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-EX - USSR/Human and Animal Physiology - Internal Secretions. R-8 Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Biol., No 16) 1957) 70921 Author ~~n. I.A. Title Characteristics of some Biological Properties of the Adrenocorticotropic Hormone. Orig Pub Probl. endikrinol. i gormonoterapli, 1955, 1, No 1, 52-59 Abstract Into immature rats' abdomen in the course of 45 days were introduced twice daily 10 units of native ACTH. After 30 days only in 3 out of 12 rats occured oestrus (in control animals oestrus occueed in 11 out of 12 rats). The ova- ries and the uterus wa decreased (to one half). The weight of the pituitary tissues of the rats, which recei- ved ACTR,,was injected into immature mice for two days; after 96 hours, when they were opened upthere was no dif- ference in the weight of ovaries and uterus compared to the controls. The inhibition of the sexual development is not related to the reduction of pituitary gonadotropin. Card 1/2 - 46 - USSR/Human and Animal Physiology - Internal Secretions. R-8 Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Biol., No 16, 1957, 70921 ACTE was introduced into immature rats simultaneously with folliculo-stimulating hormone (pregnant mare's se- rum) and prolan (luteinising hormone) for 6 days. The reaction of the ovaries was much weaker than in the con- trols. ACTH reduces the sensitivity of the sex glands to gonadotropic hormones, which explains the slowing down of sexual maturation. In males the introduction of ACTH al- so produces involution in the sex zone (Loss of weight ta testicles, atrophy of Leidig cells etc.,) the weight in- crease is slowed down considerably In presence of ACTH: in 45 days the difference in increase as compared with the controls-84%. Specific reaction to ACTH is atrophy of "vilochkovoy" gland, particularly noticeable on the 15th day. Card 2/2 47 I.A.- VAUDA11, V-I-; WYATUXUAL, O-T- (MO13kva) Istriol, estrone, and estradiol in the blood in normal women and in breast cancer and mastopathies. -Probl.endok, I gorm. 1 no.6:80-83 N-D '55. (MIRA 12,8) 1. Is otdola skeperimentallnoy biologii (say. - prof.I.A.Bakin) Vsesoyuxnogo instituta eksperimentallnoy eadokrinologii (dir. - prof.To.A.Vaayukova) I Gosudaretvannogo onkologicheekogo insti- tuta imeni P.A.Gertsens (dir. - prof.A.U.Novikov). (BRUST, neoplasms, blood estrogens In), (BFA&ST, diseases, blood estrogens in) (BLOOD, estrogens, In normal cond. & in neoplastic & benign breaqt dia.) (38TROGRU, In blood, In blood, in breast die., neoplastic & benign, in normal cond.) =IN, I.A.,professor , Hormones. Moravia I no.10:12-13 155 (KLRA 9:5) (HCBXONM) I.A.. professor (Moskva); VIDAVS]rAYA, G.K. (Koskya) Affect of light on the peripheral sominophile count and on adrenal function. Probl.endok. i gorm. 2 tio.1:82-87 Ja-F 156. (MIRA 9:10) 1. 1z otdola eksperimentallnoy biologii (sav. - prof. I.A.3skin) Vaesoyuznogo institute skoperimentallnoy andokrinologii (dir. prof ~ Te.A.Vasyukoya) (ADRIINAL OWN , physiology, off. of light in rate (Rua)) (ROSINOPHIL COM, off. of light in rats (Rua)) (LIGHT, effects, on adrenal cortex & eosinophil. count (Rue)) 1ff / IV)) I 1~ - USSR/General Problems of Pathology - Tumors. s-4 Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Biologiya, No 16, 1957, 71468 Author : Eskin, I.A., Kazhdan, V.I., Svyatudhina, O.V. Inst Title : 17- Ketosteroids and Pregnandiol in the Urine of Healthy Women, and in Breast Cancer and Mastopathy. Orig Pub : Probl. Endikrin. i Gormonoterapii, 1956, 2, No 5, 57-6o Abstract : Determinations of pregnandiol (I) and 17-ketosteroids (II) was done on 36 healthy women, 34 with milk gland cancer (MGC), and 28 with mastopathy in the age group 20-50, on the I-st, second, and 16-18th day after the beginning of menstruation. In healthy women on the onset of menstrual cycle I was found only in 13 (36.2%); in the middle of the le I wiis found in 80.8% and the average excretion wascKcmg. Li MGC patients in the be- ginning of the cycle the average I found was 2.2 mg, in 45-2%; in the middle 5 mg (in 82.2%). The - Card 1/2 - 35 - USSR/General Problems of Pathology - Tumors. s-4 Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Biologiya, No 16, 1957) 711a Qia excretion of II in healthy women at the start of the cycle was 8.8 mg, in the middle- 9 mg; in MGC accordingr 1y 8 and 8.8 mg, and with nastopathy 8 and 9 mg. Card 2/2 - 36 - ESKIN, I.A., professor. va - --- ---e- Grovth hormones. Nauka i zhiznl 23 no.8:63 Ag '56. (HLRA 9:9) (HDRMNES) - ----- 7- aCERPTA rZOICA Sec-3 Vol.12J1 Enclocrinolo-V jan 58 191. ROLE OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM IN REGULATION OF FUNCTION OF TKE PITUITARY AND ADRENAL CORTEX. (Russian text). E a k i n 1. A. , Moscow. USP. SOVR. BIOL. 1956, 42/3 (343-355) Grap'h_s_5_T__aBTe_s__T- The results of investigations carried out by the author - in collaboration with Vi- davskaja - support the view that both the central and the peripheral nervous syst- em play a fundamental role In the secretion of ACTH by the anterior lobe of the pituitary glaixd. The author deals exhaustively with existing literature on the subject (Russian as well an foreign) which to discussed and extensively quoted. Boerman - Oss ASKIN. I.A., professor Neurohilmoral regulation of the adrenocorticotropic function of the pituitary and the adrenal cortex. Pat.fi2iol. i sksp.terap. 