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S/15 6010031004102810401XX B020YB054 AUTHORS: Budnikov, P. P., Bogomolov, B. N. TITLE: Investigation of Forsterite Refractories After Use in the Sintering Zone of an Experimental Cement Kiln PERIODICAL: Izveetiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy, Khimiya khimicheskaya tekhnologiya, 1960, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 707 - 714 TEXT: The authors studied the behavior of forsterite refractories in the sintering zone of a rotary cement kiln. The investigations were car-- ried out at the pilot plant of the Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut tsementnoy promyshlennosti (scientific Research Institute of the Cement Industry) on annealed and not annealed forsterite refractories of the "Magnezit" factory. The properties of the refractories are given in Table 1; refractoriness is more than 18500C. The remaining furnace lin- ing consisted of tale from the Shabrovskiy deposit. Table 2 shows the chemical composition of cement clinkers annealed in the kiln. Annealing was conducted for 93 hours at B-10 hours nearly every day. Table 3 Card 1/3 Investigation of Forsterite Refractories S/153j6O/OO3/004/028/040/XX After Use in the Sintering Zone of an B020/BO54 Experimental Cement Kiln gives the chemical composition of forsterite refractories in the in- dividual zones after use in the kiln, while Table 4 shows the proper- ties of forsterite refractories in the individual zones after use. Fig.1 shows microphotographs of the structure of the individual zones of refractories after use, Figs. 2 and 3 X-ray pictures of the indivi- dual zones of annealed and not annealed forsterites after use in the rotary kiln. The results obtained reveal that annealed forsterite re- fractories are suitable for the lining of sintering zones in rotary cement kilns, since their chemical stability, strength, and resistance to heat and wear meet the demands made on them. Not annealed forsterite refractories cannot be used in the cement industry because of the lose in strength in the respective zones, and a number of physicochemical properties. The most susceptible component of forsterite refractories is free periclase. The crystalline forsterite agglomerate, which is the basis for the structure of the refractories, is sufficiently heat- resistant and poorly reactive to the chemical effect of cement clinker components. Only in the contact layer of the refractory material with the clinker, the agglomerate is partly transformed into the vitreous Card 2/3 Investigation of Forsterite Refractories S/153/60/003/004/028/040/XX After Use in the Sintering Zone of an B020/BO54 Experimental Cement Kiln phase which, for its part, is refractory and favors the formation of thin, highly resistant lining layers. There are 3 figures, 4 tables, and 10 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy khimiko-tekhnologicheskiy institut im. D. I. Mendeleyeva, kafedra obahchey tekhnologii silikatov (Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology imeni D. I. Mendeleyev, Department of General Silioate Technology) SUBMITTED: May 9, 1959 Card 313 BUDNIKOV, F.F.j akademrLkj BOGOMOLOVI B.N. Forsterite, refractorims and their use in the different branches of industry. Zhur. VKHO 5 no. 2:140-148 160. (MM 14:2) 1. Akademiya nauk USSR (for Budnikov). (Forsterite) BTIDNMOV, P.P.; BOGCKOLOV# 33-No, Inzhe Interaction.of forsterite refractories with Portland-cement clinkers of various chemical MA mineralogical compositions. Trudy MITSement no.1300-93 160,, (KMA 13:11) 1. Dayetvitel'alry chlen AN USSR (for Budnikov). (Iforsterits) (Portl=d cement) ACCESSION NU: AP404V158 8/0131/G41/000/011/0520/0523 AUTHOR,. 3~goinolov, D.. N. j 115orgeyeva,, V. M. TITLE: Unburnt refractor4mitb a P0 hinder SOURCE: Ogneupory*, 11, 1964. 520-523 TOPIC TAGS: refractory mate-vial. polymer binder, aluminum phosphate, imburnt refract- ory, binder pbysical property ABSTILACT: Tim purpose of this studywas to produce specimens of unburnl; refractories with a polymer binder that were, not inferior to burnt refractories. Aluminum phasphatte 4) was chosen as the base material for obtaining a polymer binding. The investigation (AIPO n included the development of a mothod for making the liquid binder, select!,on of thv base refractory material, and selecl3on of the technology, manufacture, and testing of Vne specimens. The binder was obtained by the react!,on AI(OH)3 + F13P04 ->AIF,04 + "H .0, 71e prepared binder was boiled, pourt-A inbo vessels, snd cooled with constant agita-fion. After cooling, the bindor was a jeally-111ce, viscous material which did not sclidifyfor a lon.c.; time and was transportable. Under speaRd heating conditions tho binder sollidified at 'M-Mc Into a porous maps. ThejefractorInOBB of tho binder was above 4800C, the refractorinesB-under-load (2kEVcm') was above 1790C; no additional sturinkage was ob2arved -Ord 1/2 MGM lovv;' i~.,Iu VUVAIng III wawr; Lim ityparent Furunit W"d W-OV4Vj ULUA '.Vt7J,%11L 1VUd 4. 