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SOURCE COLE: 5/0011/00n ACC NR-.Ap6oo95OT (A ) UR/0413/66 AUTHOR: 1~~ quN,~V.; ?Japelkov, No A.; Roteg~er& I p0; Bondarenkon S. G.; Gushchin, V. Ya.; Modina, Z. V.; Bunina, Ye~. D.; ZqgjgtinL K. K. ORG: none TITIE: Method of preparing foamedjavinal. Class 80 wo. 179269 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 5, 1966, 11 NPIC TAGS- pavinal, polyviny1chloride coating, pore former ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued describing a method for preparing foamed pavinal by applying polivlnylchloride,~7paste containing plasticizers, stabi- lizers, pigments, and the pore former ChYhZ21 to acloth base. To speed up the process I the paste applied to the cloth is heated to 180-200C. Subsequently, the coating obtained can be printed. 1.7 ILDI SUB COrE: 13/ SUBM MWE-, OlkjaW uDc: 678.o26-3 743.22:677.865.2 S/081/61/000/001/0~1/017 A005/AI05 Translation from- Referativnyy zhurnal, Khimiya, 1961, No. 1, P. 37, # IB273 A U I.arJ z-a- The Study of the Temporal Courses of Polarization and Depc tion in Solid Solutions FERTCOTCAL: "Tr. Novocherk. politekhn. in-ta", 1959A Nc. 73, Rabc+.y Kafc-.irj f4z,., pp. 35 - 41 =L The author shows -that the polarization prcQesr. of a solid acduticn- C~f Ba('I.IlZr)C~ in the seignettoelectric region consists of no less than two prc~es- aes wn'Lrh have different relaxation time. Also in the n-:~n-seignettoelkectric re- gl-on, the polarization process consists of' two mechanisms: 1) elastio displacemr:;r.-~ c,f el~strons and ions, and 2) ion drift (thermal ion polarization). The dlelectr---~ lcsses noticeably increase in the solid solution of Ba(TiZr)O at 1500C and higher. Setting in at 2500C, the properties of the considered solid solution approach the proper-bies of the semiconductors. Author's s-xwary Translator's note- This is the full translation of the original Russian abstract. C.ard 1/1 KUDRYASHOV, G.V.,-.Lnzh.,~...,BONDAIU'IIKO, Making 578.6 m of crosscut in 31 days. Shakht. stroi. 4 no. 17-19 Mr 160. (MIRA 13:11) (Mine engineering) S/058/62/000/009/015/069 A006/AlOl AUTHOR; Bondarenko, S. I. TITLE: Temporary processes in glass enamels PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal,*Fizika,, no. 9, 1962, 12, abstract qD81 ("Tr. Novocherk. politekhn. in-tall, 1961-, 118, 35 - 47) TEXT: The temporary course of high-volta:ge polarization was studied on glass enamels containing 0 - 25% CaTiO 3 and SrT103 . From an analysis of oscil- lograms the conclusion is drawn on the process as a function of merely one high- speed m .echanism of electronic and ionic polarization.: At over 2590C another slow mechanism begins to act, namely the polarization of thbrmal ionic migration, mainly in enaMels containing SrT103 . During the capacitor discharge which -is coated with enamels,of different compositions, the capacitance does almost not change (except a temperature of about 3000C), the dielectric constant changes slightly with temperature and increases with a higher content of titanates, as well as specific capacitance. 0. Molchanova Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 1/1 BONDARENKO. S.Kh. On collective cotton farms. Zashch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 3 no.4:8-9 Jl-Ag '58. (MIR& 11:9) h Nachallnik otdala sashchity rasteniy obsellkhozupravloniya. (Cotton--Diseases and posts) (Spraying and dusting equipment) NESTEROV, Yu.B.;-,BQj1DARHW, S.K h., agroriom-entomolog; DUBROVIN, B.L., agronom-entomnio'g-- Possibilities for using the AG-L6 aerosol generator in cotton growing. Zaahch. rant. ot vred. t bol. 3 no.4-16-17 Jl-Ag 158. (MIRA 11:9) 1. Starshty agronow-entomolog Mintaterstva sallskogo khonyaystva UzSSR (for Nesterov). 2.7m~abkentekoye oblsel'khozupravlaniye (for Bnndarenko, Dubrovii). (Cotton-Diseaeas and Pests) (Aerosols) BONDARENTKO, S.K. Wardium lagopi nov. sp. (Hymenolepididae), a new cestode from willow ptarmigan. Trudy Gellm. lab. 15.164-66 165 (MIRA 19:1) ORRIS, A.Ya; ZDDROV, S.F.; B01MARUNK0, S.M.; ADA11OV, A.I.; ZOTKIN, M.M. redaktor-, SIPMIW, A.T', A.S. , tekhnicheakiy radaktor. [Oil mining] Shakhtania razrabotka neftianykh mestarozMenil. Pod red. M.M. Zotkina I A.A. Shmeleva, Moskva, Goo. nauchno-takhn. izd-vo neftianol I gornotoplivnoi lit-ry, 1955. 273 P- (MLRA 8:8) (Petroleum engineering) SOV/112-58-3-4550 Translation from: Ref erativnyy zhurnal - Elektrotekhnika, 1958, Nr 3, p 167 (USSR) AUTHOR: Bondarenko, S. P. TITLE: Production Automation Should Be Broadened (Shire vnedryat' avtomatizatsiyu v proizvodstvo) PERIODICAL: Mekhaniz. sil's'k. gospodarstva, 1957, Nr 6, pp Zl-23 (original in Ukranian) ABSTRACT: A review of automatic devices used in agricultural production is presented. An experimental cultivator model has been built intended for working technical crops sown by the square-pocket method; the swivel shovels working the soil between the pockets are actuated by a signal from a contact feeler; the latter energizes a relay on contact with the plant. VIM has developed a system for automatic regulation of the crop mass feed into the thrasher in a trailer-type combine, by changing the speed of the combine as it moves over the field. A brief description is provided of automatic schemes Card 1/2 SOV/112-58-3-4550 Production Automation Should Be Broadened for liquid pumping, including those with a pressure tank, with a floating-type pickup, and with an air-water boiler where the pickup is represented by a pressure relay. Since 1953, a no-tower electric purnpwork VE-Z. 5 has been widely used; since 1956, VE-2. 5M water-pumping units have been manufactured and combined with an additional control station developed by VIM and VIESKh. A no-float signaling system with contact-type level pickup has been developed for non-winterized towers where the water surface may be covered with ice in winter; a sketch of the contact pickup is given. A short characterization is offered of the schemes maintaining specified temperature in electric incubators, animal-breeding barns, electric hot-houses, etc. . as well as a scheme for maintaining the specified humidity level in the "Rekord-39" incubators; also, a schedule maintaining scheme for the same incubator. The trends in new automation projects in agriculture are listed. Illustrations: 3. I. M. Sh. Card 2/2 BORDAROMI.