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It-- il D, T~k I V III r\ - I )tEr~~VA ~R.T. DOn-NA, M. S. DM, 3. L. 1 1. - 2. UISR (600) 4. Pneumonia 7. Combined application of penicillin, novocaine) and "ekmolin" In pneumonia in infants. Vop. pediat. i okhr. mat,. i det. 20 no. 5, .;,-)52. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, .1953. Unclassified. DUB, S.L.; DOBKINA, M.S.; SYNKOVA. R.&'. ~* Zffect of antibiotics on some clinical and microbiological indications in pneumonia in small children. Vop.okh.mat. i det. 1 no.6:18-22 N-D 156. (MIRA 10:1) 1. Is kliniki rannego vozrasta i mikrobiologichooko7 laboratorii Gosudarstvennogo nauchno-isoledovatellskogo pediatricheskogo institute (dir. V.N.Kerachowtseva), Moskva. (ANTIBIOTICS) (PNILIMONIA) (INFANTS--DISEASES) DUB, S.L.; XYMOVA, R.I. Imunological changes in small children with pneumonia during treatment with antibiotics. Pedistriia no*9:55-62 5 '57. (MIRA 10:12) 11suchno-1aaledovatel'Bkogo 1. Iz kliniki rannego vozrasta podintricheskogo inntituta RSFSR (dir.- kandidat meditain6kikh nauk V.N.Karacheyt8evat (A]ITIBIDTICS) (PNEUMONIA) IMMUNITY) BMTSOV, I.M., kand. tokhn. mauk; NAZAROV, T.T., lnzh. - - '' Preparing emmlolons in now sent-stationary units. Avt. dor. 21 9-11 A 158. (BltumenY~ (Mixing machinery) (MIRA 1111) Q: - XVIU. Kb., (Tallinn). W-04*"ft-A -.-. - 0 - 's askav-4*04ftaft. Efficiency prozotore of the "PbhjO artel. Prow.koop,no-3:13-14 Mr '57- (KLRA 10:4) 1. Tekhnoruk arteli "Pykhtyam. (?&Uinn--Disabled--Rehabilitation, ate.) SVMGL-PCV, G. Efficiency promotarn should be t-,ivfjn the iprnatant nomilble "upoor.. Sov. torg. no. 7:27-29 J1 '58. 011RA 11:7) (Inventions, Employcos) (Ruscic-Comer'-8) EVMBTOV I G. T - Pla" the trade network in cities. Sov. torg. 36 no.4:3-6 -4p 163. (Stores, Retail) (KIRA 16:5) irnm AA V ... LE.L__t..A 0 " jV U4 lap eVaRIGrEr(wi, Iv.N. in (at and carbohydrate metabolism after p"aing. Jud N. Arurva. Bell, blot. m;d. ttpll. 1'. R. S. N. 4. lilt E1161410-Thr ay. joill. t4 I.".1w &-ki in lilt. l'I'vol 14 tile Vatuts air 1,0.4, 100. 3,M!, 41 fit mul J )W~wij J~ tile vidurt Stier thr tahtsitt h4d t-11 allictVall 4A L, days by lilt-all, (A ulat 11 *An. in pt-sch 4"1 (4).1414 Win. ~M.11. X;. and 11C24 fllg- r-p.. it 111-- 1-1-1. aml ;;1 7, 14.11s. 11.118.3 IN and 19.1C, mil, fit thr fit.-f. 00 if 00 00 zi -1.1110alfAt (LAI$IFK&TKN u a 49 4 it S it %a In 0 0 0 0.0 a 0 0 0 0 0 Wo 0 9990,06 o EVERINOV9 M. G. 4613. Elaktrifikatsiya sol'skogo khosyaystva. M. Goakulltprosvetlzdat, 1954. 20 C.; 2L ill. 2 am. tvassoyus. s-kh. vystavka). 40-CM ekz. 35 k. - na obl avt. no ukazan--(54-58067) P 631-37s621.3 SO: Letopist Zhurnallnykh Statey, Vol. 7, 1949 15-57-7-9667 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr pp 135-136 (USSR) AUTHORS: Makkelvi, V. I., Everkhart, D. L., Garrels, R. M. TITLE: Review of Hypotheses on the Origin of Uranium Deposits (Obzor gipotez o genezise uranovykh mestorozhdeniy) PERIODICAL: V sb: Geol. atom syrlyevykh materialov. Moscow, Gosgeoltekhizdat: 1956, pp 25-52 ABSTRACT: The authors examine the basic characteristics of the most important industrial deposits of U and review some problems of their origin. The following groups of deposits are distinguished: 1) uranium-bearing volcanic rock, pegmatites, and migmatites; 2) U in hydrothermal veins and metasomatic deposits; 3) U deposits in sandstones; 4) uranium-containing coal and associated carbonaceous shales; 5) uranium-containing Card 1/3 black shales; 6) uranium-containing marine phosphorites. 