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KOYDAP fl.U.,-_ BUKHB114DER, M.A. (Gcmel ) Height and rate of capillary rise in a porou , 4-bur, s med)km - fiz. khim- 36 nn.6z1205-1209 J0621 f m 27 -. 7 ) 1. Belorusskiy institut inzheneror --hsleznodcrozhx-.c~o trtuisp~ta. BURZOINDER, M.A. LaW Of d! U;MLJOn Of UZ Z%rfa,~e of In an ir--dilurio DOU- -1115 SSSR 163 r Opil RA 18: 8) gor udELr-- tvonriyy mni-ver.-A O~A. S, ja niia-.7 20, EMUMINDER, - MJA~~-- --- Capillary equilibrium in real porous "dia. Koll. zhur. 27 no,5t 661-667 S-0 165, (MIRA 18: 10) 1. Kiehinevskiy universitat. /V 5-C t YLTIRK&N, L.I.; KLTSOT, U.K., STGKL, V.V.; BUMIUM, N.I. Selecting the design of a semiautomatic welding machine. Avton.sV". 7 nd.4:78-82 JII-Ag 154. 7:9) (Bloctrio welding) VEIEV Dimitur, k. t. n., inzh.; BUKHCHEV, Georgi; KHRISTEVA, Mariia, inzh. Cbaracteriatics of matut, and their influence on the flame during combustion. Tekhnika Bulg 13 no. 2: 19-20 164* 1& "Druzhba" Glass Factory. BUKHCHEV, I. Repairing the radiators of the tractor motors. p. 20. (Mashinizirano ZewMelie, Vol. 8, no. 1. Jan. 1957, Bulgaria) SO: - Monthly List of East European Accessions (VAL) LCj, Vol. 62 no. 69 June 1957,, Uncl. BUKHCHEV, I. Examining the angle of injected fuel of DT-% motor. p. 23. (Mashinizirano Zemedelis, Vol. 8, no. 1, Jan. 1957, Rdgaria) SO: Monthly List of East Ewopean Accessions (EML) LC, Vol. 6, no. 6, June 1957, Unel. 13MICHEV, 1. Correct distribution of the time periods for repairing the machines for plant protection. p. 14. 'IASHIKZIRANO ZMEDMIE. Vol. 7. no. 7. July 1957. .'-'Sofij.a, Bulgaria SOURCE: East European Accessions List. (EEAL) Library of Congress, Vol. 6. No. 1, January 1957 BUKHCHEV, Iv.., insh. I machines for farminge Nauket i tekh xWezh .14 no-5:20-21 MY 162,, BUKHCHEV, Iv.,Ansh.. Portable.. sidewalks,. -Houlm I tekb s-itladash -no.10:9 161. (Transportation) -1~ STOIANOV, Khr.;BEBIN, N. Traction characteristics of a tractor with hydraulic tranamission.~ Izv mekh selsko stop BAN no. 2:39-63 162. UEJEDRUKE . - - MT KE B Now aratem for calculating turnover taxes and billing purchasers of cereal", 25 no.6:28-?9 Je '59. (Cereal products) (MIRA 12:9) KiMOT9 Y&,; NAMLI19 K;. 0 x,; mnin, zetonebtya sm); miumv, A,; Plascims" 3* Improve "cord ko9plvS In grain tong** Make-olov, pros* 26 noe 10: 28-30 0'60, (NM 13:10) 1, Livewskowe sembebUstuare umvIonlyo khleboprodWdow (for radukow, lkrgollu)o 2, 01&YiWy lusbover Vpravlonlys, pe prlyeuko 1 sokhranuoutl jermovyM4, mollokvwkk bdltur I mortowykh "swan Mulaterstva kbloboproduktav Usakhokoy SSR (for Nowlaw)o 3, Belotmortovsksla realizateloungs, bass (for Plebabots). (orals YE.LIN, A.; SELYAKOV, 4.; VISKIN, S.; LOYKO, N.; BIJKHGALTER B VOROMOV., I.; SPERARSKIY, N. Improvement of planning in the meat industry. Hias. ind. SSSR 32 no./+:33-37 161. (MIRA 11+:9) 1. Astrakhanskiy myasokombinat (for Yelin). 2. Kazgipromyas- omolprom (for Selyakov). 3.- Kharlkovskiy myasokombinat (fox. Viskin). 4. Leninskiy myasokombinat (Kemerovskiy sovnarkhoz) (for Bukhgalter). 5. Novgorodskiy myasokombinat (for joronkov). 6. Buryatskiy sovnarkhoz (for-Speranskiy). (Meat industry) BMGALTER, V. D. BaWigalter, V. D. - "Investigation or the Heat Insulating and Water-proofing Proportion of H~droyhobie-ksh,in the Constructionsof Subterranean Heat Lines." Min Hightr Education USSR,'Noscow Order of labor Rod Bamwr Engineering-Construction Inat JMUJ V. V. Kuybyahevp Moscowp 1955 (Dissertation for Us Degree of Candidate in Techal,cal Sciences) SO& Yaizhnaya letopial, No 24, 11 June 1955, Moscow, Pages 91-104 8 14 4 li C- "Zi /- W., V,- 0~'. ZHUKOT. D.Ve. kand. tekhn. nauk; BUKHGALTA, V.D, Methods of drying planter and interior walls of buildings. Nov. tekh. I pared. op, v stroi, 19 no.9:10-14 S '57. (KIRA 10ill) (Plastering) (Drying apparatus) I BUI-01GALTER, V.D., kand.takhn.nauk 4-- - Drying and beating buildings constructed during winter. Nov. t6kb. i pared. op. v stroi. 20 no-10:9-13 0 158- (MIRA 11:10) (Drying apparatus) BUIRGALTIR, V,, kand.tokhn.nauk Beating units designed by the Scientific Research Institute Do. 2000 Stroltell 'no.3-IS14-3.3 N 1600' OUMA 13: 4) Mating) VOLGHEK, I.Z., inzh.; BUKHGALTFR, V D., inzh.; KUZNETSCIT, G.F., inzh. Manufacture of asbestcs-sil-icate insulating articles. Mont. i spets. rab. v stroi. 24 no.5:13-15 My 162. (MIU 15:5) 1. Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut stroitellnoy prcmysliiennosti i Gla~%rteplcmontazh. - - -%'Insulating materials) 11 f---- - - --- - - I V, 1. DANILOV, S. U.; 14ATVEY-bV, V. M.*. BUrfiGALTER, V. 1: "On the Theory of the Nitration of Cellulose," Zhur. Obshch. Xhim., 10, Nos. 5-6, 1940. Laboratory for the Chemical Treatment of Cellulose Leningrad Chemico- Technological Institute. Report U-1526, 24 Oct 1951 S/191/60/000/002/009/012 B027/BO58 AUTHORSt Bukhgalter, V. I., Severovostokova, Ye. B. TITLE: Optimum Conditions in the Processing of Thermoplastic Material PERIODICAL: Plasticheskiye massy, 1960, No. 2, Pp. 44-47 TEXT: The authors deal with a method for determining the flow of polymer melts, permitting their production directly on rod presses; temperature conditions and yield stress are the same as may be observed during pro- cessing of polymerso Starting from the rheological principles (Newton's law), an experimental apparatus was built, warranting the plastic flow of the melt and a sufficient rate of heating of the polymer to a certain temperature, the yield stresses being similar to those in practice. P. A. Rebinder already mentioned this system. Two types of polyethylene wer6 used