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DalIRCHOOLyAN, r,. G. The developulaut of the electrical reaOton cli i6'reG4 112 61116~: F'~aezlv. (;. WOUCIllircht'glyali and V. S. JlVirtipt:i W. R. Atal. I- '?SS., 1951 90 .171- 37 4).-Tht, hTSt igli Of Vivctric~d activity if) Air rabini ";-0, :1 shm pmifiv~! Ivaw. "m iffilill il'.6oll, %us fimild to appear till the 701-10th day atter birth. It), the. 18th-22ild day, tile viectrorctitiogram NvjLs t%()j it-fterent frilitt that uf tile adult cyc' G. S. BRINDIA.Y. UEMIRCHOGLYANI G. G. "The Fundamental Processes in an tical Analyzer." Dr Biol Sol,, Acad Med Sol USSR, 7 Doe 54. (VMp 25 Nov 54~ Survey of Scientifid and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Figher Educational Institutions (n) SO: Sum. No - 521, i Jin~,55 DMIPCHOOLYAN$ G. G. DMIRCHOGLYAN, G.G., kandidat biologicheskikh nank. Ii. .. .. I-... x-1 - Radioactive isotopes and their utilization in biology and medi- cine.19st. v shkole no.3:17-22 MY-Je 154. (HLRA "1:7) 1. Akademiya nauk Armyanskoy S.S.H. (Radioactive tracers (Isotopes) AUUANY", A.M.". UN, M.A. ALIAKMM Now date. on conditioned reflex changes in the visml analvoor of ram. Izv.AN Arm.&SR.Biol.i sellkhot.nauki 7 no.9:57-67 S 154. (96RA 9:8) 1. Institut fiziologii AN Arm. 33R. (CONDITIOMW RESPONSO) (SIGHT) .,21FWWO~GLYAN G.G.- ZAKHWAN, A.P. I- - . -j~ , ,W;-7 .W Effect of electric (pain) stimulation of the skin on the functional properties of the retina. Dokl. AN Arm. SSR 18 no.4-125-128 154. (MLBA 8:3) 19 Inatitut fiziologii Akademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR. Predstavleno G.Kh.Bmiyatyanom. (Retina) (Receptors (Neurology)) C' MILIK-HUSITAN, B-N-: MMCHDGLTAN, G.G. Blectroretinography in amblyopia antl ammiroals. Dokl. Ali Arm. SSR 19 no63:79-81 254. (MLRA 817) 1. Klinam glaspykh boleznoy Toravy=skogo meditainskogo instituta J Institut fixiologil Akademll nauk Armyanskojr SSM. P~redstavleno G.Kh. Bunyatyanom. (Skiascopy) ALILUNIAN, A.M.; DJUIRC49OW G.G. The slow oscillatIone of electrical potentials in the visual ana- lysor, Izv.AN Arx.SQ.Biol.i sel'khos.nauki 8 no.2:67-76 IF '55. (Km q.- 8) 1. Inatitut fisiologit AN Arm. SR. (RUCT"IffeROLOGY) (FSTINA) (OROBAL CORM) t Garf; a novich ; IKOV, N G. , ro (I a ktor ; MAK~MV~ i ~ takhi)i(-,heI8 ZT~^-"d'tjftttyr% .. 0- -% r,qk%,Djnj,.)U of arnlysors; a manual for teachers] Firiologiia torov; prisobie dlia tichitsilei. Mook-va, Gos. uchabno-oedagog. MiAtiterstre lDroaveshchentia RSYSR, 1956. 94 p. (:-ILTU~ ~:-!I; (SBAIISI~ ORGANS) DIMIRCHOGLYAN, G.G., kandidat biologichookikh nALWi. -- -- 11 ;. - . ", - i- Biological effect of radioactive radiations. 3st.v shkole no.l: 1.1-14 ja-F 156. (MLHA 9:5) 1. Alutdomiya nauk Armyanskoy &U. (lWion,ativity-Phyalological effect) K3LIK-KUSIYAN, B.N.; DIM G.G. .020-mm-- ,game results and prospects in electroretinographic researeb. Izv.AN Arm.SSR. Biol. i selikhoz.nauki 9 no.8:3-12 Ag 156. (KLHA 9:10) 1. Ilinika glaznykh bolezney Yerevanskogo maditainskogo instituta, fiziologii Akademii nauk AManskoy SSR. (BLICTROPHYSIOLOGY) (RETINA) -(BYE-DLMSBS AND DMOTS) An article Ontiti,6d, "tigtt Sensitivity of Visual Axwl4rzer Under Con- ditions of Ceirebral Inhibition" by 0. G. Demirchoglyan and M. A. Allakh - verdyan of the Institute of Physiology, Academy of -Sefences Armenian-MR, presen s further studies on the conditioned reflex shifts of the visual Analyzer of man as related to the cortical regulation of primary visual .functions. Studies were made on the effect of various types of cortical Imbibition on the light- sensitive function and on the course of uncon- ditioned reflexes. It was found that the successive action of conditioned stimulation v:Lthout re-enforcement by light caused an increasingly slower decrease Of light sensitivity, and, subsequently, light sensitivity even rose above the initial level established in the dark. This significant rise of light sensitivity of the rods always appeared as a result of the ex- tinction, of a formerly established conditioned reflex. Similar results we re obtained against a background of extinguishing inhibition. The: authors conclude their article by saying that further research is'-necessary on the mechanism and the changes of photochemical processes 6fthe retimL (increased concentration of rhodopsin due to the develop- iint of extinguishing inhibition or a decreased degree of rhodopsin de- emposition during illumination), but it is evident that the condition of the higher branches of the central nervous system are important for tbiq effect of strong sitInWAtion by light. (Dok~ady Akademil Nauk SM, Vol 10%, No I, 1~656) PP 225-w228) (U) USSR / Human and Animal Physiology. The Nervous System. T Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol.~j No 90 1958g 41747, Author L__Dzzjr - . _,ghaglyan,, G. G.; Allakhverdyan, M. A. Inst Not Title On the Analysis of the Alteration of Sensitivity to Light of the Optic Analyzer of Man Under Con- ditions of Cortical Excitation and Inhibition, Orig Pubt V sb..- 141opr. Vyssh nervn deyat-,sti i kompensatorn, prisbosoble-nil (Problems of Higher Nervous Activity and Compensatory Adaptations) iryp 2 Arevan. AN Gruz SSRV 1957, 169-160. Abstract: A conditioned reflex, lowering of sensitivity to light, was elaborated during dark adaptation after Card I/?- USSR / Human and Animal Physiology, The Wervous System, T Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 99 19580 41-747. Abstract-. 