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- ETINGEN, L.Ye. 0.491'rWA, lwwl The bookshelf. Arkh.snst.gist. i embr. 34 no.4:114-118 Jl-Ag '57. (BIBLIOGRAPHY--ANAT014Y) (MIRA 10:11) ITINGENg LeTes' - . n-i" *Surgical anatomy of the phrenic nerve and its variants in the cervical arA upper thoracic regiona'" by G.V. Barberuk* Arhhe anat. gist. i embre 35 no,4:113-114 J1-Ag 158 (MMA lltlo) (PHMIC MIRVI) (BARBARUX, G.V.) ITINGEN, L.Ts. (Moskva, G-99, Smol(.nsktqa pl., d-13/21, kv.111) Morphology of human ovarian lymphatic vessels [with summary in Inglish). Arkheanat.. gist, i embr. 35 no-5:33-40 8-0 '58 (MIRA 11:12) 1. Wedra normaillnoy anatomii (sev. - chlem.--kor respondent ANN SSSR prof. A.D. Zhdauov) I Monkovskogo ordena lenina Meditainskogo instituta iment I.Ke Sechenova. (OVARINS, anat. & histol. lymphatic vessels (Rus)) (LYWHATIC VESSELS. anat. & hietol. ovarian (Rue)) ITINGEN, L. To. - - Morphological changes In the skeleton of the hand in leather- cutters. Trudy LSGKI 45:146-153 158 (MMA 11:11) 1e Kafedra. normalluoy anatomil, Leningradekogo sanitarno-gigiyeni- cheskogo meditainakogo institute (zav. ItAfedroy - chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR, prof's D.A. Midanov). (SHOE RAWMACTURN-HrGMIC ASPECTS) I? kv. 24) ,TISGEIT, L.Ye. (Stalinabad, u1. Lenim. d.138, ~-"---41 The bookshelf. Arkh. anat. gist. i embr. 36 no-5:113-116 14Y 159. (BIBLIOGRAPHY-AITATONY) (XI'Lk 12:7) It ETINGNII, L.Ye. (Stalinabad, ul.Lenina, d.138, kv.24) Book shelf. Arkh.anat.,gist. i embr. 36 no.6:1?2-124 Je '59. (HOA 12: 9) (BIBLIOGRAPHY) . i:Am. 11 . Irv, i-1 t ETINGEN, L.Ts. Bookshelf. Arkh.anat.gint. i embr. 37 no.7:122-123 J1 '59. (MIRA 12:10) (BIBLIOGRAPHY--AIIATOMY) BTINGICH, --: I.". Bookahelf. Arkh.snat -gist. I embr. 37 no.8:107-109 Ag '59. (HIPA 12:11) (BIBLIOGRAPIIT--"LTORY) IRTINGXN. L.Ye. Bookshelf. Arkh.anst.gist.i embr. 37 no.10:115-117 0 159. (MIRA 13:4) (BIBLIOGRAPHr--ANATONT) ITINM, L.Yee Boot shelf. Arkh.amt.glst.i sabre 37 no.lltl25-127 X '59. (HIM 13:4) (BIBLIOGRANT--ANATONT) ETINGENq L.Ye,; ZAKAYVp A.A. Metastasis of cancer into the ovary. Vop. onk. 6 no. 10:74-76 0 160. (MIRA 14:1) (OVARI&Q,-CANCER) 'RAT.A V, V.N.; BORISOV, A.V.; KRAM, A.V.t_NTINGEN, L.Te. Topic conference on the experimental morphology of the heart and blood vessels. Zdrav.Tadsh. 7 no.1:47-48 Ja-F 160. (MIRA 130) (CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTIM) NIKITYUKj B.A.j MIKIINt L!Ye. Book olielf. Arkho anat. gist, i embr, 38 no, 5;121-123 147 160. (B*UOGRAM-4MTONY) (MIU 14:2) ETINGENt Ljo, BookWwlf. Arkh anat,. gist i embr. 38 no. 6:U6 is 460. (MIRA 13-.12) (BIBLIOGRAPHY) KING L. . INIKITYK, B.A. Book shelf. Axkh.anat.gist.i embr. 39 no.91126-128 8 160. (MIRA 14sl) (BIBLIOGRAPHY-BIOLOGY) ETINGEN, L.Ye. Lymphatic system of the skin of the human scrotum. Vest,dem. I ven, 34 no,9t27-32 160a (NIRA 1382-1) le Iz kafedry normallnoy anatomii Stalinabadskogo meditsinskogo instituta (zav, - chlen-korrespondent AN Tadzhikoko-y SSR Ya.A. Pakhimov). (SCROTUM) (IMVHATICS) ~~ 7- / P,/ --- 0 ~=- A-1 ~ ETIGEN, L, Bookshelf. Arkh.anat.gist.i embr. 38 no.4A114-116 A '60. 10A 14; 5) (BIBLIOGPAPHY--ANATOMY) ETINGEN, L.Ye. (Stal.inabadp ul. Lenina) 138, kv. 24) "Blood supply of the normal and pathological ovar-,M by J.cAubert. Reviewed by L.E.Etingen. Arkh.anat.gist.i embr. 39 no.7:111-113 JI 160. MRA 14: 5) (OVARIES--BLOOD SUPPLY) (GAUBERT, J.~ KRAYEV, A.V.; NIKONOV, A.P.; RASSOXHINA~ L.I.;-BTINGEN, L.Ye. First conference Central Asia and .U5 F 161. of anatomists., histologists, and embryclogists oC Kazakhstan. Arkh. anat. gist. i embr. 40 no.2:111- (MIPA 14:5) (HISTOLOGY-CONGRESSES) ETINGEN, L,Yo,v kand.medonauk Some anatomical bases of hemorrhage from the ovaries. rxush. i gin. no.1951-54 162,9 (IDRA 151,11) 1. Iv k--fedry z3ormallnoy anatomii (zar-,, - chlen-4correspondent Ali Tadzhiskoy SSR zasluzhennyy deyatel9 nauki Ya.A. Rakhimov) Meditsinskogo instItuta ( Ib'hanbe). (OVARIF.S.-,DISEASES5* (HIMMWGE) ETINGF - T. 8 Y-- Vascular system of the ovaries of macaques and some other mammals. Blul.M31P.Otd.biol. 67 no.5;153-154 S-0 162. (MIRA 15;10) (OVARIES-BLOOD VESSELS) f" KRAYEV, Aleksandr Vaoillyevich; ETINGEN Lev ~Yxeffiimov7ichk RAKHIMDVI Ta.A.# he-F-n~auk 0 Vr I zasluzhennyy deya e o v.r OLOV, [Lymphatic system of the human urogenital or$ans) Unfaticheskala sistema mochepolovykh organov cheloveka. dtalinabad, 1961. 3.19 p. (Dushanbe. Gosudarstvennyi meditsinskii inatitut. Trudy, v01.46) (KIRA 16j2) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN Tadzhikskoy SSR (for Rakhimov). (GENITOURINARY ORGANS) ('LYMPHATIC$) . . i-T Ill G -IT.I.! ) 1 .1 1. Y.e.. heport rm sel-ilcr. tho B-.~tti of .,to SICAleritifla Society of i-n,i ',-Ailbryjlcgi.A:F. A-kh. aricat., i 43 r I r, -,' (',I I Ut 17 .15 ) I-,,T I NGFY 1 ki1vayri I-, L Renlirr, of t-he Board ~f 9 3 a PJ 71 ETINGE Nil L. Ye. Reaction of the vascular system of the ovary to the partial excision of the organ. Trudy Dush. mod. inst. 57 no.2t115- .129t62. (MIRA 16tlO) 1. 