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06 A L 2.140 04 11 rMsmitalk 006W 4 shm"imale tyro, I'y I "so as A ImOks ard.F.,&jyjr, f.AlvenNuta" Vol. 11. No. 1. pp. "00 *00 00 bqdw~ Mm'wks d uperbilieftis Ne Usual 6111mi. .00 risk lye obtairied In shom earth p1mis wai stirred hir ' bimOnc In * In 4wnU*s up to 10 to 12 Hirts t%. r *,A * 11111me. rmr" I" an mmal Mechanical SlArri"r III" - low? r-, -,Ir rmelhod of *Wft showed a strong c,w)'bs-" woo , Offe, , A the P"1018"y $11" "PlItsims IL"I on 0 A 4* average it mWetwe hmw by &Wox. 10 C? Man %iadbr 4 see cWtaliters OW melm c IlT. The air led wiq rwl previously Ifew Irm cabonk sew. it W.1% r 04 directly frons Via co"WeWr f"to the contal"m% DUTIIII.- a Xbo OW . . each eat 0 i lik dr '-;,wn throuRh lhv mixlstr~! * fee i 0 AD caused a qmooly of water e1 #) it) 110 birts 1,) g , which bronbt about a certain increase In conerntramn, o0 The nmxklwm Increase is the content of socliurn c.irlin. Coo nate w" abmt 3 4o.4.gMkr. Best resulb.; were nbtiqln~d 011110 when k1jeclots of 7 =n dift fer were used. lite rn,ilmm Me@ value of the actual pressure Iluctuited In IN-. Ira- It No 0 Aout 26 p%L sea Pio grain Ase of the hydrair ohulmA olt-r mtri- I" was somewhat lower then that nI Ill- byllf-I't. 111jim woo at ALLIM41C&L UM WwW la. Vo slurn earth plant, Mv -filsefcn- fto hcwmr. found In their chernical comp_ili~.n OwA the results o1 the present tests lurlher ljti:(- ~c ilc r irki. M Gv III 1A A, at hmatz we proposed. I IF 0 0 A a * * 0 0 o 0 4 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000000000000 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0-0 0 Ole 0 0.0 0 l - - - w - 04 s I 1 0 to it u 11 ld 11 1# 11 me R It v 0 iv At V a it a -it -9 W 17- ar 4. IF 4 1 1 1 it- L-L-A-1--AA IX 0 K 00 -W~ 4 J-00 000 639.712.017:431 7SO -.00 At. low imil"Nombe of 111* AWrIbAfto ~4 itrain 00 9 ltbe$ is Mambs b1dimb Newradisins, toy F- h$ V.I. -00 00 2 1,,Ajuniltillmit" -- Val. It, No. It. Ill. 276-279, Sim- -00 00 A lottit, 7 00.). -00 00 if lidwd oil the .941V low a ("mills wwq WWI%ed tor the determination of the pain cWfUniliatit "fse 44 alumindi hydFale. In IlAm lomidat the ifenxll% t-( . 800 V; il... hpir"ricillite (2,411 v,*A spidled in-lead of """'D 00 Olls"llsis hyardle derANY.. lite Ownetiml %Atue of lilt .1plivily cothittanA k ms dMemined with thr alit ol' GOO *rkstly from Me ex,twerimeol-of equalloas de*td rid 000 r"wilit of Kernwitili, McKendric* sfw Ithlower. Willi coo all sim to perfeell1w lite foradsla, It* destivily of alb)- woo 00 lid'oll firdrowe wu dekmiderd by evilletriwnia alit, WOO 00 The Wvird ohNimill itailliped fran 2.11 In 2,20, o4ilt-if p-wcod IMI trystall ly"s allied, then h) tirm rgil lilt, ::0 0 i -"T Stairs pliviseva in As"ll it"nowleq. net life It.104 "t soe Isperinstnisl rewills the felviving rintinrclinn con)d goo -0helitWito for 111he rintoobse k for lite lonlume r from 4.5 on 8.8 1.00 - - 0.011101.4 It, wilkh s dr"Mrs W trothsom drnqHy ot expretittril ~ 00 40 i" t, 0 00 00 In 01000009000000000600::::1o0 aroo "o 'I' I 100 9000*090660*6069606 Chemical Abet- vol. 48 Apr. 10, 1954 General and FhySiOal Chen"try Thsoy-of thh'optics of -white soft. 1. Effect of p;ly. dis Itots ontho turKalty f globular pa - of .:r ,,,.p n1q1Vy1 foofl- Vic, Hung.). Z. PAY deduction Is given for enter. t~e a turbidity of white sols with KI Iobular c v a t of tributions on t 1C turbjjj isjjk- sst . In p cular the relation between the si%tertng reac ff. B and the degree of pal-,dLipersion was studied and is shown In diagrams for various vis. An Important prac- tical conclusion Is that minor alterations of the polydisrer- at have ut nelligible effect on the turbidity of white sols. Frie rich E2!tei;p-,' iF neory o t optits Of gerepe. j"vvtL ' - ~ I& . I Mj T-,M- T i3 1 crik- j o. cwt jp , g (C'A. 48, 37.'Ai) are continued. T!tc. dom giveat Oil part I ~ A% it fillo-ElOll Of thil ll~ extinetion rurvvi %m gtvv of in the bw.;k of dw ijuation for tbt: Ab-.t. turbldll:- of jwktlisp,~rw white snis: r - jkj'2jrpt#jl- -x J* lQjTa)dcr. whertA ~ wave leng(h of the hienniinglight in Vartia, pis - abs. n of Che di-i1wriing rimlimn (m* - 133 lv/dr(*Ot-k). cc " 2rr (r of ~k FUlular j~rmlu)' - - - -ri, Kr 11 sn,ttedial; rm,! , IT., ;oitl f(ij) am 3izp distribu tlo-. fmirkinti (ior lomornml KrAft; size diitributinn,ra) m ' C e-KUW./w)) . g,j;j-t. or(:InAtt. (if til,, fullkloil, a. - llw,t fr.:qllV1lt XI.Aill size, im", K - a Canit. that k it mcalure of the dt-grrv Of polydblic-olon), Tlic Alina!leelfle relath-t-, ?I of the Ji5pw'C'Aj pa~ficle~' the IC55 (44 curves artaffectW bv the depoe of polydtiNr%ion. EINA, F. . .....- Use of plastic materials in color photography. p. 43. (mACY)Y KaIKUSOK LPJA, Budapest, Vol. 10, no. 2, Feb. 1955.) 0 SO: monthlv list of gast turopean -accessions, (EEAL), LC, Vol. 4, I"o.,X, Un- 1955, i -Uncl- Y/ 0 C7 6, Nor- 28---il. 5 ii Tlic vismsity Lnd rhoulogic pTL)rllrlt I L~f - i inlrI l tL V t d l l i v f U ~ ~ con 'n rty c Lra;:c- a j.qurcomq po l irom f.0 L'y vi~aikht tigated at WC. 32.b- C. 4 'ewd tF- -C- by Appl-elm.- If) ~A to 270 ~- pt~: cull af chear sue3-- Lu a lfb~lpl' z t-r-p, rll~ vuscoAvicter. The degree off of ~!w 1~nh' vinyl alicbRul a-ampits; was 11.14 , 40.5 , 4p.3 44 fj wal IOWA l'ctwfrv th~ iw -'i relatiallshi in f, twc, in-l tb- P in g p-cr cml~ t" le ciput lutl :4 '~fl Amr,diwz to the experfintntal weasuretacutu n 1 065 -- 301 , th's valuc being ludeperdent, of the tcuLpciaturv ,, (h,! Lwicimt-athmi and the degree of palymertutlor t1,.( rj,Q ')i the ]I(-,), --,Irn~cr vrlri'~ -4 it 64,A441 'from Lite. c = .411itflul". in, the low palym;c-, tlic, xi~-T'~fty M01 Ow VC-l(WAy HUNGARY Chemistry of High Molecular Substances. Abs Jour Ref. Zhur - Khimiya, No 31 1958, 10206 Abstract (for 3-4 hours) with 0.5-1 gm (NH4)2S206, a syrupy I solution is obtained, from which I is precipitated with methanol (3-4 V'olumes)., the I has a moisture content of 12.4 a imide group content of 47.5%,, and an acid group content of 9.4 %; I may be also precipitated by means of H S04 (the I thus obtained has a moisture content of 3.6 11 a N content of 10.9%, an amide group content of 37.2 mol an imide group content of 45.5%, an acid group content of 17.3%) as well as by 15% CH3COOH, Card 2/2 lIz sy de - Vp4ptuation Of b-rza~j~ ale 14~---' -Ev-v- r 105C. ~ . of ;:~v - Moll- (":nPJ3 , Such w~ tht wpolymm of 51!-C;rd. r--.4uc '=rih'ytI---I"--' -iLil;l N ! U11YIS ik,, sad Ina'a ;I 413Y. Conte. 