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December 31, 1967
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SIADEKO Miloslav; DOS'LAL, Hiloslay . . A contribution to the diagnosis of hypercorticism in sterile women. Cesk. gyn. 26[401 no.6:457-1,62 J1 W. 1. 1 por. gyn. klin. UJEyP v Brnep prednoota prof. dr.Ludvik Havlasek, a andokrinol. odd. HUNZ v Brne, ved. lekar dr V.Kucera. (ADRENAL CORTEX dis.) (STERILITY FEMLE etiol.) DOSTAL, M. Correlation of the acu';e toxicity of morphine and adr,~nerglc substances. Farm. i toko. 25 no.4:46'7-472 JI.-Ag 162. (MIPA MIO) 1. Voyenno-meditainskiy issledovatellskiy Institut usovershenstvo- vaniya vrachey, Kralovet Chekhoolovakiya. DOSTAL, M. (Gradets Kralovej, Cbekhoalovakiya) Comparison of the central inhibiting effect of medinal,, barbamyl widthiopental in acute radiation sickness in rats and rabbits. Pat. fIzIo1e i eke.p. terap, 6 no,6s60-63 N-D'62 (MM 17:3) WSTAL F, - VODIOIKA, L; ZACH'IFJP J. On the myorelaxant effect of gaUamine and tuboenrarInp. In irradiated rabbits. Physiol. bohemool. 13 no.5t516-520 164. 1, HJUturT Medical Research nnd Postgraduate Institute, Hradec Kralove. ~Aj;u ACC NRo AP60o6035 S65RCE CODE: CZ/0053/65 AUTHOR: Dostal, M ; Y2&cka,_I:; Zachvej, J.., ORG.# InstMte of Ki3itary Medical Research and Education, 40 Eve Hradec K=rove tVoAonsV lekaraky vyzk. rk dookolovaci ustav J. E# O31,/(X%/O291/ 91 TITIE: Effect of 19-norardrostanolone on the course of acute radiat cn nickness in rats [This paper was presented during the Twelfth Pharmacologic Days. Sinolenicel 28 La~j 65. SOURCE: CeBkoelovenska fyoiologie, v. 14, no. 4, 1965, 291 TOPIC TAGS: pharmacology,, ratg drug effect, radiation Bickness, irradiation ABSTRACT: Life-protectiva ieffects of nandrolone decanoate 2-3 mg in single -depot doze i.m. in r,%ts varie-d according to dose of radiation (500, 600, 700 r), sex and fitraptomycin trealmetitt 50 mg, /Kgo soco, from day 4 to 14 post; irrad iat lone TheAru#hld not prevent ite.lou loss in the first week postirradiation wrider any circumstances, gkg SUB CODE: 06' SUBM DKrZt none PIUMMIA MNDLFCEI,',, L.; IURASCOVA, V.; DOSTAL, M11 and MIMI, 1. rAffiliations not sholm-., (Socialist Republic OCT-ze-Fro-slovakia) IT. Study of the Protective Affect oi Cystamine on Hemopolesis in Irradiated Rats" Bucharest, Revista Sanitara Hilitara, Special no., 1965, Vol 16, pp 384-389 Abstract: study on rats irradiated with 470, 575, 680 and 780 r of Co 60 , 15 minutes following 120 nig/Kj; of cystamine intraperitoneallytim additional similar experiments; in all, the drur, reduced the adverse affect of radiation exposure on the number of residual hemopcisais colonies in the spleen. Photo- araph oi spleen specimensp 3 graphs. DOSTAL, 11. Reports from a conference dealing with cotton preparation and weaving* pe 6* TEXTIL. (Mininterstva, lehkeho, prurqalu) Praha,, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 14, no. 1, Januar7 1959. Honthly List of East Stu-opean Accessions (EFAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 11, November 1959. Uncl. WSTAL'. 0. 2240 Z nourol.'klin. KasaryktM Uhiv. 'T"'Brne. Hemikrantosa tM Brissaud-Leroboulletova Hemicraniosis of the Brissaud-Laraboullet type Lek. Liety 1951, 6/13 (392-396) Illus. 