as experimental material, i.e., a high-pressure and a low-pressure product. The test results with both these products showed the analytical dependence between the mean flow velocity S and the yield stress 'r at a certain temperature of the meltp i.e. S = ArK, A and K being the constants Card 1/2 Optimum Conditions in the Processing of S/191/60/000/002/009/012 Thermoplastic Material B027/BO58 of the melt. The dependence of the apparent viscosity of the melt on its temperature may be expressed as oq - BeAt, 3 and 11 being the constant empiric values for the polymer given. There are 8 figures and 9 Soviet references. I /// I Card 2/2 5/191/62/000/012/00'9/015 BIOI/BIB6 AUTHORS: Bukhgalter, V. I., Severovostokova, Ye. Ye. TITLE. Application of rheologic analysis in the processing of thermoplastics MIODICAL: Plasticheskiye massy, no. 12, 1962', 32-36 TEXT: Previously (Plast. massy, no. 2, 44; 1960) the authors had described a method for the plotting of the rheologic curves shearing rate, 9, versus shear stress, i, or apparent viscosity versus a. In this paper the curves are discussed for high-pressure ethylenev ethylene propylene copolymer, block polystyrene, emulsion polystyrene, and CH-28 (SN-26) styrene acrylonitrile copolymer and their-practical use is shown fcr calculating the pressure in the.extruder and for choosing the extruder die and the extrusion temperature. The following indications are stated for calculating r and a in die6 of simple geometrical form: circular- 2 orifice: T - PD/4L dynes/cm , a 0 32Q/nD3 sec-% where L is the length and D.the diameter of the orificeg and Q is the volume rate of extrusion; 2 slot with parallel walls: IT-a PH/2.15L, a 5-58Q/WH , where R is the Card 1/2 S/191/62/000/012/009/015 Application of rheologic analysis B101[B186 internal height and W tile wid-th of the slot; annular orifice: T P(R-r)/2-15L, s = 5-5f3Q/R(R + r)(R - r? where R is the outer and r th: inner radius of the annalar orifice. It is-sho;wn that the change in,-- viscosity brought about by heating the plastic is negligible for the friction at the die walls, sihce its effect is Athin the experimental error using rheologic curves the extrusion conditions can be adjusted to suit the variable properties of the material, but the quality of the extrusion product has to be checked visually. There are 6 figures and 3 tables.' The English-language references are: E. C. Bernhardt (editor)4 Processing of Thermoplastic materials, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, N. Y., 1959; D. J. Week, British Plastics, 31, no. 49 156 (1958). BUKHGALTM. V.I.; GRIBKOVA, V.I. Reaction of ce.Uqloo6 eatere with plasticizers. 063. (Cellulose esters) (Plasticizers) Fliwt.masay no.404,30' (WRA 16*.4) BUKHGALTFR, V.I.; PIROZHNAYA, L.N.; SAMIN, B.I.; SFRGEYEVA,.N.I. Study of~olyermization-kinetica of polyacrylates by the methods,.infrered-.Bpectroseopy, and viscosimetry. Vysokom. ooed. 6 no.1:118--M Ja'64. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut polimerizatsionnykh plastmass. AUTHOR: Bukhgendler, K. (Tirana, Albania). 50-.5t3-3_1-q/'22.-' TITLE: The Hydrometeorological Service of Albania on the Upgrade (Gidrometeorologicheskaya sluzhba Albanii na pod"yeme) PERIODICAL: Meteorologiya i Gidrologiya, 1958, Nr 3, pp. 68-69 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The first meteorological station of Albania was established in the harbor Durret's (Durazzo.) in 1868. In 1888 the mew teorological observations began at Shkoda and in 1924 in Tirana. Since 1930 various offi,,.es and private persons be. gan to establish stations and observation. posts at which observations were mainly performed asahobby by teachers and agronomists. In the year 19'52, when the number of stan tions and posts increased to 3o, a group of three persons, which took over the yjanakd 41rection of these stations, was formed in the Office for Water Economy. During the occupation of 41bania (first by Italy - 1939 and later by Germany - 1934) the occupation forces established meteoro- logical stations exclusively for military urgses,,ne the Card 1/2 airports of Shkoar., Kor(,e*',' *ndkasW~ VlonZ ucove TnY The Hydrometeorological Service of Albania 50-58-;3-1.9/22 on the Upgrade the synoptical service in Tirana. The observation data of these stations were kept, but the synoptical archives were burned in a bombing-raid on Tirana.WlwAiie b~drm meteorological service was handed over to the Albanian 'If .. the number of stations and observation posts army. in the year 1938 areassumed as loo%, the following dy- namics of the rise is obtained: 1945-113%; 1948-219%; 1957-471'1;. On the whole the extent of work of the hydrometeorologi= cal network and its staff of collaborators in the time between 1938 and 1957 increased 5o-fold. The hydrometeoro. 10giGal sector treated an extensivo material on alluvial deposits, temperature, water consumption etc.,and edited a "Several Years Bulletin" (Mnogoletniy byulletent) for the time from 1947 to 1955 where the data on all rivers, lakes and seas of Albania are to be found.Albania at pre= sent participates in the International deophysical Year. I.. -'Mdt4oi6io&--:A'lV&da 2. Weather station--Dev~!lcpment Card 2/2 13UKHGSPP4&- .,arkhl,tektor; NIAfATOVA, Te.Y. inzhener; POPOV. V.I. datellstva; STSPANOYA, E.S.,tekhaichaskiy redaktor [Use of precast concrete construction in building mul%4-story Ind"trial structures] PrImeneals ebornykh zhelizo'betonufth konstruicteii pri stroitel'stve mnag6etazhnykh proaWshlennykh zdanit. Moskva. Goo. izd-vo lit-~rj pio stroit. i arkhit.. 