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December 31, 1967
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P/01 4 162/041 /004/002/004 Electroinsulating lacquers for ... D2047D301 presented in graphical and tabular forms and discussed in some de- tail. It is concluded that the polyurethane lacquers investigated show good dielectric and mechanical characteristics, especially the elasticity after ageing at 150 and 1800C. Of the silicones, the best results were obtained for the mixture of silicone and alkyd resins, SiA. i~urther work on polyurethane and silicone resins will consist of definite determination of the class of insulation. There are 6 figures, 3 tables and 10 references: 2 Soviet-bloc and 8 non- Soviet-bloc. The references to the -Eng ,,lish-language publications read as follows: P. 6herwoodt Canadian Paint Varnish, 5, 50, 1961; R. Chandler, Paint Manufactures 30, 1960t 100-102. ASSOCIATIONz Instytut farb i lakier6w w Gliwicach (Institute of Paints and' Lacquers, Gliwice) Card 2/2 . BRUDRA,(E- I. BRUDNA., E. I. - "Study of the'Indicators of Recovery in Chronic Dysentery in Children of an Early Age." Sub 29 Jan 52, Central Inst for the Advanced Training of Physicians. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Medical Sciences). SO: Vechernaya. Moskva January-December 1952 13RUDKOW$KA, BarbaraV mgr inz. Properties of the Boating of ecrtab electroinsulating lacquers. Przegl alektroteohn 41 no.4sl44-146 Ap 165. 1. Paint and Laoquer Institute, Glivice. BRUDRA, Ye.I.,; LUNICVA. K.K. CLunieva, K.K.] Etiology of toxicoseptic diseases among newborn in maternity homes. Ped., akush. t gin. 19 uo.15-16 157. (MM 13-1) 1. TSentralInaya, nauchno-iseledovatellskaya laboratoriya gigiyeny i epidemiologii Ministerstva, putey noobahcheniya. (INFARTS (NMORN)--DISFASES) BRUDNIA. U'Li,LK. TECHNOLOGY BRUDNA, ZDENEK. Frehled eleldronek. Praha, Statni nakl. technicke literatury, 1956. 1111 P. OU Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEJAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3, March, 1959. Uncl. Bradna, Z. Bradna, Z. Inflation of too many types of vacuum tubes. P. 342. SH. Cathode L. P. 343. Vol. 4, no. 3.1, Nov. 1956 SDELOVACI TE M IKA TECHNOLOGY Czechoslovakia So. East European Accessions, Vol. 6., May 1957 No. 5 BRUDNAYA A., kand. sellskokboz. nauk; ANOSKINA, N. . U~ _ Detecting the bean weevil. Zashch. rast. ot vred. ~ bal, 10 no.907-38 165. Off-A 18:11) 1. Vsesoyuznyy institut zerna. L;R0IIA"--'A, A. A. and YakimzoAcli, E. D. 1411 Princ-',,.)le Measures for Protection of Soy-Be--ns fr.,- Pests and Discases, Trud., Vsesoiuz,-iogo llauclino-.-Lssledovatellslcoro instituta Se,-rernogo Zernovogo Khoziaistva i Zernobobovylh Fulltux, no. 3,. 1~3tj PP. SO - SIM SI 5/0-53, 15 Leceiber 1953 00 111 0 0 0 a 0 e __ 0 0 - i - *07 -49~1 W-M-W-war, W W A It 0 A 01 IS a III U H to 16 b -p- ji--w- a , 1 V4. D.V" -r- a'. 't 1, 1 _4_1- I.. a k A Is F_ X-1 L 00 A I SIFT II. .blow .-PO. Sumonars, W the "J."1111C research work of The a I'lant Iligirction for The year 1939. I~asa Awd A r g. Flop M methods of 'A issavogIng the effectiveness of Insettkidrik 11 N .4 -141 C%pt% %flowni that go W-t 4LI.. . XvIssults of elaboration and improvessaval of ~losjtonov. JbsJ. 1:10 %. Ht so of B., ,1, s1vr adequate loute"I If U91 nottlosods for the prossectim of storaid In under the cmdida" of im =11,1111 Germ. ron twe when evenly diql6huted at 4% low a 4 Sincr goold tv%ult, ate given at .1 at=. A. A. Itrudisaya. Aid 41-3 -A W. rate &.Skib. IIACWACIC. . Aida, of was ~aldrd 100,, irdured islet tit APPlication 0111Y will' fe-MY -aler-4- insecticidesi, the PomilnlitY of 0,11AI'ling I'Millat Tmilts 00 a a Irish. Inill. III hydrovy?.1pliflow was effet-lirr at a with sulatallers IIY Mat'lliting Illris' %Urpensityrr' 1*0 go e .1-fay lot 7.4 11 m '.4. yd, asno's.; lmlr% I wall Fillifird, i'lin,, a iwiva.- in the -in- qt$-.* IIIII . 1'. "oil". Ally- Rold Urfdoflyr4k, hility. 41mvilotioll '114.1 1,,%icstv 4 A Y'~ ill Cis -00 4.0%,1.. Woo. /Ih% I All'I I IW III anal Y III, rV Vil..1% It0/4 $IN 0 AIWUAIV wd% 4111141114 It 14V the 404111 .4 XII, Wis.- fl ~ J (Lmulandru) gramarimi it..). in ruipty sialustiv,. The te- abivil I"itteril the 111111 Wholl ilk- I'll 1.1%4. of IWI.~ braiiirat L., and Ilh-IrA." 111C lorittAllity 110111 NMI 14) 69~*- -'Jults; of the studying of grain crop diseases and pests In I in the 00 0 th V Worth region an grasaffeld crop rotation. A. 11, with 7.5% control mortality. The inesewor of '~ ~ ! Aid. of aisabaiiar stye the sistay reduced injury to bean foliate by Ca arsenate. coo 0. 11 1 mabihicd by addti. to( vulfile- rmulls and were effective as sprays against the eggs W Coned. suspension, of S :wula drilpsoile, Sav~ V 1; F I i .No tell 112,5f.; cellulose alkall gave 75,740re mortality ill red %Oder roe A Ar'01s, .41 hill.. It Isilhis ittimtanct 17etrapsychu.1 its, cotton aq against 14,3e`,~ (tit 3 %tandard S Results of Investigations on the boudsol tttt%t. Tto elaboration of a standard of the summer as 41 sting of experimental modifications of the contro minend oil for the control of pests Pit fruit cultures and X** and it the Tonguits of applying preparatimos of winter sods. A. 11. method system In the gardens of the Krasnodarzky region Kralirr. lhij. 1:11; 40-&-vrial flAt-IiIHIS III lirtloinlin V. V&. I'milctst'ry. 1&0. 112 2111-Of -Inny whrdolt-~ tested on ePPIr trcra the 111041 effe-tivT Col"PtiNvol 2 olls obtained I ..... . 4 diffele,it it, RO-iii W"r IV. pplkmtiom Imfore flowering of 1% litndeaUx mixt. wq it froord by ticatincol with 08~r II.S41, at ~ltwnn. it 5. Its. U) . de. and 5 applications after flovivring of 0.3% Ca ac 2Lx)%. anti telted fix insecticidal and phyli% Mal rfl~ts Z.