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96586 On the pionic and electromagnetic... S/18 60/005/003/001/020 D274X303 The.values of Gk and of,the radiuses agree with the values given by D.I. Blolthintsev V.S. Barashenkov and B.I.I. Barbashov (Ref. 1: UFN, v. 68, 417, 19593. The mean-square electric radius of the proton and neutron for the three-pionic state is: 2, e)p0g) e M) (3. 3 - 10 - l4cm) 2 rt(y (29) the first radius practically agrees with the theoretical and experi- mental values found by other investigators. With regard to the con- tribution of the three-pionic state to the mc-ignetic moment of the nucleon, the conclusion is reached that this contribution can be neglected; hence the magnetic moment of the nucleon is fully deter- mined by the two-pionic state; this is also in agreement with Ref. 1; (Op. cit). The author expresses his thardes to Academician Bog- 01yubov and to Professor L.I. Sdhiff of Stanford University. There are 4 figures and 18 references: 9 Soviet-bloc and 9 non-Soviet- bloc. The 4 most recent references to English-language publications 265N S/185/60/005/003/001/020 On the pionic and electromagnetic,#., D274/D303 read as follows: R. Hofstadter, Rev. Hod. Phys., 289 214, 1956; R. 11ofstafter, F. Bumiller et al., Rev.'Mod. Phys., 301,482, 1958; G. Chew et al., Phys. Rev-, 110, 265, 1958; J. Bernstein, ',H. Gold- berger, Rev. Hod. Phya., 30, 11, 4659 1958; H. Bethe, P. Iforrison, Elementary nuclear theory, N.-Y., Wiley, 1956. 4%SOCIATION: Instytut fizyky AN 'USSR (Physics Institute, AS UkrSSR) SUM,' IT.CED: July 11, 1959 'r Fig. 4 n IF jr Tn N. t C ard 513 DOTSENNOv B.B. AppLication of a nonlocal factorable potential to the problem of three bodieB in nuclear theory'. Dop.AN URSR no.4:473-LT7 161. TkRA 14:6) 1. Institut fisiki AN USSR. Predstavleno akademikom N.N. - . Ed-golyubovym. (Nuclear physics) S/1048/61/02 5/001/02 7/031 B029/BO63 AUTHOR:, Dotsenko,' B. B. TITLE: Collective 6xoitation in~ superfluid nuclear matter PERIODICAL: Izv6stiya Akademii nauk SSSR. Seriya fiziches)tayat v. 25, n6. 1, 1961, 145r-151 TEXT: The energy characteristics of the ground altid excited states of superfluid nuclear matter have been studied using-the method of N. N. Bogolyubov-(Ref. 1) and a large,number of nucleons whose density was- equal to their density inside heavy nuclei. Coulomb repulsion '2etween .protons has been neglected, and:the difference between protons and neutrons was taken into account with the aid of the isotope spin. The Hamiltonian of nuclear. matter in second quantum representation reads: T a+1 a, + +iz+a,,a,., Mf all f. All 6ard'l/ 5 Collective excitation S/0,18/61/025/001/0-27/031 B029/BO63 where a+ and -af symbolize the Nrmi am2litudes of nucleon production and f I V " annihilation; T(f,fl) - fE(f) ;(f - fl) is the individual Hemiltonian of the al p 'I ential U is given by particles. The re6idu ot r PS; P;' Pt it TL; Ot"rt L, TO + IX T") a (T' - -TS,), 7~ X 0 PL.- it W 6 (PI + Ait - PI) 6 (OL - 6L) 6 (at - 0;).~ J < 0 is the effective attraction required to produce a superfluid con- deneate; p1,) is.the Pourier transformation of the repelling -core potential. First, the-distribution -functions of the ground state of the system were calculated 'by the generalized principle of compensation by. N.. N. Bogolyiabov. The repulsion potential X(Ipl) was eatimat-td on the -assumption that the core is not a perfectly solid sphere, whose density distribution decreases as exp(-2-/a.) with a,-2t,0-14 cm. Likewise, the potential of short-range repulsive forces is supposed to decrease ex- ponentially with growing distance: Card 2/5 Collective excitation V0(r) - A(exp(-r/a 0)1/r; A const. reads X(Ipl) - A A 2n2 -2) (P2 + a C 89261 S/048/61/025/001/027/031 B029/BO63 The Fourier transform of this potential ; for the value of a used here, a72 is C c great. In the effective layer near the Fermi surface, K(101) is much smal- ler than J(popl; plop). The repulsive forces examined by the author slightly "deform" the particle energy, but have no effect on the form of the fundamental equation of the theory of superfluidity of Fermi systems. The excitations originating from the ground state correspond to the varia- tions ~F and 6~ of the functions F and � with respect to 10 and FO t F F + SF, + S1. From the equations given by the author for (FF 0 and ST~one obtains the complicated principal equations for the determina- tion of the antisymmetric parameter A. The oscillation spectrum is composed of four branches corresponding to the correlating particle pairs, Card 3/5 897261 Collective excitation ... S/048/61/025/001/027,/031 B029/w63 in which 1) a I= ET2 'rl u Z2 or 2) 61 M d2; V, - ~,, or 3) 11 - '2; Ir I ~ - V2 or 4) 01 _'2; 'r, ' _r2- If all repulsive forces are neglected, all J, G, I nuclei are bounded, and at small values of q, the energy of collective excitation is given by E - lqjc/~3, c itj approximately equal to the velocity of the particle on the Fermi surface. According to these and other results, the energy of collective excitation Is given by Ecol = Jqjcr /f3' if the excitation forces between the cores are taken into account. In this case, c r is somewhat smaller than in the above for- mula. Summing up: There are two types of collective excitation in nuclear matter: 1) excitation in the ordinaryg degenerate system of Fermi par- ticles ("normal phase"). The energy of these excitations is fairly high (-30 Mev). 