1 no.4: 10:15 Jl-Ag '57- (KMA 10:11), 1. Iz otdola skeparimentallnoy biologii (zav. - prof. I.A.Askin) Vaesoyusnogo institute eksperimentalinoy andokrionologit (dir. - prof. Te A.Vanyukovs) ~ACTH, physiology. neuro-humoral regulation (Ras)) _-TV. LNYTZS' S.M., prof.; SUN, I.A., prof. (Moakva) Soviet experimental endocrinology during the past 40years. Probl. endok. I gorm. 3 no.5:12-26 5-0 '57. (MIRA 11:1) (N)MOCRINOLOGY. exper., In Russia (Rua)) ESKU, I. _WW"WIP0 A," ~--f -, -I ~ '.., - In the Moscow Society of Endocrinologists. Probl. endok. i gorm. 3 no.6:119-120 fl-D 157. (MIRA 11:1) (MMOCR INOLOGY--SOC IST 13S) ESKIlq, . In the Moscow Society of Endocrinologists. no.4:12 -1-125 JI-Ag '58 (32WCRINOLOGY) Probl.endok. i gome (MMA 11:10) ISKIN, I.A., prof. (Koskva) ...... ~ Current concepts of the adrevocortlcotropic of Its action, XlIn, mod. 36 no.10:33-40 0 158 (miRA 11m) 1. Is otdolm skeperimentallnoy biologii (save - prof. I.A. Eakin) Vsesoyusnogo inatituta eksperimentalluoy endokrinologii (dir. prof. Ye.A. Vagyukova). (AM, review (Rua)) ZSKW. I.As (Moskva) - 7 ypophvois and growth* Unp.sovr.biol, 46 no,1:62-74 JI-Ag 158 (MIRA 11:9) (SOKATOTROPIN, review (Rue)) ESM, I.A., NIMIAYWYA, N.V. Photoperiodicity nnd function of the hypophysis end adrenal cortex [with summary in Znglishl. Biul. ekep.biol. i med. 46 no,8:100-104 Ag 158 (MIRA 11:10) 1. Is otdela eksperimentallnoy biologii (zav. - prof. I.A. Eakin) Vsesoyuznogo instituta eksperimentallnoy endokrinologii (dir. - prof. Te.A. Vasyukova), Moskva. Predstavlena. deyetvitellnym chlenom Mfg SSSR V.V. Parinym. (PITUITART GLAND, physiol. photoperiodicity in pituitaryr-acirenocortical funct,* in rate (Rue)) (ADRENAL CORTEX, physiol. photoperiodicity in adrenocoritical-pituitary functo in rate (Rua)) (LIGHT, eff. same (Rua)) 0A ILI A., M._u=_Y~01,OVA) N. V. "Eosinopenic Reaction ~ in a State of "Stress" in Young and Old Rats." Theses of the Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Sessions 23-26 March 1959 (All-Unlon Institute of 1~xperimental Endocrinology) From the Department of Experimental Biology (Head--Professor N. A. Eskin) of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Endocriziolcgy (Director--Professor Ye. A. Vasyukova) ISKIN, I.A. 14,IKHATWVA , No To Use of long-noting cortisone and ACTH for the evaluation of biological activity of somatotropin. Biul. okep. biol. i mad. 47 no-3:103-109 Mr. 159. (MIRA 12:7) 1. Is Otdola okeparimentallnoy biologit (znv. - prof. 1.A. Askin) Veepoyuznogo inatituta eksperimentallnoy endokrinologii (dir. - prof. Ye. A. 11asynkova). Predstavlena deystvitelinym, chlenom ANN SSSR V. N. Chernigovskim). (CARTIIAGN, effect of drugs on, somatotropin, evaluation of off. by ACTH & cortiw ne (Rua)) (SONATOTHOPIN, affectsg on cartilage. evaluation of eff. by ACM & cortisone (Ike)) (ACTH, effects, evaluation of off. of somatotropin on cartilage (Ras)) (CORTISONN, effects, game) BSKIN, I.A.. prof. Growth hormone. lNuka L zhisni 27 no-11:77-79 N '60. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Zaveduyushchly otdelou eksparlsentallnoy biologli TsesoyuznOgo institute. ekeperimentallno5 andokrinologil. (GROWTH (MRNDEBS) VYGODCHIKOVt G.Vp prof,,; GOBOVCHINS&UA9 Ye*Sop prof.; LMMMN t~Av kand. mad. naUk; MMUYLOVAt G.S.t karid. fsrm.naukj,ROZ3NTSVRGp Poise# kaode farm.nauki TCHINGABp Asra,p prof.1 GHlWAVSXIYp.,-H.Ni~v kand,filol.nauk; -ISKgt I.Atv doktor biol.nauko prof.; OBOYMAKOVA, A.N., red.; SENCHIlap KoKey tekbno red* [State pharmacopoeia of the Union of Soviet Socialipt Republidel Gom- darstye=aia forma opsia Soluza-Sovetskikh Sotsiaaistichemlcikb Respublik Izd.9. Moskyap Gos.imd-vo med,lit-ry Medgizq 1961. 910 P. * (MIRA 14s6i 1. Rumoia(1923- -U.S~-S,R's)Ni3Usterptvo zdravookhrananNA. 2. Daystvitell- nyy caen AMR SSSR (for Vygodabikov). 3. DeystvitelInyy chlen AN lotonskoy SSR (for Tomingam) (Pharmacopoeian) ESKINI I.A.; MIHAILOVA, N.V. Reactions of the pituitary gland and adrenal cortex in stress in, aged rats and the role of the nervous system in their development. Stud. cereet. andoor. 13 no.6:729-738 162. (PITUITARY GLAND) (ADRENAL CORTEX) (STRESS) (AGING) . (NERVOUS SYSM) (CORTIGOTROPIN) ESKIN I.A.;_AI0AtLOVA, N.V. Age-related in the function of the hypophysis and adrenal cortex and the significance of the nervous system in their development. Probl.endok. i gorm. no.2:10-14163. (1URA 16:7) 1. Ii otdola esperimentallnoy biologii (zav. - prof. I.A. Eakin) Vaesoyuznogo instituta okeperimentallnoy endokrino- logii (direktor - prof, Ye.A, Vasyukova). (PITUITARY BODY-AGIM) (ADRENAL GOJaE~_1GI1&) (NEwOUS SYSTEM) ESKIN, !.A. (Moskva) Species characteristics of the somatotropic hormcne (1,-,cwth hormone). Sov-r. vope endok. no,2:115-135 163. (IMIRI 18:9) __g~KU ; KONOPATSKAYA, V.M.; MIKHAYLOVA, N.V. (Moskva) I-I&A. Determination of ACTH in human blood plasma. Probl. endok. i gorm. 9 no.3:84-87 My-Je 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Iz otdela eksperimentallnoy biologii (zav. - prof. I.A. Eskin) Voesoyuznogo instituta eksperimentalinoy endokrino- logii (dir. - prof. Ye.A. Vasyukova). .E3K--N, I.A., prof. 4k, I. Peview of 14.-'-'. Kakhan's hook "Corticofisceral ri~g-ulat~rn of tile thyroid gland function". Frobl. endok. I gorm. 9 no.6:12'0-121 N-D 163. (11IRA 17i11) I A X(INCO, TS KA I. A, V . M. 3 11 AYLOV A. N V ~Ilri fh(, ljlo~A of pat!etits w'tl,!i s I -,- cm gorm. IC, Jl-.Ag 164. (M:RA !8:65 Orilil eksp,;.~rlrjen-'~-,al ri,%; bl,-i*-op,.' I prO4 . "I A. ~,:Skt-!p) ~.`a,.;~Atutti akaperinentallnoy end-ok-rinologf-4 (Cir.