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DOURRAVA I - j . ------------- StaMardization of tochnologic&3. processes as e. method in stanriardization. p. 15. VYNAIZZY A NOORMALISACE, OCHPA.M ZHAMKY, CHANEV VZORY. (Urad pro vynalezy a nomalisaci) Praha, Czechoslovakia Vol. 3, no. 3, Mar. 1959. Monthly list of East European Azessions (EEAI), IL, Vol. 8, no. 7 July 1959 Unel. CHVALOVSKY, Vaclav; RATHOUSKY, JIri; DOUBRAVA, Josef Preparation of the mothylethoxysiloxane polymers and their properties. Chem prum 13 no.1:49-53 Ja 163. 1. Ustav 'teoretickych zakludu chemicke teohniky, Ceskoslovenska akademis ved, Praha. DOUBRAVAt Joisef Seminar on the problems of inte.rnational standardization. Mormalizace 12 no. 50.32 VV 164, 1. Ministry of lisavy Machine Industry, Prague. KOLARO O.j PWILOVAI T,j,DQUDUVAj_Q.; BARRAGAN, M. Subacute solerotlaing loukoencephalltle ln the course of Sabin's poliovaccination. Cook, neurol. 27 no.5%346-348 S 164. L Neurologicka klinika leikarske fakulty Palackeho University v Olomoud (prodnosta prof'. dr. J. Hrbekj Dz6a .) a Ustav patologiake anatomie lakarske fakulty Palackeho Univer3ity v Olomouci (prodnosta doc. dr. V. Valaoh). rLAUS, A., Mr.; Q&MAVA j~ 0, , _~Mr. Vertebral hemangloma with an uzmsual course. Cook. nour. 19 no-3: 185-191 Aug 56. 1. Nourologicks kliniks, PU v Olomouct, prednosta prof. dr. J. Hrbek. (SPINE, neoplasms anglomas caused by acute compression of spinal Y6ra In child. NO) (SPINAL CORD, die* compression. causing spinal angtomas in child (Cs)) (ANGIOKA, iu Infant and child spinal, caused by compression of spinal cord (Cz)) illtr UIIJIA DURANSKY, B.; DOU3RAVA, 0.; SV93ODk, I.; VYHNMOVA, M. Effect of chlorpromanin,g on the central nervous system. Cook. fyoio:lo 6 no.3:43.5-W Aug 57. 1. Hourologicko oddeleni OUIM. Prostojov, Neurolgoicka klinika PU, Olomouc. (CHIMMMUM. effects, on CIS, review (Cs)) (GIRITALL MVGUG STS73M, effect of dru4p on, chlorpronazins. review (Cs)) EXCERPTA NEDICA Sac 8 Vol 12/8 Neurology Aug 4074. SOM9 FURTHZIj EKPERIENCES WITH ONE-DOSE ADMINISTRATIONS OF CHLORPROMAZINE WITH SPECIAL REGARD TO THE REACTIONS OF THE PUPIL - Nfktord dallf skulAosti, a pokunnou jednorAzovou 4plikacf c1dorpromazinu as svl&Stnfm aretelem it zomicovlm reakc(m - 1) o u b r a v a Du bansky B., Svobod a E. and Vyh n a nk ov d M.. 1?-i_u*i_oT_.'k1_t~.', Fak.,Palackdho UnIv., Olomouc; Neurol. Odd., Okreonfho Unt.NArodnfho Zdr;vf, Prostfjoy - ACTA UNIV. PALACK.OLOMUCENSIS 1957, 13 (363- 370) The most common nourolclical symptom after chlorpromazine administration Is miosis, sometimes combined with picals (Bernard -Ho rne r syndrome). The miotte pupil becomes easily enlarged after activation by stimulation from outside. or after pitychic influence. These symptoms are caused by the interference of the drug in the pupillo-motor laths, mostly on tke level of the breAnstem, although some minor peripheral adrenolirtical effect of chlorpromazine cannot be entirely denied. DobiAloyd - Prague (VIII. 12*) 01 Z/009/6~/000/001/004/oo6 E112/E435 AUTHORS: Chvalovsky, V " lav; Rathousk ', Ji'~; ac y r TITLE: Preparation and properties-of polymothylethoxysiloxanes PERIODICAL: Chomicky' pr4mysl, no.1, 1963, 49-52 TEXT: The preparation and some properties of polysiloxanes having methyl- and ethoxygroupa-attached to silicon are described. The aim was to combine the.hydrophobic properties of the alkyl- polysiloxanes with adhesiVe properties (e.g. to ceramics) of.thii ethoxypolysiloxanes. The -compounds were prepared by controlled ethanolysis of methy.ltrichlorosilane. The most important application of the compounds hinges upon the hydrolysis of the ethoxygroup and the ability to deposit methyl-ailicic acid from solution. The acid-catalysed hydrolysis (HC1) of methylethoxy- siloxane and its mixtures with ethyl silicate 40 was studie;J. The products of hydrolysis were mixed with ground sandstone and magnesium oxide (catalyst) and their binding, hydrophobic and mechanical properties evaluated. Results: 1) Addition or catalyst is essential. 2) The mechanical strength of the bonded samples increases with increasing number of methyl groups and Is Card 1/2 Z/009/63/000/001/004/oo6 Preparation and properties E112/E435 considerably higher than that achieved with ethyl silicates (in compression 1.5 times as higb, in tension 3 times as high: this applies to specimens with CF'3;s' = 0.75). 