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Aulysts of tho products of pmdad d 1_11 'f - A k D d h A A ; W - . ar, . t *va, . , . . t jm cottm wool. J=nov. and W V. VoTtrilova. Dek &W. N484 , ChqmIcal Abetreats - UzUk. S.S.R. 1940. No. 8. 2&4. too wool (D Is drW D 8 NO- 5 V l 3-4 hrz. at 34 mm. above I IO In a "Clally 6 Ar-.d go. &_!It A". d m l d h Ii A k 2 j i . o w a cow f trapi coo t th qtr , m 2UIPPed w Mar. 10 9 1954 ntat" in the traps are analyted by oxidirnetric methade 9e and TextIlOs ChsmistrY D th KNfnO,. The amt. of erg. materw (LQ voktAe 'i -% with rimins- temp. &ad AUNFAUU ms im-reaw Wilh the 14 0 va y - , p 50' charrin of I sets in Sao At 130- I vi- t 0 t 2' . - . xu 4 o s g '0 of 1, t1le sml of which has been crushed, are also and give higher yielAt of 11 which &Igo Incregm with hulftsed * h M eves wkb W maktore content (IM. At lo&-W And fmtn cmqhed seeds the amt. of U is coad&ftbly lem than the cipti. mor Permitteet for the deta. of M in 11. U 1 -7 FWko~t0kh1dChaskiy inatitAt AN Us. BM. ; -u jl.~O--, 1-1- ~~ Emoral Holm -UNAs T*Yet MUWA* To 0 ftotoobmdoja p"pu I** of a sluo dorivative of chloraphrUs Baku a VrAw so '5119-10 053& (M=A UsS) lwtltut AT VsM rnddavieno abasum. ksmgpnbntm AN VNSU Mkog- 'UMMOTM (Photochodstry) DMOVA. 1. X* t POMA. - I.A. - ~ - - - - - - - --- - :1 Strength of &aid$ in sootophonons and bonso0onone. TruO UW to .134% 63-67 * 158. (KIRA 1214) (Acids, Organic) (Aettooonono) (SonsophenonO DUWTA. Telo; laWlIN, TeDel MXs IJ, Straigth of acids in aclabusmue. Tmdjr &M nool34:69-73 0589 - (MMA 12A) I (Acidet -(Oyolob vwml~- 5M SOV/63-4-1-25/31 AUTHORSt V-22121AIALIL&.~ Kim) I.N. TITISt On the Strength of Acids in Cyclohexanone (0 silo kislot Y taiklogsksanon,e) PERIODICA.Lt XhImiche ka a nauk& i promyshlonnoott, 1959, Vol 4, Nr 1, pp 134-1;5 ~USSR) ABSTRAM The dissociation constants of several acids in cycloheranone are investigated here. The results are shown in Table 1. The effect of cyclohexanone is similar to that of acetone and cyclohexanolI but the differentiation effect of cyclohexanone is soL~ewhat lower (Table 3). There are 3 tables and 5 Soviet references. ASSOCIATIONs Sredneasiatskiy josudarstvennyy universitet (Central Asia State Unive rei SUBY,IMDt JulY 14, 1958 Card 1/1 WWTA. T.I.;MASLZMOVA# ?.A. Strength of acids In PMAY1 and othyl others. Do"' AN Uz,SAR n0-10:39-42 139 (KLU 13:3) ' 1. Brodneastatskiy losuniverattat in. V.1. 14nim. Prodstaylona chlazoa-korrompandeatea AN VMR 1h. U. UawanoTya. (Acids) (ftesyl other) (Ithyl other) DUU)V1p V.Lj )MAKROVs A,G, SpectrOPhotcmtria In"Stigation of complex formation between cobaltous Wdaride pyridinst and piperidine. Uzb. khim. shur. no. 2:27-32 160* (MIRA 2/sil) 1, Bredneasiatekly gesuniversitst In, V.I. Lanins. (Cobalt compow3da) ---------- - DULOTA, Vol-; SWWOV, A.$@; =7?AEW, A*% Spectrophotoustric stiAy of complex furmation bet ion cobaltous chloride and anabasine. I-ew_%stylaaabasine. andot -dipyridyle Usba khIz* sWro no*306-42 169* (H DU 13: 10) 1* Sredneasiatskly Cosudaretvennyy universitst iseal W.I. LeninA. (Cobalt comyounils-S~pectra) (Anabasine) (BIPyridlue) Msk SiDTOV, A.S. 9 akadssdki UCONTIUVp V#B,j DUWVA, Ms MMAIHOVp A. 0. Instabiltty constants of ccuplex compounds of cobalt A*loride vith pyridin* and piperidine. Usb.khin.zhur no.3j25-28 161. (KIRA 14: 11) 1, UsMentWdy gosudarstvirm" miversitet iiezi lanim, Cobalt 9) Pyruins) iftwidine) DUU)VA,, V.I.1 IVIEVA# L.Pe Strength of acift lz