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3. Mro (,W 4/ /J /0 4 LJ mrj) V, 9 f,1/0 87h67 3/169/60/000/012/005/ov) AOO5/A0Ol translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, 1960, No. 12, p. 219, # 16268 AUTHORS: Blokh, Ya. L., Glokova, Ye. S., Dorman L I ,'"TTLE: Investigation of the Nature of the Cosmic Ray Effect During the Magnetic Storm on August 29, 1957, on the Basis of Materials From the International Station Network of the IGY PERIODICAL: V sb.: Variatsll kosmich. luchey pod zemley, na urome morya I v stratosfere, No. 1, Moscow, AN SSSR, 1959, PP. 7-36 TEXT: The analysis is given of the great intensity decrease of the cosnic rays which began on August 29, 1957. The investigation was performed on the bas-,s of the materials of the imernational network embracing 50 observation points (77 recording devices). I't was stated that the energy spectrum of variation of the primary cosmic rays, W. .ich caused the intensity decrease effect, has the form: A (EVNE) - 0.17 A, where A I for < & min/4, A - -(2/'X) are sin (Emir/2t - 1) f or 6mid)i 4 Min/2, and A - 0 for E < S*min/2 and P-min - 90 Bev. The analysis results allow Card 112 87467 s/a6q/6o/ooo/O12/0o5/bio A005/AO01 Investigation of the Nature of the Cosmic Ray Effect During the Magnetic Storm on August 29, 1957, on the Basis of Materials From the International Station Network of the IG-f the following Interpretation of the observed phenomena. A wide corpuscular stream containing the frozen-in. regular magnetic field (H w., 1o-5 Gs) hit the Earth with Its leading front on August 29. The scattering of the cosmic rays by this field led to the observed Intensity decrease. The absence of solar-diurnal variations during this period points out that the direction of the magnetic field in the stream coincided apparently with the ecliptic plane. On September 2, the Earth was hit by the second corpuscular stream having caused a -very intense magnetic storm and a new decreas.? in the cosmic ray intensity. The analysis of the diurnal variations, observed during this period, points out tha'. the magnetic field frozen-in In the stream was oriented perpendicular to the ecliptic plane. The investigation of scme phenomena Is presented, which accompanied the main effev~ of Intensity decrease: a soft decrease and following Increase in intensity before the beginning of the me,in effect, the alteration of the variation spectrum wit*n time, and others. - There are 16 references. It. S. Kaminer Trazislator's note: Th.'is Is the full translation of the -_'~rlginel Ruz-;Ian abstract. lard 2/2 87469 /goo Od"VI s/169/6o/boo/ou,/oo7/oio .7;w a ' 106.Z.1 Ila) A005/AOOI Translation from: Heferativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, 19W, No. 12, p. 21% # 1627r) AUTHORS: Blokh, Ya. L., Vernov, S). N., Dorman L 'L,,,2ut-rovin, M. M. TITLE: Preliminary Results of an Investigation of the Underground Variationr, of Cosmic Rays PERIODICAL: V sb.: Variatsil kosmich. luchey pod zemley, na urovne morya i v stratosfere. No. 1, Moscow, AN SSSR,1959 PP. 37-47 ~x TEXT: The variations of the cosmic ray intensity are investigated on the basis of data obtained from a counter telescope of triple coincidences, which was located under the etrth's surface at the depth of 40 m of water equivalent. By the simple- correlation method the value of the barometric coefficient A. (0.021 + O.OC8) %/mb was obtained. The diurnal variation of the underground intensity amounts to about 0.05%. By averaging the data it is shown that the average effe-;t at the depth of 40 ri of water equivalent amounts to 0.39 during 11 events of decreases of the Forbush type. The investigation of the di-sturbed diurnal varia- tions in the cosmic ray intensity was also carried out. N. K. Lranslator's note: This is the full translation of the original Russian abstract. Card 1/1 87468 3 polo 00 Y/., '106'a ~ Mae) 811691601000101210061010 91 f d1149 A005/AO01 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, 1960, No. 12, p. 219, # 16269 AUTFORS: Dorman, L. I., Feynberg, Ye. L. MWWW=%WTW Awft"F TITLE-. Some Problems of the Theory of Cosmic Ray Variations PERIODICAL: V sb.: Variatsii kosmich. luchey pod zemley, na urovne morya I v atriosfere. No. 1, Moscow, AN SSSR, 1959, pp. 49-57 TEXT: Ce:rtain consequences are described from the theory of the effect of N1 the solar corpuscular streams on the intensity of the cosmic rays, when the corpn- cular rays carry frozen regular magnetic fields. It is shown that. this theory explains well the observed decreases in the intensity oE the cosmic rays duriyur magnetic storms; the variation of the intensity is totally determined by the nature of the capture of the Earth by the corpuscular stream (by the leading front or the by-side) . It Is known that the duratbn of the decrease In the inten- sity of the coEmic rays is considerably greater than the duration of trie geo- magnetic disturbances. For explaining this difference, the assumption is made that the lines of force of the magnetic field frozen ir. th-S corpuscular stream run out beyond the boundaries of the latter and are circuited at the Sun (if the C ard 112 87468 S11691601000101210061010 Some Problems of the Theory of Cosmic Ray Variations A005/A001 general solar field is frozen in) or in the interplanetary spacp (if the field of the sunspots is frozen In). In this manner, the region scattering the cosmic rays increases, which leads to the in2rease in the duration of the decrease effe-,t of cosmic ray intensity. In connection with the fact that the observed varialAx,5. in the cosmic ray Intensity extend to energies of not lower than abou-. 100 Bev, It is necessary to know the relation coefficient between 4-~Ie vartations of the primary and secondary components of the cosmic rays for underground observations. Basing on sufficiently accurate results of ratIrZ the relation coeffi,.,ient for counter telescopes on sea level, the relation coefficients are calculated for undergrou:nd Investigations at various depths down to 2,000 m, of water equivalent ,jnder certain simplifying assumptions. N. S. K. Translator's note: This is the full translation of th~, original Russian abstraTt, Card 2/2 ZOANOV,,G.B...glavW red.;;IVAMMO, reipe, some glaynogo; red,; UTSVIN, V,Je,,tome; 130MOT, B.A., samored.toma; GERASIKOVA. X.Mo, rod.; HIKISHOW. A.I., red.; DCHKOI. L.I., red.; TULIROV, V.P., 24id.; SrROVATSKIT, S.I., rer.-.1ma-Ro VX, red.; ITAV310T, U.N., rod.; ARROSIKOV, A.T., red.; GMV, I.P.. red.12d-va; BMMGAUI, VoG., red.isd-va; BRUZGULI, Y.Y., [Ixtensive air showers and cascade processes) Shirokie stmonfernye ILvni I kaskadnye protsessy. Moskva. Isd-vo Akad.nauk SM# 1960, 331 ~. (Trudy meshdunarodnoy konferentaii po kosmicheskim luebam, U302 0 (KMA 13:12) 1. IzLternational Conferenoe or Cosmic RadiatioLe (cosmic rays) ZhD)JiOVI G.B., glav. red.; IVANENKO, I.P.p pom. glav. red.; GMS1140VA., N.M., red. toma; VIKISHDV, A.I.; pom. red. toma; ZATSEPIN, V.I., red.; YJUMOV, V.A., red.4 DO; L. ., red.; TULINOV,,V.F., red.; SYROVATSKIY,S.I., red.; FEDOROV, V.M., red.; VAVIIDV, Yu.N., red.; ABROSIMOV, A.T., red.; Proceedinim of the Moscow Cosmic Ray Conference. July 6-11, 1959. Moscow. VoLl. 1960. 333 P. (No subJect heading) ZHDAVOV, G.B., glav. red.; IVA)MHKO, I.P., pom. glav. red.;.-D-ORU_NlL- L;L, red. tora; TULINOV, V.F.p pom. red. toma.-, GERASDUVAP NIKISHOV2 A.I.,, red.; ZATSEITI, V.I., red.; 0=40Y., V.A., red,; 5VIOVATSM, S.I., red.; FMOROV, Y.M., red.; VAVILOV, U.N., rud.; ALIHOSIHaV, A.T., rod. Proceedings of the Moscow Cosudc Ray Conferencop July 6-12p 1959. Moscow. Vol.A. Variations of comnic-ray intensity. 1960. 365 P. Va. Y - (flo subject laading) ZHUA OV, ".B., Slavayy red,; IVANZNK0, JoPaq zam,glavnogo red.; SYROVATSKIY, S.L.,toma; KHREHOV, BOA&, cmm,rod,tona; GNRASIMOVA, HoM.j red.; NIXISHOV, A.I., rod.; V.L. red.~,~N~L.L# red.; TULZROV, V.F., red.; .;D0R0'1. V.M.; VAVILOV, Tu.N. , ieia~.; ABRASIMOV, A.T., red.; FFX)KIH, H.I., red.izd-va; MWZGULI, V.V.. [Radiation belts of the earth. Primary cosmic rodistion and its proportion and origin] Hadiatsionnyi poles Zemli. Pervichnos koomichaskoe isluchenie, ago avoietva I proiakhozhdenie. Moskva. Izd-vo Aked.nauk SSSRO 1960. 2.58 p. (Trudy M02hdunarodnoi konforentaii po kosmicheekim lucham, no.3) WRA 14:2) 1. International Conference of Cosmic Radiation. (Cosmic rays) ACCESSION NR: AT3012740 S/2961/60/000/002/0005/00S7 AUTHORSs B10khe Ya. L.j Dorman, L. 1.1 Kaminer, No So TITLE: individual cases of the influence of magnetic storms on cosmic rays, and their interpretation SOURCE: AN SSSR. Mezbduvedomst. komit. po prov. mezhdunarodn. geofizich. goda. 7 razdel program. MGG. Koamicheakiye luchi. Sb. statey, no. 2, 1960, 5-57 TOPIC: TAGS: cosmic rays, cosmic ray bard component, cosmic ray neu-- tron component# magnetic storm, sudden magnetic storm, corpuncular strezan, solar corpuscular stream, cosmic ray intensity profile ABSTRACT: An analysis is presented of the changes in intensity of the bard and neutron components of cosmic radiation occurring in about 50 different magnetic storms from 1954 through 1959 and ob- servod- in ~he world network 'of stations. The profile of each case Card 1/4 1, is classified (groups I# II, and III) and compared with the theoret- 1cally expected profile.under various assumptions concerning the velocities of the corpuscular streams which carry frozen-in-magnetid fields, concerning the manner whereby the earth enters the streams (sideways, leading front at different distances from the stream axes$ etc.), and concerning the field structure. It I's concluded that the field intensity in the leading side edge of the stream is much larger than in the remaining part of the strewn. A considerable kinetic energy density dispersion is observed in the stream, de- creasing on going to the trailing side edge of the stream. This ex- plains why magnetic perturbations terminate after the resumption of the cosmic-ray intensity. The pl~asma in the leading pa.-*t of the strewn becomes highly c6ndensed and consequently the frt:zen-in field intensity increases. This explains the sharp decrease in the inten- sity of cosmic rays during the tine of some sudden magnetic storms. The following general properties are found to be cornnon to all strewns: the angular width of the stream is equal in the mean to the Card 2/4 ACCESSION NR: AT3012740 angular width of the active region, the front oage of the stream is characterized by a considerable increase of the magnetic field (and'corresponding compression of the plasma), and the field is somewbat more intense in the leading part of the stream compared with the field in the lagging edge. it is assumed on the basis of the analysis that during magnetic-storms the cosmic ray intensity profile is determined completely by the manner in which the earth enters the stream, by the stream velocity, and by the field distrib- ution in the stream. A detailed study of this profile can therefore yield important information on the stream properties. "in conclu- sion we take the opportunity to express deep gratitude to Professor Ye. L. Feynberg and-to 0. 