3) The ratio CH3:S' should be below 1.0 ais otherwise rate of hardening is too slow. 40 The hydrophobing properties are excellent, about tweniy times those of et.hyl stilicatos and at least equivalent to sodium methylailanolate. The compounds are recommended for acid- resistant and electrically insulating refractory binders. There are 6 figures and 3 tab-lea. ASSOCIATION: Ustair teoretick~`ch z"ladd chemicke' techniky ZSAV, Praha (Institute for the Theoretical Pundamentals of Chemical Technology, Czechdslovak AS, Prague) -SUBMITTED: May 28, 1962 Card 2/2 VCJTECHGVSKYpI4'.j RYBANEKpX.j VITEK. V1. Technicka . .D.CUBRATOVA J.; DOUERAVOYA,M. Humoral fa-torB in the etiology of denression following treat- ment with R&Uwolfla alkaloids and In,alcoholice. Cask. psychiat. 10 no.Wl-48 AP164. 1. Ustav pro vyzk-tm rysivy lidu, Praha; Interna katedrit UD4 Praha a Vy2kimmy ust4ky exTerimentalni terapiev Praha. V0 VCJTECH(YVSKY,11.; RYSANEK,K.) VITEK. VI. Technicka opoluprace:BMASOVA,,,',,,- D(XJERAVOVApJ.; JD .=AMA, Humoral fartors In the etiology of depression following treat- ment witl~ Rauwo3.fia alkaloids and in,4coholicso Cesk. psychiat. 10 no,2:81-88 ApI64.. 1. Uotav pro vyzkum vyzivy lidut Praha; Interna katedra UD4 Praha a Vyzkimmy ustav experimentalni terapiso Praha# )t CZECHOSLOVAKIA OUREDNIK, Alois; DAUM, Severin; KROUZKOVA, Lida; DOUBRAVOVA, V. Second Internal Medicine Clinic of the Faculty of General Medicine (II. vnitrni klinika fakult - (for H) vseobecneho lekarstvi KU); Prague. al Prague, Vnitx-ni lekaretvi, No 4v 19639 Pp 348-355 "Treatment with Acetazolamid in Respiratory Failure in Pulmonary Emphysema and Cor Pulmonale.11 CUREDNIK~A.j DAUM,S* Technicka spolupracetKROUZKOVA,L.;_DOUB.',.?.,,'!-IVA9 Ve Efreot of analeptico :In respiratory insufficiency. Cae-lak. oesk. 103 no.3177-78 17 Jat6l+. 1. Il. interni klitilat fakulty vssobecneho lekarstvi KU v Praze; prednostat prof.dr. F,Herles., DrSo. 4!- OUREDHIK, A.; JEZEK, V. Technicka spolupracel DCUBRAVOTA, V-1 KROUZKOVA,L- Comparison of pulmonary ventilation and blood gas levels in ptionts with chronic bronchitis. Cos. loke cook. 104 noo23: 638-639 11 J065s 1. IT. interni, klinika fakulty vooobeemeho lekarstvi. Karlovy University v Praze (prodnostat prof. dr. P. Herles, DrSca a Kardiologicka laborator fakulty vaeobecneho lekarstvi Karlovy University v Praze (reditelt prof* dre Fe Herles, DrSce)e DAUM, S.,(Praha-Krc, Budejovicica 800~ JANOTA, M.; BOUDIK.. F.; Technicks. Bpoluprace: MACHANOVA, A.; PLACHAt B.; DOUBRAVOVA V. Diffusion capacity of the lung In patients with uremia. Can. lek. Cesk. 104 no.47:1285-1290 26 N 165. 1. Vyzku=y ustav experimentalni terapie v Praze (reditel prof. dr. 0. Smahel, DrSc.) & H. Interni klinika falrulty vaeobecheho lekarstvi Karlovy Univorsity v Praze (prednosta prof. dr. F. Iferles). Submitted April 1965. DOUBRAVSKA, A. Standardization of foodstuffs in 1953 and 1954. p. 60 NORHALISACE, Frahne Vol. 3., no,. 3p Mar. 1954 SOURCEs East European Aocessions List (EFAL), LO, Vol. 5, no. 3, March 1956 DOUMVSrT, I Injuries dhis to electric currente Prakt. lek. , Praha 33 no-13:304-3(N; 5 July 1953. (CLKL 25:1) 1. Of the Institute of k3entgenology (Read-L. Stratil, N.D. ) of rMl, Olououc. VMURAL, Jaroalav, Dr.; SCHWARZIR. Milos. Dr.: KOJSCKT, Zdanak. Doc., Dr.; DOUBRAVSKY, Jaroalair, Dr. Room""= Esopbageal ilyakinealas. Cesk. gastroenter. 9 no.2:133-138 Junog 55. 1. Z 11. Internt kliatky PU, pradnosta prof. AmerllrW. a z rtg ustavu PU, prndn-ista doc. MIMr. J. Stratil. K padeantinam prof. Dr. P. Lukla. (IZOPHAGUS. aiseases dyakineals., diag. & clin.) DOUBRAVSKY, J. FIndings and experlenceB im over-all meobanization of sugar-teet cultivation. P.:,47. SBORAIK. RADA MECHANISAGE A ELEDTRIFIKACE ZEMEMMAVI A IESNIME. Praha. Vol. 28, no. 1, Apr. 1955. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEAL) Library of Congress Vol. 5, No. 7, july 1956. DOUBRAVSKT, Jaroslav; TYEDUBAL, Jaroslay ~ - _,-~'Ajpw pr General bona diseases; Jaffe-Lichtenstein disease. Cesk. roentg. 10 n0-3:94_% Aug 56. 1. Z rentgenolog. ustavit I'U (Pov. predn. doe. MUDr. 1. Stratil) Z propedeutIcke kliniky PLI. (OSTEITIS PIBROSA, diag. Jaffe-Lichtenstain die.) RAPAW, Vlad.1slav, Prof., MUDre; SERY, Menek, MUDr.; DOUBRATSKY, Jaroslav. K]Dr,, - - - -MIMMMF4MFAIjjIjjjWr Resection of thoracic eaoph&Wis for carcinoma concurrent with idia,pathic dilatation of esophi4Cus. Roshl. chir. 35 no.4t205- 208 jipr 56. 1. CIdrurgicka klinika Palackeho university (prodnasta prof. Mr, Vladislay Rspant) a Ustredut rentganologicky ustav KUJM (prodnosta, pr4p. Mr. Ignac Stratil) v Olomouct. X sedesatinam prof. Dr. V. Yejdovskabo. (ISOPHAOUS. neoplasms with Idiorpathlb dilation of esophagus, surg. (Cs)) 13- RAPART. Viadist .aw; "SW, Zdenek; BOUBRAVSrr, Jaroslav Surgery of advanced idiopathic esopbageal dilatations. Cas. lek. ceek. 95 no-50:1369-1373 14 No 56. 