10-e- &0 ghm',I, comproBsive strongth -wqn 80-120 h, hrn.A bending strength, 35-50 k" cni9-. 11a mcAculus of elaBtlelty remptinesell constant in the 20-1500C temperature range. The material wall not; WeArically conductive up to 15W, which was the limit of the expiximent. CorundumPmagneslte, chromilta, dolomite, and forster-Ite were tested as the base refractory matierlal. Corundum, Dintered alumina, and varloua kypes of fireclay yleldi--d tile best reuults. As a result of the laboratory investIgationg, an effective almmi-muTt pho'9phate binder and unburnt corundum und aluminophosphate refractorles were obtallned which were of high quality and stability. With special beat treatment in tho 20-285C temporl,10-1-1p. fange, the binder Is polymerlied, forming a stable skeleton, thus imparting high properfies to the refractorleB. The authors considered that the sufficiently high proporties ~mvj stabil.4ty of the unburnt refractories obtained was due to the polymer sk-eletwi, Consisting of chains and rings of tetrabdtra of AIP04 and A1203. Or1g. art. ha-9: tables, I figure and I chemical equation. AXSOCIATION: Sibnfitgement SUBMITTED3 00 ENCL, OD BUD CODE: MT No REF SOVj 004 OTHER: 004 Card 2/2 BOGOMOWV, B.P., student; LUSHINA, Ye.Y., student; SIMTAKOV, G.V., professor, --ld~Wdi-viiihchiV. Zones of hyperalgesia. in coronary insufficiency. )l no-7:89 Jl 153. (HLHA 6:9) 1. Ka~edra propedevtiki vnutrennikh bolezney Astrakhanskogo meditainakogo inatituta. (Coronary arteries-Diseuses) (Pain) VAPRINTSEVA, L.Ya.; ~~OLO~VPB*~P*(#strakhanl) Two cases of owididoWcosiv. JC&Z.N*d.zhur. no..5:120-]-U S-0 160. (MONILLWIS) (MIRA. 13:11) BOGOMOLOV, B.P. Sanitary and bacteriologic evaluation of therapeutic mud. Vop. kuri, fizioter.; i lech. fiz. kul't. 26 no.5:407-All S-0 61. (lailk 14:11) 1. Iz kafedry mikrobiologii (zav. - prof. B.I.Kurochkin) Astrakhanskogo moditsinsko'go institute, (dir. - kBddidat meditsin- skildi nauk-I.N.Alamdarov). (TINAKI-BATHS, MOOR AND MD) BOGCMOLOV, B.F. Spreading factor of Cl. perfrJngmu. Zhur.mikrobiol...(epid. i in"mu. 32 no.10;137 0 '(A. ~MA .14:3.0) 1. Iz Astrakhanalcogo meditsinskogo instituta. (CLOSTRDIM4 PERFRIGM) BOGOMOLOV, B.P. ... Use of the phage titer growth reaction in diagnosing bacillary dysentery in children. Zhur. mikrobiol. epid. i immun. 32 rio.6:130-132 je 161. (MIR& 15:5) 1. Iz Astrakhanskogo moditeinakogo instituta. (DYSENTERY) (BACTERIOPHAGE) USMANOVA, A.V.; KURDOVA, N.S.; BCGOMDLOV,.B.P. Clinical and microbiological characteristics of Salmonellosis produced by S. Breslau. Zhur.mikrobiol.epid.i irmun. 33 no.5:122- 123 MY 162. (MM 15:8) 1. Iz ABtrakhanskogo meditsinskogo Instituta, i irfektsionnoy bollnitsy imeni V.M.Bekhtereva. (SALMNELLA) --BOG.oMOLOV9.B,P,j RPISHINAp I.I. Bacteriophage of Eacherichia coli M3. 7. Zhur. m4 iol., epid. i imnr=. 41 no.32137-138 Mr 164- (MIRA 17t11) 1, Astrakhanskiy gosudarstvennvy meditainakiy institut. BOGOMOLC1V,,-,R' ' Improving and simplifying the methods of planning sUp repair, Rech, tranBpe 21 no*8:26-27 Ag 162, (MIIW~ 18:9) 1, Nachallnik plavnovo-proizvodstvannogo otdela Chistopol'skogo sudoremontnogo savodas BEGUNMV. A.I., inzh.; BOGOMDUff, D.B., insh. Pnounatomechanical remote on ships. Rech.transp. 18 (14arine (Remote control of "Shkoda' main engines used no.6:32-33 -Te '59.(MIRA 12:9) engines) control) BOGGIOLOV, D. F. 29125 ZyemyelIny fond bashkirskoy ryespubliki v pochvyennom otnoshyenii. Trudy Bashkir. mauch.-issled. Polyevod, stantsii, T. 111, 1948 (kolon-titul: 1947). s. 107-2h.--Bibliogr: 8 nazv. SO: IETOPISI NO. 34 BOGOMO ------- The over-all mechanization of maldng light reinforcements for reinforced concrete products. Stroi.prom. 27 no-7:8-10 Jl 149. (MIRA 13:2) 1. Treat TSeerostroydetall Miniaterstva stroitel'stva predpriyatiy tyasheloy industrii, (Reinforced concrete) Authors BogomOAff, Do P. Titles Mmutacture of welded apmj= Xr-amE12 aW &Mt2qt_ (2ditor 1. 0. 80410,7). (Proitv~dstvo avaM14 armaturnyk-h karkanow i aetok. (Redak:tor 1. (1, &Nalov.) 72p. "'Art Room Publiaherx State PublicatIon of Con3truction Liferature Dates 1950 AvaVA03as Ubmry of Conpvev Sources Monthly Ebt of kturian Accessiomp Vol. 4, No. 5, P. ~O NOSAMO, NNe, Imavat Stalinskoy premii; BOGWOMY. D.P.. laureat Stallutixoy preadi, redaktor.' 11,qui mnt for,the preparation and welding of concrete reinforce- p ment] Oborudovani*e dlia sagotovki i evarki armatury zhelesobstons. Koskva, Goo. isd-vo lit-ry po stroltalletvu L ar)dUtekture, 1954. 