2) Collective excitations of the second type are characteristic of the 11superfluid phase" (condensate) which is always accompanied by the "normal phase" in nuclear matter. The energy of.these excitations is comparatively low. When a weak effect is allowed to act upon nuclear matter, the energy of this effect is absorbed by the "ouperfluid" phase. The author thanks N. N. Bogolyubov for raising the problem and for his Card 4/5 V~ Collective excitation *#4 ';/048/61/025/001/027/031 B029/B,)63 interest in the paper, and also V. G. 3olovIyev for a discussion. This is the reproduction of a lecture read at the Tenth All-Union Conference on Nuclear Spectroscopy, Moscow, January 19-27, 1960. Phere are 8 references: 4 Soviet-bloc and 4 non-Soviet-bloc. 'A Card 5/5 27478 100 1 04/~ 10 2 1'~ 4; At HORs Dot B. Bo ....................... TITLE: Effect of collective excitations of superfluid phases in atomic nuclei on their moment of inertia PERIODICALt Alcademiya nauk SSSR. Izveatiya. Seriya fizicheskaya, v. 25, -no. 9, 1961, 1149 - 1151 TEXTt This paper was read at the 9th Annual Conference on Nuclear Spectroscopy. Collective excitations in neutron and proton subsystams are qualitatively studied in quasi-clas3ical approximation, according to A. B. Migdal (Zh. eksperim. i tear. fiz., 31, 249 (1959t.)7 ~ The nucleons are assumed to be in states with the momenta _P"' + M F~ in a syt3tem rotating with an angular velocity.Q . Using the method of Bogolyubov and Fok, the correlation distribution functions of the systems particle.-parti- ale and particle-hole are introduceds v v a 0 - u v F(f,f') s 0 fl, (f /,a '? I f f Vf2 fI f2 fI f2 where a + and a are the Fermi amplitudes of particles in the state f f Card 1/5 27h78 3/048/61/025/009/003/007 Effect of collective excitations of B104/B102 f - u and v are coefficients of 'the canonical Bogolyubov trans- formation. If the system is affected by a slight perturbation with the momentum 14 -P'p (-P*'F - Fermi momentum), which changes the momenta p"of the paired nucleons, the equalities F - FO + J'F and 4 - ~o + Sa are valid. F0 and 0 describe the ground state of the system. Partbermore, MY, M h) + ufvtY'(-1g, /1), where the parameter ).describe the collective excitations. By representing )~, as a superposition of normal oscillations, the author obtains the equations (Z (p) + Z (p q)) 0 (p) +Q9 (p, p') 0 (p) =4C(P), (6) (E (p) + 2 (p q)) (p) +Rq (p, p) (p) Ee (p), Card 2/5 27478 8/048/61/025/009/003/007 Effect of collective excitations of ... B100102 (N. N. B lvubov, Us2. fiz. nauk., 67, 549 (1959)). Here, LE(P) - (F-(P) - P-) 2 + C2 (p)j c(p) is the particle enerj;y, pis the chemical potential (etft E F)' C(P)C~.A' Furthermore, Qq (p, p') = g (1). p') L (p) L (p') + Iq (p. p') M (p) M (P') Rq (p, pl) ='g (p, p') S (0) 8 (p') + Gq (p, p') T (p) T (p). L (p) u (p) u (p - q) + v (p) v (p - q). (61) M(p) v(p)u(p-q)-u(p)v(p-q), S(p) u(p)u(p-q)-v(p)v(p-q), T (p) v (p) u (p q) + u (p) v (p q); where glipt) symbolizes the normalized effective correlation interactio,I of two nucleons Iq (P. P') == 9 (P, p'- q; p', p - q) - g (p. P'- q; P q, p') g (p, - P'; p' + q, p - q), Gq (P, P') 9 (P. P'- T P', p - q) - g (p, p'- q; P - q. p') + Card 3/5 + 9 (P. - P' -;-V+q, p-q). .27478 S10481611025100910031007 Effect of collective excitations of ... B104/B102 The discussion of the results is largely based on the abovo-mentioned paper by Bogolyubov. It is oho= that collective excitations with enorb-ion smaller than 6 cannot occur in superfluid proton subsystems. #%ruali tative interpretation of the collec-tive excitations considored here: If holes and coupled particle pairs appear in a neutron sub3yatem during the transition into the ouperfluid state, the structure of the subsystem is changed. The collective excitatirl,na studied correspond to oscillations of the particle density and momentum density distributionb. Due to the existence of Coulomb forces, only the momenta can oscillate in the proton subsystem. Consequently, the proton subsystem remains incompressible e%en in the superfluid state. Owing to the structural changes the neutron stibsystem, however, remains partly compressible for weak perturbations. This qualitative interpretation can be used to explain various experimental fin'ai4'gs. N. N. Bogolyubov is thanked for his interest in the work, A. S. Dav~d,b for discussions, and V. 0. Solov'yev for comments. There are 8 refurencest 4 Soviet and 4 non-Soviet. The references to English- language publicationa read as followas blarumori T., Progr. Theoret.11Vs., 22A, 331 (1960); Inglin D., Phys. Rev., 26, 1059 (1954); LO-J, 1786 (1956); I'leisskopf V. F., Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Card 4/5 27478 S/048/61/025/009/003/007 Effect of collective oxoitations of ... B100102 Structure. p. 890, Kingston, Canada, Univ. of Toronto press, 1960. ASSOCIATIONt Institut fiziki Akademii nauk USSR (Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences UkrSSR) Card 5/5 3/0~ 62/026/CO8/026/028 BI 04Y111 02 AUTHORS: Doteenko, B. B., and Salasyuk, V. M. - --------- .