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ACC NR, AT6023555 g/cm2, and a characterizes the loss of speedy particles by Ionization; a increases according to a logarithmic law of energy, bt expresses the loss of p-mesons by bremsstrahlung, bp expresses the energy oss by generation of electron and positron pairs by a p-meson, b expresses the loss of photonuclear energy of a p-meson generating electron nUlear showers. The electromagnetic field of a U-meson is able to interact with atomic nuclei. Cherenkov counters are used for measurements of p-meson. intensity of great depths. The counter is spherically shaped and filled with water; the inside paint diffuses light and has a zeflection coefficient of 90%. As a U-meson crosses the diameter of the sphert, it generates 2.104 photons of Cherenkov radiation in the spectral range 2900-6000 A, which is recorded by the Cherenkov counter. The addition of a little fluorescent salt to the wa;er in the counter transfers photons of Cherenkov radiation from the 2900-3500-A range to the 4500- 5500-1 range, in which the maximum sensitivity of photocathodes is found. The effectiveness of recording single ji-sesons entering the counter wits 99Z, as was deter- mined by a special experiment. Data on the intensity of cosmic rays at sea level and preliminary data at greater depths are given in a table in the original article. The authors express thanks to Professor A. G. Kolesnikoy for permission to work in FIAN and HGlANUSSR and also to the heads of the Departments of Physics and Physics of the Sea of Moscow State Univergi. for their help. Orig. art. has: I table, 2 figures, and 2 formulas. . JEGI SUB ODM-.O/.20/ SUBM DATRs none/ OUG BET; 001/ OTH REFt 002f ATD PFXSS6-03~' card LL 262.- 3-66 rACC NR. AP 01735~ SC$JRCE CODE: U 0193 Q398 AWHOOR: Clazun, Be A.; Fedorov# V, Me; Dubinino Me Me; Zhilenkoyp I, Vo ORG: Voronezh Agricult&A bronezhukiy sell skokhozya:p3tvemyy institut); Institute of Physical ChoUs", _(Institut fiziche8koy kh:Lmij A14 SSSR) TITLE,. Investigation of the dielectric; properties of water absorbed by zeolitesel Report 2. Low-temperature relaxation in the crystalline systemp XaA zeoff__te_-_w-aTbr with low fillings SOURCEt AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya lchimicheekaya,, no, 3,'1966, 393-398 TOPIC TAGS: zeolitat A h 164 water.7- BSTRACT: The dielectric behavior of Nak-ifoolite i!~stals wit fillings was studied at frequencies of 105-107 cps In the 906-2506K range# fTwo, relaxation processes are observable. Ono of than corrosponda to rolaxers !which are present in the dehydratad zc*lite., and is suoproseed with an inoressal :in the content of adsorbed water. The other procesis is apparently associated ~with the relaxation of the adsorbed water molecules themselves. An attempt A, -A. A - Xt__ based i 1 1, ilacki 0010 e`W___W1CF_111U0&'__ bat act ve si es '71Z;k-Ya,, 4 'U t ---in,the zefoUte-*-7'The`_duthor1F1 V. Rirslax for reeenting the zeolite specimen for study, 0r1g,. art, hast 5 figuXes. UPRS --SUB CODE: --20V07--/---SUEM- DATE:--- 0%ov63~ ORIG-RU i Cot ? I Card I UDCi 541.M-1-5a.67 ACC-NRi- AP7 010602.5 SOURCE CODE1 ~-R/606i/W6/bbd/667, AUTHOR: Fedorovo V, M.; Glazunp B., A.; Dubinint M._X.j Zhilenkovj I. V. ORG: Voronezh Agri--iultural Institute (Voronothakiy aeltakokhozyaystV8MW, inStituth Institute of Physical Chemistry, AN SWR (Institut rizicheakoy khimii All SWR) 7- TITLE*,, Investigation of the dielectric properties of water adsorbed by zeoliteso Communication 3. Dielectric losses in the system KaA seolite crystal - water at average degrees of filling SOURCEt AN S83R. Izvestiva, 'Seriya khimicheskayap no. 7j. 1966, 1129-1233: TOPIC TAGS: zoolite, adsorption, dielectric property, dielectric permeability, ABSTRACT: New results of an investigation of WaA zeolite with a itater con,enf-6f-'401' of the maximam adsorbable amount are discussed. Construction. 