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-BMICERTO, A. 1. I M utual compenuation of input resistance effect and the load of a T-type bridge in transistorized selective RC amplifiers. Elektrosviazt 19 no. 12r27-33 D 165 Omni 19:1) IELICHENKO, A.I. New circuits of selective RC-amplifiers with parallel negative feedback. Radlotekhnika IS no.11:27-34 N 163. (HIRA 16M) 1. Daystvitelinyy chlen Nauchno-tekhnichaskogo obshchestva. radiotekhniki i elektrosvyazi imeni Popova. L 30355-66 EWT(l) GD ACC NR, AT60080"19 SOURCE CODE:- UR/0000-76-5/300/000[61-4270-148 AUTHOR: Belichenko, A. 1. (Llvov); Andreveva. V. D. M Yov) ORG: non e i TITLE: Transistorized selective RC ampliftelew/ith controllable tuning SOURCE: AN U1crSSR. Elementy sistem otbora I peredachi informatsti (Elements of systems for selecting and transferring information). Kiev, Naukova dumka, 1965, 142-148 TOPIC TAGS: tuned amplifier, transistorized amplifier, feedback amplifier ABSTRACT: Numerous recently proposed. transistorized selective RC amplifiers cannot be used for accurate measurements. Their tuning cannot be controlled by the minimum voltage of the feedback, and because of the absence of the phase coiridction of the input resistance of the tranbistor RC bridge, they always use a positive feedback which results In unstable selectivity and in an unsteady transfer coefficient of the signal. The present authors Investigated the problem and propose a new scheme for a transistorized selective RC amplifier with controllabli tuning as shown in Fig. 1. During the experimental testing the d. c. current was stable within 9%, and the transfer coefficient of the signal within 4% with a temperature change from +20 to +80C. The maximum Input signal voltage is 3V; tuning frequency, 100 cps; Q-factor, 10; wad overall signal transfer coefficient, 0. 13. Orig. art. has: 2 figures. L 30355-66 ACC NRi AT6008319 45 j 7w -F-170; 42J C lox 240 -------- IP -I Jilt J&. ,I ;V Fig. 1. Transistorized selective RC amplifier circuit with a transistor RC bridge SUB CODE: 09/ SUBN DATE: 06Nov65/ ORIG REF: 005 2/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4041023 S/0120/64/000/003/0084/0087 AUTHOR: Belichenkof A# I.; ttizyuk, L, Yas TITLE: High-rcuistance-input stage for infralow frequency symmetri- cal signal amplification SOURCE: Pribory* i tekhnika eksperimenta, no. 3, 1964, 84-;87 TOPIC TAGS: infralow frequency signal. weak signal amplification, symmetrical signal, high resistance input, cophase noise emf, sub- traction circuit, differential circuit, noise compensation ABSTRACT: The use of an electronic subtraction circuit in con'sidered~ for the amplification of infralow frequency signals in certain medical,. hydroacoustic, and other instruments in which-the signal source has a symmetrical output and is a considerable distance away. In-the link wires considerable cophase cmf1s are induced at commercial frequenc'y, often greatly surpassing the useful power. In order to re-' duce the effect of such inductiona, input devices are used which se- Icure bo-th the amplification of, the symmetrical signal and a consider-.. L1 able suppression of coph, ase inductions. Such an input device is , Card ACCESSION NR: AP4041023 shown in Fig. I of the Enclosure. Two methods of noise compensation are discussed: one consists in the regulation of static amplifica- ,!,tion factors of both tubes ii, and U2. This method is found to be un- suitable as it necessitates' the