131 P. MAL 7:7) (WoldiAg) (Reinforced concrots) BDGOMDIA)V, D.P.; DUBROVKIN, S.D.; LICBEDW. , I.T. ---------- Planning the installation of sanitary engineering sretems in the construction of residential buildings in Moscow. Vod.i san.tekh. no.1:1-5 Ja 160. (MIRk 13:4) (Moscow-Dwellings-Reating and ventilation) BULAZOVSKAYA', Ye.I., inzh.; BOGONDLOV D.F.0 Insh.; TVAnOV, V.G., kand. --' ~e~vnik -W~o tekhn.nauk; POYGIN:Yr.,!,'-~xL Assembly planning and use of industrial methods in the assembly of Indoor faci2itien. Vod.i san.tekh. no.4:15~-16 Ap 162. (MRA 15:8) (Plumbing) - BOOOMOLOV, D.F. In the Main Administration for Housing and Public Construction in the City of Moscow; industrial designs of heating systems. Vod. i san. tekh. no.7#32-33 J1 162. (MA 15:9) (Moscow-Heating research) FCCCI,'010711 DY. 11000VOLOVY D.T.1 l'T-,-n.-,--dt%zi6n T of P- Te-l-vir..inn P, .:juppre5rion of One side PaYA of Fre~cu-nci-,-.` Sc4 Inst, Min Rxdio Enfiner-ring, ITylu!-Ary. Leringrad, lC,56. (Disiorte.tion for the Derrmo of Cs~ryjj.dr4e~. in Tnehnicm! Science) So: Knizbnay& Letopis', No. 18, .1956, .;- ---, ; -. ~ ., ~ .. - I - - - - , - :4 1 :~ - -- D. V. AORICULTURE 15,6311 ~, BOGOMLOVY G.D. Open resonators in the eight bolsh. moshch. no.3tl54-175 BQGOMLOV. F.I. Serum propbylaxis of Botkin's disease In a rural area. Vrach.delo no.9:143 S 162. (MIRA 15:8) 1. Sanitarno-protivospidemicheskiy otdel Chervonoamayokoy rayonnoy bollnitys Zhitomirskoy oblasti. (GAMMA GLOBULIN) (CHERVONOARMEYSK DISTRICT (ZHITOMIR PROVINCE)- HAPATITIS, INFECTIOUS) BOGOMOLOIT, F.I. Epidemiological characteristics of Bo+.kJnls disease in a ural area. Zhur. mikrobiol., epiO. i immun. 40 no.6t25-28 Je 163. (MIRA 17:6) 1. 1z sanitarno-protivoepidemicheakogo otdela Chervonoarmeyskoy rayonnoy bollnitay Zhitomirskoy oblasti. BOGOSIOVSKIY, Yu.D... inzb.,- SMIRNOV, V.D., kand. tekhn. nauk; BOGOMOLOV, F.M., inzh. 1--l-, . ~, [Practices in preparing prestressed beams with a span of 18 meters in the West Ural Economic Region] Opyt izgotov- leniia predvaritellno napriazhennykh balok proletom 18 metrov v Zapadno-Urallskom ekonomicheakom raione. Perm', 1963. 27 p. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Nauchno-tekhnicheskoye obshchestvo stroitellnoy in- dustrii SSSR. Permskoye oblastnoye pravleniye. Trest "Orgtekhstroy.11 . 2. Nachallnik otdela vnedreniya i osvoyeniya novykh stroitellnykh konstruk-tsiy tresta "Orgtekhstroy" (for Bogoslovskiy). 3. Glavnyy tekhno- log Perv.skogo zavoda ZhVK-3 (for Bogomolov). 2. US,;R (60~) 4. Lement - iodicvo 7. li ort on tne r~.spectinC for cement resorves fur Lim joillvvv cci:~cnl. dant fcT 11~1;4. U Fl-~u r, i r ac t .7 izv. ulav. upr. Nc. 2j 1947. 9. Montni., -List of Russian Accessions. Liurar., of Lo%ress. i-iarcti, 1~53. LnUagsified L ~43-65 -Dn 4-1j. AM _TALK ai M/__F3_D (t) ACCESSION NR: AT4047278 AUTHOR: Bogomolov, G.D.: TITLE: Open resonators for 8:mm vraves SOURCE, ANSSSR. Fizicheskayaliboratorlya. ti lek-tronika boll shildi moshchnGMUOY, ro. 3, 19G4, 1541-175 TOPIC TAGS: resonator, open resonator, oscillator theory ABSTRACT:--- The paper- cliscus-scs brle4y the advantages- of vpen resonators at frequcncies~sohlgh that the orjlnar~c_avity r6sonators-becorne too small. llethiwry Of 000111ations-in open reson~rs come-lattig -of plane parallel circular mirrors, m rd el. -spbcric:al. concave mirrors set pp opposite to 'h other,- is then given. ExTerimental InvestigaUons of npen TeSDWAtOrS PTO&COd bY PlnnC and spherical mirrors of circ~Jar sbape operating at 8 mm waves are described. The mirrors were mo,.Lnt--d on a crLthetc- meter and the distance between them was accurately meaBured. 1"he resonator was excited effectlvely (i. e, the e%cltaticm had a well-defined resonant character) by feeding the out-put from an 8 mm WyBtron to s, holo located In the center of one of the mirrors while, In this other mirror, a detector was couplied to the resonator by a hole Simil arly ACCMION NR: AT4047278 located In the centel' or the mirror.- The resonator Q was determined by Gweeping, the Mystrim freVency using a saw-tooth voltage. Ile dependence of tho resonator natural freqaencleB and the corresponding Q factors on the distance between the. mirrot~is was obtained for a resonator with plane mirrors. It was found that in isuch reson-c1ors Rho spectrum of natursl fi, eiencles Is less dense than In a cmltv resonat-~-:)r. as prefficted by theory. The effect ofthe misalignment of the plane mirrors oil tlll~ properties of the resonator was also Investigated; additional ose-illations are exclli-d In a resonator when the mirrors areaol perfectly parallel. The natural frecRienc, spectram of resonators formed by sp~erlcal mirrors was investigated and found tc be In good agreement with theory. The Q factor of such resonatDrs was rneasured as i function of the distance between the mirrorb. It was found that when.. the caustic sl,:- face aWroaches the edge of tfiemirror the Mraction losses begir, to beeome eigafffi- cant. In the in--lestigated resonators, the diffraction losses be-gin to be noticen-ble when the distance butwean the caastic and the odge of the mIrrorbecomes apprardw ately half the radius of the spherical rairror. The field dlBtrRrLUor. in. opemn re-sonatorowss aiso investJgal~ed by perturbing the fii-.Id wming a sirnall mietall-lic sphere. NLqLe the theory ot this method is s" not fully developed, the resulo of We method are only of a prelimInary, qualitative nabire. "The autbor than1kB P. L. 