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Mineral.Deposits (Cont.) SOV/1923 Staritskiy, Yu.G. Certain Magmatic and Metallogenetic Characteristics of Platform Areas Pinus, G.V., and V.A. Kuznetsov. Rigularities in the Geologic Structure and the Metallogeny of the Altay-Sayan Hyperbasic Formation Smirnov, V.I., and L.M. Ryzhen)co. Some Features in the Formation and Distribution of Mercury Deposits Kuzneteov, V.A. Regularities in the Formation and Spatial Distribution of Mercury Deposits in the Altay-Sayan Folqed A~ea Bogatakiy, V.V. Regularities In the Distribution of Titanium Concentrations and its Metallogenetio Characteristics as Observed in the Krasnoyarskiy Kray Loginov, V.P. Regularities in the Localization of Pyritic Deposits In the Central Urals and Certain Problems of Their Genesis 252 275 289 302 315 339 Card 4/6 mineral Deposits (Cont') WV/1923 Unksov, V.A. Regularities In the Distribution of Cobalt Kinelmlo Ixation In the Caledonian& of SOMtjWrn Central Merle, 363 Maksinovs A.A. "w Types of "wee srA hrro-ungans" Deposits In Central Kagamstan, 389 Khaohaturyan, N.A. Basic Order In the Katribution of Iran Ore Deposits and In Their Manifest%tIons In the Armenian 33M 407 Kotlrwp T.N. Nstallog*ny of the "qn* &p In Kulyy Kavitax 416 Baskinsidy, 0.1. Bauxite-forning QwAtttons and the Orderliness In tM Distribution of Baux1to Oqq Paposits 426 Radlavloft, Te.,A. The Notallogeny of Oro P14tricts as a Now AOproach In Metallogenetic Stodgo~ 462 XMIMM, X.M. The Pacifle and NeditsrVapean Boric Zones 470 C ard 5/6 Nlnoral DeposIts (Cont.) SOV/1923 Giftellfaft, R.U. Rogularity In the Togton4a Dimtribution of Phosphate Depoelts In the USSR FITO& N*Pi The Regularities In the ftnation and DistrIbutlon of Potassium Deposits In Saltoboarlng Yomations AVAIUMv Library of Congress 48T 51T NK/Jab Card 6M/59 Upper Proterozoic sedimentary fromations and associated minerals in the Sayan-Baikal highland. Zahenem. rasm. polesn. ioktp. 1: 123-141 '38. (MIRA 220) 1.Geologicheeki.r institut AN SSOR i Institut geolegii Vostochne- Sirirskoge filiala AN SSSR. (Siberia, lastern-Aines aid mineral resources) (Siberia, lastern--GeologV9 Structural) HELICHEIM0, I.G.. Metamorphism of manganese-bearing rocks in the Ikatskiv deposit (northwestern Tranabaikalia).-Trudy Vest-Sib. fil. AN SSSR no.14: 99-107 '58. (NM 12:3) (IkatekV i!ange-4faugauese ores) AUTHORSt Yeskin, A. S., Belichenko V. G. 2o-119-1-38/52 TITLE: On the Paleozoic Granites of the Barguzinskiy Mountain-Range (0 paleozoyskikh granitakh Barguzinskogo khrebta) PERIODICALt Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1958, Vol. 119, Nr 1, PP. 140-142 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In many places of the Baykallskaya mountain region deposits .occur which are in default of fauna fossils conditionally classified with the Lower Paleozoic. Thereby the age of the eruptive rocks which break through these masses also becomes conditional. Under these circumstances the fields of the de= velopment of notoriously Cambrian deposits are of special importance. Such a field is the northwestern slope of the Bargunzinskiy chain, the river basin of the Biramlya. In the year 1954 a fauna of archeocytes, trilobites and bra- chiopods (Reference 5) which is characteristic of the upper parts of the Lower Cambrian section were found in limestones which were earlier classified with the Proterozoic. At the upper course of the Biramtya the Lower Cambrian deposits are broken through by granites. They form a small m-!ssif (2500 x Card 1/3 Soo M) which extends in a northeastern directiofi. The granim On the Paleozoic Granites of the Barguzinskiy 2o-119-1-38/52 Mountain-Range tes and the neighboring rocks are individually described. The