1957. 37 p. (MIRA 10:5) (Precast concrete construction) (Printing plants) I " is 'I U u U U K it v A IL 41* See 0,011 0 0. --mWWHRUX nUAUOA Mown, &I Dclowem, it pmnrle gow t PAff M NO Rffftt Of f ot..; t h a ge n n i na bil i ty of Wh m t wmb lnfftw with loom wut, &*im the de"ic P-ent of the plants raimed from thmml-ft Ph*. Lroiaar.. pp. 1935. [ReMnd.Jaly, ~19~6-1 An account n vven of experinmats in Moscow, in which amd-grain, ' - vdlWed ffm wbW pints'altifidally inmubgtM with jam mut U SIP smilmoo NMI] you ~mm soaW for 24 boars in water [ O lit - sad them M fdr 6 -6.8 L' , before being sown in the spring - ~ N W of 19M. The resolts domw that ,C- smot-iftfft*d grain$ met not More PuftePtible than the nmrW to the action of frost which did no kin the myceli um inside the grains. A slight reduction (57.2 as againA OW4 61-8 per cent.) was noticed in the percentage of smutted cam due to woo the fact that the plants raised from the treated wed on the ar"Ap cWtairdmi 44 tillers as against 3.35 in the infected controls. "'All - 7 - -w v r Ir vr_ A. .4 ad a 0 1 IN 9 do a is AN. 201 W An It IV A ; , I T F- J, x 0 0 0 sell 0.9: SPS: 40.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 to O's 0. 0,0 0 0 G.-O We WO 0 - -P u (~ H C-, t! 7-1 ~, yl "'/V ??, Z. N. 'fuo-,quth ' - 0 OE/ Se~,: BOLDYREV. V. F. Principles of tho Protection of Plants from Pests and Diseases, 1936. SO: SIRAY SI 90-53, 15 December 1953 -A-4 ItContemporary Methods of Controlling Ru!~t In Grain Crops," Zashchita Rastenii, no. 12, 1937, pp. 11-34. 1+21 P9412, , 30: SM11 S1,90-53, 15 December 1953 flu 3?dh MVPNOV 11 u m 0 b 1. 0 1) It It It 4 1? 4 It AA IS t-L 19' El If -lee p9- -00 !-ee 00 r i Contbatimig apoe emb. A. N. llukhgd- dw (11, S. N It I 14m), %,,, I I -Nr- 00 Co. wit it dtswAmt by tam W.Ltet, VI't, -4u. V%,witt, 00 file kAves front itifft-mm. Spmyiuxmnlh2-3%-Ikw&&ux mist. befam the larntation of leaves dccmes file no. of %twayings "quiml with 1% tkwdeaux allixt- m with 1%4y. 600 milli.1" 4111rind the veimtstion wam. The h4h~rtilkl l G* 4 l .00 ~,~Alpw 4 The uvi wau" Mitt. it C1114). Vittiv .641 Nt it., FrO, A %N% tklmc.l, M411-1 dul.1 00 Wall'# lilt) 1, ';,-file NAtIll ig XUA:tfi i9 Alhh-,l I., 0 0 UV file 1141111. W. R. lit-lift r. 00 see we 00 *QtakLUQ6K&L 4.111RAWL41 CL&%%WKAkVIOa fz i ti a is- 0 00 0 0 0 00 Ifill, * * 0 a 0 0 ale 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 4. fl I as -3 Ai .44 "' 0 9 0 9 0 : 0 0 .1 and -U(4 j-- H C,--yrv~ n. ,v - BUITC~11, ~,. 7i. "Root Disea~- FlnCl" (p.296) b,-,,~ Garrat, S. D. M.A., D. D. U.S.A. (sic), 1117 pa-c-s) Revieweii ':.I,y A. N. BukhC L-% L 46 SO: A~vancps In Mo~ern Bit-16 (Usrelihi Sovremmemicd BioloEii-) Vol. 2, 1~ ;A. PUCHGWYI' A. 1% "Plant Diseases 11 SelIskokhozIaistvennaia Kntsiklor)ediia State Publishinf, House of Agricultural Literature, Rfoscow, Ed. 3,vol. 1, 1.949, ::;p. 219-222. 30.1 Se4Z Ed. 3 SO: SIRAI, SI 90-53, 15 December 1953 GRlCGHKIN, V~P A.N*, nauchgyy red.: KOGAN, M.I., prof., vedushchi7 red, ~' ~7v [Studios on the bloloff of'foreat posts] Ocherkl po biolo"gii vredite- 101 lam. Moskva, Imd-Vo- Hoak. ob-va ispytatelet prirody, 1951. 14.9 p. (Materialy k poznanitu fauny i flory.SSSR. Otdal zoologichaskii, noo,31). (MIRA 11:3) (Forest insoots) ABMIOV, Konstantin Konstantinovich; BUKHGEYM, Lev Ernestovich; MALYSHEV, Aleksandr Ivanovich; Sift "`Vikto-~-Isaakovich; SHUMILIN, Nikolay Pavlovich; HUINIKOV, P.V.j otv. red.; K014ARO"A, Ye.V., rode [Special measurements in wire commmication3 Spetsiallrys izmereniia v provodnoi sviazi. [By] K.K.Abramov i dr. Mo- skva, SviazI, 1965. 231 P. (MMA 18:5) f3vKtA G. 01- ZUSWV, Gavrlil lonstantluovich, 1837-1935. [Seoretical machuloal Tooretichealmla mekhanlim. lzd- 3. poamertnoe, pod red. B.H.Bukhgolltua i V.K.Golltsums. M, Go*. isd-vo tekhn.-tsor*tlch. lit-ry, 1946. (WA 7:5) (Keebanics) BTJMrj0L I T-IS 1410LAY NIDL&VICH, 1. M. VOR0'TKIIV and A* P. MINAKOV Sbornik zadach po teoreticheskoi mekhanike. Izd- 3.,, perer i dopoln. Lop. v kachestve uchebn. posobiia dlia universitetov. Moskvaj Gostekhizdat, 1949. 275 diagrs. Collection of problems in theoretical mechanics. DLC: QA809.BB5 1949 SO: Manufacturing and Mpchanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953. BUKHGOLITS, Nikolay Nikolayevich; TARG, S.M.; MARKUZON, 1.A., red. [Fundamental course on theoretical mechanics] Osnavnoi kurs teoretichaskoi mekhaniki. Izd.6, parer. i dop. S.M. Targom. Moskva, Nauka. Part 1. 1965. 467 P. (MIRA 1911) .. - -1- --- ____: ~--- ------- - I- --- ZIJKHIGOL ITS P--NIXOLP.'Y "IIIC!2~JEVIC~Hi. M. VORONKI)'T AND A. P. 2,11NA-KOV Sbornik zadach po teoreticheskoi mekhanike. (SpetsialInye posobiia dlia vyssh. shkoly) I~Ioskva, Gosizdat, 1952? 284 p. diagrs. Bibliography: P. 3-4. Collection of problems in theoretical mechanics. DLC: QAVO9.B65 1925 SO: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953. DIP(IVEVIT(d) IJP(c) GOT SOURCE CODE: UR/0044/66/000/003/VD77/VO77 OR: Bukhitollts, N. V.; D'yachenko, v. r.; Lazarev, V. G.; Chernyshev, K. K.; 0v, V. &I-. SOURCE: Sb. Vychisl. sistemy. Vyp. 18. Novosibirsk, 1965, 119-137 E: On the problem of economy of a computer operating memoryl,,C, : Ref. zh. Matematika, Abs. W371 TAGS: computer memory, computer programing, computer storage device HSLATION: An application for computer storage of programs and constants used for automatic control of a constant memory makes it possible to decrease the volume of operating memory. The problem is solved without introducing changes in the progra find an image of the set of program variablea in'its field of operation such that number of operating cells is a minimum. To construct this image, a space-time dia m in made up of traces of variables and their projections, making it possible to bine the addresses of different variables. Theorems are proved on the minimum num- of addresses of variables in the program. A block diagram for the program of mini ,img the number of memory calls is given. Offered as an example is a program for th putation of square roots requiring five operating cells. A programmer of aveMe UDC: 681.142.001:51 &L 05671-67 ACC NRt AR6023253 skill used 8 cells. The method set forth here is applicable to ready-made programs, in systems of autcmatic programing, and in the design of specialized computers. 