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December 31, 1967
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RSZNIKOV, A.D.; BRUSHTEYN, N.7,-!., kand.tekhn.nau~; MIRINGCF, N.S., ka-nd.tekhn--n-aU-E-;'-MYR, G.F. Experience in conducting the combined connection linking at the "Podzemgazl Plant in Shatsk. Hauch. truay VNII Podzpmgaza no.6:86-95. 162. (MRA 15:31) 1. Laboratoriya elektrotermichoskaya i laborat6riya gazifikats.ii burykh ugley Vsesoyuznogo.nailf--bno-iBsledovatellskogo instituta podzemnoygazifikatsii ugley. (Lvov4olyal Basin-Coal gasification, underground) NUSINOVY G.O.,I doktor tekhn. nauk; MIMGOF, N.S., kand. tVkhn. nauk; -BRUSM~I,_.I.Z. -- kand. tekhn. nauk; KRAMALYUK., e.F. Hydraulic fracturing of a coal seam under an increased rate of water injection and an increased distance between boreholes on an experimental gais generator at Shatskoye station. Nauch. trudy VNIIFodzemgaza no.8z59-69 162. (MIRA 16%6) 1. LaborqtPrIya gazifikataii burykh ugley Voesoyuznogo nauchno- issledovatellskogo instituta podzemnoy gazifikatsli ugley. (Moscow Basin-Coal gasification,, Underground) ,'~RUSIC, Katica-ZIata Free geographical activity in high Behools. Geogr hor 8 no.4:48-49 162. SKOPENKO, V.V.;_~~I~ILOVTTS, A.I. Study of selenocyanate complexes of nickel in dimethylformamide. Ukr. khim. zhur. 30 no.la2,/-28 164. .I ., (MIRA 17:6) 1. Kiyevskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Shevchenko. -emirlisc 1499909690*4006006 00000*000000000*00 0 0 9 a 9 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 :1: : : 0 9 0 a wit f b en 111 11 u31 N II if It R Aa 41 41 #1 AS a, 11"11PIXIL A% CPO Ill lkw i, . III Cal AV uodo -YO- _t__Q R-A i.c. '.Pl A :8 00 1.00 00 00 00 30 -Inl'L% 2q% ('113HOVID "IMP 60 '653 4.44d ,)Ilqd 41pa -.t&"- pcm aawuq-*jua 1-14aq) -qOa'QqjO'rulnu_x4 !3WIAIC PUT lijimsi q - AjUjv'qd6" Ulm - ~ -antwdia 10 2) Vp 113m APM1 SA 19 '11 CH 'S 'S 'I)) lopild 'f Pull AAMMI 'A pa Omplafts 1po -I-- so p l i 11 60 1 filial 0 0o "tr If R411111 4 4 Not all 1141#11rust srocir a it 44 At "I it it 11 11 1p r *see* 0 of *so 0 0 0 we '00" go psi m 9 MB_ alp %I CM Al 1A TI m kho alt. CRO14% /law vit-11tv 66F 04P got * so 0 41P 001 Sol 04P 0 v - -1 .., 0 t- som . ' mi.4 =m 0 p - :W l utpulu Ou Mim - "bot 01 =ii %I ul mvw 61 -jig PP14-IR ow A uav ANN 4rv i I. " low= 4 00, " UT gone=" Ammupa GIT"_ 00. i 0 r Aside') -AV OftiWi, . st #1100TOO tot dar Ago 4 - - 7 00 00 00 c. to C% 00 p Oe 00 00 00 00 go 11 v I p a z A __1 TO 0 D I-P 00 00 jil tit! #Ak 0 2 00 00 !1;i , 69 PAN FhvobL !-09 in blood QUdw F ~# 9%-X- 0 am romp"" ZOO so, ar bawho 43 ~ On. A304'(P) . b1 d oo ... roe roe so's 19 0 001 :400 AAJ a*9 X90 bee zoo ~ be* Ln2flaywat CLAUWKATIO We* " , . . - 0 .'. - , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 U &w 0 0 0 0 e 0 l 0 OT 0, I Os 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 'a 0 l 1 e 9 000 *0 462 00: : 1. NOR MIK71A 38,~ R w M RM x If 1: IS id is A, 11 x it IV 'I Q 43 at a X) J, A a "Ao 4 Comparative WUMS of Tarim Smatics. IV. me marcotic atmets of cydabem* and benteng. Pi I -509M.-Contrary to the smerm.11y amrpt -00 20 1 1& view, expts. show that cychahexam is & more polmiul .00 narcotic than beniene. V. SEW of lafttismaing g; or 00 ~ brambim W Ow by6starbom aws. ibmu i46 - Toluene is a moom Powerful narcotic than bentene, whrrea.% 00 xY]cnc ismilli own Powerful than toluene. Astoithphatir . hydrocarbons, if the cmen. of thew substances in the .00 is co-Puted on the tmosis of a true aq. "n.. on 00 facrevise In the ske of the hydrocarbon inol. hrinj~ aNKit I i . 66 j ncrease an n the nonctic effect (in hartuany with Rich ' ~ ardson s rule). Just what effort the forking of hy-110- zoo carbon chains his an the narcotic action (I. c., pentane and i h 00 soprotant) as not been definitely establiahed. VT. Effect of lalroduclag a balogam into a hydrocarbon. lUd. 1 M - I 60-Tbe Poocsf-I narcotic ~ff-t h.-n by hki. noted hydrocarbons, when compared to un-ulmitut"I ;1 hydrocarbons. is due ahnoat entirely to the Xtest, wAy. f th f i d i h bl V o e ormer n water an n t ood. e U. Compara. tire action of bydrecarboas and the comspondiagg alco. zoo hole. 1W. 141-3.-Tite prevailing opinion i~ that O ; '00 Mr ll and MOH are almorst typical oarcotic~. %lictrak CM and Colh are very weak rarmic.%. Actually ju,t thv '00 Opposite is the east, U the effective narcotic cutwn. of ib, '00 substances In The blood Is taken into considristim. The narcotic action of hydrocarbons is greatly dimiuMtA on -00 2 the introduction of the first HO group. H. Cohen 00 C, 00 S S L a tIALLUP.FKAL L111 04160 CLASSIFKATtOl- 0 0 o " " 0- cat 3A a- 1%, a- -j- f It to of all 119 KtItt tfrw"Ian ilia 00 !* 0 0 41 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 : 4D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1$ 4 of to to AM 11 4. Al are pt 1 1, 1 11 1. A I L AA 10 kk LIP tt d 1 A a It." '00 0 so 0: Vill. %ub- V.AI-A All-I \ - 1 . 0* tic, 3' litit tion sed-jo ink""Ci,04 s: It-T20. 1. 01 a hydrt~-Arl-m 'I. E 4 j0. the fir,ildlillf itul.liturills. A., tj~ I waroulgly tiart"i.jit. the Irit I" Ite UIWT 111=, Ii. A sidelst 0111114. 14 Rivets h (A Talfical 'rile njorLotlc of the in -tic, v ' the I-ItInwing y1 tatlical Clily1clictStlical :"at ins 1111111illh, a I allies, ~ >>&P1'4kry1n'tRdlCRlIwhich CtInts go 0 go ltt~mds AliYl (flle nore Such lKinds, thc wrakrO `Oll. Cuu, E --No:>-COOH- by Cl 116119- -00 of a hydroxYl gcOuP -rh,,s. the torillikMitit" Mille littrilgib of he lbAlancr. n the n1k I -S -010. It. ,jtt,,jj all incs tit%! the radicals Nt I. Cohen Th~ exact lc-tson . is Still undeld. -Nch in tbc sell" I S L A IttIALLIJOrIC-1. LITIRAU41 CLASSIFKATICsi 4.1 a Ow a -I It 9 at a to it 00 OU 11 K a n it to 1410 n I :I. 0;& 0 1 St a 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 0 0 0 sie 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Cs 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 N sob 00 I it L_ a 1, Pa a I I u The absorption of volatile narcotics throuju tae wom, 1. The sorption of beatentl vapor. A. 1. IltuAdovAmiya. J. f'hy3irJ. U. S, S. R. 23, ';-,2-Nl (ill -The *Ay. curfl. (1) (at Cillf valilit In If,0. drfillrinawd rabbit blolld, oxalate blood of dop and trythrucyte ous. F%lnMMI in PhYllifC Wine, brMAYIed rF)`1hFt%CYlC%, ft-rum, !$,I. aunt Glut 1111V'464, -alille WLI 6111d it, lw 2.N, 11A. 11,01. A. KatI41A .09 -00 .0 .00 0 4#9 Go '00 '60 NO* .e0 '00 tse 0 AS&-ILA OFTALLOINGIC&L LITERATIONIF CLAIMPICATION Wit Iola** A, OJI&I" I Kx P d"O GOT40 Sol A*V 09, go J 0 o go 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 r I It L A The sorption at volatile narcotics through the blood. 1H. Sorption of hexane and beptane vapors by the blood. A. 1. Brusil vske -a. Farmakol. i Tokiild. 3. No. 1-2. I~r 1, 1940, 11. 1047 -. cf. C. A. 33. 7W.