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CZECHOSLOVAY,T-A / GER.MANY DOSTALEK.--a.; R011H, Be; NOVAK9 M.; PESCHEL2 M.; Laboratory of -OFa-phic Methods of Diagnosisq Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (Laborator Grafickych Vysotrovacich Metod CSAV), Prague; Clinic of Neurolo aculty of Gen. Medicine, Charles University (Neu- rologicka ffl.'ika Pak. Vaeob. Lek. KU) , Prague-, 2nd Institute of Mathematieso Humboldt's University. Berlin Lurig. version not given 7. "Temporary Connection Between Hetororhythmical Stimuli in the EEG of Man." Prague, Activitas Nervosa Superior, Vol 8, No 3, Sep 66, pp 241-247 Abstraot /Authors' aiglish summary modified-7: In 8 healthy women aged 17--111 a temporary connection botwenn a rhythmical acoustic stimulation and a rhythmical visual stimulation of a different frequency was established. Conditioned reflex was investigated not only from occipital leads but also in the temporal region* In some cases only the temporal region caused the reflex. The number of positive conditioned reflexes was 0 to 8 out of a POO- sible 11. Repeated presentation Increased the number in only I of the subjects. 5 FigureB. 12 Western, 3 Czechp 11 Passian ref- i/i orenoest ";,diin, ~v-, -PWTALM), V) lan, FI"T"7, ,-,erwrilcrobiology in the g6ological arid I " 'I priakum 6 no.10.311 0 r,urv,~-y. ueo .1 ~~ ~vsk(olivensk(* doly Untlorftl ~ntoi-prliie. , 4- ' Pv,qc'!,--h ~Pstltllle, Brsio; - 4 Ztl(',.(,L-,"(-,,j;tk A,:tidemy of S~-!erct-~, DO-JL~L&~. TS- Critical remarke oil the so-called laboratory (unknown, experimental and so on) language of Dr. Jaromir Hrbek as a method of examination of the development and mechanism of sposoh. Physiol. bohem. 6 no.2: 273-275 195?- 1. Laboratoriya graficheskikh diagnosticheakiA metodov CMA . Praga. (SP320H, pbysiol. develop. & mechanism. exam; by Grbek method (Ran)) _.L 3-liod-60 'hu/ A CC NRo AP5028618 (A) SOURCE CODE: CZ/0039 5/000/007/0017/0020 AUTHOR: Dostalik, M_. (Major,, 9ngineer) %namn- - A ORG: none TITLE: Ground-to-lair guided missiles SOURCE: Vojenska technika, no* 7, 1965, 17-20 TOPIC TAGB: guided missile,, guided missile engineeringp air to surface missile. short range missile, medium range missile, antimissile a9fense ABSTRACT: The article reviews the development and present stage of development of air-to-ground guided missiles in the USA, France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, noting that the development of this weapon has been relatively slow, and that the capitalist countries were obliged to drav heavily on German advances in rocketry made during the closing years of World War II. In addition to a ground-to-air anti-missi1e, the USSR has five (5) known types of ground-to-air guided missiles: one short range missile for low altitude targets, two (2) types of medium range missiles mounted on a caterpillar tractor, and two (2) long range missiles. It is maintained that the variety and specialization of these rockets testifies to the advanced state of develop ment of Soviet guided missiles, and that the Soviet Union has successfully solved the problem of anti-missile defense as the statements of Marshall Kalinovskiy indicate. Orig. art. has: 9 figures and I table. SUB CODE: 16.15 SUB14 DATS: - 00 ORIG REF t 000 OTEL REF.- 000 DOSTALENIC.; DOSTALIKOVAp-T. _ - To the associative charaoter of backward caidltioning. Active nerve sup. 6 no.1:69-70 164 DOSTALM, C.; DOSTALIODVA, J. 11110.4. Backward conditioned natural reflexes. Cas. lek. cooks 96 no.13:391-393 29 Var 57. 1. Laborator grafickych vymetravacich motod Co. akademie ved. Praha. fieurologIcka klinika lokarsks fakulty Karlovy university v Prate. (RMU, COBDITIOM backward conditioned natural reflex in fox (Cs)) DQ;TAl.W,,C.; DOSTALKOVA,J,; Ef?l,TM,H.; IIOVAK,V.; WITH, B. Temporary connection between hetercrhyUnIc sti=tli in the EEG records. Activ. norv. sup. (Praha) 7 no.2tl7l-172 165 1. Laboratory of Graphic Diagnostics. Czechoolovak Acaderry of Sciences, Prague. 2. C. Dostalek'3 addresi, BLilovka, Praha 8. ACC-We VW5661 SOURCE CODES CZ/0079/63/007/002/0171/0172 AUTHOR: Dostaiek, Ca; Dostalkova, J.; Erlerp Ho; Novak, V.; Rothp B. ORG: Laboratory of Graphic Diagnostical Czechoslovak AcadenW of Sciencesg Prague TITLE: Temporary connection between heterorhythmic ir;imuli in the EM records (This paper was presented at the Third Interdisciplinary Conference on Experimental and Clinical Study of Higher Nervous Functions held in Marianske Lazne from 19 to 23 October 1964*1 SOURCES Aotivitas nervosa superior# v# 7P not 2i.1965t 171-172 TOPIC TAGS: EEG,, man,, conditioned reflexlight biologic effect, acoustic biologic effect ABSTRACT: 'Conditional connection between a rhythmic, acoustic and a rhythmie optical stimulUs waB worked out- 7 clinically healthy subjects having non6 of the inventigat3d rhythms in uninfluenced record took them over easily. Acoustic stimulus was used as a .-~oonditional one, and the optical as an unconditional one. The forward conditioned reflexes appeared after 14-40 reinforcements, Working out the temporary connection caused no subjective incon- venience to the Subjeotoo Rhythmic conditional response is only temporary, -and is soon inhibited. Conditioning of driving of FM rhythm in man is -~if ficult * Orig. art. has: 1 figure. LTM_7 SUB CODE: 06m 05 / SU13H DATE: none ORIG REFS 001 / OTH REF : 001 SOV REF: 004 DOSTALOU, Helena., NUDr. ;NUOS, Dusan., KUDr. DIagnostio Importance of adrenslin test in hyperepleniss. VnItr. lek., Brno I no.2:113-124 Feb 55. 1. 9 1. vnitrut kliniky NU v Br'n*. prednosta prof XUDr M. Stsjfa D. K..Brno, TrIda Obrancu Kim 66 (RTPZHSPMISM. diagnosis adranalin test) (19PIUFHRM adrenaliwi%vat lu' hMrsplentsa) HRBEK, Jan DOCKALI C - HREBICEK J.; SKLENOVSKY, A.;_PP~TALOVA, K.; TUINOVAP H.; ALASEK, J.' Concomitant autonomic reactions during the process of training in laboratory language. II. Studies on pulse frequency changes. Activ. nerv. sup. 4 no.2tl52-154 162. 1. Katedra patologicke fyziologie lekarske fakulty Palackeho university V Olomouci. (LEARNING) (FUISE phyajol) (LANGUAGE) BREEK, Jan; DOCKAL, C.; HRMCM, J.; SKMOVSKY, A., TALOVA, K.; VIZINOVA, R.; POIASIKO J. . __n Concomitant autonomic reactions during the process of training in laboratory language. I. Studies on thermal changes. Activ. nery. sup. 4 no.2:152-154 '62. (BODY TDCPEnTURE physiol) (IZARNING) (LANGUAGE) HRBEK9 J.; KOMENDA, S.; WITAII~V II.; VIZINOVA, H. At_ ;., The nffect of certain drugs on artificial conditioned verbal temporM connections in acute experiments. Activ. nerv. sup. 6 no.1:73-74 164. BLAHOVA, K.; DOSTALOVA, L.; MWAUSOVA, 0.; SCHOLZOVA, D.j VESELY, K. Discharges in children. Cook. gya. 261401 no.4;277-280 161. 