6 figures, 10 refere ea. Yu. M. $99 CODE: 09/ SUBN DATE: ame 2/2 'Acc Ni~,_AR6021233 S-0 U.RC.1-4- CO.DE: AUTHOR: Bukhgol'ta. N. V.: D'Yachenko, V. F.; La,.,are v V. G.; q! Sharov, V. TITLE: The~economy of,digital computer memory SOURCE: Ref. zh. Avtomat telemekh i vychisl tekhn, Abs. 3B64 REF SOURCE: Sb. Vychisl. sistemy. Vyp. 18, Novosibirsk, 1965, 119-137 TOPIC TAGS: computer memory, computer program logic, computer design, digital computer ABSTRACT: The use of read-only memory units for program and constants storing in automatic control computers makes it possible to reduce the volume of immediate-access storage units. Without introducing changes in the existing programs, the proble Im of mapping a set of program variables on its operating field is solved in order tolobtain a minimum number of working cells. The method is applicable to automatic programming systems, to complete programs# and to special-purpose computer design. [Translation of abstract] 6 illustrAtions and bibliography of 10 titles. Yu. H, SUB CODE:. 09 Ccwd UDC: Aff -C bL: Ts~ - 0 . - --- - u L-I-T- 0 BAWSKIT. No; BLIZNrAK. To.; Tanniamsmaw vosnzss=Ir. So; IVAWV,K.; KOVALN, So; XOVJLLISXMOIT.O-.MMMI*. A-;u KAMV. K.; PZTRDVSKrT,J.; PROZOROV. Too: RMTNIOVA. A.: MMIKIN. Tu.: SOLOVTSWA. To.- STEPA- mm. P.; SHMSHMN, A.; x1musm-mv, A. -- Nikolal Hikolsovich Kolosovskil. CObituary) Vest.Kosk.un.9 no*12:139-141 1) 1546 (MIMA 8:3) (Kolosovskii, Nikolal NikolmivlA, 1891-1954) LYALIKOV,, Nikolay Ivar4vichjBUXRG)LtTS,,O.E.''RODIONOVA, F.A., red.; - TYUTYUNNIK" S.G., red, kart; BORISKIYA, V.I., red. kart; TSIIWLINITSKIY, N.P.p tekhn. red. [Zconomic geograpby ofthe U.S.S.R.1 textbook for the ninth grade of the secondary school] Skonomichookaia geografiia SSSR: uchebnik dlia IX klassa srodnei 3bkoly. .Izd.5., ispr. Mo&vatGos.uchebno- pedagog.izd-vo M-va Prom, RSFSR, 1961. 310 p. IRA 14:12) (Geograp)W,, Economic) BIARGOLITS, 0,E, Interdepartmental conference on the population geography. Geog. v shkole 25 no-3:84-85 MY-Je 162. (1111RA 15:7) (Russia-Popu:La'%,ioii--Congresses) BUKHGOLITS, O.E. Prospects for the development and distribution,of the natN nal economy of the U,S.SeR. in 1960-1980; according to the materials of the 22d Congress of the CPSU. Geog. v shkole 25 no-5:2-7 S-0 162. (MIRA 15J:9) (Russia-Economic policy) I LYALIKOV, Nikolay Ivanovich; BUKHGOLITS 0 F,~- KOZL&, Mj., red.; G. RODIONOVAp F.A., ;4~ '; red.-kart; BORISKINA, V.I., red. kart; TSIRULINITSKIY, N.P., tekhn. red. (Economic geography of the U.S.S.R.; textbook for the ninth grade of the secondary school] Ekonomichoskaia geografiia SSSR; uchebn1k d1la 9 klassit arednet shkoly. Isd.3. Mookwat Woodgis, 1959. 342 P. ; (MRA 16:7) (Geoiraphy, Economic) EMOOLIT L japenere Washing away waste rock fron a rock du*, Kast.ud.6 no.20-9- 10 F 1570 au 10W (WasVproducts) (Coal ulnas and mining) (Mine pujaps~ -I -I _~ - ___ ---If--, - -_ - -_ __ - - _j I L_ I ---- ) k G, I Y , - - SMORODIIJSKIY, Yx.M.. knndidnt tvkhnicheskikh nnuk; ZNAICNOK, R.T., inzhemsr; BUKHGOLITZ, V.P., in%hener. Protection of electric motors by the use of a totalizer with symaetrical components. Ugel' 31 no-8:38-40 Ag 156. (MLRA 9:10) (Electricity in mining.) (Electric motors) (Automatic control) F, 1=111TTS,V, in2h. PuMn with subarsible motors. Mast ugl. 7 no.10:20-?l 0 058. Otna pumps) (MIRA 11:11) f .14(5) SOV/118-59-2-5/26 'AUTHOR: Biikbgolfts, V.P., Engineer TITLE: Telemechaiaization of Dispatcher Control in Mines (Telemekhanizatsiya dispetcherskogo kontrolya v shakhtakh) PERIODICAL: Mekhanizatsiya i avtomatizatsiya proizvodstva, 1959, Nr 2, pp 19-22 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The Laboratoriya avtomatiki VUGI (Laboratory of Auto- matics of the VUGI) has developed a noncontact tele- mechanical pulse system of dispatcher control with time division qf channels, based on the principle of frequency an& voltage phase preservation at any mo- ment and in various circuit points. The synchronism of the transmitting and receiving devices is auto- matically s-ecured. The transmitting arrangement contains 3 peak transformers, fed from a three-phase network, can transmit from 6 to 12 pulses, differing in polarity or*phase, i.e. can control from 6 to 12 signals. If connecting the peak transformers, the Card 1/3 capacity of the system may be increased up to 24 SOV/118-59-2-5/26 Telemechanization of Dispatcher Control in Mines signals. The receiving arrangement accordingly con- tains from 3,to 6 peak transformers, of which the- pulses are in step and cophased with the peak trans- former pulses of the transmitting arrangement. The Institut avtomatiki i telemekhaniki AN SSSR (Institute of automation and Telemechanics of the AS USSR) has developed a telecontrol system using magnetic cells with a rectangular hysterisis loop as noncon- tact distmibutors. The system is babed on the