'of the dielectric isotherm (de,7endence of the static dielectric peraoatLuity on the value o~ the adsorption at constant temperature) and a study of the variation of the parameter 1 - alpha, characterizing the distribution of energies of the active centers, permitted conclusions on t1io finer sub. division of the active centers detendning the rela=tion of adsorbed vater molecules. Dielectric losses at 1.8 w'frequenoies were found to occur in the temperature region from -40 to +20 In NaA zoolite containing water.' The dielectrio adsorption - lAothem had a break at a water content in'the za)lits UDCt 541*183 + 546o67 + ACC NRt Ap7006025 corresponding to approximately five to seven molecules per unit call, $evidently due to the structuration of water with increasing adsorption and to the different sorbability on sodium ions bonded to eight-membered ,and six-membered oxygen rings, A distribution of relaxation timeswas observed in the region of losses considered, probably due to the energetic heterogeneity of the active centers, Mie region of distribution becarie narrower with increasing water content, which indicates development of the structure, Me aetivation energy and entropy of activatior. for polarization --in an electric field increased with increasing -crater content of over 5%. N3asurements of the free energy of formation, together with the break on the dielectric adsorption isotherm indicated that there is a sharp changa in the dielectric properties of the adsorbed -water at a degree of filling of 20%. Me zeolites RaA.1 and NaA_32 possessed different vabies of the dielectric permeability eta at identioal.toMeratures sod degrees of f;Llling,' -.which is evidently due to differences in the mode oT their vanulactwTee In spite of these differences j the same patterns were observed In both samples The authors thankTa:o V. Mij~skiyand a A.~ Upkind for providing z9olite samples for analysis* Crig. arto hast 3 figures.' 3 formulas and I tablo, CJMt .38t9673 SUB CODEs 07,, 20 SUBM,DATEs 26M64. ORIG MW 1 .008 OTH MW 1 008 V'I Card 2/2 ACC_XR--A-L7Wi845_________ SOURCE AUTHOR: Dolgov-Savel'yev) G. G.; Kruglyakov., E. P.; Malinavskiy,, V..K.; Fedorov, V.- M. ORG: none -TITLE: Optical interferometry of plasma SOURCE: AN SSSR. Sibirskoye otdeleniye. Institut yadernoy fiziYi. Prepring, no* 1966. Opticheskaya interferometriya plazmy,, 1-3.1 and inserts 1ollowing p. 11 TOPIC TAGS: optic interference, plasma diagnostics, plasma electron, electron den- sity, laser application ABSTRACT: The authors describe an optical interferometer used in conjunction with a laser at the Institute of Nuclear Physics SO AN SSSR for the measurement of the elec- tron density in a plasma under thermonuclear conditions and to determine the degree of ionization of the plasma. Two dif-ferent variants of the interferometer are de- scribed, one with a field of 150 mm and the other with a field of 250 mol- The theory of the interferometer in briefly outlined and the individual interferometer elements are described together with the requirements which they must, satisfy. The character- istics of the lasers used for the illumination of the optical interferometers are presented. The lasers used were a Q-switched ruby laser, Q-switched neodymium-glass laser, and a quasi-cw ruby laser. Suitable high-spead photography devices are also described. The minimum observable electron densities are 5 x 104 Ce3 when a Mach- 1/2 ACC NRII AT7004845 Zender interferometer is used. The sensitivity can be doubled by using a Michelson interferometer, and improved further (to 103-4 cm73) using the longer wavelength of the neodymium-glass laser. The authors also used a scheme consisting of Michelson and Fabry-Perot interferometers, and.were able to effect a sixfold passage of light through the arm with the plasma' This should theoretically increase the sensitivity by 3D - 20 times, but the equlp~ent vibrated excessively and-its potential capabili- ties could not be realized. Orig. axt. has: 4 fialwes.- 5 formulas, and I table. SUB CODE: 20/ SM DATE: 00/ ORIG MW: 003/ OTH MW: 009 Card 2/2 FEDORCIVY V,M,, assistent Tuo main faetors producing national Income and their utilization in the building of comminism, Uoh. zap. LIIZH.r no.3t24-46 162. (,'.',IRA 17: 3) , ,,VjAdimir Wkolayevich; ERDED1. Aleksey Aleksoyevich;f,~DQROV .1 (Theoretical mechanics] Teorstichoskaia mekhanlka. 14o- okva, Vysohaia shkola.. 1964. 3.54 p. NlRA 17:9) KACHKOVA,, N.V.; TM,~KIN, A.G.; PEDOROV, V.11. 'Storage of mist millet in an inert gaB atmosphere. Izv. vyse ucheb. zav.;pishch, takho no,3:14-17 100. (MMA 14:8) 1. KuybyshevsJdy elevator im. M. Gortkogo i KuybyshDvokiy in- dustriallnyy inatitut im, V.V. leuybyshava. (Mllet- Storage) FMDi to 7 -7. "Acoustical I-Ilethod of Eeasuring. Vibrations," a rr:port mad at the c~)nference of the Acoustical Copmission AS USSR Leningrad 1-3 Fob 511. W-21610,- 25 Fveb 52 ITXROV, V.N., insho; OORBOMS, M.N., inxh, .-WS I ~-W` Machine tool for mnufactnriag vall bricks using local building materials. Strol. i dor. mashinostr. 