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ACC NRs AP700394 maxima for longer specimens and an extended maximum for specimens of intermediate length. This transformation is explained as follows. Elastic compression of the en- tire specimen except for small sections at the edges takes place from application of Ithe load to a certain moment. As the load increases, the edge sections subjected to ~plastic deformation increase. At this stage, the central sectiors are either elastic- tally or elastoplastically deformed. Stresses in the edge sectior.s are determined by .existing solutions of the theory of plasticity. From a stress value of 1.155aa at the extreme point of contact, the stresses increase to a definite value at a point corre- sponding to the plastic deformation boundary. In the central sections, the stresses are distributed as for elastic compreasion. From some definite Tralue at the point of contact corresponding to the geometric center of the compressed body, these stresses increase. At the point corresponding to the boundary of elastic and plastic deforma- tion, the curves intersect and the distribution diagram has tvo maxima. With further propagation of plastic deformation tolorard the center as the compression force in- creases, the distribution diagram has a single extended maximum 'which decreases in length to become a point when plastic deformation of the entire specimen begins. The force at which plastic deformation take s place along the entire length of the specimen depen,la on the coefficient of friction and the ratio of length to height. Orig. art. has: 5 figures, I table, 1 formula. CODE: 20, 13/ SUBM DATz: 26Dec651 ORIG REF: 06/ OTH REF; 01 n/n DOROSHKOV. I.Ye., folidsher (Zakrosnitakiy folldshersko-akusherskiy 0 ImIlme 119mkoy oblasti). Preventive work in the village. FelIdA akush. no.lM Ja '54. (KLRA 7:1) (Medicine, Rural) I DOROSHKOV, I ., - felldsher Yf work according to the Chudnor pattern. Felld. I almah. no.11- 36-37 N '54- (MLRA 7:12) 1. 2skrounitakiy felldshersko-akusherskly punkt BreeltBkoy oblasti. (PUBLE HKAWN in Rusts, faldsher's work In rural area) DOROSHKOV, WAOs..:pj,'dsher (Zaleaskly felldshersko-akuRheraktr punkt ,-~estskcyy oblasti). lit used in making home visits. Felld. i akash. 24 no.1:48 Ja '59 OGRA 12:1) (KIDICAL SUPPLIES) ~,a Amrt "cr sa,,:,,c pacvD, ;,c. lL, V As..t.; Vwlicv,,~,-l to b,"lClIg J. I yi 1 .,elay,a Ts !rl-ov Af*,ricultural. Institute IlOn the purf~xtion of the t(,,Chniflua of prolcn,-,cd. irril;aLicn of th~~ vi.,!,ina in vetLrinnro- Eynecological. practice" So: Veterinariya, 31, No- 1, 1954 P 58 (for hoth) TA:~ CM; x_1z03:7DY1r' V. USSR/Medicine Veterinary, Intra-Arterial Injection of Solution Card 1/1 Author Doroshkov, V. B., Assistant Title Injection of solutions into axteries Periodical Veterinariya, 31 'A 54-55, May 1954 Abstract Purulent processes In the dietal areas of the body of cc-.ttle have been treated successfully by means of intra-arterial in,ection either of penicillin in 1% solution of novocain or Vu sclution of novocain with 1:1)000 solution of rivanol; intra-arterial injection of O.K, solution of white streptocide or 10-20% aqueous solution of sodium salt of sulfacylum have also proved effective against the pus-forming organisms. To produce arterial anesthesia, injection of 