- pro,'. ""f,.Ao lqat~yuknvali M~)Ava. L 55945-65 KC-CIM -ION h R IAM8505 IWOOMI"A"IMM93100 I Shchadrina AUTMR: F~dtiu s Ro No TITM Specific chamateriatice of catecholamiae Metabolism In the central nervous "stem during a etate of streas SOURCEt ANSSSR. Vokladlyt vo, 1599. vno 39 1964, 693-695 TOPIC . UIGS t w%arlant ani =1 brain, encaphalology, biochead,,stryt endocrinoloMr' Abstract: Young rate in the first day* of .life aft-tv birth, whiich did not yet respond to stress consisting of exposure to cold ( + 20 for an hour) or surgical trauma, showed a content of noradrenaline in the hypothalamus and reticular formation that was much lower compared with adult rats. The content of noradrenaline in these divisions of the brain increased with age# as the capacity to react to stress developed. Forwar work by 1. A. Eakin et al showed that old rats, which exhibited a weakened reaction to stress consio-i ting of exposure to cold or a pain irritation (as indicated by the extent of decrease in the content or-ascorbLe acid in the suprarenals and cosinopenta lacked noradrenalLne in the hypothalamus and had a greatly reduced content o it in'the reticular formation, In ezperiments on adult rate subjected to our-' gical trauma a tuo-phase stress reaction was observe.d-wi-th'. respect. to changes 1-7 Card 2/2 ESMI, I. I. Trekhkolesnoe shassi i ego raschetrWe nagruzki. (Tel:hnika vozdushnogo flota, 19110, no, 3, P- 37-539 illus., diagra., tables, bibliography) Title tr.: The tricycle landing gear and its stress analysis. TL50h.Th 19h0 SO: Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the Soviet Union, Libra-y of Congress,, 1955, ESKIN, I. I. Shassi s nosovym kolesom. (Tekhnika vozdushnogo flota, 1945, no. 9. p. 9-1~69 diagrs.) Title tr.: Nosewheel landing gear. TL504.T4 1945 SO: Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the S6viet Union, Library of Con[Tess, 1955. ESKIN, I.I.; SAGALOV, L.M., red.; ZUDAKIN, I.M., (Aircraft landing gear with a nose wheel] Samoletnye shassi a nosovym kolesom. Moskva, Oborongiz, glavnaia red.aviatsionnoi lit-ry, 1947. 243 p. (MIRA 12:11) (Airplanes--Landing gear) Tall Surfaces Stresses Airplanes - Tall Assemblies Stre3ses on Tall Assemblies Auring Violent Aerial .16neuvers)" 1. 1. Irakin, Candidate In Technioal Sciences, 6 pp *Tekh Voz Flota" No 2 (227) The author attempts to explain the particulars of strains on the tail assembly during flight and the effect of the parameters of the plane on the amount 6r. calculated strains on the tail assembly. Mathe- matical formulas and several stress and strain dia- of the tail assembly in various violent aerial 28T? L-L KHAYLO, V.S.; ESM., L.L.; KLEYNERWO Z.I.; RAZM/,OVSKIY,11. 11. red. (Mechanization of intrafactory transportation] Mekha- nizatsiia, vmtrifabrichnogo transporta. Moskva, TSentr. tekhn. kursy povysheniia kvalifikatsii ITR i tekhn. obu- cheniia rabochikh. No.2.(Dverhead intrafactory conveying] Podvesnoi vnutrifabrichnyi transport; konspekt lektsii,, 1963. 76 p.6 (MIRA 17;1) SADOV, F.I., doktor tekhn. nauk~ prof.; CHAPLINA, S.D.; IVLIYEV, V.G.; LURIYE, A.L.; ABEZGUZ ., A.Ya.; DYTiB , F.M.;,XS~Rl, I.L.; VASILIYEV, G.V.; GALIPERIN, M.M., retsenzent; IL'INSKIY, N.S.J. retsenzent; MORYGANOV, P.V., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof., retsenzent; MOSHKIN, V.I., retoenzent; RUDAKOV, D.N., retnenzent; TSVETKOV, M.W., retsenzent; DUKHOVNYY, F.N.j red. [Design and planning of finishing factories for the cotton industry] Proektirovanie otdolochnykh fabrik khlopchato- bumazhnoi prom7shlennosti. MosIrma, Legkaia industriia, 1965. 355 p. (MIRA 18:7) 1 fA. On j:u -.UMT Tf. 7-11). ~LL 143. The author givt-q a P~Cof of the Corl.'' 1;_-E rithin of Fuler for the Iffiller, Math. Z~ 51 j-48, c4 V . Alive, aad A is & k.-h or(l~~r matrix tiavulg i5i and alj=r f(:;r i>j, thm si-aiple characteristic v-due -)fA gTC;ater tilan tlli,.t of T'(1 shown that if the column vector Xo --s ort itgru!-I! r tho diaracteristic vectar of .4 tvlfingm~, tr, t ~t., "T I.Jj lim.- Li illustrated for k=3 The rate -.f cni~ xt-n. ,T estimated by P(" i -Vilen. p I -i roce:~s is wo shown to Lie apph,aUc p ' a of r. R . S. Loud (Mm"If MILE.L f ESKIN, L. D., CAnd Phys-Math Set (diss) -- "The matrical elements of irreducible representations of a un1modular group". Kazan', 1959. 8 pp (Min Mgher and Inter Spec Muc RSFSR, Kazan' Order of Tabor Red Banner State U im V. I. Ullyanov-Lr!ntn), 150 copies (KL, No 10, 1960, 126) 69776 /6"-/600 S/155/59/000/02/017/036 AUTHOR: Eskin, L.D. TITLE: _~_nth. TTheo~ryof Relativistic Spherical HarmonicsO PERIODICAL: Nauchnyye doklady vy9shey shkoly. Fiziko-matematicheskiye nauki, 1959, No. 2, pp. 95-97 TEXT: With the aid of a method used by I.M. Gellfand and Z.Ya. Shapiro (Ref. 6) in the case of a three-dimensional rotation group the author ob- tains recurrent relations between the matrix elements of the irreducible representationa of the Lorentz group. In the special case of the represent- ations of first class (k. = 0) the matrix T 9 of the representation can be determined with the aid of these relations. The author mentions M.A. Naymark, A.Z. Dolginov, V.L. Ginzburg, I.Ye. Tamm, and V.Ya. Vilenkin. There are 6 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Kazanskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni V.I. Ullyanova- Lenina (Kazan' State Unive-rsitr imeni V.I& ff11Xanov-Lrr_in) I/ SUBMITTEDt September 15, 1958 Card 1/1 AUTHOR- Eskir.,L.D. SOV/140-59-2-28/30 'P J TJX; Rcrii,)--1(4 t.