asters. UsbAhim.0mr. 6 no.2:28-35 162. - (MRA 15-7) Is Tashkentskiy gosudarstvenma univeraltet imeni V.I. Lenina. (Acids) (Esters) DUWVAO Vkl.j -MST, A.A.; UOVIM, V.D. Interaction of iozo and molecules of none acids vith cyclohwnno3. Isr.ypoucUsumel khin.i kh1m.takh. 5 no.4%570-574 162. Z. I (KIRA 15:12) 1. TashoRtakiy gosudarstvemyy universitst imeni Leninap kafedra 4,Wganicbeakoy kh'all. (Acidet Orgmxie) (Gyolohaxanol) LICHKOVA, N.Y.1 DULDVAO V. 1. Streigth of ikaide in boxyl w4'tartlary butjrl alcohols. IST. vyv.ucheb.zav.jkhim.i khlaet*kb. 7 it*. ItIO-14 164. (MIRA 170) 1. Tasbkontakiy gosudirstvsway~ universitat in. IsaInap Wedra neorgazicheskay Waii. 6M 9(8) YUG/1-59-3-22/57 AUTEOR: Dulovi6, Lubomirt Engineert Chief (Beograd) -------------- -TITLE: of Telegraph Signals by Shifting the Carrier Frequency - F. (Prenos telegrafskih signals, na dva kanala pomeranje!6nose6o frekvencije - F6) PERIODICAL: Tebnika, 1959, Nr 3, pp 448-451 (YUG) ABSTRACT: The author describes the Frequency Shift Diplex method of telegraphy, offering diplex working on the same frequency. He explains Its advantages in comparison with the conventional method of telegraphy. There are 4 tables, 4 graphat 1 circuit diagram and 8 references of which 1 is Yugoslav, 6 English and 1 German. ASSOCIATION: Odeljenje za telekomunikaoije I tehni6ku sluibu Tanjuga (Department for Telecommunications and Technical Service of "Tanjug"), Beograd. Card 1/1 DULMM44MMi BIN*&.. prowywq chsmik; MMOVICp Oskar,, ins,p Actlyity of hyaluronidases in various kinds of h4my, Chou wmati 16 no*6%/#56-4W j9 062* latodra organickej chemis a biochadej, Prircdovedeaka f,&Wta university Komnskehoj, BratislAva. a Caskoslovensks. akademis Y"#, Chemiaky ustav Slovenskaj akadeaie vied,, Bratislava. Adriss, cutorm Piestany, Bioebemicka lAboratorium StAktoych kupoloy (for Moviam-43ohmors); Fiestanyp Vyebmy ustay reumti6kyah chorob (for Markovio)o MWV,A,W,; SZM3M1I&LNs ........ ~ I lagal-sx1mrt activitiso *f ;* K# Ralluski In the sadical . council. lour. Me palska 10 no,W41-148 %T&-? 160. (BIOGMPRM) OU=Irmm '11 hist.) 8/081/62/000/021/031/069 B149h1101 AUTaORSg Mirskiyp Ya. V., Mitrofanoy# No 0.0 Bolatov, Lo Tot Mashlunovas A. Lp Bussing 1, Pop Dul'skaya# Ve No, Mellnikj 1. Me TITLE% Preparation of experimental samplei of molecular sieves under industrial conditions PERIODICALs Referativnyy shurnal.' Xhia1yat no. 21, 1962, 3199 iLbstraot 2WO6 (Novosti neft, i gas, tekhn. lefteperarabotka i neftakhiaiyal no. 21 1962. 15 - 15) TEXTv Molecular sieves are prepared in the following ways a crushed silicate chunk is cooked in am autoclave with live steant transferred to a collector, diluted with steam condensates cobled and transferred to a containerl whereupon sufficient condensate in added to make a working- solution, which is left to settle. The clean solution is pumped into another container. A strong alkali solution is transferred from the montejus into a mixer which has a paddle and hesterg followed by the con- densate and Al(QH)3; the mixture is heated for 3 hours with stirring* After this the Na-sluminate solution is transferred to a collector from Card 1/2 5/081/62/000/021/031/069 Preparation of experimental samples*., B149/3101 which the strong solution can be taken- to-&-vessv!