~ITLZ: Determination of parameters for the repulsion potential generated by,nucleon cores in nucleon-nucleon interaction ?-I'RIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya fizicheskaya, v. 26, no. 8, 1962, 1097-1101 S1117I.T: Nuclear theory has to consider not only the long-range forces of attraction originating in the pion shells of nucleons but also the short- range forces of repulsion originating in the nucleon cores. The concept of the nucleon cores being hard spheres involves the aifficulty that the radii of these spheres cannot be determined accurately (0-35 f, - -a1U(r)u(r') + a2f(r)f(r) suggested by N.'X. Bogolyubov. The wave function 6.- ear Cir-) (8) link Tj a a 0 Ts VA of this potential is very similar to Hulth~bnls function. ASSOCIATION: Institut fiziki Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences UkrSSR) Card 2/2 S/165"2'007/005/C)12/013 D407YD300/11 Dotsenkof B.B., and Salasyukf V.I,*.* T 7 71 On 'he tvio-nucleon proble= wit"a a non-local Dotentia' U-krayinslkyy fizychnyy zhurnal, v. 7, no. 5, 1962, 563 - 565 1_71h.,e non-local internucleonic T)otentl-ial p/V/p b 1 g (p) g ( p I ) + b 2v(P)v(PI), (2) proposed by Bo-olyubov, is considered. This potential is of Ya- -tly-oe and leads to saturation; its first tc.rm corresponds to a-.trac-V_Jon, and the second - to rej-.iision. It is a ,;hort-range tential, which is o_-P narticular im-oortance with resnect to -4he so- cond ier,:a, which reDresents the contribution of the core. The above p3tc~ntial is convenient thar. 3ruclmerls o.- C-artenhaus's. Prom ~c'A.--?j-din-er's oquation for two nucleons with non-lo.='_ potential, o.-.e obtains ( calculations) t.he wave function for the potentoial 1~2). T, wave -Cunottion is very simiiar to 1.1ulthe'n's wave function. C ard 1/2 3/185/62/307/005/U12/013 On the tl.,ao-nucleon problem with a ... D407/D301 The -2-a-rammeterI"' 11 , anterinn, the expression for the vrave funct-ion, is L_> determined from scattering formulas. Thereby one obtains very simple elrnre~;sions for the parameters of the theory of ef-fective radiuz (':- -i/a, r0, rd' and the form factor T). By usinG exper-4--ental of 1/a and r , it is possible to obtain 2.1, A azrid rough estima- 0 2 te yields the following values:," 1.444 f-3 242 f-.3 and ~i A/ 1 .2 is of the same order o f magn~-'_ 2.1 Hence, it follows that tud,e as in Y. Yamaguchi (Ref. 6: Phys. .11,ev. ,95, 1628, 1954), whereas is much larger; with lar6e distances, however, it is pos- - - V U L, Potential 4bl- to neglec-C the cont-ribution of the par'icle wi-h ),2* s ~2) cEn be als~~ used in the solution of the three-nucleon nroblam. 0 are 7 references: 1 Soviet-bloc and ' non-Soviet-bloc Unclud- 1 translation). .f_ZdS0C7_AT ION: Instytut fizyky AN n.SR (Institute of Physics of the AS UkrRSR) Kyyiv SU37111TED: January 8t 19 2 Oard 2/2 Nib- -ACCESSION-RR: APS0057DGB S/01048/65/(129/002/0339/03~3 i Avnim. -D-Asenkgi~UL n;0V a -at' -ton systein with- nonlt)cal- interaction" port .-~44~ Annual Conference on Nuclear. Spectroscopy held In Tbilisij-14o-22 Teb, 196~4/ LSOURCE-Alf -SSSR 5 339~343_ - ----- -TAGS: nucleon,' naftleon soitteripg, nucloon intoraotion, deuteron reaction, ____ABSTRA1^..T.-- - --The--authorv--ve0 biiefli-revi'ew--tite-11-tes~ature relating -to. nonlocal______,_ nucle0a Interactions and the re'pulsive n'ucleon core. With the use of a separable nonlocal-potential ol! Ahe -Yamaguchi -Wheeler type _wMch they have prev'Lously disi- ("Ussed (I,,v.AN SSSR,fle:r.fiz.20,1097,1962), tho authors calculate (with neglect of tensor fwces) the low onergy (up to 15 MeV) proton-noutron scattering cross so(:- tion azxl %he deuteron photodialategration Crolls sectlon for 7 ray energies up to :~~G MeV. Fru-n compnrimor-n of the ~oalc"lated ercuis sect;:Lona with experimental data in the literittiwo, the nuViors cantlude that the nonlocal potential is in sdtiE;faci;ory ~Jgreem3nt with exper%rv-~:at and that the ropulsive coro exerts a am-all but definite Cc3rdl/2 DMUMO, G.I. [Doltsenko, 11.1.1; TOYT, S.K., kand.sellskokhoz.nauk; ------ C2190-To Tole p,lcand.sellskokho z.nauk; TIKHOMOT, R.I., kand. Bellskokho-unauk; TIM L.S., nauchnyy sotrudnik-, YISMWSXATA, T.G. [YVshaev-s'ka,,T.ff.1 nauchuyy sotrudnik; KRATYU1, T.I.. nauchuyy sotrudnik; YAKOYMMO, H.S., nauchnyy gotrwinik; LIT.11, ]).I., agronom; GALAT, B.7. [11alat, B.7 " 1, zootekhnik; FMOTWIT, O.M. [Pitrovalkyi, O.M.)q red,; LIKANOTA, X.L. [Managenent system on a collective farm; the Dzerahinskii Artel, Bayqr Province] Systems vedeniis hospoderstv-s u kolhospi; artill Imeal DxerxbPelkoho Samalkoi obleati. Kharkiv. Kharicivelke knyzhkove -ryd-vo, 1960. 