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-57Te 1 1611003101010161'c).z6 Effect of def ormati.on-on 14e_....- __B1_.1 1/3138 (V A ikil 2ffl 2: (AjAj) k1kj -f- B2 A 1k, -4- i>j (3) B3YjAjkj+jk,+j-4- [Cl (I - m)] AOa -+- m (I AO) a -i- # m) Alai, -4~22n' [A,A.,] aij -4- Ca Alai-#-,, j+2. i>j where 2(A4Aj)=AiAj-AjA, H 2[AiAjl=AiAj-#-AJA,. holds for-, 26 2 in the spin-orbital.eplitting, Eg.ft 111 2 is the distance of the a-band from the nearest valehoy p-band. The 43wo limitinj cases: E g~!2 and EA26 are examined. (a) 9emicondu'ctore with a , A2 91i 2 narrow forbidden band: Eg 0,23 evj 26 - 'U,9 ev. The matrix for 2 is 2 written explicitly, and the eigenvalues are oAlcVlated. It is found that both-isotropic and anisotropic deformation cause a relatively~ large variation in the effective mass of n-type InSb. An intereating'aspect is that the variation of effective mass by aniaotropic deformation is Card 4/6 _37929. ,lq,'7 7 00 S/181/62/604/005/017/055 B125/B104 Z TH 0 P S Bir. G. L., Normantas, E., and Pikus, G. Ye. TITLE: Galvanomagnetic effects in semiconductors with degenerate bands I T PERIODICAL: Fizika tverdogo tela, v, 4, no- 5, 1962, 1180 - 1195 TI'YT: The more precise theory of galvanomagnetic effects in p-iype Ge semiconductors prcsented here furnishes substantial corrections to the numerical values of the galvanomagnetic constants and explains the depen- 1 dance of the Hall constant on the magnetic field observed experimentally. Allow for the influx of carriers from other bands*involves "crossed relaxa-l'. tion times", changes the distribution function of light holes more than that of heavy ones, and likewise changes the contribution of the various types of carriers to the kinetic coefficients. OvrinG to the small con- tribution of light holes to the electrical conductivity, the effects due to light and heavy holes make about the same contributions. The relaxation times of longitudinal vibrations.for y--.>0 are given by Card 1/5 S/181/62/004/005/017/055 Galvanoma8metic effects in ... B125/B104 CL, T11 4. C; (2.18) [4 (1 -q) -1- 371 CL , -(,L) cr-1. V and "2 2may differ considerably. "22 reaches a maximum at 11n:0-75- Using the transition probabilities for scattering inside and between the bands one obtains the relaxation times Card 3/5 jSAj AO4 70tal O't 0 & oil, .ce IT~ tNq" 0.116. of 031& OT -,vell' t-~OIN iu .40. l&s - rXro, Ty~e jects -,T,se-at J-3-e coare j.-ble - , ef ttte ~ -0 e eX & GA*31 S - i(; 0 0 ?. -aegl- re oi ,,as e 6 5e -~s .4 afto'n A-110 tile e6 D-T ties 1%5 -Lil YLOI -refIG t'h. wrl foT the G, ii-v", -,Co Ve -re -r7g 18, S -r OrN -aes ti C, r-~e refjce SI etl -tte eft&I efe ~ T, -k-4 0 Ot Lez A~, -3 srO 8:97 ,,te r ,,, - - .ae& rtIL r ;,-I L ~be 0 elt gh- 0~ r-bo 61 .re ,,re ,Ts T~S S. tox~,v r,er~~'-e :, -OT 944, -1 01, 10. .05 0, t &Vol. ro-rr-06 Va a, (~e - U-qToIqo-345SVL% 1% V%ble- -?wJ5, )01 b-5 te%O- pS I'l ,I o 1 rto-rs J~Lo- t.~,Gs V~- - 0%~&a M& ale .1119 05 0 f T114 'beT S/181/62/004/008/028/041- Band structure and piezoresistance.., B108/B102 There are 3 tables. ASSOCIATIONt Inatitut poluprovodnikov AN SSSR Leningrad (Institute of Semiconductots AS USSR Uningrad) SUBMITTED: kpril 18, 1962 L-j 3991,19 S/181/62/004/008/012/041 B125/B102 AUillORS' Pikus, G.'Ye., and Bir, G. L. TITLE: Piezo resistance effects in PbS-PbTe crystals PERIODICAL: Fizika tverdogo tela, v- 41 no. 8, 1962, 2090-2108 TEXT: "Weak" piezo-resistance effects which are virtually independent of tem erature arise from changes of the effective carrier passes, of the p deformation potential constants, and of the elastic constants, as well as from changes in the apometrio configuration of the specimen. Using the SchrUinger equation ~or the wave function I Z Ir X nk '%k e which takes account of the spin functions, h2k2 r E, E,. (ko) D,,-4---y.- M SMS. -f- D,D E,- (ki E, - E. .41 cr- En x (4) Sr.SxmD S,.D..S... -t- DmS S INr " we - Der Sr.S.r E.) (Er - EM) IL (El - Boa Card 1/4 Piezo resistance effects,in S/1 61/62/004/'008/012/041 B125/B102 The mean effective mass m (M* m*mV/3 deterr-Anesthe state density- M 4. a 1 2 3 * . m m! and m are the comnonents of the tensor m in the main axes of the 1 3 deformed crystal., If the tensor of the deformation pbtential conatants has the comnonents 01, C" in the main axes, thon -2 ACI-4-1 CH] AC-4--LC" G 5 (14) are the~conductivity changes in these axes. If the ex'trema of both zones- are not in the center of the Brillouin zone, then 40 u~an(r) -1-4 au(,r), (19) r where n(r) is the number of carriers at a given extremuM and uf'-) are the corresponding components.; n' is the total carrier concentration.and r* Card 3/4 PMS, G.Y9.j BIR, G.L. Effects of piezoreoistance in PbS-PbTe type crystals. Fiz. tvar. tale. 4 no.8:2090-2108. Ag 162. (NIR& 15:11) 1. Institut poluprovodnikov AN SSSR Leningrad. (Piezoelectricity) tSemiconduotors) - BIR, G.L.1 PIKUS, G.Yo. Band structure and piezoresistance effects in PUTe and PbSe. Fize tvero tela 4 no.,8:2243-2252 Ag 162, (MRA 15:11) 1. Institut poluprovodnikov AN SSM, Leningrad. (Piezoelectricity) Lead telluride) 4446 folonib ~ BIR, G.L.; TURSUNOV, A. Effect of holes on the elastic constants of germanium. Fiz, tver. tela 4 no.9:2625-2628 8 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Institut o1uprovodnikov AN SSSR, Leningrad. ~Ger~anium) (Elasticity) L igi64-63 - EWf(I)ZBDS/EEC(b,).;2 AFFTC/,hBD/IJ-P'9)01*806~/009?008/2 23 6/2 2 47 ACCESSION NR.- AP3005333 AUTHOR: Bir,-G. L TITLE: Intensity of permitted and forbidden lines of electron paramagnetic --resonance .,SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 5, no.,81 1963, 2236-2247 TOPIC TAGSi permitted line, forbidden linei, intensity$ electron; paramagnetic resonance, matrix element, transition, wave function, intracrystalline field, interaction, hyperfine transition, electron spectrum ABSTRACT: For probabilities of various hyperfine transitions the author has obtained e.Kpressions through squares of the model of matrix elements for irreducible groups of expressions, making it possible to compute probabilities of all transitions if the electron wave functions are known. Characteristics of the electron spectra for a small intracrystalline field are computed by means of perturbation theory, and clear expressions are obtained for the probabilities of hyperfine transitions. From the results it is concluded that, when hyperfine Co'rd 1/2 L igi64-63 ACGFZWON NRt AP3005 .333 interaction occurs and when an intracrystalline field is present, a strong angular dependence holds for the intensities of electron magnetic resonance lines. "The author expresses his thanks to K-J. Kornfelld and L. S. Sochava for their interest in the work and for useful discussions on the results." Orig. art. has: I,figure and 50 formulas, ,,AMIATION: Inatitut poluprovodnikov AN SSMI Leningrad (Instit%ite of Semi- !conducters.,kcademy of Sciences, SSSR) SUBMTED.