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December 31, 1967
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DORZEINKEVIGH# Iolle, inshe Now toobvical soluti r-for shift reinforcement In the mines of Krivoy Rog Buino Shokbtootrole 6 noslls6-9 N 162, (MIR& 15t12) 1. Treat po proyaktiror-suiyu sholonorudnykh prodpriyatiy Irivo- rozhakogo baoseynas (Krivoy Rog BasI.In-44ine timbering) (Shift sinking) DORZHINOV, S.N. Works of the Krat. published by the Buryat General Scientific Re!!ep-rch Institute Siberian Brancb of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. soob. WNII no.1:155-162 *5 .D 6 (Bib*.Iiography--Buryat-l'ongolia) (YJF-A 14;9) DORZHIYHV, A.TS. ~, Tinoly problems. Zhtvotnovodotvo 20 no.3179 Mr 158. (KML 11t2) 1. Olarnvy vinote)-chnik Beklemlebevskoy nashinno-tralc-tmoy etantail, ChItInakogo rayovrk, obluiti. (Chita District--Stock and ntookbrooding) -- PoItZHIM V.S. Experience in using logging for the study of the sequency of coal-bearing sediments in the Tugninr Depression. Trudy BKNII no.7%31-35 161 jTugnUY-~,epression-Coal geology) (MIRk 1614) OCHIHOV~ Tq7bl k 11ohl rovi ~:n, fill'AA-YU, Yu z ,--a llrisci :-r v' h: UIAE V Ladlm,4x.,,$t%i ITIP'Rio V, T71ftn 6.) It""ll 1- K SY T N , 7 A otv. red..; (Developmeu-t of Mes-m',c, in Tram- baikalial Ti%zviQ--A mez-)-.:~'Isk'fh stri-klur ZabAykallla. Uan-Udki., kn',zlin,)c 2zd-vo, .1965. 207 P. (MIRA 18!,12) 1. Chi en-k: rrasp-irl-n i PJi S&II Z,&A. Szegedi T~xlomanyegyetem Torvenyszeki Orvost4ini Intezetenek Kozlemenye. A raphanin hatasa. )aaonbozo fonalas gombak festekkepszesere, Influence of raphanir on fungi, Orvosi Hetilap, Budapest 1949, 90/24 (741,-75l) Graplis 1 Illus. 2 The growth of pigment-forming fungi is inhibitel and their pigment production delayed by raphanin in dilutions of 1: 50-1: 200. hedium containing carotene seems to give some resistance for these fungi against raphanin. Me effect of raphanin is based __ probably _- on the paralysing Of a 'CeY Einzyne organizing growth and pienent-,)roducing processed. "Solnar - budapest 6o: Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Section *N., Vol -1, No. 1-6 ~ _/ " / ,~ ,1-4 MIOMUS, I.G.; a!!~ Postmortem emminations following arsonobenzol amd other arsenleal therapy. Ory. hatil., Dadsp. 92 no.51i1652-1661. 23 Doc 51, (CLNL 21:4) le Doctors. 2. IrAtituts of Forensic Mediolm (Head--Prof. Dr. Gyula 1. Tasekas), Szeged Medical Universitya FAZEM. I.G.;D=. A* "PwwwOWAW&VW Histological changes in a fatal arsenobenzene case and its evaluation. Orv, hetil, 94 no,29:796-799 19 AdlY 1-953- (GIML 25:1) 1. Institute of Yorensto Medicine (Director -- Prof. Dr. Gyula I. Faxekas),, Sxeged Medical University. z) ISYIKAS, I.0yula. dr.; DOSL, Andras, dr. The mechanism of malvarsan death. On,. hatil. 95 no.32:865-nO 8 Aug. ~4. 1. A Szogedi Orrostvdomanyt Easton Xgassariat OrTastant, Intesetensk (Igaxgato: Faxek" I*G~WL& dr. egret. tanar) koslememys. (ARS? M AN M 8, iujo off. mechanism of fatalities) aCER.DTA KMICA See-13 Voi.9/11 Dermatolor-y Nov 55 2403. D6SA A. 4,11jabb adalok az akremonimn potroni tonalas lvnifisz9omb2 eI8- -forduld Ahoz. The occurrence of A krem,)n 'un, potruni 11011C.- Y(5(;Y.%TNfAl.SZI,F JU54,30/3 (87-90) Illus.3 Akremonium polroni infectiun was found on the scalp of an exhumated boy. This fungus very seldoin causes hunian infeellons, but It in frequent on clover, and In faeces of horses. In this case ?lie rause (if dealt) was supposed to be a kick on the head from is horse: the finding bf the fungus supporls 1his assumption. Foldviri - Budapes'. NAZAM, Gyula, I.,dr.,; DOSA, Andras. dr..; REIMI. Bela. Blood alcohol determination In suicides and accidents. Nopegessmegugy 36 no-3:78-81 Mar 55. 1. Kosloweny a Sssgadi Orvostudomanyi Jaotou Toryonyezkoit Orwootant Intesetbol (Igaigato: Fassims I. 07ulA dre eg)rot. tAnar) (AI40HOL, ITM, in blood in &cold. & suicides. statist survey) (BLOOD OtbrI Alcohol In &cold. & suicides, statist. survey) (ACCIEWS traffic. ethyl alcohol in blood of drivers. statist. survey) SUICIIII WWI alcohol in blood of persons consiting sutolds, statist.) FAZZKAS, I., Oyula; DOSA, Andras. Studies on We prostate origin of spermine by Puranen's semen reaction. Kiserletes orvostud. 8 n3.4:337-343 July 56. 1. Stegedi. Orvostudomanyi ?Vetem Igazeagugyl Orvostant Intezets. (SPMUII NIC prostate origin. determ. by Puranon's semen reaction (Hun)) (PROSTATE, physiol. spermine secretion. deters. by Puranenle semen reaction (Hun)) IVAPT, Gyula, dr,- DDSA* Andras, dr. Yhogistatte offeret of serum of infants In Leiner disease, dervatitis, and eczema. Ory. betil* 98 no.19:491-492 12 Mw 57. 