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L 20934-66 W(~) W(h) GG jACC KR: AP6002523 SOURCE: CODE: UR/0286/65/000/023/0031/0031 33 1AUTHORSs Ettinger, Ye. L.; Bernahtsyn, I. Ya. ORG: none TITIZi A noncontact switch Lie-VAY03-as 21, No. 176627 atent i7.6br9tenW4.;'t"ovarmVkh znakov, no. 23., 1965., 31 JSOURCF TOPIC TAGS: switching circuit, circuit reliability ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a noncontact switching device for a frequency converter using transistors, The transistors are connected in an anti- parallel or cross circuit. The device Is made with semiconductor triodes eon- trolled from current detectors. To simplify the circuit and to increase its re- liability, the device is made in the form of a balanced trigger with a delay. line connected to the output of the trigger. This delay line Is made with transistors. I- The control of the trigger is provided by the current detectors which aro saturated! transformers with cores of materiva with a rectangular hysteresis loop.- SUB COIEs 09/ SUBM DATE: 26Mar64,' Card 1A UDCt 621,314.27.o&6.63 -,III''.1Z. Structure and color of oak logs for veneer. ;j. 4- 1z,IT'*,*Vj--"-dJ.,%, I - Vol. L,, no. 11112, 1)53, `a:yreb, Yu,,,vsliavia) SO: Aonthly of zast Lurop,*an Accassions, 1,C, Va. 11, 1 LTW%n. 1955, Uncl. ETTTI.' OR, Z. "MINGE11, Z. Visit to the forest products industry of the United States# pe 262P Vol. 79, no. 7/8, July/Aug* 1955 SUMRSKI Z#greb, Yugoslavia So: iastern European Accession Vol- 5 No. 4' April 1956 r, I ETTL, H. , JAVORNICKY, P. ; PEMNIAN, J. Algae in the peat bogs and small ponds and crddks of the Horni Kvilda area in the Sumava Mountains. P. 161 (Ochrana Prirody) Vol. 12, No. 6, Aug- 1957: Cbeeboslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) W. - Vol. 7. No. 1, Jan- 1958 ZTTIM. Zdqqgik-, ins * low methods of measuring cable deficiencies in distribution lines. Zrargetika Cz 11 no.8:,38&388 Ag 161. quires ionz IV! th l2a. NA, Ft -,5.luo u t eq,,tvl, F,:r :trllniqll~ N 0t j.,cw"k-, f, Im, --1- 7,,. 3. 5', Ora v3fu Nil, - Prottleft ~01. tir*4.3-8 dov*d katmnyfeldd1goaas Ire.-di"i by L. Ettre, (lournal:-0if 'them MmgarfAn' Chemiedl Society - Magyar Ke-mikueok ~Oumd,.Yl,..Mba -4:PP*J00-~431, Ap il 1951) T he Vessprev ancha;the-Soclity'6f ffimgartan Chemists heLA G syTitposiump in February 1951t on the problems of working up tar. In hiek oponing addre3a J. Varga, academician, discuesed the question of qrLi~hat~q aof- ft-In and proppogtod th-nt the n,%wly er,~kctew! c*rhnM%!n9 D1,-nt-,t .1hould 1~ ur--, 'a r IV mFe na o f fra ct, 1 ora I co nd ensss cn 1. 3 4, thl grad i ntril, lrl,.. n n -lutlolltq the BY-Moc-911M, ~9,1$7 imar arm qwLnTimaTive aa ra of synthetic motor fuela, raiatrg the pr-cdLcllor rr rr ,~ur c a t "~ o n , r e 9 p"~ e I y, n r- e!q nw -i cv-- %he ~4 n t; ul.phur i z& t' on o f pa s o sn. ?-q :7 4! -bad- propor tc-ciliolegical process my otemined for a givon type of coal. The xz ~F tion of the by-produate to result from a more highly davc-lo-p-A tar t--ng Ind-u3tzry, must be planned ta advunco. fjo The Influence of the tircutuateinces of fornitittlati of rivat far *13 the COMPOSMOM of the JAL - .4 After- Adly,fity AefrOv.-Jill h?r#WntIttW,c(ai Ae14Ydxa a AdIt4i,ir Uwffctx+E and V~Fttt,-,- Ljflutrmf nf the Ifte"Ratia" rh.:MIGM~10~ VOI- 8- 4953- NO, 4. PP. 102-1141", S UP.- 7 ftbil) A stuily ttaq bert ma& "n the compsilikin (if tar obtained by the prodw!t- 4it the tirvi-tenificrattice d6tilli. Zion protrs"i fr9m tile mottnr Mxt, u5ing the Mititlation ant) tile Olvent (rafffmal) methadn for analyses (of the purjxm. it( pthering ~*cicntiflc dAta on the %camebtry pT,~(:rs."nfpyrclvrA, It was faund that (t) thr tar protlaved kv the low-trintleratom &%tillitton pt. ceff. Uling flash gA9. COMAII'Ve taFKNI qUIMIGOA 6f Mislaid! COtTtfe*vmds,Of high muirrular weight whicls 4,=mpw, padly to lower molecular weight hydrrearlif.As upon furthcr distillation ; (b) the tar produced by tow-ternficeraturn 69tdIation con. taiii~ only small qua-milti,--i 91 pheml, prlifino, methyl and dimethyl pyridine vimp*unds; (,) diet in: the second- -,try 11yealyik of tar to the producer prrm.,i "fit nn ,ly the wiphaltic -ribitanceia but at the sante time the humolog"s of IA~nO attel pyridine eire etexotripowd Yielding cOndder-~ able quantities of I)h,:wl, pytidine and ~Iuw MQfCcul1r weight honintogues vf the latter. LTT-'M~:' I. r. MIJR11:, 1. German exhiLition of synthetic materials arid Iessons Irom it. p. 373. Vol. IC, No. 12, Lee. 195". MAGYAR KE'IKU-SOK LAPJA. TECIINCLCGY Budapest, I'lungary .8 So: East 'ENropean Accession, Vol. `:) NO. r" M y 1916 J= -r-F)e L~,, 1. A 5 7- tC -:A"YOU ef "dited cAThqftr-(h. tladtowc tibia', ~r ,vd d pUtimetry, M G d - at I w OM --4u2stjpcAj, Mt-yar Kim. Fvl~-&~u Cathedzi ocirctrovic tubes cons~'~'I kV "i~~ ~:Oalcd -Ita ox(dr--, of Da, Sr. and Ca. By rAme pfictcruttri- aallysis (d. Wd..61, these lagredient; can bt quant. detd, from ltjt=. t=4-thot c4tWe%vire. Mcasum- mtmtw *--m made for Da it 014, &x Sr Lt 4607. ar,,- I-r Cis at 4226 A. Parallel ex-mm sigreed to with'i 1 24:1510, wititivity vas high, miblitiz aecuratt detn. ot 5 -y inateriA. The method Is suitable for rapfd quality cantrol In efectro(Tiv tubt cathoet m2nuf.- -7 T -;n- f~,31ojment of Une in0l.1stril '101 115, 10 --a 3 C I EENC E !41idle pes t, ry So: Fast airop-aa~ri Accession, Vcl. N'c. V-y- A-MRS KA, M. A case of benign leptospirosis with fatal outcome. Sofia no.9/10:177480 159. 