properties of the granite are shown in table 1. At the contact of the granites with limestone-conglomerates and sandstones a strip of massive assimilation-rocks of a greenish-gray color is observed. They have a gabbro- -structure with elements of a poikilite-structure. The chemical analysis of this assimilation-rock is given in table 2. From this is to be seen that the granites at the contact with carbonate rocks are enriched with CaO, MgO, Fe203 and FeO. But they become poorer here in SiO 2, A 1203 and K20. At the boundary of the granites with the Nyan. doninskaya suite the'former are less changed. The mineralo- gical composition here remains the same as in the central part of the massif, but the quantitative content of the minerals is changed: plagioclase no. 35 7o%, quartz 2o%, biotite 511o, microoline about 5%, hornblende, sphene, apa- tite and ore mineral - in insignificant quantities. As in Card 2/3 the first case the chemical composition of the hybride On the Paleozoic Granites of the Barguzinskiy 2o-119-1-36/52 Mountain-Range ASSOCIATION& PRESENTED: SUBUITTED: rocks from the contact domain is closely connected with the granite-containing rocks. Similar enrichments are observed here as there. The lack of younger than Lower-Cambrian de- posits does not make it possible to determine the upper age limit of the granites. They are similar to other Lower Pa- leozoic granites which were several times studied in the Baykallskaya mountain region (References 2,4) as follows from the comparison (Table 1)_ There are 2 tables and 5 references, 0 of which are Soviet. Institut geologii Vostochno-Sibirskogo filiala Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute for Goology of the East Siberian Branch of the AS USSR) April 6, 1957, by N. S. Shatskiy, Member of the Academy of Sciences April 5, 1957 Card 3/3 M 3 (5) SOV/11-59-4-3/16 AUTHOR: Belichenko, V. G., Yeskin, A. S. and Anisimova, Z. M. TITLE: The Stratigraphy and Metamorphizm of Ancient Strata of the Central Part of the Barguzin Mountain Range (Stratigrafiya i metamorfizm. drevnikh tolshch tsentrallnoy chasti Barguzinskogo khrebta) PERIODICAL; Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Seriya geologicheskayal 1959, Nr 4, PP 40 - 52 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This article deals with the metamorphized strata of eruptive rocks of Pre-Cambrian and Lower-Paleozoic age in the Barguzin mountains range. The ages of the Barguzin and Nyandona suites which form the foundation of the cross-section for the Angara-Barguzin region were fixed differently by many geolo- gists who had worked in the region. The authors classify them both as belonging to the Upper-Proterozoic era, because they are unconformingly covered with Lower-Cambrian deposits, identified by the fossilized fauna they contained. The cross-section of these suites is identical with that of Card 1/3 Upper-Proterozoic strata of the I~nW4 mountain range. Rocks SOV/11-59-4-3/16 The Stratigraphy and Metamorphizm of Ancient Strata of the Central Part of the Barguzin Mountain Range. Rocks of the Barguzin and partly of the Nyandona strata are very much transformed by the progressive contact metamor- phosis caused by granitoids of the Barguzin complex of rocks. Different aspects of metamorphizm in the Barguzin mountain range are described in detail, The authors mention the following geologists who worked in this region: V. V. Dombrovskiy, N. I. Pomin, L. I. Salop, 3, A, Gurulev, P. Cho Shoboborovy A. V. Kolesnikov, V. I. Navill and Do S. Korzhinskiy. There are 2 maps, 1 table, 1 profile, 5 graphs and 11 refer- ences, 9 of which are Soviet, 1 Finnish and 1 German, ASSOCIATION: Institut geologii Vostochno-Sibirskogo filiala AN SSSR (The Institute of