4 Report of a case. A wonaA of 26 was admitted to the hospital complaining of headaches. Zxamination revealed intracrantal hypertension. a right-aided homiparesis and a psou- docerebellar syndrome. In the frontal, paristal and temporal region numerous hyperoston of various sizes were found.. There were also hyperostoses in the upper jaw and the left side of the mandible. At operation the dura was found to be thickened on the posterior part of the frontal lobo, and was here fixed to the hyperostosis. Over the frontal pole there was a thinning of the dnra. The dura disappeared In the greatly changed brain tissue of the frontal pole; here no gyri were visible and the brain was fibrotic. Microscopic examination suWisted a miningioma. The author to of opinion that the con- dition was an endocrine BYT&OW caused by disturbances of the hypothalamic-hypophyseal system. The meningioma wait probably only a complication. Hermer - rrague So: ZXCZRPTL MICA. section VIII, Vol. 5. No. 6. June 1952 BOCK, VAUDr; SARANIr, Oe. MUDr; BOGKOVA, CWTKA. B. 0 KMR T.. KUDr-, R21TAL, 21. KUDr, prime; Trichlorethylone poisoning in Industry. PracovnI lek. 7 no.lil2-17 Fab 55. le Z nourol, a parohlate klin. NU v Brno za spoluprace nourol. oMol. v Ahlave a Trobicis Praiin. h1avniho pracovista: Prof e NUDr Karel Popok. (TRICEURIMMM, P61soning in Indust.) (POISCMING trichlorethrlons in Indust.) & 01'. agisit, .,r.; AMTAL, Otto, -Ax. ,..I In of tran.,4 it orv 1 11 no.11:7 Awt 57. -lokn k1 i-ii':i Mnaarykov-.~ !in!,,,: rrAty v 3rae, -re -r-)-.- 1 ode. KTJZ v J Pllnvo. orf-l I-n.; ; ta U~Plk;, dis. T) I I!!! P~-n in qyn,~ -if n- it r,!-.! irtr I 0:.d 'HY, ;i7L";'i'-',!l L I,". DMTAL.O._ gontributioA to Molkersoon-Rosenthalls syndrome. Cesk. now. 22 no.61387-393 N 1~9, 1. lourologicke oddeloni Mrajakeho ustayu narodniho sdravi v Jihlave, pr dnosta N. 0. Dostal. (TO;= die.) (FACIAL PARALYSIS) CFANAK, J.; DOSTAL,,-?- Polarographic determination of the Si-H combination in presence of Si-Si in polyorganosiloxanes. Con Cz Chem 28 no.6:1384-1390 Je 163. 1. Forachungainatitut fur organische Synthesen, Pardubice Rybitvi. DO-*-"TAT,, ;I. , MR14AX, , . , NOVOMIA, B. r JA~Ar-I.nntian of silicon fixed alkoxy -.ind arox/i groupq It, organoslllicc.ri compoiinds. Coll ~ z Chen 30 no. 1 -'~4-Y) JfI 165. ;. Farnchlingsinstitut fur organischf) ;iymthenen, Pnrdiib.-.c- RybLtvl. 5).ibmitted No-,mrb-r 9, 1%3. DOSTAL, R. Waterproof building material. p. 157 Vol. 6v no. 39 1955 PRUMYSL POTRAVIN Praha SO: Monthly List of East European Acce3sions (EEAL) j LC,, VOL - 5 v no - 3 March 1956 DIR, Jaromir; Robert -R~TA-L'V- 1. Unusual picture of late equelae of ischemic pretibial syndrome. Sborn.ved.prac.lek.fak.K:rlov.Univ.(Hrad.Kral.) 6 no-503~-543 163. 1. Ortopedicka klinika; predrosta: prof. MDr. J.Vavrda, LFKU v Hradci Kralove. --scaffimakey DPW#$ TW cm aP u x a & . A !1,, cm 16 Im ito 414, POPM .111"0*- volf3lesswi) 144041"1 1931"411111P fillsiv SON son 00b oes too 10 IV -quaw mw wpmpm "I mw it 00 002 'i I'v" pm so p mp*mp go sqm W" vp %0f 002 'Per am" COO 9100 wool" dow A m p -nil 0 ma A 00, sial0i'mom A, 0 *0 "On -- I1 11700 of. go- WG'v '*Now* p l""ww too 9" p sm Me ~;ii 00- 00 '000 so Ap TO IN nil flewn 11414 ,~??Vlfff fit litill I#.? A a. L 6 01 0 U a 1 .1 1 1 AA a 9 w ti so A top #.c 11 ..