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IRMIGH, Stefan; TABINSKI. ZbIgniew Fros oldn transplantation in the treatment of large varicose log ulcers. Pols*ki prsogl. oh1r. 26 no.9:825-836 Sept 54. 1. Z Oddstalow Chirargiesnych Sspitala Misjoklego w Gliwieach. Ordynatorsyt dr. S.Irmich & dr. Z.Tabenski (TARiCOBB VkNS, ulcers surge skin grafts) (SKIN TWSPLANTATION free graft In there of varicose ulcers) ERMICH, Stefan; TABENSKI, Zbigniew ------- I Surgical indications in gastric and duodenal ulcers. Polski tygod. lek. 11 no.28:1252-1257 9 JulY 56. 1. Gliwice Plac volnosci 8/3. (PEPTIC ULCER, surgery. indic. (Pol)) TABENSKI, Zbigniew; MICH, Stefan Comparative evaluation of methods of treating myelitis. Polski przegl. chir. 28 no-11:1155-1161 Nov 56. 1. Z Oddzialow Chtrargicznych Stpitals Miejskiego w Gliwicach. I. Gliwice, pl. Wolnosel 8, m. 3. (MYELITIS, ther. penicillin & surge (Pol)) (PLMCILLIN, there use myelitis (POW ERMICH9 Stefan; ZAWISIAKp Miecsyslaw Acute inflamwtion of the tail of the pancreas. Polski przegl. chir. 33 no.7/9:974-975 161~ 1. Z Oddzialu Chirurgicsnego Ogolnego Szpitala Miejokiego w GliVicach Ordynatort dr S. Ermich. (PANCREATITIS) EMCH, Stefan; LEJAM, Maria; KANIEWICZ, Zbipniew Section of Oddils-sphincter. Pol. przerl. chir..35 no.-7/8- 806-807 .163. Z Oddzialu Chirurgli Ogolnej SzpItala Mlejuklego w Gliwicach Ordynator: dr S. EmIch. (VATERIS AMPULLA) (SURGhRY, DphTzxL,,j"T'l) -- ER41CII, Stefim, dr.;RUTK(X4SKI, Boleslaw, dr. -.- ~, I - S~I Diagnostic and prognostic value of tongue picture in acute abdominal diseases. Pol. przegl. chir. 37 no.2:103-109 F 165. 1. Z Oddzi-,Iu Chirurgicznego Ogolnego Szpitala Miejskiego w Gliwicach (Ordynator: dr. S. Emich) i z Oddzialu Anestezio- logiczneg j'zpitala Kiejskiego w Gliwicach (Ordynator: dr. B. Rutkowski). SHANIN# Yuvl*j BUMISTROVg N.I.1 BALYUZEKI Nurgery on the open heart with the kbiro 84 noolsl4-132 J& 160. (punSION Fm F.V.; MMLOVI N.I, Do Milrove appamtuaj Test, (MIU 13,10) (H&W)) 0 "fi60107M Rd,, CODE: ('1/0034/65/CM/001,/028A/0289 CC NR. rel AUTHOR: tyb1o, Ka (Engineer); ~rmin, Frantinpk; Plvoda, Petr (Graduate chemist); Kovarik los ORG: VZU NHKG VZKG. Ostrava TITLE: Determination of gases,, and oxygen articularly, by means of the instrument .,p exhalogr-ap-h--a--l SOURCE: Hutnicke listy, no 4 1965, 288-289 TOPIC TAGS: steel, aluminum, metal chemical analysis, laboratory instrument ABSTRACT: The instrument is supplied by Balzers of Lioohtenstein. 1)6676i~ipfion of the instrument is given, Operation of the apparatus is described, The results are reproducible, and obtained in 3 minutes. In samples of steel stilled with Al (UP to 0#05% Al) the time required is 5-6 minutes; when 0.5 Al is.presbnt the time needed is 10-12 minutes* At higher Al oontents, up to 20 minutes is needed for the analysis. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 1 table. [Mis] SUB CODE: 11j 07 / SUBM DATEt none / OTH RM 006 () I-K k*d 14014144 CUIPMOS hom Low-; 0". r(.-) wratiomfl and Mid of the catbidak am dtwrilml.. to an Y~z lort methcKla Urard ~1 for (Ito' it. fdontilleatlon, id Vanadium OWOWWOM found to; stabilito sooner molybdenum 0"', similar cum. I)ogitions.: 'rho mode of carbide stabilizati.01. described on he basis -if data, obtnirv~d In exparimmm virried out In tho~ go 50C~8501 0. ov r rriodn of 6000A 25,M Isr.::2. ROVY P., prof.; ERMOLAEV, IV.; KOUROVA, M.; KIHIISTOV, G.; STOIMESOVA, St.1 ; NEDEVA, D. Molybdenum as microfertilizar in Bulgaria. Selskostop nauka 2 no.91ll53-1160 ArtJ3p_yjtici-,-,z tion oil ixoder. ccrstructicm.:. 139. P,T.rLC,"MH,',3KA'U NAUKA. L LS~R'f N I Zinatral ~i, Latvizi, 3j 1.957. ..cnUly li:ft w' 195,Y. n c I n . BELYAKOVY G. (Riga)- BM-04-MErmusa, N.] (Riga); KALNINISH, A. [Kalnins, A.I('Riga) Possibilities of utilizing pitch-hydrophobized sand. Vestis Latv ak no.3385-90 161. (EM 10-9) 1. Akademiya nauk Iatviyokoy SSR, Institut lesokhozaystvennykh problem i khimii dreveeiny. (Concrete) (Sand) EMWWSHL_ N. [Ermuoa, N. ] Now developments in the field of wood protection. Vestia Ietv ak no.9: 139-140 161. GROMOV, V.S., kand. khim. nauk, otv. red.; DOI-BUAG, G.E., kand. khim. nauk, red.; IYEVIPSII, I.K.[Ievins, I.], kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; YALII-:INA, V.K.