3-19 associations of light with a preceding buzzer, Upon extinction of this reflex, sensitivity to light increased, Cortical InhilbItIon weakened the effect of light on the sensitivity of the retina, In directing the light upon one qye, conditioned reflex changes also spread to the other. It Is postulated that the Impulses fr~om the CNS Inhibit the function of the retina, In the various forms of cortical inhibition the retina frees Itself from central Influences. -- K. S. Ratner. Card 2/2 138 USSR/Human and Animal Physiology - The St-.nsory Organs. .1-9 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 4, 1958, 18651 Author B.H. Melik-Mus'yan and G.G. Demirchoglyan Tnst The Republic Clinical Hospital of the Arminian SSR. Title Various Disturbances in Visual Function and its Restora- tion According to the Data of Clinical ",lectroretinogra- phy. Orig Pub Sb. nauchn. tr. Resp. ';-Iinich. bollnitsy krmSc% 1957, 1, 559-567 01 Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 USSR/11uman and Animal Physiology - Sensoty OrganEl. T-11 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 7, 1958, 32253 Author : Dcrdrehoc.~ ~_n~Adunts, G.T., Avalkyan, Ts.M. Inst 4,efqy,4wcK,,,v 55R. Title Action of Radioactive Phosphorus on the Functional Dondition of the Retina of the Eye,~ Orig Pub Izv. AN ArmSSR. Biol. i s.-kh. M., !':)57, .0, No 2, 3-13. Abstract Inmersion of a preparation of an isolated froC, eye in a solution of NaOP3204 (strength not indicated) caused stronger depression of ERG than did irriersion of the same in a solution of NA2HP04- Sometines depression of ERG pruceded an increase. With subcutwieous introduction of NajiP32o 41 impairments of the ERG (removed also from the isolated preparation) set in only -through four to ton d,iys after the introduction. In addition) the accuciala- tion of p32 was the same in the retina of an exposed and unexposed eye. Card 1/1 11BEDINSIM, A. V., GRIGaR"YEV, Y. G. and DEXMCHOGLYAN, G. G. "The Biological Effect of Small Doses of' Ionizing Radiation." paper to be presented at 2nd UK Intl. Conf. on the peaceful uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, I - 13 Sep 58. ,,.)V/'89-5 - 5 -11, i5 AUTHORS: Lebedinskiy, A. V., Grigorlyev, Yu, G., Demirchoglyan, G. u. TITLE: On the Biological Effect of Ionizing Ptndi~itioft J-11 biologicheskom doystvii ienizziruyanhuhppo Jz11u-i)eni,yZ, ma.lykh dozakh) PERIODICAL: Atomnaya energiya, 1958, Vol. 5, Nr i, pp. 310-7~!6 ABSTRACT: This is a summarizing account concerning the., fc1lo-.riing Soviet paperst N. 1. Vuzhdin, N. I. Shapiro et al.: Pistarbance of the sexual cycle in female mice after a daily irnuUation of C.1 r for a period of 15 months. G. S. Strelin: With a dose of 2 r a retardation of the mitosis of the epithelium of the cornea of rats at times occurs. N. P. Smirnova(Laboratory A. V. Lebedinskiy): Irradiation of 50 r causes a phase-modification of irritability in the various centers of hypothalamic areas during stimulation by an electric -.urrent. Yu. G. GrJgor'yev: Tii-functional state of the human cerebral cortex durinp a thera- peutical irr&diation of the head and of the abdomen (electro- encephalographical method). A. B. Tsypin.-Recording of the bio- logical activity of the brain of hares during irradiation with Card 1/2 a dosage of 0,13 to 0,03 r./-qec (Method developed M. N. 15 On the Biological Effect of Ionizing Radiation in Small. Livanov). A. I. Danilenko, N. D. -1teteenko: Changa of the frequency and amplitude of an electroencephalogram of a dog to which 0,1 to 1 mC/kg p52 is administered. 1. K. Zyu:,i-,i: In Llic case of serious psychic diseases t.-he cerebral c-ur:;ex was fauna to become more sensitive already -v-th rt~apect tc- ivdicat~,r doses of radioactive substano,~:s. Ye. !-. London: -he - - feeling" of the eyes as a result of the of radio- active substancea. Ts. M. AvaL,.yant The electroretirogram, ob- ~he i3olaled eye 04' a f-Cg ei-11 tained after irradiation of doses of 10 to 100 r. G. G. Demirchoglyan, G. T. A%Laants, Tz. M. Pvakyan: The influence of p52 On the functional proper-ties of the retina of the eye of a frog. A. V. Lebedinskiy, G. G. Demirchoglyan: The influence exercised by small dooeo Df radio- active strontium preparations upon the functiorvil z-,tat~! of the retina. There are 3 figures and 33 references, 22 )i' -whi--h are Soviet. (Continued on abstract 12/15) Card 2/2 "i(NI189 12/15 AUTHOH.5: hebc,dliiskly, %. V., Griw,(~rlyev, '1u. G., Demirchoglyan, G. G. TITLE- On th-e Bir)lugict~l Effent of Ionizing Radiation in Small Doses.II deys',vii ioniziruyushchego iziucheniya v mallykh dozekh) (Continued from abstract 11/15) PFRIODICAL: Atomnaya energiyp, 1q1,6, Vol. 5, Nr 3, PP. ~16-~~;~n 'U!:,'1Hj ABSTRACT: -A. V. Lebediaskiy, A. I. PeymertThe dependence oil the regenera- LlOn and iensitivity of the retina on metabolic proco-~rses, eepecially on the carbon-tater metabolism. .4. 1. Lebedinskiy, V. V. Yakovlov: Disturbed development of reflex-movement re- action3 (inveatigated in 300 embrycis of rabb_Jts~~'- A. V. Lebc~dinskiy, Den Chzhi-chen: chan,- ,e of The nervoun 90 system of living beings that have been con,;jnticuoly fed with Sr during -mbryogenesis. V. A. Muzheyev: The influence of radon radiation upon the functional Ftate of' nerves and musclcs. A. I. .Danilenko, N. D. Stetsenko: The nerve-cords undergo a modifica- 'kion of functional properTies under the effect of Irradiation if 9e exceeds 17 ergaiT,.M2 th,~. radiatior do, N. Ye. Vved_:~nskiy: The shorLen~ng of the duration of zierve rei'!-:~xes cIF a -esul-. Of Card Sr.~7LII dwies. V. N. Strelltsova; if I '~00 - 1 ~O'J)~O Cr /-15 On the Biologi cal Effect of lonizi-Ng Raldipilt jun in f,mal I Doae~! Ru 06 is administered to ruls only once, th~, elfe~.t calzoing i.s tne same as it' lc,C JAC g were fidirini.,*eved fo'r a puvic~i of if~ll' d,9,V--. N. Krayt-vskiy anl N. N. Gb,~nlijpd a sJ,milsr result. Theve ai-e I f-j*&.ire und refr?vencc-s' of whj,,,,h five Card 2'''. V TMSR CAMRY Pharmacology and Toxicology. Narcotics and Hypnoties.. 