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2906h :3/179/61/000/004/007/019 Experimental investigation .... F-195/E335 values of 6 , 30-40o,10 lower. The investigation was extended to include tanks of both spherical and conical shapes. Natural frequencies and damping coefficients were determined from the fomulae: W = C (g/r )1/2 6 = C i.84ir /(R )1/2 1 0 2 0 for spheres, and /2 1/2 = CjL(jAg/r.)l 6 = C21,841M /(R0) for cones, where r 0 is the radius of the free surface and r0 is the radius of spheres. The dependence of C I and C 2 in spheres, on relative depth is shcwn in Figs. 14 and 15- For cones the variation of C 1 and C 2 with inclination angle a is shown in Figs. 16 and 17~ The cone formulae were obtained for fluid depths h > r 0 and for amplitudes of up Card 4/6 290 64 S/179/61/000/004/CC7/019 Experimental investi-ation .... r,195/E335 to 0.01 r0 at the wall. For a::iplitudos exceedin- 0.01 ro and angles of inclination a ~~ 10 0 the dam,-)in,- coefficient does depend on the amplitude of oscillations; thus, whon a = 170 and the amplitude equal 0.1 r 0 the value of damping coefficient is doubled. There are 17 figures and I Soviet reference. STM-IITTED: April 7, 1961 Card 5/6 Fig. 14: MIKISHEV, G.N.; NEVSKAYA, Te.A.; MIMINIKOVA, I.M.; DOR(f1HY1,11), N.Ya. Experimental study of the perturbed motlon of a solid body containing cavities partially filled with liquid. Kosm.issl. 3 no.2:208-220 Mr-Ap 165. (MIRA 1824) DOROZHKIN, S.D. B_ro&don the oxch&Me of exlerlexce. Good. L kart* no-1:35-40 4 137a (MLRA ILO:.'~) (Cartography-) (.Aerial photegrammetry) SOV/24-58-11-11/42 AUTHORS: Dorozhkin V. S., Zheltov, Yu. V. and Zheltov, Yu, F. ( i:0- ~;o ~ ~ TITLF,: On the Movement of a Mixture of Liquid with Sand in the Well and in the Crack During Hydraulic Fracture of an Oil Bearing Stratum (0 dvizhenii smesi zhidkosti s peskom v skvazhir~e i treshchine pri gidravlicheskom razryve neftenoartogo plasta), PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akadomii Nauk SSSR, Otdeleniye Tekhnicheskikh Nauk, 1958, Nr 11, PP 37-42 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the process oX hydraulic breaking up of an oil bearing stratum sand penetrates into the cracks which form in the rocks and the peaetrated sand prevents the closing together of these rocks when the liquid pressure is reduced. Until the sand reaches the crack it has to travel a considerable distance along the vertical tube. Therefore, for selecting a rational technology of the process of breal:ing up a stratum it is important to know the hydro-mechanical picture of motion of a mixture of liquid with sand, both along the crack and in the verti~zal tube. Special experiments were carried out to verify Cardl/2 whether available relations are applicable for such SOV/ JZ4-58-11-~ eyt2 nd On the Movement of a Mixture of Liquid with San in the a__ in the Crack During Hydraulic Fracture of an Oil Bearing Stratum coarsely disperse suspensions as mixtures of liquid and sand; the experimental set-up is shown diagrammatically in the sketch, Fig.l. The basic liquid used in the experiments was glycerine and for obtaining various viscosities the 151yeerine was diluted with water; furthermore, sulphite-alcohol distillery refuse was used, which is frequently applied in the oil industry as a liquid for breaking up strata. As sand, quartz sand with the fractions 0.6-0.85 mm was used and in some of the experiments sand of other fractions was used. Curves calculated on the basis of the relations expressed by Eqs.(2.1), (2.8) and (2.11) are plotted in the graph, Fig.6; in the same graph the values determined in the here described experiments are also plotted. There are 6 figures and 1 Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: Institut neftJ. AN SSSR (Oil Research InstituteAc.Sc.U3M) SUBMITTED! May 9, 1958 Card 2/2 DUNKE, N.A.: --D.OROZHKII,-Yuj.