1. Iz Gradscata boluitea - St. Zagora. Glaven lekar: St. Dra.anev. (LIPTOSPIROSIS case reports) USSR/Electricity - Distribution Equipment Jul 50 Literature "Review of P. V. Kuznetzov's and V. S. Kondakhchan's 'Handbook on the Installation of Distribution Equip- ment,'" N. G. Etus, S. M. Yudilevich, Engineers "Elek Stants" No 7, pp 62-63 Book was written to deal with those aspects of elec- trical installation not covered in M. D. Sukhovoll- skiy's handbook (Stroyizdat, 1947, 2d Ed 1949). Re- view presents number of criticisms in detail and com- plains of inaccuracies and omissions, but concludes 162T31 USSR/Electricity - Distribution Jul 50 Equipment (Contd) that when these have rectified book will be suitable for general use. 7-AW 162T31' MT,-, M, I Pine baric blister in the Sagadi forest district. P-43h UZJI WODA I TECHNIKA SANITAMIA (Stowar2yszenie Naukowo-Techniczne Inzynierow I Technikow Sanitarnych Orgrzewnictwa i Garownictwa) War,9zawa, Poland Vol.13, no.9. Sept. 1958 Monthly list of East Furopean Accession (EFAI) LC, Vol. 9, no.2, Feb. 1960 Uncl. < (Y' 7T, is (2) AM093. BAD-yow'.. L. I.. Q.Take... Z. S.. It,.rk, It. 9. TIVU. Atteapt to *'Sml Lt. P-4-au.n or n.4tr-lad-ors 1. tb. toxvkjam" 1902-to FZRIDDICAL. Stk]A I kor-,uL&. ing. sr~ 9. pq It - 20 (93n) ALSTILLCT. A great waawa~t of .1VA.1montal work Me b.ou 4~144 9-t 4%j-jA& the last year. U area" --w 4--Igz* Of I... mA* of CLAsa w:Lth low alkali 4-toot, of tas tzpe t3 w- AA was U " fr" flg~* 1. the 13 --cl... P ........ . .. fft- l " at tasperstar* m4g~ to *"a the &--faat~e of clastly ;- prodawto by wwrz~ aalUda Possitle. Tbo YeasayuAn.Ty s14~ktra- tokbalat-kiy Lastitt. (AII.C.1- IzAtit't.), .&A the ImIllaS *Ukl. Institute) orksl a.% w.,I.u. "A iges of CIA- tual.tar., and the CIA.. ..rke of tao 01". l"Uttte, tI# prolum%lom tschnoLcey. A taot tA. turml.t.r typ.. TJ-Z, T3-j -11 Zh3-10 ... o, of -4-t rVat. . Tb- Cie.& 1-tit.t. And ~UKD I tL. Cr.1 o,...khos !' O haw* mrk*4 ouL a atohmml,ad convoyer-li.- qrw,44~tl.. or the card 1/1 A .. Utorv. At the tagi-L" of 1959 It ... doeid.4 to A trs A`b%"tb'Vu-rvr.'a' Prads tJ*w Of 6.4. tr.. aadl O,Z is Th. are.. or tb~ f-* "d 'rv -b--s &I fig--- 2 and 3- Th- away" IC1.4 Of %A- To- ...A is oh._ 1. A table. IF*rtblr"-. th- "W.& of %b. CI... I ),, the Vr ... ,, of be -WI -Ir x-ap.ris to the OP-36. Are A ... rib.d. tanyoratur 44OUtAGMA for tb~ toaperIng of -he producjs *b- to Z~Qr- 44 %bay are oalcalatal by 3. G. ,tta.Ay,as k.$.. the 49Q421%y sastral Of the la.ulstays to aa~rl~d _t by a PoLAXL- %Or and A an tr-roal &Ubiltty. Th. I ... let.,. T3-3 A" ;:!1-10 Ara At promaut being x& at the U"""Al Aorta- TU" Are 4 figure. -4 j table. Card 2/2 L. 17635-66 Eup(j) P14 ACC NR: AT 6009210 SOURCE CODE: HU/2502/65/043/003./OO53/0061 AUTHOR: Avos Laszlo--Etvesho La; Dutka Ferenc; Tudos, He a-Tyudesh Kh.,3,2 ORG-. Ce an Acadek-o .9 ntral Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungari ~IT73-ience Budapest TITLE: Investigations with radioactive acetic anhydride Part 3: Examination of the acyl group exchange reactions of carboxylic acid der vatives with acetic anhydride SOURCE: Academia scientiarum hungaricae. Acta chimica, v. 43, no. 1, 1965, 53-61 TOPIC TAGS: acetic anhydride, tracer study, carbon, al-coholo acetate, amine, pyridine, ester, chemical ;-eaction ABSTRACT: Acetates of ie-' ~cond4ry,, primary,, and tertiary ajcohojs.&nd*N~-a6~t'Y1ated anines J swere treated with C-14 labeled acetic anhydride in the presence of :pyridine o2! of*aluminum chloride. The esters of tertiary alcohols land also diacyl amines were shown to undergo an acyl exchange under theseconditions with the anhydride by incorporation ofradiooctive 4 figures carbon. The mechanism of the process was discussed. 'Orig. art. has$ and 3 tables. [JPRS] SUB CODE: 07 / SUBM DATE% none ORIG REF: 002 REF: 015 7r rxz--y ".r.1 Lt cn.A., 3. LIC rp ZM4 tv 2.11 ..r L- tj j., -1, in W'. -no, 6. oil.% of t.%" C.~Lr j~.ar_,.7 1~4 L - pp 35-W. F e M I US Z, POLAND/Human and Animal Physiology - Action of Physical FactGrs. T-13 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 7, 1958, 32345 Author Herman Eufemiusz Inst Title Radioactive Isotopes in Neurology m., Neurnsurgery. Orig Pub Postepy neurol.) neurochirurg. i psy.:hiatrii, 1956, 2, 5-34. Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 USSR/Chemistry Recorders FD-1553 Card 1/1 Pub. 50-10/25 Author Eufer, D. I. y., Title : The trimming of graph paper for circular recorder diagrams Periodical : Xhim. prom., No 8, pp 490-91 (42-43), Dec 1954 Abstract : In view of the fact that only 100 sheets of trimmed circular graph paper are supplied with each automatic recorder in the USSR, the users of recorders are compelled to trim rectangular sheets in order to obtain graph paper of the required circular shape. At the enter- prise with which the author is connected, a machine to cut around the printed circle of graph paper and another to punch a hole in the middle of the circle were developed. These machines eliminate manual trimming. The first machine was adopted as standard by the Main Administration of the Rubber Industry. Two figures. Institution Submitted LITAYGORODSKAYA. 0.D.. professor; 1 .4 BOSIK. R.N.; GELIMAN# A.S.; ROUNOVA, A.X.; KRINDELI P S. Use of diathermia in the compound therapy of pneumonia in children. Pediatrita, 39 no.1:74-75 Ja-1 156. (KLRA 10il) (PXMONIA, tber. diathermy, In child.) (DIATHMT, in various din. Dneumonla in child.) EtTPA, S. T. 33543 Opyt Primeneniya Parafinoterapii Pri Seroznom 'Ekssudativnem Plevrite. Problemy Tuber- kuleza, 1949, Vo 5, c. 60-61 SO. Letopis' Zhurnallnykh Statey, Vol 45P Maskva, 1949 EWROS IN, 0. EUFROSI N, C. , Apparatus f or measurement of the dip of the a tra tum f rom the samples extracted from vells. p. 387. Vol. 7, no. 8, August 1956 REVISTA MINELOR TECHNOLOGY Bucuresti, Rumania So: East 1kropean Accession, Vol. 7, no. 3, March 1957 EUGM, Angelescu, Dr. I - I Surgery of the Cushing syndrome. Orv. hetil. 99 no.19:626-629 U May 58. 1. A Roman Nepkoztarsaaag Bndolcrinologiai Intezete Bakarest,(igaz9atO: -nrof. C. I. Parhon dr. Omdemlkiis) Sebeszeti Osztalyannl-. (vezato: Rugen AngeleRcu dr.) kozlemenye.. (CUSHING SYIWROMI, surg, (Run)) -l..'rjntlLl,.,, Index of Fast Europamri Accnssior,'~ Lu"m-Ilizz, C. G! , "L~, L UG INT C. Use of explosive materials in extractinj: petroleum. P. 501~ Vol, 6, no, 10, Oct. 1955 Rumanian-BoviAt friendship Bucuresti, Rumania So: Eastern European Accession Vol. 5 No. 11 April 1956 NICOARA, &,, dr,; BUTOIANU, Manav dr.; TAIGARy Stelutav dre; RUGENIU A preparator ,--? Z.1 C31nical and %mtological aspects of chronic benzene poisoning. Mod. intern. 15 no.8t979-986 Ag 163. 1, Lucrare efectuata, la Clinica. de hematologle si Centrul do hematologie., Bucuresti (director: prof. C.T. Nicolau). (BENZ=) (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES) NICOIAU, C.T., prof 11; NICOARA,S., dr.; POPESCU,E.R.,conf.; EDGENIU.,- A.-, d.r.