3 no.2:27-29 7 158. (MIRA 11:2) (Machine tools) (Hollov bricks) -66 L 8971 SOftt--OODEI-'09/0181.165/007/OU/3372/3377,,~l-4 -AP50_77419 t 5 S-_ -,,AUTHOR: Ad V. te Golubkov A. V. 4 4 1: S" 5 PRG Institute of Smiconductors AN SSSRI Leningrad (rnatitut poluprovodnikov AN TIT!X:. Investigation of atagnetl' susceptibility In neodyMLum chalcogenides c, `7 SOURCE: Mika tverdogotela f# 7, not 11, 1965, 3372-3377 TOPIC TAGS n eodymium:compo .und,-sulfide,-telluride, selenide, E441 etic suacti6tibili ABSTRACT:: Magnetic susceptibility was measured as a functAon of temperature in XdS NdSe, NdTe and Md2S3 to determinev- 1) the effect of gradual changes Ln the anian.on -the behavalor-of the noodymium; 2) iihether Nd shows another valence bellides three;- 3) whether or not-these compounds' have _ferromagnatj.e-or antiferri)magnatic proportLes., The experiwntal equipment and the Imethod used are*described In detall. The measure- -ments -we-re-made in the 100-13000K range. Curves are given for the relationship be- inverse parainagnetic -susceptibility -for tht chalcogenides 11bich tween temperature and were studied. These curves are.cappared with theoretical curves calculated from Van Vleck's forwia. Satisfactory agreement is found betwjn empirical and theoretical data for Kd3 at a screening number a z 34, and for Nd4 at a = 35. 14coever, theore- tical calculations or the type and concentration of current carriers as well as-twa- Card 1/2 nwRCV0 V. IT. ff~Whylaxis of Bubonic X,_A. Fedoroy, and 1, t2g9z"_Profilaktiki chumy Plaguy, Re-4iz, 10 sheets - I Contains brief information on bubonic plague,, its history, prenent dia- tribution over the earth, causes of its formation of foci among rod(mts, bio- loU of the causal agentj epizootology., and epidemiology. Information is also given on the prophylaxis of bubonic plague and on the measures necessary to localize and liquidate its foci,, taking the varying conditions into consider- ation (thinly-populated points,, cities., etc.) Intended for doctors of the general and anti-plague system of medical in- stitutions. SO: U-6472, 23 118v 1954 Y w 17'1 - 5 ~O V FADIROV,V.N. [Prevention of plague] Profllaktiks chumt. Isd. 2., Is;.r. L dop. Xoskya, Xedgis, 1955. 229 V. (MM 8:6) 1(Plague-Prevention) FEDCROV, V. N., B. K., and TIMCMIROVA, M. M. "A Plague Epizootic of 1953 in Western Turkmenal." report submitted (not delivered due to time~limit) at Joint Com!erence on the Probiem of the Foci and Epidemiology of the Highly-Infectious Diseases, held 25 Jan to 2 Feb, 1957, at the State Inst of the South-East of the USSR, '$a1KROB," MUM FEDOROV, V. N. (Saratov) "Necessity of Co-ordination of the Existing Instructions on Antiepidemic Measures in Plague Foci ~dth the Modern Conception of the Plagoue Lpidemiolcgy$" report presented at.Joint Conterence on the Problem of the Foci and Epidemiology of the Highly-Infectious Diseases, held 25 Jan to 2 Feb, 1957, at the State Inst of the Soutb-East of the USSR, "MIKRCBP FEDOROV, V. R. and KOZAKEVICII, V. P. (Saratov) "The Actual Distribution of Plague in Foreign Countries," report presented at Zoint Conference on the Problem of the foce and Epidemiology Cf the Highly-Infectious Diseases) held 25 Jan to.2 Feb, 19k 57, at the State Inst of the South-East of the USSRP "KMOB." FEDOROV, V. N. Plague in Camels and its Prevention in the USSR* -- Prof. V. N. FEDOROVO Inst for Scientific Research Against Plague for the Caucasus and Trans-Caucasus, Stavropol, USSR In 1954-56, a series of experiments was carried out in Central Asia under the guidance of the author, in which camels were infected with plague by infesting, them with Inodes and Argas ticks which had previously fed on plague-infected laboratory animals. *Paper submitted to the WHO Expert Committee on Plague, Sept 1958 mi IFEDOROV, V. N., RAIJ, Im. M, "The epizootoloqical ratterns Pnd epidrelmlc,,-Icnl chargctprlqtics of the naturril `ocl or varloils tyIres of the plague." Page 271 tesyatnye soveshchinlyo TA parazitolichesklm rroblemnm i -rlr(xln-._ch-Fr" boleznvam. 22-29 Cktvabryp 1959 Lr. (Tenth Conference ~,n Farasi-tolo-rical roblems and Diseases with Natural Foci 22-29 Octob-r 1959), Leninp-rpd, AcIdemy of MMicni Sciemeeq USSR qnd Acqdemy of Sciences USSR, Vo. 1 254r-,p - Antiplague Inst. of the Caucasus and Transcausus/Stavropoll SAVOSTIN, D.G.,, otverede; YENM B.K., Prof.