15-57-7-9667 Review of Hypotheses on the Origin of Uranium Deposits (Cont.) The authors note forms of U deposits in uranium-bearing volcanic rock and geochemical conditions of their deposition from the magma. The tendency of U to be concentrated in fusions at late stages of their differentiation is also noted. Three main types of hydro- thermal vein tosits are distinguished as follows: 1) nickel-cobalt- silver veins; 2 quartz iron-lead veins; 3) iron-titanium veins. In the opinion of the authors, the U of hydrothermal veins is concen- trated from residual solutions of magmatic differentiation, which are rich in silicic acid and alkalis. The following aspects of the hydro- thermal process have not been clarified yet: 1) the composition and temperature of the solutions; 2) the correlation of depth and pressure at the place of deposition; 3) the chemistry of sedimen- tation; 4) structural control at the place of localization of the ore. The authors give their views and a certain amount of factual data on these problems. Ore bodies of the Colorado plateau and Witwaters- '- Aand are classed with the sandstone U deposits. Some characteristfb8 of these deposits are mentioned, ane. the hypotheses of their in- filtrational and their hydrothermal origin are outlined. In the Card 2/3 15-57-7-9667 Review of Hypotheses on the Origin of Uranium Deposits (Cont.) opinion of the authors, U was introduced into the uranium-containing coal after deposition of the host rock, but before its carbonization. The deposition of U in the coal occurred as a result of chemical reaction or adsorption. The source of the U in coal must be de- termined separately in each case. The U in uranium-containing black shale is usually considered to be syngenetic; however, it is possitile that a certain amount of it could have been adsorbed after formation of the rock. Deposition of U in shales occurred, for the most part, biochemically or by adsorption under favorable chemical conditions. In uranium-containing phosphorites, the greater part of the U was possibly attracted by adsorption from the water at the time of deposition of the phosphorites or soon after. The origins of the various types of uranium deposits reflect the basic properties of U. These arelchiefly, its great ion radius, multivalence, the solubility of many uranium compounds and the considerable stability of uranium compounds in reducing conditions. Card 3/3 V. S. Domarev KHAZANOY' M.I.: JVBRJMAI,-Lr,.. 0 O"w=WW=WMMMMMW Ophthalmotonometry and its clinical significance in diseases of the nervous system. Zhur.nevr. i polkh. 56 uo.8:659 156. (M1RA 9:11) 1. Ilinika nervnykh bolesney (zOv. - prof. N.A.11hazanov) Kinskogo neditainakogo Instituta. (BY3. physiology, ophthalmotonometry in nervous system din. (Raj)) (MYOUS SYSM. diseases, ophthanotonometry in lRus)) ZIRNIT1S, Alfreds; LVD-iSS, Ly red. [Climate of the Latvian S.S.R.) Latvijas PSR klimats. Riga, Latvijas Valsts izd-va, 1963. 90 p. [In Latvian] (MIRA 17:5) BIRZVALKS, Juris; LVERSS,_ I , red.; BALODIS, A., takhri. red. (Unit systems for measurement of physical quantities) Par fizikalo lielumu mervienibu sistemam. Riga, Lat- vijas valsts izd-va, 1963. 113 p. (AURA 17-1) VITOLS, Arnolds;,,E~VERS ~,Ped.; SPORANE, V., tekhn. red. (Radio receiving sets) Rad16u%tvareje, Ri ap Latrijas valets izdevnieciba, 1963. 136 p. fmiRA 16:5) (Radio--Receivers and reception) it il- ji N 'It LA is Is it It-- j. 1JILLS 4 1 . I-L-Ak. 0 CC M U A f '.I W-6" rowdoit 41 faraws aw Ow Work ON A Of D"llwy and F, 4yttL i. of fritillm" aft Claftuw as earlby, P, Tbry wr stu4w " to lbek tfkwty an =,-. = V ImPli Or villic"" ulaftes at Rlifemi mrsoisitust contents. roe 00 to 0 t2 te go, it t- raw. woo 009 0#4 019,1101t for-toll) -j .,F V fl- T "... IF.".F-- -Y-,-r,,An a 0,41-Iiiii-jas a 0 lcwl "; ; ; ~ 0 NTI 1 11 1 " O~U IS As .0 01 It n If X W A I :Is Ole 6114~ 0 0 0 IS 0 0 0 0 0901 BURT, A. F. Concerning the method for studying rudimentary ears [vith English summary In insert]. Piziol.rast. 3 no-3:287-289 M7-Je 156. (K= 9:9) l.Vassoyuznyy inetitut rasteniyevodetva Vaesoyuzno7 Akademii nallsko- khozyaystvannykh nauk imeni V.I.Lenina, LeninpXad. (Microscopy--Technique) (Botany--Anatomy) ZVERT, A.F. Determining critical moments with respect to increased uptake of soil nutrients in two different spring wheat varieties during the setting of ear primordia. Izv.AN SSSR Ser.biol. 23 no.1:98-103 Ja-P 158. (MIRL 11:1) 1.Vsesoyuznff institut rastaniyevodstva Vaesoyuznoy akademil, sallsko- khozyaystvennykh nauk im. V.I. Lenina, Leningrad. (WMT) (PLAINTS--IMRITION) (IUWRISGNNCB) MYACHI, MartinP brigadir-polevod; EVERT, Nikolay; PIKLA, Yan [Pikla, Jaan] Cqllective management of a state farm. Sov. profsoiuzy 18 no.6:5-6 Mr '62. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Chleny postoyannogo soveshchaniya, sovkhoza "Kodila", Estoniya (for Evert, Pikla). (Estonia-State farms--Management) (Works councils) 4 EVERT, V. K. , - .. - I ,:iv." Xass appearaace of the goltered gazelle In the lower reacheis of the Ili River during the vister of 1945/46. Izv. AN lazakh.SSR.Ser. zool. n0-6:131-133 147. (MW 9:6) Oliwley--G&Salles) VOLODARSKIY, G., insh.; "PTI-ju., inxh. Mobile plant for making foamed gypsum maotics. Stroitell no-5-. 15,18 MY 160. (MNU 13:9) (07plum) (Plaster board) MRT, Tu.N., konstruktor ...... Mobile light trostle scaffolds to be used for operations on staircases. Suggested by IU.N.Ivert. Rats.i izobr. predl.v stroi. no.11:46-49 '59. (MIRk 13:3) 1. Upravlenlye mekhanizataii tresta Mosotdelproma Glavmosetroya. (Scaffolding) 4AS-*sY~" 9/3115/64/000/0(11/01.35,10147 A c c-,,.YON NR AT5000405 ILUTIMI'l-, Everte, A.K. FITL,~. Study of the kinetics of intracenter luminescence in the KCI-TI cryst-od So,, aC 7:: AN LatSSR Institut rizild. Radiatsionnaya fizika, no, 1, 1964. -lonny*.ye --c.stally* (Ionic crystals), 135-147 TOPIC TAGS: luminescen cc, intracenter luminescence, thallium impuriky, potassium chloride crystal, ultraviolet luminescence, quenching time ABSTLACT: In order to elucidate the luminescence kinetics of the phosphor crystal KCI-TI, the author carefully repeated measurements of the quenching time of ultraviolet lurnines- ,;,;nee as a function of the temperature of the single crystal, using samples iln'th dif lerent Q.2, and 2.0 mole % in the melt). 0scillogi. activator concentrations (0.01 , -aphy o1 single luminescence pulses was used to study the time characteristics, excitation spect-ra, and lum if_s,;cnc6. The resultn obtained lead to the conclusion that the characteristic 1.1mincs- b-and of thu, thAllum Ion (305 mz() is made up of two close oubbands. The prcbabili- taneo ti I---- it, -- ~ f, of spon us ans ons r6m triplet levels of the thallium ion were ditermined for trarious concentrations of the latter in KC1. It was found that an increase In the concentxa- tion of Tl+ to 2.0 mole % in the melt does not change the probability and energy character- Card 1/2 Card L 11 2/2 .- ACC_WR_t__J~22M1 SOURCE CODE: UR/0051/65/019/003/03713J03M AUTHOR: Trinkler,, M. F!j Plyavintj T.-K.: Berzin', %-Ya.; Ev ___ A. K. qq ORG: none TITLE: Spectroscopy of saw activated alkali-halide crystals SOURCE: Optika, I spektroakopiyal Y. 1;, n 1965., 378-3W TOPIC TAGS: alkali halide, luminescence, activated crystal, absorption band, band spectrum, transition probability ABSTRACT: The material of this paper was presented at the Twelfth Luminescence Con- ference at L'vov in 1964.,, T49,,ap;vors report results of an investigation of the+ kinetics of intracenter lii~inebce'nce in alkali-halide crystals activated with TI and (KC1-TI, KBr-Tl) KI-TI, KC1-Pb, KBr-Pb). The study was made by oscillographic observation of individual scintillations excited by brilef exposure to the light of a spark (Fig. 1). The luminescence was excited in the long-wave absorption band of the activator, corresponding to the -ISO - 3P, transition in free T1+ and Fb++ ions. The measurements showed that the effect of temperature on the kinetics of luminescence was the same for all crystals except XBr-Pb. All of the crystals activated by tbal- 3-ivm have two emission bands excited in the 3SO - 3P, absorption band. The energy spacing betveen the bands increases from one host to another In the order Iml.. KBr) and X14 The c stals activated by Fb++ differed sharply from the thallium phosphors. In KCI-Pb the ;0 nm band was found to be elementary,, and no strong temperature de- pendence of the photoscintiDAtion decay time vas observed for KBr-Pb. The possible: ACC NRs Fig. 1. Diagram of experimental setup. 