'I BS. JOUR. RZhBiol, . No, 1 1959., No. ~ L"7 AUTHCR t Derai agl d' G.; Dihanpoladyan, L. M.; Lr9h - yan, INST. A 9 -A rm S SIR~ TITM Contribution to the Study of the Effect of Small Doses of Cognac upon Certain Functions of the Organism 1PIGs MD. v Aykakan SSR Gitutyuhnerl Akademial tegekagir. Biologlakan ev gyukhatntesakan gitutynner, ,RSTRACT t In healthy tested persons oogneo alcohol (CA) caused a drop in photo6onsitivit-y-of the eye (PE) adapted to darkness and an Increase In the rate of the oardlao rhythm. The disturbances in the cardiac activity were loss prolonged as com- pared with changes of PE. The same doses of CA *Allalchverdyanp M..A. , **Izv. AN ArmS3R., Biol,, i a.-khl. n.0 1956S ill No 2, 93-96 7ARD: 1/2 t,-,.P3HIRC11OGLYAN, G.G. ~ I I-- . Prionry proaessee In the visual nnRly9or. Probl.fiziol opt* 12t8?-99 158 imiRA 11:6) 1e Institut fiziologii Akademii nauk Arm, SSR. (OPTICS. PHYSIOLOGICAL) DER-IRCHOSLYAN, G. G. (DR.)-Prof. V it- 10 DMIRCHOGLTAN. GrAnt. Ourgenovich; YARKOT, N.G., rad.; KAKHOVA, N.N., [Radioisotopes and radiation in biology] Radioizotopy i izln- cheniia v biologii. Moskva, Gos.uchebno-pedagogAzd-vo Y~va prosv.RSPSEL, 1959. 59 P. (MIRA 13:4) (RADIOBIOLOGT) /4 C 21(4); 17(0) PHASE I BOOK EXPWrPATION SOV/2808 International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy. 2d, Geneva, 1958 Doklady sov-etskikh u6henykh; radiobiologiya i radiatsionneya meditsins. (Reports of Soviet Scientists; Radiobiology and Radiation Medicine) Moscow, Izd-vo Glav. upr. po ispollzovaniyu atom3oy energii pri Sovete Ministrov SSSR, 1959. 429 p., 8,ODO copies printed. (Series: Vtoraya Mezhdunarodnays konferentsiya po mirnomu ispollzovaniyu atomnoy energii. Trudy, ton, 5) ..General Ed.;, A*V, Lebedinakiy, Corresponding M~mber, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences; Ed.: Z,S. Shirokova; Tech. Ed.: Ye.l. Mazell. I PURPOSE: This book is intended for physicians, scientists, and engineers as well as for professors and students at vtuzes where radiobiology and- radiation medicinesee taught. COVERAGE: This is Volume 5 of a 6-volume set of repoxts delivered by Soviet scientists it the Second International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, held on September 1-13, 1958,in Geneva. Volume 5 contains Card 1/7 Reports of Soviet Scientists (Cont.) sOV/2808 32 reports edited, by Candidates of Medical Sciences S.V. Levinskiy and V.V. Sedov. The regorts cover problems of the biological effects of ionizing radiation, future consequences of radiation in small doses, genetic effects of radiation, treatment of radiation sickness, uses of radioactive isotopes in medical and biological research, uses of atomic energy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, soil absorption of uranium fission products, their intake by plants, and their storage in plants and foodstuffs. References accompany each report. TABLE OF CONTENTS Lebedinakiy, A.V., Yu.G. Grigorlyev, and ZG-. Demirehogl Biological Effect of Ionizing Radiation in Small Doses (Report No. 2C argan~ 5 Burykina, L.N., D.I. Zakutinskiy, N.A. Krayevskiy, E.B. Kurlyandskaya, N.N. Lit- vinov, Yu.1. Moskalev, A.P. Novikova, Yu.N. Solovlyev, and V.N. Strelltsova. Remote Aftereffects of Injury by Small Doses of Radioactive Substances in Ghronic Exposure (R(.port No. 2077) 17 Gorizontov, P.D. Problem of Pathogenesis of Acute Radiation Sickness In the Pathophysiological Phase (Report No. 2316) 43 Card 2/T Reports of Soviet Scientists (cont.) SOV/2M JAvanov, M.N., and D.A. Biryukov. Changes Appearing in the Nervous System Following tbe-Ionizing Radiation Effect (Report va-2315) 74 TonkM, A.V. Role of Suprarenal Glands in the Pathogenesis of Radiation Sickness (Report No. 2132) 95 Tarusov, B,N. Primary Reactions in Biolipides Under the Action of Ionizing Radiation (Report No. 2248) 105 Kuzin, AX, and A,L. Shabadmish. The Importance of Change in the Native State of Nucleopr9teins in Radiation Injury (Report No. 2319) 110- Frank, G.M., N.A. Aladthalova, and A.D. Snezhko. Scme Problems in the Bio- physical An"Is of Radiobiological Effects (Report No. 2237) 123 Gra,vevskiy., B.Ta. Some Tissue and Cell Reactions to the Ionizing Radiation EffLact, (Report No. 2080) 139 Blyumenfelld, L,A.' and A*Z, Kalmanson. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectra P of Irradiated Amino-Acids, Peptides., Proteins, and.1qophilized Tissues (Report No. 2079) 152 Card 3/T Reports of Soviet Scientists (Cont.) SOV/2 W Seyte, IJ. The Acetylating Function of the Coenzyme A System in Radiation Sickness (Report No. 2239) 16o Meysell, M.N., R.D. Galltsova, GA. Medvedeva, N.A. Pomoshchiiikovs, L.A. SeUverstova., and M.N. Shallnova, Effect of Ionizing Radiation and df Radio- mimetic Substances on the Microbe Cell (Report No. 2320) 167 Klemparskaya, N.N., and V.V. Shikhodyrov. Local Tests to Show the State of Homosensitization and Autosensitization of an Irradlattd Organism (Report No. 2073) 180 Bagdasarov,-A.A., P.R. Vinograd-Finkell, M.O. RsUBhenbekh, M.P. Bogoyavlenskiya, R.I. Rodina, B.P., Belysyeva, G.M. Abdullayev, and N.Ya. Lagutina. Experience in Treating Radiation Sickness With Leukocyte and Thrombocyte Substance (Report No. 2238) 188 IstDmina, A.G., and I.B. Keirim-Markus. Experiments to Determine 'Maximum Pirmissible Thermal Neutron Flux (Report No. 2078) 196 Grodzenskiy, D.E., and T.1'. Ivanenko. Isotopic Method in Studying the Hormone Effect on Metabolism in Osseand Tisme (Report No.,2072) 205 Card 4/7 Reports of Soviet Scientists (Cont.) sov/aBo8 Bogdanov,, K.M.,, M.I. Shallnov, and Yu.M. Shtukkenberg. Some Results of Labeling. With Tritium in Biological Studies (Report No'.. 2070) 212 Sisakyan, N*M, Special Features of Albumin synthesis ia the Plant and Animal Cel.l (Report No. 2244) 2n Amiragova, M.