-,. . ~ T Research on the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers in experiment ponds of the "Shometevo" Pish Yarm. Trudy Biol. sta. na oz. Narech' no.1:131-142 '58- (MIRA 12'.7) Vish p9nds) (Zooplaukton) BULYGIN., I.A.; DOROZHKIN, Yu.N. Characteristics of electrical cortical reactions from some interoceptive and exterocertive fields. Do'A-1. AN BSSR 8 no. 1:63-65 Ja 164. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Inatitut fiziologii AN ESSR. BULYGIN, I*A.; DOROIIHKINv YU.N. Huxonium effect on interoceptlve and exteroceptive cortleal r(sactions. Dokl. AN BSSR 9 no.12:835-837 D 165. (MIRA 19:1) 1. Institut fizialogli AN BSSR. DOROZHKOp P. Methods of irrigating Agricultural crops. Tekhsovety MTS 13, No 23, 1952. 1. DOROZHKO, P. K., Eng. 2. LSSR (600) 4- Irrigation Canals and Flumes 7. Technology and organization of farm crop irrigation. Dost. sellkhoz. No. 4, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, January 1953. Unclassified. 300) SOY/99-59-10-7/11 AUTHOR: Dorozhko, P.K., Engineer TITLE: Extra-mural Session of the Scientific Council of the VNIIG'VM at the "Pakhta-Aral" Sovkhoz PERIODICAL:, Gidrotekhnika i melioratsiya, 19591 Nr 10, pp 58-60 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The Extra-mural Sesaion of the Uchemyy sovet Vsesoyuz- nogo nauchno-issledi)vatellskogo instituta gidrotekhni- ki i melioratsii imeni A.H. Kostyakova (Scientific Council of the All-Union Resenrch Institute for Hy- draulic Engineering and 11elioration imeni A.N.Kostya- kov) was held from '15-17 July 1959 at t'~e "Pakhta- Aral" sovkhoz (Kazakh SSR) and was devoted to the in- troduction and further development of sprinkling and other methods of mechanized watering in cotton-grow- ing districts. The cession was attended by representa- tives of 76 research, planning, construction and ope- rating organizations connected with the water economy Card 1/7 of the Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tadzhik, Yirgiz, Azer- Extra-mural Session of the Scienti:lic Council of the VT1I1GV1 tit the "Pakhta-Aral" Sovkhoz baydzhan, Georgian, Armenian, 7oldavian and Ukrainian republics, and also by representatives of cotton sov- khozes and kolkhozes In the Golodnaya step' region. The Session heard t'he following papers: Director of VNIIGiM, Corresponding Ilember of Vie VASn-ITIL, A.M. Tsarevskiy on "The Introduction of Pew Irrigation E- quipment in Cotton-gro,.,iing"; the Director,of the "Pakh- ta-Aral" sovkhoz V.?T. Kulikov on "The Results and Prospects of Using Sprinkling 7quipment on the "Pakh- ta-Aral" Sovkhoz"; Senior Agronomist of the "Fakhta- Aral" sovkhoz A,V. Paradiyev on "The qys-tem of Agro- meliorative Measures on the 11-Pakhta-Aral" Sovkhoz in Irrigating Cotton with '7prinklers"; Candidate of Agri- cultural Sciences P.S. Rymarl of the VITIIGi?,' on "The Scientific and Practical Pesults of studies of Cotton Sprinkling"; Candidate of T-7ngineering Sciences Card 2/7 N.N. Bukov of the VTTIIGiV on "The Technical and Pco- nomic Indices of Sprinkling I!achines"; Candidate of Extra-mural qession of the Scientific Council of tl,e 17TT~i- at the "Pakhta-kral" Sovkhoz Rngineering Sciences TT.N. TTechayev of Ve ljz'tekska a do7bdeval,naya stantsiya (Uzbek !sprinkling StatiM on!.F-',xperience From the Introduction of Sprinkling in the Uzbek SSR11; Candidate of Agricultural Sciences V.TJ. Romanov of the VITUGill and N.F. Bespalov of the Pakhta-Arallskaya op tnaya stantsiya (Pakhta-Aral Experimental Station~ on "Cotton-watering Routines With Sprinklers"; Candidate of Ngricultural Sciences M.V. Preobrazhenskaya