-n L;q)~tv:v Orer,itorz; -)Yi a ldnimod,;iar Gro,~ir (zamAc-han"Ya ob operatorakh Laplawt na w;imoJiilyarr)ov gr).)ppc,~ PERIODICAL: Izvest.ya -,ryoshikh -,7:~lipbrykt. zavederiy, Matema-rika, '195?, Nr 21, pp 259-2069 (USSR) A -9 S TRA C TIf g--YT P, is the representatior uf a comrlex i~rim,:idular gro--,p G A. '- In thu space ~!;en It hn, Al d s g - Urv T - T T 9 11 F, v wh e re u , N CC, ,U- unitary subg-.7oi.~p af G, E is a real diagonal ;natrix. In the present papaA., the author --.orstructs t~i~ compi C-3 t" c system of~ LA-plac? operators on a unimcdular complex gro-op r %compa.-e 1.,M.Gellfand Z-Fef 1,-j Tt,-an the elements of TV for I " the irreducible repre,4entations of t~-e LorE:ntz group are 4n- veatigated., For the single blocks of TE ~he author g'A'. E? differential eq-..Lations. The consideration of the irr,~ducible Card Remarks on Laplace Operators on a Unimodalar aroup SOV/1 4/- rI,9..,'-28P(, representation permits to f~:M SiM-Dle recurrence relaticns between the elements of a:ro,w of the TF. Herewith the elements of TP can be calculated for representations of first class, There are 8 references, 6 of which are Soviet, and 2 American ASSOCIATION:Kazanskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni V.I.Ullyanova-Lenina (Kazan; State University imeni V.I.Ul'yanov-Lenin) SUBMITTED: December 21, 1956 to the editor of I'Uch. zap. KGU" March 31, 1958 to the editor of,,Izvestiya vysshikh uchpbnykh zavedeniy. Matematika" Card 2/2 - , ~ -~ 1, ~' " ;if ., 'IV, 00 C7 s/o!a/62/oi2/006/Ol1/020 E039/E420 AUTHORS: Valiyev, K.A.,_EjkinL,D. TITLE: The rotational diffusion of molecules and light scattering in liquids. I. Spherical molecules PERIODICAL: Optika i spektroskopiya, v.12, no.6, 1962, 758-764 TEXT: The rotational diffusion of spherically symmetrical molecules is examined by means of three dimension group rotation theory, taking into account all three rotational degrees of freedom. From the Fokker-Planck equation are derived equations for bound rotational diffusion, by a generalization of the equations of rotational diffusion of linear molecules. Solutions of these equations (probability of transitions)'are given in the form of generalized spherical functions and are used for examining the scattering of light in liquids. The broadening of lines by dissipative processes, such as the transition of the energy of molecular oscillation into thermal motion of molecu les, is considered. It is shown that the half width of the observed lines increases with increase in the value of its coefficient of depolarization. This means that the width of the polarized lines Card 1/2 The rotational diffusion ... S/051/62/012/006/011/020 E039/E420 is determined by the dissipation of the oscillatory enbrgy of-the molecules. SUBMITTED: May 12, 1961 Card 2/2 ESKIN, L.D. Matrix elements of irreducible representations of the Lorentz group. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; mat. no.6:180-184 161. (MIRA 15:3) 1. hazanskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Ul'yanova-Lenina. (Matrices) (Groups, Thoor-I of) ESKIN, L.D. Zeta function on a group of unitary matrices. Dokl. AN SSSR 152-no.6tl327-1328.0 163. (KM 1611l) 1. Kazanskiy gosudaretvennyy universitat im. V.I. Ullyanova- Lenina. Predstavleno akademikom I.G. Petrovskim. - L.D. (razan), The heat condurtion eqtiaticn and lilt-, I ors Lraso Ii J~ransforlnaticn --n cortain wymmetrical Riewinnian opanus. Iwr.vy,,i.uchab.zav.; mat. rio.5--35.1-166 165- (1,911A 18-10) GAZYAN, G.S. , ktindiiat takhnicheakiki-& naldc; i;AIN. M, KOR."'ifUNOV. Ye - 5 00~iWIV6KIY, Yu. 1. ; IROMIANOVA, Yc 1. of bit feerIinj--,. 'Iru,~y ~ISIIVLUefti no.1:3-22 '54. (M:A-IA 10: 9) (Oil wall drIlli-Ig-EquiDment snd supplies) Sub jec t Card 1/1 Authors Title USSR/Engineering Pub. 78 - 4/25 Periodical Abstract Institution AID P - 1126 Gazyan, G. S., Korshunov, Ye. S., Ostrovskiy, Yu. I., Romanova,, Ye. 1. and Eskin M G The MPD-l drill feed mechanism Neft. khoz., v. 32, #11, 15-19, N 1954 The mechanism for automatic and semi-automatic feed of the drill is described. Drilling pressure and speed of the fji-bo-drill are y-)newAatloally controlled and elimi- nate thE physical straln on the d.riller and provide stabili-L"y of dri111nF.,.:. One diagram. TsIMT (Central Scientific REsearch Institute for Mechani- zation and Labor Organization in the Petroleum Industry) Submitted No date --7 f.-r Turbim, Drill- mLz of Oil Extz~ln~tnt ItegURAkir dli~, bumniU ~dfUnvkh ILv,&hta&- lt~ 1 0 'i, Edkin, + A13.11yns of corit-jive circui!s Ifr ~~t 101?; OW IN 8(0), 11(4) SOV/112-59-2-3264 Translation from; Referativnyy zhurnal. Elektrotekhnika, 1959, Nr 2, p 149 (USSR) AUTHOR: Ovsyannikov, B. A., Ostro,.rakiy, Yu. I., Peskin, G. L., and Eskin. M. G. TITLE: Instrument for Measuring and Recording the Rpms of a Giproneftemash- Make Turbodrill'(Pribor dlya izmereniya i registratsii skorosti vrashcheniya turbobura konstruktsii Giproneftemasha) PERIODICAL: Novosti neft. tekhn. Neftepromysl. delo, 1957, Nr 8, pp 3-9 ABSTRACT: A teletachometer with a wire connecting link between the primary element and the oscillograph is described. A type DOT-3 AC tachometer generator is installed in the turbodrill adapter. The tachometer -generator rotor is coupled to the turbodrill shaft. The tachometer -generator frequency is converted into DC voltage which is subsequently amplified by two amplifiers. One amplif ier feeds two series -connected oscillograph loops that record drilling conditions and dynamic process. The second amplifier feeds an Card 1/2 SOVI 112-59 -2-3264 Instrument for Measuring and Recording the Rpms of a Giproneftemas h- Make . . electron potentiometer that indicates the rpm. A low-frequency generator is Used for calibrating the systern,. V. N. Ch. Card 212 ISKIN, M.G#; R014AITOVA, Ye.Is Relation between the parameters of a turbodrilling operation, based on commercial data obtained by the Tuymazy Petroleum Trust. Neft. khoz. 3~ no.6-.10-18 Je 158. (MIRA 11:9) (Oil well drilling) ?