(;. Control Mechanism of the Th7roid Gland Ftmetions, by the Cerebral Cortex (Repwt No. 2202) 238 Kolli, Ye.A. Effect of Various Factors on the Biosynthesis of Thyroxin Pro- duced by the,Thyroid Gland (Report No. 2075) 25i Kometiani,, P.A... L.K. Tkashelashvi3t, and T.Ya. Ovsyanko. Using Phosphoric Eaters of Choline, Ethanolamine., and Serine in Phospholipid Synthesis in the. Bizain (Report No. 2318) 263 Ferdmez, D.L. Using C14 and N-15 to Study Metabolism in Muscles (Report No. 2134) 271 Fedorov, N.A. Relative Charaiteristic Fate of the Three Phenathiazine Compounds: Card 5/7 Reports.of Soviet Scientists (Cont.) SOV/.'~M s35- Aminazine (chlorpromazine), s35- Promazine, and s35- Chlormepazine (Chlorpakaftla) in the Orgimiss (Report No. 2076) 28, Kbz1ov6,,,1L.V. Using Radioactive Isotopes in the Clinic for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes (Report No. 2056) '296 Shemovj, V*N*j K*N& Ba&nLyev,, and N.P, Bekhtereva, Isotopic Encephalography and Electroencephaloscopy for the localization of Brain Tumors (Report No.. 2069) 307 Gabeloya, N.A., and G.M. Frani~ Studying the Past Translocation of Substances in the Organism- by Means of Omma Ebdttibg Isotopes (Report No.2081) - 314 Troitskiy, V.L., M.A. Twwwyan, Z.G. Pershina, V.M. Vadimov, V.G. Ehrushchev, D.R. Kaulen, I.M. Goncharenko, O.V. Chakhava, A.P. Daplishcheva, and T.S, Sedova. Methods of Using Ionizing Radiation in the Production of Bacterial Preparations (Repoft No. 2OT1) 329' Klechkoveldy, VM., LX Sokolova,, and GX Teelishcheva. Sorption of Microquavbities of Strontium and Cesium in Soils (Report No. 2316) 346 card 61T Reports of Soviet Scientists (cont.) SOV/2M Gulyaldn, I.V., and Ye.V. Yudintseva. The Plant intake of Strontium, cesium, and Other Fission Products and Their Storage in the Crops (Report No. 2311) 35t Dabinin, N.P. Mechanism of 'the Radiailft Effect on Nereditr and the Problem of Ridiosensitivity (Report No- 2074) 372 Tinyakov, G.G., and M.A. Arsenlyeva., Cytogenetic Effect of Ionizing Radiation in Naclei of Monkey Germ Calls (Report No. 2476) 385 A14khanyan, S.Io, X.P. Garin&, S.Yu. Golldsm, L.I* Yerokbina, V.G. Zhdanov, N.I. Zhdano~a, O.N, Kapitonova, F,S. Klepikova, S.Z* Mind:Lin, A.A. Firokoflyeva -Bellgovskeya, and A.F. TkWryatnik, Genetic Effect of Radiation and the Selection of Microorganism Producing Antibiotics (Report No. 2493) 396 AVAIIABIZ: lAbr&ry of Congress "NMOM~) Card 7/7 TM/jb 1-5-60 DEKWHOGLUNv G.Or~ 1. 1 on electroretinography in Czeohoslavakla. Biofizika 5/no.3s382-384 160. (MM 13:7) (FJZCTRORETINOGRLPHY-CONGRESM) DAMIltDGHOGVrAN, G.G. Syq)oeium on alectroratinography in ozoohoolovalcia. Izv. AN Arm.Ur.Siol.nauki 13 im,).1:103-106 A 160. (MIRA 1-3:7) (MOTROMrf INOGRAPHf--CONGRISSICS) DMIRCHOGUYAN, G.G. -- --Z.--- -- Meehaniam of the origin of the electr6retinogram. Biofizika 6 Y. 2:249-252 061. 1 (MIRA 14.4) 1. Institut fiziologii 4LN Armyanskoy SSR!, Yerevan. (FJZMOETINOGRkPHY) DEMIRCHOGLYAN, G.G. Role of retroaotivo conneotions in the aotion of analysors. Biofizika 6 n0-4:499-502 161. (MIRA 14:7) 1. Institut fiziologii imeni akademJjm L,A.Orbeli AN Armyanskoy SSR, Yerevan. (SENSES AND SEMVION) DKIIRCHOGLYAN, G.G.$ MASLOV, N.M. Measurement of retinal impedance. Izv. All Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 14 no.8:81-83 Ag 161. (IMA 14:9) 1. Institut fiziologii AN Armyanskoy SSR i Institut biofiziki L, AN SSSR. (RETINA) (ZLECTROPHYSIOLOry) 39563 S/205/62/OD2/003/009/015 1015/1215 AUTHOR: Demirchoglyan, G.G.,Allakhverdyan, M.A., Melik-Mus'yan, A. B.,Ogandzhanyar., V.G., Pogosyan, R. I., Lalayan, A. A., Vasilyan, V. V. TITLE: The cffect of ionizing radiation on the retina and some light-sensitive systems PERIODICAL: Radiobiologiya, v. 2, no. 3, 1962,442449 TEXT: Unlike in other studies, the effect of small radiation doses ( 10-50r, 125-900t) was here investigated in both acute and chronic experiments (during 11/2 years). Elect roret inography (ERG) was performed with con tact-icns-clect rodes; intraretinal potentials were recorded with n-kroelectrodes, SH-groups in the retina were determined amptrometrically; the absorption spectra of rhodopsin extracted from the retina were established and both morphological and bistocbemical analyses were carried out. The radiosensitivity of light-sensitive 3-z gans in worms, of the compound-eye in insects, and of eyes in vertebrates, were compared. Chronic irradiation with small doses brought about an abnormal functional condition of the retina, and this effect had cumulative charact-.ristics. The light-sensitive (chromatophore reaction) system in the skin of the frog turned out to be non-radiosensitive within the limits of 50-5000r. The studies of 0. D. Hug on the direct effect of radiostimulation on tissues are mentioned.The role of SH-groups, included in the proteins of rhodopsin, for the light-sensitivity of the retina is discussed. There are 5 figures. Card 1/2 9 The effect of ionizing radiation ... S/205/62/002/003/009/015 1015/1215 ASSOCIATION: Institut. fiziologii im. akad. L. A. Orbeli AN ArmSSR Yerevan (Institute of Physiology im. Academican L. A. Orbeli, AS ArSSR) Yerevan I SUBMITTED: September 13, 1960 1~ Card 1/2 ZIRIELI V.; DEMLTHOGLYAdi. G.G. I - ... Significance of sulfhydryl groups inoriginating electrical reaction in the isolated retina of animals and man. Biofizika 7 no.2:225-226162. (141RA .16.8) 1. Fiziologicheskiy institut universiteta imuni K.Marksa, Leyptaig i Institut fiziolop,,ii imeni akademika L.A.Orbeli AN Armyanskoy SSR., Yerevan. (ELECTRORETDOGRAPHY) (ZERCAPTO UOUP) DEKMCHOGIXAN, G.G.; BLAVATSKAYA, Ye.D.; AIIAKMRDYAN, M.A.; -------MWA-AVAKYAN, I. I. Possibility of the vigistration and preservation of the retinal bioelectric reaction in an enucleated human eye. Biofizika 7 no.6:719-724 162. (IaRA 17:1) 1. Sektor radiobiologii AN ArmSSR i Yerevanskiy gosudarstvennyy meditsinskiy institut. DEVMCHODLYLN G-.G. , ---- P , doktor biolog.nauk Response to ionizing radiation. Friroda 51 no.5.