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DOSHCHECIIIINP V.G., inzhener-podpolkovnik Equipment familiarization exercises. Vest. protivovozd. obor. no.lltl9-21 N 061. (MIRA 16:10) (Artillery) . ........ ... f, jrtt 1; A. K !Al ~r-g Y f vny 1--fl V !1 4. P BAYSOGOLOV, G.D.; DOSHCIMQ,-V.D.; CILTZB, A.S. Case of suocesoful treatment with sarcolysin of a patient with myelcma. Probl.gemat.i perel.krovi no.801-54 161. (MIRA 14:9) (ALAIME) (MARRM.-TUMORS) KIRWI-JIUKIN , V.1. ; DOSHCHPIKO , V.111. ; !V4)GoR0i)L I'AAVi, , " , N,. ; c- '~'t )',- , ~'!% , Z.B. Clinical manifestations In s'ngle exposure or to cs!37. Med. rad. 8 no.11:33-40 N 163. 17:12) SOV/124-58-7-7983 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 7, p 98 (USSR). AUTHOR: Doshchinskiy, G.A. TITLE: The Theory of the Stress Distribution at the Elastic Limit (Teoriya predellnogo uptrugogo sostoyaniya) PERIODICAL: Izv. Tornskogo politekhn. in-ta, .1957, Vol 85, pp 343-354 ABSTRACT: To represent the stress distribution at the elastic limit of isotropic materials it is proposed that the maximum value of the mean square of their principal relative elongations be adopted. From Hooke's law the eTa*otic limit is represented by the first two invariants of the streA' tensor, and it is found that what the author proposes constitutes a certain generaliza- tion of what is already known with respect to elastic limits, and thatt existing experimental data support his proposal. L.A. Tolokonnikov 1. Materials--Stresses 2. Materials--Elasticity 3. Stress analysis--Theory Card 1/ 1 Assecorm, - ?Rr-,D5T4VtA*0,,YAV(,j*Y# -%AMN01~0 7.1',1,YW SOV'1124- 58- 10-11490 Tr,,--Iat;o- from.- Reter-OA nyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958 Nr In' p III (USSR) AUTHOR- Dctslich;-,sk~~, 0. A. T!TLE- Cor'r ot Elastic plast*,c Sfrj~n -'K tecr'i uprugc. 1)la-;t;i,-heskoy deiormats;') PER-TODICAL- '-~ Tom-;~cgo pol!tekh!-. ;n-t,&, 1957. Vc.-I 85 pp W. It)5 ABSTRACT! fn orcer to de-.,elop equat,ons relatirg the compcnets of !,tresses ana str.,~'rs :r, a case of simple lcid, A is proposca ti-at use be made r, c, t, on1v ct the general zed stress--stra'n relat~orship, as taken, for ex,imple, trom tension experiments of cylindricil specimens, but that d !tew independent characteristic be introduced ~ a coefficient of trans;,er--e st:aln P -1 4 (--), to ser-~e as a funct;or. of the aegree of stra.'n, Under these conditions, the coefficient oi clumetric strain will :dso depend upon the degree of strain, and the mean stress will not, ~.e proportional to the volumetric expanston. Be it noted th,it wher p / 1/2 , the condA:on oi simple lloadin.8 is not fulfilled V V Mosk,,itin P,jj:vsr4vt-ave hAv(*.vv)" j),?/ r Card 1/1 PUM I MM UPIMATION SOV/3822 Doshchinskly,, G.A.., Senior Instructor K oariovem teorii uprtigo-plaoticheakoy deformataii; aytoreferat dLiesertataii na soiskanlye ucluinoy stepeni Icandidaita, tekb6icheskikh nauk (The INna nta3 a of the Theory of Illastoplastie Deformation; Autbor's Abstract of a Disserta- tion for the Degr?e of Candidate of Tecbnical Sciences) Tomsk, 1959. 14 p* 150 copies printe-1. Sponsoring Agencyi Ifneek. PoliteMnicbeekly institut imeni S.M. Kirov&. Wedra soprotivleniya materialoy. No contributors mentioned, PMUM: The abstract in of interest to mechanical engineers seeking advanced information on t3te theories of plasticity and elasticity of materials and stress-strain relations. Card 1/2 The Fimdamentals of the Theory (Cont.) SM/3822 COMM The author presents a theory qu elastoplasUc deformtions based on the indivisible emalysis of the interdependence of stress tensors and strains. The validity of the theory has been verified by experiments. It explains 1henomena, not explained before by the theory of small- elastoplastic deformations. It a3zo reveals wme additional reserves of strength ;in materials under stresses. The axthor descrIbes the geometric aspects of elastoplastie deformations and demonstrates that the principle of elastoplastic dieformation may be considered as a necessary condition of the min'-w of vork in the process of deformation. No personalities an mentioned.. There are no references. TAME OF COMMS: None given AVAILAM: Library, of Congress (TG265.D6) Card 2/2 AC/pv/" 7-19-6o DOSHIMOV, U.: Master Agric Sci (diss) -- "Moniliasis of fruit crops in Central Asia". Leningrad, 1958. 18 pp (All-Union Order of Lenin Acad Agric Sci im V. 1. Lenin, All-Union Sci Res 1nst of Plant Protection), 150 copies (KI., No 6, 1959, 138) DOSHI14DV, U. - NAMMINM Effect of climatic conditions of Central Asia on the development of monilla sould in apricot, Trudy VIZR no.MI44-151 1 58. (MIRA 12:1) (Soviet Central Asia.-Apricot-Dieeanno and posts) 22 (1) SOV/27-59-2-25/30 AUTHORs Doshkevich, S., Master-Craftsman of Industrial Training TITLE- By One's Efforts (Svolmi silami) PERIODICA~i Professionallno-tekhnicheakoye obrazovaniye, 1959, Nr 2, p 32 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author lists the help given to neighboring kolkhozes by the Tekhnicheskoye uch-ilishche Hr 6 )Technical School Nr 6') in Baranovichi. Among other things, the students eq,.iipped the kolkholz "Molodays, gvardiya", Baranovichi Ra:ron, with electricity, installed engine DT-54 with a generator of 45 kva capacity, wired the apartment houses of kolkhoznlks and a number of public buildings. In connect- ion with the recent law on reorganizing the schools, the teaching staff is trying to link more closely theoretical and practical training. Card 1/1 WSM3VICK, S. Through forests and swamps* Prof.-takh.obr. 17 no.2s2O 1 160. (UM 13:6) 1. Hester pr*lzvOdetve=ogo obuchenlys. gruppy lo-58 tekhaichosicogo uabilishchs. 'No.6, Ur&novichi. (Beranovichi-Iducation, Cooperative) USSF/Genarai Problems of PtZhology. Im,unity. Abs Jour: Ref Zhut-Diol., No 8, 1958, 37o42. Author Dm-ukhvulze, A.P., Dzeiranishvili, V.V., Dcsichev, A.I. Irst Title The Role of the Conditional Reflex in the Process of Hyperi=,,,unizati on . Orig Pub: Bul. nauchno-techn. inforn. Gruz. n.