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85h12 A Study of the Ramification of Butadiene S/'90/60/002/011/006/027 Rubbers B004/BO60 ramification of the chain was estimated. Dep-ndin on the degree of approximation, the authors found for ~E--5000 cal%ole and !~,000 cal/M31e. Another result was the dependence of ramif4cation not only on AE, but also on -,,he solubility in the polymer at diff!!,r;n" -,empo!ratures- Thii was determined by means of an apparatus devised by G F, Lisochkin and F.. D.. Belostotskaya... It was further found that '~~e ratio of I_Iqj for fractions with equal molecular weight do,~s not vary in good solvents (tenzene), and, therefore, that the ideal solvent need nct be applied The authors mention V N, Tevetkov 0.. B Ptitsyn, A, D Abkin, and S 5 Medvedev, There are 4 figures, 4 tablAs, and ?4 referenz-Pst 9 Soviet.. 15 US, and I Swiss. ASSOCIATIONt Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isslednvatellskiy institu-, i3inteticheskogo kauchuka im. S V Lebedeea (All-Union Srientific Research Institute of SynthetiT Rlibber imeni S V, LebedeVT_ SUBMITTED: April 21, !960 Card ';/5 PODDUEM2 I.Ya.; EMBURGp Ye.G,; ChWYOVAIVAHOVAo Ye-P-; KARTASHnfl-ax.- Effwt of the association of polybatadien4 matrOmOlecules in various solvents. Doki. AIR SSSR 148 no.2t384-387 Ja 163~ (MMA 16 z2) 1, Naucbno-iseledovatellski7 institut, sinteticheskogo kauchuka, im. S.V. Labeder7a. Predstavleno akademikom V.A* Narginyme (Iktadiene polymers) (Molecular association) ERENDZHENOV, N,,, traktorist (Chistozernyy rayon, Novosibirskaya, oblast') Wort to the desi ers. Self,makh. no,302 162. (MIRA 15:3) FTractors-Cold weather operation) RYBCHIRSKAYAj Ye.M.,; E104KRANTS, D.I. p dotsent (Odessa) ------------------ Effect of oacygeq baths on the permanent fluctaktifts of the blood sugar levil in the hypersthenic form of neurasthenia. Vrach. delo no.11:85-90 N 161. (MIRA 3-4:3-1) 1. Ukrainakiy inntitut kurortologii i fiziotarapii. (NEUIMTHENIA) (bLOOD SUG&R) - (OXYGEN--THEIWEUTIC USE) KU%KRANTS, L. G. Roll mandrel for rolling automobile parts. Avt. i trakt. prom. no.6:27-29 Je 156. (MLRA 9:9) 1. Gorlkovekiy avtozavod Iment Holotova. (Metals--Finishing) -WiMIRARTS,-L.G. 7- -I Cutting toole for mchining precision holes. Avt.prom. no.l: 39-43 Ja o6o. I OURA 13:5) 1. Gortkovskly aytozavod. (metal-cutting toole) f 11, I ,1,:; PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5581 Moscow. Dom nauchno-tekhnicheskoy propagandy. Vysolcoproizvoditellnyy rezhushchiy Instrument Isbornik) (Highly Productive Cutting Toole; Collection of Articles) Moscow, M-,ahgiz, 1961. 3511 p. Errata slip inserted. 10,000 copies printed. Spon3oring Agency: Obshchestvo po rasprostranenlyu politicheakikh I nauchnykh znanly RSFSR. Mookovskly dom nauchno-tekhnicheakoy propagandy imcni F. E. Dzerzhinakogo. Ed. (Title page): 11, S. Degtyarenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed. of Publishing House: I. I. Lesnichenko; Tech. Ed.: Z. I. Chernova; Managing Ed. for Literature on Cold Treatment of Metals and Machine-Tool Making: V. V. RzhavInskiy, Engineer. PURPOSE : This collection of articles is intended for technical personnel of machine, instrument, and tool plants. Card--I/A 17 (7 1jighly Productive Cutting Tools (Cont.) SOV/5581 COVER A CE, :The collertlon contatna Information on the following: new branda of high-speed nteels and hard alloys; designs of built-up tools and tooin for the machining of holes; tools for machtning heat-~-t~slutfng and light-metal alloys and plastics; toolo foi, unlt-lrad machinC3 and automatic production lines; and m,~thnd.i for the sharpening and maintenance of carbide- tippc(i lnoI3. No personalities are mentioned. There are 56 referencc!j, mostly Soviet. References accompany some of the articlea. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword 3 I. NEW BRANDS OF HIGH-SPEED STEELS AND HEAD ALLOYS Geller, Yu. A. (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor]. Highly Productive High-Speed Steels Card=2-/-6 3 Highly Productive Cutting Toolo (cont.) SOV/5581 Smirnov, F. F. [Candidate of Technical Sciences]. flow Types of Carbide Alloys for Cutting Tools 22 II BUILT-UP TOOLS MID TOOLS FOR MACHINING HOLES Akinov, A. V. (Candidate of Technical Sciences). Advanced Designs of Single-Point Tools 43 Morozov, F. I. (From the Experience or the Z2vod imani Kalinina-- Plant Imoni, Kalinin). Application of Ccrami%j Materials 65 Yoremayeva, N. M. Goomotry of Tools for the Machining of Holes 79 Fadyuahin, I. L. Carbide-Tipped Boring Tools for Machining-Objes in Fram3-Type Parts 90 Erenkrants, L. G. Tool Designs for Machining Precision Holes ill Markov, R. 1. flow Design of a Broach With Carbide Blades 128 4r i 44i + on tb* -~-ff mk- 94AZ id'i au, I 1r iaw Ni" iz excbanged depend or pilot the win. Inacids-ntu M + 0 ir exch4nifed ir. M * + fom but in ",OH xoLn as I,)JI' T'he study of the equd. ot the "chaniic A d'. ervases ulth Inticaac in Ni- tx-mcn io tc ":,' Tht ada.)tynu A Ni -an vi-dionk rrsins NH, ind 1H Ep2VpRLrYS., Ya. G., Candidate Med Sol (dies) -- "The effect of bone regeneration on the FWawth and differentiation of sarcoma S 465". Rign, 1959. 11' pp (Min Health Latvian SSR., Riga Med Inst), 400 coplor, (EL, Wo 23, 1959) 174) IMPPIEYSI Ta. [Ireapreims, T. I (Riga) Concerning the method of histnnhomical research of bone tissue. Report L(To be contd.) Vestis Latv ak no.10:123-128 160. WAI 1019:10) 1. Akademiya nauk Latviyakoy SSR, Institut eksperimentallnoy medit3iny. (Histochomintry) (Bone) ~renpreims, J.] Histochemical study of alkaline phosphatase in bone regeneration. Vestis Latv ak no.5tl65-171 161. 1. Akademiya nauk Latviyakoy SSR,, Institut eksperimentallnoy SSRP klinicheskoy meditsiny. 4- LIMPREYS, Ya-.--G..- - ------ On the problem of embryonic characteristics of malignant cells. Vop. klin. lech. zlok. novoobraz. 7:9-26 161~ 1. Kafedra 'gistologii (zav. prof. K. S. bogoyavlenskiy~ Rizhskogo meditsinskogo instituta, (dir. prof. V. A. Kallberg). (NEOPLASMS pathol) ERENPREYS, Ya. [Erenpreiss, J.] Histochemical characteristics of Guerin's carcinoma. 1r, Vestis Latv ak no.4:117-121 162. A I )II , -49 _~UNPREr4-Ya,,, (Erenprelosp J.] Correlation between alkaline phosphateve and neutral polysaccharides in regeneration of bone. Vestis Latv ak no.2:103-10? 1~2. 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy i klinicheakoy moditsiny AN Latviyokoy SSR. Yfl.G. ['renpr-,Ts, -)f Guorinl.i j7!urolnona in tho regoyier~.,Li~,n zc,~--5 o~' boa,33 in rats. Vop. onk. 8 no.12:51-51 '62. 11A A-, - 16 1. lz morrologi-I :1 fizLolcigit (7.Rv.- ~.N Iatvi7akoy rof. F.Ya. Govko 'Istituta ek:jret,*_rl-,cnta' 'ricy .'! k!.-in, ~'-e.,-koy y ';R (dir,akademlk ~N rued: uy AN Latviyoko H (Ar-f.O.Ya. Govko.'. 