1. A Ssegedi OrvostudomMi Baotou. Oyermeldclinikajanak (1gasgato: Waltner, laroly dr. eaetemi tanar) as Igassagual Oryostani Intesetenek (Igazgato: Fa,zekas I. Oyula dr. egyoteal tanar) koslemenyo. ' (SKIN DISILSIS, In inf. & cbIld fungistatic off. of blood. In inf. (Hun)) (WNGI fungletatic off. of blood. in skin die. in inf. (EEmn)) D M t Audras; VNrRO, Janos T Bacteriological examination of suddenly died infants in antaritis, Oyermekeyogyaosat 9 n0-1-3:51-57 Jan-Par 58. 1. A Szegedt Orvostudomanyi, Rgyatez, IgazsagWi Orvostani Intezetenak (Iga2gatO: Dr. Pazekas 1. Gyula egy*atemi tans ) as a Kozegeszogugyi Jarvanyugyi Allomas (Igazgato: Dr. Vatro Janos) kozlemenye. (IMURITIS, in inf. & childi baoteriol. exam. of sue'Aanly died inf. (Hun)) DOSA, Andras "P, Wcological examination of the respixatory and gastrointestinal tracts in newbnrr frnm tha forensic iedicirals point of view. Xiserlates orvostud. 10 no.1:1-10 Feb 58. 1..Szegedi Orvostudomanyi Xffetem, IgazaagWi Orvostani Inteset. MISPIRATORT TRACT. microbic-1. fungal flora in newborn, forensic -nod. exam. (Ban)) (GASTROINTISTINAL STSTIM, miorobiol. game) (MANT, IMWBCMN fungal flora of gastrointestinal system & reSD. treat. forens ic mad. exam. (fkn)) (M3DIGM, IMAL forensic mad. exam. of fungal flora of gastrointestinal system & reap. treat in newborr. (Hun)) DOSA, Arped. dr.: PYAHLIR, Pal. dr. Barium nitrate poisoning witb respiratory paralysis, Orvebotil. 101 no.32:1140-1141 7 Ag 160. 1. 7ovarosi Koranyl Yrigyes so Bondor Koskorhaz, Balsooti Belgyogyaszatt OnstOy (VARM SUWATI toxicol) (PARALYSIP) (233FIRATORY SYST= die.) DGS A, R. Data on the histor7 of drintal g-rAmate Irainl.ig and rn ihm portrait of jozaaf Magyar* N,re het'.1, 106 no,36:1711-1715 5 s'65. DOSA, R. Reforms in the medical education at the Medical Faculty Of the Budapest University during the :Hungarian Soviet Republic. Orv, hetil. 101+ no.36tl7ll-1714 8 ") 163. (EDUCATION, MEDICAL) (HISMRY OF MEDICINE, XX I'JLNT) (LF.GISLATION, MEDICAL) ~~SAwp R . Measures for reforming medical educaticm at the Medical School of the Urivoralty of Budapest under the, regime of the Soviet Republic. (b-v. hetil. 104 no.38:1808-lf:ll 22 S 163. (EDUCATION, MEDICAL) OLISAt V(At-~~r, o0lvelua bnn7ammm~, ei, ' 1 , , ,~ -" ~!; 11 H -. 2 of.1,iveles baripmerrinkv ugyete.7.' tarArzo,wi, ~Iv volo(,Ity wasuremoht by fixud ant3:%o::-.A,3,-v. liany ';,t:j *47, 323-391 Je 164. 1. 1.,hair of MinJrig, Tootinleal of 17envy DOSANOV, B. - t'0-' - -"' -IMOCIn Imds reveal their wealth. Sov.-profsolusy 4 no.11:71- 73 11 15b. (KERA 10:1) 1. Predesdatell Mmoltnakcgo oblastnogo komitata profoo7u%ft rmbochM i slushashchikh sellskogo khoxyaystva i sagotovok. (Akmolinsk Province-Agriculture) DOUY, Karoly Experience with the protection of workers in roentgenological departmonts from injurious effects of roentgen rays. Kagy radiol. 13 no.it46-5i Ta 161. 1. At Ortzagos Routgen as Sugarfiziksi Intezet kozlemenye (Igalptot Ratkoczy Nandor dr. ogyetemi tanar). (RADIATION PROTFMION) DOSAI, Karoly. KOCZKAS, Oyulao dr. Contribution to radiation prvfto*tion with Bpecial reference to pul- mnol.agistB. Tubarkulosio 34 no..~:99-103 Ap 161. 1. As Orssagos Rontgen es Sugarfisikai Intezet (igazgato*. Hatkoczy Nandoe dr. egyet. tanar) kozlemenyW. (RADIATION PROTECTION) (LUNG radiograpby) J r U114 i1t KOCZKAS., Gyula; DOSAT, Karoly; BOITOR, Ivan Radiation protection in rogntgenologioalbospital departments, Nepe- geszoegugy 43 no.4:1U.L-10A Ap 162. L Kozlemeny an Orazagoo fbntgen ev Sugarfisikai Intezetbol (igasgatol Ratkoczy Handor dr. egyetAmi tanar) (RADLITION PROTECTION) DOSAMLYA, N.M.; HILINIX. V.A. Agricultural Innovators in the Southirm, Urals. Iz-obr. v SM 3 no.ft 20-21 7 158, (NMA Ilty) (Ural Mountain region--Agricultural machinery) r Z7 i_, u r :]!,;g1 u1' -l --onas on thi Cotm,yUrm of' land ~Lilt t!,v! Iiii-nil !5. " Slltanki ! Ir.str,mint i r r ! I 1. ri i-t n Vo DOSCIULT011:1 V. V. and MLOV, A. 11. IsponitclInye razmery rezlbovN.. kalibrov; spravochnik. llosllcva, Mashuiz, 1950. 3h4 P. tables. Stamlard dimnsions of thread gaugos. DIP,: TJ1340-n5 SO-. Famfacturing and Mechanical En~ineerinr, ic ti,.e Sovift Union, Library of Congress, 1953- 111, SA., kandidat takhni~hasktldi naulc-. Ornfe..toor, doktor takhnicharlelkh asuir; RITZILIHAN, R. u. . Inrhanar: BELYATIV. Y.N.. kondidot t0hvichenklkh nauk,- BIRUEP. 