1. 111. por. klinika. KU v Press, predAosta prof. MUDr. R. Pvtor, Dr. So. III. gyn. por. odd. fakultni 'porodsice v Brno, prodas doe, XUDr. A. Cornoch C~*. por. odd. OUNZ v Opave, preds. MUDr. 0. Sipok. (LIUKORRHEA ix imf & child) DWTAIOVA,L.; EW,J.; UMIK.K. Contribution of the treatment of loulcorrhea, In children. Cask. gyn. 251391 no. 1/2:91--93 Mr'60. 1. Gyn.-porod. odd. OUNZ v Opave, prednosta privA. dr. 0. Sipek.- (IJUKORRHZL in info' & child) (CHLOROPHYLL ther. ) DOSTAJAVA, N.; DOSUZKOV, B. Neurotic stutterJng, its course and prognosis. Cesk. psych. 60 no.6z395-404 N 164 1. Loogopedicke oddeleni Detske fakiiltni nemocnice v Praze. DWTUMV N.N.; DOSUZHKOV, F.N. (Praga) Nenrotic stamering in children, its course and prognosis. Zhur. nevr, i psikh. 65 no-7sI101 165. (KRA 18:7) VESIN, Slavoj; DOSTALOVA, Olga; LAVICKOVA, Erna Radiotherapy of primary pulmonary cancer. Results of radical roentgen therapy in patients vith inoperable tumors. Cas.lek. cook 100 no.26:803-809 30 Ja 161. 1. Ustredni rentgonologicke oddeleni oblastni nemocnice v Praze 4- Motole, prodnosta prof. Dr. So. dr. Slavoj Vesin. (LUNG NEOPLASMS radiother) BOHUTOVA, J.; DOS ALOVA 0. ,_I__ , , Our experiences vith radiotherapy of varts. Cesk. rentgen. 17 no.l: 1-4 Ja 163. 1. Ustredni radiol. oddeleni nemocnice v Praze-Motole, prednosta prof. dr. S. Vesin,, DrSo. (WARTS) (HADIOTIERVY) DOSTALOVA,, 0.; BOHUTOVA,, J. Contribution to the presence of duplicate malignant tumors. Cook. rentgon. 17 no.185-9 Ta 163. 1. Ustredni radiologicke oddeloni nemocnice v Fraze4bjA)a, prednosta prof. .dr. S. Vesin, Me. (NEOPLAM) eits lot BUiruM 6 Umie. A' HotnigaiRWrall""tA., I i'l-kiln. chomb vaitfai,ii. eamirrmars", 4fttfcb 04, C67-ID cf. C.A. 49. 6433a.--Tc~t-ttiht nlo&mtlofts tit thi tests fcr billrubin (1) in urin,- mrc;-rding to Gmtllc, Rosin. Iftippvtt am) Nak,,qauta. NWI!,r, -Hunter (d. C.4. 25, lgo~-), with NANO, and 110. P.--cn- bacb's modification oil filter potp-r, and lidr-i-1,6-ii swAific,i. tions acomcling to Godfried (cf. C.A. 29. 25W), Markon, Zino (c1, C.A, 17, 3993), 114munnan (cf. CA - 30. PY131). Munck, aril the author ktalciun of Pb acetate) wtav c~om- Pated at varlms On. levels Arid their tcn,,Itivftir% taba- The talcura method wu3 prAormil hv ouldi,ig a staall atnt. of takurn to 5-10 ml. urine nc~ lificil with AcOll and filttritifIch M Sh pap". Tile filict Wal theti plAced da anuthprf~p . I dtop of yellow IINOJ cauled i the cippearaniceof a wbiLe, red, vy,let, bilue, and gretu ring If I It I m of tiacts of I only it narrow bluLsh S' foirlecid.c The .4ousitivity or this trit timl 9't - [Nd Of tllt* tell- other adsorptan tests wm higher than itubc. mWificitilont; the uic ni adscisiAlon t"ts for early vas DOSTANIC, M. Family care for neglected children. p. 18o (Socijalna i zdravetvena politika, Vol. 10, No. 4, 1957, Beograd, Tugoslavia) SO: Monthly List of last European Accessions (EM) Le. Vol. 6, No. 8, Aug 1937. UIC1. SOV/ 137-58-9-18793 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 9, p 91 (USSR) AUTHORS: Tarabayev, S.I., Milyutina, N.A., Budon, V.D., Dostanova,..-.. Z. Kh. TITLE: Precipitation of Lead From Chloride Solutions. Communica- tion II. (Osazhdeniye svintsa iz khloridnykit rastvorov. Soobshcheniye II) PERIODICAL: Izv. AN KazSSR. Ser. gorn. dela, metallurgii, str-va i stroymaterialov, 1957, Nr 5 (16), pp 30-36 ABSTRACT: An examination is made of methods of precipitating Pb from chloride solutions. Experiments were rurt on the ~rystalliza- tion of PbCIZ by chloride solutions during the cooling of solu- tions resulting from the leaching of Dzhe,-kazgan concentrates. The resultant PbClZ was smelted with mineral coal and CaC03 at 800-900'DC to free the metal. Extraction of Pb in ingot. form came to 93.521o. It is established that the method of cry.-italliz- ing PbCIZ with subsequent smelting of the metal from the PbCIZ in the presence of C and CaC03 makes it possible to obtain metal of adequate purity without prior cleaning of the solutions. Card I/Z The tendency of the solutions to become "exhausted" after Pb SOV/137-58-9-18793 I Precipitation of Lead From Chloride Solutions. Communication 11. r precipitation when they are used as return solvents is verified. For Com- munication 1, see RZhMet, 1958, Nr 5. 9317. N. P. 1. Lead chlorides--i-I-rocesving 2. Lead--Separation Card 2/Z DOSTATTII_,B!__ "Selected problems of war economics" by 'Tadeusz Grabowitki, Stanislaw Ciastono Edward Sitekp Ryozard-Slapczynski, ;Tozef Misztals Leon Zawadzki, Bolealaw Libicci and others. B)viewed by B.Dostatni. Przegl techn 84 no-52t4 29 D163 DOSTATMI, Bronislaw, mgr inz. Transportation system of Lublin Voivodeship. Przegl techn 85 no.290 19 JI 164. '-.712-?,NSYT, B.; BOLRSIAV, A..; DOSTALOYA, H. Observation on a case of transformation of leukopenia Into leukemia In an x-ray technician. Pracovai lek. 10 no.1:57-61 Mar 58. 1. Klinika chorob z povolani v Brne, pr"iosta doc, ~r. K. Kadlec. Untav pathologicke anatomie LY v Brne, prednosta profesor Dr. J. Svejda. Predneseno na V. celostatnJa ajazdu procovniho lekarstvi v Gottwaldove, R. S., Brno, Kotlarska 35a. (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES, leukemia develop. from loukopenia in x-ray technician (Cz)) (RONfRGIN WS, trij. off. leukemia develop. from leukopenia in x-ray technician (Cz)) (LEUKEMIA, case raportst develop. from loukopenia in x-ray technician (0s)) (LVJKOGYTAS9 leukopenia do-iolop. Into loukemia in x-ray technician (Cs)) DOSTANKO G inzh. Q~~= Refrigeration of fruits and vogefableo with the use of precooling. Khol.tekh. 37 no.4:52-53 Jl-Ac 1150. (MIRA 13111) (Truit, Frozen) (Vegetables, Frozen) DOTSENKO, A.P., kand. aellkhoz. naak; TKACHENKO, A.A.j DOSrlN tiu_ Yu.V.- YURGE34SON., Ye.I., kand. sellkhoz. nauk-I. YABLONSKIY, L.I.; GARMS11, P., red. (Forest reserves of the Crimea] V zapovednykh lesalkh Krymvi. Simferonoll, Kvjmizditt, 1963. 1 v. (MIRA 17:6) IFXZXMW, YA. r.s SAMAW47YAKZFj B. 9-1 A, Z* ,'Iva affidifto of finw ourfull. r~pWt vAajSlAd Pir god AU-MUG Wd CO 7ro"t*?