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.-.B,ELIFORp A.G., inzh.; ZILIST, L.A., inzh.; SOKOLOV, K,S,, inzh, Plans for the automation of standardized concrete and mortar units, Mekh. etroi. 19 no,5:8-9 My 162, (MIRA 15;5) - (Mixing machinery) (Automatic control) MMIFORI M.A. Calqulating the movable system of the sensitive element of the feeling do#ioe of a transducer* Izvev7o*uoheb*sav*; prib. no*6tUS-= 162., (HM 15:12) 1. Leningradskiy institut tocbnoy mekbaniki i optiki. H6kcibendavana kafedroy tekbnologii rostroyeniyae aducerm) BEL F6R, V. C. GUTKAN,,L.K.; BIIL'3rO-R, X,G, Automatic welding of casing pipes under flux, Ayton.avar. 7 n0-1: 3-14 Ja-Y 154. WRA 7:7) 1. Xnatitut olaktroevarki Im. To.O.Patona Akademii nauk USSR. (Blectrio welding) Qlpe, Steel) DMIRM, X#G,, Irshener, Annotations on Bovist welding literaftys. Avtox.svar. no.102414 j&-7 154, MU 70 (Welding) BIMIPM, M.G.. inshener. knnotations on SDviet velding literature. Avtom.evar. 7 no-3:88-90 my-je 154. (KLRA 7:7) (Bibliography--Welding) (Welding--Bibliography) 4,C-X ',~76,e A4. Q. AID P - 865 Subject USSR/Engineering Card 1/1 Pub. 11 - 11/13 Author : Bellfor, M. G. Title : Annotations on Soviet welding literature Periodical : Avtom. svar., #4., 86-89, il-Ag 1954 Abstraot : Thirteen Soviet books and 55 articles on the subject of welding are reviewed with short annotations. Institution : None Submitted No date BILIFOR, N.G., inshener Anmotatio6 on Soviet publications on weldinge Avtomeavare 8 no~2:94-% Mr-AP 155 - (MIRA 8:7) (Bibliography-Welding) NOnKOV, I.V., inzh,; M.G., inzh, at the Brussels Fair in Blectric slag weldin 1958. Ovir', prol$V, UO.2145 ~Y 159. (PPA 12ilY Arlo welding--BxZ 'bit' cue) SLVW, F.I.; BZLIFOR, Me The A-535 universal equipment for electric-slag welding. -Biul. tekh. ekon. inform. no.9:23725 '59. (MM 13:3) (Ilectric welding) 18(293v5) SOV/125-59-9-9-/16 AUTHOR: Gupalo, Yu. D., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Rabi- novich, V.I., Bellfor,M.G,, Ro7,enberg,0.0., and Khrundzhe, V.M~.-,~ng ~~eeFs TITLE: Electric Welding under Slag of Circumferential Welds of Thickwalled Tanks PERIODICAL: Avtomaticheskaya svarka, 1959, TTr 9, pp 64-73 (USs,-'q') ABSTRACT: The Barnaullskiy Boiler-Yorks in co-operation with the Institute of Electric Welding imeni Ye.0. 'Paton has, in 1953-1998, worked out and introduced the method of electric welding of longitudinal and circumferential welds for boilers and hydraulic press drums, made of steel 22 k and having a wall thickness of 4 to 20 cm. In Fig 1, a cylindrical tank of 1000-2000 liters capa- city with walls 10-15 cm thick, working under pressure of 320 atm. is given. Before the new process was intro- duced, such tanks we're made of forged sheets, or they Card 1/3 were all-forged; as a result of this method of manufac- SOV/125-59-9-9/16 Electric Welding under Slag of Circumferential Welds of Thickwalled Tanks turing, the total losses of metal wasted in machining and forging amounted to 73e,-, while the process of ma- chining and finishing took 2 to 3 weeks. The new method enables manufacturing of cylindrical tanks out of two parts prepared by hot stamping under pressure of 8000 tons. Welding of circumferential joints is performed by two electrodes at the electrode feed speed of 100 m/hour. At the beginning of the process, the tension of the arcs applied is 40 to 42 volts; later on, when the process becomes stabilized, the tension is raised up to 45 volts, and the electrode feed speed up to 250 m/hour. The slag puddle is 45-55 mm deep. In Table 1, figures showing the conditions of welding are given. In compliance with the regulations of the Oosgortekh- nadzor and of the technical conditions of BKZ, the quality of welds undergoes a control which is performed by means of ultra-sonic defectoscopes that permit Card 2/3 disclosing of such faults which could not be detected SOV/125-59-9-9/16 Electric Welding under Slag of Circumferential Welds of Thickwalled Tanks by using other methods of checking, a.Ld which shorten the process ofr -rays examination. The examination is, as a rule, performed on 25~4, of circumferential welds 15 cm thick is 90 minutes. Table 2 ives the ave- rage figures on testing of welds having~~= 155 mm. Welding was performed by S -10G2 electrode wire with application of powder fluxvAN-STL There are 2 tables, 6 diagrams, 1 photograph and 7 Soviet references, ASSOCIATION: 1) Barnaullski kotellnyy zavod (Parnaul Boiler Works); (Rabinovich) 2~ Ordena trudovogo krasnogo znameni insti- tut elektrosvarki imeni Ye.O.Patona AIT USSR (Order of the Red Banner of Tabor Institute of Plectri(, Welding imeni Ye.O.PatonAS UkrSSR)t (Pelffor;1'rupalo3 Rozen- berg.,,Khrundzhe) SUBMITTED: August 21, 1958 Card 3/3 SMO. P.I.; PAT-ON, MMIFOR. M*Ge Selecting the type and design of electric slag welding equipment. Aytom.evar. 12 n0-1:&-1? Ja 159. (XIRA 12:4) 1. Ordena Trudovogo Kraenogo Znamoul Inatitut alektroevarki im. To.O.Patona AN USSR. (Slectria welding-Mquipment, and supplies) LITMOREM, N.D.; BILITM# M.G.; TIKC=Oe V.A.; DUBOVITSKIT, V-T&- Equipment for making WAsr flux longitudinal weld joints for mine supports. Avtozo evar. 13 no*9:71-75 S 160& (KIRL 13310) 1. Ordsia. Trudovogo KrasAogo, Znameni Institut elaktroevarki Ize Te,O.Patona AN USSR ~,(Ileotric welkine-Iquipment and supplies) ESLIFOR ehaviahl ISMEV, Vladimir Konstantinoviob; MAMIBERGI SeAes rAuoblW red*; B014DAROVSWI, G.V.,, red.; TONER., A,M.,, tekhno red, [Equipmt fov electrio arc wA electrip slag veldirg and hard facing] Oborudovanis dlia slektrodugovoi, i elaktrooblakovoi uvarki i nap3Avki. Moskva# Vass* uobebw-podago Izd-To Proftekbisdats 1961. 