time division of telesignals and has more signals than the VUGI system, but the signal increase reducea the operating speed of the system. The Institut Dongiproug- lemash (the Dongiprouglemash Institube) has developed a system of dispatcher telesignaling with frequency divis- ion of the telesignals. The superiority of the DTS-1 dispatcher control system consists in the working control of traveling mechanisms, of which the starters are far Card 2/3 away from each other or from the distributing SOV/118-59-2-5/26 Telemechanization, of Dispatcher Control in Mines center. An evaluation of these systems will be possible only after operational tests in mines. In 1957 the Dnepropetrovskiy savod-selenovykh vypryamiteley (the Dnepropetrovsk Selenium Rectifier Plant) produced dispatcher control apparatus of the type TMK-l and TMK-2, which have been successfully tested in the "Oktyabrlskaya revolyutsiya" mine of the "Rostovu- goll" Combine. There are 6 diagrams. 3/3 BUKHOOLITS. V.P.. inzh.; FEMYOZOV. P.S., inth. I -- - - , " relsy with automtlo voltage supply. Besop. truds, v proms 3 noo6:25-27 Je 159, (KIRA 12:10) Ollectric relam' (Blectricity In mining-Safety measures) '... I BUKHGOLITS. V.P.: PAWOZOV. P.S. Introducing automatic control of mine pumping systems with use of electrode transducers. Shakht.strot. no.11:28-31 N '59. (MIRA 13'. 3) 1. Insiltut rornogo del& AN SSSR (for Bukhgollts). 2. Shakhta No.13/15 tresta Shchakimigoll (for Perevosov). (MIng pumps) (AutomatIc control) A-- jL V-P PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5473 Gornoye delo; entaiklopedicheakiy spravochnik. t. 8: Statsionarnoye elektromekhanicheskoye oborudovaniye. Elektroanabzheniye shakht (Mining Industry; an Encyclopedic Handbook. v. 8: Stationary Electro- mechanical Equipment. Electric Power Supply to Mines) Moscow, Goagortekhizdat, 1960. 784 p. - Errata @Up inserted. 18, 500 copies printed. Chief Ed.*: A. M. Terpigorev (Deceased);Members of the Editorial Board: A. L Baranov, F. A. Barabariov 636ceased). A. A. Boyko. V. K. Buchnev. ~- N. Zayti3ev, Deputy Chief Edel:L K. Kit- and N. V. Mellnikov; 1. N. Plaksin.. N. M. Pokrovskiy. A. A. Skochinskiy Weceased), A. 0. Spiva- kovskiy, L K. Stanchenko. A. P. Sudoplatov. A. V. Topchiyev. S. V. Troyanskiy. A. K. Kharchenko. L. D. Shevyakov and M. A. Shchedrin; Editorial Board for this volume: Reap. Ed.: F. A. Barabanov; Deputy Resp. Ed.: Z. M. Melamed.* N. A. Arzamuov, G. M. Yelanchik, V. K. Yefremov.. B. L Zanadych. L M. Zhumakhov. N. A. Letov. P. P. Nesterov, L A. ftbi,~,ich. K. L Skorkin. said V. A. Sumchenko; Authors: 0. A. Card 1/16 2- Mining Industry (Cont.) SOV/5473 Babak, Candidate of Technical Sciences. V. D. Belyy. Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. K. S. Borlsenk6, Candidate of Technical Sciences. A. G. BorumensIdy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, L V. Brusilovskiy. Candidatq of Technical Sciences, A.R. Bushel', Candl- date of Technical Sciences. V P- Bukh 11t9. Engineer. M.N. Vasilevskiy, Candidate of Technical SctencesTA_.1q-. as kovskly, EnginVer. B. N Vlasenko, Engineer. L Ya. Gershikov, Engineer. V. 0. Geyer, Pro;.ssor' Doctor of Technical Sciences, A. D. Dlmashko, Engineer. V. S. Dulin, Candidate of Technical Sciences. L L. Lokshin. Engineer. B. M. Melamed. En eer, Yu. A. Mikheyev, Engineer. V. P. Morozov. Engineer, M. L gin Mushkatin. Engineer, V. S. Pak, Academician. L M. Perskaya, Engineer. N.M. Rusanov. Candidate of Technical Sciences, G.P. Savel'yev, Candl date of Technical Sciences. Ya. M. Smorodinskly. Candidate of Technical Sciences, K. A. Ushakov, Honored Scientist and Technologist. Professor. Doctor of Technical Sciences. B. M. Furmanov. Engineer, and W. N. Cher- nav)dn.~ Engineer. Edo. Y&. AL Drozdov. Engineer. B. L Zasadych. Card 2 16 L& Mining Industry (Cont.) SOV/5473 Candidate of Technical Science's. N. S. Karpyshev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, W. A. Letov, Candidute of Technical Sciences, Z. M. Melamed. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Yu. A. Mikheyev. Engineer, V. P. Morozov, Engineer, V. L Polikovskiy. Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, L A. Rabinovich. Engineer, M. S. Rabinovich, Candidate o Technical Sciences. LA. Raskin. Engineer.'V. S. Tulin, Engineer,. S. Ye. Unigovskiy. Engineer, K. A. Ushakov, Honored Scientist and Technologist, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, M. M. Shemakhanov, Candidate of Technical Sciences. P. F. Shishkov. Candidate of Technical Sciences. and V. B. Yablonovskly. Engineer; Edo. of Publishing House: N. A. Arzamasov and T. L Ryballnik; Tech. Ed. - V. L. Prozorovskaya and M. A. Kondratlysva~. PURPOSE: Ibis handbook to intended for mining and mechanical engineers as well as for other skilled personnel of the mining industry concerned with the handling and operation of various installations awkd equipment used In mines. Card 3/16 Mining Industry (Cont.) SOV/5473 COVERAGE: Volume VIII of the mining handbook contains detailed informa- tion on mine hoisting Installations. machines and equipment, mine venti lation units. duct systems, dewatering facilities. various types of pumps. rapiM stations, and the automatic remote control of these pu=p meters, pr units. ne handbookL aLso &~scribea and explains the operaticin of the air compression units and compressors. Heat-generating and heat-supply equipment of mines Is deacribedas are the electric power supply systems and other electrical equipment such as transformers, power distribution systems, and grounding devices. Telephone'communication