# Muk, too of Thouttlefil 6 bwtmwft4 rapise. - - - - - - - - - - - & A-e-" I -T flit U ILU "mail I&M.0111work emoom "A a ad Rocks. I jivat", PA= d" Sdam". M Im A Tb. twWAM. a ftc- "ON Ows, Is kNOW bot OWA 4, 6 good"Por in a tood PbAp ewlit we Is lk,v" WOOK OV4 botopm I m W to It x 100 d C#.& standard i~" 4 Xr aw .01 00 f am l. - - eu mw dwaft Wdirift old i Iii WPM F40comm w dwotwk 0011100111" 4 t r h 1 s ats milL w o 4 *1 mm dry, YmU wwovOW4 Off WdOMMA&M " oleo wwo of ami Odw of lop WWW W nsWU dW out ~Mw any Matka W-re" Ow mwww "low am tho ebow" empomaka Of do tocks. w bet the t"tu" "W" to, comptitut. IL a AS 111AM111 C&OWICA1100 to bit ads all 0 I V 'Fir 1 0 9 1 w a 6 a 4 a t=4 4v IQ d solt so see tz --i TOYTOTICH# N.A.1 IMUOTA, S4.1 BOVWOVAj A.P.1 TATTUVOT, I.A#1 D'Qw"T.L1- S~Nss AMUIT9 P*A*j RAKULIN# Y*G,; SATBL'YNY& B.A.1 ZHUXOT, Vvy,j MM"NOT, G.1.1 TYAWTt 8.5.1 BRUMMINA, Ts.P. Physioal phs-iiewas and prooesses In freezing, frozen, and thawlse mollml general cotmmente. Yat. po lab. isol. mrsl. grunt. no.3t?- 114 157o (XIM 10M) (Proven ground) To v L v 0.- A) 24(8) FEM I BOOK EXPIDITATION sov/2768 Vsesoy=oye soveshchaniye po Smotermicheskim iss2edovaniyam. lst, 1956. Problawl geote=Li i prektichaskogo iqvllzovaaiYa tepla zemli; trudy, t-l- (Geothermal Prblems and the Practical UtUization, of Terrestrial Featj Wansactions of the lot All-Union Conference on Geothermal Investigations, Vol. 1) Moscavo Izd-vo AN SBSR, 1959. 254 p. Errata slip inserted. 1,300 copies printed. Sponsoring Agenoy: Akademiya rauk SSSR. Otdeleniye goologo-geograficheskikh nauk. Ed. of Publishing Houset L. V. Gessenj Tech. Ed.: 1. N. Guseval Editorial Board: V. I.. Vlodavats (MwAxmn),, 1. D. Derganov (Deceased), V. V. Ivanov,, F. A. Mahsrenko, and N. 1. Xhitarov. PURMSE: 7his book is intended for geologists, hydrogeologists, and geophysicists in geneml and petroleum and coal geologists in particular. Mrd 1/5 Geothermal Problems and the Practical (Cont.) SOV/2765 COVERAM This volume, one of two published on the subject,, is a collection of 22 articles based on reports presented at the First All-Union Conference on Geothermal Studies hold in March, 1956. Tht Conference was sponsored and organizel by the laboratory of Vulcanology., the Laboratory of Hydro- geological Problents im. F. P. Savarlnskiy, the Institute of Geochemistry and Ana3,ytic;&l Chemistry, the Geophysical Institute, and was attended by rep- resentati-ms of more than 60 research - organizwhions. The material presented in this -volume my be divided into three generiLl categories: (1) #eaeral geothermal p:mblems of the Earth (2) current ctatu.9 and methods of geothermal rxtsearch(3) regibnal geothermal problems. Reference,' acc=P&aY itach, *Xuale - TABLE OF CONIMS: Foreword 3 PART 1. GnKRAL GEOTHRML PROBLEMS OF THE EARTH Dargunovj, 1. D. (Deceased). Contemporary Conoepts of the Thermal Flegime of the Earth's Crast 5 Card 2/5 Geothermal Prt)blems and the Practical (Cont. ) BOV/2768 Lyabimova., Te,. A. Thermal History of the Earth and Its Geophysical Consequences 1T Thermodynamic Study of the Earth 2T Lyustikh, Ye. N. The Role of Volcanoes and Thermal Springs In carrying Heat Out-.Frm the Earth Is'.Mrteriar 31 Vlodavets, V. 1. Basic Types of Steam HydrothermLl Porwtions in Italy and Wev Zeabiad 3T Ogillvi, N. A. Pr3bleme in the Theory of Temperatuxe Fields as Applied to Geotherxal Methods of Exploration for Sub- s-ax-face Waters 103 Zhirmmmkiy.. A. M. Problems of 'Geotberval Pover 112 PART rL. CONTEMPARr R= AND NETWDS OF GROTHUNAL SMMS Card 3/5 GeotbermeJ Problems and the Praatiaal (Cont. ) SOV/2768 Kraskovkiy., S. A. Some Standing Problems of GeQtherwal lbsearch in the USSR 3.16 Dlyakonov, 1). 1. Historisal Development and Contemporwy State of Geotberml lbsearch :UI the USSR 126 Dergunov., Do I, (Deceased) Geotherzal Exploration YAthods 130 Ovx:hinnikov, A. M. Geothermal ftudy of Mineral Water Deposits 142 Bedcher, A. 2. Chaxacteristies of the Geothermal Gradient of Oil Deposits in the Mxban' and the application of Thermal Stuaes to Sol'm Oil 111-oductioca Problems 150 PART 1711. H&GIONALamuRMAL PEORMS Dabinskiy, A. Ya. The Geothermal Regime of the Ciscaucasus and Adjacent Areas 171 ~Iabinets,, A. 1b. GeothezyaJ Conditions in the Ukrainian and *Moldavian SSNIB 190 Card 4/5 Geothermal Problems and the Practical (Cont. ) SOV/2768 Mshpur, Ya. 11. The State of and the Problems in the StWy of t1w Gootherv&l ConditioLs of Deep Coal Fields in the Donbass 208 Ords., V. la. Geothermal Fegime of the Central Part of the Donbass 226 Vankovskiyj V., A. (Deceased) The Geothermics of the Donbass 236 Sogomololi,. Go V. Data on the Geothermal Conditions in the Belorus- skaya SSR and Adjawat Areas 240 Allbov,, S. V. Nev Data an the Geothermics of the CrImea, 244 Cheremenskiy., G. A. lbsults of Geothermal Studies In Siberia 246 AVAMIAMZt Idbrary of Congress W/fti Ce-rd 5/ 5 12-21-59 DOSTOVAIDV, B.B. Permafrost survey by the resistance method in northwestern Siberia. Trudy Inst. mersl. AN SUR 15:47-80 159. (MIRA 13:3) (Poluy Valley (Tyumen Province)-Frozen ground)) (Ilectric prospecting) WSTOVAIjoIr, B.N. Investigation of frozen rocks by the resistance method in the lower Indigirka Valley. Trudy Inst. marzl. AN SSSR 15:81-112 '59. . (MIRA 13:3) (Chokardakh region-Frosen ground) (Electric prospecting) PAVLOV, Ileksandr Vladimirovichl DOST.OVILOY, B.H., doktor geologo-mineral. nauk,; YXPIHOV, I.L., red.izd-va; GOLUB', s.P.. (Winter irrigation of fields to increase yield] Zimee oroshanis polei dlia povysheniia uroshainosti. Koskya, Izd-vo Aked.nauk asm, 196o. 68 p iIrrigation) (KIRA 13:4) DOSTOVALOVj BorisL Nikolayevich, POPOV, Aleksandr Iosifovich "Polygonal systems of veined ice of northern Euxasia and conditions governing their forrrationtl report to be submitted for the Intl. Conference on Permafrost, Purdue Univ, L-af.vaette Indiana, 11-15 Nov 63 DOSTOVALOVO B.11. r ) IjI '-,-,r Investigation of th4 frost and diagenstic splitting of rock,and-svil formations, Morsl,isel. n0.2380-95 161. (MIRA-1615) . (Ltroze4 - ground) I- bb-0.1 In tho 1 olog (,!,;y us~~av (Pr,'-J-.w~tas ilk. CZECHOSLI)VAKIA UDC 612-766.1:616-074 ZAORA12X, A.; KV9rENS?"f, J.; KLJJST, V.; HLAUCO, S.; DOS . M., Laboratory Department (Laboratorni Oddelin-M-94id )e ouci) Dr, A-e-ZAORALEK; Internal Department Onitmi Oddeleni) Head tVadouci Dr J KVfENSKY, Depart-. ment of Medical Aspects of Sport's (Sportavne Lekarake Oddeieni Head (Vadouci) Dr V. KLUST; Psychiatzlc Department (Psychiatricke Oddeleni) Head (Vedouci) Dr So HAIA)CO, Military Hospital (Vojenake Nemocnice) of ths Slovak National Uprising (SNP)p FWzomberoke "Some Hematological and Biochemical Symptoms Caused by Ebwassive Dcartion" Pragueo Vojenske Zdravotnicke Lijtb Vol 35o No 4p Aug,66#, pp 152-155 Abstracti Influence of a march of 100 km on 12 healthy subjects was in- vestigated; the absolute number of neutrophil granulocyteiincreasedg, and of eosinophile decreased@ Non-aegmented neutrophile and Rieder's form of lymphoc7tes increasedo blood level of EFAO cholesterol# and the beta fraction of blood proteins d*oro&sW* Ve level of ionorganic P and the actirity of serum transsmWees increasede 5 Figuresp 57, references 4Cnot DOSTALOVA-MACHACOVA, Bomna, ---- Let us unf. tachidoal standardizatioii.wst effectively. Drava 19 no.6:201-202 is 164. 