* red.; FXDCROV, V.N'j.,,prof.q red. (Natural focus and epidemiology of especially daniprous infectious diseases] Prirodnaia ochagovost' i epidemiologiia osobo opasnykh infektsionnykh zabolovanii; abornik rabot mesh- inatitutskoi nauchnoi konforentsii. Red.kollegiis; D.G.Sa- vostin, II.K.7eniuk, Y.N.Iredorov. Saratov. Gos.naUchno-issledo- tatel'skii In-t mikrobiologii i epideziologii Iugo.-Vostoka SSM H-va zdravookhraneniia SSSR, 1959. 595 p. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Xeshinstitutakays nauchnaya konferentelya po prirodnoy ocha- govosti I epidemiologii osobo opasnykh infektsiomiykh zabolevaniy. Saratov., 1957. 2. Gosudaratvennyy nauchno-isoledt)vateltskiy institut m1krobiologii i epidemiologii Tugo-Vostoka SSSR (1;.Saratov) (for Fenyuk). 3. Gosudaretvennyy nouchno-iseledovateliskiy institut mikro- biologii i epidemiologii Yugo-Vostoks SSSR (g.Sar:atov)g Sredne-Azi- atskiy nauchno-inaledovatellskiy protivochumayy institut (g.Alma-Ata); Turkmenskaya respublikanskaya protivochumnays atantsiya (g.Asbkhabad) L Turkmeaskiy institut shivotnovodstva i veterinarii (g.Ashkhabad). (for Fedorov). (COWMICABIZ WSW=) 17(2) AUTHORS: TITLE: PERIODICALs ABSTRACT: Card 1/2 aov/16-60-2-5/35 Rall', Yu.M., Fedorov, V.N. The Physiological Evaluation of Rodents as the Carrie:rs of Plague and the Monohostality of Its Natural Nidi Zhurnal mikrobiologil, epidemiologii i immunobiologil, 1960, Nr 2, pp 29 - 35 (USSR)- This paper was first presented at a conference on ecological physiology at th6 Institut fiziologli imeni T.P. Pavlova AN SSSR (Institute of Physiology imeni I.P. Pavlov of the AN USSR) on January 15, 1959. The authors summarize the theories on the role of rodents in the spread of plague adduced in their time by various researchers (N.V. Bashenina, P.F. Zdrodovskiy, N.I. Kalabukhov, V.A. Pryakhin, L.S. Malafeyeva, Mamed-Zade, R.S. Mikhaylova, E.A. Petrosyan, Ye.N. Pavlomiskiy, A.A. Sinichkina,.A.P. Dudnikova, I.S. Tinker, B.K. Fenyuk, etc.) They criticize attempts to explain the susceptibility of different species of rodents -to plague and their ability to maintain plague n1di simply by random ccnooction of physiological indices and point out that the ecological features such as density of distribution, species, type of habitat, customs and behavior of the animals, etc. have more bearing on SOV/16-60-2-5/35- The Physiological Evaluation of Rodents as the Carriers of Plague and the Monohostality of Its Natural Nidi the problem., Each natural Plague n1dus has a species of rodent which constitutes the dominant carrier, although other speoieis of rodent in the area may also be susceptible to plague and act as carriors. Destruction of this main.oarrier will have a great beneficial epider2iological effect, even if t6 other species remain. This has'been proved in practice in clearing up former n1di of plague in the Soviet Union. There are: 16 references, 15 of which are.Bovlot and I Engl1ah. ASSOCIATION: Nauchno-issledovatellskiy protivochumnyy institut Kavkaza i Zakavkazlya (Plague.Research Institute of the Caucasus and Transcaucaoia), Stravropoll SU13MITM: February 18, 1959 Card P_/2 -- nos t., Pi-oblem of the physiological evaluation of rodents as carriers of plague and the ow-host concept of its natural fool. Zhur. mikrobiol.epid.i immm, 31 to,2t2g-35 7 160, Nm 13:6) 1. Is ffauabno-isaledovatellskogo protivochumnogo institixta, Iray- kaza, i Zakavkawlya, Stavropol$. (PYAGUM transmission) (RODENTS diseases) NIKOLAYEVO N.I.0 otv. red.; LENSKAYA# G.N., sam. otv. red.; PASTUKHOV, B.N., zam.-otv. red.; FENYUK, B.K., zam, otv. red.; 139UNIIIA, T.I.0 red.; AKIYEV, A.K.,, red.j DOMARADSKIY, IJ., red.; DROZHEWINA,, M.S., red.; ZHOVTYY, I.F., red.; KOROBKOVA., Ye.I.,, red.; KRAMINSKIY, V.A., red.; KRATINOV., A.G., red.; LEVI, M.I., red.; IDBANOVj, VA, red.; MIRONOV, N.P., red.1 PETROV, V.S., red.; PLANKINA,, Z.A., red.j PYPINA, I.M., red.; SMIRNOV, S.M.., red.; TER-VARTANOV., V.N., red.; TIFLOV, V.Ye.p red.; FEDOROV, V.N.,, red.; PARNES, Ya.A.,, red.; PRONINA, N.D., tekhn [Especially dangerous natural focus infections] Osobo opasnye i prirodnoochagovye infektsii; abornik nauchnykh rabot protivo- chum~ykh-uchrezhdenii. Moskva,, Medgiz, 1962. Z71 p. (MIRA 16:5) (COMMUNICABLE DISEASES) n- DDROV, V. N. Fedorov, V-_NL- "ChAracteristics of certnin beams of uniform bendln'3, strength, Trudy Bev.-Kavk. gorno-metallurg. in-ta. Issue 6, 1949,,1). 