- :~I_ funski jai witcluktc (with 17C Bordeaux mild. in the first 4) against in lab. and ficid lc%t--. I)cXTm of trfineinctit had little 1!;;i the rodlins moth (C4FPof4pjd P0111IMM4 L.). other lciii- effect on ovicidal action against Silolrov eirre-drU4 Oliv. it dopters and fruit lerrvils. The toottlocKidoubledor will"I anti atilis to. 300 4W writ u0It effective. ne lc&~t in- the fillil Yield 64 rs-111114ted wish orvhattI4 given the. pitious to am,le twi" cif oil, lolullifiell will' u-11 ot`~`sc I&KC is* 0 Iii ASO.SLA 811ALLIINGKI4 1,111RA1100.1 CL-V1I1`KA110W 'Joe ta" .3.". a** %610.3 1. 0.1 Got ONE all. $%I ILI 0 0 A Is ZA A A V_1~ ea a 0 -1 tor W-5-0 a UU At to 9 it to it a 111 a .1 It 91 K U It at Is KID n I luk %lea- so 0 0 so IS e 0 0 0 so ~a 0 Id KIYASHKO., V., agronom; BR'UDNAYA, A.A., kand.selikhoz,nauki ZUBOVO M.F. Questions and answra. Zashch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 7 no,7:41-42 il 162, (MM 15 -.3-1) 1. Sovkhoz "Agronomus Krasnodarskogo kraya (for Kiyashko). 2. 'Voesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut serna i produktov yego pererabotki (for Brudnaya). (Plantap Protection of) BRIJDNA -d.sel'skokhozyaystvenny3ch nauk Controlling pests of pulse crops. Muk.-elev. prow. 28 no.7:i+-6 n 162. (MIn 15:9) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isoledovatellakiy institut zerna i produktov yego pererabotki. (Legum~es-Diseases and pests) (Insecticides) BRUDNAYA?,~.A., kand.seliskokhoz.nauk-, SOLODOVNIK, P.S. New preparation for moist disinaectization of empty granaries. Soob. i ref-. VNIIZ no-4:21-2/+ 161. WRA 16:5) (Granaries-Disinsection) .(Alodan) GERASIMGVp B.A.;,BRVDNAYA,_-A;,A.; KOROTKMH, G.I., kand.sellskokhoz.nauk; NIKIFOROVY A.M., agronox-entomolog Questions and answers. Zashch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 8 no.9: 39 S 163. (MIRA 16-10) 1. Nauchno-issledovateliskiy institut ovoshchnogo khozyaystva, Moskovskaya oblast' (for Gerasimov). KOZIJB7 M.; BRUDNAYA, A., kand. sellskokhoz. nauk Grain disinfection by methyl bromide at reduced temperature. Muk.- elev. prom. 30 no.3:20-21 Mr 164. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Direktor Orenburgskogo kblebopriyemnogo punkta (for Kozub). 2. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut zerna i produktov yego pererabotki (for Brudnaya). BRUDNAYAJ, A.A., kand.sel'skokhoz.nauk; SOLODOVNIK, P.S. ------- - - .Alodan in moist disinsectization of granaries. Zashch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 6 no.12:27 D -'61. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut zerna i produktov yego perarabotki. BRUDNAYA, A.A., kand. sellskokhoz. nauk; CHUDINOVA, A.N. Disinfecting peas by methyl bromide. Zashch. rast. ot vrod. i b01. 9 no.9:34 164. (MIRA 171t1l) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauohno-iseledovatellskiy institut zerna i produktov yago pererabotki. KALASIINIKOV, K.Ya., kand. sellskokhoz. nauk- BRUDNAYA, A.A., kand. sell- Skhokhou. nauk; ZUBOV, M.F., kand. ~ellskokhoz. nauk; KOROLEV, P.A., inzh.-khlmik; NIKIFOROV, A.M. Questions and answers. Zashch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 9 no.804-35 164. (MIRA 17:12) Safety renuirements for -!ELYt protection machines. 7-shch. rast. ot vred. i Wl. 0, no.,7-,-,L 164. (MIRA M2) 1. KuYl-, shevs1kay.-a stant-ava z-~shchity rasteniy (forI I vanov) BRUDNAYA, A.A.1 kand. seliskokboz. nauk; KUREPYO, I.A.; PATU,ILOVA, 1-1. Ye, k-a-na-7-Biolog. nauk; KOZARI, I.M., agronom; BESPYALTYKH, A.M.., agronom-entomolog; KARGM, V.N., agronom; KUZ=, S., aspirant; TKHORIKV I.S,. From the practices in the use of poisonous chemicals. Zashch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 9 no.10:26--Z7 164 (HIR-k 19:1) 1. VBesc)yuznyy nauchno-issledovatel.'skiy ir titut zerna i pro- duktov yego pererabotki (for Brudnaya, Eurepko). 2. Llvovskiy awl'skc%vhozyays'l.vennyy institut (for Parfilova, Kozarl). 3. Bakhchisarayskoye proizvodstvennoye upravleniye ( for Bezpyat3,kh). 4. Kolkhoz "Pobedalt )for Kargin). 5. Sredneaziat- skiy institut zashchity rasteniy (for Kuziyev-). 6. Zavedu5m- shchiy c!tdelom zashchity rasteniy Yaroslavskoy opytnoy stantsil. (for Tk-horik), L 07271~2,C EWT(1)---J1----- NK: M-W 14514 SOURCE COM UAA f. '65/000/010/OOZVW23 A AUTHOR: Brudnaya, A. (Candidate of Agricultural Sciences) ORG: none TITLE: New method for the determination of insidious contamination of beans by weevils ~0 SOURCE: Mukomollno-olevatornaya promyDhlennost', no. 10, 1965, 21-23 TOPIC TAGS: plant disease, plant disease control, -jr-1-bMZ1 parasite.,,, V010mitS7 ="a#-, tcat==9wod ABSTRACT: The use of luminescent analysis, colorimetric reagents, and oil treatment at the Laboratory of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Grain and (brain Products (VNIIZ) for the detection of bean contamination by weevils proved that oil treatment is the more effective method for this purpose. The beat effect ad with olive oil, machine oil, or liquid petrolatum on white, yellow, or beige beans. Oil-treated beans assume the color of amber which in contaminated beans is disrupted by light passageog i.e.j larva paths. The passages range from a point at which the larvae enter the seed, diverge, and form cavities where larvae in various stages of Card L 07271-67 ACC NR.- AP6004514 development are located. The treatment is effected with about I - 1.5 ml of oil per gram of beans and in a half-hour the contaminated beans are picked out and the per- centage of contamination determined. The oil treatment disclosed the same number of contaminated beans as that disclosed -by dissection. jhus, the oil treatment method makes it possible to detect the contamination of beans by weevils at any stage of contamination. Although successful, the method must yet be tested on large quantitied of beans in the field and storehouses. Orig. art. has: 3 figures and 2 tables. SUB CODE: 06/ SUBM DATE: none Card 2/2 ttline iat -tomperature~ ecr.eases, -1t7 -found- rid I iiaving, a slitve value, was -nigh. on po ~Ne values:of the.coeffielietit.Cj:cO]~puted,,f.rbm observations in the Gissar rd 1; 3 In 1 111 3 Vic All Ill jEj I "I -4 JI - I all lift is -M M all 1 -5 41 is n r d all Ii r4. 