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DOTSEWO, T. K. "Or7dthodandrium imanensis Oachmarin et Dozenko 1950, a new parasite of domestic and wild birds,," Trudy aellm lab.., No.5., 1951 1. DMEIMOI_L--L_ 2. USSR 600 4. Nematods. 7. Interpretation of the biological cycle of the nematode, Cheilospirura hamulcaa, paravite of gallinacenus b-.Lrds, Dok1. AN SSSR 880 No* .3j 1953, 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. OSHMARIN,P.G.; OPARIY,P.G.; SADOVSXATA,N.P.; BZLOUS,Te.Y.; DOTSMO.T.K Work of the far lastern branch of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S,S.R. on the study of helminthe of domestic and wild animals and on the organization of measures for combating halminthic dissanes on Maritins Territory collective farms. Trudy probl.i tem.sov. no.4:133-1.41 '54- (MA 8:7) 1. Dallnevostoohnyy filial Akadexii nauk SSSR I, Primorskays, nauchno-iseledovatel's4,ra vaterinarnsys, opytnaya stantsiya. Ofikritime Terri tory-Worms, Imtestinal and parasitic) DOTSDW,O, T. K., DANISHEVSKAYA, P.. L. and KOROTIVSKAYA, T. "Sewage from the City of Kuybyshev at a Source of Cont&minntion of the Volga, and Simra idvor3 by Helminth Eggs. " Tenth Conference on Parasitologi"I Problems and Disea3c-s with Natural Re.servoirs, 22-29 October 19,59, Vol. II, fiiblishii.g Ifouz;e of Academy of Sciences, U33d, Moscow-LAningrad, 1959. Kuybyshev Institute of Epidevioloi-_r, ~Ucrotiology and Rjt;iene M781M ----------MMF~ I Parasitic worn fauzA of domestic fowl in the Maritive Territory. Trndy Gel'u. lab. 10:85-91"60. (XM 13:7) (Karitins lerritory-Worm, rntestinal and parasitic) (ftTasites-Moult-Y) DOTSEZ%'XOP T,K.; SURCWOVp A.V,; BEMYLI'A, A.M.; KOROTOVSKAYA, F.T.; bMrV-rkZIKOV, F.I.; KOZWVA, M.F. Use of nev insecticides in controlling syranthropic flies in nordsolated sectors. 1%deparazed paraz,bol. no.3:355-- 399 162. (Min 150) 1. 1z Xuybyshevskogo nambno-inaladovateViskogo instituta epidemialogiis mikmbiologii i gigiyeny (dir. K.P Vasillyev),, Gorodakoy sanitarno--spidoiniologicliookoy stantsil iglavnyy vrach A.A. Galaktionova, zave pftVLZitOlOgicheskim otdelom V,Tv Korotovskaya) ",. Gorolskoy doidnfekteionnoy stantsii (zav. M.P. Kozlova). (FIaES----ErBMKVATIMI) (IrSECTICIMS) SUKHOVA, M.N.; YEROFEYEVA, T.V.; GVOZDEVA,. I.V.; NIKIFOROVA, N.F.; T. K, ; DEMIYANCHENKO, R.P.; BIRAID, T.I.; SERAFIMOVA, A.M.; NDSUNOV, V.B.; SAMS30NOVA, A.M.; STOROZHEVA, Ya.M.; SURCHAKOV, A.V. Methods of applying insecticides i;o control synanthropic flies. Zhur.mikrobiol., eprd.i immun. 33 no.8:15-19 Ag 162. (1-GRA 15: 10) 1. Iz TSentrallnoeo nauchno-issleclovatellskogo dezinfektsionnogo instituta Ministerstva zdravookhriLneniya SSSR, My-tishchinskoy gorods1coy sanitarno.-epidemiologiclieskoy stantsil, Kuybyshevskogo instituts, epidemiologii i mikrobialogii, Minskoy gorodskoy dezinf-ektsionnoy stuntsii, Brestskoy sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy stantsli, Taahkentshoy gorodskoy ciezinfektsionnoy stantsii i Tashkentsko gorodskoy sanitarno-(.-pidemiol.ogicheskoy stantsli. ~INSECTIC IDES) (FLIF-03--EXTERM1NATION) DOTSENKO, 1'.K. Work of the Kuybyshev Branch of the All-Union Society of Helminthologists; during 1962-3964. Mad. paraz,i paraz.bol. 34 no.0499-50 Jl-Ag 165# (MIRA 18:1;2) - L _10964-66 EWT (1)/E?1~ (J)/SIAO))-2 JK ACC NR: AP5028404 SOURCE CODE: UJI/0016/65/000/009/0144/014.5 0 9, 4' /- 1~j AUTHOR: Dotmenko. T.K. 4111 65 ORG: KuybXshi&N- Institute of Upidemlolostv. blicrobioloKy, antl HyAle p (Knybyshevokly institut epidomlologii, mikrDbiologil I gigiyeny) TITLE: toxophiamosis among cortain occupalJonal groups of the population of kuybyshey and the kuybyshev oblast SOURCE: Zhurnal mikrobiclogil, epidernioloIrfl-t lmmunobtologiiyno. 9. 1965, 144t-145 TOPIC TAGS: toxicology, !9!nflve gIM&Iscase Incidence, animal disease ABSTRACT- To study the kwidence of toEoptismosis In certain occupational groups or the i F- ed ou population, the author examinod 464 personsw o wore divid Into two gr ps: those who by the nature ol their work ars constantly In contact. with the blood of people or animals (let group) and those who by their type of wozk are in contact with domestic or wild animals. The ifirst group consisted of medicul personnel atuilhe second group of hinters, zoo keepers, meat- store vmr1cers, and worktra in an antirabies laboratory. The author found that positive reactlowt (ooinpl-emerl- fintion test and cutaneous test with Card 1/2 U13M,616.9113.19-057.9 (470.71) L 10964--66 I ACC NR- AP50.28404 sons of certain, much more frequenUy among per toxopbtsmin) to toxoplasmosto are f(and occupationvil grimps than amovig the rest. of tho V"IaUon. The data obtainW led th-b author to consider the blood aii one t'd the souives of toxoplasmosis and the high rate of infection of certain occupaUonkl groaps as duo to the widespread nature of toxoplasinosin among domestic and wild antualis of the Ku*yebev oblast. r;JB CODE: .00 SUBM. DATZI 0,.",Aug64 to Card 212 POTSENKO, T.Pa, inzh.; HAISLOV, L.N., in,,,,h. Barrage construction. Energ.stroi. no-23-.48-53 '61. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Zamestitel, 1!1;ivnoeo inhenera. proyckta Kremenchug5k,-)y gidroelektro- stantsii (for Ik;t.senko). 2. Rulmoditel' rruppy Ukriidorproyekta (for Maslov). (Ereirenchug krdroolectric Power Station-Liams) DMSEM,Oq T.F., insh. The Kiev Hydroelectric Pover Station on the Dnieper River. Gidr, stroi. 33 Yq 163s (MaRk 16:5) (Kiov Hydroelectric Power Station) :)OTSEI.X0, V. 5694. V. KoWozr*7 Sal. (kolkhoz im, i. v. MIchurina, -Yrasnoameyokogo Rayons. -Kra anodarokogo Kraya. M.f Izd-vo M-Va Selfakogo Kh%zyaystva ',). 3. S. R. 1954) I li;k%102h.01 (8) a. ill lam. Iiiav. Vpr. S.,Xh Pr9pagardy i Nauki M-va ~el ogo Kh zyaystva AAR) 2~.',000 hz. 40k-Avt. Ukaz~ny v Knotse.-(55-1074) 634.1/7 at (47-893) SO: I~izfpnayev letoydep Vol. 1p 1955 DDTSIM, V., Insbaner, rooM;' formIng canereta blocks. Stroitel I no.1:17 Ja '57. ' (MLRA 10:2) (Coneirate blocks) ,I I VOT:~-~MO. 11. 1 .;.,-~JIKHARTISIfVl U. G..). Control s.,yatem -uaing modalts operating- in en time srkale. Tr%idy Met no.59tI03-134 165. (KRA IStIO) L 02~55-67 EA I (1)/LLGJL)::Za1tAE AILL NKs AP6032930 SOURCE CODE: UR/0288/66/000/'Ooi/-(ii5-~/-~)l~6 AUMIOR: Krivoshchekov, G. .; !~Arin, Yu. M ; Marenn kov, S. 1. Savvinykh, G. A.; iDotsenko, V. 1. ORG: Institute or Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Department AN S&SR Novosibirsk (Institut fizikipaluprovodaikay Sibirskogo otdeleniye, AN SSSR) TITLE': A method of laser frequency coriversion SOURCE: AN SSSR. Slbirskoye otdeleniye!. Seriya tektnicheakikh nauk, no. 2, 1966, 155-156 30FIC TAGS: laser, ruby laser, laser output frequency, laser frequency variation, ABSTRACT: A method in described for converting the output frequency of a laser by using the Raman lines of the beam in benzene and its subsequent mixing in an ADP crystal. The arrangement consists of a Q-svitched ruby laser (the output beam of which is passed through a vessel 'with benzene) , the mixing crystal, a filter of aqueous s9lution of C19304 (for suppri3saion of the mmn frequency of the laser at x = 6943 A), and a PG3-2 spectrograph -fith photograrAiie recording. The intensity of Raum lines (A a 6h9h, 7459, and 805!) A) is aufficient to effect a nonlinear Interac- ticn of &;l frequencies within the 2-ma thick mixing crystal. The emissions at 3471 and 3729 A can be considered second harmonies or th! results of the mixing of corresponding frequencies, while tho:je at 3596 and 3571, X are the results of mixing r.rA I /;) -- UDC: 621.37AJ?9 ACC NR: AP6032930 only. The intensity of these lines can be explained by a I&rge divergence of the focused beam, which insures that the conditions of synchronism are fulfilled for all frequencies. The experimenta show that by employing Rwian scattering in various substances with subsequent nonlinear trantiformation In tm ADP-type crystal, a cohere output beam can be obtained tit any frequency within the optical range. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 2 tables, SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 23Feb65/ ORIG RZF: 005/ CMI BEE: 003/ ATD PRESS: 5099 Card DOMMO, T.Ta. (Noscow). I" . a irpol"Olow hbiles ani"reary of Nofeellor A.B.Mlod""deti. Fis.v shkols iLo.6i8l-82 153. (MLIA 6:1o) (Mlodsarnkil, Anatolil Boleslayovloh, 1883- ) DOrSMMO. V.Y&. "moo -- I.- , " I In the department of pbysice. Yest.Mosk.un. 8 :w.8:173-175 Ag '53. (MLRA 6:11) (ftelce) DOTSM=. T. Sesslon of the Aosdemic Board dedicated to Radio Deq. Vent.Mook.un.8 no.g-. 161-162 8 '53. 8. (KLRA 6:11) Oladlo) DOTSMO, V. ,"..W~WMV 50 years of scientific and, pedagogical activity of Arofessor A.Z.Hlodseovs~ Yout.Kook.un.8 ne.9:162-164 8 053. (XLU 6: 11 ) (Mlodseevskil., A,B.j 1883- ) DurmKO, T.TA. '-at MC4 In the Department of Physies. Test.Hosk.un. 9 no.6:143-lW#l Je 154. (ftysice) Mal 7: 8) DOT31'HKO~ Y.Te., dots, kand.takhn.nauk; BASOVA, BA., bLnd.tokhn.nauk Investigation of certain problems of the trackside elo:tric power supply to railroad installations and homes of railroad workers. Trudy MIT 114:121-142 159. OaRk 13:4) (Philroads-Blectric equipmont) DOTSIZO, T.Ye., dots. kand,takhn.nauk Remote control of the electric power supply of a railroad centAr by series connection of phases. Trudy MIIT 114: 142-144 159. (KULA 13 14) (Remote control) (Railroads-41lectric equipment) DOTSWO. V.Te., kand.tekhn.rAuk IilIectrifIcation of track operations. Put' I put.khoz. 4 no.3,. 