- 25Mar63 DATE ACQs 06SeP63 ENGLs SUB CODEt PH NO REF SDV 1 002 OTHERt' 001 bard 2/2 -BIRP G.L. I Intensity of anowd and forbidden limes of electron, paramagnetic -11. resonance. Fis. tvar. tela 5 no.8t2236-2247 Ag 163. (MMA 16:9) 1. Institut poluproyodaikov AN SSM, Leningrad. (Paramagnetic resonance and relaxation) ACCESSION NRt AP40o4870 8/0181/63/005/012/3594/3606 AUTHORSt Birp 0. L.; Soehavaj, L, S* TITLEs Intensity of allowed and forbidden EPR lines of Mn2* in SrC12 SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo telap vo 5y no* 3.2jo 1963,9 3594-3W TOPIC TAGS: EPR, electron paramagnetic resoiance, EPR line, forbidden EPR line, allowed EPH line j, manganese doped strontium chloride., EPR line intensity, forbidden line, allowed line., manganese 2 +., strontium chloride ABSTRACT: The authors have made experimental investigations on the angular de- pendence of the intensity'of allowV and forbidden electron paramagnetic resonance lines for the axial spectrum of Mn I.- in a single crystal of SrCL2. The data ob-m tained have.been compared with computations of angular dependence of line intensi- ties on the basis of the theory previously proposed by Bir (FrT, 5, 2^436, 1963). It is shown that this theory not only explains all the principal qualitative features of the phenomenonp but it is generally in full quantitative agreement with experimental data. It correctly describes the general behavior of the angular dependence of the indicated lines., and,, in particular,, it predicts the intensity C,,d ACCMION NR: AP4o04870 maximums of allowed lines at angles of 0 and 90. It predicts which allowed line will suffer for the growth of a forbidden line. The experiments show that though the intensity of an allowed line diminishes at 120 to 113 its value, the total intensity of all three lines remains constant. The data very convincingly show that the decrease in intensity of allowed lines is associatid solely with increase in inLt~nzity of forbiddon lines. The theory also explains the sharper aneular dependence of srx-ctra having lareer values of axial splitting,, and it explains the differences between angular dependence of line intensities for various electron transitions and the different rates of intensity change in hyperfine components correspondinG to different nuclear transitionso Only one minor deviation between theory and experiment was observed: the intensity of allowed lines declines and the intensity of forbidden lines increases more rapidly than theory indicates. A correction is proposed for this,, based on assumptions made in the theory. "The authors express their sincere gratitude to Ms I. Kornfelld for his many valuable sugeestions and discussions." Orig. art. hass 7 figures and 16 fomulas* ASSOCIATTONt Institut poluprovodnikov AN SSSR, Leningrad (Institute of Semiconduc- tors AN SSSR) Card 2/1'~ BIR) G. L.; PIKUS) G. Ye. "The relaxation time and the width of the spin resonance line in semiconductors with degenerate bands." report submitted for Intl Conf on Physics of Semiconductors, Paris, 19-24 jul 64. BIR,, G. L.; ILISAVsKiy, Yu. V.; BLUM, A. I. "The effect of uniaxial strain on the transport phenomena in P-Si." report submitted for Intl Conf on Physics of Semiconductors, Paris,_19-24 Jul 64. L BIR, G.L.; SOCHAVA, L.S. Intnity of allowed and forbidden electron paramagnetic resonance lines of Mn t in SrC12. Fiz. tvar. tela 5 no.12:3594-36o6 D 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Institut polluprovodnikov AN SSSR, Leningrad. ACCESSION NR: AP4043375 S/0181/64/006/008/2478/2488 AUTHORS: Bir, G., L%,; Butikov,"Ye. X.r Sochava, L. S. TITLE.- Intensity~of'.lines.of electron paramagnetic spectrum of ions in a cubic crystal field Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 6. no. 8, 1964, 2478-2488 TOPIC TAGSt electron paramagnetic resonance# hyperfine structure# angular dependence, cubic crystal, calcium fluoride. europium ABSTRACT: This is a continuation of earlier research by some of the authors on the theory of the intensity of allowed and forbidden hyperfine EPR spectral components (G. L. Bir,.FTT, v. 5, 2236, 1963) and on experimental investigations of the angular depende nce of the intensity of EPR lines in an axial crystal-line field (G. Bir and L. S. Sochava, FTT, v. 5, 3594, 1963). The present study is devoted to the intensity of hyperfine lines of the EPR spectrum 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4043375 of ions in a cubic crystalline field. Formulas are derived, in the strong'magnetic field approximation,'for the dependence of the iintensity *of the byperfine components of the EPR spectrum on the direction of the magnetic field relative to the crystal axis# and for the intensities of all the allowed and forbidden'lines. it is shown that the angular dependence of the, stronger for ions with a larger level splitting in the crystalline field, so that the experimental study of the angular dependence of the line intensities was made using the Eu2+ ion in the cubic crystal CaF 2- Since the,strong magnetic field approximation results in this case in noticeable errors, the theory previously developed by the author is used to obtain exact numerical values of the byperfine component intensities. The results ofthese calculations are in good agree- ment with all the obtained experimental data on the angular de- pqndence of the intensities'of the allowed and forbidden lines. The authors thank M. 1. Kornfelld for a discussion of the results." Orige art. bass.6 figures and 15 formulas, Card 2/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4043375 ASSOCIATIONt Institut poluprovodnikov AN SSSR, Leningrad (Institute of Semiconductors, AN SSSR) SUBMITTEDs 2SNar64. ENCLi 00 SM CODE t' SS NA REP SOVt 004 OTHER: 006 Card 3/3 - -- - - - - - - - - - . I, -. ~ r, i4,r ~~, i7 -'T, I I /V--~ ~ N - . -- I . . ~ 1 7 . ' - I , . Qf-) T , 1:) r, T~ ~" - .. I t : . '..I !" crd(.", ~ t PI.-I ", -, r I -- , -c : I - I. TIUI,~K-Iillv~ A d lini-z can hi, nhr.