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DORUCHOWSKI, A. Is it necessary to change the system of distributinf! lumber? p. 12 IAS FOL%I, (Mini-sterstwo Lesnictwa oraz Stowarzyqzenie Naukowo-Techniczne Inzynierow i Technikow Loesnictwa i Drzownictwa) Warszawa, Polrind, Vol. 20., no. 2, Feb. 1955 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EUI) LC, Vol* 9, no. 2, Feb. 1960 Uncl* SZUIAAN, Jerzy; DORUCHOWSKI, Wojciech; LUIMIWA, Urszula Evaluation of mashce produced by the Polish fodder Industry for feeding oroilers. Pe)czniki wyz szkola. rol. Poznan 17:209-224 '63. 1, Department of Specific Animal Brooding, College of Agriculture, Poznr,nj and Central Laboratory of the Egg and Poultry Industry, Poznan* DURUC"FOWSKI, Wojclech; SZU1JjtN, Jerzy Developmont of the plunery In growing ducka and Its dependence on their growing rate and way of being fed. Roezriki wyz szkola rol Pi,,-,nah 170-2-9 163. 1. Deparment of Specific Animal breoling, C)lkltigm of AgrIculture and Central Laboratory of the ~gg and Foultry Industry. DORUS, Vasile Repairs and spare parts of good qua3lty. Munca, oindic 6 no.8:45-47 Ag 162. 1. Presedinte al comitetului sindicatalui de la Uzina de reparatii, Teouci. ~-!. % ' rt6r l t i ' F i77 T rN t I cl~l ~li 1,;,.i "'lufti, but i-I 1m) 11.9 30 hm). The Ply, and SkItaft llrtll,Kl I& CA. w ~' is M-so 5a(6(--w*oru' hut jlj'~ It i I Alld C h, ilko im: t (C. A , 31, 2M 11) gives !~,rilciv ILI( testilts an4 is toot loo 1,)Txg. M qhlKN q!lite for ilrlmly." of wrleA tj V-1111pits ut giv4.,11 1),. (7. wid Oese 41(altivil cari toll ht improictl f)y r,.A.rl t&m' i.e., (r!1411 411:1ci'l lutoan Isl k, Polti, ivil:1 p1g. IN% ** or (;, , * M111 X-Co' ~jjuj litraliog the errcvi with 11cl, fllrllill~n t .I 111F,31 r4,-jj!' Ll"t in tilc PMFI "Ce 4A UO-oll (251~,~' 47~ --7 ~Rt~~ 'fll hirolsh gtoctillite ii%ltici.' The ioda- 113eftw, MOW 1:13f MIR01,34 revii"1'.3v lkrid- 'T'urtw# JCA. 30, 2,513R) Lduvlatbfitctnt~ t and !tic Indirect or Wil- and (~a from,the imine naln. w-conliur tn' atisructory P)t COL. Imt Itut for Mg. TWO F010A 11MOCK'a for analvtvcs (A vivity salppl~%, '%Nch tawever Ate qu-te Itif. olm-01V V;I-Wev' 17C.TdO (C-A, 2a, 116701) Arti 11'v awl chcuki) ~'CA. 44~ 4A)r1ki. koowdfng tv Vit, 1; oizh, niov- Skiy Inct-l"I (CA. 30, M"(P), it h4r WhOl U are ptv~t:nt in ~11U*Ltnnttc' of if IT.-)rd M,~iirm-ticut thAIN "I I ' MR V-dufs I 'e Ion high. atid tile Ca Values t(Ut low L it prc~erjt III Inuch larger am,,. that 161githe c4t rect, aud Ott M& v. Jjt~ "'* Yet 411withill 01c j;!':(t1 ol ti%Tmliftle errot I TO.IMANze -.11.4. Mg k1A ('.a !~dt "ohl., Rill, may Well rhowe the tft11;M by. Virric ( C.A. 31, 8 MT~' which will always 54t4 whett Nfig anif C;t axe 61 nieth; d I-; w t go4xi for, drilbVitt (1), u thc valuea (cc 14K Will he, 'cftkizt, I'Att thc,~_ for Cm tou lavi.. Nig ift I can bi-, detd- I- IPK to tAmdur and litth-ut (C.A. 44, 431 V), yj t Ow 4"t Juethod for IM& Itt A ii that hy,Tarmnaev C.A. 0, 4601,f), q. (140 and Co, ws'i which tl4!rd% I fit. only, Wilfre ant det, Mits. the -MgO. 4.21 rderruce,.s, Weiner vo~r'!')n MACAROVICI, Const. Gh., DORUTIU, A. Study on the complex combinations with diphanylic 'derivatives. Pt. 6. Studia Univ B-B S. Chem 8 no. 2.- 75-83 163. D'orvari. Forents CD8rvarl, Ferenel,, dr. " Experience of the Hungarian textile industry in tho Jnprovc- ment of finishing procecoas. TekstJ-Ina ,wom r, no,5:37-39 163. a It w a 10 A43 a a 0 an -A A a A- 1 L-,& k. a k r1 a A-& 00 c .00 eel Os 4 a l, Poll, Abw..imwj6,- :: . 04&wwbd'4 4k IU4 (Am joww Nowaft- qo 0 c of I" It i I I am owl. *Im at do I bd ewer go app"dow iw kQ6iz wo 0 00 o by WON of am b WSPO& ;7= an vap -so b dw a" ammit see A i ! .00 q0 0 14. &LVI".CAL Lit if MARCLASSIFICA110410 u a 0 a as It 4 a 0 to 0 a a 0 a it 0 a : : :i 0 0 0 0 0 9 : : 0 0 6 a 6 4 4 01*0 ;0#0096 0000000 Aeo loo mix leawo &NINfook"o 2111T 0, 60 01 : :!o 0 a 0 0 o a : o 0 o 0 o 0 o a 0 00090001 0606046000q00e DORY, B. Method of calculating heat energy norms of forps. p. 66. (MAGYAP ENERa[AGAZDASAG, Budapest, Vol. 8, no. 2, Feb. 1955.) 61 SOt Monthly list of 4ast buropean Accessions, (EEAL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jp- 1955, Uncl. DORY., B. DORY., B. - Savings through preheating compressed air before its consumption. P, 3232 Vol, q# no& 8# Aug* 1956 Magyar Energiagazdasag - Budapest., Hungary SWRCE; East European Accessions List (F-FAL) Vol. 6, Ro. 4-April 19157 Irv , B . Automatically closing sea'. of furnace doors. P- 356- Vol. 0, No. 9 Sept. 1956. MGAa &IMMAMUSAG. Budapest, Hungary. SOURCEs Enst European List, (FELL) Library :)f Cbngress Vol. 6, No. 1 January 1956. 1:1PIll.-CANCE Cr ECON . N i A. -.Zo. ,C'. ly Itt' Il'AT I'SUL4TION iF T,,D:- -T~ 1 - ' p 474 *-IACYAq PUDAPK~T, !",JT!V,-IY VCj_ 0 :c 11112 N-1,"LE 1?57 . .1 -1 -C SO: MOVrHLY 1Ni-JLX OF EAST EU:TPE~ili ACESSI,"NU (A?,El) VC1. 6 NO 11 1957 Dcay, The insulation of a comiressod-air contaim-r and its line. p. 5~, (Snergia (3s Atcmtechnika) Vol. 10, ro. 1, Apr. 1957, Budapest, Hungary SC: VOYMLY INDEX CF EAST EURCIPM ACCES-MINS (FI,,Al) Lr,, IrL. 7, NO. 1, JAN. 195F DCRY, B. Utilizing the cooling: water from compressors. P. 59 (Enervia es Atomtechnika) Vol. Iri, no. 1, Arr. 11,157, -*,'udapest, Hungary SO: YC'MIT-LY 1ND`.-,X C'I~' EASI' KROPE/0"I ACCESSIOINS (EZAI) LC, IrL. 7. 