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BADESCUp Radul DUMITPJM CU !ganius SAUIMU) Constantin On & differential equation of the Ath order, Bul Inst Politsh 23 no.3t2943 8-0 163* 1. Department of VAthematicat Buabarest Polytechnia Institute* CALAFM?,ANU, .1.1 DUMITRESCU, E.; GRIRTESCU, T. Quantitative determinatlon of the Discetylhexastrol. . . Rev chimis, Min petr 16 no.li4l Ja 165. r 1. IV Institute of Chemloopharmacoutical Research. L 39L?5-66 ACC NRs AP6030354 SOMCE - COD /45/016/0370-169/6161 AUTHOR: Beral, H. teAM, jj Dumitresou. Sol 0dio-84ML-P. CROt Institute for the State Control of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Research (Institutul" pentru '68-51 Er. 11 Wmalontalm 81 CONSTVI r Quace) T17M Quantitative determination of-7-chlaro-2.mthyludno-5-phanyl-3H-1,, 4-banzodiazopin-4-adde from librigil-rills SMCE: Revista do chimis Yo 16, no* 3,, 1963g, 169 TOPIC TAGSt dicxane, chloroform,, perchloric acid, tranquilizer, pharmacology ABSTRACT: The authors tested several methods for the analysis of Librium pins* Beat results were obtained by titration with perchloric acid in dioxane as titrating agent, of the ground pills dissolved in chloroform. Methyl red was the most effective indicatore Orig. art. hast I table. [JPR31 SUB CODE: 070 06 SUBX DhM none OTH REF t 003 RUWIA/Gonore.1 iroblome of PFtholotW - T=ors u-4 Abe Jour i Rof Zhur Blol.# No 7p' 19581 No 32700 Author t Androoiuv 0*1 Prigroo P., D=itroscu P.s Rcoscu N.p Inst t Not Givon Titlo I Nooplcotio Hoeds of tho Pmereca with Subacquont Stonovis. Gastro-D-nodonuctany rmd Rosoction of tho Hoad of tho Pancrocs. Orig Pub : ChirurrArp 1957p 6, No 30 4o9-412. libstrnot s No abstrvot Cord : 1/1 CREANGAP C,;.= C.U P.),NEGPXSCU, V.; CARAIANI, V..j WEACSU, Rumanian crude oll In the "ClarpatIcan claselfication. Rev chimle 7 no, Is 111-M 162, 1. Chairede Chimis du Petrole Institut do Patrole, do .Gas at de Goologia Bucarest, . DUMITRISCU, Flores, I Assistance thr6ugh credits piven by the state to col3ootlve farms. Problems econ 15 no.2:32-46 F 162. DUMITRESCU$ ?lorea. L Solved problowl problem Zi 1137. Gas msVB 13 no*3tl63 Mr 162, CASLMRO1Up Top elev Q3.0igati); DjJUTRP-1qGU, FIGM-L"CrAlOVS); muNTUn, I., prof. (Vislu-ITFR-M-I&O bktgnp prof. (Ti"ul do Bus); TomOICAGA, DJ4,; IONWCU-TIU"'Co; STANMCU, I., (Sibiu)J SuLAp Octa4ian (Valea. Reap Iasi); POPA, Eugon# eley (Iasi) Problems and exercises proposed for grades 5-8, Gas mat B l4t 563-565 9 3 163. MUNTEANU,1. (Vaslui); SMTESCU, Ion; PETROVICI, Radu (Bucuresti); DUH1ITfMSCU, . Florea I. Craiova) ---------- ~_L ; I Exereines and proposed problems in mathematics for grades 5-8. Gas mat B 15 no.4rl77-180 Ap 164, IONESCU-TIU, 0.; KISS, Elemer ?Tg. Mures); M111AILRANU, N.; PETRU, Simon At-' (Tg.Mures) DUMITRESCU, F-area I. Solved problems, Gas mat B 15 no.8053-358 Ag 164. 1 1. 1 - , ~-. - . gpY..E I MIRI-1,1113 t : - .:, ; WRNIMM - -M- R- M? ", , --R! IS W I - -- RE WN&M IMM" C~ RUMANIA Pharmacology, Toxicology, Cardiovascular V Drugs,.. Abs Jour Raf Zhur - Biol., No 2o, 1953, No 94290 of the patients were iziproved In every case. Decrease in dropoyand body weight, the i..,pro- vomont of the condItion of tho oyo socket wore stoadi3r than when treated with antispamiatic coz,.pounds and 119S04, The authors considor the canon with a iodorato Inoroaso In blood pmssu- re d"rInG th~. initial nouro,.ronic ataCo as :-,,oat indicativo for troatnorit with rosorplno. Th~)y ro,cozoond increased dosaGo in accordance with individual toleration and tha co.