9.4 mut& p6d, metbacnite CCPpA'rmizr& and jxl~~'ViQyl szffat~!)' 'Ar-- imitab!t (C'r tu~ p~puzztic-n 4 fu-gyalud " !. - 4 ct I~zt!t ;Vflvk~' ~-c !qx.-n 2. I ac sfar, i"F suqicl tst'wl voll ScEtIc ill I'j': fir rvin . tvii~- if no vtptizartt is ti~c! pn7lo= -OV j 6p hOld ir,Oak= w0h U to U. Y~mt' t T VIM- 't- A4 _VVIT t II -- --T- WS ~4' r lul ('rLuy"pyrm-bdlmrkie #; pmterzzty~ colloid and r-ty, ale.) ~r polyvi-~Jvl atttmi CA Jdmeth" Wzd-=-, The ktter 6 uuwr WXiMWIt Elaa the Alt. .,hc ASBr emlafto = 4 mdualai-st-id - gfth Rod ten rarAfm *ft allilned ifth- fi-dlm~tb7f;Vnk*!~CCl- A&h:pde (1). SonAtIrAtIm byAU it less effective th Itt 10th other sylithetic binda elaulmorms, bta uime smsitivity bt- amit was oblaloed in oombia~,Gra uillt I &I PH 6~rjt ~,Z Th,- qpUnt unaitizer, ermaine (Fc R-wc'Lst R 7v4 r~vr MI(dj ee3tCZ btjjAjtj--jtjQjz. T11C &:IC-d increfl-ri with Cu-lWr:oal W" " timc~i' with A-gCl 26-3.5 time., rl-4e speo- I c4 the prto..paper einulsiou E-clulled Or exereded tt~at tf Cm. Cwtact I -- Ag5r unulslans can be p:~-IA. with low to aorm=tr-.-qt' in i4la- ALrCl emuLsi v.:; c-an Distri Wd P111ii- - - g PM WIvii halide emuildon syntheila cam lately monlacat y c 01) an Lang HV RTE Foto r Vic, Itual. . Z. C. .32 gm~-Tha effect of diff, agents on a ch iUtion of a poly(vinyl ak.)-Ag(Dr, 1) emulsion studied. The emulsion was A of the Nflo type and contained 2.7 thole % All. ne AuSCN complex showed dpificant activity as a scositiscr ottly when uied with a9seWther. Theactivityluertwed to A dtfialta limit:with Increasing conca. of S sensitlaer. A - NOA promoted stsusititation %qually over the I)H range te-ttd ~T.55-7.70). Aflylthfourea was Inactive at pH % 5.4".2 . but promoted sensitization at pH 6.98 and above. The Au sensitizer was practically Inactive at pBr below 31 but activity increased rapkily above this value and Increased '7Z-10 t1mrs over the range 3.0-4. WIN added before Ppin. caused only a slight Increase In speei and -y of the basic craultion; Au sen Itization of this prepa. was greater in the pBr range 3".4 than In the absence of the amine, -e but not at higher pBr. Ethylenedfamine (1) added Ixtot pptn. Incrt" the speed of the basic tmulsion 1.5-2 icli . Spcrmin (HjN(CH NVCH:)iNH(CHx);NH4 (U) and ad ed at the after-riptaing stage In. 4fte decrewd the spted'but bad a rgetk tifect 'ot; sensitizing by 11. 1 and IN at high s ylle conctis., when added at the after-riptniag stage decreased the activity of Au sensitizer and Incmsed fog, but U cauied Increased speed without sjgnificant fog increase, and I acted -N,) beneficial action of p:,Iyethyl- synerg-tic;dly with 11. ' ca"xide or of SnCJj and Himethy-larninobtarildzhYde was observed. and the reducing agents cmtstd log with I14., alur-riwninic at 60% The strong restraining action of cyatinL on An semitization, reported bo , Numth and Ger. Argininclimloo Wt. C.4. SO, 0910f) Was not iiiiinlint -:11ca oo Au stutitinition. T. If. jamcl_ EVVA, Ferenc, dr. Modern anti-halo layers. Kop hang 5 no.4;108-110 Ag '59. 1. FORTE Fotokemiai Ipar Kutato Laboratoriuma. EVVA, Ferenc.-dr. SOM PhYsicochemical questions of castUW photographic emulsions. Kep hdng 5 no.5:141-143 0 159. 