1.)., kandiint tekbni- cheskikh nauk; BCOUSL&VSKIT. P.Te., kandidat tokhniceskikh nauk; BURUVICH. L.S., kandliat takhnichaskikh naul% VOLIKIR, A.S., orofessor, doktor t0ennichesUkh nauk; GOVIKWO, Yu.M., Inzhaner; G~RODJCTSKIY. 1-Ye.. professor. doktor tekbnichealrikh nauk-. G(RD011, I.Q.. professor-. DIMXR?BM. F.M., karAidat tekhnt,~heskllrb nauk. inzhanar. IVANGY, A.G., kandidat takhnir)laskikh R.S.. professor; XODUM. D.S., kondilat telchni- cheakikh nauk; XOWRIMACV. A.A., kandidat tokhnichaskikh navk: XHUTIKOV. I.P., kandilat tekhnichmakikh nauk; KUSHULI, Y.Ta., kandt- dRt takhnichaskikh nook: IZVJW50H. Ye.M.. inshener: KAZYRIN, I.V., inshener; MiLININ. M.N., Imndidet telchnicheakikh nouk: MhRTYI-OV. A.D., kandidat tektinichor.1clkh nauk: NIBAMG, H.Ta., kandidat tekhni,!hesktkh nauk; NIXOIAYZV, G.A., orofesoor, doirtor takhnicbeekikh aaak: FFSTRUSEVICH. A.L. doktor takhnicheakikh neuk; POZDNYAFOI, S.N., doteent; POH4MWXV, S.D., professor, doktor telfticheakikh aeuk. ?1110CROVSKIY. N.I., profaspor, doktor takhnichoskikh nouk: MNIN. B.A., kandidat tokhnichaskikh nauk; RZSMOV. D.Y.. proferaor, doirtor tokhnichealrikh usuk: SATELI . B.A., prefesitor, doktor tekbnicherkil~rh nouir: SIRMORN. S.Y.,- SLOBODKIN, H.S., inthener; SPITSYN. N.A., prefeasort doktor tathnicheakikh nauk; STUBIN, G.R., kandicbt takhnichookilch nauk; ?ATTS. B.A., Icandist takWeheskikh nquk; TETILIBAMI, I.M., kandidat tokhnichaskikh nalik-, UMARMY. P.J.. profess,3r, daktor tqkhntcheakikh nauk-, nODOSlYEV, V.I., proftecor, dol-tor tskhntch,3sktkh nauk; (Continued on next card) S. I.--- (continuad) Card 2. IGIATT. D.14., kendi-int tekhnicbealrikh nau)-, JL)INILV. i.Tn., ":andilat tokhnichookikh naukj SHRAYBIS. H.U., Inshener, nwc~xzrv radaktar; IsWWHDV, V.S., kandijgt takhnichaskikh nouir, natjc*-.,- y red!Ator; 17 TSVETROV. A.F., dwtent, nAucbr4yy reds)rtor. inihener, nouchuyy redaktor. MARKUS. 14.Te.. iaztener. nA?-.t-hn-r.7 rOJd#kktor-. KARGABOV, V.G.. inzhener, neuchnyy reda!ctor, ACIHMiL,,L4. N.S.. daktor takhnichookikh nauk, professor. redaktor, SIYVLOV.-~ T.F.. tekhniehe- skiy redaktor (Hanual of machii-ery manufacture] Spr~,-.-,chnlk -%ashincrtrn ite lie; v trok-h tomakh. Movkva, Uos.nanchno-,vkvin.L?.!-vo vraohinostrnit. ILt-ry. Vol.3. 1051 1099 p. Ofi.~',A 10:0') 1. Deystvi tell a7v Olen AkadeT.11 nAt-,k (fcr Serenser.) (Machinp") V.: V. i5oasuring Instriments - St.-tnlardr. StnnflArdization nnd norimlization in the field of measuring instruments tAn4 devices, Vest. urtsh. 33 No. 2. 1953 14onVil,y List of lbwaihn A;c 99'aan, Libritry of Congress. rime 191;1. uncl. 9~ _ -- YBOIDY, C H14 / 0 r, V. Y. A.N.; DOSCHATOT. T.T.; SOKOWYA, T.F., tekhnicheskiy redaktor. --.- ft"s (Standard dixonsionn fDr thread gauges; handbook] Ispolnitellays razzory roslbovykh kalibrov; spravoohnik. Isd. 2-s, dap. Xoskya, Goo. nauohno-tekhn. is-1-yo mashinostroit. i sudostrott. lit-ry, 1954. 439 p. (MLRA 7:11) (Screw threads, Standard) DOZCHA'*Ov, V. USSRMis-;elIaneou8 - Instruments Card 1/1 Author S Doschatcv, V. Title I Consultation on Goverment Standards Periodical i Stan, i Instra Ed. 1, 38, Jan/1954 Abstract t The question on the application of Government Standards, (003T .577-53 and 65af-53), to rermissible tolerances for tius indicators and micrometerns respectively is discussed. Table. Institution t Submitt,xi 1 ALISHITS, I.Ya... kandidat talchnichaskikh nauk; BARKIN, S. I., kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk; IIALAISHIN, B.S.. doktor tekhnicheakM nauk, professor; BWSIILIMM, R.D.. Inshener-. BWATW. T.H.. kandidat takhuichaskikh nauk; HIRKINA, N.I., inshener; BIRM, I.A., doktor tokhnicbeskikh nauk: BOGUSLAVSKIT. Tu.K.. kandidat takhni- cheskikh iw*; BORDVIUM, L.S., kaMidat tokbnichaskikh mauk: OONIUIM. Yu.H.. Insliener: GORDON. T.O., professor: GORODITSIff. 1. Ye.. doktor taklinichaskikh nauk, professor; GROMAN. M.B., in2bener; DINIR, Ya,I,, kandidat takhnichesklkh nauk; DOSGRATOT, YAJL.p Inshaner; ITANDir, A.G.;, kandIdat takhuichaskikh n-a ~= KINASOSIIVILI, R.S., dAtor takhnicbeekikh nauk-I professor; Kw- TIKOV, I.P., kandidat tekbnIchemk1kh nauk; LVMSON, Ye.K.. inshznart. KWRIN. ur. inzhener; MARTMT. A.D., kandidat tekhnichesklkh nauk; 11IBERG, N.Ya., kaMidat tekhnicheskikh cauk-, NIKOLATIN, G.A., doktar takhnichookikh nauk. professor; P37RUS11- VICH, A.I., doktor talchnichookikh nauk; POZDWAKOT, S.N., dotsent-, PONOMARW, S.D.. dokti)r takhnichookikh nauk, professor; PRONIN. 