'NIC. 1, JJW- 195F DORY, B. "Frequent cleansing of smoke gas ducts in industrial furnaces." p. 167 (Energia Es Atomtechnika) Vol. 10, no. 2/3, May/June 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East Europe,an Accessions (EYAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4. April 1958 DORY, B. "Air transmitted by a ventilator., instead of compressed air." p. 168 (Energia Es Atomitechnika) Vol. 10, no. 2/3, May/June 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East Europ!an Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 I)ORY, B. 4Sbell insulation of industrial rurnaces." p. 169 (Energia Es Atomtechnika) Vol. 10, no. 2/3, May/June 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East Eurorean Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 DORY, B. "The saving of compressed air in spray painting." P. 171 (Energla Es Atomtechnika) Vol. 10, no. 2/3, May/June 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East Eurcpean Accessions (MAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4. April 1958 Licity, !3. The waste of energy In oil yulverization, I-y means of comyiressecl air. F. 192 (Energia es Atomtechalka) Vol. 1k), no. 4, Aug. Jyjq, Hungary SC: "0,'?IHLY IND-1 Cr- 2AS.' ELROPEAN AMESSIONS (,r,,EAI) LC, T,7L. 7, '11C. 1. W. 195F iray, B. Information on power savlings in the service of enterprise autonarr*% T.. 195 (Energla es Atomtechnika) Vol. 10, no. 4, Aug. 1957, Budarest, Hungary SC: I'MiTaY INDEX OF EAST EUROPEAN ACCESSIMS (ZEUI) JX, VIM. 7. 'r-. 1, JAN. 1956 DORY B - "Alminum revetment of gas turbims." P. 3 of cover (Energia Es Atomtech-iika) Vol. 10, no. 5/6, Aug. 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessirns (EFAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 Dofty~ D. The basis and source of power ecoromy.. P. 339. (ENERGIA ES A'1U4TECH?JIXA) Vol. 10, no. 7, Oct. 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 7, No. 3, March 1958 T, x~, u. Power saving as a bas1s for power ecoromy. P. 559. T XI T- many s Ervesulet) ". _ ZT M AIC TFCMY'.!,. (%.vrgiagazdalkodcr~ Tudo. 0 ,A - 3~ulapsst, Fungary, Vol. 13, No. 9/101 Sent./Oct. 1955., Monthly list of Fort t-Airipean Accessionn (M'd) LC. Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1.959. Uncla. DORY, D. Covering the uall of inchstrial furr-,aces with alumtrr-~ plRtpq. P. 5(3- 7~1"I!C-A 1~ AT-PT7CTIIK-,~- "Energiagazdahocbsi Ti,doirmiyor Egyevitlet) BUdqr,!.qt Hurg-ir- 11 110. 9A0, Sout./Oct. 1958. 9 0 y, Vol. v I I ~Ior.+~hly list of Fast European Accessions (EEAI) LCI, Val. P, No. 7, j,,,Iy 1959. Uncla. Dn,zy, -.B.~ Tri-;!,-Ation of the vault of IndustrIal. fumaces. -- 563. ~:-Jr,RJ~TA -S (Ibe;-gIngazdaI%odasi Tudomanyos 13udarest, !Iun~-ary, V91. '-!., Vn. 19/3.0j ScPto./Oct. 125'. .1 w Mont~-Ij list nf 7ast Furopprm Acccss!ons (11TAT) IX, Vnl. 8, No. 7, July 1?59. T' ,ncia. DORY, Be Working out of prehaeating chamber of industritl futmaces. p. 564 ENERGIA NS ATCHTEUNIKA. (Energiagazdalkodad Tudomanyos Eg3resulat) Budapest Hungary vole 110 no* 91100 Sept*/Date 199 Monthly list of East Europeart Accessions (ERILT) LC., VOL. 8, no. 7, July 1959 Uncl. Scole eltmimtIcn frcm cist-iror boilers by h,,rJrcchj,"ric ncid; on tile hnsi.s of Y. Ramiczlryls prcrositi-on. r.766. Fc. 7~),Jcv,rnvo,,3 Tf-esiolet) Budapest, Hunrary Vol. 11, no.11/12, Nav./Dec. 191T! I-Ionthly List of East Luropenn Accecsi-ons 'k-l. 9, no.7, J111y 1071~ Uncl. -WRY,, B. Comparison of Individual and central hoating, p. 215. mm3TA vS ATOIATKIDTIKA. Budapestp Hungary. Vol. 12', no. 11, Apr. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI)., LO. Vol. 8, No. 9, September 1959 Uncl. Dory, B Waning off superfluous furnace "ca. p. 479 =MIA IS ATC)IMMMM; (Iner4agsdalkodasi TudomWoe Egyssulet) Budapest,, Hungary. Vol. 121, no. 7/8, July/August 1959 Monthly Ustof Zest Ikiropean Accessions (EFAI) Up Vol. 8, no.11 November 1959 Uncl, DORY,-Bela - - - Arable land and water. Elet tud 15 no.47sl495-1498 2D N 160. " -P DORY) -.Bela~,-_okleveles gapeszmarnok r" -'~. .. .5: 1'' Industrial pow,w economy and the distance heating of Budapest. Ipari anergia 4 no. 7: 158-159 J1 163. 1. 14agyar Be2matazasi Bank. DORY,, Bela, oklevelea ge:peszmrnok Utilization of s6nd power in agriculture. Energia es atom 16 no.3:116-118 Hr 063. 1. Magyar BerubassaBi Bank. DORIO gepeemernok Favor engineoring and the olimate of Hungar,y. Inergia es atom 16 no.6t258-263 Jo. 163. '~4, 1. Magyar Beruhazasi Bank. -1,1~ 1'~ , DORY, Bela, ola 08 gePO02Mern0k Pbwer m9pir"a -mider the Hungarism climte., Pt.2. Phergia es ato ~top4f.109-172 Ap'64 I , if maparlorubsa~tsi Bank, DCRY) Bela, oklevelen gepinzmernnk - I-l-, I.- - Power econoV of our climate. I't.3. Fnerl;'.a as atom 1*7 no. 12-: 555-558 D 164. 1. Hungarian lnvOAmant Bank, Iludapast. . DORr, Badres gepeosm=ok Mat should the autting angle be?*; remrks. Cro be contd.) Ujit lap 13 no.18:20 8 161. 1. SzormsaugopfeJ1emirbo Intesete (Hungary-Mchine tools) 0-4. .-- - lb as Asubiwka. 1. it, Islyin lkwv i )6-olyhraj so. % refe"Um. WV4" FinAly ~L A ,-I-I- so 0* 00 so vIl es 8 " so iff so a ~ 1! 00.3 0o,$ 00 00 L-0 f I- i I V. if ,T - - - ".4, .., WWAR 1001 YOU01RAT MOWUN joam or cmam 00 .00 .00 so 309 00 00, 00 of too woo too too Wdea "it 9*v 41A a Sol. 094&01 did 4" Ask u w 4v 10 w v er a It a a a at e 0 0 0 .01 - 10 00 400 0 00 to 0 0 0 0 0 go 1 0 0: 10000t000 000 -" 0 10 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 6 4) * 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 41 ~.