-Ul-1-12 My 162 (MIRA 15: 5) 1. Institut fiziologii im.. akaderaike. L,Qrbeli AN Armyanskoy SSR, Yerevan. (HAD IATION--PMI:OLOG ICAL Er-TUT) DEKRCHOOLTAN, G.G. _ Tht local flicker-electroretinograpby.0 Report to be submitted for the Second meting for the Intarnational Society for 91,ectroretinograpbyp Rotterdant Netherlands, 12-31t Sept 63 DDIIRCHOGLYAII., G.G.; BLAVATSKAYA, Ye.D.; MIFZA-AVAKYAN, 1.1c; GEVORKYAN, S.G. Study of the effect of c7steine on some visual functions after pigmental degeneration of the retina. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 16 no.12:19-30 D 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1, Klinika glazrqkh bolezney Yerevanskogo instituta uso- vershenstvovaniya vrachey, otdel biofiziki i bioniki AN Armyanskoy SSR. DE34IRCHOGLYAN, Grant Gurgenovich; SHEVELE,, I.A. . red. [Pbysiology and pathology of the retina; primary mechanisms of vision] Fiziologiia i patologiia setchatki glaza; pervichnye mekhanizmy zreniia. Moskvii., Meditsina, 1964. 142 p. (MIRA 17:10) DEMIRCHOGLYAN, G,G., prof. Physiological Institute of the K. Marx University In Leipzig terman Democratic Republic). Izv. AN Arm. SSR, Biol. nauki 17 no.2:101-104 F 164. (KRA 17: 8) DMIRCHOGLYAN, G.G., prof. c I.E!Ccrld Bajnpwium on problems of electrOr3tinography in Erivan, Tzv. AN Am. SSR. Biol. nauki 18 no,4:90-92 AP 165. (14TRA 1815) I. Predsedatell 0- :,anlzatsionnogo komiteta 11 Simpcziuma PO probleman elektroretinografii v Yere-,%ne. DEMIRCHOGLYANp G.G. Second symposium on problems of eltictroret'Anography In Erevan. BioA'izika 10 no.3057 169~0 (PIRA 18,11) ACC NR: AT6036549 SOMCE CODE: tjR/0000/66/000/000/0149 /0150 AUTFOR: Demirchoglyan, G. G. ORG: TITIE:~ New data on the mechanism of effect - ionizing radiation on the functional state of the retina [Paper presented at thevCLonference on Problems of Space Medicine held in Moscow from 24 to 27 May 1966] SOURCE: Konferentsiya po problemam kosmicheskoy meditsiny, 1966. Problenq kosmichesk meditsiny. (Problems of space medicine); materialy konferentsii, Moscow, 19F60 149-150 TOPIC TAGS; cosmic radiation biologic effectp space medicine, vision, rhodopsin, retina, electroretinogram ABSTRACT: Determination of the effects of radiation on human visual functions i8-of paramount importance for manned spaceflight. The radiation effect on the retina is characterized by direct stimulation of photoreceptors, with -accompanying development of bioelectrical reactions. EVCIA the smallest radiation doses substantially affect retinal photosensitivity and other visual functions. Experimenta were conducted to determine the effect of ionizing radia- tion on various aspects of retinal activity, especially the causes of its high .7 radiosensitivity. Retinal activity under these conditions was compared with optic-nerve activity, and the radioeensitivity of the visual photopig- -Ac ments was studied. Spbctropliotometry of rhodopsin (visualpurple) demon- strated the possibility of change in its content without change in its molecular structure especiany during irradiation of the pigment in the regina. Study of the content of sulfhydryl groups in rhodopsin solutions (extracted from -frog retinas) by the method of amperometric titration showed a decrease in sulfhydryl content without a corresponding change in the process of lib,eration of SH groups from rhodopsin molecules. Irradiation of rabbit retinas caused definite morphological and histochernical changes, indicating the dis- ruption of some metabolic processes; at the same tm'le, functional shifts -were observed in electroretinograms. I In spite of the occurrence of changes, the irradiated visual system" retained its capacity to perceive and process visual information. This :ability is clearly shown by the retention of impulsation in the optic nerve .of frogs after intense irradiation of the visual system. These data :agree with recent American studies, which also demonstrated the high radioresistance of the optic nerve. Future studies by this research team' wM be concerned with the minute changes occurring in the retina at the moment of irradiation. In order to conduct these studies, a method of ~remote registration of ERGa for use in radiation conditions has been developed* [W' *A* "No. 22;* ATD'Report, 66-1i6] SUB CODE: 06 / SUBM DATE: OOMay66 Card aril 'hul.,ce" In. Ll~c bloc-d and alood--,Por, ;Iill~ EU-1 "I'Ob Ti sc stue as Pun al C'c: i 'I'Llre z i, eTo ,i- T .-'.. `,u4*7, -11 All- N USSR/General Pr:)blens of Patholoa - Tvxiors. Experimental Therapy. U Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biol., No 1, 1959, 42o4 Author DerArchoLAyan, I.G. Irst Titlo A Study of the 'Lction af a New Preparation ~)f the Group of ChlorethylarAnes (Preparation No 12) in Experinental Leukoses. OriC Pub V sb.: Vopr. rentgenol. i x-dml. T. 2. Yerevan, 1957, 333-339 Abstract Preparation No 12 (1) was ackdaistered irtra-abdorAimlly to rxice of the afb line with inoctilated leukisis upon the 7-8th day following the inocv.