77 p. (MIRA 14:4) 1. Machallaik kolkhoza Imeni Dzerzhinakogo, Sumokogo rayons, Smokoy oblesti (for Dotsenko). (Sway Provinoe-Farm management) DOTSMO, G.N., inzhf!ner. New method of servicing valve-t7pe arrestarts without cutting off the operat- Ing voltagge. llnergetik 1 no,3:3-4 Ae, 05). (HLRA 6:8) (Lighting arresters) TISHCHENKO, V.M.; D'YACHENKO, N.Z.; DOTSENKOj-jp; PLAKSIN, A.A.; BANSHCHIKOV, V.I.; UMNOV, G.Ye. Now record set by the V.I.Banshchikov brigade of mining 60,144 tons of coal from under a shield in one month. Ugoll 40 no.2:8-11 F 165. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Shakhta "Ziminka-Kapitallnayan Kuznotskogo basseyna. .DQIqENKO, 1vaq L&yT!Et'yey!q4; KOZAK, Vladimir laygenlyevich; CMCJXNKOt V.S., red. isd-va; TURBANOVAO N.A., takhn. red. [Sources of our strength and prosperity) Dzherela nashoi syly i dostatku. Kyiv, Vyd-vo Akad. nauk UHSR, 1963. 63 p. (MIRA 16:6) (Russia-Economic policy) nor.-~rywc, -i-. P, DOTSZNKO, I.P.; TALANTSNVA, I.K. ---MWWxWP"-QWxt"W-- Now arrangement for the production of yeast at the Biryusa, Ardrolysis Plant. Gidrolls. I lasokhim. prom. 10 no.7:16-18 157. (Mak 10-.12) l.Biryusinskiy godrolisnyy sayod. (Toast) (Hydrolyvis) DOTSE11KO, I.P. I Improving technical and economic indicno Gldroliz.l. loookhim.prom. 12 no.6:12-13 of alcobol production, '59. (14IR,t 11: 2) 1. Biryusinskiy gidrolisnyy zavod. Oklcohol) DOTSENKO, I.P.; TAMBOVTSEVA, M.S. Reducing sulfuric a:id consumption. Gidroliz. i lesokhim. prom. 17 no.3.-21-22 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Tulunskiy gidrolyznyy zavod. DOTS914WP I.Y., mayor maditainakoy oluzhby Ramat of the work of a medical station of a motorized artillery regiment under antiepidamic conditions. Voen.-med. shur. no-3s 1846 Mr 1140, (MIRL 14: 1) (Ticint MnITARY) (CCHMMCABLE DISUSES) I DOTSJNKO, X.D., mashinist ekskavatora; TIMASHKOV. N.V.; GROIXTSKIT, I.A.; MY21MY. N.A.; IYANOV, M.N., inzhener. redaktor. Ellighly productive work on a dragline excavator] Opyt vysokoproiz- Yoditellnoi raboty n& skskavatore-draglains. Moskva. Goo. transp. zhel-dor. isd-vot 1933. 28 P. (MLRA 7:4) (Abccavating machinery) DOTSENKO, L.A.; OKUNII L.A. - - - ~ I. - , , ". Automatic control of the wire broadcasting center of Rost4'v-na- Don. Vest. sviazi 2.4 nool:23-25 Ja 164. (MIRA .17:3) 1. Zamestitell nachallnika Rostovskoy-na-Donu direktsii radiotrans- Iyatsionnoy sati (for Dotsenko). 2. Ifachallnik stantsionnoy sluzhby Rostovskogo-na-Donu radiouzla (for Okun'). ALTMWK, L.Ta.; DOTBJMO, L.D.; FUCHKOVA, L-I- Investigattng the surface active properties of phosphatide concentrate. Izv.yys.uoheb.%av.; pishch.tekh. no.1:76-78 1. KaPedra takhnologii khlebopechaniya Hookovskogo takhnologi- cheakogo instituta pishchavoy prosyshlonnosti. (Phosphatides) (Surface active agents) DOTSERK00 L.I. Fqpertenvion in patients with bl2ateral nephrolithiasim. Sov. nod. 26 no.4snO-112 Ap 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Is urologicharkay kliniki (zav. - prof. M.N. Zbukova) lAningradekogo inatituta uoovershenstvovaniya vrachey imeni Kirova. DOTSENKO L.K.; OKUNIp L.H., takhnik Introducing automatic control at the radio center of Rosiov-on-Don. Vest. eviazi 21 no.5sl6-17 My 161. (MIRL WO 1. StArsbi inzbener Roetovekogo-na-Donu radiguz1a (for Doteenko). f4tov-on-Don-Radio stations) >119 -r-s.,c IAKWOV, X.G.1 MUT, IJ.,j rAMITIT, T.L.1 IDUBROVS]CrT. T-P.-, L.,$*; GONOMOT, B.P., redaktarl CHWAMA, 2.7., tekhnIcINAlm [low method of stabilizing movable sandal Novyl sposob sidasplealla- podyishnykh peskur. Moskva. Go*. Ltd-vo sellkhos. lit-ry, 1954. 142 p. (MUA 7110) (S&ud) (Boll stabilization) (Soil binding) BaNDIM, M. [Bondarievy M.10 inzb.j DOMMO m. insh. Installbg *reling floors. *d.mati konotro 4 no.6153--54 I-D t62. (KM 15t12) (7loors) IOKASHKO. B.7.,. DO tor; DIOMINA. T.. takhnichookiy redaktar. -"-JA -Oh.. redak (Mixed excavator crew) KomplekerA skokavatorna brigada. ryiv, Der2h. vyd-vo, telchn. lit-.ry UM. 1954. 41 p. (KIJIA 8:2) (Ixcavating machinery) r-- -wIr - --I- /.M TOVSTOLLS. Nikoljiy Illch; IMSENKO, H., rodalctor; NOVIK, 0., tekhnichnly ~ redaktor [Tho shapo and size of the earth] Formn t rozmiry zemli. Xyty, Dorth. ,ryd-vo tekhn. lit-ry. URSR, 19%. 33 p. (KLRO 10:4) (Narth-114pre) NAUMM Adollf Llvoylob;_ a RJFOO~j I., red.; HATUMMICH. S., [Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering] Taoretychni oanovy elaktrotakhnflq. Xylv, Derzh.vyd-vo takhn.lit-ry URSH. Pt.l. [Blectromagnatic field] Ilektromagnitne pole. 1958. 