3-20 SO: U-hq34, 29 Oct 53, (Letopie tZhurn-Al lnvkh Statev, No. 16, 1949). SOV/IZ4-511-7-81111 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 7, p 114 (USSR) AUTHOR: Fedorov, V.N. TITLE: -- ~The `=alcu`=atiowof`~~omposite Wooden Beams (Raschet sost- avnykh derevyannykh balok) PERIODICAL: Sb. nauchn. tr. Severo-Kavkazsk. gorao-metallurg. in-t, 1957,'Nr,14, pp 31Z-331 ABSTRACT: The stresses and deflections are determined in a composite beam consisting of two bars joined by elastic connectors (splines). As his initial parameter the author dcoes not talte the force being exerted on the connectors (as is done in precise theory) but takes directly the distance between the neutral axis of a bar and the center of gravity of the entire bearn section, wkCdh distance comprises the segment CKh of the bar's full height h. Without demonstration the author assumes the coef- ficient to be constant and independent of the location of the sec- tion in question along the beam --- v/hich contravenes exact theory. The (presumed) constancy of the coefficient C~ is not confirmed by the results of the author's experiments; his re- Card 1/2 sults indicategreat imprecision in the conduct of the SOV/124-58-7-8111 The Calculation of Composite Wooden Beams experiments (asymmetrical deformations produced by suppose&ly sym- metrical loads), and they do not agree with his calculations (there being a monotonous discrepancy of 5 -to 616). A comparison of his results with pre- cise theory is not attempted, AN. Dyatlov 1. Beams--Mechanioal properties 2. Wood--Applications 3. Mathematics --Applications Card 2/2 KOLIMO-IVANDV, I.-E.LJjWROT. T.N. Methods of manufacturing pIp6s from glas plastics (from foreign, data). Plast.massy nooll%74-78 160* (KML 13t,12) (Pipe, Plastic) p VvN*; GZADCBFMOp I*?*; AUDRING, V.V.; DOBRYAKOVp B.N, FAluipment " metbods of manufacturing articles from glamio reir..- -forced plutio by the spraying methbd, PlAst.massy no.7t54.--58 161. (MM 14:7) (Glass reinforced plastics) FF.DCiRCVp V.N. Age of granitoids in the upper Chagan Basin in the Chingiz-Tau, Trudy VSKOEI 74:99-JO5 162. (MA 15:9) (Chingiz Tau~Qranite) FEDOROV, V*No - Uranium in the igneous rocks of some regions in the Chingiztau and Kalba Range (eastern Kazakhstan). Trudy VSEGEI 95:93-100 163. (MIRA 17ill) MAKARVICHp B.K.; MIKMNVj, V.H.; TIKHVINSMo V.L; POKIN, A.'V.t doktor tekhno vaukj* retsenzent; FEWROV V,H dots.., retoonzentl MLKOVBKIYi O.M,# red~-_~ tekbn* red.~ (Recouditioning m~tal-cutting tools) Voestanovlenis re- zhushobego instnmenta, HosImap Gos. tauebuo-tekbn. izd--ro maebin6stroit, lit-ryp 1948. 174 p, (Kni 15:4) (Metal-cutti ng tools-Maintenence and-repair) GORBOKO. D.N.; FJDOWT T.1,; GUDILII. A.Z., kandidAt tokhnlchosk:lkb lu"ar, Kommily"lua., redaktor; JAKOT, S. I., takhnicheskly rsdmktor. (Machinist's handbook] tpravochnik slesarla. Moskva. Uesolusuce nehobno-podagog. lxd-vo 1934. 226 p. (K= 7:10) (machine-shop praqtte'"o) F=ROV Vladimir Nikolayevich; INDOROV, Anatoliy Vladimirovich; RZEULVU- A bF bK119 folo, nauchrqy r4daktor; KOPWSKIY, D.Ta., redaktor; INNOW- KINAI I.Y., takhninhashy redaktor EI(nking andrepairing dies and attachments] Proizvodstva i refflod shtampov i prisposoblenii. Moskva, Vaes. uchebao-padagae. lzd!-.vo trudreservizdat, 1954. 215 p. 8:7) (Dies (Netal-working)) YIDOROV, Anatolly Vladialrovich; 91WROL uad'Ric 111WIWyeviah.- ROUGHIV, F.T., radektor; OSTRIROT, N.S., takhat-c-E-e-sYrf'rodattor [The manufacture and repair of dies and equipment] Izgotovlenla i renont shtampov i primposoblenii. Izd- 3-e, ispr. i dop. Koskva, Toes. uchobno-padagog. isd-vo, Trudreserwizdat. 1956. 262 p. (Dies (Metal-working)) (KW 100) F=ROTs.jU41mIr Niko h; Kinaw, Nikolay Vladimirovich; 31WILETS11T, XOPPVSXIY, D.Ta., rodaktor: OMSEJOV, N.S. tokhnichookly redaktorq .[Reference manual for the young mechanic] Spravochnik molollm'm slesaria. Moskva, Vses,.uohebno-podagog.izd-yo.Trudreservisdat, 1956. 317 p. (KIn 10: 4) (Kachine-shop,practice) ROZIN, Alsksandr losifavich; FZDOROT T N., insh., retsenzent; KIJW, Tglo# inih., kand.tokhn.nauk; reteen- sent; RABOTIN, A.N.0 insh., reteensoutl SWASHOY, S.P.,# kand. tekha.naulcq retsenzent*, UTAROTA. A.F.,; DUGINA, N.A.$, [Operator of machines for manufacturing metal-cutting tools) 61searl - Instramental'shchik. Izd.2,, perer, Koskya, Go*. nauchno-tokha.ind-vo washinostroltlit-ry, 1959. 