[Kalnina, V.1, kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; RUPAYS, Ye.A.[Rupais, E.], kand. khim. muk, red.; SERGEYEVA, V.N.p doktor khim. naukp red.; aCUSH, N.A .[Ermus, N.3p st. naucim. sotr., red.; YUEIIA, A.D.[Jukna., A.], kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; LEVI,S., red.; SHUR1111K, Ch., red. [Chemical processing and preserving of woodl Khimiche- skaia pererabotka i zashchita dr(vosiny. Riga, Izd-vo All Latv.SSR, 1964. 238 P. (MIRA 1. Latvijas Padomju Socialistiskis Republikas Zinatnu Akaeemija. 2. Institut khimii drevesiny Ali Latviyskoy SSR (for Gromov, Sergeyeval Ermush). S~mthcw~mcin Jan/Feb 52 "Dermatitis Produced by Synthomycin," A. V. Xrmyan, Moscow Clinical Hosp, of Infectious Dis- eases. "Vest Ve.nerol i Dermstol" No 1, p 51 Synthoiycin, a synthetic prepn identical with the antibiotic chloromycetin, is being used in othe treatment of typhus, typhoid,-and dysentery. Author describes the reaction to this drug ob- served in various cases. Predominating reactions after the injection of synthomyocin were skin eruption resembling the rash of measles., itching of the epidermis, formation of papules over the body and extremities, erythemia. with s2uptme of wasles, headache, and general ves an upon an application of synthomycin pazte removal of the dressing revealed papules and itching. Tu the author's experience, these symptoms disappear vithi:a 48 hours after diseontim:;ation of the synthawycin treatment. 222T16 ,;, C, ^4 I . ARN, 0. S. Practical vork In preparing @oil mixtures and peat-hwous pots. Biol.v, shkole no*2:87-89 Mr-Ap 157# KU 10:5) 1.0helyabinskly pedagogichookly institut. (Vegetable gardening-Study and teaching) ME,-O.-S, - -, Pupils' experimentation in raising corn. Biol.v shkole no.Z: 60-61 Xr-Ap 160. (MDA 13:8) 1. Chelyabinslacy pedagogioheakiy institut. (Corn (Maize)) E1125TOPALOVA, TJf.; R-141, I).V. Ceramic products on a base of clay from ncw depozilt- 'In Trl-n5-- carpathia. Strol. mat., det. I J.zd rin. 22115-1~-3 165 NTRA 291l) 1. Llvovskly filial Gosudaretvennogn naucluio-issledovatell- skogo Anstituta BtroitelInykh materialov 1. Irdelly. R/009/60/000/007/0r)2/003 A124/AO26 AUTHOR: Ern, Sergiu, Engineer TITLE: The Study and the General Diagram for the Selection of Operating Conditions of Automatic Submerged-Ara Welding d PERIODICAL: Metalurgia pi Construc~ia de Mapini, 1960, No. 7, pp. 659 - 66.3 TEM Subject article analyses the main, secondary and accidental elementB and phenomena which interfere with the thermo-electric welding process. Some of these elements can be mathematically determined, but the others are difficult to be appreciated. The author also deduces a semi-empiric formula for the value of the welding current, graphically represented in a general diagram, which has to contain all elements necessary for the welding conditions. The main elements of the automatic welding Rrocess, i.e., thickness of the sheet in mm (t); area of the welding wire in mm~4, (q); area of the section of the material deposed in MM2, (S); unwinding speed of the wire in m1h (vd); welding speed in M/h, (vs); intensity of the welding current in amp M- welding tension in v (U); and specific weight of the steel = 7.8 g/c~~ (y): are shown in Figure 1. Between S, q, vd and vs there is a relation, which can be expressed by (1), or for the gen- Card 1/3 R/009/60/000/007/002/003 A124/AO26 The Study and the General Diagram for the Selection of Operating Conditions of Automatic Submerged-Are Welding eral diagram by (2). The caloric effect can be computed by the relation K - U-I (7). Accomplishing weldings of different sections (S) with 2.5q - vd wires of different thicknesses (q), and measuring U and 1, It has been estab- lished that the value of K varies between 7.5 and 12, and presents a discontinu- ity against q - vd because of the necessity to vary the tension. The K/U ratio presents a continuous variation being a function of q - vd, since I on the other hand is a function of these 2 factors. The welding current (I) is given in case of a d-c current of 140 - 500 amp by the relation (8), and in case of an a-c current of 224 - 800 amp by the relation (9). The d-c current is composed of the interval (10), and the a-c current of the interval (11). The relations (10) and (11) are