3.A. kandidat takhnichoskikh nau : RESMMY. D.N.. doktor takhni- cheslcikh nauk, professor; SATXLI. V.A.. doktor takhnichookikh nauk, professor; SIMAIMT, F.F., kandidat lekhnichaskikh nauk; SWBODKIN, H.S., Inshimer; SPITSTS. N.A., doktor takhnichookikh nauk, professor; STOMIN, G.B., kandidat takhatchaskikh na ; TATTS, B.A., doktor tAhnichoskikh nauk-. CM SHIF. H.A.. kandl- dat takhnichaskikh mik-. SHNWDXHDTICH. R.N.. kandidat tokhal- (Continued on next card) ALISHITS. I.Ya.. kanAidat tekhnicheskikh nauk (and others) ...... 0 Card 2, chovskith nauk, NODIOV, T.Ya., kandIdat takhnichookikh nauk; MMIKH, L.B.. kandIdat tekhnicheakikh nauk; ACHOW, N.S.. dnktor takhnichookikh nauk, profeasor. redaktor; MARKUS, M.Te., inshener, redaktor; KARGABOV, V.G., inzhener. redaktor-, SOKOLOTA, T.F., tekhnicheskiy redaktor. [Mechanical eTWIneerle manual; in 6 volumes] Spravochnik mashino- stroitella; v shesti tomakh, Isd.2-s, ispr. i dop. Moskva, Goo. nauchno-takhn.10-TO mashinostrott. lit-ry, Vol.4, 1955. 851 p. (Mechanical engineering) (MIJtA 8:12) AIRIPOV. K.Y.. inthen-jr; doktcpr tOkhni:-)-.evkilr'n prc-fassor: BARYIOV. G.J.. Inlhener,- UMLIKAN. R,L)., iaztenor: BXRDICHAVSKIT. Ya,G.. lnzhom-r: BOBKOV. A.A., Inzhener. KAL11111h. M.A., kandidat takhnichesirlich nauk; KOVAN. V.M., doktcr telrl~nl:*e- skikh nauir, profeveor; KOICU'j,WY, V.S., doktor tair~nt,+etktk~ nauk; XW110YA. A.G.. kan4idst tml~hntcheskikh nattk: KURY.41TSO, it . A' . , doktor khimichookikh naizk, arofeasorl KURYbHSVA. Ye.F., inzz~iersr: IAKHTTU, YU.M., Icktor tokhr1rhaskikh nauk, orcireteor: HATMAH. H.S., inthenarl NOVIrOV, H.?.. kardidat takhnicherkikh nauk; PARIY- 3XIY. H.S., lazhavier; PAR4~'WNW, M.S.. inzhener, ?QIIIOY. L.Ya., inzhener; ?O?OY, V.A., lmndi-nt tekhniche-tkikh naulr; SAVSNih, doktor tokhnicheskilph miuk, or-fessor: bAbOV. V,V.. kandi,t *ekrni- chaskikh nauk; --ioktor telrhnicheakikh nauk. orr,fecqcr SUOLOV"KIY, A..?.. doktcr te'.hnichaskikh nauk, orofear-or [Ae,~ec!-:-di- STAHKAVICH, V.G., inthener; -TUMIb. Yu.L., in?"Per: ij1y.-M'UY. !'.7.. inzhener: TSJCYTLIN, L.B., in7hener; SHUYHOV, Yu.-I., kwidd,31 tekhnichaskikh nauk; bAbh1ii, -1. 1. , kandidAt tekhni--hps"k~ leul' VOUOV, S.I., kandiat tak-l-nirheskikh nsuk-, GUROJAT!>KIT., doirtor tekhnicherikik-b naO-, professor: "OSHEIN. A.K.. Irardidat to!-hn1ahaskikb nauk. ZAMAIIL4. 1.S., inzhennr; LSAY&Y. A.L. dolctor teMini-beskikh notdr. vrnfessor. inl~~,V. ~mndidat toOhnicheakikh %vtillr; MALOV. A.b., kandidet mouk; KARDAUYAN. M.Ye., -in?hener; PANCH9NIC. X.P., tv,.~Aidct skikh naulr-. SBIWA;Y. v.ll.. inzhanar; STATICY. X.?.. kr-n-ildat cheakikh nauk; SYROVATCFWI&C. ?.V., inzhecer; TAM!.-. irz*r,?!r.F#r; WYA.~-IWVA. H.A.. karoidsit ttOrhnichaskikh nauk; (Continued on next -.L-rd) AliTir"OV, red - To'. =nual) v rod.savat 7.14. Vo:. k--'ol red. S34 0 .4, rr I Dc 11'q To V, V V' AUTHOR: DoachaVov., V.V. 123 - I - 24. TITLE: Principles of Interchangeability and Standards (Printsipy vzaimozamenyayemosti I standarty). PERIODICM.: Standardizatsiya, 1956, No-2, 28-32. ABSTRACT: A short historical review of the development in the USSR of limits and fits standards for typical junctions in machinebuilding is presented in connection with the 30-th anniversary of the approval of the first issued standard In the US:3R. Problems at hand in the field of standardization aro clarified. These are: the replace- ment of optional standards for many joints with obligatory standards; the development of standards for limits in angular dimensions and for the geometrical form of products; the development of standards for instruments used in measuring threads, gears and in automatic inspection of produatas and the active partia- ipation In international organization for standardization. Card 1/2 ZH.A.N 123 - 1 - 24. Ref.Zh., Mashinostroyeniye, Nr.1, 195V Item 24. ASSOCIATION: PRESEIMD BY: SUBMITTED: AVA,IT-A'RT : Card 2/2 DOSCHATOV,T.T, Standardizatles in Sweden. Stanilartizataiia ne.3:80-81 My-Jo 156. (MLRA 9:9) l.Byuro vzaimos&m*my&yvm*stl KSAIP. , : - -, . ., i, I (Swodes-Staudardisatisom) c" YOLODIK, V V Y~l kandidat takhniabookikh tiouk- GMODBTSKIT. I-To.. professor. doktor takhnichookikh nouk Edecessedi; DOSCHATOT, V.T., Inshener; KOROTICOV, V.P.. kandidat t ekhn i cb ask i Oh-n-auikv. nz honor; NISTMtOVSKIY, K#M., inshoner; PALSY, N.A.. Inshener; ROGTOTTO, A.Ya.. kandid-at tokhuichaoktkh nauk; TATTS, B.A., profeemorl