOVA,O.I., takhni- cheek-ly redaktor (Technical control in cotton finishing production] Tokhnicheakil kontroll T khlopchatobumashnom otdolochnom prorizvodstve. Moskva, Goa. nauchno-te)dm. Isd-vo 11(inisterstva tekstillnoi promyshl. SSSR, 1955. 291 p. (Cotton finishing) (KIRA 9:2) BEIENIKIY, -L.I.; KAWSX&YA. M-Te-; KRAZANOV, V-S-; YUROVI S'G- Testimc the whitauses Of falvics with a rN1 tsxtile Photometer' Tekst.prom, 15 no.403-47 Ap '55 (MLU 8:5) (Photometry) (Textile fXics--Testing) BEMIKIY.L.I.; KHB.ANOV,V.S.; YUROV,S.G. ~__ The IPT-1 reflecto meter. Zav.lav.21 no.8:995-999 155. (KLR& 8:11) 1. Teentrallnyy nauchno-iseledovatel'skiy institut khlopchatobamazhnoy promyshlennosti (Textile fabrics--Testing) (Reflectometer) BELENIKlYs L. I. "Spectrophotometric Stuc~t-of Colloid Dye Solutions" (Spektrofotometricheskoye issledovaniye kolloidnyl-h rastvorov krasiteley) from the book Trudy of the Third All-Union Conference on Colloid Chemist o PP. 484-490., Iz. AN SSSR, Moscow, 1956 -- (Report given at above Conference, Minsk, 21-4 Dec 53) Author: Central Scientific Research Institute of the Cotton Thread Industry MWANOV, V,S., )wndidat teldmicheskikh nauk; YMOV, S.G., kawKW tekhnicheskikh aEmk; ESIENIKIT. L.I.,-kaadidat telchnichaskikh naak. 1FT-2 universal photometer. Svetotekhnika 2 no.4:19-22 J1 136.(HLB 9:.10) l.Veasoyuznyy Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy evetotakhnichaskly Institut (for Khazanov and Turov). 2.TSentral'W nauchno-iseledovatel'okly khlopchatobumashnyy inctitut.. (Photometer) F ~ At -, r J w o AR4HhN(;bRODSKIY, Alakeandr Grigorlyevich, kandidat takhtticheekikh nauk: CH"INSHEY. Oleg Leontyevich' inz lions r;.j" 'KIT, jj6jjA - - 1414hovInvIr - 4pbener; BRYAi6zVA' iuzF-eer, VedunhChly reduktor; ZAYTSX7. G.Z., inzhener, redaktor-, MiCICAREV, V.A., teklinlcheski7 rudaktor (Instruments for disclosing static indsterminsteneza of girders] Pribory dlin zraskrytiis statichookoi neopredeli=outll balok. Nosk-va, AkaII,naUk 1956. 13s3. (Pribor7 J standy. Tema 2. no.?-56-525) (Testing iucniias (Girders) (H-Lhi 10-10) SOV/124-58-5-5922 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 5, p 140(USSR) AUTHORS: ArRhangorodsRiy, A,G., Belen'kiy, L.M., Chernyshev, O,L. - e-- - TITLE: A Device for Design Calculation of Beams on Flexible Sup- ports on a Continuous Flexible Foundation (Pribor d1ya rascheta balok, lezhashchikh na uprugikh oporakh i splosh- nom uprugorn osnovanii) PERIODICAL: V sb.: Issledovaniya po teorii sooruzheniy. Nr 7. Moscow, Gosstroyizdat, 1957, pp 575-586 ABSTRACT: Description of a device serving for the mechanical calcula- tion of statically indeterminate beams lying on free flexible supports. The basic idea of the calculation with the aid of this device consists in the following: The original beam is replaced by a similar model; the loads and the coefficient of the rigidity of the supports ki are simulated; the sagging of the supports fi is measured, and their reaction is calculated on the basis of measurements thereon by the formula Ri = kifi. Then the re- sults obtained from the model beam are extrapolated for the original beam. A continuous flexible foundation can be simu- Card 1/2 lated by the simple device of increasing the number of flexible SOVIIZ4-58-5-592Z A Device for Design Calculation of Beams (cont.) supports. Examples of calculation arc given and the possibility of extended field application of the described device is commented upon. P.I. Klubin 1, Beams--Design 2. Beams--Testing equipment 0 3. Mathematics Card Z/2 -ARKHANGORODSKIY. A.G., Imnd.tekhn.nauk; TWIT.T. MY. L.M., -inzh. Increasing the specific volume loading capacit7 of a cargo vessel. Sudostroetie 24,no.1:1-3 A 158. (KIRL 11t2) (Ships--Cargo) AMM IT, Alsisaidr''Grigorlyevich;. Mi 3avIglich; CMMOVSUjr, G#'So# naUCbIW r6d,; tA2AWVp 14939t redo; 7ROMUo P.S,, tekhn.rede- [Analytical method of deelping ship bulls) Analitichaskii m6tod proaktirovanila k rpusa sudna. Leningrad. Goe.soiusnoe isd-vo sudostrolt.pronyahl.0 1959. 