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KOZHIVIN, Y.G.; AFONIN. A.A.; _Y&L=J, NJ6; SOLLOGU$, V.P.; KOZTUBXEIDA, A470, gorny7 inshener; PRYAKHINj V.Ao; SHINKOVSXIT, A.T,; SUKBACHITO D.A. a let's be ready for the tenth celebration of MinoW Aq with now industrial achievownts. Ugoll 32 no.8:,4-17 Ag 157. Wak lotg) 1. Newrovskiy Sbvmrkhos (for Koshavin). 2. Glaynyy inshoner treat& Pbrvomyskvgoll (for Afonin), 3, GlavW inshoner treat& Isevetay- antratsit (for fttlyanov),. 4. Glavnyy Inshoner treat& Kopeyokugoll (SolloCub). 5. Ayutinakoye ohakhtoupravlonlys (for lozyubords). 6. Shakhta in, RunWantseva treat& ftlininugoll for Pryakhin). 7. Ia- chal!nik ordens, lenins obakhty Wo.9 treata, 1hoshuysnantrateit (for Shinkovokly). B. Naohallnik shakhty No.22 014minteavskaya treat& Shchakinugoll (for Uchacheyl. (Coal mine@ and mining) YATITANOV, P. . ---4 Urz mechanics got practical training. Prof.-tokh.obr. 11 n0-7:9 0 154. MM 7: 11 ) 1. PrepodAvatell uobilishcha nekhanizatell sel'skogo khosyaystva No. 6 (Krasno"rokly kray) (Irasnoder Territory--Agricultural education) TURKEL', L.G.; FILATOV, V.V.; FAVJ-AWV,-F-G.; ROZIN, M.A., red.; SOKOLOVA, N.N., tekhn. red. [Lnboratory and practice lessons on j!rain and specialized combines] Laboratorno-prakticheskie zaniatiia po zernovym i spetsialInym kointainam. Moskvn, Sellkhozizdat, 1963. 366 p. (MIRA 16:10) (Combines (Agricultural machinery)) FATIYANCV, V. Now bodIcs. Ibin. v shkole 16 no-2:90-92 Yx_Ap 161. (MIM 14:6) (Bibliography--Chemistry) --FATIYANPI. V~ (Wqkva) In. the Publishing House of the Academy of Pedagogical ScienceB of the R.S.F.S.R. Fiz.v shkole, 22 no.1:107-108 Ja-F 162. (111RA 15-3) (Bibliographp-Education) FAV-YANOV t -V.-- (Moskva) --- Contribution of the Publiabing House of the Academy of Pedagog4-cll 962. Hat. v sbkole no.2:76-?7 Sciences to mathematics teachers In 1 (HIM 150) Mr- Ap 62. (Bibliography-Hathematics) FATIYANOVj V. , Aide for cbwdgtry teachers to be pu~liehed b7 the Acadeny of Pedagogical Sciences of the R,S.7,S.R. in 1962. MAz. v sbkole 17 no-096 JI-Ag 162. (MIRA 15:10) (Chemistry-Study and teaching) FITIYANOV, n. Aide ror regional geographers. Geog. v shkole 26 no.3:90-93 IV-Je 163. (MIRA 16:6) (Bibliogmpby-Geograpby) FATIYAIIQV, V1. 'My butterfly hunting" by Eugene le Moult. Reviewed by 11. Fattianov Wn. net, no.12335 D 162, (MIRA 161l) (Butterhiss-Collmotion and preservation) (Lo Moult, Sugens) FAT-YANOV, V. A. Cand Agr Sci - (diss) "Effectiveness of the use of herbicides in combating weed vegetation of field grass crops in crop-rotation in the southern forest-steppe of the Left-Bank Ukraine." Khar'kov, 1961. 16 pp; (Ministry of Agriculture Ukrainian SSR, Khar'kov Order of Labor Red Banner Agricultural Inst imeni V. V. Doktchayev); 200 copies; free; (KL, 6-61 sup, 233) NELIPA, N.Y.; rATIYANOV, V.G., red.; VLASOVA, N.A., (Relation between the photoproduction of IF-mesons and their mttzring- with tables of Clabach-Gordan, Raceh and Z-co- f ic onto) Sviasl fotoobrozovaniia Ir-mzonov a rasseianiam; a prilozhanism tablits koeffitsiontov Klebaha-Gordona, Rakha i Z. Moskva, Izd-vo glav.upr.po ispollzoveniiu atomnoi onerg. pri Sovato Hinistrov SSSR, 1959. 87 P. (MIRA 12:12) (Nations) FATIYANOV, V.K., agronom; SAVINA, E.M., zootakhnik Feed production on the Kalinovka Village Collective Farm. Zopladelis 25 no.12-.7-10 D 163. (KM 17.-4) ~ .... . 11, 1.1, UGER. Tows; FATITANOT, Vj., red.; VLASOVA, N.A.,, [Using concrete In radiation shielding; collection of article@) Baton v takhnike sashchity ot isluchanii; obornik. Moskva, Isd-vo glay.upr. po Impollsoyardlu atomaol anergil pri Sovete Kinistrov wbsR. 196o. 91 p. (KIRA 13:3) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Glavnoye upravleniye po Impollsovanlyu atomnoy energil. (concrete) (Shielding (Radiation)) PAT~45QT. T.T., red.; TLASOVA, N.A., I [Controllable thermonuclear reactions] Upravliaamye tirmoisdarnys reaktoll. INbakwa, 1960. 319 p. (Trudy Glavnogo upravlanita pols~ollzovaniiu stomnoi energii pri Sovets Ministrov SSSR, no.26). (MIRA 14:4) 1e Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Glevnoye upravieniye po ispol'so- vanlyn atonnoy anargii. UpravleniYa nauohno-takhnichaskoy informataii I vystavok. (Thermonuclear reactions) I . v.y,(moskva) ov !--~ .?~~ Vew bookdo. Lp 7 61. 14at. v ohkole no*216';-:--86 ?4r-J (Bibliographr-MO-chematics) (,4 MI 14W FATIYANOV, V.V. (Moskva) In the Publishing House of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the R.S.F.S.R. Fiz.v ohkole 22 no.6:104 N-D 162. (MIRA 16t2) (Bibliography-Physica-Study and teaching) ,FATIYA.NOV, V. 'v, In the blifinhing house of the Academy or Pedagogleal Sciences of R.S.F.S.R. Khim. 411a 18 no.106 Ja-F 163. (NIRA 16:4) (Bibliogrep hy-Chomistry) FATMOV, D., inzh. I- The pattorn of a tubular eleotric heater is of great imuortance. Obshchestv. pit. no.6:57-59 -Te 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Restaurants~--ixmehromo, stoo-Equi ant and supplies) (Stoves, Blectricr FATYKHOV, D.F. Stud7ing temperature distribution on the surface of electric burners and stoves. Nauch. trud7 Samark. inst. sov, torgo 8: 281-2" 157. (MIRA 12:7) (Stoves, Alectric) MTeYLYANSKAYA9 R.Ye,; FULIXIA, I.Ye.; STOGOVA, L.I.; SURKINA, I.D.; . FATYWOVA, L.N.; IVANOVA, M.P. Gomparative.analysio of the reaction to repeated specific and nonspecific stre6ses in weight lifters. Probl. vrach kontr. no-5: 160-175 '60. 