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July 28, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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SOV/177-58-1-11/25 'Bone Fractures Caused by Marching best prophylaxis. "Deutschlaender's Disease" has been intensively studied by Robin and Tomson (1944), Ollonk- vist and K.N. Kochev. There is 1 photograph. Card 2/2 BRLIKH, Z.A. ~Mpitan mad. oluzhby I - ~, pifl I-PL-1 March fracturee. Voen. mad. zhur. (MITATARSUR, fract. march fract. In armed (AWD ?OrjCZS PMONNEL, march fract. (Rtu)) no.1:64-65 Ja 158. (MM 12:7) forces Personnel (Rus)) dia. 17( SOV/177-58-5-11/30 AUTHORS: Kheyker, M.I., Lieutenent-Colonel of the Medical Corps, Erlikh Z.A., Captain of the Medical Corps 9?ITLE: Prophylaxis of Traumatism Caused by Sports Activi- ties (0 profilaktike sportivnogo travmatizma) PERIODICAL: Voyenno-m editsinskiy zhurnal, 1958, Nr 5, Pp 52 - 54 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors base their article on clinical material covering injuries caused by sports activities (1952-1957) compared with the data of Kondratlyev, Kryachko and Landa "-Ref 1:;7. A total of 619 case histories of patien~a with serious injuries caused by sports activities were collected and evaluated. By analyzing the injuries, the authors ascertained certain regularities: seasonal prevalence of traumas caused by sports activities, their frequency in soldiers in the first year of service, more fre- quent injuries to the lower extremities, frequency Card 1/2 of bone damages, predominance of closed fractures. SOV/177-58-5-11/30 Prophylaxis of Traimatism Caused by Sports Activities The authors -stim up their results in the following con- clusions: 1) the percentage of injuries caused by sports activities is still very high. Causes and circumstances of these kinds of injuries are multi- form and must be combated by the joint efforts of physicians and commanders; 2) an analysis of injury due to sports activities shows that they may completely be eliminated by well-organized training, mass-sportG-measures and by well established-educ- ational work among the soldiers. There are 4 tables and 1 Soviet reference. Card 212 KOSTKF,VICH# V.K.t podpolkovnik meditsinskoy sluzhby; ERLM# Z.A.9-kapitan meditainBkoy sluzhbv Surgical approacb in perforated gostric and Auodenal ulcers. Voeno-med, zhur. no. 6:62-65 Je 160. (MIRA 13:7) (PEPTIC ULCER) EMIM. Z. A. (Captain of the Medical Service) ,-, --------- "Isolated Fractures of the StemmW1 VMnno-Meditsinskiy Zhurnal, No. 10, October 1961 SICHKARUK, I.A.,; I~B~ ~.-Jgs Kaliningrad) Diagnosis and arrest of hemorrhnge in hemophilia. Khirurgiia no.1103-56 161. (min 14:12) (EEKOPELIA) ERLIKH, Z.A... kapitan med.sluzhby mr ------- Isolated fractures of the stermum* Voene-med.zhur. no,10.*87 0 161. (MIRA 15335) (STEPMUS.-FRACTURE) ERLIKII, Z.A.__(Kishinev, ul. Dimov ds 140 kv, 33.) Intraosseaus osteoeynthesis by means of a quill in fractures of the tubular bones of the hand. Ortop., travm. i protez. 27 no* li 77-79 A 166 (MM 19 zi) 1. Tz travmatologicheakogo otdolaniya Kishinevskoy gorodskoy bollnitsy skoroy i neotlozlmoy neditsinskoy pomoshchi (glavnyy vrach V, Zhosan). Subuitted June 28, 1965- ,ERI,TKH-MELAMEDJ G.M,.j F1I.IPFOVV S.F. Remote control. system for limited conduct,,-,r lines of centralized traffic control in underground mines. Gor.zhur. no.8.50-52 165. ~MIRA 18:10) 1. KonstruktorBkoye byuro TSvetmstavtomatika. KRYUCHKOV, V.V.; FILIPPGVP S.F,;,,EPLIKH-MEI,AMh*D, G.M. Automatic control system fcr railroad signaling with the control or switches from the cabin or an electric traints engineers Gorozhurs no.803-55 Ag 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. Konstruktorskoye byuro TSvetmetavtomatika. SOV/124-58-1-376 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 1, p 45 (USSR) AUTHORS: Kudryashov, L. -1 T IT LE: Hydrodynamic Investigation of the Motion of a Gas in a Vertical Cylindrical Tower of Circular Cross Section in the Presence of a Twisting Velocity in the Gas Flow (Gidrodinamicheskoye issledova- niye dvizheniya gaza v vertikall noy tsilindricheskoy bashnye krug- logo secheniya pri nalichii skorosti zakruchivaniya v 8azovorn potoke) PERIODICAL: Sb. nauch. tr. Kuybyshevsk. industr. in-ta, 1955, Nr 5, pp 148-159 ABSTRACT: The author performed a hydrodynamic investigation of the motion of a twisting gas flow in a circular vertical cylindrical tower. The physical flow pattern is clarified. The tower contains a rarefaction zone in its axial portion and a zone of higher pressure along the wall. The location of the separation surface between the two zones depends on the Euler number. The authors have established that the influence of the wall and the finite height of the tower leads to a blurring of the rarefaction zone and a simultaneous reduction of the magnitude of the Card 1/2 absolute rarefaction. With a ratio