207 p. (MIR& 12:3) (Rulle (Naval architecture)) AREWIGORODSKIY, A.G.; BEMIIKIY. L.M. ----------------- Problems of nongeometrical similarity in structural mechanics. Hauch.dokl.vya.shko3,v; mash. i prib. no.1:58-62 '59. (MIU 12:8) 1. Statlya predstavleDa kafedroy "StroitelInaya mekhanika korablya" Nikolayevokogo korablestroltellnogo instituta. (structures, Theory of) ARKWGORODSKIY, A.G. -CArkhanhorods 'kVi, O.H.] (Nikolayev); BIMIKIT, L.M. [Bileulkyl, L.K. (Nikolayev) I ...... ................... Problems of the simi3#ritv of thin-walled.profiles. Pryk1. mekh. 5 no.4:1*1-427 159. (MIRA 13:3) l.Nikolayevskiy sudoetroltelluyy Institute (Steel, Struotural) (Strength of materials) 28 (5) 05754 AUTHOR: Belenlkiyj L. M. SOV/32-25-10-43/63 TITLE: Measurement of the C,elntact--- Stress Between Rollers and Rails * '64F by the Crusheri' -W~~fiod PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya laboratoriya, 1959, Vol 25, Nr 10, pp 1254 - 1255 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A method for the determination of contact stress on rails was worked out, which is based upon the measurement of the flat- tening of-a wire by pressure. An annealed copper wire of the type MM (GOST 2112-46) with a diameter of 1.8-2.2 mm, is fasten- ed to the rail (Figure). On the stressed surface of the rail the wire has two windings (in the longitudinal direction of the rail), and is fastened to the lower edge of the rail. The stress, to which the rail surface was subjected, is evaluated according to the extent to which the wire is flattened, because the width of the flattened wire depends linearly on the stress. The method described was used for thb purpose of measuring contact stresses between rollers and rails in the case of the launching of ships and agreed well with the weight of the ship Card 1/2 (within a difference of 10$6). In the case of lower stresses 05754 Measurement of the Contact - Stress Between Rollers BOV/32-25-10-43/63 and Rails by the Crusher --,Ga~&,M~thod aluminum wire may be used. The meastirements were carried out in collaboration with Zh. F. DeMo;No~ y)V. T. Gorlyshkin, and A. S. Lavskiy. There is 1 figuve, ASSOCIATION: Nikolayevskiy korablestroitelinyy institut (Nikolayev Ship Building Institute) Card 2/2 1, tA - :-- BELENIKIY, L.9 inzh. 1-1 New shock absorbers for rollers of cross-slip launching cars. Rech. transp. 19 no. 6;44-45 Je 160. (MIRA 14:2) (Ships-Launching) (Shock absorbers) -KOZLOV, S.M.,inzb.; BILENIKIT, L.M..inxh. I L-~~ Use of collapsible pads in ship launching sideways. Sudostroanie 26 no.lo:64-67 0160.", (MIRA 13:10) (Ships-Lauinching) CC NR. AP60 M664Fa-pW- UR/ A 368TI I Arkhangorodakiy, F'Alcksandr Grigorlyevich; _PS:kpp!j4y,._;!~~onid Mikhaylovich; Litvin.. i Aleksandr Bor sovich Collapsible pad ngs in-shipbuilding and chip repair (Sminayushchiyesya prokladki v sudostroyenii i sudoreTdonte) Leningrad, Izd-vo "Sudoetroyeniyell, 1966. 130 p. illus., bibli 2700 copies printed. TOPIC TAGS; Col, eible padding*, shipbuilding engineering, chock absorber )ap *PURPOSE AND COVERAGE: This booklet is intended for:engineering and technical staff engaged in thl construction and repair of%seagoing'and river vessels, and in other fields or technology. It can be used by students of higher technical schools and institutes. Utilization of collapsible padding in shipbuilding and shiprepair plarite is discussed,, and the selection of materials., their mechanical properties., an~ the design and construction of collapsible paddings are described in detail. Thpre are 52 references, 51 of which are Soviet. TABLE OF COMEM[Abridgedl Foreword -- 3 Ch. 1. Field,of pollapsible padding application 5 Ch. 2. Materialsiused for manufacturing collapsible paddings and their mechanical' properties -- ?4 1 Card V2 UDC: 629.12.002-3 Cho 3. Engineering design of collapsible paddings 52 Cho 4. Special design features of structures with collapsible paddings 68 Ch. 5. Testing fttll-ocale structures vith collapsible paddings 100 Appendix. Numer+ valu.ea of HI-45 functions -- 1W Bibliography -- 1~ SUB CODEf 13111/ Sum Dm: o8Apr66/ ORIG FIEF: 051/ OM REF: 001/ Crd 2/2 BELFNIMlY. L.M., in7h. I Designing minimum-weight cross-connection systems by limiting loads. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; mashinostr. no.2:31-35 164. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Kaliningradskiy tekhnicheskiy institut rytnoy promyshiennosti. BELEN IKIY, L.S.p inzh.; TSINVE, R.Ya.p inzb.; BMEZYUK, V.I., f &d-. -- - ~ [Regulations for operating and testing protective means used in electrical systems] Fravila Ispoll2ovaniia i is- pvtaniia zashchitnykh sredstv# primeniaerykh v elektro- uBtanovkakh. Kievs Tekhnika; 1965. 