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BOOORODI SKATA N.I Origin of petroleum type bitumen in coal-bearing deposits of UrWnda. -Trudy VNIGRI no-91:317-321 056. (WARA 9:12) (Karaganda Basin-Bitumen) BDGORDDITSUY,A. 11. 1. Geochamical characteristics of Paleozoic deposits of Tengis Depression. VNIGRI no.105:239-250 157. (MIRA 11:9) (Tengiz Depression-Rocka--Analyvis) , BMROBITSKATA, H*L; SJOIKOVA, V*N* Bitumen occurrences in Mesozoic deposits of the Borgoy Depression. Trudy VNIGRI no.155:45-54 160o (MIRA 14:1)- (Borgoy Valley~-Bitumen) (Rocke-Ansigais) BOGORODITSKAUp W.I. ------------------------ Composition of bitumen and disseminated organic matter in rocks . of Tertiary and Quaternary sedimentation in the Barguzin depression. Trudy VNIGRI no.3.63.,540-556 160. (MIRA 14:6) (Barguzin Valley-Bitumen) S/08 61/000/021/023/094 B101Y3147 AUTEORt Bogoroditskayaj N. I. TITLE: Manifestations of bitumen in Cambrian sediments recovered by the Zayarskaya supporting well (Irkutskaya oblast') PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 21, 1961, 88, abstract 21G70 (Tr. Vees. neft. n.-i. geologo-razved. in-ta, no. 163, 1960, 557 - 570) TEXT: An investigation of the organic matter contained in 16 samples of rocks of various lithological composition was carried out. The content of organic matter was 0.018 - 0.424%. The group composition (in %) vast Chloroform extract, 3.5 - 26.6; alcohol-benzene extract, up to 11.7; other orianic matter, 67.6 - 95-3- Humic acids were not present. Quantitative elementary analyses were also made. The data of the group composition of the organic matter contained in the rocks of the Lower and Middle Cambrian lead to the assumption that they contain secondary petroleum bitumen which )iaa migrated into these sediments. Practically all the rocks studied contained higher amounts of secondary bitumen of the oil series (as V- i Cai'd 1/2 S/081/61/000/021/023/094 Manifestations of bitumen in Cambrian... Biol/B147 compared to sediments of the same age located in the more southerly regions of the Irkutsk amphitheatre). The results of bituminological research of the Lower Cambrian sediments ustify a favorable estimate of their oil- and gas-bearing properties. Abstracter's notet Complete translation.] Card 2/2 BOGORODITSKAYA, K.I. \ ---- - -1.1, --. Metamorphism of disseminated organic matter in the Lower Faleozoic of the Siberian Platform. Trady VNIGRI no.212. Geokhim.abor. no.8i 95-127 163* (MIRA 161l2) J, NJ 'A JK- -ir 3 R- ClIP5019519 UR/0244/65/024/004/0~0'09/001 613. 29:577, 15. 064+663. 1 17 AUTHOR. Bogoroditskaya, ~V. P. Dyubyuk, N. Ye. TITLE: Hygienic study of enzymatic preparations produced by microfungi and their possible use -in the food processing industry SOURCE: Voprosy pitaniYa, v. 24, no. 4, 1965, 9-113. TOPIC, TAGS: food sanitation, fungus, enzyme, medical experiment, processed plant product, experiment animal ABSTkACT- 'The use.of enzymatic preparations in food processing accelerates the processes, improves. qualit, and decreases production costs. A primary assessment of possible toxicityiwa's att e mpted by animal experiments with microfungal enzymatic p-r-oM`c1,s derived from the cytolytic action of Trjchqthqci- U!~! rospup grown on oat, rice, and corn husk residues for use in thd9re*inj ifid6stfy to improve the.flavor and stability of beer. Tests were also made with products, from the amyloproteolYtic: action of As Strain No. 465 1 and A_j!jVa;nori Strain No. 673 grown on corn bran (sometimes added with dregai- lCard 1/2~ L 2101.546 ACCESS1'0N__NR'-'AP5019_519 . ...... barley sprouts and yeast autolysate) for use in improving the flavor, and consist- ency of bread. About 1000 mice and 40 guinea pigs were fed up to 5 g1kg of the enzymatic products without III effects. Feeding of the 10 fold concentrate, intend- ed for industrial use, for 30 days eaused no untoward changes or any visible change In the organs of the animals. Reactions were seen only upon intraperitone al administration. These products have thus been accepted for industrial use. ASSOCIATION.- lnstitut'pltantya~ AMN SSSR, Moskva (Food Institute, AMN SSSR, Mo'scow). SUBMITTED: 23Sep6t' ENCLi Go SUB CODE: L9 NR REF SOV-. 011. OTHER:. 000 tor4 2/2 W. P. ~22 AP6012962 SOURCE CODE2 UR/0143/65/000/001/0122/0123 1713 __. _s_X. Y.; Bulgakovp K. V.; AUTHOR:. Atabekov, G. I.; Basharinp A. V.; !Lo&oMA tpjqj[ Vasillyev, D. V.; Yegiazarovq I.-V6; Yermolin,, N. P.; Kostenko, M. P.; Matkhanov, P. N.; Novash, V. I.; Nornevskiy, B-# I.; Rutskiyj A* I#; Ryzhovp P. I.; Solovlyevp. I. I.; Solodovnikov, G. Sq Slepyan,, Ya. Yu.; Smurova, N. V.; Tinyakovj, N. Aq, Fateyev# As V,; Fedoseyevp A* M.; Shabadashp I.; Shchedrin, N. N. ORG: none TITLE% Obituary for Ivanov,, Viktor Ivanovich SOURCE: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnyldi zavedeniy. Energetika, no. 1, 19659 122-12q. TOPIC TAGS: academic pernonnel,,,electronio personnel, electronics ABSTRACT: Viktor'lvanovich Iva'no'v-- Dr. of Tech* Sciences, professor of th Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute imeni V. I Ulyanov, died 24 August -.1964. He was born in 1900,-was the first teadl~rof special relay, protection of p"er eqdipment in the USSR,- outlining the principles of the new discipline 'in a monograph published in 1932. in retent.year's, Ivanov has eoAcentrated .in the development of the teaching of industrial electronics and pulse technology in the Leningrad Institute. [JPRSI SUB CODE: 09 SUEM DATE: -none C.rd *-M Ot SOURCE -CODE: UR/0105/65 /000/009 Tr" 9T0 6 9 AUTHOR: _&QZ=d Vinokurovo V. 1*; Yermolin, N. P.; lebedevr.. A. A,; tqtsax~, n N 3/ OIRG: none TITLE Honoring the 70th birthday of.Professor Boris Pavlovich Kozyrev SOURCE: Blektrichestvo, no. 9,,1965,* 89 TOPIC TAGSor academic personnelo-electric engine ering personnel, IIR research spectrosco py ABSTRACT: on 1 AugluSt 1065 was.the 70th bitthday of Honored "4ret'v'st of Science and Engineering- RSFSRj Laureate of the State ize " 'r - Teohn, Sci.9 Professor Boris Pavlovloh Kozyrev.: --Fe--...r Kozyrev's life-work has been Inseparably connected since 1921 with the Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute Imeni V. 1. ullZanov tLenin), where T rose rom the post of assistant .to that of full professor - head of the Chair of Principles of ...Electrovacuum, EnglneerixxS and Scientiflo Head of the Problems ~'Laboratory of Radiation Electronics and Vacuum Engineering. Boris .Pavlovich Kozyrev has made a series of Important solentifle-con- tributions to vacuum engineering, optical electronics, and infra- red engineering, In 1950-he was awarded the State Prize for the -development and Introduction of photoptical amplification of weak signals, which contributed to the expansion of research Into 1.'Card 1/2 UDCt 621.3$;535 -Ap6ui~622 Acc NR!