-S.P.. kan Idat takhnicheskikh nauk. '' ., - 4 Me Faculty of Blectrif Ication of the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy is 25 years old. Nekh. all'. hosP. 8 no.9:32 3 157. (Ilectricity in agriculture--Study and teaching) (KLRL 10:9) M.ARTYNEITKO, Ivan Ivnnovich, ktnd.tekhn.uLmk-; BONDAIRMIX0. S.P., knn~. tekhn.nnuk, glavnyy red. [Now developmento in niral electrification) Nove v eiektry- fikDtsii sillskoho hospodorstva. KYiv, 1959. 30 P. (Tova- rystvo dlia poshyrennia polityclinykh i naukovykh znan, M=B- ins1koi RSR. Sor.6, no-13). (HIRA 13:1) (Rural electrification) BUDZKO, I.A., akademik,; BONDAREMKO, S.P.o kand.tekhn.nauk, zamestitell; KARTT ~0~,fj'.-; --KARPOV, I.V.i red.; CLETNIK, V.S., red.;. XOSOVSKIT, V.A.. red.; KVITKA, S.P.. (Problems connected with electric power supply to agriculture, collection of articles on materials of the scientific session of the section of the electrification of agriculture] Voprosy elaktrounabzheniia sel'skogo khoziaifltva; abornik statei po, materialam nauchnol sesaii sektgii elektrifikataii sellskogo khoziaistva. Kiev, Izd-vo Ukr.akad.sellkhoz.nauk. 1959. 149 P* (KIRA 13:2) 1. Kiyev. Ukrainalka akedemiia sillolkohospodaralkykh nauk. 2. Ysesoyuznaya akademiya sellskokhozyaystvennvkh nauk imBui V.I. Lenina. direktor Vassoyuznogo nauchno-issledovateltzkogo institute alektrifikataii sel'skogo khozyaystva (VIESKh) (g.Xoskva) (for Budzko). (Electricity in agriculture) BONDARENKO, S.P.. kund.teldin.rlwak Using electric driving on collective and state farms. Mokh.sill.hoBp. 10 no.12:26-28 N '59. (14IRK 13:3) (Electric driving) BONMRNRO, sa. *Utilization of electric energr in agriculture". Reviewed by S.F. Bondarenko. Makh. i elek. acts. sellkhos. 17 ne.2:62-63 '59. (MIRA 12:6) (Illectricity In agriculture) KARTYNBNKO, Ivan Ivanovichl kand.te-khn.nauk; 11~NRAMKO S.P.,, kand-. tekhn.nauk otv. red.; GMSK0. V.A. CHKi n3k-o',- ".J.- red. (Operating electric equipment on collective and state farms) Bkoplnetateiin elektrohospodarstTa v kolhospakh i radhospakh. Kyiv, 1960. 31 p. (Tovarystvo dlia poshyrennia politychnykh i naukovykh znan' Ukrainalkoi RSR. Sar.6, no.22). (mIRA 14:2) (Blectricity in agriculture) BONDARENKOp S.F., kand.tekhn.nauk Saietntific investigations on the over-all electrification of agriculture in the Ukraine. Mekh. i elek. sots. sellkhoz. 19 no.l: 63-64 161. (MIRA 14:3) (Mcraine-Blectricity in agriculture) Rl.,BTSOV., kand. telchli. ntiu.1,; (isT-,,jjjoV, P.A., kanu. toldin. rmuk; BONDA1LENKO, s.p., Icand. tekhn. nauk; aAVINKOVj K. P. 4~ ti .9 ~~t6khh-.mauk; SOLODIZIlKOVA, G.A., red. fIlse of electrical. power in upriculturel Primenenie elektricheskoi energii v P-11skom khoziaistve. Izd.2.) perer. 1 dnp. -rB- yl P.A.Rubtsov i dr. Moskva, Kolos 1964. 502 P. (MT-,-U 17:10~ BONVARENKO, S.P. Gqnetic types in the carbonate sediments of the YnrtanviFh af-,-ies (copper-bearing sandstones) in the Bakhrut trough and the conditions of their accumulation. Geol. zhur. 25 no.,35:66-78 165. (MIR4 IS: 11) 1. Trest "Artemgeologiyall. 'N BONDARENKO, S.P. Ws ~ ~z- ~-' ~ New data on the Kramatorskays. and Dronovalcaya series of the Donets Permian. Geol. zhur. 23 no.2223-32 163. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Treat "ArtempoloRi7a". (Donets Basin-Geology, Stratigraphic) J - I- ~. BMARIM. 5.S., elaktromenter. Gulfito level gance and Its use. Bum.prou. 30 no.11:23 1 155. (KLRA 9:2) i.lyborgskly ts9lWszno-b:m&shnyy kombinst. Oyborg-Paper Indastry) BONDLUNKO, S. S. -.Vi~ Woodpulp cooking control Instrument. Bum.prom. 31 no-5:21 Ky 156. OWL 9:8) 1. Elektromonter Vyborgskogo tsellyulozno-bu 2hnogo kombinata. (Vyborg--Woodpulp industry) (Photoelectric measurements) BONDMMKO, S.S.; KASHANSKIY, B.R.; KAFUSTIN, V.Ya.; OAMARENKO, A.A.; MIKHEYKV, IN.; POLETAYEV, A.S.; P. ' I SELEZNEV, V.1; SUDAKOV, S.V.s, polkovniks, red.; VILICHINSKIY, I.K., red. [Instruction in firing at night from small annis and grenade launchers] Obuchenie strellbe nochTiu iz strelkovogo oruzhiia i granatometa. Moskva, Voenizdat, 1964. 214 p. (MIRA 18:4) BONDARENKO, Gand Geol Min Sci -- (diss) "Yethod for -4.11.- Prospecting nderground iodoZomitum'p- waters (on example of 0 Vol Urallskkd Oblast)." Mos, 19~6 ("in of Higher Lducation USSR. POs Geol Prospecting Inst im. S. Ordzhonikidze) 110 crvies (KLI 23-56, 103) - 25 17 _T T_[ AUTHOR: Bondarenko, S.S. 132-58--4-9/17 TITLE: Special Features of Prospecting for Underground Iodine- Bromine Viaters (Nekotoryye osobennosti razvedki podzemnykh iodo-bromnykh vod) PERIODICAL: Razvedka i Okhrana Nedr, Nr 49 PP 57-41 (USSR)iV ABSTRACT: At present, prospecting for underground iodine-bromine waters is very expensive. A proposed plan of conducting simulta- neous prospecting and exploring operations is given, These operations are divided into two basic stages. The prospect- ing atage consists in locating the iodine-bromine water de- posits and the drilling of prospecting wells. The exploration stage consists in determining the exploitation reserves by hy'- drogeological investigations of test wells and extensive study of the system of flow of the underground waters, its magnitudev and also the technical conditions of the wells. There are 5 references, 4 of which are Soviet and 1 English. ASSOCIATION: MGRI AVAlLABLEs Library of.Congress Card 1/1 1. Iodine-Sources 2. Bromine-Sources 3. Chemical elements-Soutees zonamo, a. S. I.- ~. ~ - ~_. Basic characteristics of the bydrogeology of the Volga- Ural artesian basin* Izv.vys.uchabSzavG; geolei razve 2 no.11:85-97 N 159. W" 13: 6) 1. Moskovakiy geologorazvedoohzWy institut im, S.Ordzhonikidze. (Volga Vallev-water. Underground) (Ural Mountain regiou--Water. Underground) -AQMMRE=-S-- S.. " Watern contaimng iocume ana bromine in the VoIgn and Kama Vallers. Sov.geol. 2 no*IZ:88-100 D '59. (MIRA 13:5) 1. Mookovskiy geologorazvedochnyy institut imeni S. Ordzhonilridze. (Xama Valley-Brines) (Volga Valley-Brines) BONDARENKO, S.S. Dynamics of the underground waters in the West Siberian artesian basin. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; geol. i razv. 4 no.4:96-106 Ap ,61. (MM 14:6) 1. Moskovskiy geologorazvedochnyy institut imeni S.Ordzhonikidze. (Siberia, Western-Materp Underground) s/196/62/000/024/003/014 F,194/F.155 AUTHOR: Bondarenko, S.T. TITLE: Transient thermal and electrical fields in a circular insulated cylinder of unlimited length PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i energetika, no.24, 1962, 119 ab4tract 24 A 56. (Elektroenergetika, no.5, 1962, l4i-l5o). TEXT. In insulating materials whose specific resistance is strongly dependent on temperaturej the electric field also changes on heating. The heating electric current (during tests or over- voltages), and hence the change'of field,*d 'epend on the heat- distribution in a hollow cylinder. Solution for cylinders of unlimited length involve certain limitAtions concerning boundary conditions and distribution of heat sources. The present work allows for changes in the electrical conductivity of the medium and obtains solutions in n-th order Bessel functions. references. ~Abstractorls note; Complete translation :Card 1/1 .7 IL 7 T C'k j F, 1 nv~ JU11. AC~---. S- 1. U . i. & f,, r-- roccrdaml t~-!l tno 'M k t rv, '-f Llslchljlsj, u~- nS,,! T= ri ~;v th; Cyll,:&r's ~,n CXPTGsslim rla~5 ObLvalned jer IPO rolultiLi~3n1ji i L~I-' 1;-11: to,:paratoxo mol enorg to 1--mcr, arr t1hin LAIr-w1rij 11 ~ a S, e s---C, t in. Is' Z58 W~& mi tor- V~ ~Wmulzr bhnna 0.11-5'rmd M61. TIS w~OllrOspcrdlnL ortialorp-i-es (Imn r.,quitc-d va"em-AII-ii, MOP 110,01 OTPrAeA -,Nar-a ',G~5 wyl for tho blocIlt m4 41 and h.V- for t~o &orga. otdal. Takh. Nawk jBull. -5kn. -Aacl,. jur., 0-8-132). Th'-- caso of a blDclt ot C-nal t3ins lry a clmrcrnt a~vcu:nh a cyl!nJlrcn'-' =d= sir,, rhmmil Is i~xa,.Ancj thn-c-rc'M cally oarTj ul tbuilned f~-f VIls lmrstn ly, t*-q vn-dlu!; of tho t:11.1rnol T-ITZ. Ito oyprts,-'.Qn I~s CoLlia-YI VIIVI Q-1.0 BONDAREMO, S.T.,~7-jMoskva) brlmnsion of the conducting channel In processing solid fuel deposits by using electric current. lzv. AN SSSR. Otd. tekh. nauk no.6:108-112 Je 156. (KLRA 9:9) 1. Inergeticbeskiy Imatitut AN SSSR. (Coal-Ilectric properties) (Coke) 8(o); 14(5) PHASE I BOOK MWITATION SOV/2079 Bondazenko B. Ttj B. Mi. Brodslays, S. N. Lyandres., E. A. Meyerovich~ '_~~."~.Mnlkovskiy, and A. D. Feznikov Primneniye elektricheskogo toks dlya, neposredstvennogo vozdeystviya na, plast topl.iva. pri beashakhtnoy podzemoy gazifikataii (Use of Electric Current for Direct Action on Solid Fuel Seams in Underground Gasification Without Sln"ng a Shaft) Moscov, AN S=p 1959. 234 P. 1.6oo copies printed. Errata slip inserted. Sponsoring Agencyi Akademiya, nauk SSSR. Energaticheskiy institut. Ed.: E. A. Mayerovich, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences; Ed. of Pablishing House: P. 1. Zubkov; Tech. Ed.t T. V. Polyakovs. PURPOSE: This book is intended for specialists in the coal industry concerned with the underground electrocarbonization of coal. COVERAM This book describes the use of electric current for the direct treat- ment of underground coal beds. The authors maintiLin that such operations call Card 1/10 Use of Electric Current,for Direct Action (Cont.) WV/2079 for the use of a higb-efficiency unit able to produce sufficient electric power effect the release of the chemical constituents in the bed. In dealing with the electrical engineering problems involved in the process the. work describes the electrolinking method. The results of field tests in electrolinking are provided in-.the work. The system of drilling ~Ls- permeable channels from the surf%Lce to the fuel bed is described as is the method,of directing the fuel gases from the bed to the surface. The electrical conductivity of the channels may be used for subsequent electrothermLl fuel processing. Theoretical and laboratory experiments in this field were first started at the EnerE~ticheskiy Institut imeni G. M. Krzhizh&novskogo (Institute of Power Engineering imeni G. M. Krzhizhanovski3~ The first experiments conducted under actual conditions were carried out at the Estonian shale deposits near the town of XLviyli, the greater part of the work involving experiments on coal. The Institut VNII:Podzemgaz (All-Uhion Scientific Research Institute of Underground Gas) took an active part in the trials and established a special laboratory for the purpose. The electro- linking method was next appIted at the Moscow PGU station on coal beds. Profes r E. A. Yeyerovich supervised the electrical engineering problems In thestook aftLd wrote Chapters 1, 3, and 8. Chapters 2, 6, part of Chap- ters 4 and 7 were written by S. T. Bondarenko, Candidate of Technical Card 2/ 10 Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (Cont.) SOV/2079 Sciences (ENIN AN SSSR ; Chapters 9 4 and 7 by M. B. Brodskays, Candidate of Tachnical Sciences 4nstitut Fbjj'nj 1 5; Chapter. 11 by V. 1. Pan Ikoskiy, Chief Engineer of the Moscow PGU station; Chapter 10 by S. N. Lyandres, Candidate of Technical Sciences (VNIIPodzengaz). S. P. Vladimiroy and V. K. Red1kin (ENIN AN SSSR) contributed data on electrical measurements for Chapter 5; A. D. Pteznikov, Chief of the Isboratory of the VN11Podzem6%z Institute, assisted in compiling the joint reports of the Institute of Power Engineering and VNIlFodzemgaz on operations conducted at the MOBCOW PGU station. Other personalities mentioned include: Engineers V. A. MLtveyev, P. F. Skaft, and 1. S. Garkuski (GlavpodzemgLz); Professor N. V. Iavrov, Doctor of TL-chnical Sciences; I. P.