197 p. fh~i 15:4) (Blectrio welding-Squipment and supplies) SAN 1/000/007/004/005 1,2_$00 Aoo4/A 1o4 AUTHOR: Bellfor, M. 0. TITLE: The A-612 apparatus for the electroslag welding of metals PERIODICAL: Byulleten' tekhniko-ekonomicheskoy informatsii, no. 7, 1961, 32-j4 TEXT-. In 1960 the Institut eleotrosirarki im. akad. Ye. O.-Patona AN UkrSSR (Electric Welding Institute im. Academician Ye. 0. Paton AS UkrqSR) has devel6ped the A-612 apparatus for the electroslag welding of metals 20 - 100'mm thick. A pilot series of these apparatus has been produced. Welding takes place with the edges being welded in a vertical position and bilateral holding of the welding bath. The installation il of the railless type and during the welding process moves directly on the part being welded, while two carriages 1 and 2, located on the sides of the joint being welded, are bearing on one of the edges being welded (see Illustration). Welding head 3 is fastened to carri7age I running on rollers. The electrode wire is supplied to the welding zone by welding head 3 via nozzle 4 feeding the welding current to the wire. Water-cooled copper slides 5 of the hinged type are fixed to the rear and front carriages to hold the welding bath and form the seam even at a considerable elevation of the edges being welded Card 1/2 CHVS0,KO,, A.I.; BELIFOR., U.; PATON, V.79. Classification of apparatuses for electric are and slectric'slag welding and hard facing. Avtom. avar. 16 no.2.52-57 F 163. (MIHA 16:011) 1. Institut elektroavarki imeni Ye4O.Patona AN UkrSSR. (Electric welding-Fquiprdent and oupplies) PATON, V.Ye.; YEGOROV., S.V.; BELIFORp M.G. Type TS-34 welding trictor for the welding of girth JointB. Avtom. avar. 17 no.7158-60 Jl 164. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Institut elektroavarki im. Ye.O. Fatona AN UkrSSR. BELIFORS 0., inzh.; RAKU, T,P inzb. Automation of the loading of hoppers of concrete mix4y, units. Bud.matei konstre no,5.-17-22 S-0 162. (MM 15: 11) (Automatic control) (Concrete mixers) NESTERENKO, Petr Grigorlyevich, nauchn. sotr.; ALEKSKYEV, Aleksey Mikhaylovich, nauchn. sotr.fdaceased]; AGULOV, Aleksey Pavlovich, nauchn, so r.; BARYSH, Mariya YakovlW'na, nauchn. sotr.; dwyUh ,pauchn. sotr.; DOMORIATS Y, NAolay Aleksandrovich,.nauchn. sotr.; LESKEVICH, Ivan Yevoeyevicb, nauchn. sotr.; SHIROKOV, Aleksandr Zosimovich, nauchn. sotr.; YAGOVDIK, Vladimir Vikentlyevich, nauchn. sbtr.; KOROLEVA, T.I., red.izd-va; BOLDYREVAt Z.A.- tekhn. red. (Regularities of coal accumulation in the.Dnieper lignite basin] Zakonomernosti uglenakopleniia na territorii Dnepro- petrovskogo burougollnogo basseina. Moskva, Gosgortekhizdjd, 1963. 210 p. (MIRA 16:10)* 1. Dnepropetrovsk. Dnepropetrovskiy gornyy institut. (Dnieper basin-Coal geology) BELIGAPDY A. L. Bellgard, A. L. "The aspen peg in 11-he valley of the Smar of Dneprovsk River," Nauch. zapiski (Dnepropetr. gos, un-t), Vol. XXXII, 100, p. 23-26 - Bibliog: 9 iteM3 SO: U-3850, 16 June 53, (letonis 'Zhurnal Imkh Statey, No. 5, 1049). "i r1, I Cj 2, - 1, - , j# - .-T . ,.ox,c-pt vegetation of t.,- SouticaStern llt-~,-iolis of th.-, kiev, i:;II-vo 4~icvc7. -%) mi.-er "te"L - L Ll,.% 1950 MMI!M, O.L. Work of botanists of the Dnepropetrovsk State University. Bot~.zhur.[Ukr.l 8 no.3:90-93 151. OGRA6:9) (Dnepropetrovsk University-Botany) (Botanv--Daepropetrovsk University) BIL I GARD, . L. 1 4 -- ill I.IA.Akinfiiev. ]3ot.shar.[Ukr.] 9 no.1:89-93 152. (MLU 6:11) (Akinifliev. Ivan lAkovych. 1851-1919) I But am, k-'L- Complex Investigation of afforestation in the stops sons of the Ukrainian S*S.]L' Boteshur. [Mcr.] 10 uo.4:41~50 '53. OwA 6:12) 1. Dalprayetrovs7kiy derxhavniy universitet. (71kraine"Afforestation) (Afforastation--Ukrains) USSR/General Division. History. Classics. Personalities. A-2 Abs Jour Ref Zhur-Biologiya, No 3, 1958, 9264 Author Bej'.'-gerd. Inst Scientific Western Dnepropetrovsk University Title In Memory of Georgiy Nikolayevich Vysotskiy (on the 90th Anniversary of His Birth and the 15th Anniversary of His Death) Orig Pub Nauchn. zap. Dnepropetr. un-t, 1955,54, 119-126 Abstract Botanist, Forestry Expert, Geographer, See RZhBiol, 1955, 54, 119-126 Card 1/1 J, XL") Ila 195-S, NIn. 104506 i An especially valuable large native forest on the sandy terrace of the Samara River in the Samarskiy pine foreet. On the lower parts of the terrace, where Darticles of clay are heavily adnixed with the gand. damp pine-birch woods,~ admixed withoak are characteristic. On the s"dy terrace of the Pokrovskiy rayon there are small stands mde up of birch, quaking aspen and oak. On the right-bank section are, steep gulley forests consisting of three groups. Axtificial steppe forest plantations are described.-_L. V. Aeameloy ;j rd - 212 BELIGARDI A.