-, spectroscopy and infrared engineering In the Soviet Union., The Troblems Laboratory whloh'he heads is one of the major Soviet -centers of research into thermal radiation sensors which are sue oessfully applied in speotrosoopyg atmospheric optics, aetinometryt limnology, and studies of the prooesses of photosynthesis. Pro- fessor Kozyrev has at various times been a member of or consul- tant to scientific aiid'.technioal councils In different research -institutes* He Is the author of approximately and In-'. -ventiond, In additloh he~is an'exoellent,oduoatorp author of .guides and textbookap.faoulty dean, the menVor dt a large number'_:, oivio-mind 'of graduate students, and a ad person who tiakes an. _aotIve part In politioal and'soolal life. He Is-the holder of- many medalsp orders, and other ai~arcfs. OAg-. has: 1 figure. -OPRS]. SUB CObE: 09, 20 SUBM DATE: none Card 2/2 BOGORODITSKILYA, N.V. ---l- ------- --- Testing the contacts of Riefler's clock No. 323- Soob.GAISH no.55:20-29 150. NIAA 6:6) 1. GosudarstvenW astronomicheskiy inatitut imeni P.K. Shternberga. (Astronomical cloaks) (Electric contactors) WIN, Vitaliy Alekseyeviohj BQgQ-F4DIL=A,-YA.-., insh., retsenzent; WACHESLAVOV, P.M., kand. khim. nauk, dots., red.; GRILIK&ES, 0' S.Ya., kand. tokhn. nauk, red.; YAMPOLISKIY, A.M., inzh., red.j DUBUSNA, G.A., red. lzd-val BARDINA, A.A.,, tekhn. red. [Tin and lead plating]Luzhenie i svintsevanie. Pod red. P.M. Viachealavova. Izd.2.1 dop. i perer. Moskva, Mash i , 1961.33 p. (Bibliotechka gallvanotekhnika, n0.3) PRIL 16:2) (Tin plating) (Lead plating) t; eawd -4iL% cbloropfcrE, I. " nva r~ I I., itt-i-cn Ins Mvi S6 ough e~gusitrat!"~ -31 rOar,-J--l T-vVZ.1j V.1 U-29. PU kX. Z-,TP. ,What- r-,*i "Vol VIC! krva~ n t h r -n Ole vislnl dlin-ig 2~/j f.,t 1~,,Ing) f-nd 8 ,E4~td tl-e drms. c-f Comvyms, Pfj In .ur-~uaxy N. and bt, avil 10. c1 ..A!! e--ptl. USSR / Human and Naimal Physiology (Normal and Patholo- T gical). Ifetabolism, Nutrition Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biologiyhj No 219 1958, 97350 Author : Bogoroditsk~y_&, _V, P. Inst : Not given Title : The Content of Phytin Compounds and of the Enzyme Phytase in Some Bean Cultures Orig Pub: Vopr. pitaniya, 1957, 16, No 1, 55-56 Abstract: The over-all content of phytine P in the seeds of 65 varieties of legumes (soy, lentils, beans, and peas) of 1950-1951 crops was established. Soy and beans turned out to be richest in phytin compounds. Activity of phytase in soy is very weak; in the other cultures it is considerable. Culinary pro- Card 1/2 USSR / Human and Animal Physiology (Normal and Pathologi- T cal). Metabolism. Nutrition Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biologiya, No 21, 19581 97450 cessing of the grains of peas, beans, and lentiles contributed to certain decrease in the content olo phytin compoundsi removal of the seed capsule did not lower their number. --B. A. Kravtsova Card 2/2 XAjJ **4valiza) Jiffect of Dhytin compounds in leguminous plants on the Peneral nod phytin phosphorus balance in man (with aummaz7 In Ariglishl - VOP. pit. 16 no-3:51-55 YT-Je '57, OUBA 10: 10) 1. Is otdole pishchavoy gigtyerq ksav. - Prof. F-Ye.Budagyan) Inatituta aitanlya AHU SSSR. Moskva. (INOSITOL, effects, in leumincus plants, off. on phosphorus metab. (Ru-%)) (PHU-SPHORIN. , metabolism, off. inositol in leguminous Plants (UUTABL&i, off. of inositol in leguminous plarts ozi phosphorus metab. (Rus)) RTJBINSHTEXN# '.u*I.; ORLOVAt N.V.; BOGORODITSKATA, V.P.; KMLI YU.P.; AXINCHEVAI M,YA,;-*Vo Hygienic studies on codfish treated with fbiompin. Vop. pit. 19 noe 6:55-60 N-D 16CL. (KIRA 13:10) 1. Iz otdola gigiyany pitaniya (Sav- T dotpent B.D. Vladimirov) Instituta, pitaniya ANN SSSR, Moskva. (FISH AS FOOD) (AUREOMYCIO) RUBINSHTEYN, Yu.I. (deceased]; ORLOVAJ, N.V.; BOGORODITSKAYA, -V,?.,- KUKELI, Yu.P.; AKINCHEVA, M.Ya.; KERBER, Ye.V.; MOISEKENKO, V.Sh. Hygienic evaluation of meat treated with antibiotics to prolong the period of its preservation. Vop. pit. 22 no.3%51-55 My-Je 163. (MIRA 17.-S) 1. Iz otdela gigiyeny (zav, - dotsent B.D, Vladimirov) Instituta pitaniya AMN SSSR i laboratorii antibiotikov (zav. - kand, biolog. nauk V.I. Krasikova) Vsesoyuznogo nauchno-isaledovatell- skogo instituta iWasnoy promWshlennosti, Mosk7a. BOGORODITSKAYAO V.P.; DYUBYUK, N-Ye. (MOSCOW) ... ~ - - - I... . - ~ J~ Hygienic study of enzyme preparations produced by microscopic fungi and their possible use in the food industry. Vop.pit. 24 no-4:9-13 JI-Ag 165. (MIRA 18:12) l.- Institut pit-bniya AMN SSSR, Moskva. Submitted September 23, 1964- 14-57-6-~ 2207 Translation from: Referativn y zhurnal, Geografiya, 1957, N~ 6, USS T R p 74 ( AUTHORS: Bogoroditskiy, A., Voronkov, P. TITLE: Surface Waters in Northern Kazakhstan (PoXerkhnostnyye vody Severnogo Kazakhatana--in K&2akhatan) PERIODICAL: S. kh. Kazakhstana, 1956, Nr 8, PP 35-37 ABSTRACT: The.GGI (State Hydrological Institute) expedition to the Akmolinsk, Kokchetav, and Kustanay districts in the spring of 1955 determined that the mineral content of the waters running throught the network of fine streamlets on the slopes of water collectors during spring floods was generally 50 to 150 m g/l. This means that these slope waters are suita ble for drinking, industry, irrigation, etc. However, the chemical quality of these waters deteriorates greatly as they run further through the lower parts of the relief and Card 1/2 14-57-6-12207 . Surface Waters in Northern Kazakhstan (Cont.) in the valleys of the river system. This is caused by the fact that chlorides and sulfates, leached out of the ground, have been accumulating here for centuries. The author makes recommendations as to where slope water collection areas should be located, and how to prevent the increase of their salinity. Card 2/2 G. D. BDGORWSKIY. A.F.; CHMEGA,, N.A. Nitrofan Fedorovich Khandrikov (18Y7-1915)o Iota-astronoisals zoo8l 297-329 162. (NIRA 16:3) (Kband ikov, Mitrofan Fedorovich, 1837-1915) .0, I M 77 'j I; Y-g rum vr. FIE F f Sir, t, py. P. 3 15. F it 1 5 51 FzrEr a ff 14 4 - Eli 'A i i .14 j'i K I F j -via 8 i L.F v E t1:2 IF lw "'R TSESKVICH9 Vladixdr Platonovicb; W V.W!RODSMq A.F. kard. fisiko-matem. rm, G_OrIISK~q AM.11 p I W M F~JM re doteent, red.; GAVRIIDV# V.Nep re #1 SHTEB# L.Ye., red.; XCU53- VICH, S.M.v tekbn. red. [The path in to space is open] Pat' v komos otkryt. Pod ied. AX.06- gorodskog4 Kiev, Goo.'izd-vo takhn, lit-ry USSR, 1961. 