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NKU-,, Pnrio Alek�IA"Arvy~Oj GIAZYRINA, D.M.,, red.; YOSKITICHEVA,, L.N.,, red.; ROROKINA, Z.P.p tekbn. red, (Dominant species in the plant cover of the SovrtUnion) Domi- nanty raBtitelinogo pokrova Sovetskogo Soiuzap Alma-Ata, Izd-vo Aked. nauk Kazakhakoi SSR. Vol.2. 1962. 1+34 P. (MIRA 15:6) (Plant pom=nities) BYKOV,, B.A,. -- -- --- Method for nam"in associations. Bot.zhur. 47 nt),2:233-236 F 162. OWA 15:3) 1. Institut bDtaniki AN Kazakhokoy SSR, Alm-Ata. i (Botany-N=enclature) -, --- -1 BYKOV, B.A. (Moskva) "Annual flowering plants." no-4:123 Ap 162. Reviewed by B.A. Bykov. Priroda 51 (MIRA 15:4) (Annuals (Plants)) -BYKOV, B'.A. (Moskva) HBerry garden- by A.G. Reznichenko, Re~viewed by B.A, Ilykov;:g) Priroda 51 no.9:100 S 162. Mmk I (Berries) (Reznichenkop A~Go) - - --V BYKOV, B.A. Composition ofsome formatims and series. Trudy Inst. bot. AN Kazakh. SSR 13:3-27 162. (MMA 15:12) (Phytosociology) BYKOV, B.A. (Moskva) "Role of larch in increasing the productivity of forests" by V.P. Timofeev. Reviewed by B.A. Bykov, Priroda 51 no.7:122-123 J1 162. (MIRA 15:9) (larch) (Timofeev., V.P.) BYKOVY B.A. Some on the thin forevt~ J.-i "he III Valley. B-iuj. MlP.Otd.b-'(jl. 67 -,io.4/:101-108 Jl-fl-,. (14111A 15:10) I (YLI VALLEY-FORIU:Z! BYKO~, B,A. (Moskva) Ferns In a room, Priroda 51 [i.e. 521 no.5:117-118 163, WFLA 16z6)- O~rns) (House plants) DMT, B. A. Flavor cultivation and landscape gardening. Priroda 0 io.11: 41-46 1 '55. (NIM 9:1) (Moscov-Yloriculturo)(Moocow--Landucaps gsxdeuing) USSWCultivated Plimts. Dccoratiw~ Plants. jr Lbs Jour 11(~f Zhur-Biol., No 157 19582 63435 Author Bykov, B. Inst TitL) Toa Bush Plant in th, Roon. Orirr PuJo : Priroda, 1957, No 71 107-108 0 lLbst2l~ct : It i's indicatcd that it is -oossiblu to use a toa bush, espacially th--- tndi,'in varicty of toa bushos as rooja plants. The conraitions Y!hich aro required for t1rio cultivation of these plants ar~.:.duscribcd (such as c.--,Yiposi- tion o--.--' th,-; soil, fortilizars to be used, illumination to be craployed7 etc.). The J- Uca bush can ro-oroducc frori seod7 frun. grzfs, and also from ok.-L'shoots. Thu differcint mothocIs C ar d 1/2 USSII/Cvltivat,~)d Plants. Dccoj?,Ybivo PlOnts. 1~bs Jour Rel' Zhur-Biol., 157 195'; 6'435 thich naw, be usecl in ordai? to ro-o.,oducc; the tca bush Ylant seed cl,scrib~A. -- T. L. Braytseva Card 2/2 215 AUTHOR: By (Moscow) 26-58-6-34/56 TITLE: The UssaUwa Violet (Uzambarskaya f ialka) PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1956, Nr 6, p 108-109 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article deals with a violet variety which grows in the 7Usambam mountains. It was imported from Tanganyika, East Africa, and has become a very popular indoor plant. Card 1/1 There is I photo. 1. Botany AUTHOR: Bykov, B.A. SOV-26-50-8-28/51 TITLE: An Invaluable Perennial Plant (Nezamenimyy mnogoletnik) PERIODICAL; Priroda, 1958, Nr 8, pp 108-109 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Peonias are regarded as the best of perennial flowers. They are winter resistant. The soil in which they grcw should be fertilized by bone.meal, phosphorites, wood ashesq etc. The richest collecti6n of these flowers is in Main Botai,.iical Carden of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Several new varieties have been bred there. In the Botanical Garden of Moscow University new varieties have also been developed. In the Leningrad Botanical Garden of the Botanical Institute imeni V.L,. Komarov of 'the USSR Academy of Sciences a dendritic variety has been bred which is winter resistant. There is I photo. 1. Peo-R--!es--G-,rovtb---USSR 2. Fe.T-tilizc-rs-.-Applicat.-ILons Card 1/1 30(l) SOV/26-59-5-32/47 AUTHOR: Bykov, B.A. (Moscow) TITLE: The Fragrant Cyclamen PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1959, Nr 5, p 112 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes -the merits of a European cyclamen, which is distinct from hybrid cyclamens. The former flowers from early May till late in the autumn. Its luxurious flowers have a sweet fragrance. During this period, it should be kept in the shade and well watered. In winter it should be transfer- red to a cool place indoors. It easily propagates either by seeds or by planting a branch in a turfy soil. Card 1/1 (Moskya) SquIll an a house plant. Pr1roda 49 no-5:105-106 Mr 160. (MIM 13:5) (Squill) - - - - m Story about a valuabln crop. Priroda 49 no-11-56-58 N 160. (XIRA 13:11) (Gorn (Imhize)) BYIDV B A (Moskva) tree& Priroda 50 no.1:3-14 Ja 161, (KIRA 2413.) 