1z kafedry norias.11nov Annt-li (zav. - chlen-4torrespondent AE Tadshikskoy MF4 zaslushennn deyatell nauki Ya.A.Rakhimor) Tadzhikskogo gosudarstvennogo meditainskogo instituta imeni Abuali Ibn-Sino. (OVARIES - S1JRGM) F, T L14 "'JEE " , il. Ye . D-mairics of vascalotissue cha--ige-3 in the rabbit, wnlry after un.L- latersi ovariectomy. Blul. eksp. bloj. i med. 56 no.12:79-84 D 162. OITFI 17: 11 ) 1. Kafedrit normallnoy anixtomill Tadzhikskogo meditninskogo Axinti- tuta, Dushanbe. YOIIAKOV, Nikolay Zostmov!(.4i, dektor ir,--d.nauk, prcf., zasluzhennyy dayatell naukl; LOKSHINA, Yelena Gavrilovna, dc)kt,,r- jx~d.nauk; ETIN'321, L.Ye., CkIloplasty using a knitted capron not.] Alloplastika viazanoi kapronovoi sitkoi. Dushanbe, 1964. 76 p. (Du-,hanbe. Glos-adarst- vennyi meditsinsk"A Institut, Trudy, vol. b5). (miffik 18:7) 1. Zaveduyushrhly- kafedrcy gosFitallnoy kh1rurail TadzhiP.Acgo meditsinskogo instituta izani AbLiali Ibri-Slno (Avitoermyy) (for Monalcov). 2. Zaveduyushclaya kafedroy ortopedii i tramatologli Tadzllikskogo meditsinskogo instituta Ameni Abl~all llm-Sino (Avitsennyy) (for Lokshina). I ., -,~ ~ *-Ya. DCI,fSfINTY) N.V. (-'vano~-F---aWRcvsT,, 5? k-,-.- 11, -I (Lmshanbe, 3, 1110, kv.2L) -- - ---- -- Worli ef the Sijcond Topploal ;rt t 0.,~-C-uLlaticn Irl I%ral10-F~ankovok en May 27-30, 1~j6L. tog i. ,7~1,t-'* -1.7 AvoIC-:108-114 0 164. (1v , ].?,: 6 ) YfINGkW, L. Ye. (DuBhanbei3, prospekt Lenina 110, kv. 24) Vaam,lar system of the adheslons of the ovary. Arkh. anat., gist. i embr. 47 no. llt65-68 N 164 (MIRA 19:1) 1. Kafedra normallnoy anatomii Tadzhikskogo meditsinskogo insti- tuta (zav. - chlen-korrespondent AN Tadzhikskoy SSR, zaszluzhen- nyy deyatelt nauki prof. Yn. A. Rakhimov). Submitted MaY 5, 1964. NORDSHTREM, E.E.; ETINGER, I.A. Protection of the interior of a vacuum over with laqquer-paint coatings. Lakokras. mat. i ikh prim. no.5:60-63 0'61. (MIPU~ 15:3) (Protective coatings) (Ovens) L 07818-67 IJP(c)-__JI)IJG ACC NR, AR6017462 SOURCE CODE: UR/Ol37/66/OO0/0al/Boi6/Bal6 !AUTHOR: E~~er I. A.; Marmer E. N. TITLE: Operation of niobium heaters in a vacuum electric furnace with ceramic heat insulation SOURCE: Ref. zh. Metallurgiya, Abs. 1B100 REF SOURCE: Elektrotemi;a. Nauchno-tekhn. sb. , vyp. 45, 1965, 42-45 TOPIC TAGS: niobium, vacuum furnace, metallurgic furnace ABSTRACT: Niobium beaters were studied In a laboratory vacuum r Jqlectric Arnace with zirconium dioxide,j corundum or higll-alumina refractory lining.L-?The experiments in eracts chemically with zirconium dioxide, corundum and alumina 0 -4 -5 mm Hg under conditions of direct contact at 1400-170 OC and pressures of 10 _10 with the lining. As a result the niobium heater is melted at the point of contact in 8-40 hours of heating to these temperatures. When contact with the lining was elimi- nated the niobium heater operated for 250 hours including 100 hours at 1800*C. The diameter of the heater was reduced from 5.2 to 4.7 mm on the average which corresponds to a vaporization rate of lv2.3.10 7 g/CM2-sec, a value which exceeds available data by several orders of magnitude. Therefore niobium heaters should not be used in va- cuum electric furnaces with linings of the given materials. 4 illustrations, 4 tables, bibliograplW of 13 titles. V. Pryanikova. [Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 11, 13 uDc: 669:621,365.4 III If x P a a a a A so t Awls" boda a MAW 0100- irmion. The adda. of certain ..ts. d mich qstts as U1, UW prepiradw. Ys. A. Fie ~i 1- U"GW- N.I. N. hngnsfe C(Mleine Ullf to 111VIUM C11111"Irs lbr farmawya i Parma". 190. No. a. 6-M ftd,ce jeng~m only slightly. Dcto. of coma. by owAnA 1M. 1. -1237-TIve followitic obseirrittiosis wan amile of vAtf&ce tmbn "W&MIr"nents is therr(Ore V*War in the deta. of the pirface tension of intualonit MW S in the 4 fait in tuhkas a( mw shooed I incturce (adonis, diditalis. valetian. etc.) by the GtGkVD0- the =ZIUM likeow,ist driveUM with i Is the 00 triettic piethotl of Tmube (d. C. A. 4. Mi. With in- I own. W alawad. At nomat coacrit. (3-6 parts Per Masiss cown. the Suffsee tensift "keably, drervas" lm), bowevvr, the change in ourfavir tinisloin with cown. out the cioricu. of fluctures can be obtakind frant the w- is juqigniiiant~ The vslut chang"t Moreoverv with tbt lam tension, The wrilam tern" CA Idusiond OW 00C, ustoldifliwMiypesolainminds. ItismurvexPedi"ttO I. prepd. front eased. exis. Is greater than that at use viwosvir vvmmu~nu in judsinS rMublovic The wilos. at equal conics. preW. directly korn the plaw tnate- surface tention of all. Wits. of phinini Chasm ,onx rr. fist. No dft4ilun can be mated M 'be -"-y ably with the coric", The Mdam tension Of -1- of *0 of the vuhnn of the goes" tension of nwous. etc., of the I water in phenol changes only slialidy with t Tahirv varl" mat hoda. Aqua trials but prrpd. by dillerant met are g1wn (rum which the coorn. of solus, of phaval usl kwaiculf. Mearthas, piperlise. rte.. show a decrease! in chloral hydritte can be dttd. from the vorface tessiou. 