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December 31, 1967
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1. DOVBA, A. 2. USSR (600) 4. Coal Mines and Mining 7. Mechanized dritring of first-workings., Mast.ugl. 2 no. 3, 1953. 9. Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, AP RIL 1953, Uncl. -.-DOVBA, A*, inshener. The working day of a mine foreman* Met.ugl, 2 uo-7:10-12 Jl 153. (MLOA 616) (Krotiko ledozei Grigorlovich) (Goal miners) DOVBA A This took placo in Turine. Sov.shakht. 10 no.12--39- 40 D 161, (MIRA 3-4:32) Turin-Exhibitions) al mines and mining-4xhibitions) M Fusl Abet. Vol. 15'. No. 4 Apr - .1954 . Oid.- WC lam or [AM plar.. 00vtd, A~,.S.- Wcol (CaW, Natural Solid Fuels. 1953; Winni%,,, DOTBA, A.S,, gornyy Inshener, :,T~',r-"-_i,.",p, . -VI Some problems of developing the Artem brown coal deposit. Ugoll 29 no.6:18-22 Je 154. (XLRA 7:6) (Artem--Coal mines and mining) DOYBA. AsSso gorAy7 Insheaer. uw"Ww~ Lowering into a mine long lumber loaded in a container. no.2s39 P 155. (MIne timbering) (Kins haulage) DOVBA,A.B., gornyy inshener (1:.Kolotoy); SAVENKO,yu.y. Response to ZU. I-Levitelkil's article OBurning problems of the coal mining tudustry.0 (OUgoll" no.11,1954). Ugol' 30 no.8:45- 47 Ag'55- WRA 8:10) 1. Glavnyy inshener shakhty "Annouskaya" tresta. Kadiyevugoll(for Savenko) (Coal mines and mining) - c - - .- . - 0-- , I - - ~~- --- I - -- - ---- , - -. I , - - . - - ~~ . I I - - I , ~- I -. - - 'i A ~ Z- . ~ L~ -1 ~. - . - I ~ -1, % : - , . , . - ;, . ~ . -- - ~ .71, -, L ---- DDYBA, A. Hiddem petentialitlas is tha coat industr7. Soto.trud no.lt48-55 JA '56. (C*Al MiSS8 and mining) OCwu 9: 7) DOVBA, A.S. M1008MMOMM& 1--00, For the further developie'at of thi trud. no-11:50-38 N 9360 (Ukraine-Ooal mines and (wages) Ukrainian oolAndustry. Sots. ~ (KC2A 1011) mining-Production standards) A ROSSOGHil~iff, I.; WV3A, A. Some Is$ one from the now operational mrstem in mines of the Donato Zoin. Sots.tru-A. no.2:10-19 If 157. (Miah 10:5) (Donato Basin - Coal mines and mining) DOTBA,,-A4ton.SerSeyqvi*hj kwid.tekhn.x-uk; nu=ym, N.Y., 1%OrW 109h., oty.j~6d'.';- ~abmttt41kUC*A, G9591 redolsd-val XCROVINKOTA, I.A.j teldmaed, (Potentialities fo,,r an Increase of labor productivity In coal miningl Reservy rosta prolsvoditallnosti truds v ugollnol promyshlennosti. Hoskva, Gos.mmobno-takhnizd-vo lit-ry po gornomu delu, 1959j. 204 p, (MIRA 130) (Coal minve and mining-Labor productivity) I VBA -. J_.&,~v.rad. -, WMOVA. V.A., red.izd-va; IL' INSKAYA. G.M# (Handbook oA Ubor and wages for workers in the coal minina industry; statja an of Kay 1. 19591 Spravochnik Iv trudu I sarabotnoi plate dlia rabotnikov ugollnoi promys'alannosti; po mostoinniirt its 1 maia 1959 g. Moskva, Goo.nauchno-tokhn. izd-vo lit-ry po gornonu delu, 1959. 72) p, (MIRA 13:1) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Gosudarstvennyy ko"jitet po voprosam truda i zarabotnoy platy. (Coal minars-Handbooks. manuals, Ste.) (Wages) DOVBIL, A.; VINAROV, G. - - I Application of the now wage system In the coal and shale Indus- tries. Sota.trud 4 no-3:129-136 Mr 159. (MIRA 12.-4) (Wagres) (Mineral industries) DOVBA, A.; MIUN, M. --.- ...I .Now job analysis manual ("Job analysis Vanual for workers in the coal and sbale industries". Reviewed by L.Dovba, M.Tiurin). Sots.trud 4 no-7:151-153 J1 159. MIU 13%4) (Coal mines aAd mining) (Job smutlysts) DOYBA, A.j kand.tekhn.nauk -- evei. opments in mineref working conditions and wages. 14ast.u is 8 no.1:11-12 Ja 159. (MIRA 120.31 (Coal mines and mining) (Wages) - DOVBA, A. &. . Adhere to tie existing schedule strictlys Sotustrud 5 no.i-.4-9-52 ja 16o. (MIRA 13:6) (Coal mines and minltg) (WF1968) DDVB and.tekhn.nauk "Prospects for the expansion of coal mining in the U.S.S.R." by A.A.Boiko-and others. Reviewed by A.Dobva. Sov.shakht. 10 no.5.-42 My 161. (MIRA 14-.9) (Coal mines and mining) (Boiko, A. A.) FOZENTRETER9 S.A., doktor tekhn. nauk-, PARUSIMOVO V.F., doktor telft. nauk, prof.; IL DOVBA, A.S., kand. takhn. nauk "Using the underground method for the development of Uria coal deposits" by R.V.Butkeviohq I.N,Sidorov# V.I.IAchmenev. Reviewid by B.A.Rosentratery V~FsParusimov, A.S.Dovba. Ugoll 36 no.9: 61-63 s 61. . (11.IRA l419) (Ural Mountain region--Coal mines and nining) 03utkevich, R.V.) (Sidorovs I.N.) (Ikhmenuv, V.I.) DIWBA p A j SAKOV p V. Improve the effioienoy of vz4jes for the workers in the poat industry. Soto. trud 8 no.2,65-67 F 163. (HUth 16t2) (Wages-Feltmen) DMAI A*S*j kandatekhnonauk Methodology for the large-acale detemination of the wWM*u*t-*R-'- level for coal mining. U9011 39 no,1109-42 N *6,4, ' - . - - (HIRi 18s2) 24(3) -AUIMORS: Smollkov,N.A.,and Dovba,S.A. SOV/55-58-4-18/31 TITLE: Properties of the Ferrites (Li O.Me 0.') (CdFe,.O ) 2 2 ~ I-x' 4 X (Svoystva ferritov (Li 0.5Fe Oj~ 2 2 1)1_3:'(Cd1"e204)x PERIODICAL- Testnik Moskovskogo universiteta, Seriyn --t-ow- 1958, Nr 4, pp ABSTRACT: The present paper is devoted to the investigation ot seve:7al properties of the solid solution (LI 20.5Fe20 3)1_x.(0dFe20A):c The parameter % changes from 0 to 0.7. Using partly the method .1escribed in Z-Ref 1506_,7 it is stated experimentally that for an increasing concentration of the Cd-ferrite the specific electrical resistanoe , the Curie-point k' and the coer-,ive force H 0 diminish, While the initial.- and the maximal suscept- ibility as well as the maximal and romaining induction enlerge. The angle of rotation of the plane of polarization depends in a Card 1/2 Properties uf the Ferrites (Li 20-5Pe203)I_x.(C'F 9 2 r) ,t ) A' 5 0 T/ 51 5 - -59 - 4 - 18 / -.s I complicated manner on the -omposition of the solid solution. The authors thank Professor Ye.I.Kcndorekly for advtooz. Th.ere are 8 fig-area, I table, and 16 refezenc6s, 6 cf which are Soviet, 5 American, 2 German, 2 English, and 1 irlsh. AS30CIATION:Kafedra magnetizma (Chair of Magnetism) SIJBMITTED: November 5, 1957 Card 2/2 .,ui J6ur Ref hur Z~-?I No 3, 15958, 1,"';87 T it 1 e -SOMe .(LYS to Itsprovv '..'inter '(.'heut :,-1a llyc i.. evial in loles lye, LMSSR. Ortg Hauchu. tr. uIrr. a.4-h. akaa., !5515, 8, 83-5!~ Abstrac t Experiments in the utilization of seeds of di';vrent sl%eL were conducted on the rIcIds of the zco- nomy of the Ukrninian Agricultural -,aadezy aj-A in The lergest ~;eeds of the winter 1--hetA vzxiety, ha(I 9% higher germinalAon thm the :,2vent 1)lamg R-rom the blaGer ceeds Lave 6 2entnc~:&/Ibec~~.;re UL,her VIelds. The hiLher yield of the pLli:mts lar--e aecCZ3 is an inheritable chavcterlat:*c. ~iie Card 1/2 .f-ii/Cultivable Plants Gre ins Ref Zliur blul -, No 3, l9tA, I given on the efrect which v2--icu3 m".Lholk, .;f tillin,, '.j'ae L104.1 h~y~ un wheat and ryo 711 1.'10. ippjj(--.fjor, of fertillzer,- ut vttrjoua tlm~.