Geology of the East-Siberian Branch of the AS USSR). Irkutskoye geologicheskoye upravleniye (The Irkutsk Geological Management) Card 2/3 SOV/11-59-4-3/16 The Stratigraphy and Meta6orphizm of Ancient Strata of the Central Part of the Barguzin Mountain Range SUBMITTED; Ilovember 21, 1957 Card 3,13 CHMOT, TU.A.; ZHMVLRVi,, I.T. Lower Cambrian stratigraphy of the Xydymit-Zaaa-lboloy iuterfluve (Vitim PlateaA). Gaol. i geofix. no.6:83-93 160. (MM 13:9) 1. Tootochno-Sibirskir geologichaskiy institut Sibirskogo Atdoleara AN SSSR. (Yitim Plateau-4;eologK, Stratigraphic) '-..'BXLICHEM, T.G. Geological characteris ties of the Ikat-Grage, mnganese deposit. Trudy Vost.-Sib.fil. AN SSSR no.25-.4-11 160. (HIU 13:9) (Buryat A.S.S.R.-Manganese ores) -Z BELICHENK011-Valle ~Xeyng; XOMAROV,.Yuriy Vasillyevichl MUSIN, Yuriy Vasillyevich;' TUMN9V Pbtr Mikhaylovich; CHEMV, Turly Alekseyevich; FLORENSOV, N.As.; SOLODOVI N.A*,, red.izd-va; :HOVICHLOVAJ, N.D., (Outline of the geoloRy and petrography of the southern margin of the Vitim Plateau '(nortbVeetern TransbaikaUa)) Geaogo- petrograficheskii ocherk iuzhnoi okrainy Vitimakogo pleskogorlia (Severo-Zapadnoe Zabsikalle). Moskva, lzd-vo kkad.nauk SSSR. 1962. 166 p. (Akidemiia nauk SSSR. Sibirsioe otdelenie. , Vostochno-Sibirskii geologicheakii institut. Trudyt no,S)q (MDA 16t2) (Vitim Plateau-Geology) EELICHENKO,._V.G. Recent finds of archaeocyathean fauna in the upper Dzhida River (southern Lake Baikal region). Dokl. AN SSSR 151 no.3:642-643 ii 163. (MIRA 160) 1. Institut zemnoy kory Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom A.L.Yanshinym. (Dzhida Valley-Paleontology, Stratigraphic) BELICHFIXOt V.G.1 KHRENOV, P.M. Baikal Caledonian structures. Izv. AN SSSR. 30 no,nt72-85 N 165, wpi~ 18t32) 1. Institut zemnoy kor7 Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, Irku"k. Submitted October 30, 1964a PLATONC%!, A.K.; VIP. f~ojoring and therinoltminescance of lJolyninn topazes. Yin. abor. 18 no-4v412-421 164. (NIRA 180) 1. Tnatitut geologicheskikh nauk AN UkrSSR, Kiyev. KULIMAV, A-Kh.. dote.; BELIMMO, Ye.P., tekhnik Press for maklng a gvnecolo c mid tampon. Aserb-med-shur. no.5:76-77 W '59. (MIU 12: 8) 1. Is kafedry kurortologii i fistoterapii (zav.kafedroy - prof. Sh.H.Gasanov) Azorbaydzhanalcogo Institute, usovershonstvrva- niya vrachey. (MXDIC.kL INSTRUMENTS AM APPAROUS) 9EL ICHE V 71 J BULGARIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and Their 1-8 Application. Ceramics. Glass. Binders. Concrete. AS Jour Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 2, 1958t 5307. Author Dimitrov D., Ruschev D., Belichev.,P.-,,,Donchev M. Inst Chemico-Technological Institute. Title Adsorptive and Decolorizing Properties of Some Natural Bulgarian Silicates. Orig Pub Godishnik Khim.-tekhnol. in-t, 1955, (1956), 2, No 1, 113-125- Kbstract study of 14 Bul arian natural Silicates (clays, taolins, trass ang kiese lguhr) after thermal ac~- ivation in the temperature range from 110 - 400 and after acid activation with HCI or H SO at a concentration from 1 to 20%. Adsorpti3e h- pacity was chedked by the benzene method and decolorizing power -- by decolorization factor. Card 1/2 DULGARIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products mid Their H Application. Treatment of Natural Gases and Petroleum. Motor and ]Rocket Fuels. Lubricants. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khin., No 13, 1958, 44578. Author Poporv Y., Delichav P. Inst Title Production of Some Grades of Light and Mediun Industrial Oils in Atmospheric Petroleui-i Distillation Units at the Town of Rusa (Bulgaria). Orig Pub: Tezhka promishlenost, 1957, 6, No 8, 36-38. Abstract: The possibilities are considered of expanding the production range of oils manufactured at the petroleum distillery in the town of Rusa from Tyulenov petroleum, and,of the work that would be Card 1/2 COUNTRY Bulgaria H-23 CATAMORX ABS 9 YTOUR. r_I:*,KhiM- , NO- 16 1959P NO- AUTHOR Vul'chev, D., Belichev, P., and Ganchav, P. IRST. :Not given T ITL';, :Diesel Fuels Produced from Bulgarian Crude OR III .PUB. :Tezhka Promiahlenost, 7, No 11, 26-29 (1958) ABSTRACT tDiesel fuels currently produced in the Bulgarian Peoples Republic include fuels for high-speed .* diesels (straight-run kerosene-gas oil fractions representing 93-25% by wt of the crude) and heavy fuel oils (anixture of 25% gas oil and 75% naph- tha). The authors compare the indexes of Soviet and Bulgarian diesel fuela and emphanize the shortcomInge of the latter (lower cetane nuyabers, increased sulfur content, increased viscosity, ate.) and make suggestions on'th* rationalization CARD: I k' t "I 1 0 AUTHOR: Belichkin, 0. (moscow). 107-8-45/62 TITLE: A Two-Channel Indoor Antenna (Dvukhprogrammnaya komnatnaya antenna), PERIODICAL: Radio, 1957, # So P 42 (USSR). ABSTRACTi At the passage from one channel to another, the dipole length of the described antenna changes# but the mismatching which results therefrom does not exceed that of a usual indoor anten- na with its feeder, and does not influence picture clearness. The resonance dipole len th is selected according to the picture characteristics fm"aximum clearness and contrast). This article contains 1 figure. INSTITUTIONt Not indicated, PRESENTED BY: SUBMITTED; AVAILABLEt At the Library of Congress Card 1/1 20-114 3-29160 AUTHORS: Nesmeyanov, A. If., Member of the AS USSR, Freydlina, R. Kh., Belichko, F. K. TITLEt Synthesis and Chemical Tran3fOrmations of Trichlorcmetbyl =d cjlc.)-Dichlorallyl Compounds of Mercury (Sintez i khimicheskiye prevrashcheniya trikhlormetilInykh i ci,co-dikhlorallillnykh soyedineniy rtuti) PERIODICALt Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR,1957,VoloII4,Nr 3,PP,557-559(USSR) ABSTRACT: As far as organic compounds of mer-,ury containing the tri- chloiomethyl or the dichlorallyl group are interesting from the point of view of the chemical behavior of these groups, the authors studied the possibility of a synthesis of such compounds and several of their transformations. While it was possible to describe organic mercury compounds contain- ing the trifluormethyl or the triiodomethyl group, synthesis tests of trichlo-cmetbyloompounds were frustrated by the de- carboxylase of mercury trichloracetate or by the photochemical reaction of tetrachloride with mercury. Hitherto no represen- tative of the organic mercury compounds containing cj,w-di- Card 1/4 haloidallyl has been described. The authors investigated the 20-114-3 29160 Synthesis and Chemical Trayof ormations of Trichloromethyl and ej, 6) -Dichlor- allyl Compounds of Mercury reactions of bromotrichloicmthane , bromo- and iododichloro- methane with lil7,dichloro-3-iodopropene-1 with mercury in the case of ultra-violet irradiation and heating up to 70 - 80 0 C and vigorous stirrirg; furthermore, the reaction of iodo- trichlortmethane wiih mercury in the case of normal agitation without any irradiation was studied. From these processes the following compounds resultedt CCI 3HgBr, CHC1 2HgBr, CHCl2Hgj, CCl 2=CHCH2HgJ and CCl 3HgJ with yields 41; 1.,,2; 2,5; 67 and 12 % according to theory. By the interaction of bromo-tri- chloromethane and a calculated quantity of sodium amalgam of 035 % with hexachloro-ethaneo one received with a small yield also trichloromethyl-mercury and no symmetric compound (CC1 3)2 Hg. Such an anomaly is known only in the case of iodo- cyclohexane,-mercury. The authors found a simpler and more convenient method for the transition of alkyl-mercury-iodides to chlorides. It consists of an exchange reaction with mercuric chlor2b in the case of heating in ether or alcohol. In a numben- of reactions the 3-methyl compounds of mercury remind one of qard 2/4 the so-called "quasi.