1 - Spark gap, 2 - monochromator, 3 - semitransparent quartz plate, 4 - light-transforming crystalp 5 - photo- multiplier, 6 - Investigated crystalp 7 - cryostat0 8 - : . - - omultiplier., 10 - oscil- loscope. causes of the splitting of 3PjL level or the activator are discussed. Data vere ob- tained on the energy structurep radiative transition probabilities,, and other para- meters or the Auminescence centers. Origo art. has: 4 figures.9 5 formulasi, and 1 table. 6 SUB CODE: 2o/ sum DATz: ouuga/ opm un o16/ oTH Ra: 003 EVGENIEV, Georgi; KRUMOV, Angel Impro7ement of the organization of byworks, an important reserve for the increase of labor productivity. Trud tseni no.8:27-35 162e rr in f ncl a TI -,C L3 0', r.c I-VGH1,-I,IDE, C. C. DifT lcultieu created by ascen,lin~; currun',3 in retrolf ..ri re3p;nioirB. p.537- Vol. 6, no. 11, Nov. 1955 RUIWIIIAN-SOVIET friendship Bucuresti, Rumania 3o: iastern European Accession Vol. 5 Ifo- 4 April 1956 'INGHEAILEP C.; SCCCL, S. ,.. VCHEIM-, C.; SCCOL, 6. Operation ol slantint: oln-al ts. 'X2. 1 .1 1 Vol. 6, no. 12, Dec. 19515 FETRCL SI GAZ:~, hucilresti, Rilmania So: Last European Lecession, Vol. 5, Lo. 5, ',zy 1956 J-r6aval ftcm oil WrIlf.. C. F'L fi,nide; andS. SOcaf PdrrW--;G-n' fflw!Gr-~-i 7 methW5 u--rd in the U-S, :md in the IT.S.S.P -Ls gi, en. A row scmpec is ceicrit-cd which cart lie uv,untt~zl m FIGHENIDE, C. Determination of the best time for the replacement of deep o well . il pumps p. 122. PETROL SI GAZE Vol. 7, no- 3, Mar. 1956 Rumania Source: EAST EUROPEAN LISTS Vol. 5. no. 10 Oct. 1956 \j e, - ~A - ~"j I .I, / C EVGRENID!,.~., C.; IONESUCy D. EVGHENIDE, C.; IOUFSIJC, D. Determination of the best time for the replacement of deep-well pumps. II. p. 173. Vol. 7, no. 4, Apr. 1956 PETROL SI GAZE. TECHNOLOGY RUMAITIA SO: East European Accession, Vol. 6, No- 5, 1" Y 1957 r r),:,)r. PRraffin romml means of s~,Ivents nnd nthf~r -npth,,)~4s ol increas!nC tl~.e - of t : .-araffin in crude oil. II. p. 1V. P-EMUL .',! GAql,',. in SMAntAfica n lny,'.rFr,.l r -,t "elinic.1-Alor I-m vi-)-miria ra Industr-*-ei Petr,)I,ilui) I'tucuresti, Vol. 10~- no. h, A-4,r. 1W?. OOL !4,nt'rI:,, ~)f FR"-t, !`xropesn Accp3r,'~-,.)ns ('~'FA-`) !:~',/no. 10e,? EVORENIDE ; C.; SOCOLp S. A new method of studying tho flow of gas-crude oil misttr.*as through vertical pipes. Pt. 1. P. 260 PERTOL ST GAZE. (Asociatia StUntifica a Inginerilor si Tehniclenlor din Rominiasi Ministerul Industrial Partolului si Cblniei) Bucuresti, Romania. Vol. 10, no. 6, Juns 1959 Monthly List of East 'bffopean Accesions (FFAI) LC' Vol. 9, no. 2, Jan 1960 Uncl. MHENIDE) C! S. A new method rf stud,11mr, the ol" Fras-crude r)l miyt.ures tlhr,~vgh vertical tires. ft. 2. P.304 PETWI, .')I WE. (Asocl.tia Stiintificia a Inpinerilor si 'clanicienilor din R,-jninia 9i Mni-.iterul. Industrici Pertolulid si Cki-xiei) 'Jucuresti Rumania T-1, 10, no.7 July 1959 Montkly list of -ast "urnreRn Accessions (EFE11) LC, Vcl.9, no.2 Feb.1960 Uncl. "vr,Hn,,IDv,, C.; IONASCUT, A. A device for mnasurjin~,, and continuous and lon,4-distarce recording of tho contents of water in crude oil. P. 361. F~',TROL SI GAZE, (Asooiatia Stitntificia a Inginiri or si Tecbnicieni-lor din Rominia si Ministerul Industriai Pmtrolului Bt ObInIni) Bucur'~sti Rumania. Vol. 10, no. 8, 1959. Monthly list of East T-,)jropean Accessions (EEAI) LC Vol. 9, no. 2 F,3b. 1960 Uncl. ~, EVGMIDE .,-ing.; IONASCUT, A., ing.; SOCOL, S., ing. .--,,C Possibilities of using semiconductors in the Industry of gas and crude oil. Petrol si ga2e 11 no.33134-140 Mr '60. 