-sj i--C, :).j tLe L,: z r, f lchekinka/ the euro in ordtr ~c. :c uire bl~,j,,% SCOA~-. Curd 211-: USSR/Cultivated Plants - Grains* M-2 Abs Jour : Ref Mur - Diol., No 7) .1958, 29753 Author -. Z-aterslkiy, M.O., DovbaM. A.Ps Inst - . Title : Raising Millet on Stubble Plantiness Orig Nb : Sots. tmrinnitstvo, 1957, no 6, 33-34 (ukr.). Abstract : Ito abstract. Card 1/1 - 56 - ZMMSKIY# N.A. 9 doktor x,ollskokhompystyemifth naukq prof.; DQYBAXH~_A.P. k&=I.vsl'xkokhosyuywtve=ykh uaukg doteent Breeding millet varieties for planting on stubble, NOUCh, trudy UASIV 10tjq-$3 160. (Millet breading) (KERA 140) DOMMIg A.P'*p kand.sel'sko4ozyayvtvennykb nauko dotment I I. . ............ ~- I How the quality of speds effects winter hardineiis and-yi Olds of winter crops. Nauch. trudy UASHN 10:35-61 160. (MIRL 24:3) (Grain) (Planta-Forest resistance) D07BAKH, A.P., kand. sellskokhoz. nauk Effect of the coalitions of groving wintor whoat oeed on the y%leld or tho sue9veding piogeny. Naak. pratai UASIIII 17 noLZ: 8-15 1609 (MM l6t7) (Ukmine-Wheat) (Ukralm-Seed production) "I 14")NDRAK, Er., i WINIRAWK16-ju. Fcaorel fraotures In childreri an4 their treatmant. Roshl# chir, 44 no,IM81-686 0 165. la 1. chirurglaka klinika (prodnosta prof, dr, V. Rapant, DrSo.) a rantganologlaky ustav (pred-iosta doce dr. J. Doubravsky) lakarcke fakulty Palackeho University -r Olomouoi. PFO(;HAZ)rA, Jarnslay; A.DMOVA, SLuAnIvr Exporlence from the years 1961-1964 with dioeanes simulating poliomyelitis. f1born. ved. proo. lek. fak. Karlov. Univ. 8 no.5s529-535 165. 1. Infekcni klIrika. Praha (prodnosta prof. MUDr. J. Ptochazkca). ACCESSION NR: AP4015556 3/0089/64/016/002/0203/ono AUTHOR: Broders D. Lo; Kolssov,, V. Yaq Lashukjj A. I.; Sadokhin,, I. P.; Dovbenko, A.__0e TITLE: The cross section of the excitation levels of Mg,, Or sup 52 Ni sup 58j Ni sup PO and 11b sup 93 in Inelastic neutron scattering* SOURCE: Abomnaya energiyaj ve 16, No# 2. 1(,)64, 103-13.0 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear cross section, nuolear'i excitation level, inelastic neutron scattering, Mg, Or 3UP 52, Ni sup 58,-'Ni sup 60.. Nb suP 93 ABSTRACT: The measurements of the cross sections were made by studying' the inelastic scattering of monochromatLo neutrons' obtained from this i reactions H3(pjn)He3 and H2(don)He3 for energies below and above 3 Mev, respectively, and by moasuring the ge=a-spectra resulting froza the reactions., Corrections were made for the dead time of the analyser sind for the self absorption. 1ha computation of the cross sections was based cn the woric by Wo Haiiser and Ho Feshbach (Phys. car4l/2. ACCESSION NR: AP4015556 Rev- 8T (1954 346) which used tfie omoept, of the compound nucleus and of the independence of its decay from the manner of its formation. .The cross sections for the dirferent isotopes as funotipas of neutrim" energy aro given in diagrami.' With tho exception of NVIO, the agreis-1 ment is good when the energy levels of the nualel are known. "The authors are grateful to Sh. S. Nikolashuill for his interest and tD 'V. V. Bul:&ohev At N. Serb:Lnov, V. A. Romanov,, and A0 P0, KlUov for technical help. Orig. arti has: figures and I tablei .ASSOCIATION., none SUBMI 15Apx-63 DATE AM: mar64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: PH NO REP SOV: 005 OTUR: 008 .Card2/2 ,,-2;~044-6r, 1-.IIA(h)/6;IT(Q) ~- r. ACCESSION NR: A124047419 S/00891641017/004/0304/0307 AUTHOR- M KO A, G. 22 3 2L? 2'30 -And Th Nuclvi TITLE: UnipmtMor, or the imL~rqq crass seclions for the U R C JOWMI-laya energiya, v 17, no, 4 1964, 304- 307 'OPIC- TAG.N': tctal neutron crous section, inf-le-stic scattering crom; eection, miclear rcaction. V nup 238, Th sup 232 ABSTRACT: The theory of W-flauser and It. Veshlaach (Phys, Rev. 87,' 366 (1952)) ig Uved fm- the deterruloalioi of the neulron cross vertions foi=thc. U238 I h232 The latter a~e similar in several respect4. They are both an T Pv--,n~even, ind hi,ve aftnilar thresholdg. TLerefore, their cross sections can bf, curnputed with th,! samo parameters of the optical p-tential. The theore--cal and exp,rimfmW vabion ror the total 1'transfer)cross sections agree in -. wide energy rI.Infg,e, dincre.:xPneles heing noticemble only at very low energy valueg. The com- Duted CrC"S lic-Ctions for inelastic scattering agree qualitatively with the eximri- C " ,, I / ,-7 -.7 Th T47-7 L 2-told#-65 ACCESSION lill: AP4047419 mental volues. Somn observed doviations migtit be caused b-.v the leick of spheri- cal s-r-nmet ry- of the nucldi-.- - Or ifi,. a rt. has: 3 figu re s ASSMIATION: None RTBMITTED, l8.DeclG,3 ENCL. 00 ,;IJB com": Pli, NO REF SOV: 00.3 OTHER: 006 Cord2l 2 ,,_2A6--6!j -VNA(t)/EWT(ca). DM' 14 ACCESSION NR: fi.P5001274 S,10089164/017,1006/0!')06/0r)08 AlIT110R. ToWkWil X014 .-ToDy, V. Yo. Epvbtrko, A. G. ; Stavisskiv,Yu.Ya. -, 44'~ iA ~i ~,,; -~ '; "' . r'. I tia(iiation I-aptilre of meAIUMI tile 1201s'par and moblydenum nuclei SOURCE: Atoninaya energlya, v. J7, no. fl, 19(4, 505-508 TOPIC TAGS ra&atfon neutron, capture, neutron capture cross section, copper E5, molybdcnu~-.n ICO A BSTRACT: I he experl mental reWilts-are-given for the cro-mg sections- of the ,tation ca trons of cni?rgies between 5 -nod 200 kev by tf~e iscutopes ra( ptU,5e, ol#ntm 6 ti CU and Mo ar, a function of ueutron energy. The neutron source was the r-!action Li(p,n) produced with &Vim de Ornaff accelerator. The method was de- s-.01:)ed In Atoninnya Ertergiya 10, 608 (1961). Vie reaults ana gmpared with the CA)AInputed valueg for the crosa selAtons of CuQ3, CU65, and Molo , on the basis of the simpifflel tbvory (see B. blargulls, Phys, Rev. 88, 327 (1952"'), which aiisum,99 that The capture of neutrmla proceeds through the formation of a cornpxnd Cotd I / 2 L024246-65 ACCESSION Nit: AP6001274 nucleus., The vxperimental resultiv_mgree with,theAheory In apite of the M-Com-- pletvnesa of the -atter which does pot take into cormiderattion the spin-orbital in,+,rattion, the-distribution-of the noutran level. widths. and the dependence of the levels density on spin, Orig. art. has- 4 figures AS',-'OCIATION-, SUBMITTE D: 10:)ct63 ENCE,: 00 SUB CODS: NP NR REF SOV: 007, amER: Oil Ca,j 212 L A ?114.6~_ EWA(h)/~V VA -A;CCFZS1(K.-_]NR: AP50)'4'800 -7- 14"rTTAJO -.!tl V- K-014160V V. Ye. yAlyshey, A, V. t B i t on 0 n 1-yorgfti radje,.1-pe cm- ur~p cro-o ice 105 ev i enerey SOURCE: Atcmnays ene: r ie no. io 1s65, n4-nO. TOPIC IZ=.* imLtran ctLpturep rubl.dium, zircon!,=# molyl~denvm, tiv,, iumarlum. A7I mAC.- TIds experLme~!; Irf the--fact tlhtt the presently avajlabla uotopea thlit. '~eccrc activated Upoit cap.- (%ta pertmin es,tientially ti) "'are Of (" v~Utrvn' 0241 Umt tlmre are p,-& no data. for the najority of, non- Lng iGUtQFPetj Or %L:4_at_ribjc jsGI mea. The wMb.7ra thercl"ore calculiLted ~~e Wtat fo.