~-rvprl al c~ 11, fl- TT~- -l' 7_Tl-nf',4 ~15025375 'SOME'TOVE- UR/O 8--6- 0, _610/217_Wff98_�__77 AUTHOR: ]Dirg L*,; _Boj~m2lova V. N.; )~riyjjpkiy,_je. Su -k t~k a - ye- IyA ORG: Institute of Semiconduct n ors AN _SSS~x_4t1i Zrjj4_ (Institut poluprovodnikov AN SSSR) TITM Piezoresistance of partially reduced rutile at temperatures of 78-SOOOK SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 7, no. 10, 1965, 2978-2989 TOPIC TAGS: titanium dioxide, pressure effect piezoelectric effect, electric con- ductivity, semiconductor research, semiconductor theory 4:1 :' ~'-. V I ~ - ~' ABSTRACT: Piezoresistance tensors of rutile are measured from 78 to 5000K for variou concentrations of current carriers. The experimental equipment and procedum and the shape of the specimens are described in detail. A phenomonological description is given for the effect of piezoresistance in rutile. The piezoresistance tensor is de- scribed by seven independent constants. Temperature relationships are derived for all components of the piezoresistance tensor. Data an conductance anisotropy and the elastic constants of rutile are used as a basis for calculating the seven coefficient of elastoconductivity in rutile as functions of temperature. The effect of hydro- static preseure on the electrical conductivity of rutile at room temperature is in- vestigated. Data on hydrostatic stress agree well with measurements of uniaxial de- Card 1/2 ACC NRs AF5025375 formation. The values and temperature behavior of the coefficients of elastoconduc- tivity show that the minimum of the conduction band in this material is on the k 4 axis and also indicate that the band is not degenerate. High volumetric coefficients of piezoresistance and the anomalous behavior of these coefficients with respect to temperature are characteristic features of piezoresistance effects in rutile. The volumetric coefficients of elastoconductivity increase approximately as 2~_l in the high temperature region, reaching a maximum of very close to 80 at a temperature of very nearly 1000K. These coefficients decrease slowly with a further reduction In temperature. Two models are proposed for explaining these high volumetric coe ffi- cients of piezoresistance: the first Is based on the assumption that there ar-_ two conduction bands and that the donor Impurities are completely ionited, while the se- cond assumes an incompletely ionixed impurity. Both of these rodels agree partially with the experimental data available for rutile, but neither of them gives a satis- factory explanation of all phenomena in itself. It is possible that a two-band model combined with incomplete impurity ionization may give a better approximation. The authors take this opportunity to thank V. P. Zhuze for the support he gave to this work and for all his consultation during-rt-s__6,6_i~pletion. As in our previous papers, we used rutile single crystals produced in A S B ' b Is laboratory and oriented I uk by_T. B,.,._Zhukov& and A. I. Zaalavski,y to,,ifficm we als extend our gratitude. Orig. art.\has: 6 figures.' 10 myfas SUB ODDE: 20/ SUBM DATE: ii-Aprw ORIG REF: 006/ OTH REF: 014 2/2 APSO 27421 SOURCE CODE: UR/0181/65/007/011/3392/3401 AUTHOR: B Vi ~.-? I n2kurov I- V. ,1S7-7 ORG: Institute-of Semiconductors M MR,_ Lening (Institut polupmvmnikov AN WSRF-- TITLE- Forbidden transitions in the fine structure of a Gd3t ion in a CeO2 crystal SOMCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 7, no. 11, 1965, 3392-3401 TOPIC TAGS: gadDlini s' lerium compound, oxide, forbidden transition, fine struc- ture, EPR, crystal theory ABSTRACT: This paper gives data-from an experimental and theoretical study of linea due to forbidden transitions with M3f *1 in the fine structure of the electroc para- inagnetic resonance spectrum for a Gd ion In CeO2. Expressions are found in the first approximation of perturbation theory with respect to algOH for the matrix ele- ment of the forbidden transition JV (KOM * 1) for an ion located in a cubic crystal M, N field. Here a Is the constant of interaction with the crystal field. The authors study the angular relationship for intensity of various types of forbidden electron J~,-,Paramametic resonance lines of trivalent gadolinium in cerium dioxide. T1W -experi- I ments A done with orientations of the external magnetic field in planes (1001 and Card 1/2 ACC NRv APS027421 1110). Theor-tical considerations indicate an identical angular relationship for all forbidden lines corresponding to a,eingle type of transition. However, a somewhat different angular relationship is observed experimentally for various lines belonging to a single type of forbidden transition. It is assumed that this is due to use of only the first approbation In the theoretical calculations, and that successive ap- proximations would reveal differences in angular relationships for various lines. The formulas derived give a satisfactory description on the whole of the observed an- gular relationships. Orig. art.-has: 3 figures, I table, 17 formulas. SUB CODE: 07,20/ SUBM DATE: O3May65/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH REF: 003 L (,.5778--6" FV AP6031446 SOURCE CODE: IJR/0056/66/051/002 055C./f!569 AUTHOR; ~Bir' G. L. -2 ORG: Institute of Semiconductors, Academy of Sciences SSSR (Institut:poluprovo ni- kov Akadei-nii nauk SSSR) TITLE: Jahn-Teller effect on impurity centers in semiconductors SOURCE: Zh 6%sper i teor fiz, v. 51, no. 2, 1966, 556-569 TOPIC TAGS: impurity center, semiconductor, anisotropic medium, cubic crystal, ionization potential, Jahn Teller effect 4, APSTRACT: The static Jahn-Teller effect on im2urity, centers in semiconductor. i5 investigated. The interaction between the impurity center and lattice is analyzed qs an interaction with an elastic anisotropic medium. The nature and value of splltm ding the ground state of the impurity center are obtained for various types of sym- etry centers in cubic crystals. The value of the Jahn-Teller splitting increases with the increase of ionization Eo of the impurity center, and for centers with f%10. 05 -0. 1 ev, it may be 0. 01-0. 02 ev. The author thanks G. Ye, Pikus for d scussing the article and reviewing the manuscript, and V. L. Gurevich for dis- cussing t"aper. Orig. art. has: 69 formulas. [Based on author's abstract] - . 