7, .. (Dwarf fruit trees) BYKOVI B.A. (Moskva) OftebroomoN by N.G.Gromov. Reviewed by B.A. Bykcyv. Pfiroda 90 no.ltIZ3 Ja 161. (M A us 1) (Musbroom culture) (Gromovp N.G.) r- BYKOVp B.A. (Moskva) Artichoke. Priroda 50 no. 3:90-91 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:2) (Artichokes) BYKGV, B.A. (Moskva) -, I Northern grape. llrlroda 50 no,3.-122 W 161. (HOA 14:5) (Gooseberries) BYKOV9 B.A. (Moskva) ViUmin coxioentrate in the crop row. F~riroda 50 no.6:11c) je 161. (14DA 14:5) (Npper) BYKOV, B.A. (Mo- ....................... Iter-ent developments in fruit and berry culture. Priroda ... 50 no.9022-123 5 161a .(MIRA .14:8) 1- (Bibliography-Pruit culture) MOV, B.At_(Moskva) Factpry - #rdws PeLroda 52 no.2s8l-85 163. (NMA 2602 (House plants) (Moscow region-Landscape gardwing~ BINOV, B. A. "On the Altai steppe formation centre." report submitted for the 10th Intl Botanical Cong, Edinbur6h, 3-12 Aug 64. AS KazSSR. DYKOV., B.B. Cupboard terrarium. Biol. v shkole no.3:86-88 1~7-Je 162. (I-MM 15:7) L Shkola-internat. 14o.110 Leningrad. (Terrariums) KOVKAK, K.D., insh., red.; 'R~B ~jr~zh., red.; MWITS, A.P. red.isd-va; LAGMINA. I.K.. [Instruction for sounting bolted joints of buabars and their connecting with contact leads of apparatus) Instruktsiia pa montashu boltovykh sosainanii shin i prisoodinenil 1kh k kontaktym vvvodam apparatov. V1 3-57/KS RSFSR. Koskra, Goa. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit.. arkhit. i stroit.matarialam, 1958. 53 P. (MIRA 12:8) 1. Russia (1917- R.S.F.S.R.) Glavnoye upravleniye po pro- izvodatvu elektromontaxhnykh rabot, (Due conductors (Blectricity)) BOYCIMNXO, V.I., inxb.;BYKOVP B-l-, Insh. Aggembling box-shaped bus bars. Nov.tekh.mont.'A' spets.rab.v atroi. 21 no.?!11-14 JI 159. (MIRA JZ:10) 1. Leningra6skoys proyek-tno-eksperisentallnoye Welenlys Gosudaretvanno" institute, "Tymbpromelel-troproyakt." 'Nun conductors (Blectricity)) BOYCBENKC,, Vjadixir 1vanovich; BYI,-OV, Boris Fedorovich; - I MROMCIMM, G.Ye., TTa. ---- [Joining of alumirmm conductors and the connecting of them to electrical. equipment terminals] Soedinenie aliu- minevykh provodnikov i prisoedinenie ikh k w1vod-wa elek- trooborudovaniia. Moskva- Energiia, 196,. 75 p. (Biblio- teka elektromontera, no.-L.;13) :,,, (MIRA 17:9) BYKOV., B.I.; PAUS, K.F..; AZIMOV, P,K. Narrowing the well bore in the drilling of deep wells. Neft.khoz. 41 no.10:61-64 0 163. (MIJ - ]?:4) t BYKOV, Boris,Vladimirovich; SMTS, VA. ,~: [grganizing hig4ly productive collective labor in the plant] Opyt organizatail vysokoprol!gvGdltellnogo kollektivnogo truda na zavodo. Sverdlovsk, Go*. nauchno-tekhn. ind-vo mashinostroit. i sudostroit lit-ry. [Uralo-Sibirskoi) otd-niel 1953. 40 p. (MLRA 7165 (Labor productivity) BYKOV, Boris Vladim iiroTich, ekonomist; VOL'SKIY, V.S., inzhener; KOVALEY, F., inzhe- ner, laureat Stalinskoy premii. [Generalization and comprehensivel.'irtroduction of Stakhanovite practice; initiative of innovators of the Sverdlovsk Order of the Red Banner of Labor OPhevmostroisashina" named after Ordzhonikidze] Oboshchenie i komplekenos vnedrenie stakhanovskogo opyta; pochin novatorov Sverdlovskogo ordena trudo- vogo krasnogo snameni 2avoda Oftevmostroimashinam im. Ordzhonikidze. [Sosta- viteli: B.T.*kov i V.S.Vollskii] Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashino- stroit.lit-ry, 1953. 46 p. (NUA 6 -.7 ) 1. Sverdlovskiy Orden& trudovogo krusnogo znameni zavod "Phevmostroimashina" imeni Ordzhonikidze. (Building machinery industry) K USSR/Cultivatle Piants - Grains, Y-2 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 3, 1958, 107157 Author : Bykov, B.V. Inst Title The Effect of the Date of Mineral Fertilizer ApplicaTion on the Formation of the Rice Yield. Orig Pub Kratkiye itogi nauchn.