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BOTTINIUL, L.N. Method of comparing coal-bearing formation profiles on the basis of facies-cyclical analysis. Trudy LiLb.geol.ugl. no.5:171-181 156. Oaak 9: 8) 1. Institut goologlchesklkh nauk AN SWM. (coal geology) BONINKM, L.N. Transgressive and reaeselve facles sort** of coal-bearing strata. Isv.AII MM.Ssr.gool. 21 no.2.-46-62 1 156. (KUU 9:5) 1. Institut geologichesklkh nauk AM IUM. Nookwa. (Geology, Strattgraphic) (Coal geology) A UTHOR.- Botvinkina, L.N. SCV/ 5-33-1-101' 25 TITLEg On the Problem of the Corr9lation of Pluvial Sediments and the Coal Stratum with the Transgression or Regression (1;, .70- prosu o svyazi rechnykh oUozhen4.y i ugol-nogo plasta. s transgressiyey ili regressiy9y) PERIODICALt Byullelenl I.Ioskovskogc. obshchest-va ispytateley prirody,, Otdal geologioheskiy, 1958, 11:~"& 33, Nr 1, pp 97-105 (MR) ABSTRACT7 The study of paleographic Maps (Figu-ras 2",3,4) prepared by the author onLthe basig of numerous core-samples (Figure 1)s taken from a fixed part of ths Donets basin showed that the formation of the alluvial layers was connected with the end of the regression period, and the peat marshes, from which coal layers were formed, were formed at the beginning of the transgression period, According to the author, as a result of a slow elevation, the alluvio-n accumulated in the river beds, while the accumulation of sand and aleurite in the riverbasiTi-I caused gradual shoaling, The alluvial Card 1 2 plain replaoed the gradually disappearing river; was covered' S&V/5-33-1-10/25 4- On the Problem of the Correlation of Piuvial Sediments an~ the Coal S~ra- tum with the Transgrassion or Regression with vegetation and became marshy. --huring the long slow sinking prcoess peat marshes were formed, which In a later epoob became coal layaxs~ The maps show thet the marshy formations cover all the preceding sedimentary layers of the regreesion period, The following geologists are men- tioned by the author: Ye.V, Shantser, Yu.~. Zhemchuzhnikov and S,V, Tikhomirov. There are 4 maps, 1 diagrain, and 5 Soviet references. Card 2/2 ZMWHIIZKMOV. Tu.A.;TABWKOV. V.S.: BOGOLTUBOTA. L. I.; -B INA. L.N.; TIMOMSY. MFITPVA, A.P. - P.P.; T KRa?OTKIN. P.N., red.izd-va; SHEVCHMMO. G.N.. tekhnrecl. (structure and factors determining the accumulation of basic coal- bearing series and leters In the central Carboniferous of the Donets Basin. Part M Stroonle I uslovila nakopleniia o9noviWkh uglenoerivkh svlt'l ugollrqkh plastov aradnego karbona Donetskogo basseina. )(nskva, Is&-vo Aitad, riauk SSSR. 1959 331pUkademita nauk SSSR.,0"ologichalkli institut. 7rudy, (Donets Ba*iu--COal 990147) (MMA 12:6) 3(5) AUTHOR: TITLE: PERIODICAL: SOV/11-59-6-2/15 Botvinkina, L.N. The Morphologic Classification of Stratification in Sedimentary 'Rocks Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Seriya geologichoskaya, , )?P 16-33 (USSR) 1959t Nr 6. ABSTRACT: In this article-the author discusses the types and causes of stratification of sedimentary rocks and pro- poses their morphologic classification. She defines different parts of a sedimentary stratum: a stratum can contain one or more beds and a bed can contain a series or a group of layers. Sometimes the layers form packs of*layers, packs of layers form a series of packs and several series of packs form a bed. The formatiX of beds is connected vdth the chan-e of sediment-forming factors caused by different condi- tions, whereas the formation of layers is conditioned by a regular "pulsation" of sediment-forming factors, Card 1/3 always under the same facial conditions of sedimenta- SOV/11-59-6-2/15 The Morphologic Classification of Stratification in Sedimentary Rocks p of la-yers connected tion. A pack of layers is a grou- by a determined tendency to change their thickness or their composition similar to the change in neigh- boring groups. A series of layers is a group of layers of them same type, similar by their structure, compositionl thickness and occurrence. The author -Lurther describes the connection between the Character of stratification of rocks and the mechanism of for- mation of sediments, which conditions the difference of their features.and structures. In general, says the author, inall sedimentation rocks the stratifi - cation is the direct result of settling of sediments or of their redistribution after the settling. She presents a scheme (Fig 1) of basic elements of strati- fica:bion. The basic feature for the morphologic classification of stratification is the position of layers in relation to the general plane of stratifi- cation process and the author singles out three basic Card 213 types of StrELtification - sloping, viawy and horizon- 'I SOV/11-~50-6-2/_L5 The Morphologic Classification of Stratification in. Sedimentary Rocks t1al types as well as two intermedi-te types - slanting- wavy and lorizontal-wavy. She then describes different variations and subtypes of stratification (tables 2 to 8). The follordng geologists are mentioned by the author: Yu.A. Zhemclyazhnikov, M.S. Shvetsov, N.B. Vassoyevich, and several foreign geologists. There are 8 tables, 1 diagram and 25 -references. 