-i in-ta zhivotno- vcdatva i vet., 1957, Ito 1, 8-11. Abstract: Bulls producing hyperir=-,une serum against pasterollosis of cattle were divided after 6 months of exploitation into 3 groups; I) Receiving antigen, II) Submitted to conditional reflex stimulation, III) Control. Oxen of the first 2 groups maintained hyperiununity for a period of 1 year. It was sufficientto inject the oxen of the Card V2 141 s/186/62/Oo4/002/008/010 0 0 E075/E136 AUTHORS: Vollkhin, V.V., Shtollts, A.K., and Dosik, E.M. TITLE: Treatment of liquid laboratory wastes containing some radioactive i.sotopes PERIODICAL: Radiokhimiya, v.4, no.2, 1962, 220-226 TEXT: The object of the work was to investigate the factors that could decrease the volume of calcium phosphate used for coprecipitation of radioactive isotopes during its freezing, and to discover the most favourable conditions for this process. It was also aimed to apply the phosphate coagulation treatment simultaneously with the freezing of the obtained coagulate, for the purification of radioactive wastes. It was found that the main factor influencing the freezing effect is the composition of the liquid coagulant. The highor the concentrati.on of electrolyte in solution, the less the changes in volume of the precipitate on solidification and melting. The maximum decrease in the volume of precipitate (about 20-fold) during the freezing is observed in the absence of electrolytes. It was shown that Card 1/2 Treatment of liquid laboratory ... 5/186/62/004/002/008/010 E075/9136 the freezing can be applied successfully to decrease the volume of the wastes, obtained after phosphate purification of radioactive laboratory effluents. The isotopes 45 65 89 90 90 91 144 Ca, Zn, Sr, Sr, Y, Y and Ce sorbed by calcium phosphates are not desorbed during the freezing. on dehydration of the solidified and molten precipitate an additional decrease of its volume was observed, which was not less than 30%. The total docrease in the precipitate volume obtained after phosphate coagulation of the liqu.,.d wastes with a low salt content was more than tenfold. There are 2 figures and I table. SUBMITTED: November 15, 196o Card 2/2 MATVEYEVA, Thermal study of easily liquef'lable clays of some Siberian deposits. Trudy Khime-met.inst.3ib.otd*AN &::ZR no.17:61-75 161- (MIA 15:8) (Siberia.-Clay-Analysis) :AC&SSION NR: AT50013.1.25 S/(1000/64/000/000/0101/0112 'AUTHOR: Matvexe,,ra F. Ai Dosi k. H. 11 -TITLE: Influence.of titinIu'm-dIox1de-_ on_*.the_sinterAna of kaolinite I'# -SOURCE: - -AN SSSR. ---Sib raRo- i 1e - otdeleniy~ v --K-himiko-!.tietallurgicheskix-_~natitut, ;Alyum;s_TJ1katnoye ogneupornoye i;;i-fracto raw materials of the Kuzba3a). Novosibirsk, Redizdat SSSR, 1964,1103-112 I--- --dio- Ccki, kaolkni-te,, _'__ m,u Llite,-exximina,_ ref ractory TAGS:.-titan um X ,ABSTRACT: The article diacusses the effect of heatIngand titanium dioxide admix- on the physical proportlea and phase composition oE,kaolinite. -Chemical, -thermal, electron-microscq)1c,- X-ray-diffraction- and-pe-trographic methods were lused. Titanium dioxide was found to decrease the refractoriness or temporature of __'pyrometric viscosity of kaolinite-,_a 10% admixture of TIOZ decreased this tempera- iture by 700C. T102 In amotnts from 0 to 10% reduces the thermal effects of t6 (,,Ajme -for kaolinite.. - -With -an -increase - in T02--cOntent, the degree of sin- 'tering increases; the phase compositi(xi unde~rgroes li-Mle change, but the form and ;structure of the mullIte exystala is altered: the ai:icular form is converted into Card 1/2 DOSIK. P., inzhsnsr-. SHAPIRO, G., inshener. Assembly and welding of welded metal spa:ms. Ayt.transp. 32 no.3: 19-22 Mr 154. (KIRA 7:6) (Bridges--Construction) DOSIX, P.M., inthenar Nov method of drying lumber. Sbor. mat. o nov. takh. v strot. 17 no.4:20-23 055. (MLRA 8:6) (Umber-Drying) V. Removal of soil In the reclantion of meadows. P. 3-7- (7101"ICET JLASY) Praha, C7echoslavaki.a. Vol. 11, no. 12, Dec. 1957 11 SO: Monthly Index of East European Accession (=-AI) LC, Vol. 7, "o. 5, MaY 1958 DOSIN, G.D. (Dosyn, H~D.] Volcanic tuffs in the Kroano sedimfints of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Geal. 2hur. 2.4 no.2t63-67 164 (MTRA 1812) 1. Livovskaya ekapeditsiya tresta "Xiyevgeologlya*. DOSINY G,D. [Dosyn, H.D.] Eoceno copper minerall2ation in the l1krainian Carpathlans, Geol. xhur. 25 no.WO2-10) 163. (MM l816) 1. Llvovskaya ekspeditaiya tresta "K:Lyevgoologlya". DOS is, M. _IX let's sit down in front of a televisol-. Rab, i slal. 33 no.21 18-19 7 '37. (KIHA 1013) (Minsk-Tolovisiou--Transiiittere and transmission) MICA Sao. 8 Vol.3 Dc~XJCF -1/4 Neuro.-Psychiatz7 Apr 58 1749. PSYCHIC REORDERS AFTER STREPTOMYCIN THERAPY - Tulburari psi- hice dup& tratamentul cu streptomicLal - Dostos A. , Sonnenrelch C. and Meiu Gh. Clin. de Psihiat., -Bucurogti - NEUR0L.PSIHI- AT. NEUROCHIR. 1956, 113 (14-17) Brief review of 3 clinical came@ ( a young woman aged 19 yr., a woman aged 33 yr. and a girl aged 18 yr.) which, after streptomycia therapy(dose 11-18g.). presented syndromes of agitation of the catatonic type. All were cured by interruption of the antibiotic treatment and by simultaneous l.v. administration of glucose solution, hexam Ina and vitamin C. Small doses of insulin (IOU daily) were also added. SchZter - Marseilles (L.8) &-n'GZ?,PTA N i IGA Soc.12 Vci.12/2 OphthaLmolcz~y Feb. 58 ."hj- ISD 221. SELF-IMUTILATION WITH ENUCLEATION OF THE PIGHT EYE AND Rup,ruitE OF THE INFERIOR EYELID3 OF BOTH EYES DUA=G ONZIPIC CONFUSION OF MINI) IN AN OPHTHALMOPATIIIC PATLIENIT. Automutillare cu entscleatia globului ocular drept qi ruperea p1coapelor infericare la ambii ochl in cursul unei confu%ii mintale onirice la o oftalmopata. Dosioa A. BelciugAteanu C., Neicu N., Rosin A. and BosTZ-31TU--G-. Lucrare Efectuat1k. "t. de Oftvdmol., Clin. do Pcihiat. 