1. Institutul de Cercetari pentru Foraj si Extractie. (Petroleum Industry) (Gas industry) (Semiconductors) CEGnI,E,Aj A.j ingo; RVGE=Mp C., ing.; SOCOL, S., ing. Automation in collecting and conveying the crude oil by main pipeline&. Patrol si gaze-12 no.3:119-426 Mr 061# lo Institutul de Gercetari pentra Fcraj si Extractie (for Gegolea,, KvghIDnide). 2. Hinisterul Industrisi Petrolului si Ghimiai (for 16eol). IN 00 FIV IWM ,,; APGOL) S., ing, Additional explanatione of the simultaneous employment of several. hydraulic bottom hole compensators in the same well. Petrol si gaze 12 no.82376 Ag 1161,. EVGHENIDE, C.; IACOBS I.1 IONASCUT, A,.-, SOCOLS S. Specific weight continuous measuring device for pipeline transported naphta and petroleum products. Atitomatica electronica 6 no.5:215- 220 S-0 162. BYGIMIDE,- C. , Ing; SIXV, V. , Ing.; SOCOL', S., Ing. Interpretatinn of the signals and indications received from a central supervisory-control station set up for recording the natural and artificial eruptions of wells; Petrol se gaze 13 no-3:121-125 Mr 162 1. Institutul de Gercetari pentru Foraj si Extractle (for Fjvghenide). 2. Schela Boldesti (for Slev). 3. Ministerul Industrioi Petrolului si Chimisi (for Socol). ZVGIiENIDE.. C.., int.4 Sla" V.) inipj SOCOLj, S., ing. Interpretation of signals and indicationsp concerning ilia deep pumping wells, received at a central station for the telecontrol, of crude oil extraction* Patrol 91 gaze 13 no.4tl77-181 Ap 162. 1, Institixtul do Carcetari pontru Foraj si Fxtractie (for Evghenide). 2*.Schela Boldooti (for Slev), 3. Ministerul Induatriei Petrolului si Chimiei (for Socol). IACOBJ, I., ing.1 SOCOLs S., ing.; EVGIIENIDE, C.,,-ing.; IONASCUT, A., ing. Conaiderations on the automatic apparatue for the vol=etric meanurement of crude oil flow for the collactine slationo. Petrel si gaze 13 no-5:219-228 My 162. 1. Institutul de Cerdetari pentru Foraj si Extractie (for Incob Evghenidep Ionascut), 2e Ministerul Industriai Petrolului si ~% Chimiei (for Socol), SOCOL, Sebastian; EVGHENIDE Constantin; IONASCUT, Arion Considerations about teleaontrol and automation in crude oil and gas extraction and transportation. Automatica electronica 6 no.3:95-101 Vq-JTe 162. EVGRENIDE,---q.., ing.; 6066L, S., ing. Additional explanations regarding the simultaneous employment of several hydraulic bottom hole compensators in the same well. Petrol si gaze 12 no.8:376 Ag 162. IACOB, I., ing.; SOCOL., S., ing.; ZVGH9ME C-, ing.; IONASCUT, A., ing. Automatic equipment for volumetric measurements of crude oil flows in collecting stations,, achieved in Rumania. Fetrol vi game 1.3 no.8:343-$52 Ag 162, 1. Inotitutul, de Gercetari, pentru Foraj si Extracti~ (for Iacobj Evghenides Ionascut). 2. Hinisterul Industriei Petrolului, si Chimiei (for Socol). EVGIENIlEj C., ing.; IACOB, I., ing,; SOCOL, S., irg. 1. .- I. -, -I , -... - " . Level regulators in gascrude oil separators on the laminary type. Petrol si gaze 14 no-4:189-193 f63. SOCOL, S., ing.; ENGHENIDE, C., ing. Considerations on some improvements in the technological processes of crude oil extra9tion as a result of automation. Petrel A gaze 14 no. 11:547-554 N 63. L~~ T WE ACC NRI AM62U67 SOURCE CODEt- RU/0007/63/016/0340158/0172 AUTHORI Evghenidep 0. (Engineer); Slsvt V. (Engineer) _ OIRG: none TITIE: Closed-system transfer of crude oil and gas production and &me now typos Of separators and floK metere , SOURM Petrol ei gaze, v. 3.6, no. 3-4, 1965, 15a-171 4 TOPIC TAGS: flait meter, industrial separator, petroleum industry equIPWIlts petroleim.engineeringl crude petroleum, natural. gas ABSTRACT:---' The authors' discuss the requirements and accomplishments"to date with respect to high-capacity gas-crude oil and water-crude oil separators suitable for integration Into centrally controlled and automated oil field operationsp as highly accurate !crude oil production motors* Special attention in paid to the' twork of the specialty institute@ of the Kinistri of the Petro- leum ana bhemicaX Indust 40"Ag * art. has: 20 figures and. 1 table - LBs~sed author T9 fog. rac Ofmi SUB CODE t 3.1, 13: SUEN DATEs none (RIG Ws 014 OTH MFt O3j Sov MW: 003 Card 1A ft , V/0 NASTA, X.; BAICOUNU, S.; MAN, N.", Clinical aspects of active trachoo-bronchial adanopathy in adults & its part in the pathogenesis of secondary tuberculosis. lb-lan M. Rev. 1 no.2:34-44 Apr-JUne 57. 