253 P. (XIU 12:8) (Yield tbeory) KOSTJUG, Oeorgiy Nikolayevich (Lontenko, R.N.]; MMITSKIY, A.I. [Ru"olkyl, A.1.1, kend.0-akhn.nauk, red.; red.1 KATUSXVICH, S., tekhn."d. [Inginearing thermodynamics] Takhnichns termodymmilm, Pid red. A.I. Rudaytalkoho. Kyiv, Dersh.vyd-vo teklm. lit-ry URSR, 1958. 419 p. (MIRA 12:8) (Therstodynamics) NAUNDY, Adollf LIvovich; DOTMW , H., red.; HATUMICH, S., takhn.rado [Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering] Teoretychni oanovy slaktrotakhnik:y. lyiv, Derzh.vyd-vo takhn.lit-ry URSEt. Ptole Ellectromagnatic field] Blektromagnitne polo. 1958, 253 p. (MIRA 12:8) (Yield theory) DOrSMO.M.A. slow&" Roadside Impraveiments for roads passing through populated places. Avt. dor. IS no.3:.12 W-Je 155. (KLBA 8:9) (Ros,"ido isprmement) - I I L, if -I' , ""J, i E i, t'A, Ye.l.; MTSFNEO, X.G. 11 L N.R.! "IROTAI :- vj -,-t on ttaj work of tne I-Itirkov for 71W. top. nalrokhIr. 2! Ylo.t:56-58 10-D lf:3. (AIRA 17-12) CHIBIHNAKHER, N.B.; SIRDTINA, Ye.1,; DOTS,FNKO, M.G. Report on the meetings of the aarlkov Scientific Society of neurosurgeons during the year 1963. Vol). neirokhir. 28 no.608- 59 N-D 164. (MIRA 18:4) - ;A ~ I - VINOGRADOT, Aleksandr Alaknandrovlch;-a=jjR, it. vedushcbiv redaktor; NOVIX, A., tokhnichenkly redaktor Zerthwork in the construction area of the Kakhovka Wdraulic Center] Pivtzvodotvo sdilianykh-tabot na stroit6lOstva Ukho'Vokogo gidroftla. Kiev. Got. tod-vo tokho. lit-r7,USSR, 1956. 83 p. ' (MM 10:4) (lAkhovka--l&rthvcrk) $ISIS, Pstr Xois*7*vtch- DCTSMKKO N. vedushchly redektor; NOTIN, A., takhmia1wokly [Calculation of frames by redistribution of Initial values of tba unicnowns] laschat ran sposobox parerasprodeleatta nachallufth snachenti noisTestrWkh. Isd, 2-oo. dop. Kiev. Goa. izd-vo takhas ,it-ry US=, 1956. 166 p. MU 9--g) (Structural frames) DOTSIM, N.; USRAIDT, S. Card file on exchange of expartance on oprating and repairing automobiles. Ayt. transp. 34 no.8:38-39 Ag 056. (KLRA 9:10) (Autanobtle-Repairtng) DOTSMMO. V., tnsb. Reconditioning nrankshafts by electric ar,-. welding, Avt. treamp. 36 an. 6:72-25 JS 158. (MDLA 11:7) (Ilentric welding) TMEMIK, Lev Davydovich; DOTSZM. W., red.: BEZPITATOT. R., (Construction of welded diesel generators] Yyhotovlennia 2yaraykh"kanstruktall dyzell-gene7atoriv. Xyjv, Dersh vyd-vo takhn.lit-ry MM, 1938. 56 p. 6VU 13:3) (Xisatric gannratore-Volding) (Diesel snatrans-Welding) kand.tekbn.nauk Frobless In tbo automation of welding processes In automobile r"Ir shopso Avtotr". 38 no.3:,26-28 Mr '60. (MIHA 13t6) (Blectric wellirg) (Automatic control) DDDIMOg Its kon4atekbunauk Vaing pulsation welding in building up worn motor-vehicle parts made of malleable cast ircn. ATt.trannp, 39 no.1:29-33 Ja 161. (Motor v~hlalss--XainiAwanos and repair) (KMA: 1413) (Zlectr.',c welding) GIBRkLTABSKAUP V., inzh.- DOTSIMO, V., kand.takhn.nauk; KUNIKA, N., inzh. 0 WW-2 magnetoolec trio flav detector. Avt.transp. 39 no.6:26-28 Je 161. (KMk 14:7) (Magnetic testing) GILIFAT, L.Ta.: PROZOROMIT, M.G., otvetntvenV7-red.; DOTSMO, N.G., vedushchiY red,j KUKUYJMI ZoXoo Vekhn, red. , [Signals of inImA waterways of the U,S,S,R.] SICA&IY na vodr7kh putiakh SSSR. Ilev, Goa. izd-vo takha. lit-ry USSR, 1958. 127 pe (Inlszd tmvigation) (Aids to navigation) (MIRA 1117) SOV / 137-58-9- 19379 D Translation from: R~!ferativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 9, p 176(USSR) AUTHOR: Dotseriko, N.I. 'rITLE- Investigation of a Method of Condenser- discharge Overlay Wefd- ing of Metal in a Liquid State and its Employment in the Rebuild- ing ol. Automotive Parts (issledovaniye sposoba c-lektraimpul'- snoy naplavki metalla v Andkosti i prinieneniye yego dlya vos- stancivleniya avtomobil'nykh detaley) ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry on the author's dissertation for the de- gree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, presented to the Motok. avtomob.-dor. in-t (Moscow Institute of Automobile flighways), Moscow, 1958 t~SSOCIATION: Mosk. avtomob.-dor. in-t (?vlosco%v Institute of Automobile Highways), Moscow 1. Ila terialv--:,aivage 2. Card I I I .--I DOTSENKOt N. 1. j Cand Tech Soi. - (dies) WS'Ludy of the method of J alectroimpulsive building up of metal in a liquid and its appli- cation to the restoration of automobile parts.' Moe, 1958. 23 pp with drawings (Min of Higher Education USSR, Moo Motor Vehicle and Road Inst) (KL, 15-58, 115) -32.- DOTSMO, Nikolay Illarionovich, insh.. Prinimali uchostiye: ARONOY, N.Y., N.I.. starshly mkhanik; CIRLOVSKIT, T&L, starskAy mkhanik; PMOVICH, A.P., stershly mkhnnik; P315M, V.V.. insh.-konstruktor. YMMOV, V.V., prof., doktor te7chn.nauk, red.-, TAM60KOV, V.I., red.; WMA, U.K.,, (Alsotria pulsation welding for building up metal in the repair -if automobile Darts] liektr IOWA& napleyka metalla pri remonta a-vtomobillufth detalsis 9moval, Rachno-tekhnAzd-vo avtotransp. (MIRA 1):5) lit-ryp 2938,g Md'riitAr) (Electric welding) (AntomAlle-9 'te AUTHOR: Dotsenko, N. I., Engineer 3OV-135-58-2.