1. - I ~-.. -AM-- - 1~- --- --- #~~- --- - I SOURCE CODE: P601241 55 JR/Ol8l/66/009/001/jC)l3'10P0 P.!. IAUTHOIRS: Ansellm, L. N.; Birj G. L.; ~jXjtnikova, 1. Yf~.; Petrov JORG: Inatitute of Semiconductors AN SSSR Leninprad (Insti'L-,ut lpoluprovodniko-v AW-85SR) of Cz,3+ Ions lithium- In TITLE: Electron paramagnetic resonance aluminum spine! iq SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 8, no. 4, 1966, 1013-1020 TOPIC TAGS: electron paramagnetic resonance, chromium, lithium com- pound, aluminum compound, epr spectrometry, fine structure ABSTRACT: The purpose of the investigation was to determine the ~,,Lrtjc- ture of thCt,~Pystalllne electric fields in the octahedral lattice sites of inverted and intermediate ordered spinel. The single crystals of LiAl 508 were grown by spontaneous crystallization from the solution. Thai solvent was a mixture of PbF and PbO. The EPR spectra were measured at'! 2 room terrjerature in the 3-cm band using a standard radlospectroseope (RE- 1301 In the main measurements the constant magnetic field was in the (1110 plane. When the magnetic field was rotated in th.'s plane, 0 seven lines were observed, and the angular dependence of their positionsi, Card 1/2 -L 20308-~66_- F-ACC NR, AP6012455 as well as the number point to field with rhombic symmetry. spectrum and the corresponding the existence of a strong crystalline The spin Hamiltonian corresponding to the values of the g factor and the crystal- Cr3+ field constants are determined. The ion has twelve magnet-Ically non-equivalent positions, so that in an external magnetic field of ar- bitrary direction it is possible to observe 12 EPR lines. To determine the correct number of lines 'it is necessary to take into account the rhombic distortion of the potential, and this is found to be due to t-he presence o" differently-charged ions, A13+ and Li + 1, in the octahedra. The rhom1bic distortion decreases linearly with increasing temperature (from 250 Oe at lOOK to 120 Oe at BOOK). The rhombic distortion also causes the axis of the crystal electric field in the octahedra to de- viate s-omewhat from the crystallographic axes (11111,F3, [112j-/,.r6, and 1110]/J2. The larger the difference in tht~ charge between the lons 'and ItIne octa1hedra, the greater the deviations of the field axes. The authca'a Ithank G. A. Smolenskiy for interest in the work and a discussion of the ,results and M. F. Bryzhina for Y_ ray investigations of the samiples. 10rig. art. has: 19 f6rm~_1~s and 2 figures. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBIM DATE: 23jul65/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH REF: 0017 2 BIR9 L*l,# imzho Phototelograph apparatus of uper-high speed. Vest.sviazi 20 to.1:3 of cover Ja 160. (MIRA 13:5) (Phototelography) TAURN, A.X.. Prof. [deceased]-, BIR,_Sh.S.,L-XINITAR-BILORUOMW9 Rex,; OSTAPMO, VPO; XCLUNKOV9 P.M., red.; IUWILOVAp Z.S., red.-lakeikograf; SMOIDNIK, R.L., Eftench-Russian military dictionary] Frantaussko-rueskii voewi slovarl. lad.4., proamotrennoe i dop. Sh.S.Birom, R.K.Minliar-Bolorachavym i V.P.Ontapenko. Moskva, Voen. izd-vo X-va obor.S=. 1960. 824 p. (KIRA 14:2) Orench langusp-Dictionaries-Russian) (Military art and scienos-DIctionaries) BIR, Sh,S.; KAPLAN. B.Ya.; ZUIMHA, V.S.1 MAMVICH'. V'G.; HTEYN, E.I.; RAPPOPORT9 T.L.; SMDR0DSKIYj P.V.; SOKOLOV, D.Yu.; TIJIMTSKAYA, S.S.; FL&SHNKRO I.K.; ABLOVAP A.A., red.; SMULISKAYA, T.K., red.1-lakoikograf; LIGHACHEVAq L.V.1 tokhn. red. [Poliah-Itaosian polyteehnical dictionar7] Pol'sko- ruoskii politekhnicheakii slovar'. Moskra, FIrnatgi2j 1963. 515 P. (MIRA 16:11) (Polish language-Dictionaries-Ruselan) (Technology-Dictionaries) BIRA, C.p ing.; DUNITRAWU, Z., ing. TubuIar frontal installation vith wtAllic valve' in the main irrigation I canals.-.Hidrotabnica 6:fio.n,39j-394 N .-161.' BIRA, C. ing.- Aspects of the irrigation of the Braila Plain. Hidrotehnica 7 no. 6:2Qlp. 208 Je 162o - -- BIR& I-coo 9. Considerations on the regime of phreatic waters with reference to irrigation of the lower sone of the Calmetui River. Hidrotehnioa 8 no.2t67-71 F 163. BIRA, Constantin, ing. Aspe~--%s of the prestressed reinforced concrete gutters used in the works carried out in the Stoenesti-Visins. irrigation system. Hidroteh apele meteor 10 no.2-57-68 F 165. BODRYY, M.; GUSFYPOVI Mq AGRETKIN, S.N., red.; ATADMANOV, A.# red.--BIRA Ya I red GELIDYYEV, A., red.; GOLOWIN, I , kiEik '; A., red.; FIATALOV, Ch., red.; A.V. r-t7j - hUL11M) KHAMURADOV, B.,, red. Sovet Turlmenistary. Soviet Turkmenistan. Ashkhabad, Turkmenskoe izd-vol 1964. 103 P. (In Turkmen, Russianj, English, and Arabic] (MIRA 18:4) TITLE: Radiation reaction of sound due to the motion of small bodies in inhomogeneous'gaseouB media SOURCE: Zhurnal eksper. i teoret. fiziki, v, 44., no. 5, 1963., 1544-1551 TOPIC TAGS: Fodiation reaction of sound, inhcm0geneous gas media ABSTRACT: Fiadiation of sound due -191-o-the motion of a solid in a statistically iwhcrwogeneous gaseous medium is analyzed by using the analogy vith Cerenkov radiation. An expression is found, by the method of the radi&'Uion reaction of sound, for the intensity of saand vaves radiated under conditions ii-bere the dimension of the body is much smaller than its mean free patri, and much smaller than the wavelength. It is shown that, in contrast with hcmogeaneous media, sound can be radiated in inbcmogeneous media at subsonic velocities of the bodies. It is noted that the radiation of a charge can be considered by a si-11A method, for example in an inhamogeneous; magnetoactive Dla=-a and. i-n Card 1/2 Acmssiai zm: A1,3D=47 an inhomogeneous'. medium with spatial dispersion. "!he authors express their gratitude to I-Lofessor y, L, Ginzburg and N, G. Denisov for valuable disaussion of the results of the research." Crig. art. has: 37 formulas. ASSOCLCICN: Fedifizicheskly institut GorIkovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta (Radiophysice Institute, Gortkiy Mte. University) SUBIaTM: 26cct,62 DA= Acq: i2jun63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: PH NR W sm: o1 4 OIM: 002 ACCESSION NR: AP4024468 S/0141/64/007/001/0059/0066 AUTHOR: Biragov, S. B TITLE: On the complex dielectric constant of a magnetoactive plasmal at low frequencies SOURCE: IVUZ. Radiofizika, v. 7, no. 1, 1964, 59-66 TOPIC TAGS; plasma, magnetoactive plasma, plasma dielectric con- stant, plasma permittivity, complex dielectric constant, quasihy- drodynamic calculation, kinetic equations, linear approximation, Sonine polynomial, ion distribution function, electron distribution function, particle collision, fully ionized plasma, weakly ionized -plasma, ion ion collision ABSTRACT: In view of the approximate nature of the results cbtained~ for the complex dielectric constant by quasi-hydrodynamic calcula- tions, the author obtains the complex dielectric constant by solving card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4024468 in the linear approximation the kinetic eguations for the distribu- tion functions of the electrons and ions, which are represented in the form of expansions in Sonine polynomials. In this case it be- ''Comes possible to take into account all types of collisions between particles, and particularly collisions between like particles. The resultant equations are used for two particular cases, fully ionized and weakly ionized plasma. It is shown that for a fully ionized plasma it is possible to neglect ion-ion collisions, owing to the large differences between the masses of the electrons and ions. In the case of weakly ionized plasma, where the molecule mass is com- parable with the ion mass and the change in ion momentum is-appre- ciable, the ion-ion collisions become significant for weak attrac- tion between molecules, but such a model is not very probable. The co nclusion is that ion-ion collisions can be neglected for both ful- ly ionized and weakly ionized pl"maso "In conclusion I am deeply grateful to B. N. Gershman for suggesting the topic, for interest in'' the work, and for a discussion of the results." Orig. art. has: 19 c.rd 2/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4024468 .formulas. u iASSOCIATION: Nauchno issledovatellskiy radiofizicheskiy inst t t pri Gor1kovskom universitete (Scientific Research,Radiophysics, In- .stitute at the Gorlkiy University) 26Apr63 ENCL: -DATE ACQ: 1SApr64 00 :SUB CODE: PH NO REF SOV: 003 OTHER: 007 'Card - . 3/3 BIRAGOV S, B - . - '- - Complex dielectric permittivity of a magnetoactive plasma at low frequencies. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; radi6fiz., 7 no.1:59-66 164. (MIR& 170) 1. Nauchno-issledovatelickiy radiofialcheakiy institut pri GorlkovBkom universitete, BLYUMIN, A.A.; BIRAGOV, Yu.G.; KALASHNIKOV, A.I. L ~~~ Automatic pH'control in the lead-zinc industry. TSvet. met. 34 no.12:3)o435 D 161. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Severo-Kavkazskiy filial konstruktorskogo byuro-'.,v~A HTSvetmetavtomatikan. (Zinc-Electrometallurgy) (HydrogeA-ion concentration--Meajureyn nt) 46 t 2Ao5-66 wMI/T aQ/lr ACC NRa AP6014013 SOURCE CODE: UR/0616/65/000/008/00071$001 AUTHORt Sukhova- M- M.; Gvozdova. T. V. I!_ aterovskiwa, Unik.Int-H.; T BoIoM~.a.T!YA*%Xholodov&. G. p, lamonov,. A. 161 'Aina- G, S.r-Goldina. G. S.5; Storo va, E. H.; Mosunov, V. B.; H,ngInvaka3M. V. K,-, e&rAf_AMQj&_ _Stor"h. -A. H ; Biralo. T. 1. Vamilnnkn- I.- w-- ORG: Qentral Scientific Resear --h DI-cinforfinn Tne+.*jft~ Unt (TsentralliVy naumi issledovatellskiy dezinfektsionrtyy institut); 1-brtishchi City SanitarT E -Station- Mytishchi (YqUshchitsskaya Corodskaya sanitarno-opidetmiologichaskaya stants- iya)-, Tashkent City ux Tashkant (Tashkontskaya gorod- skaya sanitarno-opidemiologichaskaya stantsiya); TashknnIt Citv Disirj2ctAon 3&qUon, Tashkont (Tashlmntakaya gorodskaya dazinfoktsionnaya'stantsiya tion Statioji-41insk (HinskAya gorodskaya dezinfaktsionnaya stantsiya); kAst Citz Sanitary E emiolo4gal S+~+Ann- Brost (Brestskaya CorodskVa sanitarno-opidesdolo- g1theskaya stantsiya); Arest Oblast Sanitary Erdderd93 SIcal Station (Br4stskWa oblastnaya sanitarno-epideadologicheskiya stantsiya) TITM Sensitivity of the house fU populaiion to chlarophos, trichlorowtaphos-3. DDT, hwcachlorocyclohemmo, and polychloropinans arter muW years of application of these insecticides SOURCEt ZhurrAl mikrobiclogil. eyidaidologii, i imumbiologii, no. 8, 1965. 7-14 TOM TAGSs entondW, in"aticide. organic phosphorus compound, chlorinated organic coupound Lca,d 113- UDC: AA!LIM... L 23405-66 NRt AP6014013 ABSTRACT, The sensitivity of flies to insecticides was studied in a number 'of cities. Tests were carried out on female flies by applying an acetone solution of the insecticide to the back and deteriining the LD50- At Hinsk and Brost, where sprinkling of walls with a 2-3% aqueous solution of chlorophoi was applied for 7 and 6 years, respectively, increased tolerance of flies to this insecticide was observed. At Hytishchi, where chloroph03 baits were used, particularly in the form of mixtures containinp. arvwnium carbonate, the ibenaitiVity Of flies to this insecticide remained undiminished. No increase in the tolerance of southern house flies (Husca domestica. vicina Haeg.) to chlorophos after application of this Insecticide in Tashkent for 4-5 years was obsei-wed. Use of trichlorametaphos as a larvicide reduced the sensitivity of flies to this insecticide to a small extent in Hytishchi, Minsk, and Brest# but not to a degree which could be regarded as an increase in tolerance (do- fined as a decrease of sensitivity by a factor of 2-4). The sensitivity of flies to trichlorophoa was unaffected after use of this insecticide in Ta3h- kent. Flies at Minsk and Brest which had developed a tolerance to chlorophoe also showed an increased resistance to DDT and hexachlorocyclohexane (this increase in resistance also developed to a minor extent at tWtishchi). How :ever, the increase in the resistance to hexachlorocycachemans -was presumably not related to the use of orpanonhospho due to the appli- cation of polychloropinene in these lo iss. Existence of a relation between increased resistance to DDT and tolerance to chlorophos was more likely. Southern flies in Tashkent, *ich retained sensitivity to chlorophos to the full extent, did not oddbit an Increase In the resistance Aft~ a C0,4_2 /I L23405-66 f Ade-kl- U'90140-13 6 to 7 Year* discontimancq of the use of chlorinated Ihydrocarbons in.Tashkento. a moderate. tolerance to DUr that was on the initial level remained. while the resistance "to fiwachloracycfilohwane decreased by a factor of three. The' most expedient mothods for the #Aaraination, of flies are used of ohlorophos wwnium carbonate baits to exterminate imago WA application of larvicides, opccifically those contAning trichlorometaphos - 3 in optinn doses, so that d *1 Pont of tolerance will be prevented, Origs art, hast 4 figures and 2 tables. RD COW 1 06t 07 MM DATEt 24Sep65 m1o pqr, oo4 OM RrF, 004 Card BnUWR M I ZELI DINp Ya.M. _nwgj~ Brrors of the medical working ability expertise in diseasee of he cardiovascular system. Zdrav.Bel. 8 no.118' 5 N 262. 