-. ScientIfic session of the Z.I.Machnikov State University in Odessa, devoted to the centennial of G.r.Tanfillev's birtb. Bot.zhur. 42 no.9tl457-1461 S 157, (WAA 10:9) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy gosudaretveWy universitet imeni 300-lotlya vossoyedineniya, Ukrainy a Rosaiyey. (Tanfillev, Gavr1il Ivanoviah, 1857_1928) (Odessa University) MIGARD, A.L. Geographical and ecological conformity of forests to the'zonditions of their habitats. Rauch. dokI. vVs. shkoly; biol. nauki no.2:108-111 158. (MIRA litio) l.Predetavloua kafedrov goobotaniki Dnepropetrovg'&*ogo gosudarstvannogo univorsitata im. 300 - latiya.vossoyedinaniya Ukrainy a Rossiyey. (7orest ecolog7) BELIGARD, A.L, -st.appe forestry [vith summary in Ingliahl. BDta- zhur. 43 no;2:214-228 7 158, (KM 11:5) 1,* Dnepropetrovskly gomularstvenny7 universitet imeni 300-leti7a vossoyedinenlya MamliV a Rossipy, (7oreate and forestry) BELIGARD, A.L. --`---~~1ologica1l role of plant excretions and internPocific relationships in mixed crops" by S.I. Chernobrivenko. Reviewed by A.L. Bnllgnrd. Unposovrobiole 45 noo3:384-387 V%V-JO '58 (MIRA 11:8) (ALIELOPATRY) (cmwomrmu, s.i.) USSR/Fomstzy Forust DloloL7 nnd Tyl%)IoLy. K-1 Abs jour 11,;f Z,,ur - Di~)l., 1,1,) 20, 1958, 91500 Author ro1':-,nrd, A.L. Inst Titlia Som Problems in St~:ppc Fon-Ist 1,~ultivat-i-m. Ori,~ Pub 11~ota.U. M., 1953, 43, No 2, 214-223 Abstract M,.! typol-)CIcal schcmQ of th,: natural f,,)rcsts .)f the Urai- hiia:i st,~-ppo based ).i P. S. R-)f_Xc1jnynk's ~_,da,,Yhic sca- le aile, the types of ecolo a-c w6od structures are characte- rized. Throc basic classes of woods =_- choson: Wood which are wiflaodad, tlmso in widatud for a short tim! and th-me subucr,-ed for a protracted period. tbroov~,r, it is dotoi-miicd if 'Vi;.! firest tyN. bl,lon-r-s V) a or hyc1rz)tqnQ. Me forust system is ~Awa ace3r- dinL; t.., th,2 basic ccotopas Of thta south castcra Ukrainiau, SSR. It is sh)vm that tho ty,,pl.),,~y -.)f artificial woods has to be c:)nstructed with the twits of Card 1/2 USSR/Forestry - For,2st Diol,)(Zr and Typoloor. K-1 Abs Jour ilQf Zhur - 'A01-, Ila 20, 19,50, 91500 different tax--nor-Aric ran'-.: The type of conditions for forest plants, the type of ce.)lo'-ical structures and the type of tree stand. The typoloCical scheme of forest plant conditions is givan for the artificial forest in the steppe --one of the Ukrainian SSSR. Zie type of ecolo- (.~ical structure is determined by the li&4A structure of . the plantations and the duration of its influence on cli- natic and rTound-soil conditions. The type of tree stand V,iich characterizes +Uw selection and the correlation bet- ween the species result5in the creation of stable or uns- table plantations. To sim up, a typoloC;ical for.--ula is edven for the artificial forest plots. -- V.I. Kliix)v Card 2/2 BILIGARD, O.L. (Bellhard, O.L.I. doktor biol.nauk, profs (Dneprop6trovsk) Oases of forests. Hauke, i zhyttia 9 no-7:42-0 Jl 159. (KIRK 12:11) (Ukraine--Forests and forestry) PROZOROVSKIr. N.A.; BIRLIGARD, A.L. Work at the InBtitutions of higher learning in establishing goobotanical regions; results of the Third Conference at the Moscow University, Bot,shur. 44 no.12tl782-1783 D 159. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Hoskovskiy goeudaretvamW universitat im. M.T.Lomounsova, i Duepropetrovskiy gosudaretvennyy universitet. (Photogeograpby--Gongresses) PYATNITSMO Sergey Sergeyevichg ~ prof. 9 doktor sell skokhoz.naukp-ag&!QAp,,__ A L of., oty.,redej VAYNBMG# DaAsp-redq ZAD(ROZHNry, v.S*,, tekbred. [Course in dendrology] Kure dandrOlogii. ilharlkovp Izd-vo Kbarlkovskogo gos.univ. lm, A,,M.Gc~rlkogoj 1960. 421 p iKM 3.4t 6) 001*,(Trees) . . BBLIGARD,-O.L. [Bell hiard,- OoLo ] , prof* .(Dnepropetrovsk) - 'Interesting natural phenomenon. Navica i zbvttia 10 no-5-:~7-39 my '6o0 - (HIRL 13:7) (Allelopathy) BELIGARD, A*L, Object and taslo of steppe forest science. Probl. bot, 6:74-82 162. (MM 16:5) (Forestry research) BIMIGARD, A,L, Soientific views of G.I. Tanfillav and some probleras of the steppe forestry research. Trudy Od. un. 152. Ser p01. i geog. nauk no.908-88 162. 4111&1 17:6) i_-. BEWO;~nll, ,*. " lbal"hard, 0."'.) - R11colaevich Yysotakill on the 100th anniversary of 1.~ti blrth and the 25th.anniversary of hisdeath. Ukr. Wt. zhur. 22 no.4tio,3-109 165. (MIR& 18tlO) 4 EMLIGARD, Valentina Vladimirovna; BMODAYRV, Sergey Fedorovich; DOMI- w9mv I" K.. 81 r or; FRURKIN,P.S., tekhnicheskiyredaktor [Pablications of the All-Union Publishing House of Ship- building Industry for 1932-1954; a bibliography] Isdaniis. Sudpromgiza za 1932-1954 gg.; bibliografichookii ukazatell. Ieningrad, Gos.soiuznoe Lad-vo sudostroitellnoi promysh., 1955. 135 P. (MLR.L 9-4) (Bibliography-Shipbuilding) STANESCU, M., dr.; PURICE, S., dr.; PETPYSCU, C., dr.; BELIGAN Gr. dr. 1_~; ~, The value of glycocorticolds and thiazlde dicretics in the treatment of atrioventricular block and in prevention of Adams-Stokes crises. ~1ed. intern. (Rucur.) 17 no.4:439-444 Ap 165. ,1. Lucrare efectuata In Clinica medicala din Spitalul "Prof. dr. I. Cantacuzino", Institutul medico-farmaceutic, Bucuresti, (director: prof. I. Bruckner). DBLIGOVSKIT, B*P.; STAROSSLISKIT. A,L.; LIKHORADOV* A.F.; TSYNBAL, -F.Ye,. &~ii`eriifr-e~balochnogo stana; BURTSEV, A.Y., master rallsobalochnogo stana. [Rapid changing of rollers in a rolling mill] Skorostnaia, perevalka, valkov prokatnogo stana; opyt raboty masterov rellsobalochnogo stana T.Z.Tf~ymbala i A.T.Burtseva. Khar1kov Go's. nauchno-takhn. izd-vo lit-ry po chernoi i tevetnoi metallurgii, 1953. 63 p. (HLRA 7:5) (Rolle (Iron mills)) BILIGOLISKIY, Boris Petrovich; KRUKSALI. Mark Semenovich: STAROSILISKIY, KAUMSEV, Tle.I., redak-tor; ANDRMV, S.