'KnpltBa for Card 2/3 cardiV3 L 448og-66 EWTKI) GG ACC NRt AP6032024 SOURCE NO : W63W/66/664/6676/0_2J~NF39 AUTHOR: Rusin, F. S.; Bogomolov, G. D. ORG: Institute of P~ysicls _Ac.%dew_..Qf_,0_cie4ce~s SSSR (Institut fizicheakikh A_kmbiemq,,~ probl-em-WREdiiiii7iia _SSSR) TITLE: Generation of electromagnetic oscillations~in an open resonator SOURCE: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki. Pialma v redaktsiri. Frilozheniye, v. 4, no. 6. 1966, 236-239 TOPIC TAGS: resonator, electromagnetic wave oscillation, millimeter wave submillimeter wave, microwave oscillator ABSTRACT: The authors explain first how a self-exciting generator using an open res- onator can be realized by passing a straight-line beam of electrons over a periodic structure deposited on one of the mirrors of the open resonator. When the electron velocity is close to the phase velocity of one o:C the spatial-harmonies, an effective interaction takes place between the electron beam and the electromagnetic field of the open resonator, and at sufficiently large beam currents the "beam-resoneor" system can become self excited. They then describe an experimental verification of the proposed generation method) in an instrument they named "orotron"Aacronymic for the Russian equivalent of "instrument with open resonator and reflecting grating") (Fig. 1). The described instrument is essentially a self excited generatoi*for micro- wave oscillations with a nonrelativistic electron beam. Th e_Ne-aba'ck is effecte,a by the open resonatorp making it possible to transform the incoherent radiation of -the L 44609-66 NR: AP6032024 Fig. 1. Schematic diagram of the oratron (section): 1 - Cathode, 2 - electron beam, 3 coupling aperture, 4 - wave- guide, 5 - spherical mirror, 6 field-caustic boundary, 7 - mirror with periodic structure. electron beam passing over the periodic structure into coherent monochromatic radiation. The main characteristics of such a generator are: 1) Variation of the accelerating voltage with fixed distance between the open-resonator mirrors makes possible generation at several frequencies in a range larger than an octave. 2) Variation of the distance between mirrors effects continuous frequency tuning- 3) The orotron being a quasi- optical instrument, it is easily matched with other quasioptical systems, a specia4 important feature in the submillimeter band. The preliminary experiments and the the- oretical estimates give grounds for hoping that the proposed method will make it po~- siblp, to progress from the millimeter band to the submillimeter one. This investiga-_ tion wil-I be described in greater detail in the collection "Elektronika bol'shikh moschnostei" (High Power Electronics), No. 5 or 6. The authors thank P. L. Kapi-tsa. for support, S. P. Kapitsa and L. A. Vaynshteyn for valuable advice and numerous dis- cussions, and M. B. Gola for technical help-0-70rig. arts has: 2 figures. SUB CODE: 20/ SUB14 DATE: l4JUn64/ ORIG REF: 002/ OTR REF: 001 Card 2/2 b BOG014OLOV, GJ,; ORMWANOV, V.S. Semiautomatic equipment for roasting brake shoes; sWested by G.F. Bogomolov and V.S. Glierepanov. Prom. energ. 12 no.12:16 D 157. (MMA ME!) (Blectric furnaces) BYCHXOV, D.Y.. doktor tekhn.nauk, prof.; KIROV, H.O.; LUNEV, Vasiliv Ivanovich. kand.tokhn.nauk, dots.; IVANOV, Grigorly Mikhaylovich, 1mnd.tekhn.nauk.; PAVLOV, B.P., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk, retsenzent; HUTS, L.G., kand.takhn.neuk, retsenzent; UDOYNHKO, S.A., inzh., retsenzent; BOGOagWL,".. inzh., reteenzent; BORODINA, I.S., red. izd-va; ICAPIA11, MY7, red.izd-va; PARSON, M.N., tekhn. red.; ULIKINA, Ye.A.. [Nniginearing mechanical Tekhnichaskeis mekhanika. Pod obshcbei red. D.V.Bychkova. Hoskva, Goo.izd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkhit. Ft.l. Bychkov, D.V.. and H.O.Hirov [Theoretical mechanical Teoreti-- chesksis makhanika. Izd. 2-oe. 1957. 282 p. Pt.2. lunev, V.I. [Resistance ofmaterials] Soprotivlenie materialov. Izd. 2-oe perer. 1957. 255 P. Pt-3. Ivanov, G.M. [statics of structuresi Statika sooruzhenii. 1957. 226 p. (HIRA 11:2) (Mechanics, Applieel) (Strength of materials) nil nA --t ^4, J'U-lei 01' t;jf 0~' the- BeloruSSian S'tu I'Ocks +hf~ bottomiam- s (F. , 6 specch at the octo,, el- the c[tCle1z, of Sciences c)i' tile elorussial-, zve tiya Aka, Y, au; 0- 1, P. 75-78. 10: U-3261 1r Ipri, 5", (Letopis 'Zh~rnal. lzlyi~,I Osnovy 19 5 1 1 A text for 7eoli-ical vrosractin- and technicsl Echooli deplir.- v.