-ibination of rosorpino with othor modicinoo, as wall an with a hygionio and diototio pro-ra2, -- E, j-1, 3hoynbaUL16 Card 2/2 RM011A. / Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and H-8 Thdtr Application--Elements. Oxides. Hineral Acids, Bases, Salts Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 3s 19592 6808 Author : Ionescuj~ E.9 E*endelsohn, 11., Bunus, F. InEt : Not given Title % Production of Aluminum Oxide for Electrolysis by Calcination with Limestone and 3odium, Carbonate Orig Pub% Rev. chim., 1957, 81 14o 1+$ 235-141 Abstract: The high Z402 content and preponderance of AlS3 as diaspore, difficult to disintegrate, in Rumanian bauxites, compelled the abandonment of the Bayer method and-the use instead of abasic Card 1/3 127 RUHANIA / Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and H-8 ThOir Application--Elements. Oxides. 11ineral Acids, Bases$ Salts Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-.KUmiya, No 3, 1959, NoS method of roasting bauxites with 'CaO and Na2CO Results are given of experiments conducted by ~~e Institute of Chemical Research for increasing the yield of A1203 from bauxite and increasing produc- tion of the ore by the use of concentrated solutions of alkaline aluminate while lowering the production costs of the final product and obtaining A1203 Of high purity. A detailed study was made (under laboratory:conditions) and optimum parameters were chosen for bauxite calcination, and the extraction of Al OA from it was studied. A check of the se- lectei Hiethods under industrial conditions demon- strated the possibilities of obtaining A120 of high purity-from Rumanian bauxites with a yield Card 2/3 RUNAFIt. / Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and H-8 Their Application-Elemants. Oxides; hineral Acids, Bases, Salts Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 39 1959, 1180 of 85 percent with reasonable production costs, ...?Ya #Natlis Card 3/3 128 Irv it IL I'L Jill 'N K. i HCLAII,T. conf,; DMTRESCU, Gr.dr.j PAROASANUX.,, GHM=j~g;p f1s.1 SZASZ, A.dre New data on the clinical diagnosid and therapy of b;yperfunctio- ning thyroid adenoma# Med. interne 16 no.2tl53-161 V64 1. Lucrare efootuata in Sectia de medicina nuclearaQuj, (directors conf.T.Holmn)a :BIIJ3IE, V., conf.fRACOVITA,, Cl., dr.; THOMAS, Emilia; LEONDARI, V., dr.1 DUMITRESM'Gabrisla dr.; Foosih~Wtissp difficulties, and prospects in the microbiologic diagfts~js of urogenital tuberculosis, Microbiologia (Bucur) 6 no, 1:33-45 Ja-F t62, DRUCKER9 A.; YUHRMANNO Colownt ing.1 GOMOIUv Alex.; CUMAREMp Ad. Owl -SAVIDISj Cap ingel TMZAv Obol BORCUs N.1 JOGAREAMUO 0. J~'A =A Present problems of labor output rates* Problems *con 17 no,5s 157-160 My 164* V440 vv.,t Mt~v Vk AMCLI&AL U, ffA.%&&.U&AAL ILAMALA.L&UL -1 Ai Ault A 1:4 R;a ~j';' EPA. .. g a,mr-M.1-23M. 11. Biometric and anthropoloeical research on human hair. p. 183. PKBUME DE ANTRO-FOLCCIE. (Academia Republicii Populare, Romine) Bucuresti. Vol. 1. 1954 30JURLE: East European Accegsionp Listy (EUL), Library of Cont-ress, Vol. C no. 12, December 19S5 HUMNIA Chemical TuchnoloSyp Cheadcal Products and Their B-28 Applications Food Indu try, Abe Jour Ref Zhur - Xhlmlya,, No 5., 1959p No. 17360 Author Yarinesou) Is; Stern, Be; Dwaitresou, H. Ust Not'given Title i Food Value of Berry and Vegetable Preserves Orig Pub i Luorarile Insto oeroetarl alimentso 1958., 2; 131-134 Abstract t Ohemical composition, calorific value., and vitamin content of various berrw szA YeSetable wesorves manufactured in M was investigated. Card 1/1 DUMILTRESCU, 1. TFICRIOLOGY Periodicalst FMOL SI GAZE. Vol. 9.. No. 10,, Oct. 1958 DMIrrRFSCU, H. Problems connected with thi development and extension of TWdraulic fracturing in Rumanian oil fields. pe 1410 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 