1. Inozemtsova for a discussion of the results. We are also grateful to the researchers who provided us with the experimental data used in the present Work." Orig. art. bast 39 figures, 17 formulas, and l'table. ASSOCIATION: None Card 3/4 , . ACCESSION NR: AT3012741 S/2961/60/000/002/0058/0073 AUTHORs Dorman, L. X. TITLE: Mange in cosmic ray intensity during the entry of the earth in corpuscular strGams carrying hoinogeneous and inhomogeneous froxaft- in magnetic fields SOURCE: AN SSSR. Mezhduvedomet. komit. po, prov. mex:hdunarodno geofizich. goda. 7 raxdol program. MGG. Kosmic6skiye luchi, 6b. statey, no. 2, 1960,. SS-,73 TOPICTAGSs cosmic rays, cosmic ray intensity, cosmic ray intensity, variation, corpuscular stream, solar corpuscular stream, cosmic ray neutron component, cosmic ray meson component, frozen in magnetic field ABSTRh'_T: The expected profiles of -the intensity variations.of the neutro.a and meson components of commic'rays are -calculated for 40, Card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AT3012741 60, 80, 100 and 120 BeV. The calculations are made for front ve- locities 2, 3 6"12, and 24 x 107 cm/sec. These calculations 5' f . F are an extension Of an earlier investigation (L, 1. Dorimans, Tr. konferentsii-po kosmicheskim lucham, AN SSSR, 1960, v.- 13) of the variations of the intensity of cosmic rays due to 4, p. I the sca.%tering of particles by the magnetic fieldis of streams for different cases of entry of the earth in the stretam, 'where only a homogeneous magnetic field in the plane perpendicular to the field was considered and the only energy value was 100 BeV. The profiles expected for different characters'of inhomogeneity of the magnetic field also calculated. Comparison of these profiles with the e*perintental data makes it possible to estimate the field distribu- tion in the stream for each individual case. Thet profiles investi- gated bave the 'forms of a drooping straight.line, a parabola, a triangle and an inverted parabola. , The capture of the earth by the leadinSt front, of the stream with 'the field having a higher intonsity in the front part is also considered. CaVarison of tbo various ACCESSION NR: AT3012741 Profiles with the *xperiwAmtal data makes it posisible to estimate the dintribution of the field in tto stream for oach individual case. orig. art. bass 30 formlast 5 tables, and.6 figures. ARSOCIMTONS SUB=' 00- MEDs 00 DATS ACOs 220ct63 ENCLs SUB CODEt PH 90 RZF GOVs 002 OTHMU 000 Card 3 /3 ACCESSION NRt AT3012744 S/2961/60/000/002/0105/0109 AUTFIORa Dorman. L. TITLE: Cosmic ray anisotropy due to the electric field of a cor- puscular stream SOURCE: AN SSSR.- Mezhduvedomst. komit. PO p"Ov. mezhdunarodn. geoirizich. goda. 7 razdel program, MGG. K.osmic-heskiya luchi. Sb. statey. no. 2, 1960, 105-109 TOP:fC TAGS: cosmic rays, cosmic ray anisotropy, corpuscular stream* solar corpuscular stream, cosmic ray anisotropy spectrum, cosmic parl;icle momentum, cosmic particle energy ABSTRACT: The distribution over the earth's sphere is calculated for the spectrum of the expected variations due to the electric field under various assumptions regarding the structure of the regu- lar inhomogeneous magnetic field. The momentum intervals at which Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AT3012744 the-particles acquire or lose energy are also calculated, with allow,-~ ance for the effect of the stream magnetic field on the particle trajectories. The calculations are made for different positions of tho earth in the stream and for closed and open particle trajec- tories. it is planned to take into account the influence of the geomaStnetic field and to use the anisotropy spectrum obtained here to determine the expected variations of different secondary compo- nents under different registration conditions. Orig. art. has: 1 figure and 15 formulas. ASSOCIATION: None P I SUBMITTEDs 00 DATE ACQ:' 220ct63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: PH NO-REP SOVs 003 OTHER: 003 Card 2/2 ACCESSION KRi AT301274~ 8/2961/60/000/002/0110/0130 AUTHORt Dorman# Lj.-_ .......... .............. . TITLEt Diurnal variations 6f cosmic rays, due to anisotropic scat-* tering of particles by inhomogeneous magnetic fijlds of corpuscular streams SOURCE: AN SSSR. Hezhduvedomst. komit.-po prov. inezbdunarodn. geofizich. gods. 7 razdel program. MG. Kosmicheskiye luchi. Sb~ statey, no. 2, 1960, 110-130 TOPIC TAGSt cosmic rays, cosmic ray diurnal variation, corpuscular stream, solar corpuscular stream, corpuscular stream magnetic field, cosmic ray scattering, cosmic ray meson component, cosmic ray nou- tron cosponent ABSTRACTs Continuing earlier investigations (Variataii kosmichoo- kikh luchey, M.o. Gootekhixdato 19571 Tr. Mezhdunar. konf. po kos- Card 1/3 ACCESSION NR-. AT3012745 micheskim lucham, AN SSSRI 1960, v.-4, P. 113) the author considers the diu:rnal variations of cosmic rays resulting from anisotropic scattering of particles by the regular frozen-in homogeneous and in- homogeneous magnetic fields. A general solution is obtained for the case when the field is perpendicular to the strewn axis". The energy spectrxua of the variations is determined as a function of the local time for different distributions of the magnetic fteld in the stream, with and without approximate allowance for the ingluence of the mag- netic field on the particle trajectories. The e3q)ected vari 'ations of the intensities of the neutron and meson cosmic ray components are determined at sea level and at mountain altitudes for stations with different geomagnetic thresholds, for-different distributions of the frozen field, and for different positions of the earth in. ~.the stream. Numerical calculations are presented for the case of a linear variation of the field from a maximum at the leading edge of 1 the stream to a minimu 'm at the iagging side edge. Comparison with the experimental data yields information on the structure of the mag- Cord 2/3 ACCESSION NR: AT3012745 netic field in the corpuacular strewn. The effect of the orients- tion-of the instruments on the measurement results is also discussed., A graph and tables make it possible to find the expected variation of the cosmic-ray intensity and the solar-diurnal variations for each specifi6 magnetic storm under various assum 'ptio'no. "I take the opportunity to express deep gratitude to laboratory azoistant R. T. Gushchina for help with~the calculations." Orig. art. bast S' figures, 29 fornralas, and'3 tables. ASSOCIMON: Nofie SUMMED: 00 DRTR ACQt 220ct63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODEt PH NO REIP SOVS 004 OTHERs 003 card - 3/3 3, AUTHORe TITL&s 29665 -9/la9*61/000/005/024/049 Aj05yAi3O Dorman, L.1, A method for detOrMiAiAg the temperature of cosmio rays from the altitudes of isobaric surfaeos PERIODICALs Referatiynyy zhurnal, Geofizika, no. -5, '1961, 11, abstract 5 0 94i) (Tr& Yakutskago fil. AN SSSR. Ser. fit## 1960t no* 3, 55-T5 TEX'Ps The author examinee the pce-iibility cf reylacing the atmo- spheric temperature by the altitudes or slMad&rd isobario surfaces in order to calculate the temperature effoot of the hard component of cosmic rays. The intensity variation 6N/I of ocimic rays, which i's caused by temperature variation# 6T(h) in the atmosphere at isobar!,-, leyel hf 449 deternined by meting of W (h) ~T (h) dh , where W (h) is,,thedensity of the T ' T and h0 is the preseure at the observation level. Uting into aaoount that the altitude of an isobaric surfaoe with pressure Ly Card 1/3 29665 S/169 61/000/005/024/049 A mlithod for determining the temperature of ... A005/1130 h equals H - P dh' here ? (h') is the density of air at the h' h T T7) , w lev*l, for the variation of cosmic ray intensity that is caused by atmo- sphtirio temperature variation the author derives the expression N (h ) d (") dh. Having subdl~rided the entire atmosphere N. AR WT dh 0 2 into sufficiently fine layers (about 100 g/,jm eaoh), one can determine the dennity (%/km) of the teapera,ture ooeffi,,-Ieatn whii)h makes it possible to caloulate the temperature effect from the var-'ation in altitude & R of the isobaric surfaces. The author gives the values of the coefficients, oal- oulated for the introduction of temperature aorrentions for the altitudes of ,;he isobaric surfaces, for a shielded Lonization chamber (h. a 1,000 g/ OM2). The author points out that the proposed meth,3d, of taking into &a- cotutt the temperature effect has several advantages; in partioular, it Card 2/3 29665 S/-,6 61/000/005/024/049 4 1 stethod for determining the tompsrstuzt, ~v A00,I)YI 030 enables one to avoid errors assooiated with xadlitlon hea,iing of the temperature receivers in meteoruloglo acndeq. N. Kaminer [Abstractor's notes Complete ICY Card 2~3 6./OOO/OOt)/().; 1/039 97 A005/A 130 AUTHORs DQXma14,'111.14V, TITIE8 T~e naturs~o soft radiation in the upper atmosphere PERIODICAL& Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, no. 6, 1961, 11-12, a!-dtract 6080., (Tr. Xezhdunar. konferenteii po kosmich. lucham, 1959, Tot,~';. Jlosoow, Ali SSSR# 1960p 87-94) TEXTs The author studied the nature of the increases in the intensi- ty cf the low-energy cosmio radiation Bev) that is observed in th stratosphere at high geomagnetio latitudes. Analysis of the experimenZal data leads to the conclusion that three types of increase in intensity exist. The first type in characterized by onset of intensity increase immediately after an intense chromospheric splash. After attainin5,,a maximum. the intensity decreases with time according to the law t- 2 or t-2. T - second type is characterized by increase of radiation intensity some hoaie after a ohromospherio splash. To the third type belong those case- when the increase in intensity takes place after the onset of a Card. 1/3 29369 5/16 61/000/006/031j0301 The nature of soft radiation A005YAl 30 magnetic storm, and the decrease in intensity is characterized by an expcnential correlation. To explain the first and second types of increase it Is assumed that the pressure of partial6s accelerated in the splash re- gion. is suffioient to throw out a oloud of magneti2ed plasma from the sun's surface. If the upper energy limit of the accelerated particlee is ~~ 10 Bev, they quickly pass through the sun's atmosphere and reach the earth (type I). Particles of lower energy pass through ;he sur.'s atm ophe-re and oorona via a channel formed by ejected plasma and arrire: with a de-lay of bout 1o4 see (type II). Decrease of intensity according tc the law t-3 2 (or t-2) follows from diffusion theory on considering the scattering of charged low-energy particles by magnetic inhomogeneitiee in interplanetary space. To explain the sharp inorease and subsequeai, decrease of intensity according to exponential law (type III) it Ls that at the instant of formation of a oorpuscular stream .)a the sun a magnetio trap is formed in its frontal part which is capable cl hoUing baok the captured charged low-energy particies for a long time (- 10 see). In the absence of marked diffusion of particles In he zTap volume the distribution of particles will reflect the time dependence of Card. 2/3 29 69 S/16 6110001006/0311039 The nature of softxadiation ... A0059PA130 th-e den$4,ty of pil. "in th*.