29 p. (Gagaring lUrii Alekseevich, 19341 (Astronautics) (HIRA 1418) YAKOVKRip A.A.,, otv. red.; FEDDROV, Ye.P., red.; AXSF.NTIYEVA, MI., red.; HARAbASHOV, N.P., red.; BOGORODSKIY A.F.4 red.; GORvTJYA, A.A., red.; KOVAL' red." KOLCHINSKIY, I.G., red.; TSESEVICH,; red.; KOVALENKO, L.D., red. (Figure and motion of the moon] Figura i dvimlienle Luny. Kievp Naukcva durka,, 1965. 135 P. (MIRA 18:711 1. Akadendya nauk WISR, Kiev. BOGORDMTSKIY, K Voprosu 0 Radiallnykh 1949, c.265-48. SOV/124-58-10-11481 Translation from. Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 10, p Ill (USSR) AUTHOR: TITLE: Application of the Theory of Thin Rods to the Solution of Certain Problems in the Dynamic Compression of Cylindrical Helical Springs (Prilozheniye teorii tonkikh sterzhney k resheniyu neko- torykh zadach dinamicheskogo szhatiya vintovykh tsilindricheskikh pruzhin) PERIODICAL: Tr. Tullsk. mekhan. in-ta, 1958, Nr 8, pp 185-194 ABSTRACT: Solutions to the following problems are given: 1. Dynamic com- pression of a spring by force; the spring is pretightened, the upper supporting coil is complete, and the lower fastened to a rigid and fixed support.. Z. The spring is subjected to compression by impact, the impact being applied by an absolutely rigid body of given mass. One end of the spring is fastened, and the striking body does not separate from the pressure coil of the spring. The spring is re- garded as a combination of flat coils and its vibrations are described by a system of Love equations. An approximate solution for the sys- Card I/Z tem is obtained b~ the method of expansion in accordance with a small Application of the Theory of Thin Rods (cont.) SOV/ I Z4-58-10-11481 parameter and by the Laplace-Carson integral transform. The small parameter utilized is the value aZQ/E1, where El is the flexujral stiffness of the wire, 0 is the weight of the spring, and a is the radius of the elastic axis of the spring. It is noted that the method used by the author yields more accurate results than the wave theory of dynamic compression for cases in which the mass of the adjoined body is greater than the mass of the spring. M.V. Khvingiya Card 2/2 BDGORDDITSKIY, A.M. (Tula) Alisymmetric problem In the nmlinear theory of olasticity fcL- an incompre3sible medium. Prikl. mat. i mekb. 28 no.3205C-600 MY-4064 cMIRA 17:7) USSR/Coamochemistry. Geochemistry 4drochemistry. Abs Jour : Fleferativny Zhurnal, - Khimiya - No 6, 1957; 18918 Author : Bogoroditgkiy A., Voronkov P. Inat : - Title : Surface Waters of Northern Kazakhstan. Orig Pub : Kazakstamyn Aual Sharuashylygy. 1956, No 8, 35-3(- Abstract No abstract Card 1/1 -2- VORONJOV, P.P.; BOGMODITSXIY# A.?. mrsbowl-I Water resources of North Xasakhetan. Vest.AN Xasakh.SM 12 no.4. 46-50 Ap 156. (Kazakhstan--Water supply) (MA 9:8) 1 i 0 AUTHORS: Voronkov., P, P,; Bogoroditskiy, A* Pe TITM: General %I2,;Dchemical Outline of Water Supply Mementa of Artificial Basins of Northern Kazakhstan (Obshchaya gidrokhimicheskaya kharakteristika, elementov vodnogo pitaniya iskusstvennykh Yodoyemov Bevernogo Kazakhstana) PERIODICAL: Mteorologiya I Gidrologiya, 1957, No. 2. Ppo 38-43 (UoS*S*Rt) ABSTRACT: The article presents hydrochemical data to be considered in selecting sites for reservoirs to be used as water supply for industrial and p*blic consumption. In planning ponds,, excavations etc.., sites should be chosen at such elevations to exclude the admission of high3,y mineralized ground waters and lessen effect of alluvial soil levels. The basic factors affecting the chemical quality of water accunl3ating in reservoirs are: 1) mineralization and chemical composition of waters of various origin which supply artificial basins: a. soil- surface, b. soil-underground and c. underground waters; 2) pro- portionate amounts of these waters entering within fixed periods; card 1/4 General F4drochemical Outline of Water Supply Menents of Artificial Basins of Northern Kazakhstan 3) evaporation trom area of the surface and the precipitation failing on it; and 4) quantitative outline of water use and losses to in- filtration, Of these factors,, 1)a, is mat important; these are waters occurring durin spring flood stage and for average reservoirs (2000 - 8= s= comprise 70 - 80% of annual runoff., and 100% for small r onas, Water basins of the &L-opean part of the U.S,S,R, are . characterized by having a soil-underground layer salinified by soluble compounds., mostly chlorides. The author condudes that the higher -the artificial basin is situated with reference to the salinified part of the talwag,, the greater the possibility of accumilating good quality water in the basin, Personalities cited by the author are: P. P. Voronkov (2)., for his paper on chemical composition of surface waters of the steppe and forest-steppe zones of the European sector of the U,S.S.R.; K. P. Voskresenskiy (3), for his 4fdrologioal calculations for planning works on small rivers, streams,, and temporary water c9urses, There are 2 figureas Fig, 1 indicates general outline of mineralization in milligrams per liter and composition of chief anions (% equiv.) of Card V4 General HYdroeberdeal outline of Water Supply Elements of Artificial Basins of Northern Kazakhstan riverbed waters during the spring high water period for small and medium water basins (observations points are pinpointed with solid black dots; various bachurings are used for various % contents of HCOJ and Cot). Fig. 2 portrays the Bame, but for nicro-stream waters sampled on slopes of water basins during the spring high water period, OPV the % of HMJ is depicted in the 3 types of hachuring, Th3 regions included In the figares are Kustanay., Kokehetav,, and Akmoliusk, drained by such streams at the-Tobol, Ayat, Mtkayak, Sary-Turgay, Ubagan, 1zhim., Chaglinka, Nura,, and Selety. - There are four equations developed by thr auftr. An explanation of Eq. (1) my serve to clarify Bqs. 2P 3. and 4. Eq. M: mK . A %. B C - D in which A MH V + M + Mjq VJW B M"' Pme O."