-The relativc mrol). (4 Ihe valmm of lirwane and hep- IIIMC in Old CIITthIxICVtt3 And PI&SHIa %%Ox found to driwild 111M)II lite dWrI1,1311on e4wil. IWIumn oil und water. N1. C.. hl4xwc ir W&LLUPWAL LITERAURE CLAS IFICATICII U U AT to is a j v iv If POORK sit R of K it tl It R KID n I 0 0 a 0 0 04 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . T4, Is a rw 0 111 1 1 it Do 5 a a 3 6 IF 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 & 0 0 . .,U 0 goat coo goo too BRUSI I. Distribution of narcotics between erythrocytes and plasma. Farm.i toks. 10 no.6:48-51 N-D 147. (MLRA 7:2) 1. Iz kafedry farmakologii (nachallnik - professor N.V.Lazarev) Voye~nno-morskoy meditsinskoy akademii. (Narcotics) (Blood--Analysis and chemistry) LAZAREV, N.V.,professor, zaaluzhennvy deyatell nauki RSISR; JulSTOVICH, G.I.; KHILOV, K.L., professor, ZaSlU2henny deyat6l' nauki ; ULIYANOVA, L.S.; GMHAHOVIGH, M.L.; VYSHNGORODTSEVA, V.D., professor; BRIJSIWVSK&YA. A.I.,-dotsent. Conference on pentoxyl therapy in agranulocy-tosis. Fami, toks 16 no.l: 62-63 Ja-I? 153. (MI-RA 6:6) 1. Voyenno-morskaya meditsinskaya akademkva (for Lazarev and Gershanovich). 2. Tokeikologiches)mya labloratoriya, Instituta gigiyeny truda i profes- iowalnykh zabolevaniy, Leningrad (for Felistovich). 3. Leningradskiy anitarno-gigiyenicheakiy institut (for Khilov). 4. Klinika Instituta gi- : giyeny truds, i professionallnykh zabolevaniy, Leningrad (for Ullyanova). (AgranulocytosiB) (Pentoxyl) ABRAMOVA, Zh.I.; BRUSILMMAYA, A.I.; GADASKIR, I.D.; GOLUBEV., A.A.; GRIGORIYEV, Z.E,; DANISHEVSKIY, S.1;.; KOVIIATSKIY, M.A.; KOYRANSKlT, B.B.; iJAZ.AREV, N.V.; LEVINA, E.N.; LYUBLINA, Ye.I.; LYKHINA, Ye.T.; OSIPOV, B.S.; RYLOVA, M.L.; RUSIN, V.Ya.,- SLONIM, A.D.; FRIDLYAND, I.G. Illia Stepanovich Aleks~ndrov. Farm.i toks. 24 no.1:127 Ja-F 161. (143RA 14: 5) (ALEKSANDROV, ILlIA.STEPANUVICH, 1902-1960) GOROMIKOI G.G.; BRUSILOVSKIY, B.M. (Kiyev, Mikhaylovskiy per., d.24, kv.2) 11yoplasty of pilmonary caveimo and its results, Orud, khirs 5 no.2:84-91 Mr-AP163 (MM 17:2) 1. Iz 1-y khirurgicheskoy kliniki (rukovoditell - dotsent G.G. Gorovenko) Ukrainskogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta tuberkulleza':4mmi F.G. Yanovskogo (direktor - dotsent A.S. Mamolat). 0 4114-44-i -"4-4-9~; 0 0 0 a a a a-W-W,V-W WL t 0 11 is 1) 14 It 14 11 it "i 11 9 13 U11119111141419) 411 4 0 r Al r P a a . . . " a 0 *~,Ak .J U v,V Ax V-' 0*0 09 1 ha, tatild AM tonloAt lot the woodl of poiltons 6ktnj .00 a witall amunt of vzordse undor dkWalithed atmogbirric 00 t D. A. 11russilovsks. J. mM 11ravot 7 .00 Of 14 the Wood ill .00 09 1 l"ting at Writ attitudes (410D M.) Is MOMA). v(ra smrvatt ammutt of exercisw the accutnulAtkia. rJ I Is -00 00 4 jpps,.si~ the "site as st.4,,4 Invi. .00 her mut incTew of I ill the Momd Is 04wrwit. S. A. K. AV .00 so 40 I 90 Ill.% I A &tTALLUNGKAL 1.11911AIL14119 CLAIWICAUDO tif 0 be. I~Itl =11 is --iT 00 " U is AV JGP All; a, In a, Ill 11, 011 I't-TC9Kn IaI ad 0 K IF I if a 2 a 0 2 4 V 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a a & 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 r 0 a 4 0 0 0 *0 0 so go 00 0 0 we 0 0 00 0 go 0 0 00 of 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0/ u:, OOA ::A **a oes 0 0 In lVP Aftislah. Elena. 1165-73(in The jorm-ling, cd bW-y calculi - attitrads. Itis be diet, Ous and carsil shvw calmil are most trequest, Was allo animah. Calculi ouste. c6& am such a&" have been Observed IN k4 Of On pkh i =ktfunnalian tesembSes that in go". AINALA TALLURGOM LFTCR&Twg CLASSWKATOON 11~0311. - - t.14" ulp 4kV out OUT) AV 00 u it 6 It 1--y u 9 pg 1a 19 No a 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 - 0 0 V a JO I t a $I V 31 id N a V a p a 41 a a W at * .1 j ~6-. g AN -A- -t- -TA -00 rMstadws groups of J. mid.. Ukraine 9. stodied in vertebrate since both herbiw-- C"i, pisillentaly wen in cold-bkKK%cd coo r-clir found in anin"Als- croo in cows with Failiold z0 L- for the sediment&- o in Animal. 9900 J. kinchack 00 ;;o0 :O : o too !too no* 414611 00 Q-- its IX - A 1 0 a 1 3f 0 5 A 4 3 1 314 IF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 & 0 0 0 ,DL-L-S-c 4k Oft OW eat Oft: Oft Oft 0: ow 94L OIL l1a. 416 0 ry 6 is L . W, 0 1 u -A--L u1 -cm-,,;vE I r-v--r . A-1 -T of fill 1#00111 0000000*00000000 000 000 to all Una 636 vie we Alan It ai AV ISn 0 6 A , W L-1 - 140 A%0 #I. C40M Go It ir - Im it 00 00 IAWP "I I Irl WPV=l -IRfd M 'Peal qlg put 'IV ip-nm *W.0mmv *mw wop Iq *w 9 00 ef -v -a -Ipmq mAw ww p m"m Ii4 & 8 00 00 00 00 Isa"I 131soldoall 0"I fills" K ff f 11, L L VLIG 0 USM/Humn and Animal 1byaiology (Normal and Patholoei(n 1). T-5 Blood Circulation* General Problems. Abs Jour Rof Zhur Biolat No 11: 1958, 50776 Author Brusilovskaya, D.A. Inst Title The Role of Kidneys in Compensatory Reactions of the Organism in Blood Losses. Orig Pub Arkhiv patologii, 1956, 18, no 6, 76-81. Abstract Blood losses in clogs and cats caused the apparance of hypertensive substances in their blood, 'which in turn pro- duced an increase in blood pressure in recipient animals, With the method which examined the reaction of an isolated intestine, the presence of renin was established in the animals after they had suffered blood losses. If their kidneys are removed, the animals tolerate blood losses badly. They display a poor blood compensating ability as compared to control animals. In the blood of animals Card 1/2 46 - U.S*S*Ro / General Problems of Pathology. Allergy. T-3 Ab~%Jour t Ref. Zh.-Biol, No 2,,1958, No 7587 .Wthor t Brusilovskaya, D. A. Inst I Title t The Vasbula:~ Pressor. Reactions in Sensitized Fabbits during the Introduction of.Substanoes which Alter the Functional State of.their Central Nervous Systems. Grig Pub I pa-bol. Pisiologiya i. Experim. Terapiya, 1957p 1. No'12, 57-60 Abstract i Rabbits with positive and negative vascular conditioned re- flexes already present were sensitized with a 20% solution of egg albumin. The functional state of the CNS was altered by the administration of oaffein or bromide. u MheiviciXfftn (0.02 kq t900.05'W) was used during or prior to sensitization, there was a diminution in the alteration of those vascular reflexes C Card a 1/2 BRUSILOVSKAYA, D-A- Changes in the conditioned and unconditioned pressor reflexes in the process of sensitization. Trudy Vses. ob-va fiziol.9 biokhim. i farm. 4:21-25 158. (KIM 14:2) 1. Kafedra normallnoy fiziologii ChelyabinBkogo meditBirLskogo instituta (zav. kafedroy prof. V.M. Vasilevokiy (deceased]). (REFLEXF-S) (ARIGENS AND ANTIBODIES) - BRUSILOVSDUI I.; YERZIJNGV, Z. "Luoh" movie Irojector with synthronizer. Sov. foto 23 no.6: 34P-36 Je 163e (MIRA 16:7) (No subject headings) BRUSILOVSKIY, Isaak Abramovich; M1LOSLAVSX1Y, Vilen Naumovich; BAYEFV, Yevg. , red. [Saki; an historical reg;inal study] saki; istoriko- kraevedcheskii ocherk. Simferopol', Krymizdai, 19(.J,. 79 P. (MIRA 17:6j L 32901-66 ACC NR, AP6023832 (N) SNURCE t Fa kullina, Z. I.; AUTHOR: Tsel-ibeyev. B. A.# Yashish, I. L.; .~~!~ao Oku.nov, V. N. 1~ ~_ ORG: Central Scientific Institute of Forensic Psychiatry in.. Serbskiy /headed by P~1' Docent G. ~~.~I~,.,~_kTsentrallrwy nauchno-issledovatellsk-iy institut sudebnoy psikhiatrii); C cal Order of Lenin Hospital im. S. P. Botkin /headed by Docent Yu, G. Antonov/. Moscow (Klinichoskaya ordona Lonina bollnitsa) TITLEt Psychic disturbances in burns SOURCE: Sovetskaya mDditsina, no- 3, 1966, 79-83 TOPIC TAGS: injury, psychoneurotic disorder, psychiatry ABSTRACT: - The authors observed four cases of psychoses associated with burns. 