29-30 Mr 160. (MIR& 13:5) (Railroads-Ilectric equipment) DC~MENT,O, V. Ye._ "Resistance Welding of Rails" (Kontaktnaya ovarka rel'sov), Transzheldorizdat, 1949, 313 pp. . -==Q,v_Wpp nd.takhn.nwk O_ 0 Selection of a system for a permanent power line along the train for railroad Installations and equipment. Zhel.4or. transp. 41 no-7:73-75 J1 159. (MIRk 12:12) (Railroads-Blectric equipment) DOTSINKO, V.Te., dote., kand.takhn.nauk Some problems In the over-all electrification of rail- road* in thm U.S.S.R. Trudy MIT 114:99-113 159. (RIBA 13:4) (Railroads-Blectrification) DQT4jMLO,_V.Te2, kand.teirbn.nauk; TUVEREV, Y.M., Inzh. Electric tool power supply from a.c. lines. Put' i put. kboz.4 no. 5:31-34 My 160. (MI]RA 13:11) (Railroads--Electric equipment) IN ANMrMj V*N9O Insho; DOTSIM9 VeTe., kandetekhnons-U4. YWMW o V. M. , insh, -- Power lines along the track. Put' i put,khon, 4 no,11:28-30 N 160. (MM l3t*12) (Railroads-Zlectric equipment) KATSMAN, Mark Mikhaylovich; DOTP=O-,,-V-Jew-p kand, tokbn. nauk,, retson- zent; MIKLASHZVBMj-I-.'~.p inzb., retsenzent; MUSTALEVA, N,.I.p red.j-QARINAj T.D.p tokbn. red* [Electrical machinery and transformers] Elektricheskie mashi:37 I transformatory. Moskvaj, Gos.izd-vo "Vysshaia shkolap" 196.1, 370 (KUU 15: 1) PlElectric transformers) (Electric machinery) SHAROV, I.F.p kand. tekhn. naukj KUZWSOVA, V.N., inzh.; XUCHUK-YATSENKO, S.I.p kand. tekhn. nauk; VOROBIYEV, A.A., inzh.; HULIBA, T.G., Inzh.; PffSENKO, kand. tekhn. nauk# retsenzent; DOTSENKO, V.Ye., refi-ei-n-zient; SHIYANOV, I.A., inzh.,, retsenzent; BERESTOVOY, Ye.I.p inzh.p red.; KIIITROVA, N.A.p Equipment for rail welding] Oborudovanie dlia avarki rellsov. By] I.F.Sharov i dr. Moskva# Transzheldorizdat, 1963. 266 p. [ (MIRA 17:1) ; .1 ?V ('IAA^ Trinb,mh ut.-hantiyo i.';. 1-1 ~ ,%. . inzh.; Y-EL11.3011, R.V., Irmli.; &~AYLOVJXIY, T..Ga., r,-!d. (Electrical equiprant and lighting, uf rnilvond -*-'Iek- trichookoo oborudownic i ooveshch,-~nle -jaronov. I-Iozkva, y I ", ", Transport, 1961.. 311 i~. (. - . 17:9) DOTSI~-,!F.,-J~ ~,;. " 4, i ...:,. of centralized , --ff cars* I Trudy MIT no.205:5-15 fl.-17 ". 1F:9) , T,OT-~Z-NI'O, V.Y,-., LUR'f;-,', N,Z.# inl~... rl.:-:Mc;R(lv, .4a., Irizil. !"-!ittv o-,mertor wit. -n (Atpll, ', 'll-rig(l Truiv WEI* ri,.X,5:16-26 18;.*)) DOTSENKO, V*Yo.p pruf.j TARAKANOVA, Tj6p Itizho ChcIce of the size of a line for inBtallation beneath cars in centralized current supply of passenger cars.-,Trudy MIIT no,205: 47-54 165, (MIRA 180) lk~ I, -I lr(.1 i -. . ti. 0 4 ,:i-n. ; I . : ., . ,-, . - - NIJI, loy!jof I'l-I - '. 11-1 i . . . . .. , . . ~ r'... 0 I " . I .. t"j, 1. , "%- Ii p - * I , - *~r,.,~ - y. -,j - :; 1 ), 11 fI ffl 1- -t f- n~lc , . . A L - t - - '. I . : , I . , C~ I e. 5 . - !:: '. ; ~! - y7i-Ij. Tru~v "* il . .1 . *. " " prof.1 YEl,ltZ')GN, R,N4p l.rzh6 Organization of tho ropair of tho olectrivil uquilpmant of traok jrAin- tenance machineo. Trudy WIT no,2051116-3'22 165. (MIR1. 1819) DO~-S&.'KO, Ya. IN DOT-5,~-,';*NO, Ya. N; "An analysis of acute and chronic injuries to the res-iratox-j tracts &-nong persons In militax-f service, fron tho roint of vie~g of dis- orders to bronchial passability". Moscow, 1955. Military Faculty of the Central Inst for Advanced TraininF of Physiclans. (Dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Medical Science.) SO: KnIghnava Letogis' Poo 50 10 December 1955- Moscow. 17(10) SOV/177-58-1-12/25 AUTHOR: Dotsenko, Ya.N., Major of the Medical Corps TITLE: The Diagnosis of Bronchial Permeability Disturbance (Vyyavleniye narusheniya bronkhiallnoy prokhodimosti) PERIODICAL: Voyenno-meditsinskiy zhurnal, 1958, Nr 1, pp 45 - 51 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Many clinicians, including B.Ye. Votchal, S.I. Ashbell Khadron, Visa, S.A. Reinberg, N.F. Pershina, N.A. Kurshakov, Ye.M. Tareyev, T.I. Bibikova, M.M. Tushins- kaya, S.N. Sorinson, and L.N. Postnikova have studied bronchial permeabilit-y disturbance. This disease is caused by bronchoplasm, hyperemia, angioneurotic oedema of the small bronchia's mucous membrane, and by rough cicatricial changes. It has been experi- mentally proved that bronchial permeability disturb- ance results in an acute lung swelling and may de- velop into a lung emphyzema. Ya.N. Dotsenko describes Card 1/2 a method for diagnosing this disease, including de- '17(10) SOV/177-58-1-12/25 .The Diagnosis of Bronchial Permeability Disturbance termination of vital lung capacity (by Anton's Formula) and forced vital lung capacity as well as pheumota- chometry. B.Ye. Votchal has developed LA s ecial pneu- motachometer for determining the capaci ty Fmaximum velocity) of the exhaled air stream, expressed in litres per second. Patients suffering from bronchi- al permeability disturbance are given atropine, aphe- drine and euphilline which dilate the lumen and re- duce air current resistance in the tubes. There is 1 graph and 1 sketch. Card 2/2 --u9~1LOja4"o Xookva) Rffect of atropine on heart rate. Klin-med. 36 no.3:81-84 Kr 158. (MIRA 11:4) 1. 