1. NI. F., Bucuregit. NEUROI,. PSIHIAT.NEUROCHIR. 1957, 2/1 (37-3D) In the literature, only 6 caves of auto-extirpa,-.ion of the eye-ball have been found. The case presented Is all the more Interesting as It refers to a patient who was suffering from a double ocular lesion: chrorsic glaucoma with dc_,,cncrativc rctino- pathy of the right eye and post-traumatlc atrophy (caused by violence on the part of her husband) in the left eye. The self-mutilation took place In a state of mental con- fusion with zoopsta. Copelman - Bucharest (VIN. 12) DU~ I p SArd ANDPO, -an; NFICU, Valeitina _ _j_ CCI ~ A 1,17 Cooperation of the phyul~ian wilh the psycholog"ot Ir, the activity of p9y,3hJntr7 adults). Rev psiholngle 9 no.Is 37'--49 163. 1-103YW11, 'A. 7,. DOSKACH, A. G. "The fundamental iAw",is of the devel-,prent. of th,~- idea of t he topo-raphy of sandy deserts", Irudy In-ta ;,nor~rafil (Aka(l. nauk -SSSIR), Issue 39, 191tE, p. 223-47,- Fiblioiv 73 itens. SC.- U-301:2, 11 11-larch r3, (Letopis lZliurnal Inyhh Statey, ll'o-7 191:0). DOSKACHM A. 0* OThe Symposium. 1(o,,9,, 'Oeographic Problems'," IS, Ak. Nauk SSSR, Ser. asogw. I Geofts., 13, No-4, 1949 35876 Geomorfologicheakire nablyudeniya v rayone ra2VItiya bugrov bera. Trudy in-te geografii (shad. nauk soar); VYP. 43, IS49, C. 19-32--Bibliogr: IS Nazv SO: Letopial Zhurnallnykh Statey, No. 49, 1949 USSR/Bydrograp~ - Erosion Mar/Apr 50 Literature *On S. S. Sobolev's Book, "Development of Ero- sion Processes in the European USSR and the Fight Against Them," A. G. Doskach, A. S. Zen', Inst 9f Geog, Acad Szi USSR, 10 pp "It Ak Nauk SSSR, Ser GeogrTif i Geofiz7 Vol XIV, No 2 Very critically reviews subject book, in which crosion process is considered =1zly frou geo- mWIphological vievpoint. Even from this stan& point, erosion process as discussed by Sobolev ix detached from baaic geographical 'Laws WLML 1W 15W- UM/Hydrography - Erosion (Contd) Mar/Apr 50 historical geographical connections. Sobolev's r-3 theoretical geonorphologicL3. construe- tions are simplified and based on metbodologi-, Cal3,y incorrect concept of cyclic "self-stoppine of erosion processes. . 11 7-111."IN,;. ., I . "The 'I'-irticLpation of ~~cviet Geographers ir, tile -orl, of t,-.c Sta-lin Plan for 1"ratu, f .)rmat ion of liature" rob Fiz GcofTftf 11",111 U-li-`-I - -MI-GWnVO -A. A.;- CERASNOV, -I. P.; DOSKACII, A. G.; KAMANINp L. G.; KUNIN, V. N..; LAVRENKO, Ye. M.; MURZAYEV, E. M.; RIMER, G. :).; CHUBUKOV, A. N.; FURMOZOV, A. 1q. DOSKACH, A. G. Amv~-- -- - Problemy Fizicheskoy Geofrafii (Problents of Physical Geography), Vol. 16, Symposium, Moscow, 1951. U-1483, 25 Sept 51 DC)SKACH, A. G. "Participation of Soviet Geographers in Works of the Nature," Problemy Fizicheskoy Geofrafii (Problems SYmPosium, Moscow, 1951- Stalin Plan of Transfo,-.ming of Physical Geography), Vol. 16, U-1483, 25 Seipt 51 DOSUGH, A*G, "M--WANWI Osomorphological research in the valley of the Ural River. Tftly Inet.geog. 51:5-11 152. (MLa& 7:11) (Ural Valley--Physical geography) (Physical geography-- Ural Valley) DOSUCH, A.G. POWARWAMUNOW DLvIsion of the Ural foothills Into goomorphological districts, Trudy lazt.geog. no,58:5-26 153* (KUU 8:4) (Ural Mountain regior.-Physical geography) DOMACH, A.G.; SKHTNNIKOVA, I.N. joint scientific meeting of the learned councils of the Institute, of Geography and the Institute of Soils of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., devoted to the 50th anniversary of the death of lr.V.]Dokuchasy, Izv.AN SSM Serogeogs no*2:88-90 Mr-Ap '54. MRA 7:5) (Pokuchaev, Vasil Vaell'OTIch, 1846-1.903) DOSILCH, A.G. IwAlooked basins andL rivers of the Volga-Ural Interfluve, 'fruir Inste &Vogt n0062:69-96 154. NQU 8: 5 ) (Volga Valley-Hydrology) (Ural Valley-Hydrology) DOSXACH,A.G. Soso characteristics of the eroded relief In the Saratov trans- Volga regions Trudy Inst.geog. no*65:111-128 155, (KM 8: 11) (Saratov region--.Physical geography) BULMVSKIT, H.S.; WSKACK.,.AJ6,L, MDLAJID, Y.M.; ZALITSMAN, L.M., doktor sel'skokhoslyaystyannyth nauk, redaktor-, IARIN, I.T., sasluzhomW deyatell ngWd, doktor eel I skokhos Iyastvennykh nauk, redaktor; MMOV, V.Ta., redaktor; ALMLSEMA, T.T., takhnicheskiy redaktor. [Mature and agricultare of the Volga~Ural interfluvel Pr1roda I sel'skoe khoslaistvo Volgo-Urallskogo mezhdurechlia. Moskva, Izd- vo Akademii nmik SSSA. 1956. 228 D. (KLRL 9:6) l.Institut geografii Akademii nauk SSSR (for Buyanovskir, Dos)mch) 2.Pochvennyy institut Imeni V.V.Dokuchayeva AWemii nauk SSSR (for Pridiald). (Caspian Sea region--Geography) DOSIACH, A.G. ~~~Vmwmftwmv- Origin of the relief of the Volga-Ural Interfluve. Trud I st.pogs no.69:5-36 156, (WSft-12) (Volga Valley-PhysicaI Ceography) (Ural Valley-Physical geography) DOSKA09 A.G.; FELIMAN, Ta.j. "NOMMINOW1 I V-00- Some features of the natural conditions of fallow and virgin 1AmA In Kuntanny Steppe, 1xv, AN SM. Ser. geog. no.4.-6o-68 i-l-Ag '57. (Km 11a) 1. Institut geografii AN HSIR. (Kustamay h,ovince-Physical geography) DDSXAOH,iAjA.k* OLTUNIN, V.N.; TMROVICH, B.A. l-'l~.;`l'.'-"" . X.Problems in the geography o:! Kazakhstan, no.2,0 Reviewed by A.G. %elrach, V.N#, Oliunin, B.Ao Pedorovich. lzv, AN SSSR.Sergeogo ni).1:167-169 Ja-P 138. (MIRA llt2) (X%zakhstan--Geograph.v) ~i- - DOSKACH, A.G.;,,jVAHDVA, Te.N.; TXROKHIKk, A.A. .........4 Problems of differentiating Isinor and medium topographic fsatureW,--Poc-hvov&deni~ no-12:59-68 D 1599 (MR& 13:4) L. PachvenrWy institut im, T.V,Dokuchayeva Aksdemli z=k SSSR, i Institut geografil Akademil nauk SSSR. (Towgraphy) PIOIiOVMT# Vladimir Tladialrovioh; PMMJDOY# I&S., prof,, retsensent; 30GOROLOT, L.X, dotmonfil, reteensentl OILLIR, S.Tu.. doktor Coograf. nauk, retsonsent: BLAGOTOLM, 1.3,, dhhchriyy lotrudalk, retssnssnt~j ROODMOVA, NOL, vanahn3py mot"nik, ratsenzentS.