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S/057/61/031/001/016/017 B104/B204 AUTHORS: Komar, A. P., Mikheyev, G. F., and Chernov, N. N. TITLE: A System for the extremum control of the intensity of gamma radiation of a synchrotron PERIODICAL: Zhurnal tekhnicheskoy fiziki, v. 31, no. 1, 1961t 109-115 TEXT: The authors describe an extremum control system which laad been obnstru6ted-for the synchrotron of the institute mentioned under Association and which controls simultaneously two parameters which, essentially, determine the stability of the inten3ity of gamma radiation. In the first part of'this paper, an extremum controller with one input parameter is studied. The so-called step modulation of the input parameter is mentioned as the most favorable control method. The injection time T is considered to be the input parameter. This injemtion time changes with a constant frequency and the amplitude 6T. Thus, the initial quantity, i.e., the intensity of gamma radiation assumesthe values V according to the injection time T, and I" according to the injection time T + 6T. The sign of the difference (I" - V) is determined from these values. Card 1/ 7 - "- ( -1 A system for the extremum control- S/05Y61 /031/001/016/017 B104 B204 If (I" - V) < 0, the operating point is to the left of the extremum, and if it is > 0, it is to the right of it. Thus, T = ksign(Y" - YI) (1), where T is the increment of the injection time, Y" and D are the mean values of the intensities corresponding to the injection times T and T + 8T. For improving the quick response, the authors, in the scheme developed by themw.used not only the sign of (I" - V) acco:L'_11ng to (1), but also the amount of this difference according to the relation T =-L (-I",- Y) (2), where k is the negative feedback factor. In order k that the quantity 6(&T) be as small as possiblef a high amplification factor is necessary for the feedback. A scheme based on this principle is'shown'in Fig. 1 as a block diagram, whereas in Fig. 2 it is shown as a circuit diagram. A parwffiter which just as important for a synchrotron, is the instant Thf where the high-frequency voltage is connected to the res6nator-of the synchrotron.:,It is shown that for normal operation of a system of several extremum-controllers the demand that the extremum. controllers do not act upon one another need not necessarily be fulfilled. Card 2/ 7 20671 A`,,system for the extremum control S1057/61/031/001/6'16/017 B104/B204 This dema'nd.may be satisfied if the extremum controllers operate alter- hati-vely. In this. way, however, a reduction of the'quick response is caused, 'atd the'questioVis examined'how tar an inc.,omplete de6oupling. o the sible. For~.thit pur-osep-it is f t*6 extr6muff oontroll6r.~' is permis: sufficient to. modulate the. two input parameters b~ means of another frequency.' ' -Fig. 3 shows a system oi -two. ~extremum,. controllers whi&h operate according to this principle. Blocks*(1) and (2) correspond to ~blocks (1) afid-(2) in Fig. 1, the dashed blocks correspond to the dashed Fig. 1. By means of this extremum controller, T and T hf are controlled, and the good resalts obtained from this controller,are dis- cussed.' Scientific collaborator A. V..Kulikov is thanked for interest and advice. There are 4 figures and 5 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATION:. Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut AN SSSR Leningrad (Institute of Physics an.d"Technology AS USSR,,Leningrad)~ SUBMITTED: june 15, 1960 Card 3/7 A sy stem for the extremum contm 1 ... 2 ti., d cx IkJ nnhyaxmn S/057/61/031/001/016/017 B104/B204 YnhwD# bard 5/7 system for the extremum oontrol ... cS S/057/61/031/0011/016/017 B104/B204 t! g. 5! C~ N z Z t3 C3 IM 18 ti 20611 A System for the extremim control. S/057/61/031/001/026/017 legend to Fig. 2: Fig. (contt'd 1 -4 Circuit diagramof the 11L extremum controller. 1) injection' pickwo 2) To the 'i j ec tion ge6erator. n). Comman -7 device., 4) Signal Ei amplifiet,.-,5) Commuta- tor. 6) Storage channel. 7) Comparator. Integrator CO ~Z .S,3- Legend to Fig. 3, 1) and 2) the same blocks as those in Fig. 1. Dashed ------ blocks correspond to the dashed t block in Fig, 1. Pard 7/7 22788 S/05 61/031/005/019/020 B104YI3205 AUTHORSt Chernov, N. N. and Chesnokov) V. I. TITLEs Improvement of the stability of synchrotron parameters by stabilizing the power supply of the electromagnet FERIODICALi Zhurnal tekhnicheakoy fiziki, V. 31, no. 5, 1961, 627-629 TEM It is noted that the instabilities of the intensity and energy of gamma emission of a synchrotron are caused chiefly by the varying voltage of the power source feeding the electromagnet. The advantages of a power source independent of the industrial power system are mentioned, and the difficulties associated with the stabilization of alternating currents are discussed. The current stabilizer shown in Pig. I is designed for them power source of a synchrotron. Stabilization is done in such a way that the poaitive feedback will be proportional to the amplitude of the pick- up -ignal which is determined by the amount and sign of voltage variation. The stability of gamma bremastrahlung could be increased by the use of such a stabilizer (Pig. 2) which had a stabilization coefficient of 16. The voltage fluctuations of the mains could be lowered from 10 to 0-5%. Card 1/4 22788 5/057/61/031/005/019/020 Improvement of the stability ... B104/B205 Thus, it was also possible to improve the stability of the final electron energy and to reduce the variation in electron energy occurring with a change of the supply voltage by 10% from 0.8% to 0-05% with the use of the stabilizer desoribed here. The variation in the final energy of the partiolesp caused by fluctuations in the mains, could be lowered con- siderably. There are 2 figures and 2 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATIONi F12iko-tekhnioheakiy institut im. A. P. Ioffe AN SSSR Leningrad (Institute of Physics and Technology imeni A. F. Ioffe, AS USSR, Leningrad) SUBMITTEDi July 6, 1960 Legend to Fig. 1t Stabilizer for the power supply of a synchrotron. Card 2/4 22788 B PA S/057/61/031/005/019/020 Improvement, of the stability... B104/3205 ;Iprovement of a stability..& Legend to Fig.,2s Intensity of gamma emission as~a function of the mains voltage. 1) With stabilization; II) without'stabilizatione- 22788 5/05,7/61/031/005/019/020 ~104/B205 7 rj,, 7.