'In three patients, soon after the burns, brief amontal-doprossive states developed, and in one __ a severe psychic state was observed followed by a ,,deprossive-paranoid syndrome. It was found that in all three patients of the :first group, 3 days after receiving the bums, when shock symptoms had passdd, but intoxioation, development of suppurative pus, and insomnia duo to pain -continued, states of psychomotor excitation developed with disorientat-ion in :space and time, and with large numbors of visual and auditory hallucinations and.poriodic confusion of mental processes. Psychic disturbancos were noted 616. 32-901-66 ACC NRj AP602.' 'for sovoral days and were accompanied by total a=osia characteristic's of Mental and sovore delirium states. It is charactoristic that the psychoses ,developed not during the shcok period, but in the initial period of shock- Infection; as is known, traumatic and postoperative Posos also emerm, a1'Puallypeveral days after the injury or operation. suB..coDE: o6 SUB14 DATE: none OIIG REF: 006 009 REM 002 Card STEPANOV, Boris Ivanovich;.BREJSILOVSKAYA, H.S.0; TISHINA, Z.V., -,- - -- ~- - - [Chemistry in the first stap] X'himiia - na pervom rubezhe. Monkva, Gos.izd-vo detskoi lit-ry.K-va proav.RSFSR, 1959. 30 p. (MIILA 12:8) (C.homistry--Juvenile literature) DOMBR07SKIY, Kirill Ivanovich; BRUSILOVSKAYA M.S;FMS17A, T.V.,; OVA, R.M., [About the moon and about rockets] Pro Lunu i pro raketu. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo detskoi lit-ry Wva prosv.RSFSR, 1961. 94 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Astronautics-Juvenile literature) BRUSILARSKAYA., W. ---R-ole 'ofcredit in Us wor)dng capital of industries. Den, i kred. 20 no.6:27-32 Ag t62. (MIRA 15:9) (14oscow-F,lectric w0inery industries-Finance) (Moscow-44achin"twool Udustry-Finance) BRUSILOV3KAY,-k, R. D. BRUSILOVSKAYA, R. D. -- "Reaction of Microphages and Ifficrophagic System in Experimental Influenza Infection.11 *(Dissertations For Degrees In Science and Engineering Defended At USSR Higher Educational Institutions)(30) Min Public Health USSTI, Central Inst for the Advanced Training of Physicians, Moscow, 1955 SO: KNIZHNAYA LETOPIS' No 30, 23 July 1955 * For the Degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. BRUSILOVSXATA, V.A.; MMYANNA, N*A. Blectromagnetic counter of the number of warp yarn breakages. .Obm.tehh.opyt. [NW] no-15:29-31 '56. (MTRA ll.-JI) - (Looms) (Counting devices) EMRYAKOVA. N.A.:.X~WWAWNU Mwj.A.,-~ BULLYMA, A.M.: DMSOVA. V.A.; KAMR07A. A. V. Strengthen the role of the plant laboratory, Taket, prom. 17 no-); 53 Mr '57. (MM 10:4) (Textile research) - - - -- -.1 ~ 1- -.1 1. ~ 1/1 ~., 4~ ,~~ J-,-; ~A - ) !I(') t~, r "'.7 .., KUDRYAKOVA, N.A. -, Blkp~IIOVISUYA. V.A.-, BUIAYEVA. A.M. Reorganizing laboratory work. Tekst. prom. 17 no.8.-44-45 Ag 157. (Textile industry--(~mlity control) (MLE& 10:9) 3RUSIIOVSKAYA, V.A.; MMRYAKOVA, N.A. Reed clenring device. Tekst.prom. 18 no.4:61 Ap 158. (MIRA 11:4) (Silk manufneture) (Looms--Mnintennnee and repair) KUMYAKOVA, N.A.; BRUSHAWSKAYA, V.A., inzh. Bffectiveness of the now control method. Tekst. prom. 19 no.6:69-70 Je ~59- (MIRA 12:9) I#Zav. laboratoriyev Naro-Pominskoy fabriki (for Kudryakova). (Textile factories--Qwlity control) li ~A4 j'ACC_ NR-.---*'AP6G21452------Cff)~-90WCCeOlil~-~W/OV13-16G70FOO-[O-ffl(SO75/()"675 INVENTOR: Ustinov, V. V.; Grigorlyeva, N. M.; Grishin, A. A.; Belov, L. V.; Bru- 1 Sinalayev, 0. P. silovskiy, ORG: None TITLE: A method for measuring the thickness and rate of application of films. Class 42, No. 182339 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promysblennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 11, 1966, 75 TOPIC TAGS: surface film, resonator, quality control, industrial automation ABSTRACT: This Author's Certificate introduces a method for using two piezoelectric resonators to measure the thickness and rate of deposition of a film on a base. The procedure is designed for a wide range of thicknesses and for obtaining information in a discrete form which is convenient for automation of the process. The monitored portion of the flow of material being applied to produce the film is switched from one'resonator to the other and back again after the required thickness has been reached in the given section. Film thickness is determined from the number of re- versals while the rate of applJcation in determined from the reversal frequency. SUB CODE: 11, 13/ SUM DATE: 03APr65 Card. 1/1 UDC; 531_.7;621,9,08;531.717.1;53I..767 EWP(m)/NA(~)/EWP(k )/i~ WT(~)/EWr'(J)/EWr(m)/ETC(m)-6/EWA(d)/EYiP(w)/ -PWP(V) ACC NRt "6mnu CODE: bR/0424/66/000/001/0067/0073 EWA(1) XJP(C) AUTHOR: Brusilovski%, A. D. (Moscow),; Mel'nikovaj L. M. (Moscow); Shveyko, Yu. Yu. (Moscow)'--- 44;r ORG: none TITLE: Vibration and stability,of*a cylindrical shell in a gas flow SOURCE; Inzhenernyy zhurnal.,Mekhanika tverdogo tela, no. 1., 1966, 67-73 TOPIC TAGS: cylindrical shell, shell flutter, flutter speed, shell vibration ABSTRACT: The flutter Df an elastic closed circular cylindrical shell of finite -Jength in a -supersdiliMial flow of_a compressible Bas of a certain undisturbed ~velocity is investigated. An exact solution of the system of equations in displace- ments which describesIthe disturbed 'motion of the shell, with all inertia forces taken into account, Is used in'determining the flutter velocity of the gas flow,and associated vibration parameters., The expressions for aerodynamic component loads -acting on the shell are written by using the linear piston theory, and disregarding the effects of the aerodynamic and structural damping, as well as the initial stressess- in the middle surface of the shell. The-critical Mach numbers at which the flutter occurs are determined., by analyzing the behavior of natural f requenices of the shell - in relation to the flow velocity.; the corresponding frequencies of the shell are determined by a numerical method in'which a parameter is used which accounts for the Card 1/2 L 20756-66 ACC NRt AP6011130 rigidity of for aerodynamic quantittes., The results of numerical cal- culation of the minimum fl:utter.velocities for a cylindrical shell with simply :supported and claniped faces are given and the effects-of support conditions.on the shell fre~quencies, vibration modes, and flutter speeda-are discussed and illustrated by diagrams. Orig. art. has: S.-figures, 1 table, and 20 formulas. IVKI SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 02Jul65/. ORIG REP: 008/ ATD PRESS:q Card 2 SFMR NTSIS, A.A., kand.tekhn.zauk; BRUSILOTSKIY, A.L. kand.takhn.not" ; CHEFRALNOTA, O.S., insh.; red.izd-va; TKMKIKA, To-L., takhn.reds (Designs of multistoried apartment houses] XonstruktiTnye akhemy mnogoetazhnykh zhilykh domov. Moskva. Gos.izd-va lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit.materialam, 1959. 117 P. (KIRA 13:7) (Apartment houses) SHAPOVALOV, M.Yu;p; BRUSILOVSKIY, A.I. (Brusylovslkyi, A.I.] Histochemical study of phosphatase and polysaccharides in the human chorion. Ped., akush. i gin. 23 no.3:54-56 161. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Kafedra gistologii i embriologii (zav. - prof. B.P.Khvatcv) Krymskogo meditsinskogo instituta (direktor - dotsent S.I.Georgiyevskiy [Heorhiievsvkyi, S.I.]). A (CHORION) (POLYSACCIIARIDES) (PROSPHATASE) BRUSILOVSKIY., A.I., kand.tekhn.nauk Dynamic loads on a floor from looms. Trudy TSNIISK no.1:96-103 161. (MIRA 15:4) - (Looms-Vibration) BRUSILOVSKIYJ, A.I. Stress determination in joints of large-panel apartment houses under earthquake activity. Trudy TSNIISK no.6:365-189 ,61. (141RA 15:1) (Earthquakes and building) BRUSILOVSKIY, A.I-Icand.tekhn.naulc Calculations for glued three-layer structural slabs. Trudy TsNiisK no.11:225-263 62. (MM 150) (Laminated materials) .(D~ilding materials) GURENKOV A.B., doktor tekhn. nauk; FANFEROV, K.V., kand. tekhn. nauk; ZUBAREV, G.N., kand. tekhn. nau;,ZNajWPKIY, A.I. kand. tekhn. nauk; CHAPSKIY, K.A., inzh.; KLIMOVA, G.D., red. izd-va; MIKHEYEVA, A.A., tekhn. red. [Instructions for the design and calculation of structural elements made with plastics] Ukazaniia po proektirovanilu i raschetu. stroiteltnykh konstruktsii s primeneniem plastmass. Moskwa, Gosstroiizdat, 1963. 88 p. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Moscow. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut stroitellnykh konstruktsiy. (Plastics) (Building materials) BRUSILOVSKIY, A.I. Current data Ion the histocbemistr7 of the human chorion; re- view of literature. Akuah. i gin. no.2tll-15163.(MIRA 16.,10) 1. Iz kafedry gistologii i i~ibrio_1G-g-R_(i_ai." '--'prof. B.P. Khvatov) Krymsko o meditsinskogo instituta. (CHORIC141 (PHYSIOLOGICAL CHDIISTRY) BRUSILOVS M , A.I. Dynamics of the change in nuclear sizes in the process of de- velopment of the buman chorion and placenta. Bal. eksp. biol. i med. 56 no.7!29-.34 JV63 NIM 17 -.3) 1. Iz kafedry gistologii IL embriologii ( zav, - profo B.Pq Khvatov-) Krymskago meditsinskogo instit-uta. Predstavlena deystviteltnym chlenom AMUI SSSR V.V. Parinym. BRUSILOVSKIY. A.I. Comprehensive study of polysrcchgrides in human chorionic tissue d- - -42 M es:~jy stagps of prGgnnnL-y. Akush. J gin. 40 no.3.38 (NMA l8s6) .v,-.Je 164.- i. Kafedra gistologii i pombrlolcgli (zav. - prof. B.P.Khvetov) ymskogo mRditsinskogo institutap Simferopoll. Kr V ~1~ ZIAROM --- - ~ J! , .. - --, - Local formation of vessels in the human chorion in early stages of normal pregnancy. Biul eksp. biol. i med. 60 no. 10:99-104 0 165. (Mipit l9a) lo Irafedra, gistolgii i embriologii ( zav. - prof. B.P. Khvatov) Krymskogo meditsinskogo instituta. Submitted April 3, 1964. BRUSTLOVSKIY, A. M. "Investigation in the Field of Physico-chemical Processes for Obtaining Color Photographic Images," Trans Lenin.-rad Inst Mot Piet Eng, No 2, 125-136, !949. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly new in his preparat ions, although we haven't made a detailed study. *We are not fa-milar witli the author. 22(l) SOV/3-59-3-10/48 AUTHOR: Brusilovskiv, A.E.. Engineer TITLE: Our Readers Suggest (Nashi chitateli predlagayut) PERIODICAL: Vestnik vysshey shkoly, 1959, Nr 3, p 25 (USSR) ABSTRACT- The author complains about the poor exploitation of some printing offices of higher educational insti- tutlons, those of the Ministry of Higher Education and of individual small typesetting workshops. On the other hand, some vuzes need to have their edi- tions increased, and in some cases it takes much too long before periodicals leave the printers' office. The author suggests that theadministration of the printing offices be reorganized, and that especially the administration of the Moscow and Leningrad of- fices be united into one center. Card 1/1 5,k, P-j V Od. AUTHOR: Brusilovskiy, B.A. 32-1-21/55 TITLE: The Application of Large Focusing Distances in the Radiographic Method of Determining Residual Stresses (Primeneniye bol'shikh fokusiruyushchikh rasstoyaniy v rentgenograficheskom metode opredeleniya ostatochnykh napryazheniy). PERIODICAL: Zavoaskaya Laboratoriya, 1958, Vol. 24, Nr i , pp. j+8-53 (USSR) ABSTR&CT- In the determination of residual stresses by the radiographic method [Ref. 1,2] focusing distances of up to 100 mm are used. A.Z. Zlmmdskiy LRef. 3,41 reoomenas using greater distances, which, however, requires the use of additional devices, as, Yvith an increased focal distance, lines are broadened, which renders judging the effect more difficult. For this purpose it is recom- mended in this work to realize the main principle of focusing - that the slot, the film, and the sample are on a circle - in such a manner that the X-ray camera is adjusted with its longitudinal axis at an angle of 21 - 90 with respect to the primary beam (Bragg angle). Focusing in this case can be carried out more ad- vantageously because the rays reflected by the crystallographic Cara 1/2 surface incide vertically upon the film, so that the slit-type The Application of Large Focusing Distances in the Radio- 32-1-21/55 graphic Method of Determining Residual Stresses camera can be adjusted to any desired distance. The paper deals with two kinds of taking pictures, with and without slit. In both cases different arrangements of the camera are provided (a and b according to the drawing supplied). The main difference in these arrangements consists in the fact that, when taking pictures with- out the slot a much larger ray-limiting tube and only one wing of the dark slide is used. If a slot is used, the tube is smaller, but the dark slide in this case has two symmetrically arranged wings (above and below). The pictures were taken in series of six radially in a circle. Recording to the degree of blackening of the radiograms were carried out by means of the microphotometer According to the deviations of the lines recorded, the average values of the summated stress components in the upper layer of the disk are determined. There are 6 figures, I table, and 4 Slavic references. ASSOCIATION: Machine Building Factory imeni Stalin at Wovo-Kramatorsk (Novo-Kramatorskiy mag1i.;inostroitel'nyy zavod im. Stalina). AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 1. X-ray cameras-Application 2. Microphotometers-Application PHASE 1 9001 EXPLOITATION SOV/2885 A Toontralln" gusuchoo-Isslodovatol-skly institut tekhn0I09II I ~hinastrayonAya r- nlyg proaftnostj alongntor konmtruktair I detaley moshin Pov reasing the Strength of Constructional and ZA*hi=e El~men l= Moscow. Rashgiz. 1959. 210 p. (Seriest Itss Lftorn:X7 kn. 91) 5,500 copies printed. Lj Ed. (Title psge)$ 1. V. Kud"avtsev. Doctor or TooMI-cal Soloncee Proressor; 94- (Inside book)t A. 0. 111kitin, Engineer; Tech ; Nd.t V. D. RI'kIndj Managing Ed. for Literature cm Transpor Machine Building (Kashglz): 1. A. Ponomarev. Engineer. FURPOSEt This collection of articles is Intended r,*r designers. engineer@. &M scientific research workers In the P =:-building Industry. COVEMAGIS The collection contains papers dealing with experimental work done recently by TsKIITMASh. The experiments are concerned with the practical use of surface work hardening In Industry. "a Intended to Increase the strength and a - t ioc ? . h in. art;. and constructional elements are . f discussed. Several articles are devoted to proble-A or in- creasing the fatigue strength of machine parts by work hardening. Industrial practices of MKKZ In Kranatorsk In external burn- Ishing of large machine parts are presented. Tools and fixtures used In surface work hardenir are described. Xc, personalities are mentioned. References follow each article. L'andidato ar Tochal4al Sciencj7. D A S- -jk Knot .4 2-1211-foo- aV�6-AQ-1L, -~tl P i t 11 l L I cvo- rAo tee nt Y- rj/. 