1. Cbirurgicka klinika Palackeho University v Olomouci; prednosta prof. Dr. V1. Ra3mat. (ESOPHAGUS, siurs, teebulevAn advanced idiolathic dilatations (Cz)) DOUBRAVSKT, Jnroslav (Olomouc-Nova ulice, X. P. ftvlovs 6. ) I' ~___ - Ifethod of x-ray localization of foreign bodies in the eye. Cook. rentg. 12 no.3:158-164 sept 58, 1. Rentgenologicky ustav PU v Olomcuci, pov. predn. doc, Dt. I., StratLl. (M, foreign bodies x-ray loaalization, method (0s)) BITTKM, 0.; DOUBRAVSXT, J, Experience with peroperative mmometry and radiography of the billary tract. Cesko gastroenter. 12 no.6t438-443 Nov 58. 1. Ghirurgicka klinjim PU v Otilmouals prednosta prof, dr.. V. Rapant Rentgenologicky ustav PU v Olomoucis prednouta prim. dr.'J. Stratil 04 B. blosoue, chirarg. klinika. (GROIANGIOGFAP]rf 0 perop. (02)) (BILIART TBAGT, surgery. perop. manometry & x-ray (0z)) WORAVSKY, Jaroelav; KW, Cyril ?also roentgenological picture in subcar(LIal gastric Ulcer. Cask. rentg. 13 no.2.^96-100 Apr 59. I..Rentgonologicky ustav PU v Olomouoi, p:radnosta prim. Mr. Ig. Stratil ChirurgicIm klinilm PU v Olowoucip prednosta prof. Mr. n. Rapant, (PMIO U=, differ. diag, x-ray errors in suboaraial ulcer (0s)) N_VC&YUL-IQ=AIAY- A semi-automatic table for seriographic investigations. Cesk. rentg. 13 no.4:282-287 Ave 59 1. Rentganologiaky ustay IT v Olomonoi. (RADIOGUPHY, equip. A supply) VYKIDAL, M.; KIABUBAY, L.; I)OTJBBAVSKIT, Ta. [I)oubravskly, J.) Significance of experimental formaldebrde arthritis. Tersp. arkh. 31 no. 2:43-50 F 159. MR& 12:1) 1. Is 1-y kliniki. po vnutrennim bolaznyLm (zav. - prof. Pavel Iukl') Yarmakologicheskogo #stituta (Zav. - dots. Tirshl Ionfelld) I Rent- genologicheakogb inatituta (sav. - dots. Ignats Stratil) Uuiversiteta imeni Palatakodo v Olomoutse, Chakhoslovakiya. (ARTIMITra, exper. formaldebvde induced (Rus)) t_f Ti, WANT, Vla dislav; YAUK, T.; I)OURFAVSKT, J, IV"'-e-k* Double aortic arch, Gas. lek. oetk. 98 no.3.1026-330 13 Wr 59- 1, Ghirurgicka klinika PU v Olomouoi, prednosta 7)rof, dr. Vlad, Rapant a detska klinika FU v Omomouci. prodnosta doe. dr. A. Mores VI, R,,01omouct chirurg. klinikao (AO=, abnorme double aortic arch, s=g. A case report (0s)) RAPANT, Vladislav; DOUBRAVSKY, Jaroslav The Ellis operation in surgery of advanced atbalasia *f the emephaglus. Rozb:L. chir. 40 no.9:613-617 S 161. 1. Cldrurgicka klinika lekarake fakulty FU, prednosta prof. dr. Vlad. Rapant, a rentgenologtoky ustav FN, prednosta C. So. dr. Jar. Doubrave)qp v Olomouoi. (ESOPHAGUS din) RAPANT, Vl.; VYHNALEK, V.; DOUBR&VSKY,, Z. Experiences in surjery of double aortic arch. Cesk. otolaryng. 11 no.6:379-381 D 162, (AORTIG DISEASES) DOU.BRAVSKY., J. A. ~-- Some problems in pha-mooradiograpby of the esophagus andl the aso- phagocardial region. Rozh:L. chir. 41 no.63424-431 -To '62. 1. Rentgenologiolq ustav lek. fakulty University Palackeb) v Olomoucit por, prednosta MUDr, J, Doubravsky, ScC, (ESOPHAGUS radiography) (STOMACH radiography) RAPANT, V.; DOUBRAVSKY,.J. Value of epophagographio examination In determining tho dominant arch in double aortic arch. Rozhl. chir. 42 no.10:611-613 0 163. 1. Chirurgicka katedra lekarske fakii1ty PU v Olomoucif veouc:L prof, dr. V. Rapant, DrSe. Iv- DOUBRAVSK7pJ.; KARENICEK,,O.; KCHMAISI. SCHOBERIB. Sequential analysis In biological an(I phyBiological research (olmultaneous study of the influence of X-ray irTadiation on the gastric transit time in rat). Physiol. Bohemoslov. 13 no.106-103 t64 1. Central lbentp-nological InstitutAq and Institute of Medica:. Physics, Palacky Universityp Olomouc. ROGEK,V.; FAJTA,F.; SERY,Z.; FOUISAR.; KAIMUCIZ, 0.; TALAS,11. Contribution of simple mammography in the differential diF.gnosis of dysplania of the female breast. Rozhl. chir. 43 no.5:2ES-292 ~~064- 1. Ustredni rent enologisky ustav (prednosta: doc. dr. J. Doubravsk7,, CSj.5; II. chirurgL-,ka klinika (prednosta: doc. dr. Jolbrian); patologickoanatomicky ustav (prodnosta: don. dr. V.Valach) a ekologicka klinika (prednosta: don,. dr, F. Gazarek, We .Tiekarske fakuli7 FU (Fdlackeho univers-7.ty) v clomouci. DOUBRAVSKY, T.; WCNDRAK,,E. --- ~' -1- .. , Measurement of the length of the lower -m-tremities with ortho- radiography, Cesk..radiol. 