1. FORTE Fotokemiai Ipari Vallalat Kutatolaboratoriuma. A IVVA, Ferenc, Dr. W"MWRMP Significance of wetting in pouring photographic emulsions. Kep hang 5 no.6:167-170 '59 (Kai 9:3) 1. Forte 7btoksmW Itaf.y. lktatolaboratoriuma (Wetting) (Photography) 23(5) H/016/60/05/002/011 D0023/D3001 AUTHOR: Evya, Ferenc, Doctor TITLE: Recent Developments in the Theory of the Latent ImaKe 'a) 10 PERIODICAL: Fizikai Szemle, 1960 )A Nr 5, pp 131-140 ABSTRACT: Having reviewed the history of past developments in the theory of the latent image, the author gives a detailed explanation of the now obsolete Gurney- Mott theory, expounding its deficiencies. The the- ory of Mitchell is offered as a reasonable alter- native, though its weak points are emphasized. The Soviet criticism of this theory is briefly dealt with. X.V. Chibiso raises some points on the ac- tivity of microcrystals /Ref 217, also, in his opi- Card 1/2 nion, the silver sulfide-takes7part in the reaction H/016/60/05/002/011 D0023/D3001 Recent Developments in the Theory of the Latent Image only as a catalyst and has no influence on the light sensitivity of the emulsion. Varshaver. Kraus and Chibisov are of the opinion that the minimum dimensions of the latent image specks are larger than in Mitchell's estimate. There are 4 photos, 2 graphs, 2 figures, 7 sets of fi- gures and 25 references, 15 of which are Eng- lish, 5 Hungarian, 4 German and 1 Soviet. ASSOCIATION: "Forte" Fotok6miai Ipar V. kutato' laborato"riuma (Photochemical Industrial Enterprise, Research 'Laboratory), Vdc. Card 212 EVVA, Ferenc, dr!,----- -- Spectral aersitization of photopaper emulsionB. Kep hanC 7 no.2:41-46 Ap 161. 1. Forte Potokemiai Ipar, Kutato Laborstorium, Vac. MA,__~ ~srewjLArs- Vewer research achievementm In the field of photo gelatins de- pressors. Kep hang 7 no.41130-133 0 161. 1. Forte Fotokemiai 1parv Kutato Laboratoriump Vaco -r- MA, Fereno. Dr* Scifttific photographic seminar hold in Zurich. Kep hang 8 no.2s44-46 Ap 162. 1. Forte Fotokemiai. Ipar V.Vac.lutato Laboratorim. tot 3 IL .4 I ~1., 4 q, ;A-# d 'A 10 A A EIRA, Ferej;c, dr. Problems of preparing photographic emulsions of polyvinyl-alcohol- ailver haloid. Kep hang 9 no.1113-16 F 163. 1. Forte Fotokemiai Ipar kutatolaboratoriumal Vac. M,k, Ferenc, dr. Significance of dampening at ca!3ting photographic emulsions. Kep hang 5 no.6:167-170 D 159. 1. Forte Fotokemiai Ipar Vanalat Kutatolaboratorbinle. zVM, 1. Role of the middle medical pereonnel in BCO vaccination of newborn. Prakt. lek., Praha 31 no.18:404-405 20 SeP 1951 (CUL 21:1) ylf~ I 21, /R61460 ii4iijbul j XTW- /Z reduab~i~ef of synthetic and antive efiritan 110. hatca. N. N IZ-Anib)v, 13, B. Evz)Ina, and 0. C Y e zAU;- ~rihlad. Va. Mfxti~ of spathttle and native phosphotit" and C (110% of (lm 06chlautctric) were vmp? irec- and buted a~ I:M* for I ht. in it tubular funtace (cf. Mikulbirkil and 'Maton, C.A. 36, NO). The percentage mclimed, A, as a Pinction of the &1C , 1, gave a family of Sir"Mir turvts With tilt- Same ccigh on the I axis, a rapid rise follo%cd by L rap:dly dL- rate of the appmChing a con~t. value. The rate - .17rh k and the imfuc of k at which the rate aPprindles 0- w-- different and divitit the phosphorites into 2 main groups. trksdidum phosphates and hydroxy- ard flaampatitts. The diffemt teduci5ifities are ascribed to 6.e diffemut gaol. KACHANAK, Stefan, doc.p ins.,, GSc.; VALTYNI, Jan, inz.; MERLINGOVA, Viktoria, ins. - I ~. -1 Adsorption dynamics in continuous columns from the viewpoint of the Brunauer, Emmet, Teller theory. Chem zvesti 17 no.6: 378-389 163. 