?IFH VCT C VH +Yrj + V + V, r- VI4CII+V;o + 8.5vT. Card 3/4 General IWroohemical Outline of Iktor Supply Elements of Artificial Banins of Northern Kazakhstan In the last mentioned equalities., MH and Vu represent mineralization and volume of water of the reservoir at thg beginning of the calculation period-, Mj7p., V17p stand for the mean colloidal minerali- zation of the influx and its volume., Mq and VV is the roan vinerall- zation of the ice and volume of water forming as result of thawing,, V_V0 is volume of water being expended in ice formationp VCT 3A the runoff amounts Vor is the volume of precipitation falling on the reservoir surface, and Vq,,7 is the amount of evaporation. There are 3 references, all of which are Slavic. ASSOCIATIONt PFMRIED M SUMITTEM AVAIEABLE: Card 4/4 BOGOTMIrISKIY, A. V. "Immunization of the Pedigreed Young of Large Cattle Against Piroplasmosis, Francaillesis, and Theileriasis~" A-V- Boroditskiy, Z.M. Bernadakaya, Scientific Contributors, Uzbek Scientific Research Veterinary Experhnental Station, I p. Report of exTeriments on natural and artificial immmize.&on of calves against haemosporidiem infections. Natural i:==ization resulted in losses of 4~ due to piroplasmosis and francaillessis (?) and 16.2% due to theileriasis. With artificial imunization corresponding figures were 0% and 4%. SO: Veterinariya 25, no. 3, Yar 1948 BOGORODITMUT, A.V., kandidat vaterin&Mkh nauk. --se,QW4 Differences In the biology of causative organisms and the course of piroplasmal. and franexiollic processes in cattle in Usbekistan. Vaterinarlia 30 no.12:23~-24 D '53. (MLR& 6:11) 1. Uzbekskly nauchno-iseled6vatel'skly vaterinarnyy institut. BOGORODITSKIT, A.V., kandidat, votorinaMkh nauk. ------- Species of Theilaria sknnulats, and Thoilaria. mutaus. Vaterinartla. 31 no.3:34-37 Mr 154. (MLH& 7-.2) 1. Uzbekskiy nauchno-iselodoystellakiy -raterimarnyy inatitut. owa BDGORDDITSKIT, A.T., kandl raterinarnM nauk. "~ -'4`4- krftt~---v t-- et . Methods of controlling Haamesporidis Infections, Taterinar_kia 32 no.300-53 Mr 155. (Kwu 8:4) 1.Usbakskiy nauchno-Issled,%vatel'skly vaterinara" inatitat. (RWDUMIDIA) (PARASISS-DONWIC MIKLM) USSR/Zooparasitology. Parasitic Protozoa. Sporozoa. 0 1 Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur. - Biol., No 23, 1958, 103986 Author : Bogoroditskiy,_A. V. Inst : All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine Title : A Study of Species in the Theileria Theileria annulata and Theileria mu-'Cans. Oria Pub: Vses. in-ta eksperim. veterinarii, 1957, 21, - 246-253 Abstract: Only one species of theileria, T. annulata) is found in long-horned cattle on the territory of Uzbekistan; T. mutans has not been found. After being sick with theileriasis an animal may show parasites in blood smears for several years. Through artificial infection two forms Card 1/2 USSR/ZooparasitologY, Par~sitiC Protozoa. Sporozoa. Abs Jour: Ref, Zhur. - Bi6l., No 23, 19589 103986 of the disease ftfiy be obtained: the acute and the asymptomatic. The first of these develops after infection with blood taken from an animal with acute theileriasisi the second, after infection with the blood of a parasite-vector. In the latter case I no pomegranate bodies are formed in the blood and there is only a pro- cess of multiplication of the blood forms. The non-pathogenic process does not create any immunity to theileriasis. After natural infec- tion by ticks the multiplication of the theile- ria occurs according to the Gonder system; in the second half of the attack of theileriasis, in addition to the process mentioned, there occurs a division of the blood forms of theile- ria according to the Dzhunkovskiy system. When these latter forms enter the body of a new sus- ceptible host the process shows a non-pathogenic character. -- D. N. Zasukhin. Card 2/2 NETSETSKrs A.M.1 BOGORO-Aigl~ Testing "thiarganq in piroplasmosis and Hemosporidis. infection of cattle, Tr~dy Us.nauch.-isol.inst.vat. 14t135-136 162:0 . . OnA l6t2) (Piroplasmosim) (He"poridia) CtMA#gen) BOGORODITSKIY9.A .1 NETSETSMy A.M.- ... :L Testing the conjoinotival method of hemosporidin injection in cattle piroplaambeis. Trudy Uz.fiauch.-isel.inet,vet, W137- 138 161. (KMA l6j2) (Firoplismoois) . (Howsporidin) BOGORODITSKIY, B.V. Words of the Dnepropetrovsk Agricultural Institute, vaj.. 11-111, 1948. In the collection are published the articles by: Bogoroditskiy, D.V. On the problem of physiology and anatomy of the tendinous mechanism on the volar area of the 3rd member of the thoracic extremities in horses. So; Veterinariya; 26; 7; July 1949 BOGORODITSKIY, B.I. Textbook for practical studies in the anatomy of agricultural edition. Moscow, Agricultural Publishing House, 1949. 88 pages price 3 rubles, 70 kopeks, bound; 10,000 copies. A textbook for higher agricultuval educational institutions. sterility in agricultural aninols. Preceedings of the united veterinary and animal liusbandi-j section. Moscow, Agricultural 1949. 6-5 quires; price 3 rubles, 50 kopeks; 25,000 copies. I aninals. 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TITLE: The Motion of Natural Aerated Water in Wells (Dvizheniye prirodnykh gazirovannykh vod v sl,,vazliinakh) PERIODICAL: Tr. Labor. gidrogeol. problem AN SSSR, 1955, Vol 12, pp 71-88 ABSTRACT: An equation of motion for aerated water in vertical wells is proposed-, the equation is set up with a number of assumptions and hypotheses (the relative velocity of the gas is assumed to be zero, and a'hypothetical law is formulated for the law governing the resistance encountered by the motion of the gas-liquid mix- ture); in view thereof the method proposed by the author for the calculation... of the motion of the gas-liquid mixtures does not afford a great practical vlue. A number of general concepts is expounded on the interaction of the functioning of the well and the behavior of the water-carrying stratum. Bibliography: 5 references V. A. Arkhangel'skiy Card 1 /1 1. Water--Motion--Theory SILIN-MCHURIN. 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Trudy Lab.gidrogeol.probl. 42tl0l-102 162s (MIRA 150) (Kobosev, Illia Illich, 1908-1961) NV4- L 29,67 JKT ACCESSION NRt AP3U6357 UR/0105/64/000/009/00931009k, AUTHORI -4jxnm,-V. ~.; QrAdUj5dY,-F.0- iro Aleksayev. A. Ye.t skiv, P.; Sergpr~.A. Tit.; YAvorskiy..V..N.; Useled ov, D.,.No't TITIEt Nikolay Nikolaysirich. (Obitusry) SOURCE: Elektrichestvo. no. 9, 1964. 93-94 TOPIC TAGSi electric engineering personnel f ABSTRACT. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Uajor General In the Technical Engineering Service, Professor )1. 