- Method of enriching cover-glass blood smears vith leukocytes and thrombocytes. Red. intern. 16 no.I:U7-124 Ja'64. 1. Lucrare efectuata Is. Centitl de hematologie, Bacuresti (director: prof. C.T.Nicolau , membru --orespondent. al Aca- demiei R.P.R.). SAPINSKI., W:Lodzimierz; EULF2*MX, Ireqg A cane of van Bogaerto- Bertrand ancephalopathia sponglotica. Pediat.Pol. 39 no-3:323-326 Nr'64. 1. Z Kolejowego Szpitala Dzieciecego w w Ostrowie Wlkp.; dyrektort W.Sapinski. EULENFELD,, Irena; DUDZINSKA, Henryka; GRZESKOWIAK, Urszula Perinatal mortality according to data of the department of obstetrics in Ostrow Wielkopolski In 1957-1962. Zdrow. prubliczne 7/8:273-278 il-Ag 165- 1. Z Kolejowego Szpitala Dzieciecego w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim (Dyrektor: dr. med. W. Sapinski). EULER, H. Influence of ascorbic acid and other reductones present in plants. p. 218. FMICL, POTRAVIN. Praha, Czechoslovakia,, Vol. 10j, no. h, April 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EFAI) LCI Vol. 8. No- 7, July 1959- Uncl. BULER, Odon, Dr. Significance of silicosis in the practice of the county tuberculosis dispensary in Salgoterjan. Nepegeezeegugy 38 no,6;150-153 June 57. 1. Koziemeny a Nograd megyei tanace tudobetegggondozo Intezetetol (vezato-foorvoa* Euler Odon dr.) (SILICOSIS, statist. in mining districts in Hungary (Hun)) TOMESCU, V.; FASCUp L.; SURDAN, C.; POFAp M - DOHOTARU, V.; ELEFTER~SCU, A.; GMORGHIU I EUSTAFI"-IGI,-04!baOVAN, Gh.; CONSTANTINESCU, C,.; DAN I? '- !FRWMIJI-,~~R. I Of Study of immunity after vacoination against foot-and-mouth disease. Stud. carcet. inframicrobiol. 12085-397 Sup?lement 161. (FOOT-AND-MUTH DISUS~ imminology) (GATTLE diseases TOMESCU, V.; PASCU, L.; SUBDANj C.; POPA,, M.; DOHOTARU, V.; F1EnFHE%UJ' A*; GHEORGHIU, I&; EUSTAFIEVICI 0.- MOLDOVAH, Gh.; COBSTAWIJWGU,, Cr.; DAN,, F.; IFTI 11 H'; i&'~-Ziu, I.,azistent tehnic; FLOMM, A.p asistent tehnic On the J-1nity folloving the antiaphthoua vaccination. Studii cerc inframicrobiol Special issue-supplement to 12:385-397 161. 1. Institutul de inframicrobiologie al Academiei R.P.R., Laboratorul de viroze animale si Institutul de seruri 9i vacci=ri Pasteur, Bucuresti. 2. MembnL al Comitetului de redactie, "Studii si cercetari de inframicrobiologis" (for Tomescu). (FOOT-AND-MOUTH DISEASE) (IMNITY) POPOVIGI, I.; VIOR, C.; EUSTAPIEVICI2.vl" Standardization of tAberculins studleo on sheep. Studii cerc biol anim 14 no.4-.447-460 162. 1. Hembru corespondent ~l Academiei R.P.R. (for Popovici). E-U51/1-7 2) of)) 6, -w4T*TZIU SOMIBIM, H.,; LraWM-BXRTHIIIL, R.,; FRIMICIU, a 0 ; Am, M. Tuberculostatic affect of isonicotinoy1hydrazonopyruvic acid. lsoulaotinoyl)Wdrazonoozalacatic acid. isonicotinoyDWdrmxoAi*-3- meroaptopyravic acid. isonicotinoylhydrasono-3-brosopyxuvic ticid. isonicotinoyUWdrasono-2-ozoglutaric rxid and loonicotincy1hydras- onolevulinic acid. Bul. stlint., soct. med- 7 no.2:564-566 Apr-June 55. (HYDWIU. derivatives loonlaotincy1hydramono derivatives on Woobacterium species) (MYCOBACTIRIUM, off. of drugs on Isonlootinoy1hyclrazono derivatives (02= ACOS, off. isonicotinoylbydrazono derivatives. species) of ketone acids, off. of ketone acids) on Nycobacterium AUSTATZIOU, G.,- EUSTATZIOU, Silvia; MLITEAT, Eugenia; AIITOHI, Hfaria; B-00 =iCO Viorica Research on the phage-bacterial systems in saprophytic and pathogenic Mycobacteria. Arch. Ro=. path. exp. micribiol. 20 no.3:461-469 S 161. 1. Trnvint' do l'Inotitut "Dr. 1. Cantacuzino" Service des Cultures Miar*Amws. kRYCOBACTERIUM) (BACTERIOPHAG~,) EUSTATZIOU, Silvia; EUSTATZICU, G.; ANTOHI. Maria; HORODNICEANU, Thea; RUSU, V.; ALEWDRESCO, A. Contribution to the sutyd of the biology of Klebsiellae. IV,, Serological typingprelations between the physiological readtions, virulence,, phage sensitivity and serological type. Arch. roum. path. exp. microbiol. 21 no.l-.131--l.42 Hr 162. 1. Travail de l'Inatitut "Dr. 1. Cantacuzino" - Service des Cultures Ricrobiennes et du Laboratoire de Bacteriologie do la Section de l'Institut Dr. I. Cantaouzino do 1'Hopital do Colentina. (UEBSIUU) E~U~STATZ~IOUGO)- ZUSTATZIOU, Silvia; MEITERT, Eugenial ANTONI, Maria; BOGDANESCO, Viarica Research on the phagg>-baoterial systems in saprophytic and pathogenic mycobacteria. Relation of the phago-bacterial systems to the taxonomy of atypical and eaprophytic Mycobacterium hominis and Mycobacterium avium. Arch. roum, path. exp. microbiol. 21 n6.2:255-261 162. 1. Travail de l'Institut "Dr. I. Cantaouzino" - Centre National de ~acteriophages-References. (MYCOBACTFMUM) (MYCOBACTERIOPHAGW) (BACTFMOPHAGF. TIPING) EUSTATZIOU, Silvia; EUSTATZ14U, G.; AKTOHI, Maria I Phage-bicteria syotaui and toxonomy of Klebs4ellae. Arch. roum. path. exp. microbiol. 21 no.2:397-400 162. 1. Travail de l'Institut "Dr. I. Cantaguzino" - Centre National de Bacteriophage 11 -References. (KLEBSTETIA) (BACTERIOPHAGE TYPING) EUSTATZIOU) G.; EUSTATZIOU, Silvia; MUTEAT, Eugenia; ANT0111, Mfaria; J3OGDANI'X'O-Vi-6tjcA-- - "-- Research on the phage-bacterial systems in saprophytic and pathogenic Mycobacteria. Arch. Roum. path. exp. micribiol. 20 no-3:461-469 S 161. 1. Travail. de I'Institut "Dr. I. Can-tacuzinoll Service des Cultures AM M Me kMYCOUCTERILR4) (BACMUOPHAGI~) ~YSLAT2~IOU,_..�ilvia; EUSTATZIOU, G.; ANTOHI, Maria; HORODNIGEANU, Thea; RUSUO V.; ALEXANDRESGO, A. Contribution to the sutyd of the biology of Klobsiel-lae. IV. Serological typing;.relations betveen the physiological reactions, virulence, phage abnoitivity and serological type. Arch. roum. path. exp. microbiol. 21 no.1:131-142 Mr 162. 1. Travail do 111ustitut "Dr. I. CantacuzinoH - Service des Cultures Microbiennes et du Laboratoire de Bacteriologie do la Section do I'Institut Dr. I. Cantaouzino de 1fHopital de Colentina. (KMBSIELIA) EUSTATSIOU, G.; FUSTArZIOU, Silvia; MEITERT, Eugenia; ANTONI, Maria; BOGDANESCO, Viorica. Research on the phago-bacterial systems in saprophytic and pathogenic mycobacteria. Relation of the phago-bacterial systems to the taxonomy of atypical and saprophytie Mycobacterium haminis and Mycobacterium avium. Arch. roum. path. exp. microbiol. 21 n6.2:255.-261 162. 