63-6 (MM 160) I* Vitabakaya oblastnaya vrachobno-trudovaya eksWrtnayn komlssiya (PredsedatelO Ye.A. Mrapunovich) i kafedra fakuI'tt�tsI'coy terapii Vitebskogo gosudarstrennogo maditsinakogo instit-ate. (zar. - prof* A.M. Pavydov). (CARDIOVASCUIAR SYSTM-DISLUIM) (DISAWLITY EVALUATIM) SUXHOVAJ, M.N.; YEROFEYEVA, T.V.; GVOZDEVA, I.V.; NIKIFOROVA, N.F.; DOTSENKO, T.X.; DEMIYANCHENKO, R.P.; BIRALO T I. - SERAFIWVA, A.M.; 14)SUNOV, V.B.; SAWSONOVA, A.M.; STORHi~~.; SURCHAKOV, A.V. Methods of applying insecticides to control synanthropic flies. Zhur.mikrobiol., epidA immun. 33 no.8:15-19 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Iz TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo dezinfektsionnogo instituta Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR, Yqtishchinskoy gorodskoy sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy stantsii, Kuybyshevskogo instituta, epidemiologii i mikrobiologii, Minskoy gorodskoy dezinfektsionnoy stantaii, Brestskoy sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy stantsii, Tashkentskoy gorodskoy dezinfektsionnoy stantsii i Tashkentskoy gorodskoy sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy stantsii. (INSSECTICIDES) (FLIES-EXTERMINATION) SUKHOVA, X.R.; GVCZDEVA, I.V.; MISNIK, YU.N.; TETEROVSKAYA, T.O.; DOLOTOVA, T.A.; KHOLODOVA, G.K.; STOROZHEVA, Ye.M.; SINSONOVA, A.M.; 1.110SUNCIV, V.B.; NESELOVSKAYA, V.K.; GOLIDINA, G.S.; SERAFIMOVA, A.M.;I!_~Loj__ .,; VASILENKO, L.N. _T._I Sensitivity to chlorophos,, trichlorometaphos, DDT, hexachloro~ cyclohexane and polychloropinene in housefly populations fol- lowing the use of these insecticides for several years. Zhur. mikrobiol.9 epid. i in=n. 42 no.8:7-14 Ag 165. (MIRA 18:9) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy dezinfetsionnyy in- stitut, Moskvat Mytishchinskaya i Tashkentskaya gorodskiy sanitarno- epidemiologicheskiye stantsii, Tashkentskaya i Minskaya gorodskiye dezinfektsionnyye stantsii i Brestskaya gorodskaya i Brestskaya oblastnaya sanitarno-epidemiologicheskiye stantsii. BIRANSKIY, P.I.; K M LO, P.M. % ---- Study of the symetry properties of isoanargetic aurfReas in n-ger. manium by measuring the Hall effect. Fiz. tver. tela 6 no.l.-54-57 Ja 164. (MIRA l712) 1. Inatitut pollipAdnikov AN UkrSSR, Kiyev. BIRAR, 0. Electronic apparatus for measurement of distances in geodesy. -Rev. geodezie .6 no.4:13-18 162, 11 LSIP.A. lw* r", I t BIRASHEVICH, V.M., imzh.; VAYNSHTEYN, L. M., inzh. Economic effectiveness of intersystem couplings. Elek. sta. 35 n9. 400-54 Ap 164. (NIIRA 17:7) "Investigation of lipins in the mnrwiary rlpnds of younF and lactatinE, cattle." P. U3. BIOUGIAI KOZL'~-' NYEK. (F.Dgyar Biulorini Tarsarmp. Altalinos Diclof.-,icd Stakosztal~-,'" Budapest, Hunpary., Vol. 6,, No. 2, 195~-. Monthly list of East Eluropean Accessions (EFAI), IC, Vol. 8, No. 8, August 1959. Uncla. DDIMRAPI, B.L., ard SLIVI L.A. "Role of Fairing Interaction in Porniation of D~~forr-.-cd paper submitted at the All-Union CoPS. on IAiclear Reactions in I-bdium and Low Energy Physics, Moscow, 10-27 Vov 57- Physico-Teech. Inst. Acad. Sci. USSIL V Vk"O R 9-1 a, AUTHDR: Birbrair-0, -L - 56-5-25(1+6 TITL19: Investigation of the Equilibrium Form of Atomic Nuclei (Issle dovaniye ravnovesnoy foray atomnykh yader) PXRIMICAL: Zhurnal Ikeperim. i Teoret.Fiziki, 1957, Vol. 33,lir 5, PP. 1234-1247 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Theoretically the following is showa The part played by the re- maining interaction of nuoleons is not infinitely small if the spin dependence of nuclear forces in taken into account. The ex- perimntally oonfirsed abrupt dhange of the fonn of equilibrium of atomic nuclei in due to the influence of pair-energy, which counteracts transition to the deformed form of equilibrium outside the body in the case of a small number of nucleons. If the difference between the pair energies in deformed and spheri- oal states in to be Judged on the basis of experimental data, all three known domains of the "stretched" nucleus are obtained, and the theoretically found limits of the "stretohea" nucleus agree well with experimental data. The presence of other domains of "stretched" nuclei in not indicated by theoretical derivation, which Card 1/2 is not in agre eme nt with the latest data. BIRBRAIn_,B.L., Cand Phys Math -_-i -- (diss ) "Equilibrium w-, form of atomic nucleie" Len) 19S8) 6 pp (Min of bducation RSFSR. Len State Pedagogical Inst im A.I. Uertsen. 'hair of 'heoretical Physics and Astronomy) 100 conies (KLt 23-5b, 101) - 2 - I lkuulak~, V. P. tt A.11-traton C=fore- am, Vpoctrocc.ry (32 Too.17.2-YO a-bhanly- pc FXRZMI=s Atonnown, "reLys, 1757. T,1 7, Ir I. P? 7C-18 (Mult) ARVIUCT I ?he U "I-ftiou Cmt.r.c.. es. held froe J-&-j 26 to ymbruor.t 2, 1959 at rkuw-kov. Alers thea 300 wticirOato board 100 1"twre., Me nost jsp.rt~t f whl,-h do.a- eith the follwizC fields. nujlv%r ?hoary, C*aqrol probl- of A-A#gxq. A. S. Dar7dar (HOU)s If 1~-*a.rgy wmilked mmolo~ tat... L. X. Poker. -Aftam - ~J&Vht" L. K. Poker, L. A. Sliv (LFTZ)o Cu~ixv;i'v 0601118,111ame of d.f.l..d =C2.1. T. IL T-* S. KUTI)a Calculatiou zf Lb~ ft-raluve wiLh "trlz 1 ;. rl-w-rt- -trormitims ty ..~l of US au--ax, N - sadel. 1. ft:ymy~ (XLZ). Coms'.1-tion it ~vl-- 170~ (1A-3). The appitatS,m of %be ";or- o0ou1m.1, Wity aGdOl SO M'.'*i for the jMn"G Of -1~4lLttJld MmIr somommts of Lortim. 1. Z. IlOm!~~Gkly (IAS .4 of the xfttrva 8k"11, t, of =11 lr.linsk' (w), Th. Coed 1/3 Preim-1 stage An k rzk C ITZ71 Andu2" cir-14-Lun t.t-on -d f ,, amtriAo to the d:cmw of the u.,*racw 1. V. L,10whav, Z -A (UTI), U.mmurseent of th. cerr-laAlon ctroft 9.1mr-tatim sud clrculfiz polartsallLom Of r-qu=ts accuzring !A the of 44~6 a" C460. Boa" zch~%. jr-radiation, of VOGUL. ra~A~ Y., T n T t A. 5. s T .4 'k 12".k~*JaJ7 InfititUt EPh7SjaC-t*!hE:U1 LASt Ut Chw The 312.11(;..?), krl*(,M A jll%'~ 11aharow, . * viva- o- 1zhookiy Jamtl-~t (L*nicerid ?by d.LO fix toohnic" lastituto)l Zmenticatica of the c7AI-b swcita%!~o4 L".r 1".11 or Some mm~lsi duriad th.1, b-b-!z.r1l. by of %h Multi ly cb"gd 1-6 (C. !1' 0, mr-d ~' A-1L. ; - jQ,rjj6 V, A. (?IAN). New i..tol: 1 R.!155, ft,61 No, 53 ~A a. , D.aaW L set up 44 the I. he -iAZL- : ace of tLo "tomia - .. rs--,. 4;Wrc:,apy d be. V, 1. C,*,ahki " "FL, X"notii .9ont-4ra;h ftr h Target Th. r pe .4 ka' 1t, I f I h. x.1: 1= 1 .4 Ir M:" I ..' - ( . a RM -4,try) 1 " 'Li ps- 'Y gave . report bout a- T;. r...* by S. S. vk~ mtrm..