11, (WEIGHT LIFTENG) (MIRA 14:3) FATYUGOVAq L.N. --l.- ---- - - ----- Electrocardiographic changes in yo4he during weight-lifting exercises. Probl. vrach kontr. no 5:275-283 160. (MIRA 14:3) (WEIGHT LIFTING) iEUCTROCARDIOGRAPHY) FATTUMA,".. assistent Bvaluating the consumption of cold dies and their spare parts. Izv.v.vs.uchnb.zav.; mashinostr. no-7/8:207-213 '58. (MIRA 12:8) 1. Zaporoshakty mashinostrottel'My institut. (Dies (Ketalworldng)) AUTHOR: X&trlkh~L~~Xngineer SOV/122-59-3-25/42 TITLE: On the Specialisation and Co-operation in Tool Manufactu7e (0 spetsializatsii i kooperirovanii v proizvodstve instrumenta) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Mashinostroyeniyaj 19599 Nr 3, PP 75-76 (USSR) ABSTRACT; The importance of expenditure on tooling is em hasised. Specialisation reduces cost. A twist drill of 9.5 mm diameter costs 1.30 roubles at the "Frezer" Works and 4.52 roubles at the "Kharlkov Bicycle Works". In the Khar1kov Economic Administrative Region no specialist tool manufacture exists. Its introduction would save 42 million roubles per annum. The creation of small specialist enterprises (with a turnover of 20 million roubles) is preferable to the specialisation. of tool Card 1/1 shops inside large engineering enterprises. FATYUKHA, L.K., Inzh. Organizing the management of Mashinostroitell no.10:38-39 (Metal-outting tools) metal-cutting tools in machinery plants. 0 159. (MRA 13:2) (Tactory management) FATYUKIIA, L.K., inzh. Degree of mechanization and alitomation of production processes at heavy machinery plants. Mekh. i avtom. proizv. 19 no. 10: 43-44 0 165. (MIIL4 18:12) ; ~ -rv;- I , I Ii . , " I ~. ; , i. -, . tind InstrumenL for 01(l of %ne op'Llmal Sion-ilng nxJu of bodlvi with n ni,nped quvffv-e, S~.ftri, -1 In'5tr. '16 no.7tl8-20 JI 165. (M[FIA IFIS) FATV-IJKHA, V.K., aspirant - Machining parts with intricate curved surface. Jz7. vys. uchebe zav.; mashinostr. no. lotl89-193 165 (n?l 19:1) 1. Suhnitted July 19p 1964. L 22730-66 Eff (d /EWP y i AW k) /6P (h) /FM ACC NRz AP6=916 SOME Colas xm/02U/65/000/024/00"/W/9 AUMORs Fatyukha.. V. to ORG i -none TITLE: Device for determining the optimum center of rotation of a section of a body with a complicated~aurfaceo Class 42, No. 177096 SOURCEt Byulletenf izobreteniy i tovarrqkh znakov, no..240 1965, 79 TOPIC TAGS: mechanical measuriM tool, measuring apparatus jo ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate evice for determini. presents a d a the option center of rotation of a section of a bocbr wiT a complicated surface. The device consists of a Mlilink pinned mechanism applied to the surface of the part when determining its center of rotation, To find the center of rotation of a body section with amy complicated convex external surracep the supports of the device are in the form of sectors with scalesp characterizing the dimensions of the instrument* The needle-shaped axis finder is connected to the pivots of the Bectors by flexible threads attached to the,seators by tension drums (see Fig. 1). Card 1/2 UMS 531.717o2.09 L 22730-66 SUB COEE i3#, 34/ SUBM DAM '19Apr6-l 2/2 ACC NRt 'AP60138i4 SOURCE CODE: uR/o145/65/ooo/oio/oi89/0l93 AUTHOR: Fatyukhat V. K. (Graduate student) J7 ORG: None 'Ir's TITLE: Machining solids with ccmpound curves SOURCE: IVUZ. M4shinostroyeniye, no. 10, 1965, 189-193 TOPIC TAGS: machine tool, graphic technique, cutting tool, contact stress ABSTRACT: The author discusses various graphoanalytic methods for determining the optimum center and axis of rotation for bodies with a complex curved surface machined on profiling machine tools. A method is proposed for estimating the optimum argle of displacement by using a coordinate integral criterion and graphic methods are pro- posed for determining the optimum center of rotation. It is recommended that In machining with a cylindrical or conic instrument, the approximation of the machined surface is necessary and thus all calculations should be carried out with respect to the approximated surface and contact stresses of the tool. This article was presented~ for publication by Professor V. S. LevitBkiy, Candidate of technical sciences. Orig. art. has: 4 figures, 6 formii17as_.' SUB CODE: 13/ SUBM DATE: l9jul64/ ORIG PEP: 003. 444-iie- Is, Joe@ 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 04 00 L. Jk-A-J M F 4 1 1, ILL01-1, -MIS I CIL I up .0 -,A, .11 M, 1., .9 0. 