--LSZ I DCOX 9rrXIiATIC1K 307/14ft Kcaforomt.lyo P? vlPrclaa ts,*ril L prisson-Lra 41strotofth altessetich9skikh Wses, K.*,-, 19!" Toolly. I pist--ly. d1.s1sr.Lojkb S.tsa; tru~j (Th~ry ~J Appliiati-o If V'.Z-t. A.t-t... Jjqt_: of %be Umf.ram,-) A.11 &~5R, 1140. !TZ P. 5.DV copies SPeftj~ri.g ACecel- Aka1aa!Y- --k Sl:-9R- kcaltst r;2 P- --t-'i- I Vh..k_ F-slanlyu. 11..tlt~t Itmastiki X %a,_kb-tk!. Litt.ri.1 8-,J, M.A. C-rIll-, D.1t,r of T.J. D.1,,!..ko, D.,Z.r off T-Lat'.. T-A. C-LUt. or T-t-1-1 &.U. L--, of I.S. (5,1..ttft. 0.S. D-ter of' T-1--U.I Ul-,, I.A. T.Ildb.-, :;otter of A.Y. IlLra-y, C.-Id.-L. of Ttehk..I ,A 1.4. T.rpld., D"Lor or Toewral atiw-,os; Aosp. W.1 T%.Z. :.rplaic. :~Tto, L~' T-~A-! 5,12-sai LJ. of PubliaUl" Sous., X.L. ?~drpt.Xty; Toth. W., 5.1. Y-4,11.h. r.IU~=t Thene trarvaettaos, ars, isatanded for the ambers If the amforvu:o ar4 other 15 -1-Is.ti: O-tr.l.- COTCUU- The C-f-- - %be F-bl._ f -b_ry _I j7rjt:.t,.,, ~f Au'-t1c ayst-A t-:k ;L.,-. Ic -.- . - - f- as the filet "f-- 4o-teJ W of the ;17-s-t ~.' I--- -.~-v sed of dl..-t. -A v. pw-ii rcr :~,t- i ... *..p- sess*. T~,- P.F.ra -t Lbe -nf-l, k.. to- f~at t-up _Lthin or -I.? I.ntrol ."tes., :-%-1 3"t ... in are re-11sed :T*~I-l es 'I qul-k 7" --1 .-,up zf F-r~ 1. 'W'-t-d t' the of 7:11- Sys*- Ith art.bI. . . ~, th. or ra.,. .?at-. .,-h r,~,_ ph.t- 1. -'11- pule. 'lot!- -14 ', -he woth,!. er --;Atiz. of p".". r.t-4 sel .. T~ bo.~ f -It- f,.13, of, r.!11 t1-uu1.ftt1-, 3,t..U~cy. tc., are --blems or -b,1 let- as ;~~b,-$ f 4-1,;~ nVoC141.4*4 f-tz1ztft1 -Tortmrs h4wo t"n 13 this r-up. 7to fo,~tb or tT-,.. or. Hlro ar. al" -,-I 4-~-I~_g _sxrz, of t.*.. c7~litl~n, t. syst- &-2v a: mle 1- f the larl.- -ur-am:. re-re L". .~- b- -Wjj,.4 1, -d ~f-r-s -~ty -$t r the -.?at,. Autccestle 3ingle-Actlem ML&--jjar in Di#zrats Sys- tscssh:r,A1t-&t'.o Optlaixatiou 534 th~r d.fLcos the problass of aut~tlc c;t1miaotim as the P~.s. of 't-bli"t , .r4 a minis,= value for a j-o-Ity E tb_-.ugh muteoss- Lie ftaxmicg. This PrIc.929 12 a sitclo--ti.. ez. &md Lt. methods the sess. se those disrus~.d im the paper ~.Ij .... 4 by I.,. S*..k-,.kiy (p.!O, 71so author comidore -km wi~,wd of the quj,,k&q, trjX%rLc, as -i-LI. No describes '-be ;rtticabl. eq"psoc the cost "o- uut~ttc sd~l,i-r. for d-.1.,-Ing -his tr- of Ukin M r. (Mo.._). systame or Iurtiso Drill',, WjLh Discrete 0.41fl. , , The problem, cousi.t. of 4r`-IItt9 -P--d for a e1... 5" I"d an the chisel' Its t*ct=loC1c1l - C!11. tr.t-. Th. author describes a structural acbem* of the arjealizicC turbine drljli~, Ln"ajUtiam. Them am a. r.r.r.w.a. for Ke"k-Ith, V.V., R.r. K*rll,,, &-d N.C. Ihrjat*f.rc,. Llootromic rho s.-ber. as-1c. ,d give . d.scripti- 4., -he peak 558 v'" "'hod If Wil-litIzZ cont-rol. Th..-* a- 7 5-hcLIU, do- ol%ti n 1 tnn,latioo) and-2 Laglifib. So,l.t ( 1._ ZSKIN, M.G. (Moskva) Automatic control of a turbine drilling process using self-regulAting system. Avton.i telem. 21 no.6: 791-605 Je '60. (MIU 13:7) (Boring) (Autovatic control) --J~~KTN, M. G. Analyzing diagramn of nutomatIcally controlled turbodrills; comments on A.A. MininIs article published in "Ileftlanoe khoziaistvo," no.10, 1959- Neft. khoz. 39 no.3:23-27 Mr 160. (MIRA 13:7) (Turbodrills) (Automatic; control) ESKIN, M.G., kand.tekhn.nauk; ISACBENKOO L.Ye., inzh. AVE automatic food control regulator for turbine and rotary drilling. Trudy Giprcneftezaaha.Nefteprom.delo no.1:21-36 161. (MDRA 15:8) (Oil well drUling-Cquipment and supplies) (Automatic control) EaKIN, x.G., kand.tokhn.nauk; OVSIANNIXOVI B.A., inzb. progra=ming and carrying out of' industrial testing of an automatic drill bit. food control using drawworks band brakes. Trudy Giprcaeftemaoha.Nefteprovi.delo no-1:45-61 161. OURA 15:8) . (Oil well drUling-Equipwnt and supplies) (Automatic control) 10 ESKIN, M,G_,-kand.tekhn.nauk; ROMANOVA., Ye.I.., inzh. Relationships among the parameters of turbodrilling. Trudy Giproneftemasha.Kefteprom.delo no.1:83-11,2 'u1. CITRA 15:8) (Turbo&ills) ESKIN, M.G., kand.tekbn.nauk; ISACHENKO, L.Ye., inzh. I------- Automatic controller for feedinp the bit in well drilling. Elek- trichestvo no.11:55-59 N 161. . (MIRA 14:11) 1. Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy i proyektnyy institut neftyanogo mashinostroyeniya. (Oil well drilling) (Automatic control) AIEKSANDROVt A.M., inzh.; BAZHENOV, V.S., inzh.; BOBROVNIKOV, B.N., inzh.; VAGANOV, M.P., inzh.; GUREVICH, B.M., inzh.; DZHIBELLI, V.S., inzh.; DROBAKH, V.T., inzb.; ISAKOVICH, R.Ya., kand. tekhn. nauk; KAPUSTIN, A.G., inzh.; KONENKOV, K.S., inah.; MININ, A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk; PEVZNER, V.B., inzh.; PESKIN, G.L., inzh.; PORTER, L.G., inzh.; F#ZYADILOV, A.N.J. inzh.; SLUTSKIY, L.B... inzh.; FEDOSOV, LV., inzh.; FRENKELI, B.A., inzh.;-TSIMBLER, Yu.A., inzh.; SHULIGIN, V.Kh , inzh.- ESKQj.G_, kand. tekhn. nauk; VOROBIYEV, D.T.: inzh. 1-MV, A.V., kand. tekhn. nauk; SHENDLER, Yu.I., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; NESMELOV, S.V., in2h., zam. glav. red.; NOVIKOVA, M.M., ved. red.; RASTOVA,, G.V., ved. red.; SOLGANIK, G.Ya., ved. red.; VORONOVA. V.V., tekhn. red. (Automation and apparatus for control-ling and regulating produc- tion processes in the petroleum and petroleum chemical industries] Avtomatizataiia, pribory kontrolia i regulirovariia proizvodstven- nykh protsessov v neftianoi i neftekhimicheskoi promyshlennosti. Moskva, Costoptekhizdat. Book 3. [Control and automation of the processes of well drilling, recovery, transportation, and storage of oil*and gas] Kontroll i avtomatizataiia protsessov bureniia skvazhin, dobyehi, transports I khranenlia nefti i gaza. 1963. 