60-80 cc of 2% solution of novocain with 0.1% solution of rivanol is recommended. Illustration. Institution Submitted DOROSHROV, V.B., assistent; DITACHMO, P.S., assistent. Perfecting a technique of continuous Irrigation of the vagirm In -veterinary gynsoological practice. Veterinarila 31 n0-1:58-59 J& 153. (MLE& 6:12) Belotsorkovskiy mel'~kokhosy&yst,vswM institut. DOROSHKOV,, V,B, (Veterinary Surgeon,, Dymer Rayon) "Physiology of the Genital apparatus of Heifers and the Optimal Age for Thoir Fertile Mating" Report given at 13th Inter-VUZ (Higher Educational Insts.) Scientific-Industrial Conference# held February 1956 at Kiev Vat Inst. DOROSHKOV, V.B. lean at the station for artificial iLsomination ser7ing several collective farms at the Tillage of XozarOTichI. Zhivotno- vodsWo 20 no.5M-90 Ny 158. (MIRA. 1115) 1. GlaviV7 vetyrach Bywrokogo rayona, Kiyev*kBya o7blast'. (Dymer District-Artificial insemination) DCROSHKOV, V.B. ---, - Mininnting sterility In cows and heifers. Veterinartia 35 no.4t 69-70 AP '58s (MIR& 11:3) 1. Glavmyy vetyraoh Dymerokogo myona, Kiyevskoy oblasti. (Sterility in animle) r -~,n-, la Tin -A i ,-:DOROSHU.Kp A.P.p insh.1 KOLOMOYETS, G.I. Wodernization of the IC-48 petroleum cutter. Mmr. prolsy. jW"3t39 gr 161. 1. Zhdanovokly zavod tyashelego, maghinostroyenlya. (Gae welding and cutting) DOROSHUK, G.P.; IMAVCHF.NKO, A.I. - Static problons concerning the motion of a 2-2-2 electric locomotive Ap curves and their calculation using the "Ural,l" digital corsIxter. Sbor. nauch. trud. ElNII 3sl7l-191 163. (W'RA 17 t 4) !I LOROSHUK, Geor i Ps tele evich, mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; ~Ko ~Aleksffin r Ignatlyevich, inzh. 0 Reliability, of systems with given statistical characteristics of their quality and applications. Izv. vys. ucheb, -,-.av.; elektro- mekh. 8 no.4:367-377 165. 0,1114, 18:5) 1. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-laziledovatel'skly i inatitut elektrovozostroyenlyn (for Doroshuk). 2. thchallnik labo- ratorii. perspektivnykh razrabotok Vsesoyuznovo nauchno-issledovatell- skogo i proyektno-konstruktorskogo Inutituta elektroiozoittroyeniya (for Kravchenko). MMOV, N., inzb.; TSANEVA, N., d-rp starshi nauchen sutrudnik; HASHEAROV, B.) inzbp starshi nauchen sutrudnik; LURVIOV, M,p d-r dotse# starohi nauchen sutrudnik; STAROSTINA, V., arkh.1 D.OMIF&Vj B., arkhl BRWIMV, N., arkh.; GUGOV., N., inzh. C.onference on science and technology for youth. Nauka i takh mladesh 14 no.6s2-4 Js 962. 1. Direktor no fabrika O&mst Tolman", SoMa (for Mikhov). 2. Institut po okhrana na truda i profesionalnito boleati (for Teanevas Haskarovg, and TAukanov). 3. Starehi prooktant pri *Zavodproekt* (for Starostina), 4, Glaven spetsialist pri Komitsta po promishlenootta (for Dorosiev), 5, Grupar rukovoditel pri "PromproektO (for Belchav). 6. Nachalnik Otdel %whinostroene i elektropromishlonost* pri KwIteta po tekhnicheakiia progres (for Gugov). DORWIEV, B., arkh.; IVANOV, IV., 1nzh. Nov stage in the building of textile enterprivem in Bulgaria. Tekstibm prom 13 no. 4slO-12 164. 1. Read, Section of Large-Scale Ehillding (for Dorosiev). 