41irt- alrLora;Rug't 4, I n i.,i t, I 'noy i It I inl~+e ~~i -).; mcl~!tny N Un",dyskoy .E,29~~ ~~[Erenpreis, Jan); KRYLOVA, N., red.; LEMBERGA, A., tekhn. red. (Significance of nucleic acids in differentiation and malignant degeneration] Roll nukleinovykh kislot v dif- ferentsirovke i malignizataii. Riga, Izd-vo Akad. nauk Lat- viiskoi SSR, 1963. 167 p. (MIRA 1616) (NUCLEIC ACIDS) (CANCER RESEARCH) S/510 60/014/000/002/0G6 D244YDD307 1UTHORS: Pokatilot N.A.v Yerasova9,Ye&Lej Unmut, A.M., Erentsell.- B. and Topchiyev, A.Vol TITLE: Preparation of isotactic polybutylene SOURCE: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut nefti. Trudy, v. 14, 1960, Xhimiya nefti, 58 - 64 TEXT; In view of the improved mechanical properties of poly-a-buty- lene the polymerization of a-butylene with the application of comp- lex organometallic catalysts was investigated. Al(C H ) - TiCl and C3 5 3 4 Al(iso-C H TiCl systems were used as catalys.6 ~.,,-.The polymeriza- 4 9 3 4 , V" i0l .4 - Nkr _" tion was carried out in a glass apparatus under a m ,ph6r..ic pressure and also at temperatures and pressures close to the critical values for a-butylene, In the latter apparatus a-butylene served as the solvent as well as the part of liquid a-butylene unused in thd reac- tion. The beat conditions found for the polymerization with (C2H 5)3 Al - TiCl were as follows: 1) Molar ratio (C H ) Al : TiCl =*8:1; 4 2 5 3 4 Card 1/2 S/510/60/014/000/002/006 Preparation of isotactic polybutylene D244/D307 reaction temperature 200 - 3000; reaction time 3 hrs. With iso - (C H ) Al - TiCl the best conditions are as follows: 1) Molar ratio 4 9 3 4 0 0 iso - (C H ) Al : TiCl = 10; 2) Reaction temperature 20 - 30 cl 4 9 3 . 4 reaction time 5 hrso There are 9 figures* Card 2/2 FXZNYI., Tibor iamwm~ --- - .1 The First National Trade Union Congress of Hungary. Hung TU noo3A:lo 163, EMHOV., B.I. Gase of a stomach stone. Zdrav.Tarke 7 no,ls24-25 Ja 163. (KM 1633) 1. Iz khirurgieheskogo otdeleniya (zav. - A.A. Shulev) Chard- *ouskoy oblastnoy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrach A.Ye. Yeldashev). I (=OAR) ERESHEVY B.E. (Chardzou) SPmnach separated from the dw)danitm by a traupatic isolAted ti´┐Żar. Zdrav. Turks 7 no*5'18 (41). May 163. (14D416:8) (STOMACH-WOUMS ll;~D IMIMa) X&RIKOV, Sh.K.; IMHOV. N.E. Development of cutaneous leishmantools into skin cancer. Izv.AN Turk.SSR no.3:86-87 '55. (MLVA 9:5) 1. Turkmenskiy goadarstyannyy meditsinskiy institut iment I.V. Stalina. (LICISHUNIOSIS) EpEsliov, I.I. e - Ereshov,, M. "Borovskiyls disease (c"taneo"s leishmaniasis) in the city. of Ashkhabad," Tashkent Stato Medical Inst imeni V. M. Molotov. Tashkent 101~6 I ~' , (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidiate in Yedical Science) Do: Knizhnaya letopis', Ho. 25, '1956 0 KARIMOY. Sh.M.-I SEXY, M.B. Oa the problem of a tuberculoid form of leishmantants. Yest,.ven. i dorm. 30 no.4:57-58 Jl-Ag 156. (MLRA 9:10) 1. Iz kafedr patologicheskoy anatomii i kozhno-venericheskikh bolezney Turkeaskogo neditainakogo institute* (ASH[ HABAD--IJI ISMJAII LAS IS) 6 KARIMOV, ShoM.; JRRSHOV, KA. A Gonseautive granulosse In lelshmentasim. vest-ven. I dorm. 30 no.5: 54 S-0 156. (MLRA 9-12) (LEISMUNIABIS) ERES I KO, Y. A. ERFSIKO, M. A. - "The Microflora of the Gell qnd the Clinic of Cole- cyst Angiocholitis.11 MinS Health Ukrainian SSR, Kiev Orddr of Labor Red Banner Med Inst imeni Academician A. A. Bogomolets, Kiev, 1956. (Disserta- tions for the Depree of Candidate in Medical Sciences.) KNIIZHNAYA LETOPIS No. 41, October 1956