10 of 00 lp*ftw F d ow 940m; d Moab. IF. rm Admam - do book so rimme owwww" 104 tommatm im OA 111"Ww" III AMmWAmm. V. 11. Kum4mv mr:1 Ak, _"..Vatr is (Aisr. TAAa. Fstks. T_ (101, 1346. lsw~- tin N 11,4 1161 Cho fnv-rulthW -f 'Jualn'um- 4P4wftlr441 by thP werviltAllination im-16-1 As fil cwmmnt firl" am a ounsta"t cuttivia uwle. W bl"wkv 4.11 its :00 see no* see fe 00 ::00 Ile* 0"0 as& it& at rAtttr(.KAt LlIff,111#411 CL41SWICATIO& 0 br oo 2' !7 114, a.. too " - - 6 TTI Is &I w1 at f# to 0 d If #1 11 It 09 " It 19 a A I Im An I S a tw 0 !;Z.666;-00000000000 fees 00000 00 0,0 of 00 00019 0000000000( 0*0000*00000000*00600000010000000000000000000i 4 IMMI)i Kikhail DmitriyevLoh, maohinist slektroroza; VALFSHTM, G., 21 rfte-ktor; VITUSHINA, L., redaktor; OTSTRM, V., takhnichookiy redqktor (Free assignment of locomotives In underground transportation] Kelltsevals, esda na podsonnon transports. Alma-Ata, Kazakhokoe goo& txd-yo. 1936. 13 v.. (KLBA 9:10) lq Shakhta No..L'? iment Kalinina tresta lAninugoll koubinata 41~ragandaugolll (for Fatyukhin) (Nine railroads) rATMHENKO, B.G., Inshener (Moscow) I- Requirements for synchronous motors and for their control and protection sche"s. Xlektrichestvo no.5:86-M My 154. (KLRA M) (Blectr1c motors, Synchronous) FATrUSHINKO, B.G., inshener. I Reconstructing tho automatic control system of propeller turbines with UK Blood regulators. Blek.sta. 25 no.3:19-24 My 154. (NLRA 7:6) (Hydraulic turbines) PATYUSHINKO, B.G., inshener; PITROV. BA., inshener. Self-synchronixation of hydraulic generators having delayed application of excitation. Blektrichentyo no.10:66-69 0 057. (mak, lotg) 1. Gidroonergoproyakt. Ollectric generators) r- A:ry~ ts # e ff e &~ -'T. ~2' AUTHOR: Petrov, B*M. and Fatyushenko, S.G., Engineers. 104-2-7/38 TITLE: Self-braking of hydro-alternator sets. (Samotormozheniye gidroagregatov) PERIODICAL: "Elektricheskie Stantsii" (Power Stations), 1957, Vol. 289 No-2s pp. 33 - 35 (U-S-S.R.) ABSTRACT: When sel;f-braking of hydj?o-altemator sets is used instead of forced air bzaking there is no need to instal a compressor, compressed air bottles, solenoid valves, pressure relay, speed control relay and other automatic braking equipment and the automatic control of the set can be made simpfer and more rel- iable. Tests on self-braking were carried out in 1954-1955 on sets with rotating blades and on radial-axial turbines both with aidwithout operating turbine shutters. The characteris- tics of the turbines are tabulated; they are seven in number ranging from 350 to 41 500 kW and from 3 to 100 m head. Measurements were made of the bearing pad and oil bath tem- peratures as functions of the generator load and set speed. Speed curves were taken and the temperatures of the ]pads, bearings and oil were measured as the sets stopped without artificial biuking. The sets were repeatedly started and stopped without braking both immediately and at intervals lip to Card 1/2 24 hours. The results of the tests are given in the form of Self-braking of hydro-alternator sets. (Gont.) 1o4-2-7/38 graphs and a set control circuit is given for automatic control with stopping by the -gelf-braking method. It is emcluded from the tests and from operating experie- nce in a number of power stations extending over more than a year that: hydro-alternator sets with low specific water filtration through the control apparatus relative to the po of the turbine or having operating shatters can be converted to stopping by self-braking; on stopping by self-braking and subsequent starting the pads and bearings operate under conditions of hydro-dynamic lubrication. The thickness of the oil film is sufficient for normal operation of the pads and bearings at low speed; when the set isftopped by emergency operation of the generator differential protdct~on, continuous automatic braking may be applied with air tapped from the oil pressure control vessels. Thez are 4 f iga re s. AVAILABLE: Card 2/2 FATTUSIMIT-0, S.G. [Fatiuabonko, S.H.], inzh.; SOBOL', V.D., inzh. Autorstization of the Krasnyy-Khutor lf~droslectric Power Station. I-Inkh. oil'. hnsp. 9 0 158. (JdRk 11:10) (Kmanyy-Khutor Wydroelectric 2ower Station) (Autonatic control) SERGOVANTSEV, V.T., kand.takhn.nauk; TURASOY. Y.T., kand.tekhn.nBuk; ALUKO, Sh.M., kand.takhn.nauk; ANDRIANOY, Y.N., doktor tekhn. nauk; ASTAF'YNV, N.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; BUDZKO, I.A., skademik; BYSTRITSICIT, D.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; VEYALIS, B.S., kand.tekhn. nauk; GIRSHBXRG. T.T., inzh.; GCRSHKOY, Ye.M., inzh.; GRI- CHffSKIT, B.Ta., inzh.; ZAKHARIN, A.G., doktor tekhn.nauk; ZLATKOVSKIT, A.P., kand.tekhn.nauk: IOSIPTAN, S.G.. inzh.; ITSKOVICH, A.M., dotsent; KAUMN, B.M., inzh,; KVITKO, M.Not insh.; KORSHUNOV, A.P., inzh.; LEVIN, M.S., )mnd.takhn.nauk: LOBANOT, T.N., doteent; LITTINWO, A.F., inzh.; KOMOY. G.F., insh.; PIRKHATKA, P.Ta., kand.tekhn.nauk; PRONNIKOVA. X.1., lmnd.tekhn.nauk; SMIRNOT, B.Y., kand.tekhn.nauk: FATYU- J~, S.G., inzh.; KHODIM, Y.Y., inzh.; SHCHATS. Te-.Z kand.takhn.nauk; EBIN, L.Te., doktor tekhn.neuk; ENTIU. I.A., kand.tekhn.nouk; SILIN, V.S., red.; SMMYANSKIT, V.A.. red.: BALLOD, A.I.,; SMIRNOVA, Te.A., [Handbook pertaining to the production and distribution of electricity in agriculture] Spravochnik po proizvodstvu i raspredeldniiu. elektricheekoi energli v sel'Bkom khoziaistve. Moskva. Gos.izd-vo sellkhoz.lit-r7, 1959. 