1z vtoroy kafedry terapii (zav. - prof. B.Yajotchal) TSentrallnogo institute usoversheastvovaniya vrachey (dir. V.P. Iebedeva) (ATROPINE, off. on heart rata, tonue of bronchial muse. & salivaz7- glands (Rue)) MUM. off . of drugs on atropine, on rate (Rua)) (BROUCHI. off. of drugs on (S atropine, on muse. tonus (Rua)) ALIVARY GLANDS. off. of drugs on atropine, sialoMic action (Rue)) DO'LSSHMI Ya.N.0 kand. mad. nauk (Moskva) Peculiarities In the course of acute bronchitis with disruption of bronchial PatenoY. Klin. mod. 37 no.5:132-136 itr 159. (NM 12:8) 1. Ix vtoroy kafedry terapii (zav. - -prof. B.Ye. Votchal) TSentrallnogD instituta usoverahenstvovanlya vrachey (dir.Y.P. lebedeva). (E-WHOHITIS, compl, bronchial potency disord., clin. picture (Rus)) DOTSEIIKO Ia. kand,med.naukl GUSEV9 LA, Lambliania of the gall hlaMer and the biliary tract. Voen,-wd, zhur. no. WO F 161. (MIRA 34t2) (BILIARY TRACT-DISEASES) (GIARDIASIS) DOTSENKO, YA. N. (Major of the Medical Service and Candidate of Medical Sciences) "Methods of Evaluating the Function of External Respiration-* Voyenna-Meditsinskiv Zhurnal. No. 4. December 1961. ppl~?P3~ SHTEYNBERG, S.Ta., prof.; DOTSENNO, U.N.; Now method of determining glycoprotains In the blood serum and plasma. Vrach.delo no,12143-45 D 162, (KMA 15S12) 1. Fakulltatakaya terapeyticheakays klinike, (zav, - prof* Strao Shtenberg) Kharlkovskogo seditainakogo instituta. (GLYCOPROTEINS)(BL40OD-ANALYSIS AND CHEMISTRT) DOTSENIKO, U.K., Disorders in pulmonary ventilation in patients with chronic bronchitis and heart deffecto. Vrach. delo no.7238-41 J1163. (KMA IWO 1,, Kafedra fakulltetskoy ternpii (zav. - prof. S.Ya. Shteynberg) KharIkovskogo medit in k go instituta. 1 8 s 0 (RESPIRATION) (EROFCHITIS) (HEIRT-DIS EASES) USSR/General Problems of Pathology - Tumors. Comparative U Oncology. Tumors of Man Abe Jour : Ref Zhur Biol., No 5) 1959, 22927 Author : Dotsenko, Ye. A. Inst : Title : Sarcoma of Cervix Uteri in a Young Girl. Orig Pub : Akueherstvo i ginekologiya) 1958, No 4, 104 Abstract : In a 21-year-old patient, who came to the hospital due to bloody suppurative discharges from the vagina for the duration of 5 months, general weakness, and emasciation, during examination a whitish dense tumor with a size of 5 x 5 x 4 cm and with a region of necrosis in the center was discovered on the cervix uteri. Histological inves- tigation of the tumor showed the presence of polymorphous- cellular sarcom. Extensive extirpation of the uterus with adnexes according to Vertheim-Nikollskiy was per- formed. Two months after surgery the patient was Card 1/2 31 VSSR/General Problems of Pathology - Tumors. Comparative U Oncology. Tumors of Man Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol., No 5, 1959, 22927 clinically healthy. Metastases were not discovered. Sarcomas of the cervix uteri are found very rarely. They constitute only 13-20% of all cases of sarooms of uterus. Card 2/2 SUWOVAO LA.;, OTSENKO -.I. Ye's, Results of compound treatment of children with spastic paralysis at the Yevpatoriya Health Resort~Vop,kur.2 fizioter. i leche fis. kul't. 27 rjo.5j400412 S-0162. (M.UU 16:9) 1. Iz Yevpatoriyokogo detskogo koetnotuborkuleznogo voyennogo, sanatoriya (nachallnik I.M.Fomsranskiy) (CEREBRAL PALSY) (MPATORITA-MBICAL IIMWY) ? ye, % ") , Compound health rescrt treatment In the restoratt-ve nnd reuli,ial parioda of pol~omyelltls in children. Ortop., tra7m. t protez. 24 no.10:30-35 0, 163, (M-'qA I? - 5.) 1. 1z Yevpatoripskoge detskcgo kU0.-!hvikogo z3anatoriya (namallnik kand.mnci.n.auk L.I.Poneransk-ly) Mlnlster3tva oboron'., SSSR. ~'-ACC NRs AP6030566 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/016/0034/0035 INVENTOR: Bliznyuk, N. K.; Khokhlov, P. S.;.-DotsPv,, G.- V..; Libman, B. Ya.; Beyin, A. I.; Troitskiy, V. N. ORC: none TITLE: Preparation of acid chlorides of dithiophosphoric acid. Class 12, No. 184863~ SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 16, 1966, 34-35 TOPIC TAGS: dithiophosphoric acid chloride preparation, alkyl chlorodithiophosphate, aryl chlorodithiophosphate, alcohol,, P110,5P401VI(I 0.,V-e0A?,f4)e_ ABSTRACT: In the, Proposed method, acid chlorides of dithlophosphoric acid RO>PCI - RIS P S (where R and R' are an alkyl and an aryl) are obtained by treating alkyl(pryl) chlorodithiophosphates with alcohols or phenols. The reaction is carried out in organic solvents in the presence of an acceptor of HC1, e.g., tertiary amines. Orig. art. has: 1 formula. [WA-50; CBE No. 111 SUB CODE; OT/ SUBM DATE: 25May65/ UDc: 5-4-T---4-12,L'A2zLu3---u2...o7 ACC