1. Minister of Consumer Goods Industry, Prague. DOSTILA311 Frwntiaa)k Do not dantrpy barrels. Ropa a ahlim. 6 no.9-274-215 S 164. 1. flanzina Nitional Enterprise. DOSTRASIL. R. Technology of sizing in factories. p. 72 Vol. 10, no. 4, Apr. 1935 PAPIR A CELUL03A Praha, Czechoslovakia I 30; Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEAL), IC, %o1. 5, no. 2 Febr=7 1956, Uncl. RYAZANKIN, Vladimir Nikolayevich; YICVSTIGNF.TAV, German Pavlovich; IMESBYATSKIY, likolay Nikolayevich [deceased]; DOBROGURSICrT. S.O.,professor, doktor takhnicheakikh nauk, rsdaktor;-J=%aNMYo. -R40candidat takhnicheakikh nauk, retsenzent; DOBROSMIDY. V.1. inzhener, retsenuent; FOLYAKOY. G.F.,redaktor izdatelletya; SOKOIAWA, T.Y.,takhnichaskly redaktor (Calculating machinfial Vychislitollnys mashiny. Pod red. S.0. DobrogArskogo. Mosln,a, Goa. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashinootroit. lit-ry, Pt. 1. [Calculating machines with keys] Vychislitallnye klavishnye mashiny. 1957. 251 P. (MLRA 10:5) (Calculating machines) 7 :: /-,, pe J ,,De t:--) C7, I)-)STU-1i,V, B.G. I ............ MoNnOW-M a,- - . -Waluating tno precicion of coriolex integritlon dfvicei. 4'rudy inct.mnsfisSwit.po toch.v !.,rib. n~.9*5,,-66 157. 10:9) (mathAlrotleal inati-molAq) ~5Vff~rC.'ahl aou'ItIon1l) -T- 105-7-3/11 AUTHOR DOSTUPOVj Me? PU0ACHEV, V.S. (Moscow) TITLE -TEs-Ecluation to Definis a Probability Distribution, of the Integral of a System of Ordinary Differential Equation; with'Random Parameters (Uravreniyes ppredelys"hcheys sakon rasprodeloniya intogrAla sistenw obyknovennykh differeritsiallnykh uravneniye Russian) PERIODICAL Avtomatika i Tolemekhsnika, 1957# vol 18, Nr 7. pp 62o - 63o (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT A general equation is derived, which determines the probability density of the integral of ordinary differential equations which'contain random parameters, A possible method for an approximated integiation of this equAtion is shown. Thim method is useful for computation on calculating machines@ After determination of the integral-distribution law, all no. comeary integral moments, and especially their mathematical expectation as well an the correlation matrix can be determined -according to the ordinary formulas of the probability theory. The method given hbre also be applied for differential equations which contain random funmctons For this purpose all rs-ndom functions contained in the equations are to be approximated by finite sections of the canonical disintegration. The method is applicable to any system of ordinary differential equations under the following coniition,, - all functions containd in the equations are steady with respect to unknown functions and occasionally have steady derivations towards all unknown functions. In consideration of the com- Card V2 plication of the necessary computations, the method given hors at present 103-7-5/11 The Equation to Define a ?~.-obability Distribution, of the Integral cf a System of Ordinary Differential Equations with Random Parameters is mainly of theoretical vitlus as a meara of a possible initial pcint for working out now methods of a statistical analysis of non-linear systems. (With 15 Slavic references). AS80CIATION Not given RMSENTED BY SUBMITTED 2o.9,1956 AVAILABLE Library of Congress Card 2/2 AUTHOR: Dostupov, B. G. (Moscow) 103-11-5/10 TITLE: The Approximate Determination of the Probability Characteristics of the Output Coordinates of Non-Linear Systems of Automatic Control (Priblizhennoye opredeleniye veroyatnostnykh kharakteristik vykhodn kh koordinat nelineynykh sistem avtomatiahaskogo regulirovaniM. I-LHIODICAL: Avtomatika i Telemekhanikaj 9571 Vol- 18, Nr 11, pp. 999-1009 (USSR) STRACT: A new approxinated method for the determination of probability characteristics of the solution of a system of ordinary dif- ferential equations containing random parameters is given. The method is basad upon the development of some ideas by Vo Be Pugachev. It oonsists in the utilization of finite sections of the integral decomposition of a system of differential equations according to -the degrees of the random parameters. First, the mathematical expectation of the solutions of the alcetem. is de- termined, and later the moments of higher order. The mathe- matical expectation and the scatterings of the solutions of the system for the case: q-2 and q-3 are investigated* q denotes the card 1/2 ordinal number of the connection moments of the parameters. The Approximate Determination of the Probability Characteristics 103-11-5/10 of the Output Coordinates of Non-Linear Systems of Automatic Control. In conclusion computation of an example is carried out. There are 2 tables and 11 Slavic references. SUBMITTED: September 20, '1956. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 DOSTUPOV, B. 0. B. G. Dostupov, "On the Evaluation of the Accuracy of Models for the Solution of Ordinary Difrerential Equations." PAPOr PrIssent" at tba 2W All-Union Conf . m rundawmt&I problems 14 Uw Tbacry of Ylachirms " mwoUnismg, M=Ggv, LjjZ, e4_26 Muvh 1958. GOLDOVPKIT, Tevesy Mikhaylovich, zasluzhenniy deyatell nauki I tekhniki, doktor tekhn.nauk, prof.;STAJffMVTC`H Kirill Pat!!ovich. doktor tekbn.nauk, prof.; LTAPUNOV, Boris Vaierianovich, inzh.; DOST I evich, knnd.tvkhn.nauk-, KAGAZAIMIN, D,Na# red.; LANINA, L.I., red.; B , A.P., [News of science and technology; from the materials of Sunday lectures delivered at the Polytechnical Museum] Novosti nauki i tokbnikl; po materialam vaskreszWkb'chtenit Politekhnicheekogo musela. Moskva, Izd-vo "Znanle," 1958. 