~ 0$- .2 B1 16YB201 AUTHORS: Komar, A. P., Mikheyev, G. F., Fominenko, V. P. and Chernov. N. N. TITLE: Study of electron capture with steady betatron acceleration PERIODICAL: Zhurnal tekhnicheskoy fiziki, v. 31, no. 6, 1961, 740-745 TEXTs The authors wanted to determine the part played by the individual sections of the capture range, i.e., the contribution of the electrons captured onto the various instantaneous orbits to the total current of all captured electrons. The investigation was conducted by the method earlier described by the authors (Ref. 1: ZhTF, ~0, no. 7, P. 855-859, 1960). This method made it possible to inject the electrons onl~r into the previously chosen narrow section 6- 6 of the instantaneous orbits within the capture interval at (Pig. 1). This was achieved with the aid of a special injector device provided with deflector plates, which made it possible (1) to cut off the voltage pulse U(t) of injection on the side of the large or small t values to any pulse duration (Fig. 2A and 6 );(2.) to cut out an interval 23730 S/05 611031100610141019 Card 1/8 23730 S/057/61/031/006/014/019 Study of electron capture... B116/B201 in any pulse section by completely cutting off the residual pulse portion (Fig. 2 6 ); (3) to shift the injection pulse with or without the interval along the time axis. The injection pulse displayed a sine shape, and had a duration of 12 "ec and an amplitude of 40 kv. The intensity of gamma radiation sas checked while conducting the experiments, instability amounting to 5% at most. The experiments were made on the synchrotron of FTI AN SSSR with an initial betatron acceleration. The radius of the equilibrium orbit was R0 = 32 cm, the coefficient of the magnetic field drop was n-0.67, and the steepness of increase of the magnetic field during injection was 1 drsted/psec. Figs. 3 and 4 present typical experimental depende4ces of gamma radiation intensity on the position of the square pulses cutting off one or the other part of the injection pulse. Each figure refers to a definite position of the injection pulse with respect to the moment at which the magnetic field of the betatron passes through zero. The corresponding capture interval is represented by the A curves. The A and 6 curves represent the change of intensity vhen cutting off the injection pulse Dn the side of the larger A curve) and the smaller curve) t values Card 2/ a 23?30 S/05~/61/031/006/014/019 Study of e*,ectron cap-,ure... B116//B,10! b.y the square pij~se applaed to one Df the plates. The 6 curves refer to the "scanning" of the -jA)jectiorj pulse with the -tid of the elit. in time whi.-~h has a width c;f asec. and a spacing of 0.-2, ul,- (F-,g~ 2 The ClIrITC-5 if,,T,.OtF~ t-tie f~:.r tn~ L--utt' Iot:-atlCli the Injector at -the external. edge of 'he We in-.,estigatior al-lows the following tri be sta!ed-., The space cnarCe 6eiir-rated by the electrons escaping f.roiri the -_nje~-tox before atid behir,l] th- ~~:,.pture interval bas no -ff PC t T e I n a IL :1 mp I o j e s t I I i e d I a j i I . t .1 ~),a Sf the w.;11 th-'s hil i f -.n~- AS a ,he foc,~,! a, 0111 0 -,ji -tit? br.,Lird arzeF of t.r);_1 regioo~ C...4 i,-~uim,lovu, of in Lb., cnaqib~-C -11so 1 r~ rt -, IY I.- i '~'T ~_V'111111 ntens.l tf Can b e :i !, rn inea iv tl~ *d i i f er n t c ap-L us e Th,~ itittirval must satiisf,-? tne -m tl,-~- vr~-, tLi ,:~ir iii-, ~,r, um T To s-a., -h -:a-uc. d ~f - C, I n. L T.mollia -,f th,~ L-n-- Kc.ld_t4 ai~ long as Ila the em'Lssion ourrent i~: suft-1clently larve I -I, r u Tiz e t i v e 2 31 73 0 --7t'b 1051/006`01410,9 8 0 5 Study of ele--t-f~:n (.-apturp_~ B 1 " 6/B2(."-- -~tr-iot~ -,~t w-~ixk cmiss~cr. :turrents. 4) Tile Capture -~T. --n lakes pl,3k:e z4uch That; the -ntensity !.i! t",rat i~, q,,;!Ii,-Ier,,. the emission ~!Llrrent c,hos~,~ t-,i -,f magnetic L Si thollFh a n of 4hp i '-,ws --.eotrc~np~ to r-:jach -h, %, . (.hamb-.-,r tha pt-nd ki on to, th~ t,t *tlto !Iej, tile oq ui 11 br -1 i,..Tij -% r b it 1 e i -n I "n fj t'; 1: a mma !, a r, 1 4i ',...',ncl not j uoreas~.,, This 'Indi,-,ates that, w,~fh the use, A th-,3 m,,de (al' ~o jec *,:ion. t h,2 I J mi -, of the e j er *,-, c.! t J t~ n oY i h e h a ffb S I ~j d y in *he !I-Te interval A tl~ Further injecting even leads to a decrease -:f intensity. 5) The cliange of nonuni.formity oi' the magnetic f-ieid vnth a change of Ihe emission rairrent depends upi'l, the space charEe pr-)~duced by the electrons circulating In the. c-har-ber durinF., the c-apture -intervzvi 6) it is ricjt~:d that se,4pral authors hold the O.uw th-ut 1--hu may be aug-Mented by changing the frz-m -,f the F111, 'be cf the present Oe ~ -P paper believe tbut S-,~o~h an Call b~,: brought aboitt by P- proper choica Card 4/ 8 Study of electron capture... 23730 S/()57/61/031/006/014/019 B116/B201 of the capture interval. This interval must be sufficiently large for the orbits near the equilibrium orbit, corresponding to the available in- variable nonuniformity of the magnetic field of the accelerator concerned. The main contribution of one or the other front of the injection pulse is also explained thereby. With weak emission currents, an additional rise of intensity can be achieved owing to contraction effects. There are 5 figures and 1 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut im. A. F. loffe AN SSSR Leningrad (Institute of Physics and Technology imeni A. F. Ioffe, AS USSR, Leningrad) SUMAITTED: July 25, 1960 Card 5/8 CHERNOV, N. N (Kiyev); MELIMCHMO, A. 1. Rail welding on the track. Put' i put. khoz. 6 no.81-28-29 162. (MM 15: 10) 1. Nachalinik Kiyevokoy diatantaii puti (for Mellnichenko). (Railroada-Raile-Welding) CHERNMI N.R.0 kand. takhn. nauk; TRACR, I.T,, inzh.; GOTLIB, A.D., --t-'4.--ddktor tekhn, naukp rutaroditell raboty; Prinimala uchastiye: PCHMIKOVAP I.S... inth,-. Cmparing the performadet of blast furnaces in plants of the Duieper Rooncmic Regioft. i gornorud. pram no-4:6-10 JI-Ag 163. WRA 16:11) 1. Dneprodsershinokiy metallurgicheBUy savod-vtuz (for Chernav), 2, Pridneprovskly sovet naroftogo khozyalstva (for Tkaoh). CHERNOV, N.N.; TKAGH, I.T. Analyzing the performance of blast furnace plants in the Dnieper Economic Region operating with a various degree of forced working. Metal-lurg 8 no,9:4-9 S 163. .1 (MIRA 16:10) 1. Dneprodzerzhinskiy zavod-6-vtuz i Pridneprovskiy sovet narodnogo khozyaystva. (Dnieper Economic Region-Bl-ast furnaces) CHFaNOV, N.N. (Kiyev) -I I e.01onditioning of continuous putekhozo 8 no.3:22-23 164, rail lengths by welding. Putl i (MA 17:3) Smccl-h Char-- ;.v wi~ are h,,r,~z test, the diskB, me--. I - _: ~, Is., . . 