4-11 a';A AAR BRUDNAYA E I - PAK, Ye.A. Studies on the effectiveness of mycerin in the Veatraent of coli enteritis in children. Antibiotiki 5 no.6:104-107 N-D r600* (MIRA 14:3) 1. TSentralinaya nauchno-issledovateliskaya laboratoriya gigiyeny i opidemiologii Ministerstva putey Boobshchaniya, detskaya bollnits, Lyublino. (MYOMUN) (ECHERICHIA COLI) SPIVAK, M.Ya.; ARGUDAYEVA, N.A.; NAB17EV, E.G.; CHISTOVICHp G.N,; RIVLINV M.I.; SEKOW, M.Ya.; KMGLIKOV., V.M.; SHALIBEVAp A.M.; TIMOVA, A.I.; RAYNIS, B.-N.; MILYAYEVA, Ye.N.; BRUDNAYAI, R.I.; GODINA, I.F.; VOLIFSON, G.I.; SOSONKO, S.M.; KOLESINSffY-A-,-t-.A.; VYSOTSKIY, B.V.; MALYKHp F.S.; MIROTVORTSEV, Yu.I.; SYCHEVSKIY, P.T.; GOPACHENKO, I.M.; KARPITSKAYA, V.M.; FETISOVA, I.A.; MARTYNYUK, Yu.V.; DMINA, I.A. Annotations. Zhur. mikrobiol.9 epid. i 1=11n- 40 no-3:128-131 Mr 163. (MIM 17:2) 1. Is Nemerovakogo nediteinakogo instituta i Kemerovskay k3-inicheskoy bollniter NO-3 (for Spivak, Argudayeva). 2. Iz Kazanskogo instituta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey imeni Lenina (for Nabiyew). 3. lz Leningradskogo kozhnogo dispansera No. I (for Chistovich, Rivlin). /+. Iz Rostovskoy o-blastnoy sanitarno-epidemiologichookoy stantaii (for Semenov). 5. Iz Stavropollskogo instituta vaktain i ayvorotok (for Kruglikov, Shallneva, Titrovap Haykiz). 6. Is Kvybyshevokogo instituta ,,epidemiologii, ndkrobiologii i giglyeny i TSentrallnogo insti- 'tuta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey (for Milyayeva). 7. Iz Vaes.a7uznogo nauchno-isaledovateltakogo instituta zhelezno- doroshnoy gigiyeny Glavnogo sanitarnogo upravieniya Minis- terstVa putey soobahcheniya i Detekoy polikliniki st. Lyublino (Continued on next card) SPIVAK, MoYa,---- (continued) Card 2. Moskovskoy zhelezncT dorogi (for-]~rudnaya, Godina). 8. Iz Vrachabno-sanitamoy sluzhby Severnoy znejLeznoy dorogi (for Vollfson, Sooonkop-Kolosinskaya). 9. Iz Vladivostokskogo i~stituta epidemiologii, mikrobiologii i gigiyeny i Primorskoy krayevoy protivochvmmoy stantsii (for Vysotskiy, Malykh, Mirotvortsev, Sycherskiy, Gopachenko). 10. Iz Yaroslavskogo meditsinakogo instituta _Cfor Karpitskaya). 11. Iz Aralmorskay protivochilmnoy stantsii (for Fetisova). 12. Iz Llvovskogo instituta epidemiologii, mikrobiologii i gigiyeny (for Ma:rtynyuk, Madina). BPUDNAYA, E.N. -i Results of using diadyTgunic currents in compound sanatorium and. health-resort treatment at the southern coast of the Crimea. Sbor. nauch. rab. vraoh. san.-kur. uchr. profsoiuzov no.3:33-39 I %RA 1813.0) 1, Bazovyv sanatoriy imeni V.V.Kuybyebeva Yaltinakogo territoriallnogo soveta, po upravlenivu kurortami professionalInykh soyuzov. 7;-. -,7.-- L EVA -6 O/EviC4V 4, ACCESSION NR: AF5011377 MV001 AMHOR: Berim, H. G.; pMdWa,,X, B. Tuktarova, Sh. Z.;Rzhevska~m, G. F-1 T=: Action of certain Orgenophospborus cj>npouu" during experimental intest na infections SOURCE: Zhurnal mikrobloloei, epidemioloSii i immunobiologii, no. 8, 1964, 133-134 TOPIC TAGS: bacterial disease, intestinal disease, eater, experiment animal, drug treatment,.organ14.- phosphorus compound 'A'Sifiact: Certain mixi-a eaters of ithylphosphinlep eynthesized at the Xazan Cbem-icotecbnological. Institute under the direction of Professor A. 1. n on a series of patbogenic microorga-RI-SE in vivo teatD. 7b-,- moi3t active compounds in relation to the intestinal 1infeationo' vere the ni;,cea etbyl ecopropenyl e9ter of ethy1pbosphinic acid 1 (preparation 6D7) and -Lbe mixed metbyl toopropenyl eater of ethylphosphinqc I acid-Oreparation 606). 7-7 L 38628- ACCMIONI&* AP5011377 Since these preps-ritiOng are low in tOXICItY, show veak'antiebolin- esterase activity, and iwe active in relation to intestinal infections, -rain flo. their action during experimental Infection caused by S. typbi (a. I 4h46), s. typhimurium, 13b. dysenteriae Flexneri and E. eoli (type 0111), i was investigated. Testa vere made on 18-20 g mice. A total or 125 mice were used. Treatment i-nis conducted vitb a 1% aqueous solution of the 'preparations,vbleb were: administered per ov in.a dosage of 100 mg/kg. Ty-eatment began at different intervals (siumltaneouslY with infection, after 2-5 ana 20-24 hours after Infection). The preparations were given Ouce, Or in come cases In a one-time equivnlent over 5, 8 or 10 days. Additionally the multiple subcutaneous injection of Vie preparations (in experlments with S. t)TbiMMriuM) vas teatt.A. The ebemotherapeutic activitr OT the preparatl=3 was evaluated accordIng to tbe lorgevity of the treated Fnim3~lf3 ID cGM'PfwIGOn with the control an-1wals, by extracting the infectious. P-9cuts, "I sometimes by the value Of UP. "bacteriological indexr of the spleen. A0 a result the pr~yarati~ns. W and in the dosages used did not Ottrilizei-iOn activity during t-be enVerime--ntal Wectiovs causea. by 'fari"D InteOUnRl Infectious agents. The results also inaic&ted tbat tJW + cozTIs'x ecters of ethylyliosphinic sciti Mut., ,110ray C -_Utnl ..7 tVUoid fever in tdce; 607 Card 2,(3 104 Vag more autive thau 606 'cut legs active than biomycin. In par~typhaid in mice, 60T rendcred a theiapeutic effect only wben used simultaneourly with -the ia-frection; 6,37 bad a Chemotherapeutic effect vithin the firr%t days after experimental dysentery in mice; 606 bad an effect- v-sainE)t 1 coli, stisin 0111p bath vheu aaminister-ed Bi=ltauraously vitb I&ectiou Snd after 2 avi 24 houra. luaZzuk-du I am. the Yrinffiwawms.