53 P- (TsesoWrioe obabchestvo po rasprostraneniiu politicbeekikh t naucl%rWkh snanil. Ser.4, non.32/33) (MIRA 11:12) (Motion pictures. Three-dimensional.) (Calculating machines) (Interplanetary voyages) LIBIDEV, Andray Nikolffevich; DOBROMMKIT, B,O., prof., doktor takhn.nauk. . reteenzent: IP�ZWqw&*&vV~wdoktor I;ekhn.nauk, red.; JOHASTrFOUTA, A.M., rod.ixff--v%, ILIKIND, T.D., (Calculating machines] Schatno-resbatushchie ustroistva. Moskva, Gos.Aauchno-tekhn.Izd-vc mashinostrott. lit-rT, 1958. 387 P. (Calculating machines) (KRA 12:1) TASWOT, VWlmlr TonlamInovich, I-A. told=. n9mkj,DOS,WM. B-G-. dAtor taidm, wxLkv retserasitt; ALVSMT. I.Tm6, ImM. RAW4 ' 0 red,; KOOMMM, G,70, red.; TIMBA OF, A,ue, tokhn. red. (Coiqmteral Tyablelitel *v mtewtioheeklo p* ribor7. Xoskm, Goo. nnuohno-tekhae ind-vo moblaostroit. lit-ry, 195B, 205 pe (Galculatilf: machines) (mm '11210) vi IL I f fills tot- e Ff J9 ;L f: N i ~U L rr!'k r V 9- ft .1 12" 27974 S/194/61/000/004/006/052 D266/D302 AUTHOR: Dostupov,.B.CL,. TITLE: Estimating the accuracy of differential analyzers for solving ordinary differential equations PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. A-vtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 4, 1961, 9, abstract 4 B62 (V sb. Teoriya mashin avtomat. deystviya i teoriya tochnosti v mashinostr. i priborootr., M., 1960, 158-168) TEXT: If a given system of differential equations to be solved on an analogue computer is normalized, Out system of equations inte- grated by the computer has the followi-ag form: dxi = Fi(xl, X2,,'.Pxu, ell 0210"'Imst) (1) CTF i n, where 6- - errors of units belonging to the collector circuit, ran- dom fu;2tions. The problem of findirv& the mathematical expectation 27974 S/194/61/000/004/006/052 Estimating the accuracy... D266/D302 and the correlation functions for the quantities xj~,x2-.' Xn is worked out. 1t is assumed that the deviations of random func- tion t - from their mathematical expectations can be resolved in con- vergeni series of non-random functions, c-nd that the integrals of the system given by Eq. (1) can be made linear with respect to the coefficients of these series. Then the mathematical expectations x- are the integrals of the system which is structurally Amilar to tkat of Eq. (1) but on its R.H.S., instea 'd of the random functions aj, has their mathematical expectations Gj. In order to find the correlation functions it is sufficient to'integrate twice the sys- tem of differential equations which is also similar to that given by Eq. (1) but on its R.H.S., instead of 1j, has non-random func- tions which are determined from the mathematical expectations and correlation functions of the functions 0j. Therefore, the main probability characteristics of the system given by Eq. (1) can, in principle, be determined on a computer which is set for solving the original system of equations. 3 references. L/-Abstracter's note: Complete translation.2 Card 2/2 AN[)RFYPI, N.I., doktor tekhn.ntuk, prof.; DOSTUPOV, b.G., dol(tor tekhn.nAuk,- prof . "Theory of random functions and its application in automatic control-,' Elektrichcstvo no.11:93-94 N 161. (MIRA 14:11) (Automatic control) (Information theory) AM4016853 BOOK MWITATION Kazakov, Igor' YEfimdvich; Ro _p~~pqvj Boris,Grigorlyevich Statistical dynamics 'of nonlinear automatic control systems (Sta- tistichaskaya dinazidka nelineyny*kh avtomaticheskikh sistem) Moscow, Fizmatgiz, 62. 0332 p. illus., biblio., index. 10000 i copies printed. R TOPIC TAGS: automatic control, nonlinear automatic control, sta- I tistical dynamics* nonlinear equations, integral expansionr trigo- nometric series, p0war law series, statistical linearization, ran- dom signal, computer application, nonlinear automatic system syn thesis PURPOSE AND-COVERAGEs The book is aimed at systematizing some of the existing metl%ods for statistical analysis of controllable systems and develops for the statistical dynamics of' nonlinear systems some.exact and app;oximate methods that are conveniently realized JAM4016853 with the aid of modern computers. It summarizes specifically vari- ous nonlinear methods, scattered in the numorous periodicals, for the transformation of random functions. The boo% is for many,scien- i tific workers and engineers who are engaged in automatic control. To understand the book it is sufficient to know the usual mathe- matics given in higher technical schools and the principles of probability theory and the theory of random functions. The authors are grateful to L. D. Zhuleva for thorough editing of the manuscript.! The work is based on many earlier papers by tbe authors. chapter I (except Sec. 5), Chaptirs XII, M. VI, and Soc. 45 of Chapter V have been written by 1. Ye. Kazakov. The rest but been written by V. G.,. Dostupov. TABLE OF CONTENTSs lForeword 7 Card-2/4 ..4 A144016853 :Ch. I. Principal-problems in statistical dynamics of nonlinear I methods of their solution 9 : systems and 'Ch. 11. Methods of investigation of nonlinear systems, based on the I expansion of integrals in power and trigonometric series with random parameters 48 Ch. III. Statistical linearization oftnonlinear t.ransformations-- 103 Ch. IV. Investigation of nonlinear systems under random signals 210 Ch. V. Use of computers"for the analysis'of irionlinear automatic control systems 259 'Ch. VI. -Synthesis of nonlinear automatic systems 286 :Appendix 321 ~Literature - 325 ISubject Iindex -.329 ~SUB CODEs mm, CP SUSKIWED: 230ct62 NR REP SOW 063 'I'Card _. 3/4- AM036552 BOOK MWITATXOK S/ Bmvvich, N. 0.1 DostUpars Be 00 Principles in the theory of computers (Osnovy* teorii sohotno-reshayushchikh ustroystv), Hoscow "Sovetskoye radio". 1964, 817 pe Muse, biblive Errata slip inserted*. 