-P., tekhnicheskiy redaktor (Senior welderel work experience with pit furnaces] Opyt raboty starshikh evarshchikov nagrevatellufth kolodtoey. Kharlkav, Gos. nanchno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po chernai tevetnol metallurgii, 1954. 48 p. (mm 8..?) (Welding) (Metallurgical furnaces) MIGOLISK oris Petrovich; STAROMISKIY, Anatoliy Lasarevich; ...... Nil M.",'A~sk-tcr; PISAMMKO.V. , tekhnicheeldy redAktor (Advanced methods of rolling steel; work prnetice of a group in the Petrovsk rail-strue~ural mill] Peredovye metody pro- katki; Is opyta raboty kolIektiva ralloo-balochnogo tsekha, zavoda, im. Petrcvskogoo Mev, Goa. isd-vo tekhn. lit-ry, USSR. 1955. 39 P. (MMA 9:3) , (Rolling mills) BELIGOLISM.- BOPOO kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk; STAROSSLISKIT, A.L., - InMener-. .. Progressive work methods by.senior blooming will operators. Stall 16 no*31220-224 Mr 156. (HLRA 9:7) 1.Dnapropetrovskly metallurgichaskiy inatitut i zavod imeni Petrovskego. (Duepropetrovsk-Rolling mills) MLIGOLISKXY, B.P.; STAROBILISKIY, A.L.. Progressive methods of rolling.* Ketallurg no.8:40 Ag '56. lling (Metalwork)) (MIRA 9:10) M PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION 502 Bellgollskiy, Boris Petrovich and Starosel'skiy, Anatoliy Lazarevich Povysheniye proizvo ditellnosti prokatnykh stanov (Increaeing the Productivity of Rolling Mills) Kharkov, Metallurgizdat, 1957. 183 P. (Series: Peredovyye metody truda) 3,300 Copies printed. Resp. Ed.: Kostin, L.G.; Ed. of Publishing House: Sinyavskaya, Ye.K.; Tech. Ed.: Andreyev, S.P. PURPOSE: This book is intended for engineers and rolling mill opera- tors and is considered useful to vuz and teknikunt students specializing in various phases of steel processing. COVERAGE- The book reviews various organizational methods for in- crea;Ing the productivity of blooming mills, rail-structural mills, and section mills, and points out the possibilities for Improving both the performance of rolling mills and the quality of product. There are 26 Soviet references. No personalities are mentioned. Card 1/4 Increasing the Productivity Of Rolling Mills 502 TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Authors 3 Ch. I. Productivity Of Rolling Mill Shops and its Determining Factors . A; 5 1. Impor ance of ifiereassing the productivity of rolling mill ishops 5 2. Productivity of rolling mills 6 3. Determining the average productivity of a rolling mill 19 4. Ways of increasing the productivity of rolling mills 22 Ch. II. Increasing Rolling Mill Productivity by Means of Uniform Loading - 27 1. Rational assignment of reductions and passes to stands 27 2, Alternate rolling of various profiles 39 3. Methods of establishing rational varianto of the rolling process 47 4. Order of establishing variants for alternate rolling with consideration for the backlog of orders 51 Card 2/4 Increasing the Productivity of Rolling Mills 502 Ch. III. Solecting Optimum Weight and Dimensions of Ingots and Billets 57 1. Factors determining the weight and dimensions of ingots and billets 57 2. Methads of establishing optimum weight and dimensions of ingots and billets 58 3. Effect of weight and dimensions of ingots and billets on the produqtivity of rolling mills 61 4. Establishing limiting conditions 76 5. Example of establishing optimum weight and dimensions of billets for a large "600" linear mill, taking into account the mill table length and the width of the soaking furnaces 85 6. Eitablishing optimum ingot weight taking into account rational cutting, and determining ingot dimensions 89 Ch. IV. Co-ordinating the Operations of Machine Group Units tl&th .the Work of Mill Shop Sectors 95 1. Supplying the mill with metal 95 2. Organizing the work f soaking pits Card 3/4 Increasing thb P~oductivlty of Rolling Mills 502 3. Eliminating bottlenecks and bringing the level of shop productivit3r up to the level of the main machine unit 132 Ch. V. Operational Planning in Rolling Mill Shops (Work according to a d6hedule) 144 1. The work regime and increasing the total working time of rolling mills 144 2. Idle time of rolling mills and measures for its reduction 147 3. Reduction of hidden idle time -- an important,~otential for Increasing the productivity of rolling mi s 152 4. Getting operational assignments to shop personnel, operational accounting, and control 158 5. A dispatching system of running a rolling mill shop 161 Bibliography 174 Appendixes 176 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 4/4 VK/ad 8-26-58 S/133/61/000/002/004/014 A054/AO33 AUTHORSs Medvedev, I.A.,.Docent, Bellgollskiy, B.P., Docent, Tareyko, NA., Engineer, and Shafran, 4.