1 ', ',-- , , , "T, " *. I - m: I - -1 ~ i I 11 -ll,-,.''Jl ;1;, : 'i I - ..., 11 !,.~~ 4 ~-7 7-, - 1. 1 1 - I,, v . . p - . I- ~. , - :-- - I I - ~ ~ ~'. , , .: , TV !,i,_, .- . -j'i t- " CILE'RIOV, Niko.lay Nikitich; CHECHURO, Anatoliy Nikolayevich ...I [Operation Gf an c)pen-.he&rtli furnace] Vedenie domennoi pechi. Mloskva, Metallurgiia, 1965. 223 P. (M,IRA 18:7) ~-I-g - PUTOYANg S.B.g kandidat takhnichookikh nank, redaktor; I bift. I.M..- takhalobaskly redaktor EftItistep milling cutters for rapid machining) Skorostnoe frezero- vanie itupenchatyal fresamiis Konstruktatia, i ekepluatateita. Rd. 2-9, dop. I parer, Moskva, Goes tzd-vo oboronnoi promysh. 1954. 126 p. NM 8:3) (Metal-cuttIng tools) L18225-63 PA/EPF c VEW (m)/BDS AEDC/AFFTC/ASD/APr.C Paa MN' tACCESSION NR: AT3001862 S/2909/62/000/006/0082/0093-: AUTHORS: Fastova, KN,* Zaytsev V. A,; NO P TITLE: Investigation of the'effect of antidetonation additives on the,processes me that precede detonation in an SOURCE: AR-a ~Institu~tdvi ~~tele Trudy, no. 6, i962' 82-93 TOPIC TAGS: detonation, knock,~ antid6tonation, antiknock, Fe, Cu, penta- i carbonyl, dicyclopentadiene, dic,~~lopentadienyl, pre-ignition, self''ignition, !cold flame, mixture, rich, lean ABSTRACT: This paper describe is an experimental investization of the effects of (4fitiknock) --the va additivesron, omrious metal-organic antid onation Tious stages of~ the pre-combustion processAin an1jengine intended to determine the distinctive characteristics of the ni~c_hanisni of their action. The test equipment and mkhod-~ ology are described, and the proq~.ssing and evaluation of the test data are detailed._- It is established that, for any given level of antiknock effectiveness, the various ;metal-organic compounds tested affect the other stages of the pre-rpmbustion reaction differently. (a) Tetraeth (TEYand "ferrocene" or iron dicyclopentadi- yl --- enyl (FC) do not exert any noticeable effect on the inception of the c6ld-flame Card. 1/3 -6 8??5 3 ~ ACCESSION: NR: AT300186Z oxidation and, basically, act. only on the' development of the second stage of the pre-combustion process by shifting the boundary of the self-ignitio'n of the hot combustion toward the side of higher temperatures and pressures. (b) Iron onyl [ (FeC05) (hereinafter: IP)] and [ (C H Fe(CO pentacarb 13 (he reinafte r~: 8 16)5 j IIP) inhibit sharply the initial stages of the pre-combustion reaction, shift the oboundary of the formation of the cold flame toward higher temperatures and presi- sures, and reduce it in size so that in rich mixtures there is no region of. cold. flame oxidation at all. The entire character of the pre-combustion oxidation. is altered: The hot-explosion region is shifted toward higher pressures and temper- atures, with the minimums appearing in the temperature range of 7.60 to 8000K. (c) qlOH16NZ02Cu (hereinafter: M) appears to be comewhat inter. ediate betweeii'l 1 TE and IP, namely, it delays the beginning of the cold-flame oxidation, but to 'a smaller degree than IP, and gives the hot-detonati6n boundary a fo rm that is' similar to that afforded by IP (with a pressure minimum for'rich mixtures);~-h' ever, the detonation boundary lies much lower than with IP alid, for lean mixtdr6qi; it may even be lower than for pure gasoline, Enrichment of the mixture with IP' leaves the 'detonation boundary virtually unchanged, whereas with pure gasoline! and all other additives it is displaced toward lower pressures. The peculia!riti es7,~ of a metal-organic antiknock additive are not determined by the presence ind f it o a TE and FC contain different metals, but act almost identically ont specific metal. 'Card 2/3 11-18925-63-~ ACCESSION NR: AT3001862 ifthe pre-ignition processes, whereas FC and carbonyl products of Pe (IP -and lact.distinctly differently. It is concluded that the self-ignition tendency of a fuel-. ;air mixture not only is not identical with its tendency toward detonation, but is not; leven single-valuedly related to it. Orig. art. has 6 figures. IASSOCIATION: none E '100 iSUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: llApr63 NCL: ISUB -CODE: CH, PR. PH NO REF SOV: 005 OTHER:. 002~;: Card 3/3 ----- -- SAPOZHNIKOVA, S.A.p do)rtnr geogr. nauk, prof.p red.; GUK-, N.I., nauchn* sotro, red.; KEKUKH, A.M... nauchn. sotr... red.; KAGANER, M.S., nauchn. sotr.., red.; PRIKHOTIKO, G.F., nauchn. sotr., red.; CH9wOY-1-N-,Pj red. [Atlas of agricultural climatology of the Ukrainian S.S.R.] Agroklimaticheskii. atlas Ukrainskoi SSR. Kiev, Urozhai, 1964. 36 p. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Kiev. Ukralnskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy gidro- meteorologicheskiy institut. 2. Direktor Ukrairskogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo gidrometeorologiceskogo insti- tuta, Kiev (for Prikhot1ko). 3. Ukrainskiy nauchno- issledovatel'skiy gidrometeorologicheskiy institut, Kiev (for Guk, Kakukh, Kagane--). PERESYPKIN, Vladimir Fewrovich; MEN, Vladimir Gduaivl- YEFIMOV, Gendrikh Aleksandrovich; LOI;f',V, Vikto- Favlovich; LOPATBj ValentJn N,atveyevich; FIELINICHUK, Aleksandra Semenovaa;_~gERINQK, N.P.. red. [Preseni-day chemical means for plant protection (pesticides)] Sovremennye khimicheskie sreds-ixa za- shchity rastenii (pestitsidy). Kiev, Urozhal-, 19L/,. 345 P. IF. 1) ,USSR/Medicine - Cholera, Typhoid, Diphtheria FD 162 Card 1/1 Author : Kosmodamianskiy, V. N., Chernov, N. V., and Su~alova, Ye. P. Title : Kozlma Trofimovich Glukhov, 1879 - 1953. Obitiiary Periodical : Zhur. miki-obiol. epid. i immun- 5, 85-86, May 1954 Abstract : On December 6, 1953, Koz'ma Trofimovich Glukhov, Head of the Chair of Infectious Diseases of the First Leningrad Medical Institute imeni I. P. Pavlov, member of the CPSU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, died in Leningrad. A biographical sketch of his life and work is given. He worked on many infectious diseases, primarily, cholera, typhoid and diphtheria. Institution Submitted SAPONNIKOVA, S.A.., doktor geogr. nauk, prof., red.; CIERNOV, N.P., red. [Agroclimatic atlas of the Ukrainian S.S.R.] Agrokli- maticbeskii atlas Ukrainskoi SSR. Kiev, Urozhaip 1964. 