-ith atL-OE:Theric Treci-itation, draina7e SA evaroration, rroTert7A~s of mineralE in relation to -..ater, undarrrourd. ,-caters, ihys'ical rrot e'rtiCe Rnd chemnical comror;tion of under- around water etC; TU11irlied as a ~%overrv:.ent edition of -aolo-ical literat..Ire. 1. w"'OLOV, 0'. 41 2. ussR (6oo) 4. Description and Travel - Africal North 7. From Paris to Dakar. Vokrug.oveta, no. 1, 1953. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. '0'V I G , 2. 'USS"R (600) 4. Africa, North - Description and Travel 7. From Paris to Dakar. Vokrug sveta, no. 2, 1953. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Lib BOGOXOLOV, G. Ten days in the Sahara. Volcmg oveta, no.8:41-45 Ag 153. (KIJIA 6:7) (Sahara-Doncriptioa and travel) BOGCMOWV, G., professor. Ten days in the Sahara. Vo~xug oveta n0-9:28-32 S '53. (MMU 6:10) (Sahara Desert-Deacription and travel) BOGCMOWV. G.V. Polesye of tomorrow. Vokrag aveta n0-2:2-7 F 434. (MLRA 7:2) 1. Chlon-korrespondent Akademii nauk Belorusakoy SSR. (Polesye--Reclamation of lana) (Reclasuition of land-- Polesys) -.? 11yevich; BOCHEVER, F.M., radaktor; CHURIMOV, M.Y., .BOGOMOWY, Ge:ppim..VA i .11 ~ ~ I - I- "' - i J d rodaktor; XYZVA, N.A., redaktor; POPOV, N.D., tekhnichsBkiy redaktor. (Principles of hydrogeologyJ Oenovy gidrogeologii. Izd.2-oa, dop. i parer. Moskva, Gom.wmchno-tekbn.izd-vo lit-ry po geologii i okhrane nedr. 1955. 189 P. (xLaA 9W (Water, Underground) .. Q'yevich; ST.LIN-INKCHURIN, Alekney Ivanarich; BOGOKOXM, Ger&*,Iaj#p "--VM'#TfC XO'IO'o redaktor; IMTIN, K.L., redaktor; GUROVA, O.A., toklislahaskiy redaktor. (Special bydrogeology] Spetsiallusia gidrogeologiia. Koakva, Goo. nauchno-takhn. izd-v,o lit-ry po goologil i okhrane nedr, 1955. 246 p. (KLRA 9:5) (Geology) (Water. Underground) AMBROGGI, R.; GORNURG, K.B. (translator]; BOGOMOWV, G.V., redaktor; SVIT, Ya.M., redaktor; SHAPOVALOV, V'.T77 Me'n~'Ia kly redaktor. [Hydrogeology of Morocco. Translated from the French] Gidragoologiia Narokko; XIX Mezhdun&rodnyi geologicheskii kongress. Pereved a fran- tausskago H.B.Gornunga. Pod red. i a prediel. G.T.Bogomolova. Moskva. Izd-vo Inostrannei lit-ry, 1955. 359 6 (KLRA 9:4) 1~1 ~ (Korecco-Hydroloa ~v -) BOGOMOLOV G.-,professor :'. :w-~ Using isotopes in hydrogeology. Im. AN IGSR no-3:51-52 My-Je '55. (Water. Underground) (Radioisotopes) (FaaA 8:12) BWO110MV, G.V., prof essor. Hydrogeological conditions of the Northern Sahara. 12V. All BSSR no.6:159-167 N-D 155. (MLRA 9:6) I.Ohlen-korrespondent AN BSSR. (Sahara--water) BOGONOLOV, O.V.;.BARABANOVA, Te.,redaktor ; ALIKSMROVICH, th., '"-----tft%v#ftktor EPotty days in North Africa] Sarok dust v severnoi Afrike. Minsk, Isd-v6 Akad. nauk MR, 1956. 123 P. ~' (KLRA 10:5) I Wrion, NOth-Dso'criptioh U4 trav*l) . . I All pe ..U I pson.'.. i I-sr XT '7 'e-mbbut Reports usakdomarobir; nesoulautys W.&W, ".1sw asurlot SO %kw 31"A DMOMI Asoft&ly or 61 sea. TM J,snu Us A"*.. mos-, Im. so "UtIa"I I.W govies tarts Is bu-" go" 2k'O *01,40SIGN at mt,,..S. 004i"Mrs. Aooua,, or _ IsSerestlessl Meet" &% the USS byd-loaftij frMla'". Nod gla"Gleel=10 of I As_ ess . PMUMA of IS. se the ftsuisu vpn vaters, mem, ft& rilres"O". studies rolated to I" in SMUb In meseles , wIlk avail* V.21 - -odis'..".- Tbaft %ft " "V 6"Immaw Or Praso trwAluw om"44% SLYM. 04447"k, these 1. "me "Peff. IF 14% P. V P.P-v 1-v P ; ~v "I'=, pox .4 aw Is cb-Grews-rimas at Sh' GO wIth F~61`000 or AmmWes at' &af-*Icw 2beir ftw.,U. - at eaua 40 M*-91110. P.A. smstle" ce Rivers ft& mob., Vederwou" bftwr son'". V-0. C-ftuou at so "WOOM fts~ A..d... Is *a-am. T.T. me ate* at jW 0-arts 0 ft& zu am. Is 'm at AtmorAme vau, V hump," possums ar Odftw..e;i L=. 4"2t 4c B&OW4 A,.WM met wesw valmes, 0 --am in at M-las Awass I ft at O*Wwwim- faber - 66 C"_ /KAKHNACH, A.S. STErININK0. A.Ya.; TSA12NKO, M.M.; KOZIjOV, M.F. - BOGOMOLOV. _-Iju,."claktor; BARABANOVA, L., redaktor izdatellistva; takhnicheakiy radaktor [Brief outline of the geology of White Russia] Kratkii ochark geologii Belorussil. Kinsk, Isd-vo Aka(l.nauk Belorusakoi SSR, 1957. 214 p. (9LRA 10ig) 1. Institut goologicheakikh nauIc Akedemii nauk Belorueskoy SSR (for Makhnach, Stsfanenko TSapenko Kozlov). 2* Chlon-korrespondent Akedemii nauk Belor;;skoy SSR tfor Bogomolov) (White Russia--Geology) -o. AUTHOR: None Given 5-6-12/42 TITLEi Chronicle of the Activity of the Hydrogeological Section (Khroniks, deyatellnosti gidrogeologichookoy sektsii) PERIODICALt Byulletent Moskovskogo Obshchestva, Ispytateley Prirody, Otdol Geologicheskiyp 1957, # 6# pp 124-126 (USSR) ABSTRACTt The following reports were delivered in the Hydrogeological Section from 11 April to 23 May 1957, A.L. Kozlov on the "Origin of Eternal Congelation in the Razvalka Mountain near Pyatigorsk and tho Genesis of Sources in the Massifs of Cleft Rocks at Its Foot Hill"i G.V. Bogomolov on "Hydrogeology of Australia"; A.A. Aleksin on the "Origin of Fresh Ground Waters under Conditions of krid Climate"; Yu.V. Krylkov on "Some Controversial Problems cif Geological History and Rock Classification in Engineering Geology", and B.M. Ovchinnikov on "Sanitary Hydrogeology". AVAILABLEs Library of Congress Card 1/1 BOGOMOLOV, G.V. , , , Alekenndr Sergeevich Sergeev. Trady lab. gidrogeoi.Drobl. 