-Kirichenko, Candidate of TL-chnical Sciences; Professor A. A. Agroskin; P. G. Zubkov, Candidate of TL%chnical Sciences. The Estonian staff consisted of 1. G. Rheyll, Acting Member of the Academy of Sciences, Estonian SSR; A. K. 1'reyberg, Chief Administrator of the Shale and Chemical Industry of Sovnarkhoz of the Estonian Republic; A. T. Yql', Director of the Institute of Chemistry, Academy of Sciences, and I. S. Feyngolld, Senior Scientific Worker, Institute of Chemistry, Estonlaw Republic. There are 60 references: 53 Soviet, 5 English, 1 German and 1 Japanese. Card 3/10 Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (Cont. SOV/2079 TABIZ OF CONTENTS: Forew?rd, 3 Editor a Foreword 4 Ch. 1. General Nature of the Problem and Conducted Studies 7 1. Status of the problem 8 2. Theoretical and laboratory experiments 10 3. Experiments under actual conditions 3.1 Ch. 2. Main Electrical Characteristics of Solid Mineral Fuels 12 1. Remarks on Vne method of measuring the electrical conductivity of a solid fuel 13 2. bb"uring electrical conductivity and dielectric constant using a-c at 250 to 300*C 15 3- I&asuring resistance at high temperatures using &-c and d-c under atmospheric pressure conditions 20 4. Wasuring specific coal resistance under increased ambient pressure 24 card 4/10 Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (Cont.) SOV12OT9 5. Data on solid mineral fuelg~brekkdown 27 &) trial method 27 b) results of measurements 28 Ch- 3- Principles of the Initial Channel Fornation Theory in the Fuel Bed 31 1. General physical concepts on the process 31 2. General mathematical formulation of the problem 36 3- Simplified procedure without convective heat exchange 40 4. Determining the power of the electrical source 42 5- Nature of the standardized breakdown 45 6. Approxinate calculation of the standardized breakdown system 48 7. Essential conditions for starting the process 57 Ch. 4. laboratory Trials (Experiments) of the Initial Electro- linkin Channel Formation Process 63 1. Q=litative nature of results of laboratory experiments 63 2. DeacriDtion of laboratory installation and trial methods on Estonian shale 67 3. laboratory tests of the initial channel formtion using d-c high voltage pulses 69 Card 5/10 Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (Cont.) SOV/2079 4. Initial contact channel forzation affecting the barriers of solid fuel using a-c commercial frequency 75 5- Some conclusions 82 Ch- 5. Electrolinking Borehole Experiments on Test Stands 84 1. Experimental trials on test stands at the Moscow PGU station 84 2. Trials in small pits (boreholes) 85 3. Trials in large boreholes 88 a) Graphs of currents and voltages in the electrolinking process 88 b) Graphs of currents and voltages showing completed tests 89 c) Graphs of potential distribution according to probes (sounding bores) and electrodes relative to the processing pipeline system 89 4. Experimental electrolinking trials on block coal barriers at the Lisichansk FOU station 96 5. General conclusions 98 1 Card 6/10-) Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (Cont.) SOV/2079 Ch. 6. Expansion of Initial Electrolinking Channel 100 1. Formulating the problem 100 2. Period of preparatory channel heating 103 3. Derivation on approximation equation for the expanding channel process lo4 4. Initial expansion stage. aall diameter 107 5- Second stage of large diameter channel expansion vith restricted models 108 6. Second stage of channel expansion in unrestricted ambient log 7. Solving the problem of channel expansion in an unrestricted solid ambient with a self-modeling process and under forced initial and restricted conditions 8. Calculating the actual channel temperature 13.1 9. Energy spent on establishing (creating) a thermal effect range 113 10. Intensity of the al-Annel expansion process. Specific expendi- ture of energy 114 3.1. Comparison of theoretical calculations based on experimental data 116 Ch- 7- Iaboratory Trials of the Chown 1 Expansion Process 118 Card 7AO Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (cont.) SOV/2079 1. General nature of the process and the'object of 2aboratory trials 118 2. laboratory trial method of the coked channel expansion process in Estonian shale 119 3- Changes in electrical parameters 121 4. Temperature characteristics 126 5- Speed of channel e*ansion 127 6'. Yield of steam and gas mixture and its effect on the process 12T 7- Results of experiments on coal 130 Ch. 8. Investigation of Operating Conditions With an Electrical Model. Electrical Control by the Equivalent Circuit Method. Results of Several Studies Under Actual Conditions 135 1. Experiments on an approximate electrical model 135 2. Parameters of the mesh grid and the meaftursA,-VLlws 136 3. IL-BUltil of model gaging 138 4. Eqi4valent layout of electrode-bed-electrode system 141 5- Res~lts of gaging under actual conditions; group linkage 148 Card 8/10 Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (Cont.) SOV12079 Ch. 9. Testing the Electrolinking Process in Actual M-1 Beds 154 1. Description of beds and results of several actual formation measurements 154 2. Description of high voltage field equipment 155 3. Trial of the electrolinking process in an open bed 155 4. Trial results in an open bed 157 55. Studying the electrolinking of boreholes 161 6. Trial results of electr*3inldng of boreholea 162 7. Studying the electrblinkalp process -on mon.11 MmfiAion panels 165 8. Trial results of electrbliWI&- of ,Padels 170 9. Hydrodynamical nature of the commercial batch and evalvAtion, of the change in gas constant of the bed subjected to elec- trical current 1T3 10. Electrothermal, disintegration 17T 3-1. Opening depleted panels 17 12. Results obtained from opening the B&Z-3 Panel 182 Ch# 10. Borehole Electrolihking Tests in Actual Conditions at the Usicbs,nsk Coal Deposits 187 Card 9/1o Use of Electric Current for Direct Action (Cont.) SOV/2Cqg 1. Natuxe of experimental lots subjected to electrolinking 187 2. Pit construction and surface communications 190 3- Electrode construction 190 4. Electrical install tions for electroUnking tests (trials) 191 5. Borehole preparation for electroliaking tests 193 6 Test description 194 7: Several results of recent trials and general characteristic of trial results 202 Ch. 3.1. Fesult of Using Commercial Borehole Electrolinking at the , Moscow nPodzemgsz" Station 208 1. Geological characteristic of Novo-Basovskoye deposits (Tallskaye o.] and acmposition of coal 210 2. Electrical equipment used in borehole linkage 213 3. Borehole construction 213 4. Tlests in electrOlinking 213 5. Commercial trial of electrolinking method 217 6. C rcial introduction of electrolinking 221 7. Basic conclusions 228 Bibliography 230 Card 10/10 7H /fal 8 24-59 BONDARIM, S.T.; YAKOVLEVA, A.I. Temperature of current-conductlag channels in electrolinking. Podzem.gaz.ugl. no-3:39-43 159. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Epergetichaskiy institut im. G.M.Krzhizhanovskogo AN SSSR. (Coal gasification. Underground) BONDAPMKOI S.T, ~. Nimissikei overvoltages with consideraA64 of h-pating in high- voltage insulated entrances &W cables, Elektroenergetika no,7; 31-35 163. (MA 16:9) BON.DARENKO, S.T. Widening of a gas discharge channel. Zhur. takh. fiz. 33 no-4-486-488 Ap 163. (MRA 16:9) 1. Maskovskiy lesotekhnichaskiy institut. (Electric discharges through gases) BONDARENKO, S.T.; DOMORATSKIY, V.P. Some electrophysical properties off petroleum and petroleum products. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav,,; neftv i gaz 8 no.604-88 165. (MIRA 180) L Moskovskiy institut neftkhimicheskoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti im, akademika I.M.Gubkina. VDOVENKO, N.V.; BONDARENKO, S.V. Thermodynamics of the sorption of water vaporsIin modified polygorskite. Ukr.khim.4ur. 30 no.2-d60-165 164. (KIRA 17:4) 1. Institut obshchey i noorganicheakoy khimii AN UkrSSR. L 04981-67 EWT(m)/EWP(J)/T lip(c) M4 ACC-M- AP6031518 SOURCE CODE: UR/0073/66/032/00910979/0982 AUTHCIR. TArasenko, Yus~G.; Bondarenko, S.-V.,;..Gordiyenko,-S. A Vskov, 1. A.; Solomko, V. P.; Vdovenko, N. V.; Oveharenko, F. D. ORG: Kiev State University im. T. G. Shevchenko (Kiyevskiy gosudarstvennyy univers-itet); Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, AN UkrSSR (Institut obshchey i neorganicheskoy khimii AN UkrSSR) I TITLEt Hydrophobi~ fillers in amorphous polymers SOURCE: Ukrainskiy khimicheskiy zhurnal, v. 32, no. 9. 1966, 979-982 TOPIC TAGS! kaolinite, filler, modified kaolinite, polymetbyl- methacrylate., J4_OQC-, 0.4-DAfkOU-41 ABSTRACT: Nonmodified kaolinitevli~s an active filler for pi~ly(methyl methacrylate) JPMHAJ. A study has been made of the effect of modified kaoli Zhe properties of PMMA. Treatment of kaolinite with hydrolyzed polyacrylamide 111PAA] did not change the size of kaolinite particles and had no effect on their aggregationo but considerably affected the surface properties of the modified product. It was shown that introduction of small amounts of HPAA in the surface layer of the filler lowers its capacity to form hydrogen bonds with PHMA macro- molecules, while large amounts of 11PAA screen the OH surface groups of L 04981-67 ACC NR1 AP6031518 the filler and render it Incompatible with PMMA. Thus, imparting water repellency (even with simultaneous "organophylization") to a filler does not necessarily increase its activity with respect to polymers containing polar groups, Orig. art. has: 4 figures. EBO] SUB CODE: 11,D7/SUBH DATE:. 25Dec64/ ORIG REP.: .010/ - -OtH 'REP.- 662 BONDARENKO, T.G. Some data on the electric conductivity of atmospheric precipi- tation. Trudy GGO no.134:33-37 162. (MRA 15;6) (Electric conductivity) (Precipitation (Meteorology)) 022 S/054/63/oo4/o /o Sy ___ . BIOI/B215 AUTHORS:* enovq~ A* 1.9 Shul!~td, M., M Pdrf Chen Tieh yU, Bondarenk oi Mekhryushev, Yu..Ya. -TITLE.': :El6ctiode prop6rties-:of glasses 0 of the oxiae system Li CS 0 La 0 Sio -2 2 .3 2 7, rERIODLCAL: :Leningradi -Univdrsitet.- Vestnik.-- Seriya fiziki i khimii, no. 1963, 155-160 'GlAs ..TEXT: ses LY SiO2 containing 24 Of t he: em Li2Q. _Cs2 3 27,~30, or 33- mole% U 0, - 6-~q - molep 0,30 'and 2 0-9 mole% La 0' were 2 3 examinod:. as to their.-electrode proparzies:'In order to test their a pplictMli t7 for pH measurements.. They were oompared with glassel), of the. sy.-iteme -1i 0 Sio Li~O C320 ~. S'021- * 31 2 and L La Sio 1 .2* '20 203 The cui~vea 1 Eydrsua pH were...Plotted at, 20 and 0 95 C in 3 N alkali 1 t i c;n. SO U Results: Increase in Li O.content 2 from 20 'to 3Wo does not ffect the ~ limits of,,the function 'at--200C, 0 but C they become at 95 Card 1/ 2: 1/018/022 S/054/63/oo4/oo Electrodci properties of glasees .. B1O1/B215 narrowdr,~~ Substitution of Cis 0 for part of SiO reduces the alkali .2 2 ~_-._M.Aeflccticlns and increasmthe daid deflections of the curve E versus pHj .reducing the chemical stability. Addition of. La 0 has the opposite 2 3 effect. ,The simultaneous additi;on. of..Cs 0 and La 0 has an additive ~2 2 3 + effect. -The limits of the H function range are shifted in thealkalinel :region (effect of Cs 0) as well as in the acid region (effect of La 0 2 b 2 3 0 + At 20 Ct a maximum of the upper limit of the H function range is reached at a content of 3 Ylo Cs O:and 5-8;41a 03 in the glass. At 95'C, 2 .21 + -'~.'however, glasses co tain mo e-Cs 0 than-La 0 have a maximum H furiction n ing r 2 ~2 3 r. Comm r electrode glasses as it increases range. C;320-is not be e ended fo -decreases the chemical stability- 3 61" the electi,ode resistance and., La 0 is j'avorable as-it incr6ases-the. stability and stablizes the potential. Thereare 5 fi* electrode gures and 1 table. SUBMITTED:~ October 1962 Card 2/2~ BODARINKO, T.H,; GORBOV, V.G. [Horbov, V.H.]-. KOMAROV, I.Z.; VOYTOVICH, &~_.tVoitovych, O.S.1; KAMINSKIY, F.T. Elaminslkyi, F.T.1; TAKOUNVA, Te.O. [1AkovIieva, I9.0j; TAKOVIW, S.B. CIAkovliov, SqB*J; TAVONSNKO, O*Y&* (lAvonenko, O.IA.11 VISHCHUN, I.A., red.; ALIKSAMYROV, H,O., (Our territory; brief guide-refarence book] Hash krai; korotk7i putivnyk-dovidnyk. Kykolaiv, Mykolaivalke obl.upr.kulltury, 1958. 94 p. (MIRA 13:2) 1. Nikolayev. Oblastnyi kraienavchyi muzei. (Nikolayev Province--Guidebooks) BONDARENKO, T.S.; WSHEPERIN, V.K. Methods of estimating the abundance of young gobies in the Sea of Azov. Trudy AzNIIRKH no.6:111-117 163. (MIIA 17.8) DDOAREM10, 6 tudy of spreading depression in achronic experiment. Nawh. dokl. Vys. shkolyt biol. nauk-i no.4,61-64 164. (MIRA M12) 1. Rekomendovana laboratoriyey patofiziologii kafedry fiziologii vysehey nennoy deyatellnosti Moskov-fikogo gosudarstvennogo univer6~lteta Jl:m. M.V. Lomonos-ova. BON0j"RENKOY T.T, Int,e rrela ,ion., hips between oomo regions of fl-ne, 'brain spreading depresslon, llaii(,,hodoR!,vyi;,..