-*her_eii__csn be diluted with c o eat rationo The latter solution is pumped ihrough a rotameter and fed into a jet atzer together with the Na-silicate solution. The mixture -then passes into a continuously working paddle mixer where the gel is formed as a thin pulp. This pulp is tranaferred to the mixer in which the aluminate solution was previously prepared* The pulp is heated In the mixer until the gel orystallitess The mass is then transferred into the collectors which previously contained the aluminate and the aeolite is washed by 2 - 3 decantationst then filtered and washed in a filter-press. The ask# is divided into two parts, one of which under- goes preliminary drying in a chamber dryer and is transferred on to crusher-roll mill while th* other to transferred directly to the mill, There the zoolite is mixed with clay into a mass which is made into tablete,and the latter are dried# calcined and sieved from crumbs in a drum 2 adsorbent for separating gasoline fractions. The weight of 1 &3 of sodium zeolite is 0.'13, and its sorption capacity for water is 0,25 on 5 references* LAbstracterte notes Complete translatione] sieve. Part of the seolite is treated with C&CI to prepare a seleative Card 2/2 iiesearch on the 'nfl,ience of the content of rmn on the Ao-ntJn[ of pJne 1,mber. p. 310 ?-aMIY-SL DRZEWo'Y (6to-.,mrzyszeni.e i Tc-cWko-,r Iesnictwa i Drne.-milet-wi) W;rszau,-i,, Polnnd No. h, Aor-11 1959 Yonthly lict of Kist European Acci-aslon Index Ic Vol. 8, No. 11 Novemler 1959 Unca 1 DUISti, Usimurs; ZAG(WSKI,,_ Jersy Now Silurian &xpomw*s in Dolins Vilkowaka (Gory Swietokrayakis), Prsagl goolog 10 no,7t366-3?0 JI 162, DUWXIO lassek, apAw.1 13DLZMKI, Vaolawj mgr.inx. A ?"~ Itlitioial ~Odor*wo on polymoter-glass laminateav .-- - BodokratowW&rdzwa 7 no.606-199 A 162. OU6,06USIR of preparing price liou at W"vv Po 75. vol. 9,t no. 3,, Nmb $0, CC_ &Mojos, Vol. No. 2,t UbM7 of COMP"St fob. 19540 umlo GRISHCHENKO A.Z ft 0 00 v. o- hmaxi O.N. Automt1c reiulation, -of-the pressure of polyeaprolsotan in Selt-waductiag PIPO. DIN.Volok. no.1153-56 163. (MM 16 1. Klyevekly Institat awtowAtild Gooplans, Vb6SR, Orion) . (Antonstic control) GRISHCHENKOp A.Z.; DULISM... SAKMXKOg 0.7.1 SHMI, O.M. in!s-~~ Automatic batching of titanium dioxide suspensions in the process of continuous polymerization of caprolactam. Min, volok. no.lt57-W 163. (MIRA 16W 1. Kiyevskly institut aytonatiki Gosplana Ukz6SR. (AZOPIzone) (Polymerisation) (Titanium oxides) (Automatic control) GRISHCHEMKO, A.Z.; DULISM, R.F.; SAKWENIM, O.V.; SHAMAN, U.M. Automatic control of moisture In tunnel dryers for synthotin fibers. Kh1m. volak. no.207-39 165. (MLRA 18t6) 1. rnstititt avl-imatiki G03udarstvennogo komiteta po pr1tK)ro5tr-n1yu, sredstvam avtomatiiatsit I slatemam upravlenlys pri Gosplunv~ SSSR, Kiyev. DULISKIT* G. --- Modernitation of brakes of jib winches of excavators. Prom.stroi. I insh.soor. 3 no.2:59 Mr-Ap(~61. OURA 1513) nches) DIUMS11Y, G. G. MEsparsette and Plixtures of It WiUi Mar Grewe:3 in U.e Issyk-Kullak Bamin." Cand Agr Sci, Georgi~n Sol-Res Inst of Animal Fusbandry., Frunze, 1954. (RZhBicLI, Ho 7, Doe 54) SL:rvey of Scientific arh Technical Dissertations Deferfled at U361t Ug".er iducational Irstitutions (12) SO: 'Sum. No. 556s 24 Jun 55 UBM/Cultivated Plants - Grains Abe Jour i Hot Zhur Diol., No 12, 1958,, 53573 Author Dultskly, G.G. Inst Xirc~iz Listituie -)r _taiwii irusbwAry Title dora, Varieties in the Issyk-Xullskaya Oblast' OrIB Pub KyrSysetai-Ayn ayyl charbasy, 1956, No 1, 42-43 Abstract As the result of the experiments conducted by t1he Solectloa-Seed-GroviuG Station of fodder Cultures or the