reduction of IJ2 and thus also of the 1: weak signal amolification. The other consists in the regulation of noise voltage amplitudes at the input of the output tube. Since there usually is not strict cophasing of inductions in both link ji wires, one has to 4djust-the two noise emf's for their phase differ- ence. Further adjustment can be obtained by an alternate regulation of amplitude and phase. In practice a compensation of 25 to 100 is obtainable by this method. Remaining noise harmonics may be sup- pressed in subsequent amplifying stages using RC circuits# A 'practi-,. cal circuit of the input device for amplifying symmetrical signals with frequencies from 1 to 10 cps is presented in Fig. 2b of the En- ;I closure. Theoretical analysis and experimental checking of the subtraction circuit according to the second method demonstrate that with the introduction of amplitude an4 phase noise regulatLoo'great 2/5 ACCESSION NR: AP4041023 advantages were obtained as compared with the other methods of noise suppression in weak infralow frequency signal amplification. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 10 formulas. ASSOCIATION: Institut mashinovedeniya i avtomatiki AN SSSR (Insti- 11.tute for Hachine Building and Automatic Control, AN SSSR) SUBHITTEDi 133u163 ATD PRESS: 3047 ENCL: 02 SUB CODE! F-C~ NO-REV SOVt 003 OTHER: 001 F=L r- - - - -- - - .. AP4041023 L L 41 4f-,R~' a RII ;,AA0 4/5 Cord ENCU)SURE: 0 1 'v Utput U, Fig. 1 . Asymmetrical subtraction stage a - Elementary diagram; b equiv- alent diagram. A9=9SICH NR- AP40410P EWLCSWM 1 0 2 A, V14 elf, Su~traction circuit C IU/ C R a Fig. 2. a Equivalen~ input L16zhlp L 6zhl 7SY. circuit with symmetrical sig- nal; b input circuit of a 1 1.747 cascade for amplifying symme- trical. signals. output 41, Y' 3/5 Card ------------------ ---------- ---- --------- .L ()417C~767 _EWT(I)/FCC GW i ACC NRt AT6026956 AUTHOR: Belichenko, A. 1. ORG: 'FMI AN UkrSSR SOURCE CODE: A TITLE: Self -compensation of the constant goomagnette field by measuring weak variable fields 'W SOURCE: USSR. Gosudarstvennyy geologicheskly komitet. Osoboye kon6truktorskoyo byuro. Geofizi.cheskaya apparatura, no. 28, 1960, 16-23 TOPIC TAGS: geomagnetic, field, geomagnetic measurement, weak magnetic field, geophysic instrument, measuring instrument ) --n00C.JAAr,10A) ABSTRACT: This article describes a device for measuring variable magnetic fields with a constant sensitivity In the frequency range from 1 to 500 cps. The variable fields were created' by feeding a low-frequency current in Helmholtz coils, in the center of which was a magnetic modulation detector. If an LF signal is sent from the output of the device through a highly selqctive RC -amplifier with a large dynamic range which filters out interference of the Indus trial network, variable fields up to 10'6 a/ni can be measured. The lower threshold of the measurable frequency can be reduoed to 0.01 cps and lower if the time constant of the filter in the self -compensation network Is Increased. A calculation of self-compensation of the geo- L 04170-67 I-ACC t4k,-~~6 magnetic field and the method proposed In this article for eliminating the effective overloads permit designing and adjusting the device for measuring weak magnetic fields of infra-low frequencies by means of the magnetic modulation detectors. Orig. art. has: 3 figures. SUB CODE: OB/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: 007 Card 2/2 T-c- , - 0 