7 p. 36 maps. (MIRA 18:1) CHERN - . dots 9 ,~~ 0.,., Vaccine therapy In dysentery. Trud.7 DII 2:242-250 '55 (MIRA 11:8) 1. Kafedra Infektsionufth bolesney (sav. prof. X.T. Glukhov [doceased]) Pervogo Leningradekogo meditainskogo instituta imerA akademika I.P. Pavlova. (DYSMIMY) ASRXRWI, A.I.; GOLOTTErWA, A.A.; SAMN, L.B.; CHERBOV, doktor takhn.nauk, prof. Collagen pine for internal fixation in fractures. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; tekh.leg.prom. noo5:57-63 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Moskoveldy tekhnologicheskiy institut legkoy promyshlennosti TSentrallfiV institut travmatologli i ortopedii. nakomendov a kafeciroy tekhnologii kozhi i mekha. . (COIJAGMI) - * (INTMUTAL FIXATION IN MGTURI!S) 00 i iliii*V 4 W.Wivw. It V 5 N 21 .1 '? 'A .4 , w 11 1: Tbe use of fich "Oer'll "ll md" Wed or, N, N' Pro". 1933, No. 6/7. M 4 -, 'Mc Bwitwtl hudnen was 4.8 tum. thick. It Iso In 00 nc*t's leather 2 W ruawl u 7 r Yin m th ifi h f ~ r i a c 4, All 2,2 00 4 Z A . deid. pprT n4i 00 j 00 00 1 Oos *1 K .1 q n ti 4 it ix 0 0 0 go 0 0 * q 6y 0 goo 00 000 00 00 0 4 I 1 44 be m, I I Palo lot 6110MISMA natuffil Chrll,,.v and It. A. P&M-tv. last, Kilshnrwavi .06 Chm. Zroo, 103, U x 14 an sevrral litt./nina.. sole leather 4,49, bb l 0 ef un " ItAthff 1.0 , "I m. leather ix-Aml ii . Prily goo 0 0 , ~ 0 0 0 0 40 go ;so 0 -00 :~oo 0 0 .00 .00 , ~** 0 4 w I. 4x "I n , d14 00 0 0 0 0 4 00 so 0 0 0 Wo * 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 I I 1 4 s 4 A sea J~' On, a 00 00.3 Ogg jl~ 00 ;P mod A. R. sh4pho. -k l. 710M. low 41144. CUM, Zft&. 1941 1 U# =1-2,-As Substitute I;r Jt4" kAthtt "WiM '-a multipic ply Imbrie Of "XIMIUDlinif" (0.7&-2.2 mtu. thick)--A being Umd; it Is mtd. with vwims a4bMWKvq to dftTmx pent. tratim by IW 1110111ture Or sit and to inmew ew and "am, For Vn trial a "Phenalin" -08-1 Is "Ekhr pmm rubber wbkh v9$ the fabric h thAtkily. ability to AW water, ttdltAm 10 Pmetrattlo by oib or tab MW otiffam -dn which rim Unter Pertne- to water and lestbeMe propertim. it aW 0~mti~ a Phcoolla.-rm4ldc' Ile IIUMS, PrePd. from 40% IN c0". phmoi c&tWyxed Y*' MAIC01 Or 4C0,, which rmdm Ow nwAn ind. and Flv" increased wow and mold A'W P"-' - NH- WU-in Oil. Zn0 and a WWI W Similar -k dye; the taw, omp,. dtpen& cm tbg an fm wbich it is intendqd. liar jm~~r,,jstint dws the Pbami4onnakichydt man vmWd be r*pjaced by water Shm, Bata- with Phm&liu do" not Waluk The fabric. 11m -UrW - be und to ftpkm jtuA. leatht, in ohms. belts. saddles etc. V. Clarke S L ADETALLIJKKAL LIMAILAt CLIISWKATIC" 43113) 00 0mv 151 %430 1 7;118 .00 -00 .00 ~66 -46 .00 600 Zen sto 4 414P 41 'Of mod ,of V 7 1 V a 5 AN a 3 U 6 AV 40 At It or It It Cc It4W A I ,a Aft 00000000000000000*000oo 0 4104106004040064114100006 1 4 *06,0000000000000000*000000*00000000004pot000 0 a 4 - -- Sol; 'a 11.1 J-41-11 a It A-1 V T I to ttiii'76 go set;, UULDV in the gravity of tho,ioather Lu thelin- 009". irliq. Pro. h'All"t i'10,14w- With duitatiml q talitlit1g, 411,1 it, i, not 44 all lorr%rncv of mit hi the %tructural clelliclIts .4 Ilic lexth,f, fle deviati.mi a,( !,r tnir mip, Kt. III 111C Irsibry frmn th~ 1(mll.1,1itivity jjj;,y 111, msaabtv W 11". 1,411", A A~ If-hihtivk 00 a PC** COO 00 goo t 'Xoo 0 i Igo 0 too woo b u vi xv It OF x K JF it st It IS A It I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40 o o ~-O .0 o!O 0 o a 0 #p 0 o 0 0 0 0 6 41 0 0 o o o o 00 0 0 0 0, 0 0 * 0 0 Of 0 41-0- -10 0- 0 -0 0 0 0 0 010 0 0 411- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 a III a it u u P it a IN h v it I.- I AA CK OP U4-1 t . g : o Rapid method for determining tanninc NA'.Chmn- **A And L -NL IA-Chil%kil- -00 S. S. S. 'K. 19. No. 9 -if), -The 4ichl"luji, mo bud ii, not tecouiniended, WitAbinx (it t lie tannin viln. -00 with a Zn(AcO). soln. rvtitovr% the atf-Attlit-if suWmm, see OOZ and a con-C re4filue is ohlaintil after it d0inite nunifter oli wa%liing%. The (lerwrilleniv t4 the atilt. of tannin, deW 1 b i h l h e conipsi. of t e su y the AU-1 n fin method, on t n.. an,) zoo *00 the indriVemirace of the inill. of lannin of the Colni'll. A the 44n. when drid. by the diclumnair meth.j. Ix-min .111milullon of file All-l'stion mrdio,l by III,. lich( .... we O'j inelhod only for ktAnIlArd ;nAw%. The ohiieru if littAi titig of the atilt. of (almill ift-Ill. hy the dicht'"Ille In, 111.4 In tanning %ohm ix-tinits Iliv %tibmitulion Ili Ifiv ditluollwi It turthud for the All-Union inetlit.l. for the 1,14nt t-utiol of he tanning utins. in livcific ca-. (hie W thrdi~.dvjn- alt.% ra the ilicbromate millumf i% the diffietill v qJ dets l ' i i she iihade of the Tntrilaill . hitir in the final iiirat au w ll, ' Nf fl h l A " h s -a o . , it r t. .1, A I a. L A ITALLVIICKAL LIT91 4111iiat CLAIISIFKA11601 ts j. 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INS, 1 Jai palutPOINA aq Knw WRI 194 11" N &WW q " ~ 2 ! so -)jd 1jqj ul 'PaqupwM ump - p- op- t -1 - A - PUI-q Ntill 1111&4 �VJU aM P211-p P- P03" V ON It 00 as-, up" am pw-- al -ftu- x Oplarm ml --q3 res, so- -W . --Y- I it v a Q 11 h U --rt ot I I I I v I I 0000 0 00 A ,9 L f~__ a, j, A 11 N I I At V 1 -2 _L - I - L AA W LX W LL .,Ovlq~ nt- Lintits. conditions, and Influence of the time in the oz- materials. W. %vierdtiAl. traction of In NO. $67. -Th"'fetival. 14"Itsula, ate imt and sraph- are 111,1,tfat,%l GH eAkit. the it'lluvisce 1. temp., &TSAI 1141. of W;Wlillp A4 thr VvIttal-le ran. 44 tam '09 4 Sting ntalMals, to ubtain m4%. vichl. 0.. A~ Ittaw -00 The wo 4 iron malts in tirming. N. V, Chemov. L,pt,jW prow. 2. %1.,. 9 lo. 12 11(19121. tOO-w Wit It 00 A: A) 7* 4AfTJttbPfJCAL 111INA104t (LA%JIFICAUCK U U IS AV 10 4 74 j It 0 3 0 91 it AN 44 st A 01 a K It it it a 0 4, g g 0, 06 0, 0 .T. _22 OMM 0 0 0 0 40-4~ f 1 1 4 1 4 1 1 ,.A It k"f tseIWD PO-Okol.1% 11 0* Mot" tot MerfWalal Pf 0 : A study ul flic ImIlu.1 .4 11,0, nal i, C. .1. 35, 0 bkb lir' is mhu-t to 1:~' ' I.v 0, .".1 16. 004 tjjtAtC%t %itil Khtni), -1WWCd thAl 11W WC I,v it'.. Imm".11,4AIIII 111411 th Nt 11-11 WON! 0., 3u111 0 0 Is to 0 tooooooooooo*oooo*oooo:oolooo***Oo*ooeo*OOOse p00 0 & 0 00 000 0 0 0 & 0 0 0 0 f 0-0 _0 oti-i *.1* 0 a a 0 0 0 0 o o o 0 0 at o 0 goo melt no* coo J00 goo ire* tfoo boo tfoo we 0 *1000800000*0-0**O*oo1000*000000*000--oogoo0*000 A A C 0 V 4 M A L 0 W 0 FU mnit UMM11 R13 U aJ* v m 30 0 At 41 41 o6 At On T21 A t A_ mtal, 10 NollwNdMill WilraUll 113flonliftsw w 0 0 Sex: oes o0= uuJI1 'A% pfojA 11M.4) waytl%qj julto a4l plun tj N 1.0 q)lm alvissl pug o '~l g ( A so. 