-11/18 TITLE: Automatic Contact-Arc Deposition of Metal (Avtomaticheskaya kontaktno-dugovaya naplavka metalls) PERIODICALt Svarochnoye proizvodstvo, 1958, Nr 2, PP 39 - 44 (US3F) ABSTRACTs General information is previented on electropulse (contact- are and contact-spark)depositionmethods which have becn studied and developed at NIIAT sinco 1953 and used for re- storing worn out parts of automobiles and tractors, As a result of the performed investigations, process technology and an electric circuit aro recommemed ror automatic con- tact are welding of metal in air and liquIde at volta,3ea of 6 to 15 volts. This meth:)d, -xhich is efficient and econo- mical, is recommended for,the use in repair workshops. There are 4 d14grams, I electric circuit diagram, 3 Photost 3 grapho, 3 tables and 3 Soviet references. ASSOCIArIONt NI I AT Card 1, /1 1. Metals--Electro deposition DOTSMOv N.1.0 insh. Ilsotric pulse welding of metals In fluids. Tout. mash. 38 no.4: 56-59 Ap 158. (XINA 110) (Ilectric velding) DOTWO 6 N lay Illarlonovich- kande telfte naukj SEDOVAj A.P.,, red.; ........- DONSKOA, O.D., ts~. isd. (Automatic building-up of metals in repairing motor vehicle parts] Avtomaticheskis sposoby naplayki justalla pri remonts avtomobil lrqkh detalsi. Moskva) Avtotransizdat,, 1961. 164 p. (MIRA 14:12) (Motoi vehicles-Haintenance, and repair) (Eleatric welding) DOTSEAD) N.I., kand,takhn.nauk FNJ"Jt,#-up weldirfr urith a vibrating are of GAZ-51 engine crankshafts, Ware prolm no.12:18-21 D 161. (MIRA 14:12) 1, Nauchno-looledovatellskiy Inatitut avtomobillnogo transports. Cranks and crankshafts.-,.Maintenance and repair) ectric welding) M DOTWKO NikolLay Illarionovich; SEDOVA., A.P.v red.; BODANOVA, A.P.j, - (Reconditioning crankshafts of motor vehicles by means of bmild- ing up by pulsation welding] Vosstanovlenie kolenchatykh valov avtomobilei elektroimpul'snoi naplavkoi. Moskva) Avtotran&- izdat, 1962. 58 P. (Electric welding) (MIRA 15:8) (Motor vehicles-Transmission devices) DOTS'ENKO, Nikolay Illarionovich, kerid, tekhn, nauk; [Reconditlon1bg cratikshafts by automatic build-up welding] VonstatiovIenie kolenchatykh valov avtamatichaskoi tiaplavkoi. Moskva, Transpartp 1965. 68~, p. (miIIA 18:8) DOT o1a2vichl SLININO, B.I.9 red.; GRISHKO, T.Lp _pOTSExjQ*_mbjmLjU tekhn. red. [Construction of a precast reinforced-concrete cooling towerl Stroitel'stvo abornoi zbelezobetonnoi gradirni. Kiev, Goo- stroiizdat USSR, 1961. 39 p. (MIRA 15:7) (Precast concrete construction) (cooling towers) DOTSENKO,, N. P. "Incomplete Oxidation Products in the Urine of Schizophrenics." Kiev Order of Labor Red Banner Medical Inst imeni. Academician A. A. Bo-omolets Kiev 1955. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences) SO:. M-972s 20 Fab 56 vInco,mPlaidy Oxi&'4 iastances In the urino of 'em'. pke:de pAdents. X P. Vviwlkv~ yopwy JFi icl, Iqsj' No. 4, M-38; riot.. Hial, 01w. 1055, No. 871O.-Inax wi 3qbstaucutair iwr,,kR4J in ~he urfhe cA sch ' Itt"k i With Ilicituprovt- nicat In the psycl mIlle. 4 1 flepZ~i'lilt Ih. M. f 1.C0111- ill the urint of th, patkents is 'h'.. ii, ".-oca, is ilubjk-u (4) flactuati"Us' and its. kwmue war P'4 or ocmr at the tinu. of a worsening in; thtpatients psychidContuticyn. flyposullitc4indstlacrupy alld in alkisdiet in niey Instance% shazlyalter for the bettrr tile atien Protchipitta*Awn aud t c cotime d midatiye p prp"sscs. WTSMMO. N,.S.; RMITSKLYA, A.7u. Prillary pulmonary canoor as sbown by material of the Lrov olinio, Vrach.delo no,701-73 A 160, OURA 13:7) 1. 1.1,vovokiy meditsinskiy inatitut, (LUNG$--UNCIR) DOTSEDIKO, N.S.; K,kCHOROVSKIY, B.V. Epithelia:mtion canals and epithelial, cysts in the retrococcygeal region. Nov.khir.a3khe nool:50-52 162. - (MIRA 15:8) 1. Kafedru obahchey khirurgii, (zav. - prof. G.P. Ko,~t,,unovich [deceaaed]) lechebnogo fakullteta i kafedra patologicheskoy anatomii (zav. - dots N.S. Dotsenko) Llvovskogo meditsinskogo instituta, (COCCYX-DISKASES) (FISTULA) PALICHEVSKIY, Ys.l.; GNAIYSH&K, A.I.; DOTSENKO. N.S.; RUDNITSKi&YA, A.Yu. 1-:- ~~; Pvcgriostic imp-n-tamee of IiLstocherdcal exarinations in cancer or 4 U:e brdasto "j'opo onk, 11 no.5130-33 165, ( K.RA 18:8) 1. lz kafedry patologicheskoy aratomli (zav. - prof. Ye.I.Pallchevskiy I kaf*edr7 ob,'hchey kh1rurgli (zav. - prof, AoI.Gnat7shak) Llvovskogo gcsu'-ir2tveny.~ogo meditsinukoea instituta (raktor - prof. L.N. Kuznenko). DOTSWKO. 0 (Kiyer) . Antibacterial action of microcide on mixed cultureo, Probl,stom. 6099-394 162. (Krmwn s) (KIRA 16 W (.SAM.TdOIDGY-CU%TUP;S AND CULTUPJS MEDIA) DOTSENKO P masteg- proizvodstvennogo obucheniya Group becometo a collective. Pror.