of the VITITIGITA on "The Course of the Vlater-Salt Cycle in Soils With Sprinkling"; Candi- date of Agricultural Sciences A.T. Orlov of the VTTIT_ GiM on "The Economic Efficacy of Irrigating Cotton With Sprinklers"; Engineer Kh. G. lbragimov of the VYITTGV on "The Experience of Organizing Planned Wa- ter Utilization in Sprinkling Cotton Over Targe Areas"; Candidate of Engineering Sciences IT.A. Gri- Card 3/7 goryan of the V?IIIGi?4 on "The Fxperience of Using 17OV/99-59-9-7/11 Extra-mural Session of the Scientific Council of the 1,TTTr"T at the 1`11akhta-Arall, Sovkhoz P- -- Sprinkling Machines on the 11?akh~-a-Aral"Sovkhozll; Candidate of Engineering 7ciences IT.7-. ~7amsonova of the VlTITGi!! on "leveling Irrigable Areas With Long- Framed Levelers"; Engineer T.T. Velic"-iko of the VNIIGiM on "The Irrigation of Cotton and Other Agri- cultural Crops With a Watering Tnstallatlon Vlade of Flexible Pipes". In the discussion on points raised in the papers ti-e-e participated: the Senior Engineer of the "Pakhta-Aral" sovkhoz ~!.Ya. Tolpado, Senior Hydraulic Technician of t1ge sovk1hoz P2T. Yurlyev, 7e- nior Agronomist of the Sovkhoz imeni vominterna P.V. Toz1ov, a mechanic of the section imeni 'Dzerzhinskiy Terzi# scientific personnel - Sh. I-Tustafayev of the Azerbaydzhanskaya dozhdevallnaya stantsiya (Azerbayd- 7han Sprinkling Station), I.S. Popova of the Pakhta- Aral Experimental Staticn, P.P. 'Toskalltsov of the Tsentrallnaya opytno-meliorativnaya stantsiya (Central Card 4/7 Experimental Meliorative Station) 71.1. 'Peresypkin Extra-mural Session of the Scientific Council of the V'IIT(riM at the "Pakhta-Aral" Sovkhoz and ATaslennikov of the Uzbc-.k Sprinkling Station, P.N. Samarkin of the Turkmenskiy- nauchno-issledovateliskiy institut zemledeliya (Turkien Research Institute for Agriculture)p D,M, Xervalishvili of the aeorgian NITGiM, Said-Khodzhayev of the Ak-Kavakskaya opytnaya stantsiya (AK-YAvaknkaya Experimental Station), P.Y. Tebe- dev of the VIMOVI, 1.D. Panenko of the ?ffoldavskiy institut oroshayemogo zemle.leliya (Moldavian Institute for Irrigation Agriculture)p N.P. Nemkova of the Yuzhno-Kazakhstanskoye oblsellkhoz-upravleniye (Southern Kazakhstan Oblas+ Ag-icultural Poard),Rngi- neers IT.K. Mozhgill of the 11krgiprovod1rhoz, V.P. Shi- lovtsev of the Azgiprovodkhoz, P.I. Denisov of the Goostroy of the USSR, etc. The Session discussed the promising results from the use of sprinklers and wa- tering installations of flexible pipes in the irri- gation of cotton-growing areas, quoting the increased Card 5/7 cotton yields from cotton farms where these had been ~7nv,/99-59-10-7/11 Extra-mural Session of the Scientific Council of Vne V,"ITGiM at the "Pakhta-Aral" Sovkhoz adopted. The DDA-100!,' sprinkler (designed by the VTITIGiT4) had given -~,cd tervice on the "'Pakhta-Aral" sovkhoz but the Session criticized the Tashirmash Plant for producing defective and poor-quality sprtnk- lers and other meliorative macninery. To help exiend the use of watering equipment Dn cottcn farms intensi- fied research on such equipment is required. The Uzbek- skaya akademiya.sellskokhozyay~Btvennykh nauk (Uzbek Academy of Agricultural Scienc-9s) should encourage and equip the Uzbekskaya dozhd.?val'naya stantsiya (Tjzbek Sprinkling Station) and organize a chain of sup- porting centers to introduce watering equipment in the Golodnaya 9tep' and Fhorezm region. A supporting cen- ter of the Kazakhskiy institut vodnogo khozyaystva (Kazakh Tnatitute of Water Economy) shotild be organized at one of the sections of -the "7akhta-Aral" sov- khoz and a Sprinkling Taborato-ry nt V,e T!uganskRya Card 6/7 opytno-meliorativnaya stantsiya. (,M~_e,~utskFiva Experimental '71"1"/99-59-10-7/11 Extra-mural