-lation (when the tunor reached the size of a pea) fir a duration of 8 days in a dose of 0.2 nr,/kC;. I was also adaLnistered to raice with spontaneous leukosis following the sane method. Of 25 nice of the lst Group, 3 perished bn the 25tA day, and at this time the-ttumor either decreased or recessed in Card 1/2 - 32 USSR/Gworcil Problens of Patholoa - Turiors. Experimental Therapy. U Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biol., No 1, 1959, 42o4 the reminder. DurinC: the sane time, in the controls 4 jut of 9 nice died, Ue tiinors increased to the size of a chestnut in 3 and res,31ved in 2, SDme shrinkinG of the dimensions of the tvmrs, and an increase in the average life duration was aiso noteft in nice with spon- taneous leuk~)sis under the effect of 1. -- OiV. Zubova Card 2/2 USSR/a~n,eral Problens of PatholoL7 - Tumors. ExTerimental Therapy. U Abs Jour Author Title OriG Pub Abstract Card 1/2 Ref Zhur Biol., No 1, 1959, 4205 Dci.IirchoC;lyan, I.G. Experimental Study of Preparation No 12 of the Group of Chlorethylardnes V sb.: Vopr. rent_-enol. i onkol. T. 2. Yerevan, 1957, 341-356 The action of the-greparation No 12 (1) upon henopoie5is, mDt3r action of the st=ich and cardiac activity was studied. Experiments op. the effect of I up-.3n hemopoicsis vere carried out 6n rabbits; I was injected into Vhe au- ricular veiD for a period of 8 days in doses of 0.1-0.2 or 0.5 mdkG in 24 hours. Leukopenia and aplasia of tile blaod-forminG orGans develops in rabbits. With either dose the leukopenia vas more remarkable when the number of leukocytes in the peripheral blood was Lweater before - 33 - USSR/General Problems of Pathology - Turiors. Experime..tal Therapy. U Abs Jour Ref 21hur Diol., No 1, 1959, 4195 Auth or Papoyan, S.A., Movsesyali, M.A., _~)emirchoalynn, I.G. List Title On the Problen of the Mechanism )f the Action of Enbichine Ori6 Pub : V sb.: Vopr. rent~;ezjol. i onkol. T. 2. Yerevan, 1957, 367-371 Abstract : The effect of embichine lio 4 (E) upon the bone-morrow blood formation af the posterior extremities of a rab- bit was studied followinj~ prelininary section of the lower segnents of the spinal cord. It was demonstrated that the depression of blood fDrmtion was significantly weaker in the experizent than in the coiltrDl. E was in- jected into the otic vein in a single dose of 0.5 utVkG (for do(,s) and 0.25 (for rabbits). The i1mber of leukocytes in the peripheral blood increased sharply within 5 minutes aad 1 hour following the injection of E; Card 1/2 - 29 - USSR/General Problems of Pathology - TImnors - Experimental Therapy. U Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biol., No 1, 1959, 4195 it decreases within a few hours, and at the end of the day it was smaller than 24 hours before, Followinc, a few daily injections a conditioned reflex developed in the experinental animals - the number of leuk.)cytes decreased iii the sarae order wita injections of physi,)- logical solution. On the basin of this, the authors con- cluded that ar. inportaat role is played by :4euroreflex factors in the raechanisra of the action of E. -- O.V. Zubova Card 2/2 PAPOYAN,. S.A.; AIaAVERDYAII, S.N.; DIMIRCHOGLYAN, I.Go; I'LRZI14KYAN. I.A. Use of fibrin film in the treatment of skin lesions from irradiation (with eummary in Inglish], Med.rad. 2 no.6:61-65 N-D 157. (MIRA 11:2) 1. Iz Nauchno-iseledovatellskogo inotituta rentgenologii. radiologii i onkologii Hinisterstva zdravookhraneniya AraWmnskoy SSR i Nauchno- iseledovatellskogo inatituta perelivaniya krovi knisterstfe zdrevo- okhrananiya Armyanskoy SM. (RCONTGRU RAYS, eff. exper. skin lessions in rabbits, eff. of fibrin membranes on healing) (SK-We off. of radiations on x-ray induced lesions in rabbits. eff. of fibrin membranes on healing) (RUOSTATIGS. off . fibrin membranes, on healing of x-ray induced skin lesion sin rabbits) PAPOYAN, S.L, starshiy nauohnyy sotrudnik; DMMRIOGLYAR, I.G!, ~-audamed.nalak; SMMYAV, S.G., mladffTT-y-nauohny7 sotrudnik StAte of protainases in threaltment with J'Iuoromef4warcolysins. onk. 6&175.a78 t6l (MIRA 16s2) (PROTEINASE) ?SA.F.CCLYSIIE:) PAPOM, S.A., sta--Lshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik,- SHUKURYAN, S.G., mladshiy nauchnyy sotradnik; DEMIMOGLYAN, LG., kand.zedonauk &Jlaot of fLuorine derivativeD of alylambies an some biochemical b16od indices. Toperent.i onk. 6*.187-192 161. (M3RA 160) (BLOOD-AVALYSIS AIM CMMISTRY) (INTOTOXIC DRUGS) DMARCHOGLYAN, 1. D. Cftnd Biol Sci -- (diss) "Test of the effect of wdvr´┐Żvzttva "0* RO Eq o -ro Wj-hy i~e (preparation a.-dmal s rGil Or"12) upon the organism of laboratory and the possibility Of -UPN.= = in cases of leukemia and lympho- granulomatosi6." Ar-even, 1957. 12 pp (Min of Heal-th Annenian SSR. Inst of A RoentganoloMF and Onoology), 150 copies (KL, 6-58, 100) -14- OGANESYAN, R.S.; DEPIRCHYAN, A.A. Glucose trannport repilatJon in a broin cell. AN Arm. SSR 40 no.5~285-288 165. (MMA 18.7) 1. Tnstitut binkhiwdi AN Si2ImJkttFd Jvminz-y 29, 196~. OGANBSYjN, A.S.; DEMIRGHYAN, A.A.; KAZAROVA, Ye.K. Interrelationship betveen Insulin and stror-hanUn in the process of glucose transport. Izv. AN tirm. $SR. biol. nauki 18 ne.4.*3-9 AP '65. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Institut biokhimii AN Armyarskoy SSR. OGANESYkN, A.S,.; DEMIRCHYAN, A.A. I Effect of insulin on the reabsorption of glucose and sodium in the, kidneys. Vop. biokhim. 3t147-158 163. (WRA 17t12) 1. Institute of Bioohemibtry, Academy of Scie-ces of the Armenian S,S.R., Erevan. AUTHOR: Demirchyan, G.G. (Engineer) MV/110-58-10-11/24 f TITLE: Electro-magnetic processes in magnetized current transformers. (Elektromwitnyye protsessy v podmagnichivaye*h transformatorakh toka) PERIODICAL:, Vestnik Elektropromyshlennosti, 1958, No. 10. PP. 37-41 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Three-phase amplidynes with parallel lond axe often used in current- control circuits, particularly for field control of small alternators. This article analyses the electro-magentic processes in an amplidyne and current transformer built as a single element and magnetized. The object of the work was to investig&te the operating conditions of current transformers with various degrees of magnetization; to study the laws of variation of magnetic flux, current and