55 P. WIHA 18:9) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Tekhnicheakoye upravleniye po ekspluatatsii energosistem, 2. TSekh vysokovolltnogo oboru- dovaniya Gosudarstvennogo tresta po organizatsii i ratsio- nalizatsii rayoruVkh elektrostantsiy i setey (for Belentkiy, Minne). BELENIKIT, L,O,,.inzhener. - I - Testing a 35 kv. disconnecting switch for breaking no-load current of the 1800 kv-& transformer. Blek.sta.27 no.6*60 Je 156.(MLRL 9*.g) (Electric evitchgear) BEISNIKIY, L.S., inzh*xerf" ., Pactory defects in current transformers. Blek.sta. 28 no.1:89-90 Ja '57** (MLRk 10:3) (Ilectric transformearsJ EUVIN. N.2., insh.; BIMIZZY, L.S., insh.; BRONSMYN. I.I., red.; vowN33r, K.P., teOJ~mre ~ [safety raise for the operation of electric installations of City electric power systems] Pravils tekhniki bezopasnosti pri eksplua- tateii elektroustanovok gorodskikh elektrosetai. lzd.10, perer. i dop. Nookwa, Gos.energ.izd-vo. 1958. 112 p. (MM 12:2) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Laws. statutes, eta. (Blectric engineering--Safety measures) 8(6) SOW i i?.-_59--!54849 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal.. Elektrotekhnika, 1959, Nr 5, p 61 (USSR) AUTHOR: Belen'kiy, L. S., Korobkova, V. P., and Sidlik, L. Z. TITLE:- Det g the Maximum No-Load Current of Transformers and the Charging Current of 110- and 35-kv Lines Cut by Type RLN Disconnects PERIODICAL: Naladochnyye i eksperim. raboty ORGRES, Nr 15, 1958, pp 156-163 ABSTRACT: To determine the possibility of adopting the substation schemes without circuit -breakers on the high-voltage side, ORGRES jointly with large power systems (Lenenergo, Mosenergo, and others) staged tests intended to determine maximum currents and thereby maximum power of transformers and also maximum length of a transmission line that could be reliably cut off at no-load by a type RLN disconnecting switch. In addition to visual observations, a cinema filming was made which permitted determining the duration of arcing; to determine accurately the moment o1 arc extinction in relation to the angle of the disconnecting blades, both the current being interrtpted and the blade Card I /Z SOV/112-59-5-8849 Determining the Maximum No-Load Current of Transformers and the Charging . . . movement were recorded by an oscillograph. Overvoltages set up by cutting off no-load lines were not measured. The tests enable one to draw the following conclusions: The voltage, maximum transformer capacity, and transmission- line length which could be cut off at no-load can be considerably increased over those specified by the PTE MES standards. No-load currents as high as 7 amp for 20-Mva, 38-kv transformers and 10 amp for 31.5-Mva, 110-kv transformers can be cut off by a RLN disconnect. It is recommended that the disconnects be operated on or off quickly. Pole separation of the disconnect should not be less than 2, 500 mm for 110 kv and 1, 200 mm for 35 kv. To determine the maximum no-load length of 35- and 110-kv lines that could be cut off by the disconnecto overvoltages. accompanying the line interruption need to be studied. 1. S. Sh. Card 2/2 YJL%VIN, N.Z.. inzh.- BRUNIKIT, L,S., Inzh.; BROUSHTM, I.I., red.; BORUNOV, Nl.-r-. ~-,- -- ~--- ~-- ESsfety rules for the operation of power plants in urban networks] Pravila tekhaiki bazopasnosti pri okepluatataii . alaktroustanovok gorodskikh alektroeatei. Izd.11, parer. i dop. Moskva, Gos.onarg.izd-vo, 1959. 95 p. (MM 12:12) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Hinisteretvo stroital'stva elaktro- stantsiy. Tekhnioheskoye upravleniye. (Electric networks) -BELZNIXIY,.LS., Inzh.; KOROBKOVA, V.P., in2h. ---- Cutting-off ability of RI circuit breakers and of OD type selAratore for 110 and 35 kilovolts. Blek.6ta. 31 no.4153-59 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:7) (Electric circuit breakers) BELENIKIY, L.S., inzh.; TSINNE, R.Ya.,, inzh,; CHERNEV., K.K.., red.; SHMNOVA.9 M.M., tekbn. red. [Regulations governing the use and testing of the protection devices of electric power systemalPrevila polIzovaniia i is- pytaniia zashchitrqkh aredstvp primeniaeqrkh v elektrousta- novkakh. Izd.2.., perer. Moskvaq Gosenergoizdat, 1962. 