doktor tokhaicbs- akikh namk: JIYDIVOV. T-To.. kandilat tokhntchookikh nauk; ARTAYS. A.T.. inshemar; CMJDOV, T.A., inzboner; ACHOUN, U.S.. doktor tekbuicbeskikh nauk. professor, glsvW redaktor; VIADISIAVIAV. V.S.. redaktor; KA1q, A.S., radmktor; POZDNTAXOT, S.N., rodaktor; STOLBIN, G.B., redaktor; CMNAVSKIT, S.A., kandidat takhntchookikh nauk, redaktor; KARKUSo X.Te., inshonse, rodaktor [deceased]; XMIGANOV. T.G., inthemer, rodaktor greficheskikh mbot; SOKOWTA. T.P., tekhnichaskiy redaktor [Metal worker's uanual-, in five volumeaj S-prevochnik aetallista; v plati tomkho Red. soyst I.S.Acharkan I dr. Moskva, Goo.nauchno-takha. tid,rvo sashinostrottelit-ry, Tolele(Pod, red,,S -A. Cho rnsvskogo) .1957.603 p. (Mechanical engineering) AUTHORj Doachatov, V.V., 28-4-31/35 - - - ------------------- TITLEi The Fourth Conference of the ISO/TC 1 "Thread". (Chetvtfrtaya konforentsiya ISO/TX 1 "Rez1by"). PERIODICALt Standartizatsiyal 1957, # 4, pp 83-84 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The article presents detailed information on discussions and recommendations of the 4th conference of the Internati,)nal Standard Organization,s Technical Committee No. 1, which took place in May 1957 in Lisbon, Portugal. There is a table and I figure. ASMINION: Ministerstvo putey soobahchwdyx (Ministry of Railroads) AVAILAZZ: Library of Congress Cara 1/1 AUTHOR: TITLE: PERIODICAL: ABSTRACTs Doschatov, V., Engineer SOV-28-58-4-33/35 It Meeting Of the ISO/TK I (Zasedaniye ISO/TK 1) Standartizatsiya, 1958, Nr 4, p 92 (Urj5R) 1he regular 5th meeting of ISOITY I took place in June 1958 with 27 countries participating. The program Includ- ed discussions on terminological problems and short re- ports on the activities of various operation groups. 1. Standardization--USSR Card 1/1 c /-M V, 64 V, flit 16 PO bad Sjui NOW 1114 3 .43 11 It I 1141V it oil Sol Evil t, 2, t. A011 J'S 0 all a VIV is 113 It jj All \1 -TNPDL-T" Insh. Meeting of tts Technical Committee No.1 of the International Standards Orgxuixation. Si-indartizatelia, 22 no.4:92 Jl- 158. 1- IxIRA 11:10) (Standards, Xngineer'ing-Gongresses) MW, A.H.. kand.takhn.nauk: BAND, S.I., kand.takhn.nauk; VOLKOT, S.L. kand.taklm.nauk; G-OROISTSKIT, Ije.' prof.. doktor takhn.nau ; GMSUIN, A.I., inzh.;-DQSG2ATPL Y.V.,.kand.tekhn.nauk; ZAKALIN, V.S., lnzh.; ISATIT, A.Iog pro ist 6IM'takhn.nauk; KZ=V, S.M., kandetakhn.nauk; KARDANTAN, M,Ya,t insho; PANUHUN, X.P., kand. takhn.nauk; &MaUMV, D.M., inzh.; STAYNY, X.P., kand.tokhn.nauk; STROVATCHEMO, P.V.,. inzh.; TAURIT, G.E., lnzli,; ZLIYASHUA, H.Asy kand.takhu.nauk; KOVAN, Y.M., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk, glavnyy red.; MAWS9 MeTe., inzheg red. (deceased]; SOKOLM'A, T.Y., [manual for mechanical engineers; in two volnmeel Upravochulk tekhno- logo mashinostroitalla; v dvitkh tomakh. Glav.rad. T.H.Kovan. Ghlany red.soveta B.S.Balskshin J. dr. Moskva, Goe.nn-achno-tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroit.lit-ry. Vol.2. Pod red. 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(MIRA 15:1) (Interchangeable mechanisms--Standanis) VOLKOVp S.I., kand. takhn. nauk (deceastxIIj GORODP,MKIY, I.Ye., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof. (deovased]; GGBOSHKIN, A.K.,, ,, VY.,, inzh.j ZAKALIN, N.S., inzh.; inzh.; J&�9HAjPV KEDROVI S.M.p kand, tekhn. net*; MALOV, A.N., kand. tekhn,nauk, prof.; MARDANTAN, M.Te.,, Inzb.; PANCRENKO, K.P., kand. takhn. nauk; ROUDESTVENSKIT, L.A., kand. tekhn. nauk; SEKRETEV, D.M.,, insh.; SYRDVATCHENKO, P.V., kand. tekhn. nauk; TAURIT, G.E., Inzb.; ELOYASHEVI, M.A., kand. tekhn. nauk; YAKUSHEV, A.I., doktor tekhn.nauk prof ; KOTAN, V.P., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof., red. (deceasedl; SEi~EYEV, V.M., Inzh., red. izd-va; CHERNOVA, Z.I.,.tekba. red.; ELIKIND, V.D., tekhn. red. [Handbook for the mechanical engineer) Spravochnik tekhnologa.- mashinostroitelia; v dvukh tonukh. Glav. red. V.M.Kovana. Mo- skva, Masbgiz. Vol.2. 1963. 9:12 p. (MRA 16;7) (Rachiner7--Desilgn and constructi6n) SOLUE CCDEt AUTHORs Kirsanoyaq _ 0. 1 1 Doshchenkof N2 ma - - J CROt Radiological Department /jeaded by- *R medical sciewes A K. Guslkova/ f Labor one and Oe D-o ClinJ.o,, Institute o mticnal Diseases, W- (Radlologicheskaye otdelerdye klinW In tituta gigiyerq truda i prdfzabolemniy ANN SSSR) Iq 1,1" TITLE: Radiation necrosis of the brains observations from practical Arperfience SOURCSs Moditsiaskays, radiologiyas vo 10,, no, 71, 1965y 72-75 TOPIC TAGSs brain, radiation injury., x ray irraiLtationt radiation biologic offectp bioelectric phencuenong M&Gj, pathology ABSTRJ.DT t A patient with postradiation cbamage to the central nervous system caused by X-ray irradiation of the head was ob- served by the authors* Patient K9. 