2, February 1959, 11nalass. AJP11TR&S C J., RUMANIA / Farm Animals, Cattle 4fta") Q-3 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 2, 1958., 7187 Author : N.Lunca, S. Timariu., I. Dumitrescu. Ye. Miasnikov) N. Vermesa U. Inst :Not given Title :Stimulation of Lactation in Sterile Cows With Sintofolin. Orig Pub: Probl. zootehn..1957, No 2, 11-17 Abstract: A Daily introduction of 2-2.5 milligrams of sintofolin for eight days, follewed by injections of the same dosage for 10 days, at intervals of one to two days, produce normal lactation in sterile cows. Card 1/1 T I "Activities of the second International.Col-loquy in Otrokovice, Czecho3lo- vakia, regarding the problem of synthetic tannins." P. 3 (Industria Usoara) Vol. 4. no. 19 jan. 1957 Bucharest, Rumania SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. h, April 1958 V)O jV\ r GCQ . In fact, dissociation and 'ionization of the air modify all these limit values, so that Mach Numbers of approximately 3 have been obtained experimentally. These facts, however, do not affect the M2 Mach Number Card 1/2 64652 R/008/60/000/002/006/007 A125/Ao26 On the Maximum-Naah Mmber of the Flow in a Shook Tube VK", behind the discontinuity surface, which in propagated in the &hook tube. There are 3 referencest 2 English and I Soviet. SUBPZ=: October 24, 1959 AUTHORSt TITLE: R/008/60/000/oWO08/008 26o96 A231/A126 Dumitreacu, L.; 'Jakab, I.; Procopovicl, E. j Uhaescu, A. Some problems of experimental Investigations of high-speed &*rody- namios in the shook tube PERIODICALi Studii pi cereetiri do mocaniol splicati, no. 6, 196o, -1,599 - 1,6o8 TEXT: TIS article briefly reviews the shock tube of the Tnatitutul d* me- canicK aplicatwoA "Traian Vula" (Institute of Applied Machani3s) of the Academly RPR (Rumanian Acadomy). The Instituta oonduots resestr-)h in ocnneation with the aecomplishment and exploitation of shook tubas sinse 1956. Th9requirsments for the oonstruotion of the shook tut* and measuring Instramen's were based on the idea of using the &%oak tube for the produotion of & hIgh-apisd quasi-stationary air etream. The ~11 opera.-Ang prino'.ple and the cperations.1 resvlts have already lio&"ile sale. Stu- been described In Ref. 6 LL. Dumitresou: Tubul do Y4. dii 91 cercetwari do mecanial aplicati, VII, I (195610]0&nFdi -~a%,3f. 2 rL. Damitresaus Tubul do poc pentru atrooeari do aorodinamial. Studil pi zerostviGi do mocaniola aPliola , X, 1 (1959)]. Behind the shook wave propagating &long the tubo there are produced two quasi-stationary flow fields of two diff*rent Ka,7h Number M and Card -1/3 TV0081601000100610081MB Some problems of experimental InvestiAnks of. A231/A126 M2. The tube has a total length of 11 m' consisting of twelve 840 mm and two 450 mm stumps. Their position can be modified to realize every configuratIon of the tube. The eeotional dimension of the tubs Is 300 X 190 mm. It Is prorido4_ with a vacuum Pump of 1-7 kw and a residual vacuum of 0-3 M H8, and a 0.7 kw air com- pressor supplying 7 atm. These installations supply a maximum vaauum of 2 mm Hg and a maximum pressure of 6 atm, correopondIng to a m&x1mum theoretical Mach Num- ber of M - 1.45 and M2 - 5,37. The main problem consists in an adequato measur- Ing of the aerodynamlo parameter. The shook tube was designed to guarantee an average operating time of 5 - 10 milliseconds- In order to use -the shook tub* for qualitative research, it became necessary to work out methods of measuring the aercdynamic parametare with a short response timo which should represent a fraction of the above-mentioned minimum operation time. In order to accomplish the measurement of a great number of physical