and signaling systems used in mines are also treated. No personalities are mentioned. Each part of the handbook is accompanied by references, mostly Soviet. TABLE OF CONTENTS ( Abridged 1: PART L MINE HOISTING UNITS Card 4/16 Mining Industry (Cont.) SOV/5473 Ch. .XI. Grounding Devices and Protectives Systems (Bukhgollts, V. P.) ----- -- ---1---- 715 Ch. XII. Electric Energy Consumption in Coal Industry Installations (Melamed, B. M.) 724 Ch. 01. Saving on Electr*ic Power and the Increase of the Power Factor ~Melamed, B. M.) 735 Ch. ]UV. Local Electric Power Stations at Coal Industry Installations (Mushkatin, M.I., Engineer) 746 PART VII. TELEPHONE COMMUNICATION AND INDUSTRIAL SIGNALING IN MINES (B.M. Furmanov,... Engineer) Ch. I. Types of Communication and Signaling in Mines 755 Card 15/16 BUKHGOLITS, V.P., istarshiy naucbnyy sotrudnik Automation of counting and control in mine railroad traneportation. Gor. Shur. no.4:49-52 Ap 160. (MIRA 14:6) Is Institut gornogo dela AN SSSR* Mine railroade) tomatic control) M V.P.f st,arsbiy :oI-I%j-"!.iIIC 3i%ae unit for the anulc-a-a',ioii v7 T!.ino :Lnitinzge. Gor.-mw. 74 Je '60. (MIJA 11~: ',,)) 1. Institut gor-noL;o -',Pla Ar! L-yui,ertsy Mookovskoy oblasti. (Vdne draim-o) (Automatic control) BMI[MOLITS, V.P nzh. Computing dev'ices-for dispatcher cvntrc,l in mines. Mekh.i avtom. proiz. 14 n0,6:34-37 Je '6o. .(MLRA 13: 7) ..( Xlectronic-digital computors) (Kining engineering) BUKHGOLITS, V.P.,: The S3D-2 differential pulse counter. Biul.tekh.-ekon.inform. no-10-:48-50 161- O-MM .14: 10) (Electric imtruments) BUKHGOLITS31 V.P, Concerning the protection of electric motors. From.energ. 16 no.,11:20-23 N 161. (IMU 14:10) ,(Electric motors) (Electric protection) II v -- BUKHGOLITS, Industrial testing of remote control systems for the T~E-4 dispatcher control and car recording apparatus. Ugoll 36 no.10-.40-43 0 161. (MIM 14:12) 1. Institut gornogo dela im. AJL. Skoch-;nskogo. (Remote control) (Coal mines and mining-Equipment and supplies) ~'B~UKHGO~L inzh. Study or the networks of contactiess transducirs for use on railToad tracks.. Makh.'i avtom* V gornoi prom. no.2:37/,-399 162, (HIRk 16:1) (Mine rallmda-ftectric eWpment) (TransAue'SPSY BUKHGOLITS, V.P., kand.tekhn.nauk Higb-opeed contactless pedal. Aytom.teles.i as' no.3' 15-17 Mr 163. (MIRA 16:2) (Railroads-Mectric b ,quipsent) POSPEIAN, Leonid Petrovic4i BUKHGOLITS V P kand* tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; BEWGRO-W- .. V.A., retsenRent; KHORINEVY L.P., retsenzent; MIRSKAYI, V.V., red.i2d-va; ILOINSMA,-" G.11.j tekbu. red. (lutonatic and remote control in mines] Rudnicbnaia avto- matika i telemekhanika. Moskva, Gosgortekhizdat,, 1963. 414 P. (MM 16:12) (Mining machinery-Electric driving) (Automatic control) . (Remote control) BUKHGObITS, V.P., kand.tekhn.nauk, TIKHOMIROVA, Z.T., inzh. y Graphoanalytic method of designing a magnetic circuit with a large air space. Mekh. i avtom. v gor. prom. no.3t267-287 163. (MIRA 16; 10) BUKHGOLITSp V.P.v kand. tekhn. nauk; KOBEVNIKp V,F. Telemechanical apparatus in ndnev of the Dzerzhinskiy Trust. Gor. zhur. no.7:50-54 n 163o , (MIRA 16:8) 1. Institut..gornego dela in. Skochinakogo (for Bukhgollts). 2. Glavn37 energetik Dzershinskago gosudarstvennogo tresta zhelezorudnoy promphlennosti, Krivoy Rog (for Kobevnik). TIKKOMIROVAO Z.T., inzh.; BUKMLITS, V.P., kand. tekhn. nauk Calculation of the perceance of an inducti" transducer with complex configuration. ElektricheBtro no.3-1:72-75 N 163, (MIRA 16: 11) 1. Vsesojuzmyy saochMy energetiebankly institut (for Tikbowi.rova). 2. Institut gornogo dela izeni Skochinskogo. BUKHGOLITS, V.P., kand.teklin.nauk Noncontact rail transducers. VekhJ avtotft. proizv. 17 no. 3t 33-34 Mr 163. (141RA 17:9) j4jTS,,.,Na1,entin Petrovich; VEREMIYEV, V.M., red. BUKILC~Q ---- I. ..........I.....- [circuit track pickups for autornatic control in rail transportation] Putevye datchiki avtoraticheskogo kontrolia na rellsovom transporte. Mo,-,kva, Energiia, 1965. 79 p. (Biblioteka po avtomatike, no.1.37) (K[ HA IS: 6) BUKHGOWTS V.P., kand. takhn. nauk; DRANNIKOV, Yu.A., inzh., KORSAK, V.Yu. ~- -111-Y.-- , Z I Use of remote contTol in the "Zapollarnyill r-drip. Gor, zhijr. no.10:65-68 0 165. (MTM 189-111) 1. Institut gornogo dala Am. A.A. Skochinakogo (for Bukbgollts, Drannikov). 2. Glavny-I energetik rudnika "Zapolyarryy" Norill- skogn ornometallurgicheskogo komblinata Im. A.F. Z.RveiVag'Lna (for Kors ~. BORISOV, V.T., kand*fiziko-matematicheakikh nauk;,,Ll~ Bill, A.L. kand. fiziko-matematicheakikh nauk Mechanism of the growth of metal crystals. Probl,metalloved.i fiz.met. no.7-.363-374 162. (IMU 15:5) (Metal cr7sta:Ls--Grovth) TAYNSh?BYN, N.. sayor-, BUKHIN. B., inshener-myor. Training roentgenmeter with a gas sister. Toon.vest. 37 no.8:63-64 Ag 157. (KIRA 10-10) (luelear counters) PHASE I BOOK EQWITATION wy/3862 Raschety na, prochnost': teoreticheskiye i eksperlmntaltnyye isalp -10vaniYa procbnosti mashinostroitel'nMkonstruktsiY; ebornik statey., v7p. 5 (Strength Analysis; Theoretical and Experimental 1mvestigations of the Strength of Machine Elements; Collection of Articless No. 5) Moscow., Nwbgiz.9 1960. 298 p. Errata slip inserted. 5jOOO copies printed. Ed.: V.N. Arbuzov, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed. of Publishing Bwase: L.N. Dwilov; Tech. Ed.: B.I,, Nodell; Managing Ed. for Literatuire on General Technical and Transport Machine Building (Msbgiz): A.P. Noz1ar,, Engineer; Editorial Board: G.S. Glusbkov., Doctor of Technical Sciences., Professor; V.M. Nakushin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent (Secz~etary);- S.D. Ponomarevj, Honored Scientist and Technologist of the RS=j, Doctor of Technical Sciences,, Professor; S.V.