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I t AAtIALWOKA1, LITINATUMIL CLASUMATION C-z- i Cleo too t 1.11W 4if ONT Cal aw-ii-i iti, I; I ; I % v rw a w a -1 w k5 a ILI is if CR $1 JIL Ig J 1:1 ZTT - ~-' 4 0 0 0 0 Ole 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 is 0 0 0 a 0 0 6 0 a 0 0 a 0 0 144 000 0 a 0 0 6 0 00 0 * 0 0 0' 606009jelillosooooes i R, Koinins (Light laid. Tech. ltk%(,, Aimiya 15, 473-7(IUW).-The Sol. Mile proteins contain tryptophan; the inscal. ones do not. This test wm uwd to check the CK"opleteness; of lwwe4n extra. b ater. 6% N'&CI &oln.. and half-mtd. CA(OH)~. lEach Vthew solvents rattil. the mine istnt, of N material. Alxmt 24 X11" al the N In The est. Is ppld- by br.,alinx in sicid maln. Curoll), or Ijinnin ppts. salicaul A)% of the N. It is sullested llist other liasolvins Ix-sisles, allyustains said SlGbullnaa am extil, by Aq. and N&CI solos, 11. Pliesitley onte,,getable-tanned leather =ngld Af*.,,:h a T'd N. V. Unoy t dF. 'DiffiFeis- k -14, No. 3, 23 d Pend oil stature of fir,b oil decre-Aw, shl ildcage" tint It of an." and thickilml; Mg- S I tag SO,, "AAanxicl," aud cast (it jil drel-- t hickur-gs Olfil k e chicily, while alizarin oil atid fi-.,Ii oil dvercase n"n shyinknre. Na~4%0# (lid not affect Mlrinkagc. Vven for fillets of the move chera. naturc, shrinkage diflcrs o. character. With incrm~ ing content of filtens (gloc-r. sullini-ml Fish oil), fibrinkage tlrcxew~t-, bill character (if ~hrlukage remains the mune. it. Z. Krunlell --.-; ~ ~ -1 ~ !:--- ; ~ - -. -1-. 7 ' 7 ' : -.,, ~, .; ' -~ ~ -. : ~~ . :o- ~.'7 12;~ ~:~: ~ - I ': , ,I I : I . . .~ I I : .. : - - . : - . .- . , ~i i -~ , -, I . - . - -., . - - , .. 7. . - . I : ~ . ~ ~T . 1~ " 1. ..- I ~ i " I .~ . 1, - ;~-~~ ~L ~ : I , -- - - -- - - ~ ~ - -. 1. - - HF, I -b - . . - - I-I . - VAI --- - -'%`-OAA-) ~~ - - -- - -- - ANDERM, A-B-; ANMNOV, A.I.: ARAPOV, P.P., BARKASH, A.I., BZ)hTAKDVA, A.B.; BRAIN, G.S.; BEWNWICH. V.V.; 3ZRRMTWN, S.A.; DI2MSKOT, V.I.; BLTUKMBARG, T.T.: BOECH-BRUTIVICH, M.D.; BORMOTOT, A.D.: BULGAKOV, N.I.; TICKSLIR, B.A.; GAVRILMO, I.Y.; GNIMM, Ts.S.. [deceasedh. (MIIVANOV, N.A., Edeceasedl; GIBSHKAN. Ts.le.-, GOLDOVSKIT.Ye.M.; GORBUNOV, P.P.; GORYAINOV. F.A.; GRINBERG. B.G.: MUNER, V.S.; DAIRWSKIT. N.Y.; DZWUL'SKIT. Y.M., [deceased] -. DRD(AYLO, P.G.; DTBM!S, S.G.; DITACHIM. P.F.; DTURNBAUM. N.S., [deceased]; YROORCH3aM, B.F. (deceased]; T3L'TASHKNVICH. B.A.; ZHXRIBOV. L.P.; ZAVMISKIY. A.S.: ZAVRLISKIT, F.S.; IVANOWKIY. S.R.; rMN, I.M.; KAZHDAN, A.Ta.; KAZHINSKIT, B.B.; KAPLINSKIT. S.T.: XASATKIN, F.S.; KATSAUROV, T.N.; KITAYGORODSM, I.I.; KOTASHIKOT, I.F.; KOLOSOV, V.A.-, KORAROV. H.S.; KOTOV, B.I.; LINDE, Y.V.; LEB19DET, H.V.; LWITSKIT. N.I.: LOKSHIN, Ta.Tu: LUTTSAU. T.K.-, MANNJWKRM, A.A.; MIKHATLOV, V.A.; MIKRATLOV, N.M.; MURAVIYXT, I.M.; WDELINAN, G.A.; PATLTSHKOV, L.S.; POLUTANOV, V.A.; POUAKOV. TO.S.; POPOV. V.V.; POPOV. N.I.: RAKHTIN, I.Te.. RZHRTSKIY, V.V.; ROZ -G.V.; RUREMM, B.A.; RDKOTYAN, Te.S.; RUKAVIISHRIKOV, V.I.; RUTOTSKff, B.N. [deceased]; XrVUH, P.M.; SMIRNOV. A.P.; STEPAROV. G.Tu, STWANOV, Tu.A.; TARASOV, L.Ta.; TOKAMW, L.I.; USPASSKIY, P.P.; 73DOROT, A.V.; 7M, N.H.; FFUMMI, X.Z.; KHETFITS, S.Ta.; KHLOFIN, M.I.; KHODOT, V.T.; SHAMSHUR, V.I.; SWIRD, A.Te.; SHATSOV. X.I.; SHISHKINA, M.N.; SHOR, E.R.; SHPICHXMSKIY, Te.S.; RRPR 9 B.A.; SHTXRLING, S.Z.: SH 11. L.lLt RMOALITXR, L. U.: XUATS, A.T.: (Continued on next card) AE)IMM, A.B. (continued) .... Card 2. TAKOVLEY, A.T.;, ANDUrIly, Te.S., retsenzent, redaktor; BIMN- GI&M,B.M., retsen'sent, redaktor; BMMN, L.D., rateenzent. redaktor; BOLTINSKIYI* V.N.. reteenzent, radaktor; BONCH-BRUTMOH, Y.L., reteensent. redafttor; YHLLIR, M.A., reteentent, redakfor: VINOGamV, A.V., retmensent, redaktor; GUDTSOV, N.T., ratsentent, rodaktor; DNGTTAM, I.L., reteenzent, redaktor; DIMITANM, F.S., reteenzent; iodaktor; DOBRDSMYSIOV. I.N., reteenzent, redaktor; TXANCHII:,- G.M. reteenzent, rodaktor;ZMMCHKIN, D.N.-, retsenzent, redaktor-- SHUlliVC ' , A.N.,.reteenzent, redaktor; ZLOIMIXV, G.A.., retsenz~dnt, redaktor: XAPLUNDT, R.P., retsenzent, redaktor; KUSAKOV, M.M., retsensent,'redaktor: IJWINSON L.Te., [deceased] reteenzent, redaktor; ~LkLOV, R.N. . rets'enzent, redakior; MAM~JS, V.A. retsenzent. redaktor; MMMITSYN, I.I., retsenzent, redaktor; MIKHATLOV, S.M., reteenzent; redaktor; OLIVITSKIT, B.A., retsenzent, redaktor; PAVLOV, B.A., retsenzent, redaktor; PANrUKOV, N.P.,refoensent, redaktor; PLAKSIN, I.N., re44senzent, redaktor; RAKOV, X.A. retsenzent, redaktor; BZHAYINSXIT, V.V., reteenzent, redaktor! RUB3HG, A.M., retsenzent; redaktor; RDOOVIN, N. Te.. retsenEent, redaktor; RUDXM, K.G.. reteencent, redaktor; RUTOVSKff. B.N., [deceased] retsenzent, reddktor; IffZHOT, P.A., retsenzent, redaktor; SAbWHIRSKIY, T.B., retsenzent, redaktor; SKRAMTAY]ff, B.G., retsenzent, redaktor; SOKOV, V.S., retsensent, redaktor; SOKOLOV, N.S., retsenzent, redaktori; SPIVAKOVSKIY, A.O.. retsenzent, redaktor; STRAMMMV, A.Ye., retsenzent, redaktor; STRMMSM , N.S., retsenzent, redaktor; (Continued on next card) ANDOM, A-Ji,(contirmed) .... Card 3. TRWITAKOV, A.P., retsenzent, redaktor; FAYPIMM, Te.M.. retsenzent, redaktorl KRACHATTRDV, T.S., retsenzent, redaktor; CHERNOV. H.V.. retsenzent, redaktor; SHIMGIN, A.P., retsenzent, redaktor;l PAL. T.M., r8tgan2ent, redaktor; SHESHICO, Te.F., retsement, redaktor; SHCHAPOV, N.M., retsenzent, redaktor; YAKOBSON, M.O., retsen2ent, redaktor; STFTANOV. Yu.A, Professor. redaktor; PERIYANYU, F.S.. professor,,redaktor: ZHAMSKIY, A.A., inzhenar, redaktor;PLAKSIN. I.N., redaktor; RUTOVSKIY, B.N. [deceased] doktor khimicheakikh nauk, professor, redaktor; SHUKHGALITER. L. Ya. kandidat tekhnichookikh nauk, dotsentj redaktor;BRESTINA, B.S., redaktor-, ZIWIHNSKIVY, A.A., redaktor. (Continued on next card) ANDRETV, A.V. (continued) .... Card 4. (Concise polyteabnical dictionary] Kratkii politAhnichoskii slovarl. Roaaktsionrqi sovet; IU.A.Stapanov i ar. Moskva Goo. iza-vo takliniko-teorst. lit-i7, 1955. 1136 p. (mLRA 8:12~ 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Plaksin) (Technology--DictiorAries) LNVENKO, P.I.; GBEHNOY, N.V. - I em mm~m~~ez New develr-pments In stiff and Russian leather taming. Legoprom. 15 r,%9:38-40 5 '55- (KEA 9:1) (Tanning) KUTUNII. Georgly Isaakovich. doktor takhnichaskikh nauk; CHWOV, B.T., professor, doktor takhnicheskikh nank. retsensent; Mmmal.", redaktor; takhnichaakiy redaktor [Studies in the physical and mechanical properties of leather] Isoledovante fisiko-nekhanichaskikh avoistv kozhi. Moskva, GOO. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo Hinisteretva taketillnoi proayshl. SSSR, 1956. 