KirCLz Institute of Animal INstandry (19550 tinder diffe- rent cozAitions, of cultivAtion, the bial%ical and econo- mic peculiarities of 11 corn vnrietics vere deternined. The aost promisha of them (UninG and rartizanka) are recomended for introduction Lito 'L%c collective aiA sta- te farms of the Issyk-Kul' basin. Lian,-, prowl-ticed. a crop of free stuff vith milky stage cobs awuntin~; to Card_1/2__ Cultivated Plants. Foddur Root5. JOi Yn 5 5 5 o . :,) 3 4 5 N14 ski -.2gt.or Arlwal "u3bandry and* Sci.Res.1 T j-1 L.-~ The jerivialaw Artichoke Near lasykAull. Elul* nPuohno-t0din. info .a. Ktrg. i).-i. in-t zhivotnovods'pva i volverinarii, 1958, NO-1 0)t 35-36 .,:T At the experimontal farina or Kirghiz Scienti- fic Reaearch Institute Of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine the most promiring forms of Jernualem artichoke for the mountainotts conditions were tried ont, Jorumalem artichoke has for several years already been used on the pasturea. It is preferrad over perannial lognminous herbs. Tito roughage siloss well and is on st par with corn &'or its forage qual itiez. The kolkhozes and sovkhozes of Issyk-, *Veterinary NedicIne M Cultivated Plantsi 203115 Kull Popremsion and Chuyakayn Valley have t begun to r^is* it for hog forage and silage- , for otber animal species. Methooo are descriL bad for cultivating it, its relmtIon to soil,: air towpairature, agratenliny, length of day ana planting time. --L.V. KoblentA C-~RD 2 UWR C j I tV!-j t e d FIt vFoddnr Gra!5!jtj_.j qnd _Io20571 ul % - I.; I19-nanko, M. r. Kirgl~kz--I-R-F-r of Animal Ibiribandry L'I" Raim4ing Vetch for Seod To,;cettiev witb 0. P t' S. kl - ytirglzlio 19"'*8, !,'0-24~ 52-56- C T In Ig.-)4 at lssyk-Kul' e%peritnent station of Xirgiiiz Insti tuto of Animal ifixabandry mento were "de to rind out thn not-:.,is for Bowing vctch and a supporting crop to wnrd off lodging itA tho plAntings. 3%jdan jraoms was.tried fur underp)-antin.w- with v,~tcb. The 1 control was a grass mixture of vetcli w-itri na ts. The sudan grams - vetch mixturp pro- duced a bay yit.ld of 48.8 cwt/ha. nie oats-, vetch 79-40 cwt/hh.- !~udau KraAz, unA,~r a votchl C-PO I /.~ DULISKIT, GsO,j kandesellskokbosMstyennykh nauk; DONUKOO M.I.,, agroam Growing cam for gvda in the lasyk-Kult Depression. Zhiv*tnoyodetva 23 no.8*54-55 Ae 161. (HI~A 16s2) (IssykAOL11 region-Corn (Maize)) f -- DULSKA, Dmmuta Use of the creatinine clearance test in the functional exomination of sweat glands. Pal. arch. mad. uewn. 32 no.9tlO61-1088 162. 1. Z III Kliniki Chorob Wewnstmych 31. AM v Bytomiu Kierowniks prof. dr ated. 1. Gibinski. (CREATISE AND CRZATINM) (SWEAT GLANDS) DULITSEV A 16-..W.~ -d. I '~' ~a~ V 733 Aquila&, 41-43 163. TSIro Aotron. obsers Llviv. wi. no.39/4,oi KIM 161ll) . . . . . . . . .. ACC NR& AR6034633 SOURCE CODE: UR/0270/66/000/008/0029/0029 AUTHOR: Dulltsiv- TITLE: Determination of the height reduction constant h 0 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Geodaziya, Abs. 8.52.211 REFSOURCE: Geod., kartogr.iaerofotos"yemka. Mezhved. resp. nauchno-tekhnJ yp. 2, 1965, 11-18 sb. , .7 TOPIC TAGS: geodesy, geodetic survey, geodt-tic leveling, height reduction constant, Stokes formula, least square method i ABSTRACT: A method is proposed for determining the scale of the reduction constant hop introduced by N. K. Migal JR. Zh. Astr, 1961, 5 G 198'1 onthe basis of data o6tained from an astronomical geodetic net. The measured clernents ~re projected onto an ellipsoid whose center coincides with the c-Intre oil the earth'sI mass. Corzrcsponding reductions are made in the fornn ofa si.,rn of a known part, including the reduction for height, computed according to tinc Stokes formula, and corrections proportional to h Transforms are reakizod for hoth --eduction term, 5 down to obtaining latitudinal and longitudinal equations for each Alin7,1-. The constant COM 1/2 UDC: 528. 