Session of the Scientific Council of the VTTITGVI at the "Pakhta-Aral" Sovkhoz Melioration Station) to enver -the Azerbaydzhan- qc'R. The Session felt that the Tashi-rmash Plant should in- crease its output of PT-O le-teling machines to co- ver the needs of the cotton-growing regions, since leveling greatly increaseethe officacy of sprinkling. The Session also advises resea:?ch and practical work for the improvement and wider use of watering instal- lations of flexible pipes. Card 7/7 1. DOEOZHFO, VO 2. ussE (6oo) 4. House Painting - Novaya Kakhovka 7. Experience with the work of a painting crew on the construction of residential buildings in the city of Novaya Kakhovka, Biul. strol. tekh, 10 No. 2. 1953 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions- Lthrarv nf rnnnrpss- flay 195-'A- lInclasnifiM PEKHTFMVP V., konstruktor; P JIQZWM,-V., konstruktor The "Vega-2* camera. Sov.foto 23 no.1:36-37 A 163. (KRA 160) (Cameras) DOROZHED, V. A. Recurrence of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis. Sov. mmd. 20 no.4:70-72 Ap 156. Oam 9: 8) 1. Is kliniki infektalonzWkb bolazney (direttor -.Professor A. I. Lukova) Saratovskogo meattsinskoga inetttut&. (MCXMaITIS, JPIDJKIC, recar. (Run)) SH*Ligvv N*A,, prof.; DOROZHKOVA, I.R.; DOBrCHINA, A.I. (VAiskva) Staphylococcal and toxico-a3lergic pneumonia in pulmonary tuberculosis. Vrach.delo no.3s3-8 Mr 163. (MIRA 1634) 1, TSentrallnyy institut tuberkuleza Ministerstya idravookhrananiya SSSR. 2. Deystvitellnyy chlen ANN SSSR (for Shmelev). (STAPHYIDCOCCkL DISFASE) (PNEUMNIA) (TUEOCUIDSIS) DYKWO, M.M.; KOCHEMASOVA, Z.N.; DCROZHKOVA, I.R. Study of the sensitivity of mycobacteria to antibictics and chemotherapeutic prepamtions. Antiblotiki 8 no.7:1,,97--601 J1163 (MIRA ?7:7) 1. Kafedra mikrobiologii ( zav. - prof. M.1i.Lebedeva)I Hoskov- skogo meditainskogo inatituta Imeni Sechenova i mikroblologi- chaskaya laboratoriya ( zav. - prof. A.I.Kagramanov) Inatituta tuberkuleza 14inisters-tva zdravookhraneniya SSSR. DCROZHKCVA, I.R. Phagotyping of staphylococci isolated from tubercul-)-qis patients and medical personnel. Zhur. mikrobiol., epid. I immin. 41 no.11-. 90-94 165. (MIRA 180) 1. Tgentralinyy Institut Uxborkuleza MinIsterstva Mravookhraneniya SSSR. DOR02Htloyp A. V. pst-gteppe solls. zffes*tnesg at umkg ray fo V. P.Nartsfssor and & V.fto!thnovjSlate Acr. H*rpt. Sts., Gorki). 31-6-Acidtis of linlestont t0 AM 1612 hiffekSe tht cffeCtlymess of fertilizer V -Nan'' Mul 1 ~V! . . . . . . ..... J=LWIO1V1Mv A45003351 8/027t/64/600/011001VU0~12 kWk-- k n OURU ~ew Ma- V~hi 4c vodnyy t(n, t A~s '1072 AUTHOFa SivejdsW~- V* M. 1, D6rqs 'IM14y -u S ul -orpro-cf, i I T TLEt Vfd,veroal program aoiin-' ter for the fqrralff digital OMPU 0I= SOMICES M. nauchn 4' rabot upirainth* Ll vovok politekhn. in-tap~-no. 2j 1963. 4-49 -pro- A-prodeesing'--computer--data- roe TOPIC TAGS c, Lta catsini-o's ralft-gau dat _p_____8 t* 1Xe",jLiL;,e& a at-a -tape is7--ob deformatixins for- several.-_:L~rpea of planar rosettes.~_-The uource-d - - talned Aoo)--io-esnbossed-on the tape. Sensor- from expailiwnte # The zone -(in t1di cage re go In the-octo-nary -system and -the -type--of -rosette--are- punched la -the- same -- frT, A pattern of frame punchir~j- of.. the oource-data tape It. shown. Me e _Pr~) g 6tormatioM and-streasea on the ba319 of am PJ,- estimatin tho measur _Vh1c)1 IR, k~q -_ CEWI XR: -AR5003351~ -p-r- -o-b-le-m- -06 ~r '71yo--var iant a -are- - cons idsred,-aj on the narrower nd - 6sigal: fomulaa for each of them are -g-4 ---Th k-program~ocoupies the 0 ven a wor 002-054, storage cells in-the ootonary nu~er --sy0'1em.-_The callS 0546 -0666 are used for-- -valuos Of- elastic constant-a wW -the -doeffloient's derived :therefrom- ~t he work. T.Ke can _b~e --introdliced- frw'the--co,,Vuter-des1c- oi --by a-_aeparatft-t-ape.