1 21fi i KramiR ~rmaw non-tr? %f dt l n;y zavod (Kramatorak gov Kachlne. building Plant) In External Burnishing of Largo Plachllrw Parts With Rollers 76 The technique or cand-Ung ..portment.. the goonetry of the .. tool, the principle r t the burnimhInq regime,and l eo 'n : the devices used ar d ... r ib nd dlacussed. A table Ith d diagrams of burnished nachine parts am data on orrects or burnishing Is prosento4. K"A and 9 A- BA b4nOV Ltran4tdate of Technical ~Bft - M Sclencoa/. Work Hardsnf~~ o N M ;)O Afts by Fillet Peening 133 Results of raticus tests on stopped steel shafts fir* ajalyz~d. Comparisons are drawn between shart, work-harderad by fillet Peening and. oWts not subject*d to may -ork-harleml rig process. Fillet peenirg was Accc=PI1ohod on a *I Ilrig machine with a , packal attachment having a spring-actuated strikics, pin with spherically rounded and. increasing the Life or Metallurgical. machinery Parts by External Burnishing with Rollers 12) Constructions of the burnishing dovices used are described. and some problems Connectod with the technique of burnishing are discussed. Results of testing burnished surfaces In operation are prosantod. S, BRUSITOVSKIY, inzh. X-ray method of determining residual austenite by means of a gradual softening of reference lines. MetA metalloved no.2: 34-46 '59- (MIU 13:6) 1. Novo-Kramatorskiy msehinostroltellzWy za-od. (Steel--Metallography) (I rays-Diffractior.) PHASE I L300K LY.PLOITAT1011 Nauchno-tek.rtntchcokoyc obahChestvo m2shlnostroltellnoY promyrblelinostl'. Klyevskoye oblautnoyc pravlenlye. Metallovedenlyn I tervilcheakaya. obrabotka (Phyclcra JktallmEy end 11cat Treatment of Metals) Moscow, Mashgiz, 1~#ol. ~" p. -rrata slip inserted. 5,000 copies printed. Sponouring Aeency: Oosudaratvcnn7y nauchno-tek-hnIcheDitly komitet Soveta Fininrov UkrSSR. Nauchno-takhnlchtskoye obuh::he3tvo imishinostroltellnoy promyohlennoati. Klyevokoye oblactnoye prawlenlye. Ed-Itorial board: M. P. Braun, Doctor of Technical Sclenaeo, 1. Ya. Dukhtyar, Doctor of Technical Sclences I D. A. Draygor, Doctor of Tec~-niral Selencaz~ 1. S. Kaym-nichnyye, Engln-3orj Ye. A. Markov. skly, Candidate or Technical Sciences, V. 0. remyakov, Doctor or Technical Scion-cs, and A. V. Lhernovol, Candidate of Tech- nical Sciences; Ed.: M. S. Soroka; Tech Ed. ' 14. S. Gornestaypol-Lkaya; Chief FA., Maahglz (iouthern Dept.): V. K. Sordyuk, Engineer. Card I/jo PURPOSE* This collection of artiele3 Is intended for scientific worleers and technical personnel of research Institutes, plants, and schocle or higher technical education. COVEFIAOE: The collection contalns papera prLaented at a convention hold In Klyov on problems or physical metallurgy and methods of the heal treatment of metals applied in the rtachl:~e industry. Phan* transformations In metals and alloys ore discussed, and results or Investigations conducted to ascertain the affect or heat treitzen, on the quality of' metal are analyze!. The Pon- albility of obtaInIng =stela with given mechanical properties Is discussed, an are problems of steel brittleness. The col- 2acticn 'n:ludos papers dealing with kinetics of transformation, beat treatmentp and properties of cact iron. 27o peroona2l4tion are mor.~Icned. Articles are accox-vanled by rerervncca~ mostly Soviet. TAPLE OF CCN-11=3: Streculln, A. I., Engineer, and L. A. Mal-nikov (Sverdlovsk). Transformation of Auctenite Into Martennite Undir RICh Pressure 12 Bruallovakly, B. A., Enginear~ and P. 1. Ivanov (Krmratorak). of the Deccopoultion Kinetics of Kartcricite In TcrsporLng at Low Temperature 19 Kocherrhinakly, Yu. A., Candidate or Technical Sclenc*3 (KIYov). Conditions of Formation or Metastable Austenite In Zron-Carbon Alloys 22 Mirovokiy, E. I., Engineer (Kiyav). The Hature of the Phano Tranaformation of Carbon Steols 34 card 3/10 -71 s/18o/61/000/006/012/020 E026/E335 AUTHORS.~ Braynin, I.Ye., Kharchenko, V.A. and Brusilovskiy, B,A. (Donetsk) TITM The effect of H 2 on the lattice parameter of a-Fe PERIODICAL- Akademiya nauk SSSR. Izvestiya. Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk. Metallurgiya I toplivo, no. 6, ig6i, 115 - 1A Ti,XT-. The affect of H 2 is studied by observing the displacement of the (211) X-ray reflection in the back reflection region during the electrolysis of a 0.5 mm thick sheet of 0.06% C mild steel In dil.HNO The lattice 3 parameter was found to increase from 2.8673 + 0.0001 A to 2.8687 +. 0.00011 after an electrolysis of 211 hours, indicating that H2 is taken into solution in the Fe lattice. It is pointed out that the main factors in such determinations are: to retain the H2 in the Fe lattice before the parameter is C ard 1/2 The effezt of H2 .... 3/18o/61/000/006/012/020 E026/E335 measured; an accurate method of measurement of the lattice parameter and low porosity and non-distortion of the specimen surface. It is suggested that previous diversity of opinion on this subject is due to insufficiently close control of one or more of the above factors. There are 5 figures, 1 table and 8 references" 7 Soviet-bloc and I non-Soviet-bloc. SUBMITTED-, January-30~ 1961 Card. 2/2 25355 S/032/61/027./006/'006/018 B1 24/R203 AUTHOR~ Brusilovskiy, B. A. TITLE: X--ray phase analysis of hardened products of large dimensions PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya laboratoriya, v.. 27, no. 6, 1961., 699 - 701 TEXT: To determine the residual austenite in hardened products of large dimensions, the author suggested a method with simultaneous photographing of the specimen and the standard (Ref. 1i B. A,, Brusi.lovskiy, Zavodskaya laboratoriya, XXII, 8 (1956)). There, the primary beam of rays passed a diaphragm with two openings at the outlet from the collimator. The photographic method was slightly modified later (Ref., 2; B. A. Brusilovskiy. Authorts certificate no. 127068, priority December 50 1958); a diaphragm rith adjustable opening was put in the path of the X-rays hitting the standard. The blackening Sl,, of the band (110) of the o~-pb,ase of the eccentric standard can be adjusted by changing the diameter of the opening. If, instead of the specimen, a second standard is attached, then the blackening of the band (110) of the 1-phase of the Card 1/6 :25355 S1032161,10-27100610061018 X-ray phase analysis... B124'/B203 second standard, S1100 can be expressed by the equation S110 - S1,10 -t where t is the adjustment parameter, 1f, in X-raying the specimen, the coincidence of blackenings of the bands (110) of the 0.,,-.Phase of the standard and (1,11) of the austenite in the product has been attained by changing the diameter of the opening. i. e,., S' S then the lio 1V auste ~te amount can be calculated from the equat on C - ?4100 (f /f )J/t (2), where f and f are the ref lectivi ties of the Y OU 7 d, 7 crystallographic faoes of the o~- and I-phase. respectively. Eq. (1) and (2) may be used for calibrating the chamber when cintrolling a certain content of residual. austenite. The blackenings S11c) and S are deter- 1, 1110 mined from the height of peaks of the M'Cropjjo4oMetr4e curves. The prescribed content of residual austenite is controlled by visual com- parison of the blackenings S1110 and I,,,, or, more exactly, by photometric determination of the bands compared. A special X-ray chamber (Fig. 1) (Ref. 3: B. A. Brusilovskiy. Author's certificate no. 127133, priority January 2, 1959) was designed for the control, An X-ray beam from the Card 2/6 25355 S/03--/61/027/'006/006/018 X-ray phase analysis.,. B124/B203 focal spot of tube 1 was led over a collimator 2 which had a diaphragm with two openings 3 and 4. Through opening 3, the beam hit the surface of the product to be controlled 5, and through opening 4 it fel'. on standard 6. The surface of the latter was slightly shifted with respect to the surface of the product oontrolledv and parallel to it. The refl9oted rays were focused on the film in the magazine of chamber KPOC-1 (KROS-i). The outer casing 7 of the X-ray apparatus YPC-55 (URS-55) was attachedg with the aid of support 8 ', to plate 9 which also carried magazine holder 10 and two magnetic holders 11. The distance of the focus from the specimen was 170 mm, that of the specImen from the film, 124 mm. Pig. 3 shows the microphotographic curves of the individual photographs obtained with an ;'!~-4 (MF-4) microphotometer, On each -picture, the bands (111) of austenite, (011). (101) - (110) of martensite, and (110) of the ferrite in the standard are focused., With the use of a focal ;pot in a FCSr(BSVL) tube as the first focusing slit., the time of exposure was 10 - 12 inin. The data obtained for xesidual austenite by the X-ray and the magnetometric method are in good agreement, in the photometric determination of the X-ray bands, the error vas 5 %, in visual Card 3/6 25355 5/032/61/027/006/006/018 X-ray phase analysis- B124/B203 comparlson up to 15 ~ which, however, satisfied the demands of works control. The seni-jitivenesa of the method is 4 - 5 ~6- There are 3 figures, 1 table, and 3 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATION: Novokramatorskiy masbinostroitellnyy zavod (Novokramatorskiy Machine Building Plant) Card 4/6 BRUSILOVSKIY,.B.A.; IVANOV, F.I. Using the method of weld transmitters for the determination of residual stresses in a hardened layer of large specimens.. Zav.1ab. 29 no.7:821-823 163. (KRA 16:8) 1. Novo-Xrnmntorskiy mashinostroiteltnyy zavod. (Steel--Testing) (Strains and stresses) BRUSILOVSKIY..- B.A.., inzh.; IVAINIOV, F.I. X-ray examination of the kinetics of martensite disintegration at low-temperaturq tempering in rolls used in cold rolling. Sbor. Novo-Kram.mashinostroi.zav. no.5:96-99 159. (Mhk 16:12) Kinetics of'tbe-reliei and redistribution of residual stresses in rolls used in cold rolling at low-temperature tempering. 100-107 BRUSILOVSKIr B,A, - 2 Using steppqd attenuation of comparison lines in X-ray diffraction determinati, ' p of residual austenitee SboreNovo-Kramom"hinostroi, zav. no.5slOa-119 159. (MM 16:12) BRUS.ILOVSKII, B.A. Studying the decomposition of martensits byliodelibg, Fiz. Met* i metalloved. 16 no.3:361-365 A 163. 1 ~ . (MML 16 ~ 11) 1, Nove-Kramaturakiy zaashinastroit~llnyy zavod. BRUSILOVSKIY, B.A.; IVANOV, F.I. X-ray investigation of low-temperature que-ching of rolls for cold rolling. Fiz. met. i metalloved.)P noil:147-150 Ja t65. (MIRA 18W 1. Novo-Kramatorskiy mashinostroitellny -.nvod. 1-51/ ~y 0 baIL'Ov Antibacterial treatment of tuberculosis at the Barmashino health resort. Trudy Inat.Xreav. pat. AN Xazakh SSR 5:80-86 157. (MIRA 11:2) 1. Glavnyy vrach senatoriya 3armashino (TUBERGUIA)SIS) (STRIPTOKYGIN) (ISONICOTIRIC ACID) BRUSILOVSKIY, B. M. Cand Med Sci - (disB) "MUBCle plastic surgery of the pulmonary cavity during tuberculosis." Ashkhabad, 1961. 13 pp; (Turk- menistan State Medical Inst imeni 1. V. Stalin); 200 copies; price not given; (Us 5-61 sup, 201) GOROVENKO.- 0. a.; 13RUSILOVSKIY, B. M.; LOZOVOY, Ye, Kh.; MARSHAK, A. Yu.; MIKHELISON, B-.7.-;7PIUIFC'HUE,-'N. S~; SLEPUYHA, I. M.; SOKOLITK, Yu. i.,- TARAPON, Yu. G.; YATSOZHIIISKII, Yu. D. Results of the use of thoracoplasty and extrapleural pneumolysis in pulmonary tuberculosis. Probl. tub. no.2:24-29 162. MTRA 15:2) 1. Iz 1-go khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya (zav, - st. nauchnyy sotrud- nik G. G. Gorovenko) Ukxainskogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta tuberku-leza imeni akad. F. G. Yanovskogo (dir. - dotsent A. S. Mamolat) (TUBERCULOSIS) (LUITGS-COLLAPSE) (CHEST-SURGERY) ZHUKOVSKIY, L.I., (Kiyev, 35,, u1. TJritskogo d.:L5,, kv-1); MUSIWVSM, B.M., Acute foril of Werhoftg disease in a patient with limg tuba=looix fol3w#e=g a chest operation. Klin.khif. no.9177-79 8 162. (MIRA 1695) 1. 1-ya kbirurgicheaka-ya klinika (zav. - doktor med.nauk G.G. Gorovenko) Ukrainskogo nauabno-issledovatellskogo instituta tuberkuleza i grudnoy khirurgii (PURPURA (PATHOIDGY)~ * (TUBERCULOSIS) (CHEST--SURGERY ) C"a s/129/62/000/004/003/010 /,P. /.2 3 S_ E073/E535 AUTHORS: Boyarinova, A.P., MelIkumov, I.N.,.Brusilovskiy, B.S. and Kontsevaya,, Engineers TITLE: Causes of brittle fracture of the nickel-chromium- aluminium alloy DV1652 (E1652) P E RIL 0 D I CA L *. 'Metallovedeniyd i termicheskaya obrabotka metallov, no.4, 1962, 14-17 + I plate TEXT: In the production of cold rolled 3 mm sheet from the alloy E1652 large cracks were frequently observed'after intermediate hot rolling to 4.1 mm. In this paper the results are given of special investigations made for determining the causes of formation of such cracks and the method of eliminating them. In the investigations three experimental nickel-base heats of the following compositions were used ; Table 1 No. Cr Al Si Mn S p Fe 1 26.8o 3.00 0.25 o.o6 6-007 0.006 o.46 2 28.o8 3-35 0.23 0.07 0.009 0.006 o,-44 3 27-00 3.14 0.22 0.07 0.007 0.005 Mo Card 1/2 S/129/62/000/004/003/010 Causes of brittle fracture E073/E535 It was All the three heats contained 0.0530? C and 1.030e Ze" found that the cause of brittle failure of the alloy in the hot rolled state is the slow cooling in the temperature range 700 to 600*C, during which the solid solution decomposes and an inter-metallide phase of the type N'3Al forms. The quantity of the rejected phase depends on the time during which the alloy is within the dangerous temperature range. Combined with the stresses caused by work-hardening and also the thermal stresses, the rejection of the intermetallide phase leads to the formation of cracks. To.prevent cracking, the breakdowns should be cooled separately (to 200%) before stacking. There are 3 figures and 3 tables. FAbstracter's note: 1.03% Ze is obviously a printing error-J ASSOCIATIONS: Zavody "Elektrostall" ("Elektrostall" Works) and "Serp i Molot" Card 2/2 -BRUSILOVSKIY, D.A.; BULGAKOVv L.N.; GENIS, B.M.; WARTIN, L.M.; KRISMETj Ye.S.j MIKHAYLOV# D.I.; NATOCHANNYY; A.S.; NIKOLISKU V.N.; POPOVp M.P.; SIGONXISYlY, A.A.; SKCH0ROSMNp A.F.1 CHASOVNIKOV.. G.V.; DMISHER, A.Ve. kande ekon. naukj, red.; DULKIN, N.A.p spats.