15:500 copies printed* TOPIC TAGS: automationg computer engineeringmodeling computer, digital com;mter,9 combined computer :PURPOSE AND COVERAGE% The book examines the fundamentids of the theory of accuracy and reliability,, principles of construction, and the operation of modeling, digital., :and combined computers. Circuitry analyvis is done considering the most important ~i requirements of *oialized computer assemblies. The book in intended for ressarch-; ers and engineers working in co"ater engineering. .TABIE OF CONTENTS (abri4pdje Foreword 3 Introduction 5 Part I. Fundamentals of the theory of accuracy and Misbility of computers !Card 'AM4036552 Ch, It F=damentals of the theory of the accuracy of cowpAere - 19 Ch. II. Reliability of computers and mathematical machines - 59 Part Il. Modeling computers Ch. Ill. Reproduction of values in modeling computers x3d scale changes - al Ch. IV. Assemblies realizing linear functions with seve:ral arguments - 132 Ch, V. Reproduction of arbitrary nonlinear functions - 154 Ch. VI. Multiplication and division assemblies - 207 Ch, VII. Integrating and differentiating assemblies - 2-33 Part III. Digital electronic computers Ch. VIII. Classification of digital computers - 275 Ch. IX. Mathematical principles of electronic computers - 279 Ch. X. Computers that perform elementary logical functions - 380 Ch, XI, Computers that perform certain complex logical f unction@ 427 Ch, XII* Memory assemblies -d& 469 Ch* XIII* Summators (SH) -- 554 Ch* XIVe Arithmetio assemblies - 615 Ch, XV* Assemblies for acatrel of digital mathematical madilms a- 681 Part IV. Combined computers Ch. XVI* Principles of tranobw r constru*tion - 731 7 6- V "MANUIStr y - ftnthetic Blast=wra fty/Jun 52 Maw Strue wd PIvW Les of Aftber Mixtures . 4"ing 1pille"." T .. the Stdbillty',of Ratber-Tiller Mixtures Obtained Directly From Lat=,'~ R. Uzins, H. Dostyan, Sci Res last of the Tire Ind 'Kalloid Zhu " Vol XIV, No 3, PP 197-203 WIth low filler content, structure becomes porous, kbness and stability are decreased. The es and stability min in the curves as function of filler concn, disappears upon rolling ar the rubber, because rolling ~-sasl-'--'- t1-- rm~cuz Strue No such min is observed in synthetic zubber, vhich does not acquire porous, structare. BM+Axaite is an active filler for natural latAm, vb"I carbon black does not streugtben it. Cazbm b3ack haa the best strengthenin properties for dwathetle rubber (Igetex S-3). Rolling of dried latez vdxte doewnot chan the action of fillers. ftIlIng of coagulated natural latex mixts,tm= mal m black into an active filler, vhile It does not change the behavior of f' 11 s In mixte or SWAtbetic lLtez. These pbenamena are explained tW the effect of substanges vith s=fwe activity 20=A in latax avA adembed an tba surface 6f its global". UZINA, R,V.; DOSTYAN,,X.S.; GUSIVA. V.1... KALININA, A.A, latex-carbon black compounds for impregnation of tire cord. rauch. i ron. 16 no.12:11-18 D 157. (XIRA 11:y) 1. Nhuohno-issledovatellskiy institut shinnoy proqrehlennosti. (Rubber) Mrs fabrics) DOST71AN, M. S.: MAter Tf3ch Sol (dips) -- ,rnvestiFr.tion of the effect of the properties of adhesivn on the strength of the bond Iri the system of cord-adhesive- nibber". Moscow, 19%. 14 pp (Min FiF)ier 'Eduo uSsR~ Inat of Fine ChnMIcal Tech im M. V- LOMODOROv MR for Chem, ., StatO Committee Of the Council of Ministers , SOI'Res Inst of the Tire induatz7), 150 copies (KL, 110 15, 1959, 11.6) T O S :307/138-58-7-4/19 i Y U AU H R : z na, R-V., Basin, v- e., Dostyan, TITLE: ~"Vyre Cord - Adhesive The Strength of the Bond Bpfie~ and Rubber (K voprosu 0 prochnostl: svyazi sistemy kord - adgeziv - rezina) PERIODICAL: Kauchuk i rezina, 1958, rir 72 -PP 13 - 18 (USSR) ABSTRACT: fte authors consider that theories which rerard the adhesion between 1dymers as being a function of inter- molecular and chemical interacti3n satisfy experimental finding better than other theories. The basic -ooint of fe,ilure in the system, tjre cord - adhesive - rubber is usually at the interface between the adhesive and the rubber. la order to increase the strenrth of bond at this Doint, it is essential to rE.ise intermolecular action by incor- poratine substances with setive functional E~roups which will brined about chemical bonds between the adhesive and rubber. The adhesive or material with. which the cord is impregnated must have sufficient cohesiveness to with- stand dynamic deformE.tions, have high elastic modulus, high peel strength and Good thermal resistance. Cardl/4 SOV/1-38-58-?-4/19 The Strength of the Borld Betveen Tjrre Cord - Adhesive and Rubber The method of Ilualneacent analysis" (Ref 5) with ultra-viclet liE:bt -,dais used to study tl~e boundaries at wEich failure occuro. Figure la shows characteristics of adhi~aive failure at t1o adhesiw-rubt'er intorfece and riE;ura II of cohe-nive fuilure. Furcher studies were made of -VI.-reads of the cord 17rcm tyres which had failed undcr _hiji~h magnification - FiCuxe 2. The usual impregnating noterial. for cord is non-polar (nF,.tural latex or dlvinyl-styrcl), and does not increase adhesion between cord and rubber. Addition of polar substance,s tD this, non-polar, latex increases adhesion. Fi&ure 3 shors this gain in strength with up to 30% addition by weight :)f, CiLrve 1, resorcinal formaldehyde and, Cur-,re 2, casein. Figure 4- shons the improvezent with different pe:r.-cantaE;es of (4a) carbox,71 6roups and (4b) vi:nylpiridilie t!,roupu in the latex Nvith different rubbers - the top curve being itatural rubber, the middle SKB and the bottoi, .3KS-2'JOAIA1 in each case. The addition of albumens or caseins in latex raises the intermolecular action with- celLulose and the addition Uard2/4 SCV/138-58-7-4/19 The Strength of the Bond Retveen Tyre Cord - Adhesive aud Rubter of resorcinal forwaldeb:~d,e increase3 cher-riical interaction - Figure !5a. curves 1 for the latter and Cuues 2 for casein. Figure 5b shows the reoult of similar additions on the strength of the bond to SKB rubber. Addition of regorcinal- formaldehyde to latexes tbich alreod.7 contain functional groups muct be made ivith discretion and can, in some cases, decrease the bond strength through increased inter- molecular action within the filff of imprepant itself. Figure 6 illustrates this. The question of iutroduction of vulcanising agents into the cord. impregnatinIL material is considered. Data suSF,ests that sulpbu.? should not be added since it will mig;rate into the cord frem the rubber in any case. Addition of sulphur to imprcgiaants of latex-casein coniposition worsen the resi,--tarce to repeE~ted compression, as shown in Table 1. Addition of an aceele.TatinF, agent DMASK to latox-evscin or late:c-reEiorcitial-foripildehyde impreEnants imDrove this rc-sictaace - Table 2. Further vark conf.-*Lrm;3 the importance of good bonding betwe,in cord and roble.L, vith field tests - FiUure (;Prd3/4 Other fibures show t:.