---A-pati;ern--of thet 'tonary.-pystem constants on the:, tape in prosentedd Data Is introduced:Anto tho 7-1- nachlne~memory-at-the 0700-1D61-1. m7imus number -of - xiiasurementa - bei ng -processed is -1599 which- corresponds to !jJ3 I)Ianar rosettou -of -the sensors.- The.- . aM -the --zone number :tape lengtb carrying-the measurement datA is 326.5~-cm. k worklengttli nf useC.Thelione-A-and the workprogran (zone 3)-.are Lntroduccd,.Lnitiw__itiil9the.dikit4l:'bom or -The nodber ntO677.(wherti n is ths~ -put num-ber Df wasurements in the oot6nqry_ iysU~), -is intmduadd Into 00 23 ''Cell Nwit j the source-ilata tape isintrodu~bd :~Ths Vax Untleolutions aro effected:by turn I" an va-aombination~qf tho-corraspmding~,switche , AalWA i6t c&W va~ t Dns illustration. Bibliogrobyt 2 titles SUB COM D? ML i 2 L I LdT (a lip(a) ACC NR- AR6oo5.182 S(XJRCE CODE: lip/00 58/6 5/0OOj'0o9/B0l2/W12 SGUCE: Ref. zh. Mika, Abs. 9B126 AUTHORIS: Vorozhavs'kyy) Ye. S.; Korduba, 11. M.; Kostenko, V. H. TITLE: Dirichlet problem for planar electrostatics F07 SOURCE: Zadacha Dirikhle plookoyi elektrostatyRy. Visnyk Kyyivs'X. un-tu. Ser. matem. ta atekhan., no. 6, 1964, 152-158 TOPIC TAGS: electrostatics) Dirichlet problem, Poissort equation, compater applicatioi rMiSIATION: The authors aolve the external Dirichlet Problem for pl&3ar clectro- Gtatics in an unluounded medii= Irl reducIrt the laLter to the iuternal ;?rcblem in a rectargle for the Polsson equation. Using the symmetry of the problem, they solved with an elf~ctronir computerthe re&uIteuit nyateta of alf;-2bralc equationt; for the de- ('1'T!11TiP_fiQ11 Of the unlrjiown parameters, wid also obtain the potential fteld in any of -,.he IP8,293 Internal junction points of a vmtangular grAd. 013 CODE: 4?0 Lird L 01849-67 ENT d)/E6T(l) ACC NR, AR6013771 SOURCE CODE: UR/0044/65/000/010/81)87/8087 AP771OR: Doroziovs'kYY, Y6-Sl KOrduha, B, .; Kostenko, V. TITLE; Dirichlet problem of the flat electro3tatic3 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Matematika, Abs. 109410 REP SOURCE: Visnyk Vvivalk. un-tu.Sermekhan-matem., vyp. 1, 1965, 9-14 TOPIC TAGS: electron optica,'felectrostatic field, cqmputer/M Ural-I computer ABSTRACT: Assume that three pairs of parallel electrodes of the same length are sym- metrically die-posed between two parallel lines (screens) of arbitrary length. On the screens and on the adjacent electrodes the given potential is ual, on the other elec- trodes uuO. 17he problem of potential fieldi ktermin tion mathematically xeduces to the solution of the taplace equation lb2u/axz 4 ;:/ay2 =0 (1) in the.unlimited region, problem (1) is solved by the method of G.M. Polozhiy by reduction to an inter- nal problem of Dirichlet in a rectangle, for the Poisson equation. Methodology for the solution of (1) on the Ural-I computer is described. A ccmparatively simple formula of summary representations for field calculations is given; an algorithm for the solu- tion of the emerging system of algebraic equations is constructed. Numeric results of the solution.are described. I Shelikhova /*Snalation of abetracf SUB CODE1 .10 /t - -.0 ~1 UDC 518:517,9441/,947 d -ACC-NRt AT6003593 SOUFJX 001E: UR/3185/65/000/001./0009/0015 AUI11ORS: DorozhoWkyy, Ye, S, (Dorcehovskiy, Ye. S.);,Korduba, B. M.; ?bstenko, V.H OR3: none ,~6 TIIU: The Diridilet problem of planar electrostatics SOURCE: Lvov. Unive Visnyk. Seriya mekhaniko-matematyr1ma, no. 1,, 1965, 9-15 TOPIC TAGS: Dirichlet problems electrostatics, matrix function, algebruJ'.c equation, computer calculation, dipole antennas slot antenna, antenna array ABSTRACT: The authors solve the external