voltage under different conditions; and to determine the relationship between the mean secondary current and the magnetization current with constant primary current. The assumptionB made in the theoretical investigations are explained. Either of -the amplidynes may be saturated or inisaturated, but it is shown that with magnetization, all three phases of the device cannot be unsaturated simultaneously. The condition is then considered in which one phase is saturated and the other two are not. Flux-linkage equations have to be formulated in order to determine the current. This -is done and an equation for the current is given. Gur-Tes of primary and secondary current, flux- 'Card 1/3 WV/110-58-10-11/24 Blectro-magnetic processes in magnetized current transformers. linkage and secondary voltage for a particular case are given in Fig.2. Corresponding experimental curves of secondary current and voltage appear in Fig.3. Calculated current values for this condition in which one phase is saturated are given in Sable.l. Tb& case is then considered in vidah two pheses are zaturated and one is not. Again current equations are derived.and the lover limit of magnetization at which this condition obtains is deteriftined. Wave- shapes of the primary said the secondary currentj, voltege and flux-linkrZe a:~-e calculated and given in Fig.4. The i,-orrespondirg secondary d-jurrent eancl voltage cur,,res, determined experimentally, are dravn in Fig-3- Calculated data for this condition with two phases saturated are recorded in Table.2. Next, the case is considered in which P" three i)hases are saturated. The secondary currents and voltages axe always zero. Various combinations of the previously considered conditions are then treated and calculated graphs 4of vave-shape and tables of calculated data are given as before. Ite relationship between the mean relative aurrent and the degree of magnetization with primary d.c. is plotted in Fig-7. Testsvere made to verify the calculated results. The construction of the equipment is described. The experimental results are also plotted in Fig. 7. There is some ?Ufference between prwtice and theory for high values of Card 2/3 Electro,magnetic processes in sub-magnetised current transfo SOV 110-58-10-11 24 rmerk maguetisation. This is because of the Properties of the magnetic circuit of the dquipment tests and because of the usumptions made for the purposes of the calculatious. -Otherwise agreement is excellent. There are 7 figures-9 4-tables and 2 literature-references (1 German and I English) SumffTTEDs March 21, 1957 1. Transformers--Magnetic factors 2. Transformers--Performance 3. Electric currents--Contr,)l systems 4. Amplidynes--Magnetic factors 5. Mathematics Card 3/3 -IMMIRCHWI, -T.G. The HS-52-4 synchronous generator. Biul.tekh.-ekon.inform. no-1:34-35 '59- (MIRL 12:2) (Electric generators) IwKIRGaAH,S"a-,-iAxh. Method for calculation of phase compounding circuits witb a corrector. Vest.elaktroprom. 31 no.2:67-73 F 16o. (MIRL 13-.6) (Falectric motors. Synchronous) of 'a POci` SC i th r.a-iMzCTrlATl,, IC. r-.: 1.1aster Tach Ion of vodelir~c, in an elactrolYtic bath". Lenlngracl, 195~1- L? P-P . Kallmn), 1---0 copier, (KL, 170 16, 1-999, Eclue MOIR, Leningrad Poly-bech Imt ina I 100) u GOLIDIN. OskBr Tefimovich;_UWMCHTAN, K.S., red.; LU2WSOV, I.F., red.; ZHITNIKOVA, O.S. , to -~- [Problem manual for the course OTheoretical Principles of Blectrical Engineering."] 7.adachnik pa karan tooretichaskikh oanov alektrotakhniki. Moskva, Gos.enorg.ixd-vo. 1960. 271 (MIRA 13:M' (Blectric engineering-Problems, exercises, ate.) NITM&N, L.R., prof.; MIRCHTAN,-K.5., kand.tekbn.nauk WhV the charge of partial capacitances does not correspond to the resultant field flux. Blektrichestvo no.6:1-6 Je 160. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Lenbigradskiy politekhriicbeekiy inst!Aut im. Kalinina. 2. Oblen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Heyman). (Electric kields) (Electromechanical analogies) N-EYNAN Teonid Robertovich; POLIVANOV, K.M. prof., retsenzent; IRADK174, B.M.p dote., re-tsenzent; KUPAIYAR, S.D,,,, dots., retsenzent; PMOVSKAYA, G.Yei.,, red.; IlUi(ASHOVA.. V.A., tekhn. red. [Laboratory manual on electromagnetic fields) Rukovodstvo k la- boratorii elektromagnitnogo polia. Moskva., Gos. izd-vo "Vysshaia shkola." 1961. 219 P. (MM 15:4) (Electric engineering-Handbooks, mauals, etc.) (Electric fields) (Magnetic' fields) ZAYTSEV, I.A., kand.takhn.nauk; DEMIRCHYAN, K.S., kand.tekhn.naWc Determination of the initial conditions for sudden jumps of currents and voltages. Slektrichestvo no.7:52-55 Jl 161. (14M 14:9) 1. Leningradskiy politekhnicheskiy institut imeni Kalinina. (Electric networks) !"KlY y = h - V.V. -0~ 6 NVI C;,!Yji, t (E 3/271/63/(W/003/0~e6/049 A060/A126 AUTHOR: Demirchyan, K,S. TITLE: Another method of simulating a rotational magnetic fl'.eld PERIODICZ: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Avtomatikaptelemkhanlka i vy(;hislitellnaya tekhnika, no. 3, 196.3, 7, abstract 3B38 (Dokl. 4-y Mf)zhvuz. konfe- rent-sii po primeneniyu fiz. i matem. modelirovaniya it razlichn. otraslyakh tekha. Sb. I, Moscow, 1962, 155 - 163) TE)U: It is noted that the,problems of simulating a non-rotational and a rotationil magnetic field is solved by the introduction of the no s s ar tion of cal and vector potentials of a magnetic field, respectively. Hoare a distinction is made between the cases of simulating a collimated.and a merldian-plane field. The application of a scalar magnetic potential tosimulation has 'the advantage that the conditions of simulation for collimated and meridian-plwie field are al- most the same and do not require the construction of special simu~Lators. Conse- quently it is expedient to simulate the field of the scalar potential also in the case of a rotational zone. The possibility of simulating a rotational mag- Card 1/2 D-7 T-1 -.7-.