-m A~ 4) 1) If U of ill, -111 to 0 0 r 2 1 1 JL AA JL 4 1 1 00 topoll WTAR ISMI rOUOMAT - 00 C1 NMARTAII JOMUIAL Of CMITSM Vol, 56. - 1950 Oe ifi, go. 100 ocit. so 00 .00 see zoo too eew 40 00 so* Soo Soo '300 id too boo too wool t.190 .41 0-0 d.i 11 4i;f sliall 04. O, U I &V It to 0 44 ad flu flu" It 19KAOCI 1114 Poo a 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 6 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000!00-00060 00000000 0 0 0 0 9 0 O's 6 0 1) 11 14 is 16 it to If bill n A is A V a ft L! 10 _W~ A 2 L_J_ rA. AL__A__&_.L a 0 (1 T it 1. .1- 1 1 00 V. 99 tt NOTAR KMMMK IAPJA JOWS" Of TU VMMUAN CHINICLL SOCIlff 0 ZA VOL. TI -11 51 3t pevi"ift new "Irlbr.6 '4 ... ....... fA 69 0 1 I L a alfALk"PrWat Ull'.16al (4.114MOIK. ~, ' At .1 it it 04 a a A a a 0 a 0 0 000000 _MW .1 Dori, prian Teabdeal Abet. Vol. 5 go. 2 1953 J. Uuttif-AGOO Of Phosphoric acid I gars for the if- f p1u:42U"xdUWl conta- M.11"te".412ty, nitrogen - I-ostfmgr1;ifejeA UsAs /efloro, hufrail 81.4drregir's frocier 1404'enj wjyQ1eteJ,6e" - G. ZIr"I'le-n 1 D4 , K. fjlv~Awvj and J. of f%ty"Im ral - VC11 u e [Itter,oli': mnd# trtAinry 11torlien wite alltylittd Ifith ~tutrgtl phosphoric C., add est I wrs-ftut he Alkylation of tle fertitry n1frogto atom. U,-atinR the :Odium alcohot-to Aolutions of the com- younds In rk closed ve-ml at too to gig C, loc gcvrrj fmis with trimethyl, reipoctivelV, tie*.yl phospmte, the Corresponding rnethoxy, relpectivily, etjowty deriva- lives wom obtilired in an apptox. lo ptr cent,ykld. Thus I-PhenYl-prnethy- I e 'A as tra sromted in ind 8-hydroxy "or nehor"ethox), "'e* -0 lives of 3 -hpy7,"Y- Inc ncv4dvfl% "" ' liptienylatnine, ~P_t~_Jy, the 3-inrttoxy~ m I I 3 effi-Y- 4-ni"th~'l-diplier),I.,tmine,jvere produce( ~ir structure 11tentifle& I'll kru t trik labsia spithasized f1vm;'Wk a of me WOO tvin Y ".JWA. yv Rai- Kd' ep"Inyt 4, 101-8; Aas Ckim, Acad. Sd. Huml. 4. 131-(R 1 1) to (krmunKRufflish xunvrwy').--3.4.5-Tdhydr,)x c Manone prqpd. by the method of Fkwhtr 20, WO) gave 2 isowers m, 72' A lmd 79' (11). 11 was so prepti. by tretting, quIvIc with itectone Rtod coacd. )1*9% togive the W, 014sorpylidene dtdv. of III Jactone, e reducing with UAIH, to t e carbinol, and oxidt-dus with Lffli~)s- In sq. Wn. wlt~ a trace of AeOH, 1, 1.1p 11 a nd It, to 0 11114" mat"atated at 110) hrs. to (419 -40. lalp ~43*, resp., with It okwing the olegnvembon. land Ilm-probablythe If'reftta fnitiLd rvar d and chidr forms of the Intmawl. henda"tal f)rmcd b Ztj. .1 tmtarbanyl grot~ with the C'hytilixyl. K1.4(11tOJf),wsjii:1ctjtictd with the coriftwnading deciv. of It. Arvtyinclort of this dcriv. gave a conpd., m. 17J-4*. 1.1v 00 JXUWI meld h rot I these th6--im-rf-rwacs g4vt the orne C=X. W41NN', m. 217,:s-W4J', thkY~tmicartmant. - C 8'. 1. r-T . C t t F, V l l 1-j ~P : 1 f 'J. , -9 ~ ~ Z ! Kim A wrok Ld a 9, V "81 194W.- ml~i i - , - I No.2. 5(I9W.--FXptfi. 14 ere, urn!" vut w tict Le T d . , cots itioneoftolitere(l) dlcr~mticn for tlie prclo Cf z Lzzlt yiedt Wert o5tAlf=d when th, chlon- nation w-as conducted k the ne3mce of r, SOJ Is :aUlyt in a fluid pbasc, or in the prm-ra-v of a 1100, j.,r!=)vinZ agmt [It thevaVor plw~t. lc toth cascs j, w-- ti,t, the thesmml dewm1m. ol C-.c jcrr-~J 11 by t~,c pm-nce of urwnklus Oxide h the mixt. tinuotts Ympar plmsc diUittat.rC equipm-t ,m j cO~ur.Ln egirleit.,ice. -q, boilcr, & pactN thcoretical pLativ2), a rf%L;:tio: Mtl~t A The I ~P-s 6 !~, --, ." - 1~4ckcl calumal. twhrz ttlee nil E Vl'.h Cl a 141 r-c t I"rltl Ct=TtlWZ XTh-lP LI tf~ PCOKkC.Vd At QL tetllV#~TILU rc f DY Ultrairiuftct ptalysis Thi reactifu a f~ I,- lo"ned hydrcelituric acid v-jpaj s ar~~ reirv,cd Ir .~i I tiuci chamber theou4b tLe caulew~. F~zrl, I the C-Atalyst iA fe.j Lita Lit C~Llmn et Ulte up7rr Clumn. In the pLrestrice of . P(lCl, c-n%ii,-st pw aw (cs aLle chain bzlcgc:iadon. Lid arsczAms :s, i-f, I :t Inhibits decutupts.. chkirimzticit cttai:md rt-n u~cr 01 tion of 7011, Tlic pz%ity of U wzi cantm`cd bi 0 h!etlic JetR. Of t1ft tOtal 411d n LCtClif il-USC it.t~A' -' I 27. Some 1C acid G. 2 41933119s$ of "In As e a a 111 a S. Mar"ar V*iYd- J _,01, 1930, NO, 4. pp. 113-116) pared b O.Wc acid derivatives wtft y new tedurrs.."c add (1) boiled witT= anhydride CK an., 2~. el yrkiine yielded ce" d tatandingforstiniewltbp P_O% (the=j of trinee4yt-quinide (H) (uLp. 134-133* C). ','L-rsUng the anity4rous methattolic soluiiatt %A It with dry untnonis the amide o9 quink acid (m 150' C) 4" obtained. after standing. in almost theMPL, tbc:!Vcl,b;. Quinic acid eaters way be produced by direct i I Cst LCOUOn xUrough altering the equilibrium reaction in (avow at the ester forn=tJoij e.g. by axectropic dis- tillation. An anhydrous inethattojic gcaution 01 empound I was boiled in the presence of sulphuric add and Fit- ben- had been added the beuxemwater- Vle-hazOl tef-tY --Oc Inixture was distilled off. The residue was acetylated by the &cUOa *I acetic anhydride in the pt -we of pyridinc and tnethyl ,quinate (swit. 535--136' Q was obtained with a yWd W 73% (thcof.)_ The tofijp&txnd I dissolvied In mtkallge media wAA PArtiallY "Icthylatcd by ditnethyl wilphate and jrUKIi!ent.1y esterilled wi th and awphum acid. tcaux a umthyl LOA-.-A w" methylated by M 'exide and ttlethyl tetnuttethylquinate (111) (to.p. 03.5, C) was recov"ed in 02 501 y'lelat This lwooedwe was found generally xppti~al& for *the exhanstive niethylation of potyhydnxzy mrboxylic scids. The compound III Tom saponified by the action of barlont i - ide a-.' thus tCt:=!VthYl inic Acid IM (U1,P. " M11-131. C, n w" produced fit ricidill"of fw!'.. liftraviolet~ cat&IVTM* InTA11fitallost of inutpnind -h-. ditnallyl ether of 2.5-dibromo-livilroquin-one (tu,p. 145-1115.51 Q. I fence fly treating the CtLwf derivatives i =u We acid it It h addic reagents the cicavage, of the rI.