-red.; BONDAROVSKAYAO ON., red.; TORSHIVA, Ye.A., tekhn. red. (Oveiall automation and modernization of e u .ipwnt and production processes at the Firat StetG Bear*ng Plantj Ko*leksnaia avtoma- tizataiis I modernizateiia aborudavaniia t protsessov proizvodstva na Fervom gosudarstvennom podshipnikovo*."zavode. Moskva, TSentr. biuro teldm, informatiiii, .1959. 84 P. (MIRA 35:1) 1 Russiak,(1917- R.S.F.S.R.~ Hookavski? gorodskoy ekonomichesUy, Zm~nistrativvyy rayon. Sovet narodnogo khozeyaBtva. (Moscow-Bearing industry) (Automation) BRUSIL(YVSKIY,. G. Opon area. IzobrA rats no,,10:3-4 0 162. (KRA 15:9) 1, GI!Lvnyv tekhnolog Upravleniya proyektirovaniya Komiteta po Ichiinii Soveta Ministrov SSSR. (Chemical industries) b k DYMILOVSKIT, G.K. [jesigaments for 10th-class students of asoundar7 correspondence schools; goometr7 ana trigonometry] Madaniia dlia uchashchikhola Taochn~M Nrednikh Shkol, geometrita i trigonometriia, X klass. Xoskva, Udh~edgiz, 1948. 63 P. (MM 7:5) (Kathematics-Study and teaching) BRUSIIOVSKIY, G.V.; MAKOVSKIY, CV.M., redaktor; RAKOV, S.I., tekhnicheskiy . - .111.6100111M ris M f~ [Lime prodaction3 Proizvodstvo izvesti. Moskva, Goo. nauabno-tekhn. izd-vo khim. lit-ry, 1954. 302 P. (MLR& 7:11) (Lime) 3kiy) tiTovjrrJ an an"Ys' im. 1. k. and Volynr TrudY hrynsk. med. i usilovski- L- ;ystem, -fa eor, the central nervous eosvi'-L- -60 Su3 Stalina) Vol. -xill 10/48, P- 53 atoy, 1,o. 5, 1949). so: U-3950, 16 June 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal lrr;kh St BRIISILOVSKIY, I.A. ,.~10- " " ~~--'jrtr-us, acih-erence of the placenta. Akush. i gin. no.6:65-66 N-D 15,5 (mLRL 9:6) (savediWushchiy kafedr.)y 1. 12 akushersko-ginekologichookoy kliniki dotsent I.P. Hikonanko) lechabnogo fakul'teta Xr7askogo meditsinskogo instituta. (PLACIMTA) PANTSIVIGH, I.P.,professor; BRUSILOVSKIT, I.A., dotsent Treatment of chronic inflammatory processes of female genitalia with mud applications in the region of the solar plexus. Akush. i gig. 33 no.2:73-76 Ift-Ap 156. (XLRA 9:7) 1. 12 kafedry akuberetva i ginekologii (zav.-Prof. I.F.Pantsevich) Irymakogo moditsiniskogo iusituta imeni Stalina. (GYNECOLOGICAL DISFASSS, ther. mu& ther..-applieation to region of solar plexus in Inflamm, die.) (NO THERW,in various die, inflamm. die. of female genitalia, application to region of solar plexus) (GAVGLI4, AUTONOMIC, in various die. inflem-. die. of female genitalia, application of mud,ther. to solar plexus) BRUSILMUL-LA., dots. Phlegmon of a pregnant uterus following appendectomy. Akush. i- 00in. 33 no.4:113-114 Jl-Ag.157- (MIRA 10:11) 1. Iz akushersko-ginekologicheakoy kliniki (i.o.zav. - doteent I.P.Hikdnenko) pediatrichookogo fakul'teta Krymekogo meditsinskogo institute. (PHIZOMON, in pregn. of uterus,after appendectomy) (PREGNANCY, compl. phlegmion of uterus after appendectomy) (APPENDICITIS. in pregn. surgo, causing phlegmon of pregn. uterus) HIKONEW, I.P., dots.; BRUSILOVSKIY, I.A. [Brusilovalkyi, I.A.I. dots. Surgical treatment of abscesses of the adnexa uteri. Fed., akash. i gin. 20 no-1:35-38 158. (MM 13:1) 1. Akusherskaya i ginekologicheakaya klinika (ispoluya7ushehiy obya- zannosti zav. klinikoy - dots. I.P. Wikonenko) K=y-mskogo meditsinsko- go iustituta (direktor - dots. S.I. Georgiyevskiy). (UTERUS-ABSCESS) LIFSHITS, G.B.; BRUSILOVSKIL-I.A.; PRTROVSKIY, I.H. (Simferopol') Use of Donetakii's rings In balpingostomatoplasty. Skeper. khir. 4 no.4:46 Ji-Ag '59.' (KIRL 12:11) (FAJLOPIAN TUM surg) __~R~UILOVIKIY, Isaak Abramov#h [Mad treatmeni-aT-d-e--Saki Heix2tb Resort] Griazelechenie na Sak- skom k-urorte. Simferopol', Krymizdatq 1960. 63 p, (MIRA 14:8) (SAKI (CRIMEA)-BATHS, MOOR AND MUD) BRUSILOVSKIY, I.A.; EPSHTE"LN, I.F.; KUKLINA, A.A.1 BIRM, A.A., KHALFINPL, Primary,cancer-of the.fal-lopian tubes. Akush. i gin. 36 no.3:40- 42 ~*-Je 1~60.- (MIRA 13:12) (FALLOPIP TUBEd--CANQ.ER) BRUSILOVSKIY, I.A., dotsent Change in the blood serun proteins in inflama ry diseases of the female' genitalia. Kaz. med. zhi=. no.6:38-39 N-D 161. QURA 15:2) 1. Kafedra akwherstva i ginekologii. lachebnogo fakulltata (zav. - prof. 1.F. ftntBevich) Krymskogo mieditsinskogo instituta. (BLOOD PROTEINS) (GENERATIVE ORGANSO FEMALE-DISEASES) BRUSILOVSKII, I.A.-s- IA66nt; BATSMAN$ N.D.; LEYBOVICH., G.S. Detection and treatment of precancerous conditions of the cervix uteri under conditions of a mud therapy spa. Sov. med. 25 no.8: 329-131 Ag 161. .(MIRA 15:1) 1. Iz kafedry akusherstva. i ginekologii. Krymskogo meditsinskogo instituta (zav. - prof. A.I.Petchenko) i sanatortys, imeni II silyezda Kommunisticheskoy partii Sovetskogo Soyu2a (glavnyy vrach N.D.Batsman)., Yevpatoriya. (UTFdtUS-DISEASES) (BATHS., MOOR AND I-IUD) BRUSILOVSKIY, Isaak Abramovich [Brusylovslkyi, I.A.), kand. med. S.0., translator]; ZEMBITSKAYA, Z.S,[Zembytslka, Z.S.1, red.; ZAPOLISMA, L.A.[Zapollstka, L.A.], tekhn. red. (Female sterility and its treatment in the Saki mud bath resort' Dexplidnistv zhinok i ii likuvannia na Sakslkomu hriazlovomu 1mrorti. Kyiv, Derzbmedvydav URSR, 1963. 28 P. (STERILITY) (MIRA 16:12) (SAKI (CRIME-A))-IM-ALTH RESORTS, WATERING PLACES, ETC.) t) ~) K %.k S I L-- 0 V '~. v< % k/ ~ -V- , ,, - BRUSILOVSKIY, I.V. . I Upper limit of the operatVinj part of charac'ter'istics graphs for axial ventilators. Prom.nerodin. no.9:25-27 157. (MIRA 10:12) (Pans, Mechanical) (lerodynamics) SOV/124-58-1 I -I Z447 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 11. p 71 (USSR) AUtHOR: Br ~Slyl 7IV. TITLE: Uniflow Centrifugal Fans (Pryamotochnyye tsentrobezhnyye ventilyatory) PERIODICAL: V sb. : Prom. aerodinamika. Nr 9. Moscow, Oborongiz, 1957, pp 44-52 ABSTRACT: The paper submits the results of experimental investigations and the fundamental geometric data developed by the TsAGI (Central Aero-hydrodynamic Institute) for uniflow centrifugal fans Ts4-53, Ts4-64, and Ts7-4Z, as well as the centrifugal fan Ts4-64 with a reverse air flow. By "uniflow centrifugal fan" the author desig- nates a fan consisting of a centrif ugal-- type impeller and a radial- axial flow-rectifying housing which deflects the flow back to the same direction it followed at the fan inlet. A fan with reverse flow has a similar type of impeller, but the flow in the flow-rectifying housing is reversed to a direction and sense opposite to the one it had followed at the fan inlet. An investigation of the efficiency Card 1/2 of various types of flow-rectifying housing was carried out and a Uniflow Centrifugal Fans SOV/1 24- 58-11- 12447 comparison was made between the uniflow fans and the conventional centrifugal fans with spiral-type volute casing; it was demonstrated that the results of the latter differ slightly (maximum efficiency TImax ~' 0.65-0.67, the total-pressure rise ratio HFa = 0. 5B-0.62) while uniflow fans with a specific speed of n 4Z - 95 may Incy an application in ventilating systems requiring an appTopriAe combination of supply and discharge air ducts. It is demonstrated that the effic- iency of a fan with a reverse air flow is fairly high ( -nma -- 0.68). with a total- pressure rise ratio R = 0.45 and that such a fan can te used within specific- speed limits of ny ='ff"~90. B. S. Dorogov Card 2/2 BRUSIIA)VSKIY, I.V. I-- - ~ . I - - - .