15 of which are Soviet, 3 German, 6 American and 1 Poiish. ASSOCIATION: Geologicheskiy institut AN SSSR (The Geologic Insti- tute of AS USSR), Moscow SUBMITTED: November 19, 1958 Card 3/3 SOV/11-59-8-14/17 AUTHOR: A TITLE: On Methods ofT logical Description of Cross- Sections. PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, 3eriya geologicheskaya, 1959, Nr 81 PP 115 118 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author criticizes the method of giving lithological descriptions of cross-sections proposed by O.A. Be- tekhina in her article "An Experiment in the Litholo- gical Description of Core Samples from the Bore Holes of Coal Bearing Deposits of the Kuzbass", published in volume 135,-1956, of Works of the Tomsk University. The folloiwing geologists are mentioned by the author: T.N. Davydovaj Ts. L. Golldshteyn, Yu.A. Zhemchuzhni- kov, V.S. Yablokov, and G.F. Krasheninnikov. There are 6 Soviet references. Card 1/1 BOTVINKIRA, L.N. Genetic types of crone-bedding. Biul.MOIP.Otd.gool. 34 no.4: 16o-161 Ti-Ag 59. (KIRA 13:8) (Geology, Stratigraphic) .3(0) AUTHOR; Botvinkinag L. N. SOV/20-1 25 -1-42/151 e 1 ferentiation of Diagenetio Layered Structure (0 vydelenii diageneticheskoy sloistosti) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR~ 1959, , Vol '625r Nr 1. . pp 155-157 (USSR) ABSTRACT: As introduction the author defines the concept of layered structure and the process of diagenesis. The latter does not occur until sedimentation is ctompleted and transforms thG sediment into a rock. In spite of this a geologist often designates the result of diagenetic processes as stratum,. eg. a very conspicuoue dcuomi-te bed within limestone will be designated as stratum or seam, even if it had not formed as a result of a primary precipitation, but through replacement of calcite by dolomite. In adiiition it is only necessary that the direction of its boundaries agrees with the direction of general satisfaction. For such cases the designation given in the title (first cited by R. Brinkmann (Brinkman), (Ref 7) is used. In most cases this layered structure occurs as a result of various chemi*a! (and biologic) reactions and is consequently chemogeneti-i.%. Card 1/2 According to their origin several types of such strata The Differentiation of Diagenetio Layered Structure SOV/20-125-1-42/67 can be differentiated: I.Strata of variation (of conditions), eg. miorozones of %ransf ormation (Refs 3 4) - II. Strata of substitution or redistribution /Refs 5 k ~ 6 III. Strata-of precipitation. To this belongs a pseudolayered structure which can obscure the true direction of strMification . Further, the layered structure of therlWffi-ml.a precipitation belongs to this; finally the author mentions an oriented compression texture which can scarcely be viewed as a layered structure and not even as diagenetic. The above paper was written by the authors in order to raise the problem. The views at;ated here definitely call for further research. There are 7 references, 6 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Geologicheskily institut Akademii nauk SSSR (Geological Institute of the Academy of Sciences- USSR) PRESENTED: November 6; 1958~ by N. 14. Strakhov) Academician SUBMITTED- November 12, 1958 Card 2/2 IKINA, LYUbOVI -A~a =W KWOROVA, I.V., doktor geol.-mineral. nauk--- .9; NOSOV, G.I., red.iz&,va; GUSIKOVA, O.M.,, [Bedding of sedimentary rocks] Sloistost' osadochnykh pod. Moskva., Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR. 1962. 541 P. (Akademiia nauk SSSIL. Geologicheskii institut. Trudy. 'nO*59)* (MIRA 15:11) (Rocks, Sedimentary) ZREMHUZHNIKOV, Yuriy Apollonovich; BOTMKDA,-,I.N.,; PEYVE, A.V. jp glavnyy red.; MARYOV, M.S., red.; MNOR, V.V., red.; TIMOFEYLVI, P.P., red.; MISHINA, R.L., red.izd-va; YEGOROVA, N.F., [Seasonal varvity and peridiocity of sedimentation] Sszonnaia sloistost' I periodichnoist' osadkonakopleniia. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1963. 6.8-p.'.(Akadamiia nauk SSSR. Geologicheskii institut. Trudy, no.86). OaRk 16:8) 1. Chleny-korrespondenty AN SSSR ~f~r Zhemchulthni ov, Peyve), Meep-sea sediments) (silt) BOTVINKINA, L.N.; SELIVERSTOV, V.A.; SOKOLOVA, T.N.; Y-ABIDKOV, V.S. Some genetic types of Tatarian red beds in the Ural Mountain region of Orenburg Province. Izv. AN SSM.Ser.geol. 28 no-5347-66 My 163. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Geologicheskiy institut AN SSSR, Moskva, - 0 BOTVINKINA, L.N. Concerning the "Atlas of the textures and structures of sedimentary rooks," Ft. 1. "Clastic rocks." Lit. i pol. iskop. no.4-130-137 Jl- Ag 164. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Geologicheskiy institut AN SSSR, Moskva. BOTVINKINA, Lyrubov' Nikoj&yjjpa; YABLOKOV, V.S.,; PEEYVEE, A-V-, ajr~MjTX-,--gjWv-nyy red-.; RUZNETSOVA, K.I., red.; MERTER, V.V., red.; TIMOFEYEVI PIP., red. [Manual on the methods of studying bedding; transactions.] Metodicheskoe rukov6dstvo po izucheniiu sloistosti. Moskva, Nauka, 1965. 258 p. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Geologicheskii institut. Trudy,, vol. 119) (MIRA 18--4) Textural analysis and the prospects for its davelopment. Ut. pol. iskop. no.235-18 Mr-Ap 165. (MIRA l8s6) Geologicheaki.v, institut AN SSSR, Moskva. angtUa JA Itbb't*GUW MM61FAN W04OWUC voloanw modAwntery depadits is Fwasud ~ IV a stAor =aft JA the DaboWM Is a ON, dsftr~lt In omtna RAMMotMo Tv-W oly (14RA BOTVINKOt F.I. [Botvynkor FeIs]p kombayner Replacing chain gww-vith pinion gear in the FG-2jo loadere Mokh. sill. hoop. 3-1 no.5:17-18 - 11Y 160. (MIRA 14:3) 1. Dubrovskiy konnyy zavod No*629 Poltavokoy oblaati. (Combinen(Agricultural machinery)) (Gearing) Rotary aDvaratus for hi eh-strength m G, G. Bulvchev and M. E, Botvinko. U.S.S.R. 67,993, Feb. 28, 1947 M. H BOTVINW )I Te?, laureat Staliuskoy premii, inshener; GIRSKIY, V.A., aureit Stalinakoy' prexii, inthener; GWATOT, N.A.,- laureat Stalinskoy preftil; iuzhenor [deceased]; LAPrR, F.A~. la-ureat Stalinskor preati. inzhoner; MROKMG. A.A., professor,,redaktor; ARMITU, A.A., kanilidat tekhnicheskikh nauk; TOVSTOLUMSM. N.I., redaktor; NOTALIKHINA, N.F.,.tekhnicheskly redaktor (Conerets. asphalt concrete and rock crushing plants in road building; planned designs and standard equipment] Betonays, asfalltobotonnys I kamnedrobilizW& sarody n& doroshnon stroitelletya; proektrWe romhentia I t 1povoe oboradovwds. -PodL red. A44rozberga. - Moskva, Kinisteretvo aytomobillnogo transport& i show&i*_Wdoi ASSR. Pt. .1. [Rock crushing,-cement, and concrete plints-and-c-ehters for the manufacture of concrete plates and reinforced concrete building unit*] Is=*- drobilInye i teementobotonaye savody teekbi I bazy dlia izgctovl9nII& betowifth plit I shelesobetourqkh detalet. 1954. 160 p. [Xicrofilml (Concrete) (Asphalt concrete) (MM 7M) (Stonse Crushed) BOTVMO, N.Ye.v inshoner, laureat Stalinakey promii; GIRSKIY, V.A.. laureat Stallusksy proult; ZRLICHINNj Goo., Inshoser. laureat Stallaskey proull; POCKAMMV, N.S., Intheber, lNurest Stalinakay proull. Automatic c6perste plants. Mokh.stral.12 ne.10:7-10 0 155o (Concrete) (Building machinery) (KLRA 9:1) ALABYAN, 11.S.[dqce9sed3;. BL.OKKN, P.H.; _~O HINKO, ; D Y G.V.;DMITMYU. _KYa.~ ~PY A.TKOV A.D.; Y7,MHOV, P.R.; ZAYTSEV, A.G.; KIBIREY, SI.F.; KOSTYUKOVSKIY. M.G.; KU=SOF, B.T.; LIVOT, G.N.; KOG.ZINYT, A.I..; 'ORLOV, G.M., OVSYAY- NIKOV. K.L.; FWMYSLOV, V.F.; SIMNOV, N.H.; SKACHKOV, I.I.; SCLOF- NZWO. N.A.; SUSHKOV. A.A.; GRAGIN, D.A.; XMIUMNKO, V.A., obahchiy red.; GRISHMOV, I.A.. obshchiy red.; SMLICHIffr, V.I., obishchiy red.; RUBAIMiKO, B.R., obahchiy red.; BARSKOV, I.K.. red.; UDOD, V.Ta.. red.izd-va; YUDINA, L.A., rod.1zd-va; GOLOVKINA, A.A., tekhn. red. (Building practices in foreign countries: Northern Nbrope and German Pederal Relmxblicj Opyt stroitelletva za rubezhom; v stranakh So- vernoi Zvropy i FRG. Po materialam otchetov delegataii sovetskikh spetsialistov-stroitolai. Moskva. Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit.materialami 1959. 398 p. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Fredsedatell Goestroya =M (for Kucheranko). 2. Zamestitell predsedatelya Gosatroya SSSH (for Svetlichnyy). (Europe. Western--Building) EOTVInIK 25995- M.M. ladyeynyye kontsy s pyeshk&mi-"f-7-y:V-/-hr7. (Analie i oUyenka* endsbpilya)--v zhurm. Avt. Nye ukaean. Shakhmaty v SSSR, 1949, No. 7, c. 190-92.--Prodolzh adyeduyet, So: lBtopis No. 34 EKE-Lip Ye.S.; BOTVINNIK, M.. Mechanis.m of the shrinkage of shaped rubber parts. Kauch. i rez. no.8:25-29 065. (KMA 18t1O) 1. Sverdlovskiy filial Nauchno-ionledovatellskogo instituta razinovoy prozychlonnosti. 0 BOTVINNIK, M. M. Excitation Regulation and the Static Stability of a Synchronous Machine (Regulirovaniy vozbuzhdeniya i staticheskaya ustoichivost' sinkhronnoy machiny), Moscow-Leningrad, Gosenergoizdat, 1950, 63 pp with sketches. BOMIMIK, 1. S. Botvinnik, I. S. II.Briquetting sawdust", Byullaten, stroit. tekhTAki, 1948, No. 24, p.27. SO: U-2888, 12 Feb. 53, (L.--topis' Zhurnal Inykh Statey, No. 2, 1949). BOTVINNIK, I.S., Eng. MTV.IMK, I.S., Inxhoner. Device for testing bricks for banding. Rate. I lxobr.predl. v strol*noolISA2.43 135. (KMA qt?) (Brida-vesting) FILIPCHIK, V.I. , gvardil kapitan mod. slushby; BOTVINHIK, L.M., kepitan mod. s lushby 401'~- -- -~1-1,1* Rvaluation of the propbWlactic properties of Novikov's solution in treating minor injuiles. Voen.-med, shur no.3:91 W 157 (KM 12:7) (WOUBS-TRUMM") (SOIMIONS(PIURMGT)) FILMHUX. V.I., BOTVINNIX.,.,.,L.M.-(Minsk) A case of alopecia totalis treated vith AGTH. Probl,endok, i gorm, 4 no62: 107 Xr-AP 158 (MIRA 11:5) (ACTH therapeutic use ~81;pecia totalle (RUB)) (ALOPECIA. therapy, ACTR In total case (Rua)) FILIPCHIK. V.I., BOTVINNIK, L.K. (KIRSK) Congenital atrophy of the skin. Vest.ders. I van- 32 no,4:77-78 Jl-Ag 158 (MIRA 11:10) (SKOI--MISBASM) YILIPCHIK, V.I. (Minsk), DOTVINNIK, L.M. (Minsk). Treating chronic uxc-e-rs`~ofthe applications of wet grated potato* Testedermo i von, 32 noo5:72-73 S-0 158 (MIRA 11: 11) (LNG-UZM.) (POTATOIS-IMIMPBUTIC USX) i !T., -5 52'31) T127007.B65 97 AUTHOR: Botvinnik, N. Dr. Tpnh. Sol., and E. M. Karpoll, --wineer 0 Gorodskiy, D.A., Doctor "Z'~novu, Engineer, of the Tech. Soi.., and oa Scientific Research Institute of the MiniBLry of the Electrotechnioal Industry. TITLE: Experimental Investigatiofi of the Operation of Synchrono4 Machines With Longitudinal-Transverse Excitatione(Eci3periLmentalinoye issledovanlye raboty sinkhronnoy mashiny a prodolino-poperechnym vozbuzhden- iyem) PERIODICAL:- Vestnik.1~lektropromyshlennosti, 1957, No.2, pp.28-31 (U.S.S.R.) f ABSTRACT: Control 6~r excitation in the longitudinal ax1s of alternator rotors,-,may be-.