-:Iilc)ly; 70 '65- (MTIRA 18:10) 1. Rokolpendo-vana loifcdroy vyslnhey deyateltflosti Moskov,~'Kolao C, 14 J) t) R1-, 6, T- BAYAMIU, Pneumonia AlbonWcin therapy in pneumonia in infants. Novosti med. No. 23, 1951. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, December 1952 XW, Uncl. MIMTSKAYA, M-7-:BAYADINA, S.A.-,GARELIK, 0.S.;GRYSHINk, R.V.;BONDAFMO, T.V.; SHISHOVA, Ye. No Pneumonia in infants. Sovet. mod. 17 no.7:30-32 July 1953. (GUM 25:1) 1. Of the Clinic for Children's Diseases (Director -- Prof. Tu. 7, Dombrovskaya, Corresponding Member AN USSR) of Tirst Moscow Order of Ienin Medical Institute, Frunsenekly Sayou Childreuls Hospital (Head Physician - 7. 1. 7efer), and the Children's Division (Read -- R. V. Geyehina) of Polyclinic No. 56. BONDARENKOP V., krupchatnik Filters have been replaced by cyclones. Mak.-elev. prom. 28 no.5:31 My 162. (MRA 15:5) 1. Kirovogradskaya, mel'nitsa No.8. (Kirovograd--Flour mills) OPY-2 inzh. Joining thin-walled steel pipes using couplings with socket thread. Fromestroisi inzhasoor, 4 notl:54-55 Ja-F 162. (MIRA 15:8) (Pipe fitting) (Electric wiring) RONDA V., serzhant; CHUPRINA, V-j, otarshina sverkherachnoy sluzhby; UJMQO.-Y SAMBORSKIY,, Ye,,, yefreytor We continue our discussion about culture. Starsh.-serzh. no.3:"6 mr e62. (MM -154) (Military discipline) ~SR Radio Education Jul 56. Engineering, Radio 11problem Which Requires Solution (Discussion of Letter on 'Teaching Radio Engineering in Inter- mediate Schools')," Docent V.,Bondarenko IfF=" No 7, p 17 Bo enko claims letter from V. Sterligov and I. Pesin in "Radio," No 6, Jun,50,.should ini- tiate great changes in courses in physics In in- termediate schools, many of which have no sys- tematic activities for radio engineering cir- cles, no proper textbooks nor standard method of~ 164T81 USSR/Radio - Education Jul 50 (Contd) teaching the course on "Electromagnetic Osdilla- tions,and Waves." Groznyy Order of Red-Bawwr Petroleum Inst,has established special courses in radio engineering. This example should f onowed. 164T81 BO NDARENKO, V. , . , -. - - - * _' ,4k q , ~ , The capacity of the combine has been doubled. Mian. ind. SSSIR 27 no.4, 54 156. 09M 9: 10 ) 1. Direktor Orlovskogo myasokombinata. (Orel--Slaughterhouses) BONDARMMO, V..Jap,g4jo- ". - ~ Manufacturing panels for petroleum refinery control and automatic inatrunents. Stroi.pred.neft.-Drom. 2 no.9:22-23 S '57. (MIRA 12:5) (Automatic control) BONDAREHO, V.; LAPIN, A.; SYTIRNOV, D. State BanR's business and people. Den. i kred. 19 no.9:73-80 S 161. (MIRA 14: 9) 1. Upravlyayushchiy Kazakbskoy respublikanskoy kontoroy Gosbanka (for Bondarenko). '2. Gjavnr. bukhgalter Vologodskoy oblastnoy kontory Gosbanka (forLapin). 3. Upravlyayushchiy Volokolamskim otdeleniyem Gosbanka (for Smirnov). (BanRV99nd banking) BMARXNKO V. - KALINOVSKAYA, Te. Selection and training of personnel ahould be equal to the new tests. Den.i kred. 15 no.9-44-48 S '57. (MIRA 10:10) 1. Nachallnik otdela kadrov Ukrainskoy respublikauskoy kontory Gos- bank& (for Bondarenko). 2. Naehal'nik sektora kadrov Chwashakoy respublikanskoy kontory Gesbanka (for Kalinovskaya). (Banks and banking) AUTHOR: Bondarenko, V. 2-58-6-006 TITLE: National Economy in the Ukrainian SSR (Narodnoye khozyaystvo Ukrainskoy SSR) Achi-vpments of the Soviet Ukraine Over 4C Years (Dostizheniya Sovetskoy Ukrainy za 40 let) PERIODICAL: Vestnik statistiki, 1958, Nr 6, pp 66-71 (USSR) ABSTRAM This is a critical review of the two nbovementioned books, which were published in Ukrainian by the statistical administra- tion of the Ukrainian SSR in 1957 (Gosstatizdat, Kiyev). They contain statistical data on the economic development of the Ukraine during the 40 years of Communist control. The critic points out the growing importance of the Ukraine as an agri- cultural and industrial producer and recommends the books as valuable sources of information. There are 2 tables. Card 1/1 BONDARENKO. V, -,~- State Bank's role in developing the Kazakhstan economy. Den. i kred. 21 no.8s25-30 Ag 163. (MIRA 160) 1. Upravlyayushchiy Kazakhskoy respublikanskoy kontoroy Gosbanka. (Kazakhstan-Banks and banking) (Kazakhstan-Industries) BO1MAHMNKO' V. nauphnyy sotrudnik; RODIN. To., nauchW7 sotrudnik j Specialized ships for carrying general cargoes and-efficiency of their use. Mor. flot 19 no.7;38-39 Jl 159- (MIRA 1z:10) l.Institut ko 1 nykh tranoportnykh problem AN SSSR. eighters) BOIMARENKO, V. ""Oftwooftm Method of measuring labor productivity in railroad freight and passenger transportation. Blul.cauch.inform.: trud i zar.plata 3 no.9:12-15 160. (MML 13:9) (Pailroads--Labor productivity) - BON110mm, V Day, and titght. Grazhd.av 17 no.9:17 S l6o. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Nachallnik aeroporta, Bugullma, Tatarokaya ASSR. (Bugallma-Airports) BONDARENKO, V., inzh. Selecting basic parameters of mu:LtiDrope]2e3~ -.ugbc)ate [from 57 "Inteimational Shipbuilding Progress," November 19591. Rech.transp. 20 no.6:57 Te 163.. (MIRA 14:6) (Tugboat4s) .1% BONDARENKOP-.-Y-O-. - - Most advantageous diagram for a car-exchange center* Moraflot 22 no.4t8-12 Ap 162. (KIRA 1524) 1. Nachaltnik sektora. Gosudarstyennogo provektno-konstruktorskogo i nauohno-isaledovatellskogo instituta. norskogo transparta. (Railroads, Industrial-Freight cars) BONDARENKO, VO - Use local resources in the turnover of goods. Sov.torg. 36 no.12210-15 D 152. (MIRA 16ti) 1. Zamestitell na0halInIku Yoronezhokogo oblastnogo upravleniya i torgovli. (Voronezh Province".Manufacture: (Voronezh Provin'ce-Retail trad ~ BMDARENKO, V. - Our richea~ On. nat. no,9:10-11 S 162. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Starshiy agronom kolkhoza imeni XXI B"yezda Kcmmunistichoskoy partii, Sovetskogo Soyuza. (Berezbvka District (Odessa-Province)--Agriculture) BONDARENKO, V.A., starshiy agronom kolkhoza Effective crop cultivation practices guarantee high y4elds. Zem- ledelie 24 no.1:31-35 Ja 162. OURA 15:2) (Field crops) (Tillage) BOIIDPMNKO, V.A. Mechanical or hydraulic conveying of bagiwae? Sakh.prom, 36 no-4:20-23 Ap 162. (MIRA 15:5) 1. TSentrallrqy nauchno-iseledovateltakly institut salJuLrnoy pronyshlennosti. (Sugar manufacture-By-products) (Conveying machinery) B ~, N D.