-Sereneen., Member of the Acadear of Sciences- UkrM,, Doctor of Technical Sciences.. Professor; S.N. Sokolov.. Doctor of Technical Sciences., Professor; N.D. Tarabasov., Doctor of Technical Sciencenj, Professor;and Ye.N. Tikhomirov., Honored Scientist and Technologist of the RUM., Professor (Chairman). Card 1/8 Strength Analysis (Cont.) sov/3862 PURPOSE: The book is intended for engineers and scientists specializing in stress analysis. COMM=: This collection of 15 articles deals with the design and calculation of machine ele W-Pts for strength, rl4gidlty, and stability. The collection is divided into'llrOctions; 1) calculation for strength, 2) stress and strain analysis, and 3) calculation for stability. Methods and formulas for calculating strength parameters am presented. No personalities are mentioned. References follow several of the articles. OF COMMITS: SEMON 1. IMSM OF PARTS FOR SMOOM AND RIGIDIW Pbnouarev, S.D. Rigidity of Belleville Springs `Ub4er Elastic Deflection 3 Load deflection characteristics of Belleville springs and height-to- thickness ratios are studied and the respective stress and fatigue- loading formulas deduced. A new foroula is presented for computing the mwdwm compx ssion stress. The formula is claimed to be superior, as far as accuracy is concerned,, to the formula suggested by A3nen and Laszlo. Card 2/ 8 Strength Analysis (Cont.) sw13862 Bidervans V.L. [Doctor or Technical Sciences]., and B.L. Bukhin tRogLueerl. c&1cu;&t&m or Rubberized Pheumetic Shock Absorbers 15 Design or dynamde-vibration rubberized pmusatic shock absorbers and methods of computing optimal pWaneters for the MSSO-Spring system are presented. The use or such shock absorbers in wtor vehicles is also discussed. Krearmtkovi V.I. [Candidate or Tecbnieal Sciences]., and V.I. Snianow [candidate or Technical Sciences]. Construction and Calculation or Continuous Friction-Gear Transmissions 59 The article deals with the design or miultiplekUsk rriction clutches and computation or mechanical power traumdesion narameters, principally those relative to perroruance economics tr-A-etion losses,, torque capacities., etc.). Design improvements am suggested. Nedumov., N.V. [Engineer]. uicuiation or Thin Trapezoidal Mates Fixed (Constrained] Along the Perimeter 109 Card 3/8 Strength Analysis (Cont.) sov/3862 Determination of ultimate load responses in rigidly fixed thin trapezoidal platesand an analysis of tension-compression charac- teristics am presented. Improved formulas for flexure, experi- mentally provens, are deduced. Yelpatlyevskiy, A.N. [Candidate of Technical Sciences]. Determination of the Optimm Length of a Thin-Walled Reinforcing Bar 'Plate] 146 Formulas for stress P,d deflection per type of load av deduced to determine the opt4mm parameters of the reinforcement. SECTION 3:1. 817~ MUMIS OF ion ELUMM Berman,, M.E. (Deceased) [Candidate of Technical Sciencis]. Stresses. in Circular Coils of Round Cross Section Loaded by an Arbitrary System of Forces 155 Strese-strain relations in circular round-vire coils tcoil springs] are studied. A new formala, for computing the transverse stress distribution is deduced. Balkinp V.I. (Engineer]. Determination of the Bending Center in Thick- Walled Shapes 171 Bending-stress computations for an equilibrim condition am presented Card 4/ 8 Strength Analpis (Cant.) SOV/3862 and equations for determining the *center of flexureO deduced. Obodowsklyj, B.A. [Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent]. Flexure of a Hollow Bar of 91liptical Cross Section 182 Tanpollskiys, A.R. (Candidate of Teebalcol Sciences,. Docent]. SoUtion of the Problen of Torsion of a Bar for One Particular Case of Anisotropy 191 YAkbonina.. T.N. [RnOneerl. Slastoplastic State of Strain of an Annular Disk In the Case of Work-Rardening Characterized by Pbver ftnctlon 232 Load' of specimens vmtil the stress enters the inelastic range end the pbenomenon of *train-bardeniM Ivork-baAening] are analyzed for both solid disks and. disks vith a hole in the center. Theoretical. stress-concentration coefficients am, deduced. Card 5/t Strength Analysis (Cont.) SOV/3862 Trwibacbe*,v V,F. (Candidate of Technical Sciences]. Photoelastic Investigation of Stress D:Lstribqtion in Specimens Loaded Under Their Own Weight 226 Uie of photoelasticity ln~determlning the effects of stress concentration and the intensity and direction of the principal stresses In selected ImMels are outlined. SEM= III. CAWMpol 4 FOR DMMMC LOAD AND FM OMARMLM OF CM%Mw.P3Djuu. Makusbin,, VJK. One Case of Stability Calculated for a Compressed Anamlar Disk 236 An individual case of experimental stress analysis is reported. It involves the loading of a coup ased winular disk [circular plate]. Critical load coefficients are deftced and conditions for stability defined. Card 6/8 Strength Awaysis (Cont.) 907/3862 Truabachev, V.P. (Candidate of Technical Sciences]. Photoelastic Investigation of Stress Distribution in Specimens Loaded Under Their Own Weight 226 Uie of photoelasticity in4etermining the effects of stress concentration and the intensity and direction of the principal stresses in selected todels are out3lued. BWTMM In. POR VINAM law AND FOR STABILM OF ZLZNwS Makushinj, VA. One Come of Stability Calculated for a Cmm;r assed, Annular Disk 1 236 An individual case of experiziental stress aml4mis is reported. It involves the loading