194 P. MRA 9:7) (Leather) ~L ,, I b"nag "!~. : I.. ~ . f - 11 ~ . : a* r- I - SAFONOVA, Z.V.., inshemer.; CHERNOV, N.V.,doktor takhnichookikh nauk, professor Wear of sole leather and its relation to the coefficient of rolling. I* prom. 17 no.4:40-41 Ap 157. (MIRA 10:4) fleather-Testiag) (Twusing) At A kl' Ai V GRINSHTSYNI_.Ta.G.; CHMWOV, N.V. The t..161 au-tomatic-nut-cutting 18-19 MY '57- (Holts and nuts) machine. Stan. i instr. 28 n0.5: (MLRA 10:6) (Screw cutting machines) ) I A, #1C V 'v . U - 17 Ifikolay Vladimirovic , prof.; ARONINA, Yu.N., dots.; GAYDAROV. L.P.. cHKRNbv, prof..; SMTAKOVA, prof.; KIDTOV, M.P., prof.,, retsenzent; MIKU,YWV, A.H., prof., reteenzent; RAZUMOVSK&TA. Ye.V., red.; KMKNIN, M.T., [Chemistr7 of the leather and fur indUBtries] Rhimiia kozhevennogo i mekhovogo proizvodstva. Pod boahchei red. 1I.V.Ghernova. Moskva, Gos. nauchno-tekhniizd-vo lit-ry po legkoi promyshl., 1957. 456 p. (Fur) (Chemistry. Technical) (MIRA 11:3) (leather industry) SAVNLIYEV, A.I., inzhe; SRSSTAKOVA, 1,S., doktor tekhn. nali 9 prof.; CHERNOT, N.V., doktor tekbn. nauk, prof. w ea,ring out of hairs of furs. Leg. prom. 18 no-3:43-46 Mr 158- (par) (MIR& 11:4) CE3RNOY,_Nikolay Yladimiro"i b; AROYINA, Yuliya Haumovna; GATDAROT. Leonid Petrovich; GCLOYTEMA, Alevtina Alekseyevna; STRAKHOT, Ivan Pavlovich; SH&STAKOVA, Irina Sergeyevna; TRGORKIN, N.I., prof., retsenzent; KOTOY, M.P., prof., retsenzent; FLEMYAHNI- KOT, M.N., red.; KHAK III, M.T., [Leather and fur technology] Tekhnologiia koxhi i mekha. Pod obBhohel red. N.Y.Chernova. Moskva, Goo.nouchno-takhn. ixd-vo lit-ry po legkoi promyshl., 1959. 719 p. (MIRA 13:2) 1. Kafedra tekhnologii kozhi i mekha Moskovskogo tekhnologi- chaskogo instituta legkoy promyshlonnosti (for Chernov, Aronina, Gaydarov, Golovtoyeva, Strakhov, Shestakova). (Leather) (par) PARKROKENKO, Vasiliy GeorgiY8vich; ARKffANGELIEKIY, N.A., prof., retsenzent; BIJLGAKOV,' N.V., prof., retsenzent; ZAYTSEY, Y.G..(ilo-Ava), kand.tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; SM OV, D.M. (Moskva), propodavatell-, retsenzent; PISHCHANSKAYA. B.A. (Odessa), prepodavatel', retsenzent; GUTAN, W.K.. prepodavatell, reteenzent; GOLIDIN, A.B., prepodavatell, reteenzent; MMYPGV, N.N. (Sverd1ovsk),'PrePbdavatel!. retsencent; MWINA, L.I., prepodavatell, reteenzent; TSHELOYANOV, D.M. (Laningrgd), pro- podavatell, retsentent; GONCHAROVA. L.D. (Simferopolt), prepodavatell, retsenstent; KATVIYXV, Ye.P., pr~podavatsll, retsenzent; ALSKSMY, I.M., propodav'atell, retsenzent; DUDINSKiY, S.L. (Leningrad), pro- podavatell, retsenzent; BABUN, V.B. (Kharikov), kand.takhn.nauk, retsenzent; CHERNOVI.fiJ., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk, spetsred.; BORISOVA, SUM, D.M., Untroductl'on to the study of.commerial wares] Vvedenie v tovaro- vedenie promyshlenufth tovarov. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo torg.lit-ry, 1959. 135 P. (MIRA 12:7) (Commercial products) OVRUTSKIT, M~tvey Shlemovich; CERWTOV, H.V.,_"prof., rateenzent; KIKHAUOV. A,N,q prof., retsenzent; VMKbV-,-V-.A., inzh., retsenzent; GUSEVA, A.I., red.; XNAKNIN, M.T.. [Now methods of tanning hard leathers; tanning of hard leathers with the use of chromium aV tan aluminum sy%tan, and chromium silicate complex compounds Hovye metody dubleniia zheatkikh kozh; dublenie zheBtkikh kozh a primeneniem khromsintanovykh, aliumo- sintanovykh i khromosilikatnykh komplekanvkh soedinenii. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhnAzd-vo lit-ry po legkoi promyshl., 1959. 171330 (MIRA 13: (Tanning materials) CHERNOV, N.V:,"rof., doktor tekhn.muk; ARONINA, Tu.N., dotsent, ;P ekhn.muk Determining the stretch of fur semifinished products. Izv. vys.ucheb.sav.; takh.log.prom. no-3:62-65 159* (NIR& 12:12) 1. 14ookovskiy takhnologicbeekiy institut legkoy proqrsblennosti. Rekomendovana keLfedroy, takhnologii kozhi i makha. (Rides and ekins) DZHKUSHIA, G.I., in2b.: GREMIOV.-II.Y., prof@ Determining- the qualitative characteristics of chrome rig leather and semi-finished -roducts by the volumetric yield. KoMi.-Ouv.prom. no-12.13-15 D 159. (MIRA 13:5) (15eather) DZHANASHIYA, G.I.. inzh.; CHMOV, N.V., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof. Quality characteristics of cbrome pigskin and its semifinished products evaluated by the volumetric output. Izv.vya.ucheb.zav.; tekh.leg.prom. no-3:89-95 16o. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Moskovskiy tekhnologichookiy institut legkoy, protWeblennosti. Rekomendowana kafedroy tekhnologii kozhi t mekha. (Hides and skins) doktor tek1m. nauk., prof.; SHESTAKOVA,, I.S., prof.., dok-Itor tekhm. nauk; GCLOVTEIEVA, A.A., kand. tekhn, n~ukp dotsent; ULMOV) S.A.,, inzb. FIffect of the bouquet and visosity of the tanning solutions on tanning kinetics. Nauch. trudy IITILP no,24:21-29 162, (MIRA 16:7) 1. Kafedra tekhnologii kozhi i mekha Moskovskogo tekhnologi- cheskogo instituta legkoy pcromyshlennosti. (Tanning) USILOV, V.A., aspirant; doktor tekhn. nauk, prof. Effect of the breakihg strain on the breaking strength of the hide substance. Nauch. trudy MTILP 25:58-60 162. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Kafedra tekhnologii kozhi i mekha. Moskovskogo tekhni4l logicheskogo instituts. legkoy promyshleninosti. .1 USILOV, V.A., aspirant; CHEERNOV N.V. doktor tekhn. nauk, prof, - -_.5. Relation between the strength limits of leather a-,,ri fiber bundles in tensile deformation. Vauch. trudy MT:LP no.26s 114-117 162. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Kafedra tekhnologJi kozhi i mekha Moskovskogo tekhnologichoskogo instituta legkoy promyshlennosti. GOLOVTEYEVA, A.A., kand. tekhn. nauk, dotsent; SHESTAKOVA-, I.S., doktor tekhn. naukp prof.t CHERNOV, N.V., do%tor tekhn.-nauki prof.' Problem of dissolving and reconstituting collagen. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; tekh. leg. prom. no.5t62-67 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Moskovskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut legkoy promyshlennosti. Rekomendovana kafedroy tekhnologii kozhi i mekha. GOLOVTEYEVA, A.A,, kand. tekhn. nauk, doteent.; SHESTAK()VAp I.S., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof.; CIIERNOV, N.V- doktur tekhn. nauk, prof. Problems of the dissolving and r6constitutilion of coliagen. Izv. vys. uch4- zav.; tekh. leg. prom. no.4-.72-83 163. (NIRA 16:10) 1. Moskovskiy tekhnologicbeskiy institut legkoy promyshlennosti. Rekomendovana kaft3droy tekhnologlli kozhi i mekha. UN-7TEYDIA, A.A., kand. te~hn. r.