27967. PELICHENKO, A. B. -- Profilaktichoskoys znacheniye broma pri travmaticheskom shoke. YubileyW abornik khirurg. Rabot, poavyashch. Prof. Shilovtsevu. Kuybyshev, 1949, S. 180-84. SO: Letopist Zhurnallnykh Statey. Vol. 37, 1949. MUCURK09 A. V. 27965. BELICHENKO, A. V. 0 v3-iyanii brome na posle operatsionnoe techenie. yubileyMy sbornik Icbirurg. Rabot, Poev3rashch. Prof. Sbilovtsvu. Kuyb7shev,, 19491 S. 185~-90- SO: Letoplat Zhurnallnykb Statey. Vol. 37, 1949. EELICHENKOP A. V* 27966- BELICHENKO, A. V. - Patomorfologicheekiye i=eneniya pri travmatichookom shoke: YubileyW abornik khrurg. Rabot, PosMshch. Prof. Shilovtsevu. KiWbyabev, 1949, S. 191-95,~ SO: letopibl Zhurnallmykh Statey. Vol. 37, 1949. ZOLOTOVA, N.M., doteent; BELIGHENKO,,.L.V.. professor, saveduyushchiy; BRUMBM. A.S., professor, G.Te., professor. direktor. I~ip cancer. Stomatologiia no-32-36-39 153. (nU 6-'7) 1. Gospitalliuwa khirurgichookaya klinika lurekogo meditsinskogo inatituta (for Zolotova and Belichanko). 2..Xafedra patologichookoy anatomii 3hreko- go maditainakogo instituta (for Drumbarg an& lolotovo6). 3. lurskiv medi- tainskiy institut (for Ostroverkhov). (Lips--Caucer) BELICEMNYO, A. V. IMLICHENKO, A. 1. "Data on the Recognition of the Nature of the 71ormation of Tranzatic Shock." Dr Med Sci, Second Hoscov Medical Inst imeni I. V. Stalin, 18 Jan 34. (Xeditsiuskiy Rabotnik, 8 Jan 54) SO: SUM 168, 22 July 1954 USSR / General Biology. Individual Development. Re- B generation. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 23, 1956, 103320. Author Belichenko., A. V. Inst Kurs In-stitute. Title The Effect of Sodium Bromide on Bone Tissue Re- generation, Orig Pub; Sb. tr. Kurslciy med. in-ta, 1956, No 11, 38-4o. Abstract: In addition to the usual therapy forty patients with diaphyseal femoral fractures and diaphyseal leg bone fractures were given sodium bromide in a dose of 0.2- 0.6 two to three times a day by mouth. In all cases, an acceleration of consolidation of the callus was found clinically and roentgenologically. Consoli- dation in some cases was complete after four tofive weeks instead of nine. -- A. G. Babayeva. Card 1/1 21 1 0 0 0 0 # - - C-CF-4 or -0,; 1 , -_ ; ; 0 03 1 3 S A F 0'3 0 10 11 it 11 N 11 ft 1? 0 P a 12 D 34 A r AS 29 0 11 u 13 a As Ar a Is 0 1. C 0 a Oro A o 0 I L C I a k . .-I-. a, a .-I I .-ILAILI I 't- J: a % m .U 4 4_1,1 a A 4 1 g I", 0 o A . . 00 00 F 0.0 00 00 -00 A* C Rotation b4twelin the capillary r(am and the opecifte suf- -00 or* a face of the usland, 1~,JM4~ -00 S. 14. Wl 1040. IM1. .1, NO thevirlwA owfmi %4 she IINNW% (11 k'AlIdt-IFY liltk~. .00 111C lh.WT 14 - Ag.IL-v "m&. G I h, , liut~,O Of Illmsingr in jXwei a:Ui (.14 the thv,wY,-I -hVtr- S -hells. LuLumpliont (A liquid by the mithe. o : inatical Mation.,hips fewlNivir which Vid to the -f.0.1t41 "tilt 'q a Imintilm r1prr-hilt the capillaiv it., 11, - - .4 vl- I t 00 ,v tile 'j, .111face t II I . A; - 1) 2 X. 1:1111 1046,41 mav 11*"`~ 1.416 th-W. it. A .11.1 j't'WtWAI V%t%t sit tile mtj'j~ It ptIlt.110LI tl%-jVInjt VA1111' , 00 Irv fixers in . "I coo 00. l ~00 00 a -00 00 e stia 00 zo 0 it .00 R4 1400 0 0 Na i is 0 %see .1 I - i i _ w 00 U 5 At 0 a 1 9 a tv 11,12pac waits stuff It . 0d 0 a 9 1 Iff Im -3 _ t - 1 + dft,3 0 T* * 0 e 18 1 9 0 o i 00 0 0 0 oie 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 e o 0 0 006400U000 0000, BE it kandidat tokhnichaskikh nauk; VEYTSW, N.I.. kandidat .