-sone of generationt i.e., it will have an exponential obaraq 9'!- to enoounter of the aorpuscular - treorr, with the earth's m4petic fieldp the trap breaks up and the partiolee ar,- otlerated on the sun penetrate into high latitudes and cause -rh-~ in,-rc:aee: of' intensity observed in the stratosphere. N. Kaminer [,A.betraotorts notet Complete translation.] Card 3/3 8/035/61/000/011/011/02B AGOI/A101 AUMOR: Dorman, LJ TITLE- On energy spectrum and duration of rising of cosmic ray intensity on the Earth, caused by a shock wave of a corpuscular stream P17RIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Astronomiya I Geodeziya, no. 11, 1961, 35, abstract 11A262 ("Tr. Yakutskogo fil. AN SSSR, Ser. fiz.", 1960, no. 3, 145 - 147) T EXT.- The author investigates the problem of acceleration of charged particles following a face-on collision with a shook wave front moving In a m&gnetized plasma. Such a viave may arise in the motion of a solar corpuscular stream carrying afrozen-in magnetic field. 7be shock wave effect must manifest itself In a noticeable rise of cosmic ray Intensity prior to the beginning of tt-e Fcrbush effect. The amplitudes of rising of the penetrating component (" 1%), and neutron one (3-4% at latitude 500, and 1% an the equator) prior to-the be- ginning to the Forbush effect on August 29, 1957, which were calculated theore- tically, do not contradict experimental data. L. Dorman [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 1/1 29673 3, W" 0 5/169/61/000/005/038/049 AO05/A1,30 AUTHORt Dorman, L.I. -------------- TITLEi Determination of the entorgy spectrum of primary variation in a very small energy range on the basis of a difference in effects in Europe and Anerioa PERIODICALi Referativnyy zhurnalt Goofisikat no- 5P 1961, 14, abstract 5 G 108. (Tr. Yakutakogo fil. AN SSSR, Ser. fiz., 1960, no- 3, 155-157) TEXTs The author notes the possibility of determining the energy spectrum of primary variations in the very low energy range by comparison of tho intensity variations of cosmic rays at points that have the same goomairnotio latitude but different cosmic ray outoff energies F-mino Such a poenibility emerges on comparing variations based on observations in Europo and America. If at geomagnetio latitude X incident to the record- ing of a component of type i the amplitude of some variation on the ho level in America equals Ni (h )IN' (h ) Card 1/2 16 X 0 A o j Am, VY" 29673 S/169J61/000/005/038/049 Determ.'.nation of the energy, spectrum A005/A13O and at the same latitude in Europe equals &N i (h )/Nk (h ) I k 0 o ] Eur, then the difference between the amplitudes of these variations will bet N, 6D i - 0' 41Lk D W~ ho) (1) k (b~ ~N (ho)j Am NJ (ho)l Eur [ where min min min Min F-k )Eur - (f-?L )Am; 1~ )Am< )Eur (2) Since the differential coefficients of the relation Wj h ) are known, it is easy to determine from Eq. (1) the energy spectrum of tRe t D/D (E ) variations of primary cosmic rays, By wyDof exam 1e the author cites the determination of the energ7 speotrum Of /D (e7variation in the I-JI-5 .. 2.0 Bev energy range for the intensity decrease of cosmic rays during the magnetic storm of August 29, 1957. N. Kaminer [Abstractor's notet Complete translation. R--A M/P) 2967h 30,Y10, S/169/61/000/005/039/049 3, 1 if 49 0 ("A P Y/, Id VA) A0054110 AUTHM: Dorman, Lel. TITLEs Determination of the eartblo point of Impact against a corpus- oular stream, the oharaoter of the earth's motion within the stream and stream velocity by detailed investigation of variation of cosmic ray intensity during magnetic storms PERIODICALs Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofi2iks, no. 5, 1961, 14, abetract 5 G 109. (Tr. Yakutskogo fil. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz., no. 3P 158-165) TEXTs The author investigates the assumption that the differences in observod deoreases of cosmic ray intenoity during magnetic storms are not deternined by speoiflo properties -if the solar eorpuscular streams but by tho character of the earth's capture by the stream. Calculations based upon purely geometric considerations show that incident to capture of the earth by the lateral side of a slow oorpuscular stream smooth de- crease of cosmic ray intensity and similar smooth restoration should be Card 1/2 296 46 S~l ki/oor,/oO5/039/049 Determination of.the earth's point of impact ... L005YA130 observed. This being the case, the amplitude of the effect will be de- termined by tile magnitude of the magnetio field frozen in the stream and the earth's distance from the stream axis. Incident to capture of the earth by the ittream front, the character of the variation of cosmic ray intensity is d.etermined by the velocity of the stream wid the point of the earth's entry into the stream (distance from the edge or axis of the stream). The calculation results enable one 'to determine the stream velocity and magnetic field distribution in tits stream, from the decrease profile of coomic ray intensity. N. Kaminer Abstractor's notet Complete translation. Card 2/2 AUTHOR: Doman, L.I. S/035/6 1/000/009/020/036 A001/A101 TITLE- Or, the nature of changes in intensity of cosmic rays during magne- tic storms FERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Astronomiya I Geodeziya, no. 9, 1961, 38, ab- stract 9A299 ("Tr. Mezhdunar. konferentsil po kosmich. luchani, 1959, v. 4", Moscow, AN SSSR, 1960, 113 - 125) TEXT: The author considers the effect of mitgnetic fields of solar corpus- cular streams on Intensity of cosmic rays and shouts that 'the profile of intensi- Ly reducticn durlng magnetic storms Is determined first, by the form or Earth capture by corptiscular streams and second, by electromagnetic properties of the streams. Anisotropy of the flux of cosmic rays during motion of the Earth through the stream is estimated. Calculations are performed for both uniform and non-uniform fields frozen-in In the stream. A conclusicn is drawn from the comparlson with experimental data that the field In the stream is non-uniform, because it is weakened from the advancing side edge to the laFging one and is intensified markodly near the front edge of the stream, [Abstracter's no,*,e- Complete translatIon) L. Dorman Vn/ Clard 1/1 ~F L/ Iq AUIHOR: Doman. L. I. 3/035/6 1/000/009/021/0,36 A0011A101 TITLE: On energy spectrum and duration of increasing on the Earth of cosmic ray intensity, caused by the shock wave and albedo from the forward magnettzed front of a corpuscular stream PERIODICAL: Referai;ivnyy zhurnal. Astronomiya i Geodeziya, no. 9. 1961, 38, ab- stract 9A300 ("Tr. Mezhdunar. konterentsil po kosmich. lucham, 1959, v. 4" , Moscow, AN SSSR, ig6o, 132 - 1)9) TEXT: The author calculates the energy spectrum of primary variations caus- ed by the shock wave from the forward front of the corpuscular stream. An ana- logous increase in intensity of cosmic rays must be also observed prior to the beginning of the Forbush-effect as a consequence of reflection of charged parti- cles from the forwaixt front of a magnetized corpu3cular stream. This intehsity increase may attain several per cent in the neutron and penetrating components on the Earth's surface, There are 8 references. L. D. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] LAB Card 1/1 28833 S/169/61/000/004/010/026 AOO5/A130 AUTHORSs Blokh, Ya.L.; Dorman, L.I.; Kaminer, N.S. TITLE% Determination of the nature of earth's capture by streams, and the properties of corpuscular streams from cosmic ray variations during sundry magnetio storms PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1961, 17, abstract 4 0 100. (Tr. Mezhdune..r. konferentaii po kosmich. lucham, 1959, v. 4. Moscow, AN SSSR, 196o, 154 - 171) TEXT: The authors study the variations in intensity of neutron and hard emission components of cosmic rays during magnetic storms for the period 1954 1959. The intensity variation profile was determined for eaah Individual in- stance of Forbush effect &ad was compared with the theoretical expectancy for different assumptions reg&-ding the velocity of solar corpuacular streams, the nature of earth's capture by streams and the structure of the magnetic field frozen in the stream. The results of analysis are compared with the nattree of the geomagnetic disturbancos on the earth and the properties of the active area of the sun that correspondo to these disturbances. The authors show that two Card 1/2 28833 5/169/61/000/004/010/026 Determination of the nature oC eartA capture by.... AO05/A13O types of stream exists 1) long-term extensive streams that capture the earth by their lateral face, and 2) natTOW short-term streams carrying intense frozen mag- netic fields. Often the narrcw streams move within the wide streams. The field intensity In the lateral outstripping section of the stream is on an average - twice as great as In the lagging section. The density of kinetio energy in the stream decreattoe markedly for -transition to the lagging lateral etection of the stream. In the front section of the stream, substantial compression (by a factor of 6 - 10) of plasma and increase of the frozen magnetic field occur. N.K. [Abstracter's notes Complete translation.) UK Card :q//n 2. 