*7 mbxtive aentron capture bY 30 %1.0topes, 11,81ri agre cross ae 7.r .092,94-93,1103 Sn 1.12$LI)t-120pI220124# and sl~ 144,147-1-50 152454 Se.94,96 yo , y using the statistict.1 tht)ry of w4clux rm:tims, the Yalucii given ty the o3fioll L JUr the pevottitbility of the wwlear ml%ce. iuW the density level carxes- rwoAmj I~Card 1/2 - - ----- L 421f4.65 4XCESSIM WR AP5005(w -are- ;*rding 1.0 the Femi-Ijan M0101. Tho tts ithe- -&vail able -experlmw tea---dati- alvtj k and demonstrate the reasibi)Aty of obtalnlrZ rmti"tot~ tliuaittitive eaUmttes for tlut averVe cmplture' cross.. s"Uonz in the 11014 - 1r Am Isotopus for mhich there are no data on the wierzy,e p3xrumetvers of the ticutrm reconanceis. The resvItimt r-ccuracy is better thmm 50i"i In CLU caaea e~ccejd, 60-54, Orig. amt. Mat 4 f'gures, 6 fo=,AAs, uA ,12.SOCIATIM: 'None VUBMITMt 31JU64 MCLt. 00 am CODE NP 471 my SWI 010 OTmi 034,11'. 2/2 Pil-4 DM, ACCESSION NRs AP501,2411e. t)Wi~Wgi-65,toiB/oo'4/04,09/0415 1 9 125-5:339-121-72 3 5 ~AUTHORSt A 0, RI&cifta~ev, M. R.L* Doybenko 0. 1 V. Ye I *fxmov, TITM: Angular itistribatim, of fast neutro scattered by- t mediun and heav y nualsi j t SOURCES Atomays persiya, v. .18, no. 4, 1965, 409-4,15 TOPXC TAGSt fatit noutroft ecatte.rln heavy nucleus' medium nu I a eus flu - oeation- Oda ~m ne civea twition, angular diotri- , oronoopio orose ttel. I 1bution ABSTRAOM This; is a .~6ntilvt~tion-of-earli.or-masuremento---(-AtovmV~--- the mioroooopic cross section for the atterins of ne ~A V3 on U ff In tl -upper group of the fission spectrun 1,(energy- Z 1.5 Mwq by ltght nuclei,, TM present atudy is devoted ;to scattering by indiwo exid heavy mucleip name 1,,r Ti, V., ar, Mn,, Ifo,, 1/2 Coed L 58?35..�3, ACCESSION-Nk:' AMMWi.j 00 11 Nb 140 A td --Sbj---1---- (Is I I Ou,, Zn ft Zt, -**P .~tbam--5-vm-in-d aft ir, R-5 r~-_ vqWrgin#. fr(it the active, zone of tha actor. The neutftv det A --it L Ln ohamber with Th 3*.- Tie OW~dr vas - a - . as o results are presen-tC4 rom of plota of the angular distrlbu-a -)us Th _.Atons of' the fact iteut-rOnat kwatterel b:r-- the varl~ -elements. At ~-s 9 sections and --thd-odi'Molents Cof ttxt Legandre coefficients for 1- Q ithe dlff-~rential crous,vectione are presented In the form of a.table. Tlie results are compared! with the aiigular distributions calculated P"rom the optical molt~l of the nuclems. The agreement- was found__.-to---_--__-_ satial'actory--foi,-ioost---elAments.---OOiginal artiole bas*,-'2 f Igureep -7 formulas and 2 tables, ASSOOIATIONS None SuIMTTEDt 280ot SUB -CO.DE*:---- NP im up soirs oo6 OTHERs _;ODO -2 2 D(AfB=09 N*Mso inthol mister avyazi Concerning the efficiency of acnaolidation the technological communi- cation resoutces &t line servicing ce-nters. Vest. svlaz~ 21 no-300- 31 mr 61. (?aRA 14s6) (LAUU--Telecommunication) (Estonia.-Telecommunication) -S OU'R-C E-60D, _E':--U_R_-/01-3'-3-/_6 7-100 OJO01 J00 7 0/ 00 ACC HH: AP7003873 7~7 AU-111OR: Kaufman, M. Sh.; Alashin, V. A.; Chemerinskaya, R. L; Dovben)w, Akj'. 0 Foistyev, G. P.; Kuznetsov, D. N.; Alaksandrovsk4ya, S. L.; Biryukova, H. A. ORG. Pervourallsk Mew-Tube Plant (Pervoural'okly novotrubnyy zavod) TITLE: manufacture, of tubes from EI-711 steel SOURCE: Stal', no. 1, 1967* 70-72 TOPIC TAGS: MC-rju. tube. chromium manganese nickel steel, titanium containkg steel, tensile strength, yield strana, elongation -/El-711 steel ABSTRA' T: EI-711 steel (Khl4Gl4N3T) has been subutituted for Kh13NlOT steel (AISI-32]X in tuba production at the Pervoural'sk Mew-Tube plant. Tube blanks, 50 run in diameters and 250 mm long, are heated up to 1100, 1150 or 1180C and pierced into shell cases i50 = :.n diameter and 500-550 mm long, with a 6.5 mm wall thickness. Shell cases heated up to 1180C before piercing have the beat interior surface. The shell cases are hot. rolled to 83 x 6.5 mm, wam-rolled (at 100-150C) to 32 x 2.7 CLI, cold-rolled to 18 x 0.9 mm, and finally cold-drawn into 10 x 1.0 mm tubes. The mechanical If properties of finished tubes in the heat-treated condition were: tensile strength 75-78 kg/=Z, yield strength 37-43 kg/=2, and elongation 44--56%. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 2 tables. SUB CODE: 11, 13/ SUBM'DATEt none/ ORIG REY: 002/ OTH-REF: 001/ Card 111 UDC: 621.774.35 DWBE1'A# Lai* Criterla for the evaluation of radio tolpmeter."Ing systems with time division of channels. Izv. vys. ucheb. 28v.; prib. 7 no.ls16-23 'f4. (MIRA 17s9) 1. Laningradakly elektrotekhnicheakly institut Imeni V.I. U11yanovs, (Lenina). Rokomendovana kafedroy avtomtiki i tolemekhaniki. ACC qi. AFRON, 2 AUVOR: Dovbeta L. I. ORG: Dept. of Automation and Telemechanics, Leningraa Electrical Engineering Insti- -L%M im. V. 14 !Alyanoy (Lenin) (Kafreda avusatr-ki i telemeWa-RE4 Leningi ele)-.trotekhnicheekty institlat) TITIE: Principal features or a system for trani3mitting continwus signals to sent- terltd objects SOURCE: IVUZ. Priborostroyonlye, Y. 8, no. 6, t965, 59-6o TOPIC TAGS: telemetry, telemetry,system ABSTRACT: Development of amew telemptEX system Is reported; tke system, intended for movable objects, can controllO objects. The AM-carrier radio channel uses PTM for information transmission. Time-(livision multiplexing covers up to 20 channels; the aystem clock operation is ensured by a step synchronization of the two ends of the radio channel. The 20 information channels occupy a band of 5 Me; scanning fre- quenvy is 286 cps; interrogation time for one chtnnelbl20lj see. A dynamic runge of 50 db can be handled by the Input., Basic ttlemetiy error is Is - 59. Claimed. Informs- Uon-transmission characterlistics are: transmisi3ion speed, up to 1130 bits/sec at an ef f Itiency of 1()-4 bits/ir, whore v is the unit volune of the signal; capacity 4.9 x 109 bits. Orig. art. has: 2 formulas. 1031 SUB CODE., IT UBM DA a5iun6li/ onGREF: 003/ ATD PUMS., t03 Card 1/1 uDe: 621..3 8 9 ACCESS10N NR: AP4018992 6/0146/641007/0011001610023 AUTHOR: Dovbets, L. L TrME: Criteria for evaluating time-division multiplex radio telemeter systems SOURCE: rVUZ. Priboro,stroyeniye, Y. 7, no. 1, 1964, 16-2.3 TOPIC TAGS: telemeter, radio telemeter, time division multiplexing, channel tirne division, time division multiplex telemeter, noise, random noise, impulse random noise A13STRACT: Information-theory criteria are formulated for evaluating radio telemeter multichannel systems, the possibilities of using the criteria are analyzed, and - roblems arising in this connection are discumsed. C. E P Shannon's classical formulas for the quantity of transmitted Lnformatio~ are discussed; derived from them, this formula was later propooed for estimating the rate of information transmission in a telemeter system: 6=F(12,5-21o A). 3e bitslsec. where A= 1W10* is the maximum relative error of the system, a is' T 7 the rms error, and a is the measurand interval. The abovis formula was based on the assumption that (a) within* a, any vslus of the signal is equally probable Card 1/2 'ACCOSSION NR; AP4018992 and (b) the channel noise is fluctuating in nature, with the signal several times as powerful as noise. Both these assumptions are criticizeC. by the author since under actual telemeter -operating conditions, the impulse-type noise Is often involved and the signal-t6-noise ratio to often unfavorable. Hence, the channel f traffic -carrying capacity is given by C r A log (I where f in the mean impulse frequency of noise of near -operating -pulse parameters and ot Is the coefficient accounting for the possibility of roception of noise Impulses with amplitudes lower than those of useful pulses. The criterion of the probability of faultless operation of the equipment is also considered. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 25 formulas. ASSOCIATION- Leningradskiy alaktrotakhnicheakiy institut im. V. 1. Len" (Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute) - SUBMITTED: 24Jan63 DATE ACQ: Z3Mar64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: CO, IE NO RLT SOV: 004 OTHER: 002 Card Z/Z DOTBM, M.1r. (Doubik, M.S.] -- W~ Survey of ornithological research In the White Russian Pol , T stsi AN BSSR Ber.bilal,nav, no.4s76-82 158. oleo o (Po seye-Oruttbological research) milk 1214 ~jj f lopkUlt-Arp P 01/-i-1W(h)------:~ -4#s=~-- 14NOW )WAP L~-RPI,-, W M A11000833 S128001641000/008/0026110039 AUTHOR., Dovblnshteyvt,!:':D.O# (Engineex); taborove, Ye. 1. (Engineer) Y-1 TITLE: Kasulte Of tects on: the 1BR-434 spembly toy_ SOURCE,. Veeeoyui:nyy tv1ue4ws4,s-s1qdo4&tsVskty Inistitut kislorodnogo mashiitost- d 'ki lorodyaUh entya, Tru y~# no4` -8 11164 4,- Apparaty", L -mashiny 41. and machines TOPIC TAGS: 2Men pkoducttono nitrijp'n. -roduction, oxygen plant,, air fr4ct1,*U&- tion ABSTRACT: A series of testipi. on'the 41OX air-: fract twrtat t a the-Metall allur?".cal j;jftL)- La t Dnip~~Vdzeiiihh-insk a nd al the LIC-ichamikty WilvichesItiy korni)"M--it (Livichanak chemt- cal cotL(btne) in Severodonetck in 1961-2. The tests consisted of it 5-8 houc "Warm- up" period to reach equilibrium, a 60-10 hour initial and a 30-hour complatt4l period. The assembly vas operated without the amcillary block, w!Lth the block out vitbout sepazation of ptire compowatt, and under nortwil working conditiousf A series of runs uoder workinS,- coaditinav tested tha actual Parameters which can bd COrJ 1/2 P7P;M;;7Pi7 iJ L 24473-65 4CCESSION NR: AT5(Y)O8j3 e -ConAii t Rx a xpected with' a tine # iftntal-ikta-sm: ted in an expl de- a. -- The -results- of thia-e give the indicer. of opera- exp ritkentr tion for the issembly at dtfferirg rates of operation and sh(no that the BR-*IKis readily applitable to industry arid fulfitle indutitrial reqtiircr--~-nts. Products ob- tained under tarying conditioas correspoaded I~n quaVty and quantity to w1vt waa expected. The assembly, should produce 3500 mJ/hr. o~ purr nil-ru f--&~and around I I , 0110 ri,3/hr. of oyly C! of betten ;.-han 98% pui,-It y. Test runs having determined that the auxlliary section augweatiA only aft:rogen pr(Auction, two Madtficatious are suggestee: ono for the prediction of comueretal and tech-,o!cgical oxygen, and one for the producti.on of cowiercial oxygen and pure nitrogen. The operatioa of several individual ctmponenta of the assembI3, (reganerating section, switching device, turbocompriteson), condensers and heat exchangers) is analyzed. Orig. art. has! I tablo. ASSOCLAnOM Vossoyuznyy-nauchbo-tastedovatelOttkiy inatitut kielorodnego maahl*- 08troyeniya (All-uttion Ozyjin c tine buildirg ticieritific research institute) OMITTED- 00 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: IC NO REF SGVt 000 OMRI- 004) Card 2/2 DOVB139GHENKOP V.A~ [Dovbyvhohemkoj, V.Ao]v molodoh, naukov. ep~rob. Clinical and experimental chaft6terisiles of galotseptin con- tracotivel tabletes, Fed*# akunhe I gin* 25 noolt59--60163* (MIM 1615) 1* Laboratoriya kontrats*ptsli (zavo-profe YeeMeShamray [IE.Me SheArail) Ukralrellcogo naukovo-doolidnogo institutu okhoroni - - materinstva i ditbastva (direktor-qlotaent O.G.Pap (O.H.Pap]). (CONCEPTION-PUMITION) AUTHOR: DovbinBhteyn, M. I. P Engineer SOV/67-58-4-20/29 TITLE: Reply to Readerz (3) (Otvety chitatelyam) FMODICAL: Kislorod , 1958, Jr 4, p - 43- (USSR) A13STRACT: To: V. X. Zcbnov of Zhdanovp Staliukays OblaBt'. Question: 'iVhat. is the cause of the forming of a surplus Of licluid in the lower condenser of the appamtus KT-3600 and in the block of the krypton concentrate of this apparatus ? Answer: This 4:Ls caused by the use of nitrogen instead of air as a heat carrier in the krypton block, which disturbs the possibility of automatic contml of the apparutus. The difference between the temperature of the condensing nitrogen and the evaporating oxygen can in thi-.s case amDunt to only about 2P instead of the prescribed 60. This reduction actually causes the condenser to cease functioning imd it disturbs the operation of the entire krypton block. Therefom. the funotioning of the central block must be closely watched if nitrogen is used, and the prescribed level of the liquid in the krypton separator, whid,,i must not exceed 450 torr, must be maintainea. Card 1/2 Reply to Readers (3) SOY/67-58-4-20/29 1. Krypton-Production 2. Induatrial equipment-Performance Card 2/2 AUTHOR: Deninbebuko B.V,,_DMd?~te~vnM ~ Stolpero M.B., Itigineers, Borov-Lk- SOV/6T-11-5-16/16 Romanovj, A.S.,, Candidate of Teclinical Sciences TITLE: Answers to the Readers (Otvetjr chitatelyam) P,-IRIODICAL: Kislorod, 1958, Vol 119 Nr 5, pp 69-70 (USSR) ABSTRACTs Under this title questions of readers are answered in brief. 1) Question on the use of certain thermometers and manometers in Soviet oxygen works. Thermometer types for the measurement of introduced air are given and thermometer types for measuring temperature during the process. The types of manometers common in Aussia are also mentioned. 2) Why are the nitrogen tubes destroyed at very low temperatures? Duis to the depondence of the heat exchanger on the supply from the upper columns, due to the unequal distribution of stir between the throttle valve and detander. 3) Which magnetic properties ham oxygen? Oxygen is para- magnetic and its MLIgnetism is expressed by the formula 11 w I + 4R - The dielectric state of some gasea is given. 4) On the interruption of the oxygen plant Xg-30 which is Card 1/2 necessary every four hours. It is recommended to check the NASTENKO, M.M.; naucbriyy gotrudnik; VASILENROp I.I. [Vasylenko, I.I.], nauchnyy scrtrudnik: DCVBISH, V.M, Novbysh, V*Malp nauchrVy sotrudnik Attachment for the automatic control of tractors. Mekh. all'. ,hosp, 12 no-7:29-30 J1 '61. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno.-Issledovatelliskiy institut mekhanizatsii i elektrifikatsii sellvkogo khozyayatva. (Tractors) (Automatic contr,ol) AUTHORS: Dovbisbchenko I,V.J,Sventsinskiy, V.G. SOV-125-5s-1-15/16 TI.TLE: Experience in Automatic Welding of Aluminum Containers of 2 cu m Capacity (01)yt SVtOMAticheskoy sverki slyuminiyevykb .5 sojudov ob"yemom 2 m') PERIODICAL: Avtomaticheskaya avarka, 1958, Nr F', pp 89-92 (US9R) ABSTRACTs Information is presented on autometic one-side welding with split electrode and semi-open are on a support, used for weld- ing longitudinal, annular and angular seams in aluminum con- tainers of 2 cu m capacity and 12 mm thickness. This method was developed at the "BoYshevik" Plant and proved satisfactory when applied to industrial conditions. The installation and optimum welding technology used aro described and illustrated. The authors; thank D.M. Rabkin, Cand,idpte of Technical Sciences, I.M. Mirrorodskiy, Chief Engineer, and the Engineers F.S. Bugriy and TA.L. Zvonkov for their assistance in the work. There are 2 diagrams, 2 photos, 2 tables, and 3 Soviet re- ferences, Card 112 SOV-125-58-8-15/16 Experience in Automatic Welding of Aluminum Containers of 2 qu m Capacity ASSOCIATIONS: Institut elektroavarki imeni Ye.0. Patona, AN USSR (Institute of Flectric Welding imeni Ye.O. Paton, AS UkrSSR) Kiyevokiy zavod "Bolshevik" (The Kiyev "Bol'shevik" Plant) SUBMITTED: April 29, 1958 1. Aluminum-Welding Card 2/2 DOVBISHCEMO. I,V. -, Make of rods to be used for velding.almin= and ito A11070- Avtoii.mvar. 14 no.9892 s 161- (KIRA 14:8) (Welding rods) -(AIumimvs--We3Aij29) DOVBISHCHMO. 1.V.. Third laterprovince Scientific Technological Conference in Ponsag Avtom. ovar. 16 no-095 Ap 163, (HIM 16 s4) (Welding-Coigresses) .V. RABKIN, D.M.; RYABM, V.R.; W-YA=MNLOL~A, Using helium and its mixture with argon in alum.Lnum alloy welding. Avtom. evar. 16 no.9r1-6 S 163. (MIRA 16tio) 1. Institut elektroffvarki im. Yo.O.Patona AN ft-SSR. IGNATIYEV, V.G.; DOVBE3HCHENKO, I.V. 0.4t'- ~ New 7871-63 otate otandard for aluminum and aluminum allay welding wire,, Avtom. svar. 16 no,12:85-86 D 163 (MiRA 17:1) ------- Jew -ACCESSION NR: AP4009286 S/OX25/64/000/0014'0059/0060 AUTHOR: Dovbishchenko 'V.; Ignatlyevo V. G. TITLE: Torch for consumable -electrooe ~rgon-arc welding of aluminum alloys SOURCE: Avtomatichemkaya avarka, notlo 1964, 59-60 TOPIC TAGS: welding, argon are welding, consumable electr(4e welding, I alun-dnum welding, argon arc welding torch, aluminum alloy welding ABSTRACT: A new design (sea Enclosure 1) argon-arc -welding torch which ensures a better shielding at 500-550-amp currents and is intended for 1. 6- 3- MM welding wire is described. Its characteristic feature is a gag chamber with a brass 600-700 mesh/cm gauz:e 5 which helps to reduce the Yelocity and turbulence of the gas stream. The torch to &leo recommended for welding Al and its alloys in He and in He-A mixtures. Orig. &rt. has: 3 figures. ASSOCIATION: Institut alektroevarki Lm. Ye. 0. Patons. AN U1crSSR (Institute of Electric Welding, AN UkrSSR) SUBMTTED: l8JTul63 DATE ACQ*- 07.11664 EXCL; 0 1 SUB CODE: ML NO REF SOVs 001 OTHERt 002 'Card-1/2 ACCESSION NRs AP4009286 INGLOSURE t J :,Torch for conaumabl"leatrods argon-aro Argon" welding of sluminum alloys 4 b1& Wattri Argpn, -1 - nozzle 2 - nipple W power nupply 3 'Fak Mter' 4 - houaiM; - gauze 6 - centering buah!Lng ruter 7 - insulating washer a - WOW nut 9 - power"supply cable 11)- insulating tube 11 - insulating washer 12 guide tube Card 2,112 L 0465-7-67 M-111 (k) /E'-"T (m) Q /-r T1 Ij'I` A W AP601"36 SOURCE CODE: bR/0125/65/000/012/0018/0021 AUTHORS: Dovbishohenkoo I. V.; Ignat,'yov, V. G.; RAbkin, D. Y. q ORG: Institute for Electro-welding imeni Ye. 0. Paton, AN UkrSSR (Institut ;Z)6 elektroavarki AN UkrSSRT- TITLE: Welding/rod SvAMg7 (b SOURCE: Avtomaticheskaya svarkap no. 12, 1965 18-21 TOPIC TAGS: aluminum weldinp,~ ~um allo-, welding rod, magnesium containing alloy, weldability / AMg6 aluminum a-lloy,-SvA,1t6 welding rod, SvAYAg7 welding rod It I ABSTRACT: The optimum composition of welding rods for weldirg, of alloy AMg6 was studied. Three different rod compositions wero investigated. The choic-0--o? the experimental compositions was based on the following formula :-.or the amount.of evaporated magnesium during welding: A.'V-Ql n p.N.) Here n is the number of moles of the material invastieated, p0 - vapor pressure of pure magnesium, N - molar concentration of magnesium in the alloy, Q - flow rate of 0 Card 11Z. UDC: it-0657-67 ACC NRt AP6011,436 argon in 1/Min,,~ - weld length 10.0 cm, V. 22.41, Vcb rate of welding, cm/min, P - vapor pressure of mngnosium. Tho oxporimental roijults are summarized in graphs and tables (see Fig. 1). It was found that welding rod SvUt7 is superior to type SvAYAg6 as far as the mechanical st tJ of the welds is concor d, but * iT, 0% 11 'no that the tendency towards crack formatio the welded jointo is simila for both types of welding rods. The foll-o~~ e4nenoors tool-, part, in '%e development of the welding rods: N. A. Ylartnova, V...-V. Solovlyova, N. P. Drono and B. A. Stablovskiy. 7 Fig. 1. ~~~ntent in the fused metal as a function of its content X4 in the electrode wire. Of I - , I > C3 H 4 V Z kh Orig. art. has: 2 tables and 1 graph. SUB CODE: 13, 3-1/ SUBM DATE: 04May65/ ORIG REF: 0110 yj in wire, 2/2 OTH RZOWS 002 -1-35871-66 EW P(t)/M IJP(c) JIV.JD/NV/JG/M ACC NRs AP6021486 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/ooo/011/0128/0128 INVEW11OR: Rabkin, D. M.; Y llskm chenko 1. X:.i 49UP-0 gla, L. N.; Lqnger, N. A.; Doybish a Nikitina, A. V.; Z0'tov&L-L. M.; Mai~;m vat N.A.; Yelagin, V. 1-.; Ishchenko, A. Ya.', Bondar'. V. V. ORG: none TITLE: Filler-vire for qrLqn-ehielded are veldi I of aluminu 17 Class 49, N M. o. 182487 (announced by tho Electric Welding Institute jM. -Pa&op-(Institut elektrosvarkV SOURCE: Izobreteniya, proWshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye zncki, no. U, 1966, 128 TOPIC TAGS: welding, aluminum arc welding, argon veldin& wire, aluminum wire, -2*"= CA ruvo"'o- A&AA~~ 10 ABSTRACT: This Author Certifil e inJoijit-eit a filler-vire for argon-shielded arc welding of aluminum. To improve the weld corrosion resistance, the wire contains 0.8-1.2% qhLomium and 0.7-1-2% zirconium. [ND] SUB CODE: 11, 13/7 SUBM DATE: 25Dec63/-IAIID PRESS:6-0 Cwd 1/1/j/,- uDc.- 621. 91.753.93.042 DCYVBISHCHENKO, V.A. [Dovbyshchenk)Dj V.A.]o mladatiy nauchnyy sotrudrLik Role of gynecologic constatation in lowering the n=ber of abortions. Fed.,, akush. I gin. 23 no.5060-62 161. (MIRA 14112) 1. Klyevskiy naucimo-issledovateltakiy ijastitut okhrany materinstva I i do-tatva im. Geroya Sovetakogo Soyuza prof. P.H.Buyka (direktor - 4. kand,med.nauk O.G.Pap Pap, O.H.)). i (ABORTION) OMEN-HEALTKAND HYGIEUE) ACC NRa AP6026945 SOURCE CODE: UR/d'il'5/6~/000/067i'00"15/0017 AUTHOR: Gallperin, L. N.1 Dovbiy, Yo. V. !ORG: none .TrLME; Discrete instrument for measuring average rates of long slowly-var7ing weak aignals. -17 'SOURCE: lzmeritelInaya tekhnika, no. 7, 1966, 15 MPIC TAGS: digital integrator, indu5trial automation !ABSTRACT: 7he now instrument uses a discrete integration (instead of differentiation ;principle which is little sensitive to certain noise. The principal circuit Of the iinstrument ensi:xes the measuring iriterval & t = const. and the time between intervals to = const.; Integration of the *)ut function duringz~ t in the beginning and, the end of the measuring cycle; subtraction of the results by the end of the measuring cyclel.] recording of U(t) and U. (t) dt -is u,, (rjdi;, and restoration of the system to its Initial state for the new cycle. A block -diagram of the lastrument having an SOO-sec cycle t - 100 see, to = 600 see) is expalined. An experimental modef of the instrument nals ,developed at the IKhF AN SSSR has 11 fixed ranges for maximum input si-4 1 50-500 (A v and maximum rates of change of the input signal 0. 