1. Intsenko died In May of this year after a long and serious illness. go graduate& from the Moscow HiCter Tsohnloal AoadenW In 2914 and was closely associated with his specialty i of electrical engineering till the and of his life. He spent the first years of his prastioal activity at the Academy working In the slootrioal laboratory of K. A. Mg. After that be began his career in the Soviet Arsw as a lowly laboratory assistant In t~* radlotechnical 'Woorator .y_okA vorked.ble.way u~ over Wrty yews to be head or the Card 1/ 2 L 29674h I- ACCESSION NRi AP5D26357 ;Department of Electrical and military rngineoilng.- He wrote seyoral bookat 1"Alternating Currents," "The Theory of Alternating Currents," "Course In General Zleotrioal Lngintering," "Radio 1'nglnoorindl and, toCether with his ;co-workors. problem books on "A Course In Alternating Currents" mid "The .ftsloal Principles of Electrical Engineering." He set up a number of special courses (military application of'slootrio power. military portable electric power stations, electric equipment for armies, electrification ' ,of military engineering works, etc.) and also participated In mom engineer- Ina projects v4th the Soviet AM. Ns has written many textbooks. mono- graphs and article& on the theoretical and applied ditlalons of m1lItM electrical engineering. Visas Ino2ude ,Electric Circuits" and "FundamentaU for %be Design and Planning of Ubbile Electric Stations." Many of W. W. Lutsenko's stadents are worldr4g in seations of the Soviet ArPW. In scientific Institutes and in college*, and in Industry. These students are continuing Ahe work of their teacher, the founder of Soviet military electrical engineer- Inge He received bis professorolp In 2935 and his doctorate In 1949. Ile bas received tho Order Lft VItbree."M Dmorel" ths, Order of the *Red Starn.and =:W sodals# I hael I figure* ASSOMMONt am* 8UB OOM: Es SUBMITED2 00 MCLI 00 I no MW SMS 000 JPRS, Card 2/A BOGORODITSKIY. N.P.1 VINOKUROV., V.1.1 YERMOLIN, N.P.; LRBEDEV, A.A.; POTSAR, A.A*; -- 1. 1..--.,. 11 . I TERENINI AA; FPJM, A.V. Professor Borin Pavlovich Kozyrev, 1895- 1 on his 70th birthday. Elektrichostvo no*9t$9 8 1659 (MIRA l8slO) a a- - A- 4 - -0 4 -&- -Alk- *-U--S -0 to Is 0 x Y ii t 4 1 ~1 W Is It a 4 9 a a &A At id 4 V-111 _ ' . -, - of. ..D 004 fit sop j-!RjVV(1l 000 0 0 "IMI); Mewe Awl# I T" Ati otmviml 4 *m th l A k l A 00 04 8'. e ntcr am jittm wl c" asis ysis W the X khtd% gatv k1rut"t 1--t -hrt, dim4mi In Visit the milm. ol Aumicin resta rt*ah%l the Native of Polarialstion tit fitht nWMftBtkoUff. TIWPIOM laessured e v UW polve. fulor. p"ittivity wW .00 00 A !! elmd. ovw a wide tmp. raw, tM pwv re*x wA alm ef the redus with mww olb 0o* bein uard t $01 The ow t4 tmotb th real l b t t . .. o c ma wtmvffy ow, u o g up p " the valim hictramill rapidly to betsirsven 0,030 and 0-M& when they then fen spin to " a** their crig ismil low values at about 10-0 . will thess again Itictraled rapidly. 71he 09 J !'-i pemittilr ity was approff. cmad. between 2.7 mall 3.2. The v"tkm (sleand, with temp. zoo I I ; was found to follow Ott law is = vfo-stlr~ urhere a is a clotim. anti the slow in each caw. ' *go ! . t: will T the abs. temp. T his low also applied to the mists. of the resins with fils. but In 00 this Mae the power factor Wkmnd a graidual-rapid inrivalle with k. It was found thattheltummanfroluclouldism totheAtm ultaWlicat ks.=ll get, o y Uratulent, The beating to an immincrizatim which impiave it tlec- t"m- tricall and th t 1 b l di d go e reaf m ziscut was o serve . xts.. . 0.. no se y. 09 IL G. Coe see isee see 0 0 al*.tt A SITALLUP4,1CAL MINATURR CLAMPIC411011 ties VVG $still vee of 01 n- it at NO 11 1 !U 0 0 0.0 0 rVIVIONK Wit "a 0 0 0 000.0 0 000000000 0 0 0 0 0 Ce 0 0 00-0 009000 W;041 goo* of***& a 0 as is u 00 0* 00 of 0 a *0 00 00 00 04 00 mW N. T_ at 'PO tWON dAT -?hit. I U. S. S. R.) J, PDIY"Y- *% hAd at room telilp and relative 9voistum COnttnt Of a gpevific vol. trijuivity of p3-1011 ohm/ce., "d spe6fic sutfact. r"WMtr of it ~ 1,2.10'0 ohm/sq. et". Purt tion of diclec. loss with temp. polystyreut shows tio, inark at high at low Inquencies, Plikukized p*styrcnit shows % ",itkm kst high btat -t lo- Inquencies t ims to a max. at M-P and thto decMacik- t t low il"081.0 7 I %a Mead %if O%v Oak u a &V 10 al; a a 0 V I F 011,11"Wat *&*v! Run Ill : : : : 11 : * 0 0 0 0 0 0 IS Iks-t x a -lit USA* 21 0 I -00 -00 .09 .00 -00 no* goo roe coo Joe* be 0 vp 6 i 1 4 1 1 9 m It IS It % Is : v son WvAll 1.911 32u Jim a Be" L a 9 F t IL-1-t- 9 LAS- Z. W fffL-.I I I- - -C 4 r HP '.0 0.0t., let, 'a.t. r P*CK(t$fs kol IrIx to 00 c Sqjwv4sated warblo as an Insulating material under Ilark. Pkyj. (U.- 8, S-R.)4,712t*-2MW)~-NfsrW dried and then si"u a I of =izvd vtyrr~ 000 was folmd vultalAs for =21 so In4tdatw. 00 3 IfInd th"llitlen 00, 00 ST: Ai S L AKIALLURSK&L LIMA1141 CLASSVKAT" LA 5 ti 1111060 "it (MV got , r q - I - F . , . U a A, to is ; ; ; ; ; booosoloooosetilollow**"UOOO'O'"o p 0 0 9 0 *1* 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~ 0 0 a p Is IN 0 44 -'L L-a -00 coo 690 0 000 Coo 041 .1145- s0 T V-1 f AA L S a IM a a 0 -1 v a I M a .1 1 v "00,0064090-1400060004001 0 0 0 0 * 4 4 0 4 0 * 6 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 466 -W~~A 00 A son Goo *00 -004 *oW - i E v 5 VIT-i v 7 -t-A-6 I h-A-LA.-t-f- - ..-- - if A!M aw MUNA I.# V, 'A lo Cak I# b .. - - - - - 0 0#1SIS614 Ake POOPS41111 t4pil Tmtn'" WON%` not w" an OWIARM 9 see !zoo R. P. ~9* so* zoo ASE.SLA MIALLOOKAL L171NAtOt CLAWCATU u 0 AT'.. 10 0 ;;;.NI XO* 40: 1 Joe* Isom $0.1mv An& to two WIN11543 Is o A C 0 EF IIALsif CFO 4% 1w u an N 11 31 jo it I A 30 4 0 0 a 0 4 a a a 1%T &.0 m kill#* imp &,a_ Son 9 0 r. 0 -MM Apeop -3 nau)uu*H Qq3 -3 " :3 -1 jaj luun I J041 " =T Z ~ 009 , . a -W ioj in All I fix . JA p 192jamp JO) aw IOR P" W 00. qdU131 MA I Iq JOI 'POW q1jA fPA =, " -1 p- OR 1-p=mn I aip jo acqj" jqj japsm m" )a I "I *dtu3l p Whm OPPA v 01 Owum A= ~ 1 '! m �qJL 11" an "I ism M" 10% R1 a ,a Paul 1d j r, pi"p q P- m J. I fill 1"I "I at == Pug 1 PM tumb 1"m 81RAM laux al sawt ' A 0 I n at 3D K W T-1 -T-Ty A,- 4' -1,- T 19 ."A I Mee it 00 0*0 Ii, M4 it) so see iq~ul IF III ,IV 60 d -it -T,1--"~v T-7-1 7*1 0-0-0 0-0 0 0 0 04 A 6- 1, A, llun. A A A 63. t)khctrk tAws" in (11M. N". a"Ofte"Y and -S 13 0 ' ' Malk'Aw. ion. k9r4lish, 0 00 Tha ",the cmatituents of eAl g" iri Tvii) ikii n di t d _o: 008 c comp a * . g _ p bo*": M tald nd t1 f v 0 4 10 o e . a k g 1 wric anhy'l kkllift~� lead lir barium. 