900 P. (MIRA 13:2) l.Teesoyuznaya akademiya sel'skokhozyaystvennykh nauk imeni T.I.Lenina (for Bud2ko). (Rural electrification) 44289-f f -4, -4,, Feb GS AGCESS1014 NR: AT5011599 tTR/6000/64/060/000/0021/027 AUTHOR- Fatyushin, V. A., Maskalev, A. 1. TITLE: Development of operational magnetic amplifiers, SOURCE: Vaesoyuznoye soveshchaniye po maSnitnym elementam avtomatiki, telew-k- A'. iz-meritel noy i-vychislitel-n6y tekhniki.- Lvov, 1962. gnitnyye etvzont nvtomatiki, telciackhaniki, ritIe1.11 noIy-i.vyc-TAii1-,~0'-Vnoy- tokhritki (Magnetic elements of automatic control, remote control, measurement and computer engineor- ing); trud7 sovesbehaniya. Kiev, Naukova dutnka, 1964, 21-27 TOPIC TAGS: magnetic amplifier, magnetic amplifier design, amplifier drift, am-plifler gain, magnetic control system, magnetic core, silicon rectifier C c ABSTRACT: Variiqus systems of automati cntrol and electronic computers whicb do not require too fast a response make extensive use of operational magnetic ampli- fiers. Several specialized circuits result in highly stable amplifiers with sensitivity thresbold of 10-14V or lower. However, such bighly stable circuits t---- -*J han--standard-m*lifters cmhibit qufte--ravge, Inertial and require specially' stAL-Ifted power aupplies. Chile multistage md&-- netic amplifiers help increase the amplification factor (P. t. Kerhntkov, Card 1/3 . . . ................. ------- L 44289wj5 XMI ATSOUSSS A. Ratenblat, FA&nttnyya islaventy avtanatikt, telemekb4nikt, itocritellnoy t vychtelitat'noy takhinLki; trudy govegbOantya, Xfov, Vaukava dutaka, 1964. 1640)o It is pcattivally ft"Wbte to destgn 4 mltirtago (14rger than tw) eaGnettc &=21(fiet LLrcijLe with a aufficientLy deep fat-41-ack. Consequently, tM authors dL*cuss the f-issibLILty of satisfactory opar4tfornl rwgn,!ttc a=pIMcr design b4sed au orJtnary circuits of ragnatic DC acplLfirre (NDCA) with calf-magnet Lizat ton. An L=Provezent of the zero p*Lnt stability toZather with Increases In a-pliffication factors may be achieved by utiltzir.9 thermally 3cabio magnetic u-sterip-L: and hi_rh- quality silLcom ractffiers. and choasinZ optto= cagnetic core gem-.tries. while earlier researchers searched for optf-- care gco-.intries from the atand;otnt of =Inluso giris acd vairbt for given heating coilditions (gee. e.g.. K. -A. Rozenblat. Avtomatik& L talezakhaniUs 1953v aoo S)j tho ez;hasis is now on an aqrptifiar site L yield a xini= gansitiTity tbrushold ants maximu-s %;Tlificotinrk. wbLch will &tody covers magnetic amplIffera ojtrmrktd for operation with raalsta= cac4rdus davices, 40pliciars fav apera.Wn- With tAnca d4vIcca, 4vid wthads for Lacv"dies the 61tvt of the iftrut-outpto rharactat- I LAtir" zzdl ;c4scate the fesults of a=;1Cr!=-3ta1 t"esttzete"I ift Chasm; ar"Ate. lorig. ert* hoes 4 IfaMIzes 3 ito"O, &ad 3 tables. ACC NRi AP7001433 SOURCE CODES UR/0413/66/000/021/0156/0157 INVENTOR: Lipman, R. A. La~~~. ORG: none TITLE: Direct current integrator. Class 42, No. 188144 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 21, 1966, 156-157 TOPIC TAGS: integration, direct current, electronic circuit, pulse Integrator ABSTRACT: Art Autho r Certificate has been issued for a d-c integrator (see Fig. 1) which contains an integrating amplifier and a memory device which stores the Fig. 1. A direct current integrator 1 - Integrating amplifier; 2 - blocking generator; 3 - tranafluxor. Card 1/2 ACC NRs AP7001433 integrated time-varying input signal at the end of the integrating interval. To increase reliability and to reduce.size, the device contains a transfluxor which is. control-led by voltage pulses generated by a blocking generator connected to the integrating amplifier output. Orig. art. has: I figure. [IV] SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: 30oct65/ ATD PRESS: 5110 Card 001,- 8/194/62/000/010/028/084 A154/A126 ~rj AUTHORSt Da~bujan, JiM, Fau, Jaroslav TITLE: A multichannel telemetric recording device PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 10, 1962, 75, abstract 10-2-150r (Czech. pat., cl. 42d, 3/10, 74b,.11, no. 98386, February 15, 1961) TEXT: A patent is granted for a multichannel telemetric recording device with a single servodrive for all measuring systems. A bimetallic relay with an ohmic heater serves as a timer for commutating the-measuring systems of the 2- channel device. A switching relay closes the circuit of an electromagnetic clutch and wnnects a common sensitive relay wLth the respective bridge measur- ing circuit. The brush of a compensating potentiometer is connected in serles with the sensitive relay into the diagonal of the measuring system. The electro- .magnetic clutch couples the am of the potentiometer brush with the servomotor shaft. Depending on the error