&., ZUg.LnUWr - TITLE: Coordination of Rolling Mill Operations PERIODICALs Stall, 1961, No. 2, pp. 135-139 TEXTt It was found from photochronometrical recordings that the output of the two-high reversing blooming mill (1,150) and the tube rolling mill (con- si ~ng of two-high rAversing blooming (900) and three continuous stands (75st)J of the new rolling workshop at the zavod im.Dzherzhinskiy (Plant im. Dzherzhinskiy) fell short of expectations. Lack of coordination in operat- ing the various machines caused breakdowns amounting to 56% of the 'working time. The entire operation was graphically plotted with the aid of photo- graphy and in this way an indication of the metal flow and of the load of the machines in time was obtained (Fig.2). The graph showed that the output of the mill could be increased by supplying various types of billets and Card 1/~ Coordination of Rolling Mill Operations S/133/61/000/002/004/014 A054/AO33 slabs. Not only metal from the low-output pusher type furnace should be fed to the 900 mill, but also "transit"-billeta and slabs for other workshops of the factory, which do not require heating in the pusher type furnace. In order to ensure the uniform loading of all machines of the unit$ the mathe- matioal relationships were determined. Thus, the uniform feed of the two mills - both rolling different products - could be determined by C1 T1 + C2 T2 - 01 tl + C2 t2 (1) where Ci: C2 - the quantity of products of the first and second into the mill; Ti T2 - the time it takes to roll a unit-quantity of the two different products on the first stand, t t - idem on the second stand. The quanti- tative relation of the two kinl; of products ensuring a uniform output on both mills is 01 t2 - T2 (2) - T U 2 1 - tl For three mills, 7hen one of them works for the other two, the expedient load will be determined by: 01 Tj + 02 T2 - C1 t1 a 02 fr2 (3) Card 2/e S/133/61/000/002/004/014 Coordination of Rolling Mill Operations A054/AO33 where Z2 - time it takes to roll a product unit on the third mill. The amount of "transit" metal is determined by the production ratio of furnace P (t/h) and of mill 900, when rolling metal coming from the furnace P, and the "transit"-furnace F2. The quantity of metal rolled on mill 900 as interme- diate product in one hour amounts to Kt . (1-Z-) F2 (4) P, Mill 1500 has at the same time to roll Kt amount of metal to be passed on to mill 900 as "transit" product, while during the remaining time tubes can be rolled in a quantity corresponding to the capacity of the heating furnaces, as well as slabs for the general workshops. The relation between the vari- ous metal flows was determined from the metal-consumption coefficient for the blooming mill and its average output. It was found that the efficiency ratio of the mills did not tally with the ratio of their operational time. The productivity of mill 1500 on which two ingots can be rolled at a time, was higher than that of mill 900. However, the low output of pit furnaces creates the bottleneck in the production process. Their capacity can be raised by increasing the temperature of ingots during feeding, by reducing Card S/133/61/000/002/004/014 Coordination of Rolling Mill Operations A054/AO33 the time of cold feeding, eliminating idle time and not retain metal in them any longer than necessary, moreover, by intensifying the heating of ingots and increasing the number of travelling cranes. By drawing up a detailed operation-schedule for the mills in question, according to the investiga- tions and calculations carried out, the mills are now utilized more fully and the savings effected by the 1500 and tube rolling mills - only with re- gard to permanent costs - amount to about 500,000 rubles per annum. There are 2 figures and 3 tables. ASSOCIATIONSi DnepropetrMkiy metallurgioheakiy institut (Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute) and zavod im.Dzherzhinskogo (Plant im.Dzherzhinskiy) Card 4/~ BEL!GOLISKIY, Boris Petrovich, kand. tekhn.nauk, dots.; MEDVEDEV, --------Iv-a~-Xle-ks-e-ye-v-i-cE,-Ygid.-tekhn. nauk, dots.; STAROSELISKIY, Anatoliy Lazarevich, inzh.; LUKIYANOV, M.R., inzh., retsenzent; SEMFMNKO, M.D., inzh., red. izd-va; STARODUB, T.A., tekhn. red. (Ways to reduep the cost of rolling] Puti snizheniia sebe- stoimosti prokata. Kiev, Gostekhizdat USSR, 1962. 125 p. (MIRA 16:5) (Rolling (Metalwork)) ,Aq#q,F!3~rq7iqhj,_-BRYUKHANENKO, B.A.., red.; KHUTORSKAYA, Ye.S., re'd.lid --ii~j--'KOROVINA, N.A.,, tekbn. red. (How beat to organize the- work of a rolling mill operator] Kak luchshe organizovat' trud prokatchika,. Moskva, Metal- lurgizdat, 1963. 71 p. (KERA .17:3) _ _Jgb; MEDVEDEV, Ivan Alakneyevich; BELIGOLISK;g, BoK&p.&~ rpv ---MfffflffNENKO, B.A., red.1 KHUTORSY4YA, R.Ya., redAzd-va; GDIZBURG, R.Ya., takhn. red. [Economics, organization and planning of metal rolling] Ekonomika organizatsii i planirovanie prokatnogo proiz- vodetva. Moskva, Metallurgizdat, 1963. 157 p. (MIR& 16:10) (Rolling (Metalwork)) BELIGOLISKIY Boris Petrovich- GLIWAN Emmanuil. .13olor.onovich; SHTETS, K.A., dots., retsenzent; LIBERMAN, L.M., dots.s retsenzent; YEHMIYANOV, A.V., kand. ekon. nauk, otv. red. [Production standards in metallurgy) Tekhnicheskoe normiro- vanie v metallurgicheskoi promyshlonnosti. Kharlkovs Izd- vo Kharlkovskogo univ., 1963. 191+ p. (MIRA 17:8) MRDVEDEV, I.A.; GLIKMAN, E.S.; B&LIGOWSKI-Y,-B-P.; VOLKOVA, Ye.N.; STARODUBSKIY, D.F.; LIKHACHEV, Ye.N.~ -- Methods of determining the effect of the volume of output on the magnitude of general plant expenditures and metallurgical plant production costs. 