40 sudwe few-ka with ismsalac coocia. .0 the ethereal oil. U. G. Moore The quality of the preps. can be judsvd Witt the surface a V A f4L, A$ a. L ME W91CAL Ufffia CL4110CAJON 7 Senaso -4 Qvt it-AV so -- T-. V--1 a T j I 99 It 00 0 0 0 : 166 4 9-9-: Its.. N*.I"W 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 .00 .00 4*0 00 400 woo 00 5*0 lee .00 WOO -00 ''Oo T LN T"t u or vi m, r ABC evemxLsbl Q-PU is ff CPS a Ist .-0 w Ll"fa IND L9"19 lop ..v In ORDER, x W?.*o .012 w"s W-Is too I velf gem 0 on a m S qjFwq u"jnf WOH -q P WUMAW "ll Too 00. o)pajnqpjjvq,upsv.&ojr4p",I JIMPMAWISU Amums 01 P" MO I IV " Ol "qw"aft "Is aim S 00 000 . m Mau , I map- knimsm v- wit o Aq WW Iq so appm 4 1 A *0 1 ppp 4 'IM, at IV d re* 0(3VO)qj Wdl W03f~ trio, a JVOII its" IMIN 07 -I- sq) W's Om 0 ee v -K Pal gale lc 'Oq lot Im"Poisw r % A i 1 m 1086 -V -M - w A l opow 'I" 4, oj g je "m m so A w&*" OMM ms Woo ar ufflo jej pw4pw 4 ETINGER, H,A, Quaititative determination of soveaize and dicalne in aquesus solu- tioxe by measuring the surface tension. Ukr.khlm.zhr-r.17 no-5:777- 780 151- (MLRA 9:9) l.Kiyevskiy institut usovershenstvavaniya provizorev. (Sevcaize) (Dicains) (Surface tension) ETINGER, M.A.; BARON. H.S. Study of aqueous solutions of antipyrine, pyramidene, and analgins from their surface tensions. Ukr.khim.,zhur-17 as-5:781-785 151. (MlaA 9:9) I.Kiyevskiy institut useverebonstvovaniya provizerov. (SIWACE TUSION) (CHRMISTRY, MMICAL M PHARMACBMIC)L) WINGER, N.A.; BARON, M.S. Determination of surface tension an a method for investigating pharnaceutical preparations. Determination of calcium lactate and ferrous lactate. Ukrain. Khim. Zhur. 17. 9.18-24 151. 1 NLRA 6:4) (CA 47 no.22:12756 153) - 1. Inst. for Profess. Advancement Pharmacists, Kiev. ETIEGER, S. M Reznichenko, V. Ya. and Etinger, S. Ft., Engineers. Welded Whenl Gonstructions for Centrifugal Pumps and CoMrassors page 96 The authors familiarize the reader with the experience gained at a plant in the field of construction and manufacturing welded stainless-steel wheels for high-speed feed water pumps, pumps used at cracking plants, and centrifugal gas compressors, Steam and Gas Turbine Construction, Foscow, Fiashgiz 1957, 351 PP. ETINGER IS. M. r- Frenkell, L. D., Etinger, S. M., and ChernLn, Kh. N., Engineers. Problems in t,:e Construction of Stationary Gas Turbine Installations. Page 105. The authors discuss several problems dealing with aie derign of stationary gas turbine installations, axial and centrifural co:..pre~sorr,, and combustion chambers. The article contains drawings of gas turbine installations and tables and graphs of experimental researr-h data on Fns turbines. Stcaj-~i and Gas Turbine Construction, Moscow illashf-iz 161, 351 pp. Lnwu', S. Ic'. --, ~' 12 ---. - , - - Etinger. 5. Y., En-ineer. Operating FxTerience and Familiarization -dth SW-2.20-2SO Super High-pressure Feed F-arps and the Resultin:,- 1esign Improvements ard Adjustments at the Cberepet State f4agional Electric Power Plant. page 1.55 The author analY785 various design improvements reru3ting from operatirg experience acquired during the initial operation of super high-pressure feed pumps. The article contains schematic drpwings of rurrs and their rcmp~onents. S&eaw. and Gas Turbire ConstruCtion, Yoscow Fasligiz, 1957, 351 PP. RZNICUMO, V.Ta., iuzh.; WIMIR, SIX* Inzh, C ~ Welded structures of runners in coatrifugal pumps and coMrassors, Cbvjdy] IM no,'5:98-104 157. NIRL 3216) (Gas-turbine disks) JW,Mlg L.D.6 Insh.; ATINGIR S#Mog lnxh,; CHMMNv Kh,N,q inzh, -- Design of stationary gas-turbine units. ITYU03 I= n0.5:105-130 '57. (MM 11:6) (Ose turbine s-Doaign) 8(6), 14(6) SOV 1112-59 -4-6611) Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Elektrotekhnika, 1959, Nr 4, 1) 32 (USSR) AUTHOR: Ettinger, S. 1.4. TITLE: Experience With Adjusting and Putting Into Oper-at tion the F ce"--Water 1 0 Suverhigh-Pxessure SVP-Z20-Z80 Plumps at tha Cherepet" 11~!glaial !Elcctr~.-_ Pailez Elan'%; PERYODICAL: Tr. Leningr. metaAlich. z-da, 1957, Nr 5. pp 155-177 ABSTRACT: An SVP-220-280, Z80-m3hir, 220-atm -aum. T~ ccusim, of ---, maia 2--id a superimposed lxvt~r_ driven by one electric motor; the sup erirnp:; s ed -p%,.mP is driver. directly by the motor shaft, while the main pump (.45,1000 -pzrn) is drivea through a. reducer. All trouble used to happer, with the maj--i pump, the principal weak spot3 being: end and internal packing3, CCUI-Ple, check valves, internal-frame springs, and outlet edges of the rua:aers. A new design fcr packings was developed because the soft-type end packings were i.y.r.sati8factory at 6, 000 rpm. At first, 3-slot packiag was usez! for the zunners; Card 112 SOV/1 12-59 -4-6610 Experience With Adjusting and Putting Into Operation the Feed-Water . . . . however, due to runner vibration with the gaps up to 0. 