247 P. (HM 13:2) (Kaohine-shop practice) 72DOROT-1, Tledimir likolMvioh; MUMM, Nikolay Vladimirovich; 11MM10111M.. malliv red.; BAMMOVIGH, A,L,, red,-, RAKOTo S.I., takhtk,red, (Randbook for young moohsnl-!il Bpravoohnik molodogo slasaris. .Isdo3og parer, I dop* KoO:"*as Tess uohobno-podagog. lzd-,vo Trudreservisdat, 1959, 327 p. (MMA 13:3) (mechanics (Parsons)-Handbooks, imanuals, ate.) LA~FNKCTI, M.F. EDMO :I-'. V ~-- Using U110 method of nunlesir. magnetic resonance to det.i-rntwx the solubAllity Rmit In V.nar7 alloys. Izv. vys. uu-hcl), -mv.; ,chern. met. 8 no.%139-11,1 165. 18:9) Mookovskly tnatitu'. ntali I splavov, IV 0 V. L;.; Apt.-min, Yn. A.; Yo. A.; 0v V. IV. Lnov, A. M. ; L, linikiy, 6. A. V. iM-7~;ryioL.,;kiy, Yu. A.; Zamtjkiy# V. U.; 11yatrov, V. V.;~ i. V.; '.f--v,-xrov, 0. A.; GCr7WnOV, YU. G.; N. P.- A. V. V. -n C, C, ol.r.Lion. Clar ounced by "Nof tc;ribor"- FACtOTY ,a 42, Nto- 1044,66 Lari, 6 .,.. n-a~~,c La:o Adniniatration of .:orLornov=khoz (Zavod "Nef topribor" pr1*Loros1.,:oycniya 1;oaGoroovndrkhozaY ,T17'%;.;: lzobrct -?ron obrazz tov zn, no. 15, 1966t 94 2:^ TAM: ceirmolo'--ic atationt uoismoloCio instrument S%io. Author Ccrtificato presents a catcmic station ~ontaininG a seismic datcctor, a rccording, amplifior unit, an O.-cilioCraph, a ma,,;nctic drum a 4-aiu;ol rolnoduotion unitj a control unitj a reproduction amplifier, 90 6-- an=d inZ un b - A nol Lo.~eholo probe# a drum with photoCra,~hia paper, a rotr tt i nu;iply. To ineroane the reliability when transferring frc4 operation vith~ od of reflected waves to the method of refracted wwrest a ftlUr unit is connected betwoen the first and sooond otagos of the rooording amplifier unit. 'k -Cc~d---! -2 550.3 0 1 ACC N,~ 4;u)6029933 =~d-,il~-Aor-elcnoditintor unit and a rool typo maj;notic recorder are connected in series the o"tnat of tho rocordina amplifier unit. For operation with the rx";hod of _,!I!ractr~i tho filter unit has froqucncy~ cutoff* of 7-30 liz, and for oporation a~ c;ca--Zrcfjucnqy cutaf 'a or 20-50 hz. To increase the reliability of t.'Ie recorded G.-a vith operation by the method or roGulated directional reception, a switching =it for tno ch=iels to be summed, a static correction unit, and a summin,,-, unit are co.-zicctcd in Gcric3 botircen'tho malpotio drum rooordor mid the reproduction amplifier@ o increaGe %.;a reliability when transforrin3 from operation with the method of re:lcclbod vravas to acismio loCCinC, a frequency selection unit is eonnocted between "x :.ultich,-juiol borehole probe and the maMitio drum recorder. To improve the quality of-the recorded material# an aleatron beam unit for introduoinC static and corrections is conneoted between the reproduction amplifier and the drum with P~,oto,-raphio papors TM =1' 00/ S= DATz S O%%Y65-. V2 IMMORz Vtksl*r, B. To, Katk*Y. 0. F. . Malinskly, 0. A. . Minkin, 14. M. , Prm-nnikoy, Y. 0. i Rybakay, 16. A. 1 Sokolinskly, To. A. ; Leto-r-an-y-... N. Olnuloyieh, 1.'-A_.-,_Oertsovo a* m.j Pishchulin, v. v. ,CRG: None :TITLE: A seismic prospecting station. Class 42, No. 189598 SWRCE: Itobretenlya, prow~yshlennyy* abrattsy. xnaki, 24, 1966, T7 no. toysrro7e T .0?;C TAGS; seismic proepteting,trequency divider, quartz crystal. seismologic station A*14,51TRACT: This Author's Certificate Introduces. a seismic prospecting station contain-' Ing an amplification-conversion channel, registration unit and pover supply. The unit is designed for improved reliability and operational convenience. A quartz os- cillator with a frequency dlyider system Is used as a procision-frequency pover supply; and synchronizing unit. The oscillator Is connected through amplifiers to the actua- ,tin& units of the station. 96B CODZI 08 BUBM DATEs OhJun65 1/1 twc; 550-340-19 4~,Xl 1. ~ U s A me( k s gr oi Of %Kctd by 2 tz-vZOV4c thatf Reasuf-m-AG =73% power owacccrwks ard t!~c mbe the omit (A 'edfic MCOO-1 c rwdod, diffe"atial Mca=rrg--CAts Pse made at% specimens is whicls tht 6dWaCCC teStr-l fOrMl $a Wt='Af 13kyVt A" UWl M W filMffVnt'WruuCh whic-b cvrrent is passed. Is the 2ud. a thin W 6L=cnt h, wa2ad armn4 the =hwcu and t-wed with it thin layu (A V:e Ostod m(cfW; d1w W fil-Atnt otty" al frxistarcr therm-c"Cut. LL- Subject USSR/Heat Engineering AID P - 4361 Ca rd 1/1 Pub. 110-a 6/19 Authors i Temkin, A. 0., Kand. Tech. Sci. and V. N. Fedorov, Eng. Kuybyshev Institute of Industry Title On computing heat transfer in furnaces Periodical i Teploenergetlka, 4, 21-22, Ap 1956 Abstract The computation of a radiant energy absorbing wall in the boiler Is explained. A mathematical analysis for the computation of large waterwall boilers is given. Two Russian references, 1950 and 1954. Institution i None Submitted No date fjwvwwA Yese, Insh, Sluice valves for downtatIon furnaceso Strote I dor. ushinostr 3 uo*508-39 NY 138. - (mm 11:6) (Parmaces) (valves) !..., f.. ZHUXOT, A.M., Insh.; KUCHWURMO# A*Pt, dotsent, kand. takhn. nauic; WJRAYIYV, T.D., lnzh.; UTAROT# G.A., dotsent, kand. t ekhn. nauk; BMTAKff, B.I., doteent Investigating coubusting.puleations during burning of xashpir shale In furnaces with shaft-type impact wills. Isy. v78. ucheb. sav.; energ. 