-,e ififluenec of additions of resorciiial- The 5trength of the Bond Between I'Yre Cord - and Rubber foriualdehyde on the breakin6 stien_th, modulus and pro- portional elonLation of latex filnts and, sivilarly for ad,.Iitiom~ of carboxyl functi~wnel Croups - FiLures ~ and 9, re--I-.ectively. Finv1--y, considerstion is Liver to the nature of the adherents in rAc~tiun to adhesion. A roughened cord surf-,4ce improves adhesion. Channel black in, the rubber comp.)sit,ior, is Lood cn6 subsl;ances such as benzyl clJori6e, and bonzotrichloride lead to bonds through increased chem.*,.cal reaction. The ef.fect of small additions of the latter Into the rubber composition is shown in Figures 3.0 and 11, the cord impregnant in tbis case being diA,inyl-2-motill-5-vinylpiridiiie latex. There are W figures and 12 rofnrences, 9 of which are Soviet, 2 Bnglish and 1 uerman. ASSOCIATIOn: Vauchno-issledovatell skiy irstitut sl innoy 7romy- shlen-1-4' Reuearch Institute of the Tyre Industry) Card4/4 1. Tlres--Desigr~ 2. Tires-Mechanical properties 3. Polywrs --Adliesion 4. TJres--,rest results BDGUSLATS11T, D.; XMIN010 B.; UZIM, R.; DOSTYAN, X. Synthesis and use of carbexrl-contalving latices for the Impregnation of tire cords. Report flo.l. Nauch. I raz. 18 no.lt6-13 Ja 159. (MRA 12:1) leVseoo)mazuy7 nauchno-loole,lovatelliMy Institut sintotichookogo kauchuka imant S.V. Imbedevai Nauchzio-issledovatel'skly institut shinnoy propyihlennouti Taroolavoki), shinnyy savod. (Tira fabri") (Carbo-vl group) 15A 110 AUTHORS: TITLE: PERIODICAL: 83294 S/138/59/000/010/006/011) A051/AO29 Boguslavakiyp D.B.1 D;utyan, M.S.; UzIna, R.V. The Application of Carboxyl-Containing Latexes In of Tire Cord *~ Communication P2 Kauchuk I Rezina, 1959, No. 10, pp. LY7 - 32 the Impregnation TEXT: Brief' reference is made to the first of two articles, where the re- sults of carboxyl-containing latex synthesis and the application of these latexes to increasing the bond stability of rubber-fabric systems (Ref. 1) was discussed. The importance of nelecting the right dosage of resorcin-formaldehyde resin in de- veloping the composition of the impregnating materials was stressed, since the ad- hesiveness and the physteo-mechanical properties of the viscose cord depend on it. Figure I shows that with an Increase In the dosage of the resin in the latex the bond strength of the rubber and the cord Increases. The tensile strength and the impact-resi stance decreases with an Increase in the non-uniformity of the cord re- sistance. The optinum dosage which would guarantee sufficient adhesiveness of the cord in carboxyl-containing latexes without ncticeable changes in the physico-me- chanical propertiets and in the fatigue stability was found to be 12 weight parts of Card 1/4 83294 S/138/59/000/010/006/01() A051/AO29 The Application of Carboxyl-Containing Latexes in the Impregnation of Tire Cord. Communication 2 resorcin-formaldehyde resin to 100 weight part;s of rubber. The effects of the pH value, drying temperature and new impregnating compositions of the cord on the bxid stability of the rubber-cord and the tire quality were investigate )r d. Im;.qgnating, comWsitions baspd on carboxyl -containing late:-es of the divinyl-styrene'-and divi- nyl type were studied. Rubbern based on CRC-3011"(SKS-30AM), natur7a rubber and CP7_ (SKB) were produced. The experimental conditions are outlined. The effect of the pH value of the impregnating material could be regulated by adding potassium lvdrm- ide to Increase the pH to over 9, and by adding acetic acid for obtaining a pH value less than 9. Figung 2 shows graphically the effect of the p1l of the impregnating composition on the bond atabill ty of the cord &nd the rubber. When the pH is ovw-. 9 the adhesion of the cord to the rubbers made ol' natural rubber and butadiene-sty- rene oil-filled rubbers decreates noticeably. Figure 3 shows that the physico-me- chanical properties of the adhesive film drop with an increase in the alkalinity of the medium. This is explalred by the change in the condensation conditions of the resorcin-formalcishyde resin. This is also assumed to be one of the causes of the decrease In the bond stability IndIces. Figure 5 shows that at low drying temperature (100 - 1100C) the Impregnation of cord with carboxyl-containing la- Card 2/4 oJZ94 5/138/59/000/010/006/010 A051/AO29 The Application of Carboxyl-Containing Latexes In the Impregnation of Tire Cord, Communication 2 texes has little effect. By Increasing the temperature to 1700C the bond stabili- ty of the cord and the rubber mide of natural a-id synthetic rubber continuously increases and at temperatures of 190 - 2000C it drops abruptly. This is assumed to be due to the peculLarities of the Interaction of the resorcin-formaldehyde resin with the high polymers containing carboxyl groups in the molecular chain, Table 2 lists the bond stability indices of the viscose cord with casing rubbers, depending on the type of latex in the impreganting composition. The data proves that by using the new latexes the bond stability of the cord-rubber increases in static as well as repeated deformations. The extent of the stability of the cord- rubber bond, where the cord is Impregnated with different latexes, depends on the type of polymer in the casing rubbers, which is explained by the different coq)at- V~ ibility of these polymers at the impregnated cord-rubber interface. Stand and operation tests showed that the use of viscose cord In tires, which have been im- pregnated with carboxyl-containing latexes, Increases the bond stability between the tire elements and also Increases the tire durability. The bond stability of the cord-rubber, when carboxyl-containing latexes are used as the impregnating material, depends to a great extent on the pH of the impregnating composition and Card 3/4 83294 S/138/59/000/010/006/010 A051/AO29 The Application of Carboxyl-Containing Lntexes in tt)e Impregnation of Tire Cord. Communication 2 on the drying temperature of the Impregnated cord. The use of ~~ above-mention- ed latexes Instead of butadiene-s-tyrene latex CWC-301U(SKS-303h) or the impreg- nation of the tire cord greatly Increases the bond stability between the rubber and the cord and Increases the durability of the..