-tekh. obr. 18 no.9:26-27 s 161. (MIRA .14: U) 1. Zheleznodorozhnoyo uchilishche No.2., Sumakoy oblasti. (IlLgil--oads-,Employees-Education and training) NUSINCVJ, G,O,s doktor tekhn. nauk; BRUNSHTEYN, N.Z., kand. takhn. nauk; KULAKOVA, M.A.; DOTSENKO,, P.N. Underground gasification in flooded areas of a coal seams Nauch. trUdy VNIIPO&eMga2a no.90-7 163. (MMA 16:11) 1. Laboratorlya gazifikataii burykh ugley Vsesayuzziogo nauchno-insbWovatel'skogo instituta podsamncy gazifikataii ugley. BILOSHTAII, A.P.; BOYKO,, M.F.[Boiko, I"L.F.],kan.fil.naukiDCIROSHENKO Ye.P.; 1.0.1; DOTOE .j, KILICHEVSKIY, I.A.LKillchevsIk-yi., ~~IJICHMKCI, V.G.[lUtrymychenko., V.H.); RAK, L.K.; KRIVLTSKIY, I.S,[Kryveto kyip I.S.], red.; ROMANENKO, I.N., red.; TRITINCHENKO: A.P.[Trytynchenko, A.P.], red,izd-va; VIRICH, D.V.[Virychp D.V.), tekhn. red. (Russian-Ukrainian agricultural dictionary] Hosiislko- ukranslkyi sillolkohospodarslkyi slovryk. Ukladachi: A.P. Biloshtan ta inshi. Kyivp VydIv, Vydvo AN URSII, 1963. 438 p. WIRA 17:2) 1. Akademiya nauk URSR, Kiev. Instytut movomairstva. 2. Chlen- korrespondent Veesoyuznoy akademii sellskokhozyaystvenzWkh nauk im. M.Lenlina (for Romanenko). DOTSENAOt P. S. Dotsen1co,, P. S. "On the prelimijuLry selection of horses having tetam3s bneri-munization.0 Sbornik nauche trt3doy (Irkuto lz~-t epidemiologii i mikrobiologil)p Issue 4, 1948t p. 34-38 30; U-3264,, 10 April 1953,, (Latople 'Zhurnal lnykh Stateyp No. 39 11349) DM%MG, P. S. Dotsenko, P. S. *A CmPftr&tivO method of titration of antiporfrigens sel-=,* Sbarnik nauch. trudov (Irkut. Ln-t epidemiolog.1i i mikrobiologii),, Issue 4, 1948, p. 138-49 SO: U-3264p 10 April 1.953, (Latopin "Murnal Inykh Statelyt No- 3, 1949) DOTSMO, P. S. Dotsenko, P. S. "Titration of histolyticus nor= by the method of milk peptonization,'M Sbornik nauch, tradav (Irkut. in-t opidemiologii i mikrobiologii), Issue 4, p. 169-74 SO: U-3264v 10 April 1953,, (Letopis tZhumal. Inykh Stately, No. 3, 1949) PANFILOVA, A.P.; DOTSEHKO, F.S.; POZDNOVA, Ye.M. Compond immunization an a method of selecting horses for the production of antitoxic serums. Irudy Irk. KIIEM no. 6t85-89 ,61. (MIRA 17r?) 1. 1z proizvodstvonnogo otdela lrkutskogo natichno.-issledova- tel'skogo instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii. DOTSENK03, P.S. Productf6h of concentrated and dry antiperfringens type B,C, and D serums. Trudy Irk. NUBM no. 6:7-10 161. Possibility of the! use of antiperfringens type A, B, C and D serums for diagnostic purposes. Ibid.tll-12 Determination of the natural immunity to Clostridium perfringens in serum producers; author's abstract. Ibid.t23 Active prophylaxis against the pr~.ncipal agents of as gangrene; author's abstract. Ibid.s24-25 IMIRA 17:7) 1. Iz anaerobnogo otdola Irkutskogo nauchno-issladovatollskogo institute. epidemiolog# i mikrobiol.ogii. D~~,_P.9.; GALUSHKO, L.G. Study of the fractional composition of proteins of antitstanus serum in the imminization process. 'Trudy Irk. NIIEM no. 6s26-33 161. (MIRA 17:7) DOTSMIMO, _f. 5. Tooting of the preventive properties of antiperfring'ens serum types A.BIC.and D depending m the introduced dose. Trudy Trk. NI'~M' no. 7054-363 162 (MIRA 19t1) 1. Tz anaerolnoy laboratorii Irkutiskogo nauchno-issledavatell- skogo inatituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologi. BROVKDU, Ye.P.1 SHIRONOV, A.I.; GRISHCHUK, H.S.; DOTSENKO, P.V.; SOTNIKOVp A.A. ,-I----- ---- Effect of sulfur on +he wear-resistance of cast iron. lzv.vys. ucheb.zav.; chern. met. 8 no.41183-185 165. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Odesakiy politekhnicheakiy institut. !I'- DOT�=*a4Z&WTISHKGVA, V.S.; RYZHKOVA,, Te.A.; SIBIRTSEVA) VJOG; IESICHIMER,, A.B.; KUSTOVAy S.D, Improved method for obtaining rose and azalea absolute. YAal,,- zhir. prom. 290i2o.5:43-44 W 163. (MMA 16:7) 1. Sovkhoz-zavW "BUtO (for Dotsenko,, Tishkora., Ilyzhkova), 2. Vassoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut sintati- cheskikh i naturallrqkh duehistykh veshchestv (for Sibirtseva, LeshchIner, Kustova), (Essences and aBsential vils) I)OTSMO. S.B. Geological Investigations in the wostern. and central Greater Caucasus at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Izv.vyo.uchob,.zave; geol.i raxv. n0-3:129-135 MY 160* MU 1317) 1. Hoskovskly gosudari3tvem7y universitst im. Lomonosova. (Caucasus, Northern-Geology) DOTSMOP S.B. Development tectonic concepts of the western and central parts of the Greater Caucasus. 17 no.4468-76 il-Ag 162. (KM 1529) (CaucaBua--Geology, Structural) DOTSENKO,-S. H., Coal Mod Sol -- (dies) "Intestinal Secretion ~~ S.4b-w Pathological ConditioWof the Braim" Simferopoij, 1957 (cover, '0d-/ 1958). 16 pp. (Orimt ,State Mod Inat Im Stalin), 200 copies. (IKLp h 7-58,112) - 48 - Abs Jour: Rof Zhur.-Blol., No 8, 1958, 36585. Author Dotsenko, S'.M. Inst Cr-T-M-Oft-T=CTMnstitUto'. Title The ProbicM 0~ 'the Zocrotory Function'of tho 3j--all Bowel Under Condition of Chronic Trauma of the Pariotal Lobo of the Corebral Cortex. Orig Pub: Tr. krimsk. mod. In-t, 1957, 17, 119-125. Abstract: Chi-onic traumatisation of the parietal lob,-, o'6 the cerebral cortex with foreign bodiris (glas3 bcads or fragments of sterile gauzo) In dogs with "liri.