-used to Improve the stability of transmissioWxjifies by transition to the zone of artificial stability when the angle & is greater than 900. However, the effect oL longitudinal excitation Card 1/4 alone Is much reduced whenfj>L200. This limits power 97 TITLE: Experimental Investigation of the Operation of Synchronous Machines With Longitudinal-Transverse Excitation (noperimentallnoye issledovaniye raboty sinkhronnoy mashiny s prodollno-poperechnym vozbuzhden- iyem) transmission to a distance of approximately 1500 kn. If longitudinal and transverse excitation are both used on the principle suggested by A.A. Gorev, in which field winding receives in f-le longitudinal axis a signal proportional to sin 3 and in the transverse axis one 'o. proportional to , it Is possible to obtain,a c moment of eDr-,tromagnetic. force which does not depend on the anglf-AD . This removes the limitation on the transmission distance and increases the stability of the system. With this method of control the machine may operate normally when the rotor is not In synchronism,, but Is slipping slightly. PXter a brief presentation of the mathematics of the problem, test results are given which confirm that the alternator can operate Card 2/4 stably with the rotor out of synchronism. The alternator 97 TITLE: Experimental Investigation of the Operation of Synchronous Machines With LongitudinalTransverse Excitation (Mcoperimentallnoye issledovaniye raboty sinkhronnoy mashiny a prbdollno-poperechnym vozbuzhden- 1yez) set can take-up a load while gaining speed and the rate of establishing normal operation depends only on the machine. The generator is connected to the system with no nynchr6nizing devIces; it can also work as, a synchronous condenser if necessary. The article contains 4 sets of photographs; there are card 3/4 no references. 97 TITLE: Experimental Investigation of the Operation of Synchronous Maohines With Longitudinal-Transverse Excitation (Mcaperimentallnoye isoledovaniye raboty sinkhronnoy mashiny s prodollno-popere-zhnym vozbuzhden- iyem) ASSOCIATION: [see above under authoz-] PRISENTID BY: SUBMITTED: AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 4/4 PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION sov/476c) Botvinpik, Mikhail Moiseyevich - --------- Asinkhromiziroyannaya sinkhronnsys. mashina; osnovy teorii (Asynchronously Operating Synchronous Machine- Theoretical PrIqciples) Moscow, Gosenergoizdat, 1960- 67 P- 7,000 c0fles PAnted. Ed.: Z-X. Sazonova; Tech. FA. N.I. Borunov. YUPYOSEt The book is*intended.for scientific and technical personnel studying power syst- . electric serv6drives and'electric'machinery. COVEIUM: Elementary theory of asynchronously operating synchronous machines. and some possibilities of, their application are discussed. Steady conditions and tz,ansients, various circuits of field adjustment in the machines and the princi- Ae of parameter design in field-excitation systems are briefly anftly~ed. Possi- bilities of using the machine as a generator, canpensator, motor, and electro- ravietic clutch axe discussed. Some examples of applicatton of the machine an also indluded. The author thanks Z.Ke Sazonova, vho wrote chs. 8 and 9, for her work in preparation of the booke There are 15 references: -, 11 Soviet, 2 English, and 2 German. Card~:315-, BOTTIMMIX, N olay Vitalleyvich [The sch6tTlennye"Burunyl State Sheep Breading Farm] Plemennot ovtsov(&I~skifsovkhox, OCharylennys Buruny." Kookva. Goo. tzd-vid- selkhos, lit-ry. 1055. 33 0. (MRA 9112') (Sheep breading) (State farms) BO-TVINN11,* 0. 1. "Vitamin D2 in the Treatment of Tt"rcular Inpus Vulgaris." Cand-Yied Soil, First Moscow Order of Lenin Medical Inst, 27 Dee 54e (R-1p 16 Dec 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Dofended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (12) SO: Sum. No. 556 24 Jun 55 MEV, G.Ya., prof., red.; BOTVINNIK S.V., red. (Practical dieinfection; the Leninffad system of handling epidemic focuses from a single center) Prakticheskaia de- zinfektsiia; Leningradskaia sistema obsluzhivaniia epid- i,. ochagov iz edinogo tsentra. Leningrad, Izd-vo lqieditsinap0 1964. 191 p. (RIRA 17:5) BOTVINNII, Ye.F. , Effect of marsh waters on lake fauna of Karelia (Lake Vedlozero). Uch,sap,Ped.justeGarts'llo:151-167 155. (K12A 9:7) (Yediouero: Lake-Presh-water biolo&) BOTVIWNIKOV, A. D. Nekotorye voprosy ekonomiki podgotovki proizvostva. (Instrumentalinyi otdp-I i4voda "Krasnyi pr6letariVI) (Vestn. Masho, 1950, no. 5, p. 60-63) Some economic problems of the preparation of production. DLC; T114.v4 SO: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953- .BOTVINNIKOV. Aleksandr Davydow a - RWIONOVA, Z.A., redaktor; SNIMV. G-1.. E?ol"*cbnie tralulig In the tomehiM of draving; a usnwl f or teschers] loketorys vaprosy politekhaiebookogo obacbmails v pri~- pod0sail cherebantla: p6soble dlis nehitalsi. Xookva, Gas. uchobno-podagag. Isd-vo X-va proov. RSM. 1956. 