-issled. raboty za 1955 god. Krasnodar, "Sov. Kuban.", 1956, 73-74. Abstract On the e)Teriments.1 plots of the Uzbek Rice F-y-perimental Station fertilizers (P. &,nd P.) were applied before sx-ring the rice and every ten &kys after the beginning of the 6ha- se of ftill germination) calculating 150 kilograms of /deys- t,ruyashcheye nachalo/ per hectarb. The best time for fer- tilization *Droved t'o be the -period between full ge-:rination and the bellinning of /kushcheniye/. If added later, the fertilizer had no positive effect on the rain panicle, although it led to a slioit increase in the number of ears Card 1/1 /koloski/ on the secondary /bokovyye/ panicles. USSR / Cultivated Plants. Grains. Legumes. Tropical M-1 Cereals. 0 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologlya, No 2, 1959, No. 6252 effect of the time of fertilizer application on the yield of grain are given. Card 2/2 31 4, n BYKOV, B. V., Can Bio Sci -- "Physiolojy of the water ,Ly, bb~T W jiftLar of rice V* inundation and moistening irrigations." MOB, 1961. (Acad Sci USSR. Inat of Physiol of Plants Im K. A. Timiryazev) (KL, 8-61, 236) - 137 -- LEBZIN,, Ye.V.; GRISHCHENKO, Yu.A.; KUSHNIROV, I.V.; -BYKOV, B.Ye.; ____ BEGMETOV., E. Mubareck gas-oil basin in western Uzbekistan. Geol. nefti i gaza 8 no.12:55-59 D 162. (MM 18:2) 1. Institut geologii i razrabotki neftyanykh i gazovkh mestorozh- deniy AN Uzbekskoy SSR i trest Karshineftegazrazvedka. BYKOV3- B.Z., inzh.; DVORNIKOV, A.L., kand.tekhn.nauk, dotsent; SE14IBFUrOV, --, N.'-N., kand.tekhn.nauk, dotsent Methods for calculating the kinematic indices in the grinding and polishing of spherical surfaces. fTrudyl MVTU no.llb$!27-39 162. (KnIA 16:6) (: ~~ - 'i. -, L j. -,, ;.,.! polishing) . z -c - BYKOVIJ D, 4"Mw, Within a ymr. Prou, koop. 12 no,2:15 7 158. (Km 11:1) 1. Predesdatell pravlenl7a artall *Progress."' (Stallask-lhoo industry) I - BYKOV D.L. aspirant Soma problems in the axis.-rnotric deformation o-r an inclined spherical shell. Nauch.dokI.vys.shkoly; strol. n0.3:63-75) 158. (MIM 12:7) 1. Rekomendovana Itafedroy teorli uprugosti Yloskovs'~ogo Cosudarstvon- no-o universiteta imeni N.V. Lononosova. (Elastic plates and shells) BYKOV, D.B. " - ~t'7-_, , - , 4~ , , e,-- . Tom and thirty-five Ici.gan-filled cables. Blek.sta.27 me.6:62 Jo 1156. (KMA 9: SO l.Nachallalk Glavkabelya. (Electric cables) NOSOV 'A~V.; B KISENISHSKIT, I., radaktar; NATAPOV, M., [Zectric spark method of working metalej Blaktroiab-ovaia obrabotka matallov. Moskva, Toes. kooperativnoe izd-vo, 1953. 3.63 p. (MLRA 7:7) (Blectrio spark) (Metals--Finishing) s/lio/6o/ooo/oil/007/012 9194/E484 AUTHOR: 'Bykov, D.V., Engineer TITLE: Contribution to the Article "Low-Temperature Vulcanization of Tough Rubber Cable -5heathall PERIODICAL: Vestnik elektropromyshlennoatt, 196 . No.11, P.61 TF.XT: This brief satisfactory at low electrical reasons temperature methods note states that although ;ubber alone is often temperatures polyethylene%'~`may be necessary for and accordingly the development of low of vulcanization is welcomed. Card 1/1 BYKOV) V.inzh, Op"Udmmm transparency of 1hydraul.4-c! torque converters operating in ,I V, .,2,2 conjunction with Intarnal combustion eng~Lnes. Trud- -- 63 t 6 /+. Ozmparicon evaluation of engine--17draulic pover systems. ibid.t6,1- 71 (mn 17:!10) BYKOV P B. Optimum distribution of complex production into monthly tasks. Pod org 27 no.10:472-473 0 163. BYKOV - G,A. - RYASNYYJ G.K.; SHPINEL', V.S. Mos3bauer spectra in tho presence of cluctric ouadrupole and magnel,ic interactionn. Fiz. tver. tela 7 no.6tl657-1662 Jo 165. (MIRA 18~6) 1. Moskovskly gc,sLdarstvennyy universitel. inent Lomcnosova, G.A. Inzh. CIale.ilUtion- of axial-flow oosq)ressor ste4se-using-generalized, dependences. Teploanergetiks. 