represented graphically for the selection of the welding conditions. the total quantity of the heat developed is not a continuous proportion with the quantity of the heat necessary for the melting of the wire at 1,4000C. This fact is due to the variation of the welding tension, which is a function of the value of S. The relation q - vd - Svs (12) determines by Its left side, accord- Card 2/3 R/009/60/000/007/002/003 A124/AO26 The Study and the General Diagram for the Selection of Operating Conditions of Automatic Submerged-Arc Welding ing to (10) and (11), the welding current, and by its right side the tension U - f(S). The welding speed (v,) has no direct influence on current and tensicrL The control of the welding current is very important. It has beal established that a relation exists between t, S and U: S = f(t), and U = f(3). A feir sug- gestions are made for the treatment of the sheets before the welding operation. The quality of the automatic 'aify performed welding seams depends on the correct assembly and cleanness of the sheets. The author then finally presents a dia- gram for the selection of the welding conditions, which quickly supplies the equilibrium solutions of the seven main elements. The general diagram has been established for the Soviet "TS-17 MU" apparatus, but It can be easily adapted to any other apparatus by notating on the coordinates vd and vs the divisions of the respective apparatus. There are 3 tables and 4 figures. Card 3/3 dcs 1 if'~. '10 TWA, usuce monaculture on the dim bution and nttrogen-firatlan ac-, tivity of Axotobacter hi sod-Padtallsad sails. Nt. V. Rrloroy and A. Rmandes, rifflir3vt1r. SWAVkhos. AGAkad, No- 8). 144-56.-Prolong,:d, application (mort than 40 yrs.) of different cornbinationi of org. and mineral f"filizers show that ff-anure alone or in combination with N-P-K mineral fertilizers stirnulatc3 Azo - Nickr activity. Mineral ferilliur alorie, especially K salts, depress" the activity. - Cotitiatious monoculture nko deETssrs the Azaab"Irr activity. Pbldoisitkal Paperiks of weakened and strOW Avg*. 6),bQ9tfC CaftrOm glow (vom OW4ed podcols. M. V. Fedo- my.and A-, Etwanacs. Milr**dk9iy4 Z4, 17"IOM).- A. fArom"ACCOM in sodded podtal luk pby" wU I too Thy. especially In N fixatim. The, yet" of M10 tim gas MWO tkir activity; the N fimation YOM lamed gas at vated, but am mdlly reaeflwated by, read autolyvatc, or hay lnfwkw sad 9so by rwof(mal cleated trm ft Wh as UO and 13. Lack 4 ;Iw deteut, WAY em be the weake*j factor In podgo4 or it rasy be - thlAt P3d=b contain faltibitors of the growth-sthnulating f acdoci of t autolyzate and trace elernents. perhaps due to sou = or lack of carboh cc nutrients. In any can IM emayaw system for N = is evidently excep. OmIly lemalti" to Inactinting Insumm. F. R. GSWH=, I.M. j ERNANW, L.P. Autowaticomtfol of heat-treating furnaces on a programed operatiov- * Met4LUurg 6 no.8:29-31 Ag 161. (MA 14:8) 1. Nauchno-iosledovatellakiy institut matimoy promyshlennosti. (Furnaces, Beat-treating) (Automatic control) nnZIROV, 2. TU. Regeneration of the root system in apple trees. Izv. AN Uz. SSR no.5:17-24 156. (MIRA 12:5) (Regeneration (Botany)) (Roots (Botany)) (Apple) FMMT Aleksander On synthetic plant grovth substance derivatives of p-hydroxy- benzophenone. Roca chemii 36 no.5:921-928 162. 1. Department of General Chemistry,, College of Agriculture, Krakow, ACC UR,.-AP6023858 SOURCE CODEs UR/OiOB/66/021/007/0044/0051 AUTHOR i5vne NOM (Budapest) ORGt none TITLE: Methods of information transmission by the codes that carry information plus address or address on]7y . i SOURCE: Radlotekhnika, V. 21, no. 7, 1966, 44-51 TOPIC TAGS: electronic automatic telephone system, information transmission 5" \ 'AX;-SS-t(3v) %10- 4,11ved in synchronizing a large number of channelB,, ABSTRACT: Extreme difficulties invo in a pulse-code-modulation signal transmission system, are explained. A nonsyndhroni- zation system is suggested In which, at the sending end, a code group rk that has arisen as a result of testing k-th input is supplemented by an fladdress codeff; the latter is a code group pf that corresponds to the f-th output, the addressee output. The length of the address group depends on the number of channels used; for * a 10023--channel trunk, a 19-bit code word is required. Thus, the number of bits is 2.4 times as high as that required for the synchronized system; however, the latter is practically not feasible for such a large number of channels. To reduce the L2 I c..rd 1/ 2 UDCt 621. ERNE, K. ~ I '"W"AMWIGI. "Sowing maize with soybeans". P. 59 (1,1,ezhduna Rodnyi Selskokhoziaistvennyi Zhurnal, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1958" Sofia, Bulgaria). !.Ionthl,,,- Index of East European Accessions (MAI) LC, Vol. 7, No. 12, Dec. 58. LIBKOVA, H.; BLASKOVIC. D.; VILCIK, J.; RXJACZX, J.; GRZSIKOVA, K.; K&CICKA.O.. 1AR , J.