54 P. (KIRA 1519) 1. Russia (1923- t.S.S.R,)Glavnoye energeticheskoye upravle- niye. 2. TSekh vysolcovolitnogo oborudovaniya Gosudarstvennogo tresta po organizataii i ratsionalizatsii elektroatantsiy (for Belenskiy, TSinne). (Electric power distribution-Safety regulations) IBEIENIFIY, L.S., inzh. Switching capability of OD-220 electric isolators. Elek, stae 33 no.10:70-72 0 162o (KCRA 16: 1) (Electric switchgear) W I AYZMAN, L.Ya., inzh.j BELENIKIY, L.S. Use of a small fork lift truck in the servicing of a substation. Elek. sta. 34 no.9:85-86 S 163. (MIRA 16:10) E9LENIKIY,,,L.S.,-inzh. Disconnecting of idis transformers and electric power transmission lines with medium length and power rating using 35 kv. cutouts and disconnecting switches. Energetik 11 no.8t26-28 A 163o fml~ 16:10) KHAVIN, N.Z., inzh.;.P- CHERNEV, K.K., red.; BULtDYAYEV, N.A.# tekhn, -ed. (safety engineering regulations-for operating electrical systems of substations and power plants] Fravila tekbniki bezopasnosti pri ekspluatataii elektroustanovok etantaij i podstantaii. Izd.14., dop. Moskva, Gosenergoizdats 1963. n1 p. (MIRA 170) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S#R.) Gosudarstverxqy proizvodstvannyy komitet po energetike i elektrifikatsii. _ KHAVIN, N.Z., in2h.;.-BELENKIY, L.S., inzh.; CHERINEV., K.K., red. [Safety engineering regulations for operating the electrical systems of municipal power distribution networks] Pravila tekbniki bezopasnosti pri eksFluatatsii elektroustanovok go- rodskikh elektrosetei. Izd.13., izrenermoe i dop. Moskva, Izd-vo "Energiia," 1964. 101 p. (MIRA 17:6) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Tekhnicheskoye upravleniye po nks- pluatatsii energosistem. BELENIKIX, L.4_,, inzh. Operat:~on of 380/220 volt overhead power trflnsmission lJres. Energatik 13 nc,5:19-20 My 165. (MIRA 18:8) o& RUN OVICH, Gelina Petrovia; SINELINIKOTA# maw ir. met Sit re " or, HOT, V.I., tekhnicheskly redaktor [Bread and spravochnoe 118 D. (Brebid) other bakery products] Aleb I khlobnys Welli; posobie. Hookya,.Gos. isd-vo torg.lit-r7, 1957, (MMA 10:7). (Baked products) AY-SPNOV. V.. kand.tekhn.naixk (Tashkent); BELEII'KIY, M. kand.tekbnonauk (Tashkent) ~Z_t F4onomic efficiency of using diesel locomotives for switching operations. Zhel.dor.transp.36 no.5:1"7 My 155 (14iRk 12:5) (Diesel locomotives) (Railroads--Switebing) M." kand. okon. nauk Unit cost of eubur7m and local passenger traffic on motorbuses and railroads. Avt. tranep. 37 no.12:23-25 D '59. (HIRk 130) (Motorbuses--Cost of operation) (Railroads-Cost of operation) BELEN I KIY, M. Nitrofurans and their use in medicine; a book review. In Russian. Vestis Latv ak no.5:203-204 060. (EUI 10:7) IBLIUGL14A.F.) (NITROFURM) BELENIKIYJ. M.A., inzh.; LAYM, V.I., doktor tekhn.nauk,, prof.; PETROVA, O.A., --------NFcT.-tekhn.nauk Bright nickel plating Wth equalizing additions, Vent mash* 41 no.607-41 Je 161. NIRk 14,6) (Nickd plating) GOLIDIN A. (Leningrad); GRIWALID, Ye. (Leningrad); BMNIKn, M. t1aningrad) .MOP Method for stabilizing the frequency of electron-tube oscillators. Radio ro,,7128-29 J1 162, WU 16s6) (Oscillators, Electron-tube) S/153/62/Oo5/oo6/oo8/ol5 E02l/B3o6 AUTHORS: Komkov, I.P., Divinskiy, A.F., Petrova, O.A. and Belenlkiy, ~I.A. ----------- TITLE: Ellm1nation of pitting in bright nickel-plating electrolytes PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy, Khimiya i IchimIcheskaya telchnologlya, v. 5, no. 6, 1962, 951 - 953 TEXT: An attempt was made to eliminate pitting during bright nickel-plating by additions of surface-active materials to the electrolyte-. Twelve phosphoro-organic compounds were prepared by': the interaction of various alcohols with phosphorous pentoxide. Similar sulphur-organic compounds were also prepared by the inter-' action of secondary higher aliphatic alcohols with sul furic acid.; Sodlum salts of the compounds were made and tested as addlt:Lves to the electrolyte. It was shown that the sodium salts of mono- and di-hoptyl esters of phosphoric acid prevented pitting only in a short interval of concentratlon of the order of 0.015 g/l. Plttl* occurred if the concentration was increased. Additions of L Card 1/2 S/l53/62/OO5/Oo6/oo8/ol5 Elimination of pitting ..... Eo2l/E3o6 secondary allc:.' sulfates of sodium prevented the occurrence of pitting. The surface tension of the bright nickel electrolyte, consisting ofnickel sulfate 250-300, sodium chloride 10-15, boric acid 35, coumarine 1 and paratoluene sulfamide 2 g/l.,was 70 dynes/cm. Addition of 0.1 S/l. sodium alklysulfates decreased the surface tension to 30 dynes/cm. Addition of sodium alkyl- sulfates made possible the production of bright nickel coatings