-complex" compounds. Trichloromethyl- 2o-3-i4 -- 3 - 2 9160 Synthesis and Chemical Transformations of Trichloromethyl and 0, (.)-Dichlor- allyl Compounds of Mercury -mercury-halogenidee form complexes with pyridine as well as liquasi-complex" compounds. In the case of M 3HgJ the com- plex is unstable and disintegrates quickly if stored. Hydro- gen sulfide causes HgS already in a cold state to separate quantitatively from the alcohol solution. At interaction of bromotrichloromethyl-mercury with C H MgBr, bromophenyl-mer- cury is produced beside phenyl-tricglgromethyl-mercury. The interaction of bromotrichloromethyl-mercury with diphenyl- -stannian under normal conditions progresses in two different directions according to the quantity of alkali used. With a stoichiometric proportion phenyltrichloromethyl-mercury (49 %) is produced. With a lareer quantity of alkali the reaction leads to diphenyl-mercury (29 %). In both cases plenty of infusible and insoluble precipitates containing mercury were produced. With H01 containing methanol phenyltrichloromethyl-mercury forms C~H5Hgcl with a quantitative yield. The first-mentioned compoun , after half an hour of heating in a sealed Class tube, yields the latter with 80 %. The influence of normall'symmetriz- Card 3/4 ers" (KJ, Na2S2039 Cu) upon trichloroTethyl-mercury-halogenid- 20-114-3 '10/60 5ynthesis and Chemical Tran3fornations of Trichlorom3thyl and Q, W-Dichlor- allyl Compounds of Mercury es does not lead to a formation of bistrichloro-methyl-mercury, which does not hapl)en under the influence of dry ammonia upon a chloroform solution of Ccl H&Cl either. In the latter case 95:1,5 % of an infusible preci;iotate is produced. There are 1 table and 13 referencest 10 of which ar( Soviet.. ASSOCIATIONt Institute for Elemental-OrgEmic Cgmpomds AS USSR (Institut elementoorganicheskikh soyedineniy Akademii nauk SSSR) SUBMITTED: December 28, 1956 Card 4/4 USSR/Cultivated Plants Fodder. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol., No 4,, 1958,, 15687 Author : M.A. Belichko Inst : - - Title : Applying Fertilizer to the Rows Increases the Fodder Lupine Yield. (Vneseaiye udobreniyu v ryaditi povyshayet urozhay kormovogo lyupina). OriG Pub : Nauka i peredov, opyt v s.-kh. 1957, No 8, 24. Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 /06 BELICHKO, 11,11. A., Cand of Agric fici -- (djtm) "The Spacial r'eature of Row Fertilization on the Harvestability and quality of Lupine,11 Kiev, 1959, 22 pp (KharIkov Agricultural Institute im V. V. Dokuchayev) (KL, 2-60, 115) PEETA, D.; BELICHKOVA, P. Asepsis in the treatment 6f diseases of the dental pulp. Stomato- logita, Sofia no.5:279-283 1953. (RDOT CANAL THZUPT, asepsis in) (ANTISEPSIS AND ASEPSIS, dent.. in root camal ther.) ABLOV A .V.; MPTIRIXA, L.F.; BEjTCjjUit, ]I*I Infrared absorptlon spectra of dlacetylseWicarbazonoxime metallic derivatives. Zhur. neorg. khim. 10 no-531186-1190 My 165. (MIRA 1816) 1. Inutitut khVnii A~' Moldavskoy SSR. ABWV, A.V.; g~qCHWK., 11 1 Metal derivatives of biacetyl oxime hydrazone. Zhur-,neorg.khim. 7 no.4t777-782 AP 162. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Moldavskiy filial AN SSM, Institut khimii. (Organometallic compounds) (Glyoxime) (Hydrazones) APLOVO A.V.; BELICHUK, N.I. Metallic derivatives of diacetylsemicarbazone oximeo Zhureneorge- khim 7 no.9:2061-2.065 S 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Semicarbazone) (Oximes) (Organometallic compounds) ABLOV, A.V.;J~IGHU~KN.