parwafters, the shoak tube was equipped with the following InstallatIonss a) Apparatum for M#asuring the inl- tial static parameters of the air In the shook tubei b) control relay with oon- trollable retarding for the connection of ths measuring Instruments and spot Il- luminating devIcesp o) installation for measuring the propagation velocity along the shock tubej d) installation for measuring the aerodynamic pressure distribu- tion in the shook tube and on the modell e) aerodynando scale formossurIng the Card Z/3 B/008/60/ow/006/008/008 Some problems of experimental investigat "ons of,,*. A231A126 overall, aerodynamic forces on the model; and f) installation for measuring the heat tranarer on the model surfacee At present, the last two problems were not yet studied. The, shook tube was also equipped with an installetlon measuring the propagation velocity of the shook wave serving as a roforenc* value. This instal- lation was demoribed in Ref. 3 [1- Jakab, As Uharesou and L. Dumitrescut Motod! pentru masurares, vitezei do prop&gar* a undolor do poo Studil V1 corootirl do mecanicl ap:Licat'&* XEI, 1 (2961), being in 'publication). There are 8 figures and 13 reforencess 6 Soviet-bloo and 7 non-Sovist-bloo. The lazt five references to the English-language publications read a-9 followas Ref. 7: Ch-E. Witteliff, M. R. Wilson and A. Hertzberg, The tailored Interfaot shook tunnel. journal all the Aero-Space Science, 26, 4, April (1959); Ref. 10, J. Oordon Hall, Shock tubes. Institute of Aerophysios University of Toronto, UTIA Review, 12. Part. II, May (1958); Ref. Ili B*D. Henshall, On some aspects of the use 'of shook tubes for aerodynamic research. R. & M. 3D44, London (1957); Ref. 121 B.D. Henshall, Some notes on the use of resistance tormometers for the measurement of heat trans- f6r rates in shook tubes. A.R.C. Teohn. Report C.F. 408, London (1959)j Raf. 13: B.D. Honshall, Experimental results from the N.P.L. hypersonic shoak tunnel. N.P.,L. (Asro) 372, February (1959). SUBMrr=t May 12, 1960 Card 3/3 23035 r 11/008/6 1 /':-~ ".'/Oto/01 D 2 3 7 /!)1 A UT 110 R 3: Pro,-,opovici# E,, and -Dumitrescut L. TITLE: I-leasuring aerodynamio pressures in the shock tube PERIODICAL: Studii i cercetdri de mecanich aplicattf, no. 1 o ?961 9 185 - 194 TEXT: After briofly analyzing the main problems regarding the mea- surem6nt of aerodynamic pressures in the shock tube, the authors prevcnt a method as well as an apparatus developed at the Institu- tul de zmecanieg aplicati~ :(IMA) (Institute of Applied 'flechanics) for measuring, the pressure in the shock tube conotructed at the f'!~A. hased on investi.-latione conducted tit this Inotitute, the most advantaGeous pressure indicator provod to c,_,6_,_-itor type pressure tranzducer. The !.,,rcE3uiira i.nd 1.c:, ~,_uq a survey of 2-3 To avoid difficultiljo, iil!.~,_!....ilh- circtAt was built on the bz:isia of the d-c polarizing circuito, as chown in Fig. 4. Formeasuring the pressures in -the shoci,. tubep an installa- Ca~rd 1/6 23035 1110061611000100110101011 .~;eaGurine aerodynamic D237/D301 tion was developod, t-ho '-TI.!.t,,ram of which In shown in Pig. 5. The cle-tronic oignal pr~- the trnnaduct',rt installed in the -1 M-3 A a ,:-ctrr)r,J:7 ,-(. ci_rcuit, is a -lif ie, nd applied to the ver- tiral ,-,; L,'Ioctin,,,,, 'plates of a cathode oocillograph, where the pro- raphed. A second system Ja uo,-d for ratarding duc~,A is photog iho ;i,:n-.1 prn~iu-cd bZ~ thu pressure tran_-ju%,'~ar ,t,--;iinst the release P tjjc -C4L.1;1 " act This syrtem. connisto of a inenbrane cont, i tch, oper.:Atod by a shock wave which is p.