2. Planning Unit in the Ministry of Industry (for lvano7). DOROSIEV, D. , d-r Conquest of the underwater continent. Nauka i tekh mladezh 16 no. 3j6-11 Mr 164. ,)OROSI?IVyL4 IV. changes in the type of tomato growth at low temperatures. Izv T,3entral lab genet 105-104 163. - A.L. Pablic hea*;.th in the White Runsian, S.S.R. In 1963, the fifth par of the seven-year plan. Zdrav,. Bel. 9 no.30-5 Hr'63. (MIRA 16:12 ) DOROSIEV,jRorIo, arkh.; LEVII Solomon Color layout of the premiseep machines,, and equipment. Tekstilna promi 12 no.3t29-33 t63, 1. Komitet po Iskata promishlenost (for Dorosiev)s 2. Durzhaven komitat za nauka i tekhnicheaki progres (for Levi). DORCSIEWICZ. Tadeusz, rgr Development trends of the servicing industry for maintAinance-and. repair of auto tran part* Frzegl tehcn 84 no./+:1-3 27 Ja 163. .j. DCROSIWCZ, Tadeuozp mgr inz. -1- - --.1 ~, -, Organization of the serving and repairing hinterland for automobile transportation in agriculture. Przegl techn 64 no.407 3 N 163. DOROSIRSKIY, A.L. National public health plan for 1959. Zdrav. Belor 5 no.213-4 7 '59. (MIRA 12:7) (WHITS RMSIA--PMIC HIALTH) DOROSINSICIT, A,L, National economic plan In relation to public health in 1960. Zdrar. Belor. 6 no.3t3-4 Kr 16o. (KIRA 130) 1. Nachallnik Planovo-finansovoco upraylenlya Minxdrava BSSR. (PUBLIC MULIS) BELTATSKIYj D,P,j ~NR SI?JSKIYv A.L. Status of and immediate prospects fo:x the development of rural public health. Zdrav. Bel. 7 no. 4:10-14 Ap 161. (MIRA 14:4) (WHITE RUSSIA-PUBLIC HEALTH9 RURAL) DOROSIHSKIY, A.L. National economic plan of the White Russian S.S.R. for public health in 1962. Zdrav. bol. 8 no.lt3-,5 Ja 162. (MIR11 15:3) 1. Nachalinik Platiovo-finansovogo upravleniya Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya Belorusskoy SSR.. (WHITE RUSSIA-FUBLIC IEALTH) DOROSINSXIY, 4,.L.1 ~OLMINOV, O.V.- ZVONKOVA, Z.V.j ZHDANOV, G.S. X-ray and spectral studies of tho complex compounds of cuprous thiocyanate with thiourea and pyridine, DoU. AN SM 150 no.6.-lZ78-1.279 Je '.63. (KMA 16s8) 1. Fisiko-khimichaskiy institut akademikom S.SJbdvedsvyx. (Oopper compounds-Spectra) ia. L.Ya. Karpova. Pradstavlano (Thiocyanates) (Urea) ~994199#90 004000 0 **** *** 6 0 e 0 0 q go I V CTN is 0 Oft a a a .0 Vp flit$ A., Ce cf. 0 0 * 00411 jV311131 Nava 0 a) 42 a 44 4' CIN &I IS Ts I A 4 2-j -1-6 1 -, I --I--,-- 't sy per, AW I. reDfl. .0tim'.LS ..let 11 JX, I-it-is Allouq~-ts*1 pur 112.1ilp"I I"Ifil $pf* 11."Irpulm pur lifillswu sma-11 go,- q,qxu w;J&13$q 1-InPOU-SSAOP 10 IIAF13V On A 41 do A A A--aL-& -AjM 17)10 rp r I I-AA m I I 1 4 11 1 1 1 Ole 00 it 00 i " Go i IV CL 09 it k d a I 4'. a4. al~ f 4 1 f A 0 1 - I I I 00 - - Thir Aed of bsowiapbage an the 4evel"meat of doiref -00 .66 1141 JkVMP,-AIowfrtkvh4icr was 1-4ted Irmn rmm,trttlu~l Iblvtf T"M MMISIW- It f- slk"(W -$the it 61- "Mir q It"-0014440 Nww in, I M. 1-4114, 1., owJ."111-11" v 00 f "so* mch b1wf"'vqsfwfQ I-W 1~ view% 4 womrshaty slut is 4-t-1 It.., 1'.. I. Its a 0 a us &,.-I 144? !1-~ -I.- J-1 Goo *0 00, -qO 406 to tj it* U6410 It 'It to n tf It at Is 0 it of K n 11 "1 00040 Za* a 0 go 000 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 44o no i's 00 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 a 0 0 0 0 At 0-0-0 41-111-9-4-0 0 0 9 0 a 0 0 0 0 Dor-osinskiy, L. M. - The effect of certain soil fungi and actinoviyees on tuber bacteria," Trudy Vassoyuz. nauch.-isslad. in-ta s. -kh. m1krobiologii, Issue 1 (for 1943,1945), 19499 p. 98-107, - Bibliog: 6 Itaw SO: U-5240, 17, Dec. 