28834 s/i6q/61/ooo/ooVoil/026 A005/A130 AUTHMs Blokh, Ya.L.; Dormin L,_IAj Kaminer, N.S. __ j_ TITLEs The effect of oosmia ray Intensity increase preceding magnetic stam PMIODICALt Referativnyy rhurna1. Oeofizika, no. 4, 1961, 17, abutract 4 0 101. (Tr. Mezhdunar. konferentsil po koemich. lucham, 1959, v. 4. Moscow, AN SSSR, 178 - 191) 1 ft~o . TEXrt The authors study the effect of cosmic ray intensity increase pre- ceding magnetic storms that in due to acceleration of charged particles Incident to their collision with the fron*,. of the corpusoular stream traveling from the am. It is shown that this effeat occurred prior to the magnetic storms of July 8, 19,98, and Au&st 29, 1957. The longitudinal distributions of t1ke magnitude and of the time of onset of the offoot are elucidated. The authorv study the en- ergy spectrum of the emission reisponsible for anisotropic increase of intensity. Analysis of the increase In coemlo ray Intensity in the stratosphere on July 8, 1958, suggests to the authors thitt a magnetic trap may exist in the magnetized frontal section of the corpuscular stream. This trap may carry particles with energies of some hundreds of Mev that have been accelerated in the active region Card 1/2 VK 28834 3/169/61/000/004/011/026 The effect of cosmic ray intensity 1norease.... A005/A130 of the sun. Incident to collision of the stream with the earth the tratp breaks up and the particles arrive in the hAgh-latitude regions of the earth via the lines of force of the magnetic field. It is shown in agreement with theory that incident to capture of the earth by the lateral face of the stream the effect in- crease of intensity prior to a magnetic atom does not occur. Capture of the earth by the front section of the stream (stoma with sudden onset), on the other hand, is always acoom.Panied by the effect. No effects of acceleration of cosmic ray particles by the shoc'k wave generated by the front of the corpuscular stream was detected. N. Uminer LX [Abstracter's note: Complete translation.] Card 2/2 AUTHOR- S/058/61/000/010/008/100 A001/AIOI Dorman, L. I. On the theory of cosmic! ray modulation by the solar wind PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Fizika, no. 10, 1961, 94, abstract 10B480 ("Tr. Mezhdunar, konfer*ntaii po kosmioh, lucham, 1959, v, 4", Moscow, AN SSSR, 1960, 328-334) TEXr- The problem of the nature of 11-year variation in cosmic ray intensity is 'investigated. Experimental data are compared with effeot5 expected from theories of-modillati6n of the galactic flux of cosmic radiation, advanced by Parker and Singer; it is shown that these theories cannot fully explain variations in the spectrum of cosmic radiation with the solar activity cycle. If the broad speotrun of non-homogeneities of the magnetic field in the inter- planetary medium is taken into aocouat, an agreement can be secured between the experimentally observed and theoretically expected energy spectra of 11-7ear variation of the primary cosmic radiation. L. Dorman (Abstraoterle notet Complete transl4stion] Card 1/1 VEIINOV, S.Nop otv. red.; kand. fiziko-matem.nauk, otv. red.; PODOLISKIY, A.D., red. izi-va; GOLUB', S.P.) tekhn. red. (Collection of articles] Sbornik statei. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR. No.4. 1961. :258 P- (MIRA 15.6) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. 143zhduvedomstvenryy komitet po provedeniyu Mezbdunarodnogo geofizich)skogo goda. VII razdel prograuw 14GG. Kosmicheakiye luchi. 2. C:olen-korrespondent Akademii nauk SSSR (for Vernov). (C-3mic rays) S/058/62/000/010/0)W/093 Ao61/Aiol AUnIOR: Doman, L. r. T17"LE: Current concepts on cosmic ray variations PERIODICAL: Referativryy zhurnal, Fizika, no. 10, 1962, 61, abstract 105154 (in collection: "Kosmicheskiye luchi, no. 3", Moscow, AN SSSR, 1961, 5 - 63, summar"I In English) TEXV: This is a review of fundamental work done on the subject of~time variations of cosmic rays In the Soviet Union and In other countries, particu- larly during the International Geophysical Year. Discussed are questions of how to improve methods of eliminating extraneous factors from time variation data, and also studies concerning different categories o~ variations and electromag- netic processes originating in the neighborhood of the Sun, In the interplahe- tary medium, and In the neighborhood of the Earth. Special attention is devoted .to two categories of cosmic ray variations: effects of modulation and effects of solar flares. rAbstracier's note: Complete translation] Card 1/1 3/169/62 0 O/M/069/103 3, 0 'x0 5-j 'Z 7 10 ;7j 2 91 or) D218/D302 AUTHORS: Glokova, Ye.S., Dorman, L.I., and Kaminer, N.S. TITLE--: On the method of introducing meteoroloLgical correc- tions into the cosmic-ra-Y intensity data PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1962, 13, ab- 8tract 4G68 (V. sb. Kosmicheskiye luchi, no# 3, M-P AN SSSRj 1961, 149-162) TEXT: A method of introducing meteorological corrections to the in- tensity data for p-meson and neutron coemic-ray components is dis- cussed. It is shown that it is 13UffiCient to introduce only the cor- rection for the barometric effect, When the barometric correation is computed, the exponential dependence of the intensity of the neu- tron component on the atmospheric pressure must be borne in mind. In the presence of large temperature variations, the neutron compo- LX nent may exhibit variations of -;emperature origin, and in order to take these into accountp the thooretical distribution of the tempe- rature coefficients must be emp:.oyed. A detailed description is gi- ven of the method whereby the barometric and temperature effects Card 1/2 S/16 62/000/004/069/103 On the method of introducing ... D218YD302 can be taken into account for the hard component. Examples are gi- ven of how tables of meteorological corrections, suitable for prac- tical purposeep can be set up. The most accurate methods of extra- V~ polation of aerological data on the temperature of the upper layers of the atmosphere are indicated. [Abstractor's noteoi Complete trans- lation]. Card 2/2 37286 169/62/000/004/071/103 3, ~Y 10 (2,;z-os~ ';t- 2 or, )kor) DS/218/D302 AUTHOR.S: Blokhq Ya.L., Dormwi, L.Ip and Dubrovin, BI.V11. TITLE: Meteorological effecto of cosmic rays under the earth's surface PERIODICAL:- Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1962t 13, ab- stract 4G70 (V. eb. Kosmicheskiye luchi, no. 3, M., AN SSSR, 19610 166-169) TEXT: A study is reported of meteorological effects in the p-meson component of cosmic rays based on underground recordings in Moscow (40 m) and Yakutsk (60 m~ in 1957 - 1958. The triple-correlation method was used to determine-theA partial and total correlation and regression coefficients a and 0 between the observed cosmic-ray in- tensity variations, the barometric pressure and the temperature of the atmosphere, (P is the baromatric coefficient and a is the tem- perature coefficient representing atmospheric temperature variatiors up to heights of 12 - 20 km). Although the values of a and P obtai- ned for separate months exhibit a large spread, their average values are quite reliable and are in good agreement with the theoretical Card.1/2 S/169/62/000/004/071/103 Meteorological effects of cosmic ... D218/D302 results. For Moscow (40 M) : 0 = (-0.050 � 0.007) %/mb and for Ya- Or kutsk (60 m): p = (-0.029 � 0.006) %/mb. Comparison of the values of a shows that the upper layers of the atmosphere play an impor- tant role in producing the temperature effect in the hard component. LAbstractor's note: Complete translation]. Card 2/2 S/058/62/000/010/045/093 ;06-11A101 ~2 Ll AUTHOR: Darman, L. 1. TITLE: Calculation of the integr~ated.multiplicity of muon generation in the earth's atmosphere for observations.under different bsorber thicknesses PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Fizika, no. 10, ic,162, 61 - 62, abstract 10B459 (In collection: "Koamicheskiye luchi, no. 3, ", Moscow, AN SSSR, 1961, 1711 - 198, summary in English) TEXT: The integrated multiplicity of muon generation has been calculated for observations at sea level and at different depths underground, using differ- ent model representations of the elementary interaction event of primary parti- cles with atomic nuclei of the air. It is assumed U-.-at the first interaction of 2 a primary particle with atomic nuclei of the air takes place at a depth ofxg/cm where , 'k denotes the interaction range, and the subsequent interactions take place discretely at depths of 2 etc. The calculation of ionization losses and muonic decay Is or essential importance in this connection. The fluctuations in the depths of the first and following collisions, the spectrum of pion C~~ 1/2 S/058/62/000/0 10/045/093 Calculation of the integrated multiplicity of... A061/A101 generation, their capture and decay Into muons are more accurately taken into consideration. Once the integrated multiplicity has been found for different versions and different cases of observatlon,.It is possible to determine the differential muon spectrum at sea level and at different levels underground, as well a5 the Intensity curve with depth. A comparison with observational results pern1ts an estimate of the extent to which a choice of one or other value Is essential for parameters determining the elementary interaction event of primary particles with atomic nuclei of the air. Detailed numerical calculations are per- formed for the cases where 20, 40, and 50% of the incident nucleon energy is transferred to the muons. The muon spectrum found theoreticz.lly at sea level and the curve of the Intensity change with depth are compared with experimental data. The poor response of measurement results to the choice of elementary interaction parameters within a wide range of the latter is noted. The nuon intensity is Cal- culated as a function of the geomagnatic threshold for different absorber thick- nesses. The expected changes of spectrum and muon intensity with a change of so- lar activity (in connection with changes In the energy spectrum of primary per- ticles) are also calculated. (Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 s,'058/62/000/010/039/093 o A0611A101 AUTHOR: Doman, L. 1. TT11E: On the interrelation factors between primary and secondary variations of cosmic rays in the high-energy range PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, FlAika, no. 10, 1962, 61, abstract 1013453 (In collection: "Kosmicheskiye luchl, no. Moscow, AN 5,35R, 1961, 199 - 204, summary in English)' TEXT: Using the integral multiplicity functions of muon generation for different absorber thicknesses, that have been calculated in a preceding paper (abstract 1OB1159), the author determines the interrelation factor for the con- version from secondary variations of muon intensity at sea level and at differ- ent depths underground to primary variations of cosmic rays at the boundary,of the atmosphere. FAbstracter's note: Complete translation) Card 1/1 s/169/62/ooo/oo8/068/090 E032/EI14 AUTHOR: Dormant TITLEs Variation in the coefficients of coupling between primary and secondary variations of cosmic rays with changes in solar-activity. Som. practical problems in the determinatign of the spectrum of the variations. PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, no.8, 1962, 11, abstract 8 G 81. (In the Sympo.