1-4 (", v/min; maximuz Itime of continuous recording, over 10 hrs. Claimed instrument error, t 3-25A;- Orig. art. has: 1 figure and 6 formulas. F SUB CODE:13, 09 /M DAM nono / ORIG REP: 006 / OTH REF: 003 Card 1/1 11 9661JAM"-.3 W-1 SOURCS CODE: UR/0120/65/000/006/0081/0083 47 AUTHOR: * Kozlov 0 V. F. 'I Kolot I V., yd~f~_Aa X_ ORG: * Physi.ooteohnical Institutej AN UkrSSR, Mw4mv (Piziko-teldrdah?s1dyly~_ institut AN, TITIM., Slow ion oountel? 1c< SOURM. Pribory, i.tek;Wailm eksperimenta, no. 6, 1965, 81-83 TOPIC TAG: scintillation countery,ion beam ABSTILACT: A saint illation counter is described in which slow positive and aegative,ions aoceleratedup W energies~,,of several kev fall -on the first dynode of the secondary-eleotron multiplier.. This arrangement is simi'" lar to that dOBcribet by N. R. Daly in Rev. Saient. Instrum. 1960,, 319 264. 1 However, the single * ion-electron stage' was replaced by, a multi- stage FEU-38 dynode uystem with nometivated dynodes. The eleotron beam if rom the secondary-eleotron multiplier, accelerated up to' several kevsenters the sointillator. The scintillation flashes are raborded by a plaotomultiplier. A high pulse amplitude (enhanced by multistage oan- oades) completely disoriminates dark pulses originated in the phc)to:-- multiplier, By uAij,-jg nonactivated' dym)des wittf -low gain,, it ' becarre possible to.. -reduce the jwmber of _Owk,.pulses ' abopt. one,. pulfw~ per C."d 1/2 UW! 9M.1.074 n64346 ACC IM AT?6001571i 10 see. Such-a.ll,w ~iviber_ permitgilnve stigation of icct beam of very lcm intmAity. -The FEu-38 photodkItiplier-was ecpIpped with Cd crystals. The output pulses were recorded by a PS:~IMOOO counter. The voltage was applied fmm a VS-22 rectifier. .The circidt arrangement is shown 'scIrmtically. The dependence of numbar of pulses upon the voltage in the acceler-ating gap was plotted for various gain values. Experimental cumes demonstrated,tbat the arnplitude of Ion pulses ias vuch higher t1m the-* amplitude of noise pulsops. 1he counting efficiency was the Speatest for energies exceeding 4 kev. Omtitude was expressed by the autbDrs to Ya. 14. Fb,pl' for his consultation and.assistance in masurements. Orig. art. 19s. [221 SEIB CODE: 20/ :SUBM DATE: 3te4O/ IW., OOL/ OM REF: OCQ/ ATD PRESS: Card SOV/68-59-1-8/26 AUTHORS: Bondarenlro I I.P. , Kamenetakiy, G. D. and Dovbnya K. I TITIE: On the Choice of a Rational Shape of Lining of Coke-oven Doors (0 vybore ratsionallnoy konfi6ruratsii futerovki dverey koksovykh pechey) PERIODICAL: Koks i Khimiya, l9q9, Nr 1., pp 33 - 34 (USSR) ,of ABSTRACT: The service life of door linings made frcm various t es and nhapea of refractory bricks (vhownin Figures 1!41 is -ompared. It is pointed out -that bricks M119 and M120 shaped as in Figure 4, at present used in the Zaporozhe ovena, give the best service life of 3-4 years. This type of brick is recommended for future replazements and new batteries. In addition, it was found that the service life of 3-4 years for the above bricks.-is obtained when the beginning of the service coincides with the starting up of the new batteries. After replacement thet service life decreases by about 50%. This is ascribed to the fact that when Etarbing ovens, the doors 0are placed whenthe temperatu=e of the dvt1i"is above 800 C so thEt the lining bricks undergo an additional firing slowly attaining their operating temperature. It is-therefore Card 1/2 SOV/66-59-1-8/26 On the Choice of a Rational Shape of Lining of Coke-oyen Doors considered that a special camera for firing lining bricks with the door directly in the region of counterforta should be designed by Giprokoks. There are 4 figunes and 1 table.. ASSOOIATION: Zhdanovskiy koksokhimicheskiy zavod (Zhdan vskiy'Coking Works) Card 2/2 D03TBNYA9 K.I. (Alma-Ata) Excellent track maintenance in the division. Put' i put.khoz. 7 no.9t22-23 163. (MMA 16i10) rt DOVBrSH, G.I. Effect of the d9oas of Pflilne and bromine on thn course of expirlmn- tal hemolytic and poottemorrhagic anemia, Trudy Move nauch.-isel. inst, perels krovi i neotlozh. khir, 3s223-226 161. (MI RA 3.7: 10) Treatiment of acne forms of anemia by transfusion of the erythrocyte mass combined with caffeine and sodium bromide. lbid,t227-231 1. Kiyevskiy institut pereltvaniya krovi. GRINCHENKO, 4.N.; DOVBYSH, G.I. Clinical and hematological characterist4es of chronic myelosis under the influence of myelosan treatment, Tiudj, Kiev. aauch.-issl. inst. perel. krovi i neotlozb. khIr. 3t232-236 161. (MIRA 1711O) 1. Kiyevskiy institut perelivaniya krovi. qOAVVVI.P., [Dovbyah, K.P.] Condition and role of pigments In the embr7o of winter rad-Imb (Raphanun sativus.L.). Ukr. bot, zhur, 22 no,502-94 165. (MIRA 19-:10) 1. Institut botaniki AN Ukr6SR, otdal biokhimil rasteniy. ZJP(9L. L 2079;&-6j,. EWT(d)-- -1ACC IM: AT6 S0iU-R-C-E'WDt1 -1*h5W(;5/064/W0/00j6/ j1 003391 AVMOH I Rmsht Lo No ORGI Mathematios Tzatitutat AN:80SR (VIMematicheskiy institut AN M0 iTITLE: The stability of the Ritz method for problems of' the mstal-theory of 1 aReratore /c, 'ISOURCEs Chi or AN SSSR, Matematicheekiy institut. Trudy, v. 84, 1965. 81 jWe netodr ji neravenstva, v funktsional1rq-)ch prostranstvakh (Numerical methods &ad inequalities in functional spaces), 78-92 TOPIC TAM vector, linear Ioperator, Ritz mathodt obaracteristii) funotiont approximate method# Hilbert spacet numerical analysis ABSTUCT: A study is made of the problem of searching for a characteristio vector x and the corresponding characteristic number of the equation Ax - A Bx - 0. A and B are positively defined nelf-conjugate operators in real Hilbert apace Ht and H c-- E~. This problem is equivalent to the problemi in a oortair subspace of thO .1space HA to determine the vector xy for vhich -the ratio of quwlraf;io faTu Card 1/2 ACO NII: AT6003391 is a mirtimum; the value of this mIaLvur., is aoug)it-af ter (,haracterictio number X I and the vector rvalJ zing the minimiun r. V thi s rntio j a tha characteristic vector corresponding to the number The I? i Lx mathod of solving this problem conaiste of substituting tho finding of of an expandable aeries of infinItaly- !dimensioned spaces for the finding of an extreimim on tho aorreaponding subapacell The numerical execution' of the Ritz method is unavoidably acconpanied by the occurrence of certain errors. The author studies the q *aestion of reliability of the process of determining approximate characteristic ravibere and characteristic vectors with regard to these errors. Several theorems and leanae are stated and demonstrated in which the author shows the neceosarY aad sufficient candition.8 required in order to have stability of the process of dotemi'ding the lout (;bar- acteristio number by the Ritz method. Certain consequences of the tueorems tire developed and discussed. The work is related to earl!