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EVA(h"/FAT(1) Feb 'ICCESSION ITH, AP5005DG4 S/0048/65/029/002/0326/0327 AMOR: Fedor V.A$--; Dorgshenwo 0. 0.- r A(jp3rt.L 14th Annwil Con TITU3: A sens-tive stable Lu_r q_ke_ight ding JainatqK_ forence on Nuclen.: Sp2ctrosoopy held in Tbilisi 14-22 Feb lD64/ SOIJRCE-. All SS%SR. Izveotiya, Scriya f izicheakaya v.29, no.2, 1965, 326-327 TOPIC TAGS: pulse height analyzer -ofapulse discriminator for which great senviti- AD31RACT: The circuit in given vity and stability is claimed. The operation'of the inst-Mncrit Is descri'~cd brief- - 1y. The distinctive feature of the discrintinator in the !jse of a nonlinear diode circuit in the positive feedback loop in such a way -that the thermionic trioles of the univibrator remain on the linear portionn of their characteristics during the sl;ablo resting phase. A threshold sensitivity of 1 to 3 aN was achieved, with a pulse length of 1 microsec and a recovery ti:w- of 0.1 to 0.2 Microacc. Orig;.art. haij: 1 formtila and I f1gure, CC"dl/2 619-6,55: L 33 1 ACCESSION Nat APS005964 Oloscow-Hyllin beriM- Phvs tell Institutc) ------ Exclst 00 -CCCEI Ec ilm~ L 4031-66 INT 9WAP- DN Am NRS AW027 AUTHDRs Dorosheakot Go Gel ZolatuWft# V. Got Ti!#wnkqt_B- A.,_ TMA:t On mtrix treatwwnt of data obtained by fhot 3mmtm GWLQ 0178t&1 qcint1XUtA2n ag2ct=#A*r SOMM3 Atomnsya Onorglyag To 1.9f no. It 196.59 '51-56 MPIC UGS: - fast noutrout neutron spictrum, mathewatic matriz# adngle crystals crystal countert spectrometerl Monte Oarlo wthod AMTRACT: Matrices are calculated for the treatment of remats of miessurements of fant-neutron spectra. The counting efficiencies of a stUb*no cv7stsa (height and diiameter 30 am) in the energy ruge 1 to 18 Nev taking into iRccatint energy resolution were calculated on the ba#ds of the lize shapes K (E sup pt E), found by the Honte-Carlo method for .55 valute of the initial neutron eoergr- Cal were performed for 4 values of the rfujolution parameter (standard dwriation), The direat and inverse transposed matricau are presented, Orig, art* has 3'forwabw,. 3 graphal and,3 tableso ASSOCIA21ONS now SMW33wt 22SOPA SIM ODDC1 =M1 00 AD RN SOV W7 1w ]a L 43L3-66 EWT~m) DIAAP LK SOURCE COM UK7 19756176636/0059 ACC NRl AKO28h36 AUTHORt Zolotukhin, V. G.; Dorosheinko, G, 0.1 Yefimnko, B, L. ORG.- none rrm: Analysis of the systematic error differentiation of apparatus spectra.' measured by fast neutron single cr3rstal scintillation spectr meter- SOURCE: Atowaya energiya, ve 19, no. 1, 1963, 56-59 TOPIC TAGS: fast neutron, neutron.,-spectrum, neutron spectroscopy, single crystal, scintillation spectrometer, particle scatter, Honte Carlo method, approximation, differentiation .USTRACT: The error introduced in the line shape of neutron spectra obtained in a neutron-proton recoil scintillation spoctrometerdue to the use of the differentiatio method in the single scattering approximation is considered.. Monte-Carlo calculat'L*4 using this approximation were performed. A histogram of tho line shape of a detector with a cylindrical stilbene Motal is given for incident noutron energies of 1.0 and 4-15 Mov, and the deviation of the derived differential :spectra from the ideal values is shown as a function ofineutron energy froml to 5 Hev for 1-05- and 2*05-Mov protons, for three different siiuis of cylindrical stilbene crystalo It is found that for slowly changing spectra the orrors associated with linc-shape distortion are withIn a few percentI but for quickly ohanging neutron spectra, Ute error of the differentia.. tion mathod can reach significant values, Origs art* has: 4 figures, 4 formlaBe Card 1/2 UDC1 5Y i16-08039.125-5 ....... .. -- .: L 4393-66 L 116L-66 MW/07(n)-2/W.A(b) ACCESSION NR-. AT5023150 UR/2892166/000/004/0068/001 AUTHOR: Doroshen1to 0. G.; Zolotukhin, V. G. V, TITLE: Simple method for study of the continuous spectra of fast Rau o SOURCE: Moscow. Inzhenerno-fizicheakfy institut. Voprosy dozimetrit t zaah- chity ot lzlucheniy, no. 4, 1985, 68-72 a TOPIC TAGS: neutron spectrum, fast neutron, mathematic matrix, hydrogen, radiation dostmetry ABSTRACT: The article gives an evaluation of the accuracy of an approximate solution to the problem of the nimple interactim of neutrons with hydrogen nuclei; using a matrix analysis of the results of measurements made with a single crystai scintillation fast neutron spectrometer. In the matrix method for counter effici- ency, and with the use of a quadrature with respect to the trapezoid formula and I of approximate simple n-p 'scattering, the system of Mear equations has the forni: Card 112 L 116h-66 -ACCEMOWRATAY60231so' '1(k-L"MW-BjdE.6, r A ! V-)(k !-- - 0 001 where N(Bi) is the integral velocity of Ow counter at the threshold energy Bi; VE) is the sought differential energy spectrum of the fast neutrons; F-11 to the recording efficiency taking into account only simple n-p scattering; EK are the points of thp quadrature with respect to the trapezoid formula; 4 E is the spacing of the matrbt. For the given case It iEj stated that calculation of the elements of the direct and inverse matrices, as woll as an analysis of tba measurement : results, can be done with an ordinary slide rule for any given dimensions of the scintMator and any given graduations,of the energ7 scale. Orig. art. has: 3 formulaa, 2 figures and 2 tabbs ASSOCIA71ON: None SUBNUTTED- 00 ENCIA 00 SUB CODE: NP NR REF EXN: 005 CYr1WR- 001 Card _2 / 2 J)p TIKHONOV, A.N.; ARSEMIN, V.Ya.1 VLADIMIROV, L.A.; DOROSHENKO, G.G.,- Dul-10VA, A.A. Processing of spectra of gamma qlianta and fast neutrons meisured by me,ans of single-crystal scintIllation spectrometers. lzv. AN SSSR,,Ser. fiz. 29 no.5015-818 MY 165. (MIRA 180) L 10SO-66, EWT(M)/k _,-!.*/kwk . _ W(n) , . ACCF.SSION NR: AT5023166 UR/2892165/000/004/0143/0146 AUTHOR: Moroshanko, G. G.; Feodorov, V. A.'; Leonov, Ye. S. TITLE: Scheme for the stabilizatlon of the amplifying circuit of_f%aj_nAUU%=_ SOURCE: M-oscow, Jubenarn "-f Ighaskly inatitut. prosy dozimetrit i zashchi- ty ot 1,aluchenty.