# MAYER, V. Incidenge of antibodies against tick-borne encephalitis virus in man and domestic animals in a small village in a natural focus of infection. J.hyg.epidem., Praha 4 no-3:327-332 160. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Acadeuq of Sciences, Bratislava. (INC19PHATITI3,11PIMIC immunol.) LIBIKOVA, H.; ALBRECHT, Diagnostic horse serum and gama-globul-in against viruses of the tick- borne encephalitis (TE) complex. Acta virol.Ehgl.Ed.?raha 5 no.4:262 Ji 161. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Lcadww of Sciences, Bratisl&va. (ENCEPHALITIS EPIDEMIC immunol) (IMMUNE SERUMS) (GAMMA GLOB151IN) NOSEK, J.; WA=, J.; EMIEK, -E.; GRPSIXOVA, M. The Importance of smaU vertebrates as reservoirs of tick encephalitis viruses in a natural focus in the area of Zlate Moravce. Cesk. epiden. U no.6:381-385 N 162,, 1. Virologicky ustav CSAV v Bratislave. (ENCEPHALITIS EPIDEMIC) (ENGETHIALITIS VIRUSES) (VERTEBRATPZ) CZECHOSLOVAKIA ,E EK_ E-, MACICKA, 0. and ILLES, J. [Virology Institute of CSAV, Bratislava.'~ M: _ J "[Tick-Borne Encephalitis Part) 6. Epizootic Situation Among Domestic Animals." Bratislava, Biologicke Prace, Vol 8, No 9, 1962; pp 52-58. Abstract rEnglish summary modified]: Data on contagious diseases in domestic animals in the district Zlace Moravce 1954-1960 and serologic epidemiologir, study of Q-fever, brucellosis, toxoplasmosis and leptospirosis. Epizootic conditions are considered favorable to reliable vaccination campaign in this area against tick-borne encephalitis. Three tables. CZECHOSLOVAKIA BLASKOVIC, D., LIBIKOVA, H., ERNEK, E GRESIKOVA, M., MACICKA, 0., VILOEK, J., IMAYER, V. and REHACEK, J.; [Virologic Institute of CSAV, Bratislava.] "[Tick-Borne Encephalitis. Part]9. Planning and Actual Implementation of the Vaccination." Bratislava, Biologicke Prace, Vol 8, No 9, 1962; pp 66-75. Abstract [English summary modifiedj : D.t., on seroiogic diagnosis before and after vaccination in 500 cows, 500 sheep and 500 goats. Both as regards immunogenicity and absolute cost, tne iive v.ccinu is superior to the formolized one and the only minor but important advantage of the inactivated one was its satety. Five tables. CZECHOSLOVAKIA GRESIKOVA, M. and-ERNEK, _E._- f Virology Institute of CSAV, Bratislava.j Tick-Borne Encephalitis Part) 11. Transplacental Transmission of the Antibodies in Vaccinated Domestic Animals." Bratislava, RjRja~;j~ Prace, Vol 8, No 9. 1962; pp 94-99. Lkstr t [English summary modified]: Both live and formalized vaccine Ac_ against tick-borne encephalitis and louping ill cross the placenta in cattle but the percentage of protected calves varies from 18.6 to 75%. Five tables. 1/1 NOSEKI J.; KOZUCHj 0.; LICHARD, E.; ALBRECHT, P. j-_ 1xperimental infection of the great dormAmes (GliB glis) wi* tick-borne encephaUtts virus. Acts. virol. 7 no.4*-374-376 J1 163. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava. (TICKS) (EMEPHALITIS) KOZUCH, 0.; NOSEK, J.; ERNEK, E.; LICHARD, M.; ALBRECHT, P. tiAl-borne Persistence of encephalitis virus in hibernating hedgehoge and dormice. Acts. virol. (Praha)[Eng] 7 no.5:430-433 S 163. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava. (ENCEPHALITIS, EPIDEKIC) (ZOONOSES) (HIBERNATION) ERNEKp E.; KCZUCH, 0.- LICHARD, M.; NOSEK, J.; ALBRECHT, P. 0 Experimental infection of Clethrionmys glareolus and Apodemua flavicalliB with tick-borne encephalitis virus. Acta virol. (Praha)(Eng] 7 noo5t434-436 S 163. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Acadeny of Sciencesi Bratislava. (ENCEPHaITIS, EPIDEMIC) LIBIKOVAJ, H.; MAYER, V.; REHACEK, J-; KOZUCH, O.j ERNEK, E.; ALBRECHT, P.j ZEMLA, J. I .". Study of cytopathic(agents isolated from Ixodes persulcatus ticks. Acta virol. Praha)(Eng) 7 no.53475 S 163. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Acadeny of Sciences, Bratislava. (VIRUSES) (TICKS) CHUMAKOV, M.P.; KARPOVIGH, L.G.; SATOLCOVA, Ye.S.; SERGEYE-T.A., G.I.; BYCHKOVA, M.V.; TAPUPERE, V 0.; L1TffK(F1A, Ye.O.; )'a,- .YjC-rO V.; R=GACM,. 11. (Rahacckp R.i; KOZMMI~ 3. [Kozzuch, b.]; ERNEXpE. Isolating from the tick Ixodea persulcatus and from sick persons in Western Siberia a virus differing from the pathogen of tick- borne encephalitis. Vop. virus. 8 no.1:98-99 Ja-F'63. (MIRA 16:6) (VIRUSES) (El'ICEPHALITIS-IIICROBIOLOGY) LIBIKOVA, H.; GRESIKOVA, M.; RERACEK, J.; ERNEK, E.; NOSEK, J. qw=ummmmw Imminological surveys on natural foci of tick encephalitis. Bratiol. lek. liatY 43 no.1:40-53 163, 1. Virologicky ustav CSAV v Bratislave, riaditel akademik D. Blaskovic. (ENCEPHALITIS, EPIDEMIC) (ARBORVIRUS INFECTIONS) (NEUTRALIZATION TESTS) (ANTIBODIES) LIEIKOVA;H.- j~u&: In t Pr a [I ...fl . LIBIKOVAt H., REHACEK,,J.; GRESIKOVA, K.; KOZUCH,O.; SOMOGYIOVA,J. Ernek, E. Cytopathic viruses isolated from ixodes ricinus ticks in Czechoslovakia. Acts. virol (Praha) [FhglJ 8 no.lt96 Ja'64. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislavas LIDIKOVAI H.; MAYE'R, V.; KOZUCH, 0.; REIIACEK, J.; P'RNFXJI E., ALBRECHT. P. Isolation from Ixodes paroulcatus ticks of cytopathic agents (Kemerovo virus) d1ofering from tick-borne encephalitis virus and some of their properties. Acta virol. (Praha) [Eng.] 8 no.4:289-301 J1 164. 1. institu e of Virology, Czechoslovak Acader!5, of Sciences, Bratislave. E~IEK., E.; LICHARD, M. Role of the Raglish sparrow (Passer domeaticus) in the circula- tion of tick-borne encephalitis virus. J. h7g. epidem. (Praha) 8 no.3s,375-379 164 1. Institute of Vlrologyv Gzeohoslov-ak Anademy of Scienceir., Bratislava. t'ld .7 (;T, t h r) I~y 9 20 St .td, r ERNEY, Oyorgy New nomenclatia-u of peitr vheel-~. S'.,.abv,,tny k07.1 13 no.7:158-160 31 161. ERNEY, Gyorgy, oklevelea gepeszmernok Comparing the precision atandardq of up-to-date cylindrical cogwheels. Gep 16 no.11t415-424 N 164. 11NDIRL. V.1.; ERNF..)T, B.M. Use of analyticity conditions of the scattering amplitude in determining the coupling constant. Dokl. i soob. UzhGU. Ser. fiz.-mat. i Ist. nauk no.5x14-16 162. (M:RA 17.9) JELEA, Al,; ERNEST, Ilie; FIRVU, V.; HUTA, M.; DIACONU, J. Contributions to the study of trypsin treatment in bronchopulmonary disease. Rumanian mod. rev. no.2:25-28 162. (TRYPSIN) (LUNG DISEASES) JELEAp Al jr EMST Ilio, dr.; PIRVUp V., dr.; MA) M., dr, 1AGOR, Z.F ifitern Contributions to the study of trypsin therapy in bronchopulmonary diseases. Med. intern. 14 no.1:67-72 Ja 162. 1. Lucrare efectuata, in Institutul de medicina interns al Academiei R.P.R. si M.S.P.S., director: acad. N.Gh. Lupu. (LUNG DISEASES thera y) (BRONCHI diseases) (TRYPHNS therapy) CAPSK, A.; TADRA, M.; KAKAG, B.; BANLST, I.; IRIOTIVA, III. Microbiological transformation of derivatives of hemihyylronaphthoi~ acid. Folia microbiol. 7 no.4t253-254 162. 1. In3tituto of Pliprmey und Biochemistry, Prague 3. (NAPHTHAMIES - metabolism) (LACTOMES - metabolioni) (FUNGI - metabolism) (ACTINOMYCES - metabolism) ERNEST, I; JfLEK, 0; VEJDtL'EK, Z; PROTIVAt M. r-- Czechoslovakia Research Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry -- Pre.gue - (for all) Fra 'e, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications, .jV$No 4, 1963, FP-107T--n75- "Synthetic Experiments in the Group of Hypotensively Active Alkloides XXVI. On Some New (-)-Methyl- Reserpate-Eater.11 MEST, I.1 KAKAC,B.1 PROTIVA,H. Synthetic experimenta In the group of active hypotansive al- kaloids. Pt.31. Coll Cz Chem 29 no.lt251-265 Ja'64. 1. Forschungainatitut fur Pharmazie und Biochemiep Prag. 1 44. ;.Q, 1.1 3 Acl tm Volit-th I - 3 1.1 ... m.m. O1 I y, wit, N Im, - S1011 I I W. Alto 111ARAPi'm III it It I, VI I Ili III M. % W1 I , AO .J the Mt( it 1 0 Iull,IK It It .,,I AK'A .6 1 e~ ~J- go . It t l~oh AgAll. SAvr 1.11fil '111vt It "a, 111.11.01-1 1.- . .... .. 1 111,1. 1,111 Moll. Iml Ill,. -11, t 1-21011.111 .'1, . M 1 11-11 4tv). OR, IV milair (jortiml frous Ilie Imi.sle %s.i Oic chl--co-Ir so-I AsOM-) t1mviollil. at RK) ~Nxl' Io 3-11irt 11~ j4plillsOulpir I V h 170 K."; piclate. 