22 years oldq was a carpenters He wait married, had a li-Year-old ohild, In the past he had beelk healthyt had never been sick. In March-April 1960 due to micro- sporiap the hairy portion of the head, skin of the face, neckq and"* shoulder blades underwent roontgenoepilation. The exposure dose was about 19500 roentgens (irradiation of five fields at a dose levol of 289 wentgens per field)# Falling out of hair began f Irat In thei temporal area parasagitally; and here there a eared a long-unhealed ulcer after some time (1-1.5 weeks). ?or 21pyears' of *bsorvation no growth of hair on'the head was noted. The overm) #11 condition of.the-patient.was'good ',- Thore were no changes_ in ACC NRi AP6015457 4 Ad' ''d , " , t ihe blood cor Ins o observations of thone near him, the pa- Itient in 1961 briefly lost oongoiousness three or four times$ and' iat the same time was subjected to weakening of the skeletal mus- joles. In one year five months, on 7 September 1961 the patient rioted for the f irat, time an Involuntary aelaure, of his right foot# tand then again on 14 September$ an overall opiloptio fit developed ,'which beaan with spasmodic, seizures of the r!Lght foot# followed by the spread of debility In It and general psychomotor exoIta- tion. In 10-12 days the seizure was repeated'.. Pneumooncephalo- graphio data during this period-revealed no pathology. The oran- idgram was free of alterations. From the plezographlo dataq dis- ruption In Intraeranial circulation was noted In the left hemis- phere, manifested as a persistent increase In vascular tone, with a tendency toward oonstriotion, A substantial decrease In blo- electrical activity was noted on the electroencephalogram, more to the rightt and opileptio aotivity from botl-,i sides, more to the left. Baned on oll.nioal datal the development of a glioma was - assumed, Operative Intervention was recommended. In an operation on 4 Ootober 1962 the.brain substance _' was,fouiul to be edemio# and the brain'mmliWd'-i-n-t-o*'t-b'-e't*r-'e-ph'ani"n'g*- opening, Sectiono of the cortex and white matter in the left upptw temporal lobe were removed bscsuse of suspicion of tumor growth, In time microsoop7 the cerebral matter was fourd to be highly edemiap permeated by blood freo of eigm of tumor growth, Uport subsequent careful Cnrd-- 2/2- L 23776-66 ACC NR. AP601525? to b histological examination# the cerebral matter proved e edemlo ,with extensive neorotio fools The walls of some of the,vessel .-were hyalinized; the.vessels were dilated; and there were =y extensive hemorrhages. The short period for formation of the path- -manifestationeg sind the iologleal process, severity ofolinical .strlot locality of the damage to all tissues subjected to lrra- Idiation, from the skin of the temporal region to the white matter,.. :of the brain afford grounds to suggest that the dose the patlent-~ In the head.reSion approximated 5,000-10,000 roantgenso'.1 ,; not possible to find out the true dose level-st-this tlme-~/ Orig. art. bass 2 figarea. �PRV suB cam 06 / SM DAM 19Apr64 Card 3/.3 Ir n i. OM LI - ": DE Yor Netter -perational safety of small sterilizen.3. E.Iektrcttechnii: 19 no.5:-52-153 My '64. DOSEDLA, J. RAM Randto of clinical therapy with female max hormones gynecolog7 und obatotrics. Sloven.lekar 12 no.11:661-668 Nov 50. (CLML M6) 1. Of the Obetatric-Gynecological Department of the State Regioluil Hospital in Trnava (Head-I.Nomec,X.11.). WOW 01 tit, Of Aara,qlo~ t , Islo eras GO 'C~tc 5ra Von tesinoloo too resso 'I. tro Is s4e.ts VSTS xsoiqo Got, 31S1-2 VA lelce ustQr Of tba U of 04 Dosedla, Jaroslav Zemepis evropskych lidove, denakr,-itickych %.',,y(I. 1.) Praha., Statni pedaLcgicke ijalcl.~ 1952. 209 p. (Ucobni iexty vysukych skol) uf the European people's democratic countricb. ~jbl.) SO: Monthly List of East Eurzpean Accc.-~sions,, L C. Vol. 3 No. I Jan. '54 Uncl. DOSFDI,'i. J. Re.,;earch on karst formations in Yugoslavia. p. 14). (Gaof-raficy Casopis, Vol. 9, no. 1, 1957. Fratislava, CzOcho:�'Iovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessinas (~) IC, Vol. (, no. I". Cctober 1957. Uncl. DOSEDU I _ Surface changea cauasd by deop mining in the Hoat area. Sbor isom 68 no.l176-80 163. n branch rind teclr.ical 4 Ft"Ite Cormloa! ;T, ri r 9 TI DOSEF, J. Traction of the Z35 whell and caterpillar versions of tractors. P- 15- SBORNIK. RADA YSMANISACE A ELEVrRIFIKAGE ZE*LELSTAVI A LESNICTVE. Praha. Vol. 28, no. 1. 