248 Pe (Prowim-lastruct'lon) (MlaA 10:6) BOTVINNIKOV. A.D. (Hooky&). Aspects of polytechnIcal training while teaching drawing. Matev shkole no.1:65-71 J&-F 157. Mm 10:2) (Mechanical drawing-Study and teaching) BOTVINNIEDY. A.D~~".pqd.nauk --d,1~_-:.,7--_;_'- ~-~ 4- Principle for the selection of practical problems in drawing. Politekhodbuch. no*6:80-86 Je 157. (MIR& 12:4) (Nechanical drawing--Instruction) BOTVIVNIKOV Aleksandr Davydovich; RODIONOTA, Z.A.. red.; NATAFOV. W.I., tekhn. red. [Preparation and use of drawings In modern industrial practice*, mn--l for teachers] IsgotovIente I priusnanie chartesbel v soyremwwm prolayodstye; posoble Me uchitalsi. Noakwa. Goa. ucbabno-pedagog.lad-vo X-va proav. RSFSR, 19580 95 p. (KIRA 12:4) (Neemnical drawing) AUTHOR: Botyinnikov, A.D., Candidate of Technical Sciences 117-2-24/ 29 TITLE: Design of Devi-el"nd Ailrangements for Speeding-pp Drawing cork (Konstruktaii priborov i uatroystv, uskoryayushchikh vypolneniye cherts,zhey) PERIODICAL: Mashinostroitell, 1958, ff 2t p 38-42 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article gives general information on existing Russian and foreign drawing devices. The following items are described: Cord'attac.hment devices for T-square3on vertical drawing .boards, a paniographic drawing device, coordinate-system drawing device "Reiss" (German), pprtable (to use without a,drawing,board) drawing devices, sketch-block ("Skizzenblock", German), "Quick-' draw"(Bri,tish) device for qu~*ck sketching and drawing, device for hatching,.proauced by a Khar1kov plant (no closer identification given), combination-squares of non-Russian make, drawing device "Dingraph",(German) for inscriptions on drawings. There are 13 figures. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 BOTV,TNNIKDV. A. ll-~ onoatingo ?-square. lUnotekho 3 no.10:80 0 158. (xnA ii: n) (DravlM Instrusients) I I I I TANIWVSKIT, Konstantin Artanlyevloh; BOTWMIKOT,,-A.D., kand.podagog. nauk.I nouchnyy red.; VYSD1ffM11m=;--x t*-i~A.; SmK&TICK. 9 . .0 V.I.. [Teaching mahanical drawing in technical schools] Prepodavanis cherchenlia v takhalkniukhe Moskra, Vses.uchebno-podagogoind-vo Proftekbisdat, 190. 162 p. (MIRA 13:5) (Mechanical drawing-Study and teaching) !GV-,-*Ieksandr 20~T~ -Davydovich; RODIONOVA, Z.A., red.; KORWEVA, V.I., tekhn. red. (Collq 6tion of practical problems on mechenical drawing] Sbornik prakticheskikb zadach po chercheniiu; 'posobie dlia uchitelei. Mo- skva,, Uchpedgiz., 1961. 347 p. (MIRA 15.6) (Mechanical drawing-Study and teaching)' BOTVINNIKOV, Aleksandr Davidov1ch,-*&ud. ped., nauk; RDYTKAN, =izi kra ff-i- UNUM-l"M9IN, Grigorly Alekoandrovich; SHAPOSHNIKOVAP A.A., red.; NOVOSELOVA, V.V., [Teaching the reading of mechanical drawings during the vocational training of studentso Obuchenie chteniiu cher- teshel v protseeae professionallnoi podgotovki uchashchikh- sia. Moskva, Isd-vo APN RSFSR, 1962. 172 p. (MIRA 16:10) (M9chmdc&1 draving-Ztudy and teaching) XOPTEVSKIYJ D.Ya., red.; VORDNINA,, R.K.,, t skhn. red. [Modern means of !Rechanizing drafting operations] Sovrekob--- nye sredstva mokhanizateii graficheekikh rabot. Moskya, Vysehaia shkola, 1963. Z?O P. (MIRA 16-'~).. (Mechanical draving-Equipment and supplies) USSR / Human and Animal Physiology. Rospiration. T Abe Jour : Rof Zhur - Biol., No 15., 1958,, No- 70235 Author : -Botvinnikov, B. A.; Ginzburg, I. She; Grawnitskly,, Po Me; 'W0O-f;-W.-t7%,O-Tfthor,koJ, 0. 1.; Min,, Yu. M.; Ruinyy, N. 'Me; Salmanov, L. Pq Folldmans Le Aa; Froymn, G. N. Inat : AcedomW of Sciences USSR TWO : The Influorico of Blovatod bitrapulwn=7 Tmasure on Respiration and Circulation Orig Pub : In tho oollootion,, Puriktali arganlzma v unloviyakh izwn- onnoy gazovoy srodys Iftow-Ioningsd., AN SSSR, 1955, 11o I., A13stract The Imoubal arrangoment pomittod elevating the Vrftff=e on Inspiration azA ompIration, either separsto3jv or 0=301AtWe In acute and cbronto experimonts on dogs, rocordings vwo mMe of the thamic and WmInal breathing, of tho prossuros In the intorvalvular space Card 1/3 73 UMR Human anci Amim, Physiology* Rospiration. T Abs Jour Rof Zhur - Blole., No 15S 1958., No- 70235 (in tho roop1ratay t=+.) wA in tho abclmdml oavity., and also of vontilation and of arborial and vonous blood pi-oasumse Upon-olovation of the pressure during oxpira- tion,, there vw a cozoldorablo distention of the thmmoic cago ezi abilmon md a diminution In pAlwnary ventilation duo to sharp roduction In roqpiratcry rato; thoro vas an accoloration in the mwt of ~ arA a diminution In the depth of,, Inspiration., vith 1wolongation of the expiratory phase; thoro wu a3j3o a reductiom In the avorago lovel of artorial lAvesuzo., an Increase in its respiratory fluctuations., a slawlM of tho hoart rato.,.and tba, appoaranco of arrhythmiasv With olovatod Irossuro In both ontration euA impb~ation, phonomona sizdlar tothoso doacribod above 'progrossod to the point of apnose Tho degree aud charactor 'of tho chemSos of rosp1mUon depend on tho ratio of the Incroasod prossurcs In oxpiration and Inspimt1ans Card 2/3 USM / Hum%n and Animal Physiology. Fospiration. T AbS Jour Re ZIw - Mole., No 15, 1958, No. 70235 All Una obuorvod roactions are basically duo to tho rocoptcra~'(xr tho Imp* In vagotamizod wdmals., increase of Iwoom= is nover acccupazdod by apma; In som cases thoro is ovon a quiolmning of rospImtIon., and brady- cardia is absont. from tho picture. -- I. A. Kodor-Stopunma Card 74 -BOTVINNIK--, I.; KOLDBKOV, M.N.; KUZNETSOV# K.M.; SHAVANSKIT, I.L.; DFMIKOV2- I,V,, red.; MATIS, T.I., red. izd-va; IVAIIOVA2 A.G., takhn. red. (Mineral raw'Material oupply for buildinginaterialis in Weatern Siberia; geological, technical, and economic characteristics] Minerallno-syrlevaia baza stroitellmykh materialov Zapadnoi Si- biri; geologo-tekbniko-ekonomicheskaia kharakteristika. Moskva, Goageoltekhizdat, 1961. 