24. 061. 4 - ------------ ACC AP.6034633 0 leas h is then determined together with equalizing the Links by a mothod of 1 squares. A bibliography of 6 titles is included. L. PeUinen. [Transla'4ion of abstract] ODE: 08/ SUB C 2/2 PUL'IM, P.P., gomyy tokhnikl AVIRWOV) N.M. , gornyy inzh. Wasting operall4ions At the *Ksmkoye Ustlys" gyW= mine. Vzryv. rab. no44s=-= 160, (MIRA 1511) -1. Proisvodstvanno-oksperimentelinoye upravleniye Vseiaoyuznogo tresta po burovym i vzryvM rabotim. Istlys-ayps=) DULITSEV, P-2.1 IMDTAW, -1.1a* lpp~ Trench method of blasting. Vsryv.reb, no*N91407 156, (MM 16 a 2) (Blasting) 'r, .01 I .AF.l RrAM=g A.Ta. DLTLI=,_P I roved gro Wting sethods of a fuse. Vsryi.rab. no.3t 1"-Ug 156. (ftses (Masting)) (KMA 16 t2) TAGER, A.A.1 Mr-,11ALOV, S,V,; PCLONSKAUs, Y.Y.1 F&DOROVA-, L.N6; DVL'=!~L"fZD* FuWamentals of invootment o"tlmg,, Lits proisy. no.9:36-39 S 064o (MIRA 18110) DULITSIN, U.S. E2-176 (Iridence of hemotheraIV La rear evacuatioa hospital). Aletractod froul 0 pokazzliakh k Comterspil v tylevykh evakocospitaliakh. IlWelieklLa Xeditsim 20(7), 2?-350 1942, 00 -A-A'A 0`--""Tl I , . - 00 biml b4m w4 on uf% kon rANS"I If"s vow"W vjwl~ifinu Mg. I, aoxf MOIR? 00 Ned 28 v o;. IOM-04 -Unig. 00 L. WiUi'Lr.- Oew Nei; too *so Viso e AT 42 A, 0 REM- V TIADW, Kx;MM'"Ix' K*sq Pftdtimd U" of d"Gifinues Gf &Mai&, savot. mad. so. %14-17 Sept* 1950. (CM 2011) 1, Of the Central Order of Lou's Institute of Somtoloa and Blood Treaeftsion (Direator - Prato A* A. Bagdaearov, Correspond- ing Member of the AaAeW of Kedlool. Sclenoss U3S). BLGDAUMT# Ittect of blood trawfules oa bmwpol"Is followW swCw7 of gastrI4 caneer, for, **h,, Moskva 216 so* 5:63-77 $apt-ftt 1952, (CUM 23:3) 1, Corr"pondlag Umber A" =1 for Prof. Begdaearov; Professor for Dalltsta. 2. Of tho Cestral Or4or of Lain histituts of Rematoloa and Blood Traimfustan (Direator - Prof. A. A. IMd"any, Cornepeading Mentor AM UM). IKMI SIX, M.S. Preeiii oozoopte of hemotherapy In olialoal istornal dise"se 'for. afth., Moskva 24 so, 6:4" gov-Dea 1952. (CIXL AM L ftofeemor. 2. Of the therepoatio Clinto (Re" -- Prof. M. 6. ALlItsta). Central Order at Unix lustitate at H~matoloff and, Blood Traufasion (Dirsotar ~- Prof. A. A. Ugd"4rov. Correspandlag Member of the Acadoq of Medical Sciences UM). I 0.-A*- IF- professor; IM T*G r=lMly, I*A*v professor-, XTASSIKOT, AOL.$ PATmore ClAssificAtiOn Of Terap.arkh. 25 no.2s8l-82 Xr-Ap 153. OMU 6:5) professor; A59;PV4 AA#* professor, Wpo- and hyperregenerative processes In hemopoietic dise"es. Terap.Arkb. 25 to.2:83-84 Mr-Ap 153. (j= 6:5) (Blood--Diseases) ------ uWmedicine - RoentgQn0l0gY Card 1/1 FD 212 Author : Professor; Gurevich-v 1. B., Docent Title : Cl-i.nical-roentgenologieftl investigation of the heart during gtomch and duodenal ulcers Periodical : Vest. Rent. i Rad. 25-33* gar/Apr 1954 Abstract : ulcers In the gtomch and duodenum are accompanied by a functional dis- placement in the circulatory system, vhich is not veil expressed In the over-all clinical diagnosis. This can beat be.detected by X-rays and myocardlograms. 