77w latter have a much 0 with (mides hi her resistivit than the AIrmer For tcni ewurva u to 3w r the .00 , _ g y p p 110%Tf tutur and *new kwaft Am fim"d lwt to vary much vilber at high *09 (it Npw hvqumu;km but % vaWn rolatilmalky *x6tv lvtwmi 1110 IIKMAr Be* ill jjj)Wfyj fatt%_4 '~Jjh JCSUPO*JWM VW t1W 11%tIVILAG 11% ejft_~jTk'Aj CoUd%WL %MV, Tho 6wer do ~h~ tiddauft of the glas% the lower the tent. ' ass ptrature at whkh tap 3 begird t~ lacnwLie. At high frequencies tan S so b4ns to Incretan with temperature at higher levalmraturev than at luw 0 froquencks. The dkicctric keses cannot be attributed go"y to Oultic 00 v and dipole kmm Ance then Im no relationlihip beto tan 6 and tem. voo ; so S perature over a considemble range. anti tan shows little change with 1 I A. M. T. &$&-ILA adIALLUNSKAL UTWEATION1 CLASSIMATION ----"-I---- - __ _--L _ U S aw 03 ?A t I 67, O-V tit 0 4 4 1 IN 0 9 A 0 2 0 11 It - w w w v w OF w w w U11 WO bill 8104r4l U41 CrT -trm f4 61 *-J)q ~tly-Cop- " ~ Poor sit Ono o4fpip'.1 "Pt, 0 -00 _.ZumwvliiAil sod Jokii. (t ~ S. S. R.) S, 612-19 J. Tab Malulshev N C . . . C*Mpmd of ficirii auloydritle and asides t.ej 00 c buic nietals NO and Ca and slass cornpowd of botir, a sod lead oxides or barium oxide% In ten differ. t = low frequencies. umstudied at hish mW of 00 .1 ex of alhil triefals, to silk-att illa-Aws 8. ;, -00 00 =0 OR bKTMW It the &Mk Of 41CIM It"* With IMP- t glames must be those whom redotance rvatains -00 9 Is It tempt.. e. a.. DO slam. Ph ztau. apparently, -00 be co trably poorer than DO glass. Finct Hanninen J106 of .3 =60 roo 00 4 09 Of a ;jt so* 000 of 400 !zoo 4 now ILA SEVALLURGCAL LIURA CLAIMPICATIC* tie 0 too it folova .1A 1 'g." 0 go, 31. vgot 71- a 9 u 11 H ml ILI stK sr 4. 0 , .1 Ir It q K Knit IC09 a KID" I 0: :::::100000060 0000000 04 0 0*0000006000 0 0000600 600 as $00*000 00 0 990000446000 :: :::: - - W- wwwwwwwww III as 0 *see* as a Ofew- I $o,$% P't " 4 a X a i, '. 1, P L:" bill bL. 11)06 41 4.141.01!0 Go I . CA t - IV 1 0 U41 "--.L GO c A. A. N'ancvv and 14. 11. Unjoru. GO g;. AO,M-,. Frb. :x, Imj. in all tj~etft-, Ile a tht '11000fle 14 AM fumA at Itkill I?ovi* ill thr 'It f"Iswral flu% tuch PA Tio,. 00 400 00 j: aeo gee .k1 -4 i JOG 00 00 see *0 wee 00 6. Go go v tt 00 so U a it 00 It 0 0 IT 41 v ft 0 a 99 a 11 a st it to qo ri s 1% 0 0 0 0 6 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0; 0 :0 a Os of 0 of* 0, a 0 0 a 0 0 0 ods 0 0 a 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 a 1,50 ;177-1371711.5 71, W,!W. IWI 102 31 a It V a It a it 4., &1 a isto it A ]I J. -&-ji ~f 2 It 1 -1, -.v A I Z-AA N (X M U.I.- k f lit 6-0 140 PROM 7t10 0 --!I~ 4116!1-i~v ---- --- 1-00 L Ruirls. U1,49. VF,. bAt W1. rjrrpd. witb a biz~ catug. a knitt. eA 1W). N&.0 aud %(). in tbe appmii, pnig-tii- 2kl:24!.A. 00 00 d acid which Idled$ and Cowin" 114 tile delus. 00 of MIM in the Isrsiduct. .06 '000 ox ir. 'see 642 ::69 .11001I. voo zoo At tie@ A S al L A SITALLURCICAL LIT1111701 CLASSWKATICII C:oO !too .11 4.. Z.~ _i- f - !Joe U it IV 20 -W; i -,-' --~w 0t p it It a Of 01 0 00 0 o 0 o o 0 0 o , a 0 :~o 0 0 0 0 0 0 19 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 00 00 41 0 a 0 0 4 0 0 0 6 0 0 W I s Is w w oil# i 0 a aw s #011vilm"01tv M 1 A 4 "A.-A-P a a 4- . v -1, .0 M. DW*C"k LMON In WWtak GW"w at RAdW FMRVM* ' 1 rowhoi. 1 A .vs.. U.S.S.R. 4. Cke. N. ft&OrOMMy and 1. VoWb"11. '-j;_N -jftj -Tt tertift of inor anic di tri n A l 7o7 jj f # -00 0* _ ss . w e - j . c P g . 9 pp. 4 k ifw" 0110defermlood at& frequenq of I.Me"tSM, and Inwa temperature, all silica glasses. weve divided into : tbmgrm"womlingtoowkcbtmk-Alempo4kitim. Thatirstgruupcod. 0 t tained patunium and sodium, addes with little or no lead or barium oxide, 000 00 4 thencond _r Contalneil awmddemble amounts of lead or barium oxide (P .40 with small slauftift of S&dMw4KkIwwAAd the third group Were non- a"fineglawasawonlainall Ig III bmdusa*nd boric oxides. Thethird Sroopir - tbvbevLa&dthsAM#swpU* went. d6lacbric properties.. Witilin the AM 9-P 910MO CQO;C&~'potasslum ~&ildlft have superior see dkkctm P"-rtke to thaw containing sodium oxidm E. R. 00 F &* -00 2. goo ;_Oq MtTALIW4 IC" LITRRATWI CLASWIC&TICO. 01.0~ a.- C., I w 0; 9 4 3 11~ N a -9 19 H tt u a I W doe 0 0 41 W-W 4 0 $ : ; : : ; ; : : - AT a C. A-A- -A 'wv" W ...v 066901 s! A An* Adtj of "Lld dielKnicto 4144=711! Fritibm. I Terk. Phys. 7. 1=' INKMIX17): C". Zrovir. 19311, 11. C. A, 32. Z134,11-The viol. hygiviao:4tpicity oil MINI tech. -00 :11~lvclrit% i% dvid. toy liar Prtwitce tit iotsvp, Indein-rdlentiv, 00 4 the lxilirt sit the material. The strourption of -00 i% only slown1down air accclartatted by the fooloatily hu Ir .00 0 A 3 iv o: 1 3 noAjnftI,,!v 1% not affected. The divItc. loswa, show fiv cerlatin mitts. were Inv"lipted in relation Ito the time 600 0 '31 of. immur%itan In water or the drying time. Among much xoo mjxt%~ were patraffin-myrrne. slyrrrar-S, voloph Y. col,qwhany-naphlbalene. nn 0 Differrvit tylors of tmiro.%ty can be didervatiatted depend 000 ins I:Fwnl vilarther the dimengions of the pores are of the 0 nodertal iiiatiallusteufwairrintgn.(sul)ttik-ti"ieporusity) COO 00 tir laiger than the-se (microwtatoic pewco4ity) or whether 000 O'C'Urw lats" are fornmi (InWTOKv* Porusity). In 00 S1 dwkc-tfi,, of submicrooortafaic porcrilty lb-t absurptJon tal 2 arOO 0 water and drying lake plotre Mostly; In thaw of micru- 0 waspic or macroscopic porusity them pruvussors lake plosve repully. fkdyindwkctrkswitbmkTowtopkpamdtytvn C:: the hvivim-topir proltertirs be diminated by impregnations :0 0 with vilk) inutialing materials M. G. Mume tjo 0 boo aroo u IS AT to &I og at rim M I IS a ad 0 IT 9 1 Iff Do 0 0 a It It WO to d"41 a P! 0::*::!'oo 00000 0 0000 0 !0000000000000000004, 60:000wo:oeoooooo:::Iooooooooeoooooooeoei OKI I u a AV IV OT4*4 0 0 0 0 N. Po ML Amd in pawl.; "I, AM iMmAvotim of btal-mW "Wo dwnam It, Tlo Im in ov."t. "rMIM owl. A. I M, Wornmad Naito 09 a re tga 0000*09690*0066 ego. o"ART vies goo fee got too m a 2 0 Tim I I A I A a 4 s I I IF 0 11 IS 11 4 is 16 it 4 IT P a a It is 0 a Is A a I a x F a A I I v j a a 11 of At W As v X 0 0 0 42 Q ad mito A ' _ VC n It ..4- .P 4 1 A v - ~ 0 j _*_ -.,v A.. ~ st 04,0411tis 0,1111ter'll ~.V# , 6-4; ---- moilturooloorsid micalast wi . , lirklimeog. from. Mitreprom. Magi;~, UU-1039 No. of ?