1. Travail de l'Institut "Dr. L Cantacuzino" - Centre National de 1~acteriophages-References. (MYCOBACTERIUM) (KYCOBACTERIOPHAGES) (BACTERIOPHAGE TYPING) -EUSTATZIW, Silvia-; EUSTATZIV, G.; ANTOHI, Maria Phage-bacteria, syste~L and toxonomy of Klebs4ellae. Arch. ro=. path. exp. microbiol. 21 no.2:397-400 162. 1. Travail do l'Institut "Dr. 1. Cantanuzino" - Centre National de Bacteriophage 11 -References. (KIZMTRTJ.A) (BACTERIOPHAGE TYPING) I SERGEYEVA, Z.I.,; SHTM, Ija.; Kuz-mmA, N.L.; AYMIA".K.., Prinimali uchastiye: SPIRRINA, V.I,; SAMSONOV9 V.D.; GULINKINA, I.R. Dyeing of elastic foam polyurethan and the application of a printed pattern to it. Plast.massy no.2:25-2? 162. .. , (MIRA 15:2) (Plastics) (Polyurethan) ERTN'G.-Iss Y.; Y,',JJTS'YARYAVXJrR)S, A, [Knn(-.e-re,vjcJus A.); EVA, V.; MON!" [Guilonyto, .1-1.]; V-11MENE., B. JVebrlcno,,-D.1; k:yl,lxA-NAVT.c4ELl'E,jIT. IT) M. (Eitmanavicilare, 11.1 Brief news. Trudy AN Lit. SSR. Ser. B no.3:217-235 164. (MIRA 18:5) HASHKOVSKlY, S.; NORIMITAS, H.1 EVA, V.; GUM411TH, M. foudunyte, IM., .1 Tn tho Dupartment, of and Matheraarical Sc-'Pnces. Tmidy AN Lit. SSR. Ser. B. no- 4:223-22-8 165 (1,11RA 190) STYRIKOVICHO M.I.; KMOPOLISKIY., Z.L.'! Critical boiling as affected by local rises of host flows along the channol. Dokl.IN SM 145 no.1:93-96 Tl 162. (MIRA 15:7) 1. Energatichaskiy inatitut imeni G.M.Krzhizhanovskogo. 2. Ghlon-korrespondent AN SM (for Styrikovich). (Ebullition) ACCESSION NR: AP4017966 S/0 23663i000/004 0089 00 94 AUTHOR: Eva, V. K. 'gth 9f TITLE: Effect of local rise in thermal load along pipe length upon hel critical heat flows in a forced movement of a steam-water mixture SOURCE: AN LitSSR. Trudy*. Seriya B, no. 4, 1963,.89-94 TOPIC TAGS: thermodyni mica, critical heat flow, temperature flare-up, temperature rise, steam movement, steam water mWure A13STRACT: This Is a discussion on the above subject based on materials publbb~ ed in the USSR. They concern abrupt local rise (flareup) of temperature with specific heat flow, q, smoothly tapering off along the channel. The result of this analysis Is the-. condlusion that a rise of critical specific heat now, q as compared with data for uniform heating, takes place only if there are Z%nes with markedly different 4, situated closely one to another. The amount Of qcr, Card 1/2_ ACCESSION NR: "4017966 when heating is nonuniform along the pipe and x 0, (x steam content by wt. in pipe) is determined by nonuniformity parameters and is not characterized by ,gth of the channel. . Flare q exercises average q values proportional to the len an influence along the pipe *on the stabi4ty of the watet- steam mixture and, undw certain conditions, it cWi.develop flow Pulsations. Nonpulqating qcr realized with double flare q along. the pipe agrees (with an accuracy of 4: 17%) with the equation 4&v-9MA W-"-" (1 -44" 0 Vjd)-" 4" -where Wg is the gravimetric velocity in n. M-2 . sec-'1 i'lls length of fluid flare in mm; 1, dd length and diameter of pipe in mm; too Orig. art. has: 2 figures, 6 formulas, no tables. ASSOCIATION: Institut energetiki t elektrotekhniki Akademii nauk Litovskoy SSR (Institute of Power~ Engineering an4 Electrotechnics, AN, LitSSR) SUBMITTED: 08May63 DATEACQ: 13Mar64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: PH NO REV S OV: 008 OTHER: 000- Country : USSR C,iteC,..-ry: Soil Scil Genesis and Gec,(-,raj,!iy. Abs Jcur: RwDiol., 14, 1958, Dio 63017 ,'%ut,wr Ins L Ti tle Srme Basic TyDcs cf Forest Soils and T'wir Nancs in Gerirciy. OmG Pub: P,,-chvoveLIL--.u;y,., 1956, No 9, 19-33 ,'.bscrnct: Vie most Wi"'Lsprvad ty-pus of s-,ils 1,i GDR turri- tory am brt wi, It- Llz(. 1 mid L~leyuy s ils - T; ure are scils tc. br~wu or bur,.,zk:-..i in v'aich pr~,cL-asts tf intunsive cwse the fon.-at-L.,ii ~f clayuy Linerals aid t ..,%- tion Of FL wit,..(-Ut nuticruable tv~asfr al,nL, Cc Card 1/3 Country : USSR Cateacry: Scil Sciviicu . S, i1 Genesis and Gco6r%, y. Abs Jcur: RZhBiol., N.: 14, 1958, No 63017 profile Qf scaqw.,.-xides. ToGether wiC: the buro- zeLiB, ric.i in bases, are found crypto-~:joftclized Boils, whic.. am distinguished by a ' i6.i exchange acidity. In axthonstorn regions of GM in sandy dulwsits, 1xdzolized and .-cdzol soils w.,.th mid without an upper hu:.ius :icrizcn are distributed. Cr-, -Lbe northerm alcrpas c,,f Cunes under forest are fc,und hw.,us-ferrcus podzols, mid on the southern slQ;, wcakly and modernLcly -0cdzclized Soils. '.PSLU(1',L-,lUy(-y S0113 are fc,r.-c;a uii,",.;r ci-n- ditions .-.f varir~'Ulc hu;ddity, oftcn Li tv, -iart deposits S,:ils Vich are inWr..A.;di:it-- 'U,tvuc.,. burozems aaJ .'s(.u(1(C-Acycy s-ils am. f, und. Cara 2/3 J-1 MILIEHOVI, I.V.; MHUMV1. M.S.; VALID, G. Coprecipitation, of radioelements involving the formation of solid solutions with limitied miscibility. Radiokhimiia 1 no.1:3-10 159- (KIRA 12:4) 1 (Radioisotopes) (Precipitation (Chemistry)) (Systeme(Chemistry) 50) AUTHORSt Melikhov, I. V., Merkulova, M. S., BOV/20-125-4-44/74 Evalld, G. TITLEs The General Ia%m- of the Co-precipitation of Mioro-impurities During the Growth of Crystals (Obahchiye zakonomernosti soosazhdeniya mikroprimesey pri roste kristallov) PERIODICALt Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 125, Nr 4, PP 845-847 (USSR) ABSTRACTs At present such crystals are widely being used in industry and practice as contain small quantities of a non-isomorphous impurity. Such impurities in most cases form solid solutions (with limited mixing possibility) with the crystal. The authors endeavored to determine the rules of the distribution of impurities in the crystals of the microcomponents with which the impurities form a solid solution with limited mixing pos- sibility and in the oversaturated solution (underoooled melt). The authors in this connection investigated the mechanism of the co-precipitation of the impurities with crystals growing in an oversaturated solution in the case of an intense mixing of the liquid phase. The first stage of this co-precipitation Card 1/3 is interaction between the impurity and the separating surface The General 'IM31s.i of the Co-preoipitation of SOY/20-125-4-44/74 Micro-impurities During the Growth of Crystals of the phases. An expression is derived step by step for the concentration of the impurity in the