~sr analyses performed by S. Mikhlin (Ob.ustoychivooti metods Rittsa. Doklo AN SSSR9 19609 135t No- it 16-19). - The author tbanko S. 0. Mikhlin, who proposed the theme of the work and made awy,' useful comments, V. 1. Oudakovo who gave Much constrvictive advice, and also the participants of the semin- - bf the Laboratory of Ipp.,roximate Computation, UM ime V. A. Steklov for their review ofthe work. Orige art* bast .50 equations k-SPRMOr SUB CODEt 12/ BM DM'I none/ MIO,RKrs 005.,-. C-rd 2 DOVBYSH V,G. inzh, - p VI. Portable unit for installing arteeian. well pum1pas Montpi Opetao rab,v stroi. 23 no.8:18-lq Ag 161. (KMA 3-4: 8) 1. Treat Soyurmakhtoosusheniye. (Artesian welle-Equipment and supplies) SUDIMA, Ye.G. (Sudlivil 0.11.]j DUMSH, Ye.F. [Davbyah, 1C.P.] Eff set of light on the conversion of' green pigments. Mr. bot. ztaw. 19 no.3-.10-19 162. (14IRA 15:7) 1. Inatitut botnniki All USSR, otd31 bi,khimii* (Plantes Effect of light, on) (chlorophyll) SUDIINAP Ye.G. [Sudlina, 0.11.); GOIDD, 1A.G. [11olod, :~, j,:.j; , (Davbyah., K.P.); FOMISH114A, ri.ij. (Fomishyna, R.M.] Changes In the blosyntheals and the state of chlorophyll during the Insufficiency of some elements. Ukr. hot. zhur. 21 no-4:3-10 164. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Otdol biokhimii Instituta bAaniki AN UkrSSR. L 8268-66 -ACC NRi_ AP5027430 SONCE CODE: UR/0181165/007/0 A 14 vilc~ YU* LS slkl,~ 1"atitut1i 7., 6ft- in-the TITIX:. ExpeAmental investigait low gion ef a ferrite for the case of parallel ptaipLng SOURCE: Irizika tvardogo tela, v. 7, no. 11, 1965, 3417-3420 2,11 IN I i__~ TOPIC TAGS: ferrite, single crystals iron, yttrium, garnet ABSTWT: Data are given from studies of 14v frequency oscillations in single crys- tals of fron-vttriuO'larnet. Measurements with continuous pumping were made at 9280 Me, and for Pulsed pumping at 8620 Me. 1.5-3.5 lisee pulses were used with an inverse duty factor of 1000. Oscillograms of the oscillations are given for the case of con- tinuo-as pumping. The oscillation frequency was found to be somewhat higher in strong- er fields. Maximum frequencies were higher In small spherical specimens than In large ones. It was found that noises are a function of the pumping pulse duration: they disappear with short pulses, but are a consteint factor for the case of continuous pumping. It in recommended that means should be studied for eliminating these noises. Orig. art. hass 2 figures, 2 formulas. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATEs IOMar,65/ ORIG PEF: 001/ OTH W.F., 003 Card - I/ DOVE, D. B. Survey of the gamma-dosimetric methods. Atom taj 2 no.4:16-20 159. DOVADOVp A.N.p Diagnosis of Spinal lesions in abronic bruceLlosis. Yest,kbir. 85 no,104045 0 160, (KMA 13122) 10 is gospitalluoy khirurgicheskoy klimild (sav. - prof. 7.G. Uglo,r) 1-go Zoninpudskogo moditsiukogo instituta ime I*P., raylova* - (mosuals) (RIM-DISMIS) 8447-66 :ACC Wts AP5025732 SOMCZ COM 1JR/0286/65/000/018/0084/0084 .AUTHORSs Birenberg, I I I Ph Or, MIL-pe; SUROP x9- JE.; Systs 1. S.; AUJN, tj Rasgulmovo lea Ps ;ORGi none -TITLEs An instrument for massizj~Z methane concsntratiou~ the resistance of the ;detonation circuit, and the ignition of electrodetonstores Class 421 NO. 174819 :SOURCEt Byulleten' isobreteuiy i toyarnykh anakoyp no. IS.. 196% 94 iTOPIC TAGS: methane, resistance bridge, electric resistance, electric transformer,,,, Aransistor, detonationp electric detonator 'ABSTRACTs This Author Certificate presents an instrumentfor measuring the mothalio. :concentration, resistance of detonation circuit,, and the ignition of electro- ,detonators. It.contains a methane motor (see Fig. 1) in the form of a bridge air- ouit, one arm of 01ch Is the methane-combrustion, element. The second arm in a balancing element. The other two arms have constant resistances# This device also. contains a resistance mater for the detonation circuit and a detonation device In the fam of a contsotless transistor-transforner conver The latter convert@ VD01 622*817.9.9(;k.~6 L 8447-66 ACC JIRi AP5025732 071 1 Figs la I - A catalytic element; 2 - c ison slament; 3 - Zener diode.. :10V voltage froa an independent source to high-voltage alternating current, There ,is a feedback loop between the secondary vinding of the transformer and tbo'bass lof the transistor, In order to increase the safety of detonation vork, to ansure reliability- of the device, and to increase its life under difficult mine Card 2/3 L 8447-66 'AGO NRt APS025732 conditIones the catalytic find comwison elements of the notbane inter (ublah have a vorking temperature of ~ up to 450C) are installed in a singl* reaction obu6w, The chamber. has one-my natwml aWasion of the analysed gas. The detonation device has a Zener diode connected In opposition to the feedback Imp. CrIC. art. hass I figure* SUB 00IRs 09/ SM DAM 22Nu-64 VK --J TSIRLIN, Yu.A.; DOVEDOVA, A.S. Investigating the channel type nonbubbling plates. Sbor.trud.HIIGS 12:155-164 164o (MIRA 18:3) T7( 3) AUTHORS: Kotellnikova, A. V. Dovedova, Ye. L. SOV/20-123-2-33/50 TITLEt On the Specificitj of the Water Soluble "Adanylate" Kinase From the Liver (0 spetsifichnosti vodorastvorimoy adenilatkinazy iz pecheni) PERIODICALs Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1958, Vol 123, Nr 2, pp 327 - 330 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In earlier papers of the first mentioned author it was proved that the animal liver contains the ferment (phosphomutave ADF) mentioned in the title, which highly differs from that from the muscles (myokinase) (Ref 1). Since in living organisms free nuoleotides were found together with others, as adenine, purins and pyrimidine bases (Ref 2), in animal tissues and in yeast enzymes (Refs 3, 4) were found that were called nucleoside-monophosphate kinases (abbreviated: numoki). They catalyzed the phosphate transfer from nualooside triphoophate to nucleoside monophosphate# however, with different purine- or pyrimidine bases. In this con- nection the question arose if the water soluble liver "adanylatell kinase is a specific "adenine" enzyme (like the Card 1/3 myokinass, Ref 3) or if it is specific within a wider range On the Specificity of the Watsr Soluble "Adanylatell SOV/20-123-2-33/50 Kinase From the Liver (like numoki). With the yeast enzyme it was proved that numoki is different from adenylate kinase. With liver enzymes this problem remains unsolved. The authors investigated this problem in aqueous extracts from rabbit liver according to the method given in reference 