-Ve-khZil skikh nauk. Continuous construction of automobile highways in Altai Territory. Avt.dor.19 no.4:4-6 Ap 156. (MLRA 9:8) (Altai Territority-Road construction) KOROZOV, $.A., .1rand. tekhn. nauk.; DYSISOV. Ye.H.,-SAFROHOV, V.N.. RITOV, M.N., kand. tekha. nauk,; GRIBRiKO.T.V.. kand. tekba. muk,; -BFJMHINKOT-D.M., kaad. tekha. neuk,; ALIKSKYRY. A.P., red.; KALIKOVA, N.V., tekhn. red. [Progressive practices in road organization] Peredovoi opyt v doroshnykh organizatBiiakh. Kookya, Nsuchno-tekhn. izd-vo avtotransp. lit-ry. No. 2. 1957. 35 P. (MIRA 11:11) 1. Moscow. Goeuderetvennyy Tsesoyuznyy dorozhnyy Nauchno- iosledovatellekty institut. (Road construction) -BE o, kandidat tekhnicheekLkh nauk. Now D-388 loader mounted on the DT-55 tractor. Avt. dor, 20 no,5: 22-23 HY '57. NLRA 10:8) (Loading and unloading) \) , V- \ , 11S t~~ v , ': ~, ~- t., ~ Q , BELICMKO, D.H., kand.tekhn.nauk. New D-336 stone spreader. Ayt.dor. 20 no.6:26 Je '57. (MIRA 10:10) (Road machinery) BILICHNIM0, D.Ro, kand.tekhngnauk. -, Progressive excavating crew constructing Moscow ring highway. Avt. der. 21 no*5;12-13 My 1589 (min 1i-.6) (Hoodov--and construction) (Excavating mchinery) I.-BELICEEMO, D.H., kand.tskhAenauk Technical requirements concerning rural roadso Avt. dore 23 no-8:27-28 Ig 160~ (MIRA 1318) (Road construction) BRUCIMMO, D.X., kand.tekhn.nauk . . . ....................... -- Testing crushed materials in ehelf-type drums. Ayt.dor 23 m.7:17-18 A 160. (MIRL 13:7) 1 (Stone, Crushed-Testing) BEUCMMq D., kand.tekhn.nank Construetion of rural roads. Sell. stroi. 16 no.12:15 D 161. (MM 15:2) (Road construction) BELICHENK9, DB,, otv. za vypusk; YEGOZOV, V.P., red.; BODANOVA, P. , tekhn. red. (Construction of roads using funds apportioned by decrees of t-he Presidiums of the Supreme Soviets of the U.S.S.R. and the Union Republics] Opyt stroitellstva avtomobilInykh dorog s privlecheniem resursov, vydeliaemykh po ukazam pro- sidium-i Verkhovnykh Sovetov SSSR i soiuznykh respublik; doklady i vyatupleniia uchastnikov seminara na VDNKh SSSRJ, 7-U dekabria. 1961 g. Moskva, Avtotransizdat 1962. 103 P. IMIRA 16:5) 1. Moscow. Vsesoyuznyy dorozhnyy nauchno-issledovateVskiy Institut. (Road construotion-Finance) DUBROV, Ye.; BELICHENKO, D.., kand.tekhn.nauk Road work in Volonovakha District, Donetsk Province, Avt,. dor* 26 no.2:9-10 F 163. (MIRL 1634) 1. Zaveduyushchiy Volnovakhakim ra*~toshoadorom, Donetakoy oblasti (for *brov). (Volnovakha Districl-Jtoad construction) BRUCHEIM., D.M. kand. - tekhn. nauk. "Praatice in road con4rotion using resources allowed by Peuees, of presidiums of supreme councils of the U&S.S.R. and the Union Republics.4 Reviewed by D.M. Belichenko. Av-te dor. 26 no.5:30 My 163. (KMk 16:7) (Road construction) BELICHENKO. D.K. _ Economical and technically sound. Avt.dor. 27 no.6:12pU Je 164. (MIRA 18:4) BELICHENKOJI D.M., kand. tekhn. nauk New road-maintenance machines. Avt. dor. 27 no 9:29 S 164. (1-9M 17: 11) Subject USSR/Electricity AID P - 613 Card 1/1 Pub. 27 - 17/35 Authors Motygina, S. A., Eng., and Belichenko, 0. F., Eng., Irkutsk __41~1*11MVW~~ AC"4_)VkO1W Title I. A. Syromyatnikov's article: "Requirements for Syn- chronous Motors and their Control and Protection Circuits", in Elektrichestvo, #5, 1953, (Discussion). Periodical Elektrichestvo, 8, 73-75, Ag 1954 Abstract I. A. Syromyatnikov in his article proposed great simpli- fication of the protection of synchronous motors and their start by a permanently-adjusted exciter. The authors pre- sent the results of