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal Invkh Statey, No. 25, 1949). -V . j~~ A. IIIIR771 J. M. 4 , . ~-, F. volt !,-.I~roorsanl2mov V korTWevom pitanii rastyeniy agrobiologlyn, lghg, 1410. 4, S. 39-14:- SO: rTO?Is '.,'0. 3h DORDSINSKIYI L. H. 2. USSR (600) 7, Bakterialtriyye Udobrenlym (Bacterial Fertiliters), Undar the General Editorship of L. H. Dorosinskiy$ 79 pp~ Leningrad, 1951. 9. Mikrobiologiya, Vol XXI, Issue 1, Moscow, Jan-Feb 1952j Pp 121-132, Unclaasified 1. DOROSSINSM, L. M. 2. 'USSR (600) 7. 'Root Nutritlon of Planto and Plicroorganiama",, Agrobiologiya, No. 2~ 1951o pp 40-48. 9. Mikrobiologiyap Vol xXII Issue lp Moscow,, Jan-keb 1952, pp 121-132, Unclassified. U R %I ^;, 'Ir I ' ~ 11 * I j II . PacterJa, 2'itrifyinc Effective means for increwdng productivity. Yolkli. proizv. 112, No. 3, :.952 Ti i In G 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, lgn,,-'t'ncl. Y, 1.,;L,1q!';IVj-, I be role of zmlcioart~xmmno in bydirop~nit plsnt ru,.nuon, IN, Nf. 1A.Earer And L. M. Dot,iin~&Ij. Tfudy Iptil, MW44. 8, U-71L V,juld mirdium of Pryuji1h,;ikcjv th;' getleral tuhnique of ,bulov u ere tj-W~J. tht "rre with ovatlin, 3) hi tit.- prrwnce of soil bacteria aeration, and 4) Me xime itith aeration, RLsul-;s tentatively billicattm! Oat in litinirl nilium filtints, cim Ar., t-Oup by asvtnilatin,; mincral nuttiCive matter in 6o vmm- V~Ate absenre of Itilmerla. I he IntifdurtWirt of soil bicleOg prove favorable or 11"fAvarmble dependiny upfe'l Thit 6- may Cree of liquid cultute u- trititin. In tire ab"~r nf nzratlut ctinditious are cirmtof 71b;ch are wore faworable t,.1 the de-' Ivlopment of atitterible microflom anti which lerA to the ac. lumuNdottof bio-eitid products smit all fatly addir anti red we- I hig substances, oil ef vvbi~,h deptrem the ph tit growth. Undell :ctidltiotij of amatiout Uie ar"ble- types of mktqfora dc. Wolp" especially those, wbich decomp. hisrum 11. H. ,,Tte iole or 111c:oorganisms in the Roct Fei!ding of Plants," Acrc-b.t 4, 1~,4,)y Instliti-te of lUc:robiolcF,-,, T '~T r, (,t' 4n(i the Cowlitlon~; Re-oired az Liv-, 1-1c:aticr, uf ISW.~oyilov, E. F. Bere7ova, j~. S. V. V. Bernard Yu. M. Vc?Lnyakovskaya, L. M. Dorosinsiciy, R. A. Yenkiaa, ar-A MI. YEL. :Finkel'shteyn- Trudy Vsesoytiz. Nauch-Issledovatel. Inst. Sellskokhoz. Milrubiol. ~j, !'(3-c,2(l953)- Application of jhosphobacterins Is benef.-'Lcial to a variety of' crc)-:-,s, particularly cereal grains and potatoes, especially in black soil. In soils other than black, the precence of org. matter and of the perennial -grass stratum inflijence the effectiveness Of the added phosphobacterins. Soil treatment with pt.osphobacterins Increascs the content of available P in the soil, eopecially 4n zones abutting the roots, .-.ntensifies the nitrification prccess and ra.'.res ~he n1trate content of the soil tl,nrouenout the vegetatiGn period, ajA increase:; the cr),Af-,%t of P in, t.,-,e p4ants. B. S. IA~Vinc DOROSINSM.,.I.M., kandidat biologicheskikh ulLuk; XAMPOVSICHIKOV, P.; -1 SUBPAN, 1. 1. Growing Asotobaoter by the (lepth method. Trudy Vess.inst.sellkhos. mikrobiol. 