- no. 4, 1965, 143-146 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear radiation apectrometer, fast neutron, thyratron, electron-; ic amplifier, current stabilization ABSTRACT: The instability of tho moment of ignition of a thyratron, as well as other factors leading to instability, amociaed with a change in the magnitude of the charge, passing through the thvratron are compensated with a supplementary nega tive feedback d~radt- Ththb em,the feedback circuit signal is read from a resist- ance connected in series with the thyratron. This signal repeats the shape.of the light impulse, and the voltage of the peak detector at the outlet of the circuit is read subtracted from the outlet voltage of the peak detector of the main channel, 'L q1v the efficiency of the stabilization scheme it is desirable that the magni- C 0d L 10%8.66 ACCESSION N'R: AT5023166 tude of the reference impulse be as large as possible. However, even with refer, ence impulsen equivalent to the impulses frorh the yield of protons with energies' of about 15 Mev, the normal operation of the separation scheme was disrupted. This problem wa's solved by 'trial and error determinations of the amplitude and duration of the reference light signal. The article shows a diagram of the circuit Orig. art. has; 2 figures, ASSOCIATION: None SUBMITTED: 00 ENCL: 00 NR REF SM.- 006, OTHER: 000 SUB CODE: NP, EC Carj 2 2 DOROBHENKOO G,G.; FEDOROVp V.A.1 LEONOV, Ye#S. Change in the ispectra of fast neutrons after passing through aluminum# pararfini, and water. Atom. energ. 19 no.5.-460- 462 N 165, (MIRA 18:12) L 1571)9-66 _. EI.Yr (m) ACCESSION NR: AT5023163 - UR/2892/6510001004/-0137'/01'38 AUTTIOR: Doroshenlio G. G. TITLE: Evaluation of the contribution of different scintillation components SMIRCE: Moscow. Inzhenerno-fizichetikiy institut. Voprosy dozimetrii i zashchi-' ty ot lzlucheniy, no. 4, 1965, 137-138 TOPIC TAGS: scintillation spectrometer, luminescence, excitation energy, rAdial I (t ABSTRACT: In previous work, current impulses were in practice measured at the output of the phcotomultiplier. while the relative intensity ol' the slow compo- Inents were evaluated by equating the maximum values of the Impulses at the peakd, It Is evident that an exaggerated luminescence time is thus obtained. Previous work has also showri, in calculations of the shape of the current impulses, that consideration of the dispersion at a small luminescence time leads to a - substan- tial decrease in the amplilude of the current impulses at the output of the photo- multiplier compared to the amplitude of an undistorted impulse. A figure in given which presenits the results of calculations showing a strang dependence of -C"d l/2 I L 15799-66 ACCESSION NR: AT5023163 -amplitude on the magnitude of the dispersion, under conditions which maintain___~ the total charge at the current impulse output. The article g1ves a formula foir calculation which ia stated to give more accurate results. Uning this formula and a measured vi;.lue of the effective luminescence time for utilbene, an evalua- tion was made of the value of the coefficients for the intensities of the faut comp- nents, and introduction of these components led to agreement between literature data and experimental results. The obtained values of the ccefficients for elec- tron and proton excitation were-round to be identical and to be equal to 2. 6. Orig. art. has: 2 fo rimulas and Lfigure %ne, ASSOCIATION: N,6 SUBMITTED;-00 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: NR REP SOV- 002 OTHER- 006 LCard 22 < __j L 15787=� __._9Wr.(m)__,_DIAAP__.__ ACCESSION NR: AT5023164 UR/2892/65/000/004/0139/0140 AUTHOR: Doroshenho, G. G. .TITLE: Evaluation of optimum dimensions of a scintillator for a single crystal fast neutron spectromete KV SOURCE: -Moscow. Inzhenerno-fizicheskiy instit t. Voprosy dozimetrit t ZaE:hcliik ty ot lzluchenly, no. 4P 1965,139-140 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear radiation spectrometer, scintillation spectrometer, fust neutron single crystali mathematic matrix ABSTRACT: rhe basic criterion was taken as the magnitude of the conditionality rho which is a measure of the physical accuracy of the solution of a system of linear equations. The calculation of the magnitude of the conditionality was made for stilbene crystals with the following geometric dimensions: 30x10 mm, 3000 mm, 70x7O mm, and 200x2OO mm. Results of the calculation are shown graphi- cally for two matrix spacings, A E - 0. 5 Mev and,& E I Mev, and the corres- ondin two rows of the matrix, n 19 and n 9. It was found that the dependence JP11rd 15787-66 FACCESSION N'R:7AT5023164 of conditionaUty on the geometric dimensions of the crystal has a minimum 9A a height of 46 rrim (See enclosure 01). -The worsening of the conditionality with a decrease in the dimensions of the crystal to explained by an increase in the rela- tive fall In tho registration as a function of the energy. 'it can also be deducod from the figuire that, from the standpoint of the magnitude of conditionaliiy, there is no advantage in the use of crystals with largez,~ dimensions to 80-100 mm.. Orig. art. has: I figure ASSOCIATION: None .44 SUBAUTTED: 00 ENCL: 01. SUB CODi: NR REF SOV: 004 OTHER: 000 COM 2/3 -7 T=H T Fig, 1. Dependonos of the oonditionalitlo rhol on the height of the filointinatorp H,, 1 - matrix spaoing E = 0#5 Mevs n-= 19 2 - matrix spaoing' H = 1 Mevs n -,9 41 J .