1w ='A"; dal-w-n-I mc-aW. tit t (mmetl .1 '1111.1"1t ~wmple AVII of 11. lt-mj, wt 1-11111c"ItIl Ila(0111'. 111411. of the Ma .1110 CO,aml -hakinic ith ASAI, Avuh(w4lim with IWAv. and . JI'll rhe ;Itvtdte rVIAle"I Ill 11 (pICINI. via the difloW.- mil hVdImuirl WHIM on -TV ,JV-i,:I In. 1110'.1mismos. 11,11 Vill, t-,. al," 11.* 1111 IV, Ilke it, . Its 'W Vil %IMI" 1110 olot . .,.Y. io ItO.%v) 6.11,mf V 1 11 Noll fills.( of ill. loppisoallon of J vialfiquinuclidine I It, .1 64,dwx I I Alm I"mommool 13, J'J'j 34 OW'diOn Fmichl 'Ill.. vfltltt-%It (of 342-hortiffityrthylit yalowit'lodlaw (if ~11. k hyd". I -n sIf 1 '), door rothet Mon Ills. :4..illvl ifwti~, TO Nac jell (ft'san C. NA find Cliff in *,Ill, qv liqlAw Nil,) WAS alld"I Uu quinochtline in M? "-. Flit). atilt after evalin. of the Nil I And devvinflan. with .100, cv. a6lifirtl kv watirr, the pmlucl *~I% 11m.1p sell; sit.) r%l,l fill Clict. livi on rem w I 'I file rol"114,44 vfvol~;I. lint. "1 1,0142" , I-.ti it I IM tult I tit 10 M, 1-*14 Ill Ilifill.. m m, .4 ,-it mlf~ :te'. INS V.Wfl. M 41191 Y10.1'..1 .1 Ihvl.l tills. ", I tit f.,. P" .,Joe. Its of :.'.14A ff~ It of Noill- Vitill 101itil C1111-1- If -it 41111. 111"MM-41M 2511. 1-11 C.C8 ).. Irm". .1 "t 014 .Is C-It. m1.1 .111,11111'alml "1 I W.1 0. of 2 v) J A'.0-0 I IV). 11, ?of to I "'. its 1.": $1. IV [-,4 f% A I-t-i m - -A-A w1w %fill a Ill"i .4st, 4 Stiff its A.4111 bw L'hr. of &~ 5% tf,e r,tck-_I so to, &0. hr If.111HAI .fill;- heot~l L h- ~vth lit) g- KOAc its 7N) ec. ArMl, ill r Kltr And AMU trommi, the vr,ohiv mtlux~l ~with MMIV. KOJI W011, (tit .4~~ut ftftw%rd. the firshfur fliS- .4%r,l tit 110P, cold "fill C110'. fill, Cit. 11tini, CV14I.I.. ,md file fem4lial -mil. CL!79 0 ) lliq..Ivt-fl lit C.)I, "$ill mri ASA).. so,me ...154: hoolftorwLAW 4-Ni-11.41.60011 (Vi, 5' irill.lit, In. ILI 3 5 rto-.e, IVI,. .4 IM 2'). IA.I,t 11,41411o'. Iliff2i'muf the 'is 11'. ti'lal'.ill fit 1 14 fill Il'i it I'll$, 0-0-1 1110, ... If wol fg~oov 7 1 0 1 1 I .. ...... p.11, 1.1 MiNle 0.1"I J-p-. It,., orullw If,, 0 1'0. W', -0~ lWol'.61.11's of file %4vvl)l .1~am it., "t .4, Al, Alul file W- l1... Wl .,If 4 It,- d, Life file pl.falf. m Ut. M .;4 , ".I. (Vill WAS plef.1 . m GO v, lorm"t 3 hm to INI' %%ill 10,v v-~A M.1- iti-mg4viiV1. l(0.X%X ItirmO I hi-it It.`.' ma-ded (tit., vtilh Ill cr. conal. IICI It it -- 3 ~ :, hl- 1A W i-cqa~ lodille (Vill) "S file J.'. "ite. m 5 1.,0*1 flit I in r..4 Illem. of". '11.1kci. .1111 LIA J-f .1 litirm., 111" ;it, w .,It, Poll mg fi-My C", 4;. Aud .1-1 figg. Mr: 'I'Med, file I'll%[ ill. iL, is I" t,,( 11 h,,. '4114 Ih, 1--, p1d I#b ),#At. '111.1 dri.-I 4 m'. Its. L ... ... .1111. jti% lilt .Sill It'll "I lit, It fit- 1 1'.11 1, fit lilt .4 th. A I Imstmoc I tit lo,. m A.0111 J. b...111A V, lit, ..1 Im )" .. 1". 1-111, h. all. If 6--8h W ly.. I'd, ft- tiff'. Ilk. Iti; 's . if I I)'. Vill 5 Is- .,it, I-.i, ,. 141% KIIII in MrOll, SlWim-41,14 . ..... I .$1l1 ISO an4 lwf~ pwrale, no WO 4 ffir ~44 ofi Vi 114111ki'l KI-1.1 11A OF, mUdWo. 1. ligntrat (Tech. Uum. P,ague), Colkvi" VA. CAoss. Comowisai. 15. 410-IM (ltk*4)Xln English): cf. C.A. 45. UlAt 342 hv- Altuximthi0quinuclklitu, (C.A. 43. 3M.-4) is heutrd 30 min. with and PbSO~11, 3-tchylidenequinuctidine ,0) Am* is fortned, but it the himsfing is sbwttr, a mist. of I d 14mytPimadidim M femits, TSM meet apd, by M iatusl=. .10. mylpl..... Tb. *..,. f.,d an immom adat. U. WaWated 6va the add ityphnate, be SO' (bath tmp.). df* O-OW. *V LOW, Or-. - m ft "tv'k. IN; 7'. 11- -f-1-1 -0-111 -- Affirl 1101imm - , % I - - %) I ) I - 119 of Wa(Masa befts") aria cWk adih,. 'Ax~ d jiff 11"Frius" (Ttvh- Ville, Produe., cort-h ) VAWW 61v*- 1W 41mN11111111 with CIO, 4nalild ctrifil dilivilmrN 4 k onsviiii"Oh. .t+l .1 Tkf p"19d. by rrfiu%iag ?,W I. 1A - *11h2110 I-CL zylew .1ripe'll ON the xylosop aild poC4 , W.I.. and dives. 16- 1 d-7g.bvr-p?*7a "I"); mJ61" Yielded &9 1, 1. b,4 Mt. 134- tA SOT' "WIPIPY file ishnitide. t% 114-liSi with irck (CIUM)'. clucifcoalh Mck MM I with a A-law. r- of MW treated 010 Wdisw liviceirs), 11 Ill' 2.84"16110~ ione (M-2A4 x4loscalcWto. ), New I "Y,*Ytk-v-fd-. Probably the, to-h0ellit (9), Few I-Aid MA be Isliksod, by di"g, ag 11W ri,on at films Irml, f1hrr (it divat"Impril .). but lie logn, I" Col 11181from 1011. C 1,(CllLCWI 1. was $14w, fit h, fit'lls oilk,$ M. d3 AS% at ION'. W. yr k"r oil. A,Tlv~ IMP% stable It$ C6110, 11 (it it,) *Jib llt!l Ill am 1,11. 