-Mopings %%;m not the o#,ly ptoct= but sintal. tancw~%Iy an *w-fatization also took place. W77 zt MIN- HUNOARY / Organic Chemistry. Natural Substances and Their Synothetic Analogues. Abe Jour : Ref. Zhur. - KhImiyal No. 15, 1958, No. 50460 Author : Zemplen, G.; Dory, 1, Inst "Llitle Pentose Acetates. Acetylation With a Sulfuric Acid Catalyst. Crig Pub Magyar tud. akad. Xom. tud. oazt. kozl, 1956, 8 #1, 121-125. Abctract Acotylation of pentosee, in the preuencc: of H2SO4 (not used until proaont tIme) has been studied. This mothod gives conniderabl~, higher yields than the one using ZUC12 and produces mainly N -acetates while ZUC12 forma a mixture of o4 -and P-acetates. Frora 20 S of D-xylosep upon full diBsoliltion in 65 ml (CH300)20 + 4 ml Car(I l/ 5 HUNGZ-,Y / organic Chemistry. Natural Substances and G Their Synethetic Analogues. Abe Jour Ref. Zhur. - Khimiya, No. 15, 1958, No. 50460 cono* H5,504 (-,4 hours, OOC) and after partial neutrallzation with NaHC03, raw product is obtain- ed. It Is partially precipitated as a resin and partially removed as a CHC11 extract. Distilla- tion of the product (0.2 =3 yielded a 149-1500 cut (25.7 9), which was identified ae (>~-tctra acetyl-D-xyloue (1) 1 m. P. 590 (f rom ale. ), C(;~(_7 J,- 2-5D + 84,90(chloroform)o Similarly from 18 g of L-xylose were obtained 31.8 S of unpurified pro- dunt. 16 g of the latter yioldod 13.7 9, of 152- 1530 cutj 5X_7 28 D - 66.40 which was -X -tetra- acetyl-L-xylose (previously unknown). The latter Eurified had a ji.p. a 60-610 (fr. alp,.) and rc~_7 0 D - 89. The came compound (2-3 g) was pre- pared by isomerization from 2.4 g of P-tetraaoetyl- Card 2/5 HUNGAIAY / organic Chemistry. Natural Substancos and G Their Synoth6tic Analoguos. Abs Jour Ref. Zhur. - Xhimiya, No. 15, 1958, No. 50460 L-Vlose in presence of,ZuC12 and (CH3002)0, m-P- 62-630 (fr. alo) Z_c_1(7 - 18.30 (chlorofcrm). By analogy to I, from 20 g of D-Ribose were pre- pared 31 4 (rooin-likg) I",-tetraacetyl-D-riboso, M;P. 1106 (fr. alo.), 1:~_7 22 D - 52.5 (chloro- f rm). Also 3.7.5 9 of 1-arabinose yielded 19.2 g of oi-tetraacetyl-L arabinece (recinous), which upon rocrystallization from the same Ourlt of 96% alcohol had a m.p. - 96-970, LI-Ci7 D - 148.80 (without vacuum distillation). In a similar manner, from 20 g of D-arabinose, were obtained 21.05 S of resinous produot. 16 g of the latter distilled at 149-1500/0-15 mr-ii yielded the main fraction (14.5 6) which wae cx,-tetra- aoetyl-D-arabinose (II), m.p. 96-97c' (from 96% Card 3/5 HUJIGARY organic Chomistry. Natural Substancoc and G Their Synethotio Analogues. Abe Jour Ref. Zhur. - KhImIya, No. 15, 1958, No. 50460 ale.) 1-cq25 D-139 (chlorof orra). P-tctraacotyl- D-araBinone 11 (21.8 S yield) was o7Dtained by heating 15 9 of D-arabinoce, 4.5 9 3H3COG:1A and 75 ml (CH300)20 for 15 hours. Aftea, drylLng and distillatlbn of CHC13, the reeinoue rQsiduc waa recrystallized from an equal amount of boiling, 96% alcohol. Second recrystallization from 9 alcohol or from H20 (20 timea the c.mount of oorj- pound) yielded product of m.p. x 95-5-96(- 1 ZU le D - 43.1- 11 L-wy be also prepared b (~,,isvnerl- zation of Ih In presence of ~nC12_- -ZCO)20 M.P. 93-960 (fr. ale), Z7c;~7 7 D 141.50 (chloroform.) Compounds II and III were thus obtained for the first time in crystalline form. Card 4/5 ;;'tk-TJ%RY /Chc:~-Jccl Tcclnology. Chemical Products and H Their Applications. Chemical Pro-,csf-,ino of Solid Fossil Fuels. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-,~himlya, 1959, No 4, 13116. Author Zemplen, Oera; Dory, IstvAn, Inist Not given. Title Isolation of Pyrocatechin fropi 011 of Lignite Pesin. Crig Pub: FaCyar tud. aked. tud. oszt. kozI., 1937, 9, NO 2- 151-154. 1 Ab3tract: Describ2d Is a sclcctlvp, 4-stage countercurrent e;,,traction of pyrocatechin fron medium (fraction Z.30-7600) and med I um- h.,.a%,y oil from 11Cnite resin A -te with buffer solutions of bar,-,..,, Lri- sod I oT)h(,sp',l,- and soda. Regulating the pil accordin3 to dif.fcr- ent stages (from 7 to 10) succeeds In extract--Ing di-ato.aic phenols withcut neutral hydrocarbons and ca:.d 11/2 813 mv aArzy / Cher,;Ical Technology. C`,=Ic;~l Prorluct!3 and Their Pr)pllcLtIon.-. ChemIcal Proccs-,inq of Solld Fossil ~'Uels' Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Rhimlya, 1959, No 4, 13116. f,.b-,tract- acid coi-opounds, the salts of which are formed only with n pH of greater th7,n 10. 3y further trent- ment of the e.,.tract by the usupt method, the authors obtain a y1eld of 70-1007o of the poten- tial, -- S. Pozenfelid. Card 2/2 Distri hE2c(j) 17 ;P-- 'by C4141Y118 38. On too ocatalls of A I IPM 1 with sulphurle acid. (1 1-10 411W i 111 Mini , - L ., ~ 'M . an] Q,_LoAMjLLcv, I -N*Ilrr, 1057, No. 2, pp. 141-147 D. and L-xylaw, D- and I.-Atabinose, &rlbode and L-flifinimm have been acetylated by sulphutte acid cata. ..Iysi-.i, a inethad not applied to pentomes before. 'lU cold acetylation of pentows by anhydrous acetk acid fit the cc of concentrated sulphuric acid gavethe carres. aig a-tetraacetates. Thi authors wtre 1, ll,.t to prepaic a-tetraacetyl-L-xylose, u-tetrancetyl-D-atubinose and a-tetmacetyl-L-rhamnow by the elaborated tnethod. is.Pentow acetates have been pretArc4 alxo* by twint-al. z4tion of P-acetates with zinc chloride. The authors are the firA to describe the lsonterization of P-tetrawety.1-D. aralAnose and fl-tetraacetyl-L-rhainnose alnolig tillst! compotin6. AcetylaUan by sodium acetate and amtlc -alillydride yfelded fl-tetrafteetyl-D-arabinose In cryotalline form. known so (at only as a guunny substance. HUNGARY / Physical Chemistry6 Kinetics. Combustion. B Explosions. Topochemistry. Catalysis7. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 17, 1958, 56805. Author : Zemplen Goza, Istvan, Dory. Inst :Madyar Tud. Akad. Title :Study of the Action of Promoters in the Obtain- ing of Ifitriles by Way of Catalytin Dehydration. Orig Pub: Kem. tud. oszt. koezl., 1958, 8, No 1, 127 - 130. Abstract: The obtaining of Aceto - and propionitriles from carboxylic acids and NH3 on silica gel spe- cimens containing 0.1 - 3% of various admixtures: (CH30)3 B; (C2H5)3 SiOOOCH3; (CH3)2 S04; POC13, C0203; Fe203, CaO, TiOp were studied at 4500C. Card 1/2 . JTUj1'GJU1Y /Physical Chemistry. Kinetics. Oombustion. B Zxplosions. Topochemistry. Catalysis. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Yhimiya, No 17, 1958, 56805. Abstract: It was determined that the first thiree addi- tions act as inhibitors, POC1 does not af- fect the catalytic activity o~ the silica gel, and the remaining admixtures are promoters. Card 2/2 22 Distri; WcW/493d on the Ott 0 of tillillyst proolatta in tilt ptcpara. Z y. dthpf ration. (lit Gerittait) 6. Z PIP l lli i 4, 1954, *sit. 1 --2, pp. 90-93, 2 tabs, 1,11C 11tri%ital loll (if Alphatic Ilitril"s froin a mi,\01tv 1-1 M-ill :11141 of ttvlt\.dr.1ti-I livAll P-tittlit-tj lit 'I t- A 0h t Lo C% 011 t IgL 111C lit' l V 'l v : its, Ffollf ittidifillff, (6, VvAll CMI 'lil).) U11111111111 gtl a-11-( Thc t-Mv 14 ts Dory, I.; Geri, I. Investigations by means of compounds of sterane skeleton. 1. Catalytic deacetyliti6w; of steroid acetates. p.449. Magyar Tudocanyos Akademis. Kemiai Tudomanyok untalya. KUZLiN'E2,YZI. Budapest, Hungary, Vol. 10, No- 4, 1958 Monthly List of East European Accessions (FJgtl) LG, Vol. 8, 1.0. 7, July 1959 Uncl. oR~, ',r, ovtx :7 COUNTRY CATZ0,70Rl ZNhIze, 4~10. .3. JOUR. T U:. A 01111. Fu ~3 cy Vt..,; c Ly A 04, CA RD DORY, 1. 2 SZABOX 0. 2 OPOCZKYO P. Investigations of compounds of sterance skeleton. IV. OzonolysLq of ergosterin derivatives in a reactor of continuous process. In Germw , p. 67 ACTA CHf.MTCA. Budapest, H ungary, Vol. 20, No. 1, 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessiosn, (EEAI) LC, Vol. 9, No. 2, Feb. 196o Uncl. DORY, Istvan (Eludapeat IV Ujpeatg To u.1-5); SZABO, Gabor (Budapest IV ---AVjpq3t-9-To Ul-5); CPOCZKY' Pal (Budapest IV Ujpest, To u.1-5) Investigations of compounds of sterane skeleton V. L new method of introducing a hydroxyl group Into position 21 of 20-ketopregnane drivatives. Acta chimica Hung 24 no.1:83-89 160. (EEAI 10:4) 1. Chinoin Pharmaceutical and Chemical works, Budapest. (Sterans) (HydroVi group) (Carbonyl group) (Pregnane) (Aldehydes) (Steroids) (Corticosterone) (Acetates) DORYj Istvan (Budapest); SZAB09 Gabor (Budapest); OPOCZKY, Pal (Budapest) Investigations by means of compounds of sterane skeleton. V. A new method for introducing the hydroxyl group into the twenty-firat place of 20-kfito-prognans derivatives. Kem tud kozl MTA 15 no.l: 29-34 161. (EEAI 10:6) 1. Chinoin Oyogyazer a Vegyeszeti Temekek Gvara, Budapest* (Sterane) (Iroids) (Aldehydes) (CorticoBterone) (Acetates) (Hydroxyl group) (Carbonyl group) (Pregnane) -- - DM, Is tvAD_,LBuda pest IV.,Ujpest,To u.1-3); GE1U,Istvan,(l3udai:e5t L., Ujpest,To u.1-3);LAjV'YI,Gyougy, (Budapest IV.,Ujpest,To u. 1-3) Investigations of compounds with sterane skeleton,Vll.Data on the synthesis of 21-ber.z.,l compounds of 3,20-diketo-pregnane derivatives. (To be contd.) Acta chimica flung 30 na.2:207-212 162 1. Chinoin,Fabrik fur Arzneiinittel und Chemische ~rzylukLe. DORY, IslyaniBudapest Iv.,Ujpest,To u. 1-3); SZABJ:~,Gabor (Emdapeot IV., To u.1-3) Investigations of compounds gith sterane akeleton.VIII. Contribution to the ozono3,ysis and reduction of 21-benzal- 20-ketosteroids. Acta chimica Hung 3;) rio.2:213-219 t62 1. Chinoin,Fabrik fur Arzneimittel und Chemische Proaukto. L 38649-66 EWP(J) RM._ ACC NRs AF6027654 SOURCE CODEt HU1OW5_16616WXW1_0!7VOi7oi AUTHORt-W=, 18tvans PWdics, Maria ORGs Chinoin Pharnwoutical and Chopical Proots Works, Budapast (Chinoin Gyogyazor-~ es V;gPszot1 Termkok Gyara) TITLE: New acylated derivatives of 4-aminoantipyrinel SOURCE: Magyar kerdai fo3.yoiratg no* 4, 1966, 174-176 TOPIC TAGS% nonmotallic organic derivative, chemical synthesis, condensation reaction, organic chemistry ABSTRAM. The synthesis and properties of sodium nicotinyl-p-aminobenzoatg, sodium nicotinyl-o-aminobanzoate, nicotinyl-p-aminobenzoylaminoantipyrine, nicotinyl-p-aminobentoylmathylaminoantipyrine, nicotinyl-p-aminobenzyla- minoantipyrines nicotinyl-o-aminobenzoylmethylaminoantipyrine,, 2-(8-pyri- dyl)-3-3-antipyrylquinazolone-40 and p-scatamidobanzoylmethylaminoantipyrine were described. 2-(O-pyridyl)-3-(4'-antipyryl)-quinazole-4 was obtained in .the ring-closing reaction during the condensation of nicotinyl-o-aminobanxoyl chloride with 4-aminoantipyrins. Orig. art. has% 15 form1as * fi-MS: 36,4647 SUB COlE t 07 / SUB14 UTZ 1 23&ug65 / OTH REFt 008 J. DORY, L. "Principles in Planning Rotation of Grassy Crops", P. 88, (AGRARTUDOWY, Vol. 6l No- 3t Mar. 19549 Budspeatp Hungary) 501 Monthly List of East European Accessionss (EUL), LCs Vol. 3. Xo. 12,, Dec. 19549 Uncl. T IXPY, L. Renewinc- vrass ImIs by fallowing; a quick rvth r zt' 1, P 107. For furth~-r improvemmt of our rice jroduction; c1tb .!Zys in the Association. p. 111. Vol. 8, no. 3, ,:ar. 1956 "-.GRARrMDOI~7-.'I`Y. AGRICULTURE Budape!