102 p. (HIRA 15:6) (Siberia, Western-Building materials) POKSHISEEVSKIY, V.V., doktor geogr. nauk, prof.; VARLAVIOV, V.S.; KHOREV, B.S.; STEFANOVp M.N.; BOIT NNIK03L,_Y_,,I.; KOIDBKOV, M.N.; VCROBIYEV, V.V., kand6 geogr. nauk,-, KLIMOV.. A.I.; STEPANOV., A.A.; MYAKUSHKOV, V.A., red.; BELICMKO, R.K... m1adshiy red.; MkLTCHEVSKIr, G.N., G.N., red.kart; VILENSKAYA, E.H.9 tekhn. red. [Moscow - Vladivostok; railroad guide]Moskva - Vladivostok; pu- tevoditell po zhelemoi doroge. Moskvaj, Geografgiz., 1962. 266 p. (MIRA 15: 3-1) (Railroads-Guides) -.1yanovich; KOLOBKOV, Mikhail Nikolayevich, BOTVIIMIKOV,__Yaqiliy KUZIIETSOV, Konstantin I-likhaylovich; PLTROCIMa.0, V., red.; .GERASEVICII., Z.., tekhn. red. (Rock products ofthe Kuznetsk Basin3l'orudnoe syrIe Kuzbaosa. Kemerovo, Kemerovskoo knizhnoe izd-vos 1961. 63 P. (Mm 15: U) (Kuznetsk Basin-Sand and gravel industry) BOTVINNIKOV, V.I.; SHAMMSKIY, I.L. Studying the mineral con=Wtion and resources of minerals of Western Siberia. Trudy SNIGGIMS no.6:173-175 161. (MBU 1537) (Siberia, Western"Mines and mineral resources) BOVINNIKOV, V. I. Dissertation defended for of QindidEste of Geologo-IRineralogical Sciences at the Joint Academic Council on Geologo-iineralogical, Geophysical, and Geographical Sciences; Siberian Branch "Geography of the Vomnetallid Minerals of Western Siberia and Their Utilization.11 VestnikAkad. Nauk, No. 4, 1963, pp 119-145 TUYEZOVA, Nina Aleksan'dr6vna; Prinim ali u-1-istiyet DEMINA, R.G.; BRYUZGIIIA, N.I.; ROSTOVTSEV., N.N., glavnyy red.; GURAM, F.G., zar-estitell g:Lavnogo red,; UMANTSEV, D,F., red.; DERBIKOV, I.F., red.; WARINOV, V.P., red.; KAWGIN, A.S.., red.; KOLOBKOVI M.N.$ red,; MALIKOV, BX.,, red ; MIKUTSKIYf S.P. red.; JIQZU= .9 red.; -BUDNIKOV, V.I., re~.; BOGOMYAKOV, G.P., red.; SURKOV, V.S., red.; SUKHOV, S.V., red.; BOGRAROVA, N.I., red. [Physical properties of rocks in the West Siberian Plain.) Fizicheskie evoistva gornykh pomd Zapadno-Sibirskoi. nizmannosti. Moakvap Nedra,, 1%4. 127 pj, (Sibirskii nauchno-issiedovateltak:Li- inatitut geologii., geofiziki i minerallnogo qT'ia. Trudyt no,31), (MIRA 18t7) BOTVINNIKOVA.. Oleurochemistry, the Ohemical'idynRdics of bmlu and nerveR [in M3glish],- edited by n1lot, Pkge and CpsateL Reviewed,by N.I,** Botvinnikova. Zhur. neyr. i psikh 59'n0.3.'372 159. (XIpA 12:4) (N3UROCHMISM) BMIMEDVA, N. I. Lithium @&It therapy for manic states of various origins and certain psychic disorders due to organic disease of the brain. Zhur.nevr. I Polkh. 59-'no,lOtl222-1223 159. (NMA 13:3) 1. Bollnitea lueni SkWorteorwa-Stepanov (fflATUYY Trach I.D. DMIkin), Leningrad. (WMMN ther.) (PSfCBDUS KOZO-DXMSSIVIC ther.) (MUrff dle.)- (KWAL DISDR=U ther.) BDTVIfMIKOVA, M.I. Use of eopper iontophoresis for treatment of inflammatory processes in the lunge and respiratory tract in childrAn. Pediatriia no.12: 8-12 161. (MMh 15:1) 1. Iz 21-y detakoy polikliniki (glavnyy vrach T.T. Moiseyemko) Kirovsk Zeningrada. (COPPER-THERAP&TIC USE) (ELECTROPHORESIS) (RESPIRATORY ORGANIS-DISEASES) BDIANNIKOVA, M. I. 'RHyperostonis cranii: Stewart -Morel syndrome, metabolic cranio- path.v,, Morgagnil syndrome, Stewart - Morel - Moore syndrome (Ritvo), lo syndrome do Morgagni - Morel" by Sherwood Moore. Re- viewed by M.I.Botvimdkova. Vop.psikh.i nevr. no.7.'480-483 161. (MIRA 15:8) (EXOSTOSIS)' (SKULL-TUMORS) (SKULL -RADIOGRAPHY) (MOORE, SHERWOOD) XMLIRL. R.O.; BO"INNMVA, N,Ye.; TAMIZA, N.Ta.; M~RDVINOVA, N.B, , " 1, Clinical aspects and treatiment of collenteritim. 1 det. 4 no.606 1-1) 159. RK 13:4) 1. Is Datskoy Infektolonnoy gorodakoy bollnitsy No.12 Koskvy, (IMSTIUS-DISMSIS) (NMEMICHIA COLI) KLMOVA., Ye.A.; 14ORDVINOVAp N.B.; IWZVETSOVA, N.S.; MINDLINk, R.S.; ---W"INNIKOVA, M.Ye.. 14IKHAUMA, Yu.M. Result of the use use of luminescent sera in the diagnosis of dysentery and colienteritia., Zhur.mikrobiol.epid.i immi ii 30-35 S 160. (KM 14: 6) 1. I-z-Instituta epdiemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni Gamalei 90 SSSR9 ~2-y gorodskoy detskoy infektsionnoy bollnitsy i I Moskov- skogo maditsinskogo instituta.- (DYSMERY) (ESCHMICRU GOLI) (SERUM) IAMiINA, N.A.; SHATROV, I.I.; MORDVINOVA, N.B.; MARKUS, V.D.; KHOMITSKAYA, T.A.; MINDLM, R.S.; BOTVII,.IIUXCVA, H.Ye. -Ef-Dhthogenic agents and the epidemiological significance of patients with colienteritis at various stages of the disease. Zhur. mikrobiol., epid. i J=m1n. 33 no.1:80-83 Ja 162. (tfIRA 15-3) 1, Iz Instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni Gamaloi ANN SSSR, Pediatricheskogo instituta AM14 SSSR i 12-y gorodskoy detskoy infektsionnoy bollnitay. (ESCBERICHTA COLI) (ndESTIN&S-DISMES) [RotvynovO 0.1.]; GODIZVSKATA~ V. [Hodlev- Oka.. V I., red..