#*# Ir 'a The boornommItNift of tarkaft" pisithicts m,.hAt i-O 0 a hialovical &VOkifinjew rof vuwlb b4xnxmn, 1), shrm, 00 so etro. to "Ilkh apt b"ts OCILY"I with 1111111 v i,oo rimphibliarvOr iwkl int-tra" I *M o4 Sinn, t4, 9mum, 1161-. sliormytric with 111.41111 U hirtrwrisusin JtKVv4~,j lbe rield I; .*.& .11"; an.1 tha C4 Ibp ct#Vuq 21 A., nw sufar 4,411,11f It rAlls"I fl,"n lot Its Ill', . -%it It Iiiro. vicilkly, 01,411 Isclelimulin fill ik wroks 4 nuhnsh 00 after 1,14"lillo; *wtva~l The vidd to( ".is AM 4 Strells 141)";, 0110t, the -441 *A- rnorit-hed It-c rmd- SoAll ithissils4l to KI"; and that od the PeCIVI to IIW; 14 the c4mirlil VMS. Its thor trraird e,mt* go 3 fil thrifty UMIVCC,-Nlg*f ArlffAlh fail the JnToviw WA- ovot Mitt, rwaimb I" ovoto-Imic tba;, IN- onert-A-W in wt. VIA. 41tor 1.1 inlidird Water. I'm their .4. 4 '300 w in the 44tinig. satistallen. Frank Mar"to I'** 00 t4fillOSCATICIA -.00 0. .46 0%. all ....... -11 1 T-,"- too I or u Is 10 x It 1111 140 a :60. -0 0 0: 9, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 go 6 0 as a a a a a a a Ob fl- a. a 2-0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 a 9 0 0j ieA lot t 4 A-A A A- A-L, s A s P r ". " :. I "I _* 0 4 4s, &.0 tat-"W -4 go go The wiletrufte of afeldh-prool"Ing subakol"S lot 00 0110-1061114 of tho glismobstry &W of thoo ap* (Cos 9 00 AftlaW 11, 2-7(190); CIMM. 7~910`. 1942.11.0414) 7. Tw to Wwc KMWS at OPPral. the M"Ilc (d via It numth iltp. 4 the " faman's wdling Nixmwlw,ry" upl"..i. r. cool. Inic welt firrof inout lboor"O awl ple'"I Ite 24 lot, Ito 1401 1!01 Old. Of ONVIS CO the foUlmiftil --4n'.; 0 INW,; d.4mI,,Iyl. 00 Settle Will (1). O-UphthyLKVIiC 461, 0 IJS'7* lielviten &3d distd. water. The sips wm? then pUntni in a mist. of *¬ &W peat mum OW kept in a hollm,l w firreWbause. The tans, ikvtlvmnt of tauk p1m,. h% Affil MW ht Otiolm. Rakdts of the eslits. are lot. 00 wilfal In a table living perve"Ifte "1111pa. ut the 14t,, Cog Well, ON. 00. 01 toots, AM total length of "onto lotailuml with each of the tolum-men1uned Was. Mme of the thOth Used KWCftdUllY With 6113W Plants. Well. 11rAl - gee rojent. chm. trestatent. use of human". vilamill, And 004, ;1400 soutud molostaism. !::~nj, or trottinent with H.Vi.. go 1woubtaboritiberoodug A Ups from onatum apple trc~. ire 0 ji The 101knoring wheme W to mccem: A ring of bark w&. 2 rivKwal from twiP of a lf~ycwoltf applee tree iCo%*. :0 0 Reivette) withowit se". the towig from the trov. ll~cl- Joe powJ ring, 1 -1.6 cm. wide, was wralypni with filter paper the .M& al which dipp"i holdi flAAs ccmig,, remp.. wid. al 1. tv OA% 041. of U. SUnd. Were prtpd. Tom, bee rmul. water. to done, at tin cilge td the flare wction a Murdy coolkam larmatims a"maml. bmut no ruats were oap. wriled. After wintering. tie aboult devekoitcd buds aml ties - G. Allert 11,11 too 0 A-- AIIALUNKSL 1111201001 Citill"O"O" No* I L 0.9 Joe Ir-1 41 Ala I 1 4 rw a 10 6 it 14 u 6 AT 10 Al 's I a of cl U It 49 "a ,I To st "' 4 0 0 0 0 0 fee 0 o 066 g 0 g g 0.9010 0 0 to 0 0 o1/ 0 *i#*qe**o fee* goo 66 0 ~Tlmem & 0 0 0 - a A ill u a st L L 1 - r f, f 4 I - A 00 so I.f 0411 Si Iffectil of =840 ele ti 0 oz: In c ft Ikad. J.'easmus 00 2 chgoilikWis elements in R 00i d Zn "MAkTatiff Irrerrva Prallinp in voln. culturce t f h s o I " e stern and 8 T f f nimd Cu. dicl MVI Affect "P ,t ments es. u til . ifist lic".1.114Y well Lillil.IIIIF*t V 'a % u 0 ~*440 00 0 619 : a a 9 a IF is A 0), It ~AA 0 CL -00 on the growth of potato Rtifiqu-nosul. .