35 rnm, a single sl3t packing, that created centering forces, was adopted. Runner at the manufacturing plant and at the electric station helped to clarify the hnfl-%zence of hydraulic forces acting in the packings. In accordance with this, the method of pump-runner design for the critical rpm was modified. To increase reliability of' the unloading couples, they are wiped with a paste before assembling; a stainless steel with Hb a 400 is used for washers; the active area of the unloading disk and the leak-drain port in the unloadhig chamber have been i-acreased. A new design of the check-valve spilling device has been developed. Internal -frame springs are made from 60S2A steel, instead of 3x 13 steel; the ready-made springs are cadmium-plated which stopped their breakage. Other less troublesome assemblies were also remodeled. V. Ye. Card 2/2 STINGER, V. "Workday in a society building communism" by N. A. Klimov. Reviewed by V. Stinger, Sots. trud 6 no.12:150-153 D 161. (Hours of labor) (MIRA 14--11) (communism) (Klimovp N.A.) KRAYCHIKI L.; ETINGER, V. "Technology and asetheticag by V. Beletakaia, Reviewed by L. Kraichik, V. Etinger. Sots* trud 7 no,10:152-154 0 162. (Paotories-Design and construction) (Beletswa, V.) ETIIIG;','R. Viktor MihhQy1ovich.,-, YMBASUE11, V.G., red.; ATOROTCHEXKO, 1-1 -1 ~-eid-.--- .0 (ahe workday and corrunism]Rabochii dent i komunizm. Moskva, Izd.-vo "Znanie," 1962. 37 p. (Novoc v zhizni, nauke, takhnike. III Scriia: Ekonomika, no.23) (MIRA 15:12) (Hours of labor) 0t 1 1. 1'i AH 31 j JA mg a I u S1 HIS 171 R7 lZI 4 .1 j -3 ACC N -~' ARG032148 SOURCE CODE: UR/0169/66/000/006/DO12/DO12 AUTHOR: Klichnikov, V. A.; Etinger, V. R. TITLE: Geophysical research in the South Eastern part of central Kazakhstan SOURCE: Ref. zh. Gcofizika, Abs. GD84 REP SOURCE: Sb. Geofiz. issled. v Kazakhstane. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, 1965, TOPIC TAGS: nonferrous metal, geophysical research, geologic research, gravimetric surve , prospecting, metallometry, rare metal deposit, gravitation Y prospectinal Kazakhstan ABSTRACT: Gravimetric survey, deep seismic sounding, and materials from Iairborne magnetic work (scale: 1:200, 000-1:25, 000) are being used in the stage of regional research (1:200, 000 and smaller). More extensive information on the depth of a regional structure is yielded by data from gravirne-tric surveys which are used as the basis for tectonic zoning and metallogenic plottings. In the starre of jestimating the occurrence of ores large-scale work involving gravitation prospect- in- with variometers and gradiometers, and mine sampling and drilling operations Card 1 / 2 UDC: 550. 830(574. 3) I ACC NR: AR6032148 is being carried out. In searches for rare metal deposits (molybdenum, turl-rsten, bismuth, etc. ), use is being made of gravitation prospecting, magnetic prospecting, electric prospecting, and metallometry. The method of induced polarization will be more widely applied. Several rare metal deposits were discovered by complex geological-geophysical research in conjunction with metallometry. Geophysical 0 investigations yield their best results in prospecting for Skarn-type polymetallic and copper deposits, the majority of which are accompanied by anomalies in their magnetic, electric, and gravitational fields. Geophysical methods were found to be sufficientl effective for prospecting and detailed studies of non-ferrous metal y deposits occurring in magnetic rock. The method of induced polarization is applied in prospecting for impregnated sulfide mineralization. The development off methods for prospecting of nonferrous metal deposits in sedimentary deposits is regarded as one of the tasks of further research. Six illustrations. Bibliography of 11 titles. Yu. Kaznacheyeva. [Translation of abstract) SUB CODE: 08/ 2/2 ETINGER, Ya. G. "Book Reviews - Gilyarevskiy,, S. A. 'Rheumoseptic Endocarditief," Klin. Med., 26, No.3. 1948 Dir., Faculty Therapeutic Clinic, 2nd Moscow Med. Inst. im. Stalin - ETINGERP Ya. 0. Prof* "The Patholoov nad Clinical Aspects of Idiopathic Isolated Myocarditis," Klin. 0 Med., 26, NO-3p 19V Faculty Therapeutic Clinic, 2nd Moscow Mad. Inst. ETINGER, Ya. 0, Prof. "Prodromal Phenomena in Cases of Myocardium Infractus," Klin. med... 27, No-3. 