-,t, Hungary Co: European Accession, Vol. 6, No. 5, -:aY 1957 Distrit Wo(j) rep& Ira of Altrilts bg~ 4romot, t W the, don Catelys of ac dabldtation] 0. MZRI)IJA anti L. 6 (Tssfi, UDIX, Buds'. I ~MaWr ACIO fASM. Atadi 4, 8V-93(lM)(W pest). . C4 German).-TA;tI(I)w$(:Mnd(o ~t`as promoter to Me~. PrUt)n' fA dt; dehydr ition of an acid. NII; M . over a gre ; vio%Ltile additives act as l~z ~21 'Ghicial AcOll, (U) (100 mi.) was vaptyristd at RO',-wnd tht~ 'vapor passed through a qU4FtX tUbe hCA(Cd to 4506 cout4lu-,* jbig 2DO X. silica gel and additive. Astitamof dry NRAprc- Ylously heated to 6W* was simultaneijusly 14s-----d WoUgI4 the tut>e. The emerging mist. of gases was condensed, and', excen NIL passed thruttgh HIO, which was combined Orith,, Ahe condensate. MtCN-IM,H.O azeutrope was dlstd4, neutralized with AcOH, treated with K3C(h. the ?-IeCN that was salted out iepd. and dried over KsCOs, b. Volatile additives were vaporized tnSether with U. The following % couversions wm obtained for the additives' given, at rates of flow of 25 ml.1hr. It and 270 mi./min. Nit#* no additive, 53.0; 0.1% (MeO)4% 31.0; 0.1% Poets, 55.6;, 0.1 % WaSiOAc, 51.0; 1.0% MOOAc, 45.0; 0. 1% MeiSO4; 7 48.0; 1.0% FeA, 37.0; 1.0% 1, 634, 2.0 .1, 76.5, ,3.0%1,874. At rates of flow of.W ml./miz Landii I Wlbz. U, conversions were: no additive, 52.0; I.Olk CQ EtCO$H and the reaction tube at: 875', 60.6% c:mversion- 87,600 wltli,' Into UtCN was obtained wM additive and TRY, L.: .3ZABC, 0. Investigations of compounds of sterane skeleton, II. On the structure of argosteron isomers. p.243 ACTA CHIMICA. Budapest, Hungary. Vol. 19. no. 2/3, 1959 Monthly List of XaBt European Accessicns (EEJI), W. V01. 8. no. 9. September 1959 Uncl. DCRY, L. Invosti--ations of compounds of sterane skeleton, III. Dehalo:enation of esters of cholesterine dibromide with the use ct trialkyl phosphites. p. 253 ACU CHIMCA. Budapest, Hun-lar7. Vol. 19, no. 2/3, 1959 K-nthly List of East European Accessions (CEZ), 1C. VOL. 8. No. 9, September 1959 Uncl. iedmt. sell //9 POLAIM / Physical Chemistry. Thermodynamics, Ther-no- B chemistryp Equilibriums, Phys. Chem. Analysis, Phase Transitions, Abs Jour; Ref Zhur-Khimiyap' No l6p 1956# 52915. Author : Doryabalajkayap Yakushensky, Kvapinsky. Inst : 9-ob given.' Title I Thermochemical Studies in the Field of Selenium Allotropy. Orig Pub: Zesz, nauko Politechn, iodzkiejy 1957j No 18, 45-56. Abstraot: The heat of transformation of amorphous Se into the metal when heated above the transformation point is determined as well as the heat of metal So transformation '-nto amorphous Ge by means of Card 1/2 POLAIM / Physical Chemistry. Thermodynamics, Thermo- P chemistryo Equilibriums) Phys. Chem, Analysisj Phase Transitions. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 16, 1958, 52915. Abstraot3 mathematical analyRis of cooling curves (Lasnov- sky'a method), In the author's opinion amorphous Se (possibly the metal one as well) does not roprosent chemical species as a result of which the transformation is not complete and it depends on temperature oonditions during the preparr ,~tion of the So samplese The hoat of transformation occurring in the interval from 70-800 is 14-16 cal/g. Card 2/2 DORrANTSEVA G.G.- SRMKER, U.N. 0 Dqtermination of the number of hydroxyl and steroids b7 the bond intw#ty in infrared Ser.fis. 26 no.10j1290-1295 0 162. (Steroids--Spectra) ca:rbonyl groups in spectra., IsTe AN WSP4 (Min 15110) DOPYWALSKI,, J. Kukurydza, wama roslina pastawna Warszawa,, Poland, "Wiedza Powazechnallp 1955. 52 P. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. b, No. 9. 6eptember 1959. Uncl. I D0In-;A-TSFI, J. Naslonoznerstwo roslin uprawnych. ('.-ivd. 1.) 'Jarszowa, Panstwo-wr Rolnicze A Lesne, 1056 .728 P*- (The7knowledgo of seeds )f ciiltivatc-j plints. Ist ed.) DA Not in M,C SO: Yonthly of East F,*uror)-,,n Accessic-m (nu) I,C, Voi. 6, No. 8% !qiv lc457. Unrl . V% T)CRY,-,!"l sn,1 ,_,tatistical methods tiVathe'natic' ror -P-qr,,~L I G . orjuy- ICZ1, poipnfl.) 1. (.I.n (rPZFGLAD In ge0fOrP::olot~~.- P. 1953, ",lFrs7,a".zj 2r, no. 2p RVIT"ll 1,701. -,,0: East Furonean C. 1c,1 . 2, 1,0. 12, Dee - 19',3 -u r, T4-,r-,.,! :.. 1 C~ F, I)I , 1 e , - I ~ f~ : , -, . a , , -, - !~ 1. ~; . " ; ~ ~ . t - , i t c , ! *r) ! ~ #1 :-, ~ , ", , , :-, , ! 7 " ., ; ,+, I -; 1 1, j r :7 , , . f, , 4 J. . I i f, - - j i " t " I ~- . . I..'' ~ I , . : - " i pf, '~ 1"'. -if, ,~-e 24--var , k, , . I ; , 1 1 :.'-. " 1~ I : -, f ~ . ,, I , [ I DORYWALSKI, Tadeusz; FALDA, ZbIgniew Treatment of coute barbiturate poisonings' Polakie arch.mado' wewn, 28 no-3:313-327 1958; 1 Z I Iliniki Chorob Vewnetrsnych A.M. w Varg2e.Wie. Kierownikt pr;f dr nauk. med. A. Blernaeld. Adres autorowl. Warszawa, u1. Nowo;rodzka 59, 1 Klinika Chorob Wewnetrznjvch A.M. (BJRBIT(JRATES, poisonift ther,, oase reports (Pol)) DORYWALSKI#'.T,&d*=%; -YALDA, ibIgniew Severe luminal and cyclohexal poisoning treated with picrotoxin and levephede Folskie arch, med* wewn. 28 no'3;345-352 1958. 1; Z I 11iniki Chorob Yewnstrznych A-Mo w Warazawie, Iterowniks prof. dr nauk meds A. Biernacki. Adrest Warssswq ul. lovogrodska 590 I KWA)m Chorob Wevuetrinych AoXe (PMOBAUITAL, poisoning, there* picrotoxin & arterenol (PoM (PIMOTOXIN, therapeutic use phenobarbital poises with arterenol (PoM (ARTM M OL. therapeutic use phenobarbital pois,. vith picrotoxin (Pol)) ibstract a case of 2 nineteen Ye2r old nurse (medical) beinj; r:.)