1. Member of the Academy (fc.r Sasta) (LTM NO= 9 die, trachoobrouchial in pathogen. of secondary puln. tuberc.) (TUBEEtGUIMIS, FULKOHART, etiol, '& vithogen, trachadbronchial lymph nods die.) RUMNIA/MicrobioloL7 - Microbes PathoGenic for Mn and AaimaI6. F Lacteria. Mycobacteria. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Diol., No 22, 1958, 99477 Author : Arhiri, M. Inst Title (Xi the Correlation Detween. the Clinical Course of Pulmonary Tifberculosis and the Resistance of Isolated Tubercle Dacilli to Chemotherapeutic DruGs. Orig Pub FtizioloGia, 1957, 6, No 4, 343-353 Abstract The sputum was examined monthly in 18 patients with the fibro-cavernous L>rm of pulmonary tuberculosis treated with atreptomycia (S) and isoniazid (I), and the sensi- tivity of the isolated tubercle bacilli (TD) to the . above mentioned druGs was determined. TD isolated in -ine case of improvement was sensitive to both dru~;s; the strains isolated in 5 cases with marked clinical improve- ment proved to be resistant to S as well as to I, and dard 1/2 07 EVIAN, N.; ARHIRI, M. orrelation between the clinical course and in imlmonary tuberculosis. Rumanian 14. Rev. (7UB3RCUIXIS. PUMMULRY. ther. isoniazid & streptomycin, resist., bacterial driWresiitance 2 no.2t4O-41 Apr-juas 5B. eff. on clin. course) NASTA, M.; IJUTU, St.; STIUVANIJ, G.; ZVUH, N. Importance of the acetylcholine test in examination of ventilatory function ih various lung dise&Ees. Med. int., Bucur. 10 n0-1139-52 Jan 58. (RISPIRATION, flanction tests acetylcholine test in various lung. dis. & asthma) (,MG DISFASRS, diagnosis acetylcholine test of reap. funot.) (ACITYLGROLUR teet of reap.. funct. Ili various lung dis. & &nthwi) (ASTHYA, diagnosis acetylcholine test. of reap. funct.) RMAIMI/Gencral PTdIblurris of Path.:)lo-L7j - AllcrL~J. T.J. Abs jour : 11cf Mur - Biol6) N.) 21, 15'50, 98125 Author : Dutu Sto - 'Itupcmm, C, ., S Evim 14. Inst : - Title : Imrostiption of Lxui~; Ful ictions in Bronchial CriL, -,uo : if&.. interna.. 1958, 10, P, 2, 269-276. Abstract : II; abstrrct. Card 1/1 XOMOTSKIY, S.K. [Xmotalkyi, S.K.), doktor geol.-Sineralo nauk.; -EVICh, T.D. Kaolin from the Dubrm deposits Leh, promo noJi3l-32 JI-S 165. (MIRA 1819) KVIN, Gustav Davidovich; SAKRAROVt M*B,p inzh.v red.; MOVEDEVIt M.A.p to i-.-r-e-d-.- (Mechanization of the repair of caustic storage batteries] Mekhani- satoiia remonts, vagowVkh abobelocbzWkh akkumuliatorov. Moskval Voeseizdatelloko-poligroobwedinanie Y,-va putei soobshcheniiav 1961. 32 p. WU 14 t 6) (Railroado.-Ilectric equipment) (Storage batteries) of a I ransp. 47 N~ chal Iii1k Drief,ropetrovskogo 2. (.Iavn,-, kon.,-,t nil,.t,,r P-nel rc~'. rtmioyit.nogo zaveda (for EVIII). 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Kafedra "Vagony i vagonnqye khozyaystvo" Loningradskogo inatituta lnz%.enerov zhelesnodorozhnogo transports (for Grokhollskiy, Nikolayev, Smaragdov, Zolotnikov) (Railroads-Cars--Maintename and repair) VIYUSOVAs Anna Konstantinovna;. ZTDI Yokov Aronevich; ZYNOV, NikobW IAJdch; XAGANOVA# N.A.9 red.; FURM, (Compiling wA using regular price lists in public dining enterpriseei from the work prartice of the restaurant trust of Kirov Dis4riot, Uningrad) Razrabotka i primenenie preiskurantov postoianno, deistvu- iushchikh toen v predpriiatii6kb obsbchestyennogo pitardia;iiz opyta. raboty tresta. otolovykh Kirovskogo raiona Uningrada. MosWa Goo. :Izd-vo torg. lit-ry, 1961. 21 p. (MIRA 14:81 (Leningrad-Restaurants, lunchrooms, etc.