their experiments with two large centrlfugal.water pumps driven by synchronous motors with exciters permanently connected. The experiments proved satisfactory. Six drawings. Institution ! Not given Submitted : No date PIROGOV, A.A.; LEVE, Ye.N.; BELICIENKO, G.I.; ZHUKOVA, Z.D.,-, PrInimala uchastiya VOSKRESENSKAYAP Investigating the resistance of certain unfired magnesia refractories to the attack of copper-nickel:mattes. TSvet, met. 36 no.11:27-32 N 163e (MMA 17:1) --I PIROGOV, A.A.; LEVE, Ye.N.; KRASS, Ya.R.; =- IPUNKO,,G.I.; KOTIX, P.L.; SIDORENKO, Yu.P.; ZILI&,RG, Ye.S.; DRYAPIKp- -Ye*.P.; VAYNTHAUB, S.S.; ZHIDKOV, V.A.; SIICHEDRINSKIY, L.I.; MOREV, G.P. Prefabricated blocks of unfired magnesite-chromite brick. Metallurg 9 no.4t23-24 Ap 164. (MIRA 170) 1. Ukrainskiy institut ogneuporov, Nikitovskiy dolomitovyy kombinat i Kommunarskiy metallurgicheskiy zavodo PIROGOVI A.A.j RAKINAt V.P.; KMSS, Ya.R.; VOLKOV, N.V.; GAIATOVI M.S.; NMTIROVA, A.L.; KORKOSHKO, N.M.; YELITSOV, V.V. Dolomite magnesite blocks for lining oxyg6n-blown converters. Ogneupory 30 no.9r4-5 165. (MIRA 1819) 1. Ukrainskly nauchno-iosledovateltakly institut ogneuporov (for Pirogovp Rakina, Kress, Volkov, Belichenko). 2. Krivorozhokiy metallurgichaskiy, zavod (for Galatoij Nesterova, Korkoshko, Yelltsov). TER, A.V., akademik; NUKUSHKIN, I.N., inzhener; TRAPEZNIKOV, V.A.; NIKOLAYEV, A.T., inzhener (Muromtsevo, Vladimirskoy obl.); KUDELIN, Ya.M. (Muromtsevop Vladimirskoy obl.); PWROV, I.I.j dotsentj kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk (Moscow); Badalyants, M.G., inzhener; BELICHENKO inzhener; KLAPCHUK, L.D., inzhener; FRANTSUZOV, Te. rifidhbt, T V., B.M,, professors doktor tekhnicheskikh nauk; MAGIDSON., A.O., inzhener. Improving theknowledge of power engineers through correspondence courses. Remarks on B.M.Tareev's and A.O.Magidson's article. FUek- tricheetvo no. 3t76-80 Mr'54. (MLRA 7:4) 1. Energeticheskiy institut im. Krzhizhanovskogo Akademii nauk SSSR (for Vinter). 2. Glavnyy energetik Gorlkovskogo avtomobi-Ilnogo 2avoda im. Molotova (for Kukushkin). 3. Inatitut avtomatiki i tele- mekhaniki Akademii nauk SWR (for Trapeznikov). 4. Chlen-korrespon- dent Akademii nauk SSSR (for Trapetnikov). 5. Leninakanges (for Bada- 1yanta). 6. Dnepropetrovskiy institut inzhenerov transporta (for Be- licheako). 7. Kurakhovskaya gres (for Klapchuk). 8. Orekhovo-Zuyev- skaya tets (for Frantsuzov). 9. Vsesoyuznyy zaochnyy energeticheskiy institut (for Tareyev and Magidson). 8(0) SOV/112-59-4-7068 Translation from: Referati-,rnyy zhurnal. Elektrotekhnika, 1959, Nr 4, p 94 (USSR) AUTHOR: Belichenko G M TITLE: Cornparison/S-chemes for Accurate Stopping of Induc tion -Motor Drives PERIODICAL: Izv. vyssh. uchebn. zavedeniy. Energetika, 1958, Nr 2, pp 31-40 ABSTRACT: To secure high accuracy of stopping, a two-step braking is used: normal-to-low speed switching, bringing the mechanism to the stcp position at low speed, and final braking. An accurate stop can be realized either by a dynamic braking, or by DC fed to the stator and rotor, or by AC fed to the stator. The stopping - accuracy is expressed by 9fmax-9fmi 2 where ~fmaxand &min are maximum and minimum rotor angles at the stop with an allowance for the rotor turning during equipment operation. A comparison of different stopping schemes shows that the stopping accuracy Card 1/2 SOV/112-59-4-7068 CompariBOni´┐Ż-chernes for Accurate Stopping of Induction-Motor Drives ( A ~ - 0.8) attainable with AC is twice as hiIgh as that attainable with DC. The stopping accurace with AG aad dynamic braking A 0. 