NR; AP7013152 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/661000 021 0040'0041 DWEITOR: Bliznyuk, N. K.; l(holchlov, P. S.; Dotsev, G. V. )RG: none TITLE: Method for preparing alkylthiondichlorophosphatesi Class 12, No. 187786 3OURCE: Izobrataniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 21, 1966, 40-41 TOPIC TAGSs acrylonitrile, phosphate, alcohol, organic phosphorus compound 3UB CODE: 07 ABSTRACT: A method Is claimed for the preparation of alkylthiondichloro- phosphates by reaction of phosphorus thiochloride with alcohols, differing In that for the purpose of obtaining higher alkylthionidichlorophosphates, the process is conducted in t!ic presence Of 4 hydrogen chloride acceptor, for example acrylonitrile. ZI-In : 40,429U CoM 1 I'l UDCz 547,271118.07 T DOTSCH, K. Is there a future for gas? p. 249 EPULETGEPELET (Epitoiparl Tudomanyos Eeyesulet) Ludapest, Hungary. Vol. 8, no. 6. 1959 Monthly list of East Ew-opean Accession (EEA ]~) LC Vol. "vmmrft"*R4% AM=M(& 9, no. 2, veb. 1c,)60 UNCL. IVVIOV f B. . in zb. j -DOTSBV,.D-0.0-,, In,o. Technical prophylactic measures against silicosis In ELIgaria. Min. delo IL8 no.405-39 4163 1. Komitet po khimia i metalurgiia. 4,-,- FACC _NR AP 6 0414~6 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/018/0040)0040 INVENTORt Bliznyuk*; N. Ks; Khokhlov, Pa S.;'Doteav, G. V. ORG: none TITLE: Preparation of N-alkyl (N,N-dialkyl) hydrazides of dipentyloxy- phosphoryl (thiophosphoryl)thioglycolic acid. Class 12, No. 185913 SOURCE: Izobret prom obraz tov zn, no. 18g 1966, 40 TOPIC TAGSt AB~TRJ&T: To 48implfflyoL, e process of the preparation of N-Llkyl(N,N- h, dialkyl)hydrazides of dipentylpliosphoryl(thiophosphoryl)thioglycolic acid, salts of dialkylthio(dithio)phoophorus acide are treated succes- I sively with chloroacetyl chloride and with the appropriate jW*A* 501 SUB CODEs 07/ SUBM DAM 14Dac64 PETROV YK.A.; HEYMYSHEVA, A.A.;-DOTSEV, G.V.; VARICHY A.G. React,ione of oulfenyl chlorides and N-chloramineo with phosphorus trichloridet dichlorophosphineo, and red phosphorus Zhur. ob. khim, 31 no,4:1366-1371 Ap 161, iMIRA 14:4) (Chloramine) (Sulfenyl chloride) (Phosphorus organic compounds) UR/0048/66,1030/001/0135/0137 AUTHOR:- Vor'6b'nv,A.A.; Dotsenko Yu-Vo; Seliverstov, D.M.; Tss.renkov,B.V. ORG: none V/ TITIX: Use of semiconducior liot sources to investigate the time resolution of photomultiplior - ransactions of the Fifteenth Annual Conference on Nuclear Spectro- scopy and Nuclear Str%wture hold at Minsk 25 January to 2 FebruarF, X9957_., - - SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya fizicheakaya, v. 30, no. 1, 1966, 135-137 TOPIC TAGS: photomultipliero time measur ment, semiconductor diode, flash lavip 10 -V4 1~ ABSTRACT: The resolving times O.T thr7photoM11:1tipliors (types K14FS-50, nW--36 and FEU-30) were measured.A116sing a gallium pauspalue uloue as 11gat source* PWrt~Ff the purpose of the present paper is to point out the usefulness ard convenience of semi- conductor light sources for such measurements and for other measuremonts in nuclear physics. Gallium arsenide diodes produce short flashes with very little scatter In the delay between pulse arrival and flash, but the wavelength of the light is outside the sensitive range of present photomultipliers. The gallium phosphide diodet used In the present work was excited by a '10-20 nanosec 70 V pulse from a pulse generator and produced a 100 nanosec flash in the green with an amplitude equal to that excited in a stilbene scintillator by a Co,60 gamma ray# The pulse produced as a result of this flash in the 5 kilohm load resistor of the photomultiplier under test was shaped to L ACC NRs APS004486 30 nanoiec Iand 2.0 V and brought, together with the attenuated and delayed pulse from the pulse generator, to a time to pulse height converter with a resolution 0f'0.15 nanosec. The output pulses from the converter were recorded in a 100-channel Pulse height analyzer. There was thus obtained a curve representing the scatter of the delay times between the initiating pulse arid the pulse frcxa the photomultiplier. The half-width of this curve, which represents the resolving time of the photomultiplier increased by thescatter introduced by the light source, was plotted for each photo- multiplier tube against the potential applied to the dyncdes. In each. t4ze the reaol%- Ing time was minimum for a certain optimum dynode potential. The minipir, resolving time of 0.14 nanoseclobtained for the X14PS-50 photemultiplier is in goal agreement with the value 0.134~nanoseo found by-ld.Bouitz,.W.Moiling, and F.Stary (Nucl. Instr. and Moth., 29, 309 (1964)) using a hydrogen lamp. It is concluded that the scatter of the delay between pulse and flash In the gallium phosphide