not requiring polishing and vrithout pitting. It was recommended that a dally correction to the electrolyte of 0.1 ml./l. antl- pitting agent should be used to maintain stable working of the bath ASSOCIATION: Kafedra organicheskoy khimii, Moskovskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut myasnoy i molochnoy promyshlennosti i tsentrallnyy nauchno-issle- dovatellskiy institut vspomogatellnykh i zapasnylch detaley k tekstillnomu oborudovaniyu (Department of Organic Chemistry, Moscow Technological Institute of the Meat and Milk Industry and Central Scientific Research Institute of Accessories and Sgare Parts for 9wextile Equipment) SUBMITT M-: July 3, 1 1 L.Card ------ - - --------- BELENIKIY, M.A.; 4-OLFYOVO A.L. Electron microscope study Of pitUiCyte3 and their interaction with neurosecratory elements of the posterior lobe of the hypophysis In white mioe. TSitologlia 5 no.6:651--0'53 N-D 163. (MIRA 17s10) 1. Laboratoriya noveyshikh metodov milkroakcpii v biologii Instituta tsitologii AN SSSR, Leningrad. POLENGVp A.L.; EELENIXIY. M.A. Electron micrOBOOPiC studies of the ultrastructure of the neurosecretory elements from the posterior lobe of the pituitary body in white mice. Dokl. AN SSSR 154 n0-4:940- 943 F 164. (MIRA 17:3) 1, Institut teitologii AN SSSR i Pervyy Leningradakiy, meditainskiy institut im. I,P. Pavlova. Predstavleno akademikom N*N. Anicbkovym. POLENCV, A.L.; 13ELENIKIY - -, W.Li., Electron microscopic study of relations between neurosecretory elements and capillaries in the posterior pituitary lobe of white mice, TSItologiia. 6 no.31346-348 -My-Ja 164.' (MIRA 18:9) 1. Laboratoriya mikroskopii Instituta. tsitolog:Li AN SSSR i Kafedra gistologii i embriologii I Leningradskogo neditsinskogo instituta* POIFINOV9 Electron miorasoppic analyels of the nourosecretory elements of the natral. para intermadia of, the lVpophyals in Blank Sea skates. Dokl. AN SSSR 16) no.3031-733 JI 165. (MIRA 1817), 1. II'.84.-IW, taitologli AN SSM i Pervyy Leningradskiy meditsinskiy ",ubmittei October 26~ 1964. Institut im. P.Pavlova. A. Ekarily, M.B. Method of processing climatological obserwntions on the temperature in the free atmosphere. Trudy Vkr.WIGM1 no.4.52-53 '559 (MIRA 10111) (Atmospheric temperature) BMENIKIY, M.B. a , I a - I statistics in aeroalimatology. Trudy NIIAK no-3:70-73 157. (HIPA 11110) (Atmospheric temperature) w 1 T 000 -I ..' -- .. - A a a at a v - . - - 0 O * 0 " It *0 A 1, -r ;? 4 # k 4 . 1. . 11 a , 91 Nab 16 4-is .- 12.c N A-A--L- M-1 F I it. A u I a I 941APP141"(F -04# f"S bearts $10goil bi difi". U.J., 00 t livicalil. Farmakal. i "kii 4. J. No. 4.34 tifloul't.- - 00 *uilair, ritralt or tarlysic "Am., a* wit a~ of KC1, N&C1 at Ca-five Ringtr wAnic, villf mtom &c- oun to frog bruits stopped by dWialis. 11w inwhignimu - a i id l i d l f C . cd mtom un s ev ent on si[Kv y remova A o g-tvied he"t tan be stopped asuin by cacl, San. d S 511MLOCKAL WE 41VAI C-AWSLFKAIK-4 -100 44f ':11 JO X-1 -13 AV 10 1-1 PrIll;1C 94 Rot Oftgn NO An I 1 4 Pw0 1 =0* ties see woo coo see See zoo ties 9ELEWKIY~ M. L. "Action of Methylene Blue on the Frog Heartu Farmakol. i Tolcsikol., 5, No.4, 1942 Chair of Pharmacology, 2nd Medical Inst., Leningrad , M. L. -, M. 27907. 13EIENIKIY, M. L. - K Voprosu Ob Obezvrezhivanii Nitroglitserina v organi=e. Trudy leningr. San. - G igiyan. Med. in-te, T. 11, 1949, S. 177-82. SOt Letopis' ZhurnalIrvkh Statey. Vol. 37, 1~149. 'no attion of polsoes on the thlolic enzyme systems of a -011. hl,~ 110ruld anti V. 1. Rivengirt. I*slv#Ao In NWAIMI 1.1iti.) J8. 'W 09(194U).-Revirw, Uticely cowring the actioo u( As I derivs. wid the counter-a"ion by IIAL. 6. M. K. weft of am an Chemical "Ali- tivity a the carodd I,- Mod. lost.. S-h.R. 76, 30-8(1961).-The sovalled = .h.. %g- substances Pluttdo not effect 0, - mpt bythecel; but diwuct pbosphoi7lation connected with it. are stimu- lants of t e carodd cbemorece0or crotem Tbb sufgn:s the possibk mechanism of orion of the excitation witbm the carotitf as bdng cotinected with metabolilm of high-cmersy We links. The elvet of adtaosint Itiphimpbste hoop I on Sensitivity of the raroliel (twrr$ to KCN, Awyl. ATP e. and lactic &.4d was studied onvat Wedmens. ATP hot a ,LeInd to Stimulate then ccatefs as shown by rtspiration IU;-'mments. I he gfiect becoming appamt not dudng per L sioa with ATP but at the time ubta the coast, twuncr C., the carodd Is disturbed by pmvakrLv of decotupo. W ATP ovrr its Prathesis, indicating that the .1c,"mipti. 