1. Katedra anorganickej chemie, Slovenska vysoka skola. technicka, Bratislava, Lollarovo namesti 2. ACCESSION NR: AP4000910 P/0027/63/000/003/0143/0150 AUTHORI Ewert, Andrzej TITLEa The thermal contin atali y Of climate SOURCEz Przeglad geofityc:ny, no.#3, 1963, 143-150 TOPIC TAGS% climatology, continental climate, climate analysis, ther- mal continentality .ABSTRACTt A formula is presented for thermal continentality which ~satisfies the following conditions: 1) it eliminates the influence of ,geographic latitude an the meteorological conditions involved and the .influence of unequal geographic distribution of the continents on the :magnitude of these meteorological elements; 2) it is applicable to all geographic latitudes; 3) it provides no negative results for any re- gion; and 4) It gives values of'contLnentality for periods shorter than .one year. A chart, bas-ed on the results, shows the thermal contiuen- stality for the whole globe. Orig. art. has: one formula and 3 figures, Card 1/2 :ACCESSION NR: AP4000910 jASSOCIATION: Panstwowy Instytut Heteorologiczny i Hydrologiczny, !Slupsk, Poland (State Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology) !SUBHITTEDi 223un62 DATE ACQ1 17Dec63 ENCL: 00 SUR CODEi AS NO REF SOV; 002 OTHERt 004 LCpr4._ 2 / 2 EWWOWSKA , Wanda, mgr. New ways --~' A-ep groun water purification. Przegl techn no.25all. Je ;62. ,T~OWSKA, Wanda, mgr Economic eff--ts of Iron rpmoval from deep wateri without aeratior F .3171 techn 85 no. 42-.9 18 0 164. C4 OIR!=l Pallaming r I'l nd) S. Wit W Will,. rill. J-t-mnl, ca" I 4 !1.4 41rug% i- tiku-0 it, tcl-m-11 t,, Owir 11-11 It ts- lilt, Awl metallolk. 'lilt to%ull~ 1, ifc mim-li. t, to the fortriation fit tritmitsixittim iie f It: ~ 11, jor4-pi ;!Uylthcrrduction~Fc ... 1,~ to th~ ..I umltn~ 1-i-minx. In lituts,a, I,vtT,4- k r%circial utickintrel.tod I / Rol~gl, Nwr, Z. Diabetes insipidus an one of the aspeots of carebropitai- tary disorders. Ned. wet. 6 no.4:221-222 Apr. 1950. (CIML 2011) ~Illrf 1 7. CA: V:IP-179 Poland -j wit'r) I-% 113J."I fil,~-Ky 7ontechnicil Inst., Krakow, Folard "Effect of estief-ins on the reproductive functions (;f the stvlliori." Acta 0, 272-~14 (1951) On Enclish). V4jArii_,;ie 1-1-o'n -of gonadorophic hormones in serum of pregnant mares by using the trog Rana elculen.1 W. llielanlikl,t-~ Ewy,,_ and i.M. PiGoniolift (Folta bwl.. cmnw, 1953, 1, 72--"---Thc Galli Alainini teit Was foolld applic~lblt. to thp determination of gonadotrophtn lit Ilie -writrri of pr,,;Znjnt mares. The sensitivity of file fr,q to the ltortwnrF. as indicated b the appearance of semInal rwils in tbo frng'i tinvu holit 3 lit. alier ganadc-tropInin injection, vari,-; with the tizn,- of file anti is RTOatVId in May ant! smallest in Aiizint. Fix, rubwvd Ov ivili~itv Is attril,tited to the exhansticm of tli,, nmic scx%ril on~,,1113 altil. file timeding I)critxl Tht: int-di-id, is d-cril,ed, is simple .1,10 gives clifick anti fairly reliable rt-milts. ,rhe prv,,, nce of e,en the number of -Iii-rrinalic cOls In tit,- nrizi- of ti- ' i i_ --- - I t ie rog inflk.1to; a lit litivc rcaction, which is expri.