diode Is not greater than in the hydrogen discharge tube. The effect of varying the intensity of the flash on the resolving time of the X14PS-50 photomultiplier was also investigated. The resolving time increased rapidly when the flash intensity was reduced below that of a C060 gamma-ray scintillation in stilbene, and decreased only slowly when the flash in- tensity was increased above that value. Orig. art. has: 3 figures. SUB CCDH: 20 SUBM DATI: 00 ORIG REF: 000 OrH REF: 008 DCT~-17V, T.; FIIEIKCUEI~ I. N J Pneumatic transportation in the flour rAlls. p. 20 Leka Promishlenost Vol. 7, No. 5, 195P. Sofiiii, Bulvaria 1,11onthly Index of East European Accessions LC, Vol. 7, No. 10, Oct. 58 KATRAVUSIIKOVA, 1'. Some 8 tudles oil culd.101 - - 1 - ,f * ~".. PC% . I . - . ginef. (Sofila) 4 no.lz49-53 16"). 1. tlauchnc,-iioln,icvittel..ikl- InstAtut j"o i g1rekc- Iloglia (Drektor: dots. Br. Parazor). I SLAVCHF.V,E.l DOTSUAISUI GMGBY.Vp, Ivo Studies on the effect or same spasmolytics during labor. &uBh. ginek. (Sofia) 2 no.5tl-12 163o 4< ALMASSY, Gyula; DOTSIS, Endre; BARVSME IPAPgjLivia Synthesis of chemically pure boric acid from technical borax, that is from a mixture of borak and boric acid by means of ion- exchange technique. Magy kem folyoir 67 no.3ilO6-108 Mr 161. 1. Budapeati Kensavgyar Kutato Laboratoriuma. Cond Ned Sc, Lt Col of ""Wical Coqs (kW~itSirli".-tLA _Ijzh'VM) Dctw DOTSOV vv'ilitary Medical !hysical 'Exan.1 na --ions rollowing Liberatton of "c"pria A. .2 from Turkish Yjke. A Historicil Icvie,.-" Sofia, Voenilo M'E:dIt-.q',nskr., De1c., VoIA. 7, 1',n k ..e(. 70-73. ldistr,ict: A dimursive aTd occaaloral!- p)Imi:,,a1 o' *the;(.,s ~taxmimnts of select" in the regulationg ;uveviing d tive service Elio,ibility for various tyf.*s of duti,, witli the Eizit o_-,~crs i1i Ser--craber UP-0 tI-.ruu7_I% to t1he cur-:.~.-ntly %-all, ruler wliich 1'rere rnade affpctive In 1959. IN'o rCftrercea, dates and numbers of reSulations are ,Pivur. in text. li'W30 , D.; 11,UTAFOV, T. Una.rinf;us agvcum,~nt In the fDrnulatlon of diaf-.r-r;is. S-u-.-r. med. (SnfJ.ia) 10 no.l..*57-59 I (') 5. AU; NRt AP6000 SOMCE CODE: BU/0017/65/020/002/0025/0029 AUTHOR: Dotmov (ColDnel) ORGI . none 44 41!;:s TITISt Extent of exudative pleurisy in adolescence and the value of BOO vacci~j SOURCE: Voyanno-meditsinsko delo, no. 2, 1965, 25-29 TOPIC TAJG31 reqdratory system disease, vaccine, immology, arror mdicine ABSTRACT: The author reviews the frequency of exudative pleurisy among adolescents 7ho belong to the regu3Ar rdlitary service and of soldiers over an eight-year period, He concludes that the morbidity of exudative pleurisy in the period under considerati was reduced 80%, large),y o account of vacoination with BCG vaccine. Orige uto hast figure, 4 tables. L~y Sj rPR SUB COM SUBM DATE s none ORIG REP: 003 SOV REP: W carc -DOTSOV, D.Iv. Tuberculin sensitivity and forma of pulmonary tuberculosis in young subjects. Suvres vied., Sofia no.6sl7-21 160. (TUBERCULOSIS PULMONADY statist.) (TUBMMLIN TEST) MONDESHKI, M.; DOTSOVv D. Analysis of the exteting -phthisiological terminology regarding the development of tuberculouo procesnese Suvr. mad. 13 no.4: 13--s,17 '62. (TUBERCULOSIS) (NOMCLATURIC) TRIFOROVA# A. ------ a.. AWU%14 kiTtess not indloatea A:!!U&tt=,% not lomil"ted tow'"s $*flat Nbi'dora. No 2, Uar/Apr 61, 7p 31-32 bitas 'Tho Stiologio Role of PaUtogenIC Call 3&4t*ri& In Incent O"%ro-110testinal Dis"049.6 Cc-outhorss A-, k xa OVA, a. ZDZ" R LOLK6111 I,A, j WA DrSOVA CM S!M! Country : Mao V Catogory : Pharmacology and Toxioology. An-ftlePtics Abs. Jour, : Rof Zhur-Biol, No 19, 1958, No 89848 Author : Dotsoyeva, V. P. Institut. .1-CTW1-7_&bTm~sM0al Institute Titl~ : Erfect of Phenamine upon the Ascorbic kcidtoov_~ tent in the Brain and Other Tissuas of Whi a Rats orig ~j. : V sb.: Materialy nauchn. konferentail Chelyab. Med. In-ta, posvyashch. 40-letlYu Velikoy Ok- tyabrlakoy sotsialistiehaskoy revolyutaii.* 14.b3tract I The administration to rate of various doS03 Or Phenazine (F) (0.6, 1.2, and 2,,4 mg./Icg. sub- cutaneously) over various periods causes a de- crease of the ascorbic acid content in the brain (and in a number of other organs), iftlch is particularly marked following a single ad- ministration of Po In connection with thi3p administration of ascorbic aoid in rooommended * Chelyabinsk, 194B, 27-28 Card; 1/2 DOMEYEVA, V. P. "The adatinistralion of caffeine in doses of 0.02 gram per kilogram of body weight to white rats caused an increase of eaccTbic acid in all tissues except muscles", paler read at the First Ural Conference of Phyniologists, Biochemists, and Pharmacologists, Sverdlovsk, 5-8 June 1956. sum. 1305 DOURU. S - Doubal, S. Assembly of overtead conveyers In stables for fodder and manure. p. 197. Now development in mechanizing the preparation of course fe". P. 199. Vol* 5,9 No* 10,, May 1955 )IECHANISACE MIEDILSTVI SO: Mnthly List of East Buropow Accession, (EUL) 0 LC, Vol. 4, No. 99 Sept. 1955, Unal. 7)OV7-1AL; S. "Automatic water-supply equipment for cattle in 3tables; a ccntriblition tot tie mechanization of animal husbandry," MECMISICE Z EMEDaSTVI, Praha, Czechoslovakia) Vol- 5, tic. 21, NDve*er 1955- Monthly List of East European AcceFsions ("':FAI), T.C, Vol. 8, No. 9, September 1959- Unclassified. I)OIJ'3AI,, S. "Autorratic machinery for feeding cattle in --tables." 