----Lcord 7, 157?5-66 T,*,!T(J)/94A(h) ACCESSION NR: AT5023165 AUTHOR: Fedoroy, V. A, RRLRQD22~2, G. G. TITLE: 141ensitive amplitude discriminator ba ed on transistors SOURCE: Moscow. Inzhenerno-fizicheakiy inatitut. Voprosy dozimetrii I zash- chity ot 1zlucheniy, no. 4, 1965, 141-142 TOPIC TAGS: transistorized circuit, semiconductor device, pulse amplitude ABSTRACT: The article proposes the design of a sensitive amplitude eliscrimina- tor with a short recovery time made of semiconductor elements as shown in enclosui7e 01. A special feature of the circuit is the use of the transistor emitter junction T as one of the elemente of a nonlinear quadripole in the reverse pool- 3 tive coupling circuit. The diodes D1, D2, and D4 together with the emitting fol- lowers T2 and T4 make it possible to achieve the required fast action of the cir- cuit while maintaining Its high sensitivity. Practicaltesting of the circuit has shown that it is easily possible to attain a threshold an the order of 5 rrtv. The UR/2892/65/000/004/0141/0142 Card IP L 1579.5-66 ACCESSION NII: AT5023165, IMA f, IV IZI) Alt 140 Aft Basic circuit of the amplitude discriminator -Card ENCLOSURE- 01 L 15795-66 ACCESSION NR: AT6023165 recovery time in this case was 0. 1 microseconds. Orig. art. has: I figure ASSOCIATION.- None SUBMITTED: 00 ENCL: 01 SUB CODE: NR REF S07: 002 OTHER: 001 AU ACC NRt AP6001697 SOURCE CODE: UR/0089/05/019/005/0460/0462 AT)THOR:,._J)oroshenko,_ 0. GFedorov,_V. Ae; lAionov, Ye. S. C) ORG: Non,3 TITLE: C.hanges in fast-neutron speotrud hfter passages through aluminum, paraffin ana wate SOURCE: Atomnaya, energiyal v. 19, no. 5, 19615, 460-462 TOPIC TAGS: fast neutron, neutron spectrumv nuclear shielding ABSTRACT: An attem t was made to investigate the fast-neutron spectra Ap in thick aluminum*-Iparaffin and water layers. A Po - Be source was used being placed ~n_a paraffin collimator with a AB-degree aperture angle* The investigated 70 x 70 cm sheets of aluminum and paraffin were placed at 25 om from the source. The thickness of the aluminum layer was 44 on while thet paraffin layer was 45 om thick. The water layer thickness was 40 om. The results of experiments were illustrated by three graphs. The first graph shows the'fast neutron spectra before shielding and ther after passing the aluminum layer. The internotion oross-seotion betweer neutrons and aluminum nuolei is,also graphiotilly.illus-trated. Similar 2 UDG: 539.125.25 ACC NRt A16001697 iurveswere obtained for the paraffin layer. rhe third set of curves ihows the fast neutron behavior in water and the interaction of neutron iith oxygen nuclei. A good coincidence in five structures wag obtained 'or spectra before and after passing the aluminum shielding.1 As to the )araffin layer, the spectral-line shape wis deFe-rm-Trn-eTTy-ThL interao- ;ion between neutrons and carbon nuclei. 'orig. art. has: 3,graphoo IUB CODE: .20 SUBM DATE: 6F9b65 ORIG REP:. 009 OTH REF: 001 DOROSHF,WO, G. L. Thrombocyte content In peripheral blood In various duodenal and bile ducts diseases and effsot on thrombocytoplents of the duodenal iuice taken from patients vith billary and duodenal diseases. Klin. mad*, Moskva 30 no. 6:54-56 June 1952. (CLML 22:5) 1. Of the Do par tment of Hospital Therapy (Head -- Prof. N. X. Ivanov). Stavropol' Medical Institute (Director -- Docent P. V. Polosin). US3R/Gonoral Biology, Ganoral Histology 13-3 Ab;3 Jour : Rof Zhur - Biol., No 22, 1958, 17zo 93361 Author : Doroshonko G.L* In3t ~~al Instituto Titlo : Cytological Picturo of Effusion in Sorous Cavitioa -in Course of Various Disc:asos Orig Pub : Uch, zap, Stavropolsk, md. in-ta, 1957, vyp, Il 43-48 .ibstract : Effusions into serous cavities of difforont utiology woro studiod in 48 pationts. Cyto.- logical spocimons by doposition of fornod clo- iionts on covor Glassos, Accord1% to th,) pro- pondoranco of ono or othor of thu ccll ulo-_-onts, author dividos offusions into lyiiphocytic, noutro- philic, cosinophille, honorrha3ic, ;.iono:_iucloar and Axod. In sono cffuslons thuro was a largo quantity of fibroblasts aad :_,_,sotholial colls. In tho offuaions with cancor otiolo,3y, aty-.)ical Card 1/2 USSR/Gc-,nz)ral Biology. Cytology6 Genc.-ral Cytclo--1,Y. b-2 Abs Jour RQf Zhur-Biolot Ko 16, 1958i"715QO Author DoroshorAco, G. L, In ~.,; t Stavropol Modical Instituto, Titlo Amitotic Division and Noutrophilic "h-Ingus in tho &-udatos of Serous Cavitios. Ori~ Pub : Uch zap. Stavropolfsk. mod. in-t, 1957, vyp: 11 49-56 Abstract : Precipitate proparations, preparod by the 'IQ- vutskaya mothod from scrous oxudato of 43 P,1- tients, servod as material for investigation, as well as smears from procipitatcs of cantri- fuged liquids. Amitotic division of noutrophils is doscribod in 9 cases. Transitional forms voro found from noutrophils to monocytoid formst -,;oly- Card 1/2 U.33R / General Biology. Cytology. General Crtolo~y. B %3 -j Abe Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 4, 1959, 'Ito. 14294 of the cytoplasmis granularity characteristics were obsorved. -- V, V. Polovtsova Oard. 2/2 DOROSHENKOI G. L. , Cand Ned Sci -- (diss) It On amitotic division and changes of certain cellular elements in exudates 4 of seroa cavities in various diseases." Kba 'kov,1958. 19 pp (Kharlk:ov State Ned Inot) 250 copies. (KLI 12-58, 102) -84- DOROSHEIIMt G.L., kand. med. nauk Treatment of chronic myelo- and lympholeukemia with thiophosphamids. Uch. zap. Stavr. goo. med. inst. 12s 418-419 163. (KMA 17: 9) 1. Kafedra goopitallnoy terapil (zav.-prof. 1.N. Sergiyenko) Stavropollakogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo instituta, 1 7 i II at r, i, r' t U-1 '7, -'.Tl .9 t Di t lin~i c4. .rT o 1 ~o DOROSHENEO; G.L.; PLYASOVA, L.N. (Stavropol'-na-Kavknze) Treatment with sarcolysine of myelomic disease. 145-146 0 162. (MIRL 15t10) 1. Terapevticheskoye otdeleniye (zav. - G.L. Doroehenko) III gorodskoy bol,nitsyl Stavropol'-na-Kavkaze. (SARCOLYSINE) (MARROW-CANCM) NIXOIAYMO. A.T.; DCROGMMO. G.I.: YATKBnO. G.S. Selecting flushing methods In boring mine shafts, Ugoll 30 no.111:11-13 N 155. (I= 9:2) l.Toesoyusayy nauchno-Issledowatel'skly institut organIzatsil moat-asha shekhtestraltelletvas (Shaft staking) VlTRIK, D.I.. reds; BUSMEUM, A.S., red.; DOROSi [ttl, I . _, red.; ZILIVSKIT, V.H., rod ; KOKSHEM, B.G:~ -ror. I red.; SHISHOT, Te.L.. red.; SHWARI, M.N., dok-tor geolog.