-DOSKAM A.0 -, naucbnl7 votrudulkq retwensent; ZHITAGO# A*Tp nauc li" slotrudElkl ratmensentl RANTSKAN, To,Tke, namohnyy sotrvAnIk, retsensent; NIKOLATM', R.I., prof., retrieuventl DMOTOLIBUT, Y,V,, dotsent, retsenscitj TOMISMISKIT, 8,,B,, rsd.l SHAKAROVA, T.A., red,izd-vas, PRITS. XK# [Goomorphology and fundamentals 1)f geology] Goomorfqloglia a osucnami geologlip Rigs, Ud-vo geodez.llt-ry, 1961, 283 p, i . ' (NMA 14M) 1jko'haI'n*.otdo1& GeovorfologiA Instituta geografil AT SSSR (for Iler). 2 Otdels morfologii Institute, geografli AN SSW(for BlagoTolin,"Socft- n6a, Do Mho Divago, Rantsvian.). (G*omorPhOL097) (Geology) - - DOSKACH, A.G. ---- Earth science and the problems of altering nature, Izv* AN 33SR, Bar* geogo no*5:'.127-:L37 3-0 162* (MIRA 15,10) (Eartli) (Natural resources) 0 all 0 41 a 1 4 6 4 1 1 1 16 It Is Is IS a 14 It a IS it of a asill MA 16"011 IS 8 Ids is V mixtot if 404U a lito A a-, #.-a- NO o 'PtSL a 0 0 oo 3 00 : I fkallat. ChM. Islay 39. 'M Was Parn'd. fr. an 0 by a amill. COME. 4104M N of 4. at & loop. ranging bet forrims -W a 4 ,fL..d land W" IN 7 1b. C6 + NotOrl r 7" T 1 v40" Unit ykm Od CSLW% Vista 7$A% of St. 0-0,1wal %efriseas 16 Slam life assmailty of C&O, (de"kamled equailions) wool Added, the m4%. yorld q-1 lot, 117. Sellio attainord. %Jbm wmAwqI with VISO Stood. with Coo- Otit,. Shot p t'l Cacro. arm arallsord free 4 Cl. stoln. Ill - lm=g. cachper 1. failed ill fima I rivals. with t1w N&SICK16; a malm. costs, moire thin 4311 g, 111 r 1. ppid. a VaIL"ll gmts. large quentlia" of Ndcl Yield to 9b%, but the Prof. W" V*kl 4 ran" 0- Illa. the OtCrth decreased. and the -= cqmloiw4 caclo; the "114, litanp. for that awl Sam WAS*. Cacti), 1weild, ("an Ko.*jth Mad 4,)&Ck Stroller She motor ranges oil ;far. am that prefol. flatrom NOWS44 we. mvet Saw lmn K and Cl. Frank Mafwh -400 -00 .60 1 .00 .00 see 200 400 SIG14111 .00 welb so 400 Boo No* ,so 000 St. MWIALLUISIL&t illl~41VM Ct&tWIC4t*o boo "llivol Slav "I'll' no 0 L L'it OtI.I. dol Oo. a I a" 400 al 1. u I . . I' I a -Sla a -6 -i ir- _WV -40 AA a 0 all 0 0 0 0 Sp 0 0 : 1 0 0 0 0 all 0 0 o 0 o 4 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . . . 4'i Is 11 0 * 0 0 41 0 0 00 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 al .. . ............ . . .. A 0 00 WO 0t 3 0 0 0.0'. D l e . t4l) Za WL 00 got see Isoo see $04 Tel A IA so so a *0 '11 go 12 !1 g0'3 00 I-so .60 d eakhm Obvels"t in dw wet J. mn"v is p I A W, I a 61. t 4 9 _i" dat,16 WO gijv7ai 320; d. A. no* CIO 4 coo goo ,coo U 6 At 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *10 goo 0 0 0 0 * a a 0 OAAAI ---owe. 0~0 I sit.W ow 0"-444 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1* too* or 0 a a I a 4, 0 1 a to 0 0 6 0 6 4 a A I. a a to I a ROME WWis W fee Its 0 Its 0 or 0 0 *a off go.qp 0.0 0-00!0 00 0 0 0 0 fee of 0 & 0 j4 1 It Is 04 it' ii, 11 A M 11, 1. 4, 4 A to I. a it I, I A AA 10 ~4 j 4; of otoo~ I" 6'..~ 0 The sHdft proopertiols 01 "d it" load M 111111411 1111111041416119 iiuchine tool .,I . I oit I. Mterrial. ufaj Iloolibit. 110114itko I lily 4, 6-141. 4541. r ',0-1 tile -err Ifincrorss) 4 112-1541 944).-From thor various papm and Patient the Of-goriltijir illul 114-bt Itcitillrol ,, the sliding ",W. to siecifwatimil onitilisheol tire obor sliding prilliferriles nol -Of firm #4 the Im-ciriwi-- A -Iw- "(11,14 ItAto nude with Orion. it apfUrnoto flood tilt of'" tit seduallor tn"Itfooln 0 I"o" 17 "colmsto-l" lublu.-I-ot. A Jo-p -4 one is"i for IWAIlitic strucillf? voillifnit Any VVII'milltor. the 4 V1111,14 1 11.1 llw 111.1, 0 .. *IOU h A41~1. 9.1 have Ill."t 0.1 Hot V ra."Imil 1111 it# 40 Vast MAlt too .. for V-41ithir tilt It,. I.-J. 1,41. -1 too 1,41 W. Nicole berbil 1-1 ItAnshotill It into fiflor 4.4 ...... os-firaphior low ApplVillif A PalitnMe hevol-litialmor"t. Rtts- lot this cothitiono lhir rApt., jjj%r 'lumn thit the fill oujIUq. t_,"oI,,tUj jhr 1,4ioraisix trimilmot. low mat 1"V~111.1141 ki-Im, h,%r a id,lot0or tie Ill Inflorn.-c on . [..I A.1ireal to :1 A. 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Thor 4%tet,g t"t- -me --fl-111o "I"Ou're" I" th' out with nit Asit-Im 1-t in-011rulticill. and the 400 131"VOI wa" C."'. 2, Alto 4, jo CIA111FKAY&O, I I 14 a a 4 9 too W nort',,;sr arri fig linti It it 4" 11114 0 40 00 000 0 Goo 00 0 0 O;e 9660411119996410 Goo Iill 0,41 0 0 0~0 0 *OGG so 000 * 0 09 00 00 00 two &immw do tuonvown ame III ems The bowl VIS ~ al Notes 1W laeowl, . A*jMj_(Rut&ivk# lAttly. 11041, r .00 %44. 4. Nvv,. Itp, U4- &I I Ilk;;. M1, 11". lot). It" Combl. A ftvbm of trots w" =d " With various par6witeu-0 mixturn to 004 ft *%it" one alt" Awe W4 seat" barkin, racbmimp. N&AX4 was awmtvvd bi 4MMIA son awl thp I 490 SAM-*,% a , , 6y Obar"01 "hisk was thm 4"041. It WIA lautod 064 061ttlim matia"it 10. 0.11, W*44% N8,41), hat. -041 a logo vo OAK4 tok OW doel OW&M, 6"1 th" $1utett to wartime fift In Um pate of oarburivetboot. tmel Shot ;8%x ", '0, 1"Isvot and "quitt"t earburism, f! =9 . a ShWeb2ftal 11oft and so WW do gets pwt.& TW 1 6 *11 bma am hat Ser earb " of i" old we. & jvprmms%*fv* fwepb~ Tets, awburimmitto Sosto wwre OOMW Me in ON elpold4o lWoove as SW C. Tw ftrbm twtu- toots " appebe otto- I mm~ 1"' 10 42"' "A MW=6.1. with mid *=Orb:: SOM. WO fiven in 141ths. TbW U'"I- dKow", imp"OH61611 with Plus damilaws soft 0 %wy rvd rwipwoll! SWA%Orbariummn. 16~0111060014 w6m COMWAM with sodium mtha. Atoon. "a ft**M maelmueas is vsfy -tad Walave of ociball sed a asilitun #&M pmvW oult&W for j! earbarUbw-k. o. 10 'P. aft ad 0%. 