-A. 1441-5; Kkim. krierds. Zhur. 103 No 12 RM, 'nisr dithrettle Micsirs, wh;i h tossed In ra4lo technique. .00 Is beat-resistant and pommemmis a high stitch. strength and -00 00 2 has low ditlee. lasts. The improved 'Micalex lot made of .00 so a rule& and lead-It" glass. This glow is easily fusible and moMisfir reitistanct It contains an In- has satisfactor -00 . y irravil most. of otildris oil shrulm lip Ornunts and 0 1XIb .00 struslIct anit. of DA. The istily. e jilam (drid, by 11 W -00 -4 bts. with O boiling Its firstly dispewd powder for 2. m fit water) Is,1%. Micalex cvntalnq L of this I ago At radio frequencies tan I (ansk of dielk-C. .1) is O.=_ a 00 .3 1 0.1sixtil; aliet tht Mirmlest tat monalned let water list 2111 loss. =00 00 0 tan 8 is (1000-03KHO. tfictirc. lWastrabifity (4) 70-5. up. 009 00 3 surfare resistance IOIL-1011 ohms, 3-P. vol. "statore at ' 14 14 009 . -10 3D-3 , ohm-cm., op. rr. 2.8-2.9. coeff. of litsm 10 00 ripanition 9 X 10-6, reAlstance to bending 10OG-1WO kg./ LIS 0 sq. em., ins" strength 4-5 kii,cm./sq. cm. A sharp 00 Increase of the elec. cond. was ob*rfed at a rtlative hu- see 00 Ar midit ~ W70%. High prrmures and terrips. am nem- b 11 l f W A 3 2 see 0 . .Vr* e ca ex. Mary the productioss o g W. R. Henn ;C99 is* 0 I L A too% SIV1114 MITSWUNWAL LIUSANAE CLAWFICATION 114 we foil 11 Its- 6 U U AT U 0 Is 0 rp 11 id 111IM111111 "rift it it I K4 0 0000 0 0 & 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 of 0 6 0 4 0 ov 0 izo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 fv 0 0 0 0 0 rag 0 go 00 0 ego 4 00 0000 00 0 1-1: z v m t, 00, Oo ts Is v 020cf9tti A.0 PIOIAN$ Dig N. Kuw 87, purcvWog maw is bxvrpumted.,,,-f of "vy agkits. Islas %Wt. in Our form of an M%ill dh* Mff7ALLUR6OCAL_L#TIlATVRl CLASUMAt" Blow SIMISIVO u :1* 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 L-4-A-M .00 60 U00 0 goo !=00 4900 909 goo to 0 voo ISOM ItOULPWV GIAW mc a-- 441 I I I IM 0 0 IF 'I 3t 0 9 0 13 3 2 0 0 * * 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 6 0 6 0 0 0 0 Kt~ 00 A to C4 so 00 C 006 fI ook I 0*42 slow N- goo 00 bo. ~r7 S._ ond 1. D. ftkl. lair Ii TU HUM no* ur Goo Soo too 004 00* ooU 001 Woo woo see woe woo an 4WW Ask ton" "it GOV a IM a 0X, IN 9 in 2 2, 9. we a 2 u is 409 X W, as 0 *o *o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 9 0 a 00! 1 000 0 0 A~sc effou JKLO " CPO. t-I WI. V --A-A-L It OR a a " M 4.0 WD Wto . . . . . . . al 629.01 / all, ISO 11 -IVAN* wil-RIT sm"4951111 1 34wl 00'. 0 OF Sep *09 SO 00 0 ap SO 00 SIP C, podvq"w p" nrqm go qmmpm 00 so SO of wp3am a"Ovw 0 v- Opmw of ("GO 00 Irlawwwow . .1 of 0 Pm al"llra 00 or 60 0 00 SO-! #0 it 0- r 0,0 00 00 w .7-T.T fu in 10 61 SO i;T a As It 4 aaIt Is a n 14 "j" a w ~%l ita 44 Is 11 a 4 0 A 0 1t1 0 .1 - , ; , Ah j AIL TT A AND Mo on altages of CeMMI61 "MLVDAW: on Ofinsonr V. M are given, SudV= dIxurge Rt rX. inlulato I% wtudW, also at Industrial fm"Odu and an d-c.' Bask pdndpW of hm. Insulator daLsIgn am d1smissed. D. f. K. Qi IOUDI MS I'Y P. Por US-,P/Acadc,-.iy of 5ciences 111jew Rookst' 1 p t'Radiotelch" Vol IV, No 3 ~971 1.9 L71i an Lists five books: P. V. Shmakov's ItColor Television)" 111. V. Belakov's "The Inflixence of MeteoroloZ:ical CcndiLions on the Proi;aLion of Ultrashort Waves," G. ix. Rericz's IIIAdio TestinC,11 G. Khollman's "Gcneration and teiplification of Decimctcr and Centimeter 'Viaves,31 and N. 11. Ro-oroditskiy and I. j~'. ii-idbarg's 11 11i.(ji Freq!Iency Inar.,,mnic Dielectrics." B(rGORODTTSKIY, N. P., D-63 BOGORODITSKTY, N. P.Y V. V. PASYF)rOV and B. M. TA;~=V. Elektrotekhnicliesiciye materialy (Electrotechnical mat~--rials). Moscow, Gosenergoizdat, 1~.--50- 437p. DLC TK 453-B55; OUMF No. 203-B; CIA n/5 614-14-B6, FDD 5V413. This book discusses the principles of insulators, semi-conductors, condLctors, and magnetic materials as well as their electrical, physio-chemical, mid mechanical properties. It was admitted, bv the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, as a textbook -f or energy ano electrical engineering institutes. ~. P. - - I -- - - -Lc.:l I-Lu - - - m D-OGOVIDITSIM, N N. P. PA 21~0175 USSRAlectricit Dec 52* Y isZoelectric Ceramics "Electric Properties of Piezoelectric Ceramics Near the Curie Point," 11. p. BogoroditsIriy and .T. N. Verbitsimya "Zhur Tekh Fiziki" Vol 22, No 12, PP 1920-1929 Piezoelec ceramics were tested and unstable prop. erties were found near the Curie point. By re- action of elec field and by heating over the Curie point dielec permeability of aged samples could be restored. The variation of dielec permeability vith time is related to mutual orientation of do- mains at various tej*a. Received 19 Jul 52. 24OT75 BWORODITSKIY, N. P. USSR/)Cloctrioity - Personalities kW Techniques Jul 53 OV. P. VologdIn (Deceased)." P. 1. Skotnikov, S. A. Rinkevich, IT. P. Bogoroditskiy, V. I. Siforov, V. V. Vologdin, and others Eleklurichestvo, No 7, 1) 94 Obituary of Prof Valentin Petrovich Vologdin (22 Mar 1881-23 Apr 1953), covering principal activitioo and achievements of his professional life. An eminent specialist in hf techniques (heating, surface hardening, etc), he WRs an active educator (esp at LETI), author (more than 100 published works), inventor (more than 120 inventions), and won Stalin Prize in 1943 and 1952. 27IT6o SHKAKOV, Pop professor, xasluxhemW dayatell nanki i tekhniki, doktor tekhni6h9skikh nauk.- !&,H. . professor, laureat Stalinakoy qgjmj premii, doktor tekhmicheskikh nauk; FDGIWSKIT. V.. k-ndidat tekhni- cheskikh nu*. Supplying workers of village radio rediffusion centers with more literature. Radio no.12:13 1) 153-~ NmA 6:12) -- (Radio-Htceivers and reception) BOaORODITSIIY,,,N.P. professor; VASILIYICYO D.Y., professor; BAYDA, L-I# G.V.. doteent;$MMUOVICH, A.A., doteent; YAftnT. A.T., d;tsent; YURGZNSON, R.I., dotigbt; ARABOVICH. B.I., starshiy propodavatell; GBXTON~ D.P.starshty prepodavatell; POVOLOTSKIY, Ta.A., prepodavatell. Development of autontie control and telemechanics in the fifth five-year pla;n. Avtomb i telem. 14 n0-2;238-240 *-Ap '53. (MIAA 10:3) 1, leningradakiy eldkt*otekhnicbLeskiy indtitnt im. T.I.Ullyanova (Ionina) (AutoA%'I-- Fomtrol) (26mote control) I ChAraf- riific2 of the behaviot 0t ruettt ce.,emic np,ir the Curie point. 5K A I JA ! ~~,klady I k P i 7=.,fttV--, ill rtrmm twt 6 'r, sh,~N- vetainic condmers of rnateriab of ",I)ps 1. 11, and III (nut apprioctimate Curie prx3ils L-I 120. 135. and 15,)'(: t~-,peictlvcjy, Withm :~O to AO d--%y75 i'lej pjcpa,;~tjau, O.c t,n at "0' ftropWd to ~W to 355'0 of th -.- originil vatue and tht-n fict, pyocticalh. unt,hanged ('.Yrup~ I oiil !1 1, 1,,-1 *:,.