surface mono-layer. For the purpose of experimental confizmation of the derived rela- tions the oo-preoipitation of small quantities of PbCl 2 and CdCl2 with NaCl-crystals is investigated. In these investiga- tions the oversaturation of the solution was isothermally eliminated. The authors investigated the distribution of Pb- and Cd-iootopes in the crystals and the oversaturated solution of NaCl as a function of the concentration of the microcomponent in the liquid phase. The quantity of micro- components in the solid and in the liquid phase was determined by the method of radioactive indicators. The results obtained by these experiments quantitatively confirm the theoretically derived relations and permit the following conclusions to be drawns 1) The rate of the exchange between the surface and the solution on the front of crystallizatiom is considerably higher than that of the diffusion of the components by the surface-diffusion layer. 2) The quantity of the impurity Card 2/3 going over into the solid phase during the growth of the The General laws of the Co-precipitation of BOV/20-125-4-44/74 Micro-impurities During the Growth of Crystals crystals and also the distribution of the impurity in the volume of the crystals of the precipitation may be determined from the formulas derived in the present investigation. There are 2 figures and 5 references, 1 of which is Soviet. ASSOCIATIONo Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M. V. Lomonosova (Moscow State University imeni M. V. Lomonosov) PRESENTED: December 29, 1958 , by V. 1. Spitsyn, Academician SUBMITTEDs December 24, 1958 Card 3/3 EVAVD) V. V. Building materials; characteristics, testing and preparation Izd. 10... perer. i dop. (Petrograd) Gos. tekhn. izd-vo) 1923- 175 P. (Be Ser. Inzhenerno- promyshlennaia bibli6teka no. 111-2) Yudkin TH435-E94 ZVAL'D, Ye.A., inshener. New method of resinifying hemp yarn. Takat.prom.14 no.1:30-31 Ja 154. (MIaA 7:2) (Hemp) VALID, Te.A. Reconstruction of the mochanism for turning the frames of a RCM- 216-L roving machine. Tekst. prom. 14 no.5,.49 Ky 154. (MA 7:6) (Spinning machinery) EVALID,Te.A., inshener Using electric cars as traction engines. Mekh. trad. rab. no,5:42 Ky 155- NIBA 8:7) (Traction ongines) (Industrial electric trucks) MUKVOZ, L. G., KO%NLY!!IIKO, E. I., BfIFAMILNAYA, F. S., Y) T. D., 761-1-ABLEV, N. G., GELL&I, I. YU., VISHNEVSKAYA, 3. 14. and LO SHhVCHUK, M. K. "The Epidemiology and Prophylaxis of Helminthiasis in the Zone Af- fecting the Construction of the KakJiovka Hydroelectric Power Station, the Water Reservoir, and the Verkline-Ingulets Canal." Tenth Conference on Parasitological Problems and Diseases with Natural Reservoirs, 22-29 October 1959, Vol. II, Publishing House of Academy of Sciences, USSR, Moscow-Leningrad, 1959. E"MajI& .0-- "Publio health servicep its scope and its position in the Central Goverment*' Pe 347 (KARODHO ZDRAVIJEs Vol, 8,9 no. 11112s 1952,, Beograd,$ Yugoslavia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessionsp Vol* 2,9 #89 Library of Congress Augwts 1953# Unel, FOLDES, Peter, dr. (8tidapest, XI., Muegyetem rakpart 3); EVVIGFITJ.D~, I..; CHARNI, 0. Study on the efficiency fractionating column with downcormr grid plates. Pt.l. Periodica polytechn chem 8 no,3jl97-204 164. 1. Kafedra protsesscrvAilapparatov khim. promyshlennosti, Politekhnichaskiy InaLl.ut, Budapasht. Submitted March 14, 1964. FOLDP"), Peter, dr. (Budapest, XI., Muegyatem rakpart 3);. EVACIOFLIDI, 1. Study on the efficiency fractionating colim, with lowncomor grid plates. Pt.2. Periodica polytechn chen, 8 no.3:205-211 164. 1. Kafedra protsessovi appnratov khim. promyshlennosti, Politekhnicheskly .,,sLitut, Bidapesht. Submitted March 14, 1964, EVAMULOV, M. 0. Foundxy work Moskva., Voprosy truda,, 192u. 97 P. (BezopasnosT.1 tnida. 2-10noggrafii po tekhrdke bezopasnosti, vyp- 5) Yudkin TS230.E83 %4 EVANGULOV, MIKHAIL GEORGI~ VICH - .- Liteinoe delo. Moskva, "Voprosy truda", 1938. 97 p. (Bezopasnost' truda. Monografii po tekhnike beaopasnosti, pod obshchei red. A.A. Pressa, VYP-5-) Founding. (Safety measures. Monographs on accident prevention.) DLC: Unclass. SO: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953. EWANGULCV. MIKHAIL GEORGIj-,VICH and IU. A. S~TTRNTV. Avtomatizatsiia liteinogo proizvodstva. Moskva, AN SSSR, 1940. Ill p. illus. Automatization of founding production. DLC: TS230-E9 M SO: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1953. 'T'-*,~, J. An effective method for isolation of anthrax phages. p. ACTA '.!TC.,'~C)[k1OLCfTC.,1. (Magyar Tudomanyos Almdemia) Budw.,,ist, Hungar.,.,, VC1. 5, no. 4, IW% In Engl1sh. Monthly list of East European Accessions, (MENI) LC, Vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1960. Uncl. ACC N" AF6013478 (A) ;:AUTIHOR; SOURCE CODE: UR/0345/65/000/006/0014/0016 Turchinskaya, Ye. P.; Evanovskayat V. F.; Muzychenko, G. I.; Fav2ov, A. 1. ORG: none :TITLE-. Machine for thermally processing straight sections of thomopolastic fabric SOURCE: Shveynaya promyshlennost', no. 6, 1965, 14-16 ;IOPIC TAGS: thermoplastic material, weld heat treatment, sealing device, textile !industry machinery !A3SIMACT: A simple device for heat sealing sections of thermoplastic fabric was tested :at the Department of Clothing Technology of the Kiev Technological Institute of Light !Industry. The electrically grounded device comprises nichrome wire elements connected i6o an autotransformor providing 0-240 v and adjustably positioned on a counterbalanced !frame so that by closing the frame the heated elements win como in contact with the ~fabric to be processed. The fabric is clamped in position. Capran fabric was sealed ~by heating with the nichrome filament to 500-6oo0c for 0-5-1 sec. The nichromo :fila-ment was cleaned by increasing voltage to burn off any plastic material.- an oxhausti system is required to remove the gases. Similar equipment, connected in parallel and somiautonatically controlled, was used in the Kiev Sawing Shop im. Smirnova- lastochkina. The savings effected by finishing pieces by heat sealing instead of !Sewing are discussed. Orig. art. has: 3 figures. V; 11, M/ SUBM DATES none UPC t 667,053-0.6 .4 27 ZHDAWOV, L8LWUAVA.