4 ATP IS The 14etual stimulating rieut. Results show that lactic JSCW AS such Is not tits stimulant of the camid cimirn. G. M. 900012PON 0 ego 6000 0 00 6:0 06 006-oo 0 a a~ 0 C 0 V 9 0 X L a R 0 PO I S I I 17 340 A.D 41" C40101 go Aut." "Of I Att . ---1!l 0,0n *or son lob eon VOMILL.-V 4LV Ja VAOFPN4 *on in -I"" PWMPPPWW UORS 19 oil OOK see P*" *o- so. 0 0. 0*1 M AV 00- TT Iles lit rk ego 00-01 *?) see Poe goo roe f L- MEIRNIKIY, M.L.; TOMILINA, T.N. Effect of adenosintriphosphata on function of the intestinal chemor~csp- torn. Dokladjr Akad. nank SSSR 81 no.5:961-963 11 Doe 51, (CM 21:5) 1. Presented by Academician B.N. Anicbkov 21 September 1951. 2. leningrad Sanitary-E[ygienic Hadical Institute. VOLOSEDV, P.A., professor; BELIONMY, H.L.; VDZVDT, N.A. Jbcparience in eliminating sterility in cattle. Vaterinariia 32 ne~7:24-31 J1 155. (MLRA 8:9) l.VeesoyuzWy institut eksperimentallney vaterinarii (for Toloskov). 2.Nacballnik vaterinarnege otdela Smolenskey oblasti (for Belenlkiy). 3.Direktor NIVOS (for Kezuev). 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[Leningrad] Go&. isd-vo sed. lit-ryLsutn&radskoe etd-nis, 1954. 451 p.(XM 7:10) (Pharmaoology) :, BXMIKIT, X.L.; VITOLIWA. X.A. zF' ~- F-lf;ut "f - lkffeet of veratrine on the chollnergic systems. Blul,sksp,blol. j mod. 37 u0.5:9-11 XY '54. 0u" 7:7) l.'Is..kafa&ry farmakologii (say. prof. X.L.Belenlekiy) Rizhskogo moditsinskogo instituta. (dir. saslushemiyy dayatell nauld Latviy- skoy SSR ablen-korrespondent AXN SSSR prof, A.M.Burtntyek) (MATRIElo offoote. *on carotid sinus in decerabrat*a cats) (GAROTID SINUS, effect of drugs on , 0 *veratirine, I,n decerebrated cats) (BRAIN, physiology. *decarebration, off. of veratrine on carotid sinus in decorebrated cats) Country : USSR V Category: Pharmcology. Tox.-; cology. Gai;gliop.:~c Agents Abs Jour: MBiol-, No 6, 1959, No 27'T61 Author Belen ' ki. Inst Title Selective Blocking Action of Mediciiial SLbslumices on Perip tera-I Vveptative Sy-iiapses. Or,-g Pub: V sb.: Ga_.gliol-_;'Gik? i blokatory nemiomys" cc..n. sinapsov, L., 1958, 14-2o Abstract: A survey devoLed to the selective blockLig action of medicinal subs-L--rices on perapher-cl veGa-,;a-Ave synap- ses. The u"equal. sensitivity is stressed of m-c oline- reactive systcytis of various tissues to blocking influ- ence of m-doliiolytic agents, w-'-ich facilitates the Card 1/4 Country : USSR v Category: Pharmacology. Toxicology. Ganglionic Agents. Abs Jour: R7ABiol., In 6j 1959, No 27761 by a central n'Lcotinolytic influence, v;iic,- is supported by a -..-umber of investigations. However, the problem of central action of "ganglionic" block- ing substances and of t e significance of tbis action in hypotensive effect is still in need of Artler study. Bibl. 24 items. - V.S. Shashkov Card 4/4 V-23 BXMIKIY, M.L.; GERMM, S.Ke; AREN, A.K.; VAITAG, G.Ya., akademik A new class of pharmacologically active substances with a well- pronounced effect on the central nervous system. Dokl.A~ SSSR 134 no-1:217-220 3 160. (MIRL 13:8) 1. institut organicheekogo sinteza Akademii nauk IetvSSR. I A.. Akademiya nauk latvSSR (for Vana ) (IIMMIONE) (PMRMOCOLOGYI * VTWL:ENYA, M.A. [TItolIn&,M.j .Effect of phenamine an the adrenal glands. Phrm. i toki. 26 no.6t673-67,4 IT-3 163 (MTRA IW) L Kafedra farmakologii ( zar.-chlon-korreapondent AMN SM profs Mot. BelanIkly) Rizbskogo meditainakogo institutas BELENIKIY, Make L'yovich; VINOGRADOV, V.M., red.; LEBEDEVA, Z.V., [Elements of quantitative evaluation of the pharmacological effect) Elementy kolichestvennoi otsenki farmakologicheakogo effekta. 2. izd., perer. i dop. Leningrad, Med is, 1963. 148 P. &IRA 16:10) (PHAWCOU*Y) SUSTERS, Janis;-XIP L .- -IM,_~_,jed. (Ganglionic blocking agents; bibliographic index of Soviet and foreign literature, 1945-1961] Gangliobloki- ruiushchie veshchestva; bibliograficheskii ukazatell otechestvennoi i zarubezhnoi literatury, 1945-1961. Riga, M-vo zdravookhraneniia Latviiskoi SSR, 1963. 