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January 3, 2017
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July 28, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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ETK Ill,,, Valentin Semenovich; ORSIMON, Yevgeniy Mikhaylovich. 1 1. 1- . ~' Prinim-Ali-1161iistiye LAVUT, A P.; LYUBR-IOVA, T.F.; SORIA, N.V.; KBOTUNTSEV, Yu.L.; ROZIIKOVA, G.J.; KAF('-"'IOVA, Ye.s.; STRUKOV, I.A.; VYSTAVKIII, A.N., retsenzent; ARO14OV, V.L., retsenzent; MASHAROVA, V.G., red. [Superhigh-frequency parametric systems using semiconductor diodes] Parametric he ski e sistemy SVCh rui poluprovodnikovykh diodakh. Moskva, Sovetskoe radio, 1964. 351 P. (1-JRA 17:11) E T K I 1L-L19 -. Analysis of systems with modulated parameters aLd so:-.e nonlinear systems by means of oriented graphs. Izv. vys. itcheb. zav.; radio- fiz. 7 no-5:1006-1009 164. (!-!IRA 18:2) 1. Moskovakiy gosudarstvannyy peditgogicheskly Institut iment V.I. Lenina. lie b 1)/UC(bl ;~2/KZD-?/ff4A0x) S/0141 - ACCMSION HRI AP50o6a~ AMOS' t' EtkAos V. t1wort Of wdvYAted. cirmdt .a MLE I CantribmtIOU Gap= Im. Radi6fizika, v. 7. no. 6, 1964, U50-1155 TOPIC TAG8t network tbe2M pargmetric auTlifier,, modulator, dmnodiulmtor, inte'. 91a1 Mmtlomv Carson equation ABST9W.M. Tu vic-4 Of the revivIng interest in the an&Wsis of circuits vith v--Xiable VO-Tame-terlso, resulting ft(m the increasing lize of paremreytr~v emT.1ifterc- vllth mre than two operating rrequencies, the aulthor develops, orn the basis of thecTy, a procedure whicb makes It possible! to em-2me fi%--% r- tr-Afted 7 polm (YK -nmran- arbitrarr system- -wiVa- peAodieaUl mdulatted pam-WALFera.9 Vy r-o ving the hategral equations of the forced oacil-littiona and representing the sulta in a fre(Viency formuliettiou convenimt for the anoJ_vaic of micrcrum-re de- ,r1ces. 0.9 uystem Is regarded as conaiatiM of tuo parLs, =e idtA Ifixed maters and one with pwely periodic pumctorali the lattrar being regare-.1 rc- 1'4 1/2 ;Card ft-4/Pac~~4 ACCESSIC8 VR: A15006on S/0141/64/O0Tj0C6/l156/ A3.61 AUTHOR: NUT=oVaj' Ye, S.; Etkint V. S. -NoWatom- demodulator'!- explifter i TITLEt Contribution to the theary of,the SOURCE: IM Flaft0flalkas Vol 7, w* 6 1964 u56. u6i TOPIC TAGS: amplAfter a -transfer funetion#- noise- yioexp poditutor demodulAtorp rig=e ABSTRACT: Me rem1to,-pneofthe authore In a companion-paper-M2 the same source - (Etkint lzvi vyadi. - uch., tav, -1 PA41afftika v. T, 3.150t :L964;-Accea- sion. AP5006026) axe mployed .to determk2e the transfer function and. the noise figure of an amplifier consiatIng of awdulator with nonlinew cardeitance itnd a danodulator with nonlinear resigtance, cc=nardy called a "Mod-j1ato2-d=cdvZator". amlifier and.devaoped-by severel investigators- (D. K. Adams_, Proo. KEC -