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Influence of the nreservntion of round timber by keeping it wet on the quality of raw sleeners. P. 13. (DREVARI-KY VY3?,U?-'. ~Jol. 1. No. 112, Oct 1956, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) SO: Vonthly List of Last European Accessions MAL) LC, Vol. 6, 'A:o. 12, Dec 1957. Uncl. DOSEKIN,-V., polkovnikv kand. istoricheakikh nauk What the questionnaires are talking about. Kc=. Vooruzb. 511 4 no.17:43-45 S 164. (MIRA M12) DOMOVAp Sleonora.) inz,; POUK, Jan, inz. Reduction of the free forwIdehyde in the air in making particle boards. Drevo 18 nQs3:100-103 Mr 163. 1. Statny drevarsky vyakumny ustav, Bratislava. OSUSKY, Antonl--DOSEKOVA, Nora Examination of the chemicall changes of wooden materials after their pressing in gas-tight space. Drevarsky vy9k-um no.3tl55- 170 163. 1. Statny drevarslgr vyakumny uBtav,, Bratielava. DOSEL, PremysIp inz. (PrahoL) Nomogram for calculation of miorohardness. Rut 11sty 17 no,2-1007-809 N !62. k Z/034/63/GOO/OG2/CC1/002 E073/E451 AUTIRA1. DOACL, l4emysI, Engineer T I'l i. E' Mechanical properties of isothermally linrdened Cr-V steel 1-'A (I c u i C \ 1, :flutnicice listy, no.2, 1963, 130-1-36 TEXT: The mechanical properties were determined nfter normnlizing f o 1. 1 (3w(-.-d by cither austompering or oil quenching and tempering, '0 of a Cr-V steel. made by duplexing, containing 0.49". C, 0-7T" Mn, 0.23';-j Si Ni, # 1-07" Cr, 0.161- V, 0-03(y,", P, 0-01M S, 0.330 Cu. (Surface hardneax 450 to 650, Acl = 740*C,OG Ac3 = 770*C, MF 2900C.) The steel was quenched from 850 to 88 C in rape oil, followed by tempering for 2 hours at either 200- 2600C or 4?o - Abo0c, in order to include tile tWO T-Cginns where there is a fall In impact strength. Austempering was carried out in a salt bath, containing initially 1% of water, holding ror 45 minutes at 2~0, 250 (below Mr), 290 or 3300C (above MF). In addition, hardening was carried out at 292 + 40c (slightly above ~117) in a 30:70 mixture of NaO11 and KOIJ conTaining initially 4'," #9f water. The riticrostructure was examined anti the residual aus;enite Card 1/2 Z/034/63/oco/oo2/col/002 Mechanical properties E073/9451 determined by X-ray diffraction. Thp mcchan;ical testa included tensile and impact tests at temperatures from -78 to 1000C, impact tcsts (notched and plain), notch sensitivity, bending, torsion and fatigue tests. Notched bar tests confirmed Gulyayev's results that austempering did not produce brittleness similar to that obtained by quenching and tempering at 3000C. A bainitic structure gave higher elongation, but a similar torsion fatigue limit, and proved insensitive to even sharp notches in spite of the absence of residual austenite. Over the whole hard- ness range the 1)lasticity of bainite in the notch region is sufficicntly great to overcome the effects of stress concentration. The impact strength of the bainite structure falls rapidly with increasing tomperaturol spattal tensile stresses have the saino offoct,acting similarly to low temperatures in increasing resistance to plastic deformation. The reduced toughness in these conditions is probably duo to the presence of large ferritic particles of higher bainito.1 further experiment in required-to confirm this. There are 10 figures. .1 ASOCCIATION: VZU-011 Prague Card 2/2 -DOSXN,Doks Treatment of fibro-carernous tuberculosis by means of a prolonged administmtion of tuberculostatic drugs, Zibe-rkuloz&,Beogr, 11 no.401&.524 O-D 1. Gradno odeljenje Opste bolnice ODorde Joanovics, Zrenjanin,sef: prim. dr Saftlovic. (AITITUBIRCUIAR AGIM ther. DOSE111, Doka; KOTHOSAII I Radica Fate of patients with active tuberculosis detected in 1957 during mass radiography in Zronjanin. Tuborkuloza no.lt79-87 162. 1. Bolnica za locenjo tuborkulozo pluca, Zronjanin, (v.d. upravnik., dr M. 