-sium: lKosmicheskiye luchi, no.31 ('Cosmic Rays. no-P), M.t AN SSSR, 1961, 205-210. (abstract in English)). TEXT. Data on changes cosmic rays with the solar changes in the coefficients sensitive to variations in of the primary radiation. for epochs corresponding to minimum and may be used in Card 1/2 in the energy spectrum of primary activity cycle ar 'e used to calculate of coupling between component 15 the low-energy part of the spectrum The coupling coefficients are computed the solar activity maximum and the recording of cosmic rays from Variation in the coefficients of ... s/169/62/000/008/o68/ogo E032/EI14 rockets and satellites, and also in the recording of the neutron and ji-meson components at the earth's surface and in the atmosphere. A brief description is given of the methods used to determine the energy spectrum of the variations in the intensity of the primary radiation. The effect of the position of the cut-off due to geomagnetic disturbances on the results of determinations of the energy spectrum of variations in the primary radiation is estimated. [Abstractorls note: Complete translation..] Card 2/2 AUTHOR; 31238 1-i/169/62/000/004/073/103 D218/D302 TITLE: On the nature of the lunar diurnal variation in cosmic rays PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnalt Geofizikaj no. 4, 1962v 14, ab- atract 4G72 (V. sb. KOBMicheskiye luchi,, no. 3, M-P AN SSSR9 1961p 253-255) TEXT: It is shown that the observed lunar diurnal variations in the cosmic-ray intensity may be associated with the amplitude and Dhase modulation of the so.Lar-diurnal variation oy the 27-day wave. ~7-day variations in the solar-diurnal el ''fect should lead to the apps-arance of two waves with periods of 23#2 and 24.9 hours in addi- tion to the wave with a period of 24 hours. One of the harmonies (24.9 hours) coes in fact have A period close to the period of the iunar-aiurnal variation. When it will oe round experimentally that ooth harmonics are preBentt This will indicate that the lunar-diur- nal wave is spurious. If, on the other handt the experimental data confirm the presence of the harmonic with a period of 23.2 hours, Card 1/2 I S/169/62/000/004/073/103 On the nature of the lunar diurnal ... D218/D302 then the lunar-diurnal wave will be expected to be real. [Abstrac- ~~ tor's note: Complete translation]. Card 2/2 J7,289 13/16 %000/004/074/103 3,91)-o D218YD30 J, 2. Y / 0 ( ~ AUTHORS: Dorman L.I., Blokh, Ya~L#p and Kaminer, N*S# TITLE: The character of the increase in the cosmic-ray inten- sity at the Forbush-effect minimum PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnalo Geofizika, no. 4, 1962, 14, ab- stract 4G73 (V. ob. Koemicheskiye luchi, no. 4p Mov AN SSSR9 1961P 5-15) TEXT: The method of coupling coefficients is used to investigate the increase in cosmic-ray intensity during the principal phase of geomagnetic storms which is due to a reduction in the H-component of the magnetic field, and the compression of the volume of the geo- magnetic field by a corpuscular stream. A theoretical calculation is given of the effects expected in the various secondary compo- nents of cosmic rays at sea level and in the mountains. The results of these calculations are oompared with experimental data obtained by the world station network during the magnetic storms of Septem- ber 13, 1957 and Pebruary 110 1958. It follows from the analysis of these_~wo cases that the observed increase in the cosmic-ray intens- Card (!,D S/169/62/000/004/074/103 The character of the increase in the ... D218/D302 ity is in fact associated with a reduction in the geomagnetic cut- off threshold during the principal phase of a magnetic storm. It is noted that in the case of the hard component the effect is only par- tly due to the change in the geomagnetic threshold. A part of the effect is due to a disturbed solar-diurnal variation. It was foun6 that there is not only a latitude, but also a longitude dependence of the amplitude of the increase, and hence it follows that the ca- vity which appears as a result of the flow of the corpuscular stream round the geomagnetic field is not axially symmetric in form. It is concluded that geomagnetic storms with sudden couLmencement are pro- duced as a result of the capture of the earth by the leading front of a solar corpuscular stream which flows round the geomagnetic field with ultrasonic velocitY- LAbstractorlq note: Complete trans- lation]. Card 2/2 ;t 7 -ON.; .7eos)- S/169/62/000/004/076/103 D218/D302 AUTHORS: Blokh, Ya.L.# Kaminert N.S., and Dorman? L.J. TITLE; Cosmic-ray effects preceding a magnetic storm A'OBRIOM CAL; Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizikap no# 4p 1962, 14p ab- stract 4G75 (V eb. Kosmicheskiye luchi, no. 4t Met AN SSSRt 1961p 25-30) TEXT: Discusses the interaction of the magnetized front of a cor- puscular steam with cosmic rays which may give rise to the appear- ance of certain effects just before the onset of a magnetic storm. A corpuscular stream produces a shock wave in the interplanetary space, and the magnetic field of this wave interacts with cosmic- ray particles. Reflection of the particles from the wave front gi- ves rise to their accelerationt and therefore the intensity of the radiation should increase before a magnetic storm. The expected spectrum of this variation is relatively soft. After the earth has entered the disturbed medium behind the 13hock wave front, where the magnetized interplanetary plasma is comp:~eesed and the field is corre~q ndingly enhanced, the cosmic-ray intensity should decrease. Card 1 1~ I-i-31 8/169/62/000/004/076/103 Cosmic-ray effects preceding a ... D218/D302 This effect is anisotropic and the character.of the anisotropy de- pends on the direction of the interplanetary magnetic field. Reflec- tion of cosmic-ray particles directly from the magnetized front of the moving corpuscular stream shouid leact to an anisotropic increa- se in the intensity, a few hours prior to the beginning of the r*eo- V~ magnetic storm# This type of increase in the intensity has in fact been observed before a number of geomagnetic storms accompanied by large Porbush effectso (Abstractor's note; Complete translation]. Card 2/2 37280 S,/169/62/000/004/065/103 ~-Y 30 D;228/D302 AUTHORS: Kaminer, N.S., Blokh, Ya.L., and'Dorman,_1&I* TITLE: The emission duration and the angular width of solar corpuscular flows PE'RIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizik-a, no. 4, 1962t 10p ab- stract 4G53 (V ab. Kosmich. luchi, no. 4, M., AN SSSRt 1961, 31 - 34) TEXT: The width of solar corpuscular flows is determined from the profile of Forbush-effects in cosmic rays; this is then compared with the angular width (the longitudinal extent) of the active re- gions on the sun that have caused the Generation of these corpuscu- lar flows. A positive correlation .,ith a correlation coefficient of --j 0.9 and a regressian coefficient of \j1 was discovered between these two parameters. The estimation of the angular flow width acca- ding to geomagnetic disturbances gives a considerably smaller angu- lar width. The possible causes of the diverly.,ences in the estimation of the flow.width by these two methods are briefly discussed. A number of arguments are cited in favor of the fact that geoeffecti- Card 1/2 B/169/62/000/004/065/103 The emisaion duration and the ... D228/D302 ve corpuscular -'Plows are continuously emitted by active regions du- ring long intervals of time (several revolutions of the sun)# At the same time it is Possible that plasma clouds are ejected from an active region when the emission of a corpuscular flow has yet to be completed. [Abstractor's note: Complete translation]. Ll~ Card 2/2 37293 S/169/62/000/004/078/103 3, 2. Y / 6 (,1 2,0-rfi 2 7 10 9, / 2- 0 a r) D218/D302 AUTHORS: Dormang 1~.I.,.~aminer, N.S., and Blokh, Ya.L. TITLE: On the nature of the preliminary reduction in the cosmic-ray intensity before a magnetic storm PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1962t 14-15, abstract 4G77 (V sb. Kosmicheskiye luchi, no. 4, M., AN SSSRt 1961t 49-58) TEXT: A discussion is given of the nature of the preliminary reduc- tion in the cosmic-ray intensity which is observed before the onset of many magnetic storms accompanied by the Forbush e9fect. The mo- tion of a corpuscular stream with a velocity of -_j10 cm/sec through interplanetary medium containing a weak magnetic field, should lead to the appearance of a shock wave moving towards the earth with a velocity equal to 4/3 of the velocity of the stream. The magnetic field of the medium behind the shock wave front is en- hanced. flenceo the arrival of the shock wave at the earth should be accompanied by a reduction in the cosmic-ray intensity. If the in- terplanetary magnetic field is regularp and is directed at right Card 1/2 S/169/62/000/004/078/103 On the nature of the preliminary ... D218/D302 angles to the plane of the ecliptic in the same sense as the earth's field, then the maximum reduction in the intensity should be obser- ved for particle streams arriving from the West relative to the sun -earth line. In order to confirm these conclusions on the basJs of the world station network data, an analysis was carried out of the cosmic-ray intensity variations during periods preceding major geo- magnetic disturbances and Forbush effects. A,study of the longitu- 01 de and latitude dependence of the preliminary reduction in the in- tensity shows that the effect is particularly appreciable for those groups of stations for which the particles arrive preferentially from the direction of the sun, or from a direction west of the earth-sun line. The spectrum of the preliminary reduction effect is close to the Forbush decrease spectrum, although it is slightly sof- ter than the latter. LAbstractor's note: Complete translation]. Card 2/2 S/15 Q2/000/005/071/093 D223YD3'07 Kaminer, N. S., Dorman, L. I. and Blokh, Ya. L. TITLE: The magnetic storm in mid-May 1959 and cosmic ray variations PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizilia, no. 5, 1962, 10, ab- stract 5G83 (V sb. Koamich. lu-chi, no. 4, X., AN SSSR, 1961, 59-63) LI - TEXT; The intr4cate cOn2lex of phenomena, observed in cosmic rays .Ln oonnection with the solar chromospheric flare of 10/V/1959, is bein,ul sludied from the data of the world station network, These "'i .nolude: the large increase in the intensity of soft ). enomena i. L, L. 1 cosmic rays of a solar origin in the stratosphere in high lati- tudes, the Forbush-effect, the intensity increase before the be-;..' ginning of the 6eomagnetic storm, etc. A marked increase in the ln-uensizy of cosmic rays was noted for several days before -#;he of the Porbush-effect. The peculiarities of this pher.,~menon -compel one -to assume that it is due to the arrival of an additio- Card 1/3 3/169/62/000/005/071/093 The magnetic storm ... D228/D307 - n1- 1 radiation f low, generated on the sun and comin, towards the t:' ear-,,h as a result of diffusion in magnetic i::-regularities with a field in'tensity of-13 x 10-4 _ 10-3 gauss. The beginning of the For;O,ush effect of May 11 occurred simultaneovaly throughout the world. In the first place the reductionla effect started at sta- tions where Particles, coming from westwards directions in rela- tion to the line sun-earth, were recorded. ILI these stations the reduction's effects began three hours before the outbreak of the -wards direc- geomagnetic storm. For particles arriving from east tions in rela-cion to the line sun-earth, the Bffect commenced 2 - 3 hours after the beginninm of the storm. The epigenetic spec- trum of the primary radiation's variation during the Forbush ef- .ect was determined. This spectrum agrees with the supposition that, cosmic rays are scattered by the regular magnetic field fro- zen Lnl.o the flow. The parameters of the corpu.scular flow and of the magnetic field I*rozen into it were ascertained from the pro- file of the Forbush effect. The flow's width amounts to 5 x 1013 _cz, the mean intensity of the field in it being -,6 x 1070 gauss. Card 2/3 S/1 69/'62/000/005/0'71/093 D223/1;307 ,.qe nature of the increase in the intensity in the minimum of the 23rbush effect, observed on IMay 12-14, is dis.