~I. Derivatives of diacetylthiosemicarbazons oxims with cobalt (II) and iron (II), Zhureneorg.khim. 8 no.1:77-82 Ja 163. (MIRA 16-#5) 1. Institut khimii AN Moldavskoy SSR. (Cobalt compounds) (Somicarbazone) (Iron conpounds) ABLOV, A.V.; BELICHUX, N.I. :~ Derivatives of diacetylthiosemicarbazone oximwvith coppw (11). Zhureneorgekhimo 8 no,3*.612-616 Yx 163* (KM ~634) 1. Institut k-himli AN Moldavokoy SSR. (Copper compounds) (Semidarbazorea) ABLOV, A.V.;_P.=CHU.X N.I,.-, Derivatives of diacetylthiosemicarbazone oxime with nickel. Zhur.neorg.khiu. 8 no,511142-3-150 YV 163. (KIRk 160) 1. Akademiya nauk Moldavskoy SSR Institut khimii. (Semicarba-zonesi (Nickel compounds) ABLOBY A.V.; CIMPURINA, L.F.; BELICHUK, N.I. Infrared absorption spectra of metallic derivatives of c1lacetyloxime hydrazone. Zhur.neorg.kh1m. 11 no.102-?5 Ja 166, (MTPA lgrl) 1. Tnstitut khimii. AN Moldaviskoy SSR. Submitted June 8, 1964, BELITSKIY, Voyslav [Belickit Wojslawl (Varshava) -- I .- -1;-1. --I. Erection of large-panel apartment houses in winter. Bet. i zhe-l,- bet. 9 no.10;475-478 0 16~. (MIRA 16:12) CZECHOSLOVAXTA ZAPLETALEK, M.; BELICOVA I.- KONENDA2 S.; Psychiatric Clinic, bledical Faculty, - versity (Psychiatricka Klinika Le- karske Fakulty PU), Olomouc. "Catalase Activity in the Serum of Schizophrenics and of Normal Peo-,le. 11 Prague, Ceskoslovenska Psychiatrie, Vol 62, No 6, Dec 66, pp 401 - k0IF Abstract juthors' English summary modified 7: The authors de- termined the catalase level, its activity, and its speed of re- action in the serum in 30 schizophrenics and 30 healthy sub- jects, The amount of catalase in the sermn of schizophrenics was statistically lower. The speed of reaction was the same in both groups. The lower catalase activity suggestea. reduction of oxidation procosaos in tho organism of cohizophrenioa. 1 Fig- ure, I Table, 4 Western, 6 Czech, 6 Russian referencese (Man- uscript received 28 may 65). BELIDEROV, T.; NACHEV, S. How automobiles should be prepared to go on the road. P. 57. TRANSPORTNO DEM. Vol. 8, n0. 4, 1956 Sofiia, Bulgaria SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EUL) Library of Congress, Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1957 DC Dissertation: "Investigation of the Pasic Problems of Construction of Closed City Low- voltage Power Networks." Cand Tech Sci, Academy of Corrunal 7conomy imeni. K. D. Phafflov, 3 May 54. (Vechernyaya MosIrva, Moscow, 21 Apr 54) SO: SUM 243, 19 Oct 11-54 .,,, dr.; STRYANESCU, Carman, dr.; SORIN, S., Dr.; BELIGAN,.- Gr MOLHO, Non-homorrbagic complications of haparin therapy. Med. int..Bucur. 3 no.7:1064-1066 Nov 56. 1. Luerare efectuata in Clinic& medicals, Spitalul "Brincovenesel director: prof. R. Brauner. kHVARIN, inj. eff. non-hemorrb. d1sord. caused by heparin ther.) (FEVER, etiol. & pathogen. heparin tber. causing chills & fever) (SKIN DISMSES rash, urticaria, pruritus & other disord. caused by heparin admin.) (ALLERGY, etiology & pathogenesis heparin) BRAUNM, R.. Prof.; SORIN, X., Dr.; BICLIGAN. Gr., dr.; STRYANESCU. Carman. dr-; PRODISCU, V., dr. Heparin therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Had. int., Bucur. 8 no.1:380-385 July 56. 1. Lucrare efectuata In Clinica medicala Spitalul "Brincovene$6.1 (HEPARIN. ther. use angina pectoris, myocardial infarct & peripheral vase. die.) (ANGINA PEGTORIS, ther. beparin) (MYOCARDIAL INFARCT. ther. heparin) (VASCULAR DISEASES, PERIPHERAL, ther. heparin) BRONM, R.j. Prof.; ANG~MESCU, H., dr.; BXEiIaAV--ar dr,;- MACMO]iESCU-MICHILL, IrIng. dr.w,-WINXk. Oh-., di-.-. LOTT, D., dr. Study of sequelae of epidemic hepatitis. Mod. int., Bucur, 9 no.2:198-206 Feb 57. 