13 references; 10 USSR. Tables; graphs; tvo photographs (myocardiograms ) Institution : Hemotherapeutic Clinic (Chief - Professor X. S. Dul'tain) Central Or- der of Lenin Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (Director - Corresponding Member Academy of Medical Sciences USSR Professor A. A. Bagda,sarov) IMM'"ll, X.S.. protessorl MLAMIXIYo 1.1o, professor *1~101004nts of G,A*Alak"*? and D.Nalftowskil on the classifloation, of Isimkoala p"aout*d by Mi.llh.yladoa and N.A.11raevskii. %rap. arkh. 26 no.3t85-87 "o 154. (MAA 7:9) 1. Chlea-korrospondeat ANN $332 (for frayevokly) MV TSIRlitiL I- professor Olassiflastlan of Ismaosese'Urev, arkh. 26 no,60-10 N-D 154, Om 812) I* Is TSeatrallmp ordsaa Lenins, institute gmatologit 1. porellve,- alya kml, (41re chlon-knrrespolmdent AXI SSSR prof. A.A.Bagdasarov) Klatuterstva s4mvo*khr&n*nty& SSn. (MUMO(14 al"eir .) IDUL --q1"alflestion of- lout"aso-Ambo- lam,, taro aoswe 31129- 145 M5. I* TIontral'My ordena Lentm Institut gowtologly I psr*ll,ranlya krovi Nialstorstys Uravookhrountya SSSR. (direktor Inatitutp ablew-korespoodent Akadeall gedltslnskikh nauk Soywm SSI pnfeesor A.A. Iag&marov). (LXn=A pratemaort UMM, fttel DA11"Ot Cliataml &gpsets of jiffus* Welmtomis. Pnbl4pmt. I V*rel- kravi 1 ae.W4-21 Xr-Ap 156# (W& loll) le ts Iftatrallnev ordeve Lealm instituts Cowtologil i parolive- niya krovi (dtr. aider.-korreepondent AXE SSSI prof. A.A.BagUaarav) Miniatorafto adravcwMranoulp SM (NUWUO PUM O=j case nparte) MOIDT. N.A.. protessorl DW"IN- M,j-- professor- UNONOTA-TSKMMOTAO 0 O.D.1 NAXUTTSHXU.'l*W.7 IL-ILEREMU, N.G.; ROUNOTA, I.S. Iffect of gplsozL extracts from loWwals patients on hemopoiesis in r6bbitel prellaizar7 report. ProbLemot. I perel. krovi I no*3i 9-14 ltp4o 136* (MMA 10:1) I@ b "entrallacgo ordwo Lonina Institute gamstologil i perellventys krovi (dir. - chlon-korrosporAsat ANN SSn prof, A.A.ftgdossrov) Kinloterstya sdrevookhrononlys SSU. t r*ab?Vhvffil*l* (=C! IS-ii extreets, frve-14akoate patients an honopolosts (SPIM -utrac a from lankooll patients$ off6 on bomopoissis in mb (IJUMIA opo a a ps from patients* off t, on ,~gjk*vjojlopL"a vagge A, Jftlx !4 7- -7 1y Ar:lhl' V I "---I 2-fl INv- P 23 March 1955 conference of the Moscow Society of 71hera- peutists, director, Prof 11. A. Kurshakov, Corresponding Member, Academy of Medical Sciences USSR; secretary P. M. Kireyev) ClAnical medicine does not have methods of pathogenic treatment of Illaoses at Its disposa.14 A number of symptomatic remedies exist which only extend the period of remission (penicillin streptomycin, biomycin,- ascorbic acid, transfusions of erythocytic masel. Hormone therapy tcor- t1sone, A M ) renders a desensitizing effect, relieves symptoms of intoxi. cation, decreases pain in the boves, and normalizes the cooposition of the blood. ACTH is administered In doses of ten units every 8-10 hours and after the expiration of 3-4 weeks, in amounts of ten units per day for the course of several months tf hemorrhagic symptoms are absent. r1w period of improvement Is from 2 weeks up to 2-3 months. Recently, folic Acid antagonists (aminopterin and metapterin), which suppress the growth of nandifferentlated elements have been used. The preparations are given until the appearance of toxic reactions (erythema of the papillae of the twgue). Ulcerations of the mucous membranes of the mouth and of the intestines, the development of alopecia, and