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IIAJ,l1k-- Of Ilk- Mena wag amiamm-d VOLI13 as miolminlrb hat-Im- 1-t.1 (/.c6&) at a Ismail W An g.; verar mistanty IsIa, lik-AIUMI fly tilwrysto" sal the traers of A W01A 11A AlliF NAN'# 1sr,s4AU1kmft ;ilwrufuml desisixs by -6&vlilA . %al ... its llt-" 44 1114- -&WfWt 'ALM nN7111,41,1141 fly i 4411tAtIly 1114sitilltil photclirvill lailglitnicall-writsuring in,imitstait tmil-siss,l stalt a morowgitc. The xFtjcarwKv 44 fw tfan%tts%m lAytt ,It, t I to flud Cc sit as dc i d. Ity plaotawnio t I psi Alblu At a mAS ~ nalwalkin Ill 48 tillies. Drtatk-d dAla '"I ttm,c it,( I'.1- .111im-111 atul I"t TV61311% Are &i%t:i. Mkf-lFk1s(U1r% Air %hirwil fur Imixg. aslItt's. conts. Arlike willIss-111t1l, A~ CA(ilwta AMI Ab SWOUS, IIA( 4*ff. jUldni. X11(l A101 I'Ar 1111%lNi mbluss. to the Cr ballis. The rewlts dumvi Out I,jc ratums it i, adwaniag"An to uw Os, Cr. &slit S usAnyl %411.. Nlip,cramus asidal. Ill the ullfalt skvir-slyti, lus. A IAT,4661 hill"s"Ir slit Ilk, 4 11. ll.wl CS Law. I (,I," R-F~Zzg - - - . - ~ ~ . - , a 0.4 A/ I -.. - A ,- I T4iy ;;- rw 00 J// 00 4ddW.. 193D. 2."Wo., T 'A 24d247,j' ag~ 'N f9vuh, car doer, VW, Ond. 22 ftf. AV AS Z- --Z or fl 0 0 At o 0 40 0 1A ,000 0 -000 ~.- ~~, 10 it j 600 12916 Centrifugal SAIIIALIGI ~Hltlqq Ileniv Bristcher. Aboacna, Lail.. Imnslostun no. TJW, V P. jFrom 5144rv*40, v. 1, rm%. I--* 19M, p, 28-30.) ct-titalligilly vall 11011filt A litters Nte tile Place of JUUWA lint] mac ned illills, Tabics. pi"llogralihi. DOSXAR, 1. M4. 1953. L Vo. The devtlopment Journal of Applied-Chemistry to replace'forled' U April .1954 by =oy steeltasal. low Industrial Inorganic ChemistrS, devvloped,;eraml ad other troptr a IA kctual ptactim are givem_ RIL ype. dast to! he ledeburitic eutectold t moulds, have the "me' life, im~ad stred a as the con.veutfol ally mwl6'tCds:" CLAIUM DOSKARY 'I. Effect of the structure of cast iron on its properties as a material for bearings. Praceo p. 113,, SLEVARENSTVI (Minister,3tvo strojirenstvi a Ministerstw7-Imtniho pramyslu a ridnych dolu) Praha, Vol. 3o No. 3, Mar. 1955 SOURCE: East European Accessions Mst (EEAL) Library of Congress, Vol, to No. l2o December 1956 Dc,~;Y~'h'j J. Novodobf, spusoby liti, kovu. (vyd. 1.) Praha. Statni nakI. techtdcke literatury, 1955. 266 P. (Modern methods of metal casting. 1st ed. illus., bibl., notes) So: hastern European Accession Vol. 5 No. L April 1956 "117 Sy.11:11 I. L/I -j Ftecise casting by means of nelting or pcrmanent nodels. p. 108 (Jemna Mechanik a Optika. Vol, 2 no. 4) Auir,, 1~,57, Priqhl) CzechoSlova-h1a) Honthly Index cf East European Accessions (EE:AI) I.C. Vol. 7j no. 2. Februarj 1958 DOMR, J. "Precision casting method employing permanent patterns and pulpy molding material with colloidal SiO20" P. 77. SLEVARENSTVI. (MINISTERSTVO TEZKEHO STROJIRENSTVI ). CESKOSLOVENSKA VEDECKA TECHNICKA SPOLECNOST FRO HUTMICTVI A SLEVARENSTVI). Praha2 Czechoslovakia, Vol. 7j no. 2. Feb. 1959. Yonthly List of East Ebropean Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 9j September 19% Uncl. DCTHJII~ i J. Ghun,,ei in 'n&n, lofy of priteision castin..., u5in~ i,ht lcA-wi-Y M-t"~c - p. 4", ST.WJI,%M,,'STVl Ninis teirqtvo tezkeho strojirenstv-1, ,.re!m!ho strojirewitvi a MinisLerstvo %utomobiloveho pru:-.--slu i Z z;'at-IfIlskych -3tr,ju) kraha, czechoslov ~11,ia Vol. 9, no. 1, Jan 1059 Monthly list of East European Ac,,,ession3 (E;*AI), LC, Vol. 8, N'o. 7. July 1959 U ncl. DOSHKARZ11, 1.[DoakRr, Josef I, inzh. dnktor; VALIKHRAKH, O.'Valihrach, L Otakar], IBM; GM YELI, Ya.[Gabriel, Janj; KkSafl"ANEK, 0. (Kestanek, Otakarll MUKOV, A.A. ftrtmslatorl, EMINU;R, Z., doktor nauk, retaenzent,- POLYAKOV, Ya.G., red.; KPAUS, 0.; glav. red.; SIROTIN, A.I., red. lzd.-va; ELIKING, V.D., tekhn. red. (Precision casting in ceramic molds]Tochnoo lit's v keramiche- ekie foray. Pod red. IA.G.Poliakova. Moskva, )Whgiz, 1962. 295 p. (MIRA 160) (Precision cauting) W.-- DOSM, J . inz., dro Designing maohine parts for precision'investment casting, Strojirenstvi 12 no.10.-723-726 10 0 162. 1. Zavody preoneho strojimetvis Gottwaldov. DCGKAR, Zdanek., inz. Sixth International Congreeo on Industrial Mineral Dressing* Rudy 11 no66s2O'7-QO8 A 163. 1,, Hinisterstvo hutniho pruaWslu a rudnych dolu.. Praha,, 0 L i62o-66 iACCESSION NR IAP5020836 un/026/6!~'/163/00VO991/0993 'AUTHOR: Agaverdi7ev# A. She; Dookoohl Yas Yea; 1.1amsovi Be No. ITITLE: Ultra-weak emission of plants with temperature reduction ;SOURCE: AN SSSRe Dokladyj vs 163s We 4* 1965.9 (191-993 ITOPIC TAGS: plant physiologys biophysiosp low t(nnperature effectp !light emission# luminesMiCep radieta ABSTRACT: Emission intensity changes of plants tit low temperatures were studied to obtain data on oxidative processos. Pour day old iwheat and barley sprouts of 50 different varieties were investigated 'in a thermostat at a temperature range of 20 to -10 Up and photoemis- 7 ,alon.was measured by an end-window photomultiplier, Additional lexperiments were eondifeted to determine the effects of anoxia$ nitrogen, and propylgallate on emission intenafty. Findings show that emission intensity decreased with temperature reduction, Lumin- escenoe was'recorded with -temperatures low as 6 to 7 0 for theirmophylic varieties# ant with teviperatvres reduced as low as 000 for the more cold resistant varieties* WitV rurtler reduction in Card :L/3 L 1620.& ACCESSION NRII AP5020836 0 Itemperaturep emission flared up and established it new low temperature iMaximumo Then,, when the temperature was raieeds emission intensity ,increased more rapidly# probably due to low tompitrature, destruction !of the inhibitor mechaniant. The position of the low temperature ~maximum of a given plant variety was related to its frost resistance. 