19 no.3tl69-175 My 165 1. Rentgenologicky ustav fakultni nemocnice v Olomauci. (vedoucis doo. dr. J. Obubravokyp Wo.) a I. chirurgicka klinika lekarske fakulty Palackeho University v Olomouci (prednostat prof. dr. V. Rapant, DrSo,)* RAPANTP T.; DOUBRAVSKY, Ya. (Doubraivky, J.] Importance of asophagographic study for determining the dominant arch in duplicated arch of the aorta. Grud. khir. 6 no.D68-71 Ja-F 164. (MIRA 18311) 1. Khirurgichaskaya kafedra (say. - prof, V. Rapant) medi- * tainskogo fakullteta Univerisitsts. imani Palitskogo v Olomouts. Adres avtorovt Chakhoslovaklya, Olomouts, Kafedra khirurgil Universiteta imeni Palatakogo, Submitted May 139 1963. CZECHOSLOVAKIA DTJSEKp K.;,DQggEjj_ J,,, Psychiatric Hospital (Psychiatricka, Loceb- na), IlavliMc-uv Brod "Atropine Convulsive Therapy." Praf,,uep Cesicoslovenska Psychiatrie., Vol 63, Uo 1, Fab 67, Pp 52-56 Abstract fAuthors, English summary modified 7: 16 schizophrenic patien were treated with atropine comas; T permanent improvements were achieved. The treatment lasted 6-8 weeks with 7-10 therapeut- ic interventions. The patients wore awalcened from the coma by ad- ministration of 16-20 mg of physostigmine. Tie coma lasted on an average 3 hours. Atropine coma is safer than insulin coma treatment. The main indication for the interr:ruption of the treat- ment is a body temperature exceeding 38'C. 4 Wosterno 2 Czech, 4 Polish reforonoetso (111anuseript received 2 Mar 65). 1/1 T v _(Ir, caps); di-ven nems Coimtry:Rumania Acada-mic Degreea; -not given- Arfiliation: Source ftohereat 9 Com=Icarilo Aeademiel Republicii PoEllare Rominel Vol XI) No 9 19bi Pp IU91-109b Dr-ta:"Studies on & SovIet and Bulgarian Varieties of Sun Plower in the Climate and Boll Conditions of Buoharest Regiunes" Authors: FRIADCWTCUI Al.t Corresponding Member of the Aoadevy of -the Rumanian People's Republio (Aoademia R.P.R.)* VU LPE V. DOUG V. PRLADCENCU, Al.; VULPE, T.; DOUCET, V. Study of some variation of the Soviet and Bulgaxian sunflowers under the climatic and soil conditions of #e region of Bucharest. Commi- carile AR 11 no.9tlO91-1096 S 161. 1. Membru corespondent al Academiel R.P.R.(for Priadcencu), I DOUG-LTIjiotgri"tiouresti) Mr-Ap 162. DOUDA, J. "New organization and transportation system in the leather and fur industry." p. 146 (Kbsarstri) Vol. 6, no. 8, Aug. 1956 Prague, Czechoslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 DOUDA, J. _ -Improving the technical standard and organization of the fur industry. Koxarstvi 12 no.12070-371 D 162. M MIA p YI. Mat is two-phase grain harvesting? P. 35. ROLINICKE HLASY. (Ministerstvo zemedelstvi. Hiavni, aprava jednotnych druzstev) Praha. Vol. 10, no. 6, June 1956. SOURCE: EEAL LC Vol. 5, No. 10, Oct. 1956. DOUDA, M. Items of interest from the State Institute for Testing Agricultural 1,11achInory in Sweden p. 424 (Nechanisace Zemadelstvi) Vol. 7, no IF, Sej)t- 1957 Praha, Czechoslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (Er-Al) LC, Vol. 7, no 1, Jan. 195C DOUDAt X . Autwm Fair in Vienna po 2 (14schanisace Zemdelstvi) Vol* 7p no# 20, Oct. 1957- Czechoslovakia SO: MOMLY IND= OF KAS`r WROPEAR ACCEWIONS (EEAI) LC-s - Vol, 79 No.l. Jan. 1958 DOUDA, M. .*. "Tractor-mounted loader and its use in agriculture." p. 16 (Zemelske Stroje, Vol, 3, no. 1, Jan. 1958., Praha, Czacho-ilovakia) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (HRAI) LC, Vol. 7, no. 9. Betptember 1958 DOUDA j, M. "Problems In drying forage and some drying equipment." p. 103. KWMNISACE ZMEDEISTVI. (MINISTERSTVC ZEMEDEISTVI A IESNIHO HOSPODARSTVI). Praha) Czechoslovakiaj Vol. 9. no. 5,1 MAY 1959. Monthly List of East European AccesBiona (EEAI).. LC, Vol. 8,, No. 8., August,, 19-1~. Uncl. DOUDA, M.; JAROLIM, Z. potato-harve5ting machines uBed abroad. p. 201o MECHANISAGE MEDLISTVI. (14inisterstvo zemedelstvi a lesniho hospodarstvi) Prahap Czechoslovakia, Vol. 9, no. 9, Sept. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accewsions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, no. 11, Nov. .1959 Uncl. DOUDA, Miloslav, inz.,- S114EX, Ivan Sharm of technical standardization in the development of agrimItural work mechanization. Formalizace 11 no.9-.291-293 S 10. 1. Vyzkumny ustay zemedelsky.:h stroju, Chodov u Frahy. -Dctm.L,-V.. A proposal for the standardization and its use in Czechoslovakia. p. SBCRNTK. RADA LESNTCr/l. Praha. Vol. 29, no. 6, June 1956 of woodcutting tools 371. SOURCE: EEAL - W Vol. 5 No. 10 Oct. 1956 DOUDA, V. Kffect of the method and site of lumber handling on the development and application of mechanized means. p. 220. (SBORNIX RADA IEMCNI. Fraha) (Vol. 30, no. 39 Kir. 1957) SOt Monthly List of East European Aweasion (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, No. 7, July 1957. Uncl. DOUDA, Vaclavs doc.p inz.p dr. Development and use of mechanization means in the gradual shelterwood cutting system. Us cas 9 no.4/5:397-414 163. 1. Lesnicka fakulta$ Vymoka okola zemadelska, Praha. DQUDA, Vaclav, doe. inz. dr. Possibility of using barking machines in forests. Lea cas 11 no.3003-322 Mr '65. 