1949 Faculty Therapeutic Clinic, 2nd Moscow Med. Inst. im. Stalin MONAKHOV, R.I., insh., glavnyy red.; TURIANSKIT, N.A., inzh,v zam.glavnogo red.; YMBROV, L.Ya., inzh., red.abornikB; STINGIN red. abornika; AHAVIN, B.N., red.izd-va; STSPANOVA, B.S.,; .IOLNTSNVA, L.M., (Collection No.3 of consolidated cost indexes of mining operations, buildings, and structures of the coal industry to be used in ihe revaluation of capital asset'] Sbornik n0-3 ukrupnennvkh poka- zatelei stolmosti gornykh vy;abotok, zdanii i oooruthenii ugollnol promyshlannosti dlia perootsenki onnovnykh fondov. Moskva. Goo. isd-Yo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit.materialam. Vol.2. 1958. 165 p. (KIRA 12:4) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Goaudaretvannyjr komitet po delam stroitellstva. (Coal mines and mining) (Building--Estimates) MPOVSK17 9 1. 1, 9 inzh. o red. I XTIN jjff.-Y.~ inzb. 9 red.; BUDANOV, G.V., inzh.p otv. za vypuskj KLIKOVA# G.D,p redoizd-va)o BOROVNEVy N,X*9 tekhn.reds; SHERSTNEVA9 N.Vej tekbnered, [collection of budget standards for expenses and standard sets of equipment and standard sets of equipment and goods for the interior appointments of public and administrative buildings] Sbornik smetxqkh norm zatrat i tipovykh naborov oborudovaniia i predmetov vnutrennego ubranstva obahchestvenr7kh i administrativrqkb %daniis Moskyal Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit.materialam. Vol.l. (Administrative and cultural buildingsp preschool and school buildingsp higher and secondary special education schools] Obwekty administrativnogo i kaliturno-proevetitellnogo naznachaniiap doshkollmys i shkollrye uchebrWe zavedeniiap uchebnye zavedeniia vysshego i srednego spetsiallnogo obrazovaniia. 1961. 294 ps Vol.2. [Buildings for therapeutic and preventive medicine and community buildings] Ob"ekty lechebno-profilaktichaskogo naznacbe- niia; ob"ekty komsunallnogo naznacheniia. 1961, 192 p jMIRA 14%6) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) GosudarstvanMy komitet po delam stroitallstva. (Public buildings - Furniture, equipment, etc.) KHMELINITSKAYA, Ye.L., doktor ekon. nauk, prof.; LEMI~,.I,M., doktor ist. nauk; MAKSIMOVA, M.M., kand. ekon. nauk,- GONCHAROV, A.0j, kand. ekon. naukj VASILIKOV, N.P., kand. ekon. nauk; VALIKOV, V.V., kand. ekon. nauk; KOLIDNTAY, V.M., kand. ekon. nauk; ETINGER,_I~.~ kand. skon. nauk; DALIX, S.A., kand. ekon. naUtj ~~HK ~, A.A., mlad. n+hnyy aotr.;.MOROWV, V., red.; MOSKVINA, R., tekhn. red. (Economic problems of the "Common Market."]Ekonomichei3kie prob- lemy "Obshchego rynka." Moskva, Sotsekgiz, 1962. 510 p. (MIRA 160) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut mirovoy ekonomiki i mezhdunarod- nykh otnoshenly. 2. 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Zaveduyuslichaya kabinetom lechobnoy fizkall- tury Moskovskoy gorodskoy boltnitsy No.40 (for Iofina). STINGOP, G.A. Cast Iron manhole cover@ of the lightweight type. VodA san. takh. no.9:31 1) '55. (HLU 9:3) (Manholes) ___'MF wo-es OWN- 1 9 to 11 u 1) to 11 f t ly Is 0 a it t 1i ~ .11 Wn Its all mom it Not mate a to 2 Y, 1--L 1-2 1 0 cc I a .-T . 1-1 1 A %,A 11- 0 8 -1 ji _00 0 a . K&Wmg Aberboard elastic and resistnt to water. I - .00 flum4shmaya Prow. 14, 7 8 f l K U N k .06 00 a uo, os itiartmindytt i go , M14--Cotiod elmtkity and water- W It witb d b fib b .60 y treat ted to er uar p"Ittlattunt jelly and Ca. 169g. Al. Zu wO 'Mn uaph- MS. Blanc 41909 00 O M 400 00 a** ee 00 s 00 coo zoo pt MOO 012 If boo . tie I -11ALLOOGICAL LIVENATLAC CLAHOOKOPOP C U- 1410t) 041 got SOA442 -7 . ).I I 1 41. - T u 0 if -0 L wig Ka Mat scan 11164on 1,114 or a -j om a to 3 0 to 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 4 0 T 0 0 9 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 49 KONOBOV, Tu.V.; ITINGOF, I.M. - Gabbro rocks of the Pavlovka area in the IW1 River basin. Dop.AN URSR n0-3:358-362 160. (MIRL 13:7) 1. Institut geologicbeskikh nauk AN USSR i Kiyevskly geologo- razvedochnyy treat. Predstavleno akademikom AN USSR N.P. Semenenko [M.F.Somenanko]o (Ingul Valley-Gabbro) CHELCIKBIT'KO, Tu.P., inzh.; XTINGCF, L.A., irzh. Special snow loader. Put' i pnt.khoz. no.ll:"-1 It '59. (MIRA 13:4) (Railroade-Snow protection and removal) 8(0) SOV/112-58-3-4209 Translation from; Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika, 1958, Nr 3. pp 108-109 (USSR) AUTHOR: Zhuravskiy, Yu. V., and Etingof, M, 1. TITLE: Calibrating the Electric Differentiating Circuit (Tarirovka elektricheskogo differentsiruyushchego ustroystva) PERIODICAL: V ob.: Prokatnyye stany. Nr 7, M. Mashgiz, 1956, pp 211-215 ABSTRACT; Disadvantages of the well-known calibration method of differentiating circuits based on recording of an aperiodic capacitor discharge are noted, viz. : the necessity to use known stable resistors or capacitors. A new method is suggested based on simultaneous recording of a sinusoidal voltage and ita derivative taken from the differentiating circuit. It is recommended that the calibration be made by varying the frequency of an