-oPt. ,ated throu'gh a do- -;(-ti,)n channol whoue length may be vvried i.,, ouch a wz~"' thal the -!,f, r;ignal should viell place the imai,,c on the os- screen. The transducers used a,e of Lhe cl,-.siAcal -hype ,vi 41h an elnutlc membrane. Thc damping of the natural vibra- tionc is accomplished by an air lityer locavA b-v;oen thc membrarv-, and 'h"-, transduc,~,r's lid. The nrcoour3 tr.-.nomis.,i, on is realived by an ori"4c,.~ loon-lo(i li,~ t`c od rr j.J t C, '1N._. circuit is !ditll " oolid -I(,, tt L1. accomniishQd by one half o-' k !4_-;~"- tubt~,p 411-1*1 produ- ced by tLe, inpui, circuit I.,,j amplIfied by t_!ae Oth,_-r ~,-alf of the Card 2/6 __23'.5 R/008 1/000/001/010/011 Measuring aerodynamic,,,.,,. D237 D301 6H9C tube. A switch poxiaiti-thi- selection of the type of operation'* The upper limit of thwfre uenci band transmitted is 50 kc. To V measure thepreesures,at dz:r:rerent points, an assembly consisting of 6 channels of the type described above was constructed. During the experiments conducted-with,only one channel, an "Orion" type 1538 cathode o scillogr6pti-, was. used. Pirst, a number of experiments were conducted to-check,the reproductive ability and the stability of the method.' A detailia ai2alysis rof the results obtained pro,.-kid that t4o stability and the reproductive ability of the measurements were excellent. The calibration of the measuring installation was accomplished-by a.dynamio-caltbration in -the shock tube itself# The results of the experih2ents are shown in Pigs. 10a and b, which give the calibratior; cuire'in the case of a transducer used with a solid dielectric. This curve presents a linear connection bet- ween the pressure and the d0flection of the 6pot on the screen. There-are 11 figures.and 10 references: 5 Soviet-bloc and 5 non- Soviet-bloc. The four most recent references to the English-langu.- age publications read ab fb1lows: 1. Hall Gordoni hock tabes. Card 3/6 t- 23035 Measuring aerod amic D237/D301 Utia Review, Institute of Aerophysios University of Toronto, 12, Part I., II.y May 1958J Y T. Li: High frequency pressure indica- tors for aer'odynaihic probiems, N.A.C,A., TN 3042; V1.17. Willmarth; Small Barium Titana~e Transducer for Aerodynamic or Acoustic Vres- sure Measurements*- Rev -Sci. Instr., 29, 3, 218, b1arch, 1958; and 1,141klowitz: The Prop;gation of Compressional Waves in a Dispers:~- ve Elasti.c Rod. Journ. App.,Mech., 24, 2v 1957. Fig. 4. FIS. 4 Card'4/6 23036 /01, 1/011 D237/D3UI AWHORS: Jakabp I.f Zahareacu, A,, and Dumitvescu, L. TITLE: A method of measuring the propagation velocity of shock waves PERIODICAL:, itudii Ti oercetg *ri do mocanid, aplicate, ,no. 1, 961# 195 - 205 TFU: The art1cle givos the result of investigations conducted by the ln3+.t'.'-utul de mecanicX aplicatd (IUI-,) "Traian Vuia" of the F.P.R. ("Traian Vuia" Institute of Anpli--d 74ochanica of the-Rump-nian Academy) on a method of measuring the V~locity of StiOck -,,.,r-ves produced by the shock tube of th~~ ab vin-11 as on tho dov,~.-lopiaent of the corrosponding electronic instruments. The avera-,,.!,1 veloc.1ty is measured by determining the tine -interval bet- we:)(M Vie puseage of the wave in front of two wave dete-Itors, pla- cod alfri;* the uhock tube at a distance of 7,00 mm from vach other. Card 1/11 23036 A mothod of measuring ... R/008/61/000/0,A/011/011 D237/D301 For this purpose special wave detectors with a oolid dielectric were de,iolopnd, having &-very high natural froquonc., and a low rosponEe tJi-a, ranging between 2 and 5 Wee. The YMA shock tube ma,r Pro-lucP streams with IN112 Mach numbero, varying botween 0 ani 5.3, wni_c~, correspond to a propagatl(,.ri velocity of the Ms initial ohoo 6 k .