- mineral.nauk. red.; VOLOVICH, K.Z.,IredA%d-va; BERISLAVSKATI. L.Sh.,; NADMINSKATA, A.Aij, [Studifis in mine construction] lesledovaniia po shakhtnomy stroitultstyu. Moskva, Ugletakhisdat, 1958. 213 P. (MIRI 1233) 1. Kharkov. Voesoyusnyy nauchno-issladovatellskiy inatitut organisatoll shakhtnogo strottelletva, (Mining 6nginearing) - -DOROSH 06"b ingh.; YkTNBAMp Met insh. Performance of rook air hoists on clay, solutions. Shakht. otrol, no.2119-22 158. (NIBA 11:3) 1, Yeasoyus"y nauchno-iseledovatel'skly institut organizateii i mekbanisatail shakhtnago stroitel'stva, (Air-pump) DUBININ. N.H.. kand.tekhn.nauk; DC40SHEM, G.N., kand.taklm.nauk; KOTLTAEIOVA. A.V., inzh.-, ZROCITAKOVI.'K.W. lnzh.; VCLOVICH, CHMOYSIAU, T.P., red.izd-va; :WiAR, ;.To., (Shaft sinking in the U.S.S.R. and in foreign countries) Opyt prokhodki stvolov shakht v SSSR i so rubezhom. Motkva, Gos. nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po gornoom delu, 1960. 257 P. OCERA 13:11) 1. Kharkov. Ukrainekiy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut orgen128t8ii i makhanizatsii shakhtnogo stroitelletva. (Shaft sinking) I CHIMITSOV, Klkhail Ivenovich; MMOIKIN. Dmitriy Savvich; FADEM. Tovgeniy Ivanovich: SKIRMU, Ollgard Boleslavovich; POLYAK. Aron Llvovich; ZHUX. Boris Vasillyevich; PMYAKOV. Nikolay Kikhaylovlch; NIKOLATAMO, Alsksay Timofeyevich; FAYNBMG, Grigoriy .";Olomonovich; YUDITSKIT. Grigoriy Israilevich; DORO- -SFDMO GrigorLy Nesterovich; TRUPAK, N.G., prof., doktc~r-tiell~. nauk. L.V., red.izd-,wa; KOHMATIYZVA. X.A., [Handbook on special methods of shaft sinking] Spravochnik po prokhodke stvoloy shakht spotsial'nymi sposobami. Xoskva, Goo. nauchno-t(skhn.izd-vo lit-ry po gornomm delu, 1960. 383 P. (KMA 13: 4) (Shaft sinking) DOROSIMM, G.V. - Improving the otorage of suW boots by drying then with Infrared rays,,30 no,11:64 If 156. (WA lot 2) 1e Voronexhaki.y ekhavoklotr*st. (Sugar boel;s--Storw) (Infrared rays-Industrial applications) D01=101KO I I, p , __, Migrating nodular cardiao rhythm. Vrach. delo 4:3.29-130 Ap 162. I(MIRA 150) 1. Wedra fakulitetskor terapil, (zav. - prof. B.S.Shklyar (de'cieased]) Vinnitskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (IMARr BEAT) -.DCBOSHUXO,- Ivan Makaimovich; TAMLIKAN, Mikhail Takovlevich; )MUM, A.L., red.; SMTUIOV, P*Ag [Kursk Frovinoe in the sevan-year plan] Xurnksia oblast' v semiletke, lursk, Kurzkoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1960. 91 p. WRA 14:1) (Xurek Province -11conomic policy) DCROSHMX09 Ivan Trofinovich (Tubarmilosis of the larynx) Tubarkulas gortani. Kalinin* Kalininskoe imishaos isd-vo, 1957. 13 P. (MIRA 13:5) (LARTM-TUDERCUIOSIS) DOROGH M 0, Ivan Trofinovich LCancer of the larynx: a popular aessyl Rak gortani; nauchno- populiarayi ochark. Kalinin, Kalininskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1957. 19 P. (KIU 13:5) (I.MMM-CANM) KOROVITSKlYp L.K.1 TSUVZT4"V, DeAs I ZAMSILkYA. I.V.1 DOROSM- TA"NrR, L. G. Skin Allergy test In dysentery and Its diagnostic significance. Zhurs mikrobiole Opido I immm. no.12t?'6-81 D 154. (MLRA W) 1. Is kliniki Infaktaionnykh bolesney (say. prof. L.K.Korovitokiy) I kafedry biokhimil (zar, prof. D.A.TSurarkalov) Odeaskogo meditsin- skogo instituta, imeni R.I.Pirogova (dlr. I.Ta.Diynaka) (DrSENURT, diagnosis, allergic skin test) (ALLBRGY, di W'osis' skin tests, diag. value in dyoontery) -ri of ~,)tic r(--, tr- I' ~ rt xel 1 c r r r Lduent-lonal Institutionr)(22) 1-teni N. F.. ~'Oef,si,I Lotrqds' 11"o 29, 16 Jlil, If-, For the Degree of Candidato in Medical Sciencem KOROVITSIKIT, L.K.; TSUVIRKLLOV, D.A.; DCROSH3310, X.G.; ZAMSIKA. I.T. Using the allergy skin test for disposing dymenteria. Report no.2- Mikrobiol.thur. 18 no.104-40 056. (KM 9:7) 1. Z Odealkogo derzhavnogo madichnogo inBtItutu imeni N.I.Pirogova. (DYSBIITERT--DI"NOSIS) (AI"Wr) DOROS X.P.; BOIXO, N.Y. Aesthetto features of the party factor In art ("On beauty In art$ by A-Ti7pillsllqi. RevIswed by K.P.Dore-shanko, K.F.Bolko). Dops Ai um no.loti446-1449 '6o. (X= 13tll) (Art-PhIlosopby) (Tmillsllcyi, A.) BERLIN, S.S.; VOROPOVA, L.A.; NEMOVSIKA, V.0. (Nevierovstka,, V.0.1; ROYF,, M.M. Proposals of efficiency promotors. lob. prom. no.2-.63-65 Ap-je 163. (KMA 16:7) (Technological innovations) STRELETSKIr, lu.0. (StrLeletsikyi., IU.0.1; BMUJN, S.S.; DOROSMIKOp L.A.; MARTI14OVSIKIY, Yu.P. [Martynovalkyi, "U,P,) - "Roza Uukoemburhm Knit Goods Factory in Kiov. Lehopromo no.3i 62-65 JI-S 163, (MIRA 16:32) DDROSHMOO K. T.2 KOROVITSM179 L. K. "Cutaneous allergic tests In dysentery depending on the character and duration of the disease." report submitted at the 13th All-Union Congreso of *gienists,, Epidewilologists and Infectionists, 1959. DOROSEMO, Ivan Trofimovich (What one should know about angina; d1agposist treatment and prevention] Chto nado snat' ob anginti; raspoxnavenia, lechanis i produproshdanis. Xalinin, Xallninskoe knishnoe izd-vo, 1957. 10 P. (MMA 13:2) (TONS ILS-DIMUSES) DMOSMWW..~-. Lmmological aM toxic cWmgoe in eiperlmental hamatranep3antatlas of the sk:Ln. Comt. i psml, krovi ICL54435 165, (ICRA UalO) 1, Llvovskiy institut perelivaniya krovio MAKHKURYAN, T.D., starably nauebLyy sotrudn:UvI, AKTITAKYAR, G,L., ritArabjy nauchnyy ootrudnik; DOROSHM,%_6~., vrant. Cytologic diagnosis cf oancer of the oe---v!x vtar~. Vop. rent. i onk. 7a.349-156 163 WIRA -17:7) BEREZHANSKIY, Kost' Petrcyvich[Berezhasnlkyipil.P.];, D.OROSHENKO, M., red.j NEDOVIZ, S.t tekhn. red* [Now horizons] Novi boryzonty. LIvivo Krqzhkogo-zhurnallne vyd- vo., ig6o. 41 .p. (Ukraine-Collective farms) (MIRA 14:24 PAS=, Andrey Iosipovich; MMCH, Iwin Sterarmrich; 2WMTOVSKITe F.; DCROMMOS H.s redo OAPON, Tu., takchred. [Lvov; a guidebook] Llvov; initevoditall. Llvov, Inyxhno- shurnal'noo izd-Vo. 1960. 