13:124-130 153. OMM 821) (Asotobacter) (Bacteriology-Cultures and culture media) SAMOTLOV, I.I., akademik; MMOVA, Ts.P.. doktor biolcgichaskikh nauk; CHIRNAVIN, A.S., kandidAt 4811skokhotyaystvenafth PAuk; BVJA , Y,Y., kandid&t @all skokhosyaystvonnykh nauk; TOMMOYSIATA, Tu.M., kandidat biologicheakikh nauk; DDROGUSM, L.M., kandidat biologicheakikh nauk; HIMINA, R.A.. k&ndidai'biiT3-jicheskikh nauk; PlIrC&LISHTZTN. X.Ta.. kandidat Diologicheakikh nauk. Iffectiveness and conditions of using phoaphoro-tacterial fertilizer. Trudy Vess.inst.sollkbos.mikrobiol. 13:173-192 '53- (KLRA 8:1) (Yertilivers and manurts) DOROSIMM, L.M. - Certain disputable problems In the field of soil microbiology. Mikrobiologlia 21 no.$:6oo-W s-o 154. (UU 7:12) 1. Vessoyuznyy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut sel'skokho- 2yaystvannoy mikrobiologii, 1eningrad. (SOIL, bacteriology) (BACTIRU, in soil) rl J) 6 'Y e 5 / /V 's Ij , L , BERESNWA, V. -. BY'LINKIIIA, V. ; DORDSINSKIT. I,.; LAZARIV, N.; WPATINA, 0. ~j ~ -, Narita Pavloyna Kornakova; obituary. Mikrobiologlia 24 no-5:650 S-0 '55. (HLRA 9:1) (KORSAWVA. KMUIA PAVLOVHA, 1381-1955) DOROSINSJUT, L.M. [Bacterial fortilisers] Baktfriallnye udobreniia. Isd.2. Moskva, Goa.itd-vo salOkhos.lit-ry, 1959. 61 p. (MIRA 13:8) (soil luoCulation) uHOTMV, I.I.. akademike glavnnr red. [deceased]; BEMOVA, TO-F., doktor biolog.nauke sameotitell glavnogo, red.; BYLIMNA, V.N.. kend.biolog.nm2k, red,; 13RIMMA. T.N., kand.biolog.nauk, red.; AO~RUX,Jajt., kand.biolog.nauk, red.; PRMOROV. R.I., kando -Rolog.miuk, red.; KMRNA, MX, kand.biolog.nauk. red.; KRONGAUZ. Ye.A., red.; ZJBHILM , Z.F.. [Microbiology In the service of agriculture] Mikrobiologiia na alux4a,pAllekomu khosioistvu. Moskva, Goo.izd-vo sellkhox.lit-ry, 1959. )09 P. (MIRA 1):8) 1. Leningrad. Veasoyuzn37 nauchno-iseledovbtollskiy institut sel'sko- khomyspAvennoy m1krobiologil. 2, Veeeoyumaya skademiya sel'sko- khozynyatyennykh nauk Ljoeni V.I,Lenina (for Samoylov). 3. Yee- soyuzny7 asuchno-isoled3vatellskiy institut sel'skokhozyaystvennoy mikrobiologii (for Beresova, Dorosinekly). (Bacteriology, Agricultural) DOROSIRSM, L.M.- LAZARIVA, N.M.; SHAMIN, A.A. (Z'_ 1, ---- Role of nodule bact4iria in the nitrogen nutrition of legumes. Agrobiologiia no.4:594-6oz ii-Ap, 160. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Voesoyuznyy nauchno-iseledovatel'skiy institut sel'sko- khozyaletvannoy mil:robiologii, Leningrad. (Legumes) (Micro-organisms, Ilitrogen-fixing) I -PW31USW&-,L*X.; IAZJUMA, U.N.: SHAMIN, A.A.; SHMEORINA, Te.N, Interrelationahips of the lupine plant with active and Inactive nodule bacteria. Trudy Voes. inot. xellkhos. mikrobiol. 16:94-104 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Iupizyj) (Micro-organisms, Nitroj;en-fWng) DM"I~-MT. L.M. Ph- 4m,rrm Iq I'af r%,v2wswi te 'IV re-tba-'s. Trm!~r TF*F. Sw21-j:t=. ~ XTU ~l r)) toyr) BEAEZOVA, Ye.F., red.; DOROSINSKIY, L.M., red. (Bacterial fertilizers] Bakteriallrqe udobraniia. Icningradp Izd-vo oellkbos. lit-ryo zhirnalov i plakatov, .1961 406 . (KHA 15Y (Fertilizers and manures) DOROSINSKIY,, L.M.,, kand.biologicbeckikh nauk ",inditiono for use and the effeotiveness of bacterial fertilizere. Zemledelie 23 no.9;;56-61 S 161. WITIA 14:12) 1. Voesoyuznyy naunhno-iooledovatellokiy institut sellakokhc- zyaystvemoy mikrcbiologii. (Soil inoculation) DOROSINSKIY3 L.M. "Amitobactor and ito use in agriculture" by L.I.Rubenchik. Reviewed by L.M.Doroninskii. Mikroblologiia 30 no.6s]13.1-1134 N-D 161. (141RA 14: 