1e Lucrare efectuats, In Clinics medicals a Spitalului "Brincovenesc.0 (HIPATITIS IlUnCTIOUS. complications gastrointestinal disord., liver cirrhosis & depressive states) (GASTHDINTISTINAL DISIASIS cbolacystitis, anterocolitin, gastritis, caused by infect. hepatitis) (LITIR CIRRHDSIS, atiol. & pathogen. hepatitis, intact.) ANGILESOU,H.,dri; BELIGAN,Gr.,dr.; GBDRGBSGU.N.,dr.; MACEDONSBOU,I.,dr. Considerations on the treatment of bronchial asthma~ with ACTH and cortisone* Med. int,,Bacur. 12 no-1:73-83 J& 160. 1. Lacrare efectuataltin Glinica, medicala a Spitalului "Bernat Andrei". (ASTW,therapy)' (COB-TICOTROPIN.therapy) (CORTISONZ, therapy) Ii ~ S~TANESCU p M. p dr ; BUIGAN Gr 42JE-. I I Dietetics in cardiovascular diseases. Med. inter., Bucur 13 no.3: 435-V0 Mr 161. 1. Lucrare efectuata in Cliaica medicala "Dr. I Cantacuzino". director: rof. I.Bruckner. MRDIOVASCULAR DISMES nutrition & diet) VLTMNUI 1. ~ dr.; ALINESGUI R. , dr i BELIGAN Gr dr.; LU14GF.UW, dr. Clinical aspects of staphylococcal septicemia and its therapy. Med. intern., Bumm 13 no.4:603-610 Ap 161. 1. Luorare efeetuats. in Clinica medicala I.M.F. "Dr. I. Cant4ouzino" (directori Prof. I. BrVaknor). (STAPHYLOCOCCAL INFECTION3 case reports) (SEPTIGMU case reports) BELIGAN, Gr., dr.; CHISIU, N., dr. Immunochemical study of the nabnormal" globulin (component M) from some pathological blood sera. I. Relation of the "component MIt to the common protein fractions in blood serum. Ned. intern. 15 no.4:1+85-491+ AP 163. 1. Lucrare efe6tuata, in Clinica medicala a Spitalului "Dr. I. Cantacuzinoll (director: prof. I. Bruckner) si in Laboratorul experimental al Clinicii de boli de nutritie (director: prof. I, Pavel) Bucuresti. (SERUM GLOBULIN) (MULTIPLE MYELCMA) (HODGKIN'S-DISEASE) (ANEMIA1 HEMOLYTIC) (BLOOD PROTEIN-ELECTROPHORESIS) (LIPOPROTEINS) CHIRIAC, St., conf. ing.; BELIGAR, I., conf.; IAVORSCHI, N., aoist. Mot2 S., asist. "-- Contribution of the machine-tractor station in the development and economic consolidation of the collective fams of the Banat region. Mec electrif agric 8 no.6:1-10 N-D 163. 1. Institutul politehnic,, Timisoara. YUGOSUIVIA/Zooparasitology Abs Joar Al,.thor List Title Orig Pub - Parasitic Woras. G : Ref Zhur Biol., No 1, 1959, 947 : Bako, F., Belijili, V. : - : Study of the Developueat of Echin-ococc-,,.s gra:ULlosus in Svekling Dogs : Veterii-arie (Jugsol.), 1957, 6, No 4, 621-623 Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 - BELIK, A.A.; POKROVSM, V.M. Anticorrosive protection of loading craneso Zashch.Met. 1 no-4:453- 455 JI-Ag 165, (MA 1818) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy otdal tresta "McrmontazhorgoLroy". BFLIK, A.A. Alatonatic machinefor triple pressing of springs. Avt.prom. 27 no.12:42 D '61. 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Mk *ad UL'AA ru .-(Vkskurm"Aav. imtPftk - RWMI`y`~7 Cw&.). C PCA, lei lab, ferm-cu- tatkn &m I.--roductRail of tI!Mctmcyctije (t) W23 lac"ased alaxiihally by 1&1~j and 18%. if corn-steep liqwr (9) anck 11PAIsm (111) 14tre fennen6d Compltttly by the lnoqMation 0-5 the Prodn-tton of I was incre.Ased fran 12W yhul. to _j6OQ717(X) Tan Micka_ CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Microbiolcgy. Antibiosis and F Symbiosis, Antibiotics. Abe Jour : Ref. Zhur - Biol., No 21, 1958, No 95028 Aut~lor : Belik, E.; Heroldi Ll.; Doskocil, J. Inst Title : New Methods of Biosynthetic Production of Anti- biotics. 1. Biosynthesia of Chlortetracycline Without the~Maintenanoe of Aseptic Conditions. Orig Pub :Folia biol.(Cesko.), 1957, 3, No.4, 229-235. Abstract :Observation of the utilization of a 24-hour in- oculum in a fermentation medium in which chlor- tetracycline is introduced in a quantity suffi- cient to carry out the process In non-sterile cond 4tions are reported. 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