~i the fd-t thel auvlt~ Uhl. sod retv" ... ... to ought t~ 1. publish.1 -"h Ire julzk~ Sa order to be of S6,a *". to the xporimeator. CM4 5~ 21 i, " Uadrunol -onn c~ -Vaca o 1:1 d a -f In ny 0 c; n n 1; to obt,-.4-ii nc.., co 0 11VIC 1c i O.C r-~r n- tO v Z,. it cl0 11 tin cas C, 0 fo Ill :7 o rIVICIcus 0), rm:l 2) W -o-- cr --rtion r-,ict Tho nr,.-c~~ equ-lhium- are derlVC6. -"0%. Eol-r4 s (I'lor, On* invoc t-'ac problc-,.:o .,I --,~D +110 i.;l-cornal sti-A,.c _ u:; Connection b.,,u.. 0'..11 Ll": Oncill-tioxin u,~* I)p :Uclci C ai'd c 11.11 1,013poet to 1~jvL~J%" jr,4- A oil bf,- tuo,:r -e~~ tion" cm-1-6,i,cc Lion.. to I.J."t'jj'a band, (as a ri~~;uj-, 00 r! ]n -I va t e 0 varint4on ()t, tile n o c ti C.IL Oplor j.n --ti;j~ -in prrt 41-1, data at, ;)~!oncnt w:--iiLable for inzolei 0j: --,r(! (U."Cuacrecl C."Iblos it 2-~ Vi;L,711n, t.Lblo:;, and (Loninn-A C USS-) Jul- BIRBRAIR.. B.L. Effect of superf-luidity of atomic miclei on stripping and piclmp reactions& Zhureekspoi teor.fix. 41 no.3&894-897 S 1619 (MIM 14:10) 1. Laningradskiy fizikD-tekhnicheskly institut AN SSSR. (Nuclear reactions). 2M2 S10561611040100310221031 B112/B214 *j. CIO AUTRORs Birbrair, B. L6 TITLEt Inalysis of the angular distribution of the reaction products in light nuclei PERIODICALs Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v. 40, no. 3, 1961, 895-897 TEM The angular distribution of the react18n products in light nuclei is found to be unsymmetric with respect to 90 and has maxima which are characteristic of processes of direct interaction. From these circum- stances it may be concluded that the reactions proceed simultaneously by direct, and by resonance mechanism. The interference between these two mechanisms complicates the analysis of an experimental angular distribu- tion very much. It is shown in the present paper that if the energy of the particle current is sufficiently large in comparison with the height 0 of the Coulomb barrierp the contribution of the direct mechanism to the differential reaction cross section may be separated in calculating the angular distribution at energies E and E + r72 (E resonance energy, r r r r Card 1/2 A 2242 S/056/61/040/003/022/031 Analysis of the angular... B112/B214 1~ resonance width). The calculation of the angular distribution is made in the plane wave approximation and expressions are given for the angular distributions do d/d J1, do int /dA, and dar/dll of the direct, interference, and resonance parts of the differential reaction cross section. The f ollowing result is f inally obtainedi do d 1L . J(E + 1. r d/ r 2 r + J(E r i(rb 10), where J(E;V~ - dad/d_CL+ do /d-CL + dd~.JdA, r 2 r r int and '~ is the scattering angle. Experiments on light nuclei at medium energy of the particle current give a resonance width of the order of 10 - 100 kev. In regions distant from the reaction threshold dcd/d-(L changes markedly (1 -'2 Mev) while in the resonance region it is practically constant. There are 3 referencest 2 Soviet-bloc and I non- Soviet-bloc. ASSOCIATIONa LeningrAdskiy fiziko-tekhnicheakiy institut kkademii nauk SSSR (Leningrad Institute of Technology, Academy of Sciences, USSR) SUBMITTEDo Ootober.3,.1960 Card 2/2 S/05' 62/04'2/60~/O~~/05, B108YB104 AUTHOR- Birbrair, B. L. TITLE: Proton-neutron interaction in the pair correlation model PERIODICALt Zburnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, V. 42t no. 2, 1962, 479 - 484 TEXT: The difference in the proton and neutron Fermi levels may be oompens- ated by Coulomb interaction. It istherefore necessary to study the effect of p-n interaction upon coupling. It is shoWn that the proton and neutron amplitudes in the canonical Bogolyubov transformation (N. N. Bogolyubov UFN, �1, 549, 1959)'do not interfere with each other, i. e., the coupling of protons and neutrons in a spherical nucleus is independent. The quadrupole V/ excitation of even-even spherical nuclei is discussed with consideration of p-n interaction. The outer protons and neutrons are to have moments of momentum (j) much greater than unity. Two levels with spins 2 + are found. The probabilities of E2 transitions from these levels to the ground level and of the transition 2' + 2+ are determined: Card 1/4 13/056j62/042/002/027/055 Proton-neutron interaction... B108/B104 2E B (0) - B-P 'E Ip Ik+ -0. 2i- A (26) B (E2) - rP '0 IP Ip r+ -#0 We+ i + as + a Y -i+ B (E2) - B-P (,"Tr+ + WIP), (allp - UJI"), J' 64W. W,+EIP + as where Bsp is*the single particle value of the respective probability. (gl _ 82)/8EV ; 'E a E v U V X(jj2' _ 1j2). n P pn . pip Jn'; Vpn - Uj p ip Jin in p n P and ?n are the energies of quadrupole oscillations without p-n interaction. For the limiting case 0, which is rather close to the actual facts, the results are Card 2/4 S/056/62/042/002/027/L)55 Proton-neutron interactioneet B1.08/B104 ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy fiziko -tekhnicheskiy institut Akademii nauk SSSR (Leningrad Ph si 0otechnioal Institute of the Academy of Sciences USSR~ SUB.MITTEDt, july 28, ig6i 8/048/63/027/002/001/023 BI04/B18O AUTHORS: Birbrair, B. L., Yerolchina, K. I., and Lem~berg, 1. Kh. TITLE. The energies of the first 2 + levels and the reduced probabilities of E2-transitions to these levels in spherical nuclei PERIODICAL. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya fiziches'k-aya, v. 27, no. 2, 1963, 150-171 TEXT: The air, ia to calculate C.,2+ energies of the first excited levels and the B(E2)0 --,,2+ reduced probability for spherical nuclei in a wide range of atomic numbers and to compare the results with experimental data. The calculation is carried out on the basis of a simple qualitative model to-king account of pairing and quadrupole-quadrupole interaction between Ahe outer nucleons. On the basis of results and symbols defined in previous papers the selection of F-.rj, the calculation of L,- T and the mass difference between odd and neighbored even-even nuclei, and the selection of G09t, are studied in detail. By means of the formulas Card 113 S/048/63/0'7/002/001/023 The energiea of the first ... B104/B18O + E - .,j.) + LV), (6) and B (M",- IRTi + E,F) L2 Th (-r,J + E,j,)V(pjj~ en (7) I E E + A, (TY) (Tji,) L 2uj E,? (I + 6jj,) thereduced Drobability of E2-transitions from the ground state to the first 2+ levels are calculated and the energy of the first excited levels of spherical nuclei. The reduce probabilities are in good agreement with experimental data in many diagrams. The energies agree well vith experimental data in the case of Ni, Xr, Sr, Sn, To, Ba, Ce, and Fb; ..