1. Scientific Institute of Forestry of the Higher School of Agriculture, Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy. Submitted 5--tober 23, 1964. GALESH, D.; DOUDASHy V. Now methodo for ao3d pressing. Mashinostrcene 10 no,n:23-29 161. 1. Zaved se. trakori "Ernst Ts3man" - Brasov, People's Republic or ~t --'- - .. -lomensation i*or word has to Ce 'based on a gmduAted schrdule. r. "~ (RoInS.c~-.e Y Vol. 11. nr). 1. jan, 195? T,rahA) I SO: Ic.onthly list of Fast ~7-uropean accession (F-K~') L-,, Vol.. ', no. 7, July 1~)57. unal. DOUGASMt V.A. Sbark in the Muk Seat Priwda 50 no.IsM-112 Ja 061. (KIRA 14il) is' Bel strovskiy kraymdebookiy mwwyo gml*" (Mack Ua-Sharkp) BUND-LIp A.A.; GIAGOUVA# A.A.; GUpj.TSKAYAq Z.J.; jWjI -VS-.(KfAq LL O.A. .-DOUNAY-1011VAI SOX014NA, L.N. Influonne of the chemioal nature of the flux on the luminescence properties of zinc sulfide and zinc cadm1mi sulfide I Drs. ImAll 'MR. Ser. fiz. 25 no.3:40e-410 Yz 161. "IMP1,14t2) (Zinc sulfide) (Zino cadnium sulfide) MMANEK, P.~~, MRCEK, K,,; KASARYK, S.; KIKARIK, Y., za tech.upoluprace URICKA, L.,;..~OVCA, V. Effect of technical shortcomingg of roontgono-diagnostic equipment on spreading of secondary radiations. Cask.rentg. 15 no-1:30-36 P 16i. 1. Ustay bygiany prace a chorob s ravolanta v BrstiGlAve, riaditel Mr. 1. Kluoik. (WIATION PROTICTIO11) MINARIKO IP.1 STAKKOVICOVA# A.1 MAWAO JT,j DQUPOVCA V , toscha. spolumwe Zleatrioal pie rties of dusts in ore mines in I'llovaila, Pracmd 1A. 13 no.6t269-274 Ag 461. 1,. Ustav bygisir/ prace, a chorob s povolania, v Bratislava, ria(lital "Mr. 1. Mau. (DUSTS) .- I- I I nz. Planning the managumi-n! of hylroeje~^trllc pu r, 1 in t.,,: . Enf.rgetlka Cz 14 noao'-7 :atb4. ~i 1. GFJI Praha K-.NARIK,, F.; UHRIK, F.; HRABOVCOVA, A.; PETRASOU, M.; DOUFOVIX, V.; MORAVKOVAp M,j URICEK, L. Analysis of gamma-emitters in the fallout on the site of the nuclear electric power plAnt A-1. Cook, byg. 10 no.7s400-403 Ag 165. 1. Ustav hygieny prace a chorob z pavolanial Bratislava. ,A Y NAMMIN, H.S., TMICMV9 DWUIFbD) ILU.M~JOLA!q I.G. 'Un catalyseur efficace pm I& polywrisation des composes virqUilielquese Report submitted for the Intarnational 6'y?q)osium of -Maorowlecular Ubenistry Paris, 1-6 July 63 -11. J, V firibfi5, J. Increas---d capacity of two-s-xDlke motorcyclc3. Adj,jst-w-nt of the engine of Cz 150-cm motorcycles for c,.-ntests. p. 201. I'll' Prnha Vol. 9, no, 7, Var. 1955. 11 --e'7 "WMI) 30 : "onthly LIA of East Europmn Accessicm., (,;'-,'AL), LC, Vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1955, -DOUSA, J., HRUBES, J. "Increasing the efficiency of Wo-stroke engines." p. 508 SY MMMU. Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 9, No. 18, Sept., 1955 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EFAI), W, Vol. 8, No. 9, September, 1959. Vaal&$ camosLovAjaA UQUU.-L.: PUSKA, V. I RUDINGER, J. i JOST, K. i CWT. J. H. ; Department of Vascular Diseases (Ustay pro choroby krevniho obehu), and Institute Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Cgechoelova!,c Academy of Sciences (Ustay pro organickou chenti a blochenii, CSAV)t Prague. "Role of the Diaulf.1de Bridge In the Orytocin Molecule and its Effect, on Tissue Receptors." Prague, Ceskoslovenska Fysiolouie, Vol 14, No !;, Oct 1965; p 30-344. Abstracts Study using synthetic desamino-oxytocin in frog skin pernwab ity to sodiu;4 and rat diuresis experiments indicate that neither the disulfide bf-idge nor either of the sulfur atoms is essential for oxytocin activity, nor is the reduction of the disulfide bridge essential to oxytocin inactiiation In tissues. Paper presented at the 15th PhysiologY Daysp Olomouc, 27 May 65. 1A 54 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Physical Chemistry. Electrochemistry, B Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-1(himiya, No 16, 1958, 60369. Author B. Matyska, F. P. Dousek. Inst Title Polarographic Reduction of Iron (3+) Ions in Pres- ence of Ethylenediamiiietetraacetic Acid and Hydro- z-,en Peroxide. III. Interaction of Hydrogen Pero;:ide with Ethyl Alcohol. Orir, Pub: Chem. listy, 1957) 51, No 10, 1791-1797. Abstract: The effect Of C2H50F- (I) In aqueous-alcohol solu- tions on the interaction of the Fe(3+) complex vith ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and H202 was studied. Two waves are observed on the polarographic curves in the presence of 1, if H202 was also present, as well as in aqueous solutions. The first of the waves (-0.1 v according to the normal calomel elec- Card 1/3 LLr, CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Physical Chemistry. Electrochemistry. B Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 18, 1958, 60369. Abstract: trode) in attributed