Dirichlet problein for planar electrostatics in an unbounded region using the method of-G. N. Polozhiy (Chislennoye n!sheniye dvurremykh i trekhmemykh krayevykh zaclach matematicheskoy fizlki i funk:sii disktretnogo argunanta [Numerical Solution of Wo-Dimensional and Muee-j~i_niensional Bcundary ValLe Problems of Mathematical Physics and Functions of Discretia Arguments], Kiev University Publication, 1952), The problems say, of -the rvidiation ;from several pzdxs of dipole or slats situated between two long screens is reduced by mans of such a method to the intemal problem in a rectangle for the Ibisson equation. The matnix equations and solutions are transformed into a resultant system of algebraic equationE based on -the sym-atry of the problems and solutions are obtained for a nwber of SCZX= lengths in a form suitable for electrKnic ocupiter evaluation. The results are sUbsequently used to obtain the potential field. Crig. art. has: 2 figures and 12 C.,d 1/2 - - - - - - - --- --.%- - L ' 20383-66 . . , . - .1 " . ---t ~.#, .- SURCE CODE: AUTHOR: Dorozhovslkyy-p Yes S...,,Kordubap B. M.; Kostenko, V. H. TITLE: Calculation of the field and trajectories of one plane electroi-2aical oyal SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fiz. Abas llZh358 REF SOURCE: Visrwk Vvivalk. un-tu. Ser. mekhano-matem.y vyp. 1, 1965, 46-49 TOPIC TAGS: electron opticep electron motion, Dirichlet problem, Poisaon equation, electric Ix)tentialp electrostatic field, computer calculation, algorithm ABSTRACT: The authors consider an electron-optical system consisting of three pairs of parallel electrodes, A potential U - 1 is applied to two pairs of electrodes of equal length, and U - 0 on the third. The calculation of the field of such a system reduces to the Dirichlet problem for the Poisson equation,&U - q(Xi, Y) in a rectangl under the condition that U = 1 on the boundary of the rectangle, and q'(x, y) = 0 everywhere inside the rectangle, with the exception of the electrodes, on which U(x) y) = u(x) y) is specified. Computation formulas are given to determine the potential field and an algorithm is presented for the computer calculiLtion of the coefficients of the system of algebraic equations. It is indicated that by using the Adams-Stoermer extrapolation formula, and by assuming the potential field that results ftom the calculation, it is possible to determine the flight -trajectory of the electrons from the system of ordinary differential equations of -the form dly L Ox I du (X. Y) Card 1/2 L 32981-66 ACC NRs AR6oi6261 .0 Numerical results obtained with the M-20 electronic computer are presented. I. Sheli- khava. (Translation of abstract] SUB CME: .20/ W Card B/102/62/000/004/001/006 D201/D308 AUTHOR; __PorQzJ1*niP4yy, Cua~Kiev) TITLE: Analysis of the quality of extrapolation and synthesis of some types of discrete extra- polaters PERIODICAL: Avtomatyka,-no. 4, 1962, 3-10 . 71EXT: The author considers the prob lems of quality of extra- pcolation of a discrete function by discrete extrapolators with the storage of the preceding values of both Input and ou,-tput quantities and with linear extrapolation from the two preceding values of these quantities. The analysis of the.extrapolation quality is made on the basis of the formula for the output de-' rived earlier by the author (W. 5: Voprosy aviatsionnoy avto- Matixi I vychislitelnoy tekhniki, no. 2, KI GVFj 1962) and is dependent on coefficients -r and p in this expression. The coefficient Y determines the extent of the effect on the output ic, Card 1/3 3/102/62/000/004/001/006 Analysis of the quality... D201/D308 quantity of the preceding values of input (0 4 Y ", 1 and determines the effect of preceding values of the output (O.