14:152-162 157. . (MMA 11:5) (Sergeev, Alsksandr Bergoevich, 1878-1942) XAMnFACH, A.P. a . * v -AT -va; . ; - *I.. '~, rodo;.BARAWOTA, Te,, red, isd V~~ WCH.-TI., eichn. red. [Ilarly paleozolo deposits in ftte %selal Prevnepale6zoiskle otloshenlia Selormsell. Minsk, lzd-vo AkoA. nauk BSSR, 1958. 2?5 P. (xm nao) 1, Chlaw-korrespondent -AkMemll-niuk 3832 (for Bogomolov). Mite %asia-Geoloa, Stratigraphie) Bril- lie H Ifj .34 a BWOMOIDT'. G.7. . I. ........- P~roblem of arid sones. Izv. AN Turk. SSR no.2tlO2-105 158. (MM 11: 4) 1.Institut geologli AN Turkmenskoy SSR. (Arid region@) BOGOHOLOV. G.V. [Bahamolau, H.V.I,prof. Principal feature@ of the formation and distribution of under- ground waters in the central and western parts of the Russian Platform. Veatst AN BSSR.Ser.fis.-takh.nav. no.4:97-iM 158. (MII?A 12:4) (Russian Mtfora~-Water, Underground) --. BOGOMOWV, G.V. Formation of underground waters in northern Sahara. Trudy Lab.g*Ldro- geol.probl. 16:67-73 158. (MIRA 12:2) 1. Laboratoriya gidrogeologicheekikh problem imeni F.P. Savaren- skogo AN SSSR. (Sahara-Water, Underground) GAVRYU INA, Anna Andreyevna; BOGOMOLOVO G-J., doktor geol.-miner.nauk, oty. -- -~~SICVA, I.N., red.; RODIONOV, N.V., r-e-ff-.I-zd-vw [waters in Carboniferous deposits of Moscow and their present statej Vody kamenuougollufth otlozheuii Moskvy i ikh sovremennoo oostoianle. Moskva, Izd-vo Alcad.nauk SSSR, 1959. 91 P. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Ia- boratoriia gidrogoelogicheakikh problem. Trady, vol. 24). (MIRA 12:11) (Moscow-water, Underground) o o Lo L), it r. v A 11 alp ali alA -811 -j F. V. I i_- URI-. IA? A pi; if so BOGOMO _Gj.~f1ahamolau, H.M. prof. -_-LLOW Formation of fresh artesian waters along the edges of certain desert zones (North Africa, U.S.S.R., eoutheastern Asia) as distinct from platform conditions. Vestai AN BSSR. Ser. fiz.-takh. nav. no.l: 58-62 '59. (MIRA 12:6) l.Chlen-korrespondent AN BSSR. (Water, Underground) .. ...... .4QGOMLOV, G.V. [Bagamolau, ;I.V.] At a scientific symposium In Teheran. Vestel All BSSR. Sor.fiz.-tekh.nav. no.','-.141-111.3 159. OGRA 12:11) (Alkaline lands) (Saline witers) 300), 30(5) SOV/30-59-3-20'/61 AUTHOR: Bogomolov, G. V., Professor TITLE: At the International Symposium in Teheran (Na mezhdunarodnom simpoziume v Tegerane) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Nr 3, PP 93-95 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Upon the suggestion of several countries a Konsuittativnyy komitet po zasushlivym zonam (Advisory Committee for Arid Regions) was founded at the UNESCO in 1951. At present, the following countries belong to it: Australia, Britain, Argentina, India, Iran, the UAR, Pakistan, the USSR, 'he USA, and France. The symposium was held in tha fall of last year and was de- voted to the fighting of soil and water-source salting. Sinultane- ously the XIV Conference of the Advisory Committee took place there. The following Soviei scientists attended the meetings of both conferences: 1. N. Antipov-Karatayev, G. V. Bogomolov, P. A. Genkell, A. A. Kizilova, V. A. Kovda, 0. S. Lenchevskiy , A. N. Rozanov, and N. N. Khaizhibayev. Altogether 82 representa- tives of 20 countries were present. Four committees discussed the following subjects: 1) hydrology of surface and ground Card 1/2 waters; 2)"Physiology of plants and animals which consume sait- At the International Symposium in Teheran SOV/30-59-5-26/6-1 water; 3) utilization of salt water for the irrigation of salted soils; 4) removal of salt from salt wateTS. 50 lectures were delivered at the Symposium, four of which were held by Soviet scientists by order of the Advisory Committee. The author of this article showed how huge subterranean fresh waters are formed in desert belts, which are subject to high pres- sure and should be located for the purpose of a more reasonable utilization. V. A. Kovda explained the nocessity of estimating the water-salt balance within the limits of irrigated areas in order to avoid misunderstandings in this connection. P. A. Gen- kell spoke of the problem of increasing the capability of pla= to withstand the effect of ealt, which are bred in arid regions; 0. S. Lenchevskiy reported on various methods of Purifying water and removing salt from it, which are applied in the USSR. The Symposium worked from October 11 to 15. Afterwards, the dele- gates made excursions to various regions of Iran. The Advisory Committee decided to establish a special subcommittee for map- ping. The next symposium, which will deal with the problem of the water consumption of plants, will be held in 1959. A sym- posium was scheduled for 1960 which will be devoted to t~ present Card 2/2 stAte of iavestigation and harnessing of deserts. BMMOWV, G.V.. pref.; ULGAMV. M.I. . Geological and hydrogeological 91,ements in prospecting for iron ore in White Russia. Dskl. AN BSSR 3 to-1:20-25 Ja '59. (MIRA 12:3) (White Russia-Iron ore*) (Prospecting) BOGOM01OV, G.V. Formation of underground waters in the central and western Narts of the Russian Platform. Dokl.A'N BSSR 3 no.9:378-38? 