to the reduction of the Fe(3+) complex) and the other, a more negative one, is attributed to the reduction of H202. The shapea and heights of both the waves obtained in aqueous and alcohol media are different. The limiting catalytic current decreases considerably with the rise of the I concentration as well as in the presence of other n1cohole ~methyl-, n-propyl- alcohols, glycol), -)ther organic substances (for example, acetone, tertiary buthyl alcohol) or easily oxidizing inorganic substances decreases the catalytic current much less. The height of the catalytic wave rises with the rise of the con- Card 2/3 CZECHOSLOIAKIA / Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry. B Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 18, 1958, 60369. Abstract: centration of H202 or of the Fe(3+) complex. At high pH-s in the presence of I, a wave Is observed on the polarographic curves at more negative poten- tials, thic, wave corresponds to the reduction of CH3CHO. The heiSht of that wave rises with the in- crease of the Fe(3+) complex concentration. At the interaction Of H202 with the complex of r-e(3+) orie- inating In the result of the electroreduction on the elctrode, a chain reaction takes place in the presence of I; I oxidizes to CH CHO ir. the course of that reaction. See report Il in RZhXhim, 1958, 39068. Card 3/3 46 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Laboratory Equipment. Apparatuses. F Abs Jourt Ref Zhur-Khimiya, 1958, No 20, 67393. Author I JjQu"L_L' t Kalous V. Inst t Not given, Title I New Polarographic Cell with an Extended Reference Electrode, Orif; Pubi Chem, listYp 1957, 51, No 10, 1960-1962. Abstract: A modified construction of the Kalousek's polaro- graphic cell (He rovsky J,, Kalousek M., Collec- tion, .1939o lip 464) is described. It differs from the original in that it has no dead spaces which were eliminated by employing a special two- way valve in place of the conventional one. With Card 1/2 CZAECH0.13LOVAKIA / Laboratory Equipment. Apparatuses. F Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khlmiya, 1958, No 20, 67393. Abstracts the use of the above new valvep it Is posuible to conduct various operations such as the removal cf Hg that drains frOm a capillary tube, drainage of the analysed solution,, washing of the electroli- zer, purging apparatus with the Inert gases used In the removal of oxygen from the system, and for a rapid replacement of electrolite from the re- ference electrode. Card 2/2 36 / Ehysical Cho.Asl:ry, El CCtrO(.'!-.r3,LA3 try. 3-12 Abs Tour, Rof Zhur-;lChirAy3, No 2, 1959, 4.024. Author lylat-131[at B. and Dousj!-., F. i. Ins t Not &iven. Titlu The Polarographic Reduction of 1~jrric Ioas in tho Prosonco of ,.cid and Hydro~,cn Peroxido. III. The Ro~~ction of llydro.~cjn Pcro;%eida with Ethyl ..lmohol. Orig Pab; Colloction Czechoslov Chtjrq Co,~b,mla, 23, No 6, 1044- 1051 (1956) (in Geman witt zyi "tl6l13h swmaary) . .',bstrect: Soo RMilihim, 1956, 60369. Card 1/1 33 '~4 640 /I influen a of j3pral monomers on the polstorraphi. slues ce ?"r '0 n the presence of hydtpr, 0 IL_ i P. Mustic (LsSntvJmnJ 32, 22615h.-Im Lhe tx1itopaphk roxlucGm _-_C4 Fe(lll) tor Fecil)-in-301 _iq_14011 ul thc ;~!tW-Ixe-Of 14, HAI the following reactk-- -I I (t) Vfll) + TIA F 11 +.OH. -j oil. it H - +. E , 0 C YeO; (3) Fe~lll) (C,1401`1~_ 1*11) AcH R+. When ;ulfictext monomer is idded to eliminatt (2) and (3) u detd. by s; rho in catalytic lirnitins current to IL max., MYCOU111120d - k'10J."i'l. From thii ttlatiin, the relative viluts of the mction rates of mosomtrs M', with Off. art cakd. (Cf(j:CflCk1 'OlEtt 1.00) (monotarr and relative mte listed): C1lj:CHC 0.83; CHP.,C)ICO.Bu-io, 0.62- 1:11,X(MOCOOfe, 0.57- ell Coll; C(J%lC)CO'13U-X. 0.M; C 12 C IfOr Cl-1C(Ci):Cl-f,, 00a;- PhCll;(:Ht, 0.045; CIT, Chestet U. C.B. fr- All, P 0 Ul- ND. , -, !,or-).3.~meo ~jc the eie:;t-rrcas A* thi fiei lay,~I.; )f (,-z Ctam ~9 no.9:223~-.:,.'3,, 3 '6io lrsgr-pt- -.t s 3 z W: 1: 3 Wra k der Alsrcms-:~haft,~n, CZECHOSIJNAKU I)OUHEKp F#P,; JANGTA# Jo; RIUt J. J. Heyravsky Polarographic Institute, Czechoslovak Jcademor o1' Sciences (Polarographisches inxtitut J. Iloyrovsky, Tachechoslo- wakische Akademie der Wissenoichatten), Prague (for idl) Prague, Collection of Czechomlovak Chomical Communications Yo 2, ZZZ==L Feb 1966y pp 457-469 "CatLly- for electrodes of combustible elements. Part it Preparation of some dryp noupyrophorous nickel c&Ulyzor from Raney &.11cy and its eloctroebecdcal properties." CUMIOMOVAIIIA JZVM# Jj STATAO N j0 RwpovsW TrAtItato of ftlwmpa$q# Q,"obcvRaftk AGAft" at soisswo PINOW a (for an I Pftmoo galls"lla at defdbdmdawdkk AMMUL .. salom so sa, "Y 19"o lop w---- losanuftwe of pwalull wosawft AM slaborwi A wvveto" an pmpwbloo or pmb"tl" laym of f"I ofill DO u 7 'p :)OUTLIK, JANDA, V.; LYSA, A.; JIOVAROVA, B,j tealm. 