sign, the sensitive relay closes the circuit of one or another relay determining the direction of rotation of the motor. At the Ca~d 1/2 S/194/62/000/010/028/084 A multichannel telemetrio recording device A154/A126 end of the measuring time interval, when the voltage has been taken from the electromagnetic clutch, the letter is coupled with the sluing arm of the poten- tiomete'r of the second measuring system by the action of a spring. For commu- tating the measuring systems of the 4-channel device It is proposed to use a collector commutator with a special actuator. To achieve a higher degree of stability, the measuring system'has auxiliary resistors, which are disconnected upon balancing of the bridge. The recording curve Is almost continuous, since after the bridge has been balanced the potentiometer remains in the same posi- tion until the next measurement. There are 4 figures. A.K. [Abstractev's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 AMBROZY, B.; FAUEROWICZ, A.; JASINSKI,, A.; KOWNACKI, J.; LU11CMAN, H.; LUDZIEJEWSKI, j " Measurement of the mean life of the first excited state of Na23. Acts. physica. Pol 20 no.7:537-544 161. 1. Institute of Iluclear Research., PoUsh Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. FAUDROWX.CZ, Adam' Masers in radioastrpnoor. Post.~py astronom 3.1 no,.1:3-20 16~. 1. Biurb trzadson Tooballd Jadrowej,, Zeirload Dosvikdozalny, Warssawa, FAUDROWICZ, Adam %. -.-, ays. poatepy Astronomical observations on high-energy gamma r astronom 13 no.10-12 Ja-Mr 165. L 13480-66 E-WjLMj--T)jAAP------_, ACC NRt ATO o6881 Swum cobs,: iblbbi*67C~-161-OIW-8-105-13[0516 I AUTHOR: Faudrowic AqM Gierdalski. Jerzy 3'9j ORG, Department of Experimentationp Bit, Warsaw (Zakl4d Doswiadczalnyp-Biuro Urzadzen Techniki. Jadrowej) TITLE: Some new ideas in application of radioisotopes for measuring thickness and Oensity SOURCE: Mukleonikap v; 10p no.~. llp:i~ I 5, 513 .96 ffffi'~TOPIG TAGSt' radi6iscrtb~e, radiatio'n'detecting devicep nuclear physics apparatus -~~ABSTRACT: A self-comperisation.iy*tem for stabilizing measurements of thickness or density using radiolsotbpess. Detector gain variation with temperature and voltage is compensated,, Orig. &A. has: 7 figures and 5 formulas. [NA) SUB CODE: 18 SU13M DATE 1 --64 O`rH REN 001 SOV IM: 001 k~- 4-Z-4 FAU=j R. 11 How to Measure Atoms," P. 93. " World Power Economyp" p. 94. (Matematicko-Prir6ftyedecke R zhledy, Vol.32, No.3, 19539 Praha.) SO: Monthly List of East European Vol.2 No.9 p Septmbu 19531 Uncl. - - - A-ecessions,/Librlry of congress - PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SLOVAK/4287 Faukner., Rudolf Moderna" fyzika (Modern Physics) [Bratislava] Osveta, 1960. 533 P. Errata slip Inserted. 3,000 copies printed. Resp. Ed.: Vratko Srobar. PURPOSE: This book is intended for the general reader interested in acquiring a basic understanding of modern physics. COVERAGE: The author presents the basic laws of physics for readers not equipped with a knowledge of higher mathematics. The book gives special attention to modern theories of physics, which differ from classical ccaceptsp including sections on electromagnetic waves, wave theory,, and atomic physics. No personal- ities are mentioned. There are no references. TABLE OF CONTENTSt 1. FUNDAMENTALS 1. Why "Modern Physics?" 11 1. Classical and modern physics 11 Gard4-~~ L 35269-66 ACC NR, AF6024761 SOURCE CODE: CE/0025/65/008/012/0657/0663 AUTHOR: FMIstich, H. (Professor; Doctor; Engineer; Director) t~/ ORG: Central Institute for Nuclear Research, Roseendorf (Zentralinstitut fur Kernforschung) TIT12: Central Institute f found6d ten years ago. SOURCE: Kernenergie, v. 8, no. 12, 1965, 657-663 TOPIC TAGS: research personnel, nuclear research, research facility, scientific organization, ring zone reactorp research reactor, cyclotron/U 120 cyclotron# WWR-S research reactor, RRR ring zone reactor ABSTRACT: On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation of, the Central Institute for Nuclear Research, the organization, research setup, project plans, facilities, personnel, and outlook of the Insti- tuLe was discussed. Photographs were presented to Illustrate the WWR-S research reactorp the RRI ring-zone reactor with neutron source, the electronic computer center, and the U 120'cyclotron, comprising the major pieces of equipment. Som research projects in progress were die- cussed in more detail. Orig. art. has: 5 figures. (JPRS: 34v2731 SUB CODE: 18, 05 / SUE14 DATE: OlSeP65 FAUN 17 3 TATM,-XA'~'A, P. I. and KUDiiYA3HOV, Yu. B. "Expansion and properties of thiaminization.11 Biochemistry, Issue 1, pp 229. ~~,_aonf.; JAMUNCA, L., dr.; ORHA, I.) dr. Contribution to the study of some complications of corticotherapy. Med. intern., Bucur 12 no-12tl883-1838 D 160. 1. Lucrare efectuata in Clinics, I medicala, I.M.F. Cluj. director, adac. A. Moga. (ADRENAL CORTEX HORMONIZ toxicology) (AD"INAL GLAND neoplasms) (ADRENAL CORM pathology) (HIPERTENSION etiology) FAUR A conf.; PITIA, P. . dr. mz:== _as_ Invootl9rdws In 1mbliamis, Ned. Intern.p Ducmr 13 no.lt63-70 Ta 161. 