551 P. (Automation) (MIRA 16:7) (Petroleum prud,ic-5on--Equipment and s-appliets) ESKn-T. ..,-1,11..,G.. Calculating the elements of automatic bit feed regulators. Mash. i neft. obor. no,10:21-25 164 NIPA nia) 1. Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-issledovatelltskiy I proyekimyy in- stitut neftyanoeo mashinostroyeniya. FSHIJ) M.G. Ma~zltainlng drilling prtrameterB an aut,.-),,ratl? d--122-feod regulator. Neft. a0z. 43 no.A-~.L2-15 ja 165. (MIRA IE. 'If ) ESKINY M.G.; VOLIGEMUT, E.A. Electric automatic bit feed vontroiler with mapetl:: linu i-,emi- conductor boosters. ?Wh. i neft. obor. no.6-19-26 165. (M!Tu~ 18.7) 1. Gostidarstvenriyy nauchno-issledoviLtellskly 1 proyektnyy in-titut neftyanogo mashinostroyeniya. MMLIMAN, M.N., kand. tekhn. nauk; ESKIN, N.B., inzh. Results of investigations of a device for enriching samples of uperheated steam. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav. energ. 3 no.2:92-98 ; 16o. (MRA 13:2) l.Moakovskoye otdoleniye TSentrallnogo kotloturbinogo inatituta im. I.I. Polzunova. Predstavlona presidiumom Ilauchno-tekhnichookogo soveta. (Steam, Superheated) KEMELIMAN, M.No; TARATUTAp V*Ao; ESKIN, N,,B* .7- '! V;-,PAR I Thermal and chemical tooting of an experimental US-2*6/39 onie-through type waste-heat boiler. Prom.energ, 16 no,5l3-8 Yf 161. (HIRA 14M (Boilers--Testing) KEMELIM&N. M.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; ESKIN$ N.B.., inzho System of fractional separation with re-circulation. Energomwhino-- stroenie 8 no.3.-21-23 Mr 162. (MIRA 15:2) (Boilers) KOZLOV, Yii.V., inzh.; ESKIN, N.B., inzh. Calculation of the critical loads of separators. Teploenergetika 11 no.2:57-61 F 164. (MIRA 17:4) 1. VsesoyuznTl nauchno-issledovatellskiy teplotekhnicheskly institut i Moskovskoye otdoleniye TSentrallnogo kotloturbinnogo instituta. KOSHEIEV, I.I., kand.tekhn.nauk- ESKIN II.B., inzh.; TARATUTA, V.A., inzh.; KAPCHITS, D.A., in~zh., ABR M~ N.V., Inzh.; POLYAKOVA, V.P., inzh.; LEBEDEVA, I.G., inzh. Study of'salt extraction by the flushing and separating system of the PK-24 boiler. Elek. sta. 35 no. 411O-15 Ap 164. (MIRA 17:7) ZORIN, D.I.; ESKIN, S.P. Highly stable sonic frequency source. Nov.nauch.-isel.rab.po metr. VNIIM no.4:40-43 164, (MIRA 18:3) kCC NRi AP6000029 SOURCE CODE: UR/0115/65/0001010/0008/0011 UTHOR: Bezikovich, A.-Ya.; Belyayeva, M. S.; Zorin, D. I., Eakin, S. P. ORG: no-Exe TITLE: Universal high-accuracy outfit for checking amrneters, voltmeters, and wattmeters at acoustic frequencies SOURCE: lzmeritellnaya tekhnika, no. 10, 1965, 8-11 TOPIC TAGS: acoustic frequency, measuring instrument ABSTRACT: New equal-quantity comparators ire described in which the a-c measurand and the corresponding d-c quantity are-applied to a receiving converter (RC, see fig. below). Three block diagrams of comparators are shown: (a) for current and voltage; (b) for power with a square-law control of converters, and (c) for power with a low power factor using the method of equal temperatures. The measurand X, (or Xp X1, for power) is compared with its equivalent d-c value X. (03 X., X.2. ) by means of RC and SC (scale converters). Full equilibrium is attained by an auxiliary balance circuit (ABC). A d-c meter (DCM) serves to measure the d-c Cord 1/2 UDG: 621.317.714.089.6 + 671- 317- 779;_ 099- A+ Z_ ACC NRt equivalent. An equilibrium indicator (El) or balance detector is represented by a microvolt- meter and an amplifier. This outfit permits checking 0. Ile-error instruments at 0. 05-2. 5 kc, 0. Zle-error instruments at 2. 5-20 kc, and low- power-factor wattmeters having 1. 5% error at 0. 0 5 - 10 kc. Orig. art. has: 2 figure o. Or M9 09 YP op Dem SC RC Fr Aec 7 ~F,- M171 /Yflf at-# 84Y An, Iffl, M, W 1"i Of YP NN Me SUB CODE: 09 SUBM DATE: none ORIG REF: 007 ,'C,V,11- 07 . 5 q - 1 C, -- 26/5~ AUTHOR: Zskin, V , E,ember cf the Fiunze llladfo Club, 3o~icntif'.- 7~'crker TITLE: An S'ler-+rothermometer (",'lektrotormomotz) PERIODICAL; Radio, 1158, Pr 10; np 31-1,2 (usj"R) ABIMACT: The author discusies the limitations of the convenTicnai mercury thermcrueter as ccmpared with an electrothermc-meter havir.,:-- ocnironductor thermiaters or thermocc-uples; he him- s~lf exhibiteO a "modical electrothermometer", for tak.Lng the temoorature cf diff~-.-crT r1arts of the. hunan skin, at th(.- la3t All-Union Radio Thu operaticn ~,f the clec- trcthermometor i5 bail~_l cr, t':r.- noterir_,on.~-ter metlhod, wh,-.-rE thc galvancm.-iter is u3ed _~s a and the vc1tage -r?,i;(-,r.d in thermc.~;oupl~_ ir, compensatel by the vcltuge taki~n fYom the divider (illustrated in a circuit diagram)~ Corrw-ct.ion for the tei-.-~..Erature of the outaide medium is ac- con.plished by,- an aiditi,~nai vol-caCe fror-, the temperature ~!()rponqL~tion brid;-o, fcimoO by variou.3 resi.'Aances 0hown in the dia,-ram), lnt~ th? cir:uit A dir~tai.!-J of thf.~ wor:zin,; cf this in- St1'UT.'9!1t i3 j-,ven. 