audio-frequency oscillator while keeping the peak deflection of the recorded derivative constant; this permits simultaneously obtaining both the amplitude and the phase Card 112 8(0) SOV/112-58-3-4209 Calibrating the Electric Differentiating Circuit frequency -response characteristics of the differentiating circuit. However, under plant conditions it is more convenient to calibrate the circuit using the constant -frequency line supply and varying the amplitude by a potentiometer or an autotransformer. A detailed example of differentiating -circuit calibra- tion (with sample oscillograms) is presented, the procedure is explained, and the instructions are given as to how the calibration curve obtained can be used for deciphering the recording of a derivative of a function under investigation. Shch. S. S. Card 212 ETINGOF) M. I. "Four channel electronic tensiometer type ET-4-35" pge 216 Ro" Ing Mills-Research on Electrical Drive and Automatics in Rolling Mills, Book no. bO, 1956., TsNIITMASH 9(6) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/2557 a Nauchno-tekhnicheskoye obahchestvo mashinostroitellnoy promyshlennouti. Leningradskoye oblastnoye pravleniye.. Provolochnaya tenzometriya (Theory and Application of Wire Strain Gages) Moscow, Mashgiz, 1959. 138 P. (Series: Leningradskiy dom nauchno-tekhnicheskoy propagandy, kn. 51) 3,500 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Nauchno-tekhnicheskoye obshchestvo priborostroi- tellnoy promyshlenno~ti. Ed.: A.M. Turichin; Ed. of Publishing House: M.A. Chfas; Tech. Ed.: L.V. Shchetinina; Managing Ed. for Literature on the Technology of Machine Building (Leningrad Division, Mashgiz): Ye.P. Naumov. PURPOSE: This collection of papers is intended for engineers, scientific workers,and technicians making calculations for strength in machinery. Card 1/5 Theory (Cont.) SOV/2557 Shmakov, E.M. Instruments With Wire Strain Gages for Measuring Vibratory Displacements of Soil 25 Kostyuk, Z.D. Experimental Measurements of Static Thermal Stresses Under Nonstable Thermal Conditions 32 Matskevich, D.D. Use of Wire Strain Gages for Measuring Small Forces, Pressures, and Fluid-flow Velocities - 38 Shal,nikov, G.I. Experience With the Use of Vibrometers With Wire Strain Gages For Measuring Amplitude and Frequency of the Vibra- tions of Small Surfaces 50 Arshanskiy, B.E. Vibrometers With Wire Strain Gages 55 Petrov, L.V. Universal Cathode-ray Oscillographic Equipment for Experimental Investigation of Machines. Poss1blities for Improve- ment 6o Card 3/5 Theory (Cont.) SOV/2557 Dumov, P.D. Counter for Strain Cycles (Deformations) of a Given Magnitude 73 Baranov, D.S. Principles of Construction of Multichannel Strain- gage Instruments for Simultaneous Observation and Recording of a Series of Processes 79 Arshanskiy, B.E., and L.A. Leyfer. Semiconductor-type Voltage Converter for Feeding Strain-gage Instruments from Low-voltageD-C Sources 92 Polyakov, A.A. Current-wave Recording in Measur;.ng Dynamic Processes With Strain Gages 100 Grzhibovskiy, V.V. Method of Welding Circuit Wires in an Experimental Investigation of the Deformations in Rotating Parts at Temperatures up to 4000 C. 104 Piven, I.D. Problems of Calibrating Strain-gage Instruments During Card 4/5 s/137Ao/lboo/lb 12/1005/b4 1 AOO6/AOO1 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1960, No.11, p.99, # 28765 AUTHOR: '-Etingof, M.I. TITLE: Experiences in the Use of Foil Transformers for Devices Controlling Rolling Process in Shops PERIODICAL: V sb.: Provolochn. tenzometriya (NTO Mashprom, NTO Priborprom, LDNTP, Vol. 51) Moscow-Leningrad, Mashgiz, 1959, PP. 11 - 20 TEXT: During long-time operation in shops it is recommended to use foil converters for the measurement and recording of force effects, in particular, metal pressure on the rolls. The author enumerates their advantages in compari- son with round wire converters. V.M. Translator's note: This is the full translation of the original Russian abstract. Card 1/1 ETINGOF, Mir%a 11osijfovn'U~.LYUD1H, GenrIkh Lazarevich; SHTEYNBOX, GYu., inz ' VeZ. 7e ; LYUSTIBERG, V.F., inzh., ved. red.; SOROKINA, T.M., tekhn. red. [ET-4-55 strain-measuring amplifier.KT-l quartz tachometerl Tenzometricheskii usilitell tipa ET-4-55. Kvartsevyi takho- KT-1. [By]G.L.Liudin. Moskva, Filial Vses. in-tanauchn. I tokhn.informataii, 1958. 27 p. (Peredovoi nauchno-tekhni- cheakii I proi2vodstvennyi opyt. Tema 31. No.P58-29/5) (MIRA 16:3) (Tachometer) (Electronic Instruments) VYSOTSKIY, Aj,,~ ETING(T. tl,j~ Errors in active! coilrol C ILL) Se d I ~y th- 07.1 '11 i ~ -1 nf, m -J, !-., --d partB, I zm. te kh , n n., I ! 