- e)ddbJt'Q4L:~ j=al doom of chemotberapoutia dlect uGa ""t, IMUSUD111- leect =as the autbar cancluawa tbab in tba blo- webaninn. of tbose sdc=bea Uere 19 a corrmu rjrZ wbicb iv the pelpi; af appliention vT t1w aatitz of crpw;buapb#.)rm cowWmis, rm-ther vtuaW ~n AS=IATMN: Xazanskiy meditsindkly inetitut (Kazan Medical-Institute) sumurmt iooot63 ECL: OD SUB CODE, LS, OC NO REF SOV: 000 Q=: ODD L 29965-66 EWT(1)/T JK - ACC NRIAR6oO4358 SOURCE CODE: UR/0299/65/000/bi9;~' 042 AUTHOR: Berini, M. G.; Brudnaya,, K~_B.; Rthevokaya, G. F.; Tuktarova, Sh. Z.9, TITLE: Problem of the antibacterial action of amidophosphonoformic3-01 ester, phosphorilated Ceetals a-n-d-h-yTrazones' SOURCE: Ref. zh. Biologiya, Abs. 19B272 REF SOURCE: Nauchn. tr.'Kazansk, med, in-t., v. 14.- 1964, 99-100 TOPIC TAGS: bactericide, organic phosphorus compound a;2&474 ABSTRACT: The antibacterial effect of amidophosphonoformic ester, phosphorilated hydrazones and phosphori-lated acetals are studied. Some serotype (0-111, 0-26, 0-55) intestinal bacteriaVprot-eus vulfaricus,\,, stimulants of typhdid~f ever, dyse%tte"ry', - murine tahus \9 stah lococcus, streptococcus, and also -diphtheria stimillators as %FtLteria were us-Od. The latter microorganism was shown to be the most sensitive to the compounds in question. The addition of chlorine atom to the alkyl, radical, or an-,increase in the carbon atom number in it does not Card ACC NR:AR6004358 increase the antibacterial action of amidophosphonoformic esters. The presence of a double bond in the alkyl radical Increases the anti- bacterial action. The same is true regarding the introduction of a metoxy-group into phenyl radical. Preparation No.16: 3,3dimetoxy- phenyl-4.,4-bis-ainidophosphonoforn,ic dimethyl ester proved to be the most active of all the investigated phosphorocorganic compounds,~ Phos-~ phorilayed hydrazones showed a slight antibacterial action, whereas the acetals are not active at all. N, Blinov i BERIM, M.G.; BRUDNAYA, K.B.; RZHEVSKAYA, G.F.; TUKTAROVA, Sh.Z. Antimicrobial- effect of the esters of am4dophosphonoformic . acid, phosphorylated acetals and hydrazones. Nauch. trudy Kaz. gos. med. inst. 14:99-100 164. (MIRA 18:9) 1. Kafedra mikrobiologii (zav. - dotsent Z.Kh.Karimova) i kafedra farmakologii (zav. - dotsent T.V.Ilaspopova) Kazanskogo meditsinskogo instituta. BRUDT"AYA, K.B.; SLEFOVA, R.I. Detection of Mycobacterium tubercu-1csL? in the 3putum ;r relation to the form of the tuberculous process and the quantity of antibiotics taken. Nauch. trudy Kaz. gos. red. inst. 14:377-378 164. (,,ERA 1F:9) 1. Kafedra mikrobiologii (zav. - dotsent "L.Kh. Karimova) Kazanskogo meditsinskogo instituta. BRUDNAYA, S. H, nAllergic Skin Reaction Used as a Method to Diagnose the Z&rly Stages of Asearidosis." Cand Med Sci, Gortkiy State Medical Inst, Gortkiy, 1953. (RZhBiol., No U, oct 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (10) SOt Sum. No. 481., 5 mv 55 BRUDRAYA, S.M. V20M 6 Ca`7(!*0f ~ala~rft~ fly as a parasite in the human body. Hed.parsz. i parst.bol.Eupplement to no.1:48 '57. (HT-qA 11:1) 1. Iz kefedry obahchey biologii Chitinskogo meditsinakogo in6tituts. (WARBLE FLIES) KASSIRSKATA, B.G.: BRUDNATA,~S.I. Now antibiotic treatment of chronic dysentery in children. Sovet.mea. 19 no.5!73-74 My 155. (MLRA 8:8) 1. Iz Teentrallnoy nauchno-teeledovatellskoy laboratori-- gigiyerr i epidentologil (nach. B.A. Ivanov) Hinisterstva putey soobahchenlya SSSR. (DYSERTMI, in US. and child ther., antibiotics) (ANTIBIOTICS, ther. use dysentery, in child) BRTJDN,kYA,Y.11. 1. length and psriodlcl~y of bacteria excretion In children with chronic dysentery. Zhur. mikrobiol. epid. I immin 28 no.2:130-131 IF 157 (KT-RA 10:4) 1. 1z TSentralluoy laborator:Li g1glyeny I epidemiologil, Glavsanu~ra Hinisteretva putey soobehoheniya. I (DYSMERY) *Soo v1 A --i IL 4 so i t 090c,"t, Ape OROOIIN6 N"g of A Os, .4 U" JOC &Wwtion of water Vk i : 06 C N fg Tf4,u. 00 -N& was found to be (be most oWtable it w M) 00 a , baw lor Um preqmpu. oil chkawammlace lets. Then tableta 00 low abotst 2D% of their Cl content wi 6 months. With U the tablets Giv kePt mv low Occur% t o h f .00 ors um urt er x , p n away from direct sunlight. to 10 win. after such talAtts Cl t .00 ve am dissollred in 1W. they MX!Mtt 90% at their act R. Lev iae so* l 3 ago 00 SOO 00 so 00 too 3* us* to 0 ASO-ILA AttALLURCC&L UTIAOUNI MASSIMO** use sio. 63.82J.. -- --.- --. 1)*- 0.1.411 s4naao -4 1 SPING&O .4. Q.t 414131 OK 0.1 &%1 0 w1b u I ; 4 t, .1 ar it W. .4 V, 1 1-2 1 bw a -1 film w5a;*~VVVMI Trichomonal urethritis in males. Zdrav.Belor. 5 no.6:61-62 Je 159. NIA 12- 9) 1. GluviVry vrach Brestakogo oblkozhvendispansera. I (UMTM~--DIMSBS) (, ERUDNER, I.Kh. Case of trichmWcosis flava. Sbar.nauch.rab.Bel.nauch.-issl.kozhno- ven.inst. 6:375 '59. (KM 13:U) (HAIR--DISUM) (MMICAL MrCOLOGY) BEMNIM. I.Kh. Work of the interdistrict skin and Tenereal disease clinics in Brest Province. Zdray.Selor. 5 no.l-.54 A 160. (MIRA 13.--5) 1. Glavnyy Yrach Brestskogo oblkozhvendispansera. (BRIST PIROVINOB-VEMMILL DISIASBS--HOSPITALS) BRUDNERp I.Kh.; LBUIN,, L.S. ---------- Work of interdistriat dermatovenersologieal dispensaries-of. the Fireat areao Yestodermoi veno 34 no.1281+5 160. (MIRA, ~ 3-4:1) la lz Brostskogo oblastnogo kozhno-venerologicheskogo cUspa=era (glavnyy vrach I.Kh. Brudner, i Baranovichakogo mozhrayo=og'6 kozhno-venerclogicaskogo dispansera (glavmyy-vrach L.S. Leykin). (BREST PROVINag.-DEMATOU)GY) (BREST PROVINCE-VMMMAL DISEASES) BRUDINU) J. Blazek, F. Ventilation and ell.matic conditions in so.;~e mne,,; o,4r the ()Strava- Kar-%--*na Basin. p. 172. UHILIP Praha, Vol. 5, no. 5, I-ay 1955. SO: Nonthly List of East European Accessions, (SEAL), LC, Vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1955, Uncl. Ul hIM. A E IW-r I I MHO!i~ T~x 22 PRUDUK, J. The geothermal gradient in the Ostrava-KarvLia area. P. 413. (LMLI) (Praha, Czechoslovakia) Vol. 7, no. 12, Lec. 1957 SO- Monthly Index of East European Accession (Ez-AI) L-C Vol. 7, No. 5, 1958 BRUDNIK M.M.