1e locram ofectusta in Clinlea I mWeala I.N.F., Cluj, dimeters acad, A, Nqm, ' p XWIASIS lphpielea) (ADRUAL CORTZI pbysiolsU) 10ftMYTE� bloW) (MMVMS SMTZK piWxi*3.oU) (QUIMRINS pbarmoology) liu~WiIA FAURf A. I Lecturer; RADULE~scU. D. p IMD; 8FXAjUjj, V. , MI D; DUM) C. , IIJD. Medical Clinic No I, clW (Clinics. I medicala f ului); Director: Academician Professor A. Moga. - (for al:L) , .14ecUcal 4 Bucharest, Vvliata Medi a, No 5, 1 Mar 63, pp -89-299. "Chronic Gastritis.11 (4) FAUR,A., conf.; COFARIJ,D.v dr.; ORRA, I., dr.; IMES-M, I., dr. InveBtigations of 11pid metabolism in biliary lithlasis and some aspects of the currelations between biliary lith!asis and arterio- sclerosis. Med. intern. ( Wcur.) 16 no.10:1235-1238 a 164 1. Lucrare efectuata in ClInica I medicala ln-titutul medico- farmaceutic, Cluj (director., acad. A. Moga~- " WaIILIX/General Problems of Pathology - AllerC7. U Abs Joar : Ref Zhur Biol., No 1, 1959, 4o78 5. Autbir : Fav r, A'k Pitea, P., Orha, I., Svciu, I. Inst : Title : Path3physiolagical xid 'rherapeutic Studies )f jUlertsic Lijuries of the Sld;~ Ori~; Pub : Med. interna. 1958, 10, ch 2, 261-267 'kbstract : A clinji, of activity of the vessels was established with the aid :)f plethysmography in patients with alleri2;ic i;-.- juries of the skiii. Normalization of the vasunotor reac- tio:i coincided with clinical impruvery-n.,t followihg a coLxse of therapy with chlonpromazine. Card 1/1 8 14 'Jol 13 /9 PaWnlory Sept r0 EXC.7T-`T'A EDI:' A See 1749. NEW POSITIONING FOR UNILATERAL EXAMINATION OF THE INFERIOR ORBITAL FISSURES - Nouvelle incidence untlat6rale pour 1'examen radio. logique des fentes aphdno-maxillaires -,EjLur_-A,. S.. Bucarest - J. RADIOL.ELECTROL. 1958. 39/11 (746-748) Illus. 2 Xor the simultaneous visualization of both inferior orbital fissures. the projections of Berteil or Blineau are mostly used. but great precision of technique is re- quired. The author demonstrates that unilateral radiological examination may be easier and can give a more correct picture of the interior fissure, as is known for the already-used Loepp projection. The author describes a new positioning for unilateral examination, which gives an excellent view of the fiasure. Vandevelde - Bourg-Leopold UMO fi.,P ingo; FQBMU, Vt ing*j EUMN, C., 109.1 FAUR, E., ing. Study of timbaringp, ahoioe of optima ".otion and F"fllft ObAPSO of Us vorldiV &-ifte of layer 3 and the roof galleries of the thin layers in t1a Jiu Valley mines., pt, 1, Rev min 14 no,4: 145458 Ap 163. LETU, N.; TEODOIMSCU, C,; DIJMARESCU, I.; HIRIAN, C.; FAUR,, Elvira Study of the specific consumption of explosive at the Barza mine. Rev min 14 no.12t550-556 D'63. LETU, N., ing.; POBORAN, V. , ing.; HIRIAN, C. , Ing.; FAUR r-lvira, ing.; VASILESCU M.1 DUMITRU, 14.; i II, ian I ing. ; CONSTANTINEESCUP Al.; JJr;LU _,_r--7r1TTC Study on the timbering, choice of the most advantageous section and the profile shape of the preliminary workings of-seam 3 and of the top drifts of the thin seams in the Jiu Valley mines. Pt. 2. Rev min 15 no.1:12-21 Ja 164- /L Institute of Hydrotechnio Hosearch, BAcharest (for Vasileacu, Conotantinesou, Dumitru, Belu). RUSUP V., dr.; VLADOIANU, I.R., dr.j CIOROIAITU, Natalia, dr.; MUSCAN,$., dr.; FAUR G., drej POPESCU,, P. dr.; BASTT, Ileanaj TOTESCU.1o., dr. Melaniap dr. Observations m several vases of Balmonellosis rarely found in our country* Microbiologia (IMcur) 9 no.5t417-424, 8-0 164 1. Imorare efectuata in Institutul de microbiologie, parazito- logie , epidemiologie "Dr.l. Cantaouzino* in colaborare ca Inspectiile de Stat pentm igiena si protectia muncii din lucures- ti. FAUR, GyozgY., AleVr.113s banyo, I Investigation of the mining methode of bucket chain dredgers* Bow 3Ap 96 no.606,9-376 Te 163. 1. Barquezati Terveso Int-ozetv Budapest* FAUR, I. Standardization and improvement of the quality of products. p. 1. (STMMARDIZAREA % 0 1 B-acuresti, Vol. 7, No. 3, Mar. 1955) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessionst (EFAL), Wplbl. 4, No. 6. June 19550 Uncl, Ff.',TFL , I . Culeam?re de prdbl~Te de fizia. B'ucuresti, Eliturn Tchnica, 195~- ~195 P0 (coliection or c-roblems Of' rhysics- 'llus.) ~Ilot in DLr- 1!0. 8, ;~jjg 11. Uncl. SO: "Lonthly List of East European Acc,lssior5 Lc. 701- J- Rumania/General Problems - Method and Technique of Investigation A-4 Abet Journal t Worst Zber - Fistba, No 12, 2954, 33673 Author Faur, I. Institution won* Title Units for Measuring Pressure. Part I Original Periodical Stadardizarea, 1956, 6, No 4, 26-29, Rumanian; Russian resume Abstract Name CAN 1/1 FAUR, 1. FAUR, 1. Methods of standardization; proposal for the classification of standards according to their duration test. p. 6. V01- 8, No. 9, Sept. 1956. STANDARIZA;1A TECHNOLOGY Bucuresti, Rumania So: East European Accession, Vol. 6, No. 2, Feb. 1957 FAb? 1,_I- State and factox-y house standards on packaging. P. 317- (STANDPRIZAREA. Vol. 9,, no. 79 July 1957, Rumania) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) IL. Vol. 6, No. 12, Dec. 1957 Uncl. F!n,- s. Tasks of the actual rcscarch in the field (.f electric enerry. P. V3 (Academia Herublicii Populnre Romine. Institutul de Enerl-etica. Studii Si Cercetari De ruierreV-:,. Vo-1. 