-, R D I, V . ~~ ~ ~ -, -FTKM,(,~. OU.J. rej. f.Fq,J.pmr,yit for sugar-bee-, prodlicLion-, sugar beet prz~ce-:,--mg SE--,- sveldosakharnogo proizvcds*,;-ia; sveklo- pererah,it,Tvalusheiiee oludelente. 'k)b-,(.)r. Illoslova. 'APSeritr. - -mat -- I pi, -yshl. - . j?), .: Jrifo2 -~ ~L sh,~hevoi prom v 3.111 F, " OASHKOVSKIY, P.M.; BONDARENKO, V.A.; STASEVSKIY, P.I. Manufacture of filtration kieselpbr in the Ukraine. Sakh. prom. 35 no* 5:3-1-15 My 161& (MMA 14:5) 1. Ukr#prosakh- (Ukraine-Kieselguhr) GLOVATSKIY, A.B.; KRAVKIN, V,!.; DOLMATOV, V.A.; ZUYEV, B.P.; WINDARENKO A, Desullfuration of cast Iron with soda briquets outside a blast furnace. Me-tallixrg 9 no.9.-4-5 S 164. (MIRA M10) 1. Karagandinskiy metallurgicheskiy zavad. BONDARENKO, Vladimir Antonovich; KIREYEVA, T.R., red. [Good sense in one's work] Rabochaia smekalka. Vladi- vostok, Frimorskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1963. 22 p. (MIRA 180) M. K.; BONDARENKO V. A.,;.PROKOFIYEV, P. T.; SIMDNOVA, L. I. "The Spectrum of Electrons of Internal Conversion of In 16 Following Capture of Thermal Neutrons." report submitted for All-Union Conf on Nuclear Spectroscopy, Tbilisi, 14-22 Feb 64. IF AS LatvSSR (Inst Physics, AS Latv'SSR) ACCESSION XM AP4024048 6/0048/64/028/002/0262A267 :AU7710R: Balodis, M.K., Bondarenko, V.A.; Prokoflyevp P.T. TITLE: Bota spectrograph for Inventi ati n of Internal conversion electrons emitted ;incident to thermal neutron capture Fourteenth Annual Conference on Nuclear Apectroscopy hold In Tbilisi 14 to 22 Feb. 19617 ;SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya fisicheakaya, v.28, no.2,. 1964, 262-267 Tom TAW: 13-spectrograph, conversion electron spectrograph, thermal neutron cap- turo, cadmium 113 ABSTRACT: For purposes of investigativn of thO 7-rays emitted Incident to thermal neutron capture by observation of the internal conversion electrons, the authors de*,! veloped a set-up assembled about the P-spectrograph with a uniform transverse magne I tic field described earlier (M.K.Balodis, I.L.Osis and P.T.Prokoflyev, Radioaktivn-i y*e izlucheniya I metody* ikh issledovaniya. Tr.In-ta fiziki AN LatvSSR 135,1961). 1 *- The experimental arrangement in diagramed In the figure (Snelosure). The A-spectro-:! graph consists of a permanent magnet, a vacuum chamber with diaphragms, a photoigra-' phic cassette 70 on long, and a magnetic shield.which Insures focusing of a bra" C.M 'ACCESSION NR: AP4024046 electron beam In the uniform transverse magnetic field. The components and design characteristics of the spectrograph are discussed at some length. For test and cali- ibration purposes there were recorded the conversion electromi from the Cdll3(n,7,)- :Cd114 reaction and the results are presented In the form of a figuire and'a table. ;The set-up is suitablo for. Investigation of isotopes with relatively small capture 1cross sections, In view of the fact that the target in located at the reactor core. "The authors express their gratitude to A. M.Vemidov , member of the imeni I.V.Kurcha- tove Institute of Atomic Energy AN SSSR, for useful consultations in discussing the: ,design of the system of collimators and location of the target and to members of ithe institute of Physics of the Latvian SSR Academy of Sciences M.R.Boytinyu, L.Ya.1 :Mazure, L.I.Simonova and V.A.Zalite for assistance in adjusting the spectrograph." 10 formlas, 4 figures and 1 table. ;'ASSOCIATION: Institut fixikl Akademly nauk LatvSSR (Institute of Physics, Academy lof Sciences, Latvian SSR) AUBM t OOJun63 DATE Aft OBApr64. MML: 01 ,SUB CODE: MS, So NR PJ7 50f: 009 005 CWd B014DARF,NKO V.A.; PROKOFIYEVp P.T.; SIMONOVA, L.I. Analysis of the scheme of levels in Dy165 based on the spectrum of conversion electrons emitted in the capture of thermal neutrons. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz. 29 no.12:2168-2174" D 165. (MTRA 19: 1) L 04218-67 EWT(1) IJP~c) ACC NR: AR6015877 SOURCE CODE: UR/02715/65/000/012/VO09/VO AUTHOR: Belousov, N. A.; BondiE~~ Al nsldy.Ye. M. TITLE: Ultrasonic generators of the UZG series SOURCE: Ref. zh. Elektronika ~ yeye primeneniye', Abs. 12V62 REF SOURCE: Tr. N.-4. tekhnol. In-t,-VVP. 8, ch. 1, 1964, 5-15 TOPIC TAGS: ultrasonic emitter, ultrasonic equipment, electric generator unit ABSTRACT: Powerful UZ M2ratorPproduced at the present time are described (of types UZG-JOA~, UZG-6, and UZG-2.5). After modernization, they were renamed UZG-10U, UZG- M, '. I . 6 and VZG-2.5M. In the development and modernization of generators of t~e UZG series, a number of common solutions have been used: application of circuits with selNexcitation, power supply from anode circuits, from regulated rectifiers, stabilization of &'power supply of the heating circuits, wid application of regulated field rectifiers. Technical data of six generators of the UZG series are given, all operating in the range from 18 to 22 kc, and also simplified electrical circuits of the modernized generators. As EL rewdt of modernization, an increase In capacity produced and in the efflelency of the generators has been achieved. [TranB- lation of abstract ] S. B. - ,op. 12 Md C10TJEP:W UDC-. 534.232-8 J, 3-t 7 ( U--UD- - ~'w2 -, ACC NR% AP6017587 SOURCE CODE: UR/0367/66/003/002/0193/0198 AUMOR: Bondarenko) V. A.; Prokoflyev., P. T.; Simonova) L. 1. ------ Cr__ - z ORG: Institute of ~hxsics, Academy of Sciences, Latvian SSR (Institut fiziki AltademiJ nauk Latviyskoy SSR) TITLE: Spectra of internal conversion electrons in e pold ~j SOURCE: Yadernaya fizika, vo*3y no. 2. 1966, 193-198 TOPIC TAGS: gold, conversion electron spectrum, neutron capture, Beta spectroscopy, Gamma transition ABSTRACT: The s ectrum, of,conversion electrons emitted when thermal neutrons are captured by AuIP nuclei was investigated with a 0 spectrograpb, described by the authors earlier (Izv. AN SSSR, seriya* fiz. v. 28, 262, 1964), 'with a resolution 0-15 - 0.3% in the energy interval 30 - 500 kev. The target was a gold foil o.4 mg/cm2 thick. Most of the spectral lines were identified with appreciable reliabilit3 by comparing the intensities of the y rays and the conversion-electron lines. 