12) (AZOrOBACTER) (RUBENGHIK, L.I.) DOROSINSKIY, L.M* Role of nodule bacteria in the nitrogen nutrition of leguminous plants and the urgent task of increasing the efficacy of nitrogin application. Izv.AN SSSR.Ser.biol. no.5t7OO-708 S-0 162. (MIFA 15:10) 1. The All-Union Research Institute of Agricultural Microbiology, Leningrad. (NITROGIN) DoBZ,.Mzn,-l.M,,, kand.biologichookikh naukj AM,# O.Ye., kand.biologicheokikh rmmk j=C,= . Ufacti-ftres, af I=d 24 no.5:32-34 ItY '62- 1. VsOsOyUzrjy nmwhno_jmojodoy&t,*lakLy ir4tittit, oal akomlo- zyaystvennoy mikrobiologii. (Leningrad Province-Lupine) li;z ;,- ix"Wagin) DORCSINSXIY,-D,&, kand. biol. nauk, red.; ALEKSEYEV, Yu. V. , red.; BARANOVAp L.G., tokhn, (Using microorganimm in agriculture; scientifia principles and their practical application] Ispollzovanie mikroorganim- mov v sel'skom khosialstva; nauchnye oanovy i prakticheakoe Primenenie. Pod red.L.M.Dorosinakogo, Leningrad,, Sellkhoz- izdatj 1962. 319 P. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Leningrad. Vessoyuxnyy nauchno-inaledolvatellakiy Institut sellskokhosysystvannoy mikrobiologil. (Agricultural microbiology) r Dor " ~. m. Some problema of the application of bacti)rIal fertt!Lzers. Mlkrobiologiia 31 no-4:738-744 JI-Ag ('L-Pj% 18:3) 1. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-iosledovatell.-kiy Lnstitut sellskokhe- zy-.ystvonnoy mikrobiologil. .DCROS33SKrY. L.M.: LAZAREVA, W.M.; YEME7, V.T. Role of nodule bacteria in the nitrogen nutrition of legminous plants, Kikrobiologiia 31 no.6tlO61-1066 W-D 162$ (MIRA 16SA 1e Toesoyuznyy nauabno-iseledovateltakiy institut. sellokokho- zya-ystvennoy mikrobiologii,, Lenitgrad. (MCRD-MGANISKS, NMOGEN-FIXING) (LUPINE) DORDSINSWO L.M. (Dorooinakiyj, L.14.1 Role of nodule bacteria in the nitrogen nutrition or pulses. Root vyroba 9 no. 7/8:.741-744 JI-Ag 163. 1, Vasovazovy vadeckovyzkumny uBtav zemadelske mikrobiologia, Leningrad. .DO-ItOSINSKIY, L.M., kand. biol. nauk, red.; COUNER, L.M., red. [..41,e -,r ticrc,~rgpmifm it zrj4-l fivrtl:ity %u: Ir'- !-, tba aff*ctlvemess ~~f ft -, 'I I zoirs,I:,. 1 . - -P-- =-1 7 1 ;x-'r7s:tAz-'l tf Lff--lzgrzd, lz:~-T:- I x :7--A 17- 1; " VORI 131li-Im te ri PA f I r 1 al c f -4 al 'I., rqj~ rod. k rn, :-n, - 't. t,.;Yk'Y , L.:I. . V . C. Y~- - llif]UF?Ili,p of sced troatment on the alTectiveness of AH Ser. biol. no.6:920-923 N-D 164. I'M I FA 3 7: 11 ) ". i:~ 11-7, 1-.! cm Inlititut-2 '-f* t .;I'Ll 1 !'" e.-IllDi~') L(-:~ -11 . DCRO,�jNg=,_,L,eonid Mironoy I ~2MTSKAYA, ~ . 19bp kand. b1ol. nauk; Za L,V,p e . [Bacterial fertilizers as additional means for oIA-aining higher yields) Bakteriallrye udobreniia - dopolnitellrioe aredntvo povysheniia urozhaia. Moskra., Rossellkhozizdat.. 1965. 170 p. (MIRA 18:7) TIOROgngry, M. I !DORMINSKIT, K., kapitan dallnego plavaniya. A I Problem of a vessells drift. Kor. i rech. flot 14 no.6:11 Je 154. (Navigation) (HLRL 7--7) DOROSINSKIY.M. Reieivinig -and presserving fresh vater aboard thip. Mor.flot 15 no.10:14-15 0155- (MLRA 8:12) 1. Kapitan teplokhoda "Illich" (Ships--Water supply) OSTUSKTY W- jr~ltan teplakhoils, 111111ch4j. YABXNVICH, A., kapitan dallnego plaranlyne low annual on vessianship. (OSeemanship' part 1. ad. I.I.KIrdan &Ud others. Reviewed by NoDorosinskii, A.Uskevich). Mor.flot 16 no.9: 30-32 3 036. (Seamanship) (NM 9:16) (Xirdan, I.I.) D(R)SKHQV, V.B., aspirant Riolosical acti4ty of placental UBSUG Oxtracts. Zhivotnovodstvo 24 noo9t33-35 3 162a NM 15112) 1. poltavgkiy nauchno-imaledo-vatellsIdY institut svin~vo&tva. (Placental extracts) 4~ "P, 1- rg mtervilmitim hicride wCoularriettle fitge"Int", fit n 16. ins If and On%.. r (0 it ).