- it, per4 4 -,roj D 7"-- " P-A for la'L)or--+ory invcsi~-a'iol- engineering work; according to data of ~;Iie cliall,~y Faysch in Pulf-arivl In Russian. p. 1. Monthly List of East European Accession (TIFAT), I'll%, Vol. A . no. February 1"59, llrcl!iss. za uprasheniia MARIA Inzenerna geologiia. Sofiia, Nauka i izkustvo, 1956., East European Accessions (EEAI)j, IC, Vol. B. no. U. Nov. 1959 DFHIREV, A. Notes or the forwation of suffision knrst in the alluvinI j?r~~vel terraces in the southern parts of the Sofia valley. p. 169 Buli-arska akademiia na naukite. GeoloRicheski institut. '-,ZV!'STIILk. Sofia, Bul.varia., Vol. 7, 1959. Morth--~y List of T',ast European Accessions (EEM), LC, Vol. o. 12, December 1959 Uncl. DRALIREV, A.; STOIANOV, S. Young magmatites in the Botevgrad region. Izv Geol Inst BAN 11: 163-177 162. IEMIREV, A.; DIMOV, G.; ILIEVA, L. Role of certain geologic petrographic factors in the formation of the physicamechanical propertis of marl in the basin of the rivers Rositsa and Vidima, Izv Geol inst BA14 10:235-265 16,). DEMIREVj IV. Se-ierr Connection of Condensers. RADIO (Padio) #~:18:Sep 54 DEMITTV0 I. Diode detector. p. 35 Vol. 4, no. 7/8 1955 RADIO Sofiya, Bulgaria So: Eastern European Accession Vol. 5, no. 4 , 1956 Library of DEKIREV, I. Electronic voltage regulator. p. 25. RADIO. Vol. 5, no. 2, 1956 Sofiia, Bulgaria SOURCE: East European Accessions Ust (E-EAL) Ubrary of Congress, Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1957 DEKIREV, I. DEMIREV, I. Amplifiers with ground grid. p. 24. Vol. 5, noA 11, 1956 ELEKTROENERGIIA. Sofiia, Bulgaria SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEAL) Vol 6, No. 4--Aprii 1957 Characteristics and (RADIO I TELEVIZIIAJ, gas rectifier tubes. p.25. 3, 1957, Sofia, Bulgaria.) LC, Vol. 6, no. 12, Deceeber 1957, Unel, DEKIREEV, I. P-fi-Iter in the last stage of the transmitter. p.26. (RADIO I TELMEziu, vol. 6, no. 4, 1957, Sofia, Bulgaria.) SO: Monthly List of East Europeans, Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 12, December 1957 DaIIREV, I. Detector stahe in television receivers. P9499 (RADIO I TEIEVIZIIA, Vol. 6., no. 7, 1957, Sofia., BuIgnaria.) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 12, December 1957 Unal. - DEMIREV, Iv.,inzli 'Coordinating 354-355 1~1, attenuators. FMio i televizj;ia 10 n0.11/12: BULGARIA Oncology I(DULEVA Z. GLWEVSKI M and DEMIUUA4_K,_,_- Chairs of Pathological Physiololr,y Pathological Anatomy (Ilead Docent K. P. Popov), Ad-vanced Medical Institute, Varna "Effect of the Thymus on the Development of a Transplante4 Tumor" Sofia, EkayerimentaIna Meditsinix i Morfoloiriya, Vol 5, N012, pp 82-85 Abstracts The effect of the -thymus on the development of a transplanted Yoshida tumor in rats wan ntudied. Increased Ciymum activity that was produced by thymus trftnsplantation accelerated tvnor grolifth. Figures, table, 10 references (9 Western, I Japanese). Manuscripl received Feb 66. Russian and English sumaries. TASHEV, Tasho A., prof.; DERMIREVA, M. Vltwiins in the food of the pormla-Uon oi' the liurgas District. Izv Inst khranene 2:5-12 163. 1. Chl.-kor. na lhtlgarskata akademiia na naukite, chlen na Redaktsionnata kolegiia i otgovoren redaktor, "Izvestiin na Instituta po kranone" (for Tasbev). DMMWI, y 1~ I I-hitrition. of the population in the District of I'leven. Izv Inst khranene 2:13-46 163. 1. Chlen na Redaktsionnata kolegiia, I[Izvestiia na Institut~% po khranene". DOIROV, M.; PIPERKOVA, Sl., d-r.; PL'-~',~RLVA, 1". SuffJciency of vitamins A in some settlements of the District of Pleven. Izv Inst khranene 2:47-60 163. 1. 0t Katedrata po ochni bolesti pri VMI rukovoditel dots. E. Zhivkov (for Piperkova). 2. Ghlen na Redaktoionnata kolegiia, "Izvestia na Instituta po kranene" (for Demireva). L 34,186-66 JAJ(A) ACC NN 06026:M3 AUTHOR: Deml"va, M.; Krustev, L. ORG t none SOURCE CODEt -BU 113 13 TITLE: Second National Conference on Nutrition SOURC-E.: Bulgarska akaderaiya na nauldto. Spisanie, no. 4, 1965, 80..86 TOPIC TAGS: Mologic conference, nutriology ABSTRAM The Second National Conference on Nutrition. organized by the Institute of Nutrition, Bulgarian Acade= elenms. was hold on 7 and 8 October 1965. Th confemnee opewd with a report of Corr* Hember of the AcadomV Taahev, To on the activities of the Institute during the past five yeara of its wdstences This was follamd 171thm presentation of 67 papers, and the present art o1, gives the names - Ne of the authors together with brief imumuries of the papers- RS: 36..5927 SUB CIME: 06 / SUBH DATEt -none IMIRI, Mustafa; MITRUSHI, Illya. Flora and fauna of Albania. Priroda 45 no.13:71-80 Ag 156. (K[aA 9: 9) (Albania--Botany) (Albania--Zoology) DEMIRI, M. - - - "Effect of burning on the spontaneous plants, especially on fodder plants, shrubs, and wastelEads for winter grazing" Buletin. Seria Shkencat Natyrore. Tirane, Albania. Vol 11, no. 1, 1957 Monthl,y list of Fast European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8., No. 6, Jun 59, Unclas c lifj~, DFrI111~1AN9 Hog Su 73 '(4 Med. inter". k1i u RUMMIA ANDRONESCU, M..' TAD; L., LID; BULICESCU, L., LID; COLITA, D.$ UDJ SCU, Gonovova, mD; IO.NI;A, C., MD,- "ESCU DE'ji"A", MD; IONES' 0 -2"CMD; IAOLDOVAN, T.2 MD; PAUNESCUI C., Lecturer; SEROPIAN, E.0 MD; anwmj, C. 0 IADO- SUCI~, D.., MD; VASILESCUp G. p MD. Medical Clinic of the "Carol Davila" Hospital" ( medicala a Spitalului "Carol Davila") - (for all) Bucharest, Vinta ModictLlaj No 3, 1 Feb 64-p pp 167-181 "Data Concerning Dispensary Supervision and Treatment of E~idqmia Hepatitis in a.Section ofthe town of Buchare-sto 11