12.nti.11% 79~81. . N. 165, ~ - (MIRA l8tIO) 1. Odesakly tokhnologicheakiy inatitut imeni M.V. Lomononove.. BYKOVY Fedor Adrianovich ( Molotov State U imeni GorIkiy) - Academic degree of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, based on his defense, 27 January 1955, in the Council of the Inst of Socialist Agriculture of the Acad 3 )ci BSSR, of his dissertation entitled: "Sugar Beet Cultivation in the Ural Regions." Academic degree and/or title: Doctor of Sciences SO: Decisions of VAK, List no. 1, 7 Jan 56, Byulleten' MVO SSSR, Uncl. JPRS/NY-548 30(6) AUTHOR: Bykov F S SOV/30-59-1-24/57 TITLE: News in Brief (Kratkiye soobahcheniya) Scientific Cooperation Petween the Academies of Sciences of the USSR and the People's Republic of China (Nauchnoye sotrudnichestvo akademiyami nauk SSSR i KNR) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Nr 1, pp 112 - 113 (USSR) ABSTRACT: As a result of the agreement for scientific cooperation, Prof essor RU XOIX-hs5a~ Head of the Sektor drevney istorii Kitaya 1-go Instituta istorii Akademii nauk KNR (Section of History of Antiquity in China, 1st Institute of History, Academy of Sciences, Cff), stayed two-and-a-half months at the Institut kitayevedeniya Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Sino- logy, Academy of Sciences USSR). The Professor is an authority in the field of deciphering antique inscriptions on tortoise- shells. He gave lectures on the problems of examining in- scriptions on bones and shells. The Professor also traveled to Leningrad where he visited the otdeleniye Instituta vostokovede- id~& ('- 'of +&jj InitItlitg jDf 0jjqdt&]: Stoieg) an4- gaVe lectures. Card 1/1 Branch 7( Lvp(b)7r6T iYM apw M: AR5015178 tM/013T/65/0)3/OO5/DO35/1)035 'be* 5M2. SOURM, Ref. zb,, Metanurgim A -AUTHOR: Ro _EggenflEt.1. d, N. Bo;,B0A F.,M.; EMMatnikov, A* V,,., MgUe F. D.; I s!rqkblnj_i3. A.; Flh)m3 VMX: 1wreas:bV. accuracy in Atle production of thin vaUed tta~es ~n a typt Ilk :automatic avparaitAls trUbo -.Vvp. 2e M., FSeta.Uurg4in.. .1964 `84-~88 tu TOPIC TAIM: mets.1 lae' matal boring, mMing irwhine, betalvorking machine)' 4 aute-matic apparatus MIMMATIM, 7-v article a.the~-pooslbility` of manuft~turing Woes -, diamters of 76J. 83L, and 69: with a wall thicknesa of 3.25 x= %mder existing technoloQy. A atady was made of tb-- irdluence of the form of t1w boring instniTent on the accuracy ol the wall thialmesa of xvned tubes, and the iLcPed-lenay of asi-ag an automatic mill bit, vith an "ovalization" of 0,04-1.06 is pobV~ed out. It i s established that idith a redi6tribution of the deformation bet-WeE'11 the first and secgnd ma-seVe of an aUtowatie =M (tbat lop vith a decrease j'61i the diffe-mace Car , I BYKOV. G.. inzh. Apparatus for assembly operations. Stroitel' no.11:19-22 W ,61. (MIRA 15:1) (Building machinery) BYKOV, G., podpolkovnik Communication In a rifle company. Voen. vest. 41 no-2:32-33 F 162. (MIRA 15:3) (Communications, Military) BYKOV) G. Advanced excavator operators. Stroitell 8 no.6:1:L,.14 Je 162. (IURA 15:7) (Excavation) BYXCV, G. n__~ Corn in Transballmlia. Prof.-tekh.obr. 20 no.2sl2 F 163. (HM 16s2) 1. Inspektor ehitinskogo oblastpogo upravleniya professionallno- tekbnicbeskogo obrasovaniya, (Tranobaikalia--Corn (Maize)) 1. .-. Efficient aid to compulsory education. Prof.-tekh. obr. 20 no.12M D 163. (MIRA 17;1) 1. Inspektor Chitinskogo oblastnogo upravleniya professionallno- I tekhnicheskogo ebrazovaniya. BYKGV; G.A.- FAM ZUI KHIYEK Calculating the parameters of the experimental spectrum of resonimce absorption of gamma-quanta in crystals. Zhur. eksp. i teor. fiz. /+3 no.3:909-918 162. (MIRA 15'.10) 1. Institut yadernoy fiziki MDskovskogo gosudarstvennogo univerviteta. (Gamdar.-rayw-Spectra) (Crystal lattices) PODGORITY, I. M., CIRNATIV, S. A., BYKOV, G.-A.,.-and PISIMONY) V. D. "Investigation of the Proceus of Electrodynamic Acceleration of Clumps of Plasma." (11). (Work carried out In 1957); Part I was published previously (L. A. Artsimovich, S. Yu. Lixklyanov, I. N. Podgorny, S. A. Chuvatin, Journal of a-perimental & Theoretical Ph,jsics, 33, 3, 1957; pp- 222-234- "The Physics of Plasmas; Problems of Controlled Shermonuclear Reactions;" Vol. IV. 1958, published by inst. Atomic Energy, Acad. Sci. USSR. resp. ed. M. A. Leontovich, e(litorial work V. 1. Kogan. Available in Library. M&ZOV, Yu.A.; BYMVi ~WAVILIYIVA. R.A. Operation of KOME-145 machines. Taket. prom. 19 no-7:36-38 J31. 