~ - I---- Selecting parameters for axial flow fans. Prom.aerodin. no-10:5-35 158. (MM 11:8) (Fans, Mechanical) USHAKOV, K.A. - BRUSILOVSKIY I V. Investigating annular cascades of rotating runners in axial flow fans. Prom.aerodin. no.10.-4340 158. (MM 11:8) (Yang , Mechanical) POO :1 3WK MWITATION SOV/2685 Tsentral(My aero-gidrodinamicheakiy institut Ventilyatory i vozdukh6pr6vody .(Ventilators and Air Ducts)- Moscow, Oborongiz, 1959. 249 p, (Series: F~~hlennaya aerodinamilka, abornik No. 12) N=ber of copies printed rt6t given. Ed... (Title page): K.A. VsYiakqv, Professor; Ed. '7(Inside book): A.S* Ginevskiy, Candidate of Techfiical Sciences; Ed, of Plablishing Houpe: E.A-j Shekhtman; Te6. Ed.: I.M, Zudakin; Managing Ed.: A.S. Zi:ymovsXqm, Engineer. PWROSE: This book is intended for enjineers, technicians and scientific workers -,specializing in the field of in&wtrial serodvnemics and venti3Ationo* con6im: This collection of 14 arti.cles deals with problems of ventilation technology. Results'of experimentafand theoretical-invistigations of the aerodynamic characteristics of'axial and centrifughl fans.are described. Some designs of new, highly are pr.esen ted and the drag coefficients of various ducts and elements of venti34Ltion*systems are given', No personalities are mentioned. References iollow most articles. Card I/T Ventilators and Air Ducts TABLE OF COMMUS: SOV/2685 1. Ushakov, K.A. Balancing Devices for Determining Torque of Pans, Air Blowers and Compressors 5 The author analyzes torque and its measuring by the methods-of balancing. -He concludes that balancing depends on the type of the devi~ce,thii transmission ratio, disposition of the axis of Dacil-lation. These factors may have a sub- stantial infl:uene'e,on the' calculation:of torque and iaust therefore be precisely determined in thd rition'al ciesign of balancing devices,. 2,. Kolesnikov., A.V. Experimental Investigation of the Flow Structure Behind the-ImpeUer-of an Axial Fan in a 1~elative Moti6n 19 The author studie'd.the results of an investigation of distribution of losses and the velocitie .s of se6ondary flaw behind the impelled of an axial fan.' .Experimental values of coefficients of secondary losses are given and compared with empirical-l~ormulas, 3.- Brusilovskiy,-I.Y._Calculation of One-stage Axial Pans for Variable Circu- .lation Along the length of the-Blade 26 Card 9/7 Ventilators and Air Ducts sav/2685 In this article the solution of a direct reversible problem of a one-stage axial fan is given* The fan consists of inlet guide vanes, rotor blades and outlet guide van&s in a cylindrical flow conduct from inlet to,6utlet. The efficienc7 changes v:Lth the radius of blade and vane rings. Some new parameters are introduced and it Is shown that for a one-stage three-bladed-ring fan three equations may be established. These equations contain six unknown func-L tions: distribution of the circulation along the radius in ritgs and axial velocities in inter-ring clearances and behind the outlet guiding van ring. In a number of cases for the three given functions, three other functions may be established. 4. Brusilovskiy, I.V. Investigation of the Regulatinn of a Two-stage Shaft Axial Fan Type TaM, K-06 by Two Types of Intermediate Vane Apparatus 36 In this article the following results of investigations'are described: 1) Regulation of fan by changing the blade incidence of the guiding device most economical for 'the interval 50-1050 of its setting 2) Regulation of fan with a guiding device provided with flaps. This is econalbical at angles of 50-90o. Of these two methods., regulation by flaps seems to be the-more accurate. . 5. lokshin, I.L. Investigation of the Flow Behind a Circular Centrifugal Fan qard 3/7 Ventilators and Air Ducts SOV/2685 in Relative Motion 49 Impellers of the following To= fans,were investigated: Ts4-50, TOT-29, TST-42, Tsq-29 ana M50,, Experiments included the'determinatiDn of generalized aekod,pamic characteristics and the determination of velocities and angles at the' outlet of flow in the outlet section-in relative motion. Experiments were conducted at 1000r.p.m. at which a perimeter speed of 21-26 m/sec was attained. i 6. K6valenko, V.N6 a~d K. V. Chebyshev. Regulation of Centrifugal Fan With Inlet Guide Vanes TO The article presents experimental materials on regulating centrifugal fans W means of axial and simplified guide apparatus. On the basis of thesematerials and data of flow investigations behind lipstream guide vanes and centriragal'im- pellers, a~method for calculating the characteristics of fans with akial guide vanes is elaborated. T- Chebysheva, K.V. Centrifugal Pan Volume. Regulation by Changing the Passage Section of the Whebl or of the Body 110 Thd author describes investigations of fan model TA-10 with flat inclined bladed developed by TsAGI. This fan has good aerodynamic characterisi~ics and Card 4/7 Ventilators and Air Ducts SOV/2685 is now mass-produced as a general purpose fan, Comparative results of tests are given. 8. Bychkov, A.G... 1,L* Lokshin,, and P.O. Ma=anyants. New'Types of TsAGI Centrifugal Fans 125 This article describes ten types of new centrifugal fans. These fans were designet by TsAGI in 1956-1957 and hav e* a high efficiency coefficient -7 -o-76-o.85. It is suggested that some of them'might replace ten efficient fAns,now in production.! The'article states that 180,000 fans are currently produced in the USSR per.year and operation of these fans recluires 800,000 kv. 9. Ginevskiy A.S. and Ye.Ye. Solodkin. Aerodynamic Characteristics of the Initial Sector of a Circular Section Duct During TuAulent Flow in the Bounaary layer 155 The authors describe aii 7 aji~ioidmiite' meithod for calculating the turbulent boimdary layer in the Initigl-seator of an anw1lardn0t't$king.-&==t of'the influence of the transversal curvitures of the internal and external convex and concave surfaces of given radiiwes on the shape of theYelocity profile and on other characteristics of the tur.bulent botmdary iay~ri Card 5/7 Ventilators and Air Ducts SUVI2685 10, Solodkin Ye.Ye. and A.S, Ginevskiy, The Influence of Initial Unsteady Flow on. the Characteristics of Diffuser Ducts 168 Results of a theoretical Investigation of the influence of initial un- steadiness of flaw in the inlet section of a plane diffuser with straight walls on diffiiser characteristics show: coefficient of fall pressure lossesY efficiency coefficient,, maximum degree of diffUser expansion, etc. 3.1. Khanzhonkov, V.1, Decreasing Aerodynamic Drag With Circular Rib Openings. or Recesses The article explains the principle of the action of circular ribs and recesses and their optizm~m geometrical dimensions'for which inlet drag is minimum. 12. Nosova, M.M. and N.F. Tarasave Drag in Inlet and Exhaust Ventilation Shelts 197 The enthor gives the results of an experizenthl investigation of models of inlet and exhaust shaftit of'square,and rectangular crelas s.ection. On the basis of' this investigation, t~vo designs were selected and are z.kow adopted in industry. A deackiption of-these 6afts is gi-ien,* 13. Yudin,, Ye.Ya. Experimental Investiga#on of a Screenm-type Silencer 216 Card 6/7