159. (MIRA 13:2) (Russian Platform--Water, Underground) KISSIN, I.G.; KULIBABA, F.V.; PA"ENGOLITS, N.K.; POPOV, I.V., doktor geol.- mineral.nauk; SLAVYANOV, V.N.; SOICOVICH. L.M.; FANDETSTk. V.I.; retsenzent; KOTLOV, F.Y., reteenzent; P.UrMOV, retsenzent; PRIKLONSKIY, V.A., retoenzent; SOKOLOV*, N.J., retsenzent [Conditions in the area of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly from the point of view of engineering geology and hydrogeology; data on the development of deposits using the open-pit mining method] Inzheaerno-geologichaskip i gidrogeologicheskiy usloviia raiona karskoi magnitnot anomalii. Moskva, Izd-vo Abid. nauk S55R. 1960, 165 P. (Alcademiia nauk 886R. Laboratoriia gidrogeologicheskikh problem. Trudy, no.28) Ohrsk Maguatle Anomaly--Mining geology) 1XV BOGONOLOV, G.T.,; ANTIPOV-XARATAYST, I.N., akademik, red.; dbmr, P.A., prof., doktor biol.nauk, red.; CHERVINSKIT, V.P., doktor sellskokhos.nauk, red.; PAVLOT, A.B., red.izd-va; "EHINA, P.S., (Problems pertaining to soil salinization and vater resources] Problems zasolaniia pochv I vodnykh istoohnikov. Moskva, 1960. 173 P. (MM 13:10) 1. Akademiya nauk SM. Nezhduvedomstvannays komissiya po izu- cheniyu sasnahlivykh i polusagushlivykh son. 2. Chlen-korrespon- dent AN Bel'orueskoy SM; Nexhduvedometvennaya komissiya po izu- chenlyu sesushlivykh i polusasuahlivykh zon SSSR Soveta po lzuchs- niyu proisvoditellnykh oil pri Presidiums AN SM (for Bogomolov)o 3. AN Tadshikokoy SSR (for Antipov-llaratayev). 4. Listitut fisiolo- gii rasteniy im. K.A.Timiryazova JAN SSSR (for Genkal'). . (Alkali lands) (Water, Underground) (Irrigation) KUIXLIN, Boris Ivanovich., T G.T.,_prof., retsen2ent; KAKARENKO, ZOGOK()LO 0 P.A.. prof., rat 11 sensei:F~,VA=HURIN, A.I.. prof.. retsenzent; TCLSTMIN, N.I., prof., reteenzent; 7AMM2MA, I.I., red.; YJMMOV, H.S., tekhnoredo [Principles underlZing regional. astimation of natural resources of underground waterej Printelpy regionalluoi otsonki estestvennykh reaursov poftemnfth vod. Koskva, lza-vo Ko8k.univ., 1960. 343 P. (KIRA 14:4) (Water, Underground) SHIN,-BEYOU111111, Aleksey Ivanovich; BOG3HOD1TSYIY, Konstantin ~Pdorovich; KONONOV, Vladimir Ivanovich- BOGOMOLOV, G-V-, dol-tor peol.-mJneral. nauk,; FILIPPOVA, Yu-'J., te),hn. red. [Role of underground water and other natural factors In under- ground coal gasification; from observations In the Moscow and Lisichansk "Podzempras" stationslikol'podzemnykh vod I drurikh prirodnyl-h faktorov v protsesse 'podzemnoi Fazifikatsil uplei; na primere Podmoskovnoi I Lisichanskoi stantsii Vodzemgaza." Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1960. 125 P. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Laboratoriia gidrogeologicheskikh problem. Trudy vol.23). ly-IRA .13:12) (Coal gasification, Underground) (Water, Underground) LANGB, O.K..'; BOGOMOWT, G.V.-, zamestitall red.; SOKCLOY, D.S., red.; KAMOSEIT, G.R., red. Ldecessed]; HAKARENKO, P.A., red.; OVCHINNIKOV, A.M., red.; TOLST 9 N.L. red.; BOGORODITSKIT. K.P., red.; FILIPPOVA, B.S., red.izd-va; GUROVA, O.A., takhn.rad. [Problems of hydrogeology] Problemy gidrogeologii. Moskva. Goo. nauchno-takhn.izd-vo lit-ry po geologii i okhrane nedr. 1960. 366 p. (MMA 13:11) 1. Natsionallnyy komitet geologov Sovetskogo !Soyuza. Gidrogeolo- gicheakays saktsiye. (Water. Underground--Congresses) Geology of the central and northern regions of the Russian Platform and its role in the distribution and formation of underground vater. Trudy Inst. geol. nav. An 3SSR no. 2:151- 165 16o. (MIRA 13:12) (Russian platform-water, Underground) (Russian platform--Geology. Structural) AVSYUK, G.A.; BQQ2MOLDV, G.V.; DOWJSHIN, L.D.; ZEMOVICH, V.P.; 143SHCHEU JWV, Yu.A.; OBUKHOV-,-X'.W.- Problems of physical geography at the 12th General Assembly 6f the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geog. no.61l26-130 N-D 160. (MMA 13: 10) (Physical geography) BOGOMOL-OVV G.V. Underground waters as a prospecting criterion and possible source of rare elements. Trudy Lab. gidrogeol. probl. 30:21-28 160. - (MIRA 14:4) (Water, Underground) (Prospecting) (Metals. Rare and minor) BOGOMOLOV9 G. V.; KUDELIN; K. I.; PLOTNZOVs N. A.