'r_.G-ohcz with instruction-, for its ad- Card 1/2 jilostni~,rt and operation . An El cc. troVermometer -,-- 2--IC -29/rr There iz one illut9tration and one circuit diagram- " -3"CIATION; Ingtitut krayevo.v meditsiny Akademii nquk -;r,-4z-,koy 3SR (Institute of Regional Me-dicinr:,,. AS Kirghiz SM) Card 2/2 L ACC NRI A P 6 0 2 9-0-4-6 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/014/006210063 INVENTOR: Eakin, V. Yas ORG: none TITLEt Device for recording light sensitivity. Class 30, No. 183885 SOURCE: Izobret prom obraz tov zn, no. 14, 1966, 62-63 TOPIC TAGS: visual a nalyzer, ophthalmoloRy, light sensitivity ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued for a device which records the sensitivity of the human eye to light. It consistalof an oacilloscopeg recordero and power pack. To record the light sensi- tivity thresholdo the device is equipped with a feedback circuit,con- sisting of ocular slectrodeso an amplifier of the retina potential, and an analyzer-regulator of the brightness of the moving Image sourc !a.' A variation of'*the above allows viewing a shifting image in one plane by Card 1/ 2 UDCs 621.38:616-072.7:612.843.36-7 4393('--66 C NRt AP6029046 ~Fig. 1. Device for recording sensitivity to light. .1 - Ocular electrodes; 2 - amplifier of biopotentials; 3 - recorder; 4 - brightness control; 5 - oscilloscope; 6 - screen; ;7 - horizontal line generator; 8 - vertical line generator; 9 - rectangular pulse :generator; 10 - power pack. virtue of a television tubeo the image of which is formed by vertical and horizontal line generators and a rectangular pulse generator which modulates the beam:i(see Fig, 1). SUE CODES 06/ SUBH DA TEt l40ct63/ ATD PRESSIJ~-o 7/ (SCI 2/2 ESKIN, V. A. Levkovich, To. N., Eskin, V. I., and Yegorov, V. I. "The etiological characteristics of one of the outhreakd of Japanese encephalitis in Primorskiy Kray". Voprosy med. virusologii, Issue 19 1946, P. 327-41, - Bibliog: 24 items. So: u-3042, 11 March 53, (Letopis 1zhunal. 'rqkh Statey, No. 10, 1949). I 'A A A/ V - r 6 IA, Ii. N. and MMUM "Spontaneous Leptospirosis in White Mice," by N. N. Kraminskaya V and V. A. Win, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Evideraiologii i Immuno- biologii, Vol 27, No 9, Sep 56, pp 63-64 This article describes the investigation of Leptospira observed in the urine of white mice obtained from mouse-breeding houses for 1955 ex- periments on the etiology of Far Eastern leptospiroses. The presence of these pathogens was considered to be a highly significant observation in view of the fact that spontaneous leptospirosis in white mice has not hmetofore been mentioned in Soviet literature and laboratory manuals. On examination of exudate from the abdominal cavities of guinea pigs which had been experimentally infected with kidney emulsions prepared from white mice found to be carrying the disease, Leptospira were observed by direct and dark-field microscopy. Two cultures of Leptospira isolated from the infected guinea pigs were found to be identical and grew well on a yeast medium. On the basis of the results of serological studies of these cultures, it was concluded that the strains isolated were a new serological type, which was named Leptospira muris. Further experiments are recommended to determine the epidemiological significance of this pathogen. EX'"'r-TT. ' R)TC-A Spc 14 'Vol 12 /10 1'P(4ic:i1 ',-A croh - Oct ") 3162. EPIDEMIOLOGY AND CLINICAL PECULIAR171ES OF U&SURIAN LEPTO- SPIROSIS (Russian text) - E a k In V A Kraminskaya N. N. , Ber- k u t Y u. V. , I r I I n S h.'Y."";&d_Tf'0 t'o v P. V. - Z11. MIXROB. EPID. I IMMUNOBIOL. 1958, 8 (54-60) Graphs 2 Tables 3 HUman infections in the region of the sea country are due to 8 types of leptospirae: L. grippotyphosa, L.monlakow (L. DV-V; L. pomona). L. DV-A (L. tarasowi: L. mills), L. canicola, L. akyami, L. saxkoebing, L. muris and L. ussuri (L. DV-P). L. ussurl was first isolated in 1952 by Kraminskaya from the blood of a patient. and subsequently In 1955-1956 in connection with mass outbreaks of leptospirosis man. In 294 of 589 suspected patients, antibodies against 7 types of leptospirae were found. Examination was carried out with 23 antigens. The predominant agent in the investigated area was L. ussuri; antibodies were detected In 7070 of patients. Antibodies against L. ussuri have not been detected in sera of rodents, but are pre- -,sent ia catUe.- TarabEik - KoLlce &AW.W. kBSKIII. V.A., podpolkovnik maditsinskoy elushby; DANMIOV, TU.V', kapitan =77-1'z4z'45w.-;~S - Oditainskoy aluzhbv; NALINKOVSKIY, I.S., kapitan medltsinekO7 slushby Net for insect protection. Voen.-med.zhur. no.6:89-90 Je 159. (MIRA 12:9) (140SQUITCHS canopy for protection (Rue)) KRAMINSKAYA, N.N. (g Ussuriyok)....ESKIN, V.A. (g.Uesuriysk); ZHUK, N.Y. (g.Ussuri.vsk) . - I Etiology of periodic ophthalmia In horses. Vaterinarlia 36 no.12:13-17 D '59. (MIRA 13:3) (Horses-Diseases) KFUMINSKAXA, N.U.; J&qIJAMM" Spontaneous carr7ing of Leptospira in white laboratory mice in the Far East. Soob.DVFAV SSSR no-11:157-159 159. (HEU 13 t11) 1. 73-ya virusologichookaya laboratoriya Dallnevostochnoy oblasti. (Soviet Far last-Leptoupira) ESKIN, V.A.; KRAMINSKAYA. U.N.; IZOTOV, P.T.; SOLDATOV. G.H. Imeptoopirosis in muskrats in the Maritime Territory. Soob.DV7,kH SSSR no.11:159-161 159. (MrRA 13:11) 1. 13~yx virus ologiche skaya labomtoriya Dallnevostochnoy, oblasti. 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M P 1011PIAWGION jul 48 Refraction, Double Relaxation Phencmena "Acoustical Double Refraction and the Relaxation Tlue of LIquIls," V. N. Tevetkor, V. Ye. Eskin, Phys Inst, rAningrad State U, 8 pp *Mur Mcaper I Teoret FIz" Vol XVn1, No 7 Study of relationship-of acoustic double refrac- tion In linseed,oil to intensity 6f ultrasound for various given frequencies; character of woustic double refraction in a series of low nole6ular liquids, as wel.1 ae P eight liquids In,frequency Interval 0.9 x.100 .