- KOSTRIN, K.V. Placing the equipment of petroleum refinery -.;n-*Lts In or-c-n areaB. Nefteper. i neftekhim. no.12:38-40 164. '(MIRA 18:2) 1. Bashkirskly nauchno-issledovatellskiy -.nstittit po parerabotke nefti. BRUDNIKI, SOSO Ever7 technical solution should have an economic substantia- tion. Priborostroenie, no.5231-32 Yq 163. (MIRA 16:8) BRUDNIK S S - TARAN, V.A. Practical methods for the determination of optimum reliability. Pri- borostroenie no.7:23-25 J1 '163. (MIRA 16:9) BRUDNIK, S.S., inzh.; KUSOV, LF., inzh.; TARAN, V.A., kand. tekhn. nauk Usirg computers for calculating optimum allowances for the para- meters of an executive component in securing given reliability and minimum cost of production and operation. Priborostroenie no-4: 16-19 Ap 165. (MBIA 18: 5) BRUDNIK S.S. inzhener. vw--, .11~!~"-"":.,.V~i4x,=14.t-.Z~, Mechanization of planning calculations. Vest.mash. 36 no.11:62- 70 N 156. (MMA 10:1) (Calculating machines) (Industrial manMement) BRUDNIKS S&SO, inzh. Technical and eoonomic effioiency in the instrument industry. Priborostroanis no.5.-29-29 Mf 162. (MA 15:5) (Lwtrownt industry) -0 AiVooI757 SOURCE CODE: TJR/0274/66/000/010/BG99/BlOO AUTHOR: Taran, V. A.; 11rudnik, S. S.; Kusov, I. F. TITLE: Optimization 'of tolerances for parameters of a device on condition that the assigned reliability, accuracy and minimum production and operation costs are maintained SOURCE: Ref. zh. Radiotekhnika i elektrosvyazl, Abs. 1OB695 REF SOURCE: Tr. Mosk. in-ta elektron. mashinostr., vyp. 1, 1965(1966), 184-192 TOPIC TAGS: system reliability, industrial production, tolerance optimization, production cost, operation cost, parameter ABSTRACT: Experience in the development of instruments and various devices has shown that, from the standpoint of reliability and cost, the use of high- precision elements is not justified. Therefore, there arises the problem of the optimization of tolerances for changes in the functional parameters of do' on condition that the assigned reliability and minimal costs ar" optimization of tolerances for the alternation of the Y- XTRVELIMA~ PARAMOMIKOVA~ A.Ye. "Effectiveness of, DRIED Live NIIEG Tularemia Vaccine Being Turned Out by IEM." a monograph extract FSfect of '4accination Against Tularemig, 1953 P. 143 Translation D 568409 Caiid Oheia Sci-(dios) al 1958. 15 pp (Ilin of lligliGr Educ.--tion USSR. Chon-Tachnolo,-1c, II-Irt i'm S.1- Kirov), 150 copio.~- (KIL,26-531106) RRUDNJAK, Z. The value of agglutination in diagnosing swine erysipelas 'he unreliability of the agglutination test in diagnosis of swine erysipalas co-au: Kralj, M. Inst. and Clinic for Infections Diseases, Vet. Pao. Zagreb University Vet Arh 22: 51-59 1952 Vet Arb 22: 276-281 1952 YUGOSLAVIA/Diseases of Farm Animals. Diseases Caused by R-2 Ducteria and Fungi. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Diol., No 4, 1958, 16916 Author : Drudnjak, Z.; Zelenka, P.; Sibalin, M. Inst Title On Equine Leptospirosis. Orig 'I'lub Veterin. arh., 1956, 26, No 5-6, 165-173- Abstract Sixteen cases of leptoopirouis of horses were under obser- vation. In 3 of them the causative agent, Leptospira pomona, was isolated. The disease occurred in sm-nertine and was characterized by a hi0i fever, depression, loss of appetite, jaundice, and an acute hyperemia of the vessels of the conjunctive and sclera. In some instances, an s1d_P_ rash and lesions of the eye were observed. The apparent source of infection were piGs which used the same staGnant water as hurses, Meteorological conditions (rainy sumer) favored the development of the disease. The treatment Card 1/2 7 YUGOSLAVIA/Diseases of Farm Animals - Diseases CausL-a by R-2 Bacteria and Fungi, Abs Jour : Rel..Zhur .6 Diole, No 4) 1958, 16916 vi*Ui penicillin (800 thous6 to 1 million units daily until the rggregate close o~ 2,400 thous. to 4 mil I ion units was reached) producea a [;ood effect. -- F.L. Mayzill Card 2/2 L 20696-t)(3 _!4WTjd)1T1T-WtP(1) T.TP(O) - - -- - ---- ACC NRt AP6011994. SOURCE CODE: UR/0020/65/161/004/0746/0749) AUTHOR; Brudnyy, Yuo A. ORG: epropetrovsk Agicultural Institutet Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovskiy ~selvskokhozyaystvennyy institut) TITLE: Local,best approltimation of functionsby polynomials SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady, v. 161, no- 4, 1965, 746-749 TOPIC TAGS: polynomial, approximation, function analysis ABSTRACT: CeAain now results are -given On tho, relation between the properties of a :"fuhction Ct I and the behavior of its beat local approximationse .1he following problem iis considered: B(10) is one of thd-fiffii-etional-spacos of (10), 1 :~. p .4 00, C(IO). or 11(10) . whore 10 is an :Lutorvai on the real axis not necessarily finite. a 11 f ; I ;-where 1 CZ 10 is the corresponding local norm. Eight theorems are given, , Xost of -the resIults obtained holId for functions of'n variables. The .paper was presented by Academician S. N. Barnshteyn on 27 October 1964- Orig. art. has: 8 formulas. liPHS) SUB CODE: 12 SUBM DATE: 210ct64 ORIG REF: 003 OTH REF: OQ3 Card 1/1 s 45 04 1feveob6 ~ p c,.k7 ACC N" AR7001757 SOURCE CODE: TJR/0274/66/000/010/BO99/13100 AUTHOR: Taran, V. A.; j~ruqjnk, S. S.; Kusov, I. F. TITLE: Optimization 'of tolerances for parameters of a device on condition that the assigned reliability, accuracy and minimum production and operation costs are maintained SOURCE: Ref. zh. Radiotekhnika i elektrosvyazl, Abs. 1OB695 REF SOURCE: Tr. Mosk. in-ta elektron. mashinostr., vyp. 1, 1965(1966), 184-192 TOPIC TAGS: system reliability, industrial production, tolerance optimization, production cost, operation cost, parameter ABSTRACT: Experience in the development of instruments and various devices has shown that, from the standpoint of reliability and cost, the use of high- precision elements is not justified. Therefore, there