-ussed. It is shown that only a small part of the effect of the int"en3ity's increase u by the change in the geomagnetic trim-ning threshold; main cause of this phenomenon may be the anisotropic screening of -.he earth by the corpuscular flow. Z-Abstracter's note: Com- 'e te translation-2 Card 3/3 :i729L. S/169'62/000/004/079/103 D2187D302 AUTHORS: Blokh, Ya.L., Dormanp L.I.p and Kaminert N.S. I--------------------- TITLE: On the superposition of Forbush effects in July 1959 PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizikap no. 4, 1962t 15, ab- stract 4G78 (V ob, Kosmicheakiye luchip not 4l Mot AN SSSR9 1961, 84-95) TEXT: A detailed study is reported of the character of the super- position of Forbush effects in July 1959. Analysis of world station network data showed that the observed phenomena may be explained by assuming that the modulation of cosmic rays is due to regular nagne- tic fields frozen into corpuscular streams. The second and third Forbush decreases occurred as a result of the simultaneous capture of the earth by two or even three corpuscular streams. The proper- ties of these streams, their dimensions and the intensity of the frozen-in magnetic fields are determined, The energy spectrum of the increase in the cosmic-ray intensity observed on July 17 is de- termined, Analysis of this effect is used to estimate the intensity of the magnetic field of the stream which is found to be in good Card 1/2 B/169/(;2/000/004/079/103 On the superposition of Forbush ... D218/D'02 agreement with the value obtained from an analysis of the profile of the Forbush effectolAbstractor's note: Complete translation]. t./, Card 2/2 ') 72 95 S/169/62/000/004/080/103 D218/D-4102 AUTHOR: Dorman, L.I. TITLE: On the effect of a solar corpuscular stream in the form of a magnetized shell on cosmic rays PE'RIODICA1: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1962, 15, ab- stract 4G79 (V ab. Kosmicheakiye luchip noo 4p Mar AN SSSRv 1961p 96-121) TEXT: A study is reported of the modulation of the intensity of. the galactic stream of cosmic rays by a solar corpuscular stream in the form of a thin-walled magne:,:,Red shell Omagnetic sack'). The importance of the following'factors is estimated: Absorption of cosmic-ray particles by the sun, change in the intensity as a re- sult of the expansion of the shell, exchange of particles through the surface of the shell leading to equalization in the particle densityt change in the reflecting properties of the shell on expan- sion. The solution of a differentiai equation for the particle ba- lance, which simultaneously takes into account these factorep was Card 1/2 S/169/6,2/000/004/080/103 On the effect of a solar ... D218/D302 used to determine the energy spectrum of the variations for a shell in the form of a.aphere and a spherical sector. Im addition, the General solution is obtained for a shell of arbitrary form and an VI( incompletely closed shell. Numerical results are given for diffe- rent values of the velocity and dimensions of the shell, and vari- ous assumptions regarding its properties. The calculations were car- ried out both for relativistic and non-relativisl;ic cases. [Ab- stractor's note: Complete translation]. Card 2/2 37 25~6 S/169/62/000/004/081/103 I)218/D302 AUTHOR: Dorman, L.I. TITLE: The earth as an absorber of cosmic rays and its role in producing Forbush-type effects, and 27-day and 11-year variations PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 3, 1962, 15, ab- stract 4G80 (V sb. Kosmicheskiye luchi, no. 4, M-9 AN SSSRt 19619 122-127) TEXT: A theoretical discussion is given of the effect of a local ausorber on the particle density in a scattering medium. It follows from the calculations that if the earth is surrounded by a scatte- ring medium consisting of magnetic irregularities, then the cosmic- ray Intensity near the earth should be reduced. This reduction de- pends on the properties of the nedium. In particular, during nagne- tic storms and also during changes in the level of solar activity, the scattering properties of the interplanetary medium near the earth should chan-ge considerably and this should lead to changes in the cosmic-ray Intensity at the earth. The dependence of the ampli- Card 1/2 vy, The earth as an absorber of ... tude of the expected effect on the mean and the intensity distribution near the ned. Special cases of the capture of the with finite and infinite dimensions and to particle exchange), semi-transparent discussed. [Abstractor,s note: Complete S/169/62/000/004/081/103 D218/D302 free path for scattering absorbing body are determi- / earth by clouds of plasma transparent (with respect and opaque boundaries are translation]. 2/2 3,),qi 0 (7 7e. 5, -A-7 C)S~ 28 0.1; AUTHOR: Dormang L.I. 37297 B/169/62/000/004/082/103 D218/D302 TITLE: Cosmic-ray variations due to an expanding turbulent magnetized cloud PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1962, 15, ab- stract 4GB1 (V sb. Koemicheskiya luchi, no. 4, M., AN SSSR, 19619 128-131) TEXT: Cosmic-ray intensity changes at the earth due to the capture 0f the earth by an expanding iurbulent magnetized piasma cloud ar- riving from the direction of the sun are discussed. The problem is solved for the stationary spherically symmetric case on the assump- tion that the range to a scattering event depends on the distance to the cen-Ger of a cloud. The expected reduction in the cosmic-ray intensity at the earth's orbit is found for a cloud velocity of u 3 x.10 cm/sec and particle velocities of v = 101C am/sec and v = 3 x 1010 cm/sec. A considerable reduction in the intensity is to be expected for rglatively small values of the mean free path for scat- tering (X -j1O11 am), i.e. for low-energy particless Moreoverp the Card 1/2 S/16 62/000/004/082/103 Cosmic-ray variations due to an D218YD302 deceleration of field irregularities by the interplanetary medium is taken into account in the stationary case. Here alsot appreciab, le changes in the intensity are only possible for values of which are much smaller than 1013 cm. Hence the magnetic fields which are necessary at the earth's orbit to give rise to ef ,fective scattering of particles with t -,~ 1010 eV are H ;~-,3 x 10-6 g1lusse [Abstrac- tor's note: Complete translation]. VI( Card 2/2 3725.8 o) 6;1 0'7 S/169/62/000/0041/083/103 3,1 ~60 D218/D'302 AUTHORS; Kaminerl N.S.0 Blokhq Ya.L.9 and Dormanp L.I. TITLE: The cosmic-ray flare of May 4, 1960 P.'"4"RIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 19629 15, ab- stract 4G82 (V sb. Kosmicheskiye luchip not 4, Met AN SSSRv 1961, 146-167) TEXT: The world station network data are used to investigate the increase in the cosmic-ray intensity on May 4, 1960. A chromosphe- ric flare of importance 3 was observed on the vrestern limb of the sun at 10 hr- 5 min. It was accompanied by a series of radio bursts on 92.209 and 600 111c/sec. By acting on the ionosphere, the ultravio- let emission from the flare gave rise to a reduction in the criti- cal frequency of the P2 layer and the appearance of a bay-like dis- turbance in the H-component of the geomagnetic field. After 15 to V, 20 minutes, there was a rapid increase in the cosmic-ray intensity. It fullovis from the analysis of the data that in the initial stage of the increase in the intensity, the additional radiation was ani- sotropic. The method of coupling coefficients is used to calculate Card 1/2 S116SV621000100410831103 The cosmic-ray flare of ... D218/'D302 the distribution of intensity over the earthlij surface. The real spectrum of the additional radiation and the Tinite extent of its source are taken into account. Comparison with experimental data shows that on the first approximation the intensity distribution It corresponds to the position of the shock zone3. However, better agreement between experimental and theoretical results is obtained if it is assumed that the shock zones are considerably wider, or that they are displaced by 30 to 400 to the East. The possible rea- sons for this displacement are discussed. The energy spectrum of the emission of the flare and the time variation in the intensity are determined. The dimensions and the intensity of the magnetic field of scattering irregularities in the interplanetary medium are estimated. 32 references. LAbstractor's note: Complete translationj. Card 2/2 312 v 3D 37299 S/16SV62/000/004/084/103 D218/D302 AUTHOR: Dormant L*Is TITLE: Cosmic-ray flares in connection With the properties of corpuscular streams and electromagnetic conditions in the interplanetary medium and the earth's neighbor- hood PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1962, 15-16, abstract 4G83 (V ab. Kosmicheakiye luchit no. 4, M-t AN SSSRp 1961, 168-172) T13M The main energy and time characteristics of cosmic-ray fla- res are briefly discussed in connection with the electromagnetic properties of corpuscular streams and the interplanetary medium. Possible mechanisms of generation of fast particles in solar chro- raospheric flares# the character-of propagation of these particles in the solar super-coronat and -the possible :paths of their transport to the earth (magnetic traps of corpuscular .3treams, diffusion in interplanetary magnetic fields) are discussed. (Abstractor's note: Complete translation]. Card 1/1 S/169/62/000/005/073/093 -3. A WO D228/D*2107 IAI U T.H 0 2-3 !)orman, *..I.- and Shataah,viliq L. Kh- T Lnvest4gation of the 27-day cosmic ray variations from C~ the da-.a of the world network of IGY stuations for the -Decer-ber 1957 period July ?%-jTODICAL: 2,cferativnyy zhurnal, Geofiz-ka, no. 5, 19621 11, ab- stract 5G85 (V sb. Kosmich, :.uchi, no. 4, M., AN SSSR, 19061, 179-201 ) T7-XT: "Iie properties of the 27-day variation in the cosmic ray are investigated, as are -'%-,he changes in the solar and the ~eoma6n-etic activit in ' he period of the solar activity maxinum ~ j-aly-Dacenber 1957~. Itis sh-own that the terdency'to a 27-day re- currence during the period under consideration is better-displayed in cos--4L-- rays than in the solar and the geommagnetic activity. Mag- netic which are accompanied by Forbush-effects in the cos- --ys, are observed near t.he minimum of the 27-day wave. Dn all the 27-day reTet'-''*ion is bect di,p',ayed if days with Card '1/2 S/16 62/000/005/073/093 V- Lration of the ... D228YD307 values of the intensity of the neutron cosmic-ray component are chosen as the zero days (wher, Using the epochal imposition zie- ~.hod). r2heepigenetic spectrum of the 27-day variation is determined -from tfe latit-udinal change ir, the effect's ampiitude by m,~ans of the coupling factor meth.od. The epigenetic spectrum :Calls as the Oarticle energy increases and agrees with the results of measure- ments o,~' the tolal component in ihe atratoaphere and of the hard L U con"ponent underground. It ia conclud..