*.soned with 13 z of 1UM;n2l 2nd 8 g of cyclohex2l was dascribed. The tre2tment with p."crotoxin, megintd, dapt -azole, levophed, etc. brought about recovery without obvious con!:*-itutional disorders. see Ref. Z'hur. 3jol. No2o 1953 No 94123 DORYWALSE, Tadeuss, OPALED,, Stefan,, SZJEWSXI, Janusz ,Blood glucose, total & esterified choleaterol and phospholipide in peripheral vascular diseases; Polakie arch, mods wowns 28 no.51695-698 1958. 1. T I Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych A.M. w Waresawie Kierownik., prof. dr. nauk mad, A. Biernnokio' Adrea autora: Warasawa. u1. Nowogrodxks 59# 1 Klinilm Chorob Wewn. A.M. (VASCULAR DISEASES, PERIPHERAL,,blood in total & ea terified choleaterol, phospholipide & avgar 001)) (BLOM SUGAR$ in various dies U periphers:1 vase. dig. (Pol)) (CHOINSTEROL, in blood total & esterified cholesterol in peripheral vasc*diso(Pol) BIWAOPKI, Andrzej; CZARNIZCXI, WJnc9nty;-DDR)YAMLa,, Tadeusz, GLMYA, Danuta; ZOVALSKAg Maria; XROTXMSKI, AndrzejI Alfred STASIAKOWA, lacja, SZAJXWSII, Januez; WALASZI',WSXA, Barbara Remote results of emwervative therapy of peripheral vanular diseases;- PoInkle archenede. wewn. 28 no;5:771-778 1958. 10 Z I 11i.niki Chorob Wownstrznych A.M. w Warazawis. Xierovaiki prof. dr nauk mod. A. Blernacki. (VASCULAR DISIASIS, PXRIPHMIAL, there' druge there, followb" (Pol)) DORYWAILSKI, Tadeuez-, GLINSKA, Danuta; FRZITAKIZWICZ, Zbigniew, SZCZRUAN, GrZ7 Novocain block in therapy cbronic peripheral vascular diseases*' P61ekle wewn. 28 no,5:831-833 1958 1. Z I 111niki Chorob Wewnetrsnnh A.M. w Warszawie Kierownikl. prof. dr nauk mod. A. Biernackl i z I Kliniki Chirurgicznej A.M. w Warezawis lierowniki prof. dr mod, T. Butkiewicz. Adres autora: Warszawa. ul. Nowogrodxka 59, 1 Ilinika Chorob Vownetrsnych A.M. (VASCULAR DISIASTS, PBRIMRAL, ther. proasine block, etatiet. (Pol)) (PROCAINE, Vhox. use block in peripheral vase. die., statist. (P01)) (ANESMMIA, REGIONAL, in var. die, procaine nerve block in peripheral vase. die (Poi)) M DCRYWALSKI, Tsdeusz,-GLrNSKAj Danuta Treatment of chronic peripheral vascular diseases by intravenous typhoid vaccines . Polskie arch. med. wewn. 28 no.5t844-847 1958. i. z I nini'ki Chorob Wownetranych A.M, w Warazavie Xierownlks prof* dr nauk mad. A.Biernacki. Adres: Warsznwa, u1. Nowogrodska 59. I Klinika Chorob Wewn A.Me (TIMOID FEVER, immunology, vaccine, ther. of peripheral vase. dis. (Pol)) (VASCULAR DISMASES, PERIPHERAL, ther. typhoid vacine (Pol)) DORYWALSKIr Z. "ime instability meter of pulas trains. Frzzem ins'. tellekom prace 13 no.40t47-52 '63. KARPOVS!(AYA) R.L,; UNDIKOVA, V.1,,; DORZET, X.M.j UNTYMI, V,~!e ChemIcal. and physical Inhomogencity of dionine ItgnIn. 7hur. prikl. khime 37 no.611318-1324 is 164. (K-W 180) DORZ!i.. G.; GONCHARENKO, Ye.I. (LIvov, Poltavokaya u1., 9,kv.5); DAMDINSUREN, B. History of.anatomy in the Mongolian PeoOle's Republic. Arkh. anat.., gist. i embr. 43 no.8399-100 Ag,,162. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Kafedra anatomii (zav. -.G. Dorzh) Mongol'skogo gosudarst- vennogo meditainakogo instituta. Adres avtorov: Mongol'skaye, Narodnaya Respublika,, Ulan-Bator, Meditsinskiy institut, kafedra, anatomii (for Dorzh., Damdinsuren). VACHNI.I=, I.A.; GatCHARRiKO., 76.1,; DORZHy C.,. (Ulan-Bator) Form,, dimensions, and topography of the gallbladder in a vertical position of the body. Vrach. delo no.9:96-199'8'63. (MIRA 16tlO) 1. Kafedra anatomii (zav. - G.Dorzh) Mongol'okogo meditainskoep instituta i Vtoraya ob"yedinennaya osobaya boltnitsa* %Aovo- ditell raboty - konstd1tant kafedry anatomii,, dotsent Ye.I. Goncharenko, (GALLBIADEM - RADIOGRAM) ,-DM-Zflltl V From the poInt of vipw of sir, airborne rmll:~ cparator. Srazhd. '!-) no.8. av. . - -15 Ag 165. (:,i,i'-,A 18;8'~ - M, s 1. Staroh'.y bertradIst prArazdeleripA samcletov Tv-1-4 , , kcv- okogo trar~qportnogc- u~--avlcrjvtt. lh~ RZIIINKIEZ~H-&~ I KOTr N.Aej VLASENKO, Yu.Ya. fluw stanaard underground service storage of exploolvea. Met. I gornorudo prone no.608-W N-D 165. (MIRA M12) BELYAYEV, M*F4, inzh*;,.pqqy.1-YHV, D.D., insh.; ETKIN, L.G., kand. tekhn. tank Vibratory pressure gauges. Priborostroenie no. 100-11 0 165 (MIRA 1911) AC~ las AP5026106. SOURCE CME: UR/0119/65/000/010/0009/0010 AUTHOR: Belyayev, M. F. (Engr.); Dorzhiyev, D. D. (Engr..); Etkjnj L. Go (0a ndidate. of te 15il-cal science s) OLM: none TITLE: Vibration-frequency preenrd4efisors SOURCE: Priborostroyeniye, no. 10, 1965P 9-10 TOPIC TAGS: pressure sensor, pressure transducer ABSTRACIt The development of a nerw vibration-type pressure sensor is reported. i Its operation depends on the variation of stress in a composite diaphragm deforned i by the Ensure biL e strained diaphragm initiates vibrations in an ~R& mLasMq&,~l adapter connected-to an oscillator whose feedback isegain associated with the diaphragm. Two varietie-s of the sensor,for .50 and 100 atm, were tested; the sensor error was found to be 0.130 or lower; the effect of the ambient temperature (displacing the entire characteristic of the instrument) could be excluded. Formulas for designing the sensor are supplied. Orig. art. has: 9 figures, 9 formulas and 2 tables. IUDCt 62.531:621.3-083-08 :Card 1/11!ip- CODE t 3.E/ Sum- WEt..90J CRIG RM 000/ OTH REFs 000 Q-7ol 1170 DOW.111YEV, D.D., lnzh.1 RAW, D.V., Jnzh.; ETKIN, L.G., kiind.tokhn.nauk Some problema in the theory of vIbration-frequency transducers. 