7he -*, reference lines chosen were the electronic lines ascribed to the strong y transitions' with 55-19, 168.26, 192.42, 214.891 247.42, and 261.26.kev energy. Some difficulties arose in the identification of certain lines, making it iiecessary to check on the possible presence of lines from other isotopes. The results have shown that most strong transitions in the energy interval 55 - 300 kev have a ufultipolarity Ml. A Card 1/2 ACC NR, Ar6o17587 table listing the conversion- electron and 7-transition energies, conversion coeffi- cients, and multipole transitions in Au'9B is presented. The low-lying excited levels of AuI98 are discussed and according to the present data the first-excited level (55.19 kev above the ground state) is de-excited by a mixed type transition (MI/E2 = 15 � 3), the total transition intensity estimated at -70%. Inie next three levels (192.42, 235,95, and 261.26 iev) have likewise transition intensities which appear to be excessively high (-M%). Orig. art. has: 1 table. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 07JUd'5/ ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF: 001 2/2 JS- ACC NRt AR6015977 SOURCE CODE: UR/02T5/65/000/011/voloivolo .41 k; AUTHOR: Belousov, N. A..; Bondarenko, V. A.,- Volodin, V..P.; Shlenskiy, Ye. M. TITLE: Methods for improving the operational characteristics of ultrasonic genera- tors X SOURCE: Ref. zh. Elektroniks, i yeye primeneniye, Abs. lIV66 REF SOURCE: Tr. N.-i. tekhnol. in-t, vyp. 8, 1964, 23-28 TOPIC TAGS: ultrasonic vibration emitter, AFC, semiconductor diode ABSTRACT: The paper is a report on modernization of ultrasonic generators in the UZG series. The efficiency of these generators is improved by uning semiconductor diodes in plate rectifier circuits. These diodes have a longer service life than gas rectifiers. Losses in the rf circuits may be considerably reduced by using transposed windings and ferrite cores. The most promising method for power regula- tion uses a power transformer with a stepwise voltage control. The use of this type of transformer in a system with continuous regulation in the grid circuit gives continuous power control within the necessary limits without any considerable ch:ng6 in the efficiency of the UZG generator. A report is given on development of a gene- rator circuit with AFC tuned to the mechanical resonance frequency of the transducer. UZG systems are considered trom the standpoint of improving their operational charac- teristics. 4 illustrations. A. Ch. [Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 13, 09 Card_14M UDCt 534-232-8 --m- -ijp(c EWT A%A. NK: jUt0V.L4UVj bWtdib LiUJJb: UA/UZ fZ/0:P/kA)U/UJ-L/VU IZIUV fie .AU1HORSS Belousov, Nt A.; ft""D~ Kcilodinp Vt P,; Sh3,enakiy,, Te, H, TITLE: Methods of increasing the bperational characteristics of ultrasonic generator SOURGEs Ref. zho Metrologiya i izmeritelinaya tekhnikay Abse 11*32,608 REF SOURCE: Tr. N.-i. tekhnol. in-tq vyp. 8. :L9649 23-28 TOPIC TAGS: ultrasonic frequency., high frequency, electric transforater, ferrite., semiconductor rectifier., eldetron tube grid., ultrasonic generator/ UZG ultrasonic generator AB "15 CT: A modernization of the ultrasonic vacuum-tube-generators of the UZG series is reported. The efficiency *; the ultrasonic generators is increased by using semiconductor diodes in the circuits of the plate rectifiers, Semiconductor diodes have 'a longer life than ion rectifiers. Losses in the high-froquency circuits can Its considerably reduced by using transformer winding and ferrite cores, For the regulation of power, the most promising is a regulation circuit with the use of a power transformer with stop regulation of voltage. The use of sach a transformer in ccinjunction with smooth regulation in the grid circuit permits smooth regulation of power within the required limits without a substantial change in the efficiency of th,3 ultrasonic generators* Circuits are given which permit reduction of pla Card _lj'2 UDC.- 382:534-8.232,004.12] L OM12-67 ACC Nth AR6014093 losses and a corresponding increase in efficiency. The development of a circuit with automatic tuning of the frequency of the generator to the frequency of mechanics resonwace of the converter is reported. Ultrasonic-generator systems are exanined with the aim of improving their operational characteristics. 4 inustrations, Llianplation of abstraeg suB com og., 14 ACC NR1 AP6032532 SOURCE CODE: LM/Al3/&6[0Ou(uiTruij,:7,--,- INVENTOR: Stamov-Vitkovskiy, A. V.; Ginin, V. N.; Mamet, B. T.; Bondarenko, V. A. ORG:. none TITLE: Device for ultrasonic welding. Class 49, No. 185673 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 17, 1966, 132 TOPIC TAGS: ultrasonic welding, welding dz=~;&w equ IP47 r-oj r ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate introduces an ultrasonic welding device con- sisting oS vibrators and a transverse oscillation transformer connected with the working tool. To increase the oscillation amplitude'of the-vorking tool, the trans- former is provided with longitudinal slots and the working tool-forms one piece'With-- the transfox-mer (see Fig. 1). Orig. art. has: 1 figure. ACC NRs Ap6032532 . i '. I I BONDAW."K0. V.D.; CUSIKOV, Yu.K.; PASHCHENKO, V.P. Determining the thermionic constants of metallic film cathodes of converters. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz. 28 no.911545-1547 S '64. (MA 17210) ;!.-KO, V-~rv,4qa fo,49 us, qx [Oontrol of T)est-2 and diseases of decorative and fruit plantings; calendar of operational Borotba z shkidnylmnu i khvorobamy dekoratyvnykb i plodovykh nasadzhen (kalendar zakbodov) Kvi-,, "Radianska shkola", 1956. 61 P. (mi'RA I-ollro (F~rult--Diaeasee and Pi~:ts) (Plants, orll:I.TnE-Il~LEkl--J)il3L~L113t3LS allCI Pasta) BOND 0 iktor'GriL - -i ch * orlyevich; ORIGOROVICH, A.T.) red.; SERADZSK&A, _?xj P*G*j tekbne red, [Don't expbct arq fa4ors from nature] Ne zhdat' milostei 6t pri- rody,, Voronezh) Voronezbskoe k-nizhnoe izd-vo, 1960. 27 p. OURA 3-4: 10) 1. Se~retarl Povorinskogo r6yonrogo komiteta Komunisticheskoy partii Sovetskogo, Soyuza'(,for Bondarenkq). (Agriculture)