359 p. (MIRA 17:10) 'ACCESSIqN..NR*: AP4022336 6/03 4/010/001/0012/0015 01/6 !AUTHOII: Blyuper., A, F.; Bolenlki-y. M. Lo; Shuster,, Ya. Ya". :TITLE: Mechanism of increasing the a6tivity of certain blood serum ,!,,enzymes with strong strossors Voprosy* meditsinskoy khimiis v, 10s no, 1* 1964P 12-15 J:IMPIC TAGS: increased enzyme activity mechanism, blood serum enzymes 1glutamin pyruvio transminasep glutamin oxalabetie acid,, aldolases Istressor, tissue enzyme !ABSTRACT: Activity of glutamin pyruvic transminasej glutamin. tioxalacetic acid, and aldolase was investigated,in groups of white rat lisubjeeted to the following stressors: hypoxia.'asphImia., hypothermia,. l'inflamation, burn shook., seizures., and septiceftia. Blood of animals Tyas centrifuged after completion of expei~imonts-and enzyme activity .1;was determined in the serum and liver, heart, RnA brain tissue homogenates, Findings indicate that the activity of glutamin pyruvie :Iltransminase,, glutamin oxalaaetio acid,, and aldolase changes in the I .11blood serum and tissues under the action of strong streasora. Most ar 2 "ACCESSION' NR:'- AP4022336 istrossors, (hypoxias hypothermia, burn shook, nonspecific inflammation,i !and septicemia) increase enzyme activity in the blood serum and tise. 'laues. Conditions contributing to.the development of acidosis 1h,(asphyxia by placing animal in a refrigerator) prevent an increase of P-blood serum enzyme activity. Various organs and tissues regardless ~,Iofwhether they are directly affected by the stressor can be sources~ i1of increased enzymes. No constant correlation is found between :increased activity of blood serum enzymes and tissue enzymes. Orig. Wart, has: 1 table* TASSOCIATION: Kafedra infektsionnykh bolezney i kafedra farmakologii. Rfzhskogo meditsinskogo instituta (Department of Infectious Diseases ;,;and Pharmacology Department of the Riga Medioal~lnstitute). !;'SUBMITTED., 17SOP62 DATE ACQ: 19Feb64 ENGL:, 00 'SUB CODE:: HR REP SOV: 002 OTHMt 003 11~ Y, TT BEIE.I%'_!,~qY,,M.,)~.,;,.VITOLINrA, M.A. (Vitolina, M.) Effect of reserpine on the reserve of pyrocatecholamines in the rabbit and cat body. Farm. i toks. 27 no.1:15-16 Ja-F 164., (MIRA 17;11) 1. Kafedra farmakologii (zav. - chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR prof. M.L. Belenlkiy) Rizhskogo meditsinskogo instituta. I L 04766-67 ACC NRs A FW221?#--~"~ URCE CODE: UR/0248/66/000/004/0054/0059 AUTHOR ~.jL. /Deceased ORG: Riga Medical Institute (Rizbskiy meditsinskiy inatitut) TITLE%. Promising now directions for pharmacologicalIregulation of activity of the cardiovascular system SOURCE: AMN SSSR, Vestnikq no* 4. 196~"~V 54'-59 TOPIC TAGS: pbarmacologyq central nervous system, nervous system drug# cardiovascular system diseases enzyme# experiment animal ABSTRACTz With a view towards blocking the untoward activity of pyrooateebin-0-motbyltransferass (POMT), the effect of the alkaloid apomorpbine and of synthetic compounds on adrenergic processes was investigated. ..Tests were conducted in cats,, priorily treated with an excess of epinephrine, whose urine was analyzed for 3-metboxy-4- oxymandelic acid. Under the influence of apomorpbinev a statistically valid decrease In elimination of this acid was seen, This fact confirms an assumption.on the inhibitory effect of apomorpbine on PONT 'otivityo Decrease of pyrocateabamine Inactivation by the apomorphine effect was also confirmed In cats in wbom increased pressor reactions were set.- ~;qrOll 3 L 047 66- 67 Ae&_kk.___jFp6_022l79 upon introduction of norepinepbrine or epinephrine. Apomorpbine also showed presynaptio adrenoblocking action revealed in weakening of the contraction reaction of the nictitating membrane of eats' eyes upon irritation of the neck sympathetic trunk; simulteneouslyt this reaction was strengthened with epinephrine. At very high doses (30 mg/kg) spomorpbine also showed a post-synaptic adranolytic effect, A series of ternary ammonium pyrocateebinamines was synthesized and did not prove too actives Another series, syntbesized-at the Riga Institute's Laboratory for Problems of Diketones, had the general formula ft H;;~AIx C4 H where ERR' R" were trialkylaxwonium, arylalkyldia2kylammonium or alkyldiarylalkylammonium groups. These compounds showed strong adrenosensitizing properties ands as quaternary ammoniums, also ganglion-blocking properties, although the latter were weak and abort lived. One of the compounds, F-3. showed an adrenosensitizing effect independent of ganglion-blocking properties. It strengthened the effeat of electric irritation of the adrenergic rierves. Results show that modern concepts on mechanisms of pyrocstecbin inactivation in the organism may open new paths for drugs which increase adrenergic