-Ai(A ill f14". titilts. Tj,q, J,ct%%cvu the Lit, wid file frog %init 1%.t% In,vo it,. tt rmitscd Wl c~.Jkri. nicrital tjk3in as I frog wift 20--22 1 it. A. Siogru, a. Invatheirafeadfli cuttefef ef Odw Woo extracts. Z. E .4 11. Piguti~,vn (Folis Met.. Wart=. 1954, 2, hui~dred and fillt"u saizples of urine-free fAxes from pregnant and ;Itor-preglmut Cows Wert Im-tripted. Tweaty-four cows wre in tho Periu'l ?-.( pregiancy 60ta 6 to 303 d4y% 4Lftt;r tile Wt cfpulAtil-i arA 5 cow, were not j-mguant, Dialytites prrpared nmoriV;v, to the Bhwari and rsoxftsa ttchnique were Injected into rualo Rapti owdentafrugC lnj~ctbn$ of the aWy&Ute$ wfie*,tr from j1v9rv%:kt or unu-jwgtiant cows cxuwi vetmior. M Apcr-n k orly of Cates, Tho~ pwtiv6 t~lults ot the WTmiltum tts~t tqgeit that -a of cows contain ;t certain. rpe.-m- Itnuar ta ett ~tctfvAting futar' &I L final effect to the actim of Atthewrw tinw dLdytates of tho -wrao fkcca pixxtuced dihia6on of th Qlttieisolatedfrogoye~_ This xhovm fluit tho fpctor in bovine extract ha3 the properdws of aympathoralmetic Camisounds. I icy. //BIBLANSKI, V.; llff %,; PIGONIOVA, H. ;iAwjw Tariationo of excretion of oarum gonadotropine In pregnant mares* Acta, ptqsiole polon. 5 no.4017-519 1954. 1. Z Institutu Zootechniki v Krakowle. Il~rrektor: prof. dr T.Marchlewski. (MGWCT IMS, QallI-KsInInI test In mares) POIAND / Humnn c-nd Aniral Physiology (Normal and Pathologicni). Interw-l Secretion. Abs Jour :Ref Zhur - Biologlya, No 13, 1958, No. 60657 Authar tBiolanski., W.;,gg. .; Pitioniown, H. Inet Not given Title Difference in Endocrine Secretion in Proj3nnnt ftwos ~bted with Hor3es and Aaes OriS Pub Folia biol. (WarBEava), 1955, 3, No 1, 19-30 Abstract In the course of three years.. nares were mated alternately with horses ard asses. In the latter case the formation of gonadotropins is lower (according to the Galli Hninini method). The difference in the Sonadotropin content in the blood is dependent on the mucosa of the uteruq with a si=ltaneously norLnl function of the placenta. -- D. I. Parolla Card 1/1 1014111 of '"ei js~~[ biffivellieds, In' OMOCAlis "M Ol In ddUou or lack. W. Dielaeaki, Z. FE.WY, and If. Pilonlowa Bit& AcM, polvio, Sci., IOSS, 8, .17-YJ n at Lz.b., lust. cf Animl Ilusts,indq, Ciacow)-Gonadotiophim are atxomt in the serum of tuares pregnant with an ass (J:Lck) but ate alsvitys pm-u-nt in marm ft, nant with a stallion. Tito urine of isreguAnt snares. whether w.U s . stallian or jack. contains tritrogenic compounds from tho 94th day of pregnancy on, indicating that the ilicenta is uruffvctod~ by heterogeneous pregnancies. R. C. K. Studies on hemoglobin types in animals. Acts. physiol.polon.11 no-5/6:693-694 160. 1. Z Katedry Fisjologii Zwierzat W.S.R. v Krakovie. Kierownik: prof.d.r Z.)Cwy. (HEMOGLOBIN) Lplir Z I ------ '. I-- --- j(h-skovL Deficiency of iodine In cows of the Kmkow Volvadeship. Rocz nauk roln vat 70 no.1/0132-133 160. (Em 1019) (Cows) (Iodine) LWY, Zygmunt; PIGONIOWA, Halina (Krakow) Research on the formation of antibodies in animals by administering gonadotropic hormones. Rocz nauk roln wet 70 no.1/4:308-310 '60. (EEAI 10:9) (Antigens and antibodies) (Animals) "Clonadotropic hormonea) EWY, Zygmunt; WOJCIK, Kazimierz Studies on animal hemoglobin types. Acta phyaiol pol 12 no.3:441- 1,49 161. 