3polupra.c(j Clinico-olectroonce.phalogriiphic' stulies in varicella encephalitis. Cesk. neurol, 23(56) no.7:ZA4-450 '60. 1. Infekcni klinika fakulty detakeho lekarstvi KU, prednosta prof. dr. J.Prochazka Neurologicka klinika lekarske fakalty ~~Fienicke KU, prednosta doe. dr. Z. flacek. 6v-~ (CILICKENPOX A.) (94CEPIIALITIS etiol) (FISMASONCURALOGRAPHY) DOUTLIK, Sq STANINEC, M. Contribution to the problem of encephalopathy in meavlan. Lcta univ. carol.fNed] no.21245-249 161. 1. Natedra. verejneho sdravotniotvi fakulty detskeho lekaratvi Univernity Karlovy, vedouci prof. MUDr. J. Prochazka. (KEASLES compi) (BRAIN die) DOUTLIXj S iq~ar. Technicka. spolupracat CERMOVA, I.; DOCKALOV _ Vm A"A. I Results of d7namic examination of motor diaorders in paretic neruroinfeationoo Act& Uniye Carol@ [wad.](Praha) 9 no.-W15-222 163 1. Laborator pro v7zlnm poliomyelitidy fakulty detskeho lakaretyi University Karlovy; reditelt prof. MUDro JoRrocbaaka. DOUTLIK, S..; KOUBAp K. Neural manifestations in infectious mononucleosis. Cask. pediat. 18 no.2tll4-121 F 163. 1. Laborator pro vyzkum poliomyelitidy fakulty detakeho lekarstvi KU v ?raze, reditel prof. dr. J. Prochazka, DrSc. Infekeni klinika memoonice v Praze 8 - na Bulovee., prednosta prof. dr. J.Prochazka, DrSo. INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS) (NEUROLOGIC WIFESTATIONS) NGOENCEPHALITIS) (POLYNEURITIS) = MT11NEX9 3.1 JMDL9.V. Analysis of neWopsychiatria findinp in children after pars- infectious encephalitis. Cook. pyobiat. 59 no.6t367-376 D163. 1. Psydhiatricka porafta'Vro deti a mloirtve KUWZ Stredoceeksho kraje,,~Praha; laborator pro v i yzk= infekolich nemoci fakulty ., a Nourologialca klinika lakarske 4etsk4o lekaretvi KUO Prahm( fakultj hygienicke KU,, Praha. HAVEM, J. j -DOUTLIK..S.; ZACKOVA,J. Technicka spoluprace: VACEK, ?,denek Inorganic phoophorus In the cerebrrolipinal f:Luid in soma infec- tious diseases. Qu. lako ceeks 102 mo.49W47-1353 6 D163. 1. Laborator pro vyakum poliomyelitidy fakulty detakeho lekar- stvi KU v Prazel reditelt prof.dr.J.Prochaska. 4- DCUTLIK,S.; VACEK,V.; VACEK,Z. uftul"w Effect of antibiotics on the electroencephalogram. Preliminary report. Cesko pediat. 19 no.4s324-330 Ap'64- 1. Laborator pro v7zkum patologie,, terapie a prevence infekcnich nemoci fakulty detakeho lekarstvi v Praze (vedouci: prof.dre J.Prochazka, Drsc.)-a Infakcni klinika lekarske fakulty hygie- nicke KU v Praze,,(prednostat prof.dr. V.Kredba). 3& l1wrolog!-al -caplicaticilim !:I meflaif)B &1'd 39 ri,-~0%91-t-1)22 Ag 164~ 7 Fl-'niki Cli-orrib ?akamych v itratiz-, e,:-. med. Ji. l-,-.:wlhazks),, DMTLIT,~-S, Polyradiculoneuritio in varicelle. in a 12-year-old girl. Cook. pediat. 20 no.Ilt977-979 N 165. 1. laborator pro v-yzkum patologie, teraple a prevence infokenich nemoei fakulty detakeho lekarstvi Karlovy University v Prase (vedouci porf. dr. J. Prochaska, DrSc.). CZECHOSLOVABL'IA DOUUgj",;..,Laboratory for Research in Pathology, Therapy, and Prevention of Infectious Diseasesp Faculty of Pediatrics, Charles University (Labol-ator pro Vyzkum Patologie, Terapie, a Provence Infelcenich Nemoci Fakulty Detskeho Lelcarstvi KU), Fragual Direc- tor (Reditel) Prof Dr J. PROCHAZKA. "A Comparative Study of Ifeaslea and Chickenpox Encephalitis." Prague, Cosicoslovenska Nourolop-io, Vol 29, No 1~, Jul 66, pp 2L~6-254 L=Z_ Abstract fluthor's English si=mary nodified-7: 94 cases of measles and 72 of chickenpox encephalitis are described; similarity' and differences in their clinical pictures are discussed. Prog- nosis and late sequelae are discussed. A high percentage of dis- orders, including epilepsy with the corresponding 4132G findings,, and mental disturbances affecting Lntelligence and behavior are found among the sequelao. Children rmst be observed during all their growing up period after having suffered from one of these diseases. I Vi,-,ure' I-Table, 10 Western, 3 Czech refereno6s. (Manuscript received 30 Apr 65). 1/1 DOMOU P Studien on the twors vialk 8 v quantum gropertieo of biopolymero. Folimery noo2:41-4 T 163. LIKOVA, V. Rare came of &cut@ sterile arosItis (polymyositis) in 12 year old boy, Cesk. pediat, 12 no.4:3ii-315 Apr 57. 1. Infekent oddelent Teplice lanne v Cachach, prim" MM)r. Vojtech ZIMk. (MfOSITIS, in inf. & child &cut* sterile myonitim, postmortem diag. (CZ)) , -I i f f ~ f ~~. 