142 p. (MIRA 14:2) (Lvov--Guldebooks) SUKHOMLINA, Z.I.; VITVITSKIY,, M. [Vitvitsikyl, .4.), red.; DOROSMKO, X.? red.; NEDOVIZ, S. t tekbm, red. (Useful advice] Knyzhkovo-thurnallue vyd-vo, 1961. 1 (M%~-14:10) (Cookery) (Houso furnishings) PAN UIN ,Vladimir ,"oemenovich; FOWLIZOITSKIY, Nikolay MikhLylovich [potuj,nytsIkyj, DohOSIMiKO, Y.p red.;-I.EDOVIZ, S., tekhn. red. (Standard-bearers of carrmmist labor]Praporonostai kormni- atychnoi pratai. Liviv, LIvivalko krgzhkovo-zhurnal ,no Id- vo, 1961. 53 P. MW 15: 11 (Lvov--Dnig industry) GWIGI'V , Uadimir Iosifovich(Eurhall, V.0.], Geroy Sotsialistiche- shogo Tnida, tokar ; DOROSMKO M., red x__BUtKAaO'VSKAYA, TS. [burkatovolka, (Twenty days beyond the ocean]20 dniv za okeanom Llviv Knizhkovo-zhurnallne vyd-vo, 1962. 38 P. (INA 15:111 1e Llvovokiy-mishimetroitellpyy-salod (for Gurgall). (Canada-Description and travel) (United States-.Description and travel) i-,or,ann lvanovi.:h lIv-'-'eds and 'A,eir 'herni7al contrc!) L,,lrtiil,,Iy bo ro z TIM - Lvvivp 112L L 3085-M EWT(m)/KWA(d)/EV&(t)/A[P(z)/E7.,'P(b),/L?_WA_(h)__.. 1JP(c) m,.rqljp, NR: AP5021986, UR/0286/65/ooo/ol4/ooft/0061 621-791-856.3 .''AUTHORi, Rabkin, D. M. RY06vg 0 V.' R.: Yumatovs. T. I.: Doroshenk , M. T. TITLE: Method of automatic argos-shielded arc welding of high-strength aluminum alloys.,. Class 21). Not 172931 SOURCE: Byulletent izobreteniy i tovarokh znakov, no. 14, 1965, 61 TOPIC TAGS: aluminum alloy, magnesium containing alloy, high strength i alloy welding, arc welding, shielded arc welding, automatic welding/AMg6 aluminum allay :"-ABSTRACT: ThisAutihor~Certifibat6rlntroduces.'a method of automatic argon-shielded arc.welding of high-strength aluminum alloys of-the AMg6 type to steel. The steel ,_part is aluminized before welding. According to this.method, the arc path Is shifted to the aluminum side and the-filler vire path to the steVl side. In a modification of the methodi the edges ofth6 steel part are leveled on both sides at an angle of 70-75 deg without leaving a root face6 [HSI ASSOCIATION: '1~stitut,_'~elektrosvarki im. 'Ye. '0. TatonaAN UkrSSR (Electrie;Weldiftg'1_ ,,Institute,-A# UkrS610-- Card 111k DOROSHENKO, N. A.; ZELENKO, T. V; POPOVp V. F.; ROKHLIN, A. G.; BARIT, G. Yu. Technology of Construction of Shipboard Machines Part II. (Tekhnologiya Sudovovo, Mashinootoyenlya). Scientific-Technical Press for Machine Building and Shipbuilding Literature (MashGIz), Moscow-loeningrado 1954. 300 PP. Mustr. Book D198267) 24 Jan 55 DOROSHENKO) N.I., Lnzh, Simplified method for composing diagrams of three-phase two-layer Vndlngs with a fractional number of slots per pole and phase. Elaktrotekbnika 35 no*lOt48 0 164. (MIRA Pill) W Ey , . .14. ~ , ~ ~ . I . . . . -I.; wory-i j(."_ 1. - " I 0!: i :-W: hl C '- . ;. , I Oil--"rem Kol 1 ;01 16 5. binder. Lit. prcizv. no.2-11-I3 0-TRIA, 18,6) SARYSHEVSKY., L.M.;,. -.- ..Pq.RC6-1[ENK0. N.1,; DRUYPJI, R.L.; OSIPOVA, N.A.; WELKIN, A.I. Using the KO Oillnza binder for propuring core mLAes. Wul.tskh.-ekon. Inform# Cos.nauch. -I sid. Inn t. nauch. I tekh.infonn. 18 no-509-42 My t65. (MIRA 18:6) ilop (/%~ JT=jV 1% C~, Ao~ A~ ~ DIYAKONOT, V.K.; DOROSMMO. N.L.; NOMPAUTIM. A.A.; TSARMO, A.P., redaktor; TIHTA7",T".Pq","MVMcheekIy redaktor. [Organizing the work of locomotive crew# using job designation time schedules on the Southwestern Railroad Idnel Opyt organi- sateii raboty lakomotIvArkh brigad po Imennym raspisaniiam n& Mgo-Zapadnoi doroge. Mottkya, Goa. tranap. shel-dor. isd-yo, 1954. 75 p. (MM 7:12) (Railroads-Train dispatching) (Locomotives) GRISHKO, A.G., inzh.;__NqCSHF11D, N.M. Making keramzit from the clays of the Kharkov brick factories. Sbor. tmd. IUZHNII n0.2:28-35 1599 (MIRA 13;9) 1. Kharlkovskiy filial :Iauchno-iseledovatellskogo instituta stroitell- nykh materialov i izdel:ly Akademii stroiteltstva i arkhitektury USSR. (Olay) (Aggregates (Building materials)) BEKIMEVI I.S., iznh; DOROMOV, 17.1%, inzh. I The now 5-868 mixor. Stroi, i dor. mash. 10 nool:16-17 ja 165 (MYRA 18 t2) 38719-66 CC NRs AR6014195 SOURCE CO OW off li~: UA[O 27 8 0 B I i AUTHORs Doroshenko N P. TITLE: Ring counter designed with 2-Crid hot-cal,L, ";Yrati SOURCE: Ref. zh. Artomatika, telemekhanika i vychislitolinaya tekhnika, Abs. 1IB153 REF SOURCE: Uch. zap. Penzensk. politokhn. in-t, vyp. 1, 1964, 17-25 TOPIC TAGS: pulse counter, computer component ABSTRACT:New thyratron-type ring counters are described. A principal circuit diagram and a time operation diagram of a cathode-coupled decimal counter with TG1-O1/1'3 2-grid thyratrons are presented. Ring counter circuits with anode couplings and cathode quenching capacitors are considered. Time operation is determined. As the speed of operation of thyratron counters is low, their application is expedient to such systems which require not high speed but rather low-resistance output. Seven figures. Bibliography of 3 titles. V. M. [Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 09 Card 1/1Ztiv UOSSR/ Farm Animals. Small Hornad Stock. Abs Tour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 9, 1958, 40472. Author Pnrnah=ko, N. Yet Inst Not given. Title Corn in the Summer Feeding of Sheep. Orig Pub: Ovtsevod3tvo, 1956, No 9, 41-U. Abstract: The influence of different feed supplements,as an addition to feading on pasture, on the weight gain of ewes Was Studied. The use of green corn as feed supplemenb, lkg. daily per ewe, produced a diurnal weight gain of 163 g. per bead; the supplementation of feeds with early silage (0.5 kg. daily) broughl~ about a weight increase of 133 g. TI.e sheep not receiving feed supplement- ation had a weight; gain of 90 g. only. The ex- Card 1/2 USSR/Farim Animls - Snall Horiied Stock Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biul., 11a 15, 1958, 69336 Author 4-464 s Inst Title New Treiids in the Utilization of Cora for Sheep Grig Pub Zhivotnavodstvo, 1957, No 6, 70-73 Abstract It Is expedient to sow cor-. for green feed In combina- tion with legunes: aoybean, vetch and sweet r-luver (Melilutus alba). Cq)timal ration of com silage ia com- biiiation with legume hay is 2-5 kg daily per ewe. Com can be introduced into a nixture of micentrates up to The remining '0% must be filled up by oilcake r"'Cals. Card 1/1 USSR/F'ar,,.,, Aniimls - 5,iall Homed Stock Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., 113 15, 1953, 69339 Author : Dom3hen jig, N.Ya. Inst Title Corn in Winter Feed:Aig of Sheep Orig P-ib Ovtsevodstvo, 1957, No 12: 29-31 Abstract It was established that 40-4% of roughnge in the ra- tions of sheep can be replaced by coro silage. Corn chops should be fed to adolt ewes in the nriount of 0.1-0.4 kg, in fatteiiing 0.7-0.8 kg, and to yo~liig sheep before shedding 0.03-0.2 kg; fron the tire of shedding to one year of age, 0.2-0.35 kg. Mod6l feed rations in- cluding cor;i for Fiiie-wool Sheep of the meatwool typp are give;. Card 1/1 - 39 - 46 L L319 5 -M, -pd- ACCESSION NRI AP50096.51 UR/0293/65/003/002/0208/0220- AUTHORI Mikis hava Go 116; Nevskaytj~ Ye ore TITLEt An experimental study~of_diifturbed motion of a solid-body haiing cavitiov pattLally, filled %lith liquid SOURCES KoamicheskLye InsledovanLys-eva 30,no.' 2, 1965p 208-220 TOPIC TAGSt rocket dynivtLo9#-ALquLd.fue1 rocket engine, fuel sloshn~ ___jn&hy4.;c~4 amLc coeffLoi(ivi _y S_ -ABSTRACT t___Thi1V:-*V ti 016- ynamics -of dy aving cavitisa partially- filled -vttbl liquid-by means of experimental methods, -The cuperimental studies ate bated an mechanical modela having cavLtioi with shapes and locationo (with respect -to the center Of M19169) geometrically $1.nilar to the original system. An analyiLs of the similarity criter in Indicates:that phyaical simulaLion call be usod in studying this kind of lorobl:em# . All possible trends in uuch experimental studies.are..auttlysted* Otto experimental method developed,-:.:, by the authors for determining hydrodynamic coefficients (natural. MEN J 7 4-43198-65 NRi AP5009637': _f asset) --- in.- pro- - ----- sented. __The_MQ411a Leal--a ode 1--La- -dahcribed --and- the - procedure- for-.-- measuring certain parameters- andobtAnLng ffnal~vdwsof,tfe. ltyVibijiumid coef- ficients is protentedo - It- Is Indicalted -thati in general, the method presinted giv~24:good results vhen the logarithmic decrement of this ~-damping as c I I I at Ion a-- of-tha-l kqixLd-A9--.)m*1 le-r -than-0 a 2------ However AM- 4iC a ut"_ a Do 7111imt -0 -V WFJJ~tkr_ -c .1mifwmn_C_ (meA"h~& -va I uo-*--- -A-#-- a, n-,- ill. wet r a t-ion-,-- d Lmon a io-i lit-9 a -hyd rodyn arm i c- c oe f f Lc ion determined by the, expertmontal.wethod are presented for bodies havin&!~_ cavities of thafort-icf-ft circular cylindcr with a flat bottom, sphere, and torus and compared with thisoretical refsults given in the article. by B. I, and others-(Kosmicbeskiye issledovaniya, v. 39 ne, 2, 1965, 179-207). TA,: comparLsou of results shows that for the majority of hydrodynamic coofficlents.-the theoretical results agree -well with axperimental~rasultxi- Orig, -art* hass 21 figures and 12 formulas, (LK) ASSOCIATIONI lions' SUBMITTEDI -OMV44 SYCL I -410 SUB COM AS1 9. NO REr SOVI - 007 - - OTHBRI 06 ATO PRES! 242 Card 2 DqROSHENKOO O.P. (Khartkov)i "On the design of option combined systaus." report presented at the 2nd All.-Union Congreau on Theoretical and AppLied. Mechanics, Moscow, 29 Jan - 5 Feb 64. :~~ROSHFIM,l Fe At Montazh sudovykh codotrubn:;kh korlov. Ueninillrad), oosudarstvcw4oe lzdatellstvo Sudostroitellnoy Litoratur:.,, 1952. pp. 88, 23 x 15; brown ahd ',-llue I-oards. BARIT, G@TU.; DNOE= I P.A.; ZZIMXO. T.T.; KPOT, T.F., professor, doktor tokbni&kIdkh-njiik; RCMIN, A.G.; IMMEKIY. A.I., inshonor, retsenzent; IMAMOV, L.Ao, Inshoner, retsousent; GLAZOT, G.A., inibs- nor, reteensent. [Tachnology.of machIns conotraction on aMps.) Tokhnologiia sudovego mashinostrooniia. Hooky&, Goo. nauchno-takhn.- izd-vo mashinostroit. i sudostroLt. lit-ry. Pt. 1. 1934. 455 p., Pt.2. 1954. 303 p. (marine mwines) (Steam boilers, Karine), WARA 7:7) 81009 11k, A+T //. 5-000 S/01. 60/000/04/146/315 D03E:YI)006 AUTHORS: Butkov, N. A.tKazmina,-Ye. A., Korchagina, G. V.9 Doroshenko Pe A*# KaTanTa-s-Felv, B. ., Somo 91 A., Ivanov, P. I. and Befov. V. I. TITLE: An Additive for Liquid Fuels PERIODICAL: Byulleten' izobreteniy$ 19600 ?Tr 4, P 32 (USSR) ABSTRAM Class 230, 2. Nr 126211 (597835/23 of 21 April 1958). To improve the qualities of the fuel, the ae.ditive is a nar- row fraction of exeen oil consisting of a mixture of naph- thalene di-derivatives with an admixture of naphthalene and other homologous compounds without high-molecular resinous substances. Card 1/1 D(-';riOSIf'e2:KO, I rAvtj3 Al-Avandravich; GOLCM, J~ S., I rizli. HAVK111, A.Ye., riall'!hn, I-ecl.; YU.I.q red. I-anufactura of marlne boilers myJ hoat exzhunE-er.9; i-ater"als U* ter t in hnolo7] Proizvudstvo oudovvkh kotlov i teploctirenriykh a~yaratcv; material.3, i tekhnoloiiia. 1kiAngrad, Sudootxcenle, -10 2 !19 p. (.'-~-'HA 18:3) Apt& .0 GIAZKOV. V.I., redaictor; XLRTTNOVA. X.11.. vedushchly raWtorl UOFIMOV, A.F., takhnicheakiy redaktor [Kanual on electric wasuremonts and protection of pipelines f rom corrosion caused by vagrant 'Currents] Rukovodstvo po elektrichaskin Ismerenliam I sashchite traboproyodov ot korroati, vyzyvaemoi bluxhialushchimi toksmie Kooky&, Gosenouchno-takhno lid-vo neftlenoi i gorva-toplivaot lit-ryl 1956, 41 p. (KM 9:9 1. Yessoyusnyy nauchno-looledovateltakiy institut po stroitel'stlu VIIIStroineft'. (Aleotric currents. Vagrant) Ollectrolytic corrosion) DoROSHN M , P.G., inshener. (No"kva) Apr,tratuses for protecting pipelines against corrgion caung by strair currents , Stroi,pred,nefteprom. 