-Prices) /J, MNGER, Mihaly Iabor production and safety technology. Munka 11 no.9:4-5 S 161. 1. Szakszervezetek Orozagos Tanacsa munkavedelmi oBztalyanak h. vezetoje. (Hungary-Labor production) (Hungary--Industrial safety) BAULINY I.S.., inzh.; D'YAKDNOV..'V.N.,,'kiind,,tekhn.nauk.; USKOVA, O.N... kand. tekhnonauk,; SHUR, Ye*A.p intib.; KOIMMIOVp A.D.. inzh.; AFAIMSlUT., L.U.., inzh.; EVLIKANOV, A.V.,, inzh. Investigating the mechanism of i-ail contact-fatigue damages (defecto 82 and 64). T*bt.VqNIl-W 21 no.4:27-30 162. WIRA 15:6) (Railroads-Rall'b"De6ets) MNOER, Mihstly Let us improve systematically the working conditions. Mink& 5 no.7: 39-42 Jl '55. EVINGERp Mihaly Iabor safety should become a. public concern. Munka 13 no.10: 22-13 0 163- 1. SzakBzervezetak Orazagos Tanac3a munkasvedelmi osztalyanak vezatohelyettese. IYOAZXANU,B.; AMAK,A.; AIHXRAS, 1. Trichophytosis of the scalp In adults; chronic trichophytcals of the adult. Ramnian M- Rev. 3 no.3:85438 Jl-S 159. 1. Chair of Dermatovenereal Dimeases attached-t*-,~G DernatoTenerso- logic Institute, and the BerMatOTenereological Centre of the People's Council. Bucharest. (RINGWORM) VICOLAU, St.0b., academician; NFOLCIM, R.: COLTOIIJ. Al. Spontaneous and controlled variability of dermatopbytes; preli- minary note. Bul.stitnt.,seat.sed. 6 no.4s829-881 Oct-Dec. 154, (TRICHOPHMN. (KRA 8:8) gypseum & violaceum, spontaneous & controlled Taria- tions) (MICROSPOMJM audoulni & ferruginsi , spontaneous & controlled variations) (XPID)EMOPHYTON. rabrum, spontaneous & controlled variations) EXCERPTA 14EDICA See 13 Vol 13/5 Derriatoloey Mily 59 1200. SPONTANEOUS THICHOPHYTISM OF THE GUINEA-PIG. THE POS51BILITY OP ITS.TRANSMISSION TO MAN - Tricofilia spontanl a cobaiului. Posibili- tatea transmiterii el la om - E volceanu R. and A v ra in A. - DERM. VENEII.(Bucuregti) 1958, 3/TTr7T_-r2T)_1Ilus. 9 The spontaneous apparition ofan epizootic induced by Trichophyton gypseum is re- ported involving 11% of the animals in a guinea-pig breeding farm. Several clinical forms were noticed: shearing, impetigoid. alopecia (tinea decalvans). The trans- missibility of the parasite to man was ascertained by the contamination of two laboratory assistants. The fact seems proved that the guinea-pig is a vector of derinatophytes. Antonescu - Bucharest EXCERPTA YEDICA Seec 4 Vol 12/11 Fed. Ylcro. Nov 59 3811. CLINICAL AND MYCOLOGICAL OBSERVATIUNS ON MICROSPORUM GYPSEUM - Le Microsporum g-,pseum. Quelques observations cliniques et mycologi ues concernant ce der matophyte - E v o I c e a n u R. and A I t e - r as 1. Oect. de Dermatol. . Inst. de Their YCOPATHO- LOGIE (Den Haag) 1958, 10/2 (71-82) 111UST-1 Tru- ~rllsl _~- Microsporurn, gypseum has so far been unknown in Roumania, The authors report clinical observations of 4 cases of fungus infections caused by this dermatophyte. In the case of a child who had a herpes circinatus on the hand consequent on con- tamination with soil the authors were able to isol2te M. gypseum abundantly from the same soil. Positive inoculation experimentp were done in human subjects. white mice guk"a-pigs. IF- V,-- ~-- (L L- f~- N U, Q ZYD~~~ R.; ALTERASH, I. Mycosis of the scalp caused by Achorion gallinae. Vest.derm.i verL. 33 no.4.*11-16 JI-Ag 159. (KIRA 12:11) 1. Is kozhno-venereologicheekogo otdola (sav. - akad, S.G* likolm) Terapevticheskogo inatituta (dir. - aked. W. 1upu) RuWnskoy akademli. (SCALP, diseases) (RINVORM, etiology) E10 rc ill, WUT k _-ZIUMIUME (in caps); Given Names Colintry: Rumani a Academic Degrees: -Architoct- A' ffiliation: -not given- Source: Bucharest, StiInta si Tchnica , No 8 Aug 1961, pp 2-4 i)ata: "Architecture of Rumnian Cities." EVORA, Zhnn Will. nviation overcome the iound barrior? '4auka I. tekh m1adezh 17 no.li19-21 Jn 165. MF)',r-,D-':'V, N.P.; KAULMYSIEV, V.V.; IWISTAFIN, F.I.; EVfU'.N'()U, G-6. 1 1. Problems in the histochemistry and phpiology of dufect7, of t-'-p- heart. Nauch. trudy Kaz. gos. med. inst. 14:47(~-481 6/.. D'11:9) 1. 