8,541, (Irtit" H1011). M (a g.) save alwAirl 2 M. 73-W Pit after rMysto, (tom, 1%2 Uit ~4,4r-,Irtbtf mist.). III (I a.) treated with 13 mi. Z% ... 1" 46 mi. ilkasno at v*-TU1 to tile lic""m W g~a slit. 10% AsN% and the dkillans 461d 44 after 46 win love R4 0 1,111w6mido. bit I710-at (174-h' *flee Fftlysip. IrOM lit"Ill. hV11001YMI 10 the bold, IV (MM lf~) With 110 1" 71) on). riber yieldrd 11.0 C. (Vill "WkAo m, ll*.,** (Invu Ktoll.EMAc). nw wdis" wutwos wora Armnsipl. Ily felluxi"s "i1b t%nw A=tA a Cut, In C.16 13 jorro. from 0 f. (C4114.0tilo! W 2 1. W4 %as 190UPA41 a WIN. With 9 N- UMO, the NOW. Mlrvd. #V*Pd- I" 1w) wj., the rtshvins nutesial trintwed. =W obe Akrate 38 cip I V inlawitogrpiml over Ahck. rivIdIng 0. a. (V6114 ftwolial and 3 undellited fractJocis to etber (0, sliff,l *Od WWI 0.721 g.j. No cyrW lictow w0 Plitaklood. III (p gj #joilipidy, tilive 1).I lb g. C41ij tfacilm sod 0.170 v. volkia, ober haelkin, JU CjII* frocibm yUlded the blit. %%. W 40(decumpo-Wrtn" Pcoll-C.14N) of Kalil" sk- i it , "IT. comet), of (clisalAxXII *)I pcvjpd. ("M (cit coc .16) gave no individual ketoor ou chromatography- IV I 1wel"I. title" 2 9 11, 1) In 230 all. CJ14 low refluvrd 3 his, with 3 a. Cut). tlw COO retooled, the soln. ev other. the ro-bilas- PP4 - 10 tol , irrAird with 2111) mi 1=41 a. the Altraw vvalv3.. and the re-Mait v0d. with etiarr, yicmhtg I g. of a skupy material which on ch"Makwaphy .,Ytr A" No. 2 love 11 1 S. C4110 (iodine and 0.044 g. rthor fmctim (tin ividividual itiotte). The Wit hactim virki"I by antAll" thnnnotivropliv over AV)* No, I o1l7h cA bk-(2.4. 2W (.1r.'amilri I (f"Ms IlWIjk*t 41- CA AUylk FIBILITANOMMt. Ivan-juncAl" I 1"Vil Prague, circh.). CAM ti,t.v 40. V4 (W R ll)-%, --A .,th 73 r,f~mrwm ,711 V"ItAY!"Ick Rua clacm" CAS&I from Phefixue x Cl at of) In kn over-all lyltlcl Ot 28% by t a c se umice a reartlansr a- - the obtalued bj , 11cl at Of to PUCH:CHo g4vt,, by Alrutloff~ .,44)t XWONOOMC (M) w7wh %vu, tranAtonam to j!f-%NC4HjCfj(OAcMe FV b 4 :to P-O&NC%IIjCHUtOH (V). sn4 ox'PM to trfllcl; copyttslon ci III to I Was not jum-ewal. MW wda.! ttkil'ZA IV to I gave'low 114. c fisr VI) wa I 3 the ultrallon of PhCllBr trtUke SH&MI). It HN4 (d.- 1.3) lp" M.' -n. 48-04 (the ~,;elds for X m Q and Be wwre 39.1 and 42 mop.). Refluxing I C. M, I VIOAC 2 g. area in lam, traditig the rtddue vi 14C. nig. with Rt lend,=. thq Wo. gave 0.9 j. (301 J IV, cook. M. IV44e), Obtained hm 11r, ~diJ IT(22 V heated 21wo. at GO-t4th 10 KO, SIJ 631 Icatted. 0%luiddliml 160 (30 ukk4 to 300 hNO. U. I 'BrAl"tt i,- qiP gave I flit, 14, (fto HOW, H ~'Hdfaut V XcU. B.. Pradva. M., Hudil4ky. M., Emest. ia4 Laboratoirfil fecbnikA organickli chriffttr'. rugue. Nak. CSAV. 1954. 750 pp. Ws 80. Re- and Gut, J.,- Orimnic Cho s r7 Omtorl Techniques Publighl CSAV. Tnr.' 96- ROVLOWed In GhGM. L,,t,49, 14,5(lir4 Men it dij q ~1,1, by 1) 11 fln it n, - D- lie pteparathin Of hiAlter boxylic 40, %.,L" 1-twil. 0 a E C R ~t ;u!.Fi); . 1.7, 1 (in f. C-1. 46, 7(kM --CtC0jCjj!).C0. El (1) t,(-t o Nimicn(cil.). (11) OwAtt.,11111m. of Wlich ivilh 010ga~e ;CfluQ- (it - 2AIA)) ylelAeil mit 11"Aloly"rul (ii 1.1w IV ',it mr, it 1114,1tinetl to (lit c'-firsil ... [clKi-SCH, ciWSXU,0,C0A?fjj~ (VI) the. de-milikirajou ,f Which with-, Ralley M g;jvu. jh kvll)~ (C-TIOX0011i (VIII) were obtolmd fr,-m VII by alL hy. drolpii. Rviluxing V (it - A'.1 (if) min. with 2570 uq, Nil; gave pyriol W. acid (IX), in. IW-00.5' (from IfO). I wr, lircrl. hy he;ttiug the cmmly,nding acid- c cAm with c!:c,-::s SOU (it, and ty.ii. art given): 0. U29.6- 30.5,; 1, b,. 00 _11M.V; 21 ty, $O-Sxr; 31 111, 3.5% 4, bm, 117% -5, bi 117 W; S, th 1,18-51 . Addwg OA inole I In 2(V. ml. LID during 60 mixi. cit W 0 a soin. of QJ-0,36-~ mol- CH-N~ (prepd. from 42 g. NVICONNI[C'NO) in Bt,o, zilluit,ing 4c) stand M-W min. at morn tcm.),, and diitg. off D,O, in varmo, at 30 y elded ~cljj. of 11 r NICHCOCCMU WLtA liciWed lit 6970, Yi!!I,l fly CrAing th~ s-In. to ZOO ail. vol.) to - 1P, cit. Tit, hrimolopli5 1.1 ;i,re eval)(J., rlk~)Jvcrl in EW to 50-70 ral., the -;olim dild. I, id) 114t, 1,50 3111. and di3W. in racur to I he tirigili'd V~,[. lit-p.mins: this -action 5uh,tiEuttl C,,ffs for Et~O,-M Oc sobis. thU3 obtaiucd Illra) lilt un-itIM" .