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WIRA 18:3) Is DneprQpetrovskiy raotallurgicheskiy i-,.iritut. BnWRAY, D. Oar high duty. NTO no.8:23 Ag 159. (Km 12:11) 1, Predeedatell soveta pervichnOY organizataii Nauchno-tekhniohe- qkogo obahchoetva vodnogo transporte, savoda "BaIttekhflot.' loniu- grad. (Leningrad-Ships-Maintenance and repair) ACC NR. %,P7013143 SOURCE CODE: UR/0425/66/009/01liOO15/0019 AUTHOR: Belgorodswl a G. N. ORG: Institute of Seismic Resistant Construction and Seismology, AN TadzhSSR (Institut soysmostoyRogo.strottolOstva I saysmologil AN TadzhSSR)*~- TITI,Z: Use of saisnograms; for obtaining the spectra of reduced seismic accelerations SOURCE: M4 TadzhSSR. Doklady, v. 9, no. 11, 1966, 15-19 TOPIC TAGS: earthquake, seismograph, seismogram, seismic wave, computer application, algorithmic language SUB CODE: 08,09 ABSTRACT: The objective of the author was to obtain and analyze the greatest possible number of spectra of reduced seismic-acc'elerations from the records of different earthquakes for the iour se of determining common features in dependence on the properties ot tre ground, the focal depth of the earth- quakes, etc. The acceleration y It (~ ) is stipulated in the f orm of the accelero-rou-si of an earthquake. 9y tabulating this accelerogram It Is possible to obtain a set of values tn and the corrisponding accelerations by Yo"(tn). By computing the value 4 (t,d, T), whose derivation and significance are fully explained In the article, It Is possible "'o nake use of such accelerogralas. However, since at present there are very few such earthquake accoleroararas and .Card-1/2, 6733 0,3ya ACC M. jW7013143 the most available data are seismograms, the author has developed a method for using selsmograns for obtaining the spectra of reduced seismic accelerations. Thus, the article describes t3io, methods for obtaining reduced saisnic accelerations. This can be dona using an electronic conpater. Programs for both'were prepared In the algorithmic language ALGOL-60 which can be used on any computer havina a translator. These programs In ALGOL will be published In the near future. This paper was .presented by Corresponding Hembp AN TadzhSSR A. A. Adkhamov on 5 ~Iay 1966. 0 -7. orig, art. has-... 5 formulast fims -4o,m 2/2 Cand Ned Sci BEMORODSKAYO IN. N. MSICIAN A.0 ]Dissertation: "Clinic-Statistical Characteristic of ]2iphtheria.11 16/1/50 Second Moscow State Medical Inst imeni I. V. Stalin SO Vecheryaya Moskva Sum 71 I BILITSKIT, V.G.; BELGORODSUTA, N.N.; LUKHOVA, L.Ya. Stata of artificial lighting in Suolansk schools. Gig. i man. 21 no*0094 S 156. (MLRA 9:10) Iv, Iz kafedry gigiyeny 5zolenskogo maditainakogo inatituta. (SHOISN.SK-SCHOOL HOUSSS-LIGHrING) D `-',Yf A, :% ~ ; I K j,lli :3 IVIY, I.T. c: . "Dynn.,Acs of tho nhysinnl develo:--nlent all'! stntc, Of ;.CplJ-L cl S-molensk school cN.1dren dlariiir the pnst,,,,~~r nrrind.ll re:-~ort sift)-itted at the 13th All-,nion Contress of and Infectionists, 10,'f9. 13]MGORODSKAtYA, S. K. IThe Beginning of Russian Sanitary Statletics.m Sub 16 Jun 47, Second Moscow State Medical Inst imeni L V. Stalin Dissertations presented for degrees in science and engineering In Moscow in 1947 SO: Sum No. 437, 18 Apr 35 KHANINO Sb.G*;. BAWRODISk N, Experience in practical use of Pimlito formul4 for the evaluation of the re liability of LD50 determined by Reed and Muench's method. Zhur. mikrobiole, 4pid. i immun. 40 no.2:76-82 F T63. (MIRi 17:2) 1. Iz Smolenskogo meditsinskogo instituta. IELGORODSKAYAp S.N,j SHEVELEV, A.$. Use of the ordinal criterion X (Van der Warden) for statistical evaluation of the significance of differences in quantitative measurements In immunological studies. Zhur. mikrobiol.; epid, I. Immun. 42 no,11t130-131 N 165# (MIRA 18:45). 1. Smolenskiy meditsinskiy institut. Submitted March 1, 1965. h5566 VI38/63/000/001/002/008 A051/A126 AIMIORSi Fisher.!S. L., Perminov, A. M.. Radchanko, 1. 1.. Poddubniy, 1. Y&.. C L a2h~jM~.l BelgoE21skII, 1. M. TITLE: Production of butadiene-styrens (methyletyrene) rubbers accordLM to an 1~on-trllon-rongallte composition using a colophony pmulelfier PERIODICALs Kauchukli rezina, no. 1, 1963. 9 - 15 TEXT; Effective compositions of polymerization have been Introduced by the authors for emulsion iubber8-Iron-pyrophosphate mid lrcn-trilon-rongalite, aatis- fying industrial requirements. The-suggeated cbmpositions" are less sensitive to foreign admixture!s contained in disproportionated colophony. The industrial pro- duction of the Iron-trilon complex Is etaier than that of the Iron-pyrophoaphats complax. The described composition was used first at the Kuybyshev SR Plant in 1961 for the production of butadiona-methyletyrone rubber CKMC -30 APKM -15'~ (MM-30 AM-15). The suggested compostlon has been perfected by flurther, In- tenalf,ying the polymerization process and improvinj the rubber qualities. The experlments were conducted using 1 92 94% butadions-rootlf icatej 9EX methylstyw rene; 99.4% styronel'oolophony,.disproportlonated with acidic number 165, con- Card 1/3,- S/138/63/000/001/002/008, Production of.butacUene-styrons (methylatyrono) rubbers.. A05IIA126 talning abieteno acids (1.8 - 2.5%) ; hyperis, containing 90.e% hydrogen perwas; 90.8% monohydrogen peroxide diieopropylbenzene, containing 35% hydrogen peroxide; tortiarydodecylmereaptane, 95% concentrated. An autoolave of periodic action was' used. The experimental results led to the following changes In the compositions 94 - 96% "butadiene-reatificate; 98.5% methyletyrene, produced by dehydratiod or. isopropylbenzenal disproportionated, oolophony, produced on a palladium catal~rst,., by the continuous method with acidic number 163 - 164, and containing abletene acids - (2-5 - 4.9%); commercial stearene sold; 95% tertiary dodecylmeroaptans d200 .8616, D201 .4685; softened water with a total hardness of 0.029 mg.equiv. and iron content - 035 - 0.34%, The resulting SKMS-30 ARM-15 commercial rubber Is characterized by the absence of. noticeable quantities of bigh-moleoular frac.; tions. It- is similar to SKS-30 AM4-15 and MM-30 AR4 15 In its plastic properties - mix scorching and spraying resistance. Studies have been conducted on the possibi- lity of further reducing the emulsifier quantity in the production of butadIwft;,.,-:-',- -styr by'redu lng ene and butadienemetbyletyrane rubbers. It was found thats a) o the emulsifier quantity from 5.8 to 5.2 weight parts, the polymerization duration' does not changel b) by reducing the emlelfier quantity from !5.8 to4.8w.p.. duration remains the same If the trilon B'Is Increased from.0.04 +6 0.05. w.p*.'