of a c seed annular disk (circular plate]. Critical load coefficients are deduced and conditions for stability defined. Card 6/8 Strength Analysis (Cont.) sov/3862 Trapezinp I.I. (Candidate of Technical Sciencesp Docent]. Stability Conditions for a Thin Conical Bhell Closed at Top and Under Lateral Hydrostatic Pressure 249 Stsbilit:~ conditions foIr a submrged thin-valled conical shell exposed to hydrostatic pressure acting sidewise upon the cone are analyzed and load limits prior to buckling defined. Bolotin,, V.V, [Doctor of Technical Sciences,, Professorb and G* A. Boychenbo - Wandidate of Faysics and Mathematics,, DDeenti. Investigition of the Phenomenon of Snapping I[Local 4mastic, loss of Stability] in Thin Shells Under the Impact of Dynamic Load 259 Local buckling-snapping strespes effecting thin-walled elastic shells am analyzed and equations for stability conditions derived. Shcheglov, A.A. [Docent], The Problem of Determining Critical [Whirlingl-Speeds of a Sbkft of VaAable Crosi Section Card T/8 Strength Analysis (Cont.) SM13EI02 Values for critical speeds of a rotating shaft am derived and the effects of deflecting forces analyved, AVAUABIR: Library of Congress Card 8/8 AC/pw/me 7-18-60 3/572./60/000/006/002/018 D224/D304 AUTHOR: Bukhin, B. L., Engineer TITLE; Calculating stresses and deformations appearing in pneu- matic tires during their rotation SOURCE: Raschety na prochnOBt'; teoreticheBkiye i eksperimen- tallnyye issledovaniya prochnosti mashinostroitellnykh konstruktsiy. Sbornik statey. No. 6, Moscow, 1960, 56-65 TEXT: Free rotation is assumed and the effect of centrifugal for- ces considered. It is also assumed that the cord threads are not expansible, and that the stresses in the rubber are small compared with those in the threads. Denoting by P the radius of meridian curvature, q the mass of a unit surface of tire, [7 the total poten- tial energy, u the potential of centrifugal forces and p the inter- nal pressure, the intensity of centrifugal force Q and total po- tential energy n are given by Card 1/3 3/572/60/000/006/002/018 Calculating stresses and ... D224/D304 qrS12 (2) V/ and U - PAV (3) The increment of volume of the tire after deformation is determined up to the terms of the second order in the displacements. The pro- blem of the displacements reduces to finding the minimum of the in- tegral with the condition of constant length of the cord; this is an ordinary iBoperimetric problem and the author uses Ritz's method for solving it. The author obtains 4?rpp'r. .1 J k2 0 2 1 + 1 1 12 + j kl + AJ k) (12) 2 3 4 Card 2/3 3/572 60/000/006/002/018 D224 D304 Calculating stresses and ... YM J k + J l + .1 (1 k2+ j 12) = 0 (13) 5 6 2 7 6 where J1 coo ia are constant for a given tire and must be deter- mined numerically, The condition of minimum of fl is formulated and dl/dk is derived from Eq. (12) by differentiation. The system of equations is to be solved by taking different values of k and com- puting 1. Expressions for the forces are derived. An equation for the zero radius is derived which is to be solved graphically. Graphs of the results for a 7.50-16 tire obtained by this method are given and compared with experimental data derived by S. P. Za- kharov; the agreement is found satisfactory. There are 7 figures and 1 Soviet-bloc reference. Qard 3/3 BIDEPWAN9 V.L. (Moskva); QUMIN9 B.L, (Moskva) Calculating critical rolling speed of pneumatic tires. Izv. All SSSR. Otd. tekh.nau Mekh. i mashinostr. no. 1:52-57 Ja-F 161. (MM 34:2) (Tiress Rubber-Testing) S/179/60/000/006/028/036 2081/2135 AUTHORS: Biderman- Ve'L., and Bukhin B#L.9 (Moscow)' TITLE: Equilibrium of Rubber-Card Cylindrical Shells cheskikh PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR,Otdeleniye tekhni nauk- Mekhanika i mashinostroyen iyal-ig6o, No. 6, pp. 156-158 TEXT: ntinuation of previous work in which The paper is a c0 j"(Refs 1,-2) the differential equilibrium equation of a rubber-cord shell of revolution was obtained, neglecting bending strains. In the present paper, the equation for a cylindrical rubber-cord shell In derived, taking'into account the energy of the rubber and ~1'the-bending strains in the rubber-cord.w&ll. It in assumed that the fibres of the cords are inextensible for membrane deformations* The notation is the same as in the earlier paper (Ref.2). All relations for a cylindrical shell can be obtained from those.for a: shell of revol ution (Ref.2) if it is assumed that the distance r - from the axis of revolution is infinite, and in place of the. central angle 0 a new coordinate is taken as the distance on the generators of the cylinder, so that dx rde. The profile ard 1/ 6 B.L.1 PRASHCHIKINq V.N. Tires vith removable tread,-A:0tbpr=* no.2:.44 F 161. (HIPA 24:3) 1 L Nauchno-iosledovatellsidy institut shinnoy prmywaem4tt. (Automobiloo-Tirea) 1~ : BIDEFMMp V.L.; MUINp B.L. Methods for calculating stresses and strain in the elements of a pasumatic tire. lauch.1 res. 20 no.3:15-20 Mr t6l, (MIRA .14:3) 1. Nauelmo-issle"tel I skiy inatitut shinnoy promyWaonnosti. (TiresplRubter-Testing) (Strains and stresses) BIDERMAN, Vadim LIvovich; GUSLITSSR~ Ruvim LIvovich; ZAKFI00V, Sergey Petrovich; IqENAKHUV, Boris Viktoravich; SELEZNRV, I-van Ivanovich; TSUKERBERG, Solomon Maksimovich; B~KHRj,_B,.L",.red.; KOGAN, V.V., tekbn. red. [Motor-vehicle tirfts; design, construction, testing, and operation] Avtomobillmye shirW i konstruk-tsiia, rascbet, ispytanie.. ekspluatatsiia. [By] V.L.Biderman i dr. Mo- skva, Goskhimizdat, 1963. 382 p. (MIU 16:12) (Motor vehicles-Tires)