6., nc,- 3, July/Sept. 19%. Bucurestij Rlirarda) M'onthly Index of East European Accessions (~VT) LC. 'Vol. 7, no. 2, Februnry 1958 FAUR, S.; APETREIC r)- escarch work in the lnstitule of Electric Prospects of the development of r Powrr. p. lC1 STUDII ST r,--P(7F-AR.1 DS r.~TPGETICA Vucuresti,- Rumania Vol 9, no. 2, 1959 Monthly list';of Eurorean AccessiDn Index (FeAI) LC Vol. F, No. 11 linvember 1959' Uncl. r-AUR, Sabin, ing. ............ wwm-&"M-~ Welding of the 400 t furnace hearths. Metalurgia Rum 15 no-5:358-30"" My 163. JURU., Ghe~ ing,I FAUR,j ing, mmewpommmmm- Sewer basin functioning for sterile depositing and clarifying the water of a preparing installation. Rev min 12 no.7;318- 320 n 161, V Ratal-riA 1ALcrobiology. 1,ftcroorganisms Pathogenic to Humarw and F-5 Animals. Aba Jotw : Rof Zhur - Biol., No 20) !9-38) 110- 90907 Aut'aor -L-IMw, Yvonno Inat Not givc-)-n---,- Title Contemporary Status on the Ctuostion of Combined Vaccine against Whooping Cough and Diphtheria Orig Pub Iderobiol., parazitol. si opidomiol., 1957, 2, No 3) 199-211 (R=anian) Abstract No abstract Sivon Card 1/1 MAGHERU, Alice; STKRESCU-VOLAKSCHIj Margareta; FAUR9 Yvona Modifications of the superior nervous activity in albino rats following the intracerebral inoculation of the endotoxin Bordetella pertusai3. Studii cerc fiziol 5 no.1:213-218 060. (Ew 9:12) 1. Institutul do fiziblogie normls si patologica *Prof, Dr. D.Danielopolu* al Academisi R.P.R. (WHOOPING COUGH) (Bosirruu PERTussis) (TOXINS AND ANTITOXINS) (NERVOUS SYSTEM) (BRAIN) FAUS, Josef Solution of the interplanar spacing of a structural crystal lattice of.a troollnic system; several algebraic and graphic methods of this solution ana application of results also to the other crystal "stem. Sbor chen tech 4 no.1:7-120 160, (Kw 1029) 1. Da2kove studium a katedre mineralogie Vysoke skoly chemicko- technologicke , Praha. (Grystallograpby) I',- -, FAUSIJ�jtmf-., Oraphic triansformtion of a general structural lattice into a reciprocal lattice. Sbor chem tech 4 no..1:121-176 160. (Ew 10:9) 1. Dalkove studium a Imtedra mineralogie Vynoke skoly chemicko- technologioks, Praha. (Crystallograpby) FAUS, Josef Nomogram for constructing the interplanar spacing of crystal lattice of a triolinic system. Sbor chem tech 4 no.1:177-192 160. (EFAI 10:9) 1. Dalkove studium a katedra mineralogle Vyaoke skoly chemicko- technologiaie, Praha. (Crystallography) FAUSEK, L. A deuteroprism for determining an arc of arbitrary radius without the use of tables and auxiliary calculations. p. 174. (GEODETIChY A KiRTOGRAFICk-Y 08ZOR, Vol. 2, No. 9, Sept 1956, Praha$ Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East Eurorean Accessians (REAL) I.C, Vol. 6. No. 12, Dee 1937. Uncl. T!f,,~.,rnvements, problems and ori.rij onzi; rarallactic anf-le .without Ue use of tatI-!:5. p. 21"'. Vol. 2, no. 11, Elov. 19~6 C'fT)D=ICKY- A rLIi-RCRAFICKY 01~&R (II-ENCE CzerhoslovaUa So: East Surorcan Acces!Aon Vol. 6, No. 5, "t-y !Q57 MSEK, irn'l Cherez materiki i okeany. Moskva) Osoaviakhim, 1929. 32 p. (Biblioteka zhurnaia "Aviatsiia i khiniia." No. 3) Title tr.: Across continents and oceans. TL515.F3 SO: Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the Soviet Union, Librar%y of Congress, 1955- BODZAY,, Janosq dreq klinikai vegyeoz; FAUST, Fulopo dr. Electrophoretic apparatus leasily manufactured at home, Borgyogyo vener. szemle 40 nools35-38 F 164o it DVORSZKY, Kornel, dr.; FAUST, Fulop, dr. Apropos of the her-ditary nature of psoriasis. BorgyoV vener. szemle. 40 na.4s183-184 Ag 164. 1. Pecal Orvostudomanyl Egyetem Borgyogyaszati Klinika. IYVORSZKY.. Kornel, dr.; CSr7LAK, Gyorgy, dr.; FALIST, Fulop, dr. Differential diagnosis between skin blastomycosis of the gluteus and lymphogranulama venereum with delayed symptoms. Orv.hetil. 105 nools27-33 5J 164o 1. Pecsi Orvostudomanyi Egyatem, B*6rgyogyaszati Klinika. A mv my d wepmeeafte 6m D. 1. Mabdaiew "0 W dem4M. A. ~m, Zbw. Obs4lidwi TIT 10. MO-Of low); U.S.S.R. It. 30 At 0040)(Knal. tran"61).-VAch amp Is diAwd Intc)3 sutwaqw. volm ibm 2. The fast sub-stoup coulain~ demstalt wilm miernmw dKtron "is an bring filk-d; -the MCM4 MIAW tkw whom "Vill I's nuffinsmst N)wlj.j, are " 1111W (Za. Cd. Jig. Cr. No. W. Fr. R it. f N I F the IkkI cmertaims drownts In which the Ild"t shelf Irml the ow"Ic is Wile AJkd (Sm. Tat. Pa. (W. La. Cm. Pro. Er. NP). controwdow in tbc Positions of kAn- thm0w, ankshim. nod o=rs: cbm"to in group VIII mc t"imind. cyrul Frhlfmn y mr - t"Or' Of tOXICO- PAUSI'017 A. S., Cand Med Cal (dtsa) -- "PrPert, -"ItAl 111%-Stl n I, I I cl-aract,-rl St. ten of cfrtedn srovktic hydro-a-11ons". 