'Luminescence ceasea in plants subjected to anoxia# and no low temper- , ature emission flare-up was observed until oxygen was admitted to the isysten, Propylgallate, a free radical inhibitorp reduced the intensi. ~ty of the flare-up and shifted it to a lower temperature by about 20* Mtra-weak emission appearis to be a chemoluminesoent process whiuh I;accompanies the oxidation of structural lipide. Phis free radical r ioxidation Is a low level by bioantioxidants, However,, I flat certain critical pointsis the antioxidant equilibrium is disturbed, 'Thenp when thetemperature Is raised# the'expendi"Mra of antioxidants I !exceeds*their return flaw end oxidative processes develop autooataly- ~tioally. Thuss the flare-up of ultra-weak emission appears to be icaused by sharp Increase in antioxidant consumption, Origo art# hast '3 figures, :ASSOCIATIONs Mookoroldy gamdarstyannyy urdwersit-9t. im.' M, V# Card 2/3 DOSKOCHIL-OVA, D. [Dookocilovas'D.1; V011DRACHEKo M. [Vondracek, M.1 Micromethodo for ideptifying and characterizing antibiotic subatances from actinoWcetes; identification of antib..otics by means of'infrared.opectra. Antibiotiki 6 no.8:738-751 Ag 161, 1 (MIRA 15:6) 1. Nauchno-inaled telleldy institut antibiotikov, Roztoki u Pragi. (ANTIBIOTICS) (SPECTRUM, INFRARED) (ACTIN0MYCES) DOSKOCIKOVA., D.j SCHNEIDER,, B.1 SEBENDAV J. On the structure and properties of polyamides. Part 2: Determination ofcrystallinity in polycaprolaotam blocks by infrared absorption. Col.l Cz Chem 27 no.8:1760-1769 Ag 162 1. Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry., Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. AG~VERIYEV. 3.5h.; T,~RUSOVP B,N~ Effei-t of lcv t,.q, -eratures on the extremely w-nik llum'np-sce:,ce of plants. Blofizi~a 20 rc,,5-,P-32-.836 165- (MIRA 18iJO) 1. Biclago-Ixchvemnyy falcultat Moskcvskcge gcsud-srstvarrogo universitata Imeni H.V.Lcm)nosova. HURKA,'Karel, Dr., C*Sce; (Vinicna 7, Praha 2); DOSKOCIL, Jaromir, Dr., ,C.Sc. (Vinicna '7, Praha 2) Influence of relative atmospheric humidity on the survival of bat- fleas (Aphaniptera, Ischnopsyllidae), Cas entom 58 no.2:111-116 161. - (EEAI 10:9) 1. Department of Systematic Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University, Praha. (Fleas) DOSKOCIL, J A find of Neottiophilum praeustum in Bohemia. Cas enton 57 no.2: 193-194 160. (EEAI 10:1) 1. Katedra Systematike zoologie pr1rodovedecke fakulty UK (University Karlovy, Prague) (Czechoslovakia-Neottiophilum) DOSKOCIL, Aromir Two-winged f3les (group Acalyptrata) in the Rychlebske Hox7 Mountains. Prir can aleasky 23 no.2:249-272 162. .. : 9. -#"" I C-14 Tho dc ot baor sAdoas. "dammilp" jr4k.18.0 I, iA,,, Rglut" ". ItIliv. viorWilw) NIV 183. '11 J-P 00414hut KnIHA).-TIUm btrAilks of %pirel-yra aml )I* o( Aingra6d mm obserfed " chty grew in the, buffir suW. mad DMIX of Mowpb 41W " they pf"dualrd. In and ~lns- t1k, occlAlm are timuir luxic than phumphattv, which how 0%, p"trr to%kity in Ciliate% are ""Irv it W 1114ft JAKIN01161M flaw %rty low 11:A Thr Awrlijus und lilowlying rarcs W Im"Cily %idly, Ituty 1W (Oll(VAII 10 1311C.-MiNtAllt ilp. ill vkmwd. budcr mobts. by the coagulation casawd by the aniom of the but. fer. The addn. 44 nutfieuts to the sainsi. n4luml the tosicily of the buffen. C/A N~J. 'h;4.4" - top sc studies " III actions .4 that "horrorsoi only one atcom t.4 0 is, limic-i top oxidize vaccorlool into Al..111 1. consumed, proriounuthly by all uzhli,1414C pir-luct Idwittled in not. soln. from derompa. of hens-prinovir. Oxiiistion mordimed by lyruninaw proccords by inlFimfuclitin oil it hydroxy gruup in the ortbu posith)n to the (miginAl phrucilic '7-p' It a-diphornol stipt-Ars caput,le of reducing ,he bi,=-Ca "n."the tyTosinaw oruensyme. to univalent Cal. most ~, which prompt] mvefts to bivalent. but mome of whirb bmids In,. . rompli with the monophenril. which then horrames readily oxidizable toy atm. 0 IvAn I)ufrrtu)v C4- Orthevoillophisdols atiotli Ill.#, ..Ida IlM pilbeleclIg I II-L.Wil I ".. V, 'Is ... 4.41, swat Cmh-i.. t'li'mot 4 Ii Apo v)- III I III, alf,11.4 ..-- . " I - for 1, 1 rVily at flit lid Allf-It 14, Optalli"I 1., 1,11 to A lilt lo- a i-rit rr Ilsiv, tAllogs- --f I'l I % I., I . It 0- it m III Is An a'", I S.- .~~. tri.. I r, I #,it I lot, for A wirit. '1 .11 to, 1 4: ".,:A.) ...41 I~ 1, .-t - #b, I'll-plostr I.I.ftet I#w,I himli'd. , th~ ,-l", I-Ift".11,11 11.11' 0 0114W 0 P-41.14604.-Alf to 64 6-fil"I ill f- I . 41 754 W. lit, mliumm it lmwi,vim "fill "I... -to '1-t. 16."1 fit llll 0 gi%r 01. m file wir loo.m wfl.* I'llisli"Lil."s Ill 1,11 tM 1- 4". 91 1 I I Is 1 1. 1 J to, 11, j I.. of -itio t u I I I.. i.1 I illy-elfrit. %IIII.M.-O 14 flit Ill 141-1- - 4 1 41 ,jpj- flo"I flosimillso .4 %1.#f 1 fir lisp 'I I.f..l... I .I I I" If. t rt.6" I's f I'm it poll 1.411, "CAlift. A it, I 111, .." . It m6tol "I Alt 1. h. --1 4 N1,411. t The oxidation, of hydrequiscate with lyfoisinate ane &k o!Yj I~Ysk if -low). cO.'!AjWx M (ChArks Unir'. Pr 'Wr C" . cc u48. 15. 614-MI9104in Eng6b).- IIA "4% Prolluc"I. even is% 4 ;rUction interamfisle. In the OxillAtiOn Of O-C.IlfOllh ki) 'ratm.Ointbeinvwnerattyrtmin.~(11). Theoiire- Vscell to 1110. In the prewure o( 1 asid 11. hydrojuin(mue 11) was ouillijed by atnt. 4) to p-qumoue atuf hy.1roty. quitione (IV). awl the rractima yebwtty of this srarns "A% Imnllw1knial to the ranens. 4 1 ant[ 11. awl oluinq m4c. lwtvfrnt nI the III conris. The oxilation of Ul to V.1140114 M In d- Pr-eaca of 11 mptk" a orAce W 9. The V is thrit fufther utillis"I to IV. PuLLrOCTAms and A dift-Als"Oss (a the 11 feadiou We given. L. Roatn Dedvatives of an"*. 1. The prodad from the Bknc. Quelat roactics, with entrain. Solasto-hi Ichik&w.& atut Hi-ichi Tosuhl (Shicao Ksko Co., Ouka). J. Ckest. W. Japan. hrr Chem. Sect.. 71. &*-MX -ut drictihed in the 1wrliminalry mpol a (C-4. 43. UJW). Fur. th". 10 ff. mir (I I wif It 1.2 X. Nit and LY) ce. MeOl 1. pvt I -Allyl4l- met homyntet byl4l.4-met hyk-nnfio% s Nnurne, b.. IX's W. -W 1.125. at' 1 XV41. N&CS Vs c ) -oth is it. I in 40 er. CJI.-EIOII (10: IA) cive rnrdPn%yhrurrnr, Is. 117-9% of." 1. 1117. nU IAJI I 0. 1wmsmUr4 A jolaro tu of. Rome refietions of 0 111 0 W Mill I ~ 1 0- 11railic GleclidjIldir, Ghlitt. (L-0111infigiftf-.15- 7i6-uqIu'Wj Ungl6h).