. C ard 2/3 r S/JVV631000/001/002~~ Production of butadlene-styrone (methylstyreno) r-ubbers..A05!/A1;26 Thus, the latex stability Is not affected by the reduction in emulsifier. There- fore, -the latter can be reduced by 10.17%. The application of the 1ron-tr1lon- -rongklite polymerization composition has been recommended for the production of butadiene-styrene rubbers in other SR plant&. There are 6 figures and 4 tables. ASSOCIATIONs Vaearquznyy,nauchno-lasledovatelto'kiy 1natitut sIntaticheskogo kauchuka iml S. V. Lebedeve, (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber im.* S. V. Lebedev) Card V3 SAMOYIOTICH, D.K.; PRIGORODSKIT. R.I.; BARINOTA. U.S. Increasing the sensitivity of emulsions of the type P. 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(MIRA 15:3) (Construction industry--Accounting) BELIGOVA, M.A., kand. tekhn. nauk. Irregularity of waves and its effect on resonance bending moments. Trudy LIVT no.62:5-11 '64. (MIRA 18:11) V19. I - w - LIMMIGH, H.M.; GRIGORIYZVA. L.K.; HIKMoSON. M.Ta.; SAVINSKIT, Ya.R.; XMISHAKOV. GAP.; MIGOVA. I.N.; TANK, L.I.; KARA IK, V.K. Pharmacology and Toxicology Section of the Leningrad I.M. Sechenov So- ciety of Physiologists, -Biochemistn and Pharmacologists. Yarm.i toks. 16 n6.2:57-58 Mr-Ap 153. Off-RA 6-:6) 1. Otdel farmakologil IRM Akademii meditainakikh nauk SSSR (for Lenk5- vich and Tank). 2. Pervyy Leningradskiy wedit&inskiy institut (for Mikhellson and Savinskiy). .3. Kafedra farmakologii Leningradekogo veto- rinarnogo institute, (for Men'shakov)o 4. Leningradskiy pediatricheakiy meditsinskiy institut (for Bellgova). 5. Saktsiya farmakologii i toksi- kologii Leningraaskogo obsb:&_ii~iii'fiziologov, biokhimikov farmakologov imeni I.M. Sechenova. (Pharmacoloa--Societies) (Physiology--Socie- ties) (Biochemistry--Societies) BELIGOVA3 L N. "The Effect of Arsenite and of Mercuric Clkloride on the Cholinergic Reactions of the Heartj" Farm, i TokB*, 16j No*21 pe 58, 19539 Leningrad Pediatric Med, Inst. Expts on the isolated frog heart showed that low concne of arsenite (W0.,000 - 1:20,000) strebgthen the cholinergic inhibition of the heart produced by acetjrl- choline., carbocholine, arecholine, or proserine, while high zwodm= concs counteract that inhibition. This dependence of the blocking of SH groups of the conen of SH poisons was established for the first time. It was also found that HgC]-2 may prevent, weaken, or spppress cholinergic inhibition, The min concn of HgC12 which produces an effect of this type proved to be 1:1.000.,000. Introduction into the heart of spdium thiosuccinate (ls20,OOO)or of cyxteine (W.000) prevents the affect produced by HgC12. 254T26 BILIGOVA, I.N. Affect of mar=rlo chloride on cholinergic systems of the heart. Blul. skep. biol. I med. 37 no.5:12a-16 Ky '54. (KLU 7 t 7) 1. 1z kafedry farmakologil (zave chlen-korrespondent AM 33SR Prof. V.M.Karseik) Len1rgradskogo pediatrichookogo meditsinskogo insituta. (HRA , effect of drugs on, *morcw'ic chloride, Isolated frog heart) (MMURTO *mercuric chloride, eff. on Isolated frog heart) USSR/~kdicine/Biochemistry - Pharmacology PD-2951 Card 1/1 Pub. 17-15/23 Author Bellgova, Title Utilization of comp, ex formation to render heavy metals harmless in the organism Periodical : Byul. eksp. biol. i med. 7, 52-55, July 1955 Abstract : Author describes her experiments with various compounds, some containing and some not containing sulfhydryl groups, which would render cadmium cations harmless in the organism by forming com- plex compounds. Ethylene-diamine tetraacetic acid which forms compounds with cadmium cations outside the organism, was found to be effective also inside the entire organism. 4 references, 1 USSR, 2 since 1940, Graph and tables. Institution : Chair of Pharmacology (Read: Corresponding Member Academy Medical Sciences USSR Prof V. M. Karasik) Leningrad Pediatrics Medical Institute, Leningrad Submitted : 29 June 1954 BELIGOTA, I.Y. InachNo6ahion of cobalt in the body vith otbylonediamine tetraacetic acid. Biul.skep.biol. I med. 42 no.8:51-53 Ag 156. OUA. 9: 11) 1. Iz kafedry farmakologii (save - chlea-korrespondent AMN SSSR prof, Y.M.Karasik) laningradakQgo pediatricheakogo maditainskogo instituta (dire - prof. N.T.Shatova). Predstavlana deystvitalluyui chlonom AMR SSSR B.T.Anichkovym. OMATHAXIL. effects. on cobalt metab.. inactivation (RUB)) (COBAIM. metabolism, off. of adathamil. inactivation (Rua)) ussR/pharmacology - Toxicology - Chelating Agents. V Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol-, No 4., 1959, 18623 Author : Bellgova, I.N. Inst : Title : Experimental Btudy of Rendering Mercury Salts Harmless by Means of EthylenediaminetetrDucetic Acid. Orig