159. (NIRA 12:13.) (Spinning machinery) PETROVt P.N._; BYKOV, G.A. Favorable outcome in treatment of arteriomesenterial thrombosis. Xhirurgiia 35 no*9:109-111 159. (MIRA 13312:1 (MESENTERY-BLOOD SUPPLY) (THRCKBOSIS) (AIRTICOAGULANTS) S/056/62/043/003/027/063 B102/BI04 AUTHUS: Bykov, G. A., Fam Zui Khuyen TITLi~" Calculation of the parameters of the experimentai quantum; resonance absorption 3pectrum in cryst4ls PERIODICAL: ZburrPI)eksperi6entallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v..43, no. 3(9 ,.1962, 909-918 TE~T: Some gene.ral formulas are derived res'onanoe ab-, Gorption in crystals for single and split lines. Self-absorption in the wliich 1~ considered as moving, is taker. into account.. For a source, source without, self-absorption, the spectrum cafi be described by 8 (Y) afK (CA) X (CAMIX (CA) 12 + YSI-.. (17) w i t h KICA) X (CA) j e--'A 13 10 (CA/2) (19). f Curd 1/8 Calculation of the i,arameterg With self-absorpiion the following hold: K (CA) X (CA CS) a/ (CA, '-,)Is+ 8/056/62/043/00)/027/063 B102/BI04 R (CA) K (CO PAs CS)" 1( (CA) + K (U,) - K (CA + C,,) I f n. a fln For C J( (25) (19). C = slPsa A 0 A 21b + 00 = ~-I- N7F (24) A (2r) probabilityeof t-quantum emission (absorption) *ithout recoil; x E-E 0)/(j_/2)t ii; - nergy ofte-quantum, Bo - energy of resonance level, r/2 level half-width; IaIb -spins of ground and exdited nuclear levels; C ard 2/~B , S/056 62/043/003/027/063 B102/~104 Calcul"Lion of the parameters ),-/;quantum wave length, r6diative width,of level; n LlIW L Ci't/(1+(XA.)) 2 shift of the :i-th bom onent with respect p Uo acertain energy; C relative intensity of the i-th iA~PiCA' I component. 04) with (25) hold for at least all C Ay ds 2 ID D 4C]; the spectrum has a minimum at y 4/2 and two symmetrically positioned maxima at Y1.2 A/2 '/q (A3 -- 2 [D JfD3 --4CI (43). T,he distance between the peaks is given~by obs 2 /3-2 (Aobs/A) = 1-2 [D I'D - 4 C For extremal absorption E2 W; e, (45) holds. There are 5 figures. Card 7/8 S/056/62/043/003/027/06.--5 Calculation of the parameters B102/B104 ASSOCIATION: Institut yadernoy fiziki Moskovskoio gosudarotvennogd universiteta (Ini;titute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow Stat,-w University) SUBi4ITTED: March 1,2, 1962 Card 8/a 5,3 7 7 5/056/63/044/001/044/067 Biu/Bie6- AUTHORs Bykov,, G, A. TITLEs Effect of inneroryntalline fields on the shape of khe gavas. resonanoe absorption spectrum PERIODICIALs Zhurnal eksperimentalinoy i teoreticheakoy fisikit i. 44j, no. .1, 1963, 249 2.57 TEXTs Since tho nuclear-level-splitting in the lattice field has been ob- served experimentaliyo the interBotions between nucleus -and inuercrystal line fields and their effects on gamma resonance absorption spectra became of special interest. The author studies the joint effect of static. and dynamic lattice fields (V.V(C)) + V(t))on the shape of this spectrum, J*e* quadrupole interaction between nucleus and lattice field and nualear inter-.' action with the radiation field are simultaneously taken into account. While the eigenvalues of the operator of the static quadrupole interaction (O) (0) tensor, are determined by the anisotropy coefficient 9 of the V ik (0) 9 V(o) 11 ~+/3, where (V(O) . V(P))/V(O) is the asyj=etry factor, ` 2 zz xx YY zt Card 1/4 S/056/63/044/001/044,/067 Effect of innererystalline fields ... B102/B166 the tensor of the variable field is given by V ik(t) V a (tat + wh6re ws is the phonon frequercy and Vit(W.) and arig amplitude and phase. The nucleus considered is assumed to have its ground state of spin 1/2- and the excited, state of spin 3/2. The Hamiltonian of the quad-rupole interaction between nucleus and the harmonic field is sek'Up-as A .A i tj + R+ H (t) - !a'expL oj swexPL-iostj. The harmonic field is,taken at a per- turbation and'the effect-,that its nuclear interaction exerts on the .spectral characteris ties., of the resonance transition is investigated using a system of equations obtained from the SchrOdinger equation in the B-a &0e. linear'approximation with respect to the perturbation paramet er (00 the absorption spectrum is obtained as WA (x) J2N(d,p)P (D(,v d/2) (I + dgF(.,c d/2; Xd/2; p)+~ p%P(x + d/2; x + d/2) 11 + a'F(x +d12; x+ d/2; P) + -d/2;P)l +D(x + d12; x + dJ2; p) 1) where X; A(O) d; P; Card 2114 3/05 63/044/001/044/067 Effect of innercrystalline fields ... B102YBI86 D (x) 1 /(1 + x2), (x,y,-,) D (x - i) 4- D (x + 42L) (x) z) - I I D (y 4); x (Ix (j, [x(y- N (d,p).= n{1 +8aE Ui) +4P2 IE (d +P) +E (d-P)!)- (1) x'l(xl -4- 4)2. 