18) is 5 times as high as that attainable with DC and dynamic braking L 1. 0). Analysis of the curves W r- f (t) and oe-- f (t) shows that the electrically-fixed stopping is an oscillatory process for both DC and AC. An additional dynamic braking can be used for suppressing the oscillations of both speed and rotor iangle, cutting the time of rotor oscillations, and for raising the stopping accuracy. The DC source capacilf.-y with AC fixing and dynamic braking is one-half as high as that w i ith DC fixing and dynamic braking. Use of simple AC schemer, for preliminary braking and for accurate stopping , in the mechanisms that require accurate stopping, will tend to increase the mechanism productivity, precision and quality of product, improve the process, ensure higher safety of work, and permit automating individual mechanisms. V.A.B. Card 2/2 SOV/11"~-58-11-11/17 AUTHOR: Belichenko, G. M. (Senior Lecturer) TITLE., In ~Aut`omatic e~ctric Drive for a Locomotive Turntable (Avtomatizirovannyy elektroprivod povorotnego kruga dlya lokomotiva) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshilch uchebnykh zavedeaiy, Elektromekhanika, 19581, Nr 11, pp 100-106 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The existing method of controlling a locomotive turntable by means of controller type KTK-3005 did not necessarily en- sure that the turntable stopped in the required position. A new automatic electric drive for the turntable was according- ly developed and tested. A diagram of the turntable is given in Fig 1 and the sequence of operations in turning a locomot- ive round is explained. A schematic circuit diagram of the method of connecting the three-phase induction motor with slip rings to fix the rotor position of the motor is given in Fig 4a. The main characteristics of the 22 kW motor used are given. A schematic circuit diagram of the turntable control circuit is given in Fig 2 and the operation of the various components is explained. The transient processes of starting, Card 1/2 SOV/144-58-11-11/17 An Automatic Electric Drive for a Locomotive Turntable preliminary retardation and accurate stopping were calculated by a graphical-analytical method and verified experimentally. The formulae used in the calculations are given. The princi- pal characteristics of the turntable with and without a loco- motive and performance data of the circuit are given in Table 1 which shows that the greatest calculated error of position- ing is 1.33 mm and the greatest test value 1.5 mm. It is con- cluded that the process of turning a locomotive round has been made completely automatic with satisfactory accuracy and that the whole process has been speeded up. There are 4 figures, 1 table and 3 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Kafedra elektrosnabzheniya Dnepropetrovskogo instituts, inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo transporta (Chair for Electricit Supply at Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Transportation Engineers) SUBMITTED: September 12, 1958. Card 2/2 BELIGH12110. G,M., inzh. .. Comparisoa of precision stopping systems for asynchronous electric drives. Izv. vys. ucheb. zov.; anerg. no. 2:31-40 F '58. (MIRA 11:7) 1. Daspropetrovskiy institut inzhenerov zhelezuodorozhnogo transport*. Oilectric motors, In&uction) S-_ AUTHOR: Belichenko ' G.M. Engineer. 