&.A. Results of a hygienic examination of newly build dwelli a in Komsomol# sk-na-Asurei, Gigs I son. 21 nooll:65-67 9 #56.ImLRA io:2) 1& Gosuderstyannyy "nitarnyy Inepoktor (for Zhdanov. Brans) (HWSING modern. kWgieuia aspects In Russia) (HYGIM hygienic aspects of modem housing In Russia) P/014/61/040/011/001/002 D204/D301 AUTHOR: Evanzin. Rudolf TITLE: The manufacture of rubber in Czechoslovakia PERIODICAL: PrzemysX chemiczny, v. 40, no. 11, 1961, 618-619 TEXT: A short description of the present state and future develop- ment of the production of various types of caoutchouc in Czecho- slovakia. Erection of a manufacturing plant which will produce not less than 25,000 tons p.a.~ beginning in 1963 was approved in 1952. Considerable progress was made in the 1957-1960 period and con- struction of the factory was commenced in 1958 in Kralupy. Both ethanol and C 4 hydrocarbons will be used to obtain butadiene, the ethanol being decomposed on a catalyst similar to that employed in the USSR, The various methods of dehydrogenating tetra-carbon hy- drocarbons to butadiene and their efficiency are discussed. Re- oearch is now in progress at the Kralupy plant on styrene, for pro- ducing both caoutchouc and polystyrene, to satisfy a growing de- mand for the latter. A ferric catalyst, first evolved at Gottwald, 3 P/014/61/040/011/001/002 The manufacture of rubber in ... D204/D301 will be used to obtain the styrene by dehydrogenation of ethyl ben- zene. Basic caoutchoue will be produced by the emulsion copolymeri- zation of styrene-butadiene at 50C, using rosin as an emulsifier, and its plasticity is to lie between 600 and 800 Defs. Purifica- tion and final finishing of the product are briefly discussed. Appreciable economies were made possible in this part of the pro- gram by the early solution of the many technological problems con- nected with preparing manomers and methods of polymerization. Mo- dification of the basic type of caoutchouc with oils is envisaged, to produce materials for special purposes. It is planned to manu- facture chloroprene caoutchouc in the Duslo works at Sal, by a process of improved efficiency. The manufacture of poly-isoprene caoutchouc is also being considered, but numerous difficulties are expected in production at a price comparable to that of the natu- ral material. In conclusion the author expresses his belief that by 1963 a supply of caoutchouc will be ensured, reducing the depen- dence of tile rubber industry on imported raw material. There are 10 references: 6 Soviet-bloc and 4 non-Soviet-bloc, The references '~o the English-language publications read as follows: G. Hornoday, Card 2/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4010233 8/0054/63/000/004/OC)39/0044 AUTITOR: Evarestov. Ho At' TITLE: Theoretical InvestIption of the H-center In alkali halide crystau. I. Basis for a model and construction of an approximate vave fmnation for the W center SOURCE: TAningrad. Universitate'Vestnike Aerlys Mild I 'k%J=Ji,, 4, 19630 '39-44 TOPIC TAGS: H center,, alkali h&Ude eMtal, vave functlon,, K center vave func- tion- -center, F2 center, F2 modelp F b .. 14 center model, F and., H be-.A,, rigid point lattice ABSTRACT: An i2-model Is employed to study the K-emter In alkali halldese An equaticn*for the energy of the F2-ceuter In derivA In the fora + dtf. d%v 0 Card 113 ACCESSICK NR: AP4010233 where ep -Rp is the energy operator of the Interacticia, between an IF -center electron and a rigid point lattice from vhIch two neighborlng negatI4 charges have been removed., and~',1,,,(r,.,3'2) is the'wave function of optIcal. electronse The approottmate wave Pinctions of the F -centers an taken as a ccubination of the F-center functions@ The wave functign ior the ground state of the P2-center In found to be ~A, (r1, r,) = N [Ta -Pb (ra) :t Ta (r2) Tb (rJI; '7a)- es a- where a anCV deiienati a~fon -vacancies, 'rl-iiid r2 electron coostinates, and N the nomalizing factor* The vave functlon for the excited state of the 7~-Cmter is N I Iva (Olb 02) td (rj % (01 IM0*402);t "02)MOI). Card 2/3 ACCESSICK NR: AP4010233 It is shown that transitims from the ground state A allowed to AW B u =d B2u. It is possible to express the wwrgy of thela r2-center in the grouU ;ad excited states through Integrala of one-electron ftmetions. "In conclusiou I thank M, I. Petrashen' snd 1e Ve Abarenkor for guidance and aid in this vork. I thank M. N. Adamov for uieful. discussionsell Orig. art, bas: 1 table and 9 formul". ASSOOTATICK: ame smmmm: o8Avr63 D= ACQ: 03Feb(4 EUM. 00 Sla OCDEt PH NO MW SOV: 005 OMM: 021 Card 3/3 ACCE3SION NR: AP4010234 S/0054/63/000/004/0045/0055 AUTH,ORt Evarestov, R. A,_ TITLE: Theoretical investigation of the M-center in alkali halide crystals. 2. Computation of the ground and first excited states of the M-center SOURCE: Leningrad. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriya fiziki i khimii, vy*p. 4, 1963, 45-55 TOPIC TAGS: M center, M center ground state, first excited state, alkali halide, transition energy, thermal dissociation energy, F2 center, rigid point.charge lattice ABSTRACT: This paper contains computations based on the model resented in the author's immediately preceding paper (Vestnik LGU, no. 22, 19635. The computations are based on an F2-%odel of the M-center in approximation of a rigid point charge lattice. Results of energy computations for various alkali halideslare summarized In Tables 1 and 2 of the Enclosures. Transition energies from the Alg to the A2u state and the approximate energies of thermal dissociation of F2'centers are given in Table 3 of the Enclosures. The calculated values of transition energies are in od agreement with frequencies in the M -band maximum. "In conclusion I ACCESSION NR: AP4010234 express my thanks to M. I. Petrashen' and L V. Abarenkov for suggesting this subject, for guidance, and for aid in doing the work. I also thank M. No Adamov for his constant interest in the work and for useful discussions. Thanks belong also to M. N. Shabrovj To I. Malevich, and 0. H. Dmitriyev for makin'., some of tiie difficult computations," -Orig, art* hast 5 tables and 32 formulas. ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED: O8Apr63 DATE ACQ: 03Feb64 ENCL: 03' SUB CODE: PH NO REF SOV; 003 OTHER: 009 - - 9 Al, EVARESTOV, R.A. Origin of F(M)-bands In the absorption spectrum of alkall halide crystals. Opt. I spektr. 16 no.2:361-362 F t64. (KRA 17:4) L20674-65 ESC (b)_;_1/E'.4T (1)/T IJP(c)/SSD/AFWL/ASD(a)-5/ ISSD(c)/fAS(mp)-2/ -TtT/-zzD HD P ACCESSION NR: 'AP5001580 G/O()54/64/000/004/0037/9044 AUMOR: Evare atavy R. A* TITLE: Calculation of the optical properties of color H-centers in al)wli-hallde 1. stela MY SOURCE: Leningrad. Universitet. Vestnik. Serlya fiziki i khlmiis 1106 4s 1964t 1 37-44 Topic Twaz H center, color center, alkali haLide crystal, optical property,, -_--absorption -band,, __w1s;ion_'bandq -.-band width* luminescence -is- extension of an - earlier theoretical ano4sis- of m an ABSTRACT: -This th model of the H center (Vestn1k U;U No. 22, 39 and 45, 1961; Optika i apel, skopiya v. 16,, 361,0 j.964). Whereas the earlier calculatione, were made lit the approximation of a pointlike r1gid latticet with the crystal ions regurded as stationary,, it is pointed out that many properties of the M-center sp!ct..-Ums such, as the finite width of the absorption and-emission bandj, the Stokes shir1w, aarl others cannot be explained without considering the motion of the ions. A model is used,in which the K-center is Mrecented by two vacancies*in the neigbboring Card 1/2 L 20674-6.5 ACCESSION NR: AP5001580 halide sites# on which two electrons are localized, The electron chw*ge distri- bution is calculatt:d by assumiug the center to be aurrounded by ellipUcel layerC of ionst with 90$ of the total charge concentrated in the first three or foar layers. The final expVession derived for the adiabatic potential consisiz of the; value obtained in the earlier qalcuLations, modified by the addition of a term that allows for the change in the.Coulamb interaction between. the moving point- like ions, and terms corresponding to the change in energy due to the ion motion, Specific c,alculationa were wade for the KCI crystal and yield values for the ab- r-orption maxima,.the maxima of the luminescence, the half width of the H band# and the Stokes ahift which are IA good agreement vith the corresponding 4nTeri- nental data& "I thaiik Mt I. Petrashen' for guidance and continuous iatere-st in the work, M. N. Adamov for uceful discussions,, and computers 0. M. Dmitr ey and Yu. A. Fcmichev_for help witb the calculations." Origo art. has: I figare, 7 formuias?-: and. 2- tables* - ASSOCIATION: None SbIMTTED: SUB CODE: OP# 10 Card 2/2 044ay64 EXCL: 00 Jat RW 60vt 014 MIM: (05 *,,, rA R ".-. - IT OV, R. . T . "alculation of tte ()ptioal pi,DpertlieE! ..f ,I :,i, tere ',i I -n - - It ul-kall Ve3t,* ;'C'U' ~9 t"'I '18:-L) ADAMOV, M.N.; EVARESTOV, R.A. Calaulation of single-el c ~on th-ren-certer liitetr-13. Zhur. khim. 5 no,,5:759-764 S-0 164 (KIRA 18:1) 1, Fizicheskly institut Leningrradskogo govudaro,vennogo unive- siteta. ADAMOV, M.N.; REBANE, T.K.; ETA-RWTOV, R. A. Wriational estimatim of values computed in the second approxima- tion of the perturbatim theory. Teoret. i eksper. khim. 1 no.51 588-594 S-0 165 (min l9a) 1. Fizicheskiy institut Leningradskogo gosudarstvennogo univer- aiteta. Submitted June 23, 1965. EVART, G. Upper-valve engines of "Volga" automobiles. Avt. transp. 36 no- 7:35-40 JI '58- (MIRA U.-8) 1. Veduyushchiy konstruktor Gortkovskogo avtozavoda. (Automobiles--Engines) BORISOVO V.I.; GOR, A.I.; j1EVW110Vf A.M.; ITYBIVSM, D.A.; SOIDVIYEV, V.S.; ZVART---QV,4-PROSVI11NIfT) A.D., red.; VASILOYEVA, I.A.9 red.; UVAROVA, A.F., tekhn. red,- [The M-21 "Volga" 4Mtowbilb; construction and maintenance] Avtomobill M-21 ~Vblo"; konstruktsiia i tekhnicheakoe ob- sluzhivanie. (By V.I.Borisov i dr. Pod red. A.D.Prouvirti- na. Moskva.. Mashgiz, 1962. 4.47 p. (14IRA 150) 1. Gl&vrQry konstruktor Gor1kovskogo aytomobillnogo zavoda (for Prosvipuin). (Automobiles) _L 29101 ACC NRi AUTHOR: ORD -. 6 and Prouuuuy )0 MFt I jlhwl_~M 4U SOURCE COD.'.': UR/0020/65/162/003/05~13/0576 s2- Lvdakov., V. P.; Miz:rak2i,, L. I.; Sandalova,, L. Yu. oi urganac pyn ies3.sL osa=stvenrZry nauckmo-issledovat-011 skiy ~3 proyek.tnyy institut azotnoy jxronWshlennosti i _woduktov organicheskogo sintaza) TITLE: Reaction between 4 L_a_j~~Oes of dialkylphosphoric acid Ld aldehyder SOURCEs AN SSM* Dok3AcWp ve 162, no* 3# 1965; Z-576 TOPIC TAGSt chemical reactions ether2 phosphoric acidp aldehyde ABSTRACT2 The reaction between dialkYl ethers of the dialkylamiae of phosphoric acid and aldehydes forms c( -aminophosphonates. ,The product previously found In this reaction is due to traces of .water in the reactiriS mixture. The reaction between the dialkyla- mide of dialkylphosphoric acid and heptanal in the presence of a 0-5-equimolar,'or equimolar amount of water gives only about half the yield of aminophospl~onate, and & -okyhepylphosohonate 'Is -formed sip4taneously. This article was presented by Acadeniciazl Kabachnik on 14 November 19649 Orige art* has: 3 figuress 4 formulas and 1 table So CODEs 07 / SuBM DATEt 23Oct64 / ORM REF: 008 / OUI REFt 002- AP7003897 SOURCE CODE: GE/0030/67/019/001/0407/0415 AUTHOR: Evdokimov, I. N. Mashkova, E. S. ; Molchanov, V. A.; Odintsov, D. D. ORG: Scientific Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University TITLE: Dependence of the ion-electron emission coefficient on the angle of incidence SOURCE: Physica status solidi, v. 19, no.1,1967, 407-415 TOPIC TAGS: ion emission. electron emission, ion electron emission, incidence angle ABSTRACT: A study was made of the dependence of the coefficient of ion-electron emission on the angle of incidence of a graphite target and polycrystalline metal (Cu, Ag, Mo. Zr, W, Bi) targets, bombarded with inert gas and nitrogen ions at 25--30 kev. The application of a magnetic field parallel to the axis of rotation shows that both the positive and negative ion currents to the collector are negligibly small. The emission coefficient increases with an increase in the angle of incidenc( 1/2 NR: AP7003897 up to about 80 to 85*. Up to a certain angle (between 36 to 81*, depending on the ion-target combination) the angular dependence may be approximated by a reciprocal cosine law; for larger angles the variation is somewhat slower. Com- parisons are made with calculations based on the transparency model. Orig. art. has; 4 figures and 1 table. (Authors' abstract] SUB CODE: 20/SUBM DATE: OlAug67/ORId REF: 001/OTH REF: 011/ IDW] Card-? 