~iuh, dotsent; doktcr tekhn. nauk, prof.; CHETI:OV, N.V., dokto.- t-khn. n~x!., prof.; KARPACHEIV) P.S. , inth- A - Effect of mechanical actions on the acc~z-'Qration of Oye ~,Pnetration in tannin tanning. Nauch. trudy MTIIJ' (HIU 17: 11 ) 1. Kafedra tekhnologii kozhi i mekha H~~:~.~Y!okogo tek~lnoiol--Jchesho,go instituta legkoy promyshlennosti. STRAKHOV, Ivan Pavlovich~, prof.; AR011BIA, Yuliya Naumovna, dots.; GAYDAROV, Leonid Petrovich, dots.; GOJDVTEYEVA, Alevtina Alekseyevna, dots.; QU4114OV,-Vikolay Vladimirovich, prof.; SHESTAKOVA, Irina Sergeyevnap prof.; KOTOV, M.P., prof., retsenzent; KLOGHKOV, S.A.y inzh., retsenzent; GRACHEVA, A.V., red.; I'LEIIYANNIKOV, M.N., red. [Chemistry and technology of leather and fur] Khimiia i tekhnologiia kozhi i mekha. Moskva, Legkail industriial 1964. 621 p. (MIRA 18:2) Tj\ PIVNENKOp G*Fo; CHERNOVP N.Ye.; SALOv D.P. Efficient technological processes in preparing drugs used in the form of drops. Apt. delo 10 no. 1:34-37 Ja-F 161. (MIRA 14!2) (DRUG INDUSTRY) CU'MOV, 14ya. [Chornov, M.N.); HVIN"Jil"O, G.f. [Pivnor~,o., II.P.j Preparation of dry stable juice from the herb of celandine. Farm-atsev. zhu~. 18 no.l:ZA-49 163. Oaa;t 17:10) 1. Kafedra takhnologii lekarstv i Calenovylch preparatov K~Ikovsltogo farmtsevticheskogo instituta. OMMOV, 0. . - , ~ - - 4-t- ., , Dragonflies. Vokrug systa no.12:32 D '54. (MMA 8:1) (Dragonflies) AUTHORS Solasoncy, N. SOV/24-58--4-38/39 TITIS: Combating Bud ions f Coal and Gas From Goal VIS (B nezapZ.1 lybrosami uglya I gaza kh (,=.I 4, a tituto of Rising of the Ac.Sc. USSR) (Sovexhcbani.Ye v Institute gormogo del& AkadeaLl nauk SSSR) PERIODICALS Isvestiya Akadsaii Sauk SSSR Otdoleniye Takhatebaskikh Sauk, 1958, Nr 4. pp 155.- 154 (USSR) ABSTRAM On February 17 - 21, a conference was held at the InstItut 0 lp d*la Akadszii nauk SM (Lining Institute of %be AcsfrubdR) on the results and prospects of sessarch work on combating sudden ejections of coal and and coal explosions in mines. Members or the Central sion for combating sudden ejections of coal and gas, = =8022tativem of scisAtific research and project tutes and of higher teaching establishments parti- GiVated in the conference. After a brief opening speech by Academician *.%. Skochinakly, the following papers were "ALd at the conference: -Investigation or the Conditions CazAl/4 in the Yield of Application of local Methods of Preventing '_Xddd~n RJections of Coal and Gas in preparatory working. and in draming (y~j. Kbodot); "Development of . Combination of Measures for Safe Mining of Coal in Stopes in unprotected Zones of sos= which are Dangerous p1m. the Point Of View of Sudden Ejections of Coal and Gas" *W-IL Krichavskly); -Finding . We and productive System of Working Irdividual Steeply Sloping Sea. W~ ~jc MOTO an Inclination to Develop Sudden Ejections (it Coal b and Gas". N1rnk1-JkLAUz); 'Finding an xrrecti~e System Of WOrkin , t. g a Rms for the purpose of Utilisimg T-,.. Protseti*FO Seams" 'U.3. Lokahln); *Aystez or woriing Of tb* *Pugachovka- Mize of the is. Arten Trust of Duarshizakugol- f;;_T__ZLLzl=)1 *SY4t*m Of Working Individual Seems Off-M -C#utr-~ Donbass region Where Mare Is a Danger of Sudden Ejections of Coal and Gas P-T, Safe and Effective Methods of lForclo, , - -ga-Fi ; t, U04.1 beams 1) t Xagarshin kiy deposits Which art ::Trous From the POimt Of View Of Sudden Bjectiono Of and Gas' MY- Borisov), *Investigation or the Card2/4 Tendency to Ejections of COIJ of the u,k-h,evk,y anthracite deposits and Just1filation of Rational Methods of 01"40 This Coal SJdoro ); aLothod of Detection of Sections Which Axe Zkngszous as Regard* Sudden I ions in 50=2 of the Tagcrohinskiy mining regio=- E=W L iharnov ; -Development of Geophysical Lethods r, for Establishing And StudyinS the Pore- runnarx of Sudden 3jecticna of Coal and Gas"(!:. is famy); "Resulte of Scientific Investigat no on tEli Problem Of Combott!_nK Shccks in Coal Lines During 19~p7- DO the Btats of Designing and TestinC and 34uipcent for Passing Through a Which Are Dangerous From the Point of View Of SjdZtiOr-9 of Ccal and Gas" tK.B. gc&jp~) . On the basis of the presented paperi-aMM s:,v3`m alone, U14 PArti1iPA11t6 in the conf*renoe concluded that in 295? progress was &--hieyvi in tha theory of sudden J00tiOns of coal and gas. (711 r,' S*ms of the interesting items discussed at the conference are briefly suzzarised. CHERNOVY 0.1.~ in7h. Classification of warning signs of sudden outbur-sts of co&I and gas.- Vop. bezop. v ugoll. shakh. 1%68-70 159. Predicting the danger of sudden outbursts in sections of coal mine seams. lbid.t88-106 (41n 17gl2) CHERNOV, 0.1., inah.; ROZANTSEV, Ye.S. - -W-1 Sudden outbursts of coal and gas and efforts to control them in eastem coal basins of the U.S.S.R. Vop. bezop. v ugoll. shakh. 1:7MB 159. (MM l7zl2) TABAKOV, A.G.; CIMOV. 0.I.,_ -,-- - Improving degasification methods in Kuznetsk Basin mines. Vop. bezop. v ugoll. shak-h. 1:107-119 159. (KIRA 17;:12) CHERNOV, 0.1.; CHIBISOV, I.V. Deganification of coal seams in the Xuznetak Basin. Vop. bezop. v ugoll. shakh. 1:119-131 159. (MIFLA 17-12) --CHIRNOV, 0.1., starshiy nauchnyy so#rudnik; ROZANTSEV, Ye.S., starshiy natichnyy . a oFr-udnik Preventing coal and gas outbursts in opening heavy seams with cross- headings. Bezop.truda v prom. 4 no.4.4-6 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Vostochnyy nauchno-issladavatellskiy inatitut po bezopasnosti rabot v gornoy promyshlennosti. (Coal mines and mining-Safety measures) CHERNOVP 0.1.,, iDzh. Creating safe conditions in the making of crosscuts opening up thick seams subject to sudden outbursts of coal and gas. Nauch. soob. VostNII no.1:14-20 161. Determination of gas liberation from each borehole as a method of establishing the danger of seams toward sudden outbursts of coal and gas. Ibid.:21-29 (MIRA 18:5) BOBROVI Ivan Vladimirovich; ZAYTSEV, A.P.., retsenzent,;-CHERNOV, O.I.j, retsenzent; KARPM, A.M., otv. red.; RATFIKOVi, A.P..,-~e-U.-- izd-va; BOLDYREVA, Z.A., tekhn. red.; P.ROZOROVSKAYA, V.L., tekhn. red. [Safe methods of carrying out development workings in seams subject to sudden outbursts of coal and gas] Sposoby bezo- pasnogo provedeniia podgotovitellnykh vyrabotok na plastakh, opannykh po vnezapnym vybronam uglia i gaza. Moskva, Gos. nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po gornowu delu, 1961. 