-Ag+ Can ~FmWk P~ A fca ekvtiadc In A Of j,,Mted IfT an-fik 4.1 0 the cath~ode. b e 31 , 'th I't Pt'tt-I Cwir-cinr- We KNO, 90111- w and" ;;;ttrk titmtlons a $ I r"Its ~; Jodi .Thu vws are detatet! wl%b adwPt On In or CI-), Us- End gf- and I-, dichlormuflu the t2se of I sctfig lot the es In the CCOCA. !11 , om" Umit depends mu, t tesults are "t Im, ran; I()-* to 10-4m. left. Tile app. Is UPC, 9e the mitsitlylty 4), tht twiowt ( cuff cut itain a slwo~- A,+ IOUs -it V--t-l "Llia Corl., P' - ttfitr with VOILW ISUPAW, and the stompbatterYO'sm acalibn1tedus"j"gCoArnallam- rent IS neaured with Underwood cut A Meter - ~.DOROSZv lax Studies on the occurrence of trichinosis in small mamals is Wroclaw axd its eaviromm. Wiadomosci parazyt. 7 so.2:313-315 161. 1. Natedra Parazytologii i Chorob lawazyjaych Wvdz. Wet. WSR, Wroclaw. (TRICHINOSIS trassm) (MAMMALS paraoitol) DOROSMSKA, -A. An investigation on the diploid and tetraploid forms of Dactylis glomerata L.'ssp. Woronovii (Ovokinn.) Stebldno vt Zohary. Act& soc botan Pol 32 no.lS113-130 163. .1. Department of Genetioep University# Warqaw. DORCSZEWS.KA, A. ----- T-3traploid Trollius europaeus L. Acta aoc botan Pol 33 no.It 9-13 164 L. Department or Genetics, Universityp War-eav.. -R~RQSR "Janina, Warszawa, Spisks, 16 ~1- DIfflualt tasks In the life of chronically III children In hompitids. Podiat. polska, 29 no.11:1135-il42 Nov 54. 1. 2 Panstv. Studium Magog1ki Spooi&lnej w Warssawts; kiermiik dr. sod. MArsegarsewske, (CHRONIC Drum, in infant and child homp. care, difficult tasks of ill child.) DORO SZ.EW - - - .-MM WPVI--. Electragastrography. Polskle arch. mad. wow. 26 no.g: 1449-1458 1956. 1. Z I Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrzn3rch A.M. w Warszadie Kierownik: prof. dr. nauk nod. A. Blernacki, Adres autora: Warszawa. u1. Sewerynow 6 m. 18. (STOMP.CH, pbysiology, electrogastrop~q, review (Fol)) ~E.WSKI Jan; KOLDOWSKA, Harne- KOWAISKI, Henryk; LOROS',' Determination cf 1-131 bound with blood prcteins; camr~a7-'scn of variouB analytical methods. Endokr. Pol. 14 no.61565.- 572 N-D t63. 1. Zaklad Radiologii Lekarsk-'eIj AkademJi Meiyczn-o--' w Wargzawie j (Kierawniki prof. dr W. Zawadowski). GRABAN., W*j.D-GROSZEWSKI,-J.; RAJSZYS, R.; MIERNOWSKI, S.; MAZUROWSKI, W.; STROINSKA-KUSIOWAs B. Comparivon of gama.-ray encephalography vith the results of cerebral arteriograpby. 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DOROSUVICZ, Michal; TAFG(Y4SKI, Andrzej Automation of data transformation, a necessary factor in economic progressi possibilities of leap in managing methods. Przegl techn 85 no.31:1, 4 2 Ag 164- DOROSZEWICZ, Michal; VJMr)WSKI, Andrzej For a pattern in designing. Przagl techn 85 no. 32-193 9 Ag 161". DORDSMSKI. Jan Use of radioactive isotopes in experimental studies In endocrinology.. Postepy wiedzy mod. 4 x6o.1:55-66 1957. (IBOTOPS, in ondocrinolo exper., review (Pol)) (EMORINOWGY, isotopes In endocrinol. exper.. review (Pol)) DORUS4Z.