110-3-8/22 TIT18: Accurate Stopping of Electrical Drives (0 tochnom ostanove elektroprivodov) FERIODICAL: Vestnik Blektropromyshlennosti, 1958, Vol 29 vo-3, PP. 39 - ~2 ~USSR). ABSTRACT: It is often necessary to control accurately the position of stopping of an electrically driven machine. A popular tio- stage braking system is illustrated in Fig.l. Calculation of the accuracy of stopping by means of the formulae derived by A.S. Sandler (Vestnik Elektropromyshlennosti, 1940, no.10) gives asymmetric errors. In this article, general formulae are derived for the angle of starting and for the degree of accuracy of stopping for rectilinear rigid mechanical characteristics at reduced speed, making allowance for vorious factors. These formulae give symmetTical deviations from the required place of stopping. Fixation can be 3ffected by static torque, electro- mechanical braking and dynamic braking. The initial expression by which to establish the angle of braking is given and a diagram of the angular displacement of the drive during stopping is given in Fig.2. The formulae mentioned are then derived. A specimen calculation is made of Cardl/2 the stopping angle and degree of accuracy of stopping of a Acr:iur ~Jtop:,-in~, o-f -Uectrical Dr-*Lvr,,s -~%o U Factors that -il-,--ay turnt~,,I)le tbf, results, are tabulated. 4nerease -the accurac3r of stopping; are listed. TL,ere are ~' fisures, 1 table and 1 Ruszian refe--e-,-Ace. ASSCCUMON: Dn-',-,ro-petrovsk Institut of Railv-ay Transport EniZ-inee-rs (Dnepropetrovskiy institut inzhenerov zhe1ezr-odoroz'hm-;-:o. U rf~ris- porta) AVAIL.A.BM: Library of Congress Onrd~ 2/2 1. Slectrical maahinee. 2. Eleotromeohanioal braking 3e DYnamio braking BELICMWO, G. M., Candidate or Tech Sci (diss) -- "Investigation of a precision stopping device and of the transitorY processes in an electric drive with an asynchronous motor with a phase rotor upon M and AC fixation". NIDscow, 1959. 20 PP (Min Higlier Educ bTcR, MoqcOV Oraer of Lanin Power Mimering Inst), 150 copies (KL, No 20, 1959, M) BELICHE~4Q,_G.X. -7--__ Four-pole switch for the control of a two-speed asynchronous motor. Prom.energe 16 no.6:33 Je '61. (MIRA 15:1) (Electric motors, Induction) B=CHMKO Grigorly Mikhaylovich., kand. tekhn. nauk, starahiy prepo- to-]. r Calculation of the stopping accuracy of an electric drive using the design data df the aBynoh*OUB motor and fixation of the alternating current. Izv. vys. ucbeb. zav,,-; elektromekh, 5 no.6t659-665 162. (MMA 15:10) L NeDropetrovskiy inatitut inishenerov zhelesnodorozhnogo transports. (BlActric driving) (Electric motoro,.Induction) OSADCHUK, G.I.; SLUSHAYENKO, A.M.; BEkICHENKQI G.M-.v retsenzent; retsenz-en-Y,--KURO-TgYk#-,-I.M., retsenzent; ZVORYKIN, M.L., LIBERZON, M.I., retsenzent; KHARITONOV, A.A.,, retsenzent; GARSHIN, I.M.,, red.; BOBROVA, Ye.N., tekhn. red. (Refrigerator car equipment and air conditioning] Kholodill- noe oborudovanie vagonov i konditsionirovanie vozdukha. Mo- skva, Transzheldorizdat, 1963. 299 p. (MIRA 17:2) BELICHENKO,, I.A.1 WEDVEDEVA, N.T. Significance of tranBcutaneoue hepatocholanglography in the diagnoBio.of mechanical jaundice. 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(MIRA 14: 1) (Geography) (Russia--Industries-Haps) AZHA2#Ap Vladimir Goorgiyovicb; PERVAKOVp I.L,t red,j BELICEMKOl R.Kal mladohiy red.; BURLANAp-N.P.t tekbn. reds I (08everiankaw leaves for the ooean] wSeverianka" ukhodit v okeen, Mookvaq Goo, izd-vo geogre lit-ryp 1961. 