2 2 a and are the diagonal parameters.of the*dynauic 2 2 _j 1) quadrupole interaction (a +P - WW), ~/(F/2), A is the splitting in'.. .the statia field. For a static axiaymmetric field p2 (LQ-)' + (2,Qr 2r and the sufficient condition for (12) becomes A< The field effects art + aD studied on th.6 integral width of the'spectrum vent WA(x)dx/xWA(O) and OD on the half-width K 1/2"int - '1/2 oh,racterizes the deviation from diapersivity. The temperature effect on the spectrum is stw~led under Card 3/4 S/056/63/044/001/044/067 Effect of innerarystal?.ine fields... B102/11186 strongly simplifying assumptions (Phys.. Rev. 125, 1537, 1962).. The result reads IV., (X) ID (x d 2) 1'+ CT.1, H (x d 2) + 2 N (d) 11 (x + d / 2)] + d/2) I +Ce T T d 2)) (22) + D (x 4 H (x + d 2) + 0?., (W) H r (d) I +CTUA (W) , C= .(24) F d3 16 At AS pt'SRS H(X) 1-2D(x)';. 9 - Debye temperature; Q - crystal density, the els are geometrical fuctors whose subsoriptB A and 1111. refer to diagana~ and off- diagonal.. Thera are 4 figures. ~t:ASSQCIATIONI Institut yadernoy f.iziki Moskovskogo gosudarstvannogo unJ.- versiteta (Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State. University SUBMITTEDi July 18, 1962 Card 4/4 VOLYNSKIY, Yu.D.k B]EOVj,.A., (Askva) _ _ ~- Mthod of puncturing the left atrium through the interauricular septum. Eksperkhir. i anest. no.2:16-18163. (MIU -16:7) 1. -1 (CARI)JAC CATMERIZATION) BYKOV, G.A., inzh.; BIRFELID, A.G., in2h.; GENDELIMAN, B.R., inzh.; YWORYCHEV, G.M., inzh.; KRICHEVSKIY, G.M., inzh.;: PISTRAK, M.Ya., inzh.; TAYTS, A.A.~ kand. te4hn. nauk; FRIMES, A.P,, inzh.; GOLIDIN, Ya.A., glav. red.;IITANOV,A.N.,red.; LANOVSKAYA, M.R..V red. izd-va; DOBUZHINSKAYA, L.V,, [Electric power engineering]Elektroenergetika. [B3r]G.A.Bykov i dr. Moskva, Metallurgizdat, 1962. 190 (MIRA 16:4) (Electric motors) (Automatic control~6 (Metallurgical plaints-Electric equipment) L W-66, an(l)l ijp(c) 170 Wi6i o1456o YWO18 -~E a AP5 1/65/007/006/:L6~j/ifi. AU~.O~ VOS6, JAUTHORS: Bykov,, G. A. Ryasnyy, G. X.1 Shpinell, V. Se !TITLE: Mossbauy�;er' ~aDee W'i~!Vlrbee presence of electric quadrupole and p ,,magnetic interactions iSOURCE: Fizika tverdogo, tela, v. 7, ho. 6,' 1965, 1657-1662 ITOPIC TAGS: Mossba uer effect,,-tin, electric quadrupole interaot,ion, Imagneuco interaction line splitting,,doublet structure J, 1ABSTRACT: It is shown theoretidally-that a method in which an ex-, iternal magnetic field is applied to a,-polyarystalline absorber ~capable of producing a-doublet due t:0 quadrupole splitting *,Aelds in- Iformation capable of explaining the, nature of the quadrupole inter- jaction, permits measurement of the Mftgnetic moment of the excited Istate of the Mossbauer nucleus., peniftts determination of the magni- Itude. of the quadrupole splitting, and permits determination of-'the ;asymmetry coefficient,of the electric field gradient and of the sign lof the quadrupole interaction constant. The experiments were carried,- L 1606-66 ACCESSION NR: AF50i456o 2 out with an:Sn02 source of. thickness,, and emission hall., width of 0-75 � 0.05 V6/se a The absorber was (06H 5)SnCl2, of thick- 2 ness 150 mg/cm The absorber was sealed in Plexiglass and placed in a magnetic field. The gamma quanta.were registered with a scintil- lation counter. The absorption spectrum was measured for an external magnetic field of. 24.2 + 0.7 kOe. Ulie absorption spectrum exhibited la resonant behavior due to'the two-component nature of the central peak, making it poBs'ible -to.determine the magnetic Ta0ment of the ex- 119 Icited state of the.Sn nue lieus. It'. is shown theoretically that the I ies*in the presence ;MossbaueT spectra exhibit certain, 'common propert iof electric quadrupole',and magngtic interactions. From the ratio !of the intensities of the outer peaks 'to the Ogntral one (which alway4 I lexceed6d 0-5) it is deduced unambiguc!usly, that the Interaction oausing the doublet structure of the. spectrvti.:of the absorber is quadrupole nature,. Furthermore, it is shown that the signs of the ne'tic !moments of the ground and.excited states of the nucleus (SnT16) are lopposite.. 