2-no#1003-59 C 159. (MIRA 13:3) 1.1mybyshavaidy InduxtriallWy institut imeni Y.V. Kuybysheva. Predstavlons sektolrey prikladuoy teplotekhnfld. (Oil shales) UWUSOTP T.M.0 lashes VIWAWV Tu.1.0 insh.; STUAINYANI A.A.., in?.h. UVAROT G.A.0 heiad.tekbA.vark; PDOMV, V.N.0 Insh.; SHESTAKOVt Doi## ".teww."* Measuring dev-1"s and method# for.inssuring pulsations in boiler furnace q*tew. Isv. Y". uchabe, saves snerge 4 no.3t49--52 ' Mr 161. (HML 3:413) 1. Xu7byaheyokly industrialinyy InmUtut Imeni V. V? Nuibraheva. Prodstavlena kifedroy tepolenergeticheskikb ustanovok. (Tr=sducers) (Boilers) d, I I-- VINCR, A.M.9 insli.; TEMNp A.G.# kand.tekhn.nauk; FEDOROV, V.N., insh. -- Nomogram for calmdatine beat transfer in a furnace. Telileenergetika 8 no.109-90 J& 161. (MIRA 14W (rurnacos) (Heat-Transmission) UVAROVO G.A., kand.takhn.naukl SUZUKOV, B.I., kand.tekhn.nauk; FEMR-At-Y-B. , inth.; GOPKO I M. K. , inzh.; ANIDEr-V, G. B. , inzh. ORWV 9 AS. 0 inzh. S::jmdtaneoug burning of anthracite culm and pa with different methods for supplying the gas to the furnace. Toploenergetika 8 no.402-57.Ap 161, (MIRA 14:8) 1, Kuybyabovskly industrialln:37 institut i Kgybyehavenergo. (Furnaces) MIXIMEV, VIkentiy Pavlovich; JIUojpqevich; GL02-SHMNO nauchn, red.; REVELISKEYN, V.L vede red# (Hearth and.slotted burners for natural gas] Podovye I shcholevye gorelki dlia prirodnogo, gaza. lAningrad, Nedrap 1965. 73p (MIRA 18:401 ACC-W. 9042 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/014/0058/0058 INVENTOR: Ivanova. 1. M.. Fedarov. V. N.; Yudashkin, A. G. ORG: none TITLE: Slot-type gas burner. Class 24, No. 183871 SOURCE: Izobret prom obraz tov in, no. 14, 1966, 58 TOPIC TAGS: gas burner, gas combustion ABSTRACT: The proposed gas burner contains perforated pipes for the gas supply which are located above a longitudinal exi.t slot of an air duct. In order to ensure a con- Fig. 1. Gas burner 1 - Perforated tubes; 2 - exit slot; 3 - air duct; 4 guide vanes. Car _UDC:__66Z._95_1.2_ ACC H& AP6029042 stant excess of air supply along the whole length of the burner, the ratio of the slot area to the area of the air duct cross section 1i equal to the ratio of the tota-1 aperture area in the perforated tubes to the area of the cross section of the tubes. Guide vanes are placed In the exit slot of the air-duct; perpendicular to its longitudinal axis (see Fig. 1). Orig. art. has: 1 figure. [AV] SUB CODE: 21/ SUBM DATEI 10664; CEMBOTAIVOT. R.S.: AMISlaul. SADOYSIXIT, Y.A0-, FZDMT, T.O. Controlliag awwracantharb"Ch4sis In sidne. Trudy Instaool.Al UM :6116-17 1520 (KMA 9 S 9) (Swiss-Dis""s &M posts) (N"atoaa) (lyankov District) ZININ, Vladlair lyanoTiah; TAPLIV. Molsey Yakoylovich; PALBY, Anua Ka*ovm,o RADINOTICII, Isay lbtanovich; IDMT, T"Iliy Petrovich; EIA=, Petr An&oyovich; RITLU, jFiu an wll~ TI.T., tekbalabeskly redaktor. [WindlMs of el"trio machicary] Obnotki slektrichaskikh washin. W. 4-s, perer. Noskys, Oos. enorg. isd-vo. 1954. 3?3 P. (1160tric saahia"*Y) (XLIIAe:i) IIM # Vladisir IvanovIchl IMAX, Mol"y Takovlaviob; PALEf t A=a YArkovnal RABIKOVICHv loy Natazovich YMRDV# VastUy Petrpylith fdacoaged]; XHA=# Pstr Androyevich, 44W-". ., red,; SOBOIZVAp To.Kop tskbnoodo [Mectric owhinery vindings] Obmotki elektricbeskilch masbin* lsdo5,9 parer* Mookyag Oos.energoisd-vol 1961s 475 p - - jMnA WO (Ilectric machinery-Vindings) 0 PODZDIMSKIY, Alsksandr kleksoyevich; GAKELI, Vallter Aleksandrovich; r#dl PAMRATOV, A.I., tokba, red. &U~Q3as_V (MaintAmance, end rep4r of cotton spinning machines] Remont me hin khlopkopriadillnogo r.-z!:,7:Jstva. Ivanovo, Ivanovskoe hDoe Isd-vot 19630 166 p. (MIRA 16:10) M (Spinning machinery-Maintenanoe and repair) SKIPWROT, P.A.; SOKOWYSXIT, T.Ta.; PXRWOT, A.P.; ROKANOT,B.Y.; XARIWO, I.L,j dotsent; OANNOTAN, A.G.; TOM, T-Tu., red**, TKOUKOV, H.S., [Increasing labor prod-.41vity Is the main factor in expanding agricultural production under the seven-year plan] Povyshenie proisvoditellnosti truds - glaynoe uslovie rosta sellokckhosimist-'-"' vennogo proisyodstys v semiletko. Koskya, I%d-vo Hosk.univ., 1960. 