arises the problem of the optimization of tolerances for changes in the functional parameters of devices, on condition that the assigned reliability and minimal costs are maintained. The optimization of tolerances for the alternation of the parameters of a closed control TMO- A-- ACC NR: AR7001757 system consisting of three units (amplifier, actuating mechanism, and feedback element) is investigated. The'problem is solved on the basis of the method of linear programming and presuposes the determination of values of industrial tolerances for fluctuations in amplification and transmission factors at which the alternation of these parameters in time under the given operational conditions of the device makes it possible to ensure the required reliability of its operation and, at the same time, minimal production and operational costs. Six illustra- tions and a bibliography of 2 titles are included. [Translation of abstract] [DW] SUB CODE:P109/ 2*/2 LAPUK., B.B.; DRUDNO, A.L.; SONOV, BJO; Gaz.prom. 6 no.2!&-.12 , Bottom water cones in gas pools. s6!. (MJfIA 14:4) (Gas,, Natural) BRUDNDY A.L. (Mosl,-vg.) Frice SaMPIG Of OFtIM11r, rlarining. Tr.,L,'. kib, rn,,-~.9~3*13-315 ~63. (YURA 17~10) BLUT-140L A.L. jt,!.i,nircvaniye ogranichennykh posledovatellnostey lineynymi regUlywrromi rietodami. N Dau, 43 (1944~, 191-10-3. %wmirolraniye ogranichennykli poslO-ovatellnostey matritsami. I~atem. SD., 16 (58", (1945), 191-247. SO: MI.TJOUTICS 114 TJIE US,5R, 1717-1947 edite,3 by Kurosh, A.G., I M aVraishevich, A.I., Ilashovskiy, ?.K. Moscow-Laningrad, 1948 MONO) A.L. CAI:D SC-1 DisserLation: "Trimsfonriation and Sumation of a Number of Liudted Sequelices by Toplitz Matrices." 27 June L9 1,loscow State Pedagogical Inst imeni V.I. Lenin. SO Vecheryaya Moskva Sum 71 BRUDNOP A. L. "Summation of Boundel Sequences of Tooplitz Matrices." Sub 20 Jun 51, Moscow Order of Lenin State U Imeni M. V. Lomononov. Dissertations presented for science and engineering degrees in Moscow during 1951. SO: Sum. No. 480v 9 M&Y 55. BRUDNO, A'. L. Defended his Doctors dissertation in the Mechanics and Matheratics Facul of Ibscow State UniversJty on 5 JulY 1952. TrUrle.05 Dissertation: "Summtion of Finite Series by Means of Toeplitz Matlee " SO: Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta, Serlya Fiziko-Fathematicheskikh i Yestest-vennykh Nauk, No. 1, Moscow, Feb 1953, pp 151-157: transl. in IWW-29782Y 12 April 54, For off. use only. BRUDNO, A.L. USSRMathematies - Matrix -11 Jul 53 "Relative Noma of Toeplitz Matrices," A. L. Brudno DAN SSSR, Vol 91, No 2. pp 197-200 Considers the following two problems: a) to study -the maximum possible magnitude of 11BH as a func- tion of delta, if //X// 15 1 and //A(x)// ~ delta; b)Mto evahinte the maximun Dossible magnitude of A W/ if /x/< 1 and /A(x)/Oo 6 delta. Presented n by S. L. Sobolev 27 Apr 53. 276T72 F. 311 Zatiumi-wn. 9, T. Suvorov, K, V. Dent?'kin, wid k L Bru&la. (M--I" 1055, (121, 1124-1 -n Russi , iiril '- , all, 14 120). [1 'd to di -t' ex pel ger'-' b f naeobanizvd a~-oounting end rumptamw Lnc' stool industry gent,rally. h LnvvN dti-1, i Awnv te-ehniquf-a invoh-t~d aj)d vxuwpl,~, ,.It.,):) in Ow steal industry, with Fix-cial production.-S. F- AUTHOR: BRUDNO, A.L. (Moscow) 39-1-4/8 TITLE: On the Dispersion Foundation of the Method of Smallest Squares (K disperelftm=a obosnovaniyu met oda naimen'shikh kvadratoy). PERIODICALs Natmatiabaskiy Sbarna, 1957, Vol. 43, nr 1., pp. 37-48 (ussR) ABSTRACT: Let n are assu (I) y - '> . Xkck Y where c med to be fixed k k-1 but unknown. Let m complexes x li" Xni (i - 1'...'M) Of the values of the variables x1,,,,, X be n given and the m numbers n (2) yi F Xkick (i = 1,...,m) are assumed to be measured. Let the measurements yield 4ti - + A . The A i y j , are assumed to be independent random magni tudes with normal dispersion, with mathematiDal expectation MA = 0 and equal 2 2 dispersion D Ai = A . Let the rank of i the coefficients of (2) be n - Furthermore let the complex xi., ... 9x no be Card 1/ 3 On the Dispersion Foundation of the Method of Smallest 39-1-4/8 .Squares. n given and the best value y 0 = ' Xko0k according to the Er already known values x kil lil xko is to be sought. According to the method of smallest squares it is n 0 - T xk. Ik k-1 where the coefficients Ik give a minimum of the magnitude M _n )2 I 'E/ xki ~k i k-1 Lot (Ixkol ' Lxki] I Nil) (k - 1,..,n; i-l,..,m) Let ba-the set of all functions 9 with the following pro- pertys for arbitrary but fixed coefficients c k] the mathema- tical expectation is ITO - y0 Theorems 1. 0 oe 09 2* If 9 Et9 and if for any fixed Ix kolINil I Card 2/3 Eck] the function 9 is different from the function 9. on a On the Dispersion Foundation of the Method of Smallest 39-1-4/8 Squares. set of the values of positive measure, then for these No) I [xki] ' L XJ hire holds the inequality D2 90 < D 2 9 -2 Theorem: For nearly all y lot Tj e 2 a 4 dT a+by 00 where the integral is understood in the Lebesgue sense. Then it is f(y) - a + by for nearly all y. and 1 toretqn r1ferg,tj r, 1"o~ed,, ASSOCIATI811ioliattoratory for eer ng ac nes, a S USSR (Laboratoriya a c upravlyayushchikh mashin A.N. SSSR). SUBMITTED: May 25, 1956 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 3/3 AUTUC:I: Brudno A L -- 38-22-2-8/8 =i~~ TITLEt An Example of two Tooplitz Matrices Which are Boundedly Com- patible and Boundedly not Coverable (Primer dvukh matrits Te- plitsa, ogranichenno ne protivorechivykh i oUranichenno ne pokry-vayemykh) PERIODICALs Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Seriya'Matemticheiftyp~, 1958, 7014) Pr 2, PP 309-320 (U3"'R) ABSTRACTs By construction of an example the author shows that there exist two Toeplitz matrices A and B so that 1.) No bounded sequence is limitated by A and B to different limit values. 