megaloblastic hemopoiesis 4wtvL--tq*91-- added Aa- tkw-~ wA*er--at-- mar sovere-taxle- symptom. -youc-sed am vitanis-31g-an 1--h-d-i-c-aw-during toxic symtoms, IORAUUM thor",Y_P u"th", krA *eAVkhI-* ture ciily lur!np _4n*cerbatAon of ch-vor-ic leukosis, during lltukemlc reactions. Ane-bri'La is ateent and the spleen " IyMh nodes am little chazged during the early st"s of the development of chronic leukosis vhen efficiency is still Mlnta,lned, and the use of the treatments is not Indical-ed, especially sIrce the dystrophic and necrotic changes originate in the liver and car.diovascular system (most warked during treatment with "embikhin). During this period it is better to use general tonic treatment. ""Ile growth of general asthenia, a marked increase of the liver, spleen, and the number of immatu:rp blood elements require treatment with. the above-mentioned agents. Numerous observations show that X-ray thettpy Is the most effective. The duration of remission is 8-IC months. Doceft ftz'min suggests Irradiation during the period of remission for prophy-w lactic purposes. During sub- or aleukende forms, X-ray therapy is not ladicated; during reticulooes vith a tumorlike proliferation, even with: am &leukemic course, it is expedient. '*Me use of radioactive phesphorus gives good therapeutic results during erythremia. A felvauthors successfully during chronic It Is *I-** r14% die ruted In young patients who reiAt 'p66-rljF to T-Vwf throirbopenta, and atherosclerosis am contraindications. In these cases urethan is used, being most effective during myelosis (remissions from 1 1/2 up to 2 months) during which the effect car. be obtained only on prolonged use of the preparation. The initial state of the patient and his tolerance of the preparation are very significant. Hyperplasa of the IMh nodes, sub- and aleukentic forms, general emaciation, and marked -splenomegaly are contraindications to the use of this preparation. Its t*mbination with arsenic preparatIons Is expedient. "Embikbin is a more toxic preparation; it renders a cytostatic effect# thereby injuring the normal blood cello The remissions are short-livedp and It Is noneffective on repeated use. The new preparations of embikhtA -No 5 and No 7, according to the data of Professor larionav, are better toleraLed by patients. "The use of leukocytotoxic serum Is a new method in the treatment of laukoses. The dosage Is complicated. In small doses the preparation ,renders a stimulating effect on the blood; in large doses it inhibits with urethan provIdes the -Its. USS/General Problem of Patholoa.- Tumors 0. Jour : Ref.Zhur - Biol., No 3P 1958, 12772 A Author : Baglasarov.. A.A,,p Dulltsin) M.S.,, Ansheritep X.1a., Bodine, R.I. VMV1VVA""WO*W* Inst : Not given. Title : Hamtopoiesis in Cancer. Orig Pub : Tempevt. arkhiv) 1956, 28: No 3, 3-U T-5 Abstract : A study was mde of 26 bone marrow specimen fro& cases of pulmonary carcinams; in the m.4ority no characteristic changes were found. Platelets were moderately increased in peripheral blood. So typical changes in peripheral blood or the xqelogran were revealed in palyposis of the stomch. In met patients with ulcers there vas a normal or slightly increased erythroblast-normobl"'t =turation index. Appearance of the bone marrow changes characteris- Card 1/2 tic USSR/ General Problew of Pathology - Tumors. T-5 4 i;6 Jour : Ref Zhur - Diol-, So 3, 1958, 12M of Patric carcinus (Terspayt. arkbivp 1952s 5) in pa- tiOuts with Patric ulcars or pol"s vould ivAicate a a&- lip"t change. C&M 2/2 DULITSIN. M.S., professor; NOTIZOTA, B.Z., kandidat maditsinskikh nauk; FAM2rWi,- F.B., kaudIdat meditelaskikh cauk; nINOT39ATA, I.T. a clinical variant of ostsomyelopoletic &ysplasta. Torap.arkh. 28 no.4.