1. Z Katedry Fizjologii Zwierzat W.S.R. w Kr&ko,4ie Kierownik: prof. dr Z. Ewy. (HEMOGLOBIN) -7 vv ~,, .:_ Summiz, Given Namen Countz7I Poland Academic Degreest Affiliations Sources Warsaw, Medycyna Weterynaryjna,Vol XVII, No 8, August 1961, pp, 491-494 DILtal "Spontaneous Ilyperthyfoidism in a Young Bull." Authorso--_____ Zlymunt~ Prof Dr., Director of the Department of Animal Physiology (Kate- dra Fizjologii Zwierzat), Higher'Agricultiaial-S6h-Col-(WSli::--Wy-z-sza 18zkola RoInicza), Krakow BOBEK, Stanislawl f7bepartment of Zoohygieno (Katedra Zoohigieny) and Physiolo& of Reproduction Laborat (Pracownia Fizjologii Rozrodu), InstlYR-e- Inetytut Zootechnik orkdm Krakowi Directort Prof, Wladyalaw BIELANSKI~/dr. ZL LASZCZKA,,A~drz9j 1-- ;CZECHOSLOVAKIA -...7 " a 1X1, C~alr of Anim. Physiology Corlginal version EVY and A. SLEBODZIN,% & ~ ~,%o i-tstedj flead Prof Dr 2. EWY, WSR (Vyxs2a Srkola Rolniczi, 4gricultural COUL-au), Krakow* "ChAnges in Thyroid Cland Activity In Antma Is safffect of Stilbestrol." Pragu;3, Veterinarni Medicl~A& Val 7, No 12. Dec 621 pp 555-858. Lb.Lqae~ [French sumary modifledli In 22 aduLt 2- or 4-year cId Sheep and 34 rabbits aged 4, 7 and 10 Wnths, Nall3l or cAr:ler-free 11 dete.-mine a. thyroid acemulation; b. PB1 conversion, c. radioactivity releecte by thyroid and d. with methylthiouracil. In iheapt min"I Poo# wc-rhvl-:hia,iraci1 required is 0.02 rig.ft./dayl atilbestrul 250 mg./theep !or ~ days, or I / bbit oncei PB1 formation in c-ntroi shee- during is + 24 hours after X131, "7.9 -2.9%, in estrogentred 13'-3.'.% In shtep 8ilea 250 Mg. stilbestrcl for 40 daya decrcavnd peripheral thyroxine utilization from 2% in controls to 1.7% rt,-r hour, in -ilrect yroportioti t(- radiothyroxintaiia (from 40.9 t-~, 34); ?-0.03. 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Irait Title MQasurements of Rapid Changeo in Temp,~rature of Gases With the Aid of Accurate Thermomuters Orig Pub Nova proizvodnja, 1956, 7, No 2, l6o-164 I'Lbstract No abstract Card 1/1 EXEL, B. Imrortance of natural gas for iron metal-lurgy. -1022 Teh'nika (Savaz inzenjera i techic,ira JuCoslaviJe5 Beop-rad. Vol. 11, no. 7, 1956 SOURCE- East Europe Accessions Lists (EFAQ Library of Congress, Vol. 5, no. 11, Nov. 1956 LICEL-1. B. Stoichiometrio data on Slovenian brown coals@ p. 1146* Periodical: NOVA PROIZVODNJA. Vol. 9, no. 3. June 1958, TECHNOLOGY SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) W Vol. B. No. 4 April 1959j Unal, ExEL, 'I. Doi-on stecls. p. 208. YOVA PROMODIWA. (Zvena (Irustev inzelirj,-v In tehnJkov LES) LJOIjann. Vol. 7, no. 2, Apr. 1c,56. SCMCE; BvFt Europ~clan Lccesrions Lif:t, (EEAL), Lii,rni7i of Con-revs, Vol. 6, no. 32, December 1956 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Electronics - Electrons and Ion Emission. F Abs Jotir Ref Zhur Fizika) No 12) 1959, 27807 Author Partlova, M; Exkertova L. Inst =~~ A-06. Title Maximum of Thermal Emission and Photoemission of Silver-Cesium Photocathodes Orig Pub Chekhosl. fiz. zh., 1959) 9, No 2, 263-265 Abstract See Abstract 27806. Card 1/1 J. - 79 - IUMI Hel=t "The now generation for the victorv of sociglism." Ujit lap 12 nc~.S; 5 25 Ap 160. 