7nron-zh, 3-1~, ^ 16 pp (Min Health RSFSR, Voronezh Statp Mt-d Inst), 215 copies (KL,rio ih, ig6o, 13,11) FAUSTOV, A.S.: ZUBRITSKIYj K.V, Entablishing hygienic standards-for the concentration of the ethylbenzene., etyrene., and nekal complex in the water ofre- servoirs, Trudy Vlore med, inst, /+7& 36-37R62 (MIRA 16:12) 1. Kafedra gigiyeny Voronezhskogo 7 itainskogo instituta. TAROD19 4.1.; FAUSTOVp A.S. Use of empirical forimlas in establishing ma3dmal permissible concentrations of organic substances in the vat4ir of reser- voirs. Trudy Voremedo inst, 47s38-40062 (MIRA l6tl2) 1. Kafedra gigiyeny Voroneshakogo meatainakogolinstituta. FAUSTOVI A.S. Some charaoteristics of chronic intoxication by styren d., ";s"" - (MIM 12) Tor* med. inst* 47t7l-72"62 1. Kafedra gigiyany Vormezhskogo maditainekogo instituta. ~ I 180) SOV127-59-4-4/27 .AUTHORS: Kandyba.M.I., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Mutylo, A.V. and Faustov, G.T., L-lining Engineers (Krivoy Rog) TITLE-: The Development of New Levels in Mines of the Krivoy Rog Basin. (Podgotovk4novykh gorizontov na shakhtakh Krivorozhskogo basseyna.) PERIODICAL: Gornyy zhurnal, 1959, Nr L~,, pp 28-32 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Different methods of developing new mining levels in mines of the Krivoy Rog Basin are described in this article. As the exploitation of mines of the region is usually conducted by the method of coupled levels, the cutting of hauling gal- leries, drift and cross-drifts must be realized keeping in mind that they must serve for hauling, communication and aeration purposes for a very long period of time (up to 22 years). More- Card 11~3 over, the use of larger trolleys (15-20 tons SOV127-59-4-4/27 The Development of New Levels in Mines of the Krivoy Rog Basin. capacity) necessitates larger hauling galleries,) more elaborate strengtheninG and maintenance. The Krivbassproyekt Institute elaborated two methods of development by coupled levels. The first method forosoos the cuttinr of two-way cross- drifts on each level, and the water-pumping in- stallation and a bunker on the base-level. The second method foresees the cuttinr, of cross- drifts on the base level only. The intermediate level is then developed through tho blind shaft, and headinGs are cut from drifts of the base level. Losses caused by ore stamp are larGely covered by the economies realized in other capital mining expenditure. Only in the Oktyabrt skaya mine are losses in the,output of the Mar- tin ore, larger than the realipea economies. Card 2/3 The author advises not to apply the above SOV/127-59-4-4/27 The Development of New Levels in Mines of the Krivoy Rog Basin. methods until an effective and economical method of caking the crushea Martin ores is found. There are 3 diagrams, 4 graphs and 1 table. ASSOCUn(X: SMRIp W"y Rog Card 3/3 STARIKOV, N.I., gornyy inzh.; FAUSTOV, G.T., gornyy inzh. ~ 4;- - Practice dt using deep holes in hard rocks in chamber mining sy8temso Goro zhur, no.12-.19-26 D 161. (KIRA 15:2) I 1. -Krivorozhakiy gornorudnyy inatituto (Mining engineering) ZOLOTAREV, I.I., gornyy inzh.; STARIKOV, N.I., gornyy inzh.; FAUSTOV, G.T., gornyy inzh. Working paraUal deposits in the Krivoy Rog Basin. Gor. zhur. no.6:19-23 Je 162. (KIM 15:11) 1. Rudnik im. XX partsllyezdap Krivorozhskiy basseyn (for Zolotarev). 2. Krivorozhakiy gornorudnyy institut (for Starikov, Faustov). (Krivoy Rog Basin--Iron mines and mining) MAUKHOV, G.M., prof.; ARSENTIYE:V,, A.I., dots ent;_~kMSTOV, G.T., inzho Effeat of the time factor and depth of work on the parameters of the chamber mining systom in the "Komintern" mine* Izv,vYSeuch9U9 zavej gorezhur, 7 no*2t23-31 164. (MIRA 170) 1. Krivorozhskiy gornorudnyy institut. M-ALAKEI)VI (1.14., prof., doktor tekhr.nauk; ARSENTIY-,"V, A.-., kand.tekhn.-auk; FAIMT011, G.T., gornyy inzh. Effect of the length of time spent on mining ohambers and the depth of mining operations on the stability of the ore block und the hanging wall. Gor.ahur. no.4:27-31 Ap 164. (,IURA 17,1) 1. Krivo-.7,ozhsk!v gornorudnyy institut. MATAKHOV, G.M., prcf., FAIISTOV, G.T., irzh. .. .........I................, Necessity for a fundamental change Ir, minuig systems at F.7-!vry Rog Basin mines. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.jgcr.zhur. 7 no.f.-,14-18 tr).-10 %MIRA 2, 1. Krivorozhskiy gornorudnyy institut. R-k3mendovana kafedr---T razrabatki mestorozhdenly po:Leznykh !-,kc-rayemykb,, DUBININ, V., mekhanizatorl PUZEY, Yeop mekhanizator; la~~~mekhanizator; SHUTENKO, It., mekhanizator.; XOGAY., K. mekhanizator; ISABEKOV.. I.,q mokhanizator4- Doing more today means having more tomorrow. Sov. profsoiuzy 3.8 no. 3.1 -.13-14 Je 162. NIRA 15:6) lo Sovkhoz "Cheklarokiy", TSelinnogo krayn(for Dubinin). 2, Sovkhoz "Mindcly" TSelinnogo krap (for PW:ey). 3. Sovkhoz "Eharikovskiy* TSe]Annogo kraya (for Faustav). 4.- Sovkhoz "Smirnovskiy" TSOAnnogo kraya (for Shutenko). 5. Sovkhoz "Bozaygirskiy" Tselinnogo kra-ya (for Kogay, Isabekov). (Virgin Territory-Tractors--Repairing) (Socialist competition)