-- 3.1.1.x loueec-l.* X*fAps relaxation phenew-ma in 4MM 9A9767 UM/Physice (Con+,d) Jul 48 row Of liquids. Approximte t1=13 of re2&xatIon rcw-Mlsculss Of castor oil and mineral ' CUUM oil round to be: 1.5 x 10-7 see and 4.5 x lo-1 sec. 9/49T67 b IL VihW AWd. X"A !" bkdfWPOW MOF "- 6Kd. "6- k Me a tabm - live d d eel V, dm-f. 00 0 0 am OV- mod- A00 owl a saw 41 as Now lov-ad; 000 md 44 smid es Im 200 ma- bmwe, fix ,ht= 00 =08idd tm d '. jim &N6" tom log 604 do am Sm U T1110 - Sipe T betwom 1-77 oeu Is ft Ix W. goo p-q m) fw IV bd- goo wd 1.16 x 18,4 (m. 14 x bstwm &M RAM&&m*." x W goo ad on x w- sm I =If in *1 WOW 4WA dm am IBM d howedmil a. lndindvwt goo dom _ _ SON a do p~ 0. 011041 tD ".Won. goo Voo goo see V UmmTm amwe~ &$*.ILA OVALLUNW-AL SUN "MISS weal Inul 11"a Saw On ISAA211 soon III -- 0419 was" logo 'T W-9 0 a 9 a 0 3 0 T A' u so* sale 0000 a$ 9 To "V U - W". ;~, --Ii"- - ;-~ n. *w-g 'R f70 f ~N: ge HFO R js .~-l 'A 00 A 00 A Relmews of im mderad Is I! V. N. Tstretkuy and V. H. Ali". sub 00-4 -S.S.S.R.67 the towntat"I relaustim than v oft the go 0* a drid. by turamarrmeuts of the selsoolic and l e ingenve (A castor 00, "tre M di r"t tellsiss. l 00 a of dild. with WwAine at a coost. temp.. relati ve to meow ad as standard Isquid, with the aid sit the I 00 A Was) 1(mal/mMI + W*41) - 111/0. when 0 as gap 00 Art 6 X - -I' W - ratio CA the Scoustic' f X Ito we I d th standard H bi uld at Got re an e if ~.W. P4 - I he warme ratio In Am hirtfrift"m !mot ~ 7 triax-tiost tinse of the stalklard tilloid I if I) 'is. eliptly. found to be sufficient except at a ~ 70 X 00 .3 6 IIP- on variation of v by varyinst the tea J. of pum &j* A) 35 80 r e lts were at 16 t th d 40V . o su cas a e r . . . 17. 10, 9.40,0.77. 4.511, 1- Q 1;71 (--.1 001 23.0. t7.1, 11.7. 11.9. 42. 1.5 me. At the Comel. temis. 42U', with the custot oil ditsolved its g4mothise at the consent. 00 Z Im (pule o(l), V3,8. iq.1j. 89.1, mi.l. 03.7. 80.1. 76A% - 9.4k d.72. 5.1.1. 3.K?. 2.111. 2.17. 1.09, 146 polus, 1 1114(siv.j - 17.11, 11 .1 ", 4 6 2 A 6 4 8. -IJ. 1.7 w. ' ' - 1 ~i ' -t I t kils ;;; s do mut At t th d i .-A Wil. tk , v. e t , km . ts as j. n I a S w Thi,ind"teathatthe ugknutism rrUsmoon can tw dewribed in temus of one The Costs of rat"i", stem) V (mmodiverst s . . y friction, at %be inol .. w - i rivD, when ow retationsall dilhistiom cool. of the ruill. D - Vor, Well. front do ilista SLA jTALLVP4KAL LITfIRANXII CtMOVICATION 1 AIIII . . b U m AT -0 As Io t' a It or Or r .1 7. ; 11 1, 00 10: 0 a :10 0 * 0 0 * : : :.: :~Lo a 11 1 99 000 0 -0 01-0-0,411 1 '4~Vj A at ill6mrsint tismapa.. Is fairly comist 3 2 X 10 4 A X Tubm "%" the suctolltiness of W I the litnits of expti. 1". At 50'. 9 - 127 poin. 1 15 X 10 0, Le. only 41 vrestrer then the vidue detd. for CHCU from Keff - - 44pet listamaeumU (Hanis and Hatmils, C.A. 34. arv I for Castor silad stiltrapolstuou to I - O-OU6 Polls: shv v - 6 X 1 -11 1 Is Yes of the value for CHCU. w: this aither bW for CHa. from distlimc. lossm, W a X I".comm witlit W - 4 X 10--6t for caAor oil diss Aspeentant jEsablictory if the eimpted form and the essweb hirw vol. of the rkinaltic aM trwycerlde MC4. an jdm Iota KVGOAat. Thus. the tvUrAtion close of mistleal salwo"y of 11"ids. dotd. by woustk birr- 14~~ I, to aveamt with thAt derived from nwasure- meau of 11 .lossm, but not the value c&W. frm MI. Kjwr effect. N. Thm lot sarsdo -4- IMF Is 0 A I 00 00000 000 00 0 06 0 0 00 00000 000 0 * * * 0 0 * i -60 .*0 .00 -00 -00 410* zoo ANOO &IGO zoo so* goo 400 goo xeo 11104111 Noo too =31:il: V V. G., lu.,Li,;Tcjv) 7' 0. V. i -,~d TjV.,TK,,Yi 7. =LL-Lt-~t.~J- "Some prob1cms in the lit;htscattering cf solutllonr,,"a paper prescrAtco, at I~ 9,11 C011EXCOS 01, Ile CICr,ry Q.,Id p1, S, C of 17i u Poly- r I -Y2 f;, Jun- 2 Feb 57, ..&CISCOW, Poly-mter 11~~scorch Inst. ESKIN,_V~�,,,, inzh.*; KIRILYUK, V.D., inzh. Efficient operating layout for a continuous haulage and spoil disposal machine unit. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; gor, zhur. 6 no.6935-38 163. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni gorrtyy institut imeni Artema. Rekomendovana kafedroy otkrytykh gornykh rabot. (Transporter bridges) AUTHOR: Eskin, V.Ye. sov/5"1-23-7-1'17/35 TITLEs Photoelectric Nephelometer (Fotoelektricheskiy nefelometr) PZRIODICALt Zhurnal teklinichetskoy fiziki. 1)56, Vol, 26, Nr 7, pp. '459 - lilt)6 (USS11) ABOTRACT: The photoelectric nephelometer is described. It is an experimental equipment destined for the investigation of the ungular distribution in the light diffusion of polymer solutions. The ettuipment was produced at the Laboratory for Polymer Solutions at the Institute for High Molecular Compounds of the Aj USSR. A Lpieral description of the device, of the photoelectric and of the optical part is given, The basic ch4racteristics of the calibration and of the work with thu plant are i;iven. The sequence of the measurements of the angular distribution in the case of the lig.,it diffusion of the solution is shown and the determination of the absolute values of the diffunion intensities is described, The latter are determined according to the atandz~rd, A polished cylindrical block of organic glass 3ervea as stundurd.- The diffu3ion of evory solution Card 112 is compared to the diffuoiori of thv standard. The cuvette