11 i. VANCHAKOVq V.M. Ldeceasedjj RRI~qj4~K,_N.S..j KAOAN, V.K. Ways to increase the rigidity of t~ja tutular shafts of papormakirg maohinery. Bwaagodelo mash, nolls'71-75 163. (MIRA 117s6) WIDER, R,; LISKA, J,,; DUVAL, P. Mlignant neoplasms an cause of doatb in the Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic during the lafft decade. Neoplasms, 10 no.3:309-321 163. 1. Oncological Research Institute,, Bratislava, CSSR. (NEOPLASMS) (STATIS)TICS) DOVAIA., F. I-. wmm no academic degree indicated Obstetrical-gynaecological clinic of medical faculty, P.J. Safar-1k University (porodnicko-gynekologicka klinika lek.fak.Univ. P.J* Safarika).. Kosice; director: prof. T. SGHffARZ, MD Bratislava., Bratislavske lekarske listy No 3.1-12, 1962, pp 665-669 "The Diagnostic Value of the Puncture of the Dc)uglas Pouch in Extrauterine Pregaancyll DOYAR) J.; BLARA, K. "Configuration of nitrogen-containiM compounds" V. Synthesis of substitutmd 2-aminacyclohexanols. In &iglish. p. 152. COLLMMON OF CIECqOSLOVAK CMICAL CUT011CATIGN3. Praha, Czech., Vol. 24, No. 1, Jcn . 1959. Monthly List of Fast European Accessions (&W), LC) Vol. 8, No. 6, Sept. 59 Unclassified :0 6 * * 6 * 0 0 0 0 0 MM~M--- - - We VV IS-0- 001'.I 1 4 S & I I # q n 11 Is 10 P it B x a V 0 W U m P 4 ji a fj W #. 8.6 A % *- U478 A A L a L.1 6 9-4 -A a I ft J I I M to V-9-rrpll. V1_ ON Till' MIM: ATIJR'-~' CUM, OV 711., COU'ALWCAL-1h F Llhl-.AR ~)~TIW,-l IA IN RIANKRY ALLOYSo AsA00CRYAR AND .1, Oxvest. Aka,1. Akuk S.S"S.F., 194b. (Tekhn.) (1/2). 3-8) (laftosian The ojrve davotinr tht, comencenvat of linear controotloo Im a series of stoloys divides the two-phase regica betwe-In the lijuldd =4 the solidus Iton two p rte; (it Ue upper, consisting of liquid with trac. a of the solid phase. and a(li) thi lower, consisting of solid with Isolated Inalusims of the liquid phase. An apparatus Is desorited with which this our a can be detemined and with which erperiments were carried out on alloys of tho marnselum-aluslidum and olumintunt-sl I loan systemes The roautlo are oorralated with the microstructures.-KOA& J ~51 A S m. s L a StIALLL*40CAL LOW184SWI CkA%%WKAVW% t 161401 .69 G-V No- U A* 'T, 420 : , I a It U It a KIt 41 KIS 4 1 o 0, 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 & * 0 0 4 100a,10 0 * 9 00 go 4 0 00 4 Is 0 **1** 0 09 I Iff a I a Joe 4 a 0 a 0 a 0 0 M * 4 0 0 * 0 0 & 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 1 -00 -00 -00 .00 *40 Goo 000 go 0 ago ess l 'As 0 DOVAIA ; SWO, J. AM_L F. We of some predioposition factors in the incidence of late gestoses. Coak. gynak. 27/4.1 no,8s588-592 162. 1. Gyn.-por. klin. Lek. fak. UPJS v Kosiciach, prednosta prof. dr. To Schwan. (PREGNANCY TOXEMIAS) (AGING) (ECLAMPSIJ) r4ILMMT, Williati; =UIL-JAZA.Ctranslator); KAIASHNIMV. A.G.. redaktor; PETROV- 'SKIT, ]:,G., Akedumlk---redaktor; EMY, K.M., akadenik, rada!Aor; LAZAX- SKIT, II.A., akadem redaktor; SHMIDT, 0.74., akademik, redaktor; AN- IHBM, N.Ne, akademik, redaktor; $RCHZRBAXDV, D.I., akademik. radaktor; YUDIN. P.?., akademik, redaktor; IIH10NE, B.N., redEdctor; EDSHTOTANTS, Kh.S., redaktor; SAMARIN, A.M., redaktor; LERIM, D.M., professor, ri- daktor; FIGUROVSXIY, N.A., professor. redaktor: KUZNETSOV, I.Y., kandi- dat filosofskikh nauk, redaktor; PETROVA, G.M., redaktor; AUZAH, N.P., tokhnicheekly redaktor. [The magnet, magnetic bodlee, and the great mignet the earth; a new phy- siology, demonstrated by many arguments and experiments. Translated from the latin by A#I.Dovaturl 0 magnite, magnitnjAch telakh i o bollshom wig- nite-zemle; novals. fisiologiia, dokazannaia mnashestvom argumentev i opytov. Perevad e latinskogo A.I.Dovatura. Red., statlia i kommentarii A.G.F.alashnikova. Moskva, Izd-vo Akademii nau): SSSR, 1956. 411 p. (MIRA 9:6) LChlen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Delons, Koshtoyants, Samarin). (magnetism) DOVDA, A. The "Tulall combination macbIne unite Sov,shakht. 11 no. 9 Je 162. 4~*(MM 3-5:6) (Coal m.Lning machinery) ;. . ;!j !XOWW- - .--- DOVBA, A_., kand.tekhn.nauk Recent books. Sov. shakht. U (Bibliography-Coal no.908-39 S 162. (KRA 15:9) mines and mining) DOVBAj A. S., Mining 2ngineer Experience in using the grab crane KPS-10 in unloading lumber . Ugoll No.68 1952. vu ly " I . 3 -C ,m, .:C V, C ,1(,~uv, r.,-,.,I-C.-Tl-Cv, Sx., pcm;~-:-x , I IIACETCV, V.A., Sl!-C-C.V, I.N., ZUBR:IILV, L.YF., N.C., E-C'.-N. Strellnikov, D.A. Concerning the rcview by Prof. D.A. Strelln'Lkcv, Locents B.S. Lokrhin and Ye.Yc. Nekrasovskiy, and Ene. V.A. lelorov on Aend. L.D. Shevyakovls- book "Fundauental thecry of' planning, co.,l mizies." Ug]etkhl,-,drt, 1950 (Urollne. 3, 1952), UCol'27, no. 7, 1952 1952 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessi(Lns, Library of Congress, Cetober -4W Uncl.