- iny Ovinp in tnr- 6 -. JI)e Cur~ Vnirit d. a6ty il= id I-t hift with vlk,~,Tkal agmE III im,"Imjil: 0)[ aml -m 4 -1 -~ h, '111, 1, -hq- ,mm h~pc lit'l %1I13)rc,1,1 I,, Idll,g. :I, pfin(q)"~ 1- paci(y 'Aa~ tible-I near Olt curit- poil1AT W' Vol Curie Wint, Or tan 3 for I,;! Irt-sh a I IIht at-M 0%1;, I it rrs' -,-I in, I-, A stifficitritI3 strong Icrtr-,c twl, ~ o, -, ag-~,d sh~ipt~ to the original Y;Aiws. Lul ilit-r4- dropp,l wbil, At 15' to 2W brluw tbt Ciirt~ Ihnni, rh, rnn ~ ~!r,-,ti-l again with time. The Tan I of .6alws whkb wem ned A r,N)III temperamit was restored to the origa~l val':E5 Ott - tt~r 0, ~;K-s werv hrated above the Curi- po'n, Vnxtrr ~orm.ii A dcacrra~-d zgAii, with li-,r in-ji of the trvrrsil)le !.ti S -. -- fui-lioi, tJ t',, k-onstant field; Vic capac;tzrs Lorm-9viiiiing to thew r~% rr tan I are shown in curves A hvlx>*.hi ~t~ is proj-~-! _V of '~,Jj;,Cj I e;,nj, anig, of ejeetrje iigin iM~ 0 USSR/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and Their Application. Silicates. Glass. Ceramics. Binders'. 1-9 Abst Journal: Referat Zhur - Xhimiya, No 19, 1956~ 62297 Author: BogorodiLe ~., Polyakova, N. L., Kirillova, G. K., Eydellkind, A. Mo Institution: None Title: New VarA,'.etips of Blectrotechnical Ceramics Original Feriodical: Elektrichestvo, 1954, No 7: 56-60 Abstract: Investigations of the structure of ceramics (C) have shown that they must be regarded as a ccerplex system containing crystalline, glassy,, amorphous and gaseous phases. It has been found that elec- tric., physical amd mechanical properties of C are determined pri- marily by their crystalline phase. Studies of crystal format-ions have made it possible to divide electro-ceramics in 3 groups., polycrystals-dielectrics with high or scanewbat decreased dielec- tric properties (presence or absence of relaxation polarization); Card 1/2 USSR/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and Ths:Ir Application. Silicates. Glass. Ceramics, Bindera, 1-9 Abst Journal: Referat Zhur - Ebimiya, No 19, 1956, 62297 Abstract: polycrystals-electron semiconductors; seignette-electrics. Electric characteristics and chemical composition of these polycrystals and also the systems according to which they crystallize are summarized in a table. The glassy phase cf 0 influences the s!.ntering tempera- ture and plasticity. Gasecus phase (gas in sealed pores) lowers mechanical and electric strength of C. Tht thus determ~med proper- ties have made it possible to consider the problem of providing C of high electric and mechanic characteristics and relatively simple technology of mass product:Lon. Amr~ng the new C which have been put to practical use are ultraporcelain LT-46 and the still better UF-53 a most suitable material for designing small over-all dimensions condensers of high capacity for instance for bridges for deter- mining dielectric losses at voltages up to 10-15 kv; electroceramic steatite materials with a tale base are very promising for use in KM-1 insulators; of very great mecbBLnical strength and high electric indexes are zirconium C Ts-54 and other. Card 2/2 m BOGORODITSKIY, N.P. letter to the editor. Zhur.tekh.fis. 24 no.1:149 J& 154. (MIaA 7:2) (Dielectrics) (Blectric insulators and insulation) 'USSR m on- Ihe questlon or the nanlincarity Of the mrrent-vehAge charact-criefic of tht sflkoe cartildr. N. P. -,; 7 Zi? r:?~ ;*77: , V, 7 Russian An cxpcrm=ntLi of dalc-~n; of SiC for ~~rm- bondfipg rn-divn, the ",--du UP'Ll Mf 'ol"!j;r ob&-:~nM on the zj.o. Th-, cic -)z,: immect. Rc~ula are ahown graphical'). Th~ non-)incarlty cociiiient (a) -,f this (E = jel) is not a stvady quuntity hut cl-ppepd, on the range af aw Ot-ctnc field and fur c~ch grain stic has a ccrwn rmxir I Lim Valut. F0, tg~am~ th- nor,liricar pan in t1iii Oiaractaristv. b,=gjns at fidds ond the BdV3ntZ-gC3 Of ChDOSinli M- SnIML-T- size parbcles for ficl,~s tj di-,cL~sd T-.,iz existenm of a surf2c: 13y--r of ovdic is atswuntea. NV. BAFj3IsLn USSR/Physics Dielectric losses FD-895 Card 1/1 Pub 153-4/26 Author : Bogoroditskiy, N. F.,and Fridberg, I. D. Title : Dielectric losses in high-frequency ceramics Periodical : Zhur. tekh. fiz. 24, 1194-i2o4, Jul 1954 Abstract : Dielectric losses of some halide crystals and metallic oxides are analyzed. 'Crystals'employed in modern ceramics are classi- fied according to their electric properties. Possible mechanisms of dielectric losses of ceramics used in electrical engineering are pointed out. Indebted to 1. Ye. Zelenkova and Prof. Frank- Kamenetskiy. Eleven references including 4 foreign. Tables; graphs. Institution Submitted February 8, 1954 IPA t;-0 - - - - - - -- - N. P. lingorodiNkil 6~ and X. L. Pot) 257-1)(1954 I.-Tht mums were studied for tht variations in dielte. properties of the 3 cryst. modificatlaim of AlA.' l IM 1 I h di d h 1 l 6 1 I-A U 41n. Q 1 fiCA 00, CGrUn e 0 VAOC C21 t e a MO n, t K Aluminate. and tbo y-modiftat" that Is, ronverteil to the' a modifleation by hentiris Oxwe l(W.Y14. The low Melee. i losses for coi=dmm are txplained by the iimic and electronic pohrizationi in the crystals, %whereas in the 0 tuodification the structural polarization teems to predrminate, owing to the 10": lattice of the crystals. Variations In the dielve, properties of AhO~ emunic materials arn attributed to the formation of P-AIA during an OxkL-zlng calcination- Whtn calcined u4der reducinst eonditiov% the 0-mod1fication is'MWted to the a, and the Impurities are either volatilized itreous h 4* chanted to a Threous 3.%C. W. M. Sternberx BOGORODITSKIT, N.P., PASYNKOV, V.V.-, TARBTN, B.M.; RINNS, T.T., redaktor Abj*Sum L.V., takhaichookiy r adaktor. [materials used in electric engineering] Blaktrotakhnicheakis matorialy. Izd-vo 302, pers. Hoskv4, Goa. energ izd-vo 1955. 372 po iMIJLA 8: A) (Slectric engineering-Materials) AID F - 2818 Subject USSR/Electricity Card 1/2 Pub. 27 - 7/30 Authors Bpgo:~jod:L Doc. of Tech. Sci., Prof., and h of Tech. Sci., Leningrad a . Title New developments in low voltage ceramic capacitors Periodical Elektrichestvo, 6, 37-43, Je 1955 Abstract New structures of ceramic capacitors calculated for increased operational requirements are developed in the USSR by a group of researchers consisting of: V.I. Zhukovskiy, D.G. Dykman, N.Ye. Zaremba, I. Ye. Zelenkova,,B'.A. Kulik, K.Ye. Lisker, M.I. Neyman, O.K. Orfinskaya, N.P. Trukhina, A.A. Tyullpanov, N.A. Fryazilnovskaya, Ya.K. Khakhankina, and N.M. Tsvetkov. The investigations of stability of the electric characteristics of ceramic capacitors shows that the selection of the minimum thickness of the