-, MEROVICH, Be (Maierovyeh, 5.1, tekhn. red. [Under the Soviet stare; on the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Bukovina] Pid zoreiu Rodianelkoi vlady; do dvadtsiatyrichchia z dnia vyzvolemnia BukovyrW, Nyiv,, Dirsh. vyd-vo polit lit-ry URSR, 1960. 91 pe 14110) 1, Sakretarl Chernivetskogo obl"tnogo komitdta Kommmisticheakay partu ars"(for BotVinov). (Bukovina-Sconomic conditions) BOTVINOV,, A.M,; MHANSYZ, N.N. Umbilical npolo and peritonitits. Sov. mad. 26 no.4:136-138 Ap '63. (MIRA 17t2) 1. Is kliniki kh1rurgli detskogo vosrasta (zav, profe L.G. Smolyak) Donotakago wditsinskogo instituta ineni A.M. Gortkago. BOTVINOV, O.G. [Botvynov. 0.H.) Ist's meet the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Commmist Party of the Soviet Union with now sebievements. Mekh.9111.hosps. np&VI-3 S 159. (143K 13 - 1) 1. Sakretarl Chernovetakogo oblastnogo kamiteta Komunisticheskoy partil Ukral1w. (Ukraine-Farm mephanization) PAVLIV, Yu.V., inzh.; BOTVINOV,_V~.~~., inzh.; KRYLINSKIY, S.M., tekhnik Special features of firing the TGM-84 boilers using gas. Elek. sta. 35 no.6:2-6 Je 164. OAM 18: 1) PAVLIV, Yn.V. . inzh.; BqT\~-I]RQV ...... K!~~ KRYLINSKIY, S.M., tekhnik; -., inzh.; DZEDZIK, R.P.) inzh. Study of the firing process of TGM 84 gas operated boilers. Blek. sta. 35 no.12:2-5 :.D 164. (MIRA 18:2) STEMPNOVSKATAO L.A.; ~ ~INDVAv.L.Yeq GORA, N. Problem of the rmoval of suspended materiels from industrial waste waters at factories manufacturing artificial fibers, Rhim.v6lak. no.3:39-43 162. (MMA 16t2) 1. Institut obahchey i neorganicheakoy khindi in, N.S, Xurnakova AN UkrSSR. (Textile fibers, Synthetic) (Pewage-Furification) BOTVIITOVSKIY, L. starcht7 inzhener. According to ZRkhwov's method. Kinomekhanik no.6:15 Je '53. (MI-RI, 6:8) 1. Oblastuoye upravlontye kinofikataii. g. Xirov. (Oparino District-Moving-picture projection) BOTVINOVSKIY, V. V. "Wetting Jfte Epidermis of Leavess" Dokl. AN SSSR9 59,, No-3., 1948 Zgitomirskiy Agrice Insto PUKHNAREVICH., G.P., kand. tekhn. naukj_BOTVINSKIY,_~.Yao,..PARKHOIENKO, P.Aq VORONOV, Yu.F. Studying the slag forming process during the melting period in high-capaoity open-hearth furnaces. Met. i gornorud. prom* no.100-32 J&-F 064. (MIRA 17:10) EMMOT9 Kel-s akademlk; BORT, N-M., kandidat takhnichookikh nauk; BOTVITWT, A.D.. kwAidat tekhnichokikh nauk. Low-pressure mWgan cutting of large thickness stools. Svar. prolzv. no-3:30-31 Mr '57. (Km 10 4) 1. 11makly Politakhnicheskly institut. (Gas welding mA cutting) BOTVINOVSKIY,-!,B.; POVOMARENKO, I.N. Increasing the stavility of magnetJ- recording and reproductlon of commands. Avtom. i prib. no, 1-40-41 Ja-Mr 164. (MIRA 17:5) I PUKHNAREVICH, G.F., kand. tekhn. nauk; PARKHOMENKO, P.A.;ffl!C~INSKTV VYa GAVROY L.P.; VOROhT)V, Yu.F. Behavior of hydrogen during the melting operation in 600- ton open-hearth furnaces. Met. i gornorud~ prom. no.1; 28-30 Ja-F 165. (MA 18:3) JEDYNAK, Mieczyslavv inze; RUBASZOWSKI, Tadeusz, inz.; BIALY, Adam, inz.; 'BOTWINAO.Mi6osyslaw, inz.; MARTELA, Ludwik, inz.; MUM, Tadeusz, inz.; LIZEWSKI, Waolaw, inz. Increasing the ~um power of 55 MW SkoAft steam t*bines during '%,he peak period by 3 ~i-during 3 hours, for each turbine. Increasing the maximum power of 20 MW Alsthom steam turbines during the peak period by 1 MW, during.3 hours, for each turbine. Gosp paliv 11 Special issue no.(95)t58 J& 163o 1. Elektrownia. Stalows, Wola. JEDYNAKY llieczyslaw, inz.; RUBASZOWSKI, Tadeysz, inz.; BIALY, Adam, inz. I1Uk111-a,-14ieczys1aw, inz.; MARTILIk, Ludwik, inz.; HIKIEL, Tadeusz, inz.; LIM-[SKI, Waclaw, inz. Increasing the maximum power of 55 I-',W Skcda steam turbines during the peak period by 3 1,111., (luring 3 ho-urs, :or each turbine. Increasing the maximum -,lower of 010 1-11w Alsthom steara turbines during the peak period ~v 1 111.1, during 3 hours, for each turbine, Gosp paliv 11 Special issue no.(95):58 ja 163. 1, Elektrownia Stalova Wola. BOTTA, I.; SILIVAN, A.- (Bukharest) Core lifter used In the Rumanian People's Republic for sampling cohesionless sands below ground water level. Oan.. fund.i makh.grun. no.6:26-28 059. (MIRK 13:4) (%nnia-Sorlan-Aquipment and oupplies) BMA, Z.; AIMOSNIND, A.; A.MAMKU, T. [A~ramescu, Tj Us,ing seepage curtains built of intersecting concrete piles in theRumnian People's Republic. Oene, fuid. i mekh. grun. 2 no.5.-25-27 160. (VIDA 13:9) (lb-niam-Soil percolation) --d 3/123/59/000/008/034/043 Aoo4/Ao02 Translation fr(xn- Referativnyy zhurnal, Mashinostroyeniye, 1959, No. 8, p. 185, 29966 AUTHORSt Botyanovskaya, P. YU." Tsutskarev~, T. I. TITLE: High-Silicon Malleable Cast Ironl~ PERIODICAL: Tekhn.-ekon..byul..Sovnarkh6z-,,rasnoyarskogo ekon. adm. r-na, 1958i No. I- pp. 40-43 TEXT: In order to out down the annealing of malleable cast iron, specimens and components weighing between 0.6 and 48 kg with a wall thickness in the range of 5 - 40 mm were cast from melts with an increased Si-content and Te-additions. In order to delay graphitization during the solidification of-oast-iron, Te together with FeSi was brought on the bottom of the ladle in quantities of 0.01 and 0.02%, with Si-contents of 1.8 and 2.2% respgctively. The-following annealing conditions existed: heating up to 950 C for ; hours, soaking for 6 hours at 950 0� 100C, temperature reduction down to 780 C during 2 hours, reduction down to 720 0C during 12 hours, soaking at 700-720 0C during 8 hours Card 1/2 S/123/59/000/008/034/043 High-Silicon Malleable Cast Iron A004/AO02 and reduction to 68DOC for 2 hours. The total duration amounted to 35 Wburs. 