-d that in this period the 27-day variation in the intensity was rela*,,ed to the stable region of e_c-:;4_ve lon-itudes on the sun. /'s note: Complete tran3lation._~ Card 2/2 >70 AUTHOR: Dorman, L.I. 37300 S/169/62/000/004/085/103 D218/D302 TITLE: On cosmic-ray variations due to asymmetric solar wind PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. GeofizikELp no. 4, 1962, 16, ab- stract 4GS4 (V ab. Kosmicheakiye luchi, no. 4, M., AN SSSRt 19619 204-208) TEXT: Assuming that -the radial, flow of magnetic field irregulari- ties from the sun may be spherically asymmetric, a calculation is made of the cosmic-ray intensi-.y variations associated with an asym- metric transport and diffusion of particles. An approximate solu- tion is found for the equation of diffusion with transport for the case where the asymmetric field may be represented in the form of a spherical sector whose leading front moves with a constant velocity. This asymmetric field is characterized by a diffusion coefficient which may be very different from the diffusion coefficient in a spherical region in which the magnetic irregularities move with the so,me velocity. Cosmic-ray intensity variations in space and time are calculated inside this region. [Abstractor's note: Complete- 37301 S/169/62/000/604/086/103 D218/D302 AUTHORS; Dormant I#L.p and Inozemtseva, 0.1. TITLE: Experiments with crossed telescopes and the nature of the eolar-diurnal variation in co8mic rays during the maximum and minimum of solar activity FE"RIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika,-no. 4, 1962, 16, ab- stract 4G85 (V sb. Kosmicheskiye luchit no. 4, Mot AN SSSR, 1961t 2C9-224) TEEM A study is reported of the solar-divirnal cosmic-ray intensi- ty variations on the basis of data obtained with crossed counter te- lescopes. It is shown that the introduction of temperature correc- tions into the data recorded during minimun solar activity conside- rably modifies the observational results. If during the period of a solar-activity maximum, the phase of the diurnal variation from the I-East' leads the phase from the 'West', and the phase from the 'North' leads the phase from the 'South', -then during the years of minimum activity the opposite situation occurs, namely, the phase from the 'South' leads the phase from the 'North', and the phase Card 1/3 s1/1()9/62/000/004/086/103 Experiments with crossed telescopes ... D218/D302 frorr the 117est' leads the phase from the 'Bast'. The results obtai- ned are used to determine the properties of the sources of the diur- nal variation at the minimum of solar activity. The method of coup- ling coefficients is used to find the sensitivity of crossed tele- scopes for primary particles of various energies. Next, corrections are introduced for the deflection of primary particles with ener- Gies between 7 and 200 BeV in the earth's magnetic field for vari_ VY ous directions of arrival of the particles. This enabled the authors to discover two sources of diurnal variation during the period of- minimum solar activity. The first source is responsible for the mo- dulation of the.particles arriving only from directions close to the piane of the ecliptic; it is capable of explaining completely the diurnal variation from the western and northern directions. The diurnal variation from the western and northern directions is*part- ly due to the first source and partly to the second. In contrast to the first source, the second is a high-latitude source and provides a good explanation of the experimental diLta if it is assumed that cosmic rays with energie- in excess of 50 - 100 BeV are associated --he low-latitude source is localed to the left of the sun- 7- 'A - earth line and is apparently connected wi*:h corpuscular streams, Uard 2/3 8116 62/000/004/086/103 -'Experimentus with crossed telescopes D218YD302 The second source lies to the right of Tb.e 8un-earth line and is associated with the preferential arrival of particles of galactic origin frow the center of the Galaxy. The: strength of this source si,.ouid be variable and should depend on i,he degree to which the in- Lerplanetary space is filled with iaagnetized turoulent elements, i. e. it should depend on the level of solar activity* [Abstractor's note: Complete translation]. Card 3/3 3 73 04 S116 62/000/004/089/103 3, --kLJ 10 ()"-Po r, -k70 r, ~.Cos) D218YD302 AUTHORS; Dormang L.I.p and Inozemtsevat 0.1. -------------------- TITIZ: On the nature of the diurnal. variations of cosmic ra- diation arriving at the earth from various directions which are disturbed during magnetic storms PERRIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geof12',ika, no. 4, 1962t 16, ab- stract 4G88 (V ab. Kosraicheekiye luchi, no. 4, M&p AN SSSR, 1961, 237-250) TEXT: Using the directional properties of crossed counter telesco- pes, and data on charged-particle trajectories in a geomagnetic field, a study is made of the disturbed solar-diurnal variation in the cosmic-ray intensity. Use is made of continuous measuremen. 4, s of the hard component at sea level (south-north) and at depths of 7, 20 and 60 m below ground (southrnorth) and also neutron-conponent measurements. The method of coupling coefficients is used to deter- miine Ihe diurnal variation in the intensityt depending on the direc- tion of arrival of the particles before the onset of gecmagnetic storms accompanied by the Porbush effect, during the period of the Card 1/2 S/16 62/000/004/089/103 On the nature of the diurnal ... D218YD302 principal phase of these storms, and also during the recovery in the intensity following the Forbush effect minimum. It is shovin that in order to explain the observed properties of the solar-diur- nal variation it is necessary to take into account the effect on the cosmic rays of not only solar corpuscular streams but also pro- cesses in the immediate neighborhood of the earth. In particular, analysis of the data shows that during geomagnetic disturbances the magnetic field at large distances from the earth's surface is not spherically symmetric. [Abstractor's note: Complete translationj. Card 2/2 37305 S/169/62/000/004/090/103 D216/D302 AUTHOR: Dormant L.I. TITLE: On the nature of the source of the diurnal variation in cosmic rays with the direction of the sun PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Geofizika, no. 4, 1962, 16, ab- stract 4G89 (V sb. Kosmicheskiye luchl, no. 4, M., Ali SSSR, 1961t 251-252) TEXT: It isshown that independently of the structure of the magne- tic field frozen into a corpuscular stream, cosmic-ray particles entering the stream will drift xvith the velocity of its plasma in a radial direction relative to the sun. As a result, a cosmic-ray anisotropy will be observed at the earth. When the corpuscular stream velocity is ,,jlO8 em/see, the amplitude of the diurnal varia- tion for low-energy particles is a few tenths of a percent.' For par- ticles with an energy ev3 BeV, the amplitude Yrill be about 0.03 K ,oreover, as a result of driftv there is a change ir. the article energy and this enhances their anisotropy still further, rAbstrac- tor's note: Complete translationjo Card 1/1 L 19443-63- EWT(1)/EWT(m)/FCC(w)/BDS/ES(v)/EE);-2. - AM/AFFTC/&D/. AMIEW-31APGG Pi--4/-Po-4/Fq-4/Pa--4 MVGWIN ACCESSION NR: .'AT3007837. S/2961/61/000/004/025310255. AUTHOR: Dorman,-Lo To TITLE: Ch a ra c t er c(fj diurnal variations of cosmic a s raLS-4 '424-MA111 r -E A-1 u zich. komitet. VII'razdel SOURCE: AN i programmy* MGG: Kosmich askiye luchi. Sbornik r-tatay, no. 4,1961, 253-255 TOPIC TAGS: cosmic ray, lunar culmination, lunar shadow, pseudo- lunar diurnal variation, amplitudinal"modulation, phase modulation', interplanetary plasma, tidal wave, magnetic force line, geomannetic throshold ABSTRACT: The existence of a period of lunar variations of cosmic --tay-li, coinciding with thi period of lunar diurnal culminations, Is difficult to prove experimentally, as the lunar shadow is too narrow to permit detection of its influence. Two possibilities for pseudolunar diurnal variations of cosmic rays arise. . The first is related to the amplitude modulAtion of solar diurnal variations L~ the 27-dAy period. Mathematical analysis of card I I) L 19443-63 ACCESSION NR:- AT3007837 amplitudinal modulation yields two periodx, 23.2 hr.and 24.9 hr, the latter coinciding with the lunar 24-hr period. The second possibility is related to phase modulation. HathematLcal analysis in this CA6G yields two p4riods identical to those determined in the first case. Experimental proof of the existence of the 23.2-hr period would establish the falsity of lunar diurnal variations. If experimental investigations do not indicate the existence of such a period, the reality of lunar diurnal variations would be established. Such variations can be explained as the reault.of a tidal wave in interplanetary,plasma with frozen magnetic force lines. Such a wave causes periodic changes in the geonaRnetic threshold which act.- on earth as the lunar diurnal variations. .orig. art.-has: 6 formulas. ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED:, 00 DATE ACQi 220ct63 ENCL: -.00 SUB CODE: AS NO REF SOVt 002 OTRHR-r -06'i r-,A DORMANp L. I. Cosmic rays and aeomapetism; a survey. Geomag. i aer. 1 no.3:293-313 My-Je 161. (NLU 14:9) 1. 14agnitnaya laboratoriya AN SSSR. (Cosmic rays) (Magnetism, Tmestxial) DORMANP L.I.; KOLOHEYETS, Ye.V.; SERGEYEVA, G.A. Investigating variations in the intensity of cosmic rays and properties of thq corpuscular stream during the magnetic storm of July 1958, Geomag. i aer. 1 no.3:326-332 14y-Je 161. (14IRA 14:9) 1. Magnitnaya laboratoriya AV SSSR i Kazakhskiy gosudarstvannyy universitet imeni S.M. Kirava. (Cosmic rays) (Magnetic storms) DDRMAN L I ; KUZIMINo A.I.; SWPINt G.V. Sounding electromagnetic conditions in the interplanetary space and in the vicinity of the earth by high-energy cosmic rays. Geomag. i aer. 1 no.3:333-3/+5 MY-Je '61. (MIRA 11+:9) 1. Fiagnitnaya. laboratoriya AN SSSR i Laboratoriya fizichaskikh problem Yakutakogo fili4la. Sibirskogo otdelaniya AN SSSR. (Co=de rays) DORKAN, L.I.; KOLOHEYETS, Ye.V. Individual smll noutron intensity flares of cosmic rays according to the data of the world station network. Geomag. i aer . I no.4: 500-506 Jl-Ag 161. (MIM 14:12) 1. Magnitnaya laboratoriya AN SWR i Kazakhakiy gosudarstyannvy universitet imeni, Kirova, (Cosmic rays) 31802 S/203/6 1/00 1/00~/005/028 los-~L70,r/ -t-10 A006/A101 4/ 0(-q AUTHORS: Dorman,_.jtL_, Kolomeyets, Ye.V. TITLE- Statistical analysis of "small" bursts of costpic radiation during quiet days of the period of maximum solar activity PERIODICAL: Geomagnetizm I aeronomiya, v. 1, no. 5, 1961, 652 - 657 TEXT: Although a number of studies has been devoted to large and small bursts of cosmic radiation, two main problems have as yet not been solved, namely: 1) whether all chromospheric flares produce increased intensity of cosmic radia- tion incident on the Earth, 2) whebher there is an effect of small bursts in cos- mic radiation during the period of maximum solar activity. The authors studied the dependence of the effect of increased cosmic radiation intensity on the index of chromospheric flare using data from observations ofthe neutron component dur- ing the IGY at 6 stations, located on geomagnetic latitudes 48 - 880c (climax, Upsala, Churchill, Mauson, Resolute-Bay and TWO. Three groups of solar flares were determined from July 1957 to January 1959,. namely I. flares of 3 and 3+ in- tensity (4o); II. flares of 2 and 2+ intensity (225); 111. flares of 1 and 1+ Intensity (186). The effects were found for each group, It was stated that durirg Card 1/2 Statistical analysis ... 