-Cid, J. A course on the application of radioisotopes in medicine and lcdalo,~:,r, p. 583. Y. Ki-,ECEW. (Polska Akademia Nauk. Komitet do Spraw Foltojowego lykorzystEalia Energii Jadrowej) iarszawa.,, Vol. 3, no. 5, 1958. P. L,4,4d Monthly List of European Accession (EEAI) IC, Vol. 8, no. 7, July 1959. Uncl. 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Yli.:'Y I, -.W paper -hrcjmzi.~ - 6-: 1 pr~,, rif f -rep wp jr.IrAj flal (I W!el birvi -I L-1 :.'i, L 1 K lin lk! "t: I ititry: t% P.' 7.-1 f DOROS"iF4SKI, Jan Labellne of ,vl: th rris~f ~aitl-ve chro-'-Ium C,-": - Ft.3. Pol. pr2egl. 2~~ n~,.3:3'-,(,'---326 '*Iya-je 165. 1. Z Zaklf..iu Radlol7otopow Fat;4,jry Radinlogil Lekarsklej AM w Waraz awl e ( Ki er ownt k: ~ p ro t', A" r. .7 4? d # 3 * L o ZF. I I c- Z.VD r- k 1 ) . DOROSZEWSKI, 14. Reception areas and polarization of ciliary movement in ciliate dileptAw, Acta biol exper 21:15-34, 161. I* Department of General Biology., Nencki Institute of Experimental Biolo&79 Warsaw. (CILIATIO DOROSZEWSKI0 M9 - A aimple method for making micrographs of Protozoa in motion., as applied -to the ciliate Dileptus. BICL Ae Pol biol 9 no.2-075-78 161, (Em :L029/10) 1. DeparLment of Biology., M. Nencki Institute of Experimental Biologyq Polish Academy of Sciences. Present4id by J. Demboveki. (aiLiATA) (pRmom) (mcHoscopE AND micRoscopr) DOROSZEWSKI, M. Reception areas and polarization of ciliary movement in ciliate Dileptue. Acta Blol Exp 21t15-34 161. 1. Departiwnt of General Biology, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw. (CILIATA) (ULTRAVIOUT RAYS) DORDSZKISKI., Marek "Effect of kinetin and indole-3-acetic acil on multiplication rates of Paramecium" by M.A. Mc Manus. Reviewed by Marek Doroszewski. Kosmos Biologia 11 no.2:214 162. IlAxentic cultivation of Fntamoeba histolytical by L.S. Diamont. Reviewed by Marok Doroszewski. Kosmos Biologia 11 no.2:215-216 162 DCROSZWEI, Hank "An intmduction to the study of prcitozoO by Doris L.Mackinnon, R.S,Hawets. Reviewed. by Wrek Doroamewaki. Kosmos biol 11 no.4:452.-453 162. t BRUTKOWSKA, Maria; DOROSZLVSKI, Marek On the zoological and botanical nomeno:Lature in I.B. Dobrovolski's "Journal of Expeditions to the kntaroV..c." Kosmos biol, 12 no.l: 99 163. 1 . 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Departmant of Acichanian of' Contin-vis of Basiz Ter,-hnlcal froblems, Avadt~my of 1,.,trsaw. -49; Ll DOKSZKU;WICZ , Romn Stefan J'hoto,q1a!;tJc research on the croBs section of a buttreve dam. Meehan teor ntoBvw 2 no.2;,;-14 164. Photoelast'-L'research an the state of stress produced by the own weight in a triangle rosting on an elastic foundation. Ibid.:15-25 1. Department of Mechanics of Continuous Redia of the Institute of Basic Technical Problems of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Submitted March 23, 1964, April 4, 1964. DOROSZKIEWICZ, Roman Stefan; IJETZ, J. Photoelastic studios on a high-power generator rotor. Mechan teor stosow 2 no.2:27-34 164. 1. Department of Mechanics of Continuous Media of the Institute of Basic Technical Problems of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Submitted April 12, 1964. L~01Lop~K0,_j"Fzyalaw; ZASZTOWI, Otton Influence of various oagnesium ion concentrations on the contract-ability of the isolated rat uterus. Ginek. 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