2.) There is no Toeplitz-matrix C which limitates all bounded sequences which are limitated. of A or B. The condition 2) also holds in the stronger form: 3-) The norm of the functional f which is defined by f(x) Ac)(x) for x E k B a,(x) for XeS Card 1/2 and which is additively continued onto the linear envelope An Example of two Toeplitz Matrices Which are 38-22-2-8/8 Boundedly Compatible and Boundedly not Coverable of a, and S in R1, is not bounded. Here R X) is the space . 1 2 , -f of the bounded sequences x= Ix 'x with ordinary ad- dition and multiplication with constanti; jxj = supjxkj . OLdenotes the set of the bounded sequences which are summable with the matrix A, AcO(x) is the limit value of the addition for x E OU . B has an analogous meaning. There are 2 non- Soviet references, 1 of which is German, and 1 French. ASSOCIATIONs Laboratoriya upravlyayushchikh mashin Akademii nauk SSSR (Laboratory for Controlling Machines of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) PRESENTED: by I.G. Petrovskiy, Academician SUBMITTED: November 22, 1956 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress 1, Analytic functims 2, Xatrices-Theery Card 2/2 USCOMM-DC-551, 126 PHASE I BCnX EXP:0ITATTOH SOV136TI Akademlys nauk SM. InstItut eIektr-nrykh uprivIy1yushchIkh mashln Tolfrovays, tokhnika I v-1chialltelInyye ustraystva; (SborrUk) (Digital Technique and ComputIng Devires; Collection of Articles) Moscow, Izd-va AN SSSR , 1959. IE~4 p. Errata slip inserted. 4,000 copies printed. Xd.i M.S. Bruk, Corresponding Meaber, USSR, Academy of 3clenceel Ed. of Publishing House: O.Yu. Shteynbok. Tech. Ed.: V.V. Valkhova. FUMSEj This collection of articles Is Intended for persons spealaIlzing; in computer technique. COVZRAGi- 'Most of the work in this first issue of the Collection of Articles of the Institute or Electronic ContmI Kachlnes or the Academy of Sciences, USSR, was carried out; during 1958-1959. and was dedicated to digital technique. The Institute cond"-- ted studies aimed at creating a high-speed memory device of large capacity. Ons of the results of thin wor;C VaS laprovement of trio Ito static 'i ~rage de~olce ~_jt~h-jo`rrct~_- .memory cora$. Other articles concern the use of translators In digital computers, stability Or analog computers equipped with d-0 operation" &-nplifiers, and the use or the K-2 co,%putWr in Aalving various Prc",C=3. PuttLv issues Of- this eallaction of articles will present the results of work In digigal tech- nique In mAthematical investigations, and In control machines and *y3toma of control which operate on the principle of digital toohnIque. Some personalities are mentioned. Jn the articles. ROtt'! tncOD=C~OAPAWY orne Of ~the articles. a~jema_o;.B. , A.L. BVIno, and K.K. Vladinlrova. Calculation or of Networks With Mgital Computers 128 The authors describe the procedure avloptad for this calcula- tion, which wan made with the X-2 computer. There A" 7 rorarencox, all Soviet. Golemo, Z.B., and I.A-D=hek. Calculations of the Distribution 5r-1Waotrv-d Powers fn-tong Distance Transoloalon Lines With Else- tronla DIjgIt&I Co=puters 13T The authors describe the procedure adopted for this calculation. In which they Investigated, with the help of the K-2 dISIL&I Computer, the problem of electronic ca--puter voltotgo regula- tion in high voltage transmissions In which a finitely largo number of step-down substations Is used along ttA transmission route. There am four references, all Soviet. gg~rg~jtja. Conversion of Continuous Electrical Quantitlea K igltal Codes 150 The author discusses the conversion or continuously variable or analog electrical quantities into digital codes which ex- Press those quantities by means of discrete electrical states. He presents, in table form, conve.-slon nothois or converter tYPes together wi th the characteristics or each or type. There are 8 references: 3 Soviet (one of which Is a translation) and 5 English. VQ_, Ar Yu.,A-layre, LLk_ Operation of the X-2 Electronic T_r C ut:hrd(jTFier Report) 168 '. I. r' Port.concerning the operation or the X-2 and "suits obtained from It In the porlaJ 1953-1.956. fArtJbV-JLA-. V-D-FA1Xszev, " V.P. Ku=net4ova. High-Speed Else- tro3tatic Printing- Device' - -------- 171, The authors descriW an experls,ent.1 xojel of en, qj,ct3vnt&tja parallel printing device developed at the Laboratory In 295&1957. The printing rate In 300 lines per sec. Rc~ynbor&~11.0- and V.A. Tret' ukhIn. Ferrite-Trarvelstor TrIr_jvr Wit .h-On-a Transistor 179 The authors describe the trlr-ger device which they developed at.the LAboratory. ther tompare It With A similar one.trmnslst~r trigger described In the IES Proceedings, 1956, No 3, anumera- tIng; the disadvantages or thin Particular trigrmr and the s4- T'Lnt*gea of their trleser. There 13 One English reference. Qa.17_1152r, X-r- DoOlwa Counter Equipped With ForrIte-Transistor TAggers - The author describes A counter In which the rour column 183 Schema or a binary Counter with feedback was applied. This counter may find application as in inte), ,rAtlng device for d60l=AI freqiency division in syste=3 or pulse &utem,-%tion and computing technique, and 4100 In nuclear electronics. BRUDNO, A. "Mechanization of engineering and technical calculations in the designing of structures." Reviewed b7 A. Brudno. Stroi. makh. i rasch. soor. 1 no,4:52 159. (MIRA 12:10) (Blectronic qalculating machines) t,6~t) 16.4ooo, 16.5400 05703 AUTHORs Brudno, A.L. SOV/38-23-5-7/8 TITLEz Topology of the Toeplitz Fields PERIODICALs Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR9 Seriya matematicheskaya, 1959, Vol 239 Nr 5, pp 771 - 780 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Let R be the linear space of the bounded sequences I X1 9 X29-0 1 9 A a Toeplitz matrix. The authDm-makea correspond e-system of convex central