12 TIMITMi R. A. Zotkin,L.L. Evduk, R.A. I PopovkIna, R.V. 33866. Vyaneyera V 1948 Codu. Byullyetyan', Vayesoyuz. Astron. - Gyeodyez. O-vap No 7, 1949. C.17-21. B ibliogr: 8 Nazv. SO: Letopis' Zliurnaltnykh Statey, Vol. 46, Xoskva, 1940,. ENE, 0. B. USSR/Chemistry - Poly vi rorlformal Ch6mistry - Synthesis Sep 1946 111he Synthesis of Polyviny1formal in a Homogeneous Nedium," S. Nushakov, U. ij. Eve, 8 pp 'IZhur Prik Khim" Vol III, No 9 Study of the 11-101iods of hydrolysis of tho polyvinylacetatu and acetalizaLion with formaldehyde inihe acetic a cid solution of We product of its hydrolysis) i.e.) polyvin~j alcohol. PA 13T22 2. USSR (600) 4, Science 7. Results of educational-training work by plWaics teachers Pod red* L. I. Reznikova,, Ye. Ye. Yevenchikq HosVap Aked. Ped Nauk RSFSRI 1951, 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, January, -1953, Unclassified. XVIW IK, I.Ts. (g. Moskva) Stud.y of the subject "Heat and work." Fiz. v shkole 14 no-5:39-44 S-0 154. (mm 7:9) (Heat) 1v.&NW11K.-LbX&- starshty rAuchnyl? sntrudnik; RUUMMY, 6.1., reduktor; PUBOMAUVA, A.A., tekhnicheskiy redaktor [Current testing of students In their knowleige, skills, and experience In physics; a methodological let.ter) 0 toikushchei proverke znanii. uneiiii i navykov uchashchikhoia oo fizlke. metodicbeskoe pialmo. Mosin-9, Go9.uchebuG-aedagog.izd-vo V-va proev. RbFSR. 1956. 27 p. (Mak 10: 10) 1. Ruggia (1917- Glavnoys upravienipahkol. 2. Institut metodov obuchenlys Akadmil, pedag(~,r~jciioskikh nauk RSYSR (1.'or Evenchik) (Physic*--6tAv and tanchinr,) E.I(C- BELOGORSKAYA, N.I.; GALIHIN, D.D.-, GOEffACHKIN, Ye.N.; GIAZYRIII, AsIv; DUBOV, A.G.; YMOPIN, Tu.P.: UNDXHDYICH, A.S.; ZVOUKIN, B.S.; IVANOV, S.I.; KUUKLIS, V.V.; LAVRDTSXIT, K.I.; MENSMIII, W.F.; MINCEMMY, Te.Ya.; HABONDV, H.Te.; PIRTSMN, AeV.-. POPOV, P.I.; POKROVSKIT, A.A.; RF211IKOV, L.I.; SAKHAROV, D.I.; SOKO.LOV, I.I.; SOK010VA, U.N.; NMqH3X,.X.Te.- YUSIZ)VICH, V.F. - _;';;,14~ Sergai Nikolaevich Zharkov. (ObituarrI.Fist.v shkole 16 no-3:94-95 MY-46 156. (Zharkov, Sergai Nikolaevich, 1883-1956) (MIRA 917) IiVF.NGH IjC. Is, To . Mo sky&) - "Pedagogical lectures" at the Acaderq of Pedagogical Sciences of the R.S.F.S.R. Fiz. v shkole 17 no.3:,92-94 My-is 157. (Physics--Stud7 ant teaching) (MLLk 10:00 RMIKOV, Leonid Isaakovich; EVING a& I Yefimovna- YUSIKOVICH, Vaeiliy Yomich; ZMAMEN-1--~ P.A. ftro~fy.ZfairRv nt; SAXXiROV, D.I., dotsent, retsenzent; BLUMVo H.I., retsenzent; YXROKHOVICH. A.S.. starshiy nauchnyy sotni&nik, retsenzent; YAVORSKIY, B.M., prof., doktor fiz.-mntem.nauk, red.; SIDOROT, N.I., red.; LAUT, V.G., [Methods of teaching physics in secondary schools] Ketodika pre- podavaniia fiziki v arednei shkole. Pod red. B.H.Ilvorskoqo. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.pedagog.nauk RSFSR. Vol.l. (Mechanicei Mekhanika. 1958. 286 p. (MIRA 12:9) 1. Chlen-korrespondent Akademii pedego,-.icheakikh nauk RSFSR (for Znamenskiy). (Mechanics--Study and teaching) 22(l) SOV/47-59-2-29/3). AUTHORS: Reznikovp and Bludov, TITLE: Foreign Physics Textbooks for Secondary Schools (Zarubezhn yo 'y uchobniki fiziki srodney shkoly) PERIODICAL: Fizika v shkole, 1959, Nr 2, pp 89-92 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors tell of the contents of physics textbooks used in secondar;f schools of England, Franoe and the USA. The article*analyzes 7 French, 8 EnElish and 2 American text- books ~nd,the same time an idea about the system of the secondary school physics course in each of these countries. In England and France physics is taught for several years, but little significance is attached to it in the USA. It is not an obligatory subject in American schools, and in the 1956/57 school year only 4.5 '~~ of the students of the four senior classes were studying physics. ForeiEn textbooks lag in furnishing information on the development of the physics of the atom and atomic nucleus. Not only the number of pages used, but also the material chosen is Card 1/2 scanty. In the USA, e.g., the production of atomib'energy ' Foreign Physics Textbooks for Secondary Schools SOV/47-1r:09-2-29/31 is taught, rather than the physics of the atom. The authors then deal with the contents and succession o~ expounding the training material in English textbooks. The article will be continued. There are 11 references, 9 of which are Eng- lish, 1 American and 1 Soviet. Card 2/2 22(l) SOV/47-59-3-11/53 ANTH0,R: Evenchik E.Ye., (Moscow) TITLE: Stimasting Students 7hile Imparting New Knowledge or ehysics Vo Them. PERIODICAL: Fizika v shkole, 1959, Nr 31 pp 32-36 (USSR) ALSTRACT: The author gives a number of recommendations on teaching physics. In order to get the maximum attention and interest from his pupils, a teacher must wisely combine conversation with theoretical demonstrations and visual experiments. The author stresses in particular the importance of the teacher conversing with the pupils, as this means of teaching is especially effective for stirring the pupil to de- velop his own thoughts and to a practical application of theory. There are 2 Soviet references. Card 1/1- 22(l) SOV/47-59-3-44/53 AUTHORS: Roznikbv L.I., Wenchik E.Ye., Bludov 11I.I., (1i.oscow) TITLE: Foreign FhysiG~ Textbooks for Secondary Schools PERIODICAL: Fizika v sh]~Dlej 1959, lir 3, pp 98-102 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a continuation of a critical review of Eng- lish, FreAch and American textbooks used for physics study at.'secondary schools. The present article concernis mainly French and American textbooks, The reviewad textbooks are: (French) 11.Eurin et 11. Guimot, Physique, 10,52, Classes de Seconde, Classique A et-'B; M.Eurin et H. Guirot, Physique, 10,52, Classes %Rurin, T, . Guimot, de Premi6re Classique A et B; L ' ~ 53, Classe de Mathematique; I. Lamirand-, P~ysique, 1 et Ll. Joyal, Physique, Meme classe S et M; Ro Faucher, Physique, 1954; (American) D.L. Baker, Card 1/2 R.B. Brovmleef, R.W. Fuller, Elements of Physics,