1 2--i 3 Mr 165, (':"mA l815) DMITRIYEVSKIY, V.I., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof.;,ETIN130F, M.N., kard. tekhn. nauk; KUKINOV, A.G., kand. tekhn. naukl BEKNEV. V.S,, kand. tekhn. nauk; SHERSTYUK, A.M., kand. takhn. nauk Concerning K.F. Shpitallnik's book "Semigraphical methodg 'for determining the parameters ^f air ~n a centrifugal ccmpressor stage," Reviewed by V.I. D,4'-trievakli and others. Teploenergetika 11 no.10293-95 0 164. (M:RA 18,3,: A I .. TSentrallnyy ordena Lenina nauchno-issledovatellskiy aviatsionnogo motaroBtroyeniya imen! P.I. Baranova (for Dm!trlyevskly, Etingof). 2. TSentrallnyy aerogidrodinamichesk-4y Institut lmeni N.Ya. Zhukovskogo (for Kukinov). 3. Moskovi3koye vyssheye tekhni.. cheskoye uchilishche (for Beknev). 4. Moskovskiy ordens Lenina energeticheskiy institut (for Sharsty-uk). - - __ _': - MWEVILWEVIEW - T T T r T T II 7r ',a I, U A if W A 1 A m ?b Is It a 0 GI .1 41 It a a t s A j - - , - - i- __ . 'V~ 41 C. h=vit&W 8 and C evitsminOWS 0( dfnts with = 0e t"ha tbe ~ m. it, ZXJEtjnjQf~#nd . V. Proe. - 1-9-va. Min. AIM. (U.S.S.R.) 22 No U 74-7tM4) so . . , . C Th Patirnt'g shnw d finit i di i f C h e e n cat on o ypowitaminods. Vit 'Imin C thempy iq effertivir In lightming the course and thedintw. G. 161. Kougapoff 00 00 sea 00.3 o0 U., aft v- i- -.-i-r-i U AV so (ItIlporg all RN gulf 1111 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 e * 0 0 * 0 11~44 o o * 0 0 0 0 00 kAA ft, 0 00 w 2 3 9 1 Aa :10 0 0 is 0 0 0 0 0 6 0-66 0 0 o0 Os 0 000 0 0-4 -00 lee see goo zoo see see Are* as* see Noe WOO t no UVM 1 0 3011 unit *mvx 10411 1" a %1 00 AT S n a d . f 1 . . ISI . .v Y~ 111,tv IND ..0 if. "Dial ATIOU&I 0011 00 Ow I so see!, too 0 41 coo . ! C. 00 :: 1 - .jAuujim.%alwo cxwnulng )n -loppo; 3-41 A-1 1,I)rAll,v 900 ail tAvalm us3 "I !paulvlqo air 'w4lj*1 AA11-Irstj II&M -#411111113 14101 110 UAUU2 9 ' zo#jTtvpj1Ad rq xuAyuv,.) aq.L All UN.A% *j3vyWxjd pivr jimlsvo pus I;wjuj2jv 'jM-Al ju1sp -,u" jhpL.1 so -lia bra IMpq p,up1m aqj imi jumi, foe-, 4 AlIA!4- AU. 'ild1wis aso lkxt%A!twvq ApWumt, -!-vlA.,.jav4paU -q*61 j1d it jayncialroii tt/If tilt I% -Xl%x Aq p-ulmocit) jej ji~j 11 afwfvvlff~ x P(M AmIlrWriq Ai p amllou tvlopmp *qj v so 111:11 11.14J47.94 0.. $MUlost - ' go W I -Y-7 "I t t - q 9 A 4 1-1 1 4 d N - n w 7) 0 7 f , If q It cr I I'll ~ !I ; a dk a USSR/14odicine - Biochemistry Jan/Feb 49 Medicine - Aspartic Acido Effect "The Process of Decomposition of I-Aspartic Acid Under the Influence of Bacterial Aspartic Acid Decarboxylasep" S. R. Mardashevp L. A. Semian., P. N. Etingof, A, I. Balyasnaya, Chair of Biochect First Moscow Mod Instp 17 pp "Biokhimiya" Vol XIV, No 1 Studies mechanism-of docarboVlization of I-aspartic acid under influence of microbacteria isolated in the laboratory. Tried to identify product of the reaction with B-alanine. Determination of B-alanine by chemicals (through acrylic acid) and by microbiological methods (Sacchar. cerevisiae) was unsuccessful. Determination of amine nitrogen by Van Slykets method showed that decarboxy lization product contains amino group and that decarboxylization of aspartic acid is not accompanied by deaminization. Formation of -alanine was proved by chromtographic method. Submitted 22 Jun 48 PA 45/49T61 ET-RIGOF, R. N. PA 5o/4vuo4 Medicine ~Icx~dbiology "Innuence of the pH of the Medium an the For- wtion of Decarboxylizing Enzyme in Bacteria,," S. R. M&rdagbav, R. N. Etingof,, L. Ya. Marmalev- DUSA. , Chair of gicrobiolp Moscow State U.. 7 PP "NIkrobiol" Vol XVnI,, No 3 f Discusses Influence of pH of medium (m formation of decarbMUzing enzyme in Bacterium cadaveris,, Streptococcus faecal:Lsj, Escberichia coli tind PdeU4AWObact*vium- Submitted 17-"Dac 48 50149r" - I .~& ii. . , Ha TY , R. I. -Lnd -,A-l;Al.!:V.;XAYA, L. Ya. -1 IlOn '.he ~Icchanism of the Action of i henyluraLan on Bacteriall, 11 -,cbl,-, s in Medical Chemistry, Yol. 2, 1,1: 211-2:!3, 1950. Cantmat al &mUwdkw6*xyUc w"s wW hazone bwwa in "Oftins 4d 4~"kdo backede. S. R. NlArdAdww N tin g I and V. A. Kulakur*Aira I Fitif Nlft! m0wow). 19. 0930).-Lysine rtmetent is hilthrr III aimrsiplow Mitt iti IWIC161 pfulcial. PAu or %I141"If f,w hom., I '*uAtiv. 136tkilise. a-l-Attk- 4Ud gIIIIAMIC 4611 11-SIM14 1-1 pluteils. IfIIIII ?,.#.I ..'Jaw'is. cuar"t;.- UV441i. 0. seplulm. AIM R.W. AU (hCSC OrCAULMII IIIC 4fIIiIIkXIWkFIKI%YIk acM N quite as well as the total N of protein,,. tIActcr%AI- 'ru pmtcias SIMW UO CSbCtl(iAl CILAUSC III 49HInO A' I-I L'"Imn. as the Coll. CIVw. JUILLn 1'. South USSR -a- 1q.Y-tkmLW t. Vs. Marnia~ya. Voproty Md. AXA".-48-53(l9f3); Referal. ZA*r.p X)dw. 1954, No. 20166.-By aside amprapaptlat su"Nialm of the bax- 9&iR ftSiStMal to PIWQYIUreth3U 1) (S&OPAMOCCO f4APSU! WA aestridiam 441tw) mid the boctak the VowO of wbkb is lahlbiteldsly I (Amigas colmorris ad Esh"44is coli), it was loud Umt In the ease of the last two odcro- orpaiam, under smobie as weU as anaerobic conditions, dwtKg the metabasat tA esome I (04"A%) fiabibits the Codaumptims at P without affective the fwmmim Cd lactic acid. 