sym- metric-nei-ghborhoods (of zero' of.the space R to each given matrix A. Thus the linear space of bounded sequences is trans- formed into-a topological ps-eudonormed locally convex space with "A-topology". The main result of the paper consists in the statement that equally strong Toeplitz matrices (i.e. matr:LceB'which sum-the same bounded sequences) define the same topology sto t"t one. can zpsak. of an Ot -topology, where IX is.the.set of bounded seq7.ienoes summable with A (Toeplitz field). This result is still generalized; the author statess If the Tooplitz matrix B iu stronger than A, then the 0- - topology is weaker than the A-topology and Card 1/2 conversely; if at least one neighborhood of B contains any 12 05703 Topology of the Toeplitz Fields SOV/38-23-5-7/8 neighborhood of Ap then the 4r-topology is weaker than the OY, -topology and the matrix B stronger than A. There are 3 references, 2 of which are Soviet, and 1 French. ASSOCIATIONs Inatitut elektronnykh upravlyayushchikh mashin AN SSSR (Institute of Electronic Control Instruments 2AS USSR) PRESENTEDs by H.V. Keldyshj Academiclan SUBMITTED% December 12, 1958 Card 2/2 80071 16,9000 S/020/60/131/06/003/071 AUTHOR: Brudno, A. L. TITLE: Lurlye's Method of Differential Rents for Most Economical Transportation Planning PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 196o, vol. 131, No. 6, pp. 1238 - 1241 TEXT: It is asked for the optimum transportation plan for the delivery of goods from the producers with the powers M i to the consumers with the capacities A k, if the price of transportation from the i-th producer to the k-th consumer is a ik and Mi A a M > 0 , A > 0 k ik 0 i k (i 1, m k n). The author describes explicitly the algorithm of the method of differential rents of.A..L,- Lu ws that the problem can be solved with the aid of this algorithm after finitely many. Card 1/2 80073. S/020/607131/06/003/071 Lurlye's Method of Differential Rents.for Most Economical Transporta- tion Planning iterations. The number of steps depends only on n and m. There are 1 figure, 1 table, and 1 Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: Institut elektronnykh upravlyayushchikh mashin AN SSSR (Institute of Electronic Control Machines AS USSR) PRESENTEDI. 3-December 28, 1959, by J. G. Petrovskiy, Academician SUBMITTED: December 21, 1959 Card 2/2 8h 76h S/042/60/015/003/006/016XX /J.H /0 0 16-4-To 0 C111/C222 AUTHOR; Brudno? A#L. TITLE: The Transitivity of the Least Square Method PERIODICAL: Uspekhi matematicheskikh nau-K, 1960, Vol-15, No-3, PP-137-138 TEXT. Theorem: For the linear function y . n c x let be given m+1 groups Z: k k of numbers k-1 (1) qi; x1i' x21"""ni (i-1v2v...'m+1) and with the aid of them, according to the method of least squares let the coefficients 5 (m+1 ) be determined which approximate the unknowns c i.e. k kv letlF-(M+l) be chosen so that the form :7k 1 n F where v(m+') x 1 2: 5k ki' k-1 becomes a minimum. Then one obtains th!:- same values (m+1 by considering k at first the first m groups Card V2 806h S/042/60/015/003/006/016XX C111/C222 The Transitivity of the Least Square Method (2) qj; xIi, x21'*"'xni (i-1,2,...'m)I X determining with aid of them, according to the method of least squares, the numbers""(m) V(m) , then forming new m+1 groups by use of the obtained V '?k ' i .'4m) ; x (i-1,2,...,m) I lil x2i'***Ixni (3) 7m+1; xl,m+lp x2,m+l"*" xn,m+l .5 (m+1 and then determining from them the coefficients k according to the method of least squares. i:m,k-n The proof assumes that the rank of the matrix lxkili 1,k-1 equals n, and is given by a direct calculation. The theorem can be applied where the experimentally obtained values appear slowly one after another. There is 1 figure. SUBMITTED: December 13, 1958 Card 2/2 LAFUK., B,B.; BRbDjiO, A~L.; SOMOV, B.Ye. -------- Cones of bottom water in oil fields. Neft. khoz. 39 no.5: 45-50 MY '60. (oil field brines) OORA 14:9) 6, t/d 00 22370 B/038/61/025/003/001/001 CIII/C222 AUTHOR: Brudno, A.L. TITLEt Summation of a countable number of sequences PERIODICALs Akademiya, nauk SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya matematicheskaya, v.25, no.3, 1961, 385-410 TEXTz The author investigates the following problemst 1) Given two finite or countable sets of bounded sequences with the same oardinality~ Does there exist a Toeplitz-amatrix whioh transformp the.-sequences of the first set into sequences of the second set? Can it be chosen so that it is stronger than a given To6plitz-nmatrix ? How small can its norm be made? 2) Given an at most countable set of bounded sequences lxm~, where to every sequence the limit value ~a. ~is adjoined to which it can be summ d,' and a second also at most countable set of bounded sequencessy t Does there exist a Toeplitz-matrix which sums the sequences of the first set with the prescribed boundary values faMI ? Can it be chosen so that it does not sum the sequences of the second set? Can it be chosen stronger than a given Toeplitz-matrix? Now small can its norm be made? Card 1/6 22370: Silmmation of a countable number... S/038/61/025/003/001/001 C111/C222 The author uses notations of (Ref.1t A.L.Brudno, Topologiya poley Teplitsa [Topology of Toeplitz fields ]Izvestiya Ak.nauk SSSR, seriya matem., 23 (1959), 771-760). Let e - xo -11,19 ... Ill. � 1 Basic theorem and basic lemma. Theorem 1: Let e = xo'x1V ... be bounded sequences (of R2)1 let 5 be their linear closure, additive operator given on and assuming the values of R 2' where 11P(e)-eq - 0. Let A -- ToeplitzLmatrix. 1.1. In order that there exists a Toeplitz-matrix B so that B:RA and IIB(x n)- P(xn)li = 0for all n = 0,1 .... it is necessary and sufficient that there exists a neighbor- hood Sof the matrix A so that the operator (3 is bounded on So(] 4. 1.2. If the sufficient conditions are satisfied and su Jjf!~X) - M