1 nos3i -- a oIIRA 9~- 9) (Patroleum-Pipelines) (Blectrol3rtic corrosion) AM do Ar fln 13-."; isy a 1;%: al I Of 0 a .40 111.4 .4A 9 9 A I we 11 oil: 11 IV:-,gi fj* Oi i I I as a P VIA 911 1i V ;.: -V .In 11 1 1441411 I & z to. ull A : - fill ;W 3 -j j 'S.04 Jj tj Jim GLAZKOV. Vesvolod Ivanavich, inzh.; DOROMMKO9, Petr,Grigor-lyevich, inzh.; NOTIK, Viktor Geraolmovich, insh.; TSIXEMN, L.Ta., red.; SOLGAMIK, G.Ta., vedushchiy red.; WMINA, N.A., takhn. red. (Protection of min pipelines agoinst underground cDrrosion] Zashchita magistrallnykh truboprovo4ov ot podsomnoi korroslie Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.isd-vo neft. I gorno-topl.Lvnoi lit-ry, 1960. 244 p. (Pipelines-Corrodon) (MIRA 13:7) DOROSHEn2L_L.~, inzh.; RLSHETNIKOV, G.I. Technical and economic azwlyslB of methods of electric protection from corrosion, Stroi.trmb~prov. 7 no*9s28-30 S 162. (MIRA 15:1-1) 1. VaesoyuzWy nauchno-ionledovatellskiy institut po otroitelistvu magistralinykh truboprovodoy (for Doroshenko). 2. Gisudarstvennyy proyektno-izyskateltakiy institut po proyektirovani3ni elektrifikat43ii dorog i energetichookikh ustanovok (for Reshetnikov). (Electroltyic corrosion) DOROSHFNKOt P.G., kand. t6khn. nduk InveatIgating devices for protecting pipelines from cc-~rosion caused ty eddy currents. Trudy VNIIST no.17:127-161 163. (M."RA 18-3) DORCISHENKO, P. I. Changes in charuteriotica or Oweet clover nB a reBult of injecting a foreign sap. Agrobiologiia no-416211-623 Jl-Ag 165. (MJRA 18:11) 1, Veselopodolyannkaya opytno-selektsioniiaya stantsiya. DOROSJENT~j~- . Some Indicators of the dynamics of the course of acute WALrillitiO. Zhursush.p noas I gorl, bola 24 no*5:58-60 S-0 164. (MIRA 18 3) 1, TZ otdela professional Inoy patologii otorinolarini- 'r,Ficfies~i'h ortanov Nauchno-issladovatellskogo Instituta otclaringo'Acgi-4 Ministerstva, zdravookhraneniya UkrSSR (dir. - zn3luzhennyy nauki prof. A.I.Kolomiychenko). DCROSHEITKO, P.S. Cutting grooves in chessboard order for tapping pines witb the help of chemicals. Gidroliz. i lesokhi-. prom. 14 no.5:19-20 161. (MIRA 16:7) 1. Kombinat *Bratskles.0 (Irkutsk Province-Turpentining) DORDSHENYO, ITIRGUZOV, P.-'% Two your's experience in the turpen%irilng cf lar:.-h im 4estern Siberia. Gldroliz. I lesokh1m.prom. lfl no.1.2t,-.,'l 162. (MIRA 18:3) 1. Kombinat "Bratokles" (for Doroshmilic). 4'. Sredne-ll~skcye lesokhimicheskoye khozyaystvo (for Vej:L-uzov). 112-2-3592 Translation from: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika, 1957, Nr 2. p-157 (USSR) AUTHOR: Glazkov, V.I., Kotik, V.G., Doroshenko, P.V. TITLE: Experience in Electrically Protecting Main Pipe Lines from Soil Corrosion (opyt primeneiya elektrozashchity magistrallnykh truboprovodov ot podzemnoy kc,rrozii) PERIODICAL: Tr.Vses. n.-i. in-ta po str-vu, 1956, Nr 8, PP-97-123. ABSTRACT: The most effective aystem is insulation coating combined with electrical protection. The corrosiveness or the ground is determined by measuring the resietivity of Card 1A the ground through 50 to 100 m. Those sections of the 112-2-3592 Experience in Electrically Protecting Main Pipe Lines (Cont.) pipe line most subject to corrosion are likewise de- termined by measuring the transverse potential gradient. The all purpose YKMrI-55 instrument is uned in making all electrical measurements on the right of way and on the pipe line. The principal means of protection against soil corrosion are cathode protection installations and other protective installations. When there axe local electric networks, rectifiers are used to feed the cathode-protection installations. When there are no local networks, wind-motor or Diesel-generator units are used. These units can be operated periodically to charge storage batteries. Graphite --oated and carbon electrodes are used as grounding electrodes at cathode-protection installiLtions. Card 2A 112-2-3592 Experience in Electrically Protecting Main Pipe Lines (Cont.) The electrodes are set up In an activator In order to decrease resistance to current spread. Electrodes from magnesium-base, (MJ7-4 and MJJ-5) alloys, aluminum or zinc base alloys, or of pure zinc constitute the pro- tective shield. The electrodes are placed 3 to 6 m from the pipe line in an activator (25 per cent magnesium sulfate, 25 per cent calcium sulfate and 50 per cent clay) and are connected to the pipe line. The advantage in using them is that they do not require a source of electric energy. Direct or polarizel drainage, cathode protection installations, insulating fliLnges or elec- trodes are used to protect pipe lines in stray-current zones. The polarized drainage is designed to conduct a current of 100 to 200 amperes from the pipe line to the rail only. This is done by using polarized relays and mercury interrupters. Due to the possible generation of reverse currents, the use of soUd rectifiers or the low-power/13A-39 and Prla -42 drainage units used Card 3/4 on underground cables is not recommended. VNII Stroyneft' 112-2-3592 Experience in Electrically Protecting Main Pipe Lines (Cont.) has developed a cathode protection installation which is automatically cut out on the appear;ance of stray currents and with an excessive Increase of negative potentIM on the pipe line. Protection is improved by reducing the longitudinal resistance of the rail network and by in- creasing the resistance to current ;3pread (drainage, sleeper impregnation, rubble ballast, reducing the amount of grounded metal equipment connected with the rails. BIBLIOGRAPHY: (Unspecified] eight titles. D.S.K. Card 4/4 DWS-HA4411 b 11 "anovich: STAROOMMOVA, M.N., red.; TROPINOT. A&3., ~~ Tel-W-cl- - (Now stage In the developsient of the colleative farm systes; a leoturel Novyi etap Y riasvitii kolkhosnogo stroia; lektolia. Moskva, Izd-vo "UmA9,01958. 31 P. (nesoimnoe obahchestve po raoprostransuilu politlobeekikh I nauobnykh manli. Ser-5, no.10). (Collective farm) (KIU 11:7) DOROSHMO, Petr Yams 1 1,y:novi ch; GREBTSOV, P.P., red.; SHIRROVA, Ye.A.. ".7VAINVA, VA.,, (Acrieulture of the U.S.S.R. in 1959-19651 !Sellekoe khosiaistvo SSSR v 1959-1965 godakh. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo sellkhoz.lit-ry, 1959. 