0 With. a Cr-content of 0.1~6, the,heating up to 950 C is prolonged by 5 hours while soaking at 700-720 C increases by 6 hours. The optimum C-content was established to be 1.7 - 2.6%, the optimum Si-content 1.8-2.5% while the Cr-content should not exceed 0.08%. The sum of C + Si - 3.8 - 4.5%. A Cr-content of up to 0.2% is permissible if the Si-content is increased, based on the ratio,of 0.02% of Si for every 0.01% of Cr. A considerable difference in fluidity between ordinary and high-silicon cast iron could not be detected. Linear shrinkage is the same for high-silicon and ordinary cast iron, while volumetrio shrinkage is somewhat greater in the former. The cost for I ton of high-silicon malleable cast iron was reduced by 100 rubles on account of a reduction in annealing time. There are 6 figures. G. G. M. Translatorts note; This is the full translation of the original Russian abstract. Card 2/2 L 06335-67 M (m) /DJP (w)/ER (t) /ETI IJP(q) JR/JD ACC XR: AR6013855 Soma', CODE: UR/0276/65/000/011/GO17/GO17 AUTHORS: Krushenko, G. G.; Lovtsov, D. P.; Boty4novskaya, P. Yu,,- Mishin A S TITLE: Investigation of "temperature" heat treatingoof alloy AIgrullcp 27 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Tekhnologiya mashinostroyeniya, Abs. 11G137 REF SOURCE: Sb. Litlye i obrabatka splavov chern. i tsvetn. met. Krasnoyarsk, 1965, 95-103 TOPIC TAGS, aluminum alloy.. heat treatmentj metal casting AL-8Yu aluminum alloy! ABSTRACT: The best temperature treatment for alloy AL-8 is/overheating with sub %n sequent pouring. This results in increased yield stren~W d elongation. The metal delivery method for given casting configuration and other casting character-i istics does not seem to significantly influence the mechanical properties. With increased pouring temperature, the time required to remove the overheat, ioe*' 1until crystallization begins,, increases. 4 tables. ZTranslation of abstract SUB CODE: 1731L~ UDC: 621.745:669.715 Card_ a t L 46313-66 E%T(M)/EWP(W)/T/E-WP(t)/ETI IJP(c) JD ACC NRt AR6013849 CAIN) SOURCE CODE -- UR/0276/65/000/0-11/0016/G016 AUTHORS: Sallnikov, V. P.; Lc!ytsov, D. P.; Botyanovskiy,, M. G,; Mishin, A. S.; / ? Selina, 1. 1. TIME.: The influence of repeated malting and of batch composition on the proparties of alloy AL--227-1 (ALSU) SOURCE: Ref. zh. ToWinologiya mashinostroyeniya, Abs. UG130 REF SOURCE: Sb. Litlye i obrabotka splavov chern. i tsvetu. met* Krasnoyarsk, 1965, 108-115 1 TOPIC TAGS: aluminum alloy, gas absorption, metal property / AL-27-1 aluminum alloy, ,AL8U aluminum alloy ABSTRACT: The results of the conducted investigation haveAhown that refining with hexachlorothano produces more stable results than refin1w,1*ith manganese chloride.,' The process of repeated malting leads to the diraiiiu- ion in the difference of donsi- ties of the refined and the unrefined alloy AL-27-1 at a relatively unvarying donsi- ty of the refined alloy. Repeated meltings of alloy AL-217-1 lower its ability to dissolve gases. 4 illustrations, f-Translation of abstract7 SUB CODE; 11 UDC: 621.745:669.715 BOTZM, M. Deformation of ~certain hydrotechnical installations by thwainking of the loose substratum. p. IM. Acadwda RepubliciA Populare Romine. COMUNICAM. Bucuresti. Vol . 3 . no. 17, Ju3y 19,55. SOURCE: East European Accessions List.(EEAL) Ubrary of Congress, Vol. 6, No. 12,-Decomber 1956, BOMAN., M.; HERKULIEVP Oe; SUSHOSCHI S, Madn elements of the vAer budget regarding the Rumanian plain. p*4n* Academia Republial Populare Romine. CCHUNICARIM. Bucuresti, #wUnia. Vol. 8. no. 4, Apr. 1958 Amthly list of East European Accessions (BEAI) Vol. 8,, no July 1959 BOUBAL, J.;DOLEUIS, V Health docuinentation in polyclinics. P. 317 Ministerstvo zdravinicitvi a Vyzkunny ustav orpanisace zdravotnictvi) Vol 5. no. 5 May 1957 Praha,, Czechooslvakia SO.- Monthly (Indes of East European kessions (EEAI) Vol. 6 no. 11 November 1957 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Chamical, Technology Chemical Products and H. Their Applications Corrosion. Corrosion Protection. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Khimlya, No 11, 19581 36633 Author : Boubela Le, Radomil He Inst Title : Corrosion of Underground Metallic Pipes. Orig Pub : Paliva, 1957, 37, No 8, 264-269 Abstract : Discussed are: the principles of corrosion induced by stray currents and causes of soil corrosion (macro- and microelements. Card 1/1 BOUBSIA A _Jnz,-- -, --,I -,j Some notes on oathodic protection of long-distance pipelines. 1. -- 11 --- - - - - el I IUWCIULp M.; BOUBKIA L -in, Realization of cathodic protection on the long-distance gas pipolines,in Csochoslevakia. Paliva 41 no-4:10.5-108 AP 161a BOUBEIA L - RADCKIL., M. Erratic streams and their measurement. Paliva 42 no.4:104-108 Ap 162,, I I 1. Ustav pro vyslnm paliv, Bechovice.