Pub : Byul. eksperim. biol. i meditsiny, 1957, 44, No 9, 77-79 Abstract : The possibIlity of inactivation of the mercury ion by means of Ca-EDrA (I) was determined. In experiments on isolated heart of frog, with utilization of a carbocholine test, it wao shown that inactivation of HgCl (II) is pos- Oible in considerable excess of a cQncentration-of I, when the molar ratio of Or is 120. In.decrease of this ratio to 48, inactivation of II does not take'place. In another series of experiments, the influence of I on rendering Il harmless in the entire organism was studied- 50 white mice received intraperitoneally 10 gmm/g of ii and 4oo Card 1/2 - 30 BILIGOVA, I.N.; OBIPOTA, S.V* ',-----oA~sociated effect of poisons blocking the cytochromic system and of poisons inducing disorders of respiratory phosphorylation on resistance of mice to lowered atomospheric pressure [with summary in Inglish]. Biul.eksp.biol, i med. 45 M0,1:54-57 Ja 158, (MMA 11:4) 1. Is kafedry farmakologii (zav. - prof. T.H.rarasik) laningradekogo pediatrichookogo meditsinskogo instituta. Predetaylena, doyetvitelt- num chlanon ANN SSSR V.V.Zakusovym. (AZIDES. effects, sodium aside on resist. of mice of low atmosphreic pressure (Rue)) (QYANIM, effects. potassium cyanide on reist. of mice to low atmospheric pressure (Rue)) (ATMOSPHIRrC PRESSM, effects, resist. in mice to low pressure after admins of potassium cyanide & sodium azide (Rua)) BELIGOVA, I.N. Cholating agents (complexons) and their use in experimental and clinical medicine, Farm-i toks. 24 no.2t239-245 Mr-Ap '61. (MIRA 14:9) , 1. Kafedx-a farmakologii (zav. - deystvitelInyy chlen AM SSSR prof. VJI.Karasik) Leningradskogo pediatricheskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (GHMATES) BELvGOkrA, I.N. (Leningrad) DeteXication of staphylococcal toxin with sodium dimercaptopropan z sulforiate (unithiol). Fam. i toks. 27 no.1:68-73 Ja-F 164. (111~ 17: 11) ;; i ; i- 0-6 i 1~.;- - 11 illy a, A v M."r _C~A_A _k S. -i I _t ,4- A ~vpvst_ I.v ..6 oil- 0140CISSIS AM f9cpsallfs -.04. Pottudometric detitnMutim ot h1dr"Woddes a( &"QWS, 1, Vs. SWrnhicin and M.. A. IWU-,va OWNS. W5,41; Is Eal"Oh, MMORI.-TI., titfatiml% wrft. 00 Muk- vAth ASNQ&' by MdWers inellwd. I'hr ASO Im"" d"ft INA ifilefffix OW Itse rrmits Atr .1thilil Ihe t1uth. R. I et ine as* go gee 04, goo coo we* '00 a .&& 4#4 do u9 00 is$ a;, ~ ; T S I gI ; 91 4' a * as 00 a 0 006 0 90000 00 00 soA 0 00 0f0 -0 so $at 0 so, 00 z 001 00 Of so '3 00 a so 00 00 do". :L%". Tlw w thwa kfttim at the pH mW Is I with the mww 114aa "wityi ' high pit valuft Ow dovktim fnx of appmx. 0.6, N OW I Im 40, A0 4 0 - 11 L A METALLUMMAL UMATM CLAUWWATM Isom S-kviell" lose" M&P *IT 1*1 U 0 AV 10 AS 0 411sees *@-@sees 04000 0~4 so .00 -00 see Sit) ~66 41141 Tt mtoll Is Raw d a kmp pi. goo the pmoatW k a .00 w" " in &q. agm, dc.-Mg. Wns. with gwity bolin at a pit '00 $ D% sk-, fm. jobot Livak a I* moo '40 -1"w 0 ll f A A I a 111 0 4 V I ar a OA 4 3 1 v A 00 0 00 0 000 000 0 ! 1 00 0 0 * 0 a 0 111, 0 0 41 0 I 00 4 4 00 90,1 of 00 fit AIX A -Mat 2, lot =4&0d. N.A. .40 I lal ieltuckhme l(tunu.5td.6.wRit,hj r9 a = 't L, ~ d.0009 Admommumylummom9oft, Tbewttow bri diffemdd =61%voit, dwn*m the dhows. .;. -M: so* titrtttd wW but don w Amp ibe wavit W of Ike titnitillLacid MCI). Tball, The vochs of AcO (PK ft a 4.7jipag p ACesCO War w" dmatc! m the nits ci(wM 7 wit .1 tUW the idb of CWHC R (PX - 1.24) as of The add with pX v I Al tliftfkm wm mm With tho tfadf. see LAP# odsmy 1.40 keg its" VC.&MV v"ll ~ "T ;Lao ; ; ; "; ; v w 0 o 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 o 0 0 0 *age 0 SLO 000 see 1. BEL I GOVA, M. A. 2. USSR (600) 4. Shipbuilding 7. Investigating tho possibility of gluing in ship construction. Trudy TsNIIIRF No. 10, 1951. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. BILIG idat tokhnichoskikh nsuk; KUWTSOV. P.I., redaktor; Loilklj W;&, kand VOLURUK. K.M., tokhnicheekly redaktor [Use of glue In vooden barge construction) Prizenenie k1sia v dereviannom barzbestroenit. Leningrad, Isd-vo Mintsterstya nor- sk-ogo I rechn fl t SSSR. 1953. 32 P. [microfilm] (MLRA 711O) ,,lo o(a (Barg Glue) $A M-Al, W fte'-im, Aj, practIt4l Mob- CA$ GIrcAlcutatfal comfogs to V"cols a" c4tculdit4a at tiCA. at$ lgk the CA%* of calcuittl4a 41 (ILL44 fmA** (in Rasska.14 Trgms. Ct"Ijid Scitailm larlitiat for tkc River Fleet .77, 29-67. 1954; Rel. Zh. With. 1916~ Rev. no. 3167. In t6 calcutuivas of the strength of hull coveclaos It is neces- maty to overcome difficulties CCAriected via ~ietetmiftstin of the "efficienct at 9XInij in 4 min direction bdama ana of cross braces, which taske cp the assembly of theat coy" nglj- An amAysis. is made of the influence of the value of Cbese co- efficients c4 scaling as appH*4 to oioua ayttems at aasembly Of the COVOCIdAs 1r-V9 with CO Vessels far JMM4 wdtcMxY&. AM practical, i.e. appomixiate. methods of cakulating these co,~.- ings with the use of tables and itiphs give:i in tbe wait are estab.: IiAhtd. Funtict, (114 promem is txsmined of 4bg calculation 0t d~ inilu. coce a Latkera inche opening of the StAlic im1CtCrtn1r,*,y of Issembly bqmms d it ship's hull. 00 the bpsis of the Invest 111C ion. 4 Method toe Cho A;VCQxlxACC calcutstlan of the influe"o of thtat. brackem is recomen,ted. cciwesy Reftralizayi Zh;rrdal ru. A. Shimanskil, EZ5H Ita.-Slutior, malesy mintstry of Supply, fingkAd , I% -------- -- 7