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Iz Ckruthnata bolnitsa v Razgrad (G1. lekar P.Bonev) (RHEUMATISM ompl) DC,St-!,V, $.; STiCKV, D. ".,uestion on determining the standard of operating am'. the standard of production in operating many r-,chines.11 TEMKI, 110"'ISH~;ENDST, Softia, bul-aria, Vol. L', no. 5, L959 Monthiy list of the East Europe Accessions (Eal), LC, Voi. 6, ~io. 6, 4tm 59, Unclas S-4 r'+ - MLOARIA / General Problems of Pathology. The Patho- U physiology of the Infectious Process. Abe Jour; Ref Zhur-.Biol., No 22, 1958, 102473. Author t-Doseva,-1. M. Inst : 17o"t- given, Title : Activity, of Phosphatase of Leucocytes in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Orig Pub: Sovrem. med., 1957, 8, No 8, 70-74. Abatract: 47 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis were exam- ined. The activity of alkaline phosphatase of their neutrophiles is sharply Increased in fibro-caver- nous and infiltrative tuberculosis in the lytic phase. In some casesp the activity of phosphatase of noutrophiles is preserved as increased for some time. These changes are nonspecific, since they Card 1/2 39 D. j DOSEU, I. M. Determination of prothrombin time with thromIckinatse tablets con- taining calcium. Suvrem med., Sofia no.4/5:U,7-11+9 161. 1. Iz Sana4~oriima lekrets pri, Wiiekiia gradski naroden suvet. (Glaven lelcar I. Popov.) (PRDTHRM93IN TIM) (THROMOPUSTIN pbarmacol) (CAMIM4 pharmacol) BULGARIA Chamical Technology. Pharmaceuticals. H-17 Vitamins. Antibiotics. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 23, 1958, 78682. Author : Dcseva M. Inst : fot v~~n. Title : The Storage of Pharmaceutical Compounds. Orig Pub: Farmatsiya (Belg.), 1956, 6, No 3, 9-10. Abstract: No abstract. Card 1/1 WSEVA,, ST. In the Rjidio Operation Rom at ASENOVORAD. In Radio Engineering, No. 1-8 Jan 55 DOIS-VA, 3. Doseva, S. RadioteloCTaph office in Aaen vi,,rzd. p. .1. Conte-spGrIxy television. p. 9. Ram. Sofiya. Vol. 4, no. 1, 1955. SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (ENAL), LG, Vol. 4, No. 11, Nov. 15,55, Uncl. DOSEVA, 3'. With the young technicians. P- 5 RADIO- (Ministerstvo na poshtite, telegrafite, telefonite i radloto I Tsentralnija suvet na dobrovolnata organizatsiia za sudeistvie na otbranata) Sofiya. Vol- 5, No. 4, 1956 SOURCE: East European Accessions List, (EEAL) Library of Congress, Vol. 5, No. 11, November 1956 DOSHO, ~ :. 4111- ~7A We are InrovIng the technique of lining hydrolyzers vith earbon slabs. Gidrolls. i lasokhim. provi. 11 ao,W2 158, (MMA IIS3) 1. Starehly futerovohohik Khalmaskogo gidroliznogo zavoda. (Hydrolysis) DOSE, P.P., master futerovochnykh rabot. UNG Of graysl and quartz BWA in the lining of hydrolysis equiPment. Gidroliz. i lessiffils.prem. 8 noo7s26 155. WaA 9s4) I.-.1rasneyarskly gidrelisay zav9d. (Chemical engineering-Apparatui aiA supplies) (Concrete) GONGMUMMKOy V., tekhnichookiy inspektor; SOLOVIIEV, L.; LEKONT, G.; =OVA., L; GOLUB, T.; MMVEEEV, L.; FEKISHEV, V.; ANISIMOV,, P.; ASTASHEVA,, V.j DOE111 ; SUMYEV, V.; YUOZAPAVICHYUS, L. r; MIMS H I ml- LS [Juozapavicius, Z URIS, M.; VORONTSOV, N.; DOCHKAREV~ G. Readers' conference by correspondence. Okhr. truds. i sots. trakh. 5 no.5:31-32 Xy 162. (MIRA 15:5) : 0 T ekhnicheskiye inspektora Omsko oblastnogo soveta rofsoyuzov (for Solovlyevf IA~UtNlerova, Golublp Medvedev). 2. Tekhnicheskiy indpektorreapi4ikanskogo soveta profsoyuzov, Turkmenskaya S�R (for Pekishev). 3- Zaveduyushchiy otdelom sotsiallnogo strakhovaniya Tyumenskogo oblastnogo soveta profems- ionalinykh 6oyuzov (for DoshAatov). 5. Zaveduyushchiy yuridicheakoy konaul'tatsiyey Arklmngolldkogo soveta professional'- nykh soyuzov (for Serkeyev). 6.`~aveduyusbchiy otdelom okhrany truda Litovskago respublikanskogo itoveta professionalluftb so;ruzcv (for Yuo'zapavichyus)o 7. Zaveduyua'hchiy yuridicheakoy konsull- tMoiyey Luganskogo oblastnogo soveta professionallnykh soyu2OV (for Mishurio), 8* Zaveduyuohcbiy otdolom notsiallnogo Smolenskogo obl"tzwgo soveta professionallnykh soyuzov (for Vorontsov). 9. Predsedatell komissii okhmny truds, Barnaullakogo motornogo za-q-oda (for Dochkarev). (Industrial bygienes-Pariodicals) I . KRUTOV, D.N.; TERMERP V.Yu.; DOSHCHATOV V.V.; KUZNETSOV,, L.N.; GUZHOV, N.N.; ('.HERtTYP.VSr,IY, V.V. Electronic contActless system for primary accounting. Kauch. I rez. 23 no.9%34-37 S 164. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Yaroslavskiy proyektno-tekhnologicheskiy i riauchno-issledova- tellskiy institut i Yaroslavskiy shInnyy zavod. MAYLING'OLID, A.L.; TYURYAYEV, I.Ya.; PILIMIYO, F.3.; ?A.SNFF, M.Ye.; FCOSPICHATOV) V.V. ; :-,TFPAPJV, G A. -- ~ I .Invo,itigating the kinfitics of the oxidatIve dchyd rogerin Lion of n-butylenes to blvinyl. Khim. prom. 42 no.9:647-651 3 165. WIRA 18:9)