%,n-/o varying between 1 and 3.5. "Inc,, the distanc", batyt(,en v 'the two dntr~clora is 700 mmo' timr. from 600 to 29100 mi- ma.-,, be meaeured. The measuring is done by a specially ('Ae- -trono-occillographic chronograph. The meaAuring r cuit aV shown in Fig. 1 , consiste of t.-ao wnvo dotectore, an RC os- cillator, an amplifier, a dephasing circuit, a reaction amplifi-:-r, t,,,;o chairic of amplifiers# an electronic rclayt and a blocking cir- cuit. Fig. 1. Legend.: 1 and 11 wave detectors 2, 3o 4, and 21, 3, 4' ampli- fier chains; - 5 electronic relay - 6 blocking circuit - 7 RC os- cillator - 8 amplifier - 9 dejIj3inF, circuit - 10 modulation cir-. cuit. Card 2/7 R/O 0 61/000/001/011/011 01 A method of measuring ... D237 rD3 Fig. 1 (cont'd)'. n2' -j 2306 R~008/ 1/000/001/011/011 A method of measuring D237/D301 The operation principle is described as follows: 'the RC oscillatort the am the dephasing circuit produc two sinusoidal plifier and voltages of the sa)ne frequencyg,dephaaed to 908 , which are applied to the pairs of the deflecting plates of the cathode tube. Thus, ...the electronic spot describes a circle on the screen. Before re- leasing thy phenomenon in.the shQck tube, the.intensity of the spot is very low,, being Ibelow,the visibility limit. The moment the shock wave passes in*front of the wave detectors, two electric sig- nals are produced which are amplified and processed by two chains of amplifiers,which act on the electronic relay; the relay controls *the lighting and the extinguishing of the cathode tube spot; The electronic relay also acts on the modulation circuit, which gradu- ally reduces the amplitude of the deflection voltagep. Thus the electronic spot does not move any more on a circle, but describ6s a luminous spiral arcp which is photographed. The time variation of the-amplitudes is determined according to 4p 2nf. At, Card 4/7 2jo36 it/006/61/000/001/011/011 A method of measuring D237/D301 in which cf is the center angle of the spiral are, f the deflection- frequency, and /At the time interval to be measured. The propaga- 'tion velocity is thus determined by the formula 2r 1 being the distance between the detectors. The stability was con- trolled and checked by a standard freq.uoncy generator. T12t, deflec- tion frequency had 21000 op8t po that the luminous spot described f an are of 2% in 500 microsec. The oecillator may also supply a fre quency of 400 c 9,,corresponding to a total defle tion time of 21500 microsec arger than the maximum interval tz be measured. The selected ci ouit diagram permitted.the reduction of distorti- produced by the fact that the modulating stage operated under one non-linear cond tions, The errors which may have an effect on the surement res lts can be divided into' the following categories:J mea a) reading erro a; b) geometrical errors due to the fact that the j ratio of the tile interval to the arc described by the SDot is not, Card 5/7 23016 IR/008/61/000/001/011/011 A method of measuring ... D237/D301 fixed; a) systematic errors due to the inaccuracy of the deflecti- on frequency, not excedding 0'.01 %; d) errors produced by the in- equality of the response times of the wave detectors and amplifi- cation channels, representing 0.03 % for a measuring interval of 1,000 microsec; and e) errors appearing when measuring the dis- tance between the detectorst not exceeding 0.05 0. The relative errors due to cases a) And b) may be kept below 0.1 5. To these errors may be added certain differences produced because the shock wave does not maAmtain its flatness in the immediate vicinity of the tube walls. !f6wevor, 'the total errors do not exceed 0.3 W,.. The described installation wai"used-for a series o~ tests, placing the detectors temporarily *at a distance ofj,115,mm fro.