14ECHANMACE ZFITDEL.",TIVI, Prahas Czechoslovakias Vole 51 No. 22j Novem',er Monthly Li. t of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 81, No. 9, 3eptember 1955- Unclassified. PL4LF9=' Ili W. DOUBEK, B. Methody boje proti tuberkulose v CSR Anti-tubei-cu-losia measures in Czechoslovakim Zdravotnioka Revues Prague 1949, 24/11 (21.7-220) SO: Medical Microbiology and Hygiene., Section IV, Vol 3o No 1-6 DOUBIK. B.; JJINICKOTA, J. f"', Tuberculosis control in Cseohoslovaki&. Roshl. tuberk. 10 no.1-2: 191 33-52 ,0. 0;LKL 19:3) 1. Of ttw Council of the Ministry of Realth. ~ 'j, z;-r, .- ~ i, ~ I ~1 'e~ , .- --.4- DMBINg D. Control of so*W dis"ass wA am of notbar amA ah4'A. Mravote rev. 25s6v Juno 50. P. U&M cam 19,1 5p NOT*# 1950 IY)UBEK, Dr. Preventive examtnatinns nf famAle cancer it, 1953. Cask. gyn. 19 no. 5;353-351S Oct 54. (GTIITAT,TA, MLE, neoplasms prov, exam. in Czech.) DOUM, Bch., MUDr Care of women in a he<h district. Cask. an. 19-23 no.6: ' 428-430 llov 54, (PUBLIC HKALTH in Czech., mre of women) r'OT::ZIE7K, 8. DOME, B., XuDr kuMlo health five year plan in child welfare, Pediat, llety 9 no.2165-67 AIP '54. 1. Hinisters'Wo sdravotnictyl, Praha. (CHIIJ) WWJARM, In Czech.. 5-year-plan) Doam, pohuisti. xwr. ""1040011001"Few Organization of health services for the rural popuUtion In USSR. Cook. odravot. 4 no.4:222-227 Apr 56. 1. Vedonet. mekrotarlatu sinistra. sdravotntetyi. (PUBLIC RIALTH, In Russia, rural serve (Cs)) (RURAL CONDITIONS, hes.Itb serve In Bust& (Cs)) DOUBM, Bohumil, MUDr. Organization of firat aid In Leningrad and Kiev. Cesk. zdravot. 4 no-5:294-297 may 56. 1. Vedouci askretarlatu, ministra zdravotnictvi. (YIHST AID, in Russia (Cs)) Ministry of Health (MInisterstvo zdravotnictvi) Ptague. lifenu.! Care in rolic 1!caltb Tlarming.ll I bc, CrAlor-Lovc,!ska 3-49. T, - , _S!~iatrle, Vol 59, No 1, Jan 6' j rip &hsttp~,-L, Dis4courae abLut the specialized nection on mental healti at tK 15Lh 1.1"Orld Hedical Aa3ocIatI-.n mentln,% in Gtneva in May M62; j:rtW.'-TL'.1r-r, ar.,J timely dIagrorL:;, rehabilitation, team --pproach And resea --ch facilittesl education of psychiatrists and anc;.Ilar,~,- stok.'fl Fpid-:ziIoIagIc research. DOUBEK, B. H)ntal health care in public health plaming. Colik. poychiat. 59 no.1:43-49 F 16:), 1. Ministerstyo sdravotniotvig Praha. (PUBUC HEALTH) (MENTAL HYGEM) DOU13EKI B., MUDr. 17th World Health Assembly. Cook. zdrav. 12 no.7/8:403-408 Ag 164. 1. Ministeretvo ~tdravctnictvi. DOUM,, Branislavy inao Selection of the at,=Lng technique in designing storq;ee. Pod org 17 no.64253-255 A 963. la Automobilove zavody, nop., Hlada Boleslav. .I .w. -T -A DOLTBEK, Branislay, Ina. Calculation of handling capacity of high-lift ftecumulator trucka. Podn org 18 no.8066-370 Ag 164. 1. Automobilove zmLvo(ty National Enterprise, MladR 2oleclav. CZJ=0310 AILIA JISUZAO Ja; DOUMX& F*P* I* Mayrovsky volaxograpMa I=Ututo Czechoslovak Academy of Satewqv~ (ftlavognpulachas Institu; J. lwyrovaky. T**h*Ww*lowaUwM* Aksdsmls der Vlosensebaften)p Pralps (for botb) Pr"PO, Clallslitlan-a"22ibmagyak MM&gm 2MUMC411-M-8 so lie soveffiawr 19fts lop 142-52-59 *Rtsearch on catallists fw aUstrodes of fma elementsp ftrk 31 In"atiPtIon of the 1nnuems of the gxa=dwrltY of, a ulakel catalpt an its Ourfaco wA on tho olsotm- aboadeal aetolvity of hydiogen elsetrodasev A CATEGORY t High PoAymer Chemictry AB3. JOUR. RZ14im, NO, 1959, A;0. 80-52 AUTHOR Scb-vertassek, X.1 Doubek, J. 1 ; - n 3 ~ !I T Int:ruiion of ratline into tbe oriented Portio of Cellulove Ln-'Aico and Acc otin-Linp, for Them ~ vnirinsr %lie Determination of the Npres of* ORM ?US@ Textil 1959, 13f No 11nt 384-386 ABSTRACT V&Aidl r+y of a determination mothoat -Drorosea, Dr P'Viou alv by the authors, was chocked. By ti-is TothO the anpref, of crye-tallinity of eeltalo4sv may be detervined as a function of iodine moriAlon that occurs In fhe intrusion of Iodine into the 1attice with Poncentrations exceloding R-IP4 -,Iodine. It Pf's established that -the ~ffee:t of iodine nonetration into the *Crymtallinity With the Aid of Iodine Sorntion XIV. Denendence Between the Iodine Sorntion and Crystalline condition of Cellitlose, Fibers. 