134 p. WRA 14:1) 1. Moscow. Universitet. (Agrioulture-Labor productivity) FXDCMOYt V*P., 1wnstrulctor (UIW). - ~ flo-Gotchinc mahins. %t I i put, khox, no,6:18 Jo 158, (Km& n:6) 1e Ulvshokly sayod transportnogo maskinostroyanb'a. (Ullroade-41quipmut and suppues) (Railrcedo-Ties) FIDOIWO Y*P*, Insh. Testing experimental units of ITU support sets. Ugoll 33 no.g.-16-21 Ukell 33 no*9sl6-21 5 t58. (MBA 12:1) lJusnotokly MW 01prouglemashe. (Plus timbering-Testing) w FEDOROV, V.P., Inzh, Machine-tool unit for maehining bodies and caps of relay devices. Haahinostroonie no.4t29-30 J1-Ag 163. (MIRA 17S2) 1, Dnepropetrovukly~zavod shakhtnoy avLomntiki, SAZMOV,j Yesaff hishal yamm YOPOP klaf ~ .., .-'g, ."', . ~ - .,. 0 ~ NK*,Ine mit rev brAbg w.4 we!&~ig small stool siallso V" mWilmetro 45 ut * 12156-fl D 165 (KMA 19ol) KOVAGHFUCH, PJ., R'VSF.Y-FV, V.S., gornyy Inz.h.; KONZY111,011, Yt-.X.x gornyy lnzh.; KRYLOV, V.F., gornyy J.nzh., LINDENAU, N.I,, grrnyy inzh.; FEDcROV, V.H., gornyy inzh. Results and prospects of using systema of mlnlng thick scams with the use or the KTU unit In the Kuzrot3k bnaln. Ugoll 40 no.;'i5-7 F 165. (MIRA l8sO I-rfTSKO, V.Ik; FEWROVO V.P.; VAVOROV, O.M.,, nauchn. red. [TU-~/ diesel 1ccomotive vIth tydraulic traxismiBsion] Topl,w-.z TU..,', a gidrorekhanichfsk~l peredachei. Moskva, TSentr. tauchnc-Isol. iD,t informatall i tukhnikc-ekon. Issledovan1l po lesnol, ts all lulo zno-bu.-Azlmoi., derevc- ,.--brabatyvalushchel proryohl. IL lesnomu khonip 1964. 19 P. (N RA 18: 5) Y=RDY-i--V.R* Determining the economic officiency of mining stOOPIT Pitching vall method with usa of nonsectional flaxible se"s by the long abialdn and KW-type supports. Trudy Inst.gor.dola Sib.otd. AN SSSR no.2tl29-140 159* (MIRL 13:5) (Coal mines and mining) (mine timbering) FEDOROVP V. R. "Application of the Local Modeling Theory to the Investigation of Heat Transfer and Local Modeling Theory to the Investigation of He&t 7ransfer and Resistance at a Gas Flow Along Tile Ducts" Report presented at the conference on heat and Mass Transfer. Minsk, USSR, 5-10 June 61 The paper deals vith the study of heat transfer and resistance at a forced gas flow at the initial part of a cylindrical tube and in the channels of variable cross section. The local modeling method and the Reynolds analogy is applied to the solutivn of the problem. FLUZBNIKP Alsksandr Ivanovichj StGRNOV, GenrAdly Mikheylovich; FZWROV, Mot red* [Patento and patent information) Patenty i patentnaia informataiia. Leningrad, 1964. /+0 p. (MIFA 18t/+) PALASTINj LAS kand.tOkbA,I2auk;-KOROLMIN, T.I.9 inab.; BOLDrSHL?Vs A.T., inzh.; JIBILUXOT, M.D.p insba; FMROVp V#S*$ inzho Salient pole synchronous generators with mixed excitation* Veote elektrqwom. 33 no.8:17;-23 Ag f62. (KM 15:7) (Electric generators) FEDOROV, V.S.* inzhel ~OIMFALIK,, A.M.., Tbs Sohlieker sbipmd Efram foreign Journals), Sudostrcerde,3-ls65-67 N 161, (MIRA 15: 1) (GerzW, West-Shipyarde) FEDOROV, V.S.; KOZODOYO A.K.1 ZUBAREV9 A.V. Selecting jetting drillinr parameters Z the size of.nozzle fur jet bits@ Izv*vys*uoIwb.stAv.j neft~l' i Az 5 no.801-36, ~, 162. (,MIRA 1713) 1. Groznenokiy neftpinoy instittit i Groznenskly nauchno-I.seledova- tel'skiy neftyanoy institute - FEDOROV,,,,V.S.j BULATOV., V.V. Stressed state in the bottom hole and the determination of the cutting hardness of rocks. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; neft' i gaz 6 no.9:31-35 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Groznenskiy.neftyanoy institut. v 7, Lllj V , V . tj Continuity and Monogenesis. (1919) SO: Izvestiya Ivenovo-Voonesensk Foli-bekh. In-ta, 1-12 Specific Significance of WhoUy Continuous Analytical Functions. (1922) SO: Iz-estiya Ivanovo-Voonesensk Politekh. In-ta, 3-16 FEDOROV, V. S. On the Conformance of-Representation in Circles with Sections. (1922) SO: Izvesti.ya Ivanovo-Voenesensk Politekh. In-ta, 49-59 FEDOPOV, V. S. on the Continuity of Analytical' Rictions. (1cY24) Matem. Sb.) Vol- 32, No 1) PP 125-121 FEEDOROVI V. S. - --- On Derivative Analytical Functions. (1924) SO: Vatem. Sb.) Vol 32, No 1, pp 122-134 FEDORQV, V. S. ~Ibnogenesis and Continual Well-Defined Representation. (1925) SO: Izvestiya Ivanovo-Voznesenak Politekh In-ta, 8, 38-48 r, L,-W;30v, V. S. Formal Basis of New Mechanics (jointly with K. N. Shaposhnikov). 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