- each other. The first detector wa a placed at approximately 20 equivalent dia- meters-from the diaphragm, For reading the spiral are on the os- cillogram, the position of the spiral's center'was marked by plac- ing a transparent sheet in front of the cathode tube screen, on w,hich two perpendicular axes were traced. Thed,~ axes appeared on the photographs as interruptions of the luminous spirals, permitt- Card 6/7 /o("0/60 1 /0 11 /0 11 2'L ra, f , t A' od of measuring D257/D50i i rp I g 0~1--rmlnat~on of the vz~nti:-r. Llifov~ ev#~ry gxp~,.rimtmt, the A0 '1~ !.~A~-:, hnel' to be carve'Ully cleaned. Tihf,~re orl% -5) figures and 3 Soviet-bloc and '.A non-Soviet-blo!_-. Tftn reforonces to t hf! Ergliuh-language publicartiono reaul as Gordon 7~~- A. 1. Siiocic 'tntboo. Infititute D-~ i-.-roph-aico, of Toronto, 11'111 .'1 Review, 12. Part 11., May lli5B; and B.D. 11, On Some A-poctr4 of th~-, 'Uhj~, of Shook Tub!-, for A(.-T-odynaMi f* R,?u-arch, F. & IA. Jronlon~ 1957a Llay 1?t 1960 r d 7 /7 DUMITRZSCU Lucian, inge A simple analytic method for c4aculation of the Laval axial symmetrical distributors@ Rev transport, 10 no,, 8: 355-359 Ag 1639 L 337n-66 ACC Nib ApW25169 SOUM CODEs WWEV6VbU/004A623/0629 AUTHOR: V Aellescu, Ma (Doctorp Lieutenint, colonel)i rJachl, G, tDoctorj Lieutenant colonel); Duaitrescup Le (Major; Doctor) .21 OAG: none TIrat Clinica3i etiopathogeniCt And therapeutical considerations on Alg2ggia- SOVi=1 Reviete, sanitara militara, Y. 61p~no* 4# 1965p 623-629 4?V TOPIC TAGSi clinical medicine# diseace, therapeuticag skin d1aeanep psychologyp nerxqua system tissue diseasq ABSTRACT: On the basis of W casee treated'by theal the authors discuss problem associated with slopecia, They point out that treatment must vary from case to ca" and that prognosis is usually uncertain, Of the cases treated by the authorev 52 percent were associated with neuravageta,&Ive disequi4ibrium vith sympaticotonto predominance and psychic Instability* VPRst 33p5OO-/ SUB CODEt OS/ 'SUBM DATEs 26Dec64/ ORIG REFt 00,4/ OTH REFt W4 CA" 1 /1 P f") AI1M1-tA?wffSW , M, DUMITRZSGU, H. "Surfacestounded by a minimal area!, p. 446; llssue4 by the Rum-nian Soci, ty of Matheivitics and Physics. Monthly". (OAZETA YATEMATICA SI FIZICA, aIIIIA A. Vol. 6, no. 10, Oct. 1954. 1ju=pntj, Rjuuanla). SO: Monthly Li~t of 3,%-4t Auropa n Accession, LC, Vol. 4, No. 5, Kly. 1q55. L.";i4Chei,deal Technology. CbcrAcal'Proaucta mul Their :.pplication. Pood Industr(. ;.bn Jour. Her no 2, iq~ql 6444. ,I.uthor : Trifup I.; rngcu, Lis 4 Hode=j, 1. Lnot : CLUcrarile Inst. ccreatari aMicnt-7 ...... Titlu : Quality of Dul(,Arian and Ru=iicui C11,aretton OriC Pub: Lumarila Inst. carcotari alizxnt-, 1958,, 2, 275-299. ..batr,-.ct: The cherAcal cmiposition of tobacco ruid of 20 Itinds of Bul(~mrirui cigiruttes (acs) Cald 3.0 I-ilub of ft=iaa ciMm-ttus (ICs) van studied. 111c, difference iii the quality of DCs -mid RCs of the bra~,~ wns oBta-blinbod. 7,io No of uediwi brmids nrL: botter thnn the Mo. ilia diffemace in Tw-Ut': lb-,'U-ic-cn the brands o-A' IRCo is thar thant br!t,.icu-,,, t-lj '3Cn. card 1/2 L i'.) (tan tov c- t rov, 'J i r;i.n'. ri ;c, rid f rom L e- A ids of V~vwini., .urlt.,-, 3nd eas'-err. 'obaccoj, ilid t.0 Lrun. -Llter-tip c g7irettt-, r~ (I Viceroy). Tim cisrarettf--t. were ~---owf-i -it ".)j, Tiolntlirt ccinteist i., a U01 and tjjlP-..!~it,-J!: ~c SVC U.-i-Ar. I*. kar f(juni to r,p "f;r ~~:n o~ tcoac,:O COUNTRY CA MORY IiUhl;.l. 53980 rn r I a 16 P li:~ 1 12 i I B. car'n-Amed (ex-lusive 'Ir the we*qht of tht- Paper). Ito correlatior, could oe eqtaOiviina cetiveen the cur,'.!