132 p. (MM 340) (Submwine boats) (Deep-sea sounding) UWIYBT, Tevgeniy Kona tantinovich, vullmnolog; SHUGLTr,' So I.. red..,, MOMMid-R.K., mladshiy red.; BUBLAKA, N~P.-P tekhn.rede [On the other side of night] Po tu storonu nochib Koskva, GosAzd-vo-*gsogr.Ut-ry, 1961. '190 p. (RU 14:4) (TushUY7 AuM Kountain. Ranse-Description and travel) MIKHAYLOV., Nikolay Ivanovich; STRTGIN, V.M., red.; BELICHENKO, R.K.,, m3.adshiy red.; GOLITSYN, A.V., red.-kart;-VILEF8WA-,Y.-W.-, tekhne red* (Mountains of soutbern Siberia; nature study) Gory IUzhnoi Sibirij ocherk prirody. 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TITLE: Ancient Strata of the Bargt%zin-V.I-t;Lmsia~y~~i~n- the Tran sbaikalla, - (Dreva.L e tolshchi. Barguzino- Vitimskogo rayona ZabaykallyaT PERIODICAL: V sb: Voprosy geologii Azii. Vol 1, Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1954, pp 629-648. ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry Card 1/1 BIEL-1c-H61Vk6).1 3(5) P'3 V-6-- PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1923 Akademlya nauk SSSR. Otdelenlye geologo-geografichookikh nauk. Komissiya po grobleme 'Zakonomernosti razmeshcheniya poleznykh iskopayemykh. Zakonomernosti razmeshcheniya poleznykh iskopayemykh (Regularities in the Distribution of Mineral Deposits Vol 1, Moscow., Izd-vo AN S33R.9 1958- 532 p. Errata slip inserted* 2P500 copies printed._ Reap. Ed.: N.S. Shatakiyj Acadexiolan; Editorial Boardt N.S. Shatakiyp Academician$ D.I. 3116herbakov, Academician, N.A. BelyayeVskiyp N.N. Dolgopolov, O.D. Levitskiy, Yu X. Pushcharovskiy, G*A. Sokolov; Ed. of Publishing House; G.I. Nooov:, Tech, Rd.: I.N. Guseva PURPOSE: This book is intended for geologists and petrographers,, particularly those Interested in the worldwide distribution of minerals and the reasons underlying their occurrencee Card 116 Mineral Deposits (cont.) SOV/1923 COVERAGE; On the basis of particular Iregional studies this book attempts to establish the rules governing the distribution of metallic and non-metallic ore depositte The work includes articles on the metallogeny of individual minerals., on broad methodological problems, and on the possibility of predicting the occurrence of a mineral in the USSR on the basis of its occurrence throughout the world. Six maps depicting the distribution of a particular mineral throughout the world are Included with the work. References accompany ~aoh article. TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 3 Guiding Principles in the Study of the Regularities in the Distribution or Major Ore Deposits in the Barth's Crust as Bases forPredieting Their Occurrence in the USSR 5 Kheraskov, N.P. Tectonics as a Factor In Studying the Regularities in the Distribution of Ore Deposits in the Earth's Crust 14 Card 2/6 Mineral Deposits (Cont.) SOV/1923 Zakharov, Ye.Ye. Certain patterns In the Regional-geologic Distribution of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Ore Deposits 92 Pavlovskiy, Ye,V., and V.G. Belichenko. Sedimentary Formations of the Upper Paleozoi-c--oT-tWe-da-y;a-no-Baykallskioye Plateau and Related Ore Deposits 123 Waznetsov) Yu,A. Magmatic Formatione 142 Smirnov, V.I. Conditions of the Deposition of Regenerated Deposits 160 Mat eyenko, V.T., and Ye.T. Shatalov, Disjunctive Dislocations, ~agmatizationland Mineralization In Northeastern USSR 16q Radkevich, Ye.A. Efforts in the Study of the Metallogeny of Ore Regions as,Rxemplified by Primorlye 241 Card 3/6