1 8/081/63/000/002/031/088 B1661F138 AUTHORS: Exner, Jaroslav, gimon, Franti~ek TITLE: Surface treatment of metals and their alloys, for example aluminum PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimlya, no. 2, 1963, 334,-abotract 2X75 (Czechonlovak Patent 100276, July 15, 1961) TEXT: The auggested method is based on the recrystallization of the metalal exposing the texture by etching, which provides for surface relief (of the order of a few 1i) and applying a transparent protective coating. Example. Al-coatei sheet (Al purtty 99-95~) 2mm thick having a fine crystalline structure imparted by cold rolling is heated at 3500C for 1 hr, it in then cold formed in the critical range (10% redua- tion) and subjected to new recrystallization anneal at 600 C for 30 min. After degreasing, the sheet is etched in a solution composed of (% by weight): HCl 42, HNO 16, HF 15, IT 0 27, 3olution temperature 5C-700C# 3 2 etching time 5 min. The sheet is --.hen washed, anodized in an H2SO4 solution and painted. EAbstraot~~rls note: Complete translation.) Card 1/1 for ft, dittll-ol,-lav B.'h'darnvekth'('V"~'zkumRo I ~., , Ha. Fard I , em. prv4 v czo!clt,). 48, 4h:J-ffi(lVrj4).----The colmyrnertzation pamincters 0. CHr-CHeCOO-le and Ituanic acid have b"n ditil.: P, - 1. 14; r. - 0. The bolynitrization tuis bten carricd out iaaLd(oxauesola.at9O'... P(ActoirupliV lititarmiration of autilildetlo" IYTOII%lcto, III ilk tFtav (IN ~r.f ift I. G.. - urt v, 'I t 11.. 4 form - troxid rInd pyruvates, which vv-, rflinulde pojawr a hi fly vrithin 2% and 5% of the tt-nth The de ; S c t if) a l1lixt. of equa VOIS with OAHUCI as a basic electrolyie. Themin. nmt. di!termiymble Is 0.04 -micromol. of peroxidir 0 0.001",7" pyruvate ill CM,: 1. of TNI. Mullick.~, .'Exner- and W WRIM110"'Its- Dill, le Solutions. ---------- P P Pit; M-2rPiL~- _zl~ t 1 -1 a X xidallo~i of b I -Y., peth ait hd filta- u -7 C%I~a (D reacr ivitUY-at 7A 16' 0 ~O and The rr2cticia. Pf I -i~ W4. 0 ii ~auto,:-jtafytic.- The resultitig M_ 17 4. 4acrization.. - Alhmiug,50 ruL-; to- stand I yc3r at rcxlll t flusk 264 c u A enip, in ~4x clo:rj 64~ 501m, in a _VAM a looited by fmr.23ng at. -70'.erZlru a 10"~ i.oln. iu MtOlf. Auto-d ~v ix---- c x , cd out at ZW it, cpini izru- arn diated with tubm Tlwnn..~! 0:ciDr;:mt rA_ It -;VL(s (01 VM1 M a);6SOM. -11 With fasci was 6rmll ow fil'i x.A:l. of If ill ~~I,A M. Thcrinal Ow )-,i c-ra-0vtt'd dvi*usupf. (with -iukf~-_f 11 1 cvJzr prop~irflnllll t1w. fvr;cl)~ allii. It TA tll(! III CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Chemistry of High-Molecular Substances. Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur-Khimiya, No 11, 1958, 38470. Auth2r : Bohdanecky Miloolav,-Ibmer Josef -Inst : Not given. Title : Dependence of Viscosity of Solutions of Polymers on Concentrations. Role of Non-Newtonian Flow. Orig Pub: Chem listY, 1957, 51, No 6, 1029-1035. Abstract: Determinations were made of the branAng of molecules of a polymer on the basis of the equations of Khaggins Q: P /C = crt ] + k 11 Eq)2IC (1), Shullts ns;~/C . [~] . k, (2) and Martin ,(s,) ic_ ~ [,-,) + ;