91 thank N. N..Delyagin for participating In a discussion Card 2/3 CRIGORYAN., N.Yli.j MOVt G*A, U~- Role of the aiso of the dofect in intorvantrimLlar com-uAcaticne an a factor datundnIM howdynwaic disordern. Zlvjro okaps i k3ln. mode 5 nos314^3-30 90. (IOU 19:1) VOLYMKIY, Yu.D,; BAGRAMYAN., I.G.; TSYB, A..F.;_LqKOL G.A. Characteristics of-t-he systolic phase of-the right ventricle in patients with acquired heart defects. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. nau~i 16 =6703-6? J3. 163o ' , . .(MiRA 16:11) 1, Inatitut khirurgil imeni A.V. Vishnevsk9go AM SSSR .9 Moskva i Inst#ut kardiologii. i serdschnoy khirurgii AMN SSSR. 31L- 1--~r Y/C- C- V~l C-- . I& , BYKOV,. G.B. .(a. Ust I -Usm Komil ASSR) k-. Twenty years of work In the Far lDrth. Felld. I skush. 22 no.3,1: 57-58 N '57. (MMA~ 11:2) (ZiEffAROV, IVAN VABILISTICH) S/133/62/000/01P/001/012 A054/A127 AUTHORS: Yefimov, V.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Legenchuk, V.I., Sivtsov, G.V., Konovalov, I.M., Bykov, G.D., - Engineers TITLE. Top-pouring steel under slag PERIODICAL: Stal', no. 12, 1962, 1,07-4 .- 1,078 TEXT: To improve the quality of the surface of top-poured low-carbon steel ingots, the processes taking place at the contact-surfaces of metal, slag and in-' got-mold have been investigated at the Cherepovetskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod (Cherepovetsk Metallurgical Plant). The quali 'ty of the ingot surface is known to 4epend on the size of the liquid metal meniscus forming at the place of contact between mold wall and metal. The radius of this convex meniscus depends on the surface stresses,at the bouindary between metal and liquid slag. It was found that addition of synthetic slags on the mold bottom considerably improved the con- ditions of skin formation and, consequently, also the quality of the metal sur- face. For, if the slowly rising metal is covered by a low-smelting slag layer, the latter will protect the metal against oxidation and cooling, it will adsorb Card 1/4- S/133/62./ooo/012/001/012 TopLpouring steel under slag A054/A127 the high-smelting reduction pr6ducts and prevent the creasing of the skin. The. liquia slag penetrates between the metal meniscus and:the mold wall and forms a heat-insulating-layer. This will cause the skin of the metal to cool down more slowly and will redu6e the shrinkage stresses. The slag composition must ensure a heat-insulating layer of optimum thickness between mold wall and ingot. The greater the meniscus radius, the!thicker the slag crust will be. The optimum surface tension of the slag must be determined experimentally. The required vis- cosity of the synthetic slag can be ensured by addition of liquefiers. Moisten- ing of the mold wall-tends -to thicken-the solidifying slag layer. It is advisa- a'i -~ ble to co ~e mold wall with a,substance of high surface tension, such as aque-m ous graphite suspension or lime milk. The method has been applied in the top- pouring of CT.3cn (St-3sP), 3T (3t) and 19.r (19G) low-carbon grades. The following slag compositions were tested: A B.; C D E Components, % cupola furnace slag 100 go 95 '93 fluorite 24 - 10 5 7 Grain size, mm 1-0 3-0 3-0 5-2 3-0 Card 2/4 S/133/W000/0WO01/0112 Top-pouring steel under slag A054/AI27 A B C D E Chemical composition, % CaO 20.0 26.7 24.2 24.2 30-1) S'02 15.2 43.2 39.0 43-0 4o.5 A1203 22.8, 18.9 17.1 12.9 10.9 CaF2 38.o - 9.5 4.6, 6.5 FeO 2..0 5.6 5~O 9.7 7.0 MgO M 2.0 1.8 1.7 2.1 MnO - 3.6 3.4 3.9 3.0 Surface te'nsion 425 428 421 402 403 (calculated, dyne/cm) i Slag was fed into the mold prior e tests it was also added onto to pouring, in som the metal surface during pouring. To accelerate the smet1ting of the slag, the the quantity of fluorite was raised to 25%; at the beginniAg of the tests amouA4 of slag added was 60 - 80 kg, later this was reduced to 40 kg (3 kg/ton), becausw!~' when greater amounts were added, th~ bottom part of the ingot deteriorated. The4`: favorable effect of the new method can be seen from a comparison of the defect percentages of conventional and slag-poured ingotst the amount of cracIcs and Carti 3/4 S/133/62/000/012/001/01'c:. Top.!pouring steel under siag A054/AlZI fissures in the latter was reduced by a factor of 4, -~.hl~t of scales by a factor of 6. The labor consumption for cleaning the 13.6-ton'~labs poured under slag decreased by a factor of mote Thai 2. The article coxitaiins formulae for the cal.