~tal);K 141,64, fm~'!, X10-111) mint.). Mt,-J.ig f-if the Clio, :t~.O cvapg. die in lactio ga,.t- cru.)f crymt, ror it c. First crops %~trc fly riltration, aflarif. cmps 1,y -CIlY11nJAt0gr ',it->' 'If (tic mother liquori. R~stllt., of [he prepit, Vf fit arc as follows; n, (kistil .11 1) ill %, In.p. (flovil pI-tr. Ober): 0. 2.2. 133 4.5,; 1, 11.9, 10) 7, (from C.M. FOM); .1, 20,4,62 3, Ill. lit- A:~A. 1,1 lit In. '-,2t, de- k-nitim.1; 4, t%~ A.:;` (dievitur, lit. 118*; 6is-Y:-:1ra- 16V ((Ictinnim ); 5, MA, W.5-2'; '4;1. 7-5.5' in. 144 2', dtmilpil.). lit V;~.ti Ilvdfopmaltil ill FOII-C,11. Solo. ~Rt I Win., 2W, ulid 5% Ill-CaM. .24 mulei 11 per MOL '11 was Tbe following IV are prepti. (ij, yiOrtj in 0', wirt m.p. given): 3, 7119, 20% 4, 65-R, 510!1 :1;; !. 649.7, 46.3 h*; Y, 84.13, f)7-9'. 11cating IV- with collcd, IM 411)- 00 inill. at W (the ester n - 8 was refluxed 2 hm With I1CJ) g.m- V 2. 134-5'. 4. 12.S-9.5', 5. S. 133-4.5*. Treat- Plent of IV with Nat-50t, and ZnCI, in a dinitane 6alit. yieltied VI (it, rii.p.). 4, (6 L0%); 5, .10.."*; 19,6quid. RcfTuxinFVJ ivith ten fuldarrit. of Raney Nill firs. yieldcd VII (n. yield in 170, m.p.); 4. 91.22 (based oil VI), 27.5 9% 5, 53.5 (bxwd on VI), 37-0*; 8, 72A (bawd on N), 61-2.5'. Fret adds VIII ObtAilltll b)'53jwn, ivith 10%4 aq.-ale. NaOI1 were crystd. front C,,11% (it, tti.p.): 4, 125- j a., 5, 8, 125~5-6.5'. M. Itudlickl I )*!CQM4j~G!iitiQU Of dizzo ketones by inrnas a-id- of .-I A 14M fm kv- "lift in I Univ., 'Ta., a tioln. if 20-19. in 400 tnt. k,' -2 g. Ila (010)"ilho in 1204) W01 1. !,N rati.IK the Xx c wk 17~1 - movi, ~tvr by %h.Lkang with 10% It(,'; a-1 cxtr_ wit-h C611jj w:., in a 161-g. yield to Ithc a, W .144,,~dc (IJ)i lit ~J: .,t. 12- L,)" ";-.13tmg 151 g. I in ligrailir wil 1, 1:,0 fill q,0C1, to A). fi.. ',-it ~- A -voIn.af50g.l1in2F,0tI.1 I [If ) 1, a" 4 N p. CHI,.% in *090 rtl 1-'t,C) Iw at;i(t, and 1, , rcuiultills soln. "f ~'j dild -ith CFlg to G(II) mi n,I -t,d wt a st-su i-th W, 10 g~ polvd. Cll() M-,~ I livIrogetlatiall wO, I ~I -011-, m V a Dk 250 oil, ditivine i,~ 7: 4 40 4. 1 A .10 C. fll~scd ., I i IV lei, Tit. 11 -3* (fn-i I by refluxisil: V 111 -1 g ) w"5 .,j, vMd tritil it 'Ift-f-oli I I LL C.A. 4 1, 6 11,!' 11 din. I; wai Avith III "rt(.(j 61.11 3,H g. CI I , ~.f va C(T1 v.-Ith I C. piwd H, he.raectrac,"ll V, L I 11 Mali r hydrogemlied at "PO' with P1.02 ill C.I-fcl~ 3~kl~ld %l~ 2PL41 a. di-Al, 107.5--lai" (fmm N1vOI(-Cjf4k). IX (1'~a 'T')~ Wa3 Coll- verur-d by treatment with 2.5 mi. OISCIT-js~atid 1.4 fill- to the onTI-Apondivig by Imifing ill ciffely1coll (1:1!i 8 Ilm. w Ith R ~%ncy NM %V4 Fave 8M Mir. 0~ 4*040 m. 93- 7. which on milinq'iclit hyoroVn;%t4yn witli 11tOA'y1Udcd 706 Ing- di-Afe Onnu ctfivmaml). x was :vtw obw,14A it .314Jwg. yidd, by a shorlicr altvmilivc ~wllthcnk incluWng tre:4'.1lactit (ill rAJO Inr 1,111 with and B 17.-Ft~o' silbsNtlrllt 6t!- sulfurati-~ imd Alk. hydrol-Imil. c'.r '100 111j;_ mf- X 1IN. b"Jilig with 5'~: mallanciliv KPIt. gave; 212 f,ee in 128.,~~ 1) 5' 1, Silnilarl'_" trWrikent: of Ate P'_ 77 .11', trcrm-the"hic C,!k.f rhh'rul~ If AW"Mi, 3't'! .-d CIT.',.',) with'Cuo rave ill. -ill ~ it Y10.1. ,hil- NI, 1'ro-k! hmn th~ M, ;.I 'J Lifil-_- em"". T~ iH 2:? 2' "1 IV Sel~rtjnt ~edmt[Qn ot ull- of :I ?.".' "I I],, It the 1 1 rp -P. L, wj 10'' Al- mixi -w' Aakeil With I'd I tic ('01, vras wvnrA1_ kn'u1j; it 11 1 i. '.?~a~lfuraflon of I by 1 21 1 In '1. ith od I' 11 'j n th, I - ee I'J -i"t" ni i pp C"4~lre wil.14 U ly'~ t dc:,t~tivatrd by boHing 2 lin. .ctl w% a fliNt. d ur the jv). cflrr"Ct,-,iL,.Lj IAY anntysis Eiltd by llyllingvII'Lliua, yidiliiq It. irauivation 'was fm-03r, ti, 1,aj-45" al!7. hy- )l jjf),c.% 0-hr, In, of IV, i(ientilGed by Lycirciq=t6un F-av'v. 11 at!d after vdr alk. h c1l`;z --A-v=ffO extif fluirf 4.7 .12-'7', which wi4s chromaw- ~VzAplttd or, At-()i yidding iw al". ltydrulyii. icit Om lig"),one 40 nig. I- 4 cr~-A. acid, m. 107-9 1 cm,41 twed by coWomc tric alinlysis. Atx1liptswiuk~ t=de at overermiing difficultivi worjunte~md in tie prepri, (if urm,atd. dicarLaxylic add; of tht- type- 'A('lE.C(CP --)..COCTf: - CHCO(CHOXOIR (V) 4y 1,ri "_ cd'dn. cump