-The deconipti. of it-littillone (1) In aq, %Dill. gives (RICCIIOI luld an fillidCutifictl uxidatioll 11todtict, which Is lipither 2-hydroxy?U111011c, or iiruplhu, itor Albydroz henylilydroxy-0-11i none. 71-Fleaecompil. of I Is j catalysarby aitechol, art cipti. dtta oll the rate of idccompn. fligree with (lie theoretical rate of a billsol, reaction Ibetween I and cnitchol nt collqt. p1l, bot the rate con3t. varies As (011-1'& Tile reaction Is photoctitalytrd.. The mcchinism of the i1cconipm. of o-toltvittinotte (11) Is ~Im,tlnr.,but the reaction Is much slower, owiug to bypt;r- u tjorl. The norintil potcritIA of the 1-catechol couple I +~ 10 V., WhCrCtif tildt Of 1116 COrrCJpOndI"ff ~- quillone ccmple Is +0.7(13 Y. On fractiott with glychie. substitution ptoducu ftle formed. B' for the I-glychle compd. Is +0-521 v.. tind (but for the crimixi. with p- quinone is +0.487 v. The oxidation of cattchol by IIA or 01tv) im a nd substance reversibly reducibic. at the drtypping clecimle or by 11 oil cullobbil Pd. This 6 stlibli: only above fill 7A. Its properties differ froin th(M of I or hydral quinotie, atid It Is thought to be a paoxide- anblifflided clultione. J'Oufil Mcitc-S 14 D(ISKu'lL, J. Czech (,A: 47:11033 Charles Univ., Prague "A polaroLrapkic studs of some bioloi;ical oxidation-re-dLetial indicators." 3bornIk Mezin67od. r"olarog. Sjezdu ?raze, lst Congr. 1951, Pt, IiI, Proc., 645-7 (in Czeca), 648-9 (in Russian), 649-50 kin English) 10 by by d"W616 Ism. J-potblod .Us"M MOWNWO, PAFR-,Qdwo PmW M' Prm. 01843(in Mas-kn), 614-W6 ResIM).-Tbe 762amilAWbetwee to ;G;r catleQ. or Umbic arm am pnLuroMplj y rrvrvWbic OXM4tkwftdvctim . with Wl~wovv potruilaL d about - 100 low. v$. the NWwW 11 vkct"Wo. Tlww complann -Wy- the pok- graphic reduction of HA. Tim poolble fewflas mwuA- ohm we di%cuowd.aml wAxilymn%ts. have bm cRW Im the* "Getim. Otto It. melkf 24(2.4) PHASE I BOOK EMIAITATION CZECH/2433 International PcLarcgrsphla Congress. 1st. PraC4q. 1951 3borvlfk 1. JWzIns;vdnfhQ pals-roararicke'Ao ajetdU. VII 31 HlavnI r4feraty pr*dn4oen* na ojezdu. Ppoc:**dInCs ... Vol 3s Reviews Read at the Congress. PraU, P~irodav4deekm vyd-vC E19521 TT4 P. 2.000 copies printed. Resp. Zd. a Ji;;C Koryta. Doctor- - chief zd or Publishina Mouser Mien 3k&"fk, Doctorl Tech: &d., Ordfich O=k.. PURPOSS Th:,book Is intended for chiselers, chemical engineers, and pb,781a ta. CCVEMUzg The back Is a collection of revi"s and original paper% read at the International Polarographle Congress held in Prague in 1951. Uses of polarography, in organic and Inorganic analysl*, blochemalstry, modlaltrop u4 IndustrLal cheralstrY a" d1mcuestd, In thbr Section. Revi*vs Read at the Congresab Russian and ith r Gorman or English translation* or each review a" Ore=tod. In the section, Original Papers Read at the Congress, . ..... slations In Russian, German. and Enallsh whleh fol- --- publish'-d In Voluxe I art.pr9atisted. Thr(~~ lovIns scientists participated in %A opaiiing or the Contrwast ?Tvfe:,Sor WLltor Kemula, Dean or the Faculty of 3cio~ a, V&r W1 Doctor Jarouir Dolansky, PtInlattr of I_ 1; . Professor Jaroslav He- Co. K. rovsX7. Chjklr,%On of .. A and Prorossor jarcmlav F"azkc, ChLlzm= Or the Center for 3*lentlflc Resasrch and Technical References follow each paper. Pr,chlLk..L Polarograpnic DetermLination or Oxygen %a --ulunduating Gas 4TS jql&.k. T. Use of ?Olsrcgr4Phlc Methods In Control -W&7rysjj-c;r-,tha Treatment of X.zal Surraces 485 abransk' Deter.Lnatlon or Tuallium in Mologleml 490 -xiterlal Russian Tranvlatl~ 1 :93 [German -.ranslatlonj 95 v &We Reduction or KYdrOCt" Polar-oar I~mn * Presence a r catalysts, 11~st Is, complexes of Iran I(Ith C&%*Chol. Pyroaallal and Ascorbic Acid 40 .1 w os and 0. Atbor. P014rograPhlc P. B.0-31-1 _Nthal. 504 .Iysls of B..Zolc Acid and Ic AnnydrLd. O,pk&, 0. polarctraphy or C-arin 509 c Card 7/14 Z99 911JITU *."*True ;Q *A PUT 0 A IK9 1.00"WTOUV44 UITT9231 0111TOUVAZ UvTvvnWj smog ja lp", too UV44 uwTwgnvl Ot9 POOZR WI wAfArO ja .1.4vuTwoloa A (DOTAUTORsiz UVW4,D loar2wrouWaz 9"-*"ojj a-r-prwo stm #UTvdj4m_A= 4,~ ja iwftd Ims Palm vvou&j&j*v -JuwVftjfAoa Pon Ir-mosou OTJTIUOTOV Jej as-4U92 stm jo, UVUJTWtM -O)MWPrj A*-,#3JVr JOVSVJOJi PUT !419*JIU03 " j0 a "" Twt?.7 A"A=4R AoTt=vr .7awasicaa 12UTULMU JO .7"Iluw 'Icnitn"Ou Jlmoxwt %0%=a fitweivA .01AZUSTDO jo zzinivi str. ja uvia IrT-3r -rozrTR jacrojoij s awaaaao -tM JO 2ulo~d* Om uT P"--vdT~1W-vd 64913o'*7*9 StITAWT104 -po-juptid mav I 0=10A UIT PD%MTT4nd U*oq '400 OAVV r-4VIouvis ofm '401tis tm%tS%* pol ftw=oo uvtvffm UT tool .",4suc* 0= %V PM exodua tVU12TJO ua-.1003 sm u1 -P*,4ussf4d 4,TV JUTAW UVWO Jb 9UCT%IT'V~"% %IST12UX 'Zo UVW&O J*%MTS purs uvTvVq; -sweauco acm %V Van -10JARV 'UCT3008 41M UZ nzwTv O-V silovusuo Initrnparl Pull .-Tollpoll :JtngTmqoaTR 'peat -ITsittlut zrjv2ja:l Ptm DTU*uo u1 tadsa0aviod ja a an ts6r ul orav.1,1 ul p-,6,4 a-2UGO VrAdsao"Toj TWU012MIN2121 sq2 IV poba $jo(ftd rqa-.SWO PUIV *"TAJPJ JO U013"TIOD V $I $I*" eqz ISOMWO *q3sjvjvA'qd pus 'dJ&,bUTfM& TWOT"Qa '&ZV7AWtM -2122 "`P=-4UT VT 3MCq Wtr. CSVO-uu asTina 2-P2 'qDSZ IJIOIDOG '3q;UMT UVTTMI OWWR 2UMT-104 ja Ps j0= !j*.Zzoa IVIjUal yjlr -do*% -po-cnad soldoo OW'8 tLL IMIJ a" '996jeucD otm 21 VION OAOIAD-d T-OP-pa -J4 .. ..... uwd Alabjea . c2u 004^ -vtors 'PuAvTE tr TTa Im"ars 01~03(vTjvacavlod CUTuV06~v,TIOM I 3VCU*49 Tr,6T ,,sv" .Iwt -cowacoo *Tttdvj2c6rvrc.T IVLWT4V%63*IUI ND-.jv=mmm mm I Igm Waha c, 0 lnrj lvRtion ci, p. (CAlection of Czechoslovak C"hemical Comrunications. Frahn. Vol. 10. ' no 6'- 1.1,ec. 1053) 'X: 'Ust of Dirc)T-x3an Acc),3~? DO-c',K.OC-LL. Jj_r~ "',M,=.)--The kine ".11P Polarov4phicaur, and by a Chemical Abst- test. The Inactivation aur c 12 1 a case cl I Vol- 48 generst have catalysis. Cat,lytic =d'! of C111 loni tertiary phospbates, etrNmatri, borates, ammonia, stcvne3 Apr. 10, 1954 hosphates aAd Ortlary citratej were detd.. and tte General and ftsical Chemistry v,t*Wylk?lty of the Bronsted rcl3ti% between basic dissacit. coust. and catalytic coefT. wai verified. Activation entr- gies for the Individual catrJyzlng bases were cornputel., EquatIons for the calcn. of rate consts. from tte di"ocn. Pout.. and conen. of the catal,zing base am given. -- 19. Frddi Issledovatelvakiy insitut anitbiotikoys Roztoki u pr&aj. I "=Ut&Uvg polft~ hie dan.11"a" Id ~,Wbtfd- t - ans cl a (Tarromaydn) a c1dortatracydiso (Aursomycia) Dosktkfl (Rcocarch Inst. ArtNotim, Rox- ft tooky. Czctftlff-PWVWfta 9, 304-6(1084).