(URSS) "THe principles of evaluation of ground water resources for water supply and Irrigation" * Presented at the Symposium on Methcds of Evaluatirg Respurses of Underground Water with Emphasis on Arid Z6ne Problems, 3.1-20 Oct 1961, Athena KISELEV, Petr Aleksandrovich,-, kpG%,OLOV, ON., akademik, red.; BARABA- VOVA, Ye., red, izd-va; S!DMU-,-N-., tekhns red. (Investigation of the ground-water balance based on level varia- tions I Issledovanie balansa gruntovykh vod po kolebaniiam ikh urovnla. Mins~,, Izd-vo Akprl.limik BSSR, 1961. 201 p. (MIRA 14-.12) 1. Akademiya nauk BSSR (for Bogomolov). (Waterj Underground) ANTIPOV-KMATAYEV, I.N., akaderik,, red.; POGOMOLOV, G.V akademik, red.; GEVICELI, P.A., doktor biol. nauk, red.;_ii~-jov' N.Sey doktor biol. nauk, red.; CIMMNISKIY, V.F., doktor sellkhoz. nauk, red.; SHAFRANSKAYA, M.Z., red. izd-va; YEGOROVA, N.F., tekhn. red. (Plant-water relations in and regions of -the U.S.S.R; [reports of Soviet scientists] Vodrjyi rezhim rastenii v zasushlivykh raionakh SSR; (doklady sovetskikh uchenykh). Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1961. 274 1). (MIRA 15:3) 1 -Symposium on Plant-Water Relations in Arid and Semia4rid -,-Conditions, Nadrid, 1959. 2. Akaderdya nauk Tadzh-4ksko SSR (for Antipov-Karatayov). 3. AkadoTdya Belorus.9kay SSR ffor Bogorolov)4.Institut fiziologii rasteniy im. K.A.Timiryazeva Akademii nauk'ISSR (for Genkell, Petinov). (Plaiita--Water requirements) (Plan,ts, Effect of aridity on) SILIN-BEKC11UH1111 A.I., prof,l BOGOMOLOVp G.V.p profop akademikv otv- red.; &ITIN, M.L.s rW.-ju-T-VaT-Ml7AKOVAy T.V., tekhn. red. [Underground waters of North Africa]Podzemnye vody Severnoi Afriki. Moskvap Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1962. 201 P. (MIRA 15-.10) 1. Akademiya nauk Belorusakoy SSSR (for Bogomolov). (Africa, blortb-liater, Underground) GVOZDETSKIY, N.A., doktor geogr. nauk, otv. red.; SOKOLOV, N.I., doktor geol.-min.nauk, otv. red. [deceased]; POPOV, I.V., dokt~r geol.-min. nauk, prof., red.; BOGOVIOLOV, G.V., akademik, red.; HODINOV, N.V., kand.-g-e-ol-.-min. nauko red.; SOKOLOV, D.S., doktor geol.-min. nauk, red.; PERVAKOV, I.L., red.izd-va; (Surv of the state of karat studies in the U.S.S.R. and abroadl Obshchie voprosy karstovedeniia; materialy. Mo- skva, Izd-vd Akad. nauk SSSR, 1962. 246 p. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Nauchnoye soveshchamiye po izucheniyu karsta. 3d, Moscow, 1956. 2. Akademlya nauk Belommkoy SSR (for Bagomolov). 3. Moskovskiy GosudarsimenrWy universitet (for Gvozdetskiy). (Karst--Congresses) ,BOGOMOIDV# GerasimXasillyevicbt profoj SHAGIROVA, I,14.y red,; YEZHOVA., .L-' ., (Hydrogoology with principles of engineering geology] Gidro- geologiia a OBDOVaMi iR2henernoi geologii, Moskvaj Gosoizd-vo I'Vysshaia shkolao" 1962. 287 (MA 150) Waterv UrAergrourd~* ~Fingineering geology) BOGONOLOV, G.V.; VALEDINSKIr, V,I,; KOCHNEV, S.S.; MANIS, M.N.j PAN791-EYEVA, U.N.; POPOV, I.V.1 SYROVATKIN, V.G.; FOIUCHEV, M.M.1 BOGORODITSKIY, K.F.; DUKHANINA, V.I.; KRASINTSEVA, V.V.; MAKARENKO, F.A.; POKROVSKIY, V.A.; SILIN4pEKCHURIN, A.I.; FONINY V.M.; SRAGOYANTS, S.A. Illia Illich Kobosev; obituary, Trudy Lab.gidrogeol.probl. 42:101-102 162. (MIRA 15:8) (Kobozov, Illia Illiah, 190&1961) BOGOMOIDVP G.V.; FIDTNIKOVA, G.N.1 FLEROVA, L.I. Palechydrogeological conditions governing the formation of underground waters in the Hoscow Artesian Basin and adjacent areas. Trudy Iab.gidrogeoloprobl. 45:3-22 f62. (MIRA 15:6) (Water, Underground) BOGOMOWVp G.V.; PLOTNIKOVAI G.H.1 FIBIWAp Lele Methods of, campiling "ol,.ydrogeological maps as revealed by Via studies in the Hoscoir Artesian Basin. Trudy labogidrogeoleprobl..45: 23-26 162. (HIRL 15:6) (Waterj,Underground-44apis) --.BQG(YAQ1BV-)--G-e-Vo Secondary salinization of irregated areas and measures for its prevention* Trudy labogidrogeol probl. 45'-90-95 162, (MIRA 15:6) (Irrigation) (SMne and alkali soils) BOGOMOLOV, G.V., akLdemik s*posi= on the resources of underground waters. Vest. AN SSSR 32 no,3:77-78 kir 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. AN BSSR. (Waterj, Underground-Congresses) BOGOMOWVj, G. V.. "Subterranean water resources classification and eatimtion" report to be submitted for the United Nationd O=ference cn the Application of Goience and Teehzolov for the Benefit of the Less Developed Aress - Geneva., Switzerland) Wo reb 63. BOGOMLOV, Gensim Vaisillyevich; YANSHINA, Hariya Sergeyevna,, akademik; F=NIKOVA., Winn Nikolayevna; FLEBDVAp Lyusi :rgorevna; GARMNOV, I.V.., doktor gool.-miner. nauk, red.; BELIZATSKAYA.L., red, izd-va; ATLAS, A., tekhn. red. I [Underground water in the central and western parts of the Rus- sian Platform (Pa1eozoic)jPbdz:mnye)vody tsentrallnoi i zapadnoi chastai Russkoi platforeW (pal ozoi . By] G.V.Bbgomolov i dr. Minsk, Izd-vo Akad. nauk BSSR, 1962. 167 p. (MIRA 16t1) 1. Akademiya navuk BSSR, Minsk. Laboratoriya gidrogeologiah6- skikh problem imeni F.P.Savarenskogo. . 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