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Metody laboratornoi diagnosti1ki Plavneishikh gellmintozov sellskokhoziaistve:mykh promyslovykh zhAv-otnykh i sravnitellnyi analiz ikh effektivnosti. Kazan', 1960. 417ope (Kazan. Veterinarnyi institut. Uchenye zapiski, vol. 72). (MIRA 1717) G M EV A , P. A E V 11, 1 IN V i'. , V . Z'; . Cull" -(,- (if Lile ha-val fr-r-Tr, ~,r medla and tissue culture s. U,+.. KII I Kaf(Ara paraMtologil I 'r0,.o7-arc;ri-.n k,-.Ilttz!-v EVF.MiOK~,.y,E_., dotsent Accelerated method for differen tal d if nc-q i , : 11 IA-I~d r. ~'- egEz and larvae using fluorescence m-lcruecoi.,y. zap ~7L 81-):I~-7- 204 162. (M-1, RA 3-8: 8) 1. Fafedra parazitologii (zav. - dots(,nt Kazanskogo veterinarnogo instituta. -1 EVRAT, R.E. - . Practices in the opsirption of the "Mikhoma" hydraulic presa. Der.pram. 10 no.lC110-2.4 0 6) (MIRA 14:9) .(jiydraulic presses) (Furniture industry-Equipment and supplies) EVREV J - T. _ , , .. Micromethod for determining the osmotic resistance of er7- throcytes. Suvr. mod. 14 no.7;28-30 163. (MICROCHEMISTRY) (ERYTHROCYTES) (osmosis) RWANIL/Chemical Tochnology. Chemical Products H-15 and Their Applications. Industrial Or- ganic Synthesis. Abs Jour s Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 79 19597 24332 Author sMissq A9q19YLi_C_0_Vj_,_T_,,_ Inst :- Title :Rapid Method of Determination of V:Lnyl- acetate in Ravi Products. Orig Pub :Rev. chim., 1958, 9, No 6, 330-331 Abstract :The method of determining vinylacotate (I) in technical products is based on the li- mited solubility of I and of the accompany- ing impurities (CH COOH vinylidenacetate 7 and acataldehydo) 4; water and in water solu- tion of NaCl. Into a 25 nLl graduate (graduated Card 2 1/3 RUK1WI1VChomic,-,a T(~chnolo8y~ Chemical Products H-15 and Their Applications. Tndustrial Or- ganic Synthesis. Abs Jour Rof Zhur-Rhimiya, No 71 1959t 24332 in Oel Ml)s of 300 1-M, in length and 12 mn in diameter 15 ml of 10 percent NaCl so- lution and 10 ml of technical I are intro- duced with a pipette. The garduate is cor- ked dnd is shakon vigorously for 15 socondst followed by 2-3 minutes of settling. The con- centration of I In technical products is de- termined by using calibrated curves in which the volume of the upper layer (in i-ia) is plot- tod against tho abscissa and tho percentage of I is plotted against the ordinate, A com- plete determination requires 4 minutes and 4b the maximum error is 3 percent. For ln~rea- Card 1 2/3 MINKOV, M. ; EYSTATIEV, D. Water permeability of the loess rocks in northern Bulgaria. Izv Geol Inst PAN 11: 203-221 162. IIINKOV,, Minko,, inrh.; EVS-TA V Dimcho inzh. Earth canal linings in loess soils. Kbidrotekh i melior 7 m.2:46-48 162, EVST.kTBV),.,D,,, inzh.; IIJEVA, L., inzh.; GECIIEV, P., inzh.; VUI;,,V, G., inzh. A K$MTW) N.) Plnzh. Testing temporary groundwork roinforcements in quarries. ,.-in delo 18 no,6:5-P Ag 163. 1. Geologicheski. institut pri Bulgarskata akademiia na naukite (for Evatatiev, Ilieva, Gech v 2. I-linno-nauchnoizsledovatelski insteil Sofia (for Vulev). 3. Durzhavno i;,.inno predprilatie ",Iaritsa-Iztok" (for Khristov). 47STATIEV, Dimcho, lnzh., nauchen sutrudnik; ILIEVA, Liudmila, inzh., nauchen sutrudnik Strengthening of clay with inorganic binders. Tekhnika Bulg 13 no.8:7-10 164. 1. Geologic Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 1 0-- F TANCHEV, I.; EVSTATILY, TSv.; WRSISV, D.-, PLPNCHXVA, ZH.; Study of naphritis in Yrattea district. Suvrem. med., Sofia 7 no.9: 14-29 1956. 1. Is 0krushnata bolnitea "Khristo botev" - Vratea (GI. lekar: P. Kolar). (NKPHRITIS, statist. in Bulgaria) TAIICIUV, I.; BVSTATIEV, To. Considerations on nephritis in the village Beli Izvor in Vratca. Suvrez. med. Sofia 9 no.1:16 1958. - 1. 1z Okruzhnn bolnitsa Kh. Botev - Vratea (G1. lekELr: P. Zolev). (N3MITISt epidemiology, in Bulgaria (Bul)) ANAUIEV, V.A.; suBLADzF,,A.I