- culation of the forces involved',in* the formation of th~e.meniscus and the,slag layer. There are 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: In'stitut ispol'zova'niya gaza AN USSR (Institute of Gas-Utiliza-r, ion of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainskaya SSR) and Cherepovet- skiy metallurgicheskiy zavod (Cherepovetsk Metallurgical Plant) Card 4/4 STEPANENVO, L.T.; BYKOV, G,.D.; SOSIPATROV, V.T.; TAT IYANSHCH- KOV, A.G. Rapid top pouring of steel, Metalltrg 10 no.8:19-20 Ag 165. (MIRA :18: 8) 1. CherepovetskJy metallurgiclieskly zavod. _70 b) $56 P HWI, UR/b133/65/ODQ/O()8/07Z~0$ AC tit tratroviry'! 'I A, 0. Go --Do Son TITLE le arbon'ste9l for thim coI44onstV 1965 701j,,M_: .,TOPIC-'TAG9r'4' b*:UL4't-_kV Ote I App~,,, at 4;.MuriQ/ 08 kp oteelp ).S,kp ai;691;,' '~o emi*413* -carbon &LUX' for, 46W iiOn pialed low Al ad'- thee"3,ope x a3ao ra a e- and,.two. yo were do In n as ibei Ue g"t 'k~oa Jpgredio~ti,.As for or#nary boilitig' fur=. t"Iluf~ tiA in .an .himou a le'i gra. i"MIL'I~- ozoop nu3A 'a6bon"o at) 14ib 'Addid m0 Urinj ;~ie liet*2-5 seconds of pouringAnto OAS U %neyamociru 70-m to I'a ';,4 It mol 11'ro.. and di mter spoutes Thirteen "rbmtal anoys or V; Da I kip, re vteel 35 kP, re in"obigated; 8 were speed poured thrm lametor"d UWA-344j"9im 'A) 9 6 W1 . "WOE'. I wo poured clowly thrit 30-m apout t6ni (min)* . Both. pour 0 at4p,ad matisfaotoz7p,vith the faatm!r" pouring method 'r'oq'wxing ISBN 9-mmilated alum,timr4cir Batioraotal ' sealing. 0015-, 'of oold-c~Usd bbamically Bealed and mornal IW124m&.j~selyahsots shaind 49943 V the chemicall-Y, istled steel 0&;OA,.4Iq% 1666*4ful steel (biftuse of oat, 41j% Aoj~)iig but'-verouo`A.P,%_ fee. ot'sel) j 'Jji~i4. 58 kg 01' MQt4LI POr.'UD. 00 W W* ft* "clie"i 11# unolassifiedp. and scrap "Odr".10 "the'. '&d~"Wdi'Vleetq illto ealed~procoss and gave 'AbS blaos. vjboqU..vAh ~ the chemicalI7. a va WA ~n4log dobisiie hi.~Uq* O'smid t6 other two categorias. Liquation, of Ora -0 S a Vag found t i3an tioulati, ~- in y e9aied steel ri6m`~ i"', td 4/ trtlo regl6z 2840% occurrod at'22 A from P and OW) 70;,220# and l9C%,,rVeTotivpIy ~(cqred with lidle'specimen) as tiompare O)o $D0 I to " t~ ini"bteels .' ~i mechabi6hl and deep-drawiMX L ol~ and 20 for'bo 2MtJ so f the 4xperimental steels were found to. be 04ood as those of ordlaary boil4v I,. Otbol; TWfo or perogna. p M#.i-.,Vorkt, iongineeria-Zo Vi 11cidholLw) ,4q prticipatO4 R -wig a epo, V. .-Chistyal a TM' Hl- AfiknEa, I Z, - I G,4'iA,,: Paullidbov 6 a v FO-Btnova. PUTT. t orepo'g"lklyno~83-Ilirgiefieskly so d),Morenov t6 HSU lufticalIPIUMMfoa datet.of tobhnioal adenoss'" 0,61 KovtIM AinkineekodiL OVA-46 Is 14wbaeov O'~A Rothhovs F Memchn M, :1); K Emkin To MalItS (Iqalvenakiy;-zoetallurgioheiskiv wo*d)(Iqs?vwYA tu-mrog- Pant) i.' Orige* or ASPOCIATION I., nono f; . . I. .- ;)-I t -.. 80. OODSI MMj 13' RHOL 1 99: No Ommi COM2 YBGIMOVj, V.A.; OSIFGV., V.P.; SAPKO,, V.N.; UGMCHUK,, V.I.; SIYTSOV, G.V..; BYKQY.. q,D. ftwc Measures for improving the top pouring of steel. Vop. proizv. stali no 163. -9:79-95 (1-URA 16-9) .1 BYKOV, G. E. (The Geological-structure of the southe rt of Ters-Akkan river basin) Moskva, Glav. red. ga6l6gorazvedochnoT 0", ',eodezochaskoi lit- 2 1936. 44 po (Trudy Kazakhskogo geologicheskogo tres p vyp. 2) (50-4811-47 QE315.B9 GOLUBCHIK, S.M., inzh.; BMV, G.G., insh. Spiral hoist. 4uggested by S.M.Golubehik, G.G.Bykav. Rats.i izobr. predl.v stroi.* no-13:36-39 '59. WU 13:6) 1. Proyektno-tekhnologichegkiy i nauchno-igeledovatel'skiy inBtitut Gorlkovskogo sovnarkhoza. g. GorIkiy. Baberezhnaya Zhdanova, d.5. (Hoisting machinery) BIRYTJKOV, V.M., inzh.; BYKOV, G.G., insh.; GOIUBCHIK, S.M., inzh. Assembly carts. Suggested by V.M.Birlukov, G.G.B7kov, S.M.Golub.. chik. Rats.i izobr.predl.v stroi. no-13:48-50 '59. (MIRA 13;6) 1. Trest No.1 Strnygaz Gorlkovakogo sovnarkhoza, g. Gorlkiy, 42, ul.Vatutina, d9lle (Concrete slabs-Transportation) 115~- GOLUBMIK, S., inzh.; BMV, G., inzh. Reusable temporary structures. Stroitell no.6:23 Je 160. (MIRA 13:7) (Buildinp, Portable) BYKOV, G.I.;,MILOVANOV, A.F. 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