%wxsk A ago fbaglAnd A-Z -m-In.. mily 11 tim- cruarth .4 the .0 Zn stimfilmelf lit-we thr of t1w I ... f. 4r9.1 will The tro"Ill 44 16'r Ito 0 too All q Filla a ai I I I ;lea q too so im, 0*00000090040 .,t 0 1W S 00 Put *0*000000000 00 661110 0 1 4 1 1 P a 0 a 11 It 11 It It 46 of of It A f a a j6 A IV ar it v U W a sk v m *so. ..D Pots01-11 JONI 00 of P*f"SIS of the potato Sprouts. R-1~-If th"tAt M:r lei Ak~ ik I e-hatim, Jkidf. ledJOW 20, 410 Jhr OWSIA~WS 14 fbf fkM140"X FI-nf -4 the POIA11, 00 11w W-k 4 V-t mind surplu4 o(Amin tw%,Au- it vAtt for pet. by A J%Asfr Cm4a. CA "11-4114 .1wrd"I by hVirt., *0 .111%111 1*15tc. In the vwx)'t"vgr-i. --( th~ of,. 06 timn hortaourAacrtivAtcd in the sprout top. the inhiNting 00 4: itiflurnee cirilrd by the motber tulmr. and operstic l l f d i 0 Al tu mran wi e urmAijon, tAir wit. 111C 1011011tiOUS &t. tht PtOP01`0011 bttWrtft Foot 444 S111M.1 0 i1cwrl,Wment. 11volvA striectures of ilit m1wout it" 00 giowto in dAtkness arr due to tim unt4u.&I munin r0ect m so j 111c I(Pwvf- And uplier -,We (A this tAme, wherr (h~ cvfl% At. Sour *bows an ott"ife frAction III tim lirming. Wit 00 - .011111 As cmnp4mi with tht ntst lowrr amr. the CTIts of %11-Aff itr 00"CAting only. fly Inc.ins of hetrroAuxin 00 JAI-Ir A144ird to the upwr cou'reig Inore r.41,01y growing AL 111" IAWAI hfAvwhr4 the --&me 1VWJkrJS4t%KfU1VS Air dtht if"I'lWr4frolly of CrAvity by thr Activttv of th. ID '*00 too 0 qm 0 see AS 0 "I'mi Imi of 11W .1"out. ]An MnAA ,:I awe e fj.~ Vo 0 t N 0 0 '1 W is I A 0, ~1 it" r It a " IF or a n '24 0- 00000-000 00 0 0 0 soth 0 0 0 q 0 0 04 0 0 0 0000 0000 0 * 0 0 0 01 IAO 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 f 0 0 a 0 0 0 9;0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 Zolill 0 0 0 a 0 14P A 11L) 11411`91111141199 in dimere., R- IN-W iAor. I sit, . llt,w, Xlwimib j2, '.It is MINI). Al%lmqtsh As vrl, hivimtows tL-%%r "m 1~n %-- l1wil r-hivmv t. 1.T Imittv WWII cAlluot Ir r1jaAll"d by did-fir.0 f%U. lisono n! the jonilifing nuleti.,1% lit thr I-I.Ant. 14v4, hyllm" oft1114101010 f(W 2 Y", pawn In Awl dAy. IA 0 f". ) in witiltir. forturd only vrgrt4livv fawlts-'s. Wtk.fvjl its If%- rujitne In lhr n4tiltrij (hmgl itay lit u1nnuf. will% .%11,14- Itp.,114sty artilit-iiii night illuoubtAlu-to in title Awntim mul V111.141 141 h Av with nmimol 6.oV- 1-f Oil's last 1. 1.41, r.- I... th.., , 1.1im"I'll'i ;U M IWVU S(Afl;;I. Fkurt and buit kwimaunt ought Ir unty colotainnI by tratipf"tring thor 1","t the ?..,C IAY ition the olowl day Thr ltkr offa-r irphlasme"I firp. 6.1wr an rVid. $I. , "I OR- ,I z h,jrmfuws in the norts. ),In Mh L-1 DrISTAL, Rudolf I'scob3cna botanLka. (Dotink 1. vyd.) Praba, Statni. pedug,)gicko ruikl., 1954. 337 p. (Ucebni texty rysokyeh skol) (General botany; a univeruity taxtbonk. Sup- plementary printing of let ed. illus.) S-~. Monthly List of East European Acce3sions, LC, V,31. 5, No. 6 June 1956, Uncl. -:( M.' , '~, Corr ', tI -,,, , cri,+kc, ~.-, v., oxer- -,~, I ['!-~ I r t I - ~ 0 hur. 1,:,, 1 t.~- t *,:!!, I ur!m. r . I cl-` . Ccskc-c'c1vcnF'-,n akp,lo~-, 1~- v,,~ei. , '!,V. F mc. Vol' . '7, no. 5, P 55. S C U I ~ '' ;- :Lert Eurcllern Accers-ons (EK~I " , 1111-mr: ef Ccnf-nnits I(;,, & Vol. 5 , na. 2 -~, 1-1c