-Volla fi3tula or the small bowel at the duodenal jo unal junction had very little offact on the socrotior of intestinal juice -and the quantity of solUs in it. Following more severe injury of the cortex with Q Card 1/2 71 USSR / Hmian and Animl Phyi3iology. Digestion, Intestine. T Abe Jour :Ref Zhur - Biol., 116 15, 19581P No. 70292 Author ;Dotsonko, so 140 Inat :Crit&ffi- 11,6dic6l-biatitute Title :Intestinal Secretion in Pathol:)gic States of the Brain Orig Pub :Avtorof. dis. kamd. mod. n., Krymek. mod. in-t, Simpforopoll., 1958 Abstract :No abstract gi-ron Card 1/1 92 " " - Result of application of Bpongilla In neuralgiaA. neuritis aLnd radioulitie. Klin. med., Kookw& 30 no. 11975-77 Foy 1932. (G IXL 23 -.5 ) Hoa6red (Head -- Worker in 1. Of the Clinic for Nervous Diseasts Science Prof. S. 1. Davidankov# AotLve Member ANS USSR), Lenin- grad State Order of Lenin Institute for the Advanced Training of Physicians imeal S. M. Kirov. I DU-T-SaKOp1---S-. N. "Fixed Conditions During Neuroses (a Clinicoexperimental Investigation)ff. Cand Med Sci, State Inst for the Advanced Vaining of Phytticians, Leningrad, 1954. (RZbBiol, No 2, Jan 55) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (12) SO: Sum. No. 556, 24 Jun 55 DAVIDENKOV, S. N. DOTSMIKO, S.N.: YAKDVLLVJL. 14.1.(Uningrad) Prolonged sleep therapy of compulsive states. Zhur.nevr. i palkh. 55 mn-7:505-510 '35. (URA 8:10) (NEMSES, O'BSICSSIMCOMUIVI, therapy, sleep ther.) (SLEIP, therapeutic use, neuroBOB, obsessive-compulsive) DAVOINIOT. 3.N. (Inningrad); DMSANKO, S.So (Ioningrad) Possibility of Isolated damage of the visual analysor of the first and second signal systemso Zbur,vysonerv,deiat. 6 no.4:525-531 il-Ag 056, (MM 9zll) (VIS1011, disord. caused by isolated Usion of carebrocortical visual analysor of first & second. sIgnal systems (Rus)) RAL CORTNX, wounds and injuries, isolated lesion of visual antlysor 6f first & second signal system causing visual disord. (Bus)) Obsessive states In nettroses. Zbnr,novr4 I psLkh. 56 no-7:531-535 156. (KIRA 9:9) 1. Kafedre nervnykh bolerasy I kafedm fisiologii I patologii vysshey nervnot deyatelluosti imeni I.P.Paylova. Laningradakogo Instituta usovershonstvoyantya vrachs7 (UMOSIS, OBSIBBIVI COMPULSIVI. ease reports, (Rua)) DOTSINKO679.v* - ;;--" , Intentional spasm of XtOf. Zhur*novr. I pmikh. 56 no.10:818-820 o 156. (KLRA 9:12) 1* Klinika nerMkh bolesuey (say. - prof. S.N.Devidankov) TAningrad- skogo ordens Lanina tutituta. usovershonstvovaniya vrachey Iment, S.K. Urova, (SPASM, case reports. intentional *pea of Rfilf (Rue)) DOTSENKO, 3.11. -------- Role of tick-borne encephalitis In the i)tiology of myoc.lonus epilepsy. Vop. paikh. I ;mevr. noe5159-62 159. MIRA 1435) 1. Iz kliniki nervnykh I)olezney (zav. - deystvitelInyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. S.H. Davidenk-ov) Instituta utiovershenstvovaniya vrachey imeni S.M.Kirava (direktor - prof N.I.Minav). (ENCIEPHLLITIS) 4FILEFSY) DOTSPWr--&s-T-,--,'SUZHA1qTOTA, T, 1. (Leningrad) r ~ Treatment of chronic alcoholism. rlin.owd, 37 no,9:142-145 S 159. WRA iz: 12) 1. 1z kafedry nervrqkh bolezney (sav. - doyst,7itelInyy chlen AWT SSSR Prof. S.N. Ihv1denkov) Laningradskogo gosudarstvennogo ordona. Len1na instituta usovershenstvovitniya vrachey imenj S.M. Kirova. (ALCOHOLISM, therapy) vcfisl~dq SON* ------TW-d-iagnostio nignificance of aldolase activity in the blood ser= of patiento with myopathy. 7,hur,nevr.i paikh, 60 no.9: 11314135 160. (KM 14: 1) 1. Kafedra nervnykh bolemay (zav. - prot. SON. Davidenkov) Leningrad- skogo ordena Lenina iwtituta qmovershemjtvovaniya vrachey imsai S.H. Kirova. (ALDOULSE) (HUSCLES.-DISFASES) ABRAKOV? L.V., red.1 ONOSHKO, N.G.$ tekhn. red. (Myopathies; clinical aspects and treatment] Mlopatil; kli- nika i lochenis. lAningrad, Medgiz, 1963. 93 p. (MIRA 16:7) (FIUS~II�-,-DISZASES) DOTSENKO, Stepan Nikolayervicb; PERVOMAYSKIY, Boris Yakovlevich; - . ~ 8iNAEV, " '. -, (Nouroses; their clinical aspects and treatmont) Nevrozy,- kliLi)ca i Jechenie. Daningrad, Izd-vo "Meditsina." 1964, 185 P.,* (MIRk 17.- 5) DOTSM-KOY S.N. Creatine----reatinime metabolism in myoputhy. O~ah. klin. ne,:,* noc2~, 93-108 1 t4 (~,!Thk 18~-I) v ,1,CITSENKO S,J. AdWr-ophthalmo,degic form of' myopattiy, ne- r. I p ikh. -1 64 no.618ll-815 16,1.. (111RA 1,~~12) 1. Kafedra nervnykh bolezney (sawduyuslicidy - plof. J,q. Davidf.tnkov tdoceased)) Lanlngradai:oga tn3t,~tijti jil)ver~lhenstvo- vaniya vrachey. DENISKIKOi P.P.; DQTSETO S.IL.; MOLIKOV, G.M. Treatn(mt of Thomsen's myotonin wlth matamlayl. Och. klin. iiavr. no.2t232-241 164 (MIRA 18tl) DOTIMKO, I.S.; IIMNITSUU, A.7h. Metakes In the Intravital diaviosis of primary pulmonary cancer. Vrao'h.delo no.6091-594 Js 160,, (MMA 13M 1. Llvevskiy maditsinskly Institut. (UMGS--CANCS)