1/2 ,- I- Amo-Ins. (K)skva) Soviet infriu-ed oplatromaters. STRNAVO S.; J. Presentation cl' larrfs aircraft 18-19 Ja 165. SLOXIM# DiaItrIjj DMK, laxel Influenza In children In the Pra~ps region during the first h&lf of 1952. Oesk. hyg. 41pideas aikrobe 2 uo*lt73-76 Yeb 153. L 2 ustavu pro Iskarskoi nikrobiologii a immunologil Xarlovy university v Press, Prodnosta prof. Dr Yrantlask Patcase (INFLUXIUl opidmiology. Czech*, ta childO SCUR(z CODst Cz/053-ZA5766Wo-ca76-5w7tI AUTHORs Doubek. Ladislav ORG t*Suralts F-tervrises.'affib'(Smralovy zavody) TITLE: Thenooelectric method fw.pigcon otormInation SMCE: Hutnicke liety, no. 8, 1945v 588-1191 TOPIC TAGS1 -).eell, alliconp pig iron, cast iron,, austenitic steel, themoelectric property ABSTRAcTt The method desorl'bed is-suitable for the determination of-S.f-in stool, gray cast i,,.vns and pig tron. The method is simple and fast; theRnalynii) may be completed in one minute, and' its operation is very cheap. The method can be used,' however, only when a complete analysis of the sa=pla in available, and Who results must be compared with roSU'lLta obtained by other 4uialytical mothodsto, allow calibration of the curves. The aoou- racytafter 3atisfatory calibration 0is + 0.04% of Si -rdthin the range of 2 - 4.5%, The thermoolectrio- method cannot be'used for the dotormination 0~ aS:Ln'auatenitLo*ohromo-nickO1 and - r,unig - xltalrAng-" 0 a e method 3say be also uaed in the aboratories of mechanics equipmenb produoing plants for identification of various metmass and raw materials. The =a- 1;rZed sample* is not oamaged. Orig, art* has': 3 ligureo and 1 table* [JPRS) SIM COM U,, 20 / SUBH DATE: none / ORIG REF: Oll -,/ OTH REF: 003~- / SOV REFt CoEd- 1/1 MAGA, Jan; F., Jnro.,IaAj [&MBEK, 14IIAn, In4. '' liollIng, otock find Ve manapment cr nperationst a dlecu.1sion. Zql dop tech 13 na.21-d)-35 165. offs.." AIVIC Not AP60201A4 SOMCR CODHI CZ70-60-8193/639/oli/iidii/iiii~i AUTHDRt Xucarcvx1;y, Zdanak; Doubek, MoJBIL,,.,. ORGt Research Institute for Macromolsoular Chexletry, Brno (Vy%1mmrW ustAT m4kr mole kall-r-n-MeWe-Wo-) TITIZi Stabilized smirce and a chroratorxapbio lyridge for ohromatormaphs with detectors based on therrial conductivity SOURCM Choodake listy, ve 590 no# 12, 1965. 110si-lWs TOPIC TAGSt chromatofTaphy. hood conductivity ABsTRAcTj Chromatographs with detectors based on thermal conduc- tivity# and having a Wheatstone bridge receive their power usually from a battery* The authors describe an a!,paratua of their own design which makes it possible to plug th4 chromatograph directly into an eleotrio power outlet and provide a current of 0,5A with ,voltage variations of + 0#1%. The~main advantage of this arrange- .=ant is the reduction Tn the weight of the complete chromatograph. 'The apparatus is designed as a transistor compensated stabiliser With an input of 220 + 20 V tho output is 62 V + 065 and -0.709. Maximun Intensity of iho current is 0*7As, C~Igo artb has, 4 flinu-ese riploi suB CoDS1 07, 20 / SUM DAT&I iweo64 jq=.--nm~4a-~ins- lWaroment of Us cooperation w.Ah the north Bohealan lignite buiz4 Zel dop tech 11 no.3:62-64 163. SUTORTO Karel, KIDr.j KTCHM, Indek; HOMp Josef'; IYAIBKM, %gmar. Evaluation of the text with Ingol solution. Vnitmi lek. 11 noo6t545-553 J9165. 1. Vnitmi oddelml okreani nmio-mice v Novem Haste n& Morave (prednostat MUVr* Karel Sitory), 44 BASALT -- RAW MATERIAL FOR GLASS* A. Pelikan and 1. Doubrava. SklarsK_eTo%hledyO 25 (3) 37-40 (1949Y;7-- Basalt melfls-nW-a glass which Is believed to be unable for certain technical pur- poses, A typical analysis Is S102 43.60s T102 3.52j, A1203 17.47.9 FeJ03 4,05, FeO 4,601, W 0.30# CaO 12.79, HgO 8.420 Na2O 2- Oo K20 0-981 P205 0-961 (;02 0056o and H20 1.36%, The glass is blackp and its grinding hardness is greateir than that of normal glasol its scratch hardness Is 8 to 9 on Fohn' scale. From 00to 1000 its expansion Is 67#h z 10-7p and frca 1000 to 50000 80.6 x 10,7. It to in the first hydmlytio class., 8.4 mg. in the Gennan system. It has excellent durabilityj much better than that of colored opaque structural glass of the Continent. The specific weight is 2.859 to 2.896o 2 photomicrogrsphs. N.J.K, DMRAVit' J. Now method for testing mechanical durabilitj of mineral3p glass, and coraaic materials. p. 175 SKIAIR A DIIMIK. (MAnisterAvO IshkehO pruqslu) Vol. 4, No. 70 JulY 1954 Praha, Czechoslovakia W East European Accossions List VoL 5t No* 1 January 1956 D)'AW.'A, J. 'dp art-, proOicin.." -)nly on the basis -.)f Czechoslovak state stan-lures; p. 611. VY,'A!,1-7Y A :)CH"X!.:;,-. CL~A. ;1., - - " I 'ig- T VZ C%echoslovakia, Vol. It, 3, lKir 1955. (Norwilisace) L , 6ep .1.)ntlily Li3t or c;ast. R rapean Accessims 'EFAI) p Y,. V31. ", ';o. '-), 1959 Uncl.