1. Figures 1 and 2 give the experimental results of the activity determination of the "adenylatell kinase and numoki in one and the same liver extract (treated with HC1). The reaction products were separated by paper chromatography and quantitatively determined. From the results may be seen that the water soluble liver "adenylatell kinaea is, like the myokinase, a specific "adenine" enzyme and differs from numoki. Figure 3 gives the results of the activity determination of numoki after the h ating oj the dialyzed aqueous liver extracts for 2 minut:s at 60 and at PH 7 (Ref 12). The numoki reaction was clearly shown. The negative numoki reaction in extracts treated with HC1 were explained by the higher resistance of the numoki to heating in neutral medium compared with that of the "adenylate" kinase. On a heating of the extracts up Card 2/3 to 80 0for 2 minutes at PH 7 neither of the two ferments On the Specificity of the Water Soluble "Adenylate" SOY/20-123-2-33/50 Kinase From the Liver showed any activity. It may be concluded from these results that in aqueous extracts from the rabbit liver the "adenylate" kinass (specific for adenine nuolsotides) as well as the numoki are contained. There are 3 figures and 12 reforenoes, 3 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATIONs Laboratoriya fiziologichookoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) PRESENTEDs July 2, 1958, by A. I. Oparin, Academician SUBMITTEDt June 26, 1958 Card 3/3 DOVEWVA, Yet Le Cand Blol Sai - (dies) * Stu4y of the Peo ,j 4 if ity of 7 bpWooluble adenylatkinsee of the liver." Mox,'~1969, 16 pp (Aced Soi USSR. Irst of Bioahemistry in A. N. M B&M), 150 oapies (KL, 52-59, 118) -37- KOTELINIKOVA, A.Y.; DOVIDOVA, Ye. Z.; SOWM&TINA0 V*V* Separation of adenonine phosphoric acids by the use of Bissian anioaibes. Biokhimila 24 no~2:215-221 Mr-Ap 159. (MIRA 12.7) 1. laboratory of Physiological Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, (ION EXCHANGS MISMS, anion exchange resins, determ. of ATP (Has)) (AIMNYIPYROPHOSPHAT31, determ. anion exchange resin technic (Rus)) DOVEDOVA, Te.L. parating the mixture of Adenositte-5 uridine-51- and mianonine-50- phosphoric acids on the AV-16 anionits. Bio- khimila 24 noo):414-420 MY%-Jo 059. (MIR& 12:9) 1. IaboratorV of P"iological ChamistrV, Acadevq of Scinneen of the Moscow. (NUCLIOSEMS AND NUCIMOTIIMS, determ. separation of mixture of adenosine-51-, gaanosine-51- & uridine-51-phomphoric acids, anlon-exchange method (Rue)) (ION NXCUNGS PISINS, anion exchange resin in separation of mixture of adenosine-5'-. guanoslne-5'- & uridine-51- phosphoric acids (Run)) 170) SOV/20-128-1-52/58 AUTHORS: Dovedova, Ye. L., Kotellnikova, A. V. TITLEt Separation of Adenylatkinase and Nucleoside Monophoaphatkinaee From the Water-soluble Fraction of the Liver PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademli nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 128, Nr 1, PP 194-197 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The present paper gives data on the preparative separation of the enzymes mentioned in the title. The separation was caused by fractionating aqueous liver solutions by means of alcohol. The substrates used weres adenosintriphosphate (ATP) and adenosin-5'-phosphate (APP), purified in rectifying columns from commercial ATF by means of anionites AV-16 or AV-17; uridin-5'-phosphate (UFP), produced from yeast and purified bb~, means of AV-16, as well as importedi inosin-5'-phosphate (IFP guanosin-5'-phosphate (GFP), uridintriphosphate (UTP) - im- ported goods for sale; inosintriphosphate (ITP), made available by V. Z. Gorkin of the Institut biologicheskoy i meditsinskoy khimii AMN SSSR (Institute of Biological and Medical Chemistry AMS USSR). The reaction to nucleoside monophosphatkinase Card 1/3 (numoki) was mainly investigated by means of UFP and ATP. The BOY/20-128-1-52/58 Separation of Adenylatkinase and Nucleoside Monophosphatkinase From the Watei-soluble Fraction of the Liver experimental methods were the same as in reference 1. The fol- lowing conclusions may be drawn from the investigations. The enzymes adenylatkinase and Numoki could be completely sep- arated by fractionating the aqueous liver extract of rabbits by means of alcohol. Adenylatkinnee iu contained in tho frao- tion of 0-21111 a4d Numoki in the fraction of 40-50A of alcohol. It was for the first time that these enzymes could be separated. Adenylatkinase catalyzes the phosphate transference only among adenine nuoleotides. Humoki apparently catalyzes this reaction between nucleoside triphosphate and nucleoside monophoaphate under the following conditionst 1) Nucleotides of every couple have to contain different bases; 2) one part of every nucleotide couple has to be an adenine nucleotide. Enzyme preparations from hog kidney (Ref 4) and calf kidney (Ref 5) showed the obligatory participation of adenine nucleotides in the numoki reaction. The data found prove these conclusions also with regard to water soluble Numoki from rabbit kidney. There are 3 figures, 3 tables, and 5 references, 3 of which Card 2/3 are Soviet. SOV/20-128-1-52/58 Separation of Adenylatkinase and Nuclooside Monophosphatkinase From the .1kater-soluble Fraotion of the Liver ASSOCIATIONt Laboratoriya fiziologicheskoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) PRESESTED: May 5, 1959, by A. 1. Oparin, Academician SUBMITTEDt April 26, 1959 Card 3/3 DOTE1 $ TF,. L., 5KREBITS-KIY, V. G., FORTUGA1,0,71, V. V. "Certain flechaniEms Regulating the Chemical Activity of the Mitochondria of the Neuron." report submittAd for the Firet Conference on the problems of Cyto, and Histochemistryj Yoscow, 19-21 Doc 1960* Institute of the Brain AredoW of Sciences USSRj, Moscow,. f *'," ~ -- ", *~ ll-s.l .; PIG.TEVA, Z.D. Qc1dativo anzym Activity and respiratory rate in the opttcltl and mcAor anaLyzers of ame munals. Vop. mod. khim. 10 no.4: 3'10-370' JI-Ag 104. (MIRA 18j4) 1. L.Aboratorlyq bioC;istokhlmil lrstlt~xtl% mozga AMN SSSF, MoAva. SSION NRt AP5W45n AUTHOR% Dovadova Too Le UR/0219/64/038/000/oo32/0056 TITIEs Respiration and oxidativo phosphorylation in* the visual and motor of certain ra=ils SOURCEt Byanstan f. sksperimental 'nay biologli I meditsiny, To 58. no. 6. 1964, 52156 TOPIC TAGSt biologic r*spiration, phosphorylation, biochemistry. brain, experiment animal, encephalology ABSTRACTs Colorl"a and manometric methods were used In a comparative study of the Intensity of respiration and phoqhMlAtion and of conjugation of these processes in the various cell formations of the visual and, motor anal"ors in the brains of the rabbit t the cat* and the mwJwy (41 animals were used) * Succinic and glutudo &oIds were used as oxidation substratess The wWpn intake wA deore of inorganic pboephs:te wes observed to pt from the under2ring to the Over- lying lin In *sob of the parts of the smayserse Origo art. hast ~ 22 p"has 3 tablaso Card 1/2