175 P. (MIRA 12:9) (Agriculture) Yo.P. (Dorosh nko, K.P.]; BILOSHTAN, A.P.; BOYXO, M.F.;12MM "JIKIlIchevoll: , 1.0.); DOTSENKO, P.P.; KILICHEVSXIY, I.A. MARINICHENKO, Ir.G. (Marynychenko, V.H.1; RAK, L. KRIVETSKIY, I.S. (Kryvetalkyi,*, I.S.], red.; ROM MKO, I.N., red.; TRITINCHENKO, A.P. (Tryt~nchenko, A.P., red'i inzd-va; VIRICH, D.V. (Virych, D,'V*]., te) [Russian-Ukrainian agricultural lictionary] Roaiiq,'ko-ukrainsI- kyi aillskohcapodaralkyi slovnyk. Ukladachis WF~Biloshtam ta inshi. Kyivo Vyd-vo AN URSR, 1963. 438 p. (MIRA 170) 1. Akademiia nauk URSR, Kiev. Instytut movoznavatva. 2. Chlen korrespondent Vsesoyuznoy akadomiA sallskokhozynystvennykh nauk imeni V.I.Lenina (for Rozaanko). Country : USSR Category: Cultivated Plants. Grains. ba Jruri IMiDiol., 1k, 11, 1958, No 48911 ~',utlLur Doroahonhc), S.I. Inst Zhrt6rAir817---r-,-.Bm. Suciety for V~a D%.ssc,-~mtion of Political and Sc3.entific Knowledge. Tit'lu Experinents oa Spring Soil T11.1agc for Hillut Sawing. Ori~; Pub: Byul- aiI's'I:oC;(;opod. inforn. Zhitom. ;,bl. vid t-va d1ya polit ta nauk mu", 1957, No 3, 76-78 Abstract: No abstract. 14 card : 1/1 S/128/61/000/001/001/009 A054/A133 AUTHORSt Doroshenko' S. P., and Zlotnikov, N. M. TITLE: Heating risers of steel castings PERIODICALs Liteynoye proizvodstvo, no. 1, 1961, 1-2 TEXT: Exothermic mixtures used for heating risers usually contain up to 25 ~o aluminum. However, the relatively high cost of aluminum ant its dif- ficult-crushing process greatly limit the large-scale application of alumi- num-base exothermic mixtures. At the Kiyev mashinostroitellnyy zairod "Boll- shevik" (Kiyev.Mechanical Engineering Plant."Bollshevik") tests were carried out to-develop a new exothermic mixture without aluminum, based on charcoal. The best results were obtained with a mixture containing 801~ charcoal, 12 saw duet, 5 P bentonite or common clay, 2 - 3 % Cn(SP) or r.B(SB) -type bin& ing agent3. -The charcoal-base exothermic mixtures have a higher calorifio value than th9se based on aluminumt 246 kcal per 100 g of mixture as com- pared with 111 kcal/100 g aluminum-baoe mixture. The new mixture is easy to prepare: charcoal is crushed in runners, screened through 2 x.2 mm-mesh, dry saw dust through 3 x 3 mm-mesh screens. First charcoal is crushed, then saw Card 1/3 S1121IV611000100110011009 Heating risers of steel castings A054/A133 dust added and the mixture is then stirred for 1 minute. Bentonite or clay is added next and after 3 - 5 minutes mixing one of the above mentioned binding agents is added. The total mixing time is 10 - 12 minutes. The mixture has a compression strength of 0.3 - 0.4 kg/sq am, its tensile strength is 1.6 - 1.8 kg/j3q cm and the gaa-permeability ir. humid and dry condition 40 - 60, and more than 200,respectively. Unlike the conventional method, the new charcoal mixture is not sprinkled into the riser, but in- serted in the form of a cylindrical liner which is produced in 12 standard sizes. 'The ramming density of the liner should be at least 40 - 50 units according to the durometer. As the liner burns out most intensively up to 2/3 of its height, this part must be made very compact. The liner is clo;3ed in order to prevent heat losses. The socket of the liner is provided with a suitable device to be fixed to the pattern during molding. The liner iv fixed in the socket with a cant of 20 - 45 mm from the plane of casting. This results in a brim forming on the base of the riser and the metal col- lected on this brim can easily be out off with a gas-burner. Ch&IMels are formed in the liner at 35 - 40 mm intervals, in order to facilitate the re.. moyal of CO and CO 2 gases developing during the combustion of the mixture. Card 2/3 S/128/61/000/001/001/009 Heating risers of steel castings A054/A133 Moreover, gas can be separated through a gap (15 - 25 mm in diameter), be- tween the liner and the socket. The liners are dried in drying chambers at 140 15000, for 4 - 5 houral their residual humidity cannot be more than 0.1 The finished liners can be stored 48 hours before being used. If they-are used after more than two days., they have to be dried again for 1hour They have to be set in the risers not earlier than 2 - 3 hours before pouring As the exothermic mixture is very hygroscopic, blistera are formed when the metal is poured into the liner, if no allowance is made for the above require- ments. When pouring starts, the liner burns and attains a temperature of 1,OOOOC, i. e.,much higher than the inflammation temperature of charcoal (250 - 3000C). At the same time, the charcoal liner acts as heat insulator, due to its low heat-conduativity. The chemical analysis of the metal poured into the charcoal liner shows that carbonization-of the metal is hardly no- ticeable: not more than-some hundredths of a percent. As regards dimensions, the ratio of height to the average-internal diameter of the liner should be 1-5. As to costs it was found that-the cost of charcoal mixtures is less than half that of aluminum mixtures. *The savings are still higher, when the cost of crushing aluminum scrap, etc., is also taken into account. Moreover, by using charcoal exothermic mixtures, the outtut of good castings was in- creased to 80 ~. There are 2 figures and 3 ta lea. Card 3/3 VASHCHENKOO K.1,; DCROSHEMOO S.P, Bonding of the fueed sand crust with the canting. Ut.proizv. no.9s.24-26 S 162. 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WWI, 1956p 26; No T, 1816-182D Abstract: On the basis of data secured by the visual-polythermal method, the liquidus diagram has been plotted for the system Lip Ag # 50,t, YloO Exchange reaction Is shifted toward formation of Li.,SO-- Ag.SO- (stable diagonal section) more sharply than in the previously studied system Nap Ag // SO_, KoO.. (R&Wm, 1954, 4782T). There has been confirmed the previouAly stated proposition (see reference cited above) concenting the directim of exchange reaction, in sul- Card 1/2 -65-