-A review. W- to. were oucctWully made hy ramu of the lfcymmtt "I I.e L L.', L'4 t PT If .~~Vroach6pen (Penetbamato hydroicididj). A siew perii- .llin prePillittiOn within affinity to Ituig, fisiwe. I (if 'M Herold 0 ~'irriahcl V VIZO, wu*~,*~- t'-,,tiav ~!~ 'T:- -(7z -w / 7 1 LA,ufrl &Y-4ich 03, all'i critetia of the livilraimlide of 1--.< w yl tier, i--d! in diet Will ait! Ine.11tioned. ClilliC.11 Te. 1'pt 01ho v rrl~:d AMUWJ of rnk". -NT3=LT 11, , Ofto Vondrfikck *W Jill ktp!:U.~ Czet , SSJ92. We. 1. IM. AcyI&tioa7wvwx1rO(1) with cociaor CICOOMC given betur ykwls 47.) %),O)an isthet methods wul Is mom Us. a mL,DI a 10% main. of 030, in CJ1J1.-.=d to an Ice-ccoled swrmusion of 7.44 9. K-aft of I In 50 ml. dry (,'IICI* and the mixt- shaken 41soolved. The ffivale ims treated with 2 ini. dry = BtsNCHtCH,OH In 10 ml. CHCIv. tubted well. and let vAnd 3 has. at "*. After shaking with phaiphAte buffer aW 7.%ftW CHCJj hirer wus dild. with 30 ml. ke Walter. a Wed h N HO to) VH 3.5. and the &q. phase ~-humedlstsly Iyo Ititel. 716e rr*uhing dry material A0 0:1dh of the diesh*14sawth Ockl_ Ie id td 6 SimiLtrly, the III sar 14 L. J. MAMk- 14 " , ~10 A ehlortatracyclive (1) at imytotascythea wftb Bu acetate (JI) la considerably lmpvvod by this pmake of W'4 taok of his IOt, 1 1-3 dews"t of the an, Is ,=Sa pht C-etmamid X Isis) n I 6W t 0 MI. vW midifii~i wIL's 2 kg. em 84 oxalk acid 11 sit t aid of 4 kg. %like. To the -filtrate Is added 4W 1. Wfulmic-thyllauramide. hafide divadvect In hot water. &!?:a 1. It. The PH is &d=d Ifith cmd. stirrial to ". After stmWing I hr. the l4wer layer b eepd. and rtj4ted. 'Thi ritailocitt (34 Q Is ctatri- foxed. uod 18 1. of the rkh U is favd., vritb 3 + 2 + 11. water. The tombimdexti. am adjusted with 5% RM4 MH 30-4.6 and ituted vifth 2 t4 mid. sq. ". of N&C1. sepd.cryst. I-RCIvorightdSO j, and am)-vd 045 ilms. DOSKOCM, J. First International Symosilim on Antiblocties In Warsaw. P. 507- International Embryologic Congerence in Brussels. P. 508- DAFM CESKOSLOYENSKA B10IMIS (Ceak6lovenska akademie ved. Hiologicky u3trav) Pkiaha. Vol. 4. No. 8, August 1935. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EZAL) LIbra17 of Congress. Vol. 5. No. 1, Januar7 1956. id 1110"Extractifil febacyclWo antibiotics, Idu Mijan Doh)".1. Tho., TC%nh. 8S,597, Mar. IA in. ofI 57a cittergeittconsildtmblyknproves the extn. To= 1. ftrm"'J$k 'a"' 6"cd ticm medhum of c1 a 11, , urto 014 MOW. 800 -flM ler.1I 1, was addtd'WO g. 111. em g. W g1t, and the milt. was extd. at P11 M with, MOLt in Lod-. zontsJ ext4ctoji. The ext. (40 1.) wu shakca with 8 L. satd. aq. i4n. c f MAO, und& the o3ptinuous addri. of." 270, sain. of NaOll to pH 9.2. The aq. ext. was pptd. with a, vsln. of 2W g..VcSOj in 11. HsO, arx! the ppt4. Mg milt a!) oxytetracyclinc (1) was washed, drieJ in racw, diisolved iii 2 1. 3% MeOR soln. of HCI, ond evapd. to 500 nil. L) rjvc, on conlbig to -10*, 125 g. cMt. WICI whk--h ti,-~ -A J- A txk~ foo: 11w OkYtlillte. (1) A.M.1 011 LWYCHat (11). f Mtn ti t I t U Cue m". (f ul!~. is OP-1- to 10 mL w~!h O.Ell N:4PO, - -in'. fl.,titic and nuint -r Ipit. h di.14, tr, 10 cil, with 0.21,11' phosplaw bufmr to v1J 0.0.- TWo4tim iwcrAhtrv ls~cwitl out itti-th the saln. I and V. All the roAut. uw k ipt tx.14) (nin. it 20-51 Two ini. 0 t:agh of t1?. Um. tire viived It i t h b ru 1. 2 N I 10 lit the M~A ttAhvmh mi%~i heate-A m a I.-A-i1mv watcr bath fiq h vilit Afit-i-c,-ulinx, the solm. is dild. w~h .5 MI. w2tuand cKtinetion vintured t.t 410 w;,. Ranks am treated in the %Ui-- witly, 141t t1woltoples in ph(?-P lbate. 5, 1111. nvc mc;t hf.1 I A. The iitul,'cif I wid a in the scuupie ii ca!cd. ftorn fovr,il I [All (4-4j'j' writte (I r-cpTrults conc-n' tit the 'i 11;q !;jMj)ji. LM V w at fGhl.. It VIC crth"'Ait3n too of It standurd soln. kwUh,.-ut a tk. byd-(j) Thcvu!ql~s a mid It 4how rcla6-in *f 4b). -'theexticdjunuAlf. of H c4 Z,riiip, after alk~ jiim:tivit to the maysmd ciodmiAb= cN tl~ 11m, av. dcAit~,)n houi dic Cotitcl. Yik* -of I was :kl.11361iind of.11 ILA, t: f D -4.-~ r~ - Vz~ 31 rfl~ zo Kilo DDSK-XIL, j. Compo-inds of chlorotetraejeline with nagnestwn and q-.iaternary a,lionilin bases. P. 800 (Instit-ate o.11* Applied 1-hysics - Czechoslovak Academy of Science) Vol. 50. NO. 5 :~:ay 1956 SO: Monthly Index of East European Accession (&AI) L-C, Vol. 7, NO. 5 .-'~ay 1958 ~--'ECHJSLOVAKIA / Microbiology. Antibiosis and F Symbiosis. Antibiotics. Abs Jour : Ref. Zhur - Biol. , No 21, 1958, No 95028 Author : Belik, E.; Herold, MI.; Doskooil, J. Inst Tit le ; New Ue4~hods of Biosynthetic Production of Anti- biotics. 1. BiosYnthesis of Chlortetracycline Without the Maintenance of Aceptic Conditions. Orig Pub : Folia biol-(Coako.), 1957, 3, NO.4, 229-2354 Abotract : Obawvation of the utilization of a 24-hour In- oculum In a fermentation medium in which ahlor- tetracycline In Introduced in a quantity suffl- clent to carry out the process In non-Bterile conditions are reportsd. Special Infaction with bacteria, yeasts, poluted rater and soil did not lead to a decrease of the antibiotic yield. rckra I-/-? czr,oHOSLOVAKIA / Microbiology. Antiblosis and F Syrablosis. Antibiotics. Abs Jour Ref. Zhur. - Biol., No 21, 1958 No 95028 Yeacts from p. Torulopsis and wi wildentified gram-negative bacillus h massive infection m Mplied in the fermentation mediums but only ul the yeante deoreased the yield of chlortetraoy- cline In this manner. nara P/P X,S?:(7C!L, J. lst European Symposium cn the bioch!misti-j of antJbiotics in 11-1il-Ar. p. 293 (Chemie., Val. 5;j m. 2. Apr. 1957, 'r-raha, Czecheslevakia) Month],y Index of Finst European Accessions (EEA.!) LC. Vol. 7. no, 2, February 1958