-tire. The advantage of the di- vinyl -carboxyl -containing latexes CUA-1 (SKD-1)4,rer divinyl-styrene CRC-30-1 Ix (3K3-30-1) Is proven. There are 6 graphs, 4 tablos and 12 reft,rencesz 9 Soviet-, 3 English. ASSOCIATION% Nauchno-lasledovatel'itkiy institut shinnoy promyshlennosti. I Yaro- slavskiy shinnyy zavod (Saientific :esearch Institute of the Tire Industry and Yaroslavl' Tire Plant) Card 4/4 S/138/6o/000/009/OOIL/012 15 1~bo Y-1 09, 15'26 1 Iq 5-1 A051/A029 AUTHORS: Dostyan, M.S.; Sandomirskiy, D.M.; Uzina. R.V. TITLE: An Investigation Into the Effect, of the Adtiesive Properties on the Bond Stability in the Cord-AdheElve-Rubber System PERIODICAL: Kauchuk I Razina, 1960, No. 9, pp. 20 - 26. TEXT: The authors conducted a ntudy on model s:rstems of adhesive-cord (cel- lulose) and adhesive-rubber in order to determine the role played by each factor in fabric processing, i.e., by the properties of the adhesive film itself, or by IV the interaction of the adhesive with the fabric or wi,;h the rubber linIng. The cellulose film used in the study was produced from regenerated viscose on a tex- tile lining (percal), according to a method developed by VNIJV. The w1dt1h of the film was 0.2 m and the adhesive layer was applied to the film by Impregnation and subsequent drying at 125 - 1350C. Butadiene-styrine-based latexesio-such as CKG - 3OW(SKS-3OSh) and CKC-30-1 (SKS-30-1) with different content of methacrylic acid, were used as the objects of investigation. As components of the impregna- tion compositions the following substances with polar functional groups were used., proteins (casein, albumin, gelatin), resorcin- and pheenol-formaldehyde resins, sulfur, water-soluble nnf-~-rntnrs and active fillers in the form of dispersions Card 1/4 S/138/60/000/009/004/012 A051/029 An Investigation Into the Effect of thet Adhesive Properties on the Bond Stability in the Cord-Adhesive-Rubber System of channel gaseous carbon black. These were investigated as to their role and nature of interaction with the combining surfaces, I.e., the cord and rubber, The following conclusions were drawn: compounds with polar f-An-stional groups increase the stability of the bond between the adhesive and the surfaces in the model sys- tems and the phyaloo-machanical properties of the adhesive layers. Active fillers of the channel carbon black type, accelerators and also latexes containing car- V/ boxylic groups In the molecular chain of the polymer innorease primarily only the phyalco-mechanical properties of the acLaesive layers. The weak spot Ir the syst-sm Is the boundary-line adhesive-rubber and the adbesivi~ layer fRefs. 4,6,). !be bond is not broken at the boundary adhesive-cord. Thus. th- a,,tent-lon In imprcv- Ing the properties of the Impregnation ~omposlt.ions sho-ild be directed at, 1) Increasing the bond stability at the adhe s ive -rubber Interface, 2) increasing the physico-mechanical properties of the adhesive layer, 7be bond stability at the adhesive -rubber. interface Is determined by both the properties of the adhesive and the rubber. Experimental data show tha4-. the main effeo-. on *.he bond stability Increase at the adhesive-rubber Interface is obtained from tne nresen'le of substan- ces with polar functional gmups In the adhesive, and the occurrexe of Intramolecu- - - . - I h 5/138/60/0WO09/004/012 A051/AC2() An Investigation Into the Ef f ect of tho Adhesive Propert.1 e%* on tne Wnd itau- I I A In the Cord-Adhesive-Rubber System lar Interaction forces between the funcitional groups of the adhesive and the rubbers of the van der Waal's or hydrogen type brought on by these forces. These forces can occur only In sufficiently close position of the adhesive and -rubber substances to each other. Therefore a.e dIffusion processes and Compatibility of the polymers probably affeot the bond stability (Ref,. SO. A study of the adhesive film properties depending on the composition showed that a high modulus at low deformations (up to 100%) in characteristic of the Impregnation films. Thus. the films of t?e effective Impregnation materials have a modulus of no less than 20 - / - 30 kg/cm at an elongation of "(the nodel of caning rubber In similar deforma--' tions Is not above 10 - 12 kglcmr),u With an increase In the film modulus the bond stability of the system inareases (Ref. 3). Based on ocnducted experiments It is assumed that the high-modulus adhesive layer plays the part of the linking bridge between the cord and the low-modulus rubber and accepts part'. of the tensions oc- curriag In the system, which works under conditions of, repeated deformations. Pro- perties of the films such as tear-resistance, temperature-resistance and thermal resistance have a great effect'on the Increase in the sirstemis resistance. Thus, the strengthening of the ndhwve film Is one way of Jm.)roving, the properties of Card 3/4 9/138/6o/ooo/ooq/oo4/ol2 A051/AO29 An Investigation Into the Effect of the Adhesive Propertlms on tho Bond Stability in the Cord-Adhesive-Rubber System the Impregnation materials. Based on modelling the cord-adhesive-rubb-.r system, It was shown that the components Introduced Into the Impregnation compositions must comply with the following conditions: 1) ensure a t*jgh bond stablliiy rriatn- ly at the adhesive-rubber interface. Substances containing polar fun,~tlonal gro- ups may act as these components. 2) Ensure a complex -)f physlco-me~hanical pro- pertles of the adhesive films, such as a "Ugh modului 'no lower than 20-3.0 kg/cm2 V In the region of deformation of 50 -100%, a high tear- resistance, thermal stabl.11-- ty and temperature stability. Ilie application of active !:1.1ers, latexes with functional groups in the polymer chain, and in some caj~-?~ vulcanization accelera- tors, help to Increase the adhesive film properties to tho gromal.est extent. A rational selection of the Impregnation compositAv,). whirr) wo,T]d #?nsure an increase in the bond stability in the system cord -a-Vier I.Ye -ru0ber, can be a,~,:ompllshed by the simultaneous Introduotion of substances wll~h polar fjrctlonal groups W'"3 ac- tive fillers into the latex. 7here are 7 figures, 2 tab~as. P r~,ferences- 8 Sov- let, 1 English. ASSOCIATION. nauchno-Issledovatel'skly Instltu,. shinnoy pr!)myshlennoatt (Scient'l- r*.-4 &,Oh V4-13 ------- T-.44*..*- -P +I,- IP4-- T--- % SARDHIRS11Y, D.K.; UZINA, R.Y. Zffect of ths'proliertios of the adhesive on the binding strength of the system cord-adhasive-rubber. Kauch.i rez. 19 no.9:20-26 s ,6o. (MIRA 13:10) 1. blauchno-issledavatellskip Institut shimioy protr,,shloanosti. 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