31P,02 3/203/61/001/005/005/028 A006/A101 the maximum of solar activity, in spite of the presence of magnetic clouds in in- terplanetary space, solar cosmic radiation reaches the Earth witfiin several hours; solar flares of intensity number 2, 2+, 3 and _3+ produce, on the average, the same stream of high-energy particles and substantially different low-energy streams. The dependence of the effect on the location -of stations was investigated (within and without the zones of incidence). No substantial dependence was revealed dur- ing the maximum of solar activity, contrary to the minimum. This indicates a dif- fusional nature of distribution of solar particles during the period investigated. There are 4 figures, 1 table and 18 references: 9 Soviet-bloc and 9 non-Soviet- bloc. ASSOCIATION: Magnitnaya laboratorlya AN SSSR (Nagnetle laboratory of AS USSR) Kazakhskiy gosudarstvannyy universitet imeni S.M. Kirova (Kazakh State University Imeni S.M. Kirov) SUBMITTED: july 4, 1961 Card 2/2 31804 S/20 3/16 1 /100 1/00 5/100 Vb 28 A006/A 10 1 gL"061 AUTHORSs Dorma Shatashvili, L.Kh. ~Li TITLEo Lunar-diurnal variation'of the neutron component of cosmic radiation and the problem of its origin PERIODICALI Geomagnstizm i aeronomiya, v. 1, no. 5, 1961, 663 - 67o TEXT: The authors investigated the lunar diurnal variation in intensity of the neutron component of cosmic radiation, using observation materials from high- mountain stations during the IGY. The authors established the existence of lunar diurnal variations of cosmic radiation and their latitudinal dependence, It Is proved that these variations depend mainly on the mutual position of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, attaining a maximum during the full-moon and a minimum during the new-moon period. At the same time substantial changes in the phase take place. Tke origin of lunar diurnal variations can be, explained as follows: The gravitation forces of the Moon and the Sun affeo-t the plasma of the terrestrial magnetosphere. As a result, terreatrial magnetic force lines frozen in the plasma at high altitudes are shifted. The effect of the deformed geomagnetic field on the cosmic radiation entails the appearance of lunar-diurnal variations. It can Card 1/2 IA=r-diurnal variation ... 3180h S/20~/61/001/005/007/04 A006/A101 be,expected that this effect will be the higher, the more the corresponding layers are remote from the Earth. The results obtained prove the reality of the tide- forming movements of the plasma and the magnetic field in the outer layers of the terrestrial atmosphere, bordering the interplanetary medium. These phenomena should be studied by observations with artificial satellites and rockets. There are 5 figures and 10 references: 7 Soviet-bloc and 3 non-Soviet-bloc. ASSOCIATION; Magnitnaya Laboratoriya AN SSSR (Magnetic laboratory, AS USSR) In- stitut Geofiziki AN GruzSSR (Institute of Geophysics, AS Georgian SSR) SUBMITTED- August 22, 1961 Card 2/2 S/203/61/001/005/022/028 A006/A101 AMORS: Doman, L. ;E..,.Kolomeyets, Ye. V. TITLE: The dependence of solar cosmic ray intensity on the earth on loca- tion of chromospheric flare in the Sun PERIODICAL: Oeomagnetizm i earonomiya, v. 1, no. 5, 1961, 830 - 831 TEXT: The authors studied the effect of solar cosmic ray intensity on the helio-latitudes, of flares, using data obtained from observations of 149 chromo- spheric flares with magnitudes of 2 or higher, which are effective in the inten- sity.of the cosmic ray neutron component. The range of solar latitudes was di- vided into 3 zones: I - from 0 to 100 (17 flares); II - from 10 to 200 (75 flares); III - from 20 to 500 (57 flares).. The analysis shows that the intensity of solar cosmic rays produced by flares between the solar equator and 100 helio- latitude, is 1.5 times greater than the intensity of radiation from flares between 10 - 500 helio-latitude. A study of cosmic-ray neutron data obtained at the Cli- max and Churchill stations Indicates that conditions for the propagation of re- latively high-energy particles (several Bev) toward the earth are independent of the longitudinal distribution of chromospheric flares. Data from the Thule sta- Card 1/2 S/203/61/001/005/022/028 The dependence of solar cosmic ray intensity... A006/AIOI tion confirm that about twice as many low-energy particles were incident an the earth when a flare occurred on the western solar limb as when it occurred on the eastern limb. There are 3 figures and 5 references: 3 Soviet-bloc and 2 non- Soviet-bloc. ASSOCIATION: Magnitnaya laboratoriya AN SSSR (Magnetic Laboratory AS USSR) Kazakhskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni S. M. Kirova (Kazakh State University imeni S. M. Kirov) SUBMITTED: July 21, 1961 Card 2/2 S/203/61/001/005/026/028 Aoo6/Alol AUTHORS: Koyava, V.K. TITLE: Effects of magnetic atoms in cosmic rays during the minimum of solar activity PERIODICAL: Geomagnetizm i wronomiya, v. 1, no. 5, 1961, 839 - 841 TEXT: The authors analyzed the decrease of intensity of cosmic radiation during magnetic storms (Forbush effect) in 195-3-1955, using data on magnetic storms obtained at Tbilisi and data on cosmic radiation gathered with the aid of an ionization camera. An analysis of the effect of magnetic storms of different intensity and nature of commencement on the cosmic radiation leads to the follow- ing preliminary conclusionsi The Forbush effect Is observed only for-big storms commencing sudde'nly. Consequentlyjthe corpuscular streams causing these atoms carry frozen-in magnetic fields of large extent and high strength. These fields scatter effectively cosmic raya~with an energy of dozens of Bev. For big storms beginning suddenly, an effect of Increase before the commencement of maghetic storms apparently takes place. This shows that the corpuscular streams, causing the storms in the minimum of solar activity, are magnetized and that a magnetic Card 1/2 Effects of magnetic-storms ... 8/20,3/61/001/005/026/028 A006/A101 cushlonwas formed in their front section. In the minimum of solar activity no substantial changes occur In the nature of correlations between the corpuscular scream and the g'eomagnetic field, as fat, as changes in the sharpness of cut-off are similar to those in the maximum of solar activity. The authors thank N.A. Katsiashvili for the materials submitted. There are 3 figures and 7 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATION: Magnltnaya laboratoriya AN SSSR (Magnetic laboratory.. AS USSR), Institut geofiziki AN GruzSSR (Institute of Geophysics, A2 Georgian SSR) SUBMITTED: july 4, 1961 Card 212 34359 S12031611001100610201021 -3, / ?Ao (Af 4,// 1 la 7~ D055/D113 AUTHORS: ~o an(fKolomeyets, Ye,V. E~L. ~1.' ~ TITLE: Small flares of cosmic rays on quiet and ma&netically- disturbed days, connected with solar radio bursts of types II and III PERIODICAL: Geomagnetizm i aeronomiya, v. 1, no.6, 196i, 1015-1016 TEXT: To discover the nature of solar radio bursts connected with chromo- spheric flares Iit is important to know whether relativistic particles are generated during these flares. Cosmic ray flares on Earth may indicate that this is so. In any case,an increase in intensity is a direct indi- cation of particle generation in the solar atmosphere. Relativistic particles are usually generated in flares which are accompanied by radio bursts of types II and III, but the effect for flares accompanied by type- Il bursts is considerably greater than for other flares (Rell. 4: L.I.Dorman, Ye.V.Kolomeyets. Geomagn. i aeronomiya, 1961, 1, no. 5, 653). When the Earth Card 1/4 S1203161100II0061020,021 Small flares D055/11113 is in a corpuscular flow, during days of magnetic disturbance, the Earth is effectively screened by the magnetic fields frozen -in the coLpuscular car- rents, which accords with another study (Ref. 5: L.I. Dorman. Ye-V. Kolo- meyets. Geomagn. i aeronomiya, 19629 2, no. 1.). If it is Z43sumed that the partiole apeotrum which causes the increase un quiet days is the same as during large flares (Ref.6t L.I. Dorman, G.I. Freydman. Tr. Yakutsk. fil. AN SSSR, 1958, 2, 129) or flares in the stratosphere (Ref. 7: A.N. Charakhchlyan, V.F. Tulinov, T.N. Charakhchlyan. Zh. eksperim. i teor.fiz., 1960, 39, 249) then the additional flow of particles to the Ear% is: ~1' D ( E ) ~ E_', (n=e- 4-.7). (1) Acoording to numerous data (rapid attainment of isotropz( in the adil'tional flow of solar particles, decrease in intensity by the 0/2 law,etc.~ particles are distributed in interplanetary space by diffusion, The intensity of particles on the Earth after emission from the Sun at a moment of time t will be (Ref. 8: L.I. Dorman. Sb. "Progress in physics of cosmi15 ray elementary particles"9 1961, 6): Card 2/4 S/203/61/001/000'/020,'021 Small flares D055/Dll3 2 cf D t) N4rl V - - exp 3r 0 1 (2) 8 51~v t 3/' 4 v t 3 ) where N is the total number of particles generated in the flare, - the mean effective distance for scattering, r - radius of the Earth's orbit, v - velocity of oDlar particles (for relativistic particles v--ac). If formula (2) is ured in conjunction with coupling coefficients for the neu- tron component and the spectrum in the form of (1) is incluOled, the flow of particles in a flare can be calculated for every actual case. As a result of nuclear reactions in the solar atmosphere, these oarticle3 will generate fast secondary electrons, whose motion in magnetic fields will cause synchronotronic radio-emission. Flows of fast relativistic particles through the solar atmosphere outwards will excite the plasma and cause it tc generate radio bursts Both processes may be associated witli the creation of solar radio bursts connectod wich chromosphoric flaroo in 0iich relativ- Card 3/4 Small flares ... S/203/6.1/00!/006/020/0211 D055/D113 istic particles are generated at the same time. There are. 2 f 16-ures Find 8 references: 6 Soviet, and 2 non-Soviet. The two English-language refer- ences are: Monthly bulletin of solar-geophysical data. Boalder, Coloradc, 1957-58; Quart. bull. on solar activity. Zdrich, 1957, no. 7-12; 1958, no. 1-12 [Abstracter's note: Esnentially complete translation] ASSOCIATION: Magnitnaya laboratorlya AN SSSR.Kazakliskiy goaudar3tvennyy universitet im. S.M. Kirova (11agnetic Laboratory)AS USSR, Kazakh State University imeni S.11,1. Kirov.) SUBMITTED: July 4, 1961 Card 4/4