-51-61 156. (MM 9:9) 1. Is ginatologichaskay kliniki (sav.-prof. M.S.Dulltsin) t5%--trall- nogo ordena Unina Instituta g"atologit I perellyamiya krort. (AX=IA, LOKOUMMODIASTIC, compl. sclerosis, parlostal. differ. diag.. %-my) (801=0318 partoalkli In loukaorythroblastic anemia, differ. diag.. x-ray) RAMMIOT, A.A., professer, st"tat"nW re"horl BMS, V.I., professor. doklor b1olagichemkiM muk# redaktorl Duha".K.S. professor, daktor meditstaskikh unk, rodaktor; a . redaktarl SUCHKOT. A.T.. rodaktorg OAMMUID, N.I., tokhn cheskty redsktor Clitentu BU and Its clinical usso] Vitsuin B I ego klinichaskoe primimmie. Moskva. Got* Isit-vo, uq4o lit-7YO F956. 222 p. (MWA 1011) Is Chlem-korrespondent ANN SSSR (for BegAassrov) (TVIANIO-a) ni'-Js rc) r _th6 tsin a:'._~ 2rof H. 0. Faushenbakh, Central Order of IF, 1-n-sl i - _71S_n3fusion (director, Frof A. A. lute or H_-matology a M-In766a I m BagaauiLrov, Corresponding Member Academy of Medical Scit~nces USSR), Hinistry of Health LWH Problemy Gcmatol2fiii i Pereli- vaniya Krovi, Vol 2, go 1, Jhn~ -10 . toblastosis, hemolytIc ane- Tests conducted on natients with hemocy nlzl, hemoplastic anemia, lynyWencsis, etc., indicate that patients suf- fering frcu leukosis develop a resistance to hormones, chemotherapeutic drugs, and radiation therapy. It seem advantageous to study the problen of resistance to therapy by imimumlogical methods. Data are given showing the appearance of specific antibodies with a 1:400 to 1:600 titer in response to ACM tr6atment. Other tests prove the accumlation of indole-like substances in the Imuko Lft AtL~zr resc-_--eh~ ad -suit able an-timetabalLtes. DULITSIN. X.&,professor; UVSHWAXR. X.O..Vrofeesar Lmatigation of tho tro&tmmt of 1*=*"* [with suaaLry In bmgllsb, p. 631 Probl. gemi. i Ver9l. kxwl 2 no-1:3-10 Ja-lr '57 (mm 10: 4) 1* 1% l3outrallnogo ordena Ioniss lustituta Comatologil I perell"alla kroyl (dir.-ablea-borrespondent ANN SSSR prof. A.A. BaVlasarov).Klulatersiva sdravookbranealla SSSR. DULITSINI-No egrPressor 'nin4cal honstalaaQ by I.A. Kassiroltil, G.A. Alskeseva. Uvieved by KA DiAl'talu. Prolol. Somt. I per*l. kroyl 2 to.11. 2 jij~.f 157 (BZ4=) (UWnMl, I.A.) (AUMSMA, O.A.7 (MMA 10:4) DULITSIN, H.S., professor; JTW* L.S,,- MOKAMA, R.A. Result of usivC new drugs In tbo treatseut of leakenis [with summary In Mcglish, p*6719 Probl.gtast. I porel.krovt 2 ao.4: 30-41 JI-Ag 157. MqA 10:10) 1. Is TSentraltAogo ordew Lenine institute p-setolagii I perelive- aire krovi (dir. - deystvit,el'u" chlen AMN SSSR prof. A-A-B&Oosarov) Ninisterst" tdravookhren4alys SSSR. (LIMUNIA , therapy. bu*uUan (Rux)) (BMULPAN. tbarepoutic use, leukemia (Rua)) ~*.b 3 Jmr: rzat mur-Dia., 110 20) 1958., 9G334. .'.uthor AbauLI.%wv, G.M.) Daltaill, Blau-I.CmItIVIM) Ear.) F--yn3htcyn, F.E. Inst Title Studica with the Electron Mcroscc2c. Ori,; Dyul. bicl. i zvd-) 1957p 44, !,':) 10, n4-116 (ras - Eac.) ,%ba ~imc.: The thrtnbcc~tc!s (T) of hmIVIV,- ',mnna =1 -La,,~sa afflicted vith laukv:da =1 r-jpIxt3'6Ac w.,1 Iryp ac- Lin were .k c~~Iastic a. I _~Jfica- stui.Iied with m, c1cetran Ldcroscore lmvJn~; a r., tion of 7000 X. Th tLo center of Vio 111 of hccilthy iiuli- viduals cna distir