~nt of ctiloroform-eclutle SUbaLancer LrerAral in tho. teracco and th,! reuln cortant of tne YLS. Tnij~; In L'nc4 case of Viceroy eigqret~t-s, 19.Wb of t!se chloroform-soluble substancea are transferred to tne M.M (it-.1tial cortent In ionacco 24.6 mz,/Km) whareas for 8ulgarian z,),s1vdzta ci,~arettes, of chloroform-soluble subntancer, art transferre to the M6S. The suove variations ar6 explain&ule COUNTRY Bulgaria CAr:.:GORY jqB3. jouil. AZKh1,j., --'a. 16 19 5), -:0. T IL--, oalf~. PUB. 589801 on 1r,! Dn!!ir of i-'Irferent cc:!huf.~'ai- ~-n the cigirettea ;,-)r tee Gl frrcrt illybicul properties and of (iifferent caT.~osition. Of the 42 brands tentec, 11 showed a MSS resin cuntent of 21.2-30-2 malgi Lsicl: ~6 ehowed a rosin content of 30.2-40-0 t3ql'?rm; ,And 5 waowed a resin coutent of over 40 r.-/6,rm In t~ie ms. rh-~ authors cite tne data o,;' ~A~m-',er (U5A) [-Jeinjer?j,wno points out tnAt ^ resin ccn- terit of lo mg per gm of tobacco consuotal in thi C (,~U V.:,( Chi, AD-J. JCIJR. RUhlla. 140. 1959, NO AUTAOR TIT; :Kl~ is tne maxim.;m onten can ce safely perisitted for narml,-ss cigarottes. All of the ci,~aretter, tested did not %eet, tnis requirement. rne lowtst resin content in the KSS was obsorved for cieur- ettes made from eastern tobaccoa, especially -!u 1, irar-an tobaccos, and for Viceroy filter cisr- Arett ea. The resin con'tent in the ~W of dingston filtter-,tip ciprarett-on waa fCund to Oe higner (37-7 mt/ga) than that in tno ~JSS of regular Camel cigarettes, notwiInstanding tne fact that "ID; ~#,&, ~/6 lei C.' AT AB~J. VTOUR. RZI[hiu. No. 16 1959, No. 58960 A U 7- A G R IF3T. T I T-'*j 0?, A53T-RAU tsmo6e from cigaretteL made from eantern tobaccos. contains the least amount of nicotint- (maximurn 5 mg)- cloprettes made from 4irginia tooaccc -and 'American-typel c garettes In general srow tue riiirne-st nicotine content in the rmoke (over 6 ttg per F,- of tobacco consumed).Datm an the rcsin qrd nicotine content In the KSS of the Drands testod In mr per Sm of totiacco consumed and in or the resin and nicotine content of the tooacco are tabulated. 0. Dikker 6/6 UTUIRESCU, M. Manufacturc of sodium fluosilicate and simple granulated eupcrphosphate at the Petru Poni Chemical Fertilizer Plants. p. 288. R-FiISTA DE CHME. Rucareatip Rumania. Vol. 10., no. 5, may 1959. So to Monthly Livt of Fast European Accepsions. (PMU), W, Vol. ~ip no, 9, 959. Uncl. --- ;---- N Man=, M., ing.- (Buourew)* A Autmnal works in the flower and k1tohen gardens. no.409-62 Jl-Ig 162. '- - " I Xatura~ Ldologid 16 *I L C004TRY UMG~O':Wf AB3. JOUR, t AMIM& iio. 21' 1959, Zo4, .J1111TIR : Capilnaj, A. atd Dualtrescu, M. : Not given T Advances in the Evaluation of the Quality of .Leather Goods ORIG. PUB. btadardizorea, 10, So 10. 491-492 (1958) L P ~,TIA C T Experizents on the correlation of the behavior of luAth*r goods in cervice with thmir physicomechani- cal properties point to the zood for the estoblish- ment of more discriitinating mathodt3 for the dator- minatioa of the quality of leathar goods. rn addition to the propertiea apecified in the stand- ard, the authors propose the evaluation of the followtog charocteristics. For sole le&ther, veer resistance, wat*rproofneaa under dyn&mic conditiong and resistance to flexing% goqd results CARD: 113 COUNTRY Rumania CAT~WORY !AB3. JOUR. AZXhimi, i_-O. Al 195.1), ~-.*O. 771 If.+. PUB. the nolor to n-branion' Pnd rvxviat. Istather for .1othit; waautxcture shou.Id Wt tooted for resis- tance to &rtificial rain [Kiel, orease resistancs, resistance of the finiah coat, and tharmoplastie propert-les of tne film. o. Markus CAPD: 3/3