11'riborostroenie no.34.10-13 Mr 165. (MIRA 18:4) L 11402-63 EPR/EPF(C)/EWP,(q)/ 8/032/63/0,-59/005/021/022 a-4/pr-4 WH/K EWT(M)/BDS,- ABD/j'J'FTC P 67 AUTHORS: E"Velovu-Se V.1 Do and Plecbev,, V. N. TrM: DJIlatometer for study of thermal expansion of~ ~hlte\~' PERIODICAL: ZavodskAya laboratoriya., v. 29p no. 5, 1963P 624-625 TEXT: A.device has been designed which measures the length of a test piece 150 mm, long and 18,mm in diemi-,ter at 1000 intervals Curing beating from 100 to 10000C. The.accuracy Is vithin 2: 0.001 mm. While oxidation is possible at 600D .4 graphite was heated to 1000o without use of an inert at- mosphere. An incomplete hermetic seal with graphite plugs is sufficient to permit measuriug a given test piecethree times. Tests indicated that this device can be used to determine the thermal coefficient of linear expansion and the coefficlent of anisotropy in investigating the material of graphite electrodes at tomperaturea up to 10C00C. There are two figures. ASSOCIATION: Cholyabinskiy pedagogicbeekly institut, and Chelyabinskiy I W"r Iliktrometallurgicbeskly kombinat (fte~bj e 4 _keda=ical Card !it JM&UUe and ChelDbIMAJ 312ctrometallurgical Colbine) FRISH, M.A.; SMIRNOVA, A.S.; DORWIYEVA, M.N. Iffiset of vacuum pressing on the properties of graphite electrodes. TSvist. met, 36 no.9t54-58 S, 163. (MIRA 16:10) --L--52300-65- ~EWt(j)/E.WP(e')/E-#T(m)/EPF(c)/EVJP(i-)/EWO(m)/Ef-R/TA,iP(b) --Pr-,4/Ps-4/P;eb _DMAP_RVffl/4rV1/VH ACCESSION NR- PP500807~ S/0080/65/038/003/0537/QS45 AUTHOR: Frish M. A Spirnova, A. S,; DerzhiLev, M. N, TITLE: Zxaml:nalion Of homogeneity in jEaphite electrodes uning a radioactive aul- SOURCE: Zhurnal prik'Ladnoy khimii, v. 38, no. 3, 1965, 537-516 ,ropIC TAGS: graphite electrode, tracer technique, sulfur, radioactive isotope ABSTRACT: Radioacti-,ro -isotope _S35 was.used in a study of opt_~*mizing the process of production of graphite electrodes. Use of S35 makes it poLisible to follow changes in the bindei.- and other components of mold composition during the press- ing tin,~ roa.~-c:Lng operations. Pressing of graphite electrode 1;',olds. on a piercing hydrau-1.4c pre:is gives compact massive blocks. Such operaticn is niost advantageous 11~Conomically. H:)wevor, it would be desirable to remove the scraps from the die after each charge. j7his r6quir;ement should be taken inl:o account when consider- :'ng modern izatio: i of the pressing operation. The piercing prcsses give molds with :'.mproved binder concentration within the 2-mm outer layer. Calcining in both open Card 1/2 L 52300-J65 AXESSION NR: AP 5 008 B 017 a--,id , closed furnaces caiise-s b1fider redistribution which i-,iprove.-, the inechanical strength of tlsO lower tiold portions and increases th"ir appare!it density. The u-)per mold por-,,iotis exhibit tbe reverse behavior. An excessiv,-, binder redistribu- tion is avoided effec--ively by using the optimal heatini- ratc required for con- ver-ting binder intd sendcoke. Orig. art. has: 2 figures am tables. ASSOCIATION: non,~, SLIB14ITTED: ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: Got lip NO REF SOV: OC6 OTHER: 002 :,)ORZRIYF,V. H.N.; KUZIN, B.M.; SMJVAYEV, E.A. I !."'! TT 1~ ~. Therml Insulation of graphitizirg furnace3. TSvet. met. 38 no.4t 57-58 -Ap 165. (MA 18:5) FRISH, M.A.; SMIR190VA; A.S.; DORZHITLY, M.N. Study of the uniformity of graphitized elootrodes using a radioaotlve.sulfur isotope. Zhur. prikl. khim. 38 no.3t 537-545 Hr 165. (MIRA 18:3-1) 1. Submitted January 5, 1963. 50) S071/70-29-7-25/03 AUTHORS: Radzhabli-Seidova, 11. A., Khromov, S. I.,$ Dor-hiu,-Z)&-,, Balenkova, Ye. S., Treshchova, Yo. C., ~zanskiy, B. A. TITLE: Contact T:7ansformations of 1-Methyl-l-propylcyclohnxano and 1-Yethyl-l-butylcyclahexane on an Aluminum Silicate Catalyst (Kontaktri3-ye prevrashcheniya 1-metil-l-butiltaiklogeksana na alyuno!jilikatrwra katalizatorc) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey khimii, 1959, Vol 29, Nr 7, pp 22111-2224 (USS;',) ABSTRACT: The author,g continued their investiCations (--'of 1) synthesize(I 1-methyl-l-propyleyelohexane and 1-metlhyl ; 1-butyl- cyqlohexanci over an aluminum silicate catalyst at 50i~ ; under the earlier conditions also in this case -aocour, hydrocz~rbonc, a liquid condensatet and coke ceparatod on the c,-Aalyot vore obtained. The gaaeous products were fractionated at lo7 temperature by means of the apparatus TaIATIL-1~1-U cnrl the composition of the separated fractions was detoznnined by means of the apparatus VTI. In order to determine the composition of the condonsatef rectification, chromatographic adsorption on silica Lrel its well as optical and chemical mothodo were applied Card 1/2 of investiaction. The following wtOlfo viere obtaiiied for the Contact Transformations of 1-1!ethyl-l-l-ropylc-,(,Iohexare S07/7'/1-220-7-25/3, V 5 11 and 1-Ilethyl-l-butyloyclohexano on an Aluminun Silicate Catal~-st, transformation products of 1-mothyl-l-propyl cycloliexane: jUaseous hydrocar~bons 23-07j, liquid paraffins 5-9~, naphthenes 20.Zj, aromatic hydrocarbons 33-Y~, coke 16660j, The followinC4- resulted from 1-mcthyl-1-butylcYclohexane: ,gaseous hydrocarbons 30.6,t, liquid paraffins 4.0,1% naphthenas 17.0%, aromatic hydrocarbons 41-3*'0, coke 5-8~- The results obtained confirm the rules not up already earlier (Ref 1) for the catalytic transformation of 1,1-dimethyl cyclohexane and 1-mothyl-1-othyl oyclohexane. Also in this case the main products were aromatic hydrocarbons. In the gaseous products saturated hydrocarbons predominate (propane and butane). With increasing number of the carbon atoms in the alkyl group of "he above compounds also the intensity of catalytic transformation increases. There are 6 tables and 6 references, 4 of which are Soviet. ASSOC IATION.- Moskovskiy c;osiidar:jtvoxlnyy universitat (Yoscow State University) SMUTTED: June 9, 1958 Card 2/2