Card 415 ACC NR' AP6022179 reactions and the reaotiovs of the cardiovascular function, "Our collaborator, M. A, Vitolina studied the compound F-3% Orig. art. hasl 5 figures and 6 formul'a . SUB CODE: 069 07/ SUBM DATE: OkNov65/ ORIG REF: 001/ OTH REF-- kh Ccwd -3/3 007 J Vit:ratiTig Die vibraulf m p!. imillt: fl-le M!"'i aud the tattry w lastened to *1-5 k=ailatlens ~7 othcT BELENIKIY, M.M., inzh. Stability of the performance of VIbratory machines with pneumatic ball vibrators under resonance cQo'nditions. Vest.mashinostr. Q no.8:11-13 Ag 163. (vibrators) ~(MIRA 16*9) V UT Mark N Ich; FB=VA, L.Ki redaktor; IMITWT, P.A., t4khjdcho- ~!M ww any rentor. [Diesel locomotive hauling and its effectiveness] Toplovesusla tiags i so offektivuostt. Moskva,, 1956. 75 p. (Locomotives) (nu 9:6) Mranslation from: Referativnyy Zhurna2, Nr 1, p. 154 (USSR) AUTHOR: Belen'kiy, M. N. .- ----------- 123-1-1028 Mashinostroyeniye, 2957, TITLE: Experience of Tashkent W Iroad In Diesel Traction (Iz opyta primeneniya teplovoznoy tyagi na Taahkentskoy zheleznoy doroge) PERIODICAL: Tr. Tashkentsk. in-ta zh.-d. transp.., 1956., vYp- 5, pp.6-i6 ABSTRACT: Comparisons are made of operational indexes of steam and diesel traction, and of the indexes for different types of diesel traction. Considerable reduction of expense was obtained in all kinds of repair of diesels. In comparison with theCosteam locomotives the reduction was 50% and in comparison with thecft locomotives - 30%. The expenditures for fueling diesels'per unit of work by weight and cost were 4 - 5 times lower than that of steam locomotives. TheT5-2 diesels were found to be more economical than the Ta -1 diesels. Card 1/1 Sh.A.A. Ail. Aj. BESKROVNYT, I.G., kandidat tekhnicheakikh nauk; BILINIKIY, M.N., kandidat ekonomicheakikh nauk. Effectiveness of using diesel locomotive traction on the railroads of Central Asia and Ka2akhatan. Zhel. dor. transp. 38 no.11:18-22 N '56. (MLRA 9:12) (Soviet Ceatral Asia-Diasel locomotives) BVT-]INIKIY M PSMOVA L.N.. red.; MINA, G9P*, tekbn. re4 Elbonomics of'.diesel locomo'tivo traciion] llu~uomika teplaviosuoi t1agif Mbakvaj Crou, transy, zhel-.dor.,izd-vo. 1958. 24217~ (Diesel locomotive s-Performance) (MM Ulf?) BEMIKIY, M.N.,dote., kand. ekon. nauk Sconovq of diesel trains. Vest. TSKII MPS no. 5:29-33 JI 158. (MIRA 11:8) 1. TasbkentskV inatitut inzhenarov zheleznodorozhnogo transports. (Diesel locomotives) (Ra Ilron de-4(ana game nt ) BELENIKII, M.N., doteentp kand.okon.nauk Cost of passenger traffic with motorbuses and railroads in local ana suburban service. Trudy MIEI no.16-._75'-85 161. (KM 14:12) (Traxisportation, Automot:Lve-Cont of oneration) S ~Wqmsexglt%Mb) BELEN and.ekonomichaskikh nauk Electric multiple-unit trains for local comunications. Vast. TSNII IVS 21 no,202-56 162. (MM 15:4) 1. Tasilikentskiy institut inzhenerov zholasnodorozhnogo transporta. (Electric railroada-Commuting traffic) NAMRKO,, A.G., kand.okonom.nauki BEERNIXTY- , kand.okonom.n&uk; CHERNOV, P.N., dotsent; BELIKOV,. S.P., kand.ekonom.nauk; KOMISSMVA, N N., prepodavatell; FALIKOVSKAYA, D.L., starohiy 'imzh.-ekonomis; Necessary textbook on transportation economics ("Economics of tailroad transportation" by I.V. Vinnichanko; G.S;~ Raikher; E.D. XhiLnukov,- and N.F. Khokhlov. Reviewed by A.G. Ndporko and others). 'Zhol.dor.transp. 43 no.9- 95-96 Ag 161. (MIRII 14:8) 1. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy "Ekonomika transportall Tashkentskogo instituta inzhener7o zheleznodorozhnogo transporta (for Belenlkiy). 2. Kafedra "Ekonomika transporta" Tashkentskogo instituta inzhenerov zhelemodorozhnogo transporta (for Charnov)., (Railroads) (B~lovp I.V.) (Poravoi,'N.E.) (Vinnichenko,, N.G.) (Raikhert G.S.) (Khanukov, E.D.) (Khokhlov, N.F.) RYLEYVI, G.S.; KRYUGER, F.K.; KAZAKOVp V.N.; VILIKEVICH, B.I. Pri- n1mal uchast a BEW I I .; FMTOV, I.I., kand. I A. nauk U10 ININ, N.G., kand. tekhn. tekhn. , re senzen~t,--.L! nauk, retsenzent; CHEBYKIN, V.N., kand. tekbn. nauk, retsenzent (deceased]; ONISHCHENKO, I.T., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; TELICHKO, V.G., inzh., retsenzent; ISIKOV, Ye.N., inzh., retsenzent; ROZHDESTVENSKIY, A.S.., inzh.,, retsenzent; MEDVEDEVA, M.A., tekhn. red. [Management and operation of diesel locowtives] Teplovoz- noe khoziaistvo. Izd.2., perer. i dop. (By] G.S.Ryleev i dr. Moskva, Transzheldorizdat, 1963. 290 p. (MIRA 17:3)