257 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Donets Basin-Mine gases) CHERNOVP OeItt inahs; ROZANTSEVP Ye*S*q inzh.; FUZYREVP V-N,v inzh. Sudden coal and gas outbursts in Karaganda mines. Bezop.truda v prom. 5 no*4-.4-6 Ap 161~ (MIRA 14:3) 1. Vostochn~7 nauchno-iseledovuteltakiy inatitut po bezopasnosti truda v gornoy prongrahlennosti. (Karaganda Basin-Coal mines and mining-Accidents) ROZAINTSEV, Ye.S., inzh.; CHERM, 0.1. Protection of miner5 baring scams 5ubjected !.o sudden outbursts. Bezop.truda v prom. _5 no.12:1.51-17 D '61, (EIRA 1-5:1) (Coal mines and minin'ry-Safety mca5ures) CHERNOV, 0.1.; ROZANTSEV, Ye.S. First Oudden gas and coal outbursts during stoping operations in the Kuz"netsk Basin. Ugoll 36 no.4:44 Ap 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Vostoch7y nauchno-issleda7atellskiy institut po bezopasnqsti rabot v gornoy promyshlennosti. (Kuznetsk Basin--Mine gases) .CHERNOV., 0.1., inzh. Study of the Possibilities of preventing bumps b)r wetting coal seams. (Trudy] VNIMI no.49tl58-163 162. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Vostochnyy nauchno-issledovatel',gkiy inatitut po bezopasnosti rabot v gornoy promyshlennosti. CHERNOV. 0.1.; PUZYREV, V.N. -- Various degrees of danger of outbursts in coal seams along the height of the level. Nauch. soob. VostNII no.3:65-70 163. (MIRA 17--5) CHFRNOV, 0.1.; ROZANTSEV, Ye.S. Investigation for the purpose of determining the number of advance boreholes while mining development workings on seams presenting a danger of sudden outbursts of coal and gas. Nauch. soob. VostNII no.3:71-79 163. (MIRA 17:5) CHE~RNOV,_ Oj~ GORBACHF.Vp A. T. Methods, systems and nature of the degassing of coal beds through wells. Izv. Sib. otd. AN SSSR no.l2tl6-27 '62. (MIRA 17t8) 1. Vcotochnyy nauchno-ifisledovatellskiy institut po bezopasnosti rabot v gornoy promyshlennosti. Kemerovo i Institut gornogo dela Sibirskogo otdolaniya AN SSSR, Hovosibtr3k. ,CHERNOVP 0.1.; ROZANTSEV, Ye.S. Some results of studying the zones of influence of advancing boreholes in thick seams subjected to sudden outtursts of coal and gas. Ugoll 38 no.lc43-45 Ja 163. (MIRA 180) 1. Vostochnyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut po bezopasnosti rabot v gornoy pronyahlennosti. CHEPAOV, 0,I,, inzh.; MURASHEV, V.I., inzh. Fi3-jing.,t,jw 7dned-out area in the Prokoplyevsk-Kiselevok area of the Kuznetsk Basin. Ugoll 38 no.9:&-10 S '63. (KRA 16: 11) 1. Vostochnyy nauchno-ifisledovatellskiy institut po bezo- pasnosti mbot v gornoy promyshlennostio lullfELN~,"L,_~).J.; MUW~S.117,!.V, V.I.; SH1,10MOVICHUS, Ya.G. Effect of woluting the coal op. it:; rjechunical j-1--,-r~-,er',-!F--.,-, z~ntl on the stressed state of the coul Triussif. Vop. gor. rlav] . nn.21:72-84, 164. (i-HRA IF:?,) 1. Vo5tochnyy nauchno-is-sledovate-l'sluly im-titut po beZom-sncst-i rabot v gornoy promysirilannosti. Histogenesis of the peripheral nervous system of the epiglottis in man* DDp.AX MSH rio.4;517-522 160. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Kiyevskiy meditsinakir institut, Predstayleno akademikom AN USSR V.G.Kaelyanenko CV.H.Kaellanenkol. (VIGIWTI6w-1X=VAJKOV) I CHERNOV 0 V 'assistent Reactive changes in the nerve fibers of the epiglottis following the action of some physicalp chemical, and biological irritants. Zhur.-ush., nos. i gorl. bol. 20 no.4:29-36 J1-Ag t6O. (MIRA 14:6) 1. 1z kafedry gistologii I embriologii (zav. - zasluzhennyy deyatell naWci chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR prof. N.I.Zazybin) Kiyevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (EPIGLOTTIS-INNERVATION) KABAK, K.S. (Kiyev, Brestr-Litovskoye shossei, d-82); KOL014IYTSEVs A.K. (Kiyev, Brest-Litavakoye shoaae d 82); OSAULENKO, V.Ya. (Kiyev., Brest- Litov~skoya shosse, 9,V_-O..V.. _(Kiyev, Brest-Litovskoye shosse, d. 82) Reaction of the peripheral.nerves of the skin to synthetic suture material. Nov. khir. arkh. no.5:92-95 S-0 160. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Kafedra gistologii i embriologii (zav. '" zasluzhennyy deyatell nAlIld., chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR prof. N.I.Zazybin) Kiyevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (SKIN-INNERVATION) (SUTUM) ACC NRAP7004790 __ SOURCEC 0.DE UR/0"411/61/000/00f /OY2 5/6f!~6_ V !INVENTOR: Ttitorskaya, N, N.; Cher Podvigina, 0. P.; ,Koroleva, S. P. JORG: none ;TITLE: Alloy for brazing zirconium. Class 49, No. 190178 (announced i aby State Scientific Research and Design Institute of Alloys and Non- Ferrous Metals Processing (Gosudaretvennyy nauchno-issledovateliskiy t pr&ktnyy institut splavov i obrabotki tsvetnykh metallov)) A SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no, I., 1967, 125-126 TOPIC TAGS: brazing alloy, copperypalladiumvalloy, zirconium, containing alloy,. titanium containing alloy, nIli-Ij 2n!_~ ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate introduces an alloy containing copper and -palladium for brazing zirconium. To improve the quality of brazed Soints, zirconium is added to the alloy. 'In a -&riant, components of the alloy are set as follows: palladium 19-20%, zircohium 3-4.5%, copper biLlance; in alloy containing 17-20% palladium, and 2-3% zirconium, 'l - 0-1. 5% titanium is added (copper balance). [AZ) SUB CODE: 11,13/ SURI DATE: 10D-(.,1/ ATD PRESS: 5117 Card 1A UDC: 621 919-1.3k- CHERNOV, P. "The fight against interferences in the television reception," Radio, 1951. 2241 CheXWv. P. Opyt Vyrashchivardya Vysokikh Urozhaev Kukuruzy Na Silos (V Litov. SSR). BilfrWas, 1954. 231- 30sm- (Resp. Lektsionnoye Byuro Glav. UFR. Kul'tprosvetuch- Rezhderdy M-Va Kulltury Litov. SSR. V Pomoshch' Lektoru). 200 EKZ. Bespl.- Otpech. M Nozhit. A Pparatom.- Na Pravakh Ru Kopisi- (54-56579) 633-15:631-563.5(47-45) KV4 IYSSR/ Blectionics -,Cabbs Card Vi Pub. 69 -,28/31 Authors 0 he rn ov P. Title- 3 Ribbon type cables Nrlodlical I -,Radio 11, 58-59;p Nov 1954 Ab6tract 1.A ribbon-type-low-attenuation balanced cable, manufactured under the trade name,KATB (KATV) and used as a feeder line for receiving television-antennas within tID city limits, is described. The wave resistance (impedance) of the cable is 300 ohms, and the attenuation per kiloiTeter length is 14 nepers. The cable, havinq~ . r, envelope, requires succial mountin- on insula- . no screening tors. The method of mountin.- and the tyna of insulators, made of a material called OGetinaks", a-r-e- sha.,Tn. Dia-7rams; drwainrzs; illustrations. Institution .Submitted~-