'Me same ploemameacm was observed *Ith S. under Anwow- Conditions. und for the Inhibitory effect a( I an the acd. with the phmphorylation process AM glucme met"Wa. 1;. Wwhkkt, ETINOOFy RI N. Oboxical Absto Vol, 48 No- -A - Apr. 231 1954 Biological Cheximtr7 -e Couversioupf Inesink acid %y_S*cW~ cmeu OdW.W. -Elinjot on". 1. 1141y"na Vst. Med. in . mok'j-W). uxl~s to M-43(107' T!;c !mubau of ascitic 1 a cancer cells wit I Inosink ft Is mimpaniedbyedinainu- tion, of f(bo", a redistribution In Ow xg. P emptis. wW an Incteimintheintmity0fWarationib ~brmy*henyl. It Is assumed that as a mulk of Incubaw w (h ascitic cancer eella the ribw of Inosinic *acid breaks up Into lactic acid. tnostale and adenylic acids enrt a sIo*Ing Influence ort the 't1ffjOLqIC gmilles Of witic cancer cells. 13. S. L Qix~? STINGOF, R.N.; GIRRSHAMOVICH, V.H. Inverse ftatatir effect in aBoitic cancerous cells of mice. Biokhimiia 18 no.6:668-674 N-D 153. (HLRA 6:12) 1. Xafedra biakhimii 1-go Hookovskogo meditsinskago instituta. (7ermentation) (Pathology, Cellular) ETINGOF, R. N. and ELIM, E. M. "On Storage of Enzymatic Preparations of Amino-Acid Decarbo.Vlasea,," Biokhimiya,, 19, No.l. pp 1-29 1954 Chair of Biochemistry., lat Medical Inst,., Moscow Translation NIH /M bir", ;R~.N. IRI n Ist Mogeow Med. lust.). Biiik- hinjiy*20, hggsof White Leghitrus were uftd. rr-he proced4re employed In the detu. of smildes. aspaim- Ilitue and glut i In the eggs and In the developing nu- lbryas am briefly described. The amt. of %razine and W glatantlat In the qhkk embryos and In 1 4 tSC yolks .varied subawntlally throughout the proem of the hird'a lonfogenesis; asipus" was on it comparatively hi b level Ju the yolk and to the embryo on the 12th day of Teveop. ;rnent, The activity of asparaginase was hisbedt In the lint day3 of the lire, of the embryo after which It umled, 'Compared with that of a3purazinase the activily of slutatuin-, ase to tistsues of the embryo was not great and teecded mxuL- iwha toward the end of thedevelopintnt of the chick embryo. 11. S. Levine GERHSNOVICH. Y.N., AGOL, V.L. ETIRGOY. R.N.-.-DZAGUROV. S.G. Characteristics of metabolism in kidney tissue cultures of monkeys. [with summery in English]. Biokhimiia 23 no-3:453-460 MY-Je 158 (MIRA 11:8) 1. Laboratorlya biokhimii InstitUtA PO lzuehaniyu poliomielita AHU SSSR, MoakvR* (KIDNEYS. metabolism, in tissue culture (Rue)) AGOL, V.I.; GIUMANOVICH, V.N.; NTIM(W...R.14. Comparative characteristics of metabolism in cultures of normal and tumorous cells (with summary in English]. Biokhiaiia 24 noel: 101-109 Ja-F '59- (MIRA 12:4) 1. Biochemical Laboratory of the Icademy of Medical Sciences of the (TISSUE CUMURN, comparative metab. cultures (Rus)) (NDOPLASKS, zetab. same) Polioviyelitis Research Institue, U.S.S.R., Moscow. aspects of normal & tumor tIBBue ITINGOY, R.N.; GUNINA, I.I.; KWINA, K.K. Utilization of domestic preparations In making cultuxe medium mixture No. 199 and Lapin's medium. Top.virus. 4 no.61746-7.50 N-D 159. (MIRA 13:3) 1. lastItut po isuchentyu poliomiyalita AHN SSSR, Moskva. (TISSUR CMURN) KHANINA, H.1,; ITINGOI, R.N.; YXDOTOVA, Yu.M. Possibility of secondary utilization of culture medium mixture No.199 for the cultivation of renal cells. Vop.virus. 4 no.6:744-7k6 X-D 159. 1. Institut pa ixucheniyu pollomiyalita AMR SSSH, Moskva. (TISSUIC CUWURII) (KIDNIY) STINGOF, R.N.; KHANINA, M.K.; GERSHANOVICH, V.N. Changes in the nutrient medium during the culture of kidney cells in vitro. 5 no.4:299-304 JI-Ag '59. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Laboratoriya blokhimii Inatituta po izucheniyu, poliomiyelita AMN SSSR, Moskva. (KIDNET metab.) WINGOF,-R.N.+-QABRI1LYAN, N.D. HexokInass activity In cells of tissue cultures. Blokbimila 24 no.6tlIO4-1106 T-D 159. (MIRA 130) 1. Biochemical Laboratory. POlionVelitin Institute, Acadeav of Medical Sciences of the U*S.S,R., Moseow. * (TISSU CUUrM) (KIN&SIS neteb.) ETINGOF9 R*N.; KRICHEVSKAYAj A#Aq Effect of insulin on glycolypis in tissue culture cells. Biokhimiia 25 no. 3056-562 My-Je 160. (KIRA 14:4) 1. Biochemical Laboratory, Poliomyelitis Inatitutep Academy of Medical Sciences of the U.S.S.R.p Moscow. (INSULIN) (GLYCOLYSIS) (TISSUE CULTURE) ETINGOF9 R N DZAGUROVo S.G.; VILIKER, L.M. Possibility of culturing tho poliomyelitis virus on simple media. Vop. virus. 7 no. L115-118 J&-F 161. (.KMA l4t4) 1e Institut po Izuebaziyu policaiyelita AMN SSSRp Moskva* (POLIOMIELITIS) (BACTMIOL4)GY-CULTURES AND CULTURE MEDIA) ETINGOFJ, R.N.; GUHINA, I.I.; KRIOMSKAYA, A.A. Certain characteristics of mitochondria of tissue culture cells. Biokhimiia 26 no.2:354,360 14r-Ap 161. (KIRA .14:5) 1. Biochemical Laboratory, Institute of Polyomyelitis; Academy of Medical Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow. 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