-...qard 2/3 S/048/63/027/002/001/023 The energies of the first ... B104/B180 aoreement is worse in the case of Zn, Zr, Mo and Pt. The theoretical 0 results reflect Seneral tendencies observed exper.-Imentally, particularly the increasing 02, on approaching the outside of the shell with the maximum for neutron-filled shells. There are 12 figures and 2 tables. Card 3,13 BIRMAIR B L Superfluidity and excited states of spherical nuclei with odd atomic numbers, Izv, AN SSSR. Ser, fiz. 27 no-10:1329-1337 0 f63. (MM 16t10) BnUR4-M,, B.-L. "Concerning the Theories of Superfluidity of Atomic Nuclei." report submitted for All-Union Conf on Nuclear Spectroscopy, Tbilisi, 14-22 Feb 64. FTI (Physico Technical Inst) ACCXSSION NR: AP4042964 0/b048/64/028/007/1185/1187 AVn(OR: Birbrairt B.L. TITIE: Contribution to the theory of superfluidity of atomic nuclei ffieporto 14th 1 Annual Conference on Nuclear Spa6troscopy hold in Tibillsi, 14-21 Feb 19617 SOUIM- AN SSSR. 1xv.Se riya fixichesks ya, v.28, no'.7, 1964, 1185-1187 MMIC TAGSi atomic struj%turqkj'-ftucleir itiucture, nuclear okodel ~WTRACT: This paper to concemed with criteria. for the occurrence of"superfluidi., ty in spberical nuclei~n the ticinit' of.lead.'The pairing interactions obtained, y by V.N.Glmn, Yu.I.Kharitonav, L.A.Sliv and G.A.Sogommova.(Nucl.Phys.28,192,1964) for nucleon states In these nuclei are tabulated and compared with the formula r(.2i + 1) (2j' + 1) commonly employed In the6rptidal discussions of superfluldity in spherlbal nucleis '-;"i .The formula In found to be groonly'inadequate;*In particular, the off-diagonal in- teractions obtained by Sliv et all even between states of nsaily the adme onergyO I are much smaller than-tho dIaVnal1termW,*&nd sometimes even of opposite sign* The! 1/2 BIRMIR, B.L. Theory of the superfluidity of atomic nuclei. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz. 28 noo70-185-1187 JI 164 (MIRA 1718) 1. Fiziko-tekbnichaskiy institut, im. A.F. loffe AN SSSR. I - ~ P-" 2 in I ~ ~ ~- :IT . I & NC i, BIRBRAIR, B.L.; GUMAN, V.N. , 7-,- - Ex"citation spectra of T1 208 and Bi 208 nuclei. IAd. fiz. 1 no.6: 971-975 Je 165. (,miRA 18:6) 1. Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut imeni loffe AN SSSR. I i~ , iJ'.i,. ;TE v V . F;Iation between one-yartlel- statet3 cind rotaticn -in de-formed with odd A. Izv. A?. SSSR Ser. fiz. 29 no.2:291-301 F '65. I I I ( ~ i I I R~ I IS -. _"') ) ANDIMIJIVA, R.I._-,,BIRBRAYMR. I.Sh.; GAVRISH, VA.; CHIRVINSKATA, H.T. Efficient combined geological-geopbysical method for areal prospecting used In the Dnieper-Donete Lowland. Geol.mftl I gass, 3 no.11124-28 1 159. OaR& 1313) 1. Treat Ukrneftegeofisiks.. (Dnieper LowlaneL-.Prospectizig--GeopbysicaI methods) (Donets Basin--Prospecting geophysical methods) C, SMIELYANISKIY, V.11-1.i BI Some data on the relation of atrucfw-al plaris ir, the northwestern yart of the Dnieper-Donets lt~wland. Geol. nufti i gaza 9 no.6: 61-3 of cover Je 165. OalLh 18:8) 1. Kiyevskaya ekspeditsi~a TUL--iinskogo nauchno-issledovatellsko.go Coologorazwedoulmogo inst-ituta. 0 ,-BERM& X.I., Imndenedonauk Prothrombinogento hepatic function in syphilis patients under the affect of specific treatment. VrAchAelo no.12:1353 D 157. (MIRA 11:2) (i.o.say. - dots. S.1. 1. Ufeclrs koshaykh I "nericheskikh bolesney Matuskov) Gdesskogo meditainskogo institute. (SYPHILIS) (LIM) (BLOOD PLASMA) 16 9, v4 I e V, BIRBRAYBR, M.L., kandidat wditelmokikh asuk Antitoxic function of the liver during specific treatment'for syphilis. Vest,.ders. i Yen. 31 no-3:52 My-Je 157. (KIM 10:11) 1. 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It is shmirn that the spectn= of every isomer differs from the others by absorption bands, viz., the metalsomer differs by the bands at 4070 and 5002 =-I, the ortoisomer differs by the bands at-3172 and 3346 =-1 and the paraisoner differs by the bands at 3080 and 3108 cm-I - Card 1/2 -30- I rc RMANIA/Physical Chemistry - Moleculej, Chemical Bond. B-4 Abs Jour: Referat. Zhurnal Xhimiya, No 2,, 1958, 3569. Author St. Vencov,,D. 73irca-Galateanu, C. Gheorghita-Oancea- Inst AcaAemy of So ences of-M~-&- Title Itfrared and Ultraviolet Spectra of Some Vegetable Oils. Orig Pdb: )hd. stiint. Acad. R.P.R. See. mat. si fiz., 1956, 8, No 2, 391-4o4. Abstract: The infrared and the ultraviolet absorption spectra of ricinus oil (I), sunflower oil (II) and linseed oil (111) in natural state were studied. Only an intensity difference of separate bands was ob- sex-ved in the I to III spectra. The bands 3.5 and 3.42,,,A vere re- ferred to the valence vibrations of the CHz P=P, MR,- vas re- ferred to the'barmonic'of the CID, deformtion vibration., 1.%,, was (0-C) 3P ', 1-72 and 1.75^ irere the ay=- and asymin. (CHA) 2.~', 1.4^ vas (C-C) 3vJ - The o4w~tone of (OH)V-,Was superinposed on the last band in the I'spectrum. The bands 5.87m of (C--O)V and 8.1 and 8.6,Ai of (C-O)V vere noted in the range from 3.7 to 14,44. Card 1/2 -34- RumarA/Physical chdmisi4~Q16UAbemica1 Bond. Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Xhimiya, No 1, 1958, 122 B-4 Author : D. Birca-Galateanu. Inst : Academy of Sciences of Rumania Title : Absorption Spectrum of n-Bromaniline in Nearer Infrared Region. Orig Pub ; Bul. stiint. Acad. RPR. Sec. mat. si fiz., 1956, 8, No 2, 405-413 Abstract : The infrared spectrum of n-bromaniline in the region from 1,5 to 10,41 was obtained. The frequencies found were re- fered as follows (in CM I : 1002, 1042 6 (CH), loft, liol 2 v 11, v (C_; , 1167 ~P Q: 1267 V ,g, (c-N), 1431 2 4817 t "P4, CH), 11 0131 ~P(C-C), 1598 ~'3 (ZM2)1 1839 P 9, 4L (C-C), 1953 ~Pll + ,P19, Card 1/2 RUMANU/Physical Chemistry - Molecule, Chemical Bond. B-4 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiyaj No 1, 1958, 122 S(CH), 2o42 2 014, same, 2517 2 ~?, '0' (C-N), 2853 %~ 9 + %~17' 2893 '1113' 2997, 3033 ~913 + V161 3054 02 + V16 + ~918, 3095 V 12, ~P (C-H), 3192 2 ~93 1, 3365 'All, sym. f (n-H), 3465 0 2 '1 asym- %$~ (N-H), 3661 3 0 , 3876, 4o45, 4338, 4